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The facility with which ivory is carved, the polish it easily receives, and 
the mellow tone of its colour, recommended this material for sculpture from 
the earliest time of human civilisation. Already in Pharaonic Egypt, in 
ancient Assyria, in the earliest epochs of Etruscan, Greek, and Roman 
history, it was employed for ornamental purposes. The difficulties beset- 
ting, in ancient times, the communication with India and inner Africa, 
whence ivory was brought, enhanced its value far beyond its present price ; 
though the ancients knew of one more source of supply, now ftdly exhausted, 
viz.. Northern Africa. The country between the Mediterranean and the 
Sahara was still, in the times of the Phoenicians and Romans, the dwelling- 
place of elephants. Hannibal had them tamed for the purposes of war; 
the Roman Consuls and Emperors transferred them to Rome, to be slain at 
the games of the Circus, or to carry the triumphal cars of victorious chiefs 
to the Capitol. The continuous drain exhausted, at last, the stock of 
elephants and their tusks in Northern Africa. No ivory comes now from 
the regions bordering the Mediterranean. Central Africa proved a more 
plentiful source, which, from times immemorial down to the sixteenth cen- 
tury, supplied Europe, by way of Egypt, with elephant tusks. In Egypt 
we see the elephant as a hieroglyphical character, on tablets anterior to the 
invasion of the Hyksos, therefore anterior to the Egjrptian bondage of the 
Hebrews. The town of Abydos, (which means ivory city, since Abu is the 
name of elephant, and ivory, in the language of ancient Egypt,) and the isle 
of Elephantinae,^ both in Upper Egypt, derived their names from the ivory, 
which was the staple article of their trade ; and on the triumphal reliefs of 
the Ramessides we see regularly, among the tribute-bearers, several negroes 

' The name of the island, Phila, may likewise come from the word FU, an elephant, 
in Arabic. 


carrying tusks of elephants. Still, antique Egyptian carvings in ivory are 
rare. The dryness of the climate — to which we are indebted for the 
preservation of such perishable materials as wood, and the colours of the 
reliefs— proves destructive to ivory; for as soon as the animal glue which 
gives it consistency evaporates, it cracks, and crumbles to pieces. 

Assyria and Persia were supplied with ivory from India and Bactria. 
The bearers of elephant tusks are never wanting in the triumphal proces- 
sions of the eastern conquerors : we see them on the black marble obelisk 
of the Assyrian king Divanabar, in the British Museum, and on the reliefs 
of the ruined palaces of Darius and Xerxes, in Persepolis. 

The sculptors of Greece derived their ivory both from India and 
Africa ; though it seems that the African, with its yellow tint and more 
agreeable sheen, was more frequently employed than the white Indian 
ivory, of chalky appearance; so much the more as the commerce to the 
East was often hampered by Persian wars, whilst Egypt exported the 
products of Africa without interruption. 

In Greece, not only was ivory used for ornamental purposes, as in 
Egypt and Assyria, but statues of large dimensions were built up from 
this precious material, which likewise served for the insignia of royalty 
and priesthood,* and, together with the purple, remained the symbol of 
princely power and sacerdotal honour through all the epochs of antiquity. 
By joining smaller bits of ivory, in a manner not yet sufficiently explained, 
even after the learned researches of Quatrem^re de Quincy, the Greeks 
carved colossal statues of this material, adorning them with enamelled 
gold — the only metal believed to be worthy of being joined to ivory. 
Some of the Chryselephantine statues became celebrated as wonders of the 
world, both for their precious material and the eminence of workmanship. 
The Olympian Jupiter of Phidias, at Elis — his Minerva, at Athens — and 
the Juno of Polycletiis, at Argos — remained unsurpassed for beauty and 
magnificence. The great French archasologist and patron of art, the Due 
de Luynes, had lately made a copy of the Minerva of Phidias, according to 
the description of the ancient authors, and its representations on medals, 
vases, and gems. His Chryselephantine statue was one of the most inte- 
resting objects of the great French exhibition of fine arts, and gave some 
idea of the magnificence and costliness of this kind of sculpture,* 

At the time when the conquests of Rome extended to the Sahara, to 
the upper cataracts of the Nile, and the course of the Euphrates, the 
facilities of communication throughout the empire supplied the mistress of 

1 The Senators of Rome had likewise ivory sceptres, and the curule seats were of the 
same material, in order to indicate that the magistrates of Rome were the equals of foreign 

' The statue cost the Duke 300,000 francs. 

the world with a great amount of ivory. It grew more common ; it was 
lavished on the ftumiture of the houses of the rich to such extent, that 
Horace/ to show that he is not rich, says, that neither ivory, nor a 
ceiling of gold, glitters in his house. Its principal use was for book covers 
(libri elephantini : see Vopisci Tac. 8, et pugiliares membranacei operculis 
ebumeis) ; and such was the profusion of ivory, under the later Emperors, 
that the poet Claudian, probably unacquainted with the fact that female 
elephants have no tusks, describes the great pachyderms of India roving 
through the woods without tusks, which, he believed, were extracted from 
their mouths, in order to supply the display of ivory at Rome« He did not 
surmise that a time should come when one single commercial house at 
Sheffield would yearly convert a greater number of elephant tusks into 
unpretending handles of knives and razors, than imperial Rome could 
import during a score of years. 

When the rise of the Mohammedan powers interrupted once more the 
communication with India and inner Africa, ivory became again scarce and 
expensive. It was used for ornamenting the covers of sacred books, for 
portative altars and vessels of the Church, for the handles of crosiers, 
sceptres, and swords, for the frames of mirrors, for marriage boxes and 
chess-pieces ; but on account of the costliness of the material, all these 
sculptures were reserved for the use of the highest classes of society. 

As to the ivory remains of classical antiquity, they are of excessive 
rarity. One only sceptre has been preserved to our days;' stiles for 
writing are more numerous ; bo are ornamented hair-pins, toys, dice, scent- 
boxes. Admission-tickets to the theatres and amphitheatres have likewise 
survived the great catastrophes of history; and with them a few reliefs, 
among which the most important are the Diptycha. We designate by this 
name large double ivory tablets, ornamented with reliefs on the outside ; 
whilst the inside was covered with wax, on which the ancients used to 
write with metallic or ivory stiles. Diptychon means, originally, any- 
thing doubly folded ; and therefore St. Augustine calls the oysters 
dypticha; but the term was principally applied to ivory book-covers, or 
tablets for writing. 

The most interesting of these tablets were the Consular Diptycha, 
because we are able to assign a certain date to them ; and as they were 
manufactured for the highest functionaries of the State, and presented to 
the Senators, we may presume that they are the best specimens of the art 
of the time, and therefore highly valuable documents for the history of art. 
They serve likewise to elucidate some dark points of Byzantine history; 
and afford most valuable information on the manners and customs of a 

* Ode II. xviii. 1. ' It Ik published in Professor Gerhard's Centurien, T. Ixxxvii. 5, 6. 

period about which but scanty infonnation can be gathered firom contem- 
poraneous authors, whose attention was principally directed to the develop- 
ment of the Christian dogmas, and who neglected political history, so far 
as it remained unconnected with the Church. A^ioordingly those ivories, 
which were always highly prized from the time of their manufacture up 
to our days, and remained the ornaments of the treasuries of churches and 
monasteries, attracted the attention of scholars immediately after the revival 
of letters. The Jesuit Wiltheim, Du Cange, and Bcmduri, the Byzantine 
historians ; the celebrated Hagenbuch ; the Benedictine Montfaucon ; the 
learned Florentine Senator Buonarotti; the Prior Gori; Professor Baxe; 
Father Allegranza ; Bianconi ; Carroni ; Millin, the French Archaeologist ; 
and Forsterman, the Grerman — published many of them, illustrating them 
by elaborate commentaries, and paving the way for a comprehensive view 
of the entire subject of antique Diptycha. 


The ancient Romans did not like abstractions. Even in their chrono- 
logy, the designation of years by figures,, the era of the foundation of Borne, 
could not become popular ; they preferred to call the year by the names of 
their ^nually elected Chief Magistrates, the Consuls, and to mention two 
nam < stead of a figure whenever they had to give a date, because the 
names re^iiinded them instantly of the events of the year in question, which 
were mostly connected with the Consuls. Thus, for inatance, instead of 
saying, In the year 690 of Rome, they said : Under th« consukhip of M. 
TuUius Cicero and C. Antonius. This custom implied a thorough know- 
ledge of Boman history, and shows, at once, why so much importance was 
I attached to the register of the Consuls, liie so-called Fasti Consulares, 
I increasing every year in bulk by two names. Boman chronology was, 
therefore, an epitome of Boman history, to be mastered by everybody who 
took an active part in public affairs, that is to say, by all the citizens of 
Bome, as long as the Bepublic existed. When Julius Csasar applied his 
genius to selfish aims, and to the violent destruction of the established 
constitution of his country, by founding his monarchy upon the support 
of a standing army, more attached to his person than to Bome, and upon 
the favour of the lowest classes of the capital, he still had not the boldness 
to alter the forms of the Bepublic. His crafty successor, Augustus, deve- 
loped upon principle what his grand uncle had by necessity left standing, 
s The Consuls remained, therefore, nominally the first magistrates of the 
1 empire, and continued to give the name to the year ; and even when Con- 

stantine transferred Ihc seat of the empire to Byzantitim, and transformed f^ 
it into a christian state, the office and dignity of the Consuls was not dis- 
continued. When Theodosius finally divided the Roman world into two 
independent states^ it became even still more important, the Consuls being 
the last link of union between the two empires, and the symbol of their 
original union. One of them was always nominated at Rome, the other 
at Constantinople, and their joint names continued to designate the years, 
IB the east as well as in the west, in preference to the reckoning by the 
years of Rome, and to the new-fangled era of the Emperor Diocletian, which 
survived him, under the name of the Era of the Martyrs, only amongst 
those whom he had persecuted — the Christians.^ The bulk of the people 
discarded alike the official era of the years of Rome and that of Diocletian, 
and continued to call the yeaiB by the name of the Consuls, though those 
chief magistrates no longer wielded any political power, and had but two 
tasks to perform — to give a name to the year, and to signalise their 
accession to office by magnificent games and feasts for all the people, and 
by gorgeofus presents to the senators of the empire. 

The most honorific of those presents were the Consular Diptycha, — 
sculptured ivory tablets covering the Fasti Consulares, or the register of the ^ 
Consuls, from L. Junius Brutus down to the year of the donor, who was , 
represented on the outside of the book-covers, clad in his consular costume, i 
mostly sitting on the consular chair, and invested with all the insign a of 
his high office. His name and title, sometimes his signet, or the b *. ts of 
the reigning Emperor and Empress, are seen on the top of the Dv i/cjon. 
At the bottom, the largess of the new Consul is recorded by the Tiipresen- 
tation of games in the Circus, and by the exhibition of the presents, which 
include money, palm branches as symbols of the prizes of the races and 
games, cakes for the people, and Diptycha for the grandees. It is by the 
inscription of the ivory tablets themselves that we know their destination — 
"To be presented to the Senators." One of them contains some Greek 
Iambic verses, saying, " I, the Consul Philoxenus, ofier these gifts to the 
wise Senate." Another Consul, Petrus, had an elegant Latin distichon 
engraved on his tablet, saying, in a similar way, " I, the Consul, oflfer these 
presents, though small in value, still ample in honours, to my senatorial 
fiithers." And such, indeed, was the honour of ivory diptycha, that, by a 
decree of the Emperor Theodosius, nobody but the ordinary Consuls (to 
the exclusion of Consuls elect and Consuls by substitution, or Consuls 
honorary, and of all other officials,) were allowed to make presents of 
ivory book-covers ;* and the records we have of the inauguration of the 

* In AbyBsinia it is still used. 

' Lex XV., Codex Theodosianns, titido xL De expensis ludorum. Valentinianns, 
Theodosius, et Arcadins Anggg. Illud etiam coDStitutione solidamus, ut exceptis Consulibus 


Consuls mention always the presentation of the Diptycha, or Fasti Con- 

From the remaining monuments of this class we see that their size, 
the material of which they were manufactured, the style of art and the 
representations carved on them, varied according to the rank of those for 
whom they were destined. Some of the Consular diptycha are of superior 
workmanship and choice ivory, others only of bone, and indifferently 
carved. On some we see the whole-length figure of the Consul, on others 
his bust, or even only his name. And all those differences relate to the 
receiver, not to the donor of the gifts, since we possess diptycha of the same 
Consul in bone and in ivory, some eminently, others rudely carved ; again, 
some showing all the pomp and paraphernalia of Consulship, others plain 
and little adorned. Many of the Consular tablets, extant in the different 
museums and church treasuries of Europe, contain the full name and title 
of the Consul whose inauguration they record ; some others are not 
inscribed, but the representation gives us a clue to the donor of the tablets ; 
a few are anonymous, and cannot be traced to any certain date. In review- 
ing them, we shall therefore first speak of the inscribed, and then of the 
anonymous diptycha. 


The series of Consular Diptycha, bearing the name of the Consul 
whose inauguration they commemorate, extends firom A. D. 428 to 541, or 
1189-1292 of Rome, and relates to eleven Consuls. 

1. Flavins Felix is the first Consul whose tablet, authenticated by its 
inscription, has survived the storms of time. He was Consul in the West, 
Flavins Taurus being his Eastern colleague, A. D. 428, in the third year of 

ordinariis, nulli prorsus alteri, atiream sportulam, aut Diptycha ex ebore dandi faciiltas Bit 
Gnm publica celebrantur officia, sit sportulis nummus argonteus, alia materia Diptychis. 
Data viii. Kal. Augusti, Herculeo, Uicimere, et Clearcho Coss. The law seems to have been 
brought on account of the display, which became a kind of bribery. We read among the 
letters of S}'mmachus the following passages: — Epistola vii., in Auctario. Offero igitur 
Yobis ebufneum Diptychon et canistellum argenteum librarum duarum filii mei nomine, qui 
quaegtorium mumu exhibet. Libro ii. Epist. xxi. ad Flavium, Filius noster Symmachus peracto 
munere Oandidati, offert dona quaestoria, et csteras necessitates nostras pari honore participat. 
Quaeso igitur ut ejus nomine Diptychon et Apophoreta suscipere dignemini. Domino Principi 
nostro auro eircumdatum Diptychon misi, caeteros quoque amicos ebumeis pitgillarihus et canis- 
tellis argenteis honoravi. Libro v. Epist, Ivi. ad Sallustium. Ad te Diptychon Candidati et 
apophoreticum librarum argenti duamm per hominem tuum misimus, approbare cupientes, 
edition! nostrae te animo non defuisse. 

the Emperor Yalentinian III., whilst Theodosius the younger was Emperor 
in the East, forty-four years after the law about the Consular Diptycha. 
The inscription on the top of the tablets : 


(Flavii Felicis, Yiri Clarissimi, Comitis ac Magistri utriasque Militiie, patiicii et 

Consalis ordinarii.) 

differs from all the later consular incriptions, by being put in the genitive, 
not in the nominative, case. On both parts of the Diptychon the Consul is 
represented standing erect, before a niche, or door of a building, two 
columns supporting the triangular tympanum ; two curtains form the door. 
On the right wing of the Diptychon, Flavins Felix wears the lorum^ or 
Consular garb of the later times, which seems to have been made from 
several stripes of embroidery, varying in number. Therefore we read of 
"vestes, monolores, dilores, trilores, et usque ad pentelores."* 

He raises his right hand to his chest, and holds a sceptre, one of the 
principal insignia of Consulship, in the left. On the left tablet, Flavins 
Felix wears a long cloak, ornamented in the centre by a square piece of 
elaborate embroidery, and fastened on the right shoulder by a brooch 
(fibula) of very large dimensions. The left hand is hidden by the cloak, 
in the right the Consul holds a scroll of parchment. The two tablets 
belonged formerly to the treasury of the Church of St. Junian, in the 
diocese of Limoges, in France, and were published by Mabillon,' Banduri,' 
Grori,* &c. During the French Revolution the left wing of the Diptychon 
was lost; we know it only from the (incorrect) drawings of Mabillon, 
copied by Gori. The- right wing is at present in the collliction of the 
National (now Imperial) Library ot Paris. licnormant published it again 
in his Tresor de Numismatique et Glyptique. The cast adorns the 
collection of the Arundel Society, which owes it to the indefatigable 
exertions of Mr. Alexander Nesbit." 

2. Next in chronological order to the tablets of Flavins Felix, is the 
Diptychon of Flavins Astyrius,* Consul in the West, A. D. 448, under the 
Emperor Valentinian III. His consulship was ignored by the Eastern 

' Flavius Vopiscus in Divo Aureliano XLVI. The stripes of the Consular lonun were 
probably of silk, adorned with gold embroidery, such as the vestis subtegmine serico aureis 
filis insignior, mentioned by Julius Gapitolinus in Pertinace YIII. 

' Mabillon, Annals of the Benedictine Order. — Lib. xzxvii. p. 94. 

' Banduri Imp. Orientale II. — Lib. i., 36. 

* Gori. Thesaurus Veterum Diptychonun I., p. 129, p. ii. Lenormant Tresor. — 
Part ii., p. 6, planche xii. 

• Catalogue of Select Examples of Ivory Carving, &c., by Edmund Oldfield, M.A. 
London, 1855. Class II. c. 

" The name is promiscuously spelt: Astyrius, Asterius, and Asturius. 


Emperor Theodosius, who ax^knowledged only Flavius Protogenes as 
Consul without any colleague. 

Asturiua was one of the great men of his age. When Count of Spain, 
with the title of " Vir spectabilis," he defeated the Vandal king, Gundaric, 
who, despising the Roman forces, had turned against the Sueves, his former 
allies, driving them into the fastnesses of the Basque provinces ; but the 
Romans, under Asturius, defeated him, expelled him from Galicia, and 
forced him to sue for peace, A. D. 427. The gallant Count of Spain, a 
friend and promoter of the literature of his times, waa soon promoted to the 
rank of an "illustrious man," became Master of horse and infantry — 
Magister Utriusque Militise — in 442, and signalised himself again by 
subduing the Tarragonian brigands. His successes excited the jealousy of 
his enemies at court ; he was recalled from Spain by the Emperor in 443, 
but soon after (A. d. 449,) was nominated Consul and Patrician, whilst 
residing in France. At the receipt of his nomination, he immediately 
proceeded to Aries, the capital of the province, and assumed here the 
insignia of his power, seated on a curule chair, surrounded by the provin- 
cials, distributing presents to them — amongst those presents the Consular 
Fasti, or Diptycha, are especially mentioned — and listening to the panegyric 
of Nicetius, who was one of the pet orators of Gaul. Sidonius ApoUinaris, 
a late Roman author, assisted at the inauguration as a youth, and in one of 
his letters* describes the festive scene as a rare occurrence in the provinces, 
since the* Consuls regularly were inaugurated at Rome and Constantinople. 

The tablets of Consul Asturius formerly adorned the Church of St. 
Martin, at Liege, and were described and published by all the earliest 
authors on Diptycha,' but they seem since to have been lost; none of 
the more recent Archaeologists saw theni. They were inscribed vrith the 
follovdng words : — 


(Elayius Asturius, Vir darissimus et illustiis, Comes, ex Magistro utriusque Militiie 

Consul ordinarins.) 

On both wings of the Diptychon the Consul is seated on a curule 
chair, before a tetrastyle building, wearing armour and a cloak above it, 
holding the sceptre in one hand, and a scroll in the other. Of the two 
youths around him, one carries a palm-branch, the symbol of the public 
games, the other a vase, probably of silver or gold, such as were distributed 
at the inauguration of high officials. 

The original ivory tablets having disappeared, we are scarcely able 
fairly to judge their style of art, known only by the coarse, and evidently 

» lib. Tiii., lit. vi. to Flavius Nicetius of Lyons.  Gori i., foL 3, 4. 


inaccurate, print of the learned Jesuit, Alexander Wiltheim, who published 
it in 1560, Gori's print being a reproduction of the original of Wiltheim. 
We can only say that the print differs in style and costume from all the 
other Diptycha ; still, the Gaulish origin of the tablet may account for 
all the differences. 

3. The two ivory tablets of Consul Boethius, — first of the Barbisoni 

family, at Brescia, then the property of Cardinal Quirini, — have been more 

copiously commented upon than any other Diptychon. The Germans, 

Hermann Leich and John Gaspar Hagenbuch ; the Frenchmen, John 

Bouhier and Claude Boze; and the Italians, Alexius J. Mazocchi and 

Francis Gori, published each a dissertation on it, to the gratification of the 

learned proprietor. 

The Consul, larger in size and better sculptured than on other Diptycha, 

is represented before a building or niche of the Corinthian order, clad in 

the embroidered consular garb of the later times (lorum), holding a sceptre 

surmounted by an eagle upon a globe, and the handkerchief (mappa 

circensis) with which the Consul used to give a sign for the beginning of 

the games (mappam mittere.) On one of the tablets he is erect, on the 

other seated on the curule chair ; money bags, palm branches, and silver 

basins, symbols of largesse, are placed at his feet, which are clad in shoes 

ornamented with ribbon. The Corinthian pillars, between which the 

Consul is represented, support an architrave and tympanum, adorned by a 

thick wreath of oak leaves, bound by a wide ribbon, in the centre of which 

the monogram of Boethius is placed. On the architrave we read the 

inscription : 



That is to say — Narius Manlius Boethius, Yir Glarissimus et Illustris, Ex praefecto 
praetorio praefectus Urbis et Comes, Consul Ordinarius et Patricius. 

Boethius, whose portrait is carved on the Brescian tablets, was Consul 
in the East A. D. 487, without a colleague, the Western Empire having been 
destroyed four years before him, by Odoaker; and the Eastern Emperor, 
Zeno the Isaurian, only exceptionally availing himself of his right, accruing 
from the destruction of the Western Empire, to create a Consul for the 
West. The Emperor sometimes named a western man second Consul — 
on some occasions the Gothic king himself — since the tradition of the 
original unity of the Boman Empire was not given up by the East, in 
spite of the foreign conquest. But the custom had soon to be discontinued, 
on accoiyit of the difficulties in which the Consul involved himself by the 
double allegiance to his king and to the Emperor; and it was Anicius 
Boethius, the celebrated philosopher, son of Manlias Boethius, who had to 



rue the false position of a Consul in the West. Suspected by his king, 
Theodoric the Great, of favouring the Emperor Justin's scheme of re-uniting 
Italy to the Empire, he was imprisoned- for treason, and, at last, put to 
death. Whilst awaiting his execution, he wrote the celebrated essay, 
"De Consolatione," which, in feeling, and often in style, reminds us of 
the palmy days of Home. 

The tablets of Consul Manlius Boethius are the last inscribed ones 
belonging to the fifth century, of which only three inscribed Consular 
Diptycha escaped the ravages of time ; whilst the first half of the sixth 
century, generally poor in artistic remains, surprises us with a great number 
of highly interesting Consular tablets ; and furnishes most precious docu- 
ments for the history of antique sculpture, before its extinction and 
transformation into Christian art. 

4. Flavins Areobindus has left us three Diptycha, commemorating 
his Consular inauguration. He held this ofiSce A. D. 506, under Anas- 
tasius — the emperor who, from an imperial secretary, was raised to the 
throne of Byzantium, by marrying Ariadne, daughter of the Emperor Leo, 
and widow of the Emperor Zeno. The several names of the Consul, 
inscribed on the Diptychon, 

FL.(avius) AREOB.(mdiis) DAQAL.(aiphuB) AREOBINDUS. V.(ir) l.(Uiistris) 

EX. C.(omite) SAC.(ri) STA.(buli; ET. M.fagistro) M.(Uiti8B) P.(er) 

OR.(ientem) EX. C.(on8ule) OONSVL. ORD.(inarius.) 

reminds us that he descended from two Consular men, his father and grand- 
father: Dagalmphus^ a great man of the time of the Emperors Leo and 
Majorian, and AreobinduSj a contemporary of Flavins Felix and Flavins 
Asterius. Proud of his illustrious descent, he had on his tablet repre- 
' f. sen ted himself between the busts of his Consular ancestors, seated on a 
i highly ornamental curule chair, clad in the Consular garb, holding the 
sceptre, and raising the mappa circensis, as a signal for the beginning of 
the games. Beneath him we see the Circus, with a crowd of spectators 
looking eagerly upon the fights of the gladiators with wild beasts. Those 
games had, under Anastasius, already lost their ferocious, sanguinary 
character ; the influence of Christianity had humanised the brutal enter- 
tainments of the Romans. Accordingly the gladiators, who are fighting 
with lions and bears on the tablets of Areobindus, are clad in armour, 
which protects them against the grip of the beasts. Several trap doors are 
conspicuous, by which the fighters might escape. Dummies are put up, to 
distract the attention of the bears, and to give a hiding-place to the 
gladiators, who are provided with " lassos," for attacking the beasts from 
a distance — and with a kind of ladder, or lattice-work, in order to baffle 


and to escape the clumsy attack, of the brute enemy. The bloody games 
of the CSrcus have evidently become transfonned into a display of address 
and ability; and it is no longer the death, but the cleverness, of the 
fighters, which excites the raptures of the public. 

Aieobindus was connected by birth and marriage with the first fami- 
Hcs of the Empire — his wife being the granddaughter of the Emperor 
Yalentinian ; and their son, Olybrius, marrying the niece of the Emperor ^ 
Anastasius. It is therefore one of the highest grandees of Byzantium whom 
we see represented on the ivory tablets ; and we are warranted in believing 
that the carving of the memorials of his Consulship was entrusted to the 
best artists of the epoch. And indeed tlie workmanship is elegant, though 
the composition is clumsy, and retains very little of the traditions of Home 
and Greece. The proportions of the principal figures are rather too long, 
those of the accessories too short. A tendency towards pictorial effect makes 
itself felt throughout the work ; whilst the purity of forms is sacrificed to 
the endeavour to portray all the meretricious splendour of an extravagant 
costume. Still the expression of the face of the Consul is individual, and 
not merely typical. Evidently the aitistical value of the best ivory dip- 
tycha of the epoch surpasses by far the coinage of the sixth century, which 
has ceased to be a branch of art, and has become purely a manufacture. 

One of the tablets of Areobindus belonged, in the last century, to 
the patrician family of the Gessners, at Ziirich, in Switzerland — a name 
illustrious in the history of German literature — its counterpart being at 
Nurenberg. An exactly similar tablet — the property of M. de la Maire, 
and later of M. de ToUiot, at Dijon, published originally by Baudelot de 
Dairval, and lately by Mr. Millin, and wrongly explained to be that of the 
Consul Stilicho by Du Cangc, Montfaucon, and Moreau de Montour — was 
restored to the Consul Areobindus by Hagenbuch. A complete diptychon 
of the same Consul is still in the metropolitan library of Lucca ; but instead 
of being adorned by the portrait of the Consul, it exhibits only two coarsely 
sculptured horns of plenty, above a basket of flowers and fruits, with a cross' 
and the monogram of the Consul in the field, and on the top his name and 
titles. It is evidently the work of an inferior artist ; and was destined to be 
presented to some persons of less elevated rank than the former. We know 
firom Claudian, in his panegyric to Stilicho, (lib. iii.,) that some of the 
diptycha were given to plebeians. His words are : 

Qui (dentes elephantis) ferro secti in tabulas, anroque micantes, 
Signati mtilnm caelato Console nomen 
Per proceres et vulgut eant. 

We see from this passage, likewise, that the tablets were partially 
gilded, probably only the costume of the Consul — and that the name was 
painted red. 


6. Flavius Clementinus, Consul of the year 513, could not vie in 
rank and station with Areobindus ; his Diptychon is less elegantly carved. 
The Consul, with sceptre and raised napkin, is seated on the curule chair, 
between two females, representing Rome and Constantinople ; above him is 
his monogram, his name and title,^ a crosd, and the busts of the Emperor 
Anastasius and the Empress Ariadne. At his feet, two boys are emptying 
bags, containing cakes, coins, palm branches, and diptycha. The tablets 
belonged originally to the patrician family Noegelein, at Nurenberg, whence 
they came to the museum of Count Michel Wiczay, at Hedervar, and to 
the collection of Gabriel Fej^rvdry de Koml<Ss Keresztes. 

6. Padre Allegranza published the complete Diptychon of Peter, 
Consul in 516, which belonged first to the patrician family Settala, then 
to the Marquess Trivulzi, at !Milan. It contains, on a label at the top, the 
name and title of the Consul : 

FL.(avius) PETR.(us) SABBAT.(iu8) IVSTI NIAN.(ii8 V.(ir) IL.(lu8tris) 
COM.(es) MAQ.(i8tor) EOO. ET. P.(r8BfectusJ PRAES.(idii) ET. C.(on8ul) 


On the field of the tablet a wreath is carved, between four rosettes, encir- 
cling the distich : 

Manera parva quidem pretio, sed honoribos ampla, 
Patribus ista meis offero Consul ego; 

that is to say, " I, the Consul, offer these presents, though small in value, 
but ample in honours, to my (senatorial) fathers." An exactly similar 
tablet, the left wing, was discovered at Dijon by Millin, and has been 
since transferred to the collection of the Imperial Library at Paris. 

7. Anastasius, the Consul of the following year, 517, grand nephew 
to the Emperor Anastasius, might often have dreamt of the throne. The 
aged Emperor had no children, still he hesitated to appoint a successor. In 
the years a.d. 500, 501, and 502, he raised in succession his three nephews, 
Hjrpatius, Pompeius, and Probus, to the consular chair, but he seems not to 
have found them fit for the throne. Fifteen years later, feeling that he 
was verging towards the grave, being seventy-six years old, he appointed 
his youthful grand nephew, Anastasius, son of Pompeius, to the consulship, 
A.D. 517. Five magnificent Diptycha, the finest monuments of this class, 
are still an evidence of the splendour displayed by the young Consul at 
his inauguration. One set of those tablets is at Paris, in the Imperial 
Library; another at Berlin; and one tablet, the right wing, in the 

V.(ir) lL.(lastri8) COM.(es) SACR.(anim) LARQ.(itionam) EX ONS.Cnle) 

PATRIC.(iuB) ET. CONS.(ul) ORD.(mariu8.) 


Museum of Verona, bequeathed to the town by the illustrious Marquess 
Scipio Maffei. They were often published, under the name of the 
Diptychons of St. Lambert, at Liege (Leodium), of Bourges (Biturieum), 
and of Verona. On each of them Anastasius is seated on the pillow 
of a curule chair, adorned by statues of Victory in front of a kind 
of niche, in the moment of raising the mappa circensis. He is holding 
a sceptre adorned by three busts, evidently portraits of his consular > 
kinsmen, his father, and two imcles. Three medallions, containing the 
busts of the Emperor Anastasius, the Empress Ariadne, and of their 
nephew, the consular Pompeius, father to Anastasius the Consul, and 
two Victories holding a wreath, fill the space between the tympanum of 
the niche and the label at the top of the tablet, which contains the name 
and title of the Consul: 

POMP.(eius) ANAST.(asiu8) V.(ir) INL.(ustris) COMES DOMEST.(icTis) 

EQVIT.(um) ET CONS.(iil) ORDIN.(ariua.)> 

At the feet of the Consul the games of the Circus are represented; 
the yictorious race horses, the manumission of slaves, the punishment of 
criminals, together with some other sights offered to the people; for 
instance, dancing jugglers throwing up and catching, in turn, several balls ; 
and a choir of boys singing to a tune of the Syrinx, and of a kind of 
organ worked by bellows. 

8. The immediate successor of Anastasius, on the consular chair, was 
Magnus, his cousin, the son of Probus. His full name, 



appears on the left tablet of a Diptychon of bone, formerly possessed by 
Professor Saxe, at Utrecht, in Holland, now in the collection of the Imperial 
Library, at Paris. Another tablet of the same composition, but of far 
superior workmanship, vieing with the Diptycha of Anastasius, and carved 
in ivory, but without inscription, is likewise in the same collection. A 
third, of bone, and interesting from the fact that its present inscription is a 
Palimpsest, was discovered at Cologne by M. Fej^rvdry, and will be more 
minutely explained in the course of the present publication. The compo- 
sition is similar to that of the Diptycha of Consul Clementinus, except that 
the curule chair here resembles a throne, and that a kind of crown or laurel 
wreath is overhanging the head of the Consul, perhaps in allusion to the 
imperial expectations of Magnus, which were not fulfilled. The Emperor 

^ The celebrated Consul Stilicho held the same offices nearly 150 years earlier; this 
accounts for Maffei's mistake of attributing the tablet of Verona to Stilicho, before a more 
minute comparison with the Liege and Bourges tablets established their relationship. 


Anastasins died during the consulship of his grandnephew; and the 
imperial sceptre, too heavy for his kinsmen, was seized by Justin, the bold 
favourite of the imperial guard. The nephews and grandnephews of the 
late Emperor acquiesced in the change of their fortunes, since Justin was a 
childless old man, of great military reputation, with whom they could not 
compete. But when, after a reign of nine years, he bequeathed the throne 
to his nephew, Justinian, the sou of an lUyrian peasant, who had no merits 
of his own known to the people, Probus and Pompeius, the fathers of 
Magnus and Anastasins, formed a conspiracy against the low-bom Em- 
peror, who had them seized, and put to death. 

9. In the series of Consular Diptycha which have escaped destruc- 
tion, the tablets of Philoxenus, Consul a.d. 525, represent the reign of 
Justin. Flavins Theodoras Filoxenus (sic) Sotericus Filoxenus Vir illus- 
tris. Comes Domesticus ex Magistro Militum per Thraciam, et Constd 
Ordinarius,^ has left us less adorned, but highly interesting, tablets as 
materials of his consulship. One set of them belonged formerly to the 
Church at Compiegne, in France, and is now in the Imperial Library 
at Paris. The tablet is filled by three circles, with an interlaced 
border, and by four lines of a Greek inscription, in the interstices of the 
circles. In the uppermost we see the half figure of Philoxenus, in his 
consular lorum, with sceptre and raised napkin ; his name and titles 
are inscribed in the central circle; and the bust of Constantinople, with 
the imperial flag (gonfalon imperiale), is represented at the bottom of 
the tablet. The inscription, in Greek iambics, runs as follows: — 

Towl TO b&pov Ttj (TOipji Tcpovo-ia 
*Tiraros ^viripxcav TTpo<r<f)4p<i> ^iXo^evos, 
(I, Philoxenus, being Consul, offer this present to the wise Senate.) 

10. Orestes, the Consul of 530, under Justinian, whose Diptychon, 
formerly of the Settala and Trivulzi collection, in Milan, passed lately 
into the hands of the Russian Prince, SottykofF, at Paris, had tlie type 
of the tablets of Clementinus exactly copied. His Diptychon differs 
from it only by the substitution of the portraits of Justinian and Theodora 
for those of Anastasius and Ariadne, and by the following inscription : 

RVr.(inu8) GENN.(adius) PR0B.(u8) ORESTIS 
V.(ir) C.(laxis8inius, E.(t) INL.(lustris) CONS.(ul) 0RD.(inariu8) 

11. It is an interesting fact that the last of our Consular Diptycha 
belongs to Consul Basilius, a.d. 541, who, 1292 years after the foundation 




of Rome, closed the scarcely interrupted illustrious roll of the Consuls. 
After him, this office fell into abeyance for a long time, and never rose 
again to its former importance, even in chronological respect. On the 
Florentine Diptychon he is represented standing (contrary to Mr. Digby 
Wyatt's conjecture, that only the Western Consuls were represented 
erect, whilst the Easterners were seated), holding the napkin and the 
sceptre, which is surmounted by a cross upon a globe, whilst a helmeted 
female, the personification of Constantinople, characterised by the impe- 
rial standard, puts her right hand on his shoulder. At the feet of the 
Consul chariot races are represented, and the manumission of a slave. 
The workmanship of the tablet is rude ; the inscription gives the names of 

ANIC.(iii8) FAVST.(nB) ALBIN.(ur) BASILIVS V.(ir) C.(lari8simus.) 

His titles are continued on a fragment of the right wing, not the original 
companion to the Florentine Diptychon, but unmistakeably belonging to 
the same Consul, in the following words : 

ET INL.(astri8) EX COM.(ite) DOM.(e8tico) PAT.(ricius) CONS.(ul) 


We find this inscription above the representation of Victory winged 
and seated, holding a shield, with the bust of Basilius, surrounded by the 
inscription, and the good wish, ^^ Bono republice (ate) et iterum.^^ Under 
the feet of Victory an eagle is soaring upwards ; but the bottom of the 
tablet is broken off. It belonged to the Museum of the Riccardi family, 
in Florence ; but it has disappeared, at least it is not in the Imperial 
Cabinet of Antiquities at Vienna, to which the Biccardi antiquities were 


Besides the tablets of the eleven Consuls mentioned in the preceding 
pages, we find some more iyory Diptycha in the collections of Europe, 
which are evidently likewise monuments of the inauguration of Consuls, 
though no name is inscribed upon them. Their representations, however, 
allow us to conjecture the person in whose honour, and the occasion for 
which, they were carved. With some of them our conjecture is founded 
upon strong, with others upon slight, grounds. It is often but a surmise, 
which may be true, though we are unable fully to prove its correctness. 
A few remain altogether undetermined, giving no clue to their precise 
date, and the name of tlie Consul. We shall try to classify them accord- 
ing to the style of art which, by the analogy of other works, sufficiently 
authenticated as regards their date, gives us a basis for establishing the 
century to which they belong. 


1. The most ancient of all the anonymous consular ivory tablets 
is evidently the wing of a Diptychon, of which Millin, in his " Arch«o- 
logical Tour in the South of France," gave the first diminutive, and not 
very accurate, print. It belonged at that time to M. Houjoux, of Dijon, 
feom whom it came into the cabinet of Baron Brunet Denon, and subse- 
quently into the Fejdrv^y Museum. It is a spirited representation of 
a stag-fight in the Circus, looked at by three persons from an orna- 
mental gallery or box, the Cancelli. A bearded Roman in the toga, 
holding the sacrifical patera in hi@ right hand, as if in t}ie act of libation, 
stands eminent between his two seated and gowned companions. The 
person to his left is evidently a youth without a beard ; still, the consular 
napkin in his hand characterises him as the chief magistrate: no peculiar 
attribute distinguishes the Roman on the right. The fact that the youthful 
Consul does not occupy the post of honour in the centre, suflBiciently 
shows that the standing figure in the middle must be the Emperor him- 
self, probably his colleague in the consulship. The Consul being beard- 
less, whilst the Emperor, and the Roman to his right, are bearded, 
clearly indicates that the difference in his aspect must be accounted for 
by youth ; that, therefore, he must be closely related to the imperial 
family, no Roman but the sons or grandsons of Emperors having ever 
attained the consulship before puberty. The style of art on the tablet 
carries us back to the third century of our era; it reminds us of the 
first decline of art. The fighters in the Circus are rather too short, and 
carved in a blunt and superficial way ; whilst the principal figures, and 
the stags, are conceived and executed with full knowledge of truth and 
beauty. The artist is posterior, though not by many generations, to the 
sculptors of the column of Antoninus, and of the reliefs from the trium- 
phal arch of Marcus Aurelius, which now adorn the stair-case of the 
Capitoline Museum. 

Examining the list of the Consuls, there appears only one, in the 
third century, beardless on account of his age, at a time when beards 
were the fashion of the day,* viz., Marcus Julius Philippus the younger, 

' Some facts abont the Boman fashions of wearing beards or shaving, may sometimes 
serve to determine the epoch of ancient monuments of art. The Republican Romans, up 
to the time of the first Scipio Africanus, were bearded, and did not make use of the scissors, 
though the Etruscans shaved. Scipio introduced barbers to Rome, and had even his head 
shaved in the Eastern and Egyptian manner. From his time up to the Emperor Hadrian, 
the barbers had plenty to do in Rome ; and though Augustus and Nero, for a short time, 
wore slight whiskers and moustaches, as a sign of mourning, it was only Hadrian, the 
friend of art and antiquity, who returned to the ancient picturesque costume of wearing 
beards, principally in order to hide a scar on his chin. The fashion continued under his 
successors, until Heliogabalus, a beardless youth, was proclaimed Emperor. The courtiers, 
and after them all the Roman world, cropped, of course, their beard, in order to resemble 


son to the Empeior M. Julius Philippus the Arab, associated with his 
father in the Empire and in the Consulship A. D. 248, in order to give 
additional solemnity to the one thousandth anniyersarj of the foundation 
of Some. Philip the Arab, a tried general, ascended the throne, after 
having murdered his young and amiable master, Gk>rdian III.; and 
availed himself of all the costly preparations of the late Emperor for 
his triumph, to celebrate the secular games with unheard-of display. 
Thirty-two elephants, ten elks, ten tigers, sixty tame lions, thirty tame 
leopards, ten hyaenas, ten giraffes, a rhinoceros, and a hippopotamus — 
the last seen in Europe previous to the arrival of the present inmate of 
the Zoological Grardens — and two thousand gladiators, were exhibited 
to the public in the Circus; largesses gladdened the people; and the 
feasts were concluded by a gorgeous illumination of Rome/ 

Still the aspect of the son and colleague of the Emperor, young 
Philip, scarcely eleven years old, could not promise a bright future to 
Rome. He was of such cheerless mood, that he is said never to have 
laughed in his life; whence he got the nickname of ^^ Agelastos," the 
never-smiling. It is this sad boy-Consul whom we see on our tablet, 
seated on the principal gallery of the Circus, with the Consular napkin 
in his hands ; whilst his father, who, besides the Consulship, had assumed 
the dignity of a Pontifex Maximus for the occasion, offers a libation to 
the gods protecting Home. The third person, seated to the right of the 
Emperor — the left, as the place of honour in Rome, being appropriated 
to the junior Emperor and Consul — cannot but be a priest, probably 
the Flamen Romae et Augustorum, the Priest of Rome and of the Im- 
perial House ; - or perhaps the Pontifex Solis, the High Priest of the 
Sun-god, to whom the principal prayers were addressed, at the secular 
games, in the words of Horace:* 

Kind Sqd, rebom the same, yet other, 
In Bhining car the day restoring 
And hiding! nothing may'st thou yisit 
To Borne superior! 

their chief. Hia cousin and successor, Alexander Severus, ascended the throne likewise 
before the years of puberty; and shaying remained a firmly established custom in Rome, 
during his reign, and the reign of his immediate successors. Maximus Pupienus, Emperor 
A.D. 287, was the first, after the time of Heliogabalus, who exceptionally gave up the razor ; 
but his colleagues, Balbinus and the youthful Gordian III., Consul a.d. 288 and 240, 
remained beardless, and with them the majority of the Romans; thus shaving continued 
to be the fashion to the time of Philip the Arab, who wore a beard in the old military way. 
His successors either shaved or cropped their beards veiy short up to Gonstantine, who 
le-introduoed shaving. All bin successors, with the exception of Julian the Apostate, shaved, 
in the West, up to the doom of the empire ; in the East, to the time of the Emperor Phocas. 

' There is a Teira-cotta lamp in the British Museum, manufactured for that occa- 
sion. It is ornamented with reliefs, representing the races of the Circus, and marked at 
the bottom with the word ^ Saeculum." ' Carmen Sa)cul., — 12. 



The stag-fight, on the lower part of the tablet, reminds us of Diana, 
associated with Apollo, in the worship of the secular games. 

2. Cardinal Quirini, about 1751, bought an ivory tablet, analogous to 
the Diptychon of Philip. Three Eomans, two of them evidently Consuls, 
are represented in a box, or on a gallery, exactly corresponding with the 
Dijon tablet, whilst the lower part of the Diptychon is filled with the 
elegant representation of chariot races. Above the gallery we read the 
mutilated inscription — MPADIORV. As we find a Lampadius in the 
list of Consuls, a.d. 530, the tablet was attributed to him, though the 
style of carving is far superior to so late an epoch. Since the print 
published by Hagenbuch and Gori cannot be entirely trusted, and no 
cast has ever been made of the original, the whereabouts of which are 
now unknown, we cannot with certainty speak of the inscription, which 
might prove a Palimpsest, like the inscription of the Fej6ry&ry Diptychon 
of Consul Magnus. And, indeed, the full and round letters on Cardinal 
Quirini's tablet do not in any way resemble the narrow and elongated 
form of the inscriptions of the sixth century on all the other Diptycha; 
and we cannot but wonder that the difference between this tablet and 
that of Orestes, the colleague of Lampadius, in artistic as well as 
palaeographic respect, did not strike the Hagenbuchs, Maffeis, and Goris, 
and suggest the idea of a Palimpsest. Should the Consul on the left, 
whose face is somewhat worn, turn out, on a closer inspection of the 
original, to be beardless, then we might assign the tablet likewise to the 
year 248, as a memorial of the secular games. In any case, its resem- 
blance to the Dijon Diptychon is most striking. 

3. Not less interesting than the monuments of the thousandth 

anniversary of Bome is the Gherardesca Diptychon, published by Buo- 

narotti, Montfaucon, Gori, and Millin, and known under the name of 

the Apotheosis of Romulus. It has no inscription, but the monogram 

on the top of the tablet contains all the elements of the name of 

Romulus ; and, besides, the letter A, and perhaps C. Buonarotti took 

it rather for a mythological, than for a historical Diptychon; and after 

the unsuccessful attempt of the Abbot Annibal de Rivieri, and the 

Provost Gori, to claim the tablet for Antoninus Pius, some of whose 

coins bear the representation of the founder of Rome, with the inscription, 

^^Eomulo conditoTi^^^ all endeavours to determine the date of the interesting 

monument were given up ; though a satisfactory explanation, simple, and 

solving all the difficulties, presents itself at once. The style of the 

tablet shews the decline of art; it is evidently much posterior to the 

epoch of -^ntoninus Pius, heavy in design, rude in execution, with short 


proportions, which remind us of the reliefs of the time of Constantine. 
The composition, however — an Apotheosis — belongs evidently to Pagan- 
ism ; it must be therefore somewhat anterior to the epoch when Constantine 
elevated Christianity to the throne. Just about this time we find that 
M. Aurelius Maxentius, raised by the Praetorians to the imperial throne 
of Rome, A.D. 306, and soon declaring himself an enemy to his brother- 
in-law, Constantine, had a youthful son, Aurelius Romulus, whom, A.D. 
308, he declared Caesar and Consul for Italy. The young man died 
during his consulship, and received the honours of an apotheosis, as we 
know by some coins of Maxentius, which bear the inscription — Divo 
Bomulo N.(umini) U.(rbi8) Filio, et Divo Romulo N.(umini) U.(rbis) 
Con8.(uli). Applying the Gherardesca Diptychon to this Consul, Aure- 
lius Romulus Cfesar, the letters of the monogram, and all the details 
of the representation, which puzzled the commentators of the last century, 
are easily accounted for. It is the Emperor Maxentius who, as a new 
Jupiter Conservator,^ holding a laurel twig, and the hasta pura, (lance 
without iron edge,) is carried by four elephants in a kind of shrine, 
(aedicula,) on four wheels, towards the funeral pile, from which the 
young Caesar Aurelius Romulus rises to heaven, like his great namesake, 
in a chariot drawn by four horses.' Two eagles, the symbols of the 
Apotheosis, soar up with him ; whilst above him two hirsute, winged and 
homed Genii of winds and storms carry the first Romulus, the founder 
of Rome, to the assembly of gods, seated above the six autumnal and 
hibernal signs of the Zodiac. The gods, six in number, are evidently 
the patrons of the days of the week — Apollo, Diana, Mercury, Jupiter, 
Venus, and Saturn. Mars is wanting among them ; but Romulus, his 
son, is to take the seat of his father, as the seventh among them. As 
to the letters C. and A. in the monogram, which puzzled Gorius, they 
are easily explained by the name and title of the son of Maxentius; 
together with the other letters, they mean Aurelius Romulus Caesar. 

4. Gori and Passeri cancelled the first Diptychon of Monza from 
among the Consular tablets ; and, ascribing it to the seventh century ( ! ) 
attributed it either to Agilulf the Lombard king, his queen Theodolind, 
and their son Adolald; or to Ethelbert the Anglo-Saxon, and his queen 
Bertha; or, again, to the Emperor Phocas and Empress Leontia. Still, 
the style of the sculpture, — and principally the costume with the immense 

* Jupiter Conservator was the Deity principally worshipped by Maxentius; it is the 
usual type of his coins, and the Pagans of Rome might have seen in Maxentius an imper- 
sonation of Jupiter, since the Emperor was the enemy of Constantine, well known as the 
protector of Christians, who threatened the mythological Olympus with utter destruction. 
(Quirinus) Martis equis Acheron ta fugit. — Horack, iii. 3. 


brooch (fibula)^ on the right shoulder of the figures, fastening their cloak, 
which agrees entirely with the left wing of the Diptychon of Flavins 
Felix, — warrant us sufficiently in assigning it to the fifth century. An 
imperial lady is represented on the left tablet, standing before a niche, 
raising a laurel branch in her hand, as if to protect a boy, clad in the 
consular garb, represented close to her in the attitude of Flavins Felix 
with raised right hand, as if for benediction, and holding a scroll in 
his left hand. On the right wing we see a warrior in rich armour, 
girt with the sword, holding a spear in his right hand, whilst his left 
hand rests on a scaly shield, adorned with two portraits. 

Jt is rather strange to see a lady occupying the principal place on 
a Boman monument, since the spirit of Roman law refused political rights 
to females. It is therefore quite natural that all the commentators of 
the Diptychon sought the subject of the tablets in a later century, among 
the Teutonic races, whose ideas were at that time more favourable to 
" woman's rights ; " and did not even object to the rule of Queens. Still 
the style of art and the costume forbid us to go beyond Rome and 
the fifth century ; and there we find likewise a princess, invested with 
the regency and guardianship of the Emperor, her son. It is Gralla 
Placidia, the daughter of the great Theodosius, sister to the Emperors 
Arcadius and Honorius, mother and guardian to Yalentinian III., who 
was but eight years old when, by the death of his uncle, Honorius, he 
succeeded to the Western Empire. We take, therefore, the lady and 
boy, on the Diptychon, for the Regent Galla Placidia, and for the Em- 
peror Valentinian III., who — A.D. 426, two years before, and 430, two 
years after, Flavius Felix — was Consul of the West. His Eastern col- 
league in the Empire and Consulship of both those years, the Emperor 
Theodosius the younger, is represented on the other wing of the Dip- 
tychon ; and the two portraits on his shield may be those of Arcadius 
and Honorius, the imperial and consular ancestors and predecessors of 
the reigning Emperors and actual Consuls. Mr. Oldfield, in his valuable 
catalogue of the ivory casts of the Arundel Society, suggests the names 
of Valentinian II., and his mother Justina, for the imperial lady and 
her son. But though Valentinian II. was educated by his Arian mother, 
he was never her ward; nor did she occupy such an eminent position 
as to make her representation on a public monument probable. The 
workmanship of the tablets— much superior to those of Flavius Felix — 
may be explained by our former remark, that the Diptycha of the 
Emperors, and their family — as, for instance, the tablets of Areobindus, 
of Anastasius, and of Magnus — were carved by more eminent artists 
than those of other Consuls. 


5. A Consular Diptychon, published by Grori as belonging to the 
Maiquess Trivulzi, of Milan, who got it from the family of the Settalas, 
has no inscription, but it is characterised by a monogram, which con- 
tains all the elements of the name of Areobindus ; still, it differs from 
the monogram, composed of the same letters, which we see on the Luoca 
tablets of the Areobindus of the sixth century. We may therefore con- 
jecture that the Consul Areobindus of the Trivulzi Diptychon, is a 
different person frt)m the Consul of the Dijon and Nurenberg tablets ; so 
much the more, as their features have no great resemblance. The Triyulzi 
Diptychon may therefore be attributed to Areobindus the elder, Consul 
of the East A. D. 434. His bust is represented, on the tablet, in an 
ornamented circle, encompassed by elegant arabesques of a type with 
which we shall meet on other anonymous Diptycha. 

6. Mr. Forsterman, in the publication of the Thuringian Saxon 
Society, vol. vii., part ii., p. 61, has published the Diptychon of the 
treasury of the Cathedral of Halberstadt. The Consul, holding the 
consular napkin, and clad in a costume similar to that of Flavins Felix 
— a cloak, adorned with a piece of square embroidery about the centre — 
stands between the Genii of Rome and Constantinople. Above him, 
the £mperor is seated on a throne, between the figures of Rome, helmeted 
like Minerva; and of Bol Oriens, with rays round his head — the emblem 
of the Ejast. In the background, which is injured by time, a crowd is 
represented, as if assembled for some festive display. At the bottom of 
the tablet we see a group of captive barbarians, in the attitude of grief, 
reminding us of the beautiful analogous groups on the Sardonyx Cameos 
of Yieiina and Paris. The Consul represented must evidently have 
been a victorious conqueror ; and Mr. Forsterman therefore attributed the 
monunaent very uncritically to the Emperor Aurelian, and to his triumph 
over Queen Zenobia, a.d. 273. But the workmanship of the tablet, 
and the costume of the figures, the large brooches (fibulae), and the 
embroidered square on the cloak of the Consul, place them undoubtedly 
in the fifth century, during which history records but one great and 
successful general, whose victory might have entitled him to triumphal 
honours — Flavins AStius, Magister utriusque Militia, the hero of Chalons- 
Bor-Mame, where he saved the Roman Empire from destruction by his 
victory over the Huns of Attila. This eminent general four times held 
the rank of Consul ; three times before his Catalaunian victory, and 
again a.d. 454. The Halberstadt Diptychon seems to belong to that 
year; and instead of the games of the Circus, and the presents dis- 
tributed among the people, it shows prisoners of war — recalling the 
triumphs of old to the degenerate epoch of Valentinian HI. Aetius was 



always of a proud and imperious temper. Abeady under the regency 
of Gralla Placidia, he made war on his own account, not heeding the 
imperial authority, against Bonifacius, who, like him, was an- imperial 
general, and favourite of the Court. The victory over Attila cannot 
but have increased his haughtiness ; and even the proud representation 
of the prisoners of war on his Diptychon is an evidence that he was 
greater as general, than as diplomatist and courtier. Such display 
could not but hurt the vanity of the wretched, despised, and - dissolute 
Emperor, Valentinian, who suspected the hero of treasonable ambition, 
and murdered him, during his Consulship, with his own imperial hands. 

7 AND 8. The two tablets, of peculiar form, published by Banduri, 
Montfaucon, and Gori,* — one of which passed from the Biccardi collection 
into the Imperial Cabinet of Antiquities at Vienna, whilst the other 
seems to be lost, and is known only by prints, — surpass all other 
Diptycha by the gorgeousness of the accessories and the pomp of the 
costume. They represent imperial personages, decked with jewels, and 
holding the imperial globe, surmounted by the cross, standing or seated 
under a splendid canopy resembling a cupola, with an eagle on each 
side. The Baron Stosch, and his friend, the Provost Gori, thought they 
recognised the portraits of the Emperor Justin, Consul a.d. 519 and 524, 
and of Justinian, his nephew and successor, Consul A.D. 528 and 533. 
We have no reason to doubt the correctness of the explanation, which 
fully agrees with the style of art of the tablet, and with the imperial 
costume of the sixth century. 

Besides these Diptycha, which we have tried to assign to a certain 
date, there are some more, in the collections and churches of Europe, 
which baffle all atteippt at explanation. The most important of them 
are the four tablets of Novara. The first set, belonging to the treasury 
of the Cathedral, — evidently of the beginning of the fifth century, — 
represents a Consul standing under an adorned canopy, with a costume, 
and in an attitude, like that of Flavins Felix. The flowing cloak is 
fastened by the large fibulas on the shoulders of the Consul, who holds 
the scroll in one hand, whilst he raises the other, as if in the act of bene- 
diction. This resemblance in costume and attitude indicates a Consul 
of the time of the Emperor Valentinian, but we cannot guess his name. 
The other set of tablets, in the Church of St. Gaudentius, belongs to 
the same epoch, and resembles the Diptychon of Areobindus the elder ; 
but it contains no monogram. Two tablets of camel bone, in the 
Fejervdry Collection, present the same type, with very slight variations. 

* Thesaonis II., tab. ix. and x. 


Mr. Fountain's unedited figure of a Consul, in alto relievo/ seated 
on the sella curulis, and holding the Consular napkin, belongs likewise 
to the first half of the fifth century, and shows a striking resemblance 
in the costume to the tablets of Flavins Felix, the Emperor Valentinian, 
Aetius, and the tablets of the Cathedral at Novara. The large brooches 
(fibulae), and the square piece of embroidery on the cloak, differ as much 
&om the toga of old as from the lorum of a somewhat later period. 
Though Mr. Fountain's ivory cannot be a fragment of a Diptychon — 
the too high relief militating against such a supposition — it belongs still 
to the series of Consular memorials. 

As to the Diptychon of Monza," we differ from the opinions of Gori 
and Messrs. Oldfield and Digby Wyatt, who take them for Palimpsests. 
On each wing a standing* figure is represented, clad in the lorum, and 
raising the mappa circensis ; but the top of the head of one of those 
persons is shaved in the clerical way. Instead of the consular sceptre, 
they hold a cross ; and the inscription, in relieif, designates them as 

S.raa)C(ta)S QREQoR.(ias) and DAVID REX. 

According to Gori, the head has been shaved, the sceptre transformed 
into a eross, and the inscription added at a period posterior to the original 
workmanship of the tablets. Still, a careful examination of the casts 
leads US to the conclusion that they cannot be anterior to the seventh 
century; and were made in the West, copies of Consular Diptycha. 
The style of art is ruder than it ever became in Constantinople; and 
the elevation of the relief inscriptions, equal to the general surface of 
the tablet, precludes the idea of a Palimpsest. They may be little 
posterior to the epoch of St. Gregory, who, according to an apocryphal 
tradition, sent them as a present to Queen Theodolinda of Lombardy. 
It is scarcely necessary to point to the fact that, if such were the case, 
lie could not have styled himself a saint. As they form the cover of 
an Antiphonarium, the representation of St. Gregory, associated with king 
David, is most appropriate. The following inscription, carved into the 
l>lank space above the head of St. Gregory: 

" Gregorius praesul mentis et nomine dignus 

" Unde genus ducit sommum conscendit hoiiorem," 

alludes to the old Consular and Imperial honours of the Anician family 
to which he belonged, and to his own Episcopal authority at Rome, 
where his ancestors had sat upon the sella curulis and the throne. 

We find three tablets more, mentioned by different authors, but we 
were unable to get accurate information about them. Mr. Digby Wyatt 

> Oldfield's Catalogue, Class VI. a. 

• Gori, vol. ii., pp. 207—218, pi. vi. Oldfield's Catalogue, Class lU. o. 


mentioned, in his lecture before the Arundel Society, the tablet of Con- 
sul Firmus, at Aosta; Bianconi published a tablet which, being the 
posterior part of a Diptychon, contains no name ; and Carroni mentions 
another, as belonging to Signer Bossi, Segretario del disegno a Milano/ 

According to the preceding researches, we get the following com- 
plete chronological list of Consular Diptycha : — 

1. A.D. 248. M. Julius Philippus Augustus, and M. Julius M. F. 

Philippus, the younger, two leaves; one in the Fejerv^ Col- 
lection — the other, formerly with Cardinal Quirini. 

2. A.D. 308. M. Aurelius Romulus Ceesar, one leaf; formerly in the 

Gherardesca Collection. 

3. A.D. 428. Flavins Felix, two leaves; one in the Imperial Library 

at Paris. 

4. A.D. 430. Flavins Theodosius Junior Augustus, and Flavins Pla- 

cidius Valentinianus Augustus, two leaves; at Monza. 
6. A. D. 434. Flavins Areobindus, two leaves ; at Milan, in the Tri- 
vulzi Collection. 

6. A.D. 449. Flavins Asturius, two leaves. 

7. A. D. 454. Flavins Aetius, two leaves ; at Halberstadt. 

8. A.D. 487. Narius Manlius Boethius, two leaves; formerly with 

Cardinal Quirini. 

9. A. D. 506. Flavins Dagalaiphus Areobindus, five leaves ; two at 


10. A.D. 513. Flavins Taurus Clementinus, two leaves; in Fejer- 

vixj Collection. 

11. A.D. 616. Flavins Petrus Sabbatius Justinianus, three leaves; two 

in the Trivulzi Collection, one in the Imperial Library at Paris. 

12. A.D. 517. Flavins Paulus Probus Pompeius Anastasius, five leaves ; 

two at Paris, two at Berlin, one at Verona. 

13. A.D. 618. Flavins Anastasius Paulus Probus Magnus, three leaves; 

two at Paris, one in the Fejdrv^ Collection. 

14. A.D. 619. Flavins Anicius Justinus Augustus, one leaf; at Vienna. 
.16. A.D. 625. Flavins Theodoms Philoxenus, three leaves; two at 

Paris, one in the Fej^rvAry Collection. 
16. A.D. 628. Flavins Anicius Justinianus Augustus, one leaf. 

^ Kagguaglio del Viaggio, Ac, Parte II., page 208. La bella Uvola candidiflsima 
recentemente acquistate del Sig. Bossi, Segretario dell* Academia del disegno a Milaoo, e 
un altra pin piccola, oltre all edita del Bianconi che scoprii a Colonia presso del Medico 
Hipsch, amendue le quali appartengono aUa dasse Gonsulare ma ne sono disgraziatar 
mcute la parte posteriore. 


17. A.D. 530. Bofinos Orestes, two leaves; in the Soltykoff Collection 

at Paris. 

18. A.D. 541. Anicios Basilius, two leaves; one at Florence, in the 

Collection of Antiquities. 


The Mythological ivoiy tablets have, until now, never been treated 
separately, as a distinct class, by the authors on antique Diptycha. They 
are less numerous, but artistically more important, than the consxdar 
tablets; and might have served as book-covers, and votive offerings, 
dedicated to the Grods, and deposited in the temples. On several of 
them there is a label on the top, on which the dedication was written 
in red colour. In size they resemble the Consular Diptycha. As to 
the time in which they were carved, the earliest of' them belongs to 
the end of the second, the latest to the middle of the sixth, century. 
According to the probable date, they may be classed as follows: — 

1. The Diptychon of Aesculapius and Hygieia, with the most 
important antique representation of the gods of health, of which we 
shall give a more detailed description. It belonged successively to the 
house of the Gaddis, at Florence ; to Count Michael Wiczay, at Hedervar, 
in Hungary; and to M. Fej^rviry. 

-■ *' The two ivory tablets, forming the doors of a reliquary in the 
Convent of Moutiers, in France, seem now to be lost. We know them 
only from the prints of Gorius, who had them copied from the original 
engravings of P. Mertene.* A bacchante, with the ivy-wreath in her 
hair, standing before a lighted altar, is represented on each of the wings. 
The elegantly draped female, on the right tablet, is in the act of 
throwing incense from a box, — which is offered to her by a little girl, 
together with a vase of libation, — into the fire, burning on an oramented 
square altar. The Bacchante, on the left wing, carelessly clad in a 
picturesque drapery, turns a lighted torch down in each hand, as if to 
extinguish it. She stands before a circular altar, under a pine tree, on 
which two cymbals are suspended, such as were used in Bacehic and 
Cybelean processions. The inscription on the label, NICOMACHORVM 
SYMMACHORVM, gives US the names of those who dedicated the taMets 
to the temple, perhaps, of Bacchus or Cybele, gods of nature, particularly 

» See Gori, I., p. 207. 


worshipped at Borne. The elegant style of the relief indicates the 
second centurv. 

3. The Diptychon of Cardinal Quirini^ has not been satisfactorily 
explained by the authors of the last century. By a comparison with 
other antique reliefs, the representation on the right wing becomes 
obvious; it is Phaedra and Hippolytus. The hero, characterised by 
his lance, dog, and sandals as a hunter, reads the tablets which contain 
the avowal of the incestuous love of Phaedra. The Queen, in doubtful 
expectation, leans against the column, opposite to the hero; whilst 
Cupid, here the god of terrestrial love and of death, flutters between 
them, compassionately looking upon Hippolytus, and lowering his torch, 
either as a symbol of Phaedra's love, or of the imminent death of the 
hero. The left tablet is still more interesting, since in contains the 
unique representation of Diana and Virbius. According to a Latin 
myth, mentioned in Ovid's Metamorphoses, xv., 538 et seq., and 
Virgil's Aeneid, v., 761 et seq., Hippolytus was resuscitated from the 
dead, either by Aesculapius or by Diana, his patroness, and transferred, 
to Aricia, into the temple and sacred wood of the goddess, to be 
worshipped with her as the god Virbius.' Diana is characterised by 
her short hunting dress. Close to her we see Virbius, with spear and 
shield, and the Phrygian cap, as an allusion to the transformation of 
the Greek hero into a Latin god, worshipped by the descendants of the 
Trojans. Cupid without wings, — a symbol of celestial love and of the 
initiation into the mysteries, — puts wreaths upon the head of the goddess 
and of the new god, as an emblem of victory. The style of the spiral- 
fluted columns reminds us of the third century; and we know that 
about this time the Neoplatonist and Eclectic philosophers, in their 
opposition to Christianity, liked to resuscitate the old myths of Pagan- 
ism, which resembled the mysteries of the Christian faith. Hippolytus 
coming to his painful death by the calumny of Phaedra, and resuscitated 
by Diana, belonged eminently to that class ; and the endeavour of the 
Neoplatonista to show that Christianity was only a plagiarism of 
Paganism, may explain how an obsolete myth, not represented in the 
monuments of earlier epochs, could be recorded at a period when art 
and the old religion were on their decline, and both subservient to 
imperial despotism. 

' Gori. Tabula xvi., p. 47, of Passeri's Supplement to the third volume of the The- 
saurus Veterum Diptychorum. 

» The Vatican Mythographers, II. 128, say: Revera autem Virbius est numen con- 
junctum Dianae, ut main Deum Atys, Minen^ae Krichthonius, Vencri Adonis. Habent 
namque siugula numina inferiores polos tatcs. 


4. Millin, the eminent French Archaeologist, was the first to pub- 
lish the tablets of Sens, now of the Imperial Library of Paris, forming 
the cover of a mediaeval MS., which contains "the office of the fools." 
The composition of the reliefs is rich, and somewhat overcrowded, similar 
in style to the Boman Sarcophagi of the end of the third century. 
On one wing we see Diana Lucifera, the goddess of night, with torch 
and crescent, drawn by two bulls, rising from the ocean, characterised 
by waves, sea-animals, and the goddess Thalassa. Hesperus, the evening 
star, leads the bulls, whilst Venus, the planet, here distinct from Hes- 
perus, is represented on the top of the tablet, together with Cupid, 
pounding a philtre in a mortar for two nymphs reclining around him, 
and playing with a dog. It is a combination of nocturnal symbols — 
the moon, the stars, love, and sorcery. The counterpart contains, of 
course, the representation of the day or sun, but not under the more 
familiar personification of Apollo. It is Bacchus, carried on a triumphal 
car by two Centaurs, and surrounded by various scenes of the vintage; 
since the power of the sun is peculiarly conspicuous in the grape, — the 
most savoury, and last of all European firuits to ripen. 

5. Besides the Consular Diptychon of Valentinian and Theodosius, 
and the tablets of St. Gregory and King David, there is in the treasury 
of the Cathedral of Monza one more Diptychon, belonging probably to 
the fifth century. On the right wing we see Calliope, the Muse of Epic 
poetry, with noble drapery and dignified attitude, sounding the lyre, 
which rests upon a small column. The curtains on both sides of the 
Muse remind us of the later Consular Diptycha; the ornamental niche, 
under which she is standing, of the beautifrd angel of the British Museum. 
Mr. Oldfield describes the left wing as the portrait of an unknown author ; 
and says that his characteristics are those of a philosopher, rather than 
of a poet. Gori suggests it may be Claudian, Ausonius, or Boethius. 
We cannot agree with these views; and in analogy to the statues of 
Menander and Posidonius, in the Vatican — of Moschion, in Naples — and 
of Euripides, in the Louvre, — and upon the faith of the right wing, 
•which represents the Epic Muse, — we look rather for a poet, in the sitting 
old man, than for a philosopher ; and we might have suggested the name 
of Homer, the two scrolls at his feet indicating the Iliad and the Odyssey, 
were not the represented poet beardless. Since his hair is shaved, — a 
custom which began to prevail at the time of Scipio Africanus, — it might 
be the portrait of Ennius. But the ground of the conjecture is too slender 
for giving a name to the poet of the Monza Diptychon ; we must leave 
him anonymous. 


6. The Cabinet of Antiquities, at the Imperial Library at Paris, 
contains one more mythological ivory Diptychon, with six Muses on the 
two tablets, each of them accompanied by an author. The workman- 
ship is much ruder than on the preceding Diptychon : we can therefore 
scarcely recognise any of the represented persons except Euripides, 
grouped with Melpomene.* 

7. The mythological Diptychon of the Biccardi Museum, now at 
Vienna, in the Imperial Cabinet of Antiquities, representing on one leaf 
the personification of Rome, and on the other Constantinople, belongs 
to the epoch of the Emperor Justinian. Gori attributed it, without suf- 
ficient foundation, to Consul Johannes, since he found some traces of 
red ink on the tablet, forming the first four letters of the name ; but 
the form of the letters sufficiently shows that the inscription belongs 
to a later age than the tablets. It does not appear that they were 
connected in any way with the inauguration of the Consuls ; and we 
must therefore place them among the mythological Diptycha. 


The early Christian Church was averse to statuary, as an art sub- 
servient and leading to idolatry. The Pagan statues, in the temples and 
shrines, were broken by fanatical converts for being objects of worship; 
whilst paintings, which served as adornments of the temples and public 
buildings, were spared, as less connected with idolatrous practices. Ac- 
cordingly, when Christianity became the religion of the State, the first 
Christian Churches were ornamented with mosaics, and painting was 

* Description des AntiqoiUs de labiant de feu le Chevalier L. Dorand, par I. de 
Witte, Paris, Favrier 1836, page 453. 2256-— Ivoire Dyptique du IV«n« si^cle environ de 
Vere chretienne offirant dans deux tablettes les figures des six personnages, sans doute des 
auteurs, accompagn^s des Muses qui les inspirent Dans la premiere tablette est repre- 
sents Herodote assis toumant la t6te vers Clio, qui deploie un rouleau. Au dessus est 
un poete barbu, peut-etre Anacreon (!) accompagnS d'Eutexpe muni de deux flutes. Plus 
bas dans le dernier compartiment on voit Aristote assis portant la main droite vers sa 
figure, pres de lui est Polymnie debout. La seconde tablette offre un poete barbu, dont 
la t£te semble avoir quelque ressemblance avec celle d'Euripide, Melpomtoe, munie de la 
lyre, est prfes de lui. Au dessous est Menandre debout, appuyS contre un cippe ; Thalie 
portant le masque comique, est k cote de Menandre. Le dernier compartiment montre 
un poete imberbe, assis et retournant la tSte avec un souriie sa^que ; c'est peut-ltre 
Horace ; Erato, tenant le scrinium, accompagne le poete. M. de Witte acknowledges 
that he owes these iconographique details to M. Ch. Lenormant 


developed as an eminently Gbristian art, whilst statuary was discounte- 
nanced. Still reliefs, which partake of the character of pictures, were 
less persecuted than statues, and even often sculptured by Christians. 
Our Museums, therefore, contain many instances of Christian religious 
reliefs, whilst Christian religious statues, of the first eight centuries of our 
era, belong to the rarests monuments of antiquity. Ivory carvings were 
held in peculiar esteem ; and Diptycha, similar in size and destination 
to the ancient Pagan tablets, became, at a very early period, ornaments 
of Christian Churches. They were principally used as book-covers for 
the gospels, for liturgic prayers, for the list of martyrs and bishops, and 
other MSS. of Church service. The fashion of portable altars, which 
was soon introduced into the Christian congregations, altered the form of 
the Diptycha ; they were superseded by the so-called Triptycha, that is 
to say, religious tablets with a larger centrepiece, and two narrower doors 
or wings. Still, the term Triptycha, which is now appUed to them, 
never was used by the ancients for anything but a set of three writing 
tables, fastened together on one side like the leaves of a modem book. 
The term Hagiothyrides, therefore, proposed by Passeri in the preface to 
Gori's Thesaurus, and lately adopted by Lenormant, in the Tresor de 
Numismatique et Glyptique, is by far more correct than the more popular 
word Triptycha. Circular boxes for the consecrated wafer; vessels for 
the holy water; caskets; retables, or ornamented screens, placed on the 
altar, and removed after the service; paxes, or small devotional tablets 
with a handle on the back, with which the priest used to give his 
benediction, and which he offered to the kisses of the worshippers; cro- 
siers, little statues, and other ecclesiastical implements of ivory, became 
very fashionable in the churches. We meet likewise, principally about 
the thirteenth century, with chess pieces, with mirror cases, and bridal 
caskets of the same delicate material, until in the fifteenth and sixteenth 
centuries, the more manly spirit of medieval sculpture abandoned the ivory 
for marble and bronze, and restricted its use to ornamental purposes, 
especially drinking cups. The great artists of the epoch, with the excep- 
tion of Fiamiugo, looked upon ivory carving as a branch of sculpture 
beneath their dignity. 

Christian ivories by far surpass in number the carvings of heathen 
antiquity; they offer an uninterrupted series of specimens illustrating the 
history of sculpture from the third to the seventh century. Still, it is 
rather surprising to see that whilst the history of sculpture, from the 
time of the Egyptian Pyramids to the great migration in the fourth cen- 
tury, has been ascertained with sufficient exactness for enabling the student 
to fix the style and date of any Egyptian, Greek, or Roman, and we 
may now likewise say Assyrian, monument with sufficient precision, the 


history of OhristiaD sculpture has, until now, scarcely obtained the con- 
sideration it deserves. D'Agincourt and Cicognara are too superficial 
for the periods anterior to the thirteenth century, and, even in the later 
epoch, notice principally the Italian school. Thus, the schools of Grer- 
many, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and England remain nearly entirely 
unknown to the educated classes of Europe, though Flaxman, Lenormant, 
Waagen, Eugler, and others have described and published some of their 
principal monuments. Whilst antique statuary is appreciated, the works 
of Christian sculpture have been comparatively neglected by the public. 
The admirable collection of casts in the Crystal Palace, principally due 
to the talents and energies of Messrs. Digby Wyatt and Owen Jones, is 
the first step in the right direction, which cannot fail to shed light upon 
this most important branch of the history of art, and may lead to a more 
complete and comprehensive review of Christian sculpture than we now 
possess. With our present scanty and fragmentary information, it is often 
difficult to establish the age, nay, even the nationality, of ancient Christian 
carvings with any accuracy. Still, we shall try to group them in some 
rather extensive classes, thus, for instance, as Mr. Oldfield did, in his 
excellent catalogue of the casts of the Arundel Society. His first period 
extends to the seventh century; we would propose to extend it more 
precisely to the year 717, the beginning of the reign of Leo the Isaurian, 
under whom the Tconoclasts got the upper hand at Constantinople, 
putting a stop to the development of Christian sculpture in the East. 
This period we might call the epoch of the hieratic style, or the infancy 
of Christian sculpture. In the course of the first five centuries it was 
gradually weaned from the traditions of antiquity, and assumed a novel 
character of individualism and spiritualism. The second period, from 
the eighth to the eleventh century, characterised in Architecture by the 
full development of the Romanesque style, and comprising the sculptures 
of the Carlovingian, Franconlan, and Saxon dynasties, is ruder and less 
elaborate than the preceding first Byzantine period, but more expressive ; 
less typical — altogether naturalistic. All the traditions of antique sculp- 
ture were forgotten, and a Christian view of nature, more picturesque 
than plastical, developed itself in art. After the final overthrow of the 
Iconoclasts, statuary in the East acquired a more dignified character, 
and reached its highest bloom under the Emperor Bomanus Diogenes, 
and his successors, the Comneni. The influence of this second and 
higher Byzantine style upon the Germans and Italians, fostered by the 
intercourse of the East and West during the Crusades, and by the mar- 
riages of Eastern Princesses to Western Princes, has, until now, been 
traced only in painting. We know that William of Cologne and Cimabue 
of Florence were trained in the severe post-iconoclastic Byzantine school. 


which, for earnestness, Christian spirit and dignity, surpasses the works 
of the later periods, not only in painting, but likewise as regards sculp- 
ture. Some masterpieces of the English, French, and German school of 
the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, corresponding with the finest 
specimens of Gothic architecture, are evidently derived from the same 
source, v^hilst Italy, through the school of the Pisanis, turned towards 
the antique. We have accordingly three different schools to distinguish : 
the Byzantine, from the eleventh to the thirteenth; the French, German, 
and English school, which, modified by the different nationalities, proceeds 
in the same direction, with always increasing technical skill, and gradually 
diminishing inspiration up to the fifteenth century; whilst Italy, rejecting 
the Byzantine type, and studying the antique forms, arrives, in the middle 
of the fifteenth century, to the full bloom of the Benaissance by Lucca 
della Bobbia, and Lorenzo Ghiberti. But Michael Angelo, and his over- 
powering manner, suddenly sweeps all over the West in the sixteenth 
century, carrying all before him, and puts a stop to the national art of 
France, Germany, and England, grown up from the traditions of Byzan- 
tium. The meaner but elegant style of Benvenuto Cellini succeeds the 
power of Michael Angelo, leading gradually to the elaborate and inflated 
manner of Bernini, and his effeminate successors all over Europe. Rubens 
and the Dutch stayed for a short time the corruption of sculpture by 
the influence of their paintings; still, the success of the artificial style of 
Bernini, yet more disfigured and emasculated in France, became irresis- 
tible throughout the eighteenth century, and destroyed even the feeling 
for plastical ,beauty. The traditions of old were lost, and Winckelman, 
EarBten, Flaxman, Canova, and Thorwaldsen had to reconstruct the 
theory and practice of statuary on a new basis. Christian sculpture has, 
in this way, passed through the phases of infancy, youth, manhood, and 
senility, to its regeneration in the nineteenth century. The great mul- 
titude of the Christian statues, and their dispersion all over Europe, 
makes a comprehensive view of the history of Christian sculpture rather 
difficult, but ivory carvings are the fittest monuments for illustrating it, 
and for showing its gradual rise and decline, in a compass accessible to 
the means of private persons. Their importance cannot easily be over- 
rated by all who delight in the beauty of external form. 











1. An ivory handle, with the royal name and praenomen of King 
Tirhaka (Teharka, Tarkos) of the twenty-fifth or Aethiopian dynasty, the 
ally of Hezekiah, King of Judah, against Sennacherib of Assyria, about 
713 years before Christ. Bed traces of oxidation prove that the tool, of 
which only the handle has survived the vicissitudes of more than twenty- 
five centuries, was of iron or steel. The royal praenomen reads : — Nefru- 
atmu-chu-ra — The good Atmu, the ruling sun. Atmu was the chief of 
the second-class gods of Egypt, the ruler of the nether world, to whom 
the kings paid a constant tribute of adoration and sacrificial worship. 
(See Ghampollion, Pantheon Egyptien, ad vocem Atmou, 4.) The back 
of the handle is adorned by the lotus and papyrus flower, the symbols 
of upper and lower Egypt 

2. A circular plate (tessera), with a hole in the centre, representing 
an Egyptian bust, with royal head dress. The style of the relief is 
evidently Boman, of the second century, and the bust is intended for 
Isis, whose worship became very fashionable under the first Roman 
Emperors. The present plate (tessera) was probably a ticket for some 
Isiac procession or ceremony. 



3. A figure of Tsis in the shape of a mnmmy, with the crescent on 
the head, and an unintelligihle imitation of hieroglyphics on the borders. 
Roman workmanship, of the second century, — unless it is altogether a 
clever modem ^forgery. 



4. A tablet, forming the upper half of the front side of a casket, 
of bone, representing Diana in the act of catching the Maenalian stag. 
There are traces of paint still visible on the carving. 

5. The lower half of the front side of an Etruscan casket, repre- 
senting a recumbent bull. 

6. A portion of an ivory casket, with a winged sphinx. 

7. A head of Medusa, with boars tusks, similar to the coins of 
NeapoUs, in Macedonia. Well carved, but fragmented ivory. 

8. A small-sized crouching lion, in ivory. 



9. A fragment of a cylindrical scent-box, with an elegant reUcf 
representing Silenus, seated, looking upon a bunch of grapes, which he 
raises in his right hand. Similar boxes, with Bacchic and exotic reliefs, 
have been found at Pompeii, and are now kept in the Museum of the 
Studj, at Naples. 

10-11. Harpies; one of them with a female head, the other with 
the bust of Cybele on the top. 

12. A circular plate (tessera), with the head of a youth in relief. 
On the reverse the number VIII., and the letter H., its Greek equivalent. 
It was an admission ticket to the seat number eight, in a Theatre or 

13. A ring, with a comic mask — carved in bone.* 

14. An ivory soent-box, in the shape of a Satyrs head, with 
pointed ears and vulgar features. The workmanship is very characteristic, 
and belongs to the third century. 

1 Antique bone and ivory rings are rather rare. Millin, in his ** Introduction k 
Vktade d*Arch^ologie," page 10, says — " Les andens, qui ont tant travaill^ I'ivoire, en 
faisaient s^irement des bagaes, leur fragility, leur destructibilit^ trop facile, les k em- 
p^ch6 de parvenir jasqu'lL nous." Still, there are several such rings in the British 
Museum, and other Collections. 


15-18. Two small tablets and two supports, belonging to an antique 
ivory box. The tablets represent Caryatides ; the supports, sphinxes. 
They are rudely carved, and said to have been found at Oumae. 

19. A Bacchic mask, of ivory; there are traces of a thick coating 
of colour on it. 

20. A bust of Bacchus, sculptured in bone — good workmanship. 

21. A female head, gracefully carved from a very hard tooth of 
some unascertained animal. 

22. A tablet, with a rudely carved relief of Cupid as the genius of 
death, resting his right hand on the top of his head, and leaning, with 
crossed legs, against the trunk of a tree. It is the attitude of repose 
which we often find on sepulchral monuments. This tablet, a rude copy 
of some better original, belongs to the fourth century. 

23. The genius of Winter, with large wings, closely-cut hair, 
and flying drapery, carrying a hare, the symbol of the winter. The style 
of the tablet assigns it to the epoch of the Emperor Constantino, the 
proportions being short and heavy, and the execution rather rude. The 
workmanship is peculiar, only the outlines of the figure and drapery 
being carved into the ivory, and presenting rather the appearance of a 
drawing than of a relief; they were probably inlaid with enamel, though 
all trace of it has disappeared. 



24. A magnificent fragment of a larger composition. The Emperor 
Marcus Aurelius, with head veiled, in the manner of a sacrificer, holds 
a volume in his right hand, and is accompanied by two Bomans. The 
sacrifice of Marcus Aurelius, represented on the ivory, may belong to 
A. D. 167, when, according to Julius Capitolinus,' Kome was purified by 
the Emperor, priests called to the Capital, and strange rites performed; 
the Bomans being terrified both by the Marcoman war, and by a pesti- 
lential epidemic, much like the cholera of our days. 

25 — 26. The mythological Diptychon of Aesculapius and Hygieia — 
the most beautiful of all the ancient reliefs in ivory. In the last century 
it belonged to the treasures of the Florentine Museum of the Gaddi 
family ; later, to Count Michel Wiczay, at Hedervar, in Hungary. It 

* Aurelius Gapitolinas, 13. Taiitus terror belli Maroomamd, ut undiqne Sacerdotes 
Antoiunxis acciverit, peregrinos ritns impleverit, Bomam omni genere lustraverit, retardat- 
usque a bellica profectione sit 


has been published by Gori/ by the learned Bamabite Felix Carroni/ 
and by the celebrated engraver, Raphael Morghen.* 

On the right leaf of the Diptychon, Aesculapius is represented stand- 
ing on an ornamented pedestal, leaning mth his thoughtful head on his 
right hand, which holds a scroll. The left hand is placed on his hip; 
a club, with a huge serpent coiling around it, and resting upon the head 
of a bull, supports the figure, which is clad in the manner of Jupiter, 
the drapery covering only the lower part of the body. The god has a 
fillet (diadema) in his hair, and elegant sandals on his feet; his diminu- 
tive genius Telesphorus, the god of convalescence, clad in a cowl, stands 
close to him, in the act of opening a volume. The group is plaoed 
between two pilasters, joined by a garland of oak leaves. One of them 
supports a casket of flowers on its Corinthian capital ; the other has 
been, at some distant time, broken off. 

On the left tablet Hygieia, with a chaplet (stephane) in her hair, 
leans against a tripod, round which coils a huge serpent, raising its head 
to the right hand of the goddess, who offers him an almond-shaped fruit, 
or cake. At the feet of the goddess of health we see Cupid, sufBlciently 
characterised by the quiver and bow, although he has no wings. On 
the top of one of the Corinthian pilasters there are the sacrificial vessels, 
the prochus and the phiala — the jug and cup for libations; on the other 
capital, the Bacchic child lacchus opens a wicker basket (cista mystica), 
firom which a snake is creeping out. On both the tablets, a label sur- 
mounts the representations, which contained the dedicatory inscriptions, 
but no trace of them can be now discovered ; they were probably written 
in colours. A rich border, of acanthus leaves and flowers, forms the 
firame of the beautiful reliefs. 

The graceful arrangement of the drapery, and the masterly compo- 
sition of both tablets, which is in contrast to some little inaccuracies 
of the execution — (thus, for instance, the left foot of Aesculapius is 
too much turned outwards; the "scurzo" of the thigh of Eros is incor- 
rect; the face of the goddess less expressive than that of Aesculapius) 
— seems to warrant the supposition, that both reliefs are copies of some 
celebrated marble statues. This conjecture might likewise explain the 

^ ThesanroB Yeterom Diptychonun, VoL III., pL xxzxL 

' Raggoaglio del viaggio compendioso di un dilettante antiqaario sorpreso de Goraari 
condotto in Berberia, e felicemente ripartito. Milano, 1805, Vol. IX., Tav. ix. 

' Palmerini'B Catalogue, No. 201. The print has the inscription : £xc>»o Dom»<» 
Miohaeli ComiU a Witzai, Domino in H^derv&r, Losing, Ireg, etc. Sacrae Caes. Majestatia 
Cubiculario, antiquissimnin ex ebore diptychon aviti in Hungaria Mnsei omamento ab 
ejnsdem Cimeliarcha Carronio B. Italo acqnisitum ao typis illustratum Baphael Morghen, 
D.D.D. See also Ottfried Mailer's Handbach der Arcbaeologie iind Eunst, pp. 420 and 
590 ; and Mr. Oldfield's Catalogue, at Class I. a. 


uncommon size of the clab^ and of the snakes which, in the original 
marble groups, might have formed the artistical supports of the statues. 
Still, it is impossible even to guess to which temple the originals of the 
composition might have belonged, since the worship of the gods of health 
was difiused all over the ancient Graeco-Boman world. Garroni, in his com- 
mentary on our Diptychon, enumerates no less than one hundred and ninety- 
eight Greek towns which, according to the ancient authors, worshipped 
Aesculapius and his family in temples erected to their honour, or made 
their representations the types of coins. But in any case, the present 
composition is the most important monument of the worship of the gods 
of health among all we know, on account of the many attributes heaped 
on them. The club, resting on the head of a bull, is the symbol of 
Hercules, as representative of the sun;^ the tripod belongs to Apollo, the 
stephane to Juno ; Cupid is the companion of Venus, and lacchus of 
Ceres. In our relief, they are all connected with Aesculapius; and espe- 
cially with his daughter, who is raised by them to the dignity of a great 
mother- goddess. This peculiarity, entirely in accordance with the work- 
manship of the carving, carries us down to the time of the Antonines — 
an epoch most important in the history of the development of religious 
ideas. The faith in Greek and Koman mythology had come to a crisis ; 
and though Christianity was not yet powerful enough to threaten the 
religion of the state with extinction, still people began to feel that the 
pld faith had accomplished its destinies. Worn out as it was, it could 
no longer bestow support to the state ; on the contrary, it had to be 
supported by the secular power. It was in vain that the Emperors 
strove to impart new life to the state religion by frequent pomps and 
feasts, commemorating antiquated rites and customs. The priests brought, 
in vain, old, forgotten, and miraculous statues from the hidden recesses 
of the temples before the multitude, and disclosed the mysteries of worship 
to the uninitiated crowd. A feeling of uneasiness had caught hold of 
Boman society; and mythology tdok its course backwards to the point 
from which it had proceeded. Starting from the unity and ubiquity of 
godhead, its manifold manifestations were originally embodied in innu- 
merable personifications; the youthful poetical spirit of Greece found 
always new characteristic symbols; and as godhead manifests itself in 
space and time, in nature and history, new myths grew up, symbolical 
of those manifestations, and formed in their concatenation that lasting 
monument of the youth and poetical productivity of the Hellenic race, 
which we possess in its mythology. But life soon departed from the 
myths when they were transferred to Bome, since the practical Bomans 
adopted only the form, and were unable to understand and to feel the 

^ The celebrated Hercules Famese of Glycon, or, rather, its lost original of Lysippus, 
leans on such a dub. See likewise Steinbiichers Alterthumskunde, p. 391, i. 


spirit, of Hellenic religion. Its poetry faded; and the rites, deprived of 
their symbolic meaning, debased and over-cloiided the understanding by 
dark superstition. Accordingly, towards the end of the Republic, and 
under the first Emperors, the people of Borne turned easily to the still 
more superstitious and immoral rites of oriental and barbarous mythology, 
to the bloody mysteries of Mithras, to the orgiastic processions of Cybele, 
to the dissolute worship of the Syrian gods, and to the Isiac ceremonies, 
of which the original meaning had been forgotten. Philosophical minds 
of an imaginative turn, the Neoplatouists, tried now to give a new basis 
to the old mythology ; they sought to re-establish unity out of diversity ; 
any local god became the symbol of godhead and of the creative power, 
and every goddess represented nature, and became the impersonation of 
the female principle of creation. On monuments of this period, therefore, 
we cannot be astonished to see the local goddess of Epidaurus and Per- 
gamus assimilated to Venus to Juno and to Ceres, and leaning upon the 
tripod of Apollo. The beautiful pantheistic representation is sufficiently 
explained by the following remarkable invocation of Isis, in the Meta- 
morphoses of Apuleius, which shows the desire of converting the popular 
polytheism into philosophical monotheism.^ 

" Queen of heaven,** says he, "whether thou art Ceres, the beautiful, 
the first mother of crops; or the heavenly Venus, who in the beginning 
harmonised the difference of sexes by love, her offspring; or the sister 
of Phoebus, who, assisting travail, hast reared so many nations ; or» 
with nocturnal wailing, the terrible Proserpine (Hecate), with her three- 
fold face, restraining the assaults of ghosts, and keeper of the recesses 
of the earth, with thy female light purifying all the walls, with damp 
fire nourishing the joyous seeds, and on the by-ways of the sun dis- 
tributing thy uncertain light ; by whatever name, by whatever rite, under 
whatever form, it is permitted to call thee ! " &c. — And Isis replies : " Here 
I am, Nature, the great mother of all things; the mistress of all the 
elements ; the first progeny of time ; the sum total of names ; the Queen 
of the deceased; the first of the heavenly host; the all-comprehensive 
form of gods and goddesses, ruling with my will the bright summits of 
heaven, the salubrious breezes of the sea, the mournful silence of the 
nether world, — whose godhead, which is one, is worshipped by all the 
world, under different forms, with various rites, and under manifold names. 
The first- bom Phrygians call me the Pessinuntian mother of gods ; here 
the aboriginal Athenians the Gecropian Minerva; there the floating 
Cyprians the Paphian Venus; the archers of Crete Dictynna; the 
trilingual Sicilians the Stygian Proserpina; the Eleusinians the old 

* ApnleiuB Metam. Ub. xi., p. 262. 


goddess Ceres. Others call me Juno, others Bellona, others Hecate, 
and others Bhamnusia (Nemesis) ; but the Aethiopians, who are illumi- 
nated by the first rays of the nascent sun, and the Arians, and the 
Egyptians, yersed in ancient lore, and worshipping me altogether with 
peculiar ceremonies, call me by my true name, Queen Isis." 

But besides this Neoplatonic explanation of the attributes cumulated 
upon Hygieia, and characterising the epoch of the Antonini, we find 
likewise some older relationship between the goddess of health and the 
Deities, whose symbols she usurps on our relief. The tripod of Apollo— 
the healing solar god — perfectly suits his granddaughter, the goddess 
of health. As to Cupid, he is not the god of earthly love when in 
company with Hygieia — but Cupid, the god of death, who carries the 
souls back to their original abodes. We see him in this character often 
on gems — sailing to the isles of the blessed upon the vase which contains 
the ashes of the deceased — or burning the butterfly, the symbol of soul, 
with his torch, to represent its purification by death. lacchus, with the 
mystic basket, has the same signification ; he is the mediator of earthly 
and heavenly ideal. The union of those gods of immortality is not 
altogether confined to our relief. Pausanias mentions, in the Botunda 
(Tholusj of Aesculapius, at Epidaurus, the picture of Cupid, and of 
Methe, the goddess both of drunkenness and immortality; therefore, a 
combination analogous to our representation. Jacchus, the boy with the 
snake, reminds us likewise of the parallelism of Hygieia, and Kora, and 
Demeter; and we find, at Lebedea, the worship of Proserpine Herkyna 
joined to Trophonius — a group similar in form to Hygieia and Asklepios. 
On the coins of Parium, Demeter is represented with a snake coiling 
around her body; and a dolphin — symbol of Cupid — at her feet. We 
'find the snake again in company with Minerva, who is likewise called 
Medica, and Salutaris, being a goddess of health ; and with her we see 
the mystical casket, hiding Erichthonius, a snake boy. As regards Juno, 
whose stephane adorns the head of Hygieia on our tablet, a sacred snake 
is worshipped in her temple at Lanuvium, fed by virgins. 

Though it cannot be doubted, from the preceding instances, that a 
connexion of the Epidaurian goddess with all those deities, whose symbols 
are given to her in our Diptych, was known through all periods of 
Greek mythology, still the simultaneous union of so many attributes 
belongs exclusively to that period when Neoplatonism tried to steal the 
thunder of Christianity, transforming polytheism into monotheistic philo- 
sophy, and explaining the countless myths in a rational way. Though 
these endeavours did not succeed, still they deeply impressed the mind 
of the educated classes, and prepared the ultimate triumph of Christianity. 
We find in every Museum many pantheistic idols, upon which the attri- 



butes of several gods are heaped ; they are evidences of the inflaence of 
Neoplatonism on art; but the most important, and by far the most 
beautiful, monuments of this period are the ivory tablets which we have 
tried to explain. 

27. Imperial Diptychon of the Emperor Philip the Arab, and his 
son, Philip the younger, in memory of the thousandth anniversary of 
the foundation of Rome, in the year A..D. 248* We have attempted a 
historical explanation of this tablet, (see page 16 and following.) It 
was published, but not commented upon, by Millin, (Voyages, vol. I., 
page 400, pi. xxiv., fig. 3.) In respect of art, it will be sufficient to 
point to the masterly representation of the dying stag, which gives us a 
high opinion of the style of art at so late a period. 

28. Portrait of Arcadius, son of Theodosius the Great, Emperor 
of the East from a.d. 895-408, on an elliptical piece of bone. There are 
some doubts about the authenticity of this relief* 



29-30. Consular Diptychon of Ravius Olementinus, Consul a. n. 
613, published first by its proprietor, Gustavus Philippus Negelinus, 
then by Gori, Vol. I, Tab. ix. x. ; and again, by D'Agincourt, Storia dell 
Arte, Vol. II., pi. xii., fig. 7, 8. In our essay on the Consular Diptycha^ 
(p. 4,) we have explained the reliefs adorning the tablets ; but the 
inside of the Diptychon is not less interesting for an important inscrip- 
tion, which contains the Greek liturgy of the eighth century, running 
across both tablets, with the following incorrect orthography: see 
the fac simile on the opposite page. 

The precise date of this inscription is sufficiently fixed by the men- 
tion of the first year of Hadrian, Patriarch of the city, who cannot be 
any but the Boman Patriarch, or Pope Hadrian I., since among all 
the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antiochia, and Jerusalem, 
there occurs no Hadrian ; and the word irokis (city), without any further 
designation, was applied only to the two great metropoles — Bome and 
Constantinople. The first, year of Pope Hadrian s office commenced with 
the 9th of February, a. d. 772. It was therefore in that year that the 
Diptychon of Consul Clementinus was inscribed with the * liturgy and 
short prayer for the Patriarch, for the priest John, and for Andrew 
Machera, probably the donor of the tablets to some church of Sicily, 
where the Greek language prevailed at that time, though the Sicilians 
were attached to the Roman Patriarch. The mention of St. Agatha, 
the patron saint of Palermo, points likewise to Sicily. 

*CTo^4eN » 


>**> lU ear 





We are not to be astonished at seeing the memorial of a Consular 
inaagaradon inscribed with a Christian prayer ; since Alcuinus, speaking 
of the Mass, de Divin. Offic, makes the following mention of Diptychs : 
" After those words, when it is said, ' in the sleep of peace,' it was the 
custom of the ancients, as it is done until now in the Boman Church, 
to recite the names of the deceased yr^w the Diptychs.''^ 

Viewing the inscription from the palaeographical and philological 
point of view, we find a considerable corruption of the language and 
orthography, — indicating that the confusion of tj, i, v, «, oi, into the 
single sound of Iota, had already become common. So, also, o and a> 
are confounded, as by the modem Greeks. The forin of the A M A 
approaches the current Greek letters ; the 17 is used for the i,' and vice 
versa^ the v for 01,* and the o supersedes often the o)." 

As to the meaning of the inscription, it is the ' following : "Let us 
stand well, let us stand with reverence, let us stand with fear, let us 
attend to the sacred oblation, in peace to offer to God. The mercy, 
the peace, the sacrifice of praise, and the love of God and Father, and 
the grace of our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ, be upon us. 
Amen. In the first year of Hadrian, Patriarch of the city. Bemember, 
O Lord, thy servant John, the least presbyter of the dwelling of holy 
Agatha. Amen. Bemember, O Lord, thy servant Andrew Machera. 
Saint Agatha, Holy Mother of God. Bemember, O Lord, thy servant 
and our shepherd, Hadrian, the Patriarch. Bemember, O Lord, thy 
servant John, the sinner, the presbyter." 

32. A Palimpsest Diptychon of Consul Magnus, a.d. 519. This 
unedited tablet was first mentioned by the Bamabite Felix Carroni, who 
says, in his Bagguaglio TL, p. 208, that he discovered a Consular Dip- 
tychon at Cologne, with the physician Hipsch. Guided by this indication, 
M. Fej6rvary found it in Cologne, thirty years after Carroni, and succeeded 
in acquiring it It is carved in bone — similar to, though not the counter- 
part of, the bone tablet, inscribed with the name of Magnus, which, from 
the Collection of Professor Christopher Saxe, in Utrecht, came into the 
Museum of the Imperial Library at Paris. Another tablet of the same 
Consul, but of ivory, and of superior workmanship — now likewise in the 
Imperial Library — was published by Ducange, pi. i. ; Gori II., pi. ii. ; 
and Lenormand Tresor II., pi. liv. » The olive wreath, suspended over 
the head of the youthful Consul, led the first commentators to the 

* Alcuin. de Divin. Offic, quoted from Gorius, Thesaurus, I. 261. 

* X*ff ^^^ X*i^* * *<**'» *"» *» »yfn, iTi, for u^vn, rn, 3, Ayntn, ith. 

* w/uftof for WMfAtnf. 

' 0"rof4M, lUiXec, tuXafiof, for tf^Tw/t*!?, mXm(, tu\a0mt ; but likewise ^imtwimc for dirrexoc, 
9f$a^9fU9 for v^i;^ar/tAfv. 



conjecture that it represented a member of the imperial family. • Saxes 
Diptychon confirmed the supposition ; since the inscription, which is 
wanting on the other two tablets, assigns it to Magnus, grandnephew of 
the Emperor Anastasius. On our Diptychon, the original inscription 
has been erased; and the name, or title, of Consul Magnus had to give 
place to the name of a French Bishop of the twelfth century. We read, 
on the label of the tablet, the words: "Pio praesule Baldrico jubente," 
by command of the pious Bishop Baudry. The form of the letters reminds 
us of the eleventh or twelfth centurv ; and we meet likewise with three 
Bishops of this name about that time, viz., I, Baldricus, seventh Bishop 
of Gallipoli, elected the 16th of March, a.d. 1105 ; 2, Baldricus, Bishop of 
Noyon from a.d. 1098 to 1112, known as the chronicler of his Bishopric; 
and 3, Baldricus, Bishop of Dol, in Bretagne, from a.d. 1114 to 1 131. He 
is the author of a history of Jerusalem, and of a MS. De Conquestu 
Angliae, per Wilhelmum Normannorum Ducem. It would be difficult 
to decide which of the tliree is meant by the inscription, which might 
even belong to Baldricus, Bishop of Utrecht from a.d. 917 to 977. 

83. A Diptychon of Consul Philoxenus, a.d. 525. Tt is the right 
leaf of the Diptychon which contains the titles of the Consul ; and the 
latter half of the Greek dedicatory inscription, mentioned in page 14. 

34, 35. An anonymous Diptychon, with the portrait of an unknown 
Consul, similar to the Novara tablets; but without rosettes. These two 
tablets, and the preceding Diptychon of Philoxenus, are carved in camel 
bone ; and on this account their genuineness is doubted by Mr. Francks of 
the British Museum. Though we do not know any other carving of such 
bone, belonging to the early Byzantine period, still there are several of 
them preserved in the Churches and Museums of Italy — works of the 
tenth to the thirteenth centuries.* The workmanship of these three leaves 
is entirely in accordance with the style of the epoch ; and to the opinion 
of Mr. Francks we oppose the authority of the great connoisseur, Mr. 
Daniel Boehm, Director of the Imperial Academy of Engraving and Die- 
sinking at Vienna, who considers them authentic. 




36. The Crucifixion and Resurrection ; a panel from a book-cover. 
We see on the upper portion of the tablet the dead Christ on the cross; 

^ Renan. Histoire des langues Semitiques, page 342, mentions that the Koran was 
originally written on Camel bones. 


a straight drapery covers him from the hips to the knees ; the feet, pierced 
by two nails, are resting on the " scabellum." A label on the top of the 
cross bears the inscription: IHS NAZAREN REX lUDAEORUM, written 
in most elegant characters. On the sides, at the foot of the cross, two 
soldiers are represented, together with the vase containing the vinegar — 
one of them with the spear, the other with the reed and sponge. On a 
slight elevation, the Virgin is wailing, with an expression of the highest 
grief in her countenance and attitude ; whilst St. John, with the book in 
his hands, somewhat more composed, stands opposite to her. The sun and 
the moon, in the form of the busts of Helios and Selene, are carved in 
the comers above the scene. Below this group we see the empty grave 
of Christ — a cube of hewn stone, with an elegant cornice on the top, 
surmounted by a light cupola, resting on columns joined by arches. The 
guards are asleep ; the angel sits before the monument in a most dignified 
attitude, speaking to the three Maries, who reverently listen to his words. 
The composition, and the very correct drapery of all the figures, remind 
ns of the best Roman reliefs ; and the beautiful flower frame, surrounding 
the tablet, is entirely in harmony with the excellent workmanship of the 
panel, which cannot be much posterior to the epoch of Constantine, and is 
probably the earliest Christian monument, representing the Crucifixion and 
Besurrection — those two cardinal points of Christian faith. It is mentioned 
by Mr. Oldfield, in his often-quoted excellent Catalogue, Class IV. c. 

37. The Ascension of Christ. Though this panel from a book-cover 
is much smaller than the preceding one, still, on account of the rarity 
of representation, it is no less interesting.' On the right angle, a hand 
is stretching out from the segment of a circle, — the earliest Christian 
way of representing Ood. Christ, turning his back to the spectators, 
soars upwards, raising a handkerchief with his right hand, just as the 
Consuls did when, at the beginning of the games of the Circus, they 
gave the signal for the starting of the race. A tree under him symbolises 
the Mount of Olives, whence a group of six Apostles looks upwards to 
their Master. The drapery of all the figures is Roman, the style less 
noble than on the relief of the Crucifixion and Resurrection; the short 
and heavy proportions correspond with the later reliefs of the triumphal 
arch of Constantine, at Rome ; but the acanthus border is most graceful, 
and carved in an earlier and better style, which seems to have remained 
traditional for ornamental purposes. See Mr. Oldfield's Catalogue, Class 
IV. o. 





38. A Panel from a book-cover. Christ between the Virgin and 
St. John. Above them, are the busts of two Angels and two Saints — 
perhaps Moses and Elijah. 

30. A Panel from a book-cover. Tablet, with two compartments. 
Above, the Nativity and Adoration of the Magi ; below, the Crucifixion. 

40. The front part of an oblong box, with a representation of the 
vintage, which is one of the early Christian symbols of salvation; for, 
according to St. John xv. 1, Christ is the true vine, and the Father is 
the husbandman ; and again, v. 5, He is the vine, and the Apostles are 
the branches. Besides, the grape must be destroyed, in order that wine 
conld be made, just as the body must die, that the soul may enter the 
kingdom of heaven. 

41. A panel from a book-cover — the subject being the Saviour 
and the Adulteress; under his feet are the symbols of the sun and 
moon. The architecture, as well as the style of the figures, shows that 
it belongs to the tenth century. 

42. The wing of a Diptychon, ornamented with Christian types. 
One of tlie earliest Christian publications — the Recognitiones (5, 10 
Coteler) — says; "We find the confirmation of our faith not only in the 
words of Jesus Christ, but likewise in his actions ; since the words of the 
law, which were expressed about his presence many generations before him, 
have been fulfilled in him ; and the images of the deeds of Moses, and the 
patriarch Jacob before him, are all typical." The interesting feature of the 
early Church, seeking the types of the deeds of Christ in the Old Testa- 
ment, explains admirably the composition of the present tablet — probably 
the earliest monument of such symbolism, which in later times became 
one of the richest sources for the compositions of Christian artists. The 
central compartment of the tablet contains Christ's presentation in the 
temple, which is here represented in the Byzantine cupola style of Bta 
Sophia. Simeon raises the child with enthusiasm above a square altar, 
covered with a napkin. Joseph, astonished at the event, stands opposite 
to him, holding the swaddling clothes, in which the child was enveloped. 
Mary, with the two doves, is represented behind Simeon ; as also Hannah, 
(who is designated by a scroll, bearing her initials, AN,) behind Joseph. 
All these persons have a nimbus around the head, distinguished by it 

'from the other worshippers in the temple, two of whom are visible in 
the background. Above and below this centrepiece, four biblical types 


are represented, to each of which Christ is understood to be the antitype. 
To the left, Moses receives, on his knees, the tables of the law from 
Jehovah, represented by an outstretched hand. Behind him there are 
two persons, designating the people. But the star above him is in no 
connexion whatever with the scene on Mount Sinai ; it is evidently the 
star which is to rise from Jacob (Numeri xxiv. 17), reminding us of the 
second higher law given by Christ, the antitype of Moses. Next to this 
scene, the artist represented the intended sacrifice of Isaac lying on the 
altar, whilst Abraham raises his hand for the death-blow, but is arrested 
by the apparition of Jehovah, in the typical form of the outstretched 
hand. It is scarcely necessary to observe that the father, ready to sacrifice 
his only son, is to remind us of the Father who gave his Son unto death 
for the sins of mankind. This type has remained popular, in Christian 
art, down to our days. 

Under the centrepiece we see the Jewish High Priest, carrying the 
lamb of the Passover to the temple — again a type of the lamb of God, 
which takes the sins of the world upon itself, and delivers mankind from 
bondage, just as the lamb of the Passover was slain in remembrance of 
the delivery of Israel from the Egyptian bondage. Opposite to the High 
Priest, Melchizedek is represented coming to meet Abram with bread 
and wine — the early type of the Eucharist. The deeper meaning of the 
composition is explained by the Epistle to the Hebrews, where Melchizedek 
is put in opposition to the High Priest, and Christ is called a Priest 
according to the order of Melchizedek, not to the order of Aaron ; and 
where the contrast of the old and new creed, and of the yearly atoning 
sacrifice and the final death sacrifice of Christ, is more fully developed. 



43. Christ on the Throne ; a panel from a large book-cover. This 
relief, formerly in the collection of Count Aloys Albrizzi, at Venice, is 
meutioned in Count Cicognara's Nielli. It is carved in camel bone ; 
and represents Christ, with a most dignified expression in his well-drawn 
face, sitting on a cushion upon a throne, holding the book in his left 
hand, and raising his right hand to benediction. Traces of gilding are 
still visible on the throne. The head of Christ is encircled by a crossed 
glory ; the composition reminds lis of the early Christian Mosaics ; the 
drapery is grand, and the representation one of the noblest efforts of 
Byzantine art. 


44. A wing of a Diptychon ; St. John the Baptist in his shaggy 
gannent, holding in his hand an unfolded scroll, which is inscribed with 
the appropriate text, John i. 29. The dehcate and elegant workmanship 
of this tablet, manifesting the deepest intensity of feeling, excited the 
admiration of Mr. Buskin at the meeting of the Arundel Society, in spring 
1855. The representation is equal in beauty to the coronation of the 
Emperor Bomanus, in the Imperial Library at Paris ; to the (fragmented) 
panel in the Bodleian Library, with the representation of Christ entlironed ; 
and to the hagiothyrids of Paris, with the Crucifixion — which are acknow- 
ledged as the masterpieces of the second Byzantine school. See Oldfield, 
Class VII. h. 

45. A panel from a book-cover. Christ crucified, his feet nailed to 
the scabellum ; at the side of the cross, the Virgin and St. John ; above 
them, the busts of two wailing angels. Delicate workmanship, but not 
equal to the preceding numbers. 

46. A Byzantine drinking-cup, sculptured with scenes from the life of 
Noah. The ancients Hked to adorn the vases, destined for the use of their 
•feasts, with bacchanalian representations. Christian Byzantine art main- 
tained the custom of the ancients, but substituted a biblical type for the 
heathenish symbols. On our drinking-cup, three difierent scenes of the 
history of Noah are joined together. The artist represented first the dis- 
covery of wine. The outstretched hand of God points to a vine, before 
which the Patriarch, kneeling in devout reverence, raises his right hand 
for gathering the grapes ; and holds a goblet in his left hand, to press 
the must into it. The following scene contains the result of the first: 
The naked Noah lies asleep on the floor ; and his sons, Shem and Japhet^ 
approach with a blanket, to cover their drunken father. In the third group, 
the Patriarch curses Ham, raising his hand, with the fore fingers erect 
— an attitude which, in early Christian monuments, denotes cursing as 
well as blessing. The handle of the cup is a dragon folding his wings 
around his body. The meaning of the representation is evident. Wine 
is a gift of God ; but drunkenness becomes a shame and a curse for 
him who indulges in it, and for those connected with liim. 



47. A tablet, with three compartments. At the top, Christ, between 
two angels, as the eternal judge ; in the middle, the Crucifixion, with 
the Virgin, St. John, and two other saints ; at the bottom, the Virgin 
and Child, between St. Peter and St. Paul. The architectural arrange- 


ment of the compositioD — a triforiain — shows that this tablet is of English 
workmanship. The delicacy of the carving is admirable. 



48. A mirror case, with a scene .from the medieval romance of the 
siege of the Castle of Love, or Ginevra eloping with Sir Lancelot; around 
the edge are four monsters. See Oldfield, Class XII. 6. 




49, 60. From a wedding box; two couples of lovers. 

61, 62. A Diptychon. On the left wing, the Madonna and Child 
between two Angels; on the right wing, Christ on the Cross, between 
the Virgin and St. John. Gothic architecture. 

63, 64. A Diptychon. Eight scenes from the life of tfie Saviour, 
beginning at the bottom of the left wing, and running across the tablets. 
1. The Annunciation ; 2. The Nativity ; 3. The adoration of the Magi ; 
4. Christ's entry into Jerusalem ; 6. The Holy Supper ; (5. The betrayal ; 
7. The Crucifixion ; 8. Noli me tangere. 

65. A Diptychon representing the Crucifixion; good workmanship. 

66. A Diptychon, divided into two compartments. The lower scene 
shows Christ carrying the cross; on the upper scene we see the descent 
from the cross- Excellent workmanship, in the broad, but severe, style 
of the school of the Lower Rhine ; far superior to the angular folds in 
the drapery, and the moagre rigidity in the treatment of the naked, which 
characterises the South German school. 

67. A Diptychon. St. Christopher bearing the Child between St. 
John and St. James, the pilgrim. Most elegant carving of the South 
German school. 




68-63. Six tablets from a box, showing in their style an early 
imitation of classical art. The representations are the following: 


1. Apollo with the lyre, and an attendant, — perhaps Linus or 

2. Venus and Mars. 

8. A centaur with sword and shield. 

4. A wamor with sword and sliield. 

6. A warrior encountering the enemy. 

6. Ajax on the prow of his ship. 
64, 66. Fragments of tablets from a box, representing monsters. 
One of them, monkey-shaped, with a head at the end of his tail, is 


66. A Pax. The Crucifixion. 

67. A Pax. Virgin and dead Christ (Pieta). See Oldfield, Class 
XIV. f. 



68. A panel from a book-cover. Christ before Pilate. 



69. Henry VI., King of England, clad in his long royal garb, 
with sceptre and cross, seated under a Gothic canopy, attended by his 
chancellor and sword-bearer. The arms under the Gothic niches are 
those of England and France ; the whole arrangement is similar to the 
royal seals of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III. The inscription 
— "Henricus Dei gra. Ang. et Fra. Domi. Hibemi" — is certainly a later 
and tasteless addition, not originally belonging to the relief. 



70. The decapitated body of St. John the Baptist. The spasmodic 
action of the muscles of the hand, and the shrinking of the neck, in the 
moment of death, are admirably represented in this statuette, which, though 
somewhat exaggerated in conception, is, by its execution, one of the master- 
pieces of the Renaissance. It was attributed to Michael Angelo ; but we 


know that this greatest of all the modern masters did not carve ivory 
statuettes. Still, our St. John belongs evidently to his school. 

71. Venus riding on a Sea Monster. Weakly in conception, and 
mannerist in execution, this relief marks the epoch of decline which fol- 
lowed, almost immediately, the death of Michael Angelo. 

72. Ecce Homo. A fair specimen of the sickly style of the seven- 
teenth century. 



73. The statuette of a praying female Saint, of the most delicate 

74. The statuette of St. John with the Gospel. Traces of the 
original colouring are still seen on the ivory. 



75. A powderfl£isk, carved out of the horn of a stag, with the relief of 
a kneeling knight ; in the background, a town, with spires and many gables. 

70. A swordhandle, in the shape of a lions head. 

77. The sheath of a dagger, with biblical representations, and Latin 
and Dutch inscriptions. 

78. Adam and Eve in Paradise; the front piece of a box. 

79-84. Six tablets of pierced work (decoupe), which probably sur- 
rounded a larger devotional tablet, and, though not peculiarly remarkable 
for workmanship, cannot but excite admiration for the excellent com- 
position, embodying the results of the first curse, and the atonement. 

On the first tablet, Adam is tilling the ground ; whilst Eve is excru- 
ciated by the pains of travail. It is the original curse of Jehovah. 

The second tablet represents the murder of Abel by Cain. Death 
is introduced into the world by fratricide ; it is the second higher degree 
of the curse, which, in the third tablet, reaches the highest tragical 
pathos. Adam and Eve behold their son, Abel, slain, and the first-bom, 
Cain, driven by the second curse of God into the thicket of briers. 

The corresponding three tablets represent the atonement, according 
to the Hebrew notions. Noah is receiving the animals into his ark, 
on the first tablet; the ark is floating above the waters whilst mankind 
is drowning, on the second; and on the third, the Covenant is made 
between Noah and Jehovah, and the rainbow appears as the sign of full 





85. Silenus and the infant Bacchus ; a copy of the celebrated statues 
of the Louvre, at Paris, and of the Glyptothek at Munich. 

86. A praying Child. Statuette. 




87. The handle of a dagger, mth the bust of a prince ; mediffival. 

88. The handle of a dagger, with the relief of the king and his 
court; eighteenth century. 

89. A swordhilt, in the shape of a dragon's head, with elegant 

90. A cup, with two dragons and some flowers, in relief; carved 
of a walrus tooth. 



91. An ornamented comb, with the relief of Indra. 

92. Krishna in the lap of his mother. Statuette; with traces of 
painting and gilding. 

93. A hunting horn, with barbarous representations of hunting 
scenes. Such horns are believed to have been made by the inhabitants 
of Goa for the Portuguese, at the time of, or soon after, the discovery 
by Vasco di Gama. They are very rare. 

94. A powderflask, with the heads of foxes, elephants, gazelles, 
tigers, &c. Elegant carving of the seventeenth century. 



95. 96. A Diplychon, of the most elegant workmanship, representing 
a rural entertainment. 

97. A Chinese imitation of a Dutch drawing. 

98. A Chinese box. 

99. The elegant statuette of a Chinese gentleman. 
100. The statuette of a Chinese lady. 

101^ The statuette of a Chinese mother and child 
102. A handle, with fruit and insects. 



/ ' 











nr tHS 

Italian, jfrm^, jflentb|, anii) <ln|[Iis| %^h, 


A fine Biver Scene, by SmON de Tliegeb; The Masquerade, by 
Laucbet; The Ball Boom at the Ilagne, introducing the Portrait 
of the Duke of Monmouth, by JanssenS; *'The Concourse of 
Celebrities/* by FBAifKS, a ioork of importance; and ^< The Bake's 
Progress," by Hogabth; The Apple Qatherers, by Smith of 
Chxchebteb, engraved by Woollett; Psyche, by StothabD; 









Hactfantcn of Xiterarc Vtoptits U WloAb fllvBtiatifit of 4< iPin^ ^^y 

On TUESDAY, the 22nd day of MABCH, 1864, 

AT ONE o'clock PBE0I8SLT. 

May be Viewed Two Days preTious, and Catalogues had. 

tmiittun BT J. 9JL1T Avs soirs, 137, i.o]ro aobb, lovoov. 


I. The higheet bidder to be the buyer ; and if anj dispute arise 

between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up 
again, provided the seller cannot decide the said dispute. 

II. No person to advance less than 6d. ; above ten shillings, 1«. ; 

above five pounds, 2«. 6J. ; and so on. 

III. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and 
to pay down 10s. in the pound, if required, in part payment 
of the purchase-money ; in default of which the lot or lots 
purchased to be immediately put up again and resold. 

lY. The lots to be taken away, at the buyer's expense, immediately 
after the conclusion of the sale ; in default of which Messrs. 
SoTKBBY, WiLKTSBOv and HonoB will not hold themselves 
responsible if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed} 
but they will be left at the sole risk of the purchaser. 

Y- To prevent inaccuracy in the delivery, and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the purchases, no lot can on any account be 
removed during the time of sale. 

YI. Upon fiulure of complying with the above Conditions, the 
money required and deposited in part of payment shall be 
forfeited ; and if any loss is sustained in the reselling qf such 
lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such resale 
shall he made good hy the defaulters at this sale, 

YII. The whole to be sold with all &ultB and errors of description. 

Gentlemen who cannot attend the Sale may have their Commissions 
faithfully executed hy their humble servants, 


Wellington Street, Strand. 









1 View of Gibraltar. 


2 An Italian Seaport. 

8 Landscape and figures. 


4 A pair — Adam and Eye in Paradise, and the Expulsion. 


5 David playing before Saul. 


6 Venus on the Sea. 


7 Portrait of Madame Pompadour as Flora. 


8 Christ Healing the Sick. 


9 Landscape, " Mythological.'' 


10 A View in the Mediterranean. 

EEINAGLE, signed. 

11 Landscape and cattle. 


12 The Merry Villagers. 

18 The Card Players. 


14 Woman peeling apples. 


15 A Seaport in the Levant, numerous figures ; higlihf finished. 


16 St. Barbara and the Angels. 


17 An Interior. / 


18 Soldiers playing at cards. 


19 Isaac blessing Jacob. 

MANNS, dgned, 1673. 

20 Cavaliers halting at an inn door ; highly finished, 


/ - 21 The Holy Family. 


22 Figures promenading in a public garden, Copenhagen. 


23 A Classical Landscape with figures. 


24 The companion. 


25 The Massacre of the Innocents ; finely coloured, 


26 Jacob and Laban. 


27 The Magdalen taking leave of the yanities of the world; grand 

expressum^ ^* very epeculative.^^ 


28 A Dutch Merry-making ; ohlong. 


29 Entrance to a Dutch Town : ohlong. 


80 The Triumphant Entry : '^engraved'' 


81 BELSHAZZAE'S FEAST, a most gorgeous composition as 

regards figures and architecture ; very fine. 



BEFOEE HEEOD; equally fine. 

88 Landscape and figure ; upright, 


84 St. Jerome in penitence ; fine effect of candlelight. 


85 An eztensiye View of Country, with figures and cattle in the 

foreground; fine. 


36 Bebecca seated near a fountain in oonyeraation with Jacob; 

highhf finuhed. 


37 The Cobbler. 


38 The BiTOuac ; a fine example. 


39 A GRAND MARKET PLAGE IN ROME, with an endless 

variety of figures and accessories ; heatUifully painted^ and 
jl mabtbb-pibce of the abtist. 


40 A Butch Riyer Yiew, town and a windmill in the distance ; 

a ekoiee epeeimen. 


41 Landscape and figures, distant view of country \ riehly coloured, 



Duke of Monmouth dancing. 


43 Merry-making. 


44 Upright Landscape with cattle and figures. 

VERDtrSSEN, 1751. 

45 The Halt of Cavalry ; a rare master , some picfuree hy him in the 

Munich Gallery are much esteemed, 


46 A Dutch School. ^ 


47 YIBW ON THE SCHELDT, witili numeiotts veBsels and 

boats ; ▲ tbbt siltsby Ajrp hipobxavt sfxoimsv. 


48 A Winter Scene. 


49 View of Amsterdam. 

60 The Female Miser. 


51 Eigures at a repast. 


52 A Pastoral Landscape and figures in a circle ; a eharming work, 


53 Landscape with figures fishing ; tinned. 


54 Jupiter and Danae. 

LANCEET.// ■' '■= ''/ ' : '''"-. 

55 Thx MiLSQUBBADB : Jlne, ; j ) - ' , / - ] > . 

hemskiek:. ^ [^i^^ , .: \^. k^^ ^ ' 

56 A Dutch Cabaret. . , /- ' / 


57 The BaUad Singer. 


58 Halt of Cavalry at a Dutch Village. 


59 Landscape, woman milking a goat. 

* • 



- ^- / ' HOGAETH. 

60 The Bake'b PBoaBSSs ; a very beautiful reduced set of this 
very intereg^mg series qf pictures, 

, /l^ STOTHABD, E.A. 

61 Psyche ; from the Wbodhum eolleetion. 


62 The Apple Gatherers; the celebrated picture engraved by Woollett 


63 A Donkey in a Stable ; engra>ved. 


64 The Hunchback, from the Arabian Nights ; engraved. 


65 The Incantation, from the Arabian Nights ; engraved. 


66 Subject from the Tales of the Gtonii ; engraved, 


67 From the Tales of the G-enii ; engraved. 


68 The Captive ; engraved. 

smtee:e, B.A. 

69 Tbe Flight of Olivia, Vicar of Wakefield ; a very fine example^ 


/ 70 Pamela; engraved. 

71 Illustration to a Novel. " ^ ^. / r r . » >. 


ll- ^ J 72 Scene from Humphry Clinker; splendidly painted. 

I * • 



73 An Allegory. 


74 The Portrait of Sooville the fisherman, with a view of the Isle 

of Wight; finely painted. 

PEANKS. /'/•./ ' ;^ ^' -/^ 

75 The Gk>dB seated in the doads looking down upon the great 

men who have made themselves famous in the world, each 
of whom can be distinguished bj the symbol of his art, 
science or craft ; the most prominent portraits are those of 
Michael AngelOyBaphael, Titian, Cellini, Ghdileo, Columbus, 
and other celebrities, too numerous to mention ; a very valu* 
able amd imporiami picture an panel. 


76 A Horse looking over a fence. 


77 Don Quixote and the Dulcinea. 


78 Sacking a Village. 


79 G-oats browsing. 


80 Ladies and Cayaliers feasting— a pair. 


81 Diana and Acteon. 


82 Cupid with Flowers. 


83 The Wine Shop. 


84 Landscape with cattle. 





85 Cattle crossing a Stream. 


86 The Dancing Dog. 


87 An Italian Scene. 


88 Dutch Fair. 


89 The Betum from Market ; purchased direetjrom the Birmingham 

00 Scene in Brentford Wood ; painted on cotnmitsion bjf the artist, 


91 Cookham Bridge on the Thames. 


92 A Biver Scene. 


93 The Home Bird. 


94 Gk>ing to Market. 

Ekd qv MB Sale. 













Italian Mriters, in tee anb ^rose, 









" Ja^rmnta^ioni $mt," or Pirack ^lajjs ; 












Uttctianeers of Xiteraroyropertp SrOtotfcs aiastrstibe of t(e Sint%tx%y 

On THURSDAY, 8th NOVEMBER, 1866, and Fourteen following DajP, 

(Sundays excepted), at One o'clock precisely. 


J. Daw and Sons, Printers, 137* Lrnr Acrr, London. 


I. The highest bidder to be the buver; and if any dispute arise between 
bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again, provided 
the seller cannot decide the said dispute. 

IL No person to advance less than 6d.; above ten shillings. Is.; above five 
pounds, 2s, 6d, ; and so on. 

III. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay 
down lOs. in the pound, if required, in part payment of the purchase- 
money ; in default of which the lot or lots purchased to be immediately 
put up again and resold. 

IV. The lots to be taken away, at the buyer's expense, immediately after 
the conclusion of the sale; in default of which Messrs. Sothbbv, 
Wilkinson & Hodge will not hold themselves responsible if lost, 
stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but thev will be left at the sole 
risk of the purchaser. If, at the expiration oi Onb Wbek after the 
conclusion of the sale, the books or other property are not cleared or 
paid for, they will then be catalogued for immediate sale, and the expense, 
the same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which the books 
were bought. Messrs. Sothbby, Wilkinson and Hodob will have 
the option of reselling the lots uncleared either by public or private 
sale, without any notice being given to the defaulter. 

V. The books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise expressed; but if, 

upon collating, any should prove defective, the purchaser will be at 
liberty to take or reject them, provided they are returned within Onb 
Wbbk after the conclusion of the sale, when the purchase-money will 
be returned. 

VI. I'he sale of any book or books is not to be set aside on account of any 
stained or short leaves of text or plates, want of list of plates, or on 
account of the publication of any subsequent volume, supplement, ap- 
pendix, or plates. 

VII. No Impbrfect Book will be taken back, unless a note accompanies 
each book, stating its imperfections, with the number of lot and date of 
the sale at which the same was purchased. 

VIII. To prevent inaccuracy in the delivery, and inconvenience in the settle- 
ment of the purchases, no lot can on any account be removed during the 
time of sale. 

IX. Upon failure of compl3dng with the above Ck)nditions, the moupy required 
and deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited; and if any lass is 
sustained in the reselling of such lots as are not cleared or paid for, aU 
charges on such re-^ale shaU be made good by the defaulters at this sale. 

Gentlemen who cannot attend the Sale may have their Commissions faithfully 

executed by their humble servants, 


Wellington Street, Strand 










1 [AarsenB de Sommerdjck (F.)J Yojage d'Espagne, Curieux, His- 

torique et Folitimie fait en J'aDn^e 1655 {Elzevier) 1666 

2 Abeillard et Heloise, Lettres traduites, ayee des I^otes HiBtoriques, 

Ac. 2 vol. JPari9, 1723— Vie de P. Abeillard, Abb^ de S. 

Gildas de Buis et celle d'Heloise, 2 toI. ib, 1728 

calf ^ilty untform 4 vol. 

8 Accolti (B.) Virginia, Comedia con un Capitolo della Madonna, 

Sonetti & Strambotti Vinegia, 1535 

4 Achillino (Gio. Fhilotheo) Annotationi della volgar Lingua 

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6 Adam (A.) Latin Dictionary JEdinb. 1805 

6 Adami (Jo.) Horatianarum Parodiarum libri II. Heidelb. 1612 

7 Adams (Hannah) Alphabetical Compendium of the yarious Sects 

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8 Addison (J.) Bemarks on Italy, &c. 

FIRST EDITION, old red morocco 1705 

9 Adimari (Marchese L.) Satire, portrait 

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10 Adriani (G. B.) Istoria de* suoi Tempi, 8 vol. 

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11 Adry (J. F.) Notice sur les Impnmeurs de la Famille des Elzevirs 

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17 ^sopi FabuliB, Gr. et Ital. (in Eime Anachreontiche Toscane da 

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18 iElsop, Fables, newly done into English with applications, by 

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19 ^sopo Eavole, large spirited tvoodcuts, from designs attributed to 

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20 ^sopo Favole, Volgarizzamento antico. Testo di Lingua 

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21 ^sopo volgarizzato in Bime Anacreontiche Toscane da A. M. Eicci, 

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22 ^sopo volgarizzato per uno da Siena. Testo di Lingua 

half green morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Fadova, 1811 

23 ^soFO volgarizzato per uno da Siena. Testo di Lingua 

PBiNTED ON VELLUM, facsimiles of drawings, red morocco super 
extra, borders of gold, g. e, by Thouvenin Padova, 1811 

%* This copy sold for £2, 12s. 6d. in Hibbert's sale. 

24 ^opo Favole volgarizzato. Testo Biccardiano inedito citato dagli 

Accademici della Crusca 
half red morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1818 

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Bomani, half gilt calf uncut Oenova, 1814 

80 Affo (J.) Vita di Herluigi Famese, prime Duca di Parma, &c. 

calf extra, g, e, Milano, 1821 

31 Agnellini (T.) Proverbii in Lingua Araba, Persiana e Turca, con la 

loro Ispiegatione in Lingua Latina et Italiana 
uncut Fadova, 1688 

32 Agostino (S.) Sermoni agli Fremiti Venetia, 1537 (on title 1538) 

33 Agostino (S.) Soliloquj. Testo di Lingua Verona, 1830 

34 Alamanni (L.) Opere Toscane, 2 vol. in 1 

red morocco, g. e, Testo di Lingua 

Venetiis, apud H<Bred€s L. A, Junt<B, 1642 

35 AlamanDi (L.) La Coltivatione 

half morocco Fiorenza, B. di G^unti, 1646 

36 Alamanni (L.) La Coltivazione e le Api del S. Giov. Bucellai con 

U Epigrammi del medesimo Alamanni 

Fiorenza, F, Giunti, 1590 

37 Alamanni (L.) La Coltiyazione, 2 vol. portrait Farigi, 1821 

38 Alamanni (L.) Oirone il Cortese (in ottava Eima), 2 vol. Bergamo, 

1757 — Alamanni, Bucellai, Tansillo, Baldi, Didascalici del 
Secolo XVI, Veneziaj 1786 3 vol. 

39 Alamanni (L.) L'Avarchide (in ottava Bima), 2 vol. Bergamo y 1761 

40 Albertano Guidice di Brescia. Yolgarizzamento dei Trattati morali 

da Soifiredi del Grazia Mto innanzi al 1278 con la Giunta del 
Testamento in Lingua volgare di Donna Beatrice, Contessa da 
Gapraja, dell' Anno 1278 
lialf moroccOy uncut, Tetto di lAngua Firenze, 1832 

41 Alberti (Jo.) Observationes PhilologicsB in Sacros Novi Foederis 

libros, gilt vellum Lugd. Bat. 1725 

42 Alberti (L. B.) Ecatonphyla Opera nova : quale con breve et doc- 

tissimo Modo demonstra et insegne I'Arte dello Amare, wood- 
cuts, autograph of De La Chassaigne Siena, 1525 

43 Alberti (L. B.) Opere volgari per la piu Parte inedite, 5 vol. 

portrait and plates, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1843-49 

44 Alberti (L. B.) Dialogo de Bepublica, de Vita civile, de Vita rus- 

ticana, de Fortuna Vinegia, 1543 

45 Alberti (L. B. de gli) Dieci Libri de TArcfaitettura tradotti da 

P. Lfturo 


cotemporary Venetian morocco, g, e, the sides elegantly orna- 
mented with gold scroll-tooling in the Orolier style; having on 
front cover the word '^Architettttra,** and on hack the Counfs 
initials, B. B. stamped in gold in centres Vinegia, 1546 

46 Alberti (L. B.) della Pittura e della Statua, portrait and plates, 

uncut, Testo di Lingua Milano, 1804 

47 Albrizzi (G.) L'Origine del Danubio, 44 views in the style of 

Hollar Venetia, 1684 

48 Albrizzi (G. B.) Forestiere illuminate intomo le Cose di Venezia, 

views by F. 2ktcchi Venezia, 1761 

49 Alciati (A.) Emblemata, woodcuts by " Le Petit Berkabd *' 

Lugduni, 1548 

50 Aldrich (H.) Artis LogicsB Compendium, with head of Aristotle on 

the title-page, Oaon, 1691 — Artis Logic® Compendium, Alia 
Editio, with variations, ib. 1692 — Institutionis Geometricie 
pars prima, original unpublished edition, 1709 — Elementorum 
ArcbitecturflB pars prima, obigiital edition, consisting of 44 
pages, of which only ten copies were printed, an unjlnished 
work, the death of the author preventing its completion, s. 0, 

VEBY BABE in onc vol 


51 Aldrich (H.) Institutionis Geometric® pars prima, ukcut 1709 

52 Aldrioh (H.) Elementorum Architecturs3 pars prima 

LABGE PAP£B, consisting of i^pa^es, and 5 pa^es in manuscript^ 
completing the first part / from the Library of Mr. West^ at 
whose sale, in 1778, it was purchased hy Mr. Calthorpe for 
16«. 6^. s. a, 

53 Aldricfa (H.) Elementa Architeclnine civilis, with English Transla- 

tion by Bev. P. Smyth, 2 vol. in 1, portrait and plates 
LARGE PAPJSB, colf gilt Oxon. 1789 

64 Alfieri (V.) Opere varie, 4 vol. half calf eatra Farigi, 1800-1 

55 Alfieri (V.) Tragedie, 6 vol. 

LABGE PAPBB, grccn morocco, g. e. hy Derome le Jetme 

Parigi, Didot, 1788-89 

56 Alfieri (V.) Tragedie, 2 vol. portrait Milano, 1828 

67 Alfieri (V.i Tragedie scelte con Note di E. Zotti, 2 vol. in 1 1835 

68 Alfieri (Y.) U Misogallo, Prose e Eime, frontispiece 

half caU" Londra, 1800 

59 Alfieri ( v .) Satire, uncut, Testo di Lingua ih, 1804 

60 Alfieri (V.) Vita scritta da esse, 2 vol. in 1 ib. 1807 

61 Alfieri (Y.) Yita scritta da esse, half calf extra Lucca, 1812 

62 Alfieri (V.) Yita, Giomali, Lettere, Mrenze, 1861 — Costantini 

(P. L.) Scelta di Prose Italienne, Parigi, 1808 — Guidotto da 
Bologna (Fra) II Fiore di Bettorica, Milano, 1847 (3) 

63 Algarotti (F.) Opere scelte, 3 vol. portrait, Testo di Lingua 

Milano, 1823 

64 Allacci (L.) Poeti antichi raccolti da Codici M8S. della BibUoteea 

Yaticana e Barberina 
fine copy in vellum, rare Napoli, 1661 

65 Allacci (L.) de' Poeti antichi Mrenze, 1847 

66 Allegri (A.) Bime e Prose Amst (Mrenze) 1754 

67 Allegri (A.) Bime e Prose, with the additional leaves containing La 

Q^va Amst, 1754 

68 Almanacks (Yarious) for 1681, a thick volume, with the Royal 

Crown and Cypher of Charles IL stamped on the back and 
sides 1681 

69 Almanach des Gourmands, plates, 8 vol. half russia Paris, 1810 

70 Alphabet of Early Woodcut Initial Letters, loose in a Memoranda 

Book; and three little Books of Drawinigs, Memoranda, 
&c. (4) 

71 Alsvorti (Dan.) Imitatio Theocritea, qua Yirgilii EclogSB, ita Dori- 

cis versibus exprimuntur, Gr. efc Lat. Roma, 1594; Auli 
Licinii Archisa Poetss E^igrammata a D. Alsvorto Anglo 
Latinis versibus reddita, ib, 1596, calf,g. e. in 1 voL—Sophodis 
Electra. Epigrammata Grfeca ez Florilegio selecta. Virg^i 
EclogSB a D. Alsvorto Grsecis versibus redditffi, Eomw, Zannet- 
tus, 1593, rare 2 voL 

72 Alticotio (N.) Egloga intitulata Cynthia (in versi) 

very fine and large copy, with rough leaves (Timoins) Siena, 1524 

*«*. Unknown to Mazzuchelli, Quadrio, and other bibliographers. 

73 Altissimo (Cristoforo Fiorentino) Sonetti, Capitoli <& Strambotti 

very large copy, with rough leaves {Temoins), rare 

Mrenze, B. Zuchetta, 1625 

74 Alvarez de Colmenar (Juan) ADoales d'Eepagne et de Portugal, 

avec la Description de ces deux BoyaumeSy maps and plates, 
8 vol. fine copy, rich old red morocco, m, & g, e. Amst. 1746 

75 Ambra (F. d') il f'urto, Gommedia, vellum Fiorenza, GHunti, 1564 

76 Ambra (F. d') I Bernard! Gomedia ivi, 1564 

77 Ambra (F. d') il Furto, Gomedia, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1564 

%* This is the edition with the Preface in italic type, and the folios 
numbered 1 to 48. 

78 Ambra (F. d*) La Gofanaria, Gommedia con gP Intermedij di 

G. B. Gini, vellum Firenze, Torrentini, 1566 

79 Ambra. Another Edition, veUum Firenze, F Oiunti, 1598 

\* This work was unknown to Moreni, who seems not to have been 
aware that the Intermedii were recited at the nuptials of 
Francisco de Medici and Giovanna d' Austria. 

80 Ambra (F. d') il Furto, Gomedia, red morocco, g, e, Venetia, 1667 

81 Ambrosoli (F.) Manuale della Lingua Italiana 

calf extra Milano, 1828 

82 Ambrosoli (F.) Sonetti di ogni Secolo della nostra Letteratura con 

Note, half calf gilt Milano, 1834 

83 Amelunghi (Girolamo, detto il Gobbo da Pisa) La Gigantea del 

Forabosco et la Nanea da F. Aminta con la Guerra de Mostri 
d' A. F. Grazini detto il Lasca, yiby babe Mrenze, 1612 

%• Dent's copy sold for £4. 8t. 

84 Amelunghi (G.) La Gigantea e la Nanea (da F. Aminta) con la 

Guerra dei Mostri d' A. F. Grazini 
half calf uncut Tverdon, 1772 

85 Ames (J.) Gatalogue of English Heads 1748 

86 Amhurst (N.) TerrsB Filius, or Secret History of the University of 

Oxford, morocco, uncut 1754 

87 Ammaestramenti de gli Antichi raccolti e volgarizzati per F. Bar- 

tolommeo da S. Goncordio 
gilt vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1661 

88 Ammaestramenti degli Antichi raccolti e volgarizzati per F. Bar- 

tolommeo da S. Goncordia, vol. I {all published), Testo di 
Lingua Napoli, 1812 

89 Ammaestramenti degli Antichi Latini e Toscani raccolti e volga- 

rizzati per Fra Bartolommeo da San Goncordio 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1840 

90 Ammaestramenti per la Rttura tratti da varii Scrittori 

Venezia, 1839 

91 Ammirato (Scipione) Opuscoli Fiorenza, 1588 

92 Amoretti (G.) Memorie storiche su la Yita, gli Studj e le Opere 

di Lionardo da Yinci, facsimiles, calf extra Milano, 1804 

93 Amos (A.) G^ms of Latin Poetry Camh, 1851 

94 Anacreon et Sapho, (Euvres traduites en vers par M. de Longepierre, 

Amst. 1692 — Les M^mes, une autre Edition, ih. 1699 — voyage 
de Bachaumont et La Ghapelle, Trevoux, 1741, &c. 5 vol. 

95 Anacreonte in Yersi Italiani da Eritisco Pilenejo (G. INL Pagnini) 

(JParma, Bodoni, s. a.) 

96 Anacreonte in Verso Toscano da B. Corsini Farigi, 1672 

07 Anacreonte in Verso Toscano da varii XTomini illustri (B. Conini, 
Begnier des Maraia ed A. M. Salyini) Mrenee, 1728 

98 Analecta Teterum Poetarom Gnecorum Editore B. F. P. Brunck, 

3 vol. calf ArgentoraUy 1785 

99 Andrea G^enoyese Operetta utilissiina a molta Infermitade 

biacit ktter, 2 woodcuts^ rare senza nota 

*«* An earlj and curious collection of Becipes, including " a fare 
pomata," '' Tacqua per cavare el mal franzoso/' &^, 

100 Andreas (Yalerii) Imagines doctorum yirorum e yariis gentibus, 

Elogiis brevibus illustrated, woodetU portraits^ including John 
Sollvbushf Sir Thomas More and Dr. John Oaius Antv. 1611 

101 Andreini (Isabella) Mirtilla Pastorale Verona^ 1588 

102 Andreini (G. B.) Lo Schiavetto, Comedia, woodcut portrait 

Venetia, 1620 

103 Andrews (Lane.) Private Devotions, translated by Bev. P. Hall, 

and Manual for the Sick, portrait, calf^ 1830 — Hopwood (H.) 
Order of ConBrmation, morocco, g. e, 1848 2 voh 

104 Anecdotes Pran9oises, Angloises, du Nord, Espagnoles et Portu- 

gaises, 6 vol. Faris^ 1768-78 

105 Anecdotes du Begne de Pierre I Czar de Moscovie, calf, with 

arms on the sides, 1745 — Histoire du Begne de Charlemagne 
par M. de la Bruere, 2 vol. Paris, 1745 — Histoire de la Ligue 
de Cambraj, 2 vol. La Sage, 1729 — Memoires du Comte 
de Grammont, Cologne, 1713 ; and others 9 vol, 

106 Angelis (Luigi de) Lettera apologetica in Favore di Folcacchiero 

Folcacchieri Cavaliere Sanese del Secolo XII il Prime di cui 
si trovino Poesie Italiane 
half red morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Siena, 1818 

107 Aingelo (Pier) Fisiologia delP Awocato, humorous cuts 

Torino, 1842 

108 Angelucci (G. A.) Stanze con Documenti e Note a lllustrazione 

della Citt^ e degli XJomini celebri di Arezzo Fisa, 1816 

109 Anno Mariano, 3 vol. Boma, 1781-82 

110 Anquetil, L'Intrigue du Cabinet sous Henri lY et Louis XIII 

terminee par la Fronde, 4 vol. Maestricht, 1782 

111 Anquetil, L'Esprit de la Ligue, ou Histoire Politique des troubles 

de France pendant les XVI et XYII Siecles, 3 vol. 
^fine copg, calf, g. e, . Faris, 1783 

112 Anstice (J.) Translations from the Greek Choric Poetrj 1832 

113 Anthologia Epigrammatum Gr»corum selecta et ab omni obscsdni- 

tate vindicata, cum Latina Interpretatione, with arms stamped 
on the sides, studded all over with fleurs-de-lgs FlexuB, 1624 

114 Anthologia GrsBca seu Florilegium diversorum Epigrammatum in 

septem libros 
red morocco, g, e. JSlorent. haredes P. Junta, 1519 

115 Anthologia Gr»ca, Alia Editio,^n6 tall copy Tenet. Aldus, 1521 

116 Anthologia GrsBca sive Florilegium diversorum Epigrammatum, 

Editio Secunda Aldina, with autograph ofNicolaus Episcopius, 
dated Basle, 1524, old calf, good copy ih, 1521 

117 Anthologia Grseca, Editio altera, with numerous marginal anno- 

tations in a very neat hand, calf Venet, Aldifilii, 1551 

118 Anthologia Gneca, Alia Editio, with autograph of Qilberf Wake* 

field {Paris,) vaenundantwr Badio, 1 531 

119 Anthologia GrsBca, Alia Editio, morocco, g, e. 

Venet, P. et J. M. Nicolini Sabienses, impensa M. Sessaf 1550 

120 Anthologia Gneca selecta, half calf, uncut Lihurni, 1753 

121 Anthologia GrsBca Poetica cura G. C. Harles, russia extra, Baruthi, 

1792 — ^Translation from the Greek Anthology, &c. (by the 
Bey. B. Bland and others), 1806 — The Greek Anthology, from 
Blackwood's Magazine, JSdinb. 1833 3 vol. 

122 Anthologia Gneca cum Commentario F. Jacobs, 13 vol. in 12 

calf Lipsuff, 1794-1814 

128 Anthologia Gh*8eca cum Annotatione critica F. Jacobs, 3 vol. 

ib. 1813-17 

124 Anthologia GrsDca ad Palatini Godicis fidem edita, 3 vol. in 1 
fine paper ib. 1819 

125 Anthologia Gnomica. Xllustres veterum GradcsD Comcedisd scrip- 

torum sententias duplici interpretatione metrica H. Stephani 
et Ch. Egenolphi, in Enchiridion Jo. Posthii collect®, manj^ 
ivoodeuts of figures , and blank shields for the insertion of arms, 
^c. Francof. 1579 

126 Anthologia Lyrica continens Theognidem, Babrium, Anacreontea 

cum ceterorum Poetarum Beliquiis selectis, edidit T. Bergk 

Lips, 1854 

127 Anthologia Minor sive Florilegium Epigrammatum, Gr. et Lat. 

auctore J. A. Kanne Hal. Sax. 1799 

128 Anthologia Oxoniensis decerpsit W. Linwood (containing many 

pieces by the Marquis of W ellesley, Lord GrenviUe, the Hon. 
G. Booth, &c. Ac.) 1846 

129 Anthology (Greek), with Notes, translated by Major B. G. Mac- 

gregor, with translator's autograph note (1864) 

180 Anthologie ou Becueil des plus beaux Epigramroes Grecs, mis en 
vers Francois par P. Tamisier, a strip cut out of the title-page, 
mended, and the printing on the reverse pasted over 
old calf, g. e. Lyon, 1589 

131 Antologia Italiana Milano, 1822 

182 Antologia Epistolare di Autografi inediti de' piu illustri Letterati 

Italiani Macerata, 1830 

183 Antonino di Firenze (Arciveschovo) Confessione generale, wood' 

cut senza nota 

134 Apocalisse. Yolgarizzamento inedito del buon Secolo della 

Lingua col Teste a Fronte e Note 
half morocco, uncut Bistoia, 1842 

185 Apotheffms of the Ancients, collected by J. Bulteel, 1686 — 

Tooke*s Fabulous Pantheon, plates, 1767 — Petronius Arbiter, 

by Addison, 1736, &c. 5 vol. 

136 Apotheose (L') du Dictionnaire de PAcademie, et son expulsion 

de la Begion Celeate, Jrontispieee, calf, scarce La Mage, 1696 

137 Appel (J.) Bepertorium zur Miinzkunde des Mittelalters und der 

neuem Zeit, 4 vol. in 7, plates of coins and medals 

Besth und Wien, 1820-29 



138 Appiano delle Guerre Illirica, Spagnuola et Italiana da L. Dolce 

tradotto, in eurioui cotemparary binding, ornamented in the 
Oriental style, gilt gauffri and painted edges, toith the arms and 
device of F» A. Forzoni painted inside the covers Vinegia, 1559 

139 [Aprosio da Yentimiglia (Padre Angelico)] Biblioteca Aproaiana 

Passatempo Autumude di Comelio Aspasio Antivigilmi 
presentation copy, with author's autograph inscription 

Bologna, 1673 

140 Aprosio. Another copy, autograph ofF. Mandosio ivi, 1678 

141 Apuleio dell' Asino d'Oro 

blue morocco, joints, gilt ga^ffrd edges, with crest of the Marquis 
ofBlandford stamped in gold on sides Vtnegia, 1550 

142 Apulegio tradotto in Volgare dal Conte M. M. Boiardo, woodcuts 

scarce ivi, 1544 

148 Apuleio, L' Asino d'Oro tradotto per M. Angelo Firenzuola, wood- 
cuts, vellum, scarce ivi, 1567 

144 Apuleio dell' Asino d'Oro tradotto per M. Agnolo Firenzuola 

Mrenze, Gfiunti, 1598 

145 Apuleio dell' Asino d'Oro tradotto per M. A. Firenzuola, Testo di 

Lingua ivi, 1603 (at end 1607) 

146 Apuleio. Another copy, MS, notes ivi, 1603 (at end 1607) 

147 Apuleio dell' Asino d*Oro tradotto per A. Firenzuola 

fine copy in green morocco, g, e, Testo di Lingua ivi. 1603 

148 Apuleio, L' Asino d'Oro tradotto da P. Yizani, woodcuts 

Venezia, 1639 

149 Apuleio, L' Asino d'Oro tradotto da Pompeo [Yizatfi], woodcuts 

morocco, g, e. Ceneda, 1715 

150 Aquino (D. d') Giuoco d'Armi, Poema, with engravings of a set of 

playing cards, each bearing a coat of arms Napoli, 1678 

151 Araldo (G. B.) La Ingratitudine, Gomedia Firenze, G^unti, 1559 

152 Arbuthnot (Dr. J.) Miscellaneous Works, 2 vol. old calf gilt 1770 

153 Archseological Journal, from the commencement in March 1844 

to December 1848, 5 voL in 20 Numbers, with a Table of 
Contents, plates and many woodcut illustrations 1844-49 

154 Abohiyio stobico Italiaho ossia Baccolta di Opera e Docu- 

menti inediti o rarissimi, 16 vol. in 19 (wanting yoI. XIY and 
XY), Firenze, 1842-51 — Appendice, 19 Nos. (not quite con- 
secutive), ivi, 1842-50, uncut (38) 

155 Archilochi Beliquise, Gr. et Lat. cum Commentatione J. Liebel 

riiTE PAPEB Idpsia, 1818 

156 Aroo (Conte S. d') Strane ed innocenti Corrispondenze colla 

Principessa Claudia Felice d'lnspruck Leida, 1766 

157 Aretino (Pietro) Lettere, limj^ vellum Vtnegia^ 1538 

158 Aretino (Pietro) Lettere. Libro primo 

PBiNTED ON BLUE PAPEB (carta ozzurrina) [Vinegia'] 1538 

159 Aretino (P.) Lettere 

PBiiTTBD ON BLUE PAPEB (carta azzurra), rare Venetia, 1589 

160 Aretino. Lettere scritte al Signer Pietro Aretino da molti 

Signori, Comunita, Donne di Yalori, Poeti et altri eccellentissimi 
Spiriti, 2 vol. in 1 
Jine copy in morocco, g. e. by Derome, rare Ftnegia, 1551-52 

161 Aretino (P.) Lettere, 6 vol. Farigi, 1609 


162 Aretino (Pietro) Capitoli et quelli di L. Dolce, F. Sansovino et di 

eXtriyJine copy in red morocco , g, e. very rare (Vinegid) 1540 

163 Aretino (Pietro) Vita di, scritta dal Conte G. M. Mazzuchelli 

LABGE PAFEB, portrait and plates^ vellum, g. e. very scarce 

Padova, 1741 

164 Ariosto (L.) Opera con Dichiarazioni, 4 vol. 

vellum Venezia, 1741 

165 Ariosto (L.) Opere varie, 8 vol. uncut Parigiy 1784 

166 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso con cinque Canti agginnti, ufood- 

cuts Lione, 1556 

167 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso con TAggiunta, &c. tooodcuts 

Lyone, 1570 

168 Aktosto (L.) Oblaitdo Ftteioso, 4 vol. portrait and plates 

Baskebvtlle's fine EDITION", red morocco extra^ g. e. with the 
arms of the Marquis Wellesley stamped in gold on sides 

JBirm. 1773 

169 Ariosto (L.) Comedia intitolata Cassaria (in Prosa) woodcut por- 

trait, with another of the Angel and Tohit at end, unknown 
to Gamha, Vineggia, 1537 — La Lena, Comedia, woodcut portrait 
(considered by Poggiali the first edition), senza nota 
Testi di Lingua in one vol, 

170 Ariosto (L.) Comedia intitulata la Cassaria, woodcut portrait 

Vvnegia, 1542 

171 Ariosto (L.) Comedie, Qn&^hxm, woodcut portrait, Vinegia, 1538 — 

Gli Soppositi, woodcut portrait, ivi, 1538 — 11 Negromante, 
woodcut portrait, ivi, 1538— La Lena, woodcut portrait, ivi, 
1537 — L*Eunuco, wants title and first leaf, ivi, 1532 — La 
Calandra, wants title and List of characters, ivi, 1536 — 
Aristippia, ivi, 1530 in one vol, 

172 Ariosto (L.) Comedia intitolata Cassaria (in Prosa), woodcut 

portrait^ Vineaia, 1538 — La Lena, Comedia (in Versi), wood- 
cut portrait, %vi, 1537 — Comedia intitolata Gli Soppositi (in 
Prosa), woodcut portrait, ivi, 1538 — II Negromante Comedia 
(in Versi), woodcut portrait, ivi, 1538 — Cebete, Tavola tradotta 
da P. F. Coccio, Venetia, F. Marcolini, 1538— [Berni (F.) ] 
SoNETTl DEL Bebkia, woodcut, Very rare, Ferrara, 1537 

in one vol, 

173 Ariosto (L.) Comedia intitolato Gli Soppositi 

calf, g. e. rare Vineaia, 1525 

174 Ariosto (L.) Comedia intitolata gli Soppositi e Comedia intitolata 

Cassaria (in Prosa), 2 vol. in 1, autograph ofBallesdens 
calf,g. e, Vinegia, N. di Aristotile detto Zoppino, 1525 

175 Ariosto (L.) Comedia intitolata li Soppositi, woodcut portrait 

red morocco, g. e. Vineggia, 1537 

176 Ariosto (L.) Comedie, I Suppositi, Vinegia, 1662 — La Lena, ivi, 

1562 — II Negromante, ivi, 1562 — Scolastica, ivi, 1662 — La 
Cassaria, ivi, 1660 in one vol. 

177 Ariosto (L.) Comedie, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1724 

178 Arioste (L.) La Comedie des Supposez en Italian ct Fran90\ s, 

scarce Paris, 1552 

179 Ariosto (L.) Canzone pubblicata ora per la prima Volta da L M. 

Bezzi, half morocco, uncut Roma, 1835 



180 Ariosto (L.) La Lena et il Negromante, 2 ?ol. in 1, woodeui portrait 

to each Vinegia^ 1535 

181 Ariosto (L.) La Lena, Gomedia 

fine copy, in red morocco^ extra, g. e, very scarce Vinegia, 1538 

182 Ariosto (L.) II Negromante e la Lena, Gomedia (in versi) 2 toI. 

in 1, woodcut portraits 
red morocco^ a. e. hy Delande Pere Vinegia, 1535 

183 Ariosto (L.) 11 ^Negromante, woodcut portrait 

half morocco ^ eenza nota 

184 Ariosto (L.) Poesie vane Firenze, 1824 
186 Ariosto (L.) Poesie ?arie Mrenze, 1824 

186 Ariosto (L.) Bime, woodcut portrait Vtnegia, 1646 

187 Ariosto (L.) Bime, woodcut portrait, red morocco, g,e, Vinegia, 1546 

188 Ariosto (L.) Eime, woodcut portrait^ red morocco Vtnegia, 1552 

189 Ariosto (L.) Eime e Satire, woodcut portrait 

French red morocco, g. e. Vinegia, 1657 

190 Ariosto (L.) Eime, woodcut portrait Vinegia, 1658 

191 Ariosto (L.) 'Rime, woodcut portrait, vellum Vinegia, 1669 

192 Ariosto (L.) Eime e Satire, woodcut portrait Vinegia, 1567 

193 Ariosto (L.) Eime e Satire, half morocco Firenze, 1822 

194 Ariosto (L.) Einaldo ardito Erammenti inediti pubblicati da J. 

Giampieri e G. Aiazzi 
LA.BGE PAPXB, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1846 

195 Ariosto (L.) Satire, woodcut portrait 

green morocco Firenze, per D. Tosi, e, a, 

196 Ariosto (L.) Satire, Vinegia, 1538 — La Lena, Gomedia, ivi, 1537 — 

II Negromante, Gomedia, ivi, 1538 — Gomedia intitolata 
Gassaria, ivi, 1538 — Gecaria Tragicomedia del Epicure Napoli- 
tano (Antonio Garacciolo), woodcut, ivi, 1535 in one vol, 

%* Each piece of Ariosto has his portrait engraved on wood. 

197 Ariosto (L.) Satire Vinegia, Bindoni, et Fanni, 1537 

198 Ariosto (L.) Satire, woodcut port, morocco extra, g. e, Vinegia, 1538 

199 Ariosto (L.) Satire, woodcut portrait 

half morocco Vinegia, If, d* Aristotle detto Zkmpino, 1538 

200 Ariosto (L.) Satire Venetia; 1550 

201 Ariosto (L.) et di Luigi Alamanni Satire, red morocco Venetia, 1554 

202 Ariosto (L.) Satire, half morocco Vinegia, 1567 
208 Ariosto (L.) Satire, green morocco, g. e, scarce Vinegia, 1558 
204 Ariosto (L.) Satire, woodcut portrait, damaged Vineggia, 1562 
206 Ariosto (L.) Satire e Rime, portrait, half calf gilt 1716 

206 Ariosto (L.) Satire e Eime, con le Annotazioni di P. RoVLi, portrait 

Amburgo, 1732 

207 Arioste (L.) Satires, traduites en Fran9ais, avec le l^xte en 

Eegard, half calf, extra Paris, 1827 

208 Aristophanes, Glouds, Plutus, Erogs and Birds, in English, with 

notes (bj E. Gumberland, H. Eielding and W. Young, C. 
Dunster, Ac.) 1812 

209 Aristofane, Menandro, GalHmaco ed Epigrammi (tradotti da G. B. 

Eerucci, G. P. Eicolvi, G. M. Pagnini ed altri) Venezia, 1795 



210 Aristoteles de Foetica, Gr. et. Lat. notis Oul. Cooke accedit Elegia 

Grayiana, GrsBC^ 
large papery with MS. Notes hy Bp, Hurd Cantab. 1786 

211 AriatoteleB de Be Foetica, Gr. et Lat. cam notis T. Tyrwhitt 

iiABGE PAPER, autogroph notes qfJSp. Randolph, uncut Oxon. 1794 

212 Arifltotelis Ethica Nicomachea, Gr. et Lat, notis Gul. Wilkinson, 

wUh notes in pencil hy Dr. Wellesley, Oxon. 1716 ; and others, 

with notes 5 vol. 

218 Arifltotelifl Ethica et Bhetorica, Gr. 2 vol. uoith notes in pencil hy 

Dr. Wellesleyy Oxon, 1803-5 ; and others 6 vol. 

214 Aristotle's Ethics and Folitics, translated, with notes by J. 

Gillies, 2 vol. calf 1804 

215 Aristotile, Trattato dei Govemi tradotto da B. Segni Vinegia^ 1551 

216 Aristotile, L'Ethica tradotta et coniroentata per B. Segni, Testo di 

Lingua Vinegia, 1551 

217 Arlotto (Piovano) Facetie, woodcut, rare 

Vinegia, per B. Bindoni ad instantia de M. Pagan, «. a. 

218 Armano (G. A.) Catalogo di una Serie preziosa delle Stampe di 

Giulio Bonasone Boma, 1820 

219 Armano (G. A.) Catalogo di una Serie preziosa delle Stampe di 

Giulio Bonasone, interleaved, MS, notes hy Dr. Wellesley 
half calf Roma, 1820 


220 Ackermann (B.) History of the University of Oxford, its Colleges, 

Halls, and Public Buildings, coloured plates, 2 yoI. 

elephant size, 1814 

221 Ackermann (B.) History of the University of Cambridge, coloured 

plates, 2 vol. elephant size, 1815 

222 Acharisio (A.) Vocabolario, Grammatica et Orthographia de la 

Lingua Volgare con Ispositioni di molti Luoghi di l>ante, del 
Petrarca et del Boccaccio 
calf gilt, rare Cento, in Gasa de VAutore, 1543 

223 Achillino (Gioanne Philotheo) Yiridario (in ottava Bima), very 

rare, hut wants title and prefatory matter 
green morocco, g. e, Bologna, 1513 

*«* Containing much curious information relative to literary men and 
artists of Bologna and other places. 

224 Acts of Parliament, Ordinances, Orders, <&c. for providing main- 

tenance for Ministers, &c. in Oxford and Cambridge 1657 

225 Addison (Jos.) Works, portrait, 4 vol. Tonson, 1721 

226 Adimari (L.) Sonetti amorosi 

FiBST EDiTiow, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1672 

227 ^scbyli Prometheus Yinctus, Gr. et ItaJ. (con Annotazioni da M . 

A. Giacomelli) Roma, 1754 

228 -Sschyli Prometheus Vinctus Gr. et Ital. cum notis M. A. 

Giacomelli, Roma, 1754 — Sophoclis Electra, Gr. et Ital. cum 
notis Giacomelli, ih. 1754, calf gilt in one vol. 

229 j£sop. Esopo con la Vita sua Historiale Yulgare & Latino, 

2 vol. in 1, numerous elegant woodcuts, yebt ba.r£ 

Mediolani, per Uldericum Scinzenzeler, 1497 



230 iSlsop. Le quattrocento FaTole di Esopo, spirited woodcuts, Count 
HoyrrCs copy, with his arms in gold on sides 

Venetia, 1613 (at end 1612) 

281 Affo (J.) Vita di Luigi Gk)Dzaga detto Rodomoiite,^or^rai^, Parma^ 
1780— Vita di G. G. Eossi Vescovo di Pavia, ivi, 1785— 
Vita del graziosissimo Pittore F. Mazzola detto il Parmigia- 
nino, iviy 1784— Vita di B. Baldi da Urbino Primo Abate di 
Guastalla, j9or^rflt#, ivi, 1783 — Sopra una Stanza dipinta da A. 
Allegpi da Corregio, m, 1794 — Vita del Cav. B. Marliani, 
iviy 1780 in one vol. 

232 Aglionby (W.) Obseryations upon the Art of Painting, together 
with Vasari's Lives of the most eminent Painters 1719 

238 Agostini (G. della) Notizie istorico-critiche intomo la Vita e le 
Opere degli Scrittori Viniziani, 2 vol. calf Venegia, 1752-54 

234 Agoatino (S.) Sermoni (Volgarizzamento dal F. Agostino dalla 

Scarpia) vellum, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1731 

•<i* This very correct edition is due to the labours of the celebrated 
D. M. Manni. 

235 AgricolfiB (Kod.) Opuscula, Basil 1518— Mori (T.) Utopia et 

Epigrammata etiam Epigrammata D. Erasmi, ib. 1518— Gul. 
Budasi EpistolsB, ib. 1521, vnth woodcut borders and typo- 
graphical ornaments from designs by Hans Holbein, calf 

in one vol. 

236 Agius de Soldanis (G. P. F.) Annone Cartaginese cioe vera 

Spiegazione delle 1 Scena dell' Atto V della Commcdia di 
Plauto in Poenulo fatta colla Lingua modema Maltese o sia 
Tantica Cartaginese, halfrussia, uncut Roma, 1757 

237 Aiazzi (G.) La Cappella de' Rinuccini in S. Croce di Firenze de- 

scritta ed illustrata, ^Za^^«, half calf 

238 Ainsworth (B.) Latin and English Dictionary 

old russia, gilt border on the sides, m. e. 17(31 

239 Ainsworth (B.) Dictionary, English and Latin, with additions by 

Morell, 2 vol. 1773 

240 Ainsworth (E.) Latin and English Dictionary, by Morell, 1796 — 

Baretti, Spanish and English Dictionary, 1794 2 vol. 

241 Alamanni (Luigi) La Coltivatione 

fine copy, ruled, with the Errata, Privilege and Dedication, in the 
original morocco, g. e, covered with gold tooling in the Orolier 
style Parigi, P. Stephana, 1546 

242 Alamanni (L.) La Coltivazione e le Api di G. Bucellai colle 

Annotazioni di E. Titi sopra le Api e con gli Epigrammi 
Toscani dell' Alamanni, half calf gilt Bologna, 1746 

243 Alamanni (L.) La Coltivazione e le Api di G. Eucellai, <S:;c. 

LA-^Q^VAVER, portrait, half green morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

Padova, G. Coniino, 1718 

244 Alamanni (L.) Gyrone il Cortese (in ottava Eima) 

half morocco, Testo di Lingua Parigi, 1548 

245 Alamanni (Luigi) La Avarchide (in ottava Eima) 

russia, g. e. Testo di Lingua Firenze, Qiunti, 1670 

246 Alamanni (L.) Poesie inedite 

LAuaE PAPER, half green morocco, uncut Firenze^ 1819 



247 Albani (A.) Natiyita della gloriosa Yergine Maria in ottava Bima, 

woodcut Venetia per D, Louisa^ s. a. 

248 Alberi (B.) Vita di Caterina de' Medici, portraits (including two 

of Mary Queen of ScoU) Firenze, 1838 

249 Alberici (G.) Catalogo breve de gV illustri et famosi Scrittori 

Venetiani Bologna, 1605 

250 Albertani Causidici Briciensis Liber de Doctrina decendi et 

taoendi sine ulla nota Seec, zy 

261 Albertano Giudice da Brescia Tre Trattati riveduti da B. de Eossi 

red morocco, g, e, Teeto di Lingua Firenze, Oiunti, 1610 

252 Alberti (F.) Dictioonaire Francois^Italien, 2 vol. JViee, 1788 

263 Alberti (P. de) Dizionario Italiano-Francese e Fr.-Ital. 2 vol. 

Mzza, 1788 

264 Alberti (L.) Descrittione di tutta Italia, woodcut portrait 

Vinegia, 1551 

255 Alberti (L.) Descrittione di tutta Italia Vinegia, 1553 

256 Alberti (L.) Descrittione di tutta Italia e di tutte risole all' 

Italia appartenenti, 2 vol. in 1, maps Venetia, 1568 and 1567 

257 Alberti (L. B.) L'Architettura tradotta da C. Bartoli, woodcuts, 

autograph of^* Nic. Stone Florence 1639 Sep" 
half morocco Venetia, 1665 

258 Alberti (L. B.) OpuscoU morali tradotti & parte corretti da 

Cosimo Bartoli, woodcuts Venetia, 1568 

*«* Including the Hecatomfila d' A more. 

259 Alburquerque (Duque de) Manifiesto acerca de su conducta con la 

junta de Cadiz, with autograph of the Marquis Wellesley 1810 

260 Alciati (A.) Emblcmata cum Commentariis amplissimis, numerous 

woodcuts, stained Fatavii, 1621 

261 Aldo ed Agnese, Novella (in ottava Eima) Amst. 1790 

262 Alghisi (T.) Litotomia, j^Za^c* 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1707 

263 Allegri (A.) Bime piacevoli, 4 parts in 1 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Verona, 1605-7-8-13 

264 Allbgri (Alessandro) Lsttehs di Seb Poi Pedaitte iitella 


Dedicata k M. Giovanni della Casa da Parri da Pozzolatico, 
Bologna, 1613 — Fantastica Yisione di Parri da Pozzolatico, 
moderno [Poderaio] in Piandigiullari (Yersi con Lettera a 
M. Dante Alighieri) Lucca, 1613 
Testi di Lingua in one vol, 

%* Excessively rare (see Gamba, who to each affixes rarissimo). The 
two works sold in the Yanzetti Sale for 122 lire 80 centimes, and 
in the Libri for 120 francs. 

265 Allegri (A.) Lettere di Ser Poi Pedante nella Corte de' Donati, 

Testo di Lingua con Note per A. £. Mortara 

Casalmaggiore, 1850 

266 Allen (W.) Killing, no Murder, 1659— The Interest of England 

stated, 1659 in one vol. 

267 AUori il Bronzino (A.) La Yergogna Capitolo la prima Yolta 

pubblicato IVeviso, 1819 


268 Allori detto il Bronzino (Angiolo) Sonetti ed altre Bime inedite 

di piu insigni Poeti 
LABan PAPEB, half morocco^ uncut y top edge gilt ^ Testa di Lingua 

Mrenze, 1823 

269 Alphabet of Blooming Letters; a OoUection of wood-cut capitals, 

head and tail pieces, Ac. eome curious^ laid doum to form a 
^to, volume 

270 Altieri (E.) Dictionary Italian and English, 2 vol. 1749 

271 Amadi (F.) della Nobuta di Bologna Oremona, 1588 

272 Ametrano (S.) della Eamiglia Capece, half morocco Napolij 1603 

273 Amichevoli (C.) Architettura CSvile ridotta k Metodo facile e 

breye, tooodcutSy half morocco Temi, 1676 

*«* The real author was the Jesuit F. Eschinardi. 

274 Amico (Bernardino) delle Fiante Su Immagini de Sacri Edifizi 

di Terra Santa, plates hy Callot, scarce 

Mrenze, 1620 {at end 1619) 

275 Amirato (S.) Orazione al Be di Spagna (Filippo II) detto Filippica 

seconda, Mrenze, 1594 — Serdonati (F.) Orazione funerale di 
Giuliano de Bicasoli, with the rare engraving " D. JSpiphanius 
Mon'Vallinibrosanus Inc. M,D,J[G." Morenza, F, Oiunti, 
1590— Arrighetti (N.) Lodi del Sig. F. Salviati, Mrenze, O. 
Oiunti, 1614 — Giacomini Tebalducci Malespini (L.) Oratione 
in Lodi di T. Tasso, Morenza, 1595 — Oratione de le Lodi di 
Francesco Medici Gran Duca di Toscana per il medesimo, ivi, 
1587 — Bocchi (F.) Orazione sopra le Loai di P. Vettori, m, 
1585 — Salviati (L.) Orazione funerale delle Lodi di F. Yettori, 
ivi, Oiuntif 1585 — Bocchineri (C.) Orazione funerale nell' 
Essequie di D. Ferdinando Medici Gran Duca Terzo di Toscana, 
Siena, 1609 — Salviati (L.) Orazione funerale neir Essquie del 
S. Cosimo Medici Granduca di Toscana, Firenze, 1574 — 
Yictorii (P.) Oratio in Funere Cosmi Medices Magni Ducis 
EtrurisB, Florentue, 1574 — Victorii (P.) Oratio in Maxi- 
milianum II Csesarem mortuum, ib. Junta, 1576 — Adrianii 
(J. B.) Landatio Florenti®, ib. Junta, 1568 — Mazonii (J.) 
Oratio in Exequiis CatherinaB Medices Francorum BeginsB, ib, 
P. Juncta, 1589 — Bocchii (F.) Oratio de Laudibus A. Putei 
ArchiepiBCopi Pisarum, FlorentuB, 1608 — Compagnii (J.) 
Laudatio in Obitum Francisci Medicis Magni Ducis HetrurisB 11, 
ib, 1587 — Perondini (P.) Oratio in Funere EleonorsB Cosmi 
Medicis Ducis Conjugis, ib. apud L. Torrentinwn, 1563 — 
Adrianii (J. B.) Oratio in Funere Johannte Austriacse 
XJxoris Francisci Magni Ducis Etruriae, ib, apud Junotas, 1578 
— Sanleolini (F.) delle Lodi di Piero degli Angeli da Barga 
Orazione, Firenze, 1597— Angelii Bargssi (P.) Laudatio Cosmi 
Medicis Magni Hetruriad Ducis, FlorentuB, apud Juntas, 1574 
— Ejusdem Oratio in Funere Francisci Medicis Mag. Ducis, 
ib. 1587— Eadem Oratio, Italice, ib. 1587— Ejusdem Epitha- 
lamium in Nuptias Francisci Medicis et JoannsB Austriacse, ib. 
1566, vellum in one vol. 

*^* An extraordinary Collection of interesting Tracts, most of them, 
according to Moreni, of great rarity, 












Ammirato (S.) Orazione nella Morte di Filippo II. Be di Spagna 
detta Eilippica terza Fiorenza, F, G^untiy 1598 

Ammannatim (Manetto) Novella del Grasso Legnajuolo restituita 
ora alia sua IntegritJi 
LABOE ta:per, portraiif half morocco^ uncut Firenze^ 1820 

%* Best edition, edited by Can. Domenico Moreni. 

Ampzing (S.) Beschryyinge ende Lof der Stad Haerlem in Holland, 
many curious plates hy Velde Haerlem^ 1628 

Anacreonte tradotto in Yersi Italiani da Yarj col Testo GFreco e 
la Yersione Latina di G. Barnes, calf Venezia, 1736 

Andrea (A.) della Guerra di Campagna di Boma et del Kegno di 
Napoli (1556-57), (?a/fflrt7^ Venetia, 1560 

Andrews (J.) Collection of Plans of the Capital Cities of Europe, 
and some remarkable Cities in Asia, Africa, and America, 
2 vol. in 1, 42 plates, half calf 1771 

Angelini (N.) Discorso curiosissimo intomo alia Mutatione de' 
x^omi de* Papi nella loro Creatione sino al Papa Leone XI, 
unknoum to Mazzuchelli, who mentions only the editions of 
1590 and 1676 Venetia, 1605 

Anguillara (G. A. dell') La Transformatione di Narciso (in ottava 
Bima), woodcut Trevtai, 1668 

Anstis (John) Observations upon the Knighthood of the Bath, 
with an autograph letter of T. Meame, the Antiquary, inserted 


Anthologia Poljglotta. A selection of versions in various lan- 
guages, chiefly from the Greek Anthology, by Dr. Wellesley, 
interleaved in Ho, with Manuscript additions Oxford, 1849 

Anthologia Polyglotta. Another copy 
LABaS PAFXB ih. 1849 

Anthologia Polyglotta. Another copy 
LABOB PAFIB, green cloth 

Anthologia. Another copy 

Another copy 






















Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 
Another copy 

ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
%b. 1849 
ih. 1849 
ih, 1849 
ib, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
il, 1849 
%b, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ih, 1849 
ib, 1849 
ib, 1849 
lb, 1849 
ih, 1849 
fft. 1849 
ih, 1849 


310 AiTTHOLOGTA. EpiGBAMMATUM Gb^cobum Planudis rhetoiis cura 

Jo. Lasearis, first £DiTio:fr, fbinted jjs oapital lettbbs, 
the titlepage and letter of Lascaris supplied hy a reprint 
old red morocco, g, e. Florenf, per L. F, de Alopa, 1494 

311 Antbologia Grsece, the margins filled with the autograph notes of 

F. Jacobs, half morocco H. Stephanus^ 1566 

312 Antbologia Epigrammatutn, 6r. et Lat. Interprete E. Lubino 

morocco {Seidelbergce), 1604 

313 Antbologia Epigram matum GrsDCorum, in Centuriis quinque a 

M. Elia Cucblero Oorlicii, 1618 

314 AjitbologiaB Graecorum Epigrammatum liber primus universus per 

F. Bellicarium Peguilionem in Latinum conversus, Paris, 1543 
— Florilegii diversorum Epigrammaton sectio II, GraDce, with 
autograph of N. Rigaltius, ib. 1546— Liiciani Epigrammata, 
GrsBce, ib, 1551 ; and otber Collections of Greek and Latin 
Epigrams in one vol. 

815 Antbologia sen Florilegium Epigrammatum e lib. XIY Martialis 
selectorum a Morello, s. a, — Gregorii Nazianzeni ad versus 
Mulieres Carmen ex interpretatione F. Morelli, Lut^t, 1600 — 
Idem Carmen Graece, Paris, ] 588 — Zoroastris Oracula, Gr. et 
Lat. Lutet. 1595-7 ; and other Tracts in one vol. 

316 Antbologia. Sepulcralia Carmina ex Antbologia MS. Grfecorum 

Epigrammatum, Zips. 1745 — Antbologiae GraBC» Epigrammata 
quinque ed. J. D. Scbulze, Essendi<B, 1826 2 

317 Antbologia veterum Latinorum Epigrammatum et Poematum cura 

Burmanni, 2 vol. Dutch vellum Am^t. 1759-73 

318 Antbologia Aualecta veterum Poetarum Grajcorum editore 

E. F. P. Brunck, 3 vol. 
labge paper, calf Argent. 1772-6 

319 Antbologia Graeca cum versione Latina H. Grotii edita ab H. de 

Boscb, 5 vol. portrait Ultraj. 1795-1822 

320 Antbologie (Griecbiscbe) fiir Scbulen von J. G. von Herder 

Giesen, 1805 

321 Antiquarian Tracts. Figursa qua^dam antiqusB ex Caedmonis 

Monacbi Parapbraseos in Genesin exemplari pervetusto in 
Bibliotbeca Bodleiana, 15 plates, 1754 ; and various Antiquarian 
Tracts by P. C. Webb, Dr. Pettingal, Stukelj, Pegge, Tyson, 
Gougb, Clubb, Ducarel, Wise, &c. some with plates in one vol. 

322 Antiquaries (Society of) Aratus' Astronomical Poem, witb Disser- 

tation on Minuscule Writing by W. Y. Ottley, plates, 1834 — 
Catalogue of tbe Society's Library of Books and Manuscripts, 
2 vol. in 1, 1816 ; and otbers a bundle 

323 Antonini (F.) Supplemento della Chronica di Veruccbio eDiscorso 

dell' Origine di Casa Malatesta 
half morocco, g. e. Bologna, 1621 

324 Antonino Arcivescovo di Firenze (Beato Frate) Confessionale 

Yolgare (Omnis Mortalium cura, &c.) slightly toormed 
very scarce, half morocco 

FlorentuB apud Sanctum Jacobum de Ripolis, 1477 

325 Antonio di Padova (S.) Vita, Miracoli e Privilegi espressi in 

XL Bami, plates Venezia, 1817 




326 ADoUonii Bhodii Argonautica Gr. et Lat. Edidit J. Shaw, 2 yol. in 1 
BsiTifroK'B COPT, with eapiouM MS. notes to the origmal Cheek hy 
this eminent Olasaieal eeholar^ and a very severe note on the 
editor of this edition^ ealf^ g. e.firom Jf. Benouard's library 

Oaon. 1777 

827 ApoBtolii (Mich.) ParoBmiiB, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis 

Lugd. Bat. Blzevir, 1619 

828 Aquino (Caroli de) Yocabularium Architecturas ^dificatori® 

half calf gilt, m. e. Boma, 1734 

329 Arcangdi (A.) Vita del B. Alfonso Bodriguez, portrait 

Boma, 1825 

330 Argelati (F.) BibUoteca degU Tolgarizzatori, 5 yol. in 3 

half bound Milano, 1767 

331 Argelati (P.) CoUectio yariorum illustrium Yirorum Dissertatio- 

num de Monetis Italisd eum Appendice, 6 vol. plates 
vellum Meaiplani^ 1750-59 

332 AmoBTO (L.) Orlando Fitbiobo riBtampato & con molta dili- 

gentia da lui corretto & quasi tutto formato di nuoYO & 
ampliato, woodcuts on title and on reverse and also on last leaf 

a very heautifid copy in blue morocco, g. e. hy Derome 

MiianOf per A, de Vimereato, alle spexe de Messere 

J, J, et Fratelli de LegnanOy 1524 

*^* Third Edition of the Orkndo, and of great rarity. This copy 
sold for £35. in Mr. Hibbert's sale. 

883 Abiobto (L.) Oblaitdo Fubtoso 

^ne copy in green morocco, rare Venetia, M, Sessa, 1530 

334 Abiobto (L.) Oblafdo Fubiobo, Con somma diligenza tratto 

dal Buo fedelisBimo essemplare, Noyamente ristampato & 

corretto, with woodcut portrait on titlepage, very fine copy with 

exception of having comer of last leaf mended with pen and ink 

olive morocco, leather joints, g. e, hy C. Lewis 

Vinegia,per Francesco di Alessandro Bindoni Sf Mapheo Basini, J 531 

%* This excesBivelj rare edition was unknown to Melzi and other 
bibliographers prior to this copy appearing in the collection of 
Mr. Hiboert, at whose sale it produced £ 16. 5b. 6d. Ferrario 
mentions, as the only copy known to him, this in the possession 
of the « Bev. Enrico WelleBley." 

835 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso con alcune Stanze et cinque Canti 
d'un nuoYO Libro del medesimo e TEspositione di tutti i 
Yocaboli, woodcuts 

fine copy, ruled, the original sides, richly ornamented with gold 
tooling, in the Orolier style, having the name of the owner, 
Anne Seguier, stamped in gold in the centre of each side^ 
preserved, but rebaeked, old gUt gauffre edges 

Vinegia, CHolito, 1551 

%* Each of the three titles is dated 1551, but the date of 1550 is at 
the end of the Cinque Canti. 



Arioeto (L.) Orlando Furioso con cinoDe Canti et altre Stanee 

aggiunti, et con le SpoBiEione roccolte da L. Dolce, ipiriied 

woodcutt, Tetto di lAngua 

veryjine copy in blue moroeeo extra, g. e. lAone, 1656 

Ariosto Orlando Furioeo con le annotationi di Q. Buscelli, Jiae 

large woodcuU, nwneroiM matnuoripi noiet hy Charlet Blofmt, 

with hi* lignaiure on the firit page of the viork, tome leave* 

wormed, ealf Venet. Valgriaio, 1658 

I Arioatio (L.) Orlando FuHobo con la Vita dell' Autore per 

S. FotdbH, le Allegorie di C. TalvasBori gli Argomenti di 

G. M. Verdezotti, Pareri in Duello d'lncerto, Annotazioni di 

L. Dolce et d'altri, Yocabolario, Bimario, Sec. plate* 

half rv*tia Venetia, 1566 

'** This edition ie the only one containing the Fareri in Duello, and 

for that reason, aaya Mafiei, ia eagerly sought for at the enor- i 

mous price of " otto doppie d'oro," ' 

I ArioBto (L.) Orlando Furioso, con le Annotationi di Jeionimo | 

Buecelli, la Vita dell' Autore da Q. B. Pigna, I'Osservationi 1 

di A. Lavezuolo, la Yita dell' ArjoBto da Q. Garofolo, Stc. I 

plate* by O. Forro {thote to Oantoi 33 and 84, <u vmal, the j 

_fine copy in old French red morocco, g. e. Venetia, 15S4r | 

I Arioato (L.) Orlando FurioBo con le Annotazioni di Jeronimo 
Buscelli, &C. platet 
red morocco, g. e. Tento di Lingua ivi, 1603 

Arioato (L.) Orlando FurioBo, in Italian, with Euglbh Translation 
(in Terse) by W. Huggins, 2 vol. autograph ^ Bobert Jeph- 
eon, poet, old green morocco 1757 

I ArioBto (L.) Satire. Edizione critioa riveduta di 0-. G-. Orelli 
ha]f morocco Zurigo, 1842 

Ariosto (L.) Satyrs and Elegies, cnt in margin, told with all 
faults 1611 

'«* This version is attributed to G-. Markham, but is claimed by 
B. Tofte in bia Translation of Yarchi's Blazon of Jealousie. 

Ii Arioato's Seven Planets governing Italie, or his Satyrs (I^glished 

by G. Markham), scarce 1611 

i AriBtophanea, The Acharniana, Knigbta and the Birds, translated 

from the Greek by the Rt. Hon. J. H. Frere 

half ealf gilt, g. e. Xalta, 1S39 

I Ariatophanes, The Clouds, with the Greek Text and Notes 

Ojj/brrf, 1852 

' Aristofane, Pluto, Commedia Greco-Italiana in versi con sue 

Annotazioni del Sig. G. B. Tenicci IKrenze, 1751 

1 Aristophane, Le Nuvole, Commedia aeconda Greco-Itoliona in 

Yersi con sue Annotazioni per G. B. Teruoci 

hay calf, ancta wJ, 1754 



349 ikrifltofane, Nuyole, Commedia, Or. et Ital. da G. 6. Terucci, 

Mrefizef 1754 — Pluto, Commedia, Gr. et Ital. da G. B. Terucoi, 
tm, 1751 — Corsinns (E.) de Minnisari alioramque ArmenisB 
Begnm nummis, Ltbumiy 1754 — Joannis Metropolitani YerBUS 
lambici principalium fefltorum, Gr. ed. M. Bustus, presenta- 
tion eopyfrom the editor, Etonw, 1610 in one vol, 

350 Aristotile, Ethica tradotta et comeDtata per B. Segni 

Jine copy in red morocco, g, e, with the arms of M, Wodhull 
stamped in gold on sides, Testa di Lingua 

Firenze, L. Torrentino, 1550 

851 Aristotile, L'Ethica ridotta in Compendio da Ser Brunetto Latini 

et altre Tradnttioni & Scritti di quei Tempi, con alcuni dotti 
Awertimenti intomo alia Lingua 
LABGE PAPER, red morocco extra, g. e. a very rare Testo di Lingita 

Lione, G, de Tornes, 1568 

%• At the end is inserted, in a cotemporary handwriting, the 

Letters the Emperor Frederic addressea to the Princes of Italy 

and to Alexander King of Scotland, mentioned at p. 171 of the 


852 Aristotile, L'Etica (compendiata da Brunetto Latini) e la Bet- 

torica di M. Tulljo : aggiuntovi il Libro de* Costumi di Catone 
Volgarizzamento antico Toscano 
LABGE PAPEB, vellum, Testo di Lingua 

Firenze, D. M. Manni, 1734 

353 Aristotile, Poetica vulgarizzata et sposta per L. Castelvetro, 

Basilea, 1576 — Eettorica fatta in Lingua Toscana dal Com- 
mendatore A. Caro, Testo di Lingua, Venetia, 1570 
vellum 2 vol. 

354 Aristotile, Bettorica et Poetica tradotte da B. Segni 

fine copg in old calf, Testo di Lingua 

Firenze, Z. Torrentino, 1549 

355 Aristotile, Bettorica et Poetica tradotte da B. Segni 

vellum, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1549 

356 Aristotile, Bettorica fatta in Lingua Toscana dal Gommendatore 

An. Caro 
Testo di Lingua^ scarce Venetia (Aldo) 1570 

357 Aristotele, Betorica tradotta da A. Piccolomini 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1571 

358 Aristotile, il Segreto de Segreti, le Moralita & la Phisionomia 

fatti volgari per Giovanni Manente 
morocco, rare Vinegia, 1538 

359 Aristotile Trattato dei Govemi tradotta da B. Segni 

fine copy in red morocco, g, e, Testo di Lingua 

Firenze, L. Torrentino, 1549 

360 Armanni (V.) deUa Famiglia de' Gapizuccbi, portraits, plate of 

arms, and genealogical Tree Roma, 1668 

861 Armanni (Y.) della Famiglia Bentivoglia, con altre opere 

half calf gilt Bologna, 1682 

%• A very interesting portion of this rare volume is entitled 
'' L'Archivio Armanno,^^ in which the author gives a Catalogue 
of his Collection of ancient Manuscripts ; as is also the '* Let- 
ter a Discorsiva,'^ containing his List of his own Writings. 


362 Armenini (G. B.) de* yen Preoetti della Pittura BavmnQ, 1586 
368 Armenini. Another copy, with merely a new title-page ivi. 1587 

864 Aron (Hetro) Compendiolo di molti Dubbi, Segreti efc Sentense 

intomo al Canto Fermo et Figurato da molti exoellenti et 
consumati Musici dichiarate, very searee, MllanOy #. a, — ^Luai- 
tano (Yincentio) Introdattione di Canto Fermo, FiguratOi 
Contraponto semplioe et Inconcerto con Segole generali per 
far Fughe a ii, ui, and iiii Yoci, <&c. Venetian 1561 — ^Aiguino 
da Bresaa (E. P. Frate lUuminato) La lUominata de tutti i 
Tuoni di Canto fermo, d^c. m, 1562 
with musical noteSt rare in one vol. 

865 Arrighetto, o sia Yolgarizzamento d*un Trattato contro all' Av- 

yersita della Fortuna di Arrigo da Settimello (col Teste 
Latino), halfmoroeeo, uncut Firenze, 1780 

%* Edited hj D. M. Manni, wbo has prefixed a life of the author, a 
contemporary of Bichard CoeorHle-Lion, whose captiyitj he 
describes in the following lines : — 

^ Nuper idem misero sub paupertatis amictu 
Captus, et indusus Anglicus acta luit," &c. 

866 Ars Moriendi. Speculum artis bene .moriendi, woodcut on the 

title^age, and faC'Hmile qf a letf from the block hook patted 
on the cover sine ultd notd 

867 Art of Limming, hUA letter 1605 

868 Artists* Catalogues, including those of Sir Joshua Beynolds, 

Thonuis Hudson, J. B. CSpriani, T. Gainsborough, &c. &o. 
21 in number J some with prices^ in 1 yol. 
a curious collection ; from the Library of Mr» George Baker 


869 Astolfi (G. F.) della Officina Istorica, slightly wormed 

half calf gilt Venetia, 1642 


870 Abela (G. F.) Descrittione di Malta, map, plany and plates 

JS^ench calf^ y. e, very scarce Malta^ 1647 

*4c* Supposed to haye been the first book printed in Malta. 

871 Abela (G. F.) Malta illustrata, accresciuta e continoyata dal 

Conte G. A. Ciantar, 2 yoL plates ih, 1772-80 

*^* Scarce. The Meerman copy sold for 40 florins 25 stiyers. 

372 Accolti (P.) Lo Inganno de gl' Occhi, Prospettiya Pratica, cuts 
fine clean copy Firenze^ 1625 

878 Ackermann (B.) History of Eton College, 10 coloured plates 1816 

874 Adrinni (G. B.) Istoria de' suoi Tempi 

calf gilt, Teato di Lingua Firenze, Oiunti, 1583 

875 Aducci (A.) y. il Duca D. Pio Braschi 

three legal documents respecting claim for commission on articles 
sold to Lord Francis Egerton, Mr. Ford, and Mr. Sneyd 

Roma, 1841 


876 ififlop's Fables, with hifl Life, in Engliflh, Frenob, and Latin, 

newly tranalated, illuatrated witb 112 Sculptores and 81 new 

Figures, representing bis Life, hj F. Barlow, plate*, 17 wanting, 

calf 1687 

377 Agostini (Antonio, Areiveicovo di Tarragona) Dialoghi sopra le 
Medaglie Inscrizioni ed altre Antichita, numerous woodcuts of 
medals Boma, 1786 

878 Alberti (F.) Dictionnaire Fran^ois-Italien, 2 vol. Bassano, 1811 

879 Alberti (L.) Descrittione di tutta Italia 

very fine copy with the arms of Cardinal GhisUieri painted on the 

first and last leaf in old brown morocco, covered with Hind 

tooling and having brass bosses Bologna, 1550 

880 Alberti (L. B.) della Pittura e della Statua, portrait and plates, 

ha\f ca\f senza not^ 

881 Alberti (L. B.) L'Architettura tradotta in Lingua Fiorentina da 

Cosimo Bartoli, portrait and plates 
fine copy in old French red morocco, g, e. Teste di Lingua 

"Firenze, L. Torrentino, 1550 

%* Soarce, Talued by Qamba firom 50 to 60 lire. 

882 Aldimari (Biapo) Memoire Historiche di diyerse Famiglie Nobili, 

cose Napotetane, come Forastiere, &c. plates of arms 

Napoli, 1691 

888 Alphabet of Woodcut Capitals, Ornamental Designs, Engraved 

Title-Pages, &c, mounted to form a volume 

884 Alphabets. A Collection of Woodcut Capitals, in a portfolio 

885 Alphabets. A very curious CoDection of Woodcut Capital 

Letters, mounted in a volume 

886 Altdorf. AmoBuitates Altdorfins, 19 plates Numb, s, a. 

887 Alton! (G-.) il Soldato, plates and diagrams 

half vellum, uncut, rare, Testo di iMgua Fiorenza, 1604i 

388 Alunno (F.) Le Bioohezze della Lingua volgare, woodcut portrait 
half russia, uncut, very rare in this state Vinegia, AMo, 1551 

889 Ammirato (8.) Istorie Fiorentine con I'Aggiunte di S. Ammirato 

il Oioyane, Testo di Lingua, 8 vol. 
LA.RGB PA.PSB, fine copy in vellum Firenze, 1641-47 

890 Anacreonte e Saffo, Odi recate in Versi Italiani da G. Caselli 

(col Testo Greco) Firenze, 1819 

891 Androyet (J.) Liyre d' Architecture, contenant les plans et des- 

saings de cinquante bastimens tons differens, &o. hO. plates 

Boris, 1559 

892 Androyet (J.) Premier Volume des plus excellents Bastiments de 

France, auquel sent designez les plans de quinze Bastiments, 
ensemble les elevations et singularitez d'un chascun, plates 

Baris, 1576 

893 Androyet (J.) Bastiments de France, 2 vol. in 1, many plates, fine 

impressions, very scarce, old calf g. e. Baris, 1607 

394 Angelico (G.) Vita di Gesti Cristo incisa da G. B. Nocchi, 
36 plates in outline Firenze, 1843 


Lnnalei EcIeeiaaticoB i BegUres de la Ciudad ie Serills, que com- 
prehenden U Olimpiada o Luatro de Ik Coiie en ella, con doa 
apendicee, engraved title-page, and two larga folding plafei of 
procMsioni, ^fine copy, baoi Sffoilla, 1748 

Lnthologta sive Epigram matum G^necorum lib. YII, annota- 
tiouibua J. BrodjBi, half calf BaHl. 1648 

LDthologia Gneca, annotationibus J. Brodffii et H. Stephani 

l^aneof. 1600 

LTTTHOLooiA Gbxoa. Baccolta di raij Epigrammi divisa in aette 
Libri (col Testo Greco), 5 vol. in 6 

iMlf morocco, uncut Napoli, 1788-96 

A splendid edition of the Greek Anthology, with an Italian 

Version by Gaetano Carcani. 

Lntbologia Oneca: A Collection of Epigrams cut out from 
different Editions, and arranged alphabetically 

mounted in a volume, with MS. note* and additions Ig T. Tgriehitt, 
half rutsio 

Lpiani (P.) Inacriptiones Sacroeanct» vetuBtatia, printed within 
tOQodcut bordere, with the signature of Tho. Heame, 1723, and 
tie following note in hie autograph : 

" Apian'a Inacriptioas ia aBookof very great Barity and Cnriosi^ 
aa I hare noted in p. 6 of my Discourse about some Antiqui- 
ties found in Yorkshire (print«d at the beginning of the 4th 
volume of Leland'e Itinerary) where I have illustrated one of 
those Inscription I." Ingoltt. 1534 

LniosTO (L.) OfiLAifno Fcbioso ed altbb Opebe, 2 vol. in 1, 
numerous platet, beautiful copy, ruled 

in red morocco extra, g. e. bg lierome Venezia, 1730 

Lriosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, secondo 1* Edizione del unxxxii, 
per cura di Ottavio Morali 

LA.BQ& BASE'R, i»oiif portrait, olive morocco extra, g.e., Testo di 
Lingua Milano, ISIS 

Lriosto, Orlando Furioso, in English Heroical Terse, by Sir John 
Harington, now thirdly revised and amended, with the addi- 
tion of the Author's Epigrams, engraved title-page and plates 

fine copg, with copies of Letters and Poems by Sir John Haring- 
ton, unpublished, in the beautiful hand-uniting of Professor 
Porson, old green morocco, g. e. 1634 

*,• From Sir M. M. Sykea'a Library. 

Lrmy Begulations in consequence of the Pay-Office Act, &c. 

morocco, g. e. 1788 

Lbbmolb (Eltas) Ikstituttoit, Laws, aitd Ceremonies of 
THE MOST irOBLE Obdeb OF THE Gabtes, portrait of King 
Charles llby Sherwin, and plates by Hollar 1672 

Ltheniei Deipnoeophiatarum sire Cosnte sapientum lib. xv 

with very copious Manuscript notes, believed to be in the AuTO- 
GHApn OF ToBqOATo Tabbo, and on the title-page the signature 
of Albert Lolliut, but erased with the pen Venel. 1566 



407 Auguatino (Sancto) de la Gita di Dio^ several leaves mended 

calfeatra, g. e. Testo di Lingua senza nota circa 1475 

408 Augustino. Another copy, in old gilt calf senza nota circa 1475 

409 Auria (V.) Historia Cronologica delli Yicere di Sicilia 

Palermo, 1697 

410 Bach (J. S.) Six Motetts, the English Version, written and adapted 

by W. Bartholomew, 8 parts, complete 

411 Bach, Six Motetts. Another set, wanting the \st Soprano 

412 Bailey (N.) Universal Etymological English Dictionary, assisted 

by G-. Gh3rdon, P. Miller, and T. Lediard, many cuts 
fine clean copy 1736 

413 Bafdii^elli (Baccio) TwENTT-iriirE Obioikal Dbawinqs of 

THE Huh AIT FiGUBB, mth the rare engraved portrait^ B. BA. F. 
prefixed S^c. xvi 

414 Bandinii (A. M.) Catalogus Codicum Italicorum Bibliothec® Me- 

dicesB LaurentiansB, Gaddian® et Sanctad Cnicis 
half calf gilt Florentia, 1778 

415 Barbara (l5.) Fratica della Ferspettiva, numerous woodcuts 

Venetia, 1569 

416 Barletii Scodrensis (Marini) Historia de yita et gestis Scanderbegi 

Epirotarum Frincipis, woodcut portrait 
FiBST EDITION, Stamped binding impressum Roma per B. V. s. a, 

417 Barbuo Soncino (S.) Vite de* Duchi di Milano, unth full-length 

portraits by JPorro, half morocco Venetia, 1674 





418 Aristophanes' Comedies, yol. I, containing The Achamians, The 

Knights, and The Clouds, in English Metre, by Walsh, 1837 

— Literal Translation of the Clouds, with Greek text and 

English notes by C. F. Q-erard, privately printed, n,d, — The 

 Flutus, in English Verse by Gerard, 1847 3 vol, 

419 ArmeDino (G. B.) dei veri Frecetti della Pittura 

halfailt vellum, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di Lingua JPisa, 1823 

420 Arrigoetto oYvero Trattato contro all' Avversitib della Fortuna di 

Arrigo da Settimello Frato, 1841 

421 Arrigo da Settimello contro all' A?yersita della Fortuna, con una 

Epistola del Boccaccio e cinque Opuscoli del Sec. xiii 

Geneva, 1829 

422 Arriyabene (C.) I Foeti Italiani: Selections from the Italian 

Foeta 1855 


428 Arrowsmith (A.) Compendium of Ancient and Modem Geogra- 
phy, m^9, halfealf 1839 

424 Arrojal (lioon de) Lob Epigramas, eay^extra^g, e. Madrid^ 1784 

425 Artaud (Chev.) Italie ; et Sicile par M. de la Salle, plates 

half calf extra ^ Paris, 1835 

426 Artaud de Montor (Cheyalier) Hiatoire de Dante Alighieri, 

portraits and plates Paris, 1841 

427 Ash (J.) English Dictionary 1775 

428 Ashmole (E.) Life, drawn up by himself by way of Diary, pub- 

lished by C. Burman, scarce 1717 

429 Ashmolean Museum Catalogue, plates 

half' morocco f uncut, top edge gUt Oxford, 1836 

430 Assheton ("W.) Method of Deyotion for Sick and Dying Persons, 

frontispiece 1706 

431 Association Papers, printed by special order of the Society against 

Eepublicans and Levellers, halfealf 1793 

432 Atanagi (D.) Lettere facete et piacevoli di diversi grandi Huomini 

et chiaii Ingegni Libro primo Venetia, 1582 

433 Aubenas (J. A.) Histoire de Madame de Sevign^, &c. Par, 1842 

434 Aubrey (J.) Miscellanies (on Fatalities, Apparitions, Magic, 

&c.) 1721 

435 Audin (E. L. J. E.) Catalogue de la Biblioth^ue du Comte 

D. Boutourlin, privately printed Florence, 1831 

436 Audin (S. L. G. E.) Osservazioni bibliografico-letterarie intomo 

ad una Edizione sconosciuta del Morgante Maggiore di Luigi 
Pulci eseguita in Eirenze nel 1482, colla Descrizione d' un' 
Edizione del Decamerone di G. Boccaccio che credesi eseguita 
nella Stamperia di S. Jacopo di Bipoli, circa il 1483 
printed on coloured pt^er (limited to 16 copies) Mrente^ 1831 

437 Audin de Bians (S. L. G. E.) Ossenrazioni intomo al Progetto di 

Biorganizzazione deUe Pubbliche Biblioteche di Eirenze 
viiTB PAFSB, (carta distinta) Mrenze, 1847 

438 Audin de Bians (8. L. G. £.) delle vere Chiose di Jacopo di 

Dante Alighieri e del Comento ad esse attribuito Notizie 

Mrenze, 1848 

439 Audin de Bians (S. L. G. E.) del Caaato e dell' Arme di Dante 

Mrenze, 1853 

440 Augustin (S.) Soliloques, Meditations et Manuel, frontispiece 

ruled throughout with red lines, old morocco, m. Sfg, e. Par, 1711 

441 Aurelii Yictoris (Sezti) Historia Bomana, notis variorum, cuts of 

Boman coins Zfltraj. 1696 

442 Ausonius, cum notis variorum et in usum Delphini curante A. J. 

Valpy, 3 vol. 1823 

443 Avison (C.) On Musical Expression, 1752 — Art of Singing, by 

Costa, 1838 2 vol 

444 Avramiotti (G. D.) sul Yiaggio in Grecia di F. A. de Chateau- 

briand Padova, 1816 

445 Ayliffe (J.) Ancient and Present State of the University ov 

Oxford, 2 vol. illvstbatbd with a few views, calf 1723 

446 Azzolino (Marchese P.) sul Yeltro di Dante Mrenze, 1837 

447 Baccherii (F. J. Aug.) Flavisss poetico, vellum Dordrechti, 1660 



448 Bachelier (J.) Eecueil de Cantates conienant toutes celles qui b6 

chantent dans les Concerts, vignette on the title-page 

La Haye, 1728 

449 Bacon (SirF.) Essays, &c. ; to which is added in this Edition, the 

Character of Queen Elizabeth, old morocco, y. e, 1706 

450 Bacon (E.) Essays, Wisdom of the Ancients, and Table of Colours, 

1765 — Yeruiamiana, or Opinions on Men, Manners, Litera- 
ture, &c. portrait^ 1803 2 vol. 

461 [Baillet] Topographic des Saints Paris, 1707 

462 Baker (D. E.) BiOCTaphia Dramatica, or Companion to the Flay- 

house, continued to the year 1782, 2 yol. 
iffith copious Manttscript additions in the autograph of Mr. 
Horatio Walpole 1782 

463 Balbi (A.) Scritti geografici, statistici e vari, 5 vol. Torino, 1841 -4<2 

464 Balbo (C.) Vita di Dante, 2 vol. ivi, 1839 
455 Baldelli (Conte G. B.) Yita di Giovanni Boccacci 

LABGB PAPBB, portrait, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1806 

466 Baldelli (Conte &. B.) Yita di Giovanni Boccacci 

LABGE VA^RB, proof portrait, half calf extra, uncut, top edge gilt, 
Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1806 

467 Baldi (B.) Yita e Fatti di Pederigo di Montefeltro Duca di 

TJrbino, 3 vol. in 2 
iiABGE PAPEB, portrait, half gilt vellum extra, Testo di Lingua 

Boma, 1824 

458 Baldi (L.) Yita e Morte di San Lazzaro Monaco et insigne Pit- 

tore preceduta da alcune Osservazioni suUa Bibliomania da 
L. Cicognara, Brescia, 1817— ^Bossi (Cav. L.) della Erudizione 
degli Artisti, Padova, 1810 — Cattaneo (G.) Discorso nel Fu- 
nerale del Cav. G. Bossi, Milano, 1815 in one vol. 

459 Baldinucci (E.) Lettera intomo al Modo di dar Proporzione alle 

Figure in Pittura e Scultura, &c. 
FiBST EDiTioir, half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

Livomo, 1802 

460 Baldinucci (F.) Yita di Filippo di Ser Brunellesco con altra in 

Fine di Anonimo contemporaneo, ambedue per la prima Yolta 
publicate ed illustrate da 1). Moreni • 
half morocco, g. e. Mrenze, 1812 

461 Balduccio (Lemmo di) Testamento, portrait 

half calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1822 

462 Balfour (Sir And.) Letters to a Friend, containing directions 

and advices for Travelling thro* France and Italy 
calf Fdinb. 1700 

463 Balkema (C. H.) Biographic des Peintres Flamands et Hollandais, 

frontispiece Gand. 1844 

464 [Ballantyne (J.)] English Minstrelsy: a Selection of Fugitive 

Poetry, 2 vol. Fdinb. 1810 

466 Ballads (Ancient), Songs and Poems, Manchester, 179G— Scotish 
Ballads and Songs, ib. 1796 in one vol. 

466 Bambagiuoli (G.) Trattato delle volgari Sentenze sopra le Yirtu 
morali, half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Modena, 1821 



4i67 Bambagiuoli. Another copy 

J^lf calfgilt^ Testa di Lmgua Modena, 1821 

468 Bamptoit Lbotubss from 1847 to 1858, 1860 and 1864, by Shirley, 

Marsh, Michell, Goulburn, Wilson, Eiddle, Thomson, Walde- 
grave. Bode, Litton, Jelf, Mansel, Hessey, and Bernard, 
14 Yol. Oxf. 1847-64 

469 Bandini (A. M.) Lettere XII Fiesolane, Siena, 1800— CoUectio 

yeterum Monimentorum, Arreti, 1752 ; calf gilt in one vol. 
4i!Q Bandini (S. A.) Discorso economico 

half ealf gilt. Testa di Lingua Mrenze, 1775 

471 Barbacoyi (Conte F. V.) Compendio della Storia letteraria d* Italia, 

2 Tol. in 1, halfailt calf uncut Milano, 1826 

472 Barbara (F.) circa la Elettion della Moglie, tradotto per A. Lollio 

Vinegia, 1548 

473 Barberini (Card. M. postea Urhani Till) Foemata, portrait 

Oxan. 1726 

474 Barberino (F. da) del Beggimento e de' Costumi delle Donne 

LAROB PAPER, portrait, uncut, Testa di Lingua Bama, 1815 

475 Bardi (G.) Cose notabili di Venetia Vinegia, 1606 

476 Baretti (G.) Italian Library 1757 

477 Baretti (Giuseppe) Scritti scelti inediti o rari, 2 vol. 

half calf gilt Milano, 1822-23 

478 Bargagli (S.) Mazzetti di Fiori dalle Eime di piii valenti Poeti 

Toscani raccolti, con una Cantata pastorale descritta in Idioma 
Toscano Sanese, vellum Siena, 1604 

479 Barlow (F.) Complete English Peerage, 2 yol. plates of arms 

aid calf 1772-3 

480 Barlow (H. C.) Critical, Historical, and Philosophical Contribu- 

tions to the Study of the Diyina Commedia Leipzig, 1864 

481 Barnard (T.) Historical Character relating to the exemplary Life 

of the Lady Elisabeth Hastings 
thick paper, calf, g. e, Leedes, 1742 

482 Barrett (J.) Essay on the earlier part of Dean Swift's Life 1808 

483 Barri (G.) Painter's Voyage of Italy, Englished by W. Lodge, 

frontispiece and portraits etched by the translator 1679 

%* From Mr. Bindley's Library. 

484 Barrington (Sir Jonah) Personal Sketches of his own Times, 

2 yol. portrait 
MS. NOTES BY THE Marqtjis Wellesley, calf gilt 1827 

485 Barrington (Sir Jonah) Eise and Fall of the Irish Nation, por- 

traits, calf gilt Paris, 1833 

486 Barros (Alonso de) Proyerbi morali, tradotti da A. Adimari, col 

Testo Spagniolo a Bincontro, ru^ssia Firenze, 1622 

487 Barrow (I.) Sermons, portrait, old morocco, g. e. 1678 

488 Bartoli (C.) Vita di Federigo Barbarossa Imperatore Eomano, 

portrait, half morocco, uncut Milano, 1829 

489 Bartoli (D.) II Torto e il Diritto del non si puo, two editions, 

Mrst and Third, Boma, 1666, and calf extra, Venetia, 1664 — 
Deir Ortografia Italiana, frontispiece, Soma, 1670 
Testi di Lingua (8) 



490 Bartoli (D.) Becreatione del Savio Bomay 1659 

491 BartoH (D.) il Torto e '1 Diritto del non si puo Venetia, 1671 

492 Bartoli (D.) delP Ortografia Italiana, calf extra Eofna, 1672 

493 Babtsch (A.) Lb Pehttee Gbavbub, 21 vol. plates, babe, 

Vienne, 1803-21— Eobert-Dumesnil (A. P. F,) Le Peintre- 
Gbrayeur Fran9aifl, faisant Suite a M. Bartsch, 5 yol. Paris^ 
1835.41 * 26 vol 

494 Bartach (A.) Catalogue des Desseins originaux des plus grands 

Maitres qui faisoient Partie du Cabinet du Prince C. de Ligne 

Vientie, 1794 

495 Bartsch (A.) Catalogue raisonn^ de toutes les Estampes qui fer- 

ment rCEuyre de Bembrandt et ceux de sea principaux Imita- 
teurs, 2 yol. portraits and plates^ uncut Vienne, 1797 

496 Baruffaldi (G.) Poemetto in Yersi sciolti di Oreste Cenomano, 

senza nota, and 10 other Poetical Pieces in the volume (see 
MS. list hy Q, B, Tomitano onfly4eaf) 

497 Barzellotti (G.) Awisi agli Stranieri che amano di viaggiare in 

Itv^^ky portrait and map, half calf extra Mrenze, 1838 

498 Barzilaj (J.) Dictionnaire Geographique de I'ltalie, half calf gilt, 

Paris, 1823 — L'Etat de la IVance, 2 vol. cuts of arms, ib, 
1676 ; and others 12 vol. 

499 Basan (F.) Catalogue des Estampes gravies d'apres Eubens, 

Farts, 1767 — Catalogue d'Estampes de M. le Due de Monte- 
mart, prices, ib. 1739 — Catalogue des Tableaux, &c. de M. de 
Julienne, par M. P. Eemy, prices, ib. 1767, &c. 4 vol. 

500 Basan (F.) Catalogue raisonn^ du Cabinet de M. Mariette, plates, 

manuscript prices, French calf, g. e, Faris, 1776 

501 Basan (F.) Dictionnaire des Graveurs, 2 vol. portraits and plates 

calffilt Faris, 1789 

502 Basseggio (G. B.) Intorno tre celebri Intagliatori in Legno Yicen- 

tini, half morocco, uncut Bassano, 1844 

503 Basile (Conte G. B.) il Conto de' Conti transportato dalla Napole- 

tana all' Italiana Favella, numerous woodcuts, Napoli, 1754 — 
Gevardo Vacalerio (Ginessio, i. e. YAnagramma di Giovanni 
Sagrado Cavaliero) L' Arcadia in Brenta owero la Melanconia 
sbandita, Venezia, 1785— Giudici (C.) L'Osteria Magra, m, 
1786, vellum in one vol. 

504 Bastiano di Franceso Seneso (Lo faceto Homo) Egloga di Amicitia 

very fine copy, with rough leaves, very scarce 

Mnita la Comedia di Amicitia : Stdpata i Siena, 1523 

605 Bates (Ely) Observations on the Points in Controversy between 
the Armenians and Calvinists, 1841 — Life and Times of Savo- 
narola, 1843 ; and others 6 vol. 

506 Batines (Yisconte Colomb de) Bibliografia Dantesca, 2 vol. in 3 

half calf gilt Frato, 1845-46 

507 Battely (J.) Antiquitates Butupinss 

LABGE FAPEB, jp2afetf Oxon. 17 11 

508 Battini (C.) Illustrazione di una Medaglia inedita .della SS. 

Annunziata di Firenze, plate Firenze, 1814 


509 Baverel et Malpez (MM.) Notices des GraTeurs qui out ]ai886 
des Estampes marquees de Monogrammes, Chiffres, Bebua, 
Lettres initiales, <fi;c. 2 vol. half oalf Besanfon, 1807-8 

610 Bajle (P.) Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 16 yol. 

Farts, 1820 

511 Beattie (J.) on Poetiy and Music ; on Laughter and Ludicrous 

Composition; and on Classical Learning, half calf extra 1779 

512 Beattie (J. H.) Essays and Eragments in Prose and Yerse 

thick paper, half morocco, ^. e, JEdmb* 1794 

513 Beckford (W.) Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters, 

t>late 1834 

514 Bedford (W. K. E.) Blazon of Episcopacy, numerous coats of 

arms 1858 

515 Beeverell (J.) Delices de la Grande Bretagne et de TLrlande, 

8 vol. in 9, numerous plates, fine impressions Leide, 1707 

516 Belcari (Feo) Vita del B. Giovanni Cfolombini, con Parte della 

Yita d'alcuni altri de' Giesuati, portrait, Teste di lAngua 

Eoma, 1659 

517 Belcari (Feo) Lauda e Sonetti due 

only 20 copies printed JE^enze, 1810 

518 Belcari (Feo) Lettere, half morocco, uncut ivi, 1825 

519 Balcari (Feo) Bappresentazioni ed altri di Lui Poesie, edite ed 

inedite, cttts 
half morocco, g. e. Teste di Lingua ivi, 1833 

520 Belcari (Feo) Laude ora per la prima Yolta stampate per Cura 

del Cav. F. Mortara 
FBiin!£i) GIT AZUBS FAPEB, UNIQUE, hluc morocco Farma, 1836 

521 Belcari (Feo) Laude ora per la prima Yolta stampate per Cura 

del Cavaliere F. Mortara 
PBINTED osr TjyxED FAFEB {limited to 12 copies), with the learned 
editor*s autograph inscription ivi, 1836 

522 Belgium. Delici» Batavicaa : varisB elegantesque picture omnes 

Belgii antiquitates, et quidquid prseterea in eo visitur, repne- 
sentantes, Jacohus Marci coUegit et edidit, plates of arms, 
portraits, and curious plates 
old red morocco, y. e, very scarce ohlong. Lugd, Bat, 1616 

523 Bellarmati (M. A.) Istorie Sanesi ; La Scon£da di Montaperto da 

D. Aldobrandini e N. Yentura ; e Cenni sulla Zecca Sanese, 
con Documenti inediti, plate, half calf gilt Siena, 1844 

524 Bellarmino (Card. E.) Dottrina Cristiana, Prato, 1820 — Fior di 

Yirtu istoriato, con un Capitolo in Eima di Dante, <&c. wood- 
cuts, Mrenze, 1818 — Eappresentazione di Giuseppe Figliuolo 
di Giacobbe, woodcuts, JPrato, 1820 — Baldovini (F.) Lamento 
di Cecco da Yarlungo, Livorno, 1820 in one vol 

525 Bellendenus (G.) de Statu, cum Prffifatione S. Parr, portraits 1787 
626 Bellini (L.) La Bucchereide 

half calf gilt, Teste di Lingua Firenze, 1729 

527 Bellini (L.) Discorsi di Anatomia, 2 vol. 

half calf gilt, uncut, Teste di Lingua ivi, 1741-44 

528 Belloc (P. Y.) sur la Yierge au Poisson de Baphael, plates 

half morocco Farts, 1833 


529 Bellori (Gt, P.) Descrizione delle Immagini dipinte di Baffaelle 

d'Urbino nel Vaticano e neUa Fameaina, portrait Boma^ 1751 

530 Bellori (G. B.) Descrizione della Imma^i dipinte di Baffaelle 

d'TJrbino, colla Vita desciitta da G-. Taaari, portrait 
uncut itfiy 1751 

581 Bellori (G. F.) Descrizione delle Immagini dipinte da Baffaelle 

d'Urbino colla Vita sdritta dal Vasari, ec. ec. portrait 
half morocco ivi, 1821 

532 Belvisi (F.) Elogio storico del Pittore Lodovico Caraoci 

half tnorocco, uncut Bolognay 1825 

533 Belvisi (F.) Elogio storico del Pittore Lodoyico Caracci 

half morocco y uncut ivi, 1825 

534 Bembo (P.) Prose, Tinepa (JJdo), 1552— Dolce (L.) Osserva- 

tioni, Vinegia, 1573 in one vol. 

535 Bembo (P.) Prose, Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1586 

536 Bembo (P.) Prose, calf extra, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1586 

537 Bembo (P.) Eime, Ftnegia (Aldo), 1552— Gli Asolani, ivi, 1553 

— Prose, ivi, 1552, rare (see Benouard) in one voh 

588 Bembo (P.) Bime, con Tavola di tutte le Desinentie, 2 toI. in 1 

vellum, Teeto di Lingua Vinegia, 1564 

539 Bembo (P.) Bime, con le Poesie Latine 

LABOB PAFEB, rare Bergamo, 1745 

540 Bembo (P.) Bime con le Annotazioni di A. F. Begbezzi e la Yita 

deir Autore rifatta sopra quella di L. Beccatelii 
half morocco, *^f*^^i Teeto di Lingua ivi^ 1753 

541 Bembo (P.) Lettere, 4 toI. in 2 

half morocco Vinegia (Aldo), 1552-51 (at end, Aldo, 1560)-52-75 

542 Bembo (P.) Lettere, 2 toI. in 1, Iksto di Lingua 

Vinegia (Aldo), 1675 

543 Bembo (P.) Lettere, 4 vol. in 2 

calf extra, very rare (see Benourrd) Venetia (Aldo)^ 1575 

544 Bembo (P.) Lettere, 2 vol. in 1 

Venetia, 1587, (at end of voh 1, 1586) 

545 Bembo (P.) Yita di Guido Baldo Daca d'Urbino e deUa Helisa- 

betta Gk)nzaga sua Gonsorte Fiorenza^ X. Torrentino, 1555 

546 Bembo (P.) Les Azolains, traduictz par J. Martin Paris, 1558 

%* On a fly-leaf at end are the autographs of Jo. Manors (Earl of 
Butland) and of Josua Wakefeilde. 

547 Bene (Bartolommeo del) Bime, ora per la prima Yolta pubblicata 

haif morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di Linaua 

Idvomo CO* Thpi Bodoniani, 1799 

548 Benedetto (San) Begola volgarizzata nel buon Secolo Mrenze, 1855 

549 Benivieni (Hieronvmo) Opere 

calf extra, with the original gilt gaufrd edges, Testo di Lingua 

Mrenze, Oiunti, 1519 

550 [Benson] Beview of the Public Buildings, Statues, and Orna- 

ments in and about London and Westminster, 1734— Clarke 
(J.) on Translations of Classic Authors, 1734 — Gray (J.) St. 
Botolph Beport, with Postscript, 1733 — Bowe (J.) on Wheel- 
Carriages, plates, 1734 in one vol. 



551 Bbh^tttoolio (Cardinal G*.) Histobul dblla Gubbsa di Fiak- 

BBA, 3 Yol. Oolonia (jElzevir)^ 1635-36-40 — Mbmobib, Anui, 
1648 — Belationi, Oolonia (Uhevir), 1646 
Jlne copies in red morocco', g, e. hy Bogeb Fayzts 5 vol. 

552 Bentivoglio (Card.) Memorie AmsU 1646 

553 Bentiyoglio (Card.) Lettere, con Note di Q. Biagioli, 2 vol. in 1 

half etdf gilty Teato di Lingua Parigi, 1807 

554 Bentiyoglio (Eroole) Les Fantomes et* le Jalonx ComedieB, 

traduites en Fran9oifl par J. Fabre, (avcc le Texte Italien en 
LABOB PAPEB, old red morocco, tooled in the Sarleian style, g, e. 

Oxford, 1731 

555 Benvoglienti (TJ.) Opuscoli diversi Bopra la Lingua ToBcana 

Firenze, 1771 

556 Benzene (V.) Nella, Poema Venezia, 1820 

557 Beolchi (C.) Saggio della Foesia Italiana, calf extra, g. e. 1825 

558 [B^rard] Essai bibliographique Bur leB EditionB des Elzeyirs 

calf gilt Paris, 1822 

559 Berens (Archdeacon) Memoir of the Life of Bishop Mant, 

portrait and plates, presentation copy, with autograph inscrip' 
tion hy the author, 1849 — Mariolatry, by T. H. Home, pre- 
sentation copy, with autograph inscription, 1841 ; and others 


560 Beresford (James) IVJiseries of Human Life, in 21 Dialogues, 

2 yol. frontispieces and icoodcuts, first edition qf ths second 
volume Edinb. and Lond. 1807 

561 Bernardo (S.) Sette Opere di Fenitenza con alcuni altri Trattati 

e la Leggenda di S. Chiara e con yarie Laude edite e inedite 
di L. Giustinian, Feo Belcari ed altri. Testi inediti del buon 
Secolo Venezia, 1846 

562 Bernardo (S.) Trattato della Coscienza. Teste di Lingua dell' 

aureo Secolo, half vellum, uncut, top edge gilt Verona, 1828 

563 Bernardo (San) Trattato della Coscienza. Testo di Lingua 

LABQE PAPEB NopoU, 1850 

564 Bernardo (San) della Miseria.umanayolgarizzato nel buon Secolo 

della Lingua, half morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1832 

565 Bernardo (S.) Contemplazioni sulla Fassione di N. S. Gesu Cristo. 

Aggiuntoyi il Yolgarizzamento di alcuni Lezioni ed Epistole 
da Codici MSS. del buon Secolo della Lingua 
THICK PAPEB, half red morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Boma, 1834 

566 Bemays (A.) German Foetical and Historical Anthologies, 2 yol. 

half morocco, g, e, 1835 

567 Bemeri (G.) 11 meo Fatacca, Foema giocoso nel Linguaggio 

Bomanesco, in the Boman dialect JEtoma, 1695 

568 Bcrni (F.) Tutte le Opere in terza Bima, the various Beadings of 

other editions written on the margins, with other printed pieces 
(the Oanzone del Bernia sopra la sua Oivetta and Dialogo 
contra i Poeti M,D,XXXX) and La Oalrina in MS, added 




569 Berni (P.) Tutte le Opere del Bernia in terza Eima, *. I. 1542 — 

Terze Eime de M. Gioyanni dalla Casa, di M. Bino et d'oltri, 
$. I, 1542 — Terze Eime del Molza, del Varchi, del Dolce, et 
d'altri, s, I. 1542 — Dialogo contra i Poeti del Bernia, s. 1, 1542 
with MS, notes f and a MS. Sonnet of Iff, JBemi, entitled ^' Sonetto 
udato di Papa Clemente/' green moroeco extra, g, e, hy O. Letois 

in one vol, 

%* This Yolume sold for £6. (lot 726) in Hibbert's sale. 

570 BiRirr (P.) Opere Burlesche di M. Prancesco Berni, di Messer 

Gio. della Casa, del Varchi, del Mauro, di M. Bino, del Molza, 
del Dolce, del Pirenzuola, di L. Martelli, di M. Prancesi, 
dell' Aretino et di diversi Autori, 2 vol. stained, rare, Testo di 
Lingua Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1552-55 

671 Berni (P.) Dialogo contra i Poeti, red morocco s, I. hdxlii 

572 Berni (P.) Prime Libro del POpere Burlesche di P. Berni, di 

G. della Casa, del Yarchi, del Mauro, di M. Bino, del Molza, 
del Dolce, &, del Pirenzuola, with the autograph and French 
MS, notes of Jean F^anqois Qilles 
vellum, g, e, Mrenze, B, GHunta, 1550 

573 Berni (R) Prime Libro. Another Edition Mrenze, Qiunti, 1552 

574 Bebni (P.) La Catbika Atto scenico rusticale, the original 

SDiTiON, EXCEBSIYELY BABE, Morenza appresso Valente Fanizi, 
e Compa^ni, 1567 — La Catrina insieme col Prammesso detto 
il Mogliazzo, senza nota {NapoU), 1730, red morocco, g. e. in 
vellum case in one vol, 

•<»• The Gradenigo copy of the first work sold for 86 francs. 

676 Berni (P.) La Catrina insieme col Prammesso detto il Mogliazzo 
(Firenze, 1720) — Bibbiena (B. Diyizio Card, da) La Calandria 
Commedia, ivi, 1720 in one vol. 

576 Berni (P.) Vita di Pietro Aretino, portrait 

only 30 copies printed mdxxxtii (1821) 

%* A pretended reprint of an edition said to have been executed in 
Perugia, from a manuscript in the possession of S. W. Singer, 
Esq. Libri's copy sold for £1. 10s. 

577 Berni (F.) Orlando innamorato, translated into Prose, and inter- 

spersed with Extracts in the same Stanza as the original by 
W . S. Bose, MS, notes on separate slips 1823 

578 Berni (P.) Orlando Linamorato di M. M. Boiardo rifatto, 2 vol. 

portrait Firenze, 1827 

579 Bertelli (Prancesco) II Camevale Italiano mascherato, 24 humorous 

etchings, rare senza nota 

580 Berti (G. P.) Cenni suUa Basilica di S. Miniato al Monte e di 

alcuni Dintorni presso Pirenze Firenze, 1860 

681 Bertoloni (Cav. A.) Nuoya Serie de* Testi di Lingua Italiana 

half morocco, uncut Bologna, 1846 

582 Bettinelli (S.) Eisorgimento d'ltalia negli Studj, nolle Arti, e ne' 

Costumi dopo U Mille ; con TElogio del Petrarca, 2 yol. in 1, 
uncut Bassano, 1786 

583 Betham (Matilda) Biographical Dictionary of Celebrated Women, 

portraits 1804 



584 Bettinelli (S.) Lettere sopra gli Epigrammi Bassano^ 1792 

685 Beveridge (Bp. W.) on the XXXIX Articles, 2 vol. Oxford, 1840 

586 Biagioli (G-.) Teaoretto della Liugua Toscana ^origi, 1822 

587 Bianco da Siena, Laudi spirituali. Oodice inedito Lucca, 1851 

588 [Bianconi (G-.)] Lettere sopra A. G. Gelso 

half calf ^iU Boma, 1779 

589 Bianconi (G.) Guida di Bologna, plates 

half vellum extra Bologna, \%2Q 

590 Biagia da Decomano (Commedia in Yersi) 

Jine large copy Wece stampare B. di M, Caatelli, s. a, (1524) 

%* This work is unknown to all Bibliographers, unless, perhaps, to 
Quadrio, who mentions '' La Biagia di Nicomano in ottava Bima,*' 
of which, however, he only mentions a single edition, thai of 

591 Bibiena (Bernardo Divizio, Cardinale da) La Galandra, the first 

Italian Gomedj in Prose, a very rare edition, unknown to 
Q^rnha^ Ihntanini, Haym, and other Bibliographers, hut wanting 
title-page Vinegia,per F, Bindoni and M, Basini, 1547 

592 Bibiena (B. Divitio Gard. da) Galandra, Gomedia 

calf Vinegia, 1653 

593 Bibiena (Gard. B. da) Galandra, Gomedia (folio 40 damaged) 

Fiorenza, Giunti, 1668 

594 Bibiena (B. Divitio Gard. da) Galandra, Gomedia Vinegia, 1562 

595 Bible (Holy), with marginal notes (by John Ganne) 

a scarce edition, old red morocco, g. e. 0. Bill, 1698 

596 Bible (Holy), authorized Version, with the Psalms in Metre 
fine copy in old morocco, sides and hack covered with gold tooling , 

g, e, scarce Edinh, V721 

597 Bible (Holy), Oxford, T, Baskett, 1760— Book of Gommon Prayer, 

ih, 1756--Psalms in Metre, 1762 in one vol. 

598 Bible (Holy), Stereotype Edition, russia, g. e, Gamb, 1819 

599 Bible (Holy), New Testament, Prayers and Hymns 11 vol. 

600 Bible. La Sacra Bibbia, trad, da l3iodati 1819 

601 Bibliotheque Italique ou Histoire Litteraire de P Italic, 18 vol. 

in 9 Geneve, 1728-34 

602 Bibliotheque portative des Ecrivains Francois en Prose et en Yers, 

3 vol. 1803 

603 Bibliophile Beige, 4 vol. half calf gilt Bruxelles, 1845-47 

604 Bibye (Simon, of Lambeth) Oxoniensis Academiao : et Gollegiorum 

qu8d in eadem nunc sunt : honoris etiam eorundem Stemma- 
tum : quotque ibidem studiis dediti, communibus impensis 
foventur : compendiosa et dilucida descriptio, printed on two 
broad sheets, with woodcuts of ike arms of the Colleges and 
ornamental borders, folded into octavo size 
EXTBEMELT BABE Tuhinga, 1602 

605 Bibye (Sim.) Gantabrigiensis Academi8e,.nec non Gollegiorum, <&c. 

descriptio, printed on two broad sheets, with woodcuts of the 
arms of the Colleges and ornamental borders, folded into octavo 

size, EXTBEMELT BARE (lb. 1602) 


606 Bickersteth (Edw.) Christian Hearer, Treatises on the Lord's 

Supper and on Prayer and Scripture Help, 4 vol. 1826-9 — 
Close (F.) on the Book of Genesis, 1828— Cooper (E.) Practical 
Sermons, 6 vol. imperfect^ 1822-3 11 vol, 

607 Bickersteth (E.) Christian Student, 1829— Butcher (W.) Plain 

Discourses to a Country Congregation, 2 vol. 1814 — "Warner 
(R) Scripture Characters, Bath, 1810 4 vol. 

608 Bielfeld (Baron de) Institutions Politiques, 3 vol. portrait 

halfrusna Leyde^ 1768-74 

609 Bientina ( Jacopo del) Comedia di Portuna (in terza Bima) 

very fine eopy^ with rouyh leaves {Temoine) 

[Mrenze'] Fece stampare B, di M, Castelli, 1524 

*«* Excessively rare. The earliest edition known to Mazzuchelli 
was that of 1573. 

610 Bindley (J.) Library-Catalogue, 4 Parts in 1, portrait, with MS, 
, prices and names, lialfcayF, uncut, top edge ailt 1818-20 

611 Biographical Dictionary of living Authors (edited by W. IJpcott 

and F. Shoberl) 1816 

612 BiooRAFHii: Univebs£Lle, Akciekne bt Modebne, 52 vol. 

half calf gilt Paris, 1811-28 

613 BiooBATiA IJirrvEBSALE, antica e modema, recata in Italiano 

con Aggiunte e Correzioni, 65 vol. uncut Venezia, 1822-31 

614 Biografia Universale. Seconda Edizioue, vol. I to X (A-Elisa- 

betta) Venezia, 1834-41 

615 Biografia degli Italiaui illustri del Secolo XYIII e de Con- 

temporanei, 8 vol. ivi, 1834-41 

616 Birch ( W. J.) Philosophy and Religion of Shakspere 1848 

617 Birks (T. B.) Christian State ; or the First Principles of National 

Eeligion 1847 

618 Bisagno (F.) Trattato della Pittura Vejietia, Giunti, 1642 

619 Blackbume (F.) Bemarks on Johnson's Life of Milton, to which 

are added Milton's Tractate of Education and Areopagitica, 
privately printed, with two autograph notes ofDr, John Disney 
inserted 1780 

620 Blackstone (Sir W.) Commentaries on the Laws of England, with 

Notes by E. Christian, 4 vol. portrait 1809 

621 Blackstone (Sir W.) Commentaries on the Laws of England, with 

Notes by J. F. Archbold, 4 vol. 1811 

622 Bland (R,) Collections from the Greek Anthology 

half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt 1813 

623 Bland (R.) Proverbs, chiefly from the Adagia of Erasmus, 2 vol. 

in 1, calf gilt, 1814 — Collections from the Greek Anthology, 
by Rev. E. Bland and others. New Edition, by J. H. Merivale, 
MS, notes, calf extra^ 1833 2 vol, 

624 Blason des Armes. Avec les Armes des Princes, ot Seigneurs de 

France. Et des dixsept Royaulmes 
Waci Icttft, coloured coats of amis, rare 

Faris, a lenseigne Sainct Nicolas^ s. d, 

%• With the woodcut device of P. Sergent on last page. 


625 Blason des Couleurs en Anues, Livr^es ct Devises (par Sicile 
Heraut au Boy Alphonse d'Arragon), autograph of " Wra. 
Pasfcon" Paris, 15S2 

62G Blaquiere (E.) Letters from the Mediterranean, 2 vol. maps 

half calf gilt 1813 


627 Atlas (British), a complete set of County Maps and Plans of 

Cities 1810 

628 Atlas (Scripture), calf m, e. 1812 — Celestial Atlas, by Alex. 

Jamieson, 1822 2 vol. 

629 Atlases and Maps, folded in cases a bundle 

630 Atto della Fede che si h celebrate dair Officio della Santa Inqui- 

sitione di Yalladolid 21 Giugno, 1559 
half morocco, very rare Bologna, 1559 

%• Lutheranism appears to have been the crime for which the 
victims were burnt or imprisoned. Amongst the reconciled 
occurs the name of an Englishman, Antonio Basore Inglese. 

631 Auctores Yetustissimi nuper in lucem editi, M. Lesbius de origine 

Italia), Porcius Cato de origine gentium, Archilochus, Berosus 
Babylonicus, &c. B, Venetus, 1498 — Val. Probus de notia 
Bomanorum, Petrus Diaconus, Demetrius Alabaldus, Beda de 
Compute, Inscriptiones Antiques, &c. Tenet. 1525 — Index 
locorum in Commentariis Ca)saris Belli Gallici descriptorum, 
<&c. an early edition, probably the first, not noticed by Brunet, 
sine ulld notd in one vol. 

632 Audiifredi (J. B.) Catalogus historico-criticus Bomanarum 

Editionum SsecuLi xv et Specimen historico-criticum Editionum 
Italicarum Ssbc. xv, 2 vol. 
^e copy in gilt veaufauve^ by A, Chaumont Bomw, 1783-94 

633 Augustine (Sancto) Soliloquii volgari 

fine copy in red morocco, g. e. a very rare edition, unknown to 
Baitoni, Maym, Oamba, and other Bibliographers Firenze, 14:96 

634 Augustino (Sancto) Soliloquii volgari, woodcuts 

red morocco, g. e, ivi^ 1505 

635 Avellino (Cav. F. M.) Begolamento di Servizio interne della Begia 

University degli Studj Napoli, 1819 

636 Averani (B.) Dieei Lezioni sopra il quarto Sonettq della prima 

Parte del Canzoniere del Petrarca, Testo di Lingua, with 
dedication to H. Newton, the English Envoy Bavennu, 1707 

637 Averani (G.) Lezioni Toscane e Monumenta Latina, 4 vol. in 2 

Firenze, 1744-69 

638 Avicienna (0.) Memorie della Qitih, di Cingoli, plans and plates 

vellum, rare Jesi, 1644 

%• The Casa Silvestri is specially illustrated by this work. 

639 Averoldo (G. A.) Scelte Pitture di Brescia additate al Forestiere 

half mdi'occo, uncut Brescia, 1700 



640 Averoldo (O. A.) Soelte Fitture di Brescia additate al Forestiere 

Brescia, 1700 

641 Azzara (G-. N.) sopra le Yirtu in Grado eroico di G. di Palafoz, 

1777 — Borgomini (A. M.) Elogio di G. Baldassarri, Siena, 
1787 — Vita £. Zanotti, portrait, Bononia, 1784 — Castelli 
Principifl Turrismutii (G. L.) SicilisB Numismata, rare,Banortni, 
1767 — Casarii (8.) HomiliA V nunc primum editaB, *. I, S[ a. ; 
and other curious antiquarfRi Tracts in the rolume 

642 Bacon (Sir E.) Essays, newly enlarged, calf gilt 1682 

643 Baglione (G.) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori et Architetti (1572-1642), 

Jrantispieee and portrait 
THE nxDiOATiOK COPY to Girolamo Cardinal Colonna, in old red 
morocco, a, e, the sides covered with gold, having the CardinaVs 
arms in the centre Boma, 1642 

644 Baglione (G.) Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, Architetti ed Intagliatori 

(1572-1642), con la Vita di Salvator Bosa, scritta da G. B. 
rassari, T. Gray the Boefs copy, with his autograph initials 

Napoli, 1733 

645 Baldi (B.) Versi e Prose, morocco Venetia, 1690 

646 Baldinucci (E.) Notizie de' Professori del Disegno da Cimabue in 

qua, Mrenze, 1681 — Vocabolario Toscano dell' Arte del 
Disegno, ivi, 1681 — La Veglia, Lucca, 1684 — Lettera nella 
quale risponde ad alcuni Quesiti in Materie di Pittura, Boma, 
1681 in one vol. 

647 Baldinucci (F.) Vocabolario Toscano dell' Arte del Disegno. The 

edition cited by the Crusca, Firenze, 1681 — Noticie de' Pro- 
fessori del Disegno da Cimabue in qua, 5 vol. in 6, portrait, 
ivi, 1681, 1728, 1688, 1702, 1728— Cominciamento e Progresso 
deir Arte dell' intagliare in Bame colle Vite di Maestri, ivi, 
1G86 — Lettera neUa quale risponde ad alcuni Quesiti in 
Materie di Pittura, Roma, 1681 — La Veglia, Lucca, 1684 — 
Lezione nelV Accademia della Crusca, Firenze, 1692 — Vita del 
Cavaliere G. L. l^&mno, portrait and plates, ivi, 1682 
Jine copies, in calf in 7 vol. 

648 Baldovini (F.) Lamento di Cecco da Varlungo colle note d'Orazio 

Marrini, lasge papeb, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1755 

649 Baldovini (F.) Cecco's Complaint, translated from il Lamento di 

Cecco da Varlungo by J. Hunter 
LABGE PAPER, On which only 8 copies were printed 1800 

650 Ballino (G.) Disegni delle piii illustri Citt& <& Fortezze del 

Mondo, plates, with a printed title^age Vinegia, 1569 

651 Ballino. Another copy, plates, with a different title-page (engraved) 

Venetiis, 1569 

652 Ballino (G.) Disegni delld piti illustri Cittii & Fortezze del 

LABOB PAPEBjj^fw impressions, vellum, g. e. Vinegia, 1569 

653 Bandini (A. M.) sopra le Collazioni delle Fiorentine Pandette 

fatto da A. Poliziano, vellum Livorno, 1762 


G54t Baptiamale, sive Cathecumenus juxta ritum S. Boman® Eccleaua, 
in quo etiam officia, quas apud egrotum atque deftmctum fieri 
oporteat, continentur et alia multa ; additi sunt Exorcismi 
quatuor ad effugandos demones, printed in red and black, toith 
musical notes and woodcuts, old Venetian morocco, with the 
name of^*^ Sor Camilla Baimondina '* stamped on the sides, g. e. 

Venet. apud heredes L. A, Jv/ntce, 1546 

665 Barberino (F.) Documenti- d' Amore, first impressions of the 

heautifal engravings hy Bloemaert and others 

The Barherini copy, in cotemporary red morocco, ornamented with 

line tooling and the device of the family (the Bee), in gold, g, e, 

Testo di Lingua Roma, 1640 

656 Barbiani (Marcellio Vestrio) Coronatione del Ser. Goaimo Medici 

Gran Duca di Toscana da Pio V. in Eoma con il Viaggio et 
Begia Entrata di S. A. in Boma, rare (see Gamha) 

Morenza, B. 8ermatelli, 1569 

657 Barbieri (G. M.) dell' Origine delle Foesia rimata, uncut 

Modena, 1790 

658 Bardi (Conte G. de') Memorie del Calcio Fiorentino (edite da 

Pietro di Lorenzo Bini) 
LABOE PAPER, with view and plan, vellum, g, e. rare Mrenze, 1688 
669 Bardi. Another copj, on small paper, plan hut no view ivi, 1688 

660 Bargffii (P. A.) Cynegetica, Carmina et EglogsB, Lugd. 1561 — De 

Aucupio, FlorenticB apud Juntas, 1566 — Epithalamium in 

Nuptias Erancisci Medicis et Joann® AustriacsB, ih, 1566, 

vellum in one vol, 

661 Barlow (W.) Firet of the foure Sermons preached before the King 

at Hampton Court, concerning the Antiquity and Superiority 
of Bishops, 1607 — Buckeridge (D.) Sermons at Hampton 
Court, 1606 — Sermon concerning the Bight and Power of 
calling Assemblies, by Bp. Andrews, 1600 — Fourth Sermon 
preached at Hampton Court by Dr. Kinge, Oxf 1606 — A. 
JBrand, Titio erepta on the fifth of November, a Sermon by 
Bp. Barlow, 1607, in one vol. gilt vellum 

662 Bardi de' Conti di Vemio (Giovanni de) Discorso sopra il Giuoco 

del Calcio Fiorentino, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1673 

668 Bardi. Another edition, with additions, vi&u^ an^pkn 

calf, g, e. Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1688 

664 Baretti (G.) Frusta Letteraria con la Continuazione, 3 vol. in 1, 

with a MS. Poem, addressed to Don A. Buonafede, at end 

Boveredd, 1763-64 

665 Baretti (J.) Italian-English and English-Italian Dictionary, 2 vol. 

in 1, uncut 1760 

666 Baretti (Jos.) Dictionary, Spanish and English, and English and 

Spanish, 2 vol. 1800 

667 [Bargagli (Girolamo) ] Dialogp de' Giuochi che nelle Vegghie 

Sanese si usano di fare del Materiale Intronato 
fne copy in russia, g. e, Siena, 1572 

668 Bargagli (S.) Imprese, cuts of devices, tcormed, sold with all 

faults, Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1694 

669 Baringii (D. E.) Clavis Diplomatica tradens speciraina veterum 

Scripturarum,yjic«W/^ plates Hanoverce, 1737 



670 Bartoli (Cosimo) del Modo di misurare le Distantie, &c. 

LABGE PAPER, portrait and woodcuts, half green morocco^ Testo di 
Lingua Venetiay 15G4 

671 Bartoli (C.) Bagionamenti accademici sopra alcuni Luoghi 

difficili di Dante, veUwn Venetia, 1667 

672 Bartoli (Cosimo) Discorsi Historici universali 

LABGE TA.^'Eii, portraits, in old Venetian morocco, g. e. Venelia,\569 

673 Bartoli (D.) delle Grandafeze di Christo in se Btesso e delle nostre 

in Lui, calf extra Roma, 1675 

674 Bartoli (D.) Istoria della Compagnia di Gieau in Inohilteeha, 

scarce Bologna, 1676 

675 Bartoli (D.) del Ghiaccio e della Coagulatione 

half calf extra, uncut, Testo di Lingua Boma, 1681 

676 Bartoli (G.) degli Elementi del Parlar Toscano 

Fiorenza, Oiimti, 1584 

677 Bartoli (G.) Due Dissertazioni, plates, Verona, 1745 — Belgrado 

(J.) il Trono di Nettuno illustrate, plates, Cesena, 1766 — 
Pindemonte (Marchese M. A.) Orazione in Morte del 
Marchese S. Maffei,- portrait and plate of monument, Verona, 
1755 in one vol. 

678 Bartolommeo da S. Concordio (F.) Ammaestramenti antichi Latini 

e ToBcani, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1734 

679 Barufialdi (G.) II Canapajo con le Annotazioni, plates 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua JBologna, 1741 

680 Bascape (Don Carlo) Lettera per Belatione del felice rassaggio, 

deir lUust. Card. Borromeo di questa h, miglior Vita 

Verona, 1584 

681 Basilio Magno (S.) Omelie scelte tradotte da A. M. Eicci, Mrenze, 

1732 — Andres3 Cretensia (S.) in Natalem Diem S. DominsD 
Oratio Grsdce et .Latine A. M. Kiccio Interprete, Florentue, 
1732 in one vol, 

682 Basilio Magno (S.) Omelie scelte tradotte da A. M. Bicci 

half vellum^ uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1732 

*«* At the end is S. Andrew Cretensis in natalem Diem S. Dominsd 
Nostras, Gr. et Lat. Interprete A. M. Eiccio, Florentia, 1732. 
In this choice copy the arms on title-page are worked in blue ink. 

683 Basinii, Farmensis Poetse, Opera prsestantiora commentariis illus- 

trata, 2 vol. plates, half morocco, tov edge gilt Arimini, 1794 

684 Bassi (M.) Dispareri in Materia d' Architettura et Perspettiva con 

Pareri di eccollenti et famosi Architetti che li risolvono, plates, 
Aldine anchor on title and last leaf, half morocco Bressa, 1572 

685 Bassi. Another copy, plates ivi, 1572 

%* Important for the history of Milan Cathedral, and containing 
Letters of Palladio, Vignola, Bertani, and Vassari. 

686 Bataille (G.) Airs de differents autheurs, mis en tablature de luth, 
three books, umnting the first title-page Paris, 1608-11 

Batty (Miss) Italian Scenery, beautiful plates, morocco, g, e. 1820 
Baudier (M.) Histoire de TAdministration du Cardinal d* 
Amboise, ^^/ra»V, half morocco, g,e, Paris, 1634 

689 Bayard (Chevalier) Histoire, seconde edition, par T. Godefroy 

LARGE FA^En, proof impression of the portrait Pam, 1619 




690 Bayly (T. H.) Fifty Lyrical Ballade, privately printed, Bath, 

1829— Eloisa en Dishabille, 1801 2 vol 

691 Bayly (T. EEaTnes) Poetic Musings, (J 50 eopiet only printed for 

the author) 1829 

692 Bayning (Lord) Death repeal'd by a Thankful Memoriall sent 

from Christ Church, in Oxford, celebrating the Noble Deserts 
of Paule Viscount Bayning, of Sudbury Ooeford, 1638 

693 Beatiano (Cavalier G-. C. de) 11 Mercurio araldico in Italia e 

I'Araldo Yeneto, vellum Venetia, 1686 

694 Beccuti detto il Coppetta (F.) Bime con Note da Y. Cavallucci 

Testo di Linyua Venezia, 1751 

695 Belcari (Feo.) Vita del B. Giovanni Colombini da Siena Fonda- 

tore deir Ordine de Poveri Qiesuati 
ealf extra, g, e. rare Siena^ 1541 

696 Belcari (Feo) Yita del B. Giovanni Colombini con Parte de la 

Yita di alcuni altri de li Jesuati 
vellum, rare, Testo di Lingua Soma, 1656 

697 Belcbari (Feo) La Festa della Annuntiatione di Nostra Donna, 

woodcut, senza nota — La Festa di San Qiovanni quando fu 
visitato da Christo nel Diserto, 2 woodcuts, senza nota — La 
Bapresentatione di Sancto Panuntio, 2 woodcute, senza nota 
fine copies, brown morocco, extra, g. e. in one vol. 

%• Three very rare Bappresentazioni, by the famous Feo Belcari, 
all printed in the same type and probably at Florence not later 
than 1500. The Annuntiatione sold for 84 lire 42 centime in the 
Gradenigo sale ; whilst M. Libri*s copy of the San Giovanni 
produced 69 francs ; and the Sancto Panuntio is pronounced by 
Gamba rarissima in Italy, and being worth 100 lire and upwards. 

698 Belinzoihe (Arguto et faceto Poeta B^.) Bime, woodcut portrait 
fine copy, in vellum, g. e. Testa di Lingua Milano, 1493 

*«* Bravetti, in his list of Testi di Lingua, pronounces this edition 
rarissimo, a fact borne out by the Gradenigo copy selling for 450 

699 Bellafinus (F.) de origine et temporibus Urbis Bergomi 

Venet. 1532 

700 Bellin (M.) Essai G^ographique sur les Isles Britanniques, maps 

and vignette views, old red morocco, with arms on sides, g, e. 

Paris, 1757 

701 Bellini (Y.) de Monetis Italia) medii Mn, plates 

half calf gilt Ferraria, 1755 

702 Bellosi (G. P.) Yite de' Pittori, Scultori et Architetti, portraits, 

Roma, 1672 

703 Bellori (G. P.) Yite de' Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti modemi, 

portraits Roma, 1728 

704 Belo (Francesco) El Beco Comedia (in prosa) woodcut portrait 

and device, very rare, but part of title supplied in MS, 

Roma, per Antonio Blado d^Asula, 1538 

705 Beltrano (0.) Breve Descrittione del Eegno di Napoli, wood^mts 

qfarms, Sfc, vellum Napoli, 1614 

706 Bembo (P.) Gli Asolani, with the Dedication to Luerezia Borgia 

and the Errata^ vellum, scarce Venetia, Aldo, 1505 


707 Bembo (P.) Gli Asolani, withatU the Dedication but with the 

Mrratay large copy, with valuable MS. notes on margine 

Venetia, Aldo, 1505 

708 Bembo (Card. P.) Oli Asolani. Edition seconda 

^e copffy in vellum, g. e, Vinegia^ Sabbio, 1530 

709 Bembo (Card. Pietro) Gli Asolani. Edition seconda, Vinegia, 

Sdbbio, 1530 — Bime, m, 1530, with numerous MS. notes and 
corrections^ apparently hy Cardinal Bembo himself 
in eotemporary citron morocco, gilt gaufri edges in one vol. 

710 Bembo (r. Cardinal) Historia v initiana 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Vinegia {Aldo), 1552 

711 Bembo (P.) Eimb 

LARGE VAJf^Uyfine copy Roma, 1548 

712 Bembo (P.) Bime. Terza Impressione, toith numerous various 

Headings, written in a beautiful Italian hand on the margins, 
taken from Bembo^s autograph corrections 
morocco super extra, g, e. sides ornamented with gold tooling 

Roma, 1548 

713 Bembo (P.) Eime. Terza Impressione 

LABGB PAPEB, autograph of Hebcule Stbozzi, beautiful copy in 
old citron morocco, covered with gold line tooling, and painted 
in compartments, g. e, in the Qrolier styh 


714 Bembo (P.) Prose nolle quali si ragiona della volgar Lingua 
^ne copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua, rare 

Morenza, L. Torrentino, 1549 

%* This cop7 has the Dedication in Eoman letters and the Eecto of 
title is in blank. 

715 Bembo (P.) Prose. Another copy (as usual vnthout the title with 

arms), autograph signature and notes of the celebrated P. F, 
Oiambullari ivi. 1549 

716 Bbmbo (P.) Pbose. The same edition, but having an additional 

title on what is blank in the former with engraving of the Medici 
arms, and as an addition to the title on back Terza Impressione. 
The Dedication is also reprinted in Italic instead of Roman 
beautiful copy in morocco, super extra, g. e. 

Morenza, L. Torrentino 1548 (at end 1549) 

717 Bembo (Card. P.) Istoria Yiniziana pubblicata da J. Morelli, 2 vol. 

LABOE PAPEB, portrait by F. Bartolozzi, half green morocco, uncut, 
top edge gilt, Testo di Lingua Vinegia, 1790 

718 Bembus (Petrus) de Guide XJbaldo Feretrio deque Elizabeta 

Gonzagia IJrbini Ducibus 
LABOB PAPEB,^n^ copy in brown morocco, inlaid with blue, broad 
border of gold, g. e. rare Roma, 1548 

719 Bembus (P.) de Guide Ubaldo Eeretrio deque Elisabeta Gonzagia 

Urbini Ducibus Romw, 1548 

720 Benacci (V.) Descrittione de gli Apparati fatti in Bologna per la 

Yenuta di Clemente YIII, with etchings of the Triumphal 
Arches, Statues and Pictures, by Guido (see Bartsch) 
excessively rare Bologna, 1598 


721 Benedict! Oeeenatis De Honore Mulierum Libri IV ItaJice 

a very rare Italian Poem in terza Rima commencing tw A ii, fine 
copy in morocco Venetia, 1500 

722 Beni (P.) Anticrusca, calf extra, y. e, Padova, 1612 

723 Benivieni (A.) Vita di Piero Vettori TAntico 

Fiorenza^ Oiunti, 1588 

724 Beniveni (Domenico) Scala della Vita Spiritualo sopra el Kome 

Maria, ^^ veaufaxive^'^ q. e. aenza nota (FirenzCy circa 1500) 

725 Bentivoglio (Cardinale) Kelationi publicate da Erycio Puteano 

Testo di Lingua, calf gilt Colonia, 1630 

726 Bentivoglio (Card.) Lettere Histampata in Oolonia, 1631 

727 Bentivoglio (Cardinal) della Guerra di Fiandra, 8 vol. portrait, 

Qolonia, 1633-39— Eelationi, Farigi, 1631 
John Gat the Poet's copt, with his autograph on each title- 
page, calf gilt 4 voi. 

728 Bentivoglio (Cardinale) Memorie Venetia^ 1668 

729 Bentley (E.) Proposals for printing a new Edition of the Greek 

Testament and St. Hierom's Latin Version, 1721 ; and other 
Tracts 12 

730 Benvenuto Italiano (Professour) II Passagiere : the Passenger, 

containing seaven exquisite Dialogues in Italian and English 
(the Translation bj Mr. King) 1612 

781 Benvicenni (Zucchero) Volgarizzamento dell' Esposizione del 
Paternostro. Testo di Lingua per la prima Volta pubblicato 
con Illustrazioni del D. Luigi Bigoli, curious plates 

Firenze, 1828 

732 Beeck (P. a) Aquisgranum sive Historica Narratio de Begi® Coro- 
nationis Hegum Eom. Sedis Aquensis Civitatis Origine ac 
Progressu, plates^ stamped calf Aquisgi^ani, 1620 

788 Bergamasco (Bastianello) La Margaritona oonfusa, Commedia, 
Yverdon, 1778 — Ansidei (R.) Versi sdolti nelle Nozze della 
nobile Signora Carolina Jackson col nobile Cavaliere F. Span- 
nocchi, dedicated to Sir John Acton, Ferugia, 1785 ; and other 
Tracts in the volume 

734 Bergantini (G. P.) Voci scoperte e Difficolt^ incontraete sul 

Vocabolario ultimo della Crusca, uncut Yenezia, 1758 

735 Bernardo (Sane to) Sermoni Tulgari ridocti in Lingua Toscana, 

looodcutf half morocco, scarce Firenze, 1495 

736 Bernardo (S.) Another copy m. 1495 

737 Bernardo (S.) Sermoni devotissimi, woodcut of a priest preaching 

calf extra Venetia, 1508 

738 Berni (P.) Capitolo del Gioco della Primiera col Comento di 

Messer Pietropaulo da San Chirico, woodcut titlepage 
half morocco, vekt bi^bb Bomaper F, Minitto Galuo, 1526 

739 Beriti (Francesco) Orlakdo ikkamobato nuovamekte com- 


Jins copy in olive morocco, g, e. hy Fadeloup 

Vinctia, per gli Heredi di L. A, Oiunta, 1541 

\* First edition, styled bj Bravetti " rarissima.^^ Col, Stanley's 
copy sold for £ 9. 9s. 




740 Bebki (F.) Oblaitdo innamobato compoato gia dal Signor 

M. M. Boiardo Coute di Scaudiano et rifatto tutto di nuovo 
(in ottava Bima) 
fine copy in vellum, rare Milano, 1542 

*ii* Sir M. Sykea's copy sold for £ 6. 12b. 6d., and was re-sold in 
Hibbert's for £ 7. 7b. 

741 Bemi (Francesco) Orlando innamorato composto gia dal S. Matteo 

Maria Boiardo Conte di Scandiano et hord rifatto tutto di 
nuoYO (in ottava Hima), last leaf mended 
red moroceo, g. e. by Derome 

Venetia, per li Heredi di L. A, Oiunta, 1545 

742 Bebni (F.) OBLATiTDO IKNAMOBATO BiFATTO, a few letters in 

folio 70 deficient, else fine copy 
in old red morocco, the sides covered with elegant gold tooling, g. e. 
BABE Venetia, GHunti, 1545 

%* This copy has the arms of Cardinal Alessandro de* Medici (after- 
wards rius lY) stamped in gold on sides. Col. Stanley's copy 
sold for £ 8. 8s., and the White Knights for £ 7. 10s. 

743 Bemi (F.) Orlando Innamorata 

fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Morenza, 1725 

7i4 Bebbutt (Amadei) Dialogub : An amico sepe ad scribendum 
provocate : ut scribat : non respondenti sit ampliiis scriben- 
dum ; Colloquutores, Amadeus, Austeritas, Amicitia et Amor, 
with exquisite engraving on the titlepage within a border by 
Mabc Antokio Eaimondi, representing the four speakers in 
the Dialogue, green morocco extra, g. e, 

bxoessivelt babe, with a copy from the engraving by Cornelius 

Bos inserted, from the libraries of Mr. Hanrott and Sir Mark 

Sykes Bomce, 1517 

%* This copy sold for £9. in Mr. Hanrott's Sale, and for £21. in 

Sir Mark Sykes's. 

745 Bertelli (P.) Teatro delle Citti dltalia, views Tieenza, 1616 

746 Bertelli (P ) Teatro della Citta d'ltalia, plates ivi, 1616 

747 Bertellii (P.) Diveraarum Nationum Habitus item Ordines duo 

Processionum unus Summi Pontificis alter Principis Vene- 
tiarum, 94 plates (not 104 as stated on the titlepage) 

Fatavii, 1592 

748 Bertelli (F.) Theatre delle Citta d'ltalia, |>Za^<» Fadova, 1629 

749 Bertellii (P.) Theatrum Urbium Italicarum, many plates 

impressed binding obi. Tenet, 1599 

750 Bertellii Theatruxir, Aliud Exemplar, the woodcut capitals in some 

places are different from those in the preceding, and there are 
other variations obi. ib. 1599 

751 Berthelson (And.) English and Danish Dictionary, 1754— En 

Dansk og Engelak Ord-Bog af E. Wolff, 1779, very scarce 
calf, m. e. in one vol. 

752 Berti (Q. L.) Prose volgari, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1759 

753 Berti (G. L.) Prose volgari 

half bound, uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1759 

754 Bertii (P.) Commentarii Rerum Oermanicarum, numerous maps 

and views of cities, ^c. Amst. Janssonius, 1616 — Description 
Generale des Pays tfas, numerous plates, imperfect obi. 2 twi. 



755 Bertinopo (I. da) Oratione Cfesena, 1608 

756 Beasarione (Cardinalo) Lettere et Oration! tradotte da F. 

Pigafetta VeneHa, 1578 

757 Betti (Z.) del Baco da Seta Canti IV con Annotazioni 

half calf gilt ' Verona, 1756 

758 [Bettinelh (S.)] Lettere su le Belle Arti 

LA.BaE PAPEB, engravings of gentB^ half calf gilt Venezia^ 1793 

759 Bezao (T.) Icones, id eat ver© Imagines virorum doctrina aimul et 

pietate illustrium quibua adjecta sunt Emblotnata, woodcut 
portraits including those of Oranmer and 'Knox, and emblems 

Q^nevw, 1580 

760 Bianchini (G.) Notizie iatoricbe intomo alia S. Cintola di Maria 

Vergine che ai conaerva nella Citti di Prato in To8cana,7?»« 
frontispiece, half morocco , Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1722 

761 Bianchini (G.) della Satira Italiana con una Diasertazione deir 

Ipocriaia de* Letterati 
ha^ morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1729 

762 Bianchini (G.) della Satira Italiana e dell* Ipoeriaia degli CTomini 

half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Fvrenze, 1729 

763 BiBBiA. Fioreti della Bibbia historiati in Lingua Piorentina, 

EXTREMELY Bi.BE, unknown to Renouard, 60 woodcuts 

' Venecia per Mattheo di co de cha da parma ad instantia 
de Lucantonio de zontaforentino M ccco lxxxx iiii 

764j Bibbia in Lingua Italiana da G. Diodati, calf \_Qeneva'\, 1607 

76^ Bible (Holy) bound in 2 vol. with the autograph of E. Ferrers on 
the titl^page, and interleaved with verg copiew annotations 
rough calf 1685 

766 Bible (Holj), engraved titlepage, bound in 3 voL ruled throughout 
with red lines, and interleaved with very copious and learned 
annotations ; from the Duke of Grafton's lihrarg Oxf. 1697 

707 Bible (Holy) vol. I, engraved titlepage hg Sturt — ComToon Prayer, 
front, hy Sturt, Oxford^ 1726--P8aim8 in Metre, 1728— 
Apocrypha and Concordance by Douname, 1726 2 vol. 

768 Bible (Holy) the Hiatorical Part, engraved on 57 plates 

halj^ morocco Dublin, 1787 

769 Bible (Holy}, halfrussia Oxford, 1802 

770 Bible {Holy), with Commentary by Rev. T. Scott, New Edition, 

with the Author'a last corrections and improvements, 6 vol. 
calf^ m, e. 1830 

771 Bible. Common Place Book, or the Scriptures Sufficiency practi- 

• cally demonstrated 1697 

772 Bicchierai (A.) dei Bagni di Montecatini, jp/a^^v 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1788 

%* Moreni erroneously calls the work a folio, and gives a wnNOg 
date, 1778 inatead of 1788. 

773 Biondl (A.) Easequie del Re di Spagna D. Klippo II celebrate in 

Pirenze dalla Nazione Spagnuola Fiorenza, F. Oiunti, 1599 

77 i Biondi (Cav. G. E.) latoria delle Guerre civili B^lKOttiLTEBBA 

tra le due Case di Lancastro e lore, 3 vol. in 1, autograph of 

" Peter Killigrew'' Venetia, 1637-44 




775 Barozad da Yignola (Jacomo) Le due Begole de}la Prospettiva 

praidca, ood i Comentarii del B. P. M. !%Datio Dauti, plates 

Boma, 1583 

776 Barozzi da Yignola (Jacomo) Begola delle cinque Ordini d'Archi- 

tet^ra et alcuna Opera d'Architettura racolto da F. Villa- 
mex^ portrait and plates^ velliMu ivi, 1617 

777 Bartoli (D.) Opera morali, half bound, ^^^^o di Lingua iviy 1684 

778 Bartoli (D.) Vita et Istituto di S. Ignatio, Fondatore della Coin- 

pagnia de Giesu, Eoma, 1659 — Istoria della Compagnia di 
Oeau L' Asia col Giapone e la Cina, 3 voL iidy 1653>63 — L'ltalia, 
«w, 1678 — L'Ikohilteeba, ivi, 1667 
Jine copy in vellum, Testo di imgua 6 vol, 

779 Bartoli (D.) Giapone e Cina, 2 vol. Emna, 1660-.63 

780 Bartoli (D.) Lltalia ivi, 1613 
7ai Bartoli (D.) L'Inohiltebba ivi, 1667 
782 Bartoli (P. S.) Gli antichi Sepolcri ovvero Mauaolei Bomani ed 

EtruBcbi, t?2a^««, old citron morocco ivi, 1727 

78& Basilica SS. Udalrici et Afire imperi^ia Monasterii Ord. 8. Bene- 
dict! AugusteB Yindel. bistorice descripta, plates hy Kilian 

Aug, Vind. 1653 

784 Baatero (Don A ) La Crusca Provenzale, vol. I, (all published) 

very scarce Boma, 1724 

785 Bajle (P.) Dictionary, Historical and Critical, with Life, revised, 

corrected, and enlarged by Des Maizeaux, 6 vol. portraits 


786 Beseri (L.) Bpicilegium Antiquitatts, j>2a^M Colon. Brand. 1692 

787 Belgium. Somnium Navale sive Poeroa in Expedittonem Navalem 

adversus Belgas sub auapiciia Jaoobx Ihicia EboracenBiEi 

Oxon, 1673 

788 Bembo (P.) Prose Vinegia, 1525 

789 Bembo (P.) Prose, in the original stamped binding ivi, 1625 

790 Benirieni (Hieromyxno) Commanto aopra a piu sue Canzone et 

Sonetti dello Amore et della Belleza Divina 
riBaa^ XDITXOK, vellum Firenze, 1500 

%* Bare. Heber's copy sold for £8* 13b. 6d. 

791 Benlowea (E.) Oxonii Encomium, cuts inserted Oxon. 1672 

792 BEBLiKGiirBBi (Francesco) Geoqbaphia, is tebza Eim:a, with 

the maps engraved on copper {supposed to have been the earliest 
thus executed, and before those in the Btolemg qf 1478) 
EXTREMELY BA.BE Pirenze,per Nicolo Todescho, «, a. circa 1477 

•^* In tbia copy, in a -^exj oW handwriting, the date of 3474 is 
added to the imprint. 

793 Berry (W.) Pedigrees of the Families of the County of Sussex, 

numerous coats of arms 1830 

794 Bibia, tradotta in Lmgua Volgare (da Antonio Bmccioli, riviata 

da F. Euatico), icoodcuts 
half inorocco^ g. e. scarce 

l^Gcjwva], ^tampato appresso Francesco Duronc, 1562 




795 Sibia Volgare, per D. Nicolas de Malermi, numerotu woadeutt 

in the original oak hoards covered wUk leaiker Venetia, 1553 

796 BiBBiA (La Sacra) tradotta iu Lingua Italiana, e commentata da 

Ot. Diodati, con TAggiunta do Sacri Salmi measi in rime per 
lo medesimo 
^fine copy in old red moroeco^Q, e. with the artng, crest, and cypher 
of the witty Thomas Killiyrew, the celebrated dramatist, 
stamped in yold on sides and hack Geneva, 1641 

*^* On the back of ensraved title Thomas KiUigrew, in his own 
band, has entered his two marriages and the births of his chil- 
dren. These autograph memoranda are very important, as thej 
correct the mistakes of his biographers, shewing that he was 
born in Lothbury, Feb. 7th 1611, and not at Hanworth, as 
stated in Wood's AtheDae, edited by Dr. Bliss. It also gives the 
name of his second wife, Charlotte de Hesse, hitherto known only 
as " a Dutch Lady.'' Uis death is recorded by his son Charles 
as occurring in October, 1682, instead c^ 19 March, 1682, as 
mentioned in "Wood. 

797 Bible (Holy) with Annotations and Parallel Scriptures, by S. 

THE akfotatob's COPY, with many alterations and additions, 
and thousands of parallel Scriptures added, as also many 
marginal readings, prepared for a second edition 1690 

798 Bible (Holy), illustrated with a series of plates engraved hy J. Cole, 

from designs hy the best masters, 1728 — Book of Common 
"Pvayer, portrait of King George, Oxford, 1721 — ^Psalms in 
English Metre, by Sternhold, BCopkins, and others, 1716 
old morocco, g, e. in one vol. 

799 Bircherodii (J.) Breviarium Equestre seu de Ordine Mephantino 

Tractatus, fine portraits and plates, rare, Havnite, 1704 — 
Florian (P. P.) Difesa et Offeea delle Piazze, plates, Venetia, 
1654:, old gilt calf in one vol. 

800 Bizari (P.) Senatus Papdtque Genuensis rernm domi forisque 

gestarum historic atque annales, with autograph qf Peter 
Burman Antv, 1549 

801 Blank Paper Book with Shields for drawing Arms in, lettered 

" Arms in trick " 

802 Blank Book, with leaves of stout paper, ruled, half russia ; and 

8 others 

803 Blank Paper Books, 4 vol. 

804 Blaeu (J.) Nouveau Theatre d'ltalie, ou Description de ses Yilles, 

Palais, Eglises, &c. ot les Cartes Geographiqoes de toutes sea 

Provinces, 4 rol. in 2, fine impressions of the numerous heauti- 

Jul plates, old Dutch calf Amst. P. Mortier, 1704 

805 Blenheim, a Poem 1705 

806 Blome (E.) Britannia; or Gkographical Description of England, 

Scotland, and Ireland, maps coloured and arms emblazoned 

LASLQE PAPEB, Calf 1673^ 

807 Blounfc (T. P.) Censura Celebriorum Authorum, sive Tractatus in 

quo varia Tirorum doetorum de clarissimis cujusque Seculi 
Scriptoribus judicia traduntur, with MS. notes hy William 
Nicols 1690 


SOS BoGcaoeii (J.) Genealogia Deorum, Beffii, 1481 — De Montibus, 
Silvia, Fontibus, Lacubus, Flumioibus, et Stagnis, Slc, {ih. 
I'^l), old citron morocco in one vol, 

809 Boccaccio (G.) Libro della Querra di Tbeseo con le Donne Ama- 

zon e (in ottava Eima) 
privately printed in imitation of the MS. fir S. L. G. E. Audin, 
the editor Parigi, 1840 

810 Bodleian Library. Catalogue Librorum BibliothecaB BodleiansD, 

2 to), presentation copy from Philip Sydenham to Rev. Mr, 
Upton Occon, 1738 

811 Boissardi (J. J.) Habitus variarum Orbis Gentium, 10 plates, 1581 

— Mascarades recuilliea et mises en taille douce par B. Bois- 
sart, 2^ plates on 14 sheets^ 1597 — Artia Perspectivje plurium 
generum elegantisBimee Formulas, multigenia Fontibus, non- 
nulHaque Hortulis affabre factia exornataB, etc. 19 plates, Antv. 
O. de Jode, 1568 — Landscapes, Shipping Pieces, Ac. after 
Bril, Breughel, and other Painters, engraved by Sadeler, 30 
plates, 1599, Ac— Signs of the Zodiac, by M. de Voa, Ant. 
Wierinx, Adr. CoUaert, ^. 18 plates oblong, in one vol. 

812 Boiaaardi (J. J.) BomansD Urbia Topographia et Antiquitatea, 

6 vol. in 2, many plates engraved by Be Bry 
fine copy Francof. 1597-1602 

813 Boiaaardi (J. J.) Topographia TJrbia Eomao, gegeben durch D. De 

Bry, many plates Franchf. 1681 

814 Bonanni (P.) Kumismata Pontifieum Bomanorum et Numiamata 

Pontificum Tetnpli Vaticani Frbricam indicantia, 3 vol. nume- 
rous plates Horace, 1699-1700 

815 BovATSNTusA (S. Cardinale) Vita bsi; olobioso bbbaphicq 

Paibs Sai^ Fbangssco, with portrait added 
semi-gothic type, calfgilt^ sxtbemely bab£ 

Milano, par A. Zaroto da Barma, 1477 

816 Bonnart (H.) Costames cles Fran9oi8, coloured plates (70 of 

female and 29 of male eosttime) 1687-88 

817 Boot, Beschryving van Utrecht, view and plan of Utrecht in 

1598 1661 

818 Bordoni (B.) laolario, woodcut maps^ including Akbbica 

very fine copy in limp vellum, g. e. Vinegia, F, Tbresano, 1547 

%* Benouard, in hia Annalea dea Aide, describes tltis work as " fbrt 
rare." The book is much soilght after on account of the curious 
letter respecting Pizarro and the discovery of Peru printed at 
the end. 

819 Boachini (M.) Begno tutto di Candia, 61 plates Venet 1651 

820 Bosio (Jac.) latoria della Sacra Beligione et ill. Militia di San 

GKovanni Gieroaolimitano, 3 vol. in 2, plate Boma^ 1594-1602 

^1 Boxhomii (M. Z.) Monumenta lllustrium Yirorum et Elogia, 
many plates, Anui. 1638-^HiBtoria Obsidionis BredsD, plates, 
Lugd, BaL 16 U) — Oratio Funebris in obitum D. Molini, ib, 
1636 in one vol. 


822 Braon (G.) S. Novellam, et E. Hogenbereii Ciyitates Orbis Ter- 

rarum, 58 plates^ including one of Lonaon, afterwards issued as 
liber primits 
sides richly ornamented and gilt Antv, et Colon, 1572 

823 BrauDy Civitates Orbis Terrarum, ^rst edition, consisting only of 

whmt was afterwards issued as liber primus, the plates coloured^ 
toith MS. note hy Rev, Dr, Wellesley, pointing out the dif- 
ferences in later impressions Ant. et Colon. 1572 

824 Bbauv, Ciyitates Obbis Tsbbabttk, 6 vol. in 2, a series of 

very curious plates illustrative of all countries^ including several 
English, vellum Col Agrip, 1572-1618 

825 BrauQ (S.) Civitates Orbis Terrarum, aliud exemplar, 6 vol. in B 
fine copy, gilt vellum Col. Agrip. 1572-1618 





826 BlG83ingtoii (Countess of) The Idler in Italy, 2 vol. 

presentation copy to the Marquis of Wellesley, with interesting 
autograph inscription, signed in full " Marguerite Blessing- 
ton.'* 1839 

827 Blount (T.) Glossographia ; or Dictionary of Hard Words 1661 

828 Bloxam (M. H.) Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, 

cuts, 1838 ; and others 4 vol. 

829 Blunt (H.) History of Abraham, Peter, and Jacob, 3 vol. 1831 j 

and others 10 vol. 

830 Boccaccio (G.) Opera de* Monti, Selve, &c. tradotta da N. Libur- 

nio-Aggiuntovi la Favola dell* Urbano del medesimo Boc- 
caccio, 2 vol. in 1, vellum, Testo di Lingua 

Fiorenza, F. Giunti, 1598 
83 L Boccaccio (G.) Opera de* Monti, Selve, &c. tradotta da N. Libur- 
irio e la Favola deir XJrbino, 2 vol. in 1 
half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua tvi, 1598 

832 Boccacci (G.) Opere, 6 vol. 

LAEOB PAFJBB, vcllum Fir enzc, 172^-24 

833 Boccaccio (G.) 0p£B£ yolgabi, 17 vol. 

LABGE PAPiiB, portrait and india proof plates after Stothard's 
designs f haU^ morocco, uncut tvi, 1827-34 

834 Bocca<3cio (G.) Laberinto d'Amore, con una Epistola h M. Pino 

do Bossi confortatoria 
m&rocco super extra, leather joints, richly tooled, g. e. by Hering, 
rare Firenze (JB, di Oiunta), 1516 



835 Boccaccio (G.) Fiametta et Ameto, 2 vol. in 1, autograph of Bene- 
detto di Oeri Bartoli Firenze^ Oiunta, 1617-21 

886 Boccaccio (G.) Laberinto d* Amore, con una Epistola k Messer 
Pino de Boasi confortatoria, Mrenze, Oiunti^ 1516— Araeto, 
w, 1521 ; green morocco^ g. e. 2 tol. 

837 Boccaccio (G.) Ameto, Mrenze, Giunti, 1521 — Piametta, iviy 

1517^Iiaberinto d* A more con una Epistola k M. Pino de 
Bosai, ivi^ 1516 in one vol. 

838 Boccaccio TG.) Ameto Mrenze, Giuntiy 1529 

839 Boccaccio (G.) Fiammetta, vellum Fiorenza^ CHunta^ 1524 

840 Boccaccio (G ) Fiammetta Fiorenza, B. di CHunta, 1533 

841 Boocacci (G.) La Fiammetta 

half calf gilty Testo di Lingua Firenze, JR Giuntiy 1594 

842 Boccacci (G.) La Fiammetta Firenze, 1724 

843 Boccaccio (G.) II Corbaccio Firenze, F. Giunti, 1594 

844 Boccaccio (G.) II Filocolo, Testo di Lingua Firenze, F Giunti, 1594 

845 Boccaccio (G.) II Filocolo 

red morocco, g. e, Firenze, F, CHunti, 1594 

846 Boccaccio (G.) 11 Decamerone 

fine copy, in old French Hue morocco^ g. e, with the Longepierre 
device (the Golden Fleece), stamped in gold on sides and back 

Lione, G. Bovillio^ 1555 

847 Boccacci (G.) H Decameron 

fine copy in old red morocco, g. e. Amst, (Flzevier) 1665 

848 Boccacci (G.) II Decamerone, 2 vol. 

uncasirated edition, vellum Amst, colla Sfera, 1718 

849 Boccaccio (G.) Decameron, con note, 8 vol. half gilt vellum, uncut, 

top edges gilt, Testo di Lingua Parma, 1812 

850 Boccaccio (G.) Decamerone, con Discorso storico da Ugo Fos- 

colo, 3 vol. itA.Ba£ PAPER, proof portrait and plates from 
Stothard's designs 1825 

851 Boccaccio (G.) Ameto, Comedia 

autograph of the celebrated " Michael AwoELtrs Bonarotus," 
and of" Lionardo Buonarrotti" Vinegia, 1558 

852 Boccaccio (G.) Amorosa Visione (in terza Bima) iai, 1668 

853 Boccacci (G.) 11 Corbaccio 

presentation copy from J. Corhinelli, the Editor, ta l^r Thomas 

Bodley, whose autograph, " Tho. Bodl. ex do, Jac. OorbV is 

on title -page Farigi, F, Morello, 1569 

854* Boccaccio (G.) Liberinto d*Amore, con una Epiatola confortatoria 

a M. Pino di Bossi 

BABE P. Alex. Pag. Benacenses, F. Bena, V, V, 

855 Boccaccio (G.) La Teseide, portrait 

PBiNiED ON BLUE PAPEB (Carta TuTchifM), Hmited to fimr 
copies, half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Milano, 1819 
866 Boccaccio (G.) La Teseide (in ottava Bima), portrait 

half calf gilt, uncut Milano, 1819 

857, Boccaccio (^G.) Nimfale Fiesolana in ottava Bima 

LA-YiQ^ VAi^tin, calf extra, g.e. Testo di Lingua Parigi,177S 
868 Boccaccio (G.) Nimfale Fiesolano (in ottava Kima) 

LABas PAPER, uncut Londra (Farigi) 1778 

S59 Boccaccio (G.) Bime, half vellum, uncut Livomo, 1802 


860 Boccaccio (G.) Vita di Dante Alighieri, a very scarce edition, 

much sought after on account of its containing a passage re- 
lating to the Monorchia, omitted in nearly every other, Testo 
di Lingua, Boma, 1544 —Luciano Yita de Cortigiani Inter- 
prete G-. Eoselli, woodcut of St. George and the Dragon on 
title and at end, Vinegia, 1542 in one vol, 

861 Boccaccio (0-.) Lettera a M. Pino de Boss! sopra V Esilio, con 

note di Proculeio Floro (G. Gentili), uncut Livorno, 1770 

862 Boccacci (G.) Epistola a M. Pino de Eossi 

LAE€hE TAVnn, portrait, half morocco, uncut Venexia, 1825 

863 Boccacci (G.) Lettera a M. Zanobi da Strada 

PEiNTED ON TINTED PAPER, platcs, half morocco, uncut, top 
edge gilt Firenze, 182/ 

864 Boccacci (G.) Pistola a Messer Francesco Prior© di Sant' Apos- 

tolo, Testo di Lingua 
Li.BO£ PAPEB, portrait, half morocco, uncut  Milano, 1829 

865 Boccaccio (G.) Comento sopra la Divina Comedia Fiore da G. J. 

Montanari Firenze, 1842 

866 Boccalini (T.) Ragguagli di Pamaso coll' Aggiunta, per G, Briani, 

3 vol. in 1 Venetia, 1669 

867 Bocchi (F.) Bellezze di Fiorenza Fiorenza, mbxci (1691) 

*iii* In most copies the date is given mdlcxi. 

868 Bocchi (F.) Bellezze di Firenze, ampliate da G. Cinelli 

Firenze, 1677 

869 Bocchi. Another copy ivi, 1677 

869* Bocchi. Another Edition, frontispiece and portrait of Cinelli 

Pistoia, 1678 

870 Bocchi (F. Scrittore del Secolo XVI) della Imagine miracolosa 

della SS. Nunziata di Firenze Firenze, 1852 

871 Boethius de Consolatione Philosophise 

in old morocco, covered unth gold tooling, g, e. Amst. 1653 

872 Boezio della Consolatione volgarizzato da Maestro Alberto Fioren- 

tino co' Motti de' Filosofi ed un' Orazione di TuUio Vol- 
garizzamento di Brunette Latini, Testo di Lingua 
LABGE PAPEB, half calf cxtra, uncut Firenze, 1736 

873 Boezio. Another copy, on small paper, vellum, uncut ivi, 1735 

874 Boezio della Consolazione della Filosofia, tradotto da B. Varchi 

LABGE PAPBB, portrait, uncut Venezia, 1737 

876 Bohn (H. G.) Guinea Catalogue of Books, half morocco 1841 

876 Boiardo da Scandiano (Conte M. M.) Orlando Innamorato (in 

Italian), with an Essay on the Komantic Narrative Poetry 
of the Italians, Memoir and Notes by A. Panizzi, 5 vol. 


877 Boileau (N.) (Euvres, avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques par 

Brossctte, et des Bemarques par M. de Saint Marc, 5 vol. 

portrait and vignettes, beautiful copy on papier fin d^MoU 

' lande, veau fauve, g, e. Paris, 1747 




878 Bolingbroke (Lord) Idea of a Patriot King (Pope's Olaadeetine 

Edition), portrait added, eaif 

•»♦ Very rare, all the copies having been destroyed by Lord Boling- 
broke, with the exception of a row given away by Pope previously 
to his death. This edition contains many variations from that 
pnblished by his Lordship's authority, and is a great literary 
curioeitY. See M3. note by Mr. Bindley, at whose Sale this 
copy sold for £1. 10s. 

879 Bolzenthal (H.) Skizzen zur Kunstgeschichte der modemen 

MedaiUen-Arbeit (U29.1840), 30 plates Berlin, 184iO 

880 [Bombet (L. A. 0.)] Histoire de la Peinture en Italie, 2 voL 

Paris, 1817 

881 Bombini (P.) Vita et Martyrium Edm. Campiani Martyris Angli, 

calf Mantua, 1620 

882 Bonaparte (J.) Sac de Borne, ecrit en 1527 (traduit par N. L. 

Bonaparte), portrait and plates Florence, 1830 

883 Bonaparte. Storia genealogica della Famiglia Bonaparte, scritta 

da un Sammiatese, portraits and pedigrees Jpireme, 184:6 

88:1 Bonaparte Principe di Canino (L.) Descrizione del suo Museo 
Etrascho, Milano, 1838 — Baldinucci (F.) Mode di dar Pro- 
porzione alle Figure in Pittura e Scultura, first edition, 
Livomo, 1802; and 6 others (7) 

885 Bonarelli (Gomte) La Philis de Scire, traduite en Fran9ois (le 

Texte Italien en regard), avec la Dissertation du m^me 
Anteur sur le double Amour de Celie, 2 vol. in 1, plates 

Bruxelles, 1707 

886 Bonarelli (Conte G. IT.) La Filli di Scire Boma, 1670 

887 Bonarroti (M. A.) Lettera per giustificarsi contro le Calunnie, 

con iUustnudoni da S. Ciampi, Mrenze, 1834 — Lettera di 
S. Ciampi a L. Bartolini, plates, ivi, 1834 in one vol. 

888 Bonaventura (S.) Meditazioni sulla Vita di Jesii Cristo 

Tesito di lAngua Boma, 1847 

889 Bonnycastle (J.) Introduction to Astronomy, plates, 1822 ; and 

an imperfect copy, with a few remarkabte MJS. notes hy E. 
Sope 2 vol. 

889* Book of Common Prayer, Oxford, 1770— New Version of the 
Psalms, 1768, ea^, y. e, in one vol. 

890 B<Hrghini (R) La Donna costante, red moroeoo fty Delande Fere 

Fiorenza, 1582 

891 Borghini (Baffaello) U Biposo in cui della Pittura e della Scultura 

si favella,^d cop$f in red moroeoo, g, e. hy Fadeloup, Testo 
di Lingua, rare Fiorenza, 1584 

892 Borghini (B.) II Biposo (do' pi& illustri Pittori e Scultori, <£;c.) 

rare ivi, 1583 

898 Borghini (B.) e di A. AUori detto il Bronzino, Rime inedite 

half vellum, uneut, Testo di Lingua J^renze, 1822 

894 Borrelli (C.) Difesa della Nobilta Napoletana, numerous coats of 
arms Boma, 1655 


895 Borromeo (Conte A. M.) Notizia de' Novellicri ItaLiani, con 

alcune Novelle inedite 
LABGE PAPER, interleaved with MS* additions by Moger WiU 
hraham, russia Bassano, 1794 

896 Borromeo (Conte A. M.) Catalogo de' NovoUieri Ifcaliani, con 

Aggiunta ed una Novella inedita, russia BaatanOy 1805 

897 Borromeo (A. M.) Catalogo de' Novellieri Italiani 

MS, prices and names^ half calf 1817 

898 Boscbini (M.) Le Minere della Pittura, plates 

rare Vinegia, IGGi 

899 Boscbini. Another copj ivi^ 1664 

900 Bosse (A.) de la Maniere de graver a V Eau- forte et au Burin, et 

de la Gravure en Maniere noire, plates, ruled • 
half morocco, uncut Paris, 1758 

901 Bossi (L.) dei Basilischi, Dragoni ed altri Animali creduti favolosi 

Milano, 1792 

902 Bossuet (J. B.) Conference, avec M. Claude sur la matiere de 

TEglise, beautiful copy, old red morocco, g, e. Paris, 1682 

903 Bossuet (J. B.) Divers Ecrits, old French red morocco ih. 1698 

90i Boswell (James) Journal of a Tour to tbe Hebrides with Dr. 
Samuel Jobnson, with interesting Manuscript notes by 
Mrs, Piozzi, half calf, uncut 1785 

905 Boswell (J.) Journal of a Tour to tbe Hebrides with Dr. S. John- 

son, numerous MS. additions by T, Galdecott 1785 

906 Boswell (J.) Tour to tbe Hebrides with Dr. S. Johnson 1785 

907 Boswell (J.) Life of Dr. Samuel Jobnson, 4 vol. portrait 

MS. notes by Mrs. H. L, Piozzi, half russia, uncut, top 
edges gilt 1816 

908 Bosworth (J.) Compendious Anglo-Saxon and English Dic- 

tionary 1855 

910 Botta (Carlo) Storia d* Italia continuata da quelta del Guicciar- 

dini sino al 1789, 10 vol, portrait, Parigi, 1832 — Storia 
d'ltalia dal 1789 al 1814, 4 vol. ivi, 1832 
half red morocco, top edges gilt, Testo di Lingua 14 vol. 

911 Botta (C.) Storia d'ltalia (1789-1814), col Supplemento, 5 vol. 

calf gilt Italia, 1824-25 

912 Bottani (G.) Descrizione delle Pitture del Palazzo del Te, 

portrait of &. Pippi, and plates Mantova, 1783 

913 Bottarelli, (P.) Italian Exercises, Malta, 1846— Vergani's Italian 

Grammar, Paris, 1818 — Guli^nani's Italian Lectures, 
Edinb. 1806 — Veneroni, Grammaire Italienne, Lyon, 1778 — 
Polidori (G.) Dialoghi, Proverbi e Prasi proverbiali, 1802 — 
Nomenclatore Inglese e Italiano, 1726 — Peretti (V.) Gram- 
maire Italienne, Paris, 1815 (7) 

914 [Bottari (G.)] Diologbi sopra le tre Arti del 'Dvaogao, frontispiece 

{Titian painting a Venus), half morocco Lucca, 175^ 

915 Bottari (G.) Lezioni sopra il Decamerone, 2 vol. in 1, portrait 

half calf gilt, Tesfo di Lingua Firenze, 1818 




916 Boucbaud, Antiquites Po6tiques, Paris, 1799 — Scoppa (A.) 
Traite de la Poesie Italienne, with music, Versailles, 1803 
ca]fgilt in one vol. 

017 Bouhours, Histoire de Pierre d'Aubusson, Grand-Maistre de 
Ehodes, portrait and plan La Haye, 1739 

918 Bourne (V.) Poetical Works, 2 vol. halfrussia, uncut, Oxf. 1808 — 

Selection of G-reek Epigrams, with translation in English 

Verse, ih. 1791 3 vol. 

919 Bowles (J.) Catalogue of Maps, Prints, &c. 1764 

920 Bracciolini (F.) deUa Croce racquistata Poema heroico 

FiHST EDITION, vety scarce, green morocco super extra, g, e 

Farigi, 1606 

921 Bracciolini (Jacopo di Pozzio) Novella della Pulzella di Franeia, 

only 60 copips printed Lucca, 1850 

922 Bralion (N. de) lea Curiositez de Borne, 3 vol. in 1, frontispieces, 

maps, and cuts, Paris, 1655 — Les Merveilles de la ViUe de 
Eome, frontispiece and woodcuts, Rome, 1718 — Histoire de 
r Archipel, ^aris, 1699 3 vol. 

923 Branca (C.) Catalogo della Libreria Branca preceduto da brevi 

Cenni bibliografici Milano, 1844 

924 Bravetti (J.) Indice de Libri a Stampa citati per Testi di Lingua 

LARGE PAPBB VcTona, 1798 

925 Brasse (J.) Oreek Gradus ; or, Greek, Latin, and English Pro- 

Bodial Lexicon, half calf 1828 

926 Brebeuf (O. de) Poesies Diverses, old calf, with arms and 

monogram, surmounted by a coronet stamped on the sides, 
m, and g. e. Paris, 1658 

927 Bremmaecker (Ch. de) Catalogue raisonn^ de ^a precieuse 

Collection de Dessins et d'Estampes (30,000) formant le 
Cabinet de M. Ch. van Hulthem Qand, 1846 

928 Brevio (6.) Eime et Prose Boma,per Antonio Blado Asulano, 1545 

%• The last of the six Novels in this very rare volume is the 
Belfegor, subsequently published as bj Machiavelli. The 
Borromeo copy sold for £ 6. 12s. 6d. 

929 Brewer (J. N.) Description of the County of Oxford, map and 

views, half gilt calf, uncut 1819 

930 Brighenti (M.) lUustrazione deli' Arco d* Augusto, plates 

Rimini, 1825 

931 British Chronologist, from the Invasion of the Eomans to the 

present time, 3 vol. old calf gilt 1775 

932 Britlon (J.) Auto- Biography, copiously illustrated, three parts 

complete, presentation copy 1850 

933 Brocchi (G-. B.) Lettere sopra Dante a Miledi W j 

half calf, uncut Venegia, 1797 

934 Brodnck (T.) Compleat History of the late AVar 

LABOE TA:pjin, plans with coats of arms 1732 

935 [Bromley (W.)] Several Tears Travels through Portugal, Spain, 

Italy, Germany, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, and the United 
Provinces, scarce, only a few copies having been printed for 
private friends 1702 



036 Brooke (T. H.) History of the Island of St. Helena, viewt, 
presentation copy to the Marquis Wellesley^ with author's 
autograph inscription^ morocco^ g. e, 1824 

937 Brookes (£.) General Gazetteer, maps, 2 editions, 1809 and 1822 

— Potts (T.) Gazetteer of England and Wales, 2 vol. maps^ 
1810 — ^Adam (A.) Eoman Antiquities, 1801 5 vol, 

938 Broughton (E.) True Memorial of the Ancient, most Holy, and 

Beligious State of Great Britain, in the time of the Britaina 
and Saxons, published by G. S. permissu superiorum, 1650 

939 Browne (Bp. P.) Sermons, 2 vol. 

fine copy in old gilt tree-marhled calf 1749 

940 Browne (J. H.) Poems, portrait, calf 1768 

941 Brown (Sir £.) Synoptical Sketch of the Knights of St. John of 

Jerusalem, cuts, printed for the Order only 1856 

942 [Brown (B.)] Hospitallaria ; or, a Synopsis of the British Order 

of Knights Hospitallers, plates, with autograph letter of the 
compiler to Count Mortara 1837 

943 [Browne (Bawdon)] Bagguagli sulla Vita e sulle Opere di Marin 

Sanuto, 3 vol. printed for presents only, presentation copy, 
with author^' autograph Venezia, 1837-38 

944 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du libraire et de I'Amateur de Livres, 

4 vol. calf, m, e. Paris, 1814 

945 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire et de TAmateur de Livres, 

5 vol, half morocco extra Bruxelles, 1838-45 

946 Brunetto Latino il Tesoro, with autograph notes of Salvini, very 

scarce, Testo di Lingua Vinegia, 1533 

947 Brunetto Latino il Tesoro, half morocco, g. e. Vinegia, 1533 

948 Brunetto Latini Pataffio e Tesoretto, portrait 

LABQE FAPEB, half Calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua Napoli, 1788 

949 Brunetto Latini. Kno\\ieT co^j, on small paper y portrait ivi,VJ^^ 

950 Brunetto Latini il Tesoretto e il Favoletto 

half gilt calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua Fireme^ 1824 

951 [Bruni]. Libro della Guerra de Ghotti composto da Leonardo 

[Bruni] Aretino in Lingua Latina et fatto volgare da L. 
retroni, vellum Firenze^ Giunti, 1526 

952 [Bruni]. Yite di Dante e del Petrarca scritte da Lionardo [Bruno] 

Aretino, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze^ 1672 

953 Bruno (Giordano) Opere ora per la prima Yolta raccolte e pub- 

blicate da A. Wagner, 2 vol. in 1, portrait 
greeen morocco, g, e. Lipsia, 1830 

954 Bruto (G. M.) Istorie Fiorentine volgarizzate da S. Gtitteschi 

(col Testo Latino), 2 vol. plates Firenze, 1838 

955 Biydges (Sir H. Jones) Dynasty of the Kajars, translated from 

the original Persian Manuscript presented by His Majesty 
Faty Aly Shah, with a succinct account of the History of 
Persia previous to that period, plates 
presentation copy to Marquis Wellesley 1833 

956 Brydges (Sir Harford Jones) Account of his Mission to Persia, 

with a brief History of the "Wahauby, 2 vol. 
india proof plates, presentation copy to the Marquis Wellesley, 
with an autograph letter from the author, calf gilt 1834 



957 Brydges (Sir S. B.) Ees Literariae, Bibliographical, for October, 
1820, January, 1821, May, 1821, to February, 1822, 3 vol. 
in 2, TXBY BABE, 75 copies only printed 
half calf NapleSy Borne, and Geneva, 1821-2 

•958 Brydges (Sir S. E.) Letters from the Continent 

half calf Lee Prtory, 1821-2 

959 Brydges (Sir S. E.) Polyanthea Librorum vetustioruin Italicomm, 
Gallicorum, Hispanicorum, Anglieanorum, et Latinorum, 
75 copies only printed Geneva , 1822 

960 Brydges (Sir S. E.) Ciroelia seu Ezamen Criticum Librorum ex 
Diariis Literariis lingu& praecipue Qailicd. ab anno 1665 
usque ad annum 1792 scriptis, selectum, 75 copies only 
printed, tebt babe, hlt^e calf gilt, m. e, by Lewis, from Mr. 
Mazlewood^s Library Geneva, 1823 

961 Brydges (Sir S. E.) EecoUections of Foreign Travel, 2 vol. in 1 
half calf gilt 1825 

962 Brydges (Sir S. Egerton) Autobiography, 2 vol. portraits 1834 

963 Buchon (J. A. C.) Becherches et Mat6riaux sur la Domination 
Fran^aise en Orient, 2 parts, with nine plates of seals, coins, 
and medals, Faris, 1840 — Becherches Historiques sur la 
Principaut^ Fran^aise do Mor6e et ses hautes Baronnies, 
2 vol. ib. 1845 — Nouvelles Becherches Historiques sur la 
Principauto Fran9ai8e de Moree, vol. 1, part 1, and vol. 2 
part 1, and atlas of plates, in folio, ib. 1843 

964 Buckler (B.) Complete Vindication of the Mallard of All-Souls* 
College, 1751 — Collier (Joel) Musical travels through 
England, 1775 ; and other Tracts in the volume 

965 Buckler (B.) University Sermon, Oaford, 1759— All-Souls' Ser- 
mon, 1759 ; and two humorous Answers to the latter in the 

966 Bunyon (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, proof plates by Sturt, with dupli- 
cate set having engraved descriptions added 1728 

967 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, 24ith edition, frontispiece and 
cuts, 1734 — Second Part, 15th edition, frontispiece and cuts, 
1734— Third Part, with Life, 12ih edition, 1733 in one vol 

968 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, both parts, plates by Sturt, one 
leaf in manuscript, and made up with leaves jrom another 
edition 1751 

f 969 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, with notes by T. Scott, 1823 — 

Elijah the Tishbite, by F. W. Krummacher, half russia, 
1836 — Moral and Beligious Listructions for the use of the 
Stepney Society, 1767 ; and others 9 vol. 

970 Bunyan (J.) Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ, 12/^ edition, 
woodcut portrait, frontispiece and cuts, 1762— Doctrine of 
the Law and Grace Unfolded, 6th edition, 1762— Barren 
Fig-Tree, with an exhortation to Peace and Unity, Gth 
edition, 1709 in one vol, 

971 Buommattei (B.) Lettera inedita sopra la Bovina di Montefaino 
half calf, uncut JBirenze, 1827 

972 Buonaparte (J^.) La Vedova, Comedia facetissima 

Morenza, Giunti, 1568 


073 Buonaparte (N.) La Yedova Commedia facetissima 

half morocco, uncut Parigi, 1803 

074t Buonarroti (Michelagnolo il Veccbio) Bime, cou una Lezione di 
B. Yarcbi e due di M. Guidacci sopra di esse 
vellum, TeHo di Lingua Mrenze, 1726 

975 Buonarroti (M. A.) Bime con una Lezione di B. Yarclu 

vellum, g, e, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1726 

076 Buonarroti (M. A.) Bime col Comento di G. Biogioli 

half morocco, uncut JParigi, 1821 

077 Buonarroti (M. A.) Bime e Vrone, portrait Milano, 1821 

078 Buonarroti (M. A.) Bime, col comento di G. Biagioli Farigi, 1821 

070 Buonarroti (M. A.) Alcune Memorie di, da' MS8. plate, privately 
printed Roma, 1823 

080 Buonarroti (M. A.) Poesies traduites avec le Texte en Begard 

et accompagn^es de Notes par M. A. Yarcollier 
half calf gilt Farts, 182G 

081 Buonarroti ii Giovane (M. A.) L' Ajone, Eavola narrativa bur- 

lesca, onlg 65 copies printed Mrenze, 1852 

082 Buonfanti (P.) Errori incogniti, Comedia Mrenze, 1587 

083 Burcbiello (D.) Sonecti, woodcut portrait and device, in old richly 

ornamented citron morocco, gilt gaufri edges 
[Firenze) Adpetitione di Bernardo di ser Fier Pacini da Fescia, 1514 

084 Burcbiello (D.) Sonetti Firenze, L. FeH, 1546 

%• Tbis edition is pronounced by Mazzucbelli " molto rara,^* 

085 Burcbiello (D.) Sonetti et [Sonetti] di Messer Antonio Alamanni 

alia Burcbiellesca 
red morocco extra, g. e, Testo di Lingua Firenze, Oiunti, 1552 

086 Burcbiello. Another copy, large and fine, vellum ivi, 1552 

087 Burcbiello (D.) Sonetti e quelli di M. Antonio Alamanni et del 

Bisoluto con la Gompagnia del Mantellaccio composta dal 

Mag. Lorenzo de' Meoici insieme con i Beoni del medesimo 

fine copy in green morocco, g. e, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1568 

088 Burcbiello (D.) Sonetti del Burcbiello, di M. Antonio Alamanni 

et del Bisoluto. Con la Compagnia del Mantellaccio com- 
posta dal Mag. Lorenzo de' Medici. Insieme con i Beoni 
del Medesimo, Testo di Lingua 
fine copy, hut wants H 8, scarce Fiorenza, G^unti, 1568 

989 Burcbiello (D.) Bime comentate dal Doni 

with Aldine anchor on title-page Vicenza, 1507 

900 Burei (And.) Orbis Arctoi, iraprimisque Bcgni Suecisa nova et 
accurata descriptio, scarce ^ Witleb. 1631 

001 Burette (T.) Histoire de France depuis Tetablissement des Franca 

dans la Gaule jusqu' en 1830, with 500 designs by Jules 
David, 2 vol. imperial, Paris, 1842 

002 Burgon (J. W.) Petra and otber Poems 

presentation copy, with an autograph note from the author 

Oxford, 184(? 

003 Burke (Edm.) Works, 8 vol. mottled calf gilt 1S03 




994s Burlamacchi (P.) Vita del P. F. Girolamo Savonarola, portrait 

Lucca, 1761 

995 Bum (B.) Ecclesiaatical Law, with Additions bj B. P. Tyrwhitt, 

4 vol. calf 1824 

996 Burnet (Bp.) History of his own Time, 6 vol. calf 1725-34 

997 Burnet (Bp. G.) History of the Beign of James II, with Notes 

by the Earl of Dartmouth, Speaker Onslow, and Dean 
Swifb, Additional Observations now enlarged (by Dr. M. 
Bouth), LABGE FAPEB Oxford, 1852 

998 Burton (Jo.) Musae Juveniles, Lond, 1782 — Sacrsd Scriptur® 

locorum quorundam Versio Metrica, Oxon, 1736— Bentham 
(E.) Epistola de Vita et Moribus J. Burtoni, ib. 1771 — 
Pentalogia sive Tragoediarum Graecarum Delectus, ib. 1758 
— Opuscula Miscellanea, Theologica et Metrico-Prosaica, ib. 
1771, together 4 vol. calf by Mackenzie 

999 Burton (E.) Description of Borne, half calf estra Oxford^ 1821 

1000 Busbequii (A. Gislenii) Opera, engraved title-^age 

old morocco, with arms on the tides, g e. Lugd, Bat, Elz. 1633 

1001 Busone da Gubbio L'Avventuroso Ciciliano Bomanzo storico 

scritto nel 1311 ed ora per la prima Yolta pubblicata da 
G. r. Nott Firenze, 1832 

1002 Busone da Gubbio L'Avventuroso Ciciliano Bomanzo storico 

pubblicato da G. P. Nott 
JDr. Notfs own copy, with his autograph Milano, 1833 

1003 Butler (G.) Codex Virgilianus M. L. Canonici in Bibliotheca 

Bodleiana cum Wagneri Teztu collatus 
with autograph inscription and letter of G. Sutler, green 
morocco, g, e, Oxon; 1854 

1004 Butler (G.) Principles of Imitative Art 

dedicated to Br. Wellesleg 1862 

1005 Butler (G.) Principles of Imitative Art 

presentation copy, with two autograph notes of the author 1852 

1006 Buxtorfii (Jo.) Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum Bibliie 

SacrsB, Lond. 1646-— Epitome Chiliadum Adagiorum Erasmi, 
Basil, 1528 ; and others 5 vol. 

1007 Byron (Lord) Complete Works, portrait and plates Paris, 1835 

1008 Cabral (S.) e F. del Be delle Ville e de' Monument! antichi di 

Tivoli, plan Eoma, 1779 

1009 CsBsaris Commentarii, woodcuts, with MS. notes 

Venet. Aldus, 1519 

1010 Calamato (A.) Hinni Sacri del Brevario Bomano con le quattro 

Sequenze del Messale tradotti e comentati, 2 vol. in 1 
vellum, scarce Messina, 1629 

1011 Callcott (Mrs.) Essays towards the History of Painting 

half morocco 1886 

1012 Callimachi Hymni et Epigrammata, Gr. et Lat. with the auto- 

graph of Vgo Foscolo, dated ] 813, a MS. note on the Fatro- 
nymio Lycaonida, and an imitation of Greek epigrams in 
three octave stanzas in Italian, in his own handwriting, dated 
Milan, 1814, an interesting volume 1741 



1013 Callimaclii Hyinni, Gr. et Lat. cum Yersione Italica A. M. 

Salvinii curante A. M. Bandinio 
vellum, Testo di Lingua Morentia, 1763 

1014 Callimachi Hymni, G^r. et Lat. cum Yersione Italica A. M. 

Salyinii curante A. M. Bandinio 
Testo di Lingua ivi, 1763 

1015 Gallimaco, Inni tradotti in terza Bima, del Cay. D. Strocchi ) 

Firenzey 1816 

1016 Calvin (J.) Abridgement of the Institution of Christian Eeli- 

gion, by YT. Lawne, translated out of Latino by C. Fether- 
stone, head-line cut offnome leaves JSdinh. 1587 

1017 Cahbbidob Unitessity CaJa^vbjlel, from the commencement 

in 1796 to 1839, wanting those for 1824>, 1836 and 1837, 
40 yol. verg rare to Jind so large a series 1796-1839 

1018 Cambridge. Catalogue of the Pictures in the Public Library 

and Colleges in the Uniyersity of Cambridge, interleaved 
with Manuscript Additions by Graven Ord Comb, n, d. 

1019 Cambridge. A Fragment, toith MS, notes giving a Keg to the 

different Persons alluded to in this curious Satirical Tract 


1020 Cambridge Tart. Epigrammatic and Satiric-Poetical Effusions 

by Cantabs, 1823 — Oxford Sausage, or Select Poetical Pieces 
by the Wits of Oxford, cuts, 1764 — Hints to Fresh-men, 
1807 (3) 

1021 Cambridge Prize Poems, an interesting yolume of single pieces 

separately printed from 1807 to 1817,/roOT Lord Guilford's 
Library — Vossius de Poematum Cantu et Viribus Eythmi, 
Oson. 1673 — Musae Cantabrigienses, Lond, 1810 3 voL 

1022 Cambridge Greek and Latin Prize Poems Camb, 1833 

1023 Cambridge and Oxford. University-Loyalty consider d in a 

Letter to a Gentleman at Cambridge, 1715 — Music Speech 
at the Public Commencement in Cambridge, by J. Taylor, 
1730 — Narratiye of the Proceedings at Cambridge against 
the "Winchester Club, 1761 — Inquiry into the Proceedings 
in Yindication of the Honour of the University of Oxford, 
1751 — The Oxfordshire Contest, containing great Yariety 
of Wit, Humour, Songs, Sec. 1753— College- Wit Sharpened, 
or the Wadhamites : a Burlesque Poem, 1739, Ac, 
half calf in one vol. 

1024 Camoes (Luigi de) Lusiada Italiana di C. A. Paggi, Poema 

heroico, frontispiece 
calf extra, old style, very scarce Lisbona, 1659 

1025 Campbell (L. D.) Reply to the Strictures of the Edinburgh 

£>eyiew on the Marquis Wellesley's Policy in India, 1808 — 
Letter on the Articles of Charge against Marquis Wellesley, 
1808, blue morocco, g. e. in one vol, 

1026 Campi (L.) II Giardtno feevilacqua Ferrara, 1794 

1027 Campiani (Edmundi) Yita et Martyrium Auctore B. P. Paulo 

Bombino S. J. 
fine copy in red morocco, tooled sides, scarce Antverpia, 1C18 


1027* Campiani Vita. Another Edition 

jme copv in red maroceo, tooled sides, g, e, Mantua^ 1620 

1028 Cancellien (F.) della Settimana Santa, engraving of the Lord's 

Supper hy G. Fetrini, after Leonardo da Vinci, Soma, 1818 
— ^Meditazione sopra TArbore della Croce, Testo di langoa, 
Milano, 1889 ; and 4 others (6) 

1029 Cancellieri (P.) Biblioteca regionata degli Scrittori del Qiuoco 

deeli Scaochi, oon nn Trattatello bqi Oiuoco atesso tradotto 
dal Inglese, plate 
LABGB FAPEB, half gilt calf uncut Venezia, 1824 

1080 Cannizzaro (G.) Classic BeacUngs in Italian Literature 1847 

1081 Canonid Fachini (Qineyra) Frospetto biografico delle Donne 

Italiane rinomata in Letteratura 
ha^ vellum, gilt hack Venezia, 1824 

1032 Oastti GabnasciaiiESOhi. Tatti i Trionfi, Carri, Mascheate b 

Canti Carnascialeschi andati per Firenze dal Tempo del 
Magnifico Lorenzo Yecchio de Medici per infino k questo 
Anno presente 1559 
OBieiKAL EDiTioK, JIne copy with the suppressed pages, old 
red morocco, rare, Testo at Lingua 

Fiorenza (L, Torrentino) 1659 

1033 Canti Camascialeschi. Parere del Dr. A. M. Biscioni sopra la 

seconda Edizione de* Canti e in Difesa della prima Edizione 
proccurata da A. F. Qrazzini detto il Lasca, Firenze, 1750 
— [Bracci (B.)] Dialoghi di Decio Laberio in Eisposta e 
Confutazione del Parere di A. M. Biscioni ; this '* mordace 
Dtfesa,^^ according to Oamha, is " molto rara,*^ Oulicutidonia 
{Agnelli di Lugano) 1750 in one vol. 

This copy belonged to the Academician Oiuseppe Sarchiani, 
and has his autograph note. 



1034 Biscioni (A. M.) Lettere di Santi e Beati Fiorentini raccolte ed 
ha\f morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1736 

1036 Black (W. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Ashmole Manu- 
scripts be<^ueathea to the University of Oxford ; also of 
some additional Manuscripts Oxford, 1845 

1036 Blasoke. Compendio della Scienza Araldica e Qiuoco d'Armi 

Maituscbift, with drawings, half morocco, g, e, 8ec. xvii. 

1037 Bleyswijck (Dirck van) Beschryvinge der Stadt Delft, plates 

coloured and heightened with gold, 2 vol. L>elft, 1667 — West- 
Delf-Land verheerlykt door D. van Lis, ib, 1702 2 vol. 

1038 Bliss (Dr. P.) Bibliographical Miscellanies, a selection of curious 

Pieces in verse and prose 
104 copies only printed, caff, m. e. Oxford, 1818 

1039 Blondel (F.) Thermarum A^uisgranensium et Porcetanarum 

Elucidatio et Thanmaturgm, portrait and plates 

Aquisgrani, 1688 



1040 Blount (Sir T. P.) Bemarks upon Poetry with Characters of the 
the Marquis of Boekingham's copy, with his arms on the sides^ 
and autograph 16d4t 

104)1 Boccaccio (Giovanni) Epistola a Messer Pino de Bossi conforta- 
toria, Jlne copy in vellum, rare Firenze, 1487 

1042 BocGHACcio (Gioyanni) il DscAKEBOiirE nnoyamente stampato 

con tre Novelle aggiunte, very fine and large copy, woodcuts, 
EXTBEMELT BABE, Firenzc, per Fhilippo di Qiunta, 1516 — 
Mabtjccio Salebnitano il Novellino nel quale si con- 
tengono cenquanta Novelle, very scarce, Venetia, nella Officvna 
Chregoriana, 1622 
beautiful copies in morocco, gilt gattffre edges^ the original gold- 
tooled sides preserved in one vol. 

1043 Boccaccio (G.) il Decameboke novamente corretto con tre 

Novelle aggiunte 
fine copy of this rare uncastrated edition, in old richly-tooled 
red morocco, g, e, Vtnegia, Aldo, 1522 

%^ Sir Mark Sykes' copy sold for £13. 138. and Heber's for £12. 158. 

1044 Boccaccio (Q-.) II Decamerone 

Consul Smithes facsimile reprint, vellum 

Firenze, per li Heredi di F, Oiunta, 1627 

1045 Boccacci (O.) il Decameron ricorretto in Boma con Annotationi 

et Discorsi fatti dalli Deputati, 2 vol. in 1 
labge blue pafeb (carta azzurra), supposed to he uinQUE, 
with autograph and MS. Notes of Qiaco. Soranzo, 1736 
{afterwards JRenouard*s), veaufauve, Fiorenza, GHunti, 1573 

1046 Boccacci (G-.) il Decameron alia sua vera Lezione ridotto dal 

Cavalier L. Salviati 
fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, CHunti, 1587 

1047 Boccaccio (G-.) il Decameron tratto dalP ottimo Testo scritto da 

F. D'Amaretto Mannelli suir Originale dell' Autore 
LABOB FAPEB, portraits and facsimile, red morocco, g. e. 

Firenze {Lucca) 1761 

1048 Boccaccio (Giovanni) Amorosa Yisione (in terza Eima). Apo- 

logia di H. Claricio Immol. contro Detrattori della Poesia 
del Boccaccio con alcune menomissime Osservationi in vol- 
gar Orammatica soura 1' Amorosa Yisione 
FiBST EDITION, green morocco, g, e, hy Derome Milano, 1621 

%* The Pinelli copy sold for £2. 3s., and Hibbert's for £1. 148. 

1049 BocoACoio (G.) La Theseida da Messer Tizzone Gaetano di 

Pofi diligentemente rivista (in ottava Bima) 
fine copy, with a rare engraving qf "Teseus^^ in full armour 
added, old red morocco Tinegia, 1528 

*♦* Very rare. This copy sold for £10. in Col. Stanley's sale, 
and for £6. 12s. in Heber*s. 



1050 Boccaccio. Annotationi et Discorsi sopra alcuni Luoghi del 

Decameron fatte dalli molto Magnifici Sig. Deputati da loro 
Altezze Serenissime sopra la Correttione di esso Boccaccio 
stampato TAimo 1573, mth autograph and MS. Notes of 
Lelio Bcmiif the celebrated Lecturer on Dante and Fetrarch 
calf extra, g, e, Teeto di Lingua Fiorpnza, Qiunti, 1574 

%* The Deputati were V. Bor^bini, B. Antinori, P. F. Cambi, 
A. Quicciardini, A. Beneviem and G-. B. Adriani. 

1051 Boccaccio. Lettera critica del Sig. Buonamici snlle Osservazioni 

aggiunte all* Edizione del Decamerone fatta in Londra nel 
1725 e Lettera rispondente del Sig. Belli, portrait of 
Boccaccio added Farigi, 1728 

1052 BocoHii (Achillis) Syhbolicabijm Qu^stioitttm de innYEBso 

Oeitebe qijas sebio ludebat Libbi quikqce 
riBST edition, portrait and plates, engraved hy Gfiulio 
JBonasoni, in the earliest state, diagonal shadings in Symbol 
xiT, before the chain from the cloud to the female^ s neck in 
Symbol xlix, and before the words " Sahe Innocens Securitas " 
were erased from Symbol oxlix, also Symbols lxxxix and 
xci by mistake transposed, very large copy, voith rough leaves, 
and three pages of an additional Symbol in manuscript 

BononiiB, 1555 

1053 Boccbii (Acbillis) Symbolicarum QuffiBtionnin de uniyerso Genere 

quas serio ludeoat, libri V 
riBST EDiTiOK, With Very fine impressions of the elegant 
engravings by Oiulio Bonasone (before the chain in Symb, 
xlix), russia extra, g, e. rare ib, 1555 

1054 Boccbii SymbolicaB Quaeetiones, Aliud Exemplar, the chain added 

to the female* s neck, the plates Lxxxix and xci wrong, and 

no plate to xc, vellum ib, 1555 

] 055 Boccbii Sy mbolicsa QusBstiones, Aliud Exemplar, plates lxxxix 

and xoi are correct in this issue ib, 1555 

1056 Boccbii Symbolic® Qusastiones, Aliud Exemplar, vellum ib, 1555 

1057 Boccbii Symbolic® QusBstiones, Aliud Exemplar, the words erased 

from plate CXLIX, and variation in Symbol xoi, before the 
short strokes of shading in the sky above the building and 
before the roundhill added on the left ib. 1555 

1058 Boccbii Symbolicsa Qusastiones, Almd'Exem^lnr, first impressions 

of the plates before the chain from the cloud to Symbol xlix 
old calf gilt ib, 1555 

1059 Boccbii Symbolicse Qusestiones, Aliud Exemplar,^r«^ impressions, 

with notes by JDr, Wellesley, pointing out the variations in 
copies, BononuB, 1555 — Gtiyini Sambigucii Sardi SSassarensiB 
in Hermatbenam Boccbiam interpretatio, ib. Ant, Manutius 
Aldifiliits, 1556, vellum, g, e. in one vol, 

1060 Bodlev (Sir Tbomas). Jueta Eunebria Ptolemasi Oxoniensis 

Tbomsd Bodleii Equitis, wanting the Funeral Oration, Oxon. 
1613 — Tbe Eoundation of tbe Universitie of Oxford, with 
MS, notes, 1651 

1061 Boezio della Consolazione della Filoaofia tradotto da B. Yarcbi, 

Teste di Lingua Firenze {L. Torrentino), 1551 

" Kara Edizione." — Moreni, 



1062 Boiardo Conte di Scandiano (M. M.) Sonetti e Oanzoni (Edizione 
dal A. Panizzi) 
LABOB PAPEB (only 60 ooptes printed foT presents) , uncut 

miano, IS4A 

1068 Boissardi (J. J.) Icones Yirorum illustrium doctrina et eraditione 

prastantimn, cum eorom yifcis, omnia in £ds incisa per T. de 

bry, 4 vol. in 1 

FiBBT EBiTiov, brilliant impressions of the 198 portraits, a 

duplicate of Hadrian Junius being repeated insteaid of OUbert 

Lmborch Francqf. 1697-9 

1064 Boissardi (J. J.) Icones, yoL 1, only containing 60 portraits 

ib. 1697 
1066 Boissardi (J. J.) Icones et Effigies yirorum doctorum, 5 vol. 
containing 287 plates, with a continuation or Qth part, eon- 
taining 62 portraits by Sebastian Funch ; also a second con* 
tinuation or 7th part, containing 60 portraits by Clement 
Ammon,Jlne impressions, in 1 yoL ib, 1646-60 

%* The Biographies were not printed with this edition. 

1066 Boissardi (J. J.) Bibliotheca Chalcographica Illustrium yirorum, 

9 yol. or parts, the Sth part or Brd continuation containing 
60 portraits hf Clement Ammon, and the 9th part or 4tin 
continuation containing 60 portraits by M, v, Sommer, in 
1 yol. Francof. 1660-2, ei Eeidelb, 1664 

*4^* This set wants 8 portraits, yiz. S. Grynseus, Leo Juda, Mart. 
Luther, William Count of Nassau, Peter Tiara, Peter Forestus, 
Hadrian Junius, and Jacob Arminius. 

1067 Boisseau (J.) Tableau Portatif des Qaules, ou Description 

nouyelle de France, maps and plates of arms Paris, 1646 

1068 Boisseau (J.) Tableau Portatif des Ghiules, ou Description 

nouyelle du Boyaume de Erance, m4yi>s and plates of arms 

Faris, 1646 

1069 Bologna. Alidosi (JQt. N. P.) Li Biformatori dello State di 

Libert^ della Cittd. di Bologna (1466-1614), numerous coats 
of arms, half morocco Bologna, 1614 

1070 Bologna. I Gon&lonieri del Popolo da 1600 a 1769 

uncut tin, 1769 

1071 Bombacci (G.) L'Araldo oyero dell' Arme delle Famiglie, coats 

of arms, half morocco ivi, 1661 

1072 Bonad£B (F. M.) Carmina ex antiquis Lapidibus dissertationibus 

ac notis, 2 yol. Bomw, 1761-3 

1078 Bonamici (C.) Commentarii de Bello Italico et de Bebus ad 

Yelitras gestis, 8 yol. in 2, map, calf Lugd, Bat 1750-62 

1074 Bonanni (F.) Gabinetto Armonioo, numerous engravings of per- 

sons performing on musical instruments 

half nu>rocco Soma, 1722 

1076 Bonarelli (Guidubaldo) Filli di Scire 

7IBST EDITION, platcs by Vallegio, calf Ferrara, 1607 

1076 Bonayentura (Sancto) Deyote Meditationi sopra la Passione del 
Nostro Signore, 12 elegant woodcuts 
half morocco, rare, unknoum to Paitoni and other Bibliographers 

Firenze,per A. Mischomini, s. a. circa 1498 


1077 Bonaventura (S.) Devote Meditationi sopra la Fassione del 

Nostro Signore Jesu Christo, woodcuts 
fine copy in vellum, scarce, unknoum to Faitoni, Saym, Argelati 
cmd other Bibliographers Venetia, 1508 

1078 Bonaventura (San) Teologia mistica volgarizzata prima del 1367 

da F. Domenico da Montechiello G^suato. Teste di Lingua 

tratto la prima Yolta dai MSS. per Cura di B. Sorio, portrait 

half coif Mt Verona, 1508 

1079 Bonfadio (&.) Annali di Gknova Geneva, 1586 

1080 Bonfadio (J.) Stanze 

printed hy Bodonifor presents only, half morocco Parma, s. a. 

1081 Bonfrizieri (F. M.) Miracoli e G^razie deOa Santiss. Nimziata 

Firenze, 1727 

1082 Bonifacii (J. B.) Miscellanea Hjmnorum, Epigrammatum, et 

Faradozorum quorundam, 2 woodcut portraits Dantisci, 1599 

1083 Bonifacii (J. B.) Miscellanea Hymnorum, Epigrammatum, et 

Faradoxoram quorundam, two woodcut portraits ib. 1599 

1084 Bomni (C.) Oesta B. Caroli Borromsdi Oardinalis, Latino et 

Italice, engraved throughout, toith portrait and representations 
of the principal actions of the Saint hy A, Roncho, each having 
a description in Italian and Latin beneath 
green morocco extra, p. e, Mediolani, 1610 

1085 Bonmattei (B.) Descrizion della Feste fatte in Firenze per la 

Canonizzatione di S. Andrea Corsini, plates by S, Bella 
Bella Firenze, 1632 

1086 Bonnardot (A.) Studes Arch^ologiques sur les Anciens Flans 

de Faris et sur les anciennes Enceintes de Faris, plates, 
2 vol. in 1, 200 copies only printed 
half calf gilt Faris, 1851-2 

1087 Bonoli (Fra G.) Storia di Cottignola Bavenna, 1734 

1088 Bonomo (G. C.) Osservazioni intomo & FelliceUi del Corpo 

umano, plate 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1687 

1089 [Booth (G.)] NugfiB CanorsB 

PBiTATELT PErNTED, presentation copy to Bev. Br, Wellesley 

Oxon. 1826 

1090 Bordini (J. F.) de rebus pneclare gostis a Sixto Y Carminum 

liber, engraved title-page and 15 plates 
fine copy, very scarce Bomce, J, Tornaerius, 1588 

1091 Bordini (J. F.) de rebus preeclare gestis a Sixto Y Carmina, 

curioits plates BonuB, 1588 

1092 Borgbini (Baffaello) il 'Siv^o&o,firontispiece 

vellum, g, e, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1730 

1093 Borgbini (Y.) Discorsi, 2 vol. portrait and woodcuts 

fine copy in old calf, toith the arms of the Marquis ofBoching* 
ham stamped in gold on sides^ Testo di Lingua, rare 

Morenza, Oiunti, 1584-85 

1094 Borgbini (Y.) Discorso d'intomo al Modo del &r gV Alberi deUe 

Famiglie Nobili Fiorentini ^ 

red morocco, super ewtra, broad borders of gold tooling, ivi, 1602 

*^* Bravetti in bis List of Testi di Lingua pronounces tbis book 
" rarissimo,^* 


1095 Borghini (Y.) DiBcorsi, 2 vol. 

LABGE vJiBunj fortraitf veUum^ Testa di Lingua^ Mrenae, 1755 

1096 Borghini (Y.) Discorso intomo al Modo di far gli Alberi delle 

Famiglie nobili Fiorentine 
half green moroeco^ uneut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1821 

1097 Boschini (M.) BiOgno tutto di Candia delineato k Parte k Parte 

et intagliato, coloured engravings^ half morocco Veneziay 1651 

1098 Boschini (Marco) Carta del navegar pitoresco (in Quatrine) 

LABGE TA:FBn, frontispiece, portrait and all the rare etchings hy 
the author himself Venetia, 1660 

*«* In the Yenetian dialect. 

1099 Boschini. Another copy on small paper, with all the plates 

hatred morocco, g* e. iw, 1660 

1100 Bossewell (J.) Workes of Armorie, the arms emblazoned^ and 

ioith numerous additions and alterations by W, Bromley, 1574, 
done for Sir Hugh Cholmondeley, whose arms face the title- 
page, panelled calf JB, Totell, 1572 

1101 Boswell (J.) Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, portrait, 2 vol. Horatio 

WaipoWs copy, with a few notes in pencil by him 
half calf gUt 1791 

1102 Bottari (G-.) Baccolta di Lettere sulla Pittura, Scultura ed 

Architettura scritte da' piii celebri Personag^ che in dette 
Arti fiorirono dal Secolo XY al XYII, 7 vol. in 8 
russia extra JSoma, 1754-73 

1103 Bottari (G-.) Baccolta di Lettere sulla Pittura, Scultura ed 

Architettura, 7 vol. half morocco ivi, 1757-73 

1104 Botero (G.) della Bap^on di State Venetia, 1589 

1105 Botero (Q-.) Eelationi Universali, 4 vol. in 1 ivi, 1605 

1106 Boyer (A.) French and English Dictionary, portrait, 2 vol. in 1 


1107 Bracciolini (F.) dello Scheme de gli Dei Poema piacevole 

Mrenze, Giunti, 1618 

1108 Branchi (A. G.) Eisposta al Libro dell' Ecc. Sig. Dr. A. F. Bertini 

intitolato lo Specchio che non adula 
half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Colania, 1708 

1109 Brand (J.) on Illicit Love, with view of Oodstow 

NewcasilC'Upon-Tyne, 1775 

1110 Briccio (G.) G-audio deU' Alma Citta di Roma per la Crcatione 

di TJrbano YllI, Mama, 1623, with a second title-page, 
" Ordine del Conclave per la Creatione del nuovo Papa," 
Bologna, 1623 — Giubilo per la Creatione di Urbano YIII, 
Boma, s. a. (1623) (2) 

1111 Brietii (P.) Parallela G^graphica ItalisB Yeteris et Novsd, 2 vol. 

maps Baris, 1648>9 

1112 Briganti (T.) Memorie di Monte Cicardo Castello del Contado 

di Pesaro, plate, Besaro, 1784 — Notizie di Battista di Mon- 
tefeltro Moglie di Galeazzo Malatesta, ivi, 1782 — Osser- 
vazioni sopra alcune Monete Gonsolari di P. M. Brocchieri, 
plate of coins, Bologna, 1762 ; and other Tracts in one vol, 

1113 Bromley (H.) Catalogue of engraved British Portraits, calf 11^^ 


1114 Bromley (K A.) History of the Fine Arts, Fainting, Sculpture 

and Architecture, 2 vol. half calf 1793-5 

1115 Brunacci (G.) delle antiche Origini della Lingua yolgare de' 

Padovani e d' Italia, mth poetical Speeimens of the Lanauaae 
vellum, scarce Veneziay^l7o9 

1116 Brunckii (B. F. P.) Analecta veterum Poetarum GrsBCorum, 

3 vol. LABGE PAPEB, ed^cs uficut, halfcolf Ardent 1772-6 

1117 Brunette Latini (Ser) Betorica in Yolgar Fiorentino 

fine copy in vellum, rare. Testa di Lingua Boma, 1546 

*«* A Tmnslation from Cicero, with an ample Commentary. 

1118 Brunette Latini L*£thica d'Aristotile ridotta in Compendio. 

Et altre Traduttioni & Scritti di quel Tempi con alcuni dotti 
Ayrertimenti intomo alia Lingua 
vellum, TEBY BABE, Testo di Lingua Lione, 1568 

*4^* For a full account of the contents of this work see Paitoni, who 
dedicates 18 pages to its description, pronouncing it " prezioso 
per la sua rariti e per la purit^ della Lingua.'' 

1119 Bruschelli (D.) Descrizione del Quadro rappresentante la Chiesa 

inferiore di S. Francesco di Asisi dipinto dal Cay. G-ranet, 
2 plates Boma, 1822 

1120 Bruschelli (D.) Descrizione del Quadro dal Cay. Granet (La 

Chiesa inferiore di S. Francisco di Asisi), 2 plates, Boma, 
1822 — Descrizione del nuoyo Sotterraneo neUa Patriarcale 
Basilica di S. Francesco di Asisi, plate, Spoleto, 1824 (2) 

1121 Brussels. Relation du Bombardement de JBruxelles, par un 

Temoin oculaire, MS. de J, M ^ppens, with illustrative 
plates by and c^fter A. Qoppens, and two Pamphlets on the 
same subject in one vol. 

1122 Brutto (P.) Giostre, Trionfi et Apparati mirabili fatti in Yiena 

alia Corte del Imp. Ferdinanao 
rare (unknown to Mazzuchelli) Bologna, 1560 

1123 Bruys (Fr.) Histoire des Faiges, frontispiece, 5 vol. 

calf La Haye, 1732-4 

1124 Bryan (M.) Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and 

Engravers, 2 vol. portrait 1816 

1125 Bryd£;es (Sir S. £.) Topographical Miscellanies, containing 

Ancient Histories and Modem Descriptions of Mansions, 
Churches, Monuments and Families, plates, Horatio Wal- 
poWs copy, with a few MS. notes by him, halfrussia 1792 

1126 Buciland ( W .) Yindicisd Geologic®, or the Connexion of Geology 

with Eeligion explained Oxford, 1820 

1127 Buommattei (B.) della Lingua Toscana 

Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1643 

1128 Buommattei (B.) della Lingua Toscana, portrait 

half calf gilt ivi, 1760 

1129 Bubnaccorsi (Biagioj) Diario (1498-1512) con la Yita del Mag- 

nifico Lorenzo de' Medici il Yecchio scritta da N. Yalori 
half calf gilt Morenza, Giunti, 1568 

1130 Buonaparte (J.) Bagguaglio storico di tutti TOccorso Qiomo 

per Giomo nel Sacco di Boma (1527) 
half calf, uncut Colonia, 1756 


1181 Buonaparte (Jacopo) Bag^guaglio storico di tutto TOccorso 
Giomo per Giorno neU Sacco di fioma dell' Anno 1527 
vellum, uncut Oolonia, 1756 

1132 [Buonmattei (BOH Le tre Sirocchie, Cicalate di Benduccio 

Biboboli da Mattelica con la Declamazion delle Campane 
half morocco y Testo di Lingua J^isa, 1635 

1133 Buonmattei. Another copy ivi, 1635 

1134 Buonarroti (F.) Osservazioni istoriche sopra alcuni Medaglioni 

antichi, plates 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Roma, 1698 

1135 Buonarruoti (F.) Osseryazioni sopra alcuni Frammenti di Yasi 

antichi dl Vetro omati di Figure trovati ne' Cimeteri di 
Boma, plates 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1716 

1136 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) Esequie celebrate in Firenze dall* 

Accademia de Pittori, Scultori et Arcbitettori nella Chiesa 
di S. Lorenzo ii di 28 Giugno 1564 
rare Mrenze, Qiunti, 1564 

1137 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo). Esequie del Diyino M. A. Buon- 

arroti celebrate in Firenze dall' Accademia de Fittori, 
Scultori, & Arcbitettori nella Ghiesa di S. Lorenzo il di 14 
Luglio 1564, Firenze, Qiunti, 1564 — Varchi (B.) Orazione 
fiinerale neir Essequie di M. A. Buonarroti, ivi, 1564 
rare in one vol, 

%* The first work contains Verses on the Death of Michael Angelo. 

1138 BuoNABBOTi. Esequie del Divino Michelagnolo Buonarroti 

celebrate in Firenze dalP Accademia de Httori, Scultori et 
Arcbitettori (scritta da B, Varchi), Mrenze, Qiunti, 1564 — 
Varchi (B.) Orazione funerale nell Esequie di Michela^olo, 
ivi, 1564 — Ammannati (B.) Lettera a gli honoratissimi 
Accademici del Disegno, im, B, Sermatelli, 1582 in one vol. 

%* The letter of Ammanati expressing his regret for sculpturing 
nudities is very curious. 

1139 Buonarroti (M. A.) il G-iudizio di Paride Favola rappresentata 

nolle felicissime Nozze del Seren. Cosimo Medici Principe 
di Toscana e Maria MaddaUena di Austria, Mrenze, 1608-— 
Cini (F.) L'Argonautica (acted on the same occasion^, ivi, 
1608— CoDi(L.) il nuovo Secol d*Oro (for the same wedomg), 
rare, ivi, 1608— Comarini (G.) L' Aurora d'Amo, Oda (on 
the same marriage), very scarce, unJcnovm to Mbreni, ivi, 
1608 — Favilla (A. del) Bime nelle Beali Nozze di Cosimo 
Medici e, Maria Maddalena d' Austria, ivi, 1608 
russia in one vol* 

1140 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) Bime 

uncut, scarce Mrenze, Oiunti, 1623 

1141 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) Eime, ^or/ra»^ added, calf ivi, 1623 

1142 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo il Giovane) La Tancia, Ck>mmedia 

FiBST EniTioir, calf extra, rare Firenze, Cosimo Oiunti, 1612 


1143 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) Vita di, scritta da Q-. Piacenza 

half moroecOy uncut Torino , 1812 

1144 Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) Eime. Testo di Lingua 

green morocco^ g. e. {Firenze), 1817 

1145 Buoninsegni (Pietro) Historia Fiorentina (sino al 1410), 

Morenza, 1680 (at end 1579) — Boninsegni (Domenico di 
Lionardo) Storie della Citta di Eirenze &\V Anno 1410 al 
1460 Bcritte nelli stesai Tempi che accaddono, ivi, 1637 

vellum in one vol. 

*«* The first work is falsely attributed to Pietro Buoninsegni. It 

was written by his father Domenico, who also wrote the 

Continuation to 1460. 

1146 Burchiello (D.) XIY Sonetti non istampati cavati dal Codice 

Naniano; Sonetti XXXII non istampati di Alfonso de' 
Pazzi cavati dal Codice Farsetti; Canzone del Cav. L. 
Salviati ; Sette Lettere non stampate di F. Bemi, &c. 
Manuscript in the autograph of Conte G, B. Tomitano 1824-26 

1}47 Burnet (J.) Practical Hints on Composition in Painting, 
plates 1822 

1148 Burnet (J.) Practical Hints on Light and Shade in Painting, 

plates 1826 

1149 Burnet (J.) Practical Hints on Colour in Painting, coloured 

plates 1827 

1150 Burnet (J.) Essay on the Education of the Eye with reference 

to Painting, plates 1837 

1151 Burney (C.) Account of the Musical Performances in West- 

minster Abbey in Commemoration of Handel 
half calf m. e. 1785 

1152 Bury (, Dunelmensis) Philobiblon sive de amore librorum 

et institutione BibliothecsB, studio T. James, Oxon, 1599 — 
Oratio Funebris in obitu T. Bodleii, ih, 1613 — Justa 
Funebria PtolemsBi Oxoniensis T. Bodleii, wanting one leaf 
ib, 1613 in one vol, 

1153 Burtii (N.) Baronia illustrata et Carmina Bononice^ 1494 

1154 Butler (Jos.) Analogy of Eeligion, Natural and Bevealed, loith 

the autograph of Garret Wesley, ancestor of the Wellesleg 
Fami^ 1736 

1155 Cabinet de Dijonval : Etat d^taill6 et raisonn^ des Dessins et 

Estampes, Faris, 1810 — Cataloghi et avvisi di stampe, a verg 
interesting collection of single leaves^ Sfc. in 1 vol. — Cata- 
logue des Estampes, &c. de M. de Held, par Artaria, large 
paper, Vienne, 1826 3 vol, 

1156 Caburacci (F.) Bime e Trattato dello Imprese con un Discorso 

in Difesa delP Orlando Furioso, 2 vol. in 1 
half ealf gilt Bologna, 1580 

1157 Cade (Ant.) Sermon of Conscience, with a Treatise of the Cere- 

monies of the Church of England Camb, 1636 

1158 Cssdmonis Monachi Taraphrasis Poetica Oenesios, Anglo- 

Snxonice, edita a Junio, with translation of a portion, in 
manuscript hy J. J. Conyheare Amst. 1655 



1159 Caeremoniffi Sacne sive Eitus Bcdenasiici S. Bom. EodesiaQ, He 

Tieadingi and capitals printed in redy woodouts 

Venet, apud Juntas, 1582 

1160 CsBsaris Commentarii, notis variorum cura Oudendorpii, 2 vol. 

calf Zuffd. Bat, 1737 

1161 Cagna (G*.) Sommario dell' Origine et Nobilta d'alcune Famiglie 

della Citta di Padova Padova, 1589 

1162 CaiuB (Jo.^ de Antiquitate CantibrigiensiB Academiie: item 

Assertio Antiquitatia Oxoniensis, calf J, Day, 1574 

1168 Caldesi (G-.) Osservazioni anatomicbe intomo alle Tartarughe, 

plateSy half calf, ^^cut. Teste di Lingua Mrenze, 1787 

1164 Calvi (D.) Scena letteraria de gli Scrittori Bergama8cbi,/7or^rat^ 

Bergamo, 1664 

1165 Ga^bressi. Aviso novamente venuto da CambresBi circa la 

Confoderatione della Pace tra Eilippe II Be di Spagna et 
Henrico II Be di Francia senza nota (1659) 

*^* Mary Queen of Enp;land and Mary Queen of Scots are mentioned 
in tbis Treaty, signed at Cateau-Cambresis 8 April, 1559. 

1166 Cambridge University Poems. Luctus et Gratulatio, in fuuere 

Oliveri Protectoris et de Bicardi successione, Cantab, 1658 
— Tbreni in Exequiis Henriett» MarisD Beginse, ih, 1669*- 
Epitbalamium in Nuptiis Gul. Henr. Arausii et Maria, ih. 
1677 — Mus» Wilhelmo et MariaD Begi ac Begina), ih, 1689 
— LacrymsB in obitum MarisB Begina), ih, 1694-5 5 vol. 

1167 Cambridge University Poems. Epitbalamium Caroli Begis et 

H. Mari(B, Cantah, 1625 — Genethliacum Principum Caroli 
et MarisB, with MS, note hy Mr. Bindley, ih, 1631 — Antbo- 
logia in Begis Exanthemata, ib. 1682 — Ducis Eboracensis 
Easciffi, ih. 1638 — Carmen Natalitium ad cunas Principia 
ElisabetbfiB, ih. 1685 5 vol, 

1168 Cambridge University Poems. Tbreno-thriambeuticon, upon the 

death of Q. JElizabeth and accession of King James, Cantah. 
1608 — Lacr^m» in obitum Begin» Annse, ib. 1619 — Gratu- 
latio de Principis reditu ex Hispaniis, with note hy Mr. 
Bindley, ib. 1628 8 vol. 

1109 Cambridge. Umbra Comitiorum, or Cambridge Commencement 
in Ijpes 
T, Meame^s copy, uiUh his autograph, and note of presentation 

from B, Dyer of Oriel College 
reprinted at Oxford for the famous University of Cambridge. 

Anno secundo lihertatts ignorantia Academics 

1170 Camden (W.) Bcmaines concerning Britame, with manuscript 

notes hy 8. Begge, the Antiquary, halfrussia 1628 

1171 Camden, Bemaines concerning Bntain, with Additions by J. 

Philipot, portrait, 1657 — Bestitution of decayed intelligence 
in Antiquities concerning thd English illation, by B. 
Verstegan, engravings, 1628 in one vol. 

1172 Camotio (G. E.) Maps and Plans of various places in Italy, 

AB plates, some partly coloured obi, Venet. 1568-75 

1178 Campana (C.^ Arbori delle Famiglie di Mantova (Malaspina, 

Buonacosi, Aledrama, Paleologa e Gonzaga) Mantova, 1590 





11 74 Campano (G. A. Veseoto di Orotone) Vita di Braccio Tortebracci 

defcto da Montone e Vita di Nicolo Piccinino scritta da 
0-. B. Po^o, Qiteen ElizabeWs copy^ a British Museum 
duplicate Vinegia^ 1572 

1175 Cancellieri (F.) Storia de' solenni Possesai de Somtni Poatefici 

da Leone III ^ Ro YU, portrait ofFius VII Boma, 1802 

1176 Canga Arguelles (D. Joseph y D Bernab6) Obras de Sapho, 

Erinna, AIcmaD, Stesicoro, Alceo, Ibico, Simooides, Bachi- 
lides, ArchlLoco, Alpheo, Pratino, Menalipides tradacidas en 
Verso Castellano Madrid^ 1797 

1177 Canon sacratissimsQ MisssB una cum Expositione ejusdem, wood-' 

cut, Nuremh. per H, Holtzel^ 1503— Privilegia Banctissimae 
virginis Mariad et prerogatiysd collects ex dictis et eermonibus 
Banctorum doctorum, sine notd in one vol. 


1178 Braun (G.) Civitates Orbis Terranun, 6 vol. illustrated voith 

some additional views 
vellum Col. Agrw. 1572-1618 

1179 Braun (G.) Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Aliud Exemplar, 6 vol. in 8, 

wooden hoards Col. Jgrip, 1572-1618 

1180 Braun (G.) Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Aliud Exemplar, 6 vol. in 3 

Jlne copy, old calf Col. Agrip, 1572-1618 

1181 Braunii (G.) et F. Hogenbergii Civitates Orbis Terrarum, 

5 vol. in 8, numerous plans and views of cities (including the 
rare plan of London and Cambridge, views qf Os^ord, Windsor 
and other English toums), old calf, g, e. Colonice^ 1599 

1182 Braunii et Hogenbergii Civitatum Liber "gnmuB^ plans and views 

(including that ^London, Ac) Colonim, 1582 

1188 Braua (G.) Beschreibung una Contra&ctur der vomembster 
Statt der Welt, the Jirst hook as originally published, fine 
impressions qf the plates^ several additional engravings 
inserted Cdlln, 1574 

1184 Braun (G.) Beschreibung und Contra&ctur der vomembster 

Stat der Welt, maps coloured C6lln, 1574 

1185 Braun (G.) Theatre des Cit^s du Monde, 6 vol. in 8, with the 

same plates as in the Latin, but the description in French 
old morocoOyQ. e. ^ Col. 1575-1618 

1186 Braun (G.) Urbes praecipuce totius mundi, vol. II, plates, some 

wanting and others additional inserted Col. Agrip. 1581 

1187 Braun (G.) Urbes praooipuse totiua mundi, vol. Ill, plates 

coloured, containing views qf Norwich, Bristol, Chester, and 
Edinburgh, pig-skin Col. Agrip. 1588 

1188 Braunii (G.) Civitates Orbia Terrarum, vol. I, II, III 

half calf Col. Agrip. 1612 

1189 Braun (E.) La Passione di G^ili Cristo nella Cattedrale di Siena 

dipintura di Duccio di Bino della Buoninsegna ora pei 
Bisegni di Francesco von Bhoden intagliata in llame da 
B. Bartoccini, india proof plates Boma, 1847 


1190 Bbeydenbacu (Bern, de) Sakot^s PESSGBiirATiONES in moniem 

Sjon ad venerandum Christi aepulcrum in JeruBalem atque 
in montem Sjnai 
ilBST BDITIOK, TEBY BABE, larae folded woodcuts, the J^lan qf 
Jerusalem mended and slightly defective, calf ffxlt 

Mogunt I486 

1191 Bbunetto Latino (Ser) El Tesobo 

FiBST edition, excessiyelt BABE, hut a portion of several 
leaves supplied in facsimile, vellum, Testa di Lingua 

Triviso, U74 

1192 [Bruni] Aretino (Leonardo) Historia Fiorentina tradocta per 

Donatt) Acciaioli in Vulgare, Vinegia, 1476 — Poggio Historia 
!Fiorentina tradocta da Jacopo eno Figliuolo, ivi, 1476 
jflne copies, half hound in one vol. 

1193 Bruns (F. J.) Fragmentum ex lib. XCI HiBtoriarum Till Livii 

nunc primum erututn ex codice MS. Paticano Hamh, 177B 

1194 Buonamioti (F.) Osservazioni sopro alcuni frammenti di Yasi 

Antichi di vetro trovati ne' cimiteri di Boma, plates 

Mrenze, 1716 

1195 Buonamioti il Giovane (Michelagnolo) LaFiera e laTancia coU' 

Annotazioni dell' Abate A. M. Salvini, portrait 
halfmoroeeo, unctif^ Teste di Lingua Mrenze, 1726 

1196 Buonarroti (M. A.) Kittratto di Yittoria Colonna Marchesana di 

Fescara illustrato da D. Campanari, portrait and plates 


1197 Borkitt (W.) Expository Notes with practical observations on 

the New Testament^ portrait 1729 

1198 Burton (B.) Anatomy of Melancholy, engraved titlepage hy Le 

Blon, with a duplicate impression slightly damaged inserted 
old calf gilt 1660 

1199 Busaemecher (Jo.) Fasciculus Gkographicus oomplectens prasci- 

puarum totius orbis Begionum tabulas in ordinem redaetaa 
per M. Quadum sculptorem, maps, with portraits, a very 
interesting copy, with manuscript additions and drawings of 
arms Colon. 1608 

1200 Calila et Dimn^a. Directorium bumansd yit® alias parabobe 

antiquorum sapientum [traductuin in Latinam linguam per 
Jo. de Capua] 
FiBBT EDiTiOK, many very curious and spirited woodcuts, some 
partly coloured, vert babe, calf, stamped sides, after the 
antique style sine ulla nota, circa 1480 

1201 Callcott (Mrs. ) Description of the Chapel of the Annunziata dell' 

Arena or Giotto's Chapel in Padua, plate and cuts, privately 
printed, with autograph letter of A, W, Calcott inserted 
halfmoroeeo, g, e. 1835 

1202 Calvi (Fabii) Antique Tlrbis Bom» cum Eegionibus Simulachrum , 

ujoodcuts Eom<B, 1532 

1203 Cambridge. Proceedings of tho Yice Chancellor against Dr. 

Bentley, 1719 — Appendix to the Case of tho Bishop of Ely 
against Dr. Bentley, with autograph of W, Cole 


1204 Campanari (D.) Ritratto di Vittoria Colonna Marchesana di 

Pescara dipinto da Michel Angelo Buonarroti illustrato, 
portrait on india paper, plate of medals, and facsimilea of 
Michelangelo* s handwriting 1850 

*^* Witli an English Translation by Henrietta Bowles on the 
opposite pages. 

1205 Campanari (D.) Bitratto di Vittoria Colonna illustrate, translatato 

da H. Bo^\e&^ portrait 1850 

1206 Campani (J. A.) Opera scil. Historia Brachiana^ Epistolffi, Ora- 

tiones, Eiegiae, Epigrammata, etc. Bomcey E, SUber, 1495 

1207 Campanile (F.) L'Armi orero Insegne de' Nobili, three editions 

in 1 vol. numerous coats of arms Napoli, 1610-80 

1208 Campen (Jacobi van) Opera excellentiora a Fictoribus Titiano 

Vecellio et PaiUo CaUari inventa, 2 vol. in 1, containing 
40 plates after Titian and Fatd Veronese, old impressions^ 
with some additional Tenet, 1682 

1209 Camphora (Jacoino) Dialogo de la Inmortalita de TAnima, 

initial letter illuminated in gold and colours 
calf Vicenza, 1477 

1210 Campo (A.) Cremona col sue Contado illustrata 

OBiGiKAL EDITION, fjoith hrilUont iinpressions of the portraits 
and plates ^ engraved by Ag, Caracci, calf Cremona, 1585 

1211 Canobbio (A.) deUa Famiglia Canossa, a few leaves slightly 

damaged Verona, 1593 

1212 Cartes de Tltalie, 29 maps, some early and curious 

half calf 

1213 Casembrot (Abr.) Urbis Messano) cjusque Maris Prospectus, 

16 plates in a portfolio with blank leaves 
half morocco VS\ in, by 11 J 

1214 Cassini (G. D.) La Meridiana del Tempio di S. Petronio, plates. 

Teste di Lingua Bologna^ 1695 

1215 Cassini (G. D.) La Meridiana del Tempio di S. Petronio, plates, 

Testo di Lingua Bologna^ 1695 

1216 Castiglione (Conte B.) Libro del Cortegiano 

beautiful copy in cotemporary bromn morocco, g, e. the sides 
ornamented and having a raised figure of an angel, holding a 
globe, in centre Venetia, Aldo, 1528 

1217 Cataneo (P.) I quattro primi Libri di Architettura, numerous 

woodcuts, uncut, rare in this state Vinegia, Aldo, 1554 

1218 CataloguB Librorum Manuscriptorum Bibliotbec® Cottonianas a 

T. Smitho, portrait of Sir Bobert Cotton, by White 
half calf Oaon, 1696 

1219 Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum Anglise et HibernisB in 

unum coUecti cum Indice Alphabetico (principallj compiled 
by M. Maittaire), 2 rol. frontispiece containing portraits 
half calf Oxon, 1697 

1220 Catalogus Librorum Impressorum Bibliotheco) Bodleiana; in 

Academia Oxoniensi, 4 vol. half calf Oxon, 1843-51 


1221 Catalogue of Earlj English Poetry, and other Midcelianeoiis 

Works illustrating the British Drama, collected by Edmond 
Malone, and now in the Bodleian Library, interleaved with 
copioits Manuscript additions Oxford^ 1836 

1222 Catalogue of the Printed Books and Manuscripts bequeathed by 

Francis Douce to the Bodleian Library, ^m»w7«* of ancient 
palcBography Oxford^ 1840 

1223 Cathebina da Siena (Sancta) Efistole deyotissime 

fine copy^ with tlie woodcut portrait ^ halfrussia, Testo di lAngua 

Venetian Aldo, 1600 

1224 Cavalcanti (B.) La Eetorica 

riBST EBiTioir, vellum, Testo di Lingua Vinegia, mdltiiii 

1225 Caraleanti (B.) La Eetorica 

sscoNJ) XJDiTioy, vellum, Testo di Lingua ivi, mdlix 




122G Canti Camascialeschi andati per Eirenze del Tempo del Magnifico 
Lorenzo de' Medici fino all' Anno 1559, 2 vol. 
the genuine edition, first impression of the portraits , 
vellum, Testo di Linoua Cosmopoli, 1760 

1227 Caetini (L.) Saggi istonci d* Antichita Toscane, 10 vol. in 5, 

coats of arms, half calf , uncut Mrenze, 1796-1800 

1228 Canzoni overo Mascherate Camascialesche di M. Gio. Battista 

dell* Ottonaio, fine copy in red morocco, silk linings, g. e, 
scarce Morenza, L, Torrentino, ].660 

%* This volume contains the poems that were suppressed in the 
first edition of the Canti Camascialeschi, and as it contains 
additions and corrections, it is considered a ^very useful Sup- 

1229 Canzone in Lode di Bella Donna, aggiuntovi un Sonetto " fatto 

Ser uno ch' era in gran Portuna. Componimenti Toscani 
el Secolo XIV date in Luce dal Dottore Enrico Wellesley 
printed for private circulation only Oxford, 1851 

1280 Canzoue in Lode di be]la Donna. Another copy Oxford, 1851 

1281 Canzone. Another copy ivi, 1851 

1232 Capaccio (O. C.) La vera Antichita di Fozzuolo, views 

calf Roma, 1652 

1233 Capaccio (G. C.) Vera Antichita di Pozzuolo, /?Za^^* Boma, 1652 

1234 Capialbi (Cav. V.) suUo Mure d* Ipponio e degli Scavi di Monte- 

liono, plates Roma, s, a. 


1236 Capitoli, Burleschi d' Incerto Auttore, very rare L'Anno ixic. 

1236 Capponi (Marchese V.) ParafraBi poeticbe degP Inni del Breviario 

half gilt calfy uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1818 

1237 Capponi (Marchese Gino) Catalogo del Manoscritti 

half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1845 

1238 Caracciolo (Epicuro i.e. Anfonio) Di tre CiecU Dialogo belli- 

tissimo (jtic) red morocco extra, g. e, 

Vinegia, per N, d^ Aristotile detto Zoppino, 1530 

The earliest edition of this Tragi- Corned j known to Quadrio, 
Haym, and other bibliographers, is that of Napoli, 1532. The 
author subsequently changed the title of his plaj to ^'La 

1239 Caracciolo. Another Edition, called Cecaria, to which is added 

*' Uluminatione delli tre Ciechi e Madrigali," wants title and 
signature A 8 ivi, 1532 

1240 [Caracciolo (Antonio)] Tragicomedia del Epicuro Napolitano 

intitulata la Cecaria, nuovamente aggiontovi un bellissimo 
Lameuto del Geloso con la Luminaria, woodcuts Vinegia, 1532 

%* The earliest Italian work bearing the title of Tragicomedia. 

1241 [Caracciolo (A.)] Cecaria, Tragicomedia Venetia, 1566 
1241* Caracciolo. Another copy voi, 1566 

1242 [Carboni (G. B.)] Le Pitture e Sculture di Brescia, frontispiece 

Brescia, 1760 

1243 Cardwell (E.) on the Landing-Place of Julius Csasar in Britain 

only a few copies r<^rinted separately for presents 

1244 Caritone Afrodisieo Eacconti amorosi di Cherea e di Callirroe 

(tradotti da M. A. Giacomelli) 
LABGE PAFEB, Testo di Idngtsa s. I. 1756 

1245 Carletti (F.) Viaggi neir Indie Occidentali e Orientali, &c. 

vellum Firenze, 1701 

1246 Carletti. Another copy ivi, 1701 

1247 Carli de Piccolomini (Bartolomeo) Edera (in ottava rima), wood' 

cut, fine copy, rare Venetia, 1544 

*«* The only edition known to Quadrio was that printed at Venice 
in 1563. 

1248 Carlson (G. W.) Anteckningar rorande Suenska Kyrkan i Lon- 

don, Stockholm, 1852 — Friidersdorff (J. W.) Introduction 
to Danish or Norwegian, 1860 2 vol. 

1249 Carmignani (G.) Lettera all' Amico G. Eosini sul vero Sense di 

quel Verso di Dante Foscia piu che il dolor pote il digiuno, 
Fisa, 1826— Eisposta di G. Eosini, ivi, 1826— Pepe (G.) 
Bulla vera Intelligenza del Verso, Firenze, 1826 ; and other 
Tracts in the volume 

1250 Carmina quinque Illustrium Poetarum, soil. Bembi, Naugerii, 

Castihoni, Cotts et Flaminii 
old red morocco, g. e. Florent, Torreniinus, 1552 

1251 Carmina Poetarum Nobilium Jo. Pauli Ubaldiui studio coDqnisijba 

green morocco, g, e. Mediolani, 1503 

1252 Carmina Illustrium Poetarum Italorum, 11 vol. 

half calf, scarce Florent. 1719-26 



1253 Carmina Quadrngcsimalia ab ^di Cbristi Oxon. Alumnis coin- 

posita, 2 vol. in 1 Oxon. 1723^8 

1254 Carmina Quadragesimalia, 2 vol. in 1, old russia Oxon, 1723-48 
[Caro (A.)]Gommento di Ser Agresto da Ficaruolo sopra la 

prima Ficata del Padre Siceo (col Capitolo de' Fichi di F. 
M. Molza) e Nasea o yero Dicena de* Nasi del medesimo 
Ser Agresto (A, Caro), red morocco^ g. e. rare «. I. 1538 
125C Caro (A.) Spaccio di Maestro Fasquino Bomano a Messer L. 
Castelvetro, Ac. Parma, 1573 — Castelvetro (L.) Bagione 
d'alcune Cose segnate nella Canzone d' A. Caro, Venite a 
VOmbra de gran aigli d*oro, ivi, 1573 in one voL 

1257 Caro (A.) Gli Straccioni Comedia, Venetia, Aldo, 1589 — Cremo- 

nino (C.) Le Pompe funebri overo Aminta e Clori Favola 
silvestre, Ferrara, 1591 — Ongaro (A.) Alceo, Favola pesca- 
toria, Venetia, 1592 — Oddi (S.) Prigione d' Amore Comme- 
dia nuova, woodcuts, ivi, 1592 — Porta (G. B. de la) La 
Fantesca, Comedia, ivi, 1592 in one vol, 

1258 Caro (A.) Lettere famialiri, 2 vol. 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Padova, 1725 

1259 Caro (A.) Bime e GU Straccioni Commedia, portrait 

Testa di Lingua Venezia, 1757 

1260 Caro (A.) Lettere familiari, 3 vol. Padova, 1763 — Lettere scritte 

a Nome del Cardinale Alessandro Famese, 3 vol. ivi, 1765 
vellum 6 vol, 

1261 Caro. Dicerie di A. Caro e di altri a Be della Virtu 

half morocco, uncut Calveleg-JECall (Venezia), 1821 

%* Only 100 copies privately printed for B. Gamba tbe editor. 
Tbis scarce volume contains " La Nasea,*^ " Lettera a G. P. 
Leoni,'^ and " La Statua della Foia,*' of Caro ; " La Cotog- 
nata,^^ and '' 11 Bicchiere," of Bino, and otber rare Facetise. 

1262 Caro (A.) Lettere inedite, 8 vol. portrait 

half calf, Testo di LingiM Milano, 1827-30 

1263 Caro (A.) Lettere scelte, half hound Bergamo, 1829 

1264 Caro (A.) Lettere famigliari, 2 vol. Mode/ia, 1845-46 

1265 Caro (A.) Yolgarizzamento del Moreto di Virgilio 

FBiNTEn ON BLUB PAPER (Carta azzurra) Venezia, 1827 

1265* Caroli Magni Gesta edita ex Codice Laurentiano, cum Notis S. 

Ciampi Florentia, 1823 

1266 Carretto (Galeotto) La Sopbonisba, Tragedia Vinegia, 1546 

1 267 Cartari (A. S.) Prodromo Gentilizio overo Trattato delle Armi 

ed Insegne delle Famiglie Soma, 1679 

1 268 Cartenacci (A.) L' Apocalisse parafrasata in Versi Fuligno, 1809 

1269 Carter (E.) History of tbe University of Cambridge, autograph 

of J. Bawlinson 1753 

1270 Carter (Jobn) Views of Ancient Buildings in England, drawn 

in diflferent Tours, commencing 1764, 6 vol. 119 ^Za^, 1786 

1271 Cartwrigbt (W.) Comedies, Tragi- Comedies, witb otber Poems, 

portrait hy Lomhart, with signature and a few notes By T. 

Warton, also an autograph letter of T. Park inserted, from 

Mr. Bindley^ s Library {this copy has not the cancelled 

passages) 1651 


1272 Caaa (Oioyanni della) Bime et Prose 

Teito di Idnfua Marenza, Oiunti, 1564 (at end 1554) 

1273 Casa (Giovanni della) Bime et Prose Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1564 

1274 Casa (G-iovanni della) Trattato de Costumi (Ghilateo) fatto 

Italiano et Franceze 
Hue tnoroeeo extra, g, e, hy Thompson Lione^ 1573 

1275 Casa (G. della) Bime, con le Annotazioni di E. Menagio 

Farigi, 1667 

1276 Casa (G. della) Prose volgari, 2 vol. Soma, 1759-63 

1277 Casa (Giovaniri della) Galateo, half morocco, uncut Bologna, 1817 

1278 Casa (G. della) Orazioni, half morocco, uncut Faenza, 1824 

1279 Casa (J. de la) Le Galatee en Italien, Eran9ois, Latin et 

Espaenol {Lgon), J, de Toumes, 1598 

1280 Case (J. de la) Le Galatee en Italien, Pran9ois, Latin, Allemand 

et Espagnol (^Lyon), Jean de Toumes, 1609 

%* The French version is printed in " Lettres de Oivilitey 

1281 Casaregi (G. B.^ G. T. Canevari e A. Tommasi, Difesa del 

Petrarca dalle Opposizioni del Signer L. A. Moratori 

Lucca, 1709 

1282 Cassiano (Yen. Giovanni^ Collazioni dei SS. Padri ; Teste di 

Lingua inedito ; mandate alia Luce dal Can. T. Bini, Lucca, 
1854 — Bevista delle Collazioni (da Manucci), Firenze, 1856 

2 voh 

1283 Cassiano (Yen. Giovanni) Collazioni dei SS. Padri volgarizzati, 

Teste di Lingua inedito 
LJLBGB PAPBB {only 10 copiss printed^, uncut Lucca, 1854 

1284 Castaldi (C.) Poesie Yolgari e Latine Londra {Farigi), 1757 

1285 Castiglione (Conte B.) Libro del Cortegiano Venetia, Aido, 1533 

1286 'Castiglione (Conte B.) II Libro del Cortegiano revisto per L. 

fiolce, vellum, Testo di Lingua Vinegia, 1559 

1287 Castiglione (Conte B.) Libro del Cortegiano revisto per L* 

Dolce, Testo di Lingua, scarce Vinegia, G. Qioliio, 1560 

1288 Castiglione (B.) Lettera a Eederico G^nzaga Marchese di 

Mantova era per la prima Yolta messa in Pubblico da A. E. 
MortaTA, privately printed Casalmaggiore, 1851 

1289 Casti (G. B.) ^ovelle galanti, 2 vol. calf Milano, 1802 

1290 Castiglione (Cavalier Sabba) Bicordi overo Ammaestramenti 

Milano, 1559 
*^* Containing valuable information relative to Leonardi da Yinci. 

1291 Castiglione (Sabba) Bicordi overo Ammaestramenti Venetia, 1592 

1292 Castiglione (Cav. Sabba) Bicordi overo Ammaestramenti ivi, 1592 

1293 Casteilani (T.) Bime Bologna, 1545 

1294 Castelletti (C.) L'Amarilli Pastorale Venetia, 1582 

1295 Casti (G. B.) Court and Parliament of Beasts, a Poem, trans- 

lated by W. S. Bose, 1819 — Petrarca: a Selection of 
Sonnets by G. Henderson, frontispiece, 1803 — Anacreon, 
Sappho, Bion, Moschus, and Mussbub, by Fav^kes, 1789 — 
Pindar, in English verse, by H. F. Cary, 1833 — Translations 
from the Lyric Poets of Germany, by Macray, Oxford^ 
1838 ' 5 vol 


CaBtlemaine (Eorl of) Accouot of the War between the Yene* 

tians and Turks with the State of Caudie, map U/ Hollar, 

uncut 1666 

CataloKO de' Capi d' Opera di Pittura, Scoltnra, Antichita, 

Libri, Storia naturale od altre CurioHiti trasportati dall' 

Italia in Francia, rigidly tupprested, Milano, i. a. — ]>eacri- 

zione de Quadri restituti a Bologna da Francia, Bologna, 

». a. (2) 

Catalogue Bibliotbecie Colbertlnie, prices, S vol, Farig, 1728 ; 

and others 6 vol. 

Catalogue de Desseins de M. Sjbrand Feitama, pricei and 

name* in the autograph of Mr. O. Baker, hal/rustia, Amgt. 

1758— Tableaui, &c. du Due do Tallard, prieet, Parit, 

I7fi8 — Oalerie de Florence, j)io/e», Florence, 1819 8 vol. 

Catalogue Ssisonng d'Eetampee et de Desaeine de M. J. HaEard, 

portrait, 2 vol. pricet, Brux. 1789 ; and others 6 vol. 

Catalogue dels Bibliotheque de Crevenna, prieet and namet in the 

autograph <^ the celebrated CoUeetor Sichard Meber 

Jmtt. 1793 
Catalogo di alcune Opere non citat« ]e quali meritano 

JUitano, 1812 
Catalogue of BookB added to Trinity College Library in 1863 

Jhthlin, 1851 

Cato, Libro o tre Yolgarizzamenti del Libro di Catone de' Costume 

calf extra, g. '■ '^^'lo ^i Lingua Milano, 1829 

Cattani (F.) Tre Libri d'Amore con la Vita del Autore da 

B. Varchi Vinegia, 1561 

Catullo La Chioma di Berenice, Lat. ed Ital. da T. Puccini 

Jfrenztf, 1807 
Cavalca (Fra Domenico) La Disciplina de gli Sptrituali 

Tetto di Lingua Ftorenea, 1560 

Cavalca (F. PomeDico) Specchio di Crooc, uncut Boma, 1788 
Cavalca (Fra S.) Pungiliogua, vellum ivt, 1761 

Cavaica (Fra Uotnenico) Pungilingua 

lABOE PiPEB, halfruesia, uncut, Tetto di Lingua ivi, 1751 
Cavalca (Fra Domenico) Frutti della Lingua 

LASGE PA.PEB, vellum ivi, 1764 

Cavalca (F. Domenico) Medicina del Cuore, ealf ivi, 1766 

Cavalca (Fr. Dom.) Medicina del Cuore ivi, 1756 

Cavalca (Fra D.) Discipliua degli Sptrituali col Trattato delle 
trenta Stoltizie (e Sonetti) 
vellum, Teeto di Lingua te», 1757 

Cavalca (Fra D.) Espoeizione del Simbolo degli Apostoli, 2 vol. 

LA.BQB PAPEB, halfruttia, uncut, Tetto di Lingua ivi, 1768 

Cavalca (F. Dom.) Yolgarizzamento del Bialogo di 8. Qr^;orio 

e dell' I^istola di S. Oirolamo ad Eustochio con alcune 

Poesie detlo stesso 

LABfiE PAPER, vellum, Tetto di Lingua ivi, 1761 

Cavalca (F. Domenico) Yolgarizzamento degli Atti Apostolid 

D'renze, 1769 



1318 Cavalca (Fra Domenico) Volgarizzamento degli Atti degli Apos- 

toli col Pianto della Yergine, <&c. 2 vol. in 1 
half morocco, uncut, top edge ailt Mrenze, 1837 

1319 Cavalca (F. Domenico) Specchio di Croce 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua Brescia, 1822 

1820 Cayalca (D.) Specchio di Croce Venezia, 1840 

1321 Gavalca (P. Domenico) Specchio de' Peccati 

LABGE PAPBB, halfmoTOcco, unctd, top edge gilt Mrenze, 1828 

1322 Cavalca (P. Domenico) Specchio de' Peccati 

half calf, g. e. ivi, 1828 

1323 Cayalcanti (Guide) Canzone d* Amore con TEspositione del 

M. Egidio Colonna (Cardiiiale) e Eime, Siena, 1602 — 

Canzone col Comento di F. Paolo del Bosbo, Morenza, 1568 

Iktti di Lingua in one vol. 

1324 Cayalcanti (G.) 'Rime^ortrait 

half vellum, uncut, Teato di Lingua Mrenze, 1813 

1325 Cayalcanti (G-.) Istorie Fiorentine, Testo di Lingua, 2 vol. 

half vellum extra, uncut, top edges gilt 

ivi, 1838-39 

1326 Cavalieri (B.) Centuria di yarii Problemi, rare, see MS, note bg 

Mr. Halliwell, who therein states that the copy in the British 
Museum wants the Tables of Logarithms Bologna, 1639 

1327 Cayalleriis (J. B.) Pontificum Bomanorum Effigies 

LABGE PAPEB, portraits, with arms, Jvne copy in rfd morocco, 
dentelle borders, gilt gaufri edges, by Wheeler, rare 

Borna, 1580 

1328 Cayazzoni Zanotti (G. P.) Lettere in Difesa del Conte C. C. 

Malyasia Bologna, 1705 

1329 Cayedoni (C.) sulle Medaglie di Famiglie Somane Modena, 1829 

1330 Cayendish (G.) Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey, portrait by 

EUtracJc 1667 

1331 Cawse (J.) Introduction to Oil Y^miing, plates of Pallets 1822 

1332 Cajet (P. V.) Chronologic Noyenaire, contenant PHistoire de 

la Guerre, sous le regno du Eoy Henry IV, 3 yol. engraved 
title-page by Gaultier, Paris, 1608 — Chronoloffie Septenaire 
de THistoire de la Paix entre les Eojs de France et 
d'Espagne, ib. 1612 4 vol. 

1333 [Cecchi (G. M.)] Lezione oyero Cicalamento di Maestro Barto- 

lino dal Canto de' Bischeri sopra '1 Sonetto (del Bemi) 
Passer e, e Beccafichi magni arrosto, title mended, Mrenze, 
1605 — Lezione di Maestro Niccodemo dalla Pietra al 
Migliaio sopra il Capitolo della Salsiccia del Lasca, Testo di 
Lingua, rare, ib. 1589 — Comento del Grappa nella Canzone 
del Firenzuola (del Lasca) in Lode della Salsiccia, extbemely 
BABE, Stampata nel M.n.xxxxy, olive morocco, g. e. in one vol. 

\* The Lezione di M. Niccodemo contains an elegant Noyella 
attributed to Serafino dell* Aquila, but yery different from his 
style. It is yery similar to the tenth of the prima cena of II 
Lasca. It contains also A. Alamanni*s Stanza sul Beccqfico, 
quoted in the Yocabolario, but so rare is this edition, that the fact 
was unknown to the Editor of Berni, and he printed the Stanza 
in 1723 as inedita. 


1334 [Cecchi (G. M.)T Lezione o vero Cicalamento di Maestro Bar- 

tolino da] Canto de' Bischeri sopra '1 Sonetto (del Bemi), 
Passere, e JBeccq/lchi magri arrosto 
half calf gilt y Te%to di Lingua Firenze, 1583 

1335 Cecchi (G. M.) Comedie : &!' Incantesimi, Vinegia, 1550 — La 

Stiava, ivi^ 1550 — L'Aesivolo, ivi, 1560-— La I)ote, ivi, 1566 
— FaraboBCo (G.) il Viluppo Comedia, ivi, 1560 in one vol, 

1336 Cecchi (G. M.) I DisBimiU, Vinegia, 1550— L'Aasivolo, ivi, 1650 

— Gr Incantesiini, part offoL 9 torn off^ ivi^ 1550 in one vol. 

1337 Cecchi (G. M.) I Dissimili, Comedia, calf Vtnegia, 1660 

1338 Cecchi (G. M.) I Diaaimili, Vinegia, 1650— L'Aflsivolo, m, 1560 

— Gl' Incantesimi, ivi, 1550 — La Stiava, m, 1550 — La Dote, 
ivi, 1550 — La Moglie, ivi, 1556 in one vol, 

1339 Cecchi (G. M.) Comedie : L^Assivolo, i Dissimili, la Dote, la 

Moglie, Gl' Incantesimi e la Stiava, 6 vol. in 1 
half calf Testi di Lingua Vinegia, 1660 

1340 Cecchi (G. M.) La Dote, Vinegia, 1660 — Gl' Incantesimi, ivi, 

1550 — L'Assivolo, ivi, 1550 — La Stiava, ivi, 1550 (4) 

1341 Cecchi (G. M.) La Moglie, Comedia, calf gilt Vineaia, 1566 

1342 Cecchi (G. M.) II Servigiale, Comedia con gli Intermedii 

calf gilt Morenza, C^unti, 1661 

1343 Cecchi (G. M.) Comedie 

uncut, Testo di Lingua Venetia, B, Oiunti, 1686 

1344 Cecchi (G. M.) Comedie Venetia, B, Qiunti, 1586 
%* Each of the seven Comedies has a title and a distinct pagination. 

1346 Cecchi (G. M.) L'Esaltazione della Croce con i suoi Intermedi, 
Mrenze, 1592 (at end 1586) — Descrizione dell' Apparato e 
de gl' Intermedi, ivi, 1692, vellum, Testo di Lingua, in one vol. 

1346 Cecchi. Another copy, 2 vol. in 1, half morocco ivi, 1592 

1347 Cecchi (G. M.) Lo Maschere e H Smaritano Commedie 

half vellum, uncut, top edge gilt JFirenze, 1818 

1348 CeccherelH (A.) deUe Azzioni et Sentenze del Signer Alessandro 

de' Medici prime Duca di Eirenze 

Firenze, Giunti, 1580 (at end 1579) 
*^* This edition, dedicated to Bianca Cappello, is not mentioned 
by Moreni. 

1349 Ceffi (Ser Eilippo) Le Dicerie, Testo di Lingua 

half red morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Torino, 1826 

1350 Cei (F.) Sonecti, Capituli, Canzone, Sextine, Stanze et Stram- 

bocti, wants title-page Mrenze, P. di Oiunta, 1603 

1351 Cellini (Benvenuto) Vita con Eicordi, Prose et Poesie, 3 vol. 

portrait Firenze, 1829 

1352 Cellini (Benvenuto) Yita scritta da lui medesimo ivi, 1831 

1353 Cennini (Cennino) Trattato della Pittura con Annotazioni dal 

Cav. G. Tambroni, half calf gilt Boma, 1821 

1354 Ceremoniale del Conclave, plate Venezia, 1823 
1356 Ceremoniale del Conclave, plate ivi, 1823 
1356 Cervantes (M. de) El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la 

Mancha, con notas por J. A. Pellicer, plates, 6 vol. 
BEST EDITION, half vellwn gilt, m, e. Madrid, 1797-8 


1357 CervanteB, Histoire de Don Quixote, plates^ 5 vol. 2mst, 1700 

1858 Cerrantes, History of Don Quixote, translated by several hands 

and published by Peter Motteux, plates^ 4 vol. ealf 1700-3 

1359 Cesare (Cav. G. di) Lettere Bomane 

JPrato, Tipoffrqfia Aldina, 1846 

1360 Cesari (A.) Bellezze delle Commedia di Dante Alighieri Dialoghi, 

8 vol. half green morocco Verona^ 182^26 

1361 Cesari (A.) Vita di Gesii Cristo e la sua Beligione, 12 parts in 

6 vol. portrait^ Firenze, 1882-33 — 1 Fatti degli Apostoli, 
4 parts in 2 vol. ivif 1838 
Testo di Lingua^ half moroeco extra 8 vol, 

1362 Cesarotti (M.) Yersioni, Poesie Latine e Iscrizioni 

half calf gilt Firenze, 1810 

1368 Chaggio (Paolo) Flamminia prudente, Novelletta 

hoQ^ moroccoy very scarce Vinegiaf 1551 

%* Although called in the title-page a Novelletta, it is in reality a 
farce in two acts. Count Borromeo could not procure a copy, 
but was compelled to be content with a transcript. 

1364 Chalmers (A.) History of Oxford University, 2 vol. vietos hy 

Storer and Greig^ calf gilt Oxford, 1810 

1365 Chalmers (T.) Discourses on the Christian Sevelation, Discourses 

on Christianity, Sermons on Public Occasions, Sermons 
preached in St. John's Church, Glasgow, Evidence of Chris- 
tian Bevelation, Speeches and Tracts, 6 vol. 
caJf mth a few notes and passages marked hg Mr. Edward 
Hope Glasgow and Mdinh, 1817-24 

1366 Chalmers (T.) Discourses ou the Christian Bevelation, with 

manuscript notes, calf gilt Glasgow, 1834 

1367 Champin, Nouvel Album des Amateurs destine a FEtude du 

Pay sage d'apres "NstMre, plates JParis, 1841 

1368 Chansons. Le Petit Chansonnier Eran9oi0, ou choix des meil- 

leurs Chansons, 2 vol. calf, m, e. Geneve, 1780 

1369 Chants et Chansons populaires de la France, H. L. Delloye, Edi- 

teur, 2 vol. in 1, with numerous elegant illustrations and the 
music, half morocco, g. e. JParis, 1843 

1370 Chapelle et Bachaumont, (Euvres 

^e copy, old red morocco, g. e. La Haie, 1755 

1371 Chardon ae la Bochette (S.) Melanges de Critique et de Philo- 

logie, 3 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1812 

1372 Charles I. Eicon Basilice, plate hy Marshall, no portrait, 1648 

— Arms of Baronets, wants the first leaf of index, 1779 — 
Saugey (J. G. de) Histoire des Chevaliers de St. Jean de 
Jerusalem, Paris, 1838 8 vol, 

1378 Chastiglione ^G. B. da) Luoghi difficili del Petrarcha nuovamente 
dichiarati Vinegia, 1532 

1374 Chesneau (Aug.) Orpheus Encharisticus sive Deus absconditus 
Humanitatis illecebris illustriores Mundi partes ad se per- 
trahens, ultroneas arcanss majestatis adoratrices,^*(m^urpiW^, 
vignette, and 100 emblematic engravings by Albert Flamens, 
first impressions Paris, 1657 



1375 Cheaneau, Orpheus EuchaiiBticos, Aliud Exemplar 
ealfy y. e. very fine impresnons Paris, 1657 

Unknown to Dumesnil, who describes the works of this master. 

1376 Chesterfield (Lord) Adrlce to his Son on Men and Manners, 

date cut o^T— Seldeniana, or Table Talk, portrait^ n. d, 2 voh 

1377 Chiabrera (G.) Eime, 2 vol. in 1 Venetia, 1605 
1878 Chiabrera (O.) Bime, 3 Tol portrait, Teito di Lingua Boma, 1718 

1379 Chiabrera (G.) Opere, 4 vol. 

half houndy uncut, Teste di Lingua Venezta, 1730-31 

1380 Chiabrera (G.) Dialoghi dell' Arte Foetica, oon altre sue Prose e 

TjetterOy portrait, half calf gilt Venezia, 1880 

1381 Chiabrera (G.) Lettere a Bernardo Castello, portrait 

morocco, g. e. Geneva, 1888 

1382 Chika. Notizie varie dell* Imperio della China, &c. con la Vita 

di Confucio, uncut, yxby babs Firenze, 1697 

*«* The Belazione della China is by the Jesuit Giovanni Grueber, 
having Letters by him in Latin appended. The Yita Confacii 
and the Scientia Sinica are also in Latin. 

1883 Christine Beine de Suede, Pens^es, avec une notice sur sa vie 

printed within red borders, portrait and facsimile of her auto- 
graph, vellum, g. e. Paris, Benouard, 1825 

1384 Chiusole (Conte A.) dell' Arte Pittorica (in Terzine) e Componi- 

menti diversi, half morocco, uncut Venezia, 1768 

1385 Church of England Magazine, vol. X, XI, Jan. to Dec. 1841 — 

Patroni Ecclesiarum, 1831, &c. 8 vol, 

1386 Church (B. W.) Essays and Beviews 1854 

1387 Churton (B.) Life of A. Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's, portrait and 

plates, uncut Oxford, 1809 

1388 Ciampi (S.) Memorie di S. Carteromaco, portrait 

half calf gilt Pisa, 1811 

1389 Ciampi (S.) Catalogo di Documenti manoscritti e stampati rela- 

tivi alia Polonia, Firenze, 1824 ; and other Pieces by Ciampi 
in the volume 

1390 Ciampi (S.) Notizie dei SecoH XV e XVI sull' Italia, Polonia e 

Bussia coUe Yite di Bona Sforza de' Duchi di Milano Be- 
gina di Polonia e di Giovanni de' Medici detto delle Bande 
Nere, portraits Firenze, 1833 

1891 Ciampi (S.) Bibliografia critica delle antiche reciproche Cor- 
rispondenze dell' Italia colla Bussia, Polonia ed altre Parti 
Settentrionali, 2 vol. in 1, half calf gilt Firenze, 1834-89 

1392 Cibrario (Cav. L.) Opuscoli, half morocco Torino, 1841 

1393 Cicalate d'Autori Eiorentini dei nostri Tempi Firenze, 1809 

1394 Cicerone (M. T.) Le Tusculane recate in Italiano da Fausto da 

Longiano Vinegia, 1544 

1395 Ciceroms Epistol» ad Familiares ex recensione Gr»vii, cum 

animadvcrsionibus et notis variorum, 2 vol. 
calf Amst. Flz. 1677 


1896 Ciceron, (Euvres, traduites en Fran9ois, avec des notes par lea 

Abb^B Prevost, Colin, Olivet, Mougault, Morabin, &c. 26 vol. 

fine tetf French ealf, y. e. Farisy 1746-78 

1397 Ciceronis Vita Litteraria, Oxon, 1762 — ^Avenarii Curias Epos 

Jocofsamy jplateSy Frunsviga, 1771 — Eloia Gortum Yersioftle 
de Moia swartibus a Gripboldo Knickknakio, coloured plate, 
1800 in one vol. 

1398 Cicero. Tollio dell* Amicizia Yolgarizzamento del Sec. XIY, 

Mrenze, 1809 — H Sogno di Scipione voltato in Greco per 
Massimo Planude e fatto volgare per M. Zanobi da Strata, 
portrait, Fisa, 1816 — Bidoln (A.) Fensieri intomo alio 
Scopo di N. Machiavelli nel Libro il Principe, con una nota 
bibliografica su V Edizione del 1550, Milano, 1810 — Stanze 
alia Tina da Campi di Bartolommeo Del Bene, privately 
printed by (hunt G. F» Tomitano, the former owner of this 
volume — Amore fuggitivo Idillio di Mosco, tradotto da 
B. Yarchi e Bime burlesche di A. Bronzino, edizione prima, 
presentation copy to Tomitano, with autograph note of 
J. Morelli, the Editor, Venezia, 1810 — Salvini (S.) sopra 
r Origine dell' Academia della Crusctf ed Orazione in Lode 
di Cosimo Pater Patris, first edition, Firenze, 1814 
vellum, uncut, Testi di Lingua in one vol. 

1399 Ciceronis Somnium Scipionis. II Sogno di Scipione voltato in 

Greco per Massimo Planude (col Testo Latmo) e fatto Yol- 
gare per M. Zanobi da Strata, portrait Fisa, 1816 

1400 Cicerone (M. T.) Tre Orazioni per Marcello, Q. Ligario e il Be 

Dejotiaro volgarizzate da Brunette Latini, portrait of trans- 
lator, half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di IdngiM 

Milano, 1882 

1401 Cicerone degli IJffici. Testo inedito del buon Secolo 

half calf, uncut Napoli, 1840 

1402 Cicerone (M. T.) Opuscoli volgarizzati nel buon Secolo della 

Lingua Toscana 
LAB^E PAPEB, half colf qilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua Lnola, 1850 

1403 Cicerone (M. T.) Sogno di Scipione vol^rizzato per M. Zanobi 

da Strata, col Testo Latino. Testo di Lingua Napoli, 1850 

1404 Cicerone (M. T.) Orazioni scelte recate in volgare Idioma dal 

conte A. Si& Bavenna, 1864 

1405 Ciciloni (F.) Italian Grammar, half calf gilt Florence, 1838 

1406 Cicognara (L. Conte) Catalogo ragionato dei Libri d' Arte e d' 

Antichit^, 2 vol. with MS. and printed additions Fisa, 1821 

1407 Cicognara (Conte L.) Memorie spettanti alia Storia della Calco- 

erafia (dei Nielli) Frato, 1881 

1408 Cinem (G.) della Biblioteca volante Scanzia prima 

vellum, rare Firenze, 1677 

1409 Cino [Sinibuldo] da Pistoia, Bime, Boma, per A. Blado, 1559 — 

Montemagno daPistoia (Buonaccorso, Coetaneo delPetrarca) 
Bime, fibst edition, ivi, 1559 
red morocco, g. e. in one vol. 

*«* These Poems, both edited by N. Pilli, are almost invariably found 
together, and of great rarity. M. Libri's copy sold for £4. 18s., 
and Mr. Hibbert's for £3. 148. 


1410 Cino (del Sinibuldi) da Pistoia Vita c Poeaio da S. Ciampi, 

portrait, half vellum, uncut, PUa, 1813 — Supplemento, 
m, 1814 (2) 

1411 Cinonio (M. A.) Osservazioni della Lingua Italiana, 2 vol. 

vellum, Testa di lAngua Forli, 1686, e JPerrara, 1644 

1412 Cinonio (M A. Mambelli) OsserYazioni della Lingua Italiana, 

2 vol. Testo di Lingua Forli, 1085, e Ferrara, 1657 

1413 Cipriani (Ab. G.) Novelle sei Verona, 1819 

1414 Cittadini (C.) Opere raccolte da G-. Oigli, vellum Boma, 1721 

1415 Cittadini (C.) delle Anticbita delle Armi Gbntilizie 

half morocco, uncut Lucca, 1741 

1416 Clarac (Comte de) Manuel de rHistoire de TArt chez lea Anciens, 

2 vol. Farts, 1847 — Leonce de Fesquidoux L'Ecole Anglaise, 
1672-1851, ib. 1868— Bousaard (J. F.) Voyages de P. P. 
Bubens, portrait, Brux, 1840 ; and others 6 vol. 

1417 Clarendon (Edward, Earl of) History of the Rebellion and Civil 

Wars in England, 6 vol. Jlne impressions of the portraits 
hefore the numbers, Oxf 1712 — History of the Kebeilion and 
C^vil Wars in Ireland, portrait, 1720 7 vol. 

1418 Clarke (Dr. S.) Sermons, 11 vol. portrait 1749 

1419 Clasio (Luigi, i,e, Ab. Luigi Fiacchi) Fa vole e Sonetti pastorali 

Firenze, 1807 

1420 Clavis Calendaria: or Liturgy- Calendar of the Church of Eng- 

land explained, by W. C. 1700— Devout Christian's Com- 
panion, 1707— Office for the Sick, 1699 ; and others 8 vol. 

1421 Clergyman's Assistant, Oxford, 1807 — Clergyman's Instructor, 

i5.1807 — English Journal of Education, edited by G.Moody, 

3 vol. 1843-5 ; and others 7 vol. 

1422 Clough (A. H.) The Bothie of Toper-na-fuosich Oxford, 1848 

1423 Clutterbuck (J.) Explanation of the Obscure Phrases in the 

Book of Psalms, and a Vindication and Explanation of the 
Liturgy, 2 vol. in I, old calf, g. e» 1702 

1424 Cochin, Voyage d'ltalie, ou Becueil de Notes sur les Ouvrages 

de Peinture et de Sculpture dans les principales vifies 
d'ltalie, 3 vol. with interesting notes in ink and pencil on the 
margins Faris, 1769 

1425 Coferati (M.) II Cantore addottrinato owero Begole del Canto 

Corale, toith music, scarce Firenze, s. a, 

1426 Coferati (M.) Corona di Sacre Canzoni o Laude spirituali di pi& 

divoti Autori, unth the music ivi, 1689 

1427 Coferati (M.) CoUetta di Laude spirituali di piu devoti Autori 

sopra r Arie correnti, with music, scarce ivi, 1706 

1428 Coke (Sir E.) First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of Eng- 

land, or Commentary upon Littleton, with notes by F. Har- 

frave and C. Butler, 3 vol. 1809— Second, Third, and Fourth 
arts of the Institutes, 4 vol. 1797 7 vol. 

1429 Coins. Numophylacii Ampachiani Sectiones III, 3 vol. 

Sold by Auction in Berlin, 16,093 lots, with the printed 
prices 1833-5 


1430 Coins. Sixty-eight Prints of Coins, Euglisli and Foreign, in 

one vol. ; from the Library of M. Lort, halfrusaia obi. tize 

%* " These plates were in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, but 
it was not known by whom they were engraved, or by whom they 
were given ; all that appears from the plates themselves is that 
they are of a later date than 1650, the monies of that year being 
represented in them, and as King Charles the First is in the 
several places where he is mentioned, only called Kin|^ Charles, 
it is probable they were engraved before the Bestoration of his 
son E^ing Charles the Second in 1660.'* 

1431 Coins and Seals. Dietionnaire de Numismatique et de Sigillo- 

graphie Beligieuses, publie par TAbb^ Migne Farisy 1862 


1432 Canzone sopra il Maritaggio di Francesco Gonzaga & Leonora 

de Hossi Pavia, 1586 

1433 Canzone bellissime a Ballo nuovamente composte da diversi 

Autori (Lorenzo de* Medici, &c,) woodcut 
morocco extra, g, e, Firenze, 1614 

*^* Brunet and Gamba evidently never saw this edition, and cite 
it solely on the authority of Poggiaii. It contains only seven- 
teen Canzoni, reprinted from the edition of 1657, omitting the 
Dolorosa Mescbinella. 

1434 Caorsin (Gul.) Obsidionis BhodiaB urbis descriptio 

a very early edition^ with 26 lines in ajldl page sine ulld notd 

1435 Capacii (J. C.) Neapolitana Historia Neapoli, 1607 

1436 Capace (J. A. C.) Nomina, Cognomina, Patriae, Dignitates ac 

Tituli omnium S. Boman» Ecclesi® Cardinalium, 2 vol. 
UKPUBLisnsD Manvsobipt {Text 626 pages, and the Coats of 
ArntSf in pen and ink, 290 pages), apparently ready for the 
press Roma, 1759 

1437 Capelloni (L.) Vita del Prencipe Andrea Doria, portraits 

autograph of Beked. Vabohi Vinegia, 1565 

1438 Capelloni (L.) Bagionamenti varii sopra Essempii ; con Acci- 

denti misti, seguiti, et occorsi, non mai vedute in Luce 

Genova, 1576 

•i^* A scarce Collection containing Novelle. 

1439 Capitoli, Ordini e Privilegi delle Milizie Toscani, Pedestri ed 

Equestri, stabiliti e concessi di Cosimo 111, Gran Duca di 
Toscana, frontispiece, Firenze, 1706 — Istruzioni a tutti gli 
Ufiziali, &c. delle Milizie, ivi, 1707 — Esercizi Militari, plates 
of handling the musket, pike, and bayonet, ivi, 1707 
half fnoroceo in one vol. 

1410 Capoa (L. di) Lezioni intorno alia Natura delle Mofete 

blue morocco, by Derome, Testo di Lingua, rare Napoli, 1683 



1441 Capodieci (J. M.) La verifca in prospetto sopra gli abbagli presi 

dal Principe del Biscari, portrait 
presentation copy from the author Messina, 1818 

1442 Caporali (G.) Bime 

umas PAPEB, vellum^ Testo di Lingua Ferugia, 1770 

1443 [Capponi (V.)] Trattati Accademichi del SoUecito Accademico 

della CruBca (V. Capponi) e Parafrasi poeticbe dello stesso 
Autore de' Cantici oella Scrittura Sacra Firenze, 1684 

1444 Capponi (Marchese A. G.) Catalogo della Libreria Capponi 

con Ajinotazioni 
LARGE PAP£B, vellum, scarce Soma, 1747 

*#* This Collection now forms part of tbe Vatican Library. 

1446 Capriolo (Aliprando) Eitratti di cento Capitani illustri, Jine 
portraits (including those of Christopher Columbus, Francis J, 
Charles V, Gaston de Foia, Sir John Hawkwood, Louis X77, 
^c,) Soma, 1596 

1446 Capriolo. Anotber copy, portrait^y morocco extra, g, a. ivi, 1596 

1447 Caraliua (Jacobus) Veronemsis fecit 1526. A Collection of 20 

Engravings of the Heathen Deities in Niches (Bartseh 
24-43), retouched by F. Villamena — Six Engravings of 
Women (S. Elizabeth, Veturia, Virginia, Jahel, Hester, and 
Judith) M. de Vos inven., Joan G^dle ezcud. in one vol. 

1448 Cara^oli de Licio (E.) Opus de laudibus Sanctorum 

calf Tenet. 1489 

1449 Cahayja (A.) Naspo Bizabo: Calate fantastiche che canta 

Naspo Bizaro da Veniesia Castellan sotto i Balconi di Cate 
Bionda Biriota, per cauarse la Bizaria del Ceruelo, e 1 
Martelo del Stomego (Canti tre in otta?a Bima), Venetian 
1565 — El Pin de Vlnamoramento de Naspo Bizaro, el qual 
per viver da Christian batizao, sposa con Alegreza Cate 
Bionda Biriota (Canto quarto), ihisfottrth Canto is generally 
wanting, ivi, 1565, curious Foem in the Venetian Dialect, 
with plates, very rare in one vol. 

1451 Carducho (V.) Dialogos de la Pintura, su defensa, origen, 

essencia, definicion, modes y diferencias, plates Madrid, 1634 

1452 Carey (H.) Poems, ^or^rm^ ly Fhher 1729 

1453 Cariola (A.) Eitratti de Principi d'Este Signori di Perrara, 

engraved title, and fine impressions of the portraits 

Ferrara, 1641 

1454 Cariola. Another copy, fir^ impressions ivi, 1641 

%* The engravings are by Joseph Caletti, called Cremonese. 
Bartsch only mentions later impressions, and does not notice 
the title-page. 

1455 Carletti (N.) Topographia universale della Citta di Napoli 

I^apoli, 1776 

1456 Carii (G. E. Conte) Antichita Italiche con Appendici di Docu- 

menti, 5 \o\. plates Milano, 1788-91 



1457 Carlo Y. Prima e aegonda Coronatione di Carlo V , Be di Bomani 

blacii If tter, half moroeco^ very scarce Bologna^ 1530 

1458 CahIiO V. La triompbale Entrata di Carlo V, Imperadore 

Augusto tla Inclita Citta di Napoli & di Missisa con ii 
Significato delli Archi Triomphali & dale Figure Antiche 
in Prosi & Yersi Latini, woodcut arms 
half tnorocco s, I, 1535 

1459 Carlo Y. La felioe Entrata dello Imperatore in la Citta famosa 

di Siena con li superbi Apparati, & Motti Latini in Lode di 
Sua Maesta, woodcut, half morocco s. I. 1530 

1460 Carlo Y. Ordine, Pompe, Apparati & Ceremonie della solenne 

Intrata di Carlo Y Imp. nella Citta di Boma 
half morocco f very rare Boma {A, Blado d*A»ola), 153G 

1401 Carlo Y. La glorioBa et triompbale Entrata di Carlo Y, Imp. 
Aug. in la Citta di Firenze, Fiorcnxa, 1536 — Ordine, Pompe, 
Apparati et Ceremonie della solenne Intrata di Carlo Y, 
Imp. sempre Aug. nella Citta di Firenze, sema nota (Ft- 
renze)f 1536, half morocco, very rare in one voL 

Carlo Y. Publicatione della Treeua : et Mane^gio di Pace tra 
la Cesarea Maesta e *1 Cbristianissioio Be di Francia 

IBoma, per A. Blado d^Asola] 1587 

1463 Carlo Y. L'Easeque fatte per la Morte dell* Imp. Carlo Y 

nell' HonoratisBimo CoUegio di Spagna in Bologna, 1559 
half morocco y rare Bologna, 1559 

1464 Carnaval. II Gran Contrasto e la sanguinosa Guerra di Car- 

novale e Madonna Quareaima (in ottava Bima), spirited 
woodcut, half morocco Firenze, 1628 

•^* This edition was unknown to Brunet, who mentions two others 
without date. 

1465 Camevale (G.) Historie et Descrittione del Begno di Sicilia, 

Napoli, 1591 — Mattel (P.) Historia delle Prosperita iufelici 
d*una Femina di Catanea Gran Siniscalca di Napoli, senza 
ftota — Mugnos (F.) del Yespro Siciliano, Palermo, 1645 — 
Buonfiglio e Costanzo (G.) Messina descritta, portrait, 
Venetia, 1606— Sestini (M. A.) La Felicita caduta, la Cos- 
tanza affinata e la Bepublica disordinata, Berugia, 1647 
vellum in one vol. 

1466 Caro (A.) Canzone in Lode de la Casa di Francia e Mattaccini, 

nel Spaccio di M. Pasquino a M. L. Castelvetro con alcune 
Operette incluse del Prbdella, del Buratto, di Ser Fedocco, 
&c., calf extra, Testo di Lingua Barma, 1558 

1467 Caro (A.) Apologia de gli Academici di Bianchi di Boma 

contra L. Castelvetro in Forma d'uno Spaccio di M. Pas- 
quino, &c. 
the same voork and edition as the Spaccio, with a different title- 
page, having woodcut device on title-page, old blue morocco^ 
g. c, Testo di Lingua iviy 1558 


1468 Garo (A.) Apologia. Another copy of the same edition, btU the 

title different^ as the device m finely engraved on copper^ ivi^ 
1558 — Castelvetro (L.) Begione d'ucune CoBe segnate nella 
Canzone d'Annibal Caro Yenite al' Ombra de gran gigli 
d'orOy with the device of the owl and Kekrika, aenza nota 
(Modena, 1658), Tbgto di Idngiut in one vol, 

1469 Caro (Com. A.) Eime 

LABOE PAPER, half red morocco, uncut, rare in this state 

Venetia, Jldo, 1569 

1470 Caro (Commendatore Annibal) Bime, Venetia, Aldo, 1569 — 

Due Orationi di Oregorio Nazanzeno et il pritno Sermone 
di S. Ceeilio aopra TElemoBina £eitte in Lingua Toscana dal 
Com. A. Caro, ioi, 1569 
fine copies, ruled, and apparently on larger paper than usual, 
calf, g, e. 

*^* This copj is probably unique, as it has the Errata for both 
works printed on separate leaves ; that to the Bime having 
printed beneath ** Jtumilissimo ^ deuotissimo 8er^, Oio : 
hatista Oaro :". Benouard considers this to have been ^^peut- 
if re Vexemplttire de dedicace*^ 

1471 Caro (A.) Lettere familiari, 2 vol. in 1 

Venetia, B. Oiunti e Fratelli, 1581 

1472 Caro. Another copy, 2 vol. in 1 

citron morocco, g. e. Venetia, Giunti, 1581 

%* In this copy the dedication to Cardinal di Correggio is by 
G. B. Caro, and dated 1 Marzo, 1572. 

1473 Caro (A.) Lettere familiari, 2 vol. 

morocco, g, e, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1581 

%* In this copy the dedication is by B. Giunti and dated 25 
Agosto, 1581. 

1474 Caro (A.) Lettere familiari, 2 vol. in 1 

half calf gilt Venetia, Oiunti, 1587 

1475 Caro (A.) Lettera al Signer B. Spina Amst. 1764 

1476 Caroso (F.) NobiM di Dame Libro altra volta chiamato il Bal- 

larino, portraits, engravings of costume by D. Ortaglia and 
Q, JEVanco, and music, rare Venetia, 1605 

%* Interspersed with Sonnets to the principal ladies of the age, 
after whom the various dances are named. Amongst the 
laudatory verses is a Sonnet by T. Tasso. 

1477 Carpenter (W. H.) Pictorial Notices of Van Dyck and his 

Contemporaries, portraits, and facsimile of his autograph 


1478 Cabbaccio (Agostin). II Funerale d' A. Carraccio fatto in 

Bologna sua Fatria da gl' Incaminati Academici del Disegno 
(da Benedetto Morello), with 7 engravings hg Guido Beni, 
and 2 hy F, Brizio, fine copy in Uinp vellum Bologna, 1G03 

%* Bartsch describes this Ceremony as " ouvrage extremement rarc^ 



1470 Oamra. Dominio di Carmredi coa le Vite et Fatti loro 

Manuscript Sec. xviii. 

1480 Camera (Bosalba, Dipintriee famosa) Diario (1720-21) 

important for the History of Art Venezia, 1793 

1481 Cartari (Y.) Le Imagini con la Spositione de i Dei de gli Antichi 

autograph of Dom*^, Vtllani Venetian 1556 

1482 Cartari (Y.) Imagini de i Dei de gli Antichi, first impressions qf 

the numerous fine engravings, ruled 
old calf g, e, with the arms qf N. Moreau Sieur d^Auteuil 
stamped in gold on sides Venetia, V. Valgrisiy 1571 

%* With this lot will be sold another imperfect oopj of the same 
edition, with, as a variation in the title-page, the name of 
Giordano Ziletti as the publisher, having on the fly-leaf the 
autograph of Sir P. Francis. 

1483 Cartari (Y.) Imagini de i Dei. Another edition, woodcuts 

Fadoua, 1615 

1484 Casa (Giovanni della) Bime et Prose 

half red morocco, g. e, Vinegia (Aldo) 1558 

%♦ Decidedly printed with the Aldine types, see "Benouard 
Annales des Aide,** vol. I, p. 423. 

1485 Casa (Giovanni della) Bime et Prose 

apparently on larger paper than usual, old Venetian ornamented 
morocco, g, e* rare Fitiegia, per AT. Bevilacgua, 1558 

1486 Casa (G. della) Opere, 8 vol. 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1707 

1487 Casa (G. della) Opere, 5 vol. in 4, portrait 

calf Venezia, 1728-29 

1488 Casa (G. della) Lettere a Carlo Gualteruzzi pubblicate la prima 

half green morocco, uncut Imola, 1824 

1489 Casaubono (I.) della satirica Poesia de* Greci e della Satira de* 

Bomani tradotto da A. M. Salvini e il Ciclope d'Euripide 
tradotto dal medesimo 
half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1728 

1490 Casotti (G. B.) Memorie istoriche della Miracolosa Immagine 

di Maria Yergine dell* Impruneta, 2 vol. in 1, plates 
half green morocco, uncut Firenze, 1714 

1491 Castelli (B.) della Misura dell* Acque oorrenti, frontispiece, 

uncut, Testo di Lingua Bologna, 1660 

1492 Castelli (G.) Itinerario et sincero Bacconto del Yiaggio fatto 

dal Frencipe di Parma Alessandro Famese per la Francia, 
Inghxltebba, Olanda, Fiandra e Spagne 
half russia Venetia, 1666 

1493 CastelUni (Castellano de) Yersi di S. Maria Nuova, con due 

Laude aggiuntevi, woodcut Firenze, 1621 


liid4i Castollani (H.) Oratio qua futuro Medico necessaria explicantur, 
Lutetim, 1655 — Varchi (B.) Orazione funerale nell* Essequie 
di Michelagnolo Buonarrotti, Firenze, Oittnti, 1564 — 
Esequie del Divin Michelagnolo Buonarrotti, imperfect, ivi, 
1564 — BoBsi (Bastianno de') Deecrizione dell* Apparato e 
degP Intermedi fatti par la Commedia rappresentata in 
Eirenze nelle Nozze ae D. Ferdinando Medici e Madama 
Cristinst di Loreno, Gran Duchi di ToBcana, rarCf Firemen 
1589 — Giacomini Tebalducci Malespini (L.) Oratione in 
Lode di Torquato Tasso, ivi, F. Oiunti, 1596— Stanza Can- 
tata da Europa, Anubi, Perseo et gli A siatici Cacciatori per 
honorare la nobiliesima Contrada dalla Lupa, 8 leaves, £X- 
CESBiTELT BABE, IF SOT uwiQUE, {Siena), 1599 — Chiabrera 
(G.) Kapimento di Cefalo, Firenze, 1600 — Einuccini (O.) 
li'Euridica, thejirst Opera, and a perfect gem, rare, tvi, O. 
ChiunH, 1600 — Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) iDeserizione delle 
felicisBime Nozze di Maria Medici Kegina di Erancia, rare, 
Firenze, 1600 — ^11 GUndizio di Paride per lo stesso, ivi, 1608 
— Salvador! (A.) Gkierra d*Amore, ivi, 1615 — Bandinelli 
(B.) II Principe essemplare Cosimo II, ivi, 1621 — Buo- 
narotti (M. A.) Lodi di Cosimo II, ivi, 1622 
calf extra in one vol. 

1495 Castelvetro (L.) Bagione d'alcune Cose segnate nella Canzone 

d'Annibal Caro Venite aV Ombra de gran qigli d^oro 
old hlue morocco s. I, ^ a. (Basilea) 

1496 Castelvetro (L.) Giunta fatta al Bagionamento degli Articoli ct 

de Verbi di M. Pietro Bembo 
PIBST EDITION, vcllum, rare Modona, 1563 

1407 Castelvetro (L.) Opere criticha inadite, colla Vita dell* Autore 
da L. A. Muratori, portrait Lione, 1727 

1498 Cast! (G. B.) I tre Giulj o sieno Sonetti sopra Tlmportunita 

d'un Creditor di tre Giulj, half calf gilt Roma, 1762 

1499 Castiglione (Conte B.) Opere Volgari a Latine 

FBiin:£D O'S BLUE PAPEB {caHa azzurra), portrait, vellum, g. e. 

Fadova, 1733 

1500 Castiglione (Conte B.) Libro del Cortegiano colla Vita di lui 

scritta dal Abate P. A. Sarassi, portrait 
russia extra ivi, 1766 

1501 Castiglione (Conte B.) il Cortegiano colla Yita di lui scritta dal 

Abate P. A. Serassi, portrait, half morocco, uncut ivi, 1766 

1502 Castiglione (Conte B.) Libro del Cortegiano e Lettere, con la 

Vita e con Annotazioni storiche dair Abate P. A. Serassi, 
3 vol 
half green ^n^rocco, uncut, tof edges gilt ivi, 1766-69-71 

1503 Castiglione (Sabba da) Bicordi, portrait Vinegia, 1559 

1504 Castiglione (Sabba da) llicordi, woodcut portrait, curious MS. 

notes on the margins, red morocco ivi, 1560 

*^* Evidently the same edition as that of 1559, the date on title 
and at end being the only alterations. 

1505 Casto (A. del) Sogno di Fiorindo, sopra TOrigini dcUa Lingua 

Toscana Firenze^ 1G92 



150G Catalogo di Manoscritti Italiani nella Biblioteca Bodleiana dal 
Conte Mortara Oxon, 18G4 

1507 Catalogue de Tableaux du Cabinet de G. F. J. de Verhulst, 

portrait, prices in MS. Brux, 1779 — Catalogue des Tableaux, 
desseins et livres du Comte Algarotti, a. d. — Catalogue Li- 
brorum in Tbesauro Orsdvii et Gronoyii, with MS. cMitions^ 
Lugd. Bat. 1703 2 vol. 

1508 Catalogue of Books relating to British Topography, and Saxon 

and Northern Literature, bequeathed to the Bodleian Li- 
brary bj Eichard Gough, Oxford, 1814 — Codices Manu- 
Bcripti et Impressi, cum notis Manuscriptis, olim D'Orrilli- 
ani in Bibliotheca Bodleiana, Oxon. 1806 — Catalogus sive 
Notitia Manuscriptorum qui a £. D. Clarke comparati in 
Bibliotheca Bodleiana, 2 parts, ih. 1812-15 
halfrusna in one vol. 

1509 Catalogue of Painters, with the date of their death and age, 

manuscript neatly written; with various Printed Papers, 
and Catalogues of Prints and Pictures, some with prices ; 
Cuttings, and other Scraps in one vol. 

1510 Catalogue of the Contents and Prints sold at Strawberry Hill, 

with the Printed Prices, Cuttings, &c. 1842 

1511 Catalogues. A very Curious Volume of Early Sale Catalogues, 

including Books sold by Edward Pawlett at Grantham, 1686 
— Library of Sir E. Wiseman, sold by Scott, 1686 — Books, 
especially Histories and Eomances (of Alex. Anderson), 
sold at Edinburgh, on the South Side of the High Street, 
JEdinh. 1688 — Library of Arthur Earl of Anglesey, sold by 
Phillips, 1686— Library of a Scotch Nobleman (Lord Mait- 
land), sold by Walford, 1689— Library of the Duke of 
Lauderdale, some prices, 1690 ; and others, in one vol. 
morocco, g. e. 

1512 Catalogues of Pictures, Engravings, and other Works of Art, 

&c. a bundle 

1513 Catalogues of Sales of Pictures and other valuable Property, 

including the Collections of Mr. Sjkes, Ant. Odescalcho, 
Lord Stafford, Sir E. Sayer, E. Yale, the Duchess of 
Shrewsbury, C. C. Eeisen, Sir G. Kneller, Earl of Eadnor, 
Lady Savage, &c. a curious volume 1724, <fec. 

1514 Catalogues. Pictures, Statues, Ac. at Kedleston, n. d. — Stob- 

wasser's Cabinet of Pictures, with notes in pencil, n. d. — 
Townley Collection of Hollars, 1818— Contents of Erle- 
stoke Park, 1832— Contents of Strawberry Hill, large paper, 
1842— Contents of Shotover House, 1855 

1515 Catalogues. Prints, Drawings, &c. of J. Blackbume, of Liver- 

pool, ©rtc^* and names, 1786 — Drawings of J. Barnard, sold 
by Greenwood, prices and names^ 1787 — Library of E. 
Grave, Printseller, prices and names, 1803 — ^Towneley Col- 
lection of Hollars, prices and names, 1818 — Prints and 
Drawings of Benj. West, 2 parts, prices, 1820 (5) 

1516 Catalogue of the Collection of Prints of Sir M. M. Sykes, 

5 parts, four ivith prices and names, and four duplicate 
parts 1824 


1517 Catalogues of Sir Thos. Lawrence's Paintings, Prints, Drawings, 

&c. 6 parts, 1830-1 — Pictures, &c. of J. Jackson, 1831, 
neatly priced, with purchasers* names, by Mr, Skegg 
half calf in one vol, 

1518 Catalano da Santo Mauro (Don N.) Fiume del Terrestre Para- 

diso ove si ragguaglia il Hondo nella Yerita dell' antica 
Forma d' Habito de' Frati Minori istituita da San Fran- 
cesco, numerous plates of costume, several after GHotto 
half calf gilt Fiorenza, 1652 

1519 Cataneo (Girolamo) Avrertimenti et Essamini de Bombardieri, 

woodcuts Vinegia, 1582 

1520 Catherina da Siena (Soncta) Dialogo de la divina Frovidentia, 

woodcuts, title inlaid, and a few letters deficient in last leaf, 

else fine copy in blue morocco, leather joints, g. e. very scarce 

Venetia, per M, di Oodeca ad instantia de L, Zonta, 1483 

1521 Catharina da Siena (Santa) Epistole et Orationi, con la Yita et 

Canonizatione della detta Santa et con alcuni Capitoli in 
sua Laude 
calfgUt, very rare, see " Benouard, Annales des Aide " 

Venetia, F. Toresano, 1548 

%* One of the rarest of the Aldine Series. 

1522 Caterina da Siena (Sancta) Opere pubblicate da Girolamo Gigli, 

con la Yita della Serafica Sposa di Gresu Cristo, tradotta 
dalla Leg^nda Latina del B. llaimondo da Capua suo Con- 
fessore per B. Pecci e col Yocabolario Cateriniano di Q. 
Gigli e Diario Sanese, 7 vol. portraits 
Old Italian morocco Siena, 1707-32 

^^* This copy has both Editions of tSe Yocabolario Cateriniano, the 
original (printed at Borne in 1717) which was seized and de- 
stroyed when only 320 pages were worked off, and the Heprint 
with the Imprint Manilla nelV Isole Filippine, s, a. 

1523 Catullus, Tibullus, et Fropertius, commeutario et aunotationibus 

J. A. Yulpii, 4 vol. uncut Fatavii, 1737-55 

1524 Cattani (F. de) Discorso sopra la Superstizzione dell' Arte 

Ma|;ica Fiorenza, 1567 

1525 Catzii (Jac.) Silenus Alcibiadis sive Proteus humanas vitaa ideam 

occulis subjiciens, Amst. 1619 — Ejusdem Monita Amoris 
Yirginei sive Officium Puellarumin castis amoribus, ib, 1619, 
numerous emblematic plates 

1526 Cavaccidd (Jo.) Aula Zabbarella sive Elogium Illustrium Patavi- 

norum Conditorisque Urbis, portraits and other engravings, 
cuts of arms, Sfc, Fatavii, 1670 

J 527 Cavalca (D.) Trattato della Mondizia del Cuore, seguito dalla 
Ammonizione a S. Paolo e dalla Esposizione del Pater Noster 

Roma, 1846 
1528 Cavalca (F. Doraenico) Specie de Croce 

8eini«g0t]^tc tgpe, a very rare edition {a — I iv) in double 
columns, with 33 lines to a full page^ but the inset of signa- 
ture c a monk-sheet s. L ^' a. {Sec. xv.) 

I » 




1529 Cavalca (Frate D.) Nobile Traetato de la Patientia 

rare, hut portion of last leaf supplied in MS, and other leaves 
mended, sold with all faults Veneaia, 1488 

1530 Cavalca (E. Domenico) Spechio de Croce 

SttmUgotj^ic t^pe, a very rare edition (a—h) with 36 lon^ lines 
to a full page, fine copy in green morocco extra 

Senza nota {Sec. xv.) 

1531 Cavalca (Erate D.) Specbio dela Croce, woodcuts Venetia^ 1504 

1532 Cavalca. Spechio de Peoeati : composto per el Yenerabile Frate 

Dominico da Pisa, half morocco ivi, 1503 

1533 Cavalcba (Frate Domenico) Libro devotissimo et spirituale de 

Fructi del la Liugua, woodcut 
fine copy in morocco extra, a, e. Firenze, s. a. {circa 1498) 

1534 Cavalcanti (A.) Esequie del 8. Principe Francesco celebrata in 

Fiorenza dal S. Ferdinando II, Granduca di Toscana suo 
Fratello, portrait and plates by S, Delia Bella 
rare Fiorenza, 1634 

1535 Cavalieri di Santo Stefano. Statuti, e Conatitutioni delP Ordine 
^ de* Cavalieri di Santo Stefano, Firenze, Oiunti, 1577 — 

Dichiarationi del Capitolo Q^nerale, 1581, della Keligione 
di Santo Stefano, m, 1582— Dichiarzioni del Cauitolo G-ene- 
rale 1578, ivi, 1582 — Dichiarazioni del Capitolo Generale 
1584, ivi, 1584 in one vol. 

1536 Cavalieri (B.) Lo Specchio Ustorio overo Trattato delle Settioni 

coniche, loith diagrams Bologna, 1650 

1537 Cavalleriis (Jo. Bap. de) Antiqtiarum Satuarutn IJrbis EomsD 

primus et secundus liber, 97 plates — Urbis Bomse ^difi- 
ciorum lUustrium fieliquia), 50 plates, 1569 in one vol. 

1538 Cavalleriis (J. B. de) Antiquarum Statuamm Urbis Bomsd libri lY, 

2 vol. in 1, containing 200 plates Bovkb, 1585-94 

1539 Cavallerino (A.) Telefonte, Tragedia Modona, 1582 
%* The Preface by a typographical error is dated *' 20 Aprile, 1782." 

1540 [Cavendish (O.)] Negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, Cardinal! of 

Englana, containing his Life and Death, portrait 
first edition, old red morocco, g. e. 1641 

1541 Cavriolo (H.) Historic Bresciane, vellum, uncut Brescia, 1630 

1542 Cazgne a ballo : composte da diversi Autori. Aggiuntoci quella 

che dice. Dolorosa meschinella, woodcut 
Hue morocco extra, y. e. by Bauzonnet-Traufz Firenze, 1557 

%* Very scarce. This copy sold 150 francs in the Libri sale. 

1543 Cellini (B.) Due Trattati dell* Oreficeria e della Scaltara 

half calf gilt Firenza, 1568 

%♦ At the end are Sonnets, &c. on Statnes of Cellini by B. Varchi, 
M. A. Vivaldi, P. Mini, Bronzino, L. Bonzi, D. Poggini, 
P. del BoBSo, &c. 

1544 Cellini. Another copy, calf ivi, 1568 

1545 Cellini (Benvenuto) Vita da lui medesimo scritta 

PiBST EDITIOK, LABOE PAPEB, with fine portrait added, uncut, 
rare Colonia, s. a. {Napoli, 172S) 



1546 CeUini (B.) dell' Oreficem e della ScuUura 

morocco, with rou^h leaves, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1731 

1547 Cellini (B.) Due Trattati, nno dell' Orefieeria I'altro della Scultara 

TVSTE PAPEBy hd^ calf gilt Mrenze, 1731 

1548 Cellonese (A.) Specchio simbolico overo delle Armi Oentilitto, 

coats of arms j^apoli, 16(57 

1549 C£NCi. Narrazione della Morte di Giacoroo e Beatrice Cenci e 

di Lucrezia Petronia CeDci loro Madregna Patricidi in 
Boma seguita 11 Settembre, 1599 
JVanscript from a cotemporary MS. made in 1825 for Dr. 
WeUesley ly O, B. Petrucci Boma, 1825 

1550 Cerracchini (L. Q-.) Cronologia Sacra de* Veacovi e Arciveacovi 

di Firenze, coats of arms, vellum Mrenze, 1716 

1551 Cerulli (D.) sopra un' antica Statua Etrusca, plate, Napoli, 1777 

Campani (J. A.) Opusculum de Dignitate Matritnonii 
curante K. Baduelio, qui Yitam Italioe pradfizit, Perugia^ 
17S2--Eo88i (P.) Vita di S. Q^\gsxio, plate, Siena, 1780— 
Zacchiroli (E.) Nanci osiaristoriadegliAmaiiti Ganzonetti, 
rare, Imola, 1780 ; and various other Tracts in the volume 

1552 Cervantes (M. de) Vida j Hechos de Don Quixote de la Mancha, 

2 vol. plates, with numerous pencil notes giving the English 
interpretation of words, Sfc. 
a scarce edition Madrid, 1714r 

1553 Cbaiubaud (L.) Dictionary English and French, and French and 

English, 2 vol. calf 1805 

1554 Cbavalca (Fra Domenico) Devotissimo et utile Libro che ai 

chiama la disciplina degli spirituali 

senza nota (Firenze, A, Mischomini circa 1490) 

1555 Cherleri (P.) Urbis Basilc® Encomium brevisque descriptio, 

woodcut map Basil, 1577 

1556 Ghorubino (Frate) Libro de la Compendiosa Vita spiritualo 

fne copy in vellum senza nota {Sao. xv) 

1557 Cherubino da Spoliti (Frate) Opera devotissima dela Vita 

spirituale beUissima, woodcut 
half morocco, g, e, Venetia, per J. B, Sessa, 1503 

1558 Chiabrera (G.) Canzoni, 3 parts, Chnova, 1586-87-88 — Canzo- 

netti, ib, 1591 
original edition of these Testi di Lingua, rare in one vol. 

1559 Chiabrera (G.) Firenze Poema, pibst edition, Firente, 1616— 

Poemetti, pibst xbition, Morenza, F. Oiunti, 1598 — Nar- 
razione della Morte di S. Oio. Batista Poemetto, ivi, 1802 
half calf gilt in one vol. 

3560 Chiabrera (G.) Amedeida, Poema 

Teste di Lingua Geneva, 1^20 

1561 Chiabrera (G.) Lettere, labge papeb Bologna, 1762 

1562 Chiabrera (G.) Firenze, Poema Firenze, 1615 

1563 Chiesa (L. della) Historia di Piemonto Torino, 1608 

1564 Chiesa (F. A. della) Corona Eealc di Savoia, 2 vol. in 1, coals of 

arms, vellum Cuneo, 1655-57 


1565 Chillingworthi novissima : or, the sicknessc, horosy, desitli, and 

buriall of William Cbillingworth (in hid own pliniisc) Clerk 
of Oxford, and in the conceit of his fellow Souldiera, the 
Queens Arch Engineer, and Grand Intelligencer, by F. 
Gheyuell 1644 

1566 Chronica ron den Antiquiteten des Keiaerlichen Stiifts der 

Komischen Burg und Stadt Marsburg, Budissin, 1556 — 
Beschreibung der bin unnd wider fartb zu dem Heyligen 
Landt gen Jerusalem, &c. woodcut on the tUlepage^ 1556, 
impressed vellum in one vol. 

1567 Church of Borne, their Doctrines and Practices truly represented, 

1686 — Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England, 
1686 — Defence of the Reposition of the Doctrine of the 
Church of England, 1686— Second Defence of the Exposition 
of the Doctrine of the Church of England, hoth parts, 1687-8 
— ^Reply to two Discourses concerning the Eucharist, Oxford, 
' 1687 — Animadversions on the eight Theses laid down and 
the Inferences deduced from them in a Discourse entitl'd 
Church Oovemment, part V, ih, 1687, together 7 vol. 
old red moroeeo, g, e,from Bp. Beveridge^s library 

1568 Ciampi (Prof. S.) Notizie inedite della Sagrestra Pistoiese de' 

Belli Arredi del Campo Santo Pisano e di altre Opere di 
Disegno dal Seeolo Xll al XY, plates 
half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Firenxe, 1810 

1569 Ciatti (E.) Memorie Annali et Istoriche dello Cose di Perugia, 

vol. I (aU published), gilt vellum Berugia, 1688 

1570 Ciccarelli (A.) Vite de Pontefici, portraits engraved hy O, B, de 

Cavallieri, half calf gilt Boma, 1588 

1571 Cimarelli (Fra V. M.) Istorie dello State d'Urbino 

Brescia, 1642 (at end 1643) 

1572 [Cinardi (Giovanni di)J II Yanto delle Paladini et del Padiglione 

di Carlo Magno (in ottava Bima) con una Barceletta bellis- 
sima Veneiia, per D. Lovisa, s. a, 

1573 Cimi (A. F.) Comentarii ne quali si descrivi la Guerra ultima 

di Francia, la Celebratione del ConcilioTridentino, il Soccorso 
d*Orano, Tlmpresa del Pignone e I'Uistoria deir Assedio di 
Malta, illustrated with the series of Vd folding views of the 
Siege of Malta engraved by A, F, Lucini, from paintings in 
the Palace at Malta by Matteo Perez d'Alecoio, and portraits 
of the Grand Masters, published at Bologna in 1631 

Boma, 1567 

*^* Luigi de Angelis in his Notizie degli Intagliatori considers the 
Views of Malta by Lucini his masterpiece, and pronounces the 
set as " Barissima.^* 

1574 Clarendon (Henry Earl of) State Letters during the Beign of 

James 11, and Diary for 1687, 1688, 1689 and 1690, 2 vol. 
Mb. Horatio Walpolb's copy, with very interesting manu- 
script notes by him to the Diary, haff morocco, uncut 

Oxford, 1763 


1575 Clcinenie IX, Veridica Bektione delle Ceremonie per la Creatiooe 

del N. Somino Pontefice JRoma^ 1667 

1576 Clemente IX, Vera Eelationo delP Infermita e della Morte del 

Santiaaimo Pontefice Clemente Nono Itoma^ 1670 

1577 Cocchi (A.) Elogio di P. A. Micheli Botanico Firenze, 1737 

1578 Cocchi (A.) del Vitto Pitagorico, edizione eitata, Firenze^ 1743 — 

Manetti (S.) Lettera aopra la Malattia, Morte e Diaaezione 
Anatomica del Cadav^ere di A. Cocchi, iviy 1759 in one vol. 

1579 Cocchi (A.) dei Bagni di Piaa, Testo di Lingua 

LA^BGE TAJ^EVL^ plates, kalfrussia, uncut Firenze^ 1750 

1580 Cocchi (A.) Diacorao aopra Aaclepiade, portrait 

half calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1758 

158 L Cocchi (A.) Diacorao prime aopra Asclepiade, Testo di Lingua 
LABOE vJiPEU, portrait, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1758 

1582 Cocchi (A.) Diacorai Toacani, 2 vol. portrait, dedicated to the 
Countess of Orford, Firenze, 1761 — Diacorao primo aopra 
Aaclcpiade, portrait, ivi, 1758 — Dell* Anatomia Diacorao, 
ivi, 1745, Testi di Lingua, halfrussia, uncut 4 vol. 


1583 Cayalcha (Erate Domenico) Libro molto deuoto & spirituale de 

fructi della lingua, large iooodcut of the Salvator Mundi 

Firenze, 1493 

1584 Chavalcba (Prate Domenico) Tractate contra il Peccato della 

Lingua (Pungi Lingua), ^«e large copy 
T£BY BABE, Tchto di Lingua 
FinitperNicholaumFhrentieDeo Oratias Amends, a. (circa 1480) 

1585 Chavalcha (Prate Domenico) PirwGi Ltkgua, Firenze, 1490 — 

Libro molto devote & apirituale de fructi della lingua, 
elegant woodcut, ivi, 1493 
fine copies in vellum, rare in one vol. 

1586 Cavalleriia (J. B. de) Antiquarum Statuarum Urbia Bomse liber 

primua, 60 plates, Apud F. Palumhum Kovariensem, s. a. — 
lUuatrium Philoaophorum et Poetarum Veterum Effigiea, 
opera Kenati Boivin, 12 plates, Lut. Far, 1566 — Impera- 
torum Effigiea, 12 plates in one vol. 

1587 Cavalleriia (J. B. de) Antiquarum Statuarum Urbia Boma> 

librilV, 196;?Ztffe*, 2 vol. 
Sib JoauuA RErNOLDa' copy, with his autograph, calf, m. ^g, e. 

Boma, 1585-94 

Chaumeau (J.) Hiatoire de Berry contenant Torigine, antiquite, 

gestea, proueaaea, privilegea, et libertoa dea Berruyers, 

numerous coats of arms, calf gilt Lyon, 15G6 

1580 Ciaconii (Alphonai) F. Cabreras et A. VictorelU Vit© et Ees 
geatsD Pontificum Romanorum et Cardiualiura, woodcut 
portraits and coats of arms, all coloured 
old calf gilt Fomw, 1630 



1500 Ciacouii (A.) VituD et Kes gestas Pontiflcum Bomanorum cfc 
8. K. E. Cardinalium usque ad Clementem IX, 4 vol. 
portraits and plates, JRomee, 1677— Guaracci (M.) Vita) et 
Kes gestsB Foatificum Komanorum et S. B. E. Cardinalium 
a Clemente X usque ad Clementem XII, 2 vol. portraits 
and vifffiettes hy Delia Bella and others^ ib, 1751 6 vol, 

1591 Ciampini (Ju.) Vetera Monimenta, in quibus prscipue musiva 

opera sacrarum profanarumqne ledium structura, ac nonnulli 
antiqui Bitus illustrantur, many plates, 8 vol. Boma, 1690-3 

1592 Ciceronis TusculansB QusDstiones, the first page illuminated with 

the arms of a former possessor emblazoned on the bottom 
margin, calf g, e. Venet, Nie. Jenson^ 1472 

1593 CicooNABA (Leop.) Stobia BELLA ScuLTUBA, many plates, 

3 vol. halfrussia Venesia, 1818-18 

1594 Claude, Libeb Vebitatis : a Collection of 200 prints after the 

Original Designs of Claude le Lorrain, by Bichard Earlom, 
with descriptive Catalogue of each print, 2 vol. an obiginal 


half morocco, uncut 1777 

1595 Claude. Imitations of Claude Lorraine by F. C. Lewis, engraved 

from drawings in the British Museum, 20 plates 1887 

1596 Claude. Etchings from Drawings by Claudo Lorraine, by Mrs. 

H. Wellesley, 15 plates, privately printed 1844, &c. 

1597 Claude, Faessagi con il Testo di G. A. Guattani, 10 plates 

half calf Boma, 1826 

1598 Cockerell (C. B.) Plan and Section of the New Dividend, Pay, 

and Warrant Offices, Ac, with six Allegorical Subjects for 
the Bank of Enghind 
presentation copy from the author obi, 1885 

1599 Collectanea Corographica et Topographica : a Collection of 42 

early Maps (some of parts of America) of the XVIth and 
XVIIth Centuries, and 76 Views and Plans of Cities 
formed by T. Cantoni of Bergamo, mounted in a large volume 
bound in vellum, with clasps, from the Terti Library 

1600 Collier (Jer.) Great Historical, Geographical, Genealogical, and 

Poetical Dictionary, with the Lives of Illustrious Men, &c, 
2 vol. bound in 4, labgb thick paper, illustbated with 


Mabsuall, Smith, Vandsbbaitc, Loooan, SnsBwiir, B. 

White, Edelinck, Van Dalen, Faithobke, Hollab, 

HoNDius, Blooteliko, Ac, upwards 0/*19O in number 

old russia 1701 

1(>01 Condiyi (A.) Vita di Michelagnolo Buonarroti pubblicata meutre 

viyeya dal suo Scolare 

laboe ta.v^il, portraits and plates, with a pen and ink drawing 

from Michetagnolo^s Design for a Tomb for I^ope Julius ll 

added, calf, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1746 

1602 Condiyi (Ascanio, suo Scolare) Vita di Michelagnolo Buonarroti 

pubblicata mentre yiveya, portrait and plates, uncut 

ivi, 1746 

1603 Constable (J.) B.A. Life, composed chiefly of his Letters, by 

C. B. Lc%\ie, portrait, atid 22 beautiful 2)Iates 18i3 


1604 Coppens (A.) Perspectivea des Buines de la Ville de Bruielles, 

12 views Bruxelleif 1695 

1605 Coronation of GcJorge III and Queen Charlotte, the form of the 

proceeding, with mani/ manuscript additions in the autograph 
of Mr, HoratioWalpoU, 1761— The Earl Marehall'B Orders 
concerning tKe Kobes, Ac. 1761 — Ceremonies at the 
Installations of Prince William and the Earl of Bute as 
Knights of the Garter, JEtan, 1762 (4) 

1606 Coronelli (P.) Singolarita di Yenezia e del serenissimo suo 

Dominio, 259 plates^ fine impressions obL 

1607 Costume (Ancient). Dei veri ritratti degl' habiti di tutte le 

parti del Mondo intagliati in rame, 55 plates, the title-page 
mended ohL JRoma, 1585 

1608 Costume of the 17th Century, 172 Plates of Ladies and Gentle- 

men, Actors and Actresses, Mountebanks, &c. in full habits 

Faris, 1694, &c. 

1609 Cradock (S.) Knowledge and Practice, with the Supplement, 

imperfect 1 702 

1610 Crotch ( W.) Six Etchings, from Sketches by H. O'Neill of the 

Buins made by the Fire at Christ Church, 9 plates, india 
proofs Oxford, 1809 

1611 Cumberland (G.) Outlines from the Anciente, Figures and 

Basso-Believos, chiefly Inedited Monuments of Greek and 
Boman Sculpture, 81 plates hy Lewis and Blake 1829 

1612 CuNiNOHAM ( W.) CosMOGEAPHiOAii Gla.sse, conteiuyug the 

pleasant Principles of Cosmographie, Geographie, Hydro- 
graphie, or Navigation, heaiUiful woodcuts, including a por- 
trait of the author and plan of Norwich 
VEBY BAEE, fine copy, from the Libraries of Mr. Bindleg and 
Mr. Heber J. Day, 1559 

1613 Dakte Alliohteri Comsdia (col Commento di Benvenuto da 

Imola), FIRST EDITION with Benyenuto da Imola's Com- 
mentary, vellum, rare 

{Venetia) De Spiera Vendelinfu il Stampatore, 14.77 
%* This copy, one of those issued without the Life of Boccaccio 
(which is sometimes found prefixed), sold for £7. in Sir Miirk 
Sykes's sale. Brunet had evidently never examined a copy of 
this rare edition, as he states ^' Le Commentaire ne porte pas de 
nom d'auteur," for the imprint distinctly attributes it to 
Benvenuto da Imola. 

1014 Dakte Alliohiebi La Cohedia col Comento di Martino 
Paulo Nidobeato et di Guide Terzago, slightly stained 

Mediolani Lud. et Alber. Bedemontani, 1477-78 

*#* This is one of the most valuable of the early editions of Dante, 
the text having been derived from excellent manuscripts, and 
was of great use to Lombardi, who derived from it many capital 
readings. Besides the Comedia this rare edition contains 
the Credo, Sette Sagramenti, Died Commandamenti, Setti Beccati 
mortali, Bater Noster and Ave Maria, all in 1ei*za rima. The 
Commentary is most interesting, and is chiefly taken from 
an earlier by Jacopo della Lana, a contemporary of Dante. 
Copies are of very rare occurrence. M. Libri's at these rooms 
in 1859 sold for £ 30. and the Solar for 825 francs. 














Dante. A set of the Engravings to Zattn's edition of the 
Diviiia Commedia, taken off separately 
vellum Venezia, 1757-58 

De Bie (J.) Yrais Portraits des Eois de France, 63 plates, fine 
impressions^ JParis, 1634 — Les Families de France illustr^es 
par les monumens des Medailles Anciennes et Modernes, 
ih. 1634, in one vol. old oa\f^ with arms on the sides, from 
Mr, H. Walpole*s Library 

Delamotte CN. A.) Views, of the CollegeB, Chapels, and Gardens 
of Oxtord, ezecated in Lithography by W. Gauci, with 
descriptive notices by G. Oilier 1843 

Delices du Pais de Li^ge ou Description des Monumens Sacr^s 
et Profanes de cet Eveche-Principaut^ et de sea limites, 
numerous portraits andphxtesy 5 vol. 
LABGS 'BM2%Ryfine copy, calf, g. e, Liege, 1738-44 

De rOrme (Philibert) (Euvres de 1' Architecture et d*uno belle 
invention pour bien bastir, many woodcuts Rouen, 1648 

Derby (Earl of) Oratio ad Principem \Valli» in Theatro 
Sheldoniano habita 16 Junii, 1863, privately printed 1863 

DoD (C.) Chvboh Hibtobt op Englakj), from 1500 to 1688, 
chiefly with regard to Catholicks, 3 vol. good copy 

Brussels, 1737-39-42 

DBA.wiiro8. Collection of Two Hundred Original Drawings 
and Sketches, some in colours, the greater part consisting 
of Topographical Views, Landscapes, and Scenery, many 
illustrative of the University and County of Oxford, 
in one vol. old ca\f 

Dbawinob of Heads, Antiquities, Monuments, Views, &c., by 
Mr. George Vertue and Others, ^o»i Mr. Hon'atio Walpole's 
Library, with a few notes in his autograph 

Drawings. Portrait of Malchair, and 74 Sketches of Trcep, 
liandscapes, and Views, mounted on coloured paper, in a 

Dryden. The Nine Muses ; or. Poems upon the Death of tho 
famous John Dryden, old morocco, g. e. 1700 

Dryden (J.) Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas, Poems and 
Translations, 3 vol. 1701 


Aktiqui, res ab illis per GtiUiam, Angliam, Apuliam, 
Capu» principatum, Siciliam, et Orientem gestas ezpli- 
cantes, inserts sunt Monasteriorum fundationes varisD, etc. 

Lut, JPar. 1619 
Eccardi (J. S.) Coipus Historicum Medii iEvi, 2 vol. 
fine copy, old calf Lips, 1723 

Elgin Marbles of the Friese of the Parthenon, 33 plates in out- 
line by W. Matthews obi. Oxford, 1845 

England Displayed : being a complete Survey and Def^cription of 
England and Wales, revised oy P. Kussell aud Owen Price, 
plates and maps, 2 vol. 
old green French morocco, g, e.fine copy 1769 

1C31 EngrikVtnge. A Volume of curious Dutcli Etif 
witb grotesque figupee after Breughel by Co 
de Jode, M. Heemsberck, Vissolier, Ac. togt 

1632 Engravings of Birds, Knights of Chivalry, 
Shipping, Chriat and his Apostles, &c. afl 
Citravaggio, Bafiaelle, Jo. Lanfrancus, Ac. ii 




1C33 Coleridge (S. T.) Poems, 1303— Gillet (T.) Mi 

Oiford, 1822— LyoQ (Emma) Miscellaneous 

—Scott's Marmion, 1845 
1684 Collins (Arthur) Peerage of England, Third Edi 

very copiout manuscript additiom ii% (he 

autograph qf Oray the Poet 
l<m Collins (Arthur) Peerage of England, Third : 

extended scale, corrected and enlarged, S vo 

armt, old ca(f 
1630 Collins (J.) Dictionary of Spanish Proverhs, 

ej plained 

1637 Colombo (M.) Opusculi, 6 vo\. portrait 

half calf extra, uncut 

1638 Colombo (M.) Prose, calf gill 

1639 Colonna (Frate Augustino da) Opera nouameni 

Disprezamento del Mondo in Terza Kinit 
Partita in Capituli XXXII & uno Tcrnal 
Doua del unico Aretiuo, woodcuts, crrff 

1640 Colonna de Peacara inclita Marchesana (Vettoria 

{portrait and Crucifixion) 
1G41 Colonua MarebcBana di Pescara (Vittoria) Eime 

medesima scritta da 0-. B. Beta 
1.A.BQB PAPEE, half vellum, uncut 
1G42 Colonna (Vittoria) Eime con la Vita della me 

P. E. Visconti. Si aggiungono le Pocsie 

inedite, portrait 
LA.RUR PiPEH, green morocco extra, g. e. 
1G43 Colombo (F.) Hiatorio della Vita et do' Fatti i 

D. Chriatoforo Colombo suo Fadre tradotte 


•+" Washington Irving pronounces this History " iii\ 


• • 






1644 Columbus (Christopher) Select Letters, with other original 
Documents relating to his four Voyages to the New World, 
translated and edited (in Spanish) by E. H. Major 1847 

This volume contains also a Eeprint of Giuliano Dati*s Italian 
Poem, from the unique copy in the British Museum. 

Coluthi Baptus Helensa, Gr. et Lat. cum Yersione Italica A. M. 
Salyini et Notis A. M. Bandinii, tmout FlorenticB, 1765 

Comaschi (Y.) Saggio sopra TEpigramma Italiana 
half morocco, uncut \^Fartna, JBodoni,'] 1792 

Combe (G.) System of Phrcnolo^, plate, Edinh, 1825 — 
Pamphlets by and in Beply to Air. Combe, and others, in 
1 vol. 1815-28 — Physiognomical System of Gall and Spurz- 
heim, plates, 1815 — Gordon (J.) on the Structure of the 
Brain and on the Human Skeleton^ plates, Edirib, 1817-18 
— Mackenzie (Sir G. S.) on Phrenology, plates, ib, 1820 — 
Cross (J.) on Physiognomy, Olasg, 1817 4 vol. 

Combe (G.) System of Phrenology, 2 vol. Edirib. 1836 

Comedia di un Yillano & una Zingana (in Yersi) 
very rare {Firenze) Eece stampare B. di M. Gastello, s, o. (1523) 

Comedia nuova iutitolata Cinque Disperati (d'Inccrto) et un 
altra Comedia intitolata la Nencia 
half morocco Vinegia, 1526 

Comedie elette nuovamente raccolte insieme con le Correttioni 
& Annotationi di G. Buscelli Venetia, 1554 

%* Containing the Calandra of Card. Bibiena, the Madragola of 
MachiaveUi {very rare), and others by A. Piccolimini. 

1652 Commedie Toscane Antiche, 3 vol. 

vellum, Testo di Lingua {Firenze, 1720) 

%* Containing Beprints of the following Comedies : Varchi (B.) 
La Suocera, Mrenze, 1569 — Bibiena (B. Divizio Card, da) La 
Calandria, s, a. — Guarini (Cav. B.) La Idropica, s, a. — Caro 
(A.) *Gli Straccioni, s, a, — Firenzuola (A.) La Trinuzia e i 
Lucidi, Mrenze, C^unti, 1552 — Gelli (G. B.) La Sporta, s. a. 
— Berni (F.) La Catrina col Prammesso detto il Mogliazzo, 
*. a. — Medici (Lorenzino de') Aridosio, Mrenze, Gitmti, 1605. 

1653 Com^diana, ou Becueil choisi d'Anecdotes dramatiques, bona 

mots des com6diens, et reparties spirituelles, de bonhomie 
et de naivete du "pArterre, plate, half calf Paris, 1801 

1654 Comi (Siro) Memorie bibliografiche per la storia della Tipografia 

Pavese del Secolo XY, half calf, uncut Favia, 1807 

1655 Comicorum GrsDCorum Fragmenta cum Notis E. Walpole, auto- 

graph ofH, a Mwrsh Cantab. 1805 

1656 Commo (G.) Doppio Catalogo 

vellum Fadova, O. Comino, 1742 

1657 Commines (Phil, de) Memoires, frontispiece 

old red morocco, g, e, Faris, 1661 

1658 Compagni (Dino) Istoria Fiorentina (1280-1312) 

half calf, uncut Beggio, 1828 

1659 Confessione divota, Operetta spirituale del buon Secolo della 

Lingua, half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Frato, 1851 



1660 Congresso di Parnasso Ferrara, s. a. 

] 661 Contes Fersans : Les Mille et Tin Jours, traduits par Petis dc la 

Croix, 6 vol. in 3 Utrecht, 1732 

1662 Contes Aitibes : lee Mille et Une Nuits traduits par M. Galland, 

6 vol. Paris, 1774 

1663 Contes Arabes : Les Mille et Une Nuits, traduits par M. Galland, 

plates, 8 vol. ivi, 1825 

1664 Conti (Giusto di) Bime intitolato la Bella Mano 

rare Vinegia, 1631 

1665 Conti (Giusto de) La Bellamano per M. Jacopo de Corbinelli 

Gentilhomo Eiorentino restaurato. Eaccolto di antiche 
Bime [di] diversi Toscani, with the rare sheet K, having the 
vignette at end, hut issued without the preliminary leaves 
fine copy in old russia Farim 'per M, Patisson, 1589 

1666 Conti (Giusto de) La Bellamano per J. de Corbinelli ristorato 

con una Baccolta di antiche Bime di diversi Toscani, toith 
the sheet K, hut without the vignette at end 
red morocco, g, e. rare, Testo di Lingua Parigi, 1595 

\^ This is the edition of 1589, with a new title-page and preface of 
six pages. 

• _ 

1667 Conti (Giusto de') La Bella Mano e una Eaccolta delle Eime 

antiche di diversi Toscani 
vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua . Firenze, 1715 

1668 Conti (Giusto de') La Bella Mano e una Baccolta delle Bime 

antiche di diversi Toscani, autograph notes of Lr, G. B, 
Felici, calf gilt, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1715 

1669 Conti (Giusto de') Bime inedite, only ^ copies printed, Firenze, 

1819— Batti (N.) su la Vita di G. Conti, Boma, 1824 
half morocco, uncut, top edge ailt in one vol. 

1670 Conti. Catalogo de labri della Libraria dell' Eccellentissima 

Casa Conti, 536 pages (all that was printed) 
calf Boma, 1788 

1671 Conti di antichi Cavalieri stampati ora la prima Volta per Cura 

di P. Fanfani Firenze, 1851 

1672 Contrucci (P.) Monumento Bobbiano nella Loggia dello Spedale 

di Pistoja Frato, 1835 

1678 Cooke (T.) Tales, Enistles^ Odes, Tables, &c. with Translations 

from Homer and others. To which are added Proposals for 

perfecting the English Language, scarce 1729 

1674 Cooper (E.) Muses Library 

fine copy in old calf, with the Bockingham arms stamped in gold 
on sides 1737 

1675 Cooper (Myles) Poems Oxford, 1761 

1676 Cooper ( w . D.) Glossary of the Provincialisms in use in the 

County of Sussex, with a few manuscript additions by Dr, 
Wellesley 1853 

1677 Copetta (F.) Bime, half calf Venetia, Querra (Aldo), 1580 

%• From the dedication by F. Bianchi we learn that the work was 
printed by Aldo Mannuccio. 

1678 Coquerel (A. L. C.) Sermons, half morocco, uncut Amst, 1828 

1679 Corblet (J.) Glossaire du Patois Picard, half calf gilt Paris, 1851 


1680 Ck>niaro (L.) Discorsi intorno alia Vita sobria, portraU 

half calf Venezia, 1826 

1681 Comazano (A.) Proverbii in Facetie 

half morocco^ uncut JPari^i, 1812 

1682 Corneille (P.) Le Cid, Tragicomedie, first bdition, engraved 

titlc'paffe, ruled throughout with red lines 
old moroccOy sides tooled and gilt, g, e, babs 

Paris, F. Targa et A. Courhe, 1687 

1683 Corneille (P.) Chefe-d'CEuTre, avec le jugemeut dee savana k la 

suite de chaque piece 
LABOB PAPEB, red morocco, a. e. Oaf, 1746 

1684 Coronelli (P.) Viaggi, 2 vol. ptates (including portrait of William 

III; Views (fSt, Pauls', the Monument, JRogal Exchange, 

Westminster Hall, Whitehall, Somerset House, Windsor, Sfc.) 

half calf, rare Venetia, 1697 

1685 Corradi d' Austria (B. de') VerBiono Italiana del decimo libro di 

Columella e altre sue Composizioui coUa Vita del' Autore, 
portrait Mrenze, 1754 

1686 Corrozet (G.) Pamasse des Poetes Fran9ois Modemes, coutenant 
, les plus riches et graves Sentences, Discours, Descriptions, 

et doctes Enseignemens, scarce Paris, 1571 

1687 Corsi (P.) delle Pietre antiche Boma, 1833 

1688 Corso (Einaldo) Fondamenti del parlar Thoscano 

Homajper A. Blado, 1564 

1689 Corticelli (S.) Begole ed Osservazioni della Lingua Toscana 

uncut Bologna, 1754 

1690 Corticelli (S.) Eegole ed Osservazioni della Lingua Toscana 

ivi, 1754 

1691 Cose de Turchi (Delle) Libri tre 

verg large copg, with rough leaves, a rare reprint of the Aldine 
Edition, and apparently from the Aldine Press 

Vinegia in Gasa di Maestro Bernardin Milanese, 1541 

1692 Costa (P.) Opere complete, 4 vol. 

Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1839 

1693 Costituzione politiea del Eegno delle Due Sicilie Napoli, 1821 

1694 Costume. Omnium fere gentium, nostrsBque aetatis Nationum, 

Habitus et Effigies. In eosdem Jacobi Sluperii Kerzelensis 
Epigrammata. Adjecta ad singulas Icones Gallica Tetras- 
tieha, 121 figures of curious costume of different nations 
BABE, red morocco, g, e, Antv. J, Bellerus, 1572 

1695 Costume. Diversarum Nationum Habitus item Ordines duo 

Processionum unus Summi Pontificis alter Principis Yene- 
tiarum opera P. Bertellii, &c. 182 plates of costume, Sfo. 
2 vol. scarce Patavii, 1594 

1696 Cotton (H.) Memoir of a French New Testament, in which 

Mass and Purgatorv are found in the Sacred Text 
scarce ' 1827 

1697 Cotton (H.) Typographical Gazetteer, calf extra Oxford, 1831 

1698 Courtisans. Spiegel der alderschoonste Cortisanen, portraits 

(hg Pass), including Margery of Richmond, My Lady of 
Oxon, JDoritz her Chambermaid, and others Etiglish 
VJiBY BABE, half morocco 1701 


1699 [Coxe (Archdeacon W.)] Sketches of the Lives of Correggio and 

Parmegiano, half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt 1823 

1700 Coward (W.) licentia Poetica Discuss'd ; or, the True Test of 

Poetry, a Poem, 1709 — Denham (Sir J.) Poems and 
Translations, with the Sophy, 1703 2 vol. 

1701 Cozzando (L.) Libraria Bresciana eVita di Qt, F. Quinzano Stoa, 

3 vol. in 1, uncut Bretcia, 1694 

1702 Crashaw (B.) Epigrammata Sacra, green morocco, g. e. Oantab. 1634 

1703 Crashaw (B.) Steps to the Temple, Sacred Poem, with other 

Delights of the Muses 1646 

1704 Crashawi (B.) Poemata et Epigrammata, Gr. et Lat. 

half morocco Cantab, 1674 

1705 Crevenna. Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliotheque de M. 

Pierre-Antoine Bolongaro- Crevenna, 5 vol. with printed 
prices, calf gilt AmH. 1789-90 

1706 Croke (Sir A.) Progress of Idolatry, Studley Priory, and other 

Poems, 2 vol. etchings of the principal Hindu Deities, and 
other plates, calf gilt 0(rf. 1841 

1707 Croke (Sir A.) Poems. Another copy, 2 vol. calf gilt ib. 1841 

1708 Croke (Sir A.) Progress of Idolatry, Three Ordeals or Triumph 

of Virtue, Studley Priory, and other Poems, with explana- 
tory notes, etchings of the principal Hindu Deities, and 
other plates, 2 vol. calf gilt ih. 1841 

1709 [Croly (Bev. G.)] The Times, a Poem 


MS. note), red morocco, g. e. 1810 

17 JO Cronichetta dei Maktesti scritta nel Sec. XIY da Anonimo 
Biminese pubhlicata da F. Zambriui 
half morocco, uncut Faenza, 1846 

1711 Crowe (J. A.) and G. B. Cavalcaselle, The Early Flemish 

Painters^Za^d« 1857 

1712 Crudeli (T,) Kime e Prose, portrait 

half calf gilt, uncut Farigi, 1805 

1713 Cruikshank (G.) Christmas Stories : containing John Wildgoose 

the Poacher, the Smuggler, and Good-Nature ; or, Parish 
Matters, plates by Cruikshank Oxford, 1827 

1714 Crusca. Indice manuale delle migliori Edizioni degli Scritti 

allegati nel Yocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca 

Mrenxe, 1807 

1715 Crusca. Degli Accademici della Crusca Difesa dell* Orlando 

Furioso dell' Ariosto Stacciati prima, toith both errata, 
fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1584 

*^* Bare. This copy sold for £ 1. 4s. at Brown's Sale in Dublin, 1812. 

1716 Crusca. Indice delle Edizione citato dagli Accademici della 

Crusca nel lore Yocabolario, interleaved with numerous MS, 
notes by Dr. Wellesley Lucca^ 1835 

1717 Cuccagna Capitola nel quale si descrivono le maravigliose Cose 

che si trovano nel paese di Cuccagna (da Bartolomeo di 
Tosi), woodcut, rare senza nota 


1718 Gomberland (O.) Anecdotes of the Life of Julio Bonasoni, with 

Catalogue of EugraTings of his Works, preientation copt/y 
with the author* 9 autograph corrections, halfruteia, uncut 1793 

1719 Cumberlaiid. Another copy, interleaved, blue morocco extra 1793 

1720 Cumberland (R.) Anecdotes of Spanish Pamters, 2 vol. 1782— 

Catalogue of Paintings in the King's Palace at Madrid, 
1787 in one voh 

1721 Cumberland (B.) Observer : a Collection of Moral, Literary, 

and Familiar Essays, 8 vol. ca^ 1817 

1722 Cunichii (B.) Epigrammata et Endecasjllaba 

Famue, Bodoni, 1803 

1723 Cunningham (A.) Lives of British Painters, Sculptors, and 

Architects, 0orfrj»7, 6 vol. 1830-3 

1724 Cunningham (P^ Handbook for London, 2 vol. MS. Additions 


1725 Dale (B.) Catalogue of the Nobility of 'Engiani, frontispiece 

presentation copy to Dr. Arthur Oharlet, with autograph in^ 
scriptian and manuscript additions hy the author 1697 

1726 Dalle* Celle (D. Gio.) Volgarizzamento inedito di alcuni Scritti 

di Cicerone e di Seneca, ed alcune Lettere dello stesso 
Testa di Lingua, half morocco, uncut Oenova, 1825 

1727 Dallaway (J.) Anecdotes of the Arts in England 1800 

1728 Dallaway (J.) Observations on English Architecture 1806 

1729 Dallaway (J.) Series of Discourses upon Architecture in 

England 1833 

1730 Dairy mple (Sir J.) Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, from 

the Dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II till 
the Capture of the French and Spanish Fleets at Vigo, 
8 vol. 1790 

1731 Dalzel (A.) Collectanea Grseca Majora cum notis, 2 vol. 

halfrussia, Edinh, 1805-7 ; and others 8 voh 

1732 Dandolo (C. T.) Beminiscenze e Fantasie (Peregriuazioni e 

Schizzi), 3 vol. cuts, half morocco Torino, 1841 

1733 Dante, Le Terze Bime,/ft0 large copy in vellum, with gilt gaufrd 

edges Venetiis, Aldus, 1502 

1734 Dante col Sito et Forma deir Inferno, with the autograph signa- 

ture and valuable MS. notes of Giacopo Casteltetbi 
calf Vinegia, Aldo, 1515 

1735 Dante con nuove et utili Ispositioni, ruled, in contemporary blue 

morocco, g. e, sides and bach covered with line tooling in the 
Orolier style Lyone, 1552 

1736 Dante Alighieri, Bime, half morocco, g, e, Rovetta, 1823 

1787 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Comedia (sic) tradotta a miglior 

Lezione dagli Accademici della Crusca, valuable MS, notes - 

yellow morocco, g. e. by G, Lewis Mrenze, 1595 

1738 Dante, La Divina Commedia (sic). Another copy, but with 

variations in title-page, &c. (see long MS. Note by Dr, 
Wellesley), MS. notes, and portrait (a drawing), vellum 

ivi. 1595 

1739 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia ridotta ii miglior Lezione 

dagli Accademici della Crusca, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1595 


1740 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia col doppio Bimario e tre 

Indici, 3 vol. portrait 
vellum, Teato di Lingua Padovay G. Oomino, 1726-7 

1741 Dante Alighieri, La Diyina Commedia ridotta a miglior Lezione 

ed accresciuta di un doppio Bimario e tre Indici per Opera 
del Signor G. A. Yolpi, 3 vol. vellum, uncut JPadova, 1727 

1742 Dante con una breve e sufficiente Dichiarazione del Sense 

letterale fatta dal F. Yenturi, 3 vol. vellum, uncut Lucca, 1732 

1743 Dante, Divina Commedia con gli Argomenti, AUegorie e Dichi- 

arazioni di L. Dolce. Aggiuntovi la Vita del Foeta, il 
Bimario e due Indici utilissimi (da F. A. Serassi) 
half morocco, uncut . Bergamo, 1752 

1744 Dante, La Divina Commedia con gU Argomenti, &c, di L. Dolce 

(edita per F. A. SerasBi) Bergamo, 1752 

1745 Dante Alignieri, La Divina Commedia, Sette Salmi Fenitenziali 

con il Credo, Froae e Bime Liriche, 5 vol. portrait 
vellum Venezia, 1760 

1746 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia nuovamente corretta e 

spiegata, 3 vol. vellum, uncut Boma, 1806 

1747 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia, Canzoni e Sonetti con 

note da B. Zotti, 4 vol. portrait, halfrussia 1808-9 

1748 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia col Comento di G-. Biagioli, 

3 vol. half green morocco, uncut Parigi, 1818-19 

1749 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia publicata da A. Buttura, 

3 vol. in 1, portrait Barigi, 1820 

1750 Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia giusta la Lezione del Codioe 

Bartouniano, 2 vol. half calf gilt Udine, 1823 

1751 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia con Annotazioni da F. 

Ci(M\Le\^i, frontispiece 1827 

1752 Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia con I'ottimo Commento. 

Teste inedito d' un Contemporaneo di Dante, 3 vol. portrait 
half green morocco, uncut. Teste di Lingua JPisa, 1827-9 

%* At the end of vol. III. is bound up " Saggio di Correzioni di Q. 
B. Ficcioli all' ottimo Commento," printed Mrenze, 1830. 

1753 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia ridotta a miglior Lizione 

da G. B. Niccolini, 2 vol. portrait Mrenze, 1837 

1754 Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia col Comento di Fietro 

Fraticelli, portrait Mrenze, 1860 

1755 Dante Alighieri, Bimario di tutte le Desinenze de* Yersi della 

Divina Commedia, uncut JPadova, 1726 

1756 Dante. Capitoli di M. Bosone da Gubbio e di Jacopo Alighieri 

sulla Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri col Credo di 
questo Foeta e un altro d' incerto Autore. Presentation 
copy from Oio. Bossi the editor 
half morocco, uncut Napoli, 1829 

1757 Dante Alighieri, Opere Minori, 3 vol. portrait 

half morocco, uncut, top e. g, Testo di Lingua, Mrenze, 1834-10 

1758 Dante, L'amoroso Convivio Vinegia, M. Sessa, 1531 


1759 Dante Alighieri, I Sette Salmi Fenitenziali in terza Eima (col 

Testo Latino) ed altre sue Eitne spirituali (il Credo) con 
Annotazioni dall' Abate E. S. Quadrio, uncut Milano, 1752 

1760 Dante Alighieri, Amori e Bime, portraits Mantova, 1823 

1761 Dante. Another copy, portraits ivi, 1823 

1762 Dante Alighieri Convito, proof portraits on vndia paper 

half morocco^ uncut ifilano, 1826 

*»• Printed at the expense of the Marchese G. G. Trivulzio, and 
only 60 copies struck off for presents. 

1763 Dante Alighieri il Conyito, halfmorocco^ uncut 

Testo di Lingua Modena, 1831 

1764 Dante Alighieri, L* Inferno per TJso degli Stranieri da Lord 

Yemon, portrait, Mrenze, 1842 ; and 3 others on Dante (4) 
tl65 Dante Alighieri, Yita nuova con XV Canzoni del medesimo e 
la Vita di esse Dante scritta da G. Boccaccio 
Testo di Lingua, morocco extra, y. e, Firenze, 1576 

1766 Dante Alighieri, Vita Nova, half morocco Pesaro, 1829 

1767 Dante Alighieri, Vita Nova Pisa, 1829 

1768 Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova, Livomo, 1843 — La Monarchia, 

Latino col Volgarizzamento di Marsilio Ficino, ivi, 1844 — 
Epistole, &c. ivi, 1842 3 vol, 

1769 Dante. Another copy, 3 vol. ib. 1842^ 

1770 Dante Alighieri, Memorie intorno la Vita di Dante tratte da' 

suoi Biografi Mrenze, 1844 

1771 Dante. Ghiose sopra Dante. Testo inedito ora per la prima 

Volta pubblicato Mrenze, 1846 

1772 Dante, la Divine Com6die trad, par F. Lamennais, avec des 

notes, plates, 3 vol. half morocco Parisy 1855-6 

1773 Dante Alighieri, L'Bnfer. Traduction Fran9ai8e accompagn^e 

du Texte, de Notes et de la Vie du Poete par M. Moutonnet 
de Clairfons, MS. notes by H. Pinch Florence (Paris), 1776 

1774 Dante, L'Bnfer traduit par le Comte de Bivarol, avec le Texte 

Italien en regard Londres (Paris), 1788 

1775 Dante, L'Bnfer traduit et suivi de notes (par le Chevalier Artaud 

de Mentor) Paris, 1812 

1776 Dante Alighieri, translated by Bev. H. F. Carj 1844 

1777 Dante, translated into Bnglish Verse by J. C. Wright, portrait 

and plates after Flaxman^s designs 1854 

1778 Dante Alighieri, Inferno, in Italian, with translation in blank 

verse by Bev. H. F. Gary, 2 vol. portrait, calf gilt 1806 

1779 Dante Alighieri, Inferno, in Italian, with translation in blank 

verse by Bev. H. F. Gary, 2 vol. portrait, half calf gilt 1805-6 

1780 Dante's Inferno, translated by L G. Wright 1833 

1781 Dante Alighieri, Ganzoniere, in Italian and Bnglish, by G. 

Lyell 1836 

1782 Dante Alighieri, Lyrical Poems, translated by G. Lyell, portrait 

halfrussia, uncut, top edge gilt 1845 

1783 Dante Alighieri. Another copy, portrait 1 845 

1784 Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova and Gonvito, in Italian and Eng- 

lish, translated by G. Lyell, portrait 1842 

1786 Dante Alighieri, Early Life, in Italian and English, by J. Gar- 
row, portrait, half calf, uncut Florence, 1846 


1786 Dante. Petri Allegherii super Dantis ipsius Genitoria Comoe- 

diam Commentarium, nunc primum ia Lucem editum Gon- 
ailio et Sumptibua G. J. Bar. Vernon, curante V. Nannucci 

FhrentUB, 1845 

1787 Danti (Egnatio) Trattato del Badio Latino inventato da Latino 

Orsini, woodcuts, half morocco, Testo di Lingua, Roma, 1586 

1788 D*Arco (Carlo) di cinque valenti Incisori MantoYani dal Seoolo 

XYI e dello Stampe da lore operate 
half morocco, uncut Mantova, 1810 

1789 D'Artigny (FAbbe) Nouveaux Memoires d'Histoire, de Critique 

et de Litterature, 7 vol. old calf gilt Paris, 1749-56 

1790 D'Aubign^ (J. H. M.) Histoire de la Beformation du seizieme 

Biecle, 3 vol. half calf gilt Paris, 1842, 1839, et 1841 

1791 D'Aubigne (J. H. M.) Discourses and Essays, xoith autograph of 

G, F, de Teissier, and notes in pencil, Olasgow, n, d. — De 
Teissier on the Lord's Supper, 1851 ; and others 8 vol, 

1792 Davanzati (B.) Sclsma d'lnghilterra, with Aldine Anchor on 

fine copy in red morocco, g. e, hy J, Mackenzie, Testo di Lingua, 
scarce Boma, 1G02 

1793 Davanzati (B.) Avvedimenti 

LABGE PAPEB, half morocco Venezia, 1831 

1794 David Beitakno (Giovanni) Eegoli grammaticali 

vellum, rare Venetia, 1697 

•#* By John Davies, author of the Welsh Dictionary. 

1795 Davies (Myles) AthensB BritannicaB ; or Critical History of tlio 

Oxford and Cambridge Writers and Writings, 3 vol. 
scarce 1716 

1796 Dati (C.) Discorso dell' Obbligo diben parlare la propria Lingua. 

Osservazioni intorno al parlare e scriver Toscano di G. 
S[trozzi], con le Declinazioni de' Yerbi di B. Buommattei 
FiBST EDITION, scarcc, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1667 

1797 Dati (Carlo) Lepidezze di Spiriti bizzarri e curiosi Awenimenti 

LABGE PiLPEB, half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1829 

1798 Dati (Carlo Buberto) Vite dei Pittori antichi 

hay^ calf gilt, tmcut Padota, 1821 

1799 Dati (C. B.) Lettere 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Fioreme, 1825 

1800 Dati (Giulio) Disfida di Caccia tra i Piacevoli e Piattelli 

half morocco, g. e, Mrenze, 1824 

1 801 [Dati (Juliano)] La Santissima Passione di N. S. Giesu Christo, 

con la Biesurrettione recitata in Boma della Yenerabile 
Compagnia del Confalone nel Coliseo (in Terzine e Sestine) 
numerous woodcuts 
calf gilt Boma, O. O, Gilioto, s. a. (circa 1590) 

%* This rare Bappresentazione was unknown to iN'egri, who men- 
tions other works by this poet, and is a totally different work 
from another bearing the same title, but written in ottava 
rima. Juliano Dati is best known to English and American 
Collectors by his metrical version of the Letter of Columbus 
respecting his discoveries. 


1802 Deani (P.) Onasione parenetica par il Compimento della nuoya 

Cattedrale di Brescia, view Brescia, 1818 

1803 De Blegnj, le Bon Usage da Tb6, du Caff6, et da Chocolat, 

pUUes, Paris, 1687 ; and others 12 vol. 

ISM Debrett (J.) Peerage, 2 Yol plates of arms, ISl^—Nicolas (Sir 

N. H.) Synopsis of the reerage, 2 vol. 1825 4 vol. 

1805 Debrett's Peerage, 2 vol. plates, 1828— Kearsley's Peerage, plates, 

1791 ; and others 5 vol, 

1806 De Bure (G. F.) Bibliographie Instructive, 7 vol. Paris, 1763-8 

1807 Decio (A.) Acripanda, Tragedia 

one of the finest tragedies in Italian Venetia, 1592 

1808 Deffiind (Madame du) Correspondence in^dite, 2 vol. 

ealf Paris, 1809 

1809 De Foe (D.) Life and Adventures of Bobinson Crusoe, with the 

farther Adventures and serious Beflections, &c. d vol. map and 
plates, third edition of vol, I and first of vol, II and III 


1810 De Poe (D.) Life and Adventures of Bobinson Crusoe, 2 vol. 

plates, calf gilt, edges gilt a/ad gauffri 1755 

1811 De Foe (D.) La Vie et les Aventures de Bobinson Crusoe, trad. 

de PAnglois, 2 vol. plates AmsU 1721 

1812 Delepierre (J. O.) Chroniques, Traditions, et Legendes de TAn- 

oienne Histoire des Flandres, calf gilt, Bruges, 1834 — 
Memoires de Commines, half russia, Paris, 1843; and 
others 9 vol. 

1813 Delices de Tltalie qui contiennent une Description de ses prin* 

cipales Yilles, de toutes les Antiquitez, &c. 6 vol. in 4, maps 
and plates Leide, 1709 

1814 Delices des Pajs-Bas, ou Description des XYII Provinces Bel- 

giques, 5 vol. many plates and maps Liege, 1769 

1815 DelitiflB Italorum Poetarum, coUectore Banutio Ghero {i. e. Jano 

Grutero), 2 vol. 1608--Carmina Llustrium Poetarum Ita- 
lorum, Jo. Mathffius Toscanus recensuit, 2 vol. Lutet, 1576-7 

4 vol, 

1816 Della Yalle (Pietro) Yiaggi nella Turchia, Persia, ed India, 

4 vol. Bologna, 1672, e Venetia, 1 681 

1817 Della Yalle (P.) Yiaggi nella Turchia, Persia, e Vlndia, coUa 

Yita deir Autore, 2 vol. portrait 
vellum, uncut Torino, 1843 

%• This edition is dedicated to Dr. Welleslej. 

1818 Del Migliore (P. L.) Sendlbori Fiorentini, woodcut coats of arms, 

with M8, additions Firenze, 1665 

1819 Demosthenis et iEschinis de falsa Legatione Orationes Gr. et 

Lit. cum Scholiis et Notis edidit H. Brooke 
THTCE PAPER {only 12 copies printed, and one of the rarest of 
the Oxford series), calf Oxon, 1721 

1820 Denina (C.) sopra le Yicende della Letteratura 

Glasgua, Foulis, 1763 

1821 Dennistoun (J.) Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, 3 yo\. portraits 

and plates 1851 

1822 Descartes (B.) Meditationes de Philosophia, Ainst. Elzevir, 1642 

— Yie du Pere Paul, Leyde, Elzevir, 1661 2 vol. 



1828 De Bossi (Q-. G.) Vita di A. Cavallucci Pittore, portndt, Venezia, 
1796 — Pikler, (Cav. Q-.) Vita scritta dallo atesao, Boma, 
1792 — Amaduzzi (G. C.) Discorso funebre in Lode del Cav. 
A. R. Mengs, ivi, 1780— Boni (Cav. O.) Elogio di P. G. 
Batoni, m, 1787 — Componimenti nella Morte di D. Par- 
setti (raccolti da Fra GF. T. Faraetti), Venezia, 1787— De 
Bossi (G. G.) Lettera aopra due Quadri dipinta da G. Landi, 
printed on blue paper {carta azzurrina% Moma^ 1795 — 
JDerossi (G. G.) Lettera intomo ad una Serie di Gemme 
intagliate, Torino, 1798 
a collection of very scarce and interesting tracts in one vol, 

1284 Description des Beaut^s de G^nes et de ses Enyirons/i^Za^, 
Genes, 1819 ; and others 5 vol. 

1825 Deseine (F.) Nouveau Voyage d'ltalie, 2 vol. 

old calf, with the arms of the Marquis of Itochvnghctm stamped 
on the sides Lyon, 1699 

1826 Deseine (F.) Borne Moderne, avec toutes ses Magnificences et 

aes Delices, 6 vol. in 8, many plates 
old red morocco, g, e. Leide, 1713 

1827 Desenfans (Noel) Descriptive Catalogue of the King of Po- 

land's Pictures, 2 vol. in 1, calf, 1801— Second Edition, 2 vol. 
in 1, Aa^ca//; 1802 2 vol 

1828 Des-Masures (L.) Bergene spirituelle, toith music for four voices, 

Geneve, 1566 — ^Eclogue spirituelle sur TEnfance de Henri 
Mirquis du Pont, Fila premier-nay de Charles Due de Lor- 
raine, toith mtisic for four voices, ib, 1566, rare in one vol. 

1829 Des Michels, History of the Middle Ages, translated hy T. G. 

Jones, 1841— Finlay's Miscellanies, Dub. 1835— The Gob- 
lins of Neapolis, plates, ib. 1836 — ^Accredited Ghost Stories, 
1823 4 voh 

1880 Deville (A.) Tombeaux de la Cath6drale de Bouen, plates 

Bouen, 1887 

1881 Dhuez (N.) Guidon de la Langue Italienne, avec trois Dialogues, 

La Mora Comedia, Proverbs, &c. 
calf gilt, very rare Zeyde, B. Sf A, JElseviers, 1641 

%• The Ghirlanda di Proverbi at end is by Antonio Vignali di Bona- 

1882 Dibdin (T. F.) Introduction to the Knowledge of the Greek and 

Boman Classics, frst edition, calf Gloucester, 1802 

1838 Dibdin (T. F.) Introduction to the Greek and Latin Claasics, 
second edition 1804 

1634 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania, fibst bditiok, 1809 — Observations 
on the Mentz Bible (1450-55), 1811 in one vol, 

1885 Dictionarium Polygraphicum, or the whole Body of Arts regu- 
larly digestedf, 2 vol. plates 1736 

1836 Dictionnaire des Proverbes Francois, et des fa^ona de parler 

comiques, burlesques, et familieres, &c» JParis, 1749 

1837 Dictionnaire Theologique-Portatif, contenant I'exposition et les 

preuves de la Kevelation, &c. JParis, 1756 — Vie de Saint 
Bruno, plate, Bouen, 1812 — Mythologie compar^e avec 
THistoire, 2 vol. Paris, 1804 ; and others 7 vol. 


1888 Bictionnaire Historique, Litteraire, et Critique (par TAbbe Bar- 
raly aid^ des PP. Guibaud et Yalla), 6 vol. 
calf Avignon (Soissons et Troyea)^ 1758-59 

1839 DiotioDnaire Historiqae des Mceurs, Usages, et CoutameB des 

Fran9oi8, 8 vol. FarU, 1767 — Principes du Droit Naturel 
et Politique, 8 vol. Geneve^ 1764 6 vol, 

1840 Bictionnaire UniTersel des Synonymes Eran9oi8, 8 vol. Paris, 

1801 ; and otbers 8 vol. 

1841 Didymi Glerici ProphetsB Minimi Hypercalypseos liber, cuts^ 

J?ieis, 1815 — Pro lapide prime ad lundamenta sddis Magn» 
Matris Dei, Aug. Tawr. 1818 2 vol. 

1842 Dionigi (Mariana) Precetti elementari Bulla Pittura de Paesi, 

plates Boma, 1816 

1848 Discorsi letti nella I. B. Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia in 

Occazione della Distribuzione de' Premj degli Anni 1812-15 

Venezia, 1815 

1844 Dissenters. Collection of Cases and otber Discourses written 

to recover Dissenters to the Communion of the Church 

of England, by some Divines of the City of London, 8 vol. 

old calf 1718 

1845 Ditzinger (L.) TubingsB Delineatio, engraved title, description, 

and 12 plates, rare 

1846 Dii7B]!ruM sscuirnuM oonsuetvbinism Sakoti DoMnrioi 

A YEBT BASE SDiTioiT, printed in red and block, loith wood' 
cuts, morocco extra, neatly tooled and gilt, g. e. 

Tenet. L. A. de Oiunta, 1509 

%• TJuHLSOWS TO Beunet. This copy has some additional 
Players in. Manuscript. The wood engravings are executed 
^ with great spirit, and m a superior style of art. 

1847 Documenti Morali utilissimi et necessarii ad ogni Persona, wood- 

cut border to title-page Parma, 1570 

1848 [Dodd (Charles)] The Protestants Tryal (in Controverted 

Points of Faith) by the Written Word 
very scarce BrtisseU, 1745 

1849 Dodd (W.) Discourses on the Miracles and Parables of Christ, 

4 vol. 1809 

1850 Dodd (T.) Connoisseur's Bepertory, 6 vol. 

LABOE PAPEB, printed on one side only 1824 

1861 Dodington (G. B.) Diary, 1749-61 Salisbury, 1784 

1852 Dodsley (J.) Fugitive !neces on Various Subjects, 2 vol. 1765 

1853 Dolce (L.) il Marito, Comedia, Vinegia, 1547 — II Capitano 

Comedia con la Favola d'Adone, ivi, 1547 — II Boffiano, 
Comedia, ivi, 1551 in one vol. 

1854 Dolce (L.) Giocasta, Tragedia Vinegia, Aldo, 1549 


1855 Cocchi (A.) del Matrimonio Discorso, Zondra, 1762~Bisposto 

in Favore del Matrimonio, Lucca, 1768 in one vol. 

1856 Cocchi (A.) del Matrimonio. Teste di Lingua 

half morocco, uncut Parigi, 1762 


1857 Cockerell (G. B.) Iconography of the "West Eront of Wella 

Cathedral, with Appendix on the Sculptures of other 
Medieval Churches, with the extra plates 1851 

1858 Coldonese (Pandolfo) il Filotomo, DiaLogo (Apologia contro gli 

Abusi dello Sberettare) Bergcmo^ 1594 

1859 Coleti (G. A.) Catalogo delle Storie particolari delle Cittik e de' 

Luoghi d'ltalia, unctf/, ^aree Ttne^, 1779 

1860 Colanelli (L.) de Laudibus Florentiae Panegyricum 

Floreniiw, 1614 

1861 CoUenucoio (Pandolfo) e Mambrin Boseo Compendio dell' 

Istoria del Begno di NapoU con la G-iunta per tutto TAnno 
1586 di Tomaso Costo, 8 yoI. in 1 
old red morocco Venetia^ 1591 

1862 CoUenuccio (P.)» M. Boseo et T. Costo, Istoria del Begno di 

Napoli, 8 Yol. in 1, vellum Venetiay Oiunti, 1618 

1863 Colonna. Catalogo dei Quadri e Pitture esistenti nel Palazzo 

deir Eccellentissima Casa Colonna in Boma 
ha^ vellum Boma, 1783 

1864 Colonna Marchesana di Pescara (Yittoria) Bime Spirituali, 

Vineaia, 1546 — Erangepane (C.) Oratione nella Creatione 
del rrincipe Donato, m, s, a. in one vol. 

1865 Compagni (Dino) Istoria Eiorentina (1280-1812) 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

I'irenze, D. M. Manni, 1728 

1866 CoMPAGKiA DEL Mantellaccio con I'Aggiunta nuovamente 

poste in terza Bima, woodcut, the imprint is in facsimile 
red morocco extra, g. e, bg Duru Fiorenza, 1572 

%* Extremely rare. The Gradenigo copy sold for 183 fivmcs. 

1867 Compagnia del Mantellaccio, componimento del Secolo XY 

citato dagli Accademici della Crusca (in terza Bima) 
facsimile of the first edition (Firenze, 1489), onh 200 copies 
printed, half morocco, '^*^cut Firenze, 1861 

1868 Conant (Malachi) TTrim and Thummim, a Sermon preached at 

Lewes in Sussex 
presentation copy from the author to Geo, Oooddall, qf Exeter 
College Oxford, 1669 

1869 Concilia. G^sta duorum Conciliorum Ma^nciaci et Worma- 

ciensis prsBterea capita non pauca Synodorum 
with MS. note stating it to have belonged to Martin Luther 

Basil 1532 

1870 Congreve (W.) Pkys, namely— Old Batchelour, 1693 ; Double 

Dealer, 1694 ; Lore for Loye, 1695 ; Mourning Bride, 1679 
(1697) ; Way of the World, 1700 ; Judgment of Paris, 
1701 ; Semele, printed hy Baskerville, taken from the Works, 
1761, halfrussia in one vol. 

1871 Conte (Giusto de*) La bella Mano con una Bacoolta di Bime 

antiche Toscane, frontispiece Verona, 1753 

1872 Contrasto della Bianca e della Brunetta (in ottava Bima) con 

una Frottola di Bellizari di Cigoli, woodcut 

Bassano e Trevigi, G. Molino, s. a. 


1873 Cooke (W.) Picture of the lale of Wight, 8G plateM, iUustraied 

with additions 1808 

1874 Coppi (G-. y.) ADnaliy Memorie ed Huomini illustri di San 

Gimignano, 2 vol. in 1, vellum Mrenze, 1695 

1875 Coppo (Piero) del Sito de Listriay with the rare xt/lographio map 

Venetim, 1540 

1876 Comaro (L.) Discorsi della Vita Bobria Fadova, 1699 

1877 Cordara de' Conti di Calamandrana (G.) de' Yantaggi ddl' 

Orologio Italiano sopra I'Oltramontano 
scarce Alessandria, 1783 

1878 Coronis Elogiastica et Poetica cum Notis Theologicis, Ciiticis, 

Historicis Jac. Gaddii Firmi, 1643 

1880 Corradini de Allio (J. 7.) Lexicon Latinum Criticum 

Tenet. 1742 

1881 Gorrado lY. Elezione di Corrado Quarto Figlio dell' Impera- 

tore Eederigo in Be de* Eomani 
facsimile of the original cotemporary Manuscript (limited to 
124 copies), half morocco Firenze, 1860 

1882 CoBsiOA. Historia di Corsica da G. della Grossa, P. A. Mon- 

teggiani, M. A. Cercaldi ed A. P. Eilippini, woodcut portrait 
of Mlippini 
ccXf extra, with the arms stamped in gold on sides Tumon, 1594 

1883 Corte (Girolamo dalla) Istoria di Yerona, 2 vol. 

red morocco Verona, 1593 Sf 1592 

%* Containing an Account of Sir John Hawk wood' a IhLploits 
and the romantic Story of Bomeo and Juliet. 

1884 Corticelli (S.) della Toscana Eloquenza Discorsi cento 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Bologna, 1752 

1885 Cosmo I de Medici, Duca di Eirenze, Solenne Entrata in Boma, 

6 Nouembe 1560, very scarce ivi, 1560 

1886 Cosimo I. Descritione della Pompa Punerale fisitta nolle Esse- 

quie di Cosimo de' Medici Gran Duca di Toscana 
vellum Morenza, Oiunti, 1574 

1887 Costume. Twenty-Two Plates of Costume of Strasburg, with a 

Yiew of the Uity, engraved by Weis 1740 

1888 Cottunius (Jo.) de conficiendo Epigrammate, engraved title-page, 

half morocco JBonon, 1682 

1889 Crashaw (W.) Newes from Italy of a Second Moses ; or, the 

Life of Galeacius Caracdolus, the Noble Marquesse of Yico 
Mr, G, Steevens's copy 1608 

1890 Crasso (L.) Elogii di Capitani illustri, portraits (includina 

Charles I, G, Monk Duke of Albemarle, Oliver OromweU, 
and Sir Thomas Lord Fairfax) 
haff vellum, uncut Venezia, 1688 

1891 Crescenzi (G. P. de') Corona della NobiUta d'ltalia, 2 vol. 

vellum Bologna, 1639-42 

1892 Crescenzi (Piero de') Trattato dell' Agricoltura, portrait added, 

Testo di Lingua Mrenze, O, CHunti, 1605 

1893 Crescimbeni (G. M.) Istoria della Yolgar Poesia, 6 vol. portrait, 

vellum Venezia, 1730-31 


1894 Croce (Marsilio della) Historia della publica et fimaosa Entrata 
in Yinegia del Be Henrico di Francia et Polonia^ wood- 

cut on the title-poffe Vmegiay 1574 

1895 Croce (M. della) Historia della Entrata in Yinegia di Henrico 
i III, Be di Erancia, &c. tooodeut portrait 

I • half tnoroccOf rare Vtnegia (Aldo) 1574 

1896 Cronichette antiche di vaij Scrittori (A. Mannelli, S. della Tosi 

Gino Capponi, &c.) del buon Secolo della Lingua Toscana 
(edite da D. M. Manni) 
LABGE PAPEB, Vellum^ uncuty Testo di Lingua Firenzey 1733 

1897 Crowne (W.) Tnie Belation of all remarkable Places and Pas- 
sages observed in the Travels of Thomas Lord Howard, 
Ec^le of Arundell and Surrey, Ambassadour to the Empe- 
rour of Oermanie, plate inserted 1687 

1898 Cruden (A.) Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, 
portrait, fine copy, old ntesia, m. e. 1761 

1899 Cruden (A.) Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, portrait 
old ruesia 1785 

1900 CruBca. Atti dell' Imp. e Beale Accademia deUa Crusca, 3 yoL 

Firenze, 1819-29 

1901 Cumberland (G.) Critical Catalogue of rare and valuable Italian 
Prints, portrait 1827 

1902 Curioni (E.) .della nobilissima Eamiglia de i Monti di Yerona, 
arms and genealogical tree, out in title, Verona, 1687 — 
Casilino (r. E.) iUiscorso intomo all' Origine & Conditione 
di Bovigo & della Eamiglia Casilina, plate, Venetia, 1578 — 
Yalerini (E.) de Prandin» Domus Ongine Carmen, ib. 1598 
— Porcacchi (T.) Historia della Eamigua Malaspina, Verona, 

old red morocco, g. e. with the arms of Don H. Gmman, Oonde 
de Olivares, stamped in gold on sides in one vol. 

1903 Custodis (Dominici) DelicisB TJrbis Bomsd Divinfld et humansB, 
plates, Aug. Vind, 1600 — Septem Christi Jesu servatoris 
nostri effusiones sanguinis, 8 plates hy 2>. Gustos, and 9 
others hy the same oblong, in one vol. 

1904 Cuttings &om Newspapers, various packages, one endorsed 
chiefly Eires, Murders, Disasters, &c. ; another, Environs of 
London, &c, ; another, YauxhaU, mostly dated 

1905 Dallawat (James) Histobt of the Westxbn Division op 
THE CorrKTY OF SuBSEX, including the Bapes of Chichester, 
Arundel, and Bramber, with the City ana Diocese of Chi- 
chester, 2 vol. in 3, second edition of vol. II, part 1, edited 
by Cartwright, many plates, portraits, and coats qf arms, 
vol. I bound, the others in boards 1815, 1832, ^ 1830 

1906 Dalrymple (A.) Oriental Bepertory, published in 8 numbers, 
from 1791 to 1797, 2 vol. many maps and plates 

250 copies only printed for the East India Company 1791-7 

1907 Dante Alighieri, Convivio 
FiBST EDITION, toith MS. notcs said to be by Luioi Puxci, 

half morocco Firenze, 1490 


1908 Dante Alighieri e Gio. Boccacci, Prose, tooodcut of a figure^ 

seated^ at head of preface 
LAsas PAPSB, half calf gilt, uncut, Tesio di Lingua 

jPirenze, 1723 

1909 Dante e Boccaccio. Another edition (woodcut of mash of 

Medusa at head of preface), under the same date, with MS, 
note hy Dr. Welleiley pointing out the variatione of the two 
editions ivi, 1723 

1910 Dante Alighieri e di Gianozzo Saochetti Eime messe ora in 

Lace sopra Codici Palatini con discorso da E. Palermo 


1911 Dante Alighieri, Sette Salmi Penitenziali tnmportati alia yolgar 

Poesia ed altre sue Bime spirituali (Creao, &c.) illustrate 
con Annotazioni dair Abate E. S. Qaadrio, portrait 
uncut ^ Bologna, 1763 

1912 Dante AUighieri, La Divina Commedia'ricorretta sopra quattro 

dei piii autoreroli Testi a Penna da C. Witte, photograph of 
Dante Berlino, 1862 

1913 Dante, Diyina Comedia ; a Series of 111 Plates engraved by 

Piroli, from the composition of Flaxman 
half morocco, top edges gilt ohh 1802 

1914 Danti (Egnatio) La Sfeca di Proclo tradotta da M. Egnatio Danti 

con le Annotazioni & con I'lTso della "Sfera del medesimo, 
Fiorenza, Giunti, 1673 — Trattato dell' Uso et della Eabbrica 
dell' Astrolabio di E. Egnatio Danti con I'Aggiunta del 
Planisferio del Soias, woodcuts, fjbst edition, very scarce, 
(Libri^scopy sold for £2. \2s. 6d.), ivi, 1669 — La Prospettiva 
di Eaclide tradotta dal B. P. M. Egnatio Danti insieme con 
la Prospettiva di Eliodoro Larisseo, diagrams, ivi, 1673 — 
Heliodori Larisssai Capita Optioorum Grsoce et Latine, fibst 
EDiTioK, ivi, 1573 
J!ne copies, vellum, Testi di Lingua in one vol. 

1916 Danti (E. Egnatio) Trattato del Badio Latino inventato da L. 
Orsini, plates, uncut Roma, 1683 

1916 [Dati (G.)] Lettera a Eilaleti della vera Storia della Cicloide e 

deir Argento vivo, very scarce • Mrenze, 1663 

%* Containing the correspondence of Galilei, Torricelli, Boberval, 
Mersenne, &c, 

1917 Dati (C.) Vite de Pittori antichi 

LABGE PAPEB, vcry rare (unknown to Brunet), calf extra, Testo 
di Lingua Mrenze, 1667 

1918 Dati (C.) Vite de Pittori antichi, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1667 

1919 Dati (C.) Panegirico alia Maesta Cristianissima di Luigi XIY 

ha^ calf gilt, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1669 

1920 Dati (C.) Vite de' Pittori antichi Ift^oli, 1730 

1921 Dati (Goro) Istoria di Eirenze (1380-1406) con Annotazioni 

Mrenze, 1735 

1922 Davanzati (B.) Scisma d'Inghilterra con altre Operette 

LABGE PAPEB, woodcut portrait, calf, Testo di Lingua 

liorenza, 1638 

1923 Davanzati. Another copy, small paper, morocco ivi, 1688 

1924 Davila (II. C.) Historia delle Guerre Civili di Erancia 

Venetia, 1634 


1925 De Bry. Pannoniad Historia Chronologica : Bes per ITnpariami 

Transylyaniam hoc bello gestae, vitn item ac^ et YictoiiiB, 
etc. portraits and plates engraved hy De Bry Franco/, 1596 

1926 De Gregory (G.) Istoiia della Yercellese Letteratara ed Arti, 

4 Tol. in 8, portraits and plates 
half morocco, uncut Torino^ 1819-24 

1927 Delfico (Cay. M.) Memorie storicbe deUa Bepubblica di San 

Marino, halfareen morocco, g, e, Milano, 1804 

1928 Della Bella (S.) Six Views of Shipping, Israel ex, I^aris, s, d. 

1929 Delia Yalle (Gaglielmo) Lettere Sanesi sopra le belle Arti, 3 vol. 

plates, autograph and MS, notes of Wm. Young Ottley 

Venezia 1782 e Eoma, 1785-86 

1980 Della Valle (P.) Viaggi divisi in tre Parti cioe, la Turchia, la 

Persia e Vindia, 4 vol. with Life hy G. P. Bellori {from the 

edition of 1662), and portraits and maps {from the French 

translation) added 

fine copy in old red morocco Boma, 1650-58-58-63 

1931 Demetrio Ealerio della Locazione yolgarizzato da P. Segni 

russia, g. e, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1603 

1932 Demontiosii (Lud.) Gallus Bom» Hospes, plates and cuts 

Hue morocco, yxby babe Boma, 1585 

1933 Dennistoun (J.) Illustrations for the Memoirs of the Dukes of 

TJrbino, plates and facsimiles, one of the few copies taken off 
on india paper, with autograph note of Mr, Dennistoun 1851 

1934 Deville (Ant.) Descriptio portus et urbis T^oltd, plates 

fine copy Venet, 1633 

1935 Dictionnaire Eran9ois-Allemand et Allemand-Fran^ois, 2 vol. 

russia, m, e, Strash, 1800-1 

1936 Dinarelli (B.) TJfBici della Corte Bomana Bologna, 1621 

1937 Diodoro Siciliano Historia overo Libraria historica tradotta da 

F. BaldelU, 2 vol. in 1 
calf, Testo di Idngua Vinegia, 1575 

1938 Diogenes Laertius de Yitis Philosophorum Gr. et Lat. cum 

commentariis integris doctorum virorum, cura Meibomii cum 
Observationilms M^. Menagii, 2 vol. Amst, 1692 

1939 Diogenes Laercio traducido e ilustrado con notas por Jos. Ortiz 

J Sanz, 2 vol. Madrid, 1792 

1940 Doglioni (G. N.) Theatre universale de' Prencipi et Historic del 

Mondo, 2 vol. 
Jambs I.'s copy, vjith the Boyal Arms of England stamped in 
gold on sides, hut rebacked Venetia, 1606 

1941 DoLOB (L.) Le Tbasfobkatioki (di Ovidio) in ottava Eima 

PBINTED ON BLtTE PAPEB {carta azzurra), numerous spirited 

woodcuts {including Mappamondo with Amebioa) 
BXTBBMELY BABE, ifnot UNIQUE Venetia, Oiolito, 1553 

1942 Dolce (L.) Vita di Carlo V Imp. poHrait, Vinegia, 1567— Des- 

barres (A.) Immortalita 'dell Imp. Carlo Y tradotta da 
L. Dolce, ivi, 1566 in one vol, 

1943 Dolfi (P. S.) Cronologia delle Famiglie nobili di Bologna, /row^w- 

piece and numerous coats of arms, half russia Bologna, 1670 

1944 Dolfi. Another copy, wants frontispiece ivi, 1670 


1945 Dominici (B. de) Yite de' Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti Kapo- 

letani, 2 vol. Napoli, 1742 

1946 Donati (A.) Eoma Yetus ac Becens utriasque aedificiis ad 

eruditam cognitionem eni^siti^, plates and cuts Roma, 1725 

1947 Don! (A. F.) I Marmi, woodcuts, Vinegia, 1562 — La Moral 

Eiloaophia, woodcuts^ ivi, 1552 — ^Trattati diversi di Sendebar 
Indiano Filosopbo morale, woodcuts, ivi, 1552— Inferni, 
woodcuts, ivi, 1553 — La seconda terza e quarta Parte de 
Marmi, woodcuts, ivi, 1552 — II Cancellieri, 2 parts, im, 1562 
— II Petrarcha, m, 1575 — Sopra TEflSgie di Cesare fatta 
per B. Yico, ivi, 1550, calf extra, g. e. in six voL 

1948 Doni (A. F.) I Mondi Primo Libro, portraits and other curious 

calf extra, g, e, hg O. Lewis, scarce Vinegia, F. Marcolini, 1552 

1949 Doni (A. F.) I Marmi, 4 parts in 1, Jlne woodcuts (including 

portraits), green morocco, g. e. Vinegia, 1552 

1950 Doni (G. B.) I Marmi, 4 parts in 1, woodcuts Venetia, 1609 

1951 Doni (G-. B.) Compendio del Trattato de* GFeneri e de' Modi 

della Musica, con un Discorso sopra la Perfettione de' 
Concenti, &c, with the folding plate and the music 
uncut JRoma, 1635 

1952 Donzelli (G.) Partenope liberata 

halfrussia, y. e, rare Napoli, 1647 

1958 Dorio (D.) Istoria della Famiglia Trind, plates, uncut, Foligno, 
1638— Jacobilli (L.) Discorso della Citt^ di Folis;no, uncut, 
ivi, 1646 — PontaQO (Fabio) Sopra TAnticbit^ di Foligno, 
Perugia, 1618 in one vol, 

1954 Diestense (P. Faustino) Un' altra Alessio : overo Narrativa della 

Yita d'un Figlio et d'una Madre Scozzesi (Yita del P. 
Aroangiolo Scozzese Capuccino & della Signora Margarita 
Gt>rdoDica), half morocco, g. e. Modona, 1634 

*^* A very rare life of Jobn Forbes (afterwards Fatber Arcbangel), 
and of his Motber Margaret Gordon, wbose busband (called 
by tbe autbor Conte di Forbes), turning Protestant, divorced 
and persecuted his wife and son. It is not mentioned by 

1955 Driuasten ^Andrea Angelo Duca & Conte) Genealogia d'Im- 

peraton insino al presente Anno 1552, vellum Roma, 1552 

1956 Drummond ( W.) Polemo-Middinia Carmen Macaronicum ; accedit 

Jacobi Y Christ's Kirk on the Green, JN'otis E. Gibsoni, 
Oxon. 1691— Brett (A.) Eestauration, a Poem, 1660— 
Jortin (J.) Lusus Poetici, 1748 — Italian Dialogues, 1776 (4) 

1957 Duchesne ain^, Essai sur les Nielles, gravures des Orfevres 

Florentins du XY Siecle, plates 
LAB6E Dutch pafeb, on which only six impressions were taken 
off Paris, 1826 

1958 Duck (A.) Yita Henrici Cbichele Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis 

fine clean copy Oxon. 1617 

1959 Duck (Artb.) Vita Henrici Chicbele Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis 

sub regibus Hen. Y et YI, calf, g. e. Oxon, 1617 



1900 Du Ereenoy (C. A.) Art of Fainting, translated by Dryden, 

Jrontispieee hy Oribelin, from the Countess of Pomfrefs 

library 1695 

1961 Du Presnoy (C. A.) Art of Painting in English Verse, by Mason, 

Yorky 1783 — Fuseli (H.) Lectures on Painting, vignette hy 
Blake f 1801 — Opie (J.) Lectures on Painting, portrait, 
1809 in one voL 

1962 [Dunton (John)] Post Angel, in five parts, viz. : Bemarkable 

Providences, Lives and Deaths of Eminent Persons, New 
Athenian Mercury, Publick News and Books lately pub- 
Ush'd, 2 vol. in 1 
with autograph of JR. Mylne^ calf very scarce . 1701 

1963 Durand (J. N. L.) Precis desle9ons d' Architecture, 2 "voX. plates 

Faris, 1819-21 

1964 Durante (Caatore) Herbario nuovo, numerous woodcuts of plants 

half calf gilt Venetia^ 0iuntijlQ2Q 

1965 Duret (0.) Thresor de THistoire des Langues de cest TJuivers 

Col. 1613 

1966 Edwards (Edw.) Anecdotes of Painters who have resided or 

been born in England 
LABGE pa:p£B, ILLUSTRATED with many additional portraits and 
plates, halfrussia, top edges gilt 1808 

1967 Edwards (J.) Companion from London to Brighthelmston, maps 

and plates, halfrussia hy Kalthoeher 1801 

1968 Eichovii (Cypriani) Liber msignium aliquot Itinerum cum ex 

Augusta Yindelicorum, turn aliis EuropsB, Asiss et Afncse 
clvitatibus oppidisque, p^^«9, ^^ca/f ohh UrselliSf 1006 

1969 Emblems. Politisches Scnatz - KfiBstlein : Thesaurus Philo- 

Politicus, vol. I, parts 7 and 8 and vol. II four parts, con* 
taining 310 heautiful plates, and a portrait of Henrieus 
Kommannus Franckf. 1626-30 

Enfield (W.) Preacher's Directory, half calf gUt 1782 

Engenio Caracciolo (Cesare d') Napoli Sacra, with the autograph 
of '^ J. jE. M. De Rieua Marquis ^Asserae ajettd a Naples 
le 12 Oct. 1629," who has added at end in MS. several 
French and Latin Foems Napoli, 1624 

Bare ; Coleti distinctly states that the date is 1623, " e non 
1624 come vien notato" This copy, however has the titlepage 
dated 1624. 

1972 England. Das Neu-gehamischte Gross-Britannien, many por- 

traits, plates and maps Ifumh. 1690 

1973 English History. A very curious volume of Translations into 

Dutch from the English, relating to the Execution of Mary 
Queen of Scots, the Coronation of James I, the Gunpowder 
Plot, &c. 39 Tracts in 1 vol. 1586-1688 

1974 Engravings. Duodecim Fidei Apostolici Symbola Iconibus 

edita a T. de Leu, engraved titlepage and 12 other plates — 
Historia SusannsB, two sets of 6 plates each hy T. de Leu — 
Quatuor Elementa, after M. De Vos, hy J. Sadeler^The 
Seasons by Ant. Tempesti, 1592— Views of Brabant, 24 
^tes hy JV^. J. Visscher, 1612 ; with other Engravings by 
Tempesta, &c. very scarce in 2 vol. 












Engrayings. Livre de Portraiture recueilly des (Euvres de 
Joseph de Ei?eni dit TEspagnolet, 23 platet, the bottom 
portion of No. 21 cut off and mended J^aria, s. d. 

Engrayings. YarisB Coenotapliiorum, tumulorum et mortuorum 
monumentorum forms a J. Vredemanno, 27 platee by Philip 
Galleyjine impreseiona — Designs for Wells, rorches, Ac. oy 
Mane de Friese^ 24 plates by Philip GaUe^fine impreeaione 
— Ornamental Devices, &c, by Jo. And. MsJiolus, IBplatee^ 
BonuBf 1608 — Animalium, Quadrupedum, omnia generis 
Yer» et artificiosissims delineationes, pictore Marco Oerardo 
Brugense, 19 plates, ^ne impressions^ Antv, £» Soeswinckel, 
1583, in 1 vol. rouyh calf obi, size 

EKORATorGB. Virginia Marifld Vita, IS plates by Theod. Qidle — 
Speculum Yirginitatis, 7 plates by JS, Wierx — Tjpus Casti- 
tatis, 9 plates by H, Wterx — Imago Cbristi, 8 plates by H, 
Wierx — Jesu Christi Infantia, 18 plates by M, Wierx — 
Nobilissima Crucis Christi Vestigia, 9 plates by JET. Wierx — 
Fassio Christi, 18 plates by JEC, Wierx — EcclesisB CatholicaB 
Septem Sacramenta, 8 plates — Basilic® Bom», 7 plates 
by Adrian Collaert — Historia Jon«B, 4 plates by A, Wierx 
— Four Quarters of the Globe, 4 plates by Crisp, Passe 
— Ornamental Designs for Chasing, &c. 10 plates by Theod, 
Qalle — Another set, 10 plates by Theod. Oalle, dated 1604 — 
VarisB Comarum et Barbarum form», IS plates by Phil, Galle^ 
together 143 Engravings, red morocco, g. e, in one vol, 

Ephemerides, ▲.!>. 1497, half morocco sine nota 

Epistola de Miseria Curatorum, woodcut on the title^paye, an 
early edition^ consisting of 8 leaves, with 36 lines %n a full 
page sine ulla notd 

Epistole ad Evangelj che si leggono tutto TAnno alle Messe 
tradotti di Bemigio Fiorentino con alcuni Sermoni, woodcuts 

Venezia, 1808 

Epithalamia in nuptias Friderici Comitis Palatini et Elisabethfld 
Jacob! Begis filisd Oxon, 1613 

Epithalamia in Caroli Begis cum Henrietta Maria Connubium 

ib, 1626 

Erizzo (S.) Discorso sopra le Medaglie de gli Antichi, numerous 
cuts of medals Venetia, 1559 

Eucharistica Oxoniensia in Caroli Begis e Scotia reditum 

LABOE PAPEB, wormed, limp vellum Oxon, 1641 

Euclide, La Prospettiva tradotta dal B. P. M. Egnatio Danti. 

Insieme con la Prospettiva di Eliodoro Larisseo (col Teste 

Qreco e la Versione Latina), with autograph signature and 

notes of E. Tobbicelli 

red morocco extra, Testo di Lingua Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1573 

Euclide, La Prospettiva tradotta dal B. P. M. Egnatio Dante 
insieme con la Prospettiva di Eliodoro Larisseo Greco ed 
Itaiiano dal medesimo, diagrams, autograph of ^^Frajiceaco 
di Cosmo Medici,*' the second Grand-DuJce of Tuscany 

ivi, 1573 

Euripidis Tragoediie, Fragmenta, Epistolsa, ex editione J. Bamesii 
nunc recusa, curavit C. D. Beckius, 3 vol. in 2 

Zips, 1778-88 




1983 Exbibition Catalogues, viz. Britieh InetitntioD, fifteen, between 
1807 and 1868 ; Society of Painters in Water Colonia, for 
1814, 1832, 1888 and 1837; Eoyal Academy, 1823, 1847, 
1854 and 1857 ; Art Union Prizes, 1851 (24) 

19S9 Fabricii (J. A.) Bibliographia Antiquaria, de Bcriptoribaa Anti- 
quitatum, Hebr. Ch-. Bom. et Chrietiananmi, ^/ronf. 

BbfflS. 1716, 

1990 Fabricii (Jo.) Historia Bibliothecm Fabricionie, 6 vol. 

Woljhtbwilelii, 1717-24 

1991 Fabjan (B.) Cfaroniclea of England and France, reprinted from 

PjnBon'a Edition, &c. with Preface and Index by Sir Henry 
Mlia 1811 

1992 Faccio Deqlicbebti FioHBHTirro Opeba ceuxaio Ditta 

MtTHDi TDOLGABB (in Terza Eima) 
Jine large copy, unth device o/L. A. Oiunta on title Venetia, 1501 
*«* In this Poem, written in the age of Dante, will be found inter- 
spersed Pieces of Poetry in Modem Greek, Provencal, Limousin 
and French. The work contsins much curious geographical 
and historical information. A portion of it is devoted to the 
description of England. (See also Lot 2081.) 

1993 Facciolati (J.) Ortografia moderna Italiona Fadova, 1772 

1994 F^noli (G. B.) Bime Piacevoli, 6 vol. Firense, 1729-34 

1995 Falconecto tucto Hystoriato Stampato di Kuovo. [Seguita la 

uendecta di Falconecto] 


(tn ottava Sima), with large woodcut of Falconecto on hone- 
hack, and 17 other tmall wood engratnngi reprewntpny battUt, 
Jine copy in gilt vallum 
Stampato aa tlanza di Semardo da Peicia, t. a. (circa 1520) 
%• This copy, the only one known, was purchased for Mr. Heber 
in Hiboert's sale for £4. 18s., as appears by his MS. note. 
Neither M. Meki nor Dr. Ferrario was able to see the edition 
and quote its existence solely on the authority of the Hibbert 
Catalogue, both asserting the impossibility of deciding which 
of the two Poems, " S^lconetto delle Baitaglie " or " La 
Vendetta" the volume contained. That Brunet also never 
met with a copy is quite certain, for he tkinkt Mr. Hibbert's 
volume coQtamed the Vendetta, which he describes as a Poem 
written also " en utaneet de huit veri maie heaueoiM plut etendu." 
Such, however, is not the fact, for like most Ainking biblio- 
graphers Brunet is in error, as the volume commences — 
vtrojueto taneto it lomno Idio 
c&Jiirto d fipeme dogai too avocato, de. 
thus proving that it is identical with " Iblconeto delle Bataie" 
which, according to Ferrario, ends like the present with — 

et lalma pigU poi eke laro morto. 
This is followed by the Yendecta, consisting of eleven stanzas 
only, commencing— 

Poi che il darda fu assai doluto 

di FalcoDCCto bdo charo figluolo, &e. 

and ending 


& se certo auoi ewer del mio decto 
iB^ ellibto bter di Falconecto. 









Faleti di TrigDano (Conte Gt.) La Muaica iradotta in ottara 

Sima da G. M. Yerdezotti, half morocco 

scarce Venetia appresso N. Bevilacqua {Aldo\ 1562 

Panelli (E.) Atena Attica, plates Venezia, 1707 

Earinati-TTberti (A.) Notizie della Terra di Catigliano, &c. plates 

qfarms, hay^ morocco Lucca, 1739 

Eauchet (CI.) (Euvres,^^ portrait hy Qnultier Paris, 1610 

Eederici (E.) Lettere al Sign. Gasparo Scioppio Bulla Eepublica 

Genovese, 2 parts in 1, scarce Geneva, 1641-42 

Eellowes (W. D.) Historical Sketches of Charles the Eirst, 

CromweU, Charles the Second, and the principal personages 

of that period, portraits, facsimiles of autograph letters, ^c. 

Paris, 1828 
Ferrara. Cariola (A.) Bitratti de S. Principi d'Este Signori di 
'Femrtk, fine portraits, uncut Ferrara, 1641 

Eerrarius (J. B.) de Elorum caltura, plates 

fine copy, uncut Boma, 1633 

Eerrerio (G.) La vera Significatione della Cotneta 

hilf calf gilt Morenza, 1577 

Eichardi (Jo.) Yirorum illastriam atque memorabilium Yitad, 
among whom are Dr. John Colet and Sir Thomas More 

Francof 1536 
Eichardi (J.) Yit® Becentiorum Jureconsultorum Patavii, 1565 
Eilicaia (Y. da) Canzoni in Occasione dell' Assedio e Liberazione 
di Vienna, presentation copy, with author's autograph in- 
scription, half morocco, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1684 
Eilicaia (Y. da) Canzoni 

half ca^ gilt, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1684 

Eilicaia ( Y. da) Poesie Toscane, portrait 

fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1707 

Eineschi (Y.) Istoria di alcune antiche Carestie e Dovizie di 
Grano occorse in Eirenze 
LAJtOE PAPEB, with MS. notcs hy Baldovinetti ivi, 1767 


2011 Engravings. Collection of Yiews of Cities, English and Eoreign, 

Public Buildings, &c., with a few original drawings, together 
upwards of 400 in number in 1 Yol.from the library of John 
Lord Percival 

2012 Engravings. Twenty-five plates illustrative of the Loves of the 

Gods, after Leonardi Thiry, a Elemish painter ohl. (1630) 
2018 Engravings. Yestigi delle Antichita di Boma, Tivoli, Pozzuolo 
et altri luochi, 50 plates hy M, Sadeler, 1660 — Nuovo Teatro 
' delle Eabnche, et Edificii in Prospettiva di Boma Modema, 
3 hooks — Le Eontane di Boma, 3 hoohs, together 16^ plates 
hy G. B. Falda — Leonis X admirand» virtutis Imagines, 
16 plates — Parerga atque Omamenta in Yaticani Palatii 
Xystis, 4t3 plates — Admiranda Baphaelis monumenta (The 
Cartoons), 14^ plates — Statu® TTrbis BomsB, 52 plates — On. 
Panvinii Triumph i, 11 plates, fine impressions 

ohlong, in one vol. 


2014 Epiflcopii (J.) Signorum Yeterum Iconee, title and IQO plates — 

Paradigmata Oraphices variorum Artificum per J. Episcopiam 
ex formis N. Yisscher, title and 57 plates 
halfrussia Amst, s, a, 

2015 Epistolas j Evangelios por todo el ano con sua doctrinas j ser- 

mones de la correcion d'Ambrosio Montesino 
gotl^ic letter^ numerous woodcuts^ some of the head lines partly 
cut off SevUla, Oromherger, l&M) 

2016 Efistole & Eyangelii toloabi hystobiabe, printed loithin 

woodcut borders^ toith beautiful wood engravvngs by Mabo 
AuTOiao {with his cypher), and Acjobtiito Vekeziako 
calf extra, g, e, exgessitely babe Venetia, 1512 

*^* A most important work for the historj of wood engraving, as 
it proves bevond a doubt that Marc Antonio Baimondi and 
Agostino Veneziano engraved on wood as well as copper. 
Heller, who informs us that Agostino by some had oeen 
mentioned as an engraver on wood, but that there was not the 
slightest foundation for such a surmise, was totally ignorant 
of any attempt, even by Baimondi, an ignorance shared by 
Bartsch, and all others who have given a list of his works. 
This volume ought to be secured for one of our public libraries 
as an extraordinary curiosity. 

2017 Erasmi Adagia, H. Stephani animadversionibus, ruled with red 

lineSf old morocco, g. e, Paris, 1579 

2018 Essayists. The Bambier, from the commencement March 20, 

1749-50, to March 17, 1752, 2 vol. original edition, with 
numerous alterations and corrections, collated with the edition 
published in 12mo, in 6 volumes 1750-2 

2019 Essayists. The Tatler, by Isaac Bickerstaff, original edition, 

271 Nos. with portrait inserted and manuscript index 1709-10 

2020 Etching Club Publications, 4 Nos. containing ^\ plates 

privately printed 1838, &c. 

2021 Etching Club. Twelve Plates after Bedgrave, Townsend, 

Webster, &c. privately printed 1839 

2022 Etching Club Publications. Thirty-two Plates by Horsley, 

Bedgrave, Bell, Cope, Creswiok, Townsend, Herbert, 
Stonhouse and Webster, 3 vol. privately printed 1838-9 

2023 Euclide de gli Elementi Libri XY con gli Scholii antichi tradotti 

• et con Commentarii illustrati da F. Commandino, numerous 
diagrams, gilt vellum Urbino, 1675 

2024 Etakoelit con le Expositione fatte per Erate Simone da Cassia 

fine copy in russia, scarce Venetia, per Sannibal da Foxo, 1486 

2025 Evangelia lY Arabice, many woodcuts 

fine copy, old morocco, g. e, JRonue, 1590 

2026 Exhortatio ad K. Yirginem sacratam claustralem de virginitate 

et religione servanda, Italioe 
Manusobift 027 YELLUM, with initial illuminated in gold and 
colours Sjbc. XV 

2027 Eacciolati et Eorcellini Lexicon totius Latinitatis, portrait, 4 vol. 

fine copy, russia, m. e. Fatavii, 1805 


2028 Fakti (Sigismondo) Triompho di FoBTUKir, numerous woodcuts 

Venegia^ per A, da Portese ad instantia di Jacomo Qiunta^ 1526 

%• A yery curious Fobttjnb-Telleb, engraved tbroughoufc on 
wood, with the exception of the sixteen preliminary leaves and 
the Quatrains, giving the answers to the questions. Libri's 
copy, with a portion of a leaf restored by Harris, sold for £4. 48. 
It is not mentioned by Benouard in his list of the Oiunta 

2029 Farfan (Fernando de la Torre) Fiestas de la S. Iglesia Metro- 

politana, y Fatriarcal de Seviila, portraits and plates 

Sevilla, 1671 

2030 Farinatoris de Wyenna (M.) Liber moralitatum elegantissimus 

magnarum rerum naturalium Lumen anim» dictus cum 
septem apparatoribus necnon sanctorum doctorum orthodoxsB 
fidei proressorum, Foetarum etiam ac Oratorum auctori- 
tatibus per modum PharatrsB collectis 
Jlne copy {Aug. Vind, G. Zeiner); 1477 

2031 Fazio di Olubebti Dita Mundi cumponuto in Terza Bima 

EIBST BDiTiOK, calf. Very scarce 

Vicentia^ Leonardo da Basilia, 1474 

%* One of the rarest of Italian Poems, which may be regarded as a 
most interesting autobiography of the Poet, who therein has 
given some curioms details of his various travels. From internal 
evidence this poem must have been written about the year 
1350, and has interspersed verses in French, Proven9al, 
Limousin and Modem Greek. The poetical description of the 
British Empire is one of the earliest on record, and contains a 
most remarkable fact not generally known of Ireland being 
even then already famous for her woollen manufactures. The 
Floncel copy sold for 800 &anc8, and M. Libri's for £12. and 
£148. 148. 

2032 Fer (N. de) Atlas Curieux ou le Monde r^pr^sent^ dans des 

Cartes du Ciel et de la TerrOi 188 maps and views of cities^ 
churches, palaces, Sfc. obi, Paris, 1705 

2033 Ferrarii (Oct.) Origines Lingus Italics Patavii, 1676 

2034 Ferrarii (0.) Origines LingusB Italicsd ivi, 1676 

2035 Ferrariensium nonnullorum illustrium Icones ab Aloysio TJghi 

collectsB variisqne notis exornatsB, a collection of portraits 
mounted in a folio, with manuscript biographical notices 1785 

2036 Ferro (G.) Teatro d'Imprese, 2 vol. in 1, portraits and numerous 

engravings Venetia, 1623 

2037 Ficino (Marsilio) Libro della Christiana Beligione Pisa, 1484 

2038 Fiddes (B.) Life of Cardinal yfol^j, portraits and plates 

old calf 1726 

2039 Fine Art. Collection of Single Sheets, Circulars, Bills, Cata- 

logues of Engravings by Volpato, Cipriani, Caraccl, B&ffaelle 
Morghen, B. Strange, riranesi, and 'others in one vol. 


2040 FiOET diversi cavati dalle Pitture di Mario de' Fiori, 24 plates, 

JRoma, 1680 — Fiori diverai intagliati daN. Hubert, 28 plates, 
ivi, 1640 — ^Nuova Baccolta di Fiori dati in Luce per G-. I. 
de Bossi, 16 plates^ ivi, 1649 — Nuova Baccolta di Fiori 
disegnati da 1. BaiUy et intagliati da A. van Westerbout, 
13 platesj ivi, 1681 — Fiori intagliati da Sadler, 12 plates, 
senza ne^^a-— Blumen und Friichten von J. F. Leopold, 
5 plates, senza nota,fine impressions, vellum in one vol, 

2041 Fisber (T.) Monumental Remains and Antiquities in tbe County 

of Bedford, 37 plates in imitation of the original drawings, 
50 copies only taken off, half morocco, top edges gilt 1828 

2042 Flandres (Comte de) Belation de Tlnauguration de TEropereur 

Cbaries YI, comme Comte de Flandres a Gand, fine large 
plates, Oand, 1719 — Liste et Ordre de T Inauguration, ib, 
1717 ; an4 a Flemisb Tract, 1744 in one vol, 

2043 Florio (J.) Italian and English Dictionary, revised and corrected 

by J. Davis 1688 

2044' Foglietta (U.) Istorie di Geneva tradotte per F. Serdonati, 
portrait, Geneva, 1597 (at end mdcxvi instead of 1696) — 
Bonfadio (G.) Annali di Geneva tradotti da B. Pascbetti, 
ivi, 1597 (at end 1596), vellum, Testi di Zdngua in one vol. 

2045 Foscarini (M.) della Letteratura Yeneziana Yolume prime (all 

published), labqe fafeb, uncut Padova, 1752 

2046 France. A series of very curious Engravings illustrative of the 

Troubles in France from 1559 to 1570, witb descriptions in 
French, ^8 plates, babe, half morocco 1570 

2047 France. Another set of these very curious Engravings with 

descriptions in German, consisting of title and ^^ plates 
impressed vellum 1570 

2048 Fbakcia. Cronica breve de i Fatti illustri de' Be di Francia, 

fine impressions of the Q2 portraits, with short lives engraved 
beneath, half morocco Venetia, B. Oiunti, 1588 

2049 Franco (Giacomo) Habiti d' Huomeni et Donne Yenetiane con 

la processione deUa Ser. Signoria et altri particolari cioe 
Trionfi, Festa, Cerimonie Publicbe delle nobilissima Citta di 
Yenetia, 32 plates, fine impressions, with autograph of Isaac 
Walton on the wrapper ; from Mr, Horatio Walpole*s library 

2050 Franco (Giacomo) Habiti d'Huomeni et Donne Yenetiane con 

la Processione della S™* Signoria et altri Particolari cioe 
Trionfi, Feste et Cerimonie publicbe di Yenetia, portrait of 
Vincentio Qonzaga, Duke of Mantua, and 26 plates coloured 

Venetia, 1609 

2051 Franco. Another lotion, fine impressions of the 26 plates 

ivi, 1610 

%* These editions contain three plates (Le Novizze in Gondola, 

Bitomo del Bucintoro and Giuoco del Calzo) not in the others. 

2052 Franco. Another copy, with a Second Part by G. N. Doglioni, 

42 plaUs ivi, 1610-14 

2053 Franco (I.) Habiti d'Huomeni et Donne Yenetiane con la Pro- 

cessione della Ser"* Signoria et altri Particolari cioe Trionfi, 
Feste, Cerimonie publicbe della nobilissima Citta di Yenetia, 
32 plates Venetia, s. a. 


2054 Franfione (Agostino) Armi delle casate nobile della Citta di 

G^noya, 35 plates Geneva, 1636 

2055 Fuller (T.) Hifltorj of the Worthies of England and Wales, with 

Index, portrait by Loggan 
Jine copy, old russia, from Mr, Bindley* 8 library 1662 




2056 Dolce (L.) il Boffiano, Gomedia tratta dal Budente di Plauto 

Vineaia, 1651 (at end 1562) 

2057 Dolce (L.) Bime di diversi et eccellenti Autori Vinegia, 1566 

2058 Dolce (L.) Dialogo della Pittura intitolato I'Aretino 

old brown moroeoo, g, e. with the Strozzi arms stamped in gold 
on tides Vinegia, 1557 

2059 Dolce (L.) Lettere di diversi eccellentissimi Haomini raccolte 

da diyersi Libri, calf extra, old style Vinegia, 1559 

2060 Dolce (L.) Gomedie : il Gapitano, Venetia, 1686—11 Marito, ivi, 

1686--Fabritia, itn, 1587 in one vol. 

2061 Domenicbi (L.) Bime diverse di molte eccellentiBsimi Autori 

nuoyamente raccolte. Libro primo. At end AfS. verses by 
** II Diabolico Pietro Aretino Vinegia, 1546 

2062 Domenicbi (L.) Facetie, Motti et Burle di diyersi Signori et 

Persone private, Firenze, Oiunti, 1564 — Facesie, Motti, 
Buffonerie et Burle del Piovano Arlotto, del Gk>nnella et 
del Barlacchia, tvi, 1565, red morocco, g, e, in one voh 

2063 Domenicbi (L.) Dialoghi, calf Vinegia, 1662 

2064 Dnnado (G-. B.) Yiaggi a Gonstantinopoli, uncut Venezia, 1688 

2065 Doni (A. F.) Novelle (edite da B. Gamba) 

half morocco mdocoxt 

2066 Doni (A. F.) Novelle 

printed on large tinted paper (only 20 copies struck off), half 
morocco, uncut Lucca, 1852 

2067 Doni (A. F.) Novelle 

half gilt ^^if^ uncut, only 150 copies printed iifi, 1852 

2068 Doni (A. F.) Disegno partite in pin Bagionamenti ne qu^ si 

tratta della Scoltura et Pittura 
fne copy, ruled, veaufauve,g. e, by A, Ohatimont Vinegia, 1549 

2069 Doni (A. F.) La Fortuna di Gesare tratta da gl' Auton Latini 

unci^ ivi, 1550 

2070 Doni (A. F.) La Libraria, fibst ebitioit ivi, 1550 

2071 Doni (A. F.) La Libraria, Vinegia, Qiolito, 1650 — La Seconda 

Libraria, Venetia, F, Marcolini, 1651 
FIRST EDITION, rare in one vol, 



2072 Doni (A. F.) La Seconda Libraria, autograph and MS, notes of 

G, Cumberland, Blightly wormed 
vellum Vinegioy F, Marcolini, 1556 

•#* Containing various Novelle, including that of Belfegop. 

2073 Doni (A. P.) Tre Libre de Lettere e i Termini della Lingua 

Toscana (da Q-. Camillo), 3 parts in 1 
rusna, Testo di Lingua Vinegia, F. Marcolini, 1552 

•#* Containing several Novelle and Eime. These letters were 
inserted in the list of prohibited books. 

2074 Doni (A. F.) Tre Libri di Pistolotti amorosi Tmegia, 1558 

2075 Doni (A. F.) Pistolotti amorosi de Magnifici Signori Academici 

Pellegrini, 2 vol. in 1, woodcut of Pilgrim with hawk 

Vinegia, F. Mareolini, 1554 

2076 Doni (A. F.) La Zueca, 7 parts in 1 vol. curious woodcuts 

ivi, 1551-52 

2077 Doni (A. F.) Fieri della Zucca, 3 parts in 1, woodcuts ivi, 1552 

2078 Doni (A. F.) La Zucca, woodcut portrait 

calf extra Venetia, 1565 

2079 Doni (A. F.) La Zucca ivi, 1592 

2080 Doni (A. F.) La Zucca ivi, 1595 

2081 Doni (A. F.) La Libraria 

fine copyin red morocco, g. e, by Delande Fere Vinegia, 1558 

2082 Doni (A. F.) La Libraria, Vinegia, 1580 — La Seconda Libraria, 

im, 1551 in one vol, 

2083 Doni (A. F.) Mondi Celesti, Terrestri et Infernali, woodcut port. 

half morocco, g. e. Venetia, 1575 

2084 Doni (A. F.) La Filosofia morale (Novelle, &c.) Trento, 1588 

2085 Doni (A. F.) Filosofia morale Vicenza, 1597 

2086 Doni (A. F.) Filosofia morale, half morocco ivi, 1597 

2087 Doni (A. F.) Mondi celesti, terrestri et infernali 

half morocco ivi, 1597 

2088 Doni (A. F.) Nuova Opinione sopra le Imprese amoroso e 

militari Venezia, 1858 

2089 Doni (A. F.) Humeri, onlg 150 copies printed ivi, 1860 

2090 Douce (F.) Illustrations of Shakspeare, 2 vol. plates 

half calf 1807 

2091 Downes (8.) Lives of the Compilers of the Liturgy, and Sparrow's 

Eationale, frontispiece, 1722^ Comber (T.) on Ordination, 
1699 2 vol 

2092 D'Ojly (G.) Sermons 1827 

2093 Dragoncino (G-. B.) Stanze in Lode delle nobil Donne Yinitiane 

del Secolo modemo, woodcut, s. I. {Venetia) mdxltii. — 
Bemi (F.) La Caccia d'Amore del Bemia con la Bisposta 
del Molza. £t una Giostra da Cauallieri erranti. £t vno 
Capitolo di Pietro Aretino contra le Donne, same woodcut 
on title as at end, vest babe, Stampata in Venetia, s. a. — 
[Vincentio da Bologna (Frate) Instruttorio delle Donne] 
Preclara Operetta dello Omato delle Donne, et de alquante 
Cose de Consienza circa il Matrimonio, a very curious and 
excessively rare work, senza nota (sed Venetia, JSieronymo 
Benediti, circa 1540) in one vol. 


20M Dragomanni (Fr. Gherardi) Memorie della Terra di San Giovanni 
nel Val d' Arno Superiore, half calf ^ uncut Mrenze, 1834 

2095 Dbetjx du Eadieb (M.) L'Europe illtjbtbe, 6 vol. numerous 

^ne portraits hy Odteuvre, calf extra, ^. e Parts, 1777 

2096 Droz (Joseph) (Euvres, 3 vol. portrait, Paris, Renouard, 1826-9 

— Koch, Tableau des Bevolutions de PEarope, with geneah- 
gieal tables, 4 rol. ib, 1814 7 vol. 

2097 Dmry (H.) Arundines Cami sive Musarum Gantabrigiensium 

LuBUB canori, vignettes Cantab, 1841 

2098 Diyden (J.) Miscellany, Poems and Translations, 6 vol. 

old green morocco, g, e, Tonson, 1716 

2099 Dryden (J.) Critical and Miscellaneous Prose Works, with 

notes and illustrations, a lifo of the author, &c. by E. 
Malone, portraits, 8 vol. in 4i,Jlne copy, old russia 1800 

2100 Dubbi con le Solutioni Vinegia, 1552 

2101 Dubois (L. J. J.) Description des Monuments du Cabinet de M. 

le Baron V. Denon Paris, 1826 

2102 Du Bos (I'Abb^) B^flexions Critiques sur la Poesie et sur la 

Peinture, 3 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1755 

2103 Du Cange et Carpentarii Glossarium manuale ad Scriptores 

media et infimee Latinitatis in compendium redact um et 
auctum ab Adelung, 6 vol. calf extra Halw, 1772-84 

2104 Duchesne (M.) Notice des Estampes expos^es a la Biblioth^que 

du Boi Paris, 1823 

2105 Duchesne Ain6 (M.) Voyage d*un Iconophile Paris, 1834 

2106 Du Choul (G.) sopra la Castrametatione <& Bagni de i Greci 

& Bomani et una Informatione della Militia Turchesca da 
F. Sansovino, woodcuts Vinegia, 1582 

2107 Duck (A.) Life of Archbishop Chichele, portrait, with autograph 

of W, Cole the Antiquarg of Olare^Hall, Cambridge 1699 

2108 Dudley (Sir Bobert) Italian Biography, to which are added 

Biographical Notices of Alice his wife, created Duchess 
Dudley by Charles 1, portraits, S[c, Oxford, 1810 

2109 Dufresnoy (L.) Tablettes Chronologiques de THistoire Univer- 

selle, 2 vol. Paris, 1763 

2110 Dugdale (Sir W.^ Antient Usage in bearing of Arms Oxf 1682 

2111 Dugdale (Sir W.) Antient Usage in bearing of Arms ib. 1682 

2112 Dugdale (Sir W.) Antient Usage &c. Second Edition, corrected 

tft. 1682 

2113 Dukinfield (Sir H. B.) Memoir, portrait, printed for private 

circulation 1861 

2114 Du Moulin (Peter) Anatomy of the Mass, translated by J. 

Mountaine, with a Treatise of Traditions, Dublin, 1 750 — 
Brief Survey of the Old Beligion, 1672, &c. 4 vol. 

2115 Dunbar (G.) Greek-English and English-Greek Lexicon, 2 vol. 

calf gilt Edinb. 1840 

2116 [Duncan (P. B.)] Essays and Miscellanea, 2 vol. 

half calf ailt Oxford, 1840 

2117 Dunkin (J.J History and Antiquities of Bicester, with Inquiry 

into the History of Alchester, and the whole of Bp. White 
Kennett's Glossary, portrait and plates, 1816 — Oxfordshire 
Anecdotes, 2 nos. omg 12 copies printed, 1826 in one vol. 


Bimlop (J.) HiBtotT of Fiction, 8 vol, halfea^, 1814 — Irring'B 
Lectures, S vof. calf, imperfect 6 wl. 

Danlop (J.) Memoira of Spain, from 1621 to 1700, 2 rol. 

] Lettrea iur I'ltolie en 1786, 2 vol. 

[Dupnty] L 

!1 DuplessiB (G-.) Bibliographie Pai^miologique 

half calf ailt ParU, 1847 

!2 Dapleaaia (G.) HjHtoire de la GraTure en France ParU, 1861 

S3 Duppa (B.) Miacellaneous Obeeirationa and Opinions on the 

Continent, platei 1826 

!1 Duppa (B.) Life of Michael Angelo ; with Life of Bafikello by 

Quatretn^ra de Quincj, translated by W. Hazlitt, port. 16U 

16 Durbam (W.) Life of Eobert Harris, D.D. President of Trinity 

CoUege in Oion, cay 1660 

!6 Sussienz (L.) Les Artistes Fran^aiB k TEtranger FarU, 1856 
!7 Dyer (O.) History of the ITuiverBity and Colleges of Cam- 
bridge, 2 Tol. meiM ly Storer and Greig 1814 

58 Earle (J.) SGcrocoBmography ; or, a Piece of the World discovered 

in EsBays and CbaracteTS, edited by Philip Bliss, preeenta- 
tion eopyf^om the editor, ealf 1811 

59 Ecclesiaste. Yolgarizsamenta del buon Secolo della Lingna 

(col Teato Latino) Napoli, 1854 

to Edda (Toanger) of Snorri Sturluson, translated by Q. W. 

Dasent Stockholm, 1842 

)1 Edinbui^h Arcbaological Muaeom, Illustrated Catalt^e, plate* 

and cuts Edinb. 1869 

t2 Edinburgh. Ex Tentaminibns Metricis Fuerorum in ScboU 

Begia Edinensi provectionun electa, anno 1812, edidit 3. 

KlUns, blue morocco, g. e. Edinh. 1812 

)3 Edwards (E.) on the Fine Arts in England 1840 . 

}4 Edwards (J.) on Bemarkable Texts, 2 rol. in 1 Oandi. 1692-4 
}6 Elegant Extracts, in Prose-and Verse, 2 vol. calf 1803-5 

36 Eliot (W. G.) on the Defence of Portugal, map andplane 

eaif 1811 

17 EUis, afterwardB Lord Dover (Hon. Geo. Agar) Catalogue of the 

principal Pictures in Flandera and Holland, 1822, privately 
printed, icarce, half morocco, vneut 1820 

38 Elog] degli Uomini illustri Toscani, 4 vol. 

half green morocco, uncut iMcea, 1771-4 

39 Elogi di due illustri Scropritori Italiani (S. A. Bandini e F. Bedi) 

mf calf gilt Siena, 1784 

40 Elsley (J.) Annotations on the Four Gospels and Acts of the 

Apostles, 3 vol. 1818 

tl Elton (C. A.) Specimens of the Clnsaic PoetB, S vol. 

calf extra 1814 

12 Engfefield (Sir H. C) Walk through Southampton, platet 

Southampton, 1801 

43 Enquiry into the Natural Bight of Mankind to debate freely 

concerning Religion, mth the auiogrt^h of Oarret Wesley, 

ancettor of the WelUeley Jamily 1737 


2144 Eds (Gasp.) Deliciie Gbnnaniao cum Appendice, GhillisB, Italias, 

Transmarinffi, HispaniiB et Magna BritannisB, 7 vol. in I, 
with the autograph Cardonnel Colon, 1609-13 

2145 Epigrammata doctissimorum nostra setate Italorum, M. A. 

Flaminii, M. Molsa), etc. 
red tnoroeco, a. e. Lutet. N, Dives, s. a. 

2146 Epigrammata Q-neca veterum elegantissima per J. Soterem 

collecta, Colon. 1528 — Eadem, Alia Editio, Friburgi Brit- 
goim^ 1544 — Epigrammata Yeterum Poetarum, cum Epi- 
taphiis et ^pigrammatis Camerarii et Micylli, Basil. 1588 — 
Diaconi Epitome Aristotelis Logics, Qr. Paris, 1548 — 
Obsopooi in GrsBCorum Epigrammatum libros annotationes, 
Basil 1540 4 vol. 

2147 Epigrammata Selecta, Gr. et Lat. a T. Farnabio, London-Bridge, 

1671 ; and otber Books of Epigrams 5 vol. 

2148 Epigrammata Selecta ex Florilegio et alia, Boma, Zannettus^ 

1608 — Carmina quinque Illustrium Poetarum, with MJ3. 
additions. Tenet. 1548 2 vol. 

2149 Epigrammata Centum ex Antbologia Graecorum selecta, Taurini, 

1836 — Gunichii (B.) Anthologica sive Epigrammata Antbo- 
logiffi Gbtecorum selecta Latinis versibus reddita, calf, 
Boma, 1771 2 vol. 

2150 Epigrammi di modemi Autori con alcuni inediti 

half calf gilt Faenza, 1819 

2151 Epigrammi Greci tradotti in Yersi Toscani dal Conte A. Mortara 

Oxford, 1847 

2152 Epigrammatum Delectus cum Proverbiis Latinis, Grsscis, 

Hispanis, Italis 
fine copy, old red morocco, m. and g. e. Paris, 1659 

2153 Epigram matistes Francois Anciens et Modemes, 2 vol. Jrontis- 

pieces and portrait, fine copy, old red morocco, g. e. Amst. 1720 

2154 Epigrams, Collection of, 1727— Select Epigrams of Martial, 

translated and imitated by W. Hay, 1755 — The Festoon, a 
Collection of Epigrams, 1766 — The same, Second Edition 
[by Bev. E. Graves], 1767 4 vol. 

2155 Epigrams and Mottos, translated, imitated, &c. by Bev. M. 

Scott, 1773 — New Foundling Hospjtfd for yf\t, frontispiece, 
1768, in one vol.— Select Epigrams, 2 vol. in one 1797 — 
Greek Anthology, Prose and verse, R. G. Bohn, 1852 3 vol. 

2156 Epigrams. Poetical Forrago: a Miscellaneous Assemblage of 

Epigrams and other jeux d* esprit, 2 vol. calf, 1794 — 
Davenport (B. A.) Common Hace Book of Epigrams, 
portrait, Edvnh. 1825 3 vol. 

2157 Epigrams selected from Brunck's Antbologia, translated, with 

notes, for the use of Winchester School, half calf, Oxford, 
1791 — Ejected Addresses ; or the New Theatrum Poeta- 
rum, half calf , 1812 — Translations from the Lyric Poets 
of Germany, by J. Macray, Oaf. 1838 ; and others 5 vol. 

2158 Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions, Collection of, calf, 1802 

— Faceti® Cantabrigienses, consisting of Anecdotes, Smart 
Sayings, Ac. relating to celebrated Cantnha, portrait of Pro- 
fessor Person, 1825 2 vol. 


2159 Epitaphs (Collection of) with Essaj by Dr. Johnson, 2 toI. 

calf 1806 

2160 Erasmi (D.) Stultitia Laus cum Gommentariis G. Listrii, por- 

traits and plates by S. Holbein Basilew^ 1676 

2161 Erastus. Histoire Pitovable du Prince Erastus, fils de Diocle- 

tien, Empereur de Kome, ruled with red lines JParis, 1570 

2162 Erotici Qreci tradotti in Yolgare da A. Coccio, A. Caro, A. 

Giacomelli, L. Garani, e L. Ghini, 6 vol. in 3 
calf extra, a, e. Crisopoli (Pma), 1814-17 

2163 Eschinardi ("F.) Descrizione di Boma e dell* Agro Bomano, 

plates Boma, 1750 

2164 Eschenborg (J.) Manuel de litt^ratuie ancienne traduit par H. 

Jouffroy, calf extra Leipzig, 1842 

2165 Essai Historique sur la Bibliotheque du Boi 

calfailtf a. e. bound by Count Chaumont Paris, 1782 

2166 Este (G-. ed A. d') Elenco degli Oggetti eeistenti nel Museo 

Yaticano, with the litrye plate, green morocco Boma, 1821 

2167 Etoile (Pieire de V) Journal du regne de Henri IV, 4 vol. La 

Haycy 1741 — Journal de Henri III, Boy de France et de 
Pologne, 5 vol. portrait and plates, ib, 1744 
fine copy, French calf gilt, a, e» ^together 9 wl. 

Etonenis Scholee Carminum Stylo Lucretiano scriptorum Fasci- 
culus Utona, 1839 

Etruria (L') Studj di Filologia, di Letteratura, di pubblica 
Istruzione e di Belle Arti, 24i parts Firenze, 1851-2 

Euboeus (Tauriscus) Catalogue des Estampes gravies d^apres 
Bafael Franrfort, 1819 

Euripides, Sophocles et ^schylus, Gnec^, Notis Canteri, 3 vol. 
old morocco Antv, 1571-80 

Euripidis TragoBdisB, Latine ex edit. Musgravii, calf gilt, Oxon, 
1821 — Arnold (T. K.) Introduction to Latin Prose and 
Verse Composition, 1840-51 ; and others 6 vol. 

Euripidis Ion Gr. cum Notis C. Badham 1853 

Eustace (J. C.) Classical Tour through Italy, an. 1802, 4 vol. 
plates, Leghorn, 1818 — Forsyth (Job.) Kemarks on Anti- 
quities, Arts, and Letters during an Excursion in Italy, 
in 1802-3, 1^16 5 vol 

2175 Eustace (J. C.) Classical Tour through Italy, 4 vol. map, plans 

of churches, Sfc, calf gilt 1817 

2176 Evangelia. Yolgarizzamento di Yangeli. Testo di Lingua 

ha^russia, uncut Venezia, 1823 

2177 Excerpta Historica, or Illustrations of English History 

half morocco, g. e, 1833 

2178 Extraordinary Black Book, humorous frontispiece by B. Seymour 


2179 Fables in^dites des XIP, X1II% et XIY« Si^cles et Fables de 

J. de La Fontaine, pr^c6d6es d'une Notice sur les Fabulistes 
par A. C. M. Bobert, 2 yo\. portrait and plates Paris, 1825 

2180 Fabri (A.) Diversarum Nationum Ornatus, plates, including 

Costume of England, France, Feru, Virginia, ^c, and also 
the Cameval Masques, calf extra, sold with all faults, as the 
binder has misplaced the engravings Fadoua, 1593 




2181 Fagiuoli (G. B.) Commedie, 7 vol. vellum lirenze, 1734-36 

2182- Fagiuoli (G. B.) Prose 

half vellum, uncut, Tetio di Idf$aua ivi, 1737 

2183 Fagiuoli (G. B.) Gli Sponsali in Maschera e Quanto piu si va 

in la Peggio si fa, Commedie, Testa di Ltnaua,- Firenze, 1752 

2184 Falco (Benedetto di) Descrittione de i Luoghi antichi di Napoli 

e del 8U0 amenissimo Distretto 
PBnrTEB OK YELLUM, Jrom the Ooisano Library, ukiqtje 

Napoli, 1540 

2185 Falconeria. Scritture antiche Toscane di Falconeria ed alcuni 

Gapitoli nell' Originale Francese del Tesoro di Brunetto 
Latini sopra la stessa Materia con Annotazioni del Col. 
Conte A. Mortara 
ha\f moroeeo, uncut, Testo di Lingua, printed for presents 
only Frato, 1861 

2186 Falconio Pratoli (8.) La Comedia in Comedia Boma, 1750 

2187 Fantozzi (F.) Notizie Originali di B. Cennini Orafo Florentine 

prime IVomotore della Tipografia in Firenze, facsimile 

Firenze, 1839 

2188 Fanucci (G. B.) Storia dei Yeneziani Genoyesi e Pisani e delle 

lore Navigazioni e Commercj nei Bassi Secoli, 4 vol. 

half calf gilt Fisa, 1817-22 

. 2189 Farseti (T. G.) Biblioteca Manoscritta, Fenezia, 1771— Catalogo 

di Storie generali e particolari d'ltalia, ivi, 1782 — Catalogo 

di Commedie Italiane, ivi, 1776 3 vol. 

2190 Fasciculus Florum ; or Nosegay of Flowers, translated out of 

the Gurdens of several Poets, ealf by A. M., 1636 

2191 Fasciculus Florum ; or Nosegaj of Flowers, another edition 

calf by M. P., 1638 

2192 Fauchet (CI.) Origines des Chevaliers, Armories, et Heraux, et 

des Dignitez et Magistrats de France, 2 vol. in 1 Faris, 1600 

2193 Fazakerly (J.) Poemata Yaria 

very scarce, having been suppressed by the author, morocco, 
g. e, 1781 

2194 Fazakerlj, Poemata, Aliud Exemplar, calf 1781 

2195 Fazio degli TJberti il Dittamondo, portrait 

VELLUM PAPER, half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

-fcZano, 1826 

2196 Fazio de^li TJberti Serventese nazionale ed altre Poesie liricbe 

inedite Firenze, 1841 

2197 Fea (C.) Notizie intomo Baffaele Sanzio da Urbino 

half calf, uncut Roma, 1822 

2198 Febusso e Breusso Poema (in ottava Bima) ora per la prima 

Yolta pubblicato da Lord Yemen, Jrontispieee 
only 78 copies printed, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1847 

2199 Federici (F.) Annali della Tipografia Yolpi Cominiana, portrait, 

Fadova, 1809 — Catalogo d*una Collezione delle vane Opere 
stampate da G. Comino, Venezia, 1817 in one vol. 

2200 Feithii (E.) Antitquitates Homerica>, half calf gilt, Amst. 1726 

— Masenii ^J.) Palsestra Styli Bomani, Col, Ayr. 1710 2 vol, 

2201 Felibien, Entretiens sur lea Yies et sur les Ouvrages des Peintres, 

plates, 4 vol. with MS, notes Land. 1705 


2202 Eelici (Carlo) Epigrammi tratti dal Greco 

dedicated to the Cardinal Duke of York Froicati, 1787 

2203 Felini (P. M.) delle Cose marayigliose di Boma, numerous wood- 

cuts Boma, 1610 

2204 Feltham (Owen) Brief Character of the Low-Coantries under 

the States, 1659 — Perfect Description of the People and 
Country of Scotland, 1659, calf in one vol, 

2205 Eenarolo (L.) il Sergio, Comedia VeneOa, 1584 

2206 F^rentillo (Pompeo Duca di) delle Opere di Maestro Gentile 

da Fabriano Memorie pittoriche PesarOy 1830 

2207 Ferguson (A.) History of the Homan Bepublic, 5 vol. fiuxps 

calf Udinh, 1799 

2208 Ferlone (A. S.) de' Viaggi da Sommi Pontefici, Venezia, 1783— 

Ferrari (G.) Carta figurativa e Indice delle Guerre munici- 
pali d' Italia, map, Milano, 1860 (2) 

2209 Ferrari (Cav. G. G.) sovra ci6 che appartiene alia Milizia nel 

Divisamento del Gran Dizionario, scarce Fiacenza, 1819 

2210 Ferrari (G. B. de) Guida di Napoli, map and plan 

half calf extra Napoli, 1826 

2211 [Ferrari (G. B.)] Vocabolario Beggiano-Italiaoo, 2 vol. MS. 

additions, uncut Beggio, 1832 

2212 Ferrario (Giulio) Storia ed Analisi degli Antichi Bomanzi di 

Cavalleria e dei Poemi Bomanzeschi d'ltalia, con Biblio* 
grafia, <&c. 4 vol. coloured plates 
half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt Milano, 1828-29 

2213 [Fiacchi (Abate Luigi)j Poesie vane di Luigi Glasio (»'. e, 

L. Fiacchi), half morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1820 

2214 [Fiacchi (Ab. Luigi)] Poesie varie di Luigi Clasio 

half calf uncut ivi, 1820 

2215 Fiacchi (L.) dei Proverbi Toscani con la Dichiarazione de' Pro- 

verbi di G. M. Cecchi. Teste di Lingua 
half morocco, uncut ivi, 1820 

2216 Fiacchi. Another copy, half calf ivi, 1820 

2217 Fiacchi (L.) Osservazioni sul Decamerone di G. Boccaccio con 

due Lezioni, half green morocco, uncut ivi, 1821 

2218 Ficino (Marsilio) sopra lo Ajnore o ver' Convito di Platone 

vellum, Testo di lAngtM, rare (see autograph note of Bev, T. 
Crofts) ivi, 1544 

2219 Ficino (M.) Lettere tradotte per F. Figliuccii, 2 vol. 

Vinegia, 1546-48 

2220 Field (G.) Chromatics ; or, the Analogy, Harmony, and Philo- 

sophy of Colours, plates 18l!5 

2221 Filicaia (v. da) Poesie, 2 vol. portrait Londra (Livomo) 1781 

2222 Filicaia (Y. da) il Pellegrinaggio della Yen. Compagnia di S. 

Benedetto Bianco alia Santa Casa di Loreto Mrenze, 1821 

2223 Filicaja (Y. da), d' A. M. Salvini e d' altri Prose e Bime inedite 

cay' extra ivi, 1821 

2224 Filostrato della Yita di Apollonio Tianeo tradotto per F. Baldelli 

con una Confutatione di Eusebio Cesariese contra Hierocle 

Fiorenza, L, Torrentino, 1549 

2225 Finati (G. B.) 11 Begal Museo Borbonico descritto, 2 vol. 

NapoU, 1819 ; and other Tracts in the volume, green morocco 


2226 Fine detto di Brianville (C. Oronce) Giuoco d'Arme dei Sov* 

rani e dogli Stati d'Europa, with a get of engravings of 
playing cards, ornamented with coats of arms 
htuf gilt caff, uncui, scarce Napoli, 1677 

%* At the end is bound up " Lettera di AlesBandro Parthenio 
intomo alia Societii de gli Armeristi et ad un Giuoco, lo 
Splendore deDa Nobilt^ Napoletana, Napoli^ 1678." 

2227 Tine. Giuoco d*Arme. Another edition, engravings of a set of 

eardSf autograph of " Petri Le Neve Norroy " »Vi, 1692 

2228 Fioraranti (Car. M. Leonardo) Specchio di Scientia universale 

Venetia, 1583 

2229 Eiore di Yirtu, half russia, uncut Fadova, 1751 

2230 Eiore di Notabili e Sentenze di quattro Santi Dottori recati in 

Yolgare nel buon Secolo della Fayella Napoli, 1859 

2231 Fioretto di Croniche degli Imperadori. Teste di Lingua del 

buon Secolo, only 85 copies printed Lucca, 1858 

2282 Fioretto di Oroniche degli Imperadori. Teste di Lingua ivi, 1858 

2283 Fiortifiocca (Tomao) Yita di Cola di Benzo 

red morocco, scarce Bracciano, 1624 

2234 Firenze. Guida di Firenze e d'altre Cittii della Toscana, 2 vol. 

map and numerous views, calf gilt, Firenze, s, a. — Compendio 
di Storia Fiorentina, vellum, ivi, 1792 8 vol. 

2235 Firenzuola (Agnolo) Prose e Bagionamenti (con Novelle, &o.), 

2 vol. in 1 
^M copies, vellum, Teste di Lingua, Morenza, B, di Qiunta, 1548 

2236 Firenzuola (A.) I Lucidi, Comedia 

hailf morocco Fiorenza, B. Giunti, 1519 

2237 Firenzuola (A.) La Trinutia, Comedia 

fine copy in vellum ivi, 1549 

2238 Firenzuola (A.) Bime 

fne copy in russia^. el Testo di Lingua ivi, 1549 

2239 Firenzuola (A.) La Irinutia, Comedia, Fiorenza, Qiunti, 1551 — 

I Lucidi, Comedia, ivi, 1552, half red morocco in one vol. 

2240 Firenzuola (A.) La Trinuzia e i Lucidi, Commedie 

the reprint (1720) Firenze, Oiunti, 1552 

2241 Firenzuola (A.) Prose 

green morocco, Testo di Lingua Fiorenza, L. Torrentino, 1552 

2242 Firenzuola (A.) Opere, 3 vol. vellum Firenze, 1723 

2243 Firenzuola (A.) Opere, 4 vol. in 8 

hdif ca^f gilt, uncut ivi, 1763-66 

2244 Firenzuola (A.) Opere, 2 vol. 

half calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1848 

2245 Fisher (J.) Seventy etched l^ac-similes, on a reduced scale, 

i^n^er tho original Studies of Michael Angelo and Baffaelle 
in the University Galleries, Oxford 
Jlne impressions Oxford, 1852 

2246 Fisher (K. S.) Select Translations from the Greek Minor Poets 


2247 Flamen (Albert) Devises et Emblesmes d' Amour, with 50 elegant 

etchings, rare Paris, 1648 



2248 Flamen (A.) Devises et Emblesraes d' Amour moralisez, plates^ 
with a duplicate set from the edition of 1672 added 

unknown to Barteoh^ ha\f moroeco Parie^ 1658 

S24i9 Flazman (J.) Lectures on Sculpture, portrait and plates 

halfealfgUt 1888 

2250 Floncel (A. F.) Oatalogo della Libreria FloDcel, 2 vol. in 1, 

MS. prices Farigi, 1774 

2251 Eloresta Comica, 6 CoUeccion de Cuentos, Fabulas, Sentencias, 

y Descripciones de los Oraciosos de nuestras Comediaa, 
Madrid^ 1796— Goleccion de Epigramas de F. G-. de Salas, 
ib. 1806 ; and otbers 5 vol. 

2252 Flugel (J. G.) and J. Sporschil, Dictionary, English and German, 

German and English, 2 vol. half calf Leipsic, 1888 

2258 Foglietta (Uberto) della Bepublica di Gknova libri II, very 
rarCf Boma^ per A, Blado, 1559— Narratione delle Cose 
occorse nella Oitta di Genoua & del Sollevamento del 
Popolo contra i Gentilhuomini, &e. Lione, 1575 in one vol. 

2254 Foleugo (Teofilo) Chaos del Tri per T7no, woodcuts, autograph of 

Dom Qisbertif Secretary to the Elector of Bavaria 
fine copy in vellum^ rare Vinegia^ 1546 

*«* A very extraordinary autobiography, vmtteu in Prose and 
Verse, sometimes in Latin, but genenuly in Itelian, interspersed 
with Macaronic. 

2255 Folengo (Theofilo) La Humanita del Figlivolo di Dio in ottava 

Birna, woodcuts^ calf Venetia, 1567 

2256 FoUini (Y.) Lezione sopra due Edizioni del Secolo XY nella 

?uale si dimostra essere ambedue una sola Edizione del 
)ecamerone Firenze, 1831 

2257 Fonseca (J. de) Dictionnaire Fran9ais-Espagnol et Espagnol- 

Fran9ais, 2 toI. in 1, half calf extra JParts, 1840 

2258 Fontaine (J. de la) Fables choisies en yers, 5 toI. in 8, numerous 

engravings, old morocco, m. and g. e. Paris, 1678-94 

2259 Fontana (B.) Musical Manual, with Music 1847 

2260 Fontenai G'Abb^ de) Dictionnaire des Artistes, 2 vol. Par. 1776 

2261 Foote (S.) Dramatic Works, vrith Life, 4 vol. plates 

calf, with gilt red moroeco backs 1788 

2262 Forby (B.) Yocabulary of East Anglia (Norfolk and Suffolk), 

2 vol. in l,portraU, half calf extra 1830 

2263 Ford (B.) Present War in Spain, 1837— Eeview of Borrow*8 

Bible in Spain, 1843, half morocco ^^ ^^*^ *'^^' 

2264 Ford (B.) Haad-Book for Travellers in Spain, 2 vol. maps 

presentation copy from the author Murray, 1845 

2265 Fomasini (G ) Jeni Lille, Novella, Pirenze, *. a. — Ninon de' 

Lenclos, Novella, ivi, s. a, — Elogio di L. Pulusella, Brescia, 
1799, in one vol. — Franceschino e Prete Gasparo, Novella, 
Pirenze, s. a. — Piacevole e ridicolo Inganno usato da una 
Sicnora ad un suo fastidioso Amante, Novella, Brescia, s. a. 
— Leucadia, Novella, ivi, s. a. ; in a bos formed like a book^ 
half red morocco, lettered " Novelle diverse " 


2266 Fonter (G.) Voyage Philoeophi^ue at Pittoresque sur lea Biyes 
da Bhin, k Liege, &c. traduit de rAllemand, avec des Notes 
par C. Pougena, 2 vol. 

Jine copy, ealfgUt^ by Kdlthoeber Paris^ 1795 

2267 FoitegueiTi (JS.) Biociardetto, Poema, 8 y<A,portraiU and plates 
2y Lapiy eaifaili, Tuto di Idncua, Zandra (Livomo), 1780 

2268 Fortiguena (N.) Kicciardetto, 8 yoI. portrait 
ha^ealf extra Milano, 1813 


2268 Fino (A.) Hiatoria di Giema raccolta da gli Annali di P. Teroi, 
I with index and preface printed in 1567 Venetian 1566 

2270 Fior di Yirtu hiatonato, elegtmt tooodeuts 
fine copy in vellum^ rare Firenze, 1498 

2271 Fiore di Virtu (edite per G. Bottari) 
LABOS PAPSB, ha^moroceo, uncut, Tetto di lAngua, Boma, 1740 

2272 Fiorentini (F. M.) Memorie della Gran Oontesaa Matilda reati- 
tuita alia Patria Luccheae, con Note da G. D. Manai, 
portrait and folding plate, vellum Lucca, 1766 

2278 FiREKZS. Leggi, Decreti, Gapitoli, ProTiaioni, Bandi, <fec. A 
coHeetion qf upwards of 280 scarce pieces (several in MS.) 
comprising many printed by the GHunti, Marescoti, and other 
Florence printers Morenza, 1529-1678 

2274 FiBEKEB. Leggi, Gapitoli* Ordini, Proviaioni, Bandi, Ac. A 
collection of 61 rare pieces, printed and manuscript (see List 
of Contents on fly-leaves prefixed), printed by the GHunti and 
Marescotti, half red morocco, g, e, ivi, 1546-77 

2275 Firense. Stratto de' Doganieri e Paaaeggieri del Gontado e 
Diatretto di Firenze, M8. additions, vellum Firems, 1664 

2276 Firenze. Stratto delle Porte di Firenze, &e, Testo di Lingua 

Fiorenza, 1652 

2277 Firenze. Notizie letterarie ed iatoriche intomo agli ITomini 
illustri dell' Accademia Fiorentina Mrenze, 1700 

%* Edited by the Gonaole J. D. Billi Oraini, who was asaisted by 
Magliabechi, Marmi, and othera in compiling the Lives. 

2278 Firenze. Tarifia delle Ghibelle per Firenze, Testo di Lingua 
half vellum, uncut ivi, 1781 

2279 Firmiana Bibliotheca aive Theaaurua Librorum quern Gomea 
GaroluB a Firmian oollegit, 5 vol. with a separate Gatalogue 
of the Manuacripta in 4 vol. half calf uncttt Mediol, 1783 

2280 Florios (J.) Second Frutes to be gathered of twelve Trees of 
divers but delightsome Tastes to the Tongues of Italians 
and Englishmen. To which is annexed his Gardine of Be- 
creation, yeeling six thouaaud Italian Proverbs, 2 vol. in 1 

rare T. Woodcock, 1591 

*^* In Italian and English, several portions of the latter being in 

2281 Folchi (A.) Orazione sopra le Lodi del Be di Sp^a Filippo II 
in S. Maria Novella di Firenze Fiorenza, F. CHunti, 1599 

*0* Moreni pronounces this tract rara, Negri evidently never saw 
it, aa he describes it aa in Latin, although the author, in hia de- 
dication, distinctly states that it was spoken " in Lingua 


2282 Folen^ (Theophilo) La Humanita del Figlivolo di Dio, in ottava 

nma, woodcuts, rare Vinegia^ 1583 

%* Folengo mentions Ariosto in his pre&oe. 

2283 Eondation faicte par les Dnc et Duchesse de NiTemois pour 

marier doresnavant ^ar chacun an k perpetuity, en leurs 
terres et seigneuries, jusques au nombre de soixante panvres 
filles, destitutes detoutes iacultez et mojens, toith signatures 
of the Notaries Farts, 1679 

2284 Fontanini (Oiusto, Arciveseovo cPAneira) della Eloquenza Ita- 

Hana, portraits, red morocco Venezia, 1737 

2285 Fontanini (0-.) Biblioteca dell* Eloquenza Italiana, con le Anno- 

tazioni del Signer A. Zeno, 2 vol. vellum Venezia, 1753 

2286 Fontaniui (O.) Biblioteca dell* Eloquenza Italiana, oon le Anno- 

tazioni di Ap. Zeno, 2 vol. half morocco *^^9 ^'^^ 

2287 Fontani (F.) Elogio di Carlo Boberto Dati 

half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, Teste di Lingua, Firenze, 1794 

2288 Forabosco (». e. Oirolamo Amalonghi detto il Qobho di Pisa) La 

Gigantea, insieme con la Nanea (da F. Aminta) in ottaTa 
rima, half morocco Firenze {Torrentin£), 1566 

%• Very rare. Libri's copy sold for £3. 18s. 

2289 Ford (B.) Twelve Etchings after Drawings and Engrayings by 

Parmigiano and Andrea Meldolla, with Duplicate Impres- 
sions of some in a different state, and additional Etchings 
inserted, presented to Dr. Wellesley by the author 1822 

2290 Ford (B.) Guide to the Diorama of the Campaigns of the Duke 

of "WeWmgjxm, plates 
LABOE PAPER OH which very few copies were printed, presenta" 
Hon copy from the author 1852 

2291 [Forteguem (N.)] II Bicciardetto di Nicolo Carteromaco (in 

ottava rima), 2 vol. portrait and vignettes 
vellum. Teste di Lingua Farigi (Venezia), 1738 

•2292 [Forteguerri (N.)] Bicciardetto di Nicolo Carteromaco, 2 vol. 

in 1, portrait and vignettes 
half calf gilt, ^^^^ ^* Lingua ivi, 1738 

2293 Fosbroke (T. D.) Encyclopedia of Antiquities, and Elements of 

Archsdology, Classical and MedisBval, and Foreign Topo- 
graphy, 3 vol. plates, j^ne copy, russia, m, e. 1825-8 

2294 Fox (C. J.) History of the early part of the Beign of James II, 

portrait, with a few MS. notes, elephant paper, calf 1808 

2295 Fox (F.) Assize Sermon at Abingdon, July 18, 1727, with a long 

and interesting note respecting the author, by T, Meame, the 

Antiquary, 1/27 — Slaae (Jos.) Sermon, containing some 

Animadversions on Mr. Fox's Assize Sermon, Beading, 1727 

half morocco in one voh 

2296 Frachetta (G.) Spositione sopra la Canzone di G. Cavalcanti, 
Donna mi pre^a, Sfc. Venetia,\^BB 

Fragments choisis dans les Peintures et les Tableaux les plus 
int^ressans des Palais et des Eglises de Tltalie, W plates 

Borne, 1772 




2298 FranoeBOO (S.) Fioretti di 8. Pranoeseo 
vellum, Tuto di Lingua Firenze, 1718 

2299 Francesco (S.) Fioretti, Testo di Lingua 
LAiteB FAPEB, half vellum f uneut, top edge gilt Verona, 1822 

2800 FraDoesconi (D.) Autojo^rafo di Baffaello del Museo Borgiano, 
con an Gommentano Venezia, 1800 

2301 Franchi (D. de) Historia del Patriarcba S. G-ioyangoalberto 
Primo Abate &• Institutore del Monastico Ordine di Yallom- 
brosa, engraved title and view by Delia Bella 
half red morocco, g. e, Fiorenza, 1640 

i 2302 Franco (Giacomb) I^fime naturali dei maggior Prencipi et piii 

▼alorosi Gapatani di questa Eta, con r.£Tine loro, engraved 
title and 86 portraiU {including the extremely rare Queen 
Elizabeth), toith 4 additional inserted at end 
ha\fmoroeeo Venetiie, 1596 

2808 Fbaitco (Mattbeo) et Luigi Ptlci, Sonetti iogobi st faosti 


▲ TBBY BABS SDiTioiT (44 Icaves, with eignatures a — f ), unth 
woodcut on title-page and device of P. Pacini da Pescia at 
end, morocco extra, g. e, 

{Firenze, P. Pacini da Pescia, circa 1510) 

2804 Fbaitoo (Mattbeo) et di Luigi Puloi, Sonetti iocosi et da 

BIDEBE, woodcut 

old citron morocco, with borders of gold 
[Firenze'] Adpetitione di Ser Piero pacint da Pescia, s, a. (circa 1512) 

%* Extremely rare. Bo8Coe*B copy sold for £8. and tbia in Singer's 
sale at Evans's, in 1818, for £6. 2b. 6d. 

2305 Frangipani (G.) Oratatione al S. Principe Francesco Yeniero 

Venetia, 1577 

2806 Freeman (Dr.) DiBcourae concerning InTOcation of Saints, 1684 
— Hfurmonj of Divinity and Law (by G. Hickes), 1684 — 
Account of tbe First Bise of tbe Name Protestant, 1688 — 
Proceedings against Maedalen Gollege, 1688 — Third.Inter- 
view in Eealms of Deatb between Cbarles I and G-ustavus 
AdolpbuB, frontispiece (5) 

2307 Frescobaldi (Matteo di Dino) Ballate tratte da un Godice Mag- 
liabecbiano del Secolo XY 

haffmarocco, uncut Firenze, 1844 

2308 Frezzi (F. Yescovo di Foligno) il Quadriregio (sopra i Begni 
d'Amore, di Satanasso, de' Yizj e delle virtu^ in terza rima, 
con le Annotazioni da A. G-. Artegiani, 2 vol. in 1 

Foligno, 1726 

*^* Tbe autbor died in 1416. His poem is considered by Quadrio 
not unwortby of Dante. 

2309 Fbottolb composte da piu Autori cioe. Tu ti parti cuor mio 
caro, &c. woodcut 

fine copy in citron morocco, dentelle borders, g. e. senza nota 

*i^* Tbis copy sold for 86 francs in tbe Libri sale, and baa been 
bouna since tbe purcbase. 












Frottola di diversi Autori Fiorentini CoBa piaoerole e ridiooky 
oon due Capitoli e xib Sonetto d*Amore dell* Altissimo 
Poeta 'FiorentinQ, tooodcui 
moroeeOf super eaftra, g. e. very rare Fireme^ 1600 

Fulmaa (W.) Academis OxonienBia Notitda 
first edition, halfec^ Oaon. 1665 

Fulman (W.) Notitia Oxoniensis Academic, ruled with red 
lines y and interleaved with MS. additions, and Neli Didlogus 
inter Beginam Elizabetham et Bobertum Dudlaum, Oomitem 
LecestruBy with cuts of the colleges, Sfo, 1675 

Fulvio (Y.) Castigo essemplare de' Calunniatori 
uncut Antopoli, 1621 

Furlani (P.) Isole, famoee Porti, Fortezze e Terre Maritime, 
maps, plans, and views, half calf, g, e. Venetia, s. a. 

Furttenbach (Jos.) Newes Itinerarium Italiie, many plates, fine 
impressions c^hng, TJUn, 1627 

Fozzi (G-.) all' Italia per le correnti Sdagure di Contagio Ode 

B^li, 1656 

Gbgliano (D. A.) Elogj atorici degli Uomini memorabili da Ca- 
tania, portraits and plates, Oatania, 1822— •Morso (S.) Spie- 
gazione di due Lapidi nella Chiesa di S. Michele Arcangelo, 
two plates, Palermo, 1813 — Gallo (A.) Elogio storioo di A. 
Oagini Scultore ed Arcbitetto, portrait, ivi, 1821 — Politi 
(B.) lllustrazione al Sarcofago Agrigentmo rappreBentante 
rippolito d'Euripide, 4 plates, ivi, 1822 in one vol, 

Galeotti (B. di) de gli Huomini illustri di Bologna, coats of 
arms, ^e. a few letters in title deficient IFerrara, 1590 

Oallsi (T.) XTI Cardinalium pietate doctrina rebusque geatia 
maxime illustrium Imaginea et Elogia 
fine copy, uncut, half morocco Antv. P. QalUeus, 1598 

Galilei (Galileo) Opere, 3 vol. half calf uncut Firense, 1718 

Galilei (G.) Opere, 2 vol. frontispiece by Delia Bella, portrait 
and diagrams, Testo di Lineua Bologna, 1655-56 

Galilei (G.) Dialogo sopra i due massimi Sistemi del Mondo 
Tolemaioo e Copemicano 
LABOE PAPSBi frontispiece by S. delta Bella in two states, one 
being before the letters, vellum, Testo dilAngua, Morenze, 1632 

Galilei (G.) Dialogo sopra i due Sistemi del Mondo Tolemaioo e 
Copemicano e Lettera a Madama Cristina di Lorena, &c. 
2 vol. in 1, half bound, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1710 


(witb a Translation into Latin) 
calf, g. e. rare Augusta Treboc, Impensis Bhseviriorum, 1630 

Bigidly suppressed. Tbe G^denigo copj sold for 135 lires 
8 centimes, and M. Libri's for £2. 15s. 

Gkdilei (G.) Discorsi e Dimostrazioni matematicbe intomo k due 

nuoye Scienze attenenti alia Mecanica et i Movimenti Locali 

cay" gilt, Testo di Lingua Leida, Oli Elsevirii, 1688 

Galilei (G.) Memorie e Lettere inedita finora o disperse, con 
Annotazioni dal Cav. G. B. Venturi, 2 vol. portrait and 
plates, uncut Modena, 1818-21 

Galileo. Another copy, 2 vol. uncut ivi, 1818-21 



2328 [GhUJiani (F.)] ^^^ Moneta Libri cinque, Testo di Lingua 

I^ajpoli, 1750 

2829 GkiUuzzi (B.) Istoria del Granducato di Toscana sotto il govemo 
della Oaaa Medici, 5 vol. plates of medals and genealogieal 
tables, calf Firenze, 1781 

2380 Gkilluzzi. Another copy\ 5 yoI. plates, half calf gilt ft», 1781 

2381 Ghimba (B.) Serie dei Testi di Lingua Italiana e di altri Esem- 

plari del bene Bcrivere 
iiABOS PAPSB, {only two copies printed), half green morocco, 
uncut * Venezia, 1828 

2832 Gkimba (B.) delle Novelle Italiane in Frosa Bibliografia 

LABQB jfKiB'SK, portraits^ half morocco, uncut Fvrenze, 1835 
2383 Gamncci (B.) Antichitik di Boma, woodcuts Venetia, 1565 

2334 Churbelli (S.) Le Bovine di Brescia, per lo Scoppio della Polvere, 
plan Brescia, 1771 

2336 Gurgliffi (J. B.) Oratio in Octava Sessione Lateranensis Concilii, 
una cum Obedientia Magni Magistri Bhodi, large woodcut 
of the Zateran Council JRonue, 1514 

2336 Gwmberto (Hieronimo, Vescovo di Oallese) Prima Parte delle 
Yite d'alcuni Papi et di tutti i Cardinali passati, all pub- 
lished, and very rare, having been rigidly suppressed immedi- 
ately on its publication, h(^f morocco Vinegia, 1568 

2387 Garofalo (Biagio) della Poesia degli Ebrei e d:i Greci Boma, 1707 

2338 Gkitti (Bassiano) L*Addolorata, Madre di Dio, Poema Epico, 
plates {illustrating the Life of Christ) by Oliviero Gatti 
and A. Salmincio Bologna, 1626 

2839 Garzoni (T.) La Piazza universale de tutte le Professioni del 
Mondo Venetia, 1587 

2340 G«ll (Sir W.) and J. P. Gandv, Pomj)eiana : the Topography, 

Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, plates 
iiABax PAPXB, morocco extra, g. e. 1817-19 

2341 Gtoll (Sir William) Le Mura di Boma disegnate, illustrate con 

Teste e Note da A. Nibby 
LABOE PAFSB, plan and platcs, vellum Boma, 1820 

2342 Gelli (G. B.) Canricci del G^llo (sul Bottaio), with woodcuts of 

a female holaing a mask and the portrait 
fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Fiorenza per il Doni, 1 546 

•#• " Assai raro/' — Gkmba. 

2843 GeloBO da Fiorenza dove si contiene la Sciocchezza d*un Marito, 
il quale credeua di trouar la Moglie in Adulterio (NoveUa 
in ottava rima) woodcut, slightly wormed Trevigi, 1678 

2344 Gemma (C.) Cronologia de' Sommi Ppntefici, woodcut portraits 

Boma, 1641 
2845 G^noa. Belazione di Genoa, suoi diversi Stati, ultimo Diffe- 
renze ed Aggiustamento con la Corona di Francia 
Makxtsobtpt Sec, xviii. 

2346 Gtordes (Dan.) Specimen ItalisB Beformats una cum SyUabo 

Beformatorum Italorum, old red morocco Lugd. Bat, 1765 

2347 Gersone (Giovanni) della Imitatione di Christo Giesu (da Tomaso 

de Eempis), scarce Firenze, 1494 














Ghilini (Ab. G.) Teatro d'Huomini Letterati FeneHa, 1647 

Ohirardelli (G.) Cefalogia fisonomica, portrait of author and 

numerous woodcut portraifs, calf Bologna^ 1670 

Ohifli (I.) Oratione della Liberta Genova^ 1588 

Giacone (A.) Istoria della Liberazion dell' Anima di Traiano 
Imperatore dalle Fene dell' Inferno, &c, I ! ! Siena, 1595 

Giacomini (L.) Lettione della Felicity humana Fiorenza, 1566 

Giacomini Tebalducci Malespini (A.) Oration! e Disoorai, JPVo- 
renzcf 1597 — Vita d' Antonio Giacomini, scritta da J. Nardi, 
ivi, 1597, vellum, Teeto di Lingua in one vol. 

Giaoomo (Notar) Gronica di Napoli, pubblicata per cura di P. 

Ghirzilli, half calf gilt, uncut ITapoli, 1845 

Giambullari (B.) SonagHo delle Donne (in ottava rima) woodcut 

fine copy in green morocco super eatra, Harleian tooling, hy 

Wheeler, rare Firenze, alle Scale di Badia, s a. 

Giambullari (P. F.) il Gello, Testo di Idngua 

Fiorenza, per il JDoni, 1546 
Giambullari (P. F.) Historia dell' Europa, fine woodcut portrait, 
Testo di Lingua, red morocco extra, Venetia, F. Senese, 1566 
Giambullari (P. F.) Poesie inedito 

LABOB PAPER, ha^ morocco, uncut Firenze, 1820 

Giannone (P.) Litona Givile del Eegno di Napoli, 4 vol. 

calf Napoli, 1728 

Gigh (Girolamo) Yita di, scritta da Oresbio Agieo (fVancesco 

Gorsetti) portrait Venetia, 1746 

Giglio (Pre Gieronimo) NuoTa seconda Selva di yaria Lettione 

che segue Pietro Messia Venetia, 1565 

A very curious work, containing '' Origine del Mai Franzese," 
the Origin of Printing, the Discoveiy of Amebioa, &c. &c. 

Ginanni (Conto M. A.) L'Arto del Blasone dichiarata per Alfa- 
beto, plates, calf extra, g. e, Venezia, 1756 

Ginanni (Conte F.) delle Malattie del Grano in Erba, portrait 
and plates, uncut, Testo di Lingua Fesaro, 1759 

Ginglaris (L.) Lucca Maestra di vera Libert^ al Figlivol Prodigo 

Lucca, 1658 

Giobbe esposto in Italiana Poesia con Annotazioni dall' Abate 

F. Bezzano (con Testo Latino) half calf gilt Boma, 1760 

Giordano da Bivalto (Beato F.) Prediche, uncut Firenze, 1789 

Giordano da Bivalto T Beato Fra) Prediche in Firenze dal 1808 
al 1306 ora per la prima Yolta pubblicato, 2 vol. Firenze, 
1831— -Prediche sulla Genesi, ivi, 1880 
half morocco, uneut, top edges gilt, Testo di Lingua 8 vol. 

Giomali de Letterati dall Anno 1668 fine all* Anno 1681, in 

8 vol. Boma, 1676-81 

Giovanni d' Austria, Essequie fatto nella Morte del, Bologna, 1578 

[Giovanni Damascene] Storia de SS. Barlaam e Giosaffatte 
half morocco, Testo di Lingua Boma, 1784 

Edited bv G. Bottari, and dedicated to Gharles Edward Prince 
of Wales, generally called the Young Pretender. 



2371 Giovio (P.) Le Iscrittioni poste sotto le vere Imagini de gli 

Huomini famosi, tradotte da H. Orio 
fine oopif, ruled, in the original Florentine morocco binding ^ g, e, 
mth the armg of De Ghrantrye stamped in gold on sides 

Fiorenza, T. Torrentino, 1552 

%* On the title-page is the autograph of *' D. P. Degrantrje chris- 
tianiasimi Kegis Oratoris apud Ehetos 1556." 

2372 GioTio (P.) Libro de' Peeci Bomani tradotto in Yolgare da 

C. Zancaruolo 
half morocco, g. e. Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1560 

2873 Oiovio (Paolo, Yescovo di Nocera) Yita de i doded Yisconti 

che signoreggiarono Milano, portraits 

half calf gilt Milano, 1645 

2874 Giraldi Cinthio (G. B.) DiBcorsi, uncut, rare Vinegia, 1554 

2875 Giraldi (F. A.) Capitolo in Lode di P. Pasetto Ferrara, 1566 
2376 Giraldi Cinthio (G. B.) Hecatommithi overo Cento Novelle, 

2 vol. in 1 , half calf Venetia, 1580 

2877 Girardi (J.) Stichostratia Epigrammaton CenturisD Y, woodcuts 

Lugduni, 1552 
2378 Girolamo (S.) Gradi, Testo di Lingua, Firenze, Z). M. Manni, 1729 

2879 Giuliani (G. B.) La Divina Commedia di Dante dipinto di C. 

Yogel, Discorso, plate JRoma, 1844 

2880 Giustiniani (M.) Gli Scrittori Liguri ivi, 1667 

2881 Giustiniano (B.) Historie de gP Ordini Equestri, portraits and 

plates Venetia, 1672 

2382 GiuBtiniano (Leonardo) Strambotti in Proposito di ciascun 

Amatore, 2 woodcuts Venezia, D. Lovisa, s. a. 

2883 Giuatiniano (Pietro) Historie Yenetiane Venetia, 1576 

2884 Goethe's Faust, Twenty-six Etchings illustrative thereof, bv 

Betzsch, with Extracts explanatory, in German and English 
calf oil 1816-20 

2885 GosnTELLA. Le Buffonerie del Gonnella. Cosa piacevole & da 

ridere (in ottava Bima) 
red morocco, g.e. by Delaunag Firenze, s. a, 

*0* This copy sold for 27 francs 50 centimes in Libri's sale. 

2886 Gt>8elini (G.) Yita del Prencipe D. Ferrando Gonzaga 

Milano, 1574 

2887 Gotoni alias Gambaccia (Panfilo) Lamento di Berlingaccio (in 

ottava Bima), woodcut Firenze, 1616 

2888 Gough (B.) Anecdotes of British Topography, with MS, notes 

half russia, uncut 1768 

2889 Gough (B.) British Topography, 2 vol. plates 

BEST EDITIOK, with numcrous MS. notes bg Mr, Bindley, an 
autograph letter of the author^ and pencil remarks by Dr, 
WeUesley, a very interesting copy, half calf 1780 

2890 Gozzi (G.) Giudizio degli antichi Poeti sopra la moderna Cen« 

sura di Dante attribuita ingiustamente a Yirgilio ; con li 
Principj del Buon Gusto owero Saggio di Critica Poem a 
Inglese del Sis. Pope ora per la prima volta fatto Italiano 
I.ABOE VJiS^Uf frontispiece^ half calf g,e, Venezia, 17 OS 



2391 G-ozzini (Y.) Monuments Sepulcrauz de la Toscane, beautiful 

plates in outline^ fine copy, morocco^ g. e. Florence, 1821 

2392 Gramaye (J. B.) Antiquitates illuBtrissiini Ducatus Brabantis, 

plates in the style of Hollar 
Sjoig James the First's copy, unth the JSoyal Arms of England 
stamped on the sides BruxelUe, 1610 

2393 Gramaje (J. B.) Antiquitates illustrissimi Ducatus Brabanti®, 

Antyerpia, Bruxella, etc. plates in the style of Hollar ib. 1610 

2394 Gramaye (J. B.) Antiquitates Brabantise etiam ejus Taxandria, 

plates, with autograph of Stephen Baluzius ib, 1610 

2895 Gramaye (J. B.) Antverpiee Antiquitates et Tazandria, Aliud 

Exemplar, plates ib, 1610 

2896 Gran Contrasto e la sanguinosa Guerra di Camouale e Madonna 

Quaresma (in ottava Eima), 2 woodcuts, a few letters on first 
leaf supplied in MS, Fiorenza, 1576 

•»* A very rare facetious poem. Brunet mentions two other 
editions, but not the present. 

2397 Grandi (Ab. Guide) Vita, Massa, 1742 — Passatempo autunnale 

(8vo.) 1771 — Osseryazioni critiche sul Giomale Pisano (8vo.) 
1772 ; and numerous other Tracts in the volume 

2398 Grapaldus (E. M.) de partibus SBdium cum additamentis 

Parma, F. Ugoletus, 1506 

2399 Grassi (Giacomo di) Bagione di addoprar sicuramente rArme 

si da Offesa come da Difesa, fulUlength portrait, and plates 
of fencing, Sfc, rare Venetia, 1670 

2400 Gbasso Legnaiuolo (Manetto domandato il) Novella antica scritta 

in pura Toscana Favella ed ora ritrovata vera Istoria da 
D. M. Manni e da esse illustrata, russia, g. e. Firenze, 1744 

2401 Gravina (Y.) della Bagion Poetica e della Tragedia 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua Venezia, 1781 

2402 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La Guerra de Mostri 

with a metrical version into English in the autograph of John 
Hunter, Esq. the translator of Gecco^s Lament, calf extra, 
g, e. by Kaltnosber Firenze, 1584 

2403 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. E.) La prima e la seconda Cene 

Novelle, con una Novella della Terza Cena e Vita 
LABQE PAPER Londra, 1756 

2404 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) Le Cene 

LABOE PAPER (only 20 copies printed), proof portrait added, 
half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Milano, 1815 

2405 Greene (Anne) Narration of her Miraculous Deliverance, who, 

after being executed, revived ; with Poems 
second edition, from Mr. Bindley^ s Library Oxford, 1651 

2406 Gregorio Papa (Sancto) Dyalogo 

very rare, Testo di Lingua, vellum, g, e, Firenze, 1615 

2407 Gregorio Magno (S.) Morali sopra il Libro di Giobbe volgariz- 

zati da Zanobi da Strata Protonotario Apostolico e roeta 
Laureate contemporaneo del Petrarca, 4 vol. 
vellum, Testo di Lingua Boma, 1714-80 


2408 Gregory (J.) Works contaimDg Notes upon several Passages 

in Scripture, and divers learned Tracts upon various Sub- 
jects ; among others is the Custom in the Church of Sarum 
of making an Anniversary Bishop among the Choristers, 
ufoodeuU 1671 

2409 Qrenville (Lord) Nugie Metrics 

PBIYATBLT psnTTBD, presentoHoti copy to the Marquis Wei- 
lesley, sumptuoudy hound in moroecOy richly tooled and yilt, 
with ornamental serolUworh in compartments, broad joints, 
and silh linings, a. e. 1824 

2410 Gritti (And.) Pnncipis Yenetiarum Yita, Nicolao Barbadico 

auctore, ed. Jac. Morellius, plate and cuts Venet, 1792 

2411 Grimaldo (G.) Numismatica Yeneta, numerous engravings of the 

Chins and Medals of the Doges 
half calf uncut Venezia, 1856 

2412 Griselda et Gualtieri Marchese di Saluzzo Historia nobilissima 

(in ottava Bima), woodcut Vene»ia,per 2>. Louisa, s. a. 

2413 Grose (F.) Provincial Glossary ; with a Collection of local 

Proverbs and popular Superstitions 1811 

2414 Grotii (H.) Ezcerpta ex Tragcediis et Comoediis GrsBcis cum 

Latina interpretatione et IN otis Paris. 1626 


2415 Galilei (Y.) Dialogo della Musica antica et della modema, outs 

and music, including the scarce slip, Testo di Lingua 

Fiorenza, 1581 

2416 Galle (P.) Differents pourtraicts de menuiserie a scavoir Portaux, 

Bancs, Escabelles, Tables, Buffets, Prises ou Corniches, 
Licts de Camp, Ornements, &c. engraved title-page and 16 
other plates, half calf sans date 

2417 Galle. Begionum,Eurium, Fundorumque varii amoeni prospectus, 

ab Henrico Clevio Pictore depicti et a P. Galleo excusi, 48 
plates - obi. 1587 

2418 Gkimurrini (Eugenie) Istoria Genealogica delle Pamiglie Nobili 

Toscane, et Timbre, cuts of arms, 5 vol. in 2 
rare, calf gilt Fiorenza, 1668-85 

2419 Geografia. Tavole Modeme di Geografia de la maggior parte 

del mondo di diversi autori raccolte et messe secondo 
I'ordine di Tolomeo con i dise^ni di molte Citta et Portezze 
di diverse Provintie stampate m rame con studio et diligenza 
in Boma 
a very curious collection of sinale maps (including one of Ire- 
land and two of Great Brittan) published between 1560 and 
1580, xoith engraved title as above, and bound together in a 

2420 Gesneri (Conr.) Nomenclator Aquatilium Animantium, many 

curious woodcuts ofjlsh, 2 vol. in 1, imperfect Tigwri, 1560 

2421 Gesta Bomanorum cum applicationibus rooralisatis et mysticis 

an early edition, printed in double columns, with 51 lines in a 
full page, russia, g. e, sine ulld notd 


2422 Ghiberti (L.) Les Fortes da Baptistaire & Florence, 11 plateM in 

outline, half morocco 
2428 Ghisi (A.) Labebivto nel quale si yede Figure 

a very curious Block-Book, containing 60 different woodcui 

figwrcBy with aylo^aphic inscriptions, worked in red ink, so 

arranged on 22 leaves as to appear in different positions, with 

a eurioiu Dutch game and an Italian Qiuoeo di Pela (in 

Verse, hy Alitenio Gatti) added in MS. at end 

sxTBEMELT BABE Venetia, 1616 

*^* An arithmetical puzzle, containing a solution of one of the 
most difficult problems, both of the theory of numbers and 
geometry of position. It is dedicated to the Doge G-iovanoi 
Bembo, and on the back of the Dedication is a Table of 
Letters, so arranged as to read, any way ^m the centre, 
'' ZuAKE Bembo Dose peb Mebiti." The only other copy of 
this rare book which has appeared for sale, and then described 
as XTNIQUE, was that sold m the Libri Sale (7078 Gat. 1861) 
for £5. 

2424 Oiovanni da Fiesole detto il Beato Angelico (Fra) Vita di G^su 

Cristo dipinta, engravings hy G. B, Nbcchi Firenze, 1843 

2425 Giraldi (G.) Esequie d*Arrigo lY Be di Francia celebrate in 

Firenze, 26 plates, rare ivi, 1610 

%* A copy sold for 70 francs in the Libri Sale. 

2425* Oiustiniano (Agostino, Yescovo di Nebio) Annali di Genoa 

Genoa, 1537 

2426 Gotofredi (J. L.) Archontologia Cosmica, continuata a G. C. 

Heimio, many plates, fine impressions, hut wanting part of 
the prefatory matter Francof, 16^ 

2427 Goussancourt (M. de) Martyrologe des Chevaliers de S. Jean 'do 

Hierusalem, dits de Malte, contenant leurs Eloges, Armes, 

Blasons, Preuves de Chevalerie, &c. many heautiful plates 

and coats of arms, engraved hy Mich, van Lochom, 2 vol. 

Seguier^s copy, with his arms stamped on the sides, Paris, 1643 

2428 Gray (T.) Poems, with designs by E. Bentley, MS. notes hy T. 

Galdecott, half russia 1763 

2429 Gbeoobio Maoko (Sancto) Mobali bopba il Libbo di Job 

(volgarizzati da Zanobi da Strata et il B. Giovanni da Tus- 
signano), 3 vol. 
fine copy in vellum, rare, Testo di Lingua Rrenze, 1486 

2480 Gregorio Papa (S.) Dyalogo (volgarizato da Frate Lunardo da 

Udene) con la Yita di S. Gregorio Papa 
fine copy in old russia, g. e. hy JBoger Payne Venetiis, 1475 

2481 Gregorio rapa, Omelie di diverse Lectioni del Sancto Evangelio 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze^ F. Giunti, 1502 

*^^* Extremely rare. The Gradenigo copy sold for 204 lire 67 cent. 

2482 Grossi (M. A.) Fasti delle Famiglie Nobili di Geneva 

a very interesting manuscript with drawings of arms in trick, 
unpublished SfBc. xvii-xviii 



2438 OBOTTSsOHiB PiOTUE^ quibus Bomani ad Triclinia aliaque 
secretiora iEdium Loca exomanda utebantur, 13 engravings 
— Ghrotteschie T. Barlaclii faciebat 1541-42, on 6 plates — 
Grotteschfe Ant. Sal. 45 engravings; and 100 other Plates 
of Architectural Ornaments, Yases, Ac. bj A. Salamanca, 
E. Yico, &c. calf extra in one vol, 

2484 Oruner (L.) I Mosaici della Cupola nella Cappella Chigiana 

inventati da BafTaelle, plates on mdia paper 
half morocco, g, e, Soma, 1SS9 

2485 Oruner (L.) 1 Mosaici della Cupola nella Cappella Chigiaua 

di S. Maria del Popolo in Eoma da Baffiielle, 10 plates, india 
proofs, halfmoroeoo ivi, 1889 

2436 Gmner (L.) 1 Mosaici della Cupola nella Capella Chigiana da 
Eaffaelle, 10 plates, half morocco ivi, 1889 

2486* Obukeb (L.) Fbjssco Decobatioits aitd Stttocobs of Chubches 
Airp Palaobb in Italy dubino the XYth and XYIth 
Centttbies, plates, many finely coloured and heightened with 
gold, halfrussia, g.e. in ease, with 4^o. descriptions 1844 

2487 Oruner (L.) Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of Churches and 

Palaces in Italy during the XYth and XYIth Centuries, 46 
plates, and coloured key ; with Descriptions, and an Essay 
on the Arabesques of the Ancients, by Hittorff, in 4to. 1844 

2488 Oruner (L.) Fresco Decorations. Another copy, with descrip- 

tions in ^to. 1844 

2489 Oruner (I^.) Decorations of the Oarden-Pavilion in the grounds 

of Buckingham of Palace, with introduction by Mrs. Jameson, 

15 plates 1846 

2489* Oruner (L.) Decorations of the Oarden-Pavilion in the Oroimds 

of Buckingham Palace, plates, several finely coloured 1846 

2440 Oruner (L.) I Freschi della Yilla Magliana da Kaffaelle, 6 plates 

oblong. 1847 

2441 Oruner (L.) I Freschi. Another set, proofs 1847 
2441* Obukeb (L.) Sfeoimeks of Obnamental Abt, 80 plates, 

several finely coloured, with 4ito, descriptions 1850 

2442 Oruner (L.) Mosaics of the Cupola in tne Cappella Chigiana, 

designed by Eaffaelle, plates on india paper, the last in 
colours 1850 

2448 Oruner (L.) Specimens of Ornamental Art, selected from the 
best models of the Classical Epochs, 80 beautiful plates, some 
in colours, with explanatory text in 4ito, 2 Tol. • 1850 

2444 Oruner (L.) The Caryatides of I^phael, from the Stanza dell' 

Eliodoro in the Yatican, l& plates, india proofs, with an 

etching after Claude by Mrs, Henry Wellesley inserted 1852 

2444» Oruner (L.) The Caryatides from the " Stanza dell' Eliodoro " 

in the Yatican, designed by Baffaelle d'TJrbino 

india proof plates, blue morocco extra, g, e. in case 1852 

2445 Oruner (L.) Caryatides of 'B4kphBBi, plates on india paper 1852 

2446 Oualdo Priorato (Conte O.) Historia di Ferdinando III 

Im]peTBtoTe,Jine portraits, maps, plans and views 
halfrussia Vienna, 1672 

*ii^* Amongst the portraits is one of James I of England by A. Bloem, 
and another of his son-in-law Frederick Count Palatine by 
H. I. SchoUenberger. 


2447 Gualdo Priorato (Conte G-.) Teatro del Belgio, map and plana hy 

T. Sadeler FranckfoH, 1673 

2448 Gualdo Priorato (Conte) Yite et Azzioni di Personaggi militari 

e politici, portraits (in eluding one of Oliver Cromwell by 
Lerch) and coats ofarms^ halfmorooeo Viena, 1674 

2449 GuiociABDivi (F.) Histobia di Italia 

FiBST EDITION, with all the suppressed passages, fine copy in 
vellum^ Testo di Lingua M'iorenza, X. Torrentino, 1561 

%* Bare. The Eaj copy sold 24 scudi, the Kherenhuller for 400 
lire, and the Zeni (the present) for 7 Louis-d'Or. 

2450 Guicciardini (F.). Ajiother co^ j, the title a facsimile m, 1561 

2451 Guicciardini (Lodovico) Descrittione di tutti i Paesi Baasi, 

woodcut maps, plans and views^ limp vellum Anversa, 1567 

*«* Van Hulthem has pronounced this edition " extremement raireP 

2452 Guicciardini (L.) Description de tout le Pais Bas, first edition 

in French, plates and maps coloured, the arms emblazoned 

Anvers, G. Sihius, 1567 

2453 Guicciardin (L.) Description des Pays Bas, maps and plates^ iUus- 

trated with additional portraits Amst 1609 

2454 Guicciardin (L.) Description des Pays Bas, many maps and 

plates tb. 1625 

2455 Guide di Cholona, Historia di Troia 

FIBST BDITION, rare Venesia, 1481 

2456 Guide. Another copy, imperfect, but has first and last leaves 

ivi, 1481 

2458 HarsBi (F.) Historia Sanctorum omnium nationum, ordinnm et 

temporum, Col. Agrip, 1675 — Festa Christianorum emendata 
a Bodolpho Hospiniano, Tigwri, 1612 in one vol. 

2459 Hagelgans (J. G.) Orbis Literatus, Germanico-£urop»us, in 

Synopsi reprsBsentatus, woodcuts of coins and medals 

Francof 1737 

2460 Heabke (T.) Egttfa Yabia ad Historiam Britannicam iUus- 

OBi&iNAL IHPBESSI017S, fine copy, a few extra plates inserted, 
calf, from the library of Mr. Bindley Oxon. 1737 

2461 Heiden (Jan van der) Beschryving der Slang-Brand-Spuiten, 

25 plates illustrative of the manner of extinguishing fires, Sfe, 
fine impressions Amst. 1735 

2462 Henry lY of France. Henriciados, plates coloured, 1595 — 

Historie von Navarra, Oolln, 1597 — Narratio quomodo 
Henricus lY Catholicus factus humiliter apud Clementem 
YllI per Legates aegerit, &c. plates bv C. Pass and Simon 
Nbvellanus, coloured. Col. Agr, 1596 — Mauriciados, portrait 
of Prince Maurice and map of Belgium, 1595, stamped 
binding in one vol. 

2463 HeraeuB (C. G.) Bildnisse der Begierenden Ftirsten und 

berUhmter Manner von Schaumunzen, 63 plates 
half morocco Wien, 1828 

2464 Heumann (G. D.) Yera delineatio Urbis Gottinge, 12 plates, 

brilliant impressions obi. s. a. 


2465 Bibbert (Henry) Svntagma Theologicum : wherein is concisely 

comprehended the Body of Divinity and the Fundamentals 
of Keligion orderly discussed, portrait by Loggan 
fine eopy^ old blue morocco^ g. e. 1662 

2466 Hieronymo (San) Epistole vulgare con Vita et de la Cura de 

Morti de Augustino et de la Observatione del Culto de la 
yera Beligione eztracta da Scripti. del Beato Sancto 
Hieronymo, numerous elegant woodcuts 
calf extra, old style Ferrara, 1497 




2467 Forteguerri (N.) Tre Epistole poeticbe ed altri Versi ' 

Pistoria, 1851 

2468 Fortini (Pietro) La terza Giomata delle Novelle de' Noyizi 

LABG£ FJLPSB (only 85 copies printed) f half morocco^ uncut, 
top edaegilt Siena, 1811 (forse Milano, 1821) 

2469 [Foscolo (tJgo)] TJltime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis, portrait 

Londra, 1811 

2470 Foscolo (Ugo) Essays on Petrarch 1823 

2471 Foscolo (Ugo) Discorso sul Testo e su le Opinioni diverse pre- 

yalenti intomo alia Storia e alia Emendazione critica della 
Commedia di Dante 1825 

2472 Foscolo (Ugo) Opre scelte, portrait Parigi, 1837 
2478 Foulis (E.) Catalogue of Pictures by Masters of the Boman, 

Florentine, Pannan, Bolognese, Venetian, Flemish and 
French Schools, 8 yol. 1776 

2474 Fox (G. T.) Memoir of H. W. Fox of Waddam College, Oxford, 

portrait 1851 

2475 Fracasso (Marino) Trattato del Successo della potentissima 

Armata del Gran Turco Ottoman Solimano venuta sopra 
risola di Malta F Anno 1565 
scarce, half morocco senza nota (Venetia, 1565) 

2476 Fradersdorff (J. W.) Copious Phraseological English-Greek 

Lexicon, revised, enlarged and improved by T. K. Arnold 
and H. Browne, presentation copy, with autoaraph letter 1856 

2477 France. L*Etat de la France [par Bar, Jalabert, et Pradier, 

B6n^dictins de la Congregation de S. Maur], cuts of arms, 
6 vol. Paris, 1749 

2478 Francesco (S.) Meditatione Bulla Poverta. Scrittura inedita del 

Secolo XIV Fistoia, 1847 


2479 Francesco (S.) Fioretti, Testo di Lingua NapoH, 1851 

2480 Franceecom (D.) Congettura cbe una Lettera creduta di B. 

Castiglione sia di Kaffaello d'TJrbino 
LAEOE PAPEB, half vellum^ uncut Firente, 1799 

2481 Francii (P.) Eloquentia Exterior ad Orationes Oiceronis pro 

Archia et Marcello accommodata, both parts, according to 
Q-arriek this work contains the best rules concerning the 
Action of an Orator, calf, 9' ^' Amst. 1700 Sf 1699 

2482 Franciosini (L.) Yocabulario Italiano-Spagnuolo e Spagnuolo- 

Italiano, 2 vol. 
vellum, gilt gaufre edges, with the arms of Oardinal H, Xavier 
stamped in gold on sides Boma, 1638 

2488 Franciosini (L.) Grammatica Spagnuola ed Italiana con Dialogos, 
2 vol. in 1 Boma, 1638 

2484 Franco (Mattheo) et di Luigi Fulci Sonetti iocosi & da ridere 

blue morocco extra, silk linings, g, e, very scarce 

Stampate in Mrenze (^Fenetia), s. a. 

2485 Franco (M.) e Luigi Pulci, Sonetti con la Confessione, Stanze in 

Lode della Beca ed altre Bime del medesimo Fulci 
LABGE PAPEB, half calf gilt, uncut. Testa di Lingua 

s, I. (JLueea), 1759 

2486 Franco (N.) Dialogi piacevoli Venetiis, 1589 

2487 Franco (N.) Dialogo dove si ragiona delle Bellezze 

Venetiis apud A, Qardane, 1542 

2488 Franco (N.) Pistole vuljgari m, 1542 

2489 Franco (N.) Lettere, toith transcripts of other letters of JB^aneo 

in MS. at end Vicenza, 1604 

*ii* A scarce edition, with Aldine Anchor on title-page. 

2490 Franco (Nicolo) et Ercole Giovannini, Li due Petrarchisti, 

Dialoghi, half calf gilt Venetia, 1623 

2491. Franzini (H.) Palatia Procerum Bomansd Urbis, a series of 

woodcut views, scarce Boma, 1589 

2492 Franzini (H.) Palatia Proq^rum et Antiquitates Bomans TJrbis, 

2 vol. in 1, a series of neat woodcut views ib. 1596-99 

2493 [Franzini (F.)] Descrittione di Boma antica e moderna, numerous 

woodcuts Boma, 1648 

2494 Freart (B.) Idea of the Perfection of Painting demonstrated, in 

English by J. Evelyn 1668 

2495 Frediam (F.) Spoglio all' Ovidio Maggiore Prato, 1852 

2496 Frediani (F.) Prose e Versi Prato, 1858 

2497 Frenzel (J. G. A.) Sammlung der Eupferstiche und Handzeich- 

nungen des Herm Grafen F. v. Sternberg-Manderscheid, 
portrait, 4 vol. Dresden, 1836-42 

2498 Freschot (C.) Li Pregi della Nobilt^ Yene^tSk, plates of arms 

Venezia, 1682 

2499 Freschot (C.) La Nobilta Yeneisi, plates of arms ivi, 1707 

2500 Fresoobaldi (Lionardo di Kicolo) Yiaggio in Egitto e in Terra 

half gilt vellum, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di Lingua, Boma, 1818 

2501 Frizzi (A.) Guida di Ferrara, plates, calf gilt Ferrara, 1787 



2602 Fuchsii (Snmuelis) Metoposcopia et OphthalmoRCopiay engraving* 

and woodcuts of heads (including one qf Christopher Columbus) 

very scarce Argent. 1616 

2503 Fulvii (And.) lUustrium Imagines sive Imperatorum et Illiu- 
trium Yirorum ac Mulieniin vultus ex antiquis numiamatibus 
express!, woodcuts of coins, Sfc, the old ornamented sides 
tooled and gilt with the fleur-de-lys inlaid^ edges gilt and 
gaufri Boma, J, Mazochius, 1617 

2604 FuMi lUustrium Imagines, All ud Exemplar, some qf the heads 
damaged^ sold with all faults ih. id, 1617' 

2606 Fulvii (A.) Ulustrium Imagines ex anidquis numismatdbus 
express®, woodcuts of coins Soma, 1617 

2606 FuUom (S. W.) Marvels of Science, illustrations, 1865— Epitome 

of Alison's Historj of Europe, 1848— Olympia Morata, 
1836 ; and others 12 vol. 

2607 Fusco (G. M.) intomo all' Ordiue dell* Armellino Kagionamento, 

portrait of Ferdinand I of Aragon, Kapoli, 1844— Capitoli 
dell* Ordine deli' Armelliuo con note da G. M. Fusco, ivi, 
1845 (2) 

2508 Fuseli (H.) Life and Writings, the former written and the latter 
edited by J. Knowles, 3 yo\. portrait 1881 

2609 Gail (J. B.) Lettres in6dites de Henri II, Diane de Poitiers, 

Marie Stuart, Francois Koi Dauphin, &c. facsimiles 

Paris, 1818 

2610 Galilei (G.) Due Lettere ed una del Eeplero inedite 

Firenze, 1841 

2611 Galitzin (Prince Augustin) luventaire des Meubles, Bijoux et 

Livres eatant a Chenonceaux le 8 Janvier, 1608, pr^c^d6 de 
la Vie de Louise de Lorraine Seine de France, &c. portrait 
and view Paris, 1866 

2612 Galanti (G. M.) sopra TAntica Storia de' primi Abitatori dell' 

Italia lic^oli, 1783 

2613 Gallarini (G.) Catalogo delle Opere vendibili, interleaved 

calf Boma, 1866 

2614 Galluppi (Barone P.) Lettere suUe Yicende della Filosofia 

Firenze, 1842 
2616 Gamba (B.) Serie de* Testi di Lingua usati a stampa nel Voca- 
bolario degli Accademici della Crusca 
half calf Bassano, 1805 

2616 Gamba (B.) Serie de' Testi di Lingua ivi, 1805 

2617 Gamba (B.) Serie de' Testi di Lingua, Bassano, 1806 — Indioe 

delle Ediipioni citati dagli Accademid della Crusca nel loro 
Vocabolario, interleaved, calf, Lucca, 1835 — ^Baocolta di 
Edizioni del Petrarca e di Enea Silvio Piccolomini Pio II, 
Venezia, 1822 (8) 

G«mba (B.) Serie dell' Edizioni de' Testi di Lingua Italiana, 
2 vol. in 1, calf gilt, Milano, 1812— Indice Manuale de' 
Testi, ivi, 1812 2 vol, 

2610 Gamba (B.) Serie dell' Edizioni de' Testi di Lingua Italiana, 
2 vol. in 1 Mihno, 1812 




2620 Gamba (B.) Serie dell' Edizioni de* Testi di Lingua Italiana, 
2 vol. in 1, calf extra Milano^ 1812 

2521 Gamba (B.) Lodi di L. Cornaro, Fenezia, 1817— Affo (I.) Vita 
del graziosissimo Pittore Francesco Mazzola detto il Par- 
megianino, Farma, 1784 — Boni (M.) Saggio di Studii dd 
P. Luigi Lanzi, portrait^ Venezia^ 1815 — Tomitano (G. B.^ 
Saggio di Hime e Prose dell' Abate B. Cecchetti, Treviio, 
1796— Gamba (B.) Vita di G. A. Molin, Venezia, 1816 
vellum^ uncut in one voL 

2622 Gamba (B.) Lettere di Donne Italiane del Secolo XVI 

half calf gilt y uncut Venezia, 1832 

2623 Gamba (B.) Indice manuale de' Testi di Lingua, calfqilt, Milano^ 

1812 — Indice delle Edizioni citate dagli Accademici della 
CruBca nel lore Vocabolano, Lucca, 1885 

2524 Gundellihi (G. Gori) Notizie istoriche degli Intagliatori col 

Proseguimento dell' Opera fino ai nostri Giorni dall' Abate 
L. de Angelis, 15 vol. half calf gilt Siena, 1 808-1 6 

2525 Gandini (A.) Gatalogo di 1800 e pi^ Autografi di Personaggi 

rinomati Modena, 1^7 

2526 Garbett (J.) de Be critica Pr»]ectione8 Oxon, 1847 

2627 Garcilasso de la Vega, Works in English Verse, with Life by 

J. H. Wiffen, portrait, 1823— Bree (J.) Saint Herbert's 
Isle, and other Poems, 1832 2 vol, 

2628 Gardin-Dumesnil (J. B.) Latin Synonyms, with iidditions by 

Hey. J. M. Gosset 1819 

2629 Gardiner (Eic.) Herefordensis, Specimen Oratorium 

half calf Oxon. 1668 

2530 Gargallo (Marchese T.) II Palatino d'Ungheria, Novella 

PBiKTSD ov BOSE COLOUBED PAPEB, scarce Fircuze, 1823 

2631 Gargallo (T.) Epigrammi, half calf gilt ivi, 1830 

2632 Gargallo (T.) Se il Verso di Dante, ''Posciapiu che V dolor fote 

il digiuno,^^ meriti Lode di sublime 

half morocco, uncut Palermo, 1832 

2538 Gkitterer (J. C.) Handbuch der neuesten Genealogie und 

Heraldik, interleaved,numerous coats of arms I^Hrnherg, 17 62 

2534 Gaussen (L.) on the Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, 

1841 — Wakefield (G.) Essay on Inspiration considered 

chiefly with respect to the Evangelists, Warrington, 1781 

2 vol, 
2536 Gazzera (C.) Lettera intomo alle Opere di Pittura e di Scultnra 
espostd nel Palazzo della Eegia TJniversita TEstate 1820 
half russia, uncut Ihrino, 1821 

2536 Gazzoletti (A.) della Zecca di Trento, plates Trento, 1858 

2537 Gay (J.) Eables, vignettes from designs by Kent and Wootton, 

and plates after Oravelot, 2 vol. old calf 1737-8 

2538 Gav (J.) Fables, p^a^^*, 1772 ; and others 12 vol 
2589 GelU (G. B.) I Gapricci del Bottaio, woodcut portrait 

very tall copy (apparently on large paper), vellum, Testo di 
tdngua Firenze {L, Torrentino), 1648 

*^* Pronounced by Gamba " rarissima.'^ The Gradenigo copy sold 
for 135 lire. 















Gelli (Q. B.) I Capricci del Botfcaio, Te^lo di Lingua 
red morocco cxtra^g. e, Firenze (X. Torretttino), 1549 

Gelli (Q. B.) I Capricci del Bottaio, woodcut portrait 

in old cal/f with the arms of Castile and Leon stamped in gold 

on sides ivi, 1551 

Gelli (G. B.) La Sporta, Rsto di Lingua ivi, 1548 

Gelli (G. B.) La Sporta, Comedia Firenze^ B. Giunta, 1550 

Gelli (G. B.) La Sporta, Comedia, Fiorenza, Giunti, 1566 — 

Lo Errore, m, 1603 2 vol. 

Gelli (G. B.) La Sporta, Comedia 

red morocco, q. e, Fiorenza, Giunti, 1566 

Gelli (G. B.) La Sporta, Comedia ivi, 1596 ? 

%* The date has been tampered with. 

Gelli (G. B.) sopra un Luogo di Dante nel XV^I Canto del 

Purgatono aella Creazione dell' Anima rationale, woodcut 

portrait y fine copy in vellum Firenze (L. Torrentino), 1548 

Gelli (G. B.) La Circe 

red morocco, g, e, hg Kalthoeiber, Teste di Lingua ivi, 1549 

Gelli (G. B ) La Circe, woodcut portraits 
vellum, Testa di Lingua ivi, 1549 

*«* This copy sold for 40 lire in the Gradenigo Sale. 

Gtelli (G. B.) La Circe, green morocco, g. e. Vinegia, 1550 

Gklli (G. B.) La Circe, autograph of^^ Giacopo Castelvetri'* 

vellum Fiorenza, L, Torrentino, 1550 

Gelli (G. B.) sopra que due Sonetti del Petrarcha che lodano il 

Bitratto della Sua M. Laura Fiorenza {L. Torrentino) 1549 

Gelli (G. B.) sopra un Sonetto di F. Petrarca, Firenze, L. Tor- 
rentino, 1549-»Pnma Lettione sopra Dante, ivi, 1549 
vellum, Testi di Lingua in one vol. 

QeWi (G. B.) Espositione d'un Sonetto Platonico, Fiorenza, 1549 
— Portio (S.) Modo di orare Christianamente cou la Esposi- 
tione del Pater Noster tradotto da G. B. Gelli, ivi, 1551 — 
Euripide,' Hecuba, tradotta per G. B. Gelli, senza nota — 
Jovio (P.) Yita di Alfonso da Este Duca di Ferrara, tradotta 
da G. B. Gelli, Firenze, 1553 4 vol. 

Gelli (G. B.) Tatte le Lettioni fatti da lui nella Accademia 
Fiorentina (486 pages and errata) 

vellum Firenze {L. Torrentino) 1551 

Gelli (G. B.) Letture Yll sopra lo Inferno di Dante, 7 vol. 

red morocco, g. e, rare Firenze, 1554-55-56-58-58-61-61 

All printed by L. Torrentino, with the exception of the first, 
which was from the press of B. S. Martelli. 

Gelli (G. B.) Lettura sopra lo Inferno di Dante, vellum Firenze, 
1654 ; and 2 others 3 vol. 

Gelli (G. B.) Seconda Lettura sopra lo Inferno di Dante, wants 
title, Fiorenza, L. Torrentino, 1555 —-Lettura terza, ivi, 
1556 in one vol. 

Gelli (G. B.) Lo Errore, Commedia, woodcut portrait 

Fiorenza (L. Torrentino) 1556 


2560 GelU (G-. B.) Lettioni sopra Dante et Petrarca, Firenze (X. Tor- 

r&ntino) 1655—11 Gello sopra un Soaetto di F. Petrarca, 
tPOodctU portrait, ivi, 1549 2 vol. 

2561 Oelli (G. B.) Lo Errore Commedia, woodcut portrait, rare, 

Morenea, L. Torrentino,16&6 — ParaboBco (G.) La Fantesca, 
Comedia, Vineffia, 1557 — Aretino (P.) Comedia intitolata il 
FiloBofo, ivif 1549 — Alainanni (L.) La Flora Comedia con 
gl' Intermedii di Andrea Lori, Florenza, Z. Torrentino, 1556 
— ^Yignali di Bonagiunta ( A ) La Floria, Comedia, scarce^ 
Morenza, Qiunti, 1560— Ambra (F. d*) il Furto, Comedia, 
FiBST BDiTioK, rartf, J w, 1560— Grazini detto il Lasca (A.F.) 
La Gelosia, Comedia, Testo di Lingua, ivi, 1551 — Benti- 
voglio (H.) il Geloso, Comedia, Vinegia, 1544 — Aretino (P.) 
Lo Hippocrito, Comedia, woodcut portraits, {Venetia), 1542 
— Secchi (N.) Gl* Inganni, Commedia, Morenza^ Qiunti^ 
1562 — Firenzuola (A.) i Lucidi, Comedia, ivi, 1552 in 1 vol, 

2562 Gelli (J. B.) Discours fantastiqaes de Justin Tonnellier 

calf Lyon, 1575 

2563 Gelli (J. B.) The fearefull Faneiea of the Florentine Cooper 

Englished b j W. Barker, 7. Purfoot, 1599— Circes trans- 
late by Heniy Iden, J. Oawood, 1557 
black letter, Jlne copies in old calf *^ <"*^ ^• 

%* This Tolume sold for £4. 48. in Isaac Seed's sale. 

2564 G^nealogisehe und Heraldiscbe Yorstellung in 100 Stamm- 

Tafeln und 103 Wappen, plates of arms Nurnherg, 1724 

2565 Gentilericcio (P. G.) della Filosofia di Amore, plates hg Oastello 

Venetia, 1618 

2566 G^rge I, Memoires de son Begne, 5 Tol. portraits and genea- 

logies La Have, 1729 

2567 Gerberti (M.) Iter Alemannicum. Accedit Italicum et dallicum. 

Sequuntur Glossaria Theotisca, plates 

Tgms San-Blasianis, 1765 

2568 Gerbier (Sir B.) Subsidium Peregrinantibus, or Assistance to a 

Traveller, written for a Yade Meeum, Oxford, 1665 — 
Wadsworth (James) European Mercury, describing the 
Highways and Stages from place to place, with a Catalogue 
of the Fairs and Markets, &c, curious, 1641 in one vol, 

2569 Gerini (E.) Memorie storiche d*illustri Scrittori e di Uomini 

insigni delF antica e roodema Lunigiana, 2 vol. 
ha^ calf gilt, tincut Massa, 1829 

2570 G^rsaint (E. F.) Catalogue des (Euvres de Bembrandt, portrait, 

Paris, 1751 — Catalogue des Bijoux, Porcelains, ^. ih, VJ4i7 
— Catalogi Petri Mortier, Amst. 1746-9 3 im>^. 

2571 Geschichts-Gescblechts-und Wappen*Calender for 1787, 1745, 

1746, 1749, 1752 and 1753, 6 vol. numerous coats of arms 

Nurnherg, 1737-53 

2572 Gesta Somanorum : or entertaining Moral Stories translated by 

Bey. C. Swan, 2 yol. 1824 

2573 Gherardini (G.) Appendice alle Grammatiche Italiane 

Milano, 1843 

2574 Gherardini (G.) Lessigrafia Italiana ivi, 1843 


2575 Oiacomioi (L.) EBortatione alia Vita Cristiana e Confermatione 

della Fede, interleaved 
half morocco Fiorenza, J, Giunth 1571 

2576 Giacomini (L.) della Nobilta delle Lettere e delle Armi 

THICK PAPER, half morocco Firenze, 182 L 

2677 Giambttllari (P. P.) Apparato et Feste nelle Noze dello Duca di 
Firenze & Delia Duchessa sua Consorte, con le sue Stanze, 
Madriali, Comedia & Inteimedii in quelle recitati, mth a 
large folding engraving of the entrance of Maria Madelena 
of Austria^ Wife of voemo de^ Medici^ into Florence in 1608 
added Fiorenza^ 'per Benedetto C^unta, 1539 

2578 Giamboliari. Another copy, half morocco ivi, 1530 

%* This is the first work which describes a fSte given on the marriage 
of any one of the Medici family, and is pronounced by Moreni 
"ram«mo,*' and by Q fimbtL ** molto raro.** The prose is by 
GiambuUari, the commedia " il Oommodo " by A. Landi, the 
intermedii by G. B. Strozzi, and several etanze by G. B. Gelli. 

2579 GiambuUari (P. F.) de M Site, Forma et Mioure dello Inferno di 

Dante Mrenze, 1544 

2580 GiambuUari (P. F.) de '1 Site, Forma e Misure dello Inferno di 

Dante, vellum ^ ivi, 1544 

2581 GiambuUari (P. F.) Origine deUa Lingua Fiorentina altrimenti 

il Gello, red morocco, g, e, Fiorenta, L, TorrentinOy 1549 

2582 GiambuUari (P. F.) Origine della Lingua Fiorentina altrimenti 

il Gello, green morocco, g, e. TeHo di Lingua ivi, 1549 

2583 GiambuUari (P. F.) de la Lingua che si parla & scrive in Firenze 

et uno Dialogo di G. B. OteWi sopra la Difficulta dello 
ordinare detta Lingua, tooodcut portrait, Testo di Linaua 

Firenze (X. Torrentino), 1551 

2584 GiambuUari (P. F.) Lezzioni, woodcut portrait 

vellum Firenxe, X. Torrentino, 1551 

%* This edition (157 pages) was unknown to Moreni. 

GiambuUari (P. F.) Istoria delP Europa (800-913) 2 vol. in 1 
half red morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Fisa, 1822 

GiambuUari (P. F.) Istoria deU* Europa, Testo di Lingua, 2 vol. 
green morocco Breecia^ 1827 

Giamboni (Boni) Trattati moraU con Note da F. Tassi 
PBiNTED OK THICK TINTED PAPEB, haff morocco, uncut, Testo 
di Lingua, verg scarce Firenze, 1836 

Giannone (P.) Opuscolo inedito in cui si ha la prima Idea della 
sua Opera il Triregno (Latine) 
printed on citron coloured paper, unique Napoli, 1 860 

Giannotti (Donate) La Bepublica di Vinegia, Zione, 1570— 
Foglietta (Hberto) della Bepublica di Geneva Libri II, ivi, 
1575, J!ne copy, in limp tellum, g, e. mth the arms of J. A. 
Thuanus in gold on sides in one vol, 

2590 Giannotti (Donate) della Bepubblica Fiorentina 

half calf gilt ^ uncut, Testo di Lingua Venezia, 1722 





2591 Gibbon (Edw.) Essay on the Study of Literature, 1764 — Com- 

parative View of the State and Faculties of Man with those 
of the Animal World, 1766 — Locke on the Understanding, 
portrait, 1802 3 vol 

2592 Gibbon (E.) Vindication of Passages in Chapters XV and XVI 

of his History of Eome, 1779— White (J.) Letter to Bp. 
Lowth, suggesting a New Edition of the Septuagint, O;^ 
1779— [Eitz^Thomas (Eev. Mr.)] Eemarks on Johnson's 
Life of Gray, 1782— Scott (J.) Letters to the Critical 
Eeviewers, 1782 — (Tyers) Historical Ehapsody on Pope, 
1782— Shaw (W.) on the Authenticity of Ossian, 1781— 
Clark (J.) Answer to Shaw, JEdinb, 1781— [Blayney (J.)] 
Letter to Dr. Bandolph, Oxford^ 1773— Narrative of the 
Proceedings in Eev. J. Swinton, G. Baker, Bey. B. Thistle- 
thwaite, and W. French for Unnatural Crimes, rare^ 1739 
21 Wharlon*s copies^ with his MS. notes in one vol. 

2693 Gibbon (Edw.) History of the Decline and Fall of the Boman 
Empire, portrait^ 12 vol. calf 1800 

2594 Gigli (G.) Lezioni di Lingua Toscana Venezia, 1761 

2595 Gilbert (A. P. M.) Description de TEglise Metropolitaine de 

Notre-Dame de Bouen, view Bouen, 1816 

2696 Gillies (J.) History of Ancient Greece, 4 vol. portrait 

old gilt calf 1792-3 

2597 Gilpin (W.) Essay upon Prints, 1768— Strange (Sir B.) Cata- 

logue of his Collection of Pictures and Drawings, 1769 

in one vol. 

2598 Gionta (S.) Fioretto delle Croniche di Mantova. Aggiontovi di 

nuovo TEdificatione di essa Citta in ottava Bima di Bafaelo 
Toscano, 2 vol. in 1 Mantova, 1587 

2599 Giordani (G.) Delia Venuta e Dimora in Bologna del Sommo 

Pontefice Clemente VII per la Coronazione di Carlo V, 
celebrata TAnno 1530 — Cronaca con Note, Documenti ed 
IncisioniyjpZa/etf, half calf gilt, uncut Bologna, 1832 

2600 Giomale Poetico o sia Poesie inedite d*Italiani viventi 

Venezia, 1789 

2601 Giovan Grisostomo (S.) Opuscoli. Volgarizzamento citato nel 

Vocabolario, half morocco, uncut, top e. g. Firenze, 1821 

2602 Giovanni Grisostomo (S.) della Compunzione del Cuore Trattati 

due volgarizzati nel buon Secolo della Liugua Toscana 
half morocco, g. e. Botna, 18 1 7 

2603 GiovAifNi FiOEENTiNO IL Pbcobonb nel quale si contengono 

cinquanta Novelle antiche, pirst edition 
red morocco^ joints, y. m. e. Milano, 1559, {at end 1568) 

•41* Extremely rare, the Gradenigo copy sold for 450 lire. 

2604 Giovanni Fiorentino (Ser) II Pecorone, nel quale si contengono 

cinquanta Novelle antiche, half hound, uncut Milano, 1554 

%* This silly Forgery was executed at Lucca about 1740, intending 
to pal6i it off as an earlier edition than that of 1558^ always 
believed to be the first. 



2605 OiovaDDi Fiorentiuo (Ser) il Fecorone nel quale si contengono 

cinquanta Novelle antiche, 2 vol. in 1, portrait 
half calf extra Londra, 1793 

2606 Gioyanni di Niccolo da Camerino Memoriale scritto nel Secolo 

del 1300, half gilt vellum Peaaro, 1833 

2607 Giovio (P.) et A. Oambini Commentarii delle Cose de Turchi 

con gli fatti et la Yita di Scanderbeg, autograph of CHro^ 
lamo Cesarino, Vinegia, Aldo, 1541 — Manetti (A.) Dialogo 
circa ai Sito, Forma et Misure dello Inferno di Dante, 
woodcuts, imperfect at end in one vol. 

2608 Giovio (P.) Vite di Leon X et d' Adriano VI et del Cardinal 

Fompeo Colonna, stained Itorenza, L. Jbrrentino, 1519 

2609 Giovio (P.) Yita di Sforza tradotta per L. Domenichi, ivi, X. 

Torrentino, 1551 — Yita «di Ferrando Davalo Marchese di 
Pescara tradotta per L. Domenichi, ivi, L. Torrentino, 
1551 — Yita di Consalvo Ferrando di Cordova detto il Gran 
Capitano tradotta per L. Domenichi, ivi, 1552 in one vol, 

2610 Giovio (P.) Yita di Sforza tradotta per L. Domenichi 

Vinegiuy 1558 

2611 Giovio (P.) Lettere volgari, ealf Venetia, 1560 

2612 Giraldi Cinthio (G. B.) Orbecche Tragedia, woodcut portrait 

vellum 9, I. {Tinegia)^ 1547 

2613 Giraldi Cinthio (G. B.) Orbecche, Tragedia Vinegia, 1551 

2614 Giraldi (G. B.) delle Cose di Ferrara et de' Principi d'Este 

Venetia, 1556 

2015 Giraldi (Giraldo) Novelle colP Aggiunta di altre Novelle inedite 

printed on rosC'tinted paper {only 5 copies thus taken) half 

moroccOy uncut Amst, 1819 

2616 Girolamo (S.) Lettera a Sigismonda volgarizzata da M. Zanobi 

Napoli 1836 

2617 Gistbome (T.) Poems, Sacred and Moral, plates, ealf 1799— 

Campbell (T.) Gertrude of Wyoming, and other Poems, 
calf 1810 ; and others 5 vol, 

2618 Giudici (Cav. C.) Le avventurose Disawenture d'Amore divise 

in sei Novellette e la Dafne Favola pastorale, Milano, 1708 — 
L'Osteria Magra, Fctdova, «. a. half calf gilt 2 voL 

2619 Giuliani (G.) Architettura e Pittura di Yicenza, plates^ Vtcenza, 

1804— Nanni (F.) 11 Foreatiere in Bavenna, plates, Bavenna, 
1821 ; and ten others (12) 

2620 Giunta (M. da) Antologia Epigrammatica Italiana Firenze, 1857 

2621 Glareani (H. L.) Helvetisd descriptio cum IIII Helvetiorum 

pagis ac XIII urbium Panegjrico, et Osualdi Molitoris 
Lucerini Commentario, woodcuts of cities and coats of amis 

Basil 1554 

2622 Glareano (S.) La Grillaitf, verg curious and scarce Bologna, 1673 

2623 Glossary of Heraldry, numerous woodcuts Oxford, 1847 

2624 Gobbi (A.) Scelta di Sonetti e Canzoni de' piu eccellenti Bima* 

tori d* ogni Secolo, 4 vol. in 5, vellum Venezia, 1739 

2C25 Goethe's Briefe (1708-1832) herausgegeben von Dr. H. Doering 

Leipzig, 1837 
2626 Goldioni (L.) Le Cose maravigliosc et notabiii di Yenetia 

vellum, uncut Venetia, 1641 


2G27 Goldoui (C.) Memoires .pour servir k I'Histoire de sa vie ei a 
celle de aon Theatre, portrait^ 3 vol. 
Dutch calf gilt Paris, 1787 

2628 G-oldsmith (O.) Miscellaneous Works, with lAh^portraU, 5 vol. 

calf 1806 

2629 Gori (A. F.) Bisposta al Marchese S. Maffei Firenze, 1739 

2630 Gori (A. F.) Difesa dell' Alfabeto degli antichi Toscani, plates, 

Testo di lAngua Mrenze, 1742 

2631 Goselini (G.) Kime Venetia, 1581 

2632 Gough (li.) Library- Catalogue, with Life by J. Nichols, with 

35 private etchings hy It. Qough added at end 1810 

2633 Govemo de Fameglia Uystoria nova (in ottava Bima) Reprint 

of the edition o/'1524, half morocco, uncut Douai, 184>0 

%• Only 30 copies printed at the expense of G-. Duplessis. 

2634 Gozzi (Conte C.) II Metafisico, Drarama, Venezia, 1798 — Fiorio 

(G.) La vana Seduzione Dramma inedito, ivi, 1799 ; and 6 
other Dramatic Pieces (8) 

2635 Graberg di Hemso (Cav. J.) Sunto della Letteratura Suezzese 

Pisa, 1833 

2636 Gradus ad Parnassum Latinum auctum a F. T. Friedemann, 

2 vol. in 1 LipsicB, 1842-5 

2637 Graglia (C.) Italian-English and English-Italian Dictionary 1833 

2638 Grandi (Guide) Instituzioni Meccaniche, plates 

half gilt calf uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1739L 

2639 Grandi (Guide) Instituzioni Meccaniche, plates 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1789 

264:0 Grandi (G.; Instituzioni Meccanicne, plates 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1739 

2641 Grandi (Guide) Instituzioni di Aritmetica practica 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1740 

2642 Grandi (G-.) Instituzioni geometriche, plates, Firenze, 1741 — 

Instituzioni delle Sezioni coniche, plates, ioi, 1744 — ^Euclide 
Elementi posti in Yolgare di G. Grandi, plates, ivi^ 1740 
calf extra, y. e, Testi di Lingua 3 vol. 

2648 Granger (J.) Biographical History of England, 4 vol. with the 
autograph notes ofT Park, uncut 1779 

2644 Grant (Alex.) Two Essays on the Ethics of Aristotle, privately 

printed Oxford, 1866 

2645 Grappa, Gicalamenti intorno al Sonctto (del Fetrarca) Poi ehe 

mia speme e lunga h venir troppo, dove si ciarla allungo 
delle Lodi delle Donne et del Mai Francioso 
half morocco, Testo di Lingua, extremely rare Mantova^ 1545 

*«* This work, justly pronounced by Gamba ^'osceno lihricciuolo 
scriito da uomo nella lingua peritissimo,** has been attributed to 
the infamous Pietro Aretino, but apparently without truth, for 
in it Brocardo and Franco, his then personal enemies, are praised. 
In all probability Grappa was a nom de guerre of Anton Fran- 
cesco Grazzini, better known as II Lasca. 

2646 Grasselli (G.) Abecedario biografico dei Pittori, Scultori ed 

Architetti Cremonesi Milano, 1827 


2647 Ghraaai (B.) Descrixione storica e artistica di Pisa e de' suoi 

Contomi, 3 voL plates, gilt vellum extra JPisa, 1886-8 

2648 Gravina (Y.) della Bagion poetica Mrenze, 1771 

2649 Gray (T.) Works, with Life by Mason, 2 vol. portraits, calf 1807 
2660 Gray (T.) Works, with Life by W. Mason, 2 vol. portrait 

calf extra 1807 

2651 Gray (T.) Catalogue of the Antiquities, Houses, Parks, Plan- 
tations, Scenes, and Situations in England and Wales, only 
a few copies printed ;f or presents, with autograph of William 
Fitt and MS. note by Isaac Eeed (1787) 

2662 Ghray (T.) Supplement to the Tour through Great Britain, con- 
tuning a Catalogue of the Antiquities, Houses, Parks, <&c. 
in England and Wales, with copious manuscript additions 
hy Mr, Graven Ord 1787 

2653 Gray (T.) Traveller's Companion in a Tour through England 
and Wales, interleaved with copious manuscript additions, 
and at the end a list of Monasteries and Oastles, ^o, in 
Scotland G. Kearsley, n. J. 

2664 Gray (T.) Poesie Liriche, tradotte da M. Lastri 

half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1784 

2666 Grazini detto il Lasca (A. E.) La G^losia, Comedia 

gilt vellum Firenze, Oiunti, 1651 

2666 Grazini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La Gelosia, Commedia, con gl' 

Intermedi,^n0 copy in veaufauve Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1568 

2667 Grazini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La Spiritata, Commedia 

Venetia, 1561 

2668 Grazini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La Spiritata, Commedia 

Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1561 

2659 Grazini detto il Lasca (A. F.) Comedie Venefia, 1682 

*«* Each of the six Comedies has a separate title and pagination. 

2660 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) Bime, 2 vol. portrait 

half green vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenxe, 1741-42 

2661 Grazzini detto il Lasca ( A. F.) La seconda Cena (220 pages) 

uncut Stambul dell* Egira 122 Firenze, 1743 

%• In this copy the title-page has the name Bouverye printed 

2662 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La Seconda Cena (228 pages) 

loith MS, notes of Salvini, and also the Novella decima ifi 
MS. Stambul delV Egira 122 

%• The name of Bouverye in this copy is printed Bouwerye. 

2663 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La prima e seconda Cena No- 

velle alle quali si aggiunge una Novella che si resta della 
terza Cena, 2 vol. portrait, uncut Londra, 1793 

2664 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La Prima e la Seconda Cena, 

Novelle, 2 vol. portrait, calf ivi, 1793 

2666 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) Egloghe ed altre Eime, portrait 
half calf extra, uncut, Testo di Lingua Livorno, 1799 

2666 Grazzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) Orazioni alia Croce Jioma^ 1821? 



2667 G-razzini detto il Lasca (A. F.) La GiuUeria Novella e Leggenda 

di Santa Nafissa scritta da A. Caro (inedita) Parigi, 186 L 

2668 Qregorio Papa (S.) Djalogo (volgarizzato per il Fra Domenico 

Cavalca), vellum^ Testo di Lingua 

Venetia^per Gffsaro Arrivabeno^ 1618 

2669 Gregorio (S.) Omelie sopra li EvaDgelii 

Testo di Lingua Vinegia, 1543 

2670 Gregorio Papa (S.) Omelie sopra li Etrangelii, woodcuts 

vellum^ Testo di Lingua ivi, 1543 

2671 Gregorio (Papa (S.) Fioretti tratti dai Morali e volgarizzati per 

Don Giovanni Dasamminiato. Testo di Lingua 
LABGE PAPER, holftnoroccOy uncut Mrenze, 1860 

2672 Gregory (O.) History of the Christian Church, 2 vol. 

calf gilt 1790 

2673 Gbxntilliana Bibliotheoa ; or Bihliographical Notices of 

rare and curious Books in the Library of the Hon. T. Gren- 
ville (now in the British Museum), vol. I and II 
BARB 1842 

2674 Gresset, (Euvres choisies, morocco, g, e. Paris, 1801 — Boileau, 

(Euvres, morocco, g.e. ib. 1801 — Memoires du Comte de 
Grammont, 2 vol. plates, ih. 1823 4 vol, 

2675 Greswell (W. P.) Memoires of Politianus, ' Picus, Sannazariua, 

Bembus, Fracastorius, Flaminins, and the Amalthei 

Manchester, 1805 

2676 Greswell (W. P.) Annals of Parisian Typography, facsimiles of 

devices 1818 

2677 Greswell (W. P.) View of the early Parisian Greek Press, in- 

cluding Lives of the Stephani or Estiennes, 2 vol. Oxf 1840 

2678 Griilo il qual volse diventar Medico. Historia bellissima in 

ottava Bima, woodcuts In Venezia et in Sassano, s. a. 

2679 Griselini (F.) Memoire anedote spettanti alia Vita ed agli Studj 

di Paolo Servita (P. Sarpi) Losana, 1760 

2680 [Grossi (P. Luigi)] Biroe piacevoli di un Lombardo 

rigidly suppressed and prohibited Brescia, 1798 

2681 Groves (J.) Greek and English Dictionary, presentation copy to 

Marquis WellesUy, calf extra Glasgow, I82C 

2682 Grueber (G.) Belazione della China e Lettere della China, con 

la Vita di Confucio Firenze, 1697 

2683 Gruteri (J.) Florilegium Ethico-Politicum necnon Senec® Sen- 

tentisB Aurese, Gnomte Graecorum, item Proverbia Ger- 
manica, Italica, Belgica, Gallica, Hispaniea Francof 1610 

2684 Gualandi (M. A ) di Ugo da Carpi e dei Conti da Panico 

half morocco, uncut Bologna , 1854 

2685 Gualdo Priorato (Conte Gulleazzo) Belatione della Citt^ di 

G^enova e suo Dominio e Belatione della Cittii di Fiorenza 
e del Gran Ducato di Toscana, 2 vol. in 1 
uncut Colonia, 1668 

2686 Gualterotti (B.) La Verginia Bappresentazione amorosa 

Firenze, 1584 

2687 Gualteruzzi (Carlo) Lettere inedite 

half morocco, uncut Fesaro^ 1834 


2688 Gnarini (A.) Ori^ne e Fondatioue di tutte la BeUgioni e Militie 

di Cayallieri, con le Croci e Segni usate da quelli, wood- 
cuUf uncut Venetia, 1665 

2689 Ouarini (B.) il Pastor Fido et Aminta del S. Torquato Tasso 

^een morocco^ very rare Zondra, per G. Volfeo, 1591 

2690 Ouarini (Cav. B.) il Pastor fido, plates 

Leyda^per GHovanni JEUevier^ 1659 

2691 Ouarini (Cav. B.) La Idropica, Commedia, Venetian 161B — 

Pastor Fido con Note da £. Zotti, 2 vol. in 1, portrait^ 
1812 (2) 

2692 Guelfi e Ghibellini di Bologna nel 1261 e 1280, Foesia del 

Secolo Xlll Bologna, 1841 

2693 Guen^bault (L. J.) Dictionnaire Iconographique des M^onuments 

de I'Antiquit^ Chr^tienne et du Moyen Age, 2 vol. 
half calf extra Paris, 1 848-45 

2694 Guerrazzi (F. D.) Orazioni funebri di illustri Italiani Fireme,\%4a^ 

2695 Guicciardini (L.) Detti et Fatti piacevoli et gravi di diverse 

Principi, Filosofi et Gortigiani 
autograph of " Georgius Thorisby " Vtnegia, 1581 

2696 Guiociarmni (L.) Detti et Fatti di diversi Frincipi, Filosofi et 

Gortigiani Venetian 1581 

2697 Guicciardini (F.) Historia d' Italia, 2 vol. (Geneva) X Stoer, 1621 

2698 Guicciardini (F.) II Sacco di Boma 

half calf uncut Parigi, 1664 

2699 Guicciardini (F.) II Sacco di Boma Colonia, 1758 

2700 Guicciardini (F.) Legazione di Spagna 

half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt JPiea, 1825 

2701 Guicciardini (F.) Istoria d' Italia, 12 vol. in 6, portrait 

half gilt vellum extra Livomo, 1832-34 

2702 Guidiccione (G.) Oratione alia Sepublica di Lucca, con alcune 

Hime del medesimo, rare, un/cnousn to Moreni, Fiorenza 
{L, Torrentino) 1558 — Lungo (A.) Eime, Ferrara, 1563 — 
Contile (Luca) Le sei Borelle di Marte Gauzoni, scarce, 
Fiorenza, X. Torrentino, 1556, russia, g, e, in one vol, 

2703 Guidiccioni (G.) Bioie, Bergamo, 1753 — Veniero (D.) Bime e 

Poesie di Maffeo e Luigi Yenieri Nipoti dell* Autore, 
ivi, 1751, gilt vellum in one vol, 

2704 Guido (Fra) Fiore di Italia. Teste di Lingua con Note da 

L. Muzzi Bologna nel Secolo xel 

2705 Guido da Pisa (Frate) Fatti di Enea. Teste di Lingua del 

Secolo xiY ; an early Prose Romance 
half red morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Venezia, 1834 

2706 Guidotto da Bologna (Frate) 11 Fiore di Bettorica posto iu Luce 

da B. Gamba« Teste di Lingua 
half vellum, uncut, top edge gilt Venezia, 1821 

2707 Guidotto da Bologna (Frate) Il Fiore di Bettorica posto gia in 

Luce da B. Gamba. Teste di Lingua 
half morocco Forli, 1824 

2708 Guittone d' Arezzo (Fra) Bime, 2 vol. in 1, portrait 

calf gilt, uncut Flrenze, 1828 

2709 Gutch (J.) Collectanea curiosa, 2 vol. calf gilt Oxford, 1781 


2710 Guyard de Berville, Histoire de Bertrand du GhneBclin, 2 vol. 

^ar. 1767 — Histoire da Chevalier Bajard, lAfon^ 1807 ^vol. 

2711 Gyraldi (L. G-.) HiBtoriffi Poetamm tarn Grscoram quam La- 

tinorum, Dialogi X, xjoith Autograph and MS. Notes by 
Nicholas (Jarr, translator of the Orations of Demosthenes 
into Latin, printed in 1571 Basil. 1545 


2712 Giulianelli (A. F.) Memorie degli Intagliatori modemi in Pietre 

dure, Cammei e Giogi, autograph ofN Mdrchant 
Testo di Lingua, half morocco Livorno, 1753 

2718 Giuseppe (Flavio) dell' Antichiti de' Giudei Libri XX tradotti 
per P. Baldelli, Vinegia, 1582— Delia Guerra de' Giudei 
Libri VII et Libri due contra Apione tradotti per P. Bal- 
delli, ivi, 1581, vellum in one vol. 

2714 Groto (L.) Lettere famigliari Venetia, 1601 

2715 Gualdo Priorato (Conte Galeazzo) Scena d' Huomini illustri d' 

Italia, fine portraits by J, Fiecino, Nicasius Beverensis, 
J. Qiorgi, J, Ootta, S[c. and coats of arms 
vellum Venezia, 1659 

2716 Gualterotti (B.) Paste nelle Nozze di Francesco Medici Gran 

Duca di Toscana et Bianca Cappello 
LABGE FAPEB, with the 16 rare etchings by Accursio Baldi and 
Bastiano Marsili, worked in red and green ink, probably 
UNIQUE in this state, Jine copy in limp vellum ; from Horace 
Walpole's Collection Mrenze, Oiunti, 1579 

2717 Guarini (B.) Pastor Pido, Tragicomedia Pastorale 

riKST xniTiOK Venetia, 1590 

2718 Guarini. Another copy, first sniTioir ivi, 1590 

2719 Guarini (Cav. B.) il Pastor fido, Tragicommedia Pastorale 

XJLyll impressione, plates ivi, 1602 

2720 Guarini (Cay. B.) Pastor Pido di curiose et dotte Annotationi 

LARGE FAFEB,^0 portrait and plates, cotemporary red mo^ 
roceo, ornamented with aold, g. e.; presentation copy to Car- 
dinal Orescenzo, " Clenco di Camera," whose arms, stamped 
in gold, are on the sides Venetia, 1602 

2721 Guarini (Cay. B.) Bime, vellum, Testo di Lingfia ivi, 1598 

2722 Guarini (Cay. B.) Bime 

LARGE PAPER, woodcut Capitals, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1598 

2723 Guarini (A.) Origine e Pondatione di tutte le Keligioni e Militia 

di Cayalieri con le Croci e Segni usati da quelle, woodcuts, 
Aldine anchor on title-page, half morocco Vicenza, 1614 

2724 Guazzini (Giulio) Conyersione della Maria Lunga detta Carret- 

tina Meretrice famosa in Pirenze (in terza Bima con rAjuto 
d'un Yerso in ogni Pine di Temario del Goffredo del Tasso), 
also with a cancel title-page^ *^ Balinodia in JRetrattazione 
delle Lodi, Sfc^ 
TERY RARE, tmhnown to Tiraboschi, Cresdmbeni, Haym and 
other biblioaraphers, excepting Quadrio, who, however, men- 
tions only the edition of 1680, and knew nothing of the Fali- 
nodia added to this Mrenze, 1633 


2725 Gneicino. Notizie delk Vita e delle Opere del Cavaliere Gioan 

Pranoeaco Barbieri detto il Guercino da Cento celebre 
Pittore (da J. A. Calvi) portrait, with long poetical dedi' 
cation to ** Napoleone il Orande,** hy F, Hercolani 
halfrussia Bologna, 1808 

2726 Guglielmini (D.) della Natura de' Fiumi, plates 

half rtissia, uncut, Tesfo di Lingua Bologna, 1697 

2727 Guglielmini (D.) della Natara de* Fiumi, con le Annotazioni di 

E. Manfredi 
LjLBGE rA.MB., plates, Testo di Lingua ini, 1789 

2728 Guglielmini (D.) della Natura de' Fiumi con le Annotazioni di 

K Manfredi, plates ivi, 1739 

2729 Guidi (A.) Bime, autograph of the Abate '* Francesco Sartoni : 

Fra gl' Arcadi Gleaste Linneo, 1717 '* Roma, 17M 

2780 Guino. Lodi al Signer Guide Beni raccolte dall' Imperfetto 
Accad. Conf. engraved title Bologna, 1682 

%* A Collection of Poems in praise of Guido*8 principal Paintings, 
by Marescotti, Marino, Bota, &c. 

2731 Guide delle Colonne, Storia della Guerra di Troia 

Testo di Lingua ITapoli, 1665 

2782 GiriociABDiin (F.) Histobia d^Italia con i quattro nltimi 
Libri et con la Vita del Autore, 2 vol. 
LABGE PAPER, Very rare, Testo di Lingua 

Vinegia, O. Giolito, 1567 

2788 Gtiicciardini (F.) Historia d'ltalia con i quattri ultimi Libri, 

2 vol. in 1 
fine copy in old gilt calf, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1569 

2784 Guicciardini (F.) dell' Historia d'ltalia gli ultimi quattro Libri 

non piii stampati, vellum Vinegia, 1564 

2785 Guicciardini (F.) Historia d'ltalia (Libri XX) 2 vol. in 1, 

portrait, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1569 

2736 GuicciABDiiTi (F.) Istobia d'Italia, 4 vol. portrait 

BEST EDiTioir, half moTocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

IHburgo, 1774^76 

2737 Guicciardini (L.) Commentarii delle Cose piii memorabili seguite 

in Europa specialmente in questi Paesi Bassi (1529-1560) 
olive morocco, g, e, Venetia, 1565 

2738 Ghiicciardini (Lud.) Omnium Belgii sen Inferioris Germanis 

Begjionum Descriptio, ex idiomate Italioo conversa, Begnero 
Vitellio Zirizseo mterprete, numerous maps and views of 
cities, principal buildings, Sfc 
fine impressions oblong, Amhemii, 1616 

2789 Guidiccioni (G. Vescovo di Fossombrone) Opere 

half calf, ^ncut, Testo di Lingua Genova, 1767 

2740 Guiducci (Mario) delle Comete, the edition edited by the Aeca^ 

demici della Orusca, vellum, uncut, rare Firenze, 1619 

2741 Guittone d'Arezzo (Fra) Lettere con le Note 

vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Boma, 1745 


2742 Gunpowder Plot. Non» NoTembris ffitemitati oonaecratsB in 

memoriam admirancUd iUiuB liberationis FrincipiB et Fopuli 
Aoglicani a Proditione Sulphurea Oxon, 1607 

2743 Gussago (Abate G. J.) Memone suUa Tipografia Bresciana 

JBreseia, 1811 

2744 Gwinne (M.) Yertumnus sive Annus reourrens Oxonii, XXIX 

Aug. 1605, coram Jacobo Eege, Henrico Principe, Pro- 
ceribus a Joannensibus in Scena recitatus, Mr. Bindley* 9 
copy 1607 

2746 Hambergeri (G. C.) Directorium Historioorum Medii potissimum 
JEvi QotHng<e, 1772 

2746 Harding (3. and E.) Biographical Mirrour, comprising a series 

of Ancient and Modern English Portraits, 8 vol. in 1 
half morocco 1 795- 1810 

2747 Hardwicke (Earl of) State Papers, 2 vol. with MS. notes hy 

Rorace Walpole, half calf 1778 

2748 Harwood (T.) Catalogue of the Provosts and Fellows of Eton 

College and King's College, Cambridge, with MS. notes and 
other additions, half calf gilt Birmingham^ 1797 

2749 Hassell (J.) Graphic Delineation : a Practical Treatise on the 

Art of Etching, plates, with autograph letter of the author^s 
widow 1827 

2750 Hajm (M.) Biblioteca Italiana Venezia, 1741 

2751 Hederici (B.) Lexicon Gr»cum, recensitum a T. Morell 

old russia gilt, m. e. 1766 

2752 Hefner (Otto Titan von) Neues Allgemeines Wappen-Buch, 

Nob. 1 to 4t, plates of arms Munchen, 1862 

2753 Heideloff (C.) Oruamentik des Mittelalters, Nos. 7 to 13, plates 

JSrUmh. 1843-5 

2754 Heinsii (D.) Peplus Grascorum Epigrammatum 

half calf Lugd Bat. 1613 

2755 Helderi (Jo.) Urbium prsBcipuarum totias orbis descriptio gene- 

ralis, many woodcuts, title-page wanting Wurceburgi, 1595 

2756 Henrico III. Vera Belatione dell' estrana & improvisa Morte 

di Henrico Be di Francia Berrara, 1589 

2757 Henry (Prince). EidyDia in obitum Henrici "WallifiB Principis 

morocco, g.e, Oxon. 1612 

2758 Hentzneri (P.) Itinerarium Germanisd, Gallic, Angliae, ItalisB 

best edition, fine copy, from Mr, Bindley*s library JVbrimb. 1612 

2759 Herone de gli Automati tradotto da B. Baldi Abbate di Guastalla, 

cuts, Venetia, 1589 — Delli Spiritali tradotto da G. B. 
Aleotti, woodcuts, Ferrara, 1589, calf in one vol. 

2760 Herone Alessandrino Spiritali ridotti in Lingua Yolgare da A. 

Giorgi, woodcuts Urbino, 1592 

2761 Heylin (J.) Theological Lectures, with an Interpretation of the 

Four Gospels 1749 

2762 Hieronymo (Sancto) Vita, Transito et Miracoli con una Oratione 

devotissima (in terza Rima) 
riBST EDITION, fine copy in red morocco, joints, g. e. 

s. I. & a. {circa 1470) 

2768 Hill (Sir J.) Beview of the Works of the Koyal Society of 

London 1780 



2764 HUpert (J. H.) Dictionary, English and German, vol. 1, 2 parts, 

C^rlsruhe, 1828-81— Berkeley (Q.) Works, vol. 1, with MS. 
notes, 1784— Maps, Flans, views and Coins illustrative of 
the Travels of Anaoharsis, 1806 — Atlas to Lalande Yojage 
en Italie — Milton, Paradise Lost, with Latin Translation by 
Dobson, vol. 1, Oxon. 1760 6 vol, 

2765 Histoire de I'Ordre de la Legion d'Honneur, coloured plates 

half calf Faris, 1811 

2766 Historia bellissima di Campriano (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Trevi^i, 1674 

2767 Historia compassionevole de duoi Amanti, G-uiscardo et Oismonda 

(in ottava Si ma) woodcut Venetian per D. Lovisa, s, a. 

2768 Historia della Begina Stella e Mattabruna (in ottava Bima) 

nuovamente ristampata data in Luce da Girolamo Caualie, 
woodcut, comer of last leaf torn off senza nota 

2769 Historia di Hippolito e Lionora (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

In Bassano et in Treviai per O, Molino, s, a. 

2770 Historia di Lazaro, Marta e Maddalena (in ottava Bima) wood- 

cut • Venezia, per D. Lovisa, s, a, 

2771 Historia di Liombruno et di Madonna Aquilina (in ottava Bima) 

woodcut Venetia, D. Louisa^ s. a. 

2772 Historia di Lucretia Bomana (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Venetia, per D. Louisa, s, a. 
2778 Historia di Orfeo (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Bassano e Treviai, per G. Molino, s. a, 

2774 Historia di Papa Alessandro Ylll et di Pederico Barbarossa 

Imperatore (in ottava Bima) woodcut Venetia,D, Louisa, s, a. 

2775 Historia di San Giovanni Boccadoro con il Prego devotissimo 

di Santo Job (in ottava Bima) two woodcuts 

Venezia, per D. Lovisa, s, a. 

2776 Historia di San Giovanni Boceadoro (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Mrenze alle Scala di Badia, s, a. 

2777 Historia di San Giovanni Boccadoro (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

green morocco^ g. e. by Capd Firenze, 1581 

2778 Historia di tutte le Guerre fatte, & del fatto d*Arme fatto in 

Geradada (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Bassano e Trevigi, Q, Molina, s, a, 

2779 Historia (e Canzone) de la Morte Corporale, curious woodcut of 

Death on the Bale Horse 
calf e^ra,Q. e, s. L S[ a. (Mrenze, circa 1500) 

2780 Historia et Oratione di San Giorgio Cavaliero (in ottava Bima) 

woodcut Trevigi, 1668 

2781 Historia vaga di Biagio Contadino (in ottava Bima) wood' 

cut • Napoli, 1671 

%* A very scarce Dramatic composition. 

2782 Historical Papers, Part I, comprising Castra Begia, a Treatise 

on the Succession to the Crown of England by Boger 
Edwards, in 1568 ; Novissima StrafiTordii, some Account of 
the Proceedings against, and Demeanour of, Thomas Went- 
worth. Earl of Strafford, in Latin, by Abraham Wright ; 
and the same, translated into English by James Wnght, 
privately printed for the Boxhurghe Club, half morocco 1846 



2783 HiSTOBiA E Cansoki. A Collection of Twenty-six Italian Chap- 
Books, with vjoodcutB, green morocco^jointe, g. e. Sjbc. xtii 

%* Containing — 1. Supplica della Cittii di Napoli alia S. di N. S. 
Alessandro YII, per ottenerlo Protettore B. Gaetano Tiene, 
Boma^ 1657 — 2. Caso occorso in Salerno, ivi, 1673 — 3. Let- 
tera da Vienna, toi, 1673 — 4. Udienza data dal Sig. di Lione 
a Soliman Mustaferraga, Oremona^ 1671 — 5. Belliasima Dialogo 
che fa una Yecchia & una Gioyane (a poem in the Brescian 
dialect) Brescia^ e. a. — 6. Terzetti nuovi ridicolosi per gP 
Huomini, ivi, e, a, — 7. Oratione in Lode della B. Y. sopra la 
Salve Begina, m, s, a. — 8. Britti (P.) Nova Canzonetta (L»- 
mento d'un povero GioTane per haver preso una Moglie 
misera e golosa) ivi, «. a. — 9. Lode della Madonna fatte sopra 
I'Ave Maria, t&i, «. a. — 10. Bidicolossima (sic) Historia fatta 
sopra la famosissima Polenta, ivi, %. a. — 11. Nuova Canzonetta 
sopra una Massara, ivi, s, a. — 12. Nova Canzonetta sopra il 
Testamento di Tacone, ivi, 9. a. — 13. Historia bellissioia di 
Campriano (in ottava Bima), a copy of this facetious poem sold 
for 40 francs in the Gancia sale, Verona, s, a. — 14. Historia 
di Lazaro, Marta e Madalena (in ottava Bima) ivi, «. a. — 
15. Historia di Orfeo (in ottava Bima) ivi, s. a, — 16. Historia 
di Liombruno (in ottava Bima), an edition of this early Boetical 
Bomanee or Fairy- Tale, remarkahle as containing the Seven* 
league-boots and Invisible Mantle, sold for £4. 16s. in Librfs 
sale, ivi, s, a, — 17. Historia bellissima da ridere di Busotto (in 
ottava Bima) Libr€s copy sold for 23 francs, ivi, s. a. — 
18. Yelletti (A.) Historia di Ginevra de gP Almieri Fioreutina 
(in ottava Bima) senza nota — 19. La Fresa di Bodi (in ottava 
Bima) Verona, s, a, — 20. Historia deUa Begina Oliva (in 
ottava Bima) senza nota — 21. Nova Historia di tre Donne che 
ogni una fece una Beffeal suo Marito per guadagnar un' 
Anello (in ottava Bima) Verona, s. a, — 22. Florindo e Chia- 
rastella (in ottava Bima) Badova, 1669 — 23. Historia di 
quanto segui nel sanguinoso Fatto d'Arme di Ghieradada (in 
ottava Bima) Verona, s, a.— 24. Historia di Guiscardo et di 
Gismonda (in ottava Bima) ivi, s, a. — 25. Anguillara (G. A. 
dell') La Trasformatione di Narciso, ivi, 1627 — 26. Per gli 
lllustrissimi Signori non lUustrissimi. 

2784 Hogarth (W.) Analysis of Beauty, frontispiece and plates, fine 

old impressions 1753 

2785 Holiday (Barten) Technogamia, or the Marriages of the Arts, a 

Comedie, head-line cut off, sold with all faults 1630 

2786 Hollar (W.) Ornatus Muliebris Anglicanus, or the Severall 

Habits of English Women, from the NobiHtie to the Contry 
Woman, title-page and 26 plates, fine impressions, mounted 
in a volume, obi, size, half morocco 1640 

2787 Homeri llias et Odyssea, GrsBC^, cura Grenvilliorum ; accedunt 

vari» Lectiones e Codice Harleiano edidit B. Porson, 4 vol. 
in 2, russia, m. e, Oxon. 1800 

2788 Hondii (Jud.) Nova et accurata Italic Hodiemao Descriptio, 

maps and plates, vellum, g.e. obL Lugd, Bat, 1627 


2789 Hondius (H.) Beyse naer Sweden ende Mosoovien, plates 

half calf ohl Haye, 1640 

2790 Horatii Satira V, Traduziona Italiana (dal Cardinale Gonsalyi), 

col Testo Latino, 8 engravings (6 hg Itiepenhauaen, and 2 
after Catel) Parma, Bodoni, 1818 

*«* Only 150 copies printed, at the expense of the Duchess of 
Devonshire, for presents only. 

2791 Horecchino (F.) Sopra la Morte dello TJnico & Vittoriosissimo 

Dace G-iovani de Medici (in ottava Bima), tooodcut, «. l'4[^* 
— Trattato della Superhia & Morte di Sense, woodcut^ 8. 1, of a. 
— Castellani (Castellano de) Versi di Santa Maria Nuova 
con dua Lande, 2 euriaus woodcuis, Fiorenza^ 1572 
three very rare poetical tracts^ all printed in the same type 

in one vol. 

2792 Horologgi (G.) Vita di Camillo Orsino Marchese della Tripalda, 

&c. portrait, vellum BraccianOy 1669 

2793 Horozco y Covarruvias (Juan de) Emblemas Morales, many 

tooodeuts, with borders Caragoga, 1604 

2794 Horsfield (T. W.) History, Antiquities, and Topography of the 

County of Sussex, 2 vol. portraits and plates 
LARGE PAPBB, half morocco Sitssex Fress^ Lewes, 1835 

2795 Howard Family. Household Books of John Duke of Norfolk 

and Thomas Earl of Surrey, 1481-90, edited by J. P. 
privately printed for the Boxhurghe Olub, half morocco 1844 

2796 Howson (J.) Sermon at Paules Crosse, wherein is discoursed 

that all buying and selling of Spirituall Promotion is un- 
lawfull, 1597 — Kinge (J.) Fourth Sermon at Hampton 
Court, Oaford, 1607 (2) 

2797 Hungary. A Prospect of Hungary and Transylvania, with the 

large map by Hollar 1664 

2798 Hungary and Transylvania, Prospect of, with rare map by W. 

Hollar 1664 

2799 Hurdis (James) Favorite Village, a Poem 

first edition, half morocco 

Bishopstone, Sussex, at the author's oum press, 1800 

2800 HuBsi (Jo.) Liber egregius de Unitate Ecclesisa, 1520 — Beso- 

lutiones disputationum de Indulgentiarum virtute M. 
Lutheri, woodcut, 1618 — Ad Dialogum Sylvestri Prierutis 
Magistri Palatii de potestate Papse Besponsio M. Lutheri, 
8. a. — Disputationes Jo. Eccii et And. Carolstadii, et Jo. 
Eccii et M. Lutheii, 1519 — Besolutiones LutheriansB super 
pro posit ionib us suis Lipsiffi disputatis, curious woodcut, 
Lips, 1519 — Beaolutio Luthenana super propositione 
decima tertia : de potestate Papsd per autorem locupletata, 
ib, 1519 — De captivitate Babylomca EcclesisB praeludium 
M. Lutheri, Wiitemb. (1520) — Epistola Lutheriana ad 
Leonem X Tractatus de Libertate Christiana, ib. 1520 — 
Dee. Erasmi Epistola nonnihil M. Lutheri negotium attin- 
gens, s. a. 
with MS. notes by Maiitin Luthee, old red morocco in 1 vol. 


2801 Iconologia, cioe Bagionamento d'Immagini intomo alia Sancta 

Conversatione di G-iesii, Maria, e Giuseppe, 16 etchingn 

Fiorenza, 1652 

2802 Imagines Sacrse : One Hundred and Nine beautiful Engravings, 

by J. Sadeler, Jacob ab Hejden, G. Sadeler, Jac. de Gheyn, 
Crispin Passe, P. P. Tozzi, &c. fine imprestions in one vol. 

2803 Imperialis (Jo.) MussBum Historicum et Fhysicum ; Illustrium 

Yirorum Elogia, etc. many portraits, including one of John 

Barclay^ Seotchmany and Cardinal Pole 

vellum Venet, apud Juntas^ 1640 

2804i ludovinelli, Biboboli, o Passerotti e Farfalloni con alcune 

. Cicalate di Donne, 8 woodcuts 

half moroccoy scarce Mrenze, 1615 

2805 Ingegneri (A.) della Poesia rappresentativa Ferrcn^a, 1598 

2806 Ingram (J.) Memorials of Oxford, plates hy Le Keux^ from 

drawings by Mackenzie, 8 toI. half morocco Oxford, 1837 

2807 Innocentio XI. Belatione dalle Cerimonie per la Greatione di 

Innooentio XI, Boma, 1676 — ^Belationi ae' Cardinali creati 
di Innocentio XI, Venetia, 1681 . (2) 

2808 Insignia, Tituli, Nomina, Cognomina, et PatrisB Cardinalium 

nunc anno 1561 viyentium, indice apposite Oreationis, Coro- 

nationis, et Obitus Summorum Pontificum a Paulo III ad 

Pium ly nee non addita mutatione Capparum, cuts of arms 

fine copy, tebt babe, red morocco extra, g. e. 1561 

2809 Intasliatore (Andrea) Historia del lie Yespesiano (in ottava 

Kima), woodcut Venezia, per D. Ixmsa, s. a, 

%* This poem, although bearing the '* compostaper Andrea Intaglio* 
tore,** is merely a reprint of the Vendetta di Christo, by 
B. Pulci. 

2810 Interiano (Paolo) Ilistretto deUe Historie Genoyesi 

fine copy, ruled, in red morocco, hroad borders of gold, g,e, 
from the Macarthy Library Lucca, 1551 

%* This <;opy was purchased in Hibbert's sale for £1. 13s. 

2811 Inveges (A.) La Cartagine Siciliana, woodcuts of the arms of the 

nobility of Oaccamo, vellum^ rare Falermo, 1661 

2812 Ireland (T.) Verses spoken at the Appearance of the King and 

Queene, Duke and Dutchesse ot York, in Christ Church 
Hall, Oxford, portrait of Oharles II, by Hertochs, inserted 

Oxford, 1663 

2813 Isaac (Abate) CoUazione e Lettere del Beato Don Giovanni 

dalle Celle ed altri 
half russia, uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1720 

2814 Iseppo detto il Greco, Vittoria Navale contra Turchi 1666 adi 

26 Giugno in ottava Bima, woodcut 

Venezia, per 2). Lovisa (1656) 

2815 Isole che son da Venetia et per tutto TArdpelago con le lore 

Fortezze e con le Terre piu notabili di Dalmatia nuovamente 
poste in Disegno, 50 engravings by S. Pinargenti and 
N. Nelli, calf Vinegia, 1573 

2816 Istoria di Susanna accusata di Adulterio da dua tristi Vecchi (in 

ottava Eima), woodcut senza nota 



2817 Istoria di Susanua Moglie di G-ioyaccbinOy &>c. (in ottava Bima), 

woodciU Fiorenza, 1570 

2818 Istoria di Susanna. Another edition, woodcut m, 1614 

2819 Istoria delle Cose avyenute in Toscana dall' Anno 1300 ai 1348 

(Istorie Fistolesi) scritta per Autore, che ne' medessimi 
Tempi yisse, ealf, Testo di Lingua JFirenze, Oiunti, 1578 

2820 Istorie Fistolesi (1800-1348) e Diario del Monaldi 

vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1733 

2821 Jackson (J. B.) Essay on the Invention of Enmying and 

Printing in Chiaro Oscuro, as practised by ^bert Barer, 
Hugo di Carpi, <&c. plate9, half calf 1754 

2822 JjLGOPOKB i)E Bensdecto da Todi (Frate) Laude, Jine wood- 

cut of the author praying to the Virgin 
riBST EDiTiOK, vcrg large copy in toooden hoards partly covered 
with red morocco, babe Mrenze, 1490 

2823 Jacopone da Todi (B. F.) Laude. Item alcune Laude de S. 

Thomaso de Aquino & certe altre Laude de Doctori dignis- 
hl&ck UtUXfJine copy in red morocco extra, scarce, Venetiis,\S14k 

2824 Jacopone da Todi Cantici con la Gionta di alcuni Discorsi sopra 

di essi et con la Vita sua, several leaves mended 
calf gilt, rare, Testo di Lingua Boma, 1558 

2825 Jacoponi da Todi (B.) Poesie Spirituali con le Scolie et Annota- 

tioni di Era F. Tresatti 
BEST EDiTioK, half morocco, Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1617 

2826 James (T.) Ecloga Oxonio-Cantabrigjensis continens Catalogum 

Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliothecis OzonisB et Can- 
tabrigiffi, etc. fine copy 1600 

2827 Jasolino (G-.) de' Bimedj naturali che sono nelF Isola di Pithe- 

cusa ogni detta Ischia JSapoli, 1751 

2828 Jewell (Bp ) Joannis Juelli Episcopi Sarisburiensis vita et mors, 

ej usque vers doctrinsB detensio, cum refutatione quorundam 
objectorum Laur. Humfredo Autore, with autogryph of T, 
Baker, of St. John's College, moroceo, g, e. J, £ay, 1573 

2829 Joannes Abbas Spanhemensis de purissima et immaculata Con- 

ceptione Yirginis Mariee et de festivitate sanctas Anne 
matris ejus, woodcuts 1497 

2830 Johnson (S.) Dictionary of the English Language, portrait, 

2 vol. 1785 

2881 Johnson (S.) Dictionary of the English Language, 2 vol. 

calf 1810 

2832 Johnson (S.) Graphic Illustrations of his Life and Times, 4 parts, 

fine impressions 1835 

2833 Jones (T.) Catalo^e of Tracts for and against Popery in the 

Manchester Library, founded by H. Chetham 
printed for the Chetham Society 1859 

2884 Jouanni Climacho (Sancto) Scala Paradisi et Sermone al Pastore, 
woodcut Venesia, per C, da Mandela, 1492 


2835 Justa Funebria PtolemsBi Oxoniensis Thom» Bodleii Equitis 

aurati celebrata in Academia Oxoniensi 
Mr. Bindley* s copy, uncut ^ except the Funeral Oration at the 
end, which is supplied from a smaller copy Oxon. 1613 

2836 Juyenalis et Persii SatyrsB, scboliis variorum, cura Casauboni, 

2 vol. Lu^d. Bat. 1695 

2837 Juvenalis et Persii SatirsB 

printed within red borders, morocco, by Biviere, Chiswick, 1845 

2888 Kempster (F.) Flowers of many Hues, illuminated titU'paye 

Manchester, 1844 

2839 King (E.) Account of a Petrefaction found at East Lotbian, 

plate, large paper, 1779 — Observations on Antient Castles, 
plates, large paver, 1777 — Observations on the Bound 
Towers in Ireland and Scotland, plate, 1779 ; and others (7) 

2840 King (Gul.) Opera, including the Toast, unth the names of the 

persons, Sfc, alluded to, toritten on the margins, plates and 
vignettes 1736-60 

%* With the exception of 60 copies, the impression was destroyed, 
after the death of Dr. King, by his executors. 

2841 King (John) Bishop of London his Legacy or Motives for his 

Change of Beligion, and dying in the Catholike and Eoman 
Church printed ahroad, 1624 

2842 Kircheri (Athanasii) Historia Eustachio-Mariana, pl^ites 

Soma, 1665 

2843 Knight (E. Cornelia) Description of Latium, or La Campagna 

di Koma, 20 etchings, half calf gilt 1805 

2844 Knight (E. P.) The Landiscape, a Poem, half morocco 1794 

2845 Koch, Tables Q^n^alogiques des Maisons Souveraines de TEurope 

old Dutch calf gilt Strasb. 1780 

2846 K0HL£B (J. D.) HiSTOBISCHEB MtoZ-B£LT79TIOl7N&, with the 

index complete, 24 vol. portrait and many plates and cuts of 
medals, calf, veet Bi.BE Nvtrnb, 1729-65 

2817 Koehler (J. D.) Historischer Miinz-Belustigung, vol. 1, 7 to 16, 
and 18 to 22 inclusive, many plates of coins, 16 vol. 
a very scarce work Numb. 1729-50 

2848 Koehler (J. D.) Bemarques Historiques sur les MedaiLles et les 

Monnoyes, portrait and plates Berlin, 1740 

2849 Lacepiera (P.) Libro delocchio morale et spirituale vulgare, 

woodcut, fine copy in morocco, g, e. Venetia, 1496 

2850 Lami (G.) Lezioni dfi AntichitfL Toscane e spezialmente della 

Citta di Firenze, 2 vol. portraits and plates 
LABGE PAPEB, vcllum, scarce Firenze, 1766 

285 1 Lamo (A.) Discorso intorno alia Scoltura et Pittura, Oremona,\^%ik 

2852 Lampredi (G-. M.) del Govemo civile degli Antichi Toscani e 

delle Cause deUa lor Decadenza 
half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Linaua Lueca, 1760 

2853 Landini (Christophoro) Formulano di Lettere & di Orationi 

volgare con la Proposta & Bisposta, s. I, ^ a. — Soprascripti 
<& IntroBcripti di Lettere, printed in red and black, Impresse 
per magistrum Jacobum clericum florentinum in eadem urbe, 
1488 in one vol. 



2854 Laugley (B. and T.) AncieDt Architecture, in Sizty-fonr Plates 

of Designs for Ornamenting Buildings and Qtirdens 
fine eopy^Jrom Mr, Horatio Walpole*s Library 1742 

2855 Lanza (F.) dell' Autico Palazzo di Diocleziono in Spalato, jp/a^&« 

half morocco^ uncut Trieste^ 1855 

2856 Lapo da Castiglionchio, oelebre Giureconsulto del Secolo XIY, 

Epistola o sia Bagionamento coUa Yita del medesimo com- 

Sosta dair Abate L. Mehus. Si aggiungono alcune Lettere 
i Bernardo sue Figliuolo e di Francesco di Alberto suo 
Nipote, con un Appendioe di antichi Docamenti, portraits^ 
with a portrait of Jacopo do Lapo added 
half morocco, uncut ^ top eage gilt Bologna^ 1753 

2857 Laude fact£ & comfostb da piu Pebsone Spibituali a 


Sakoti & Sancte, &c. 
FiBST EDiTioir,^n£ copy in red velvet , ezgbssiyely babe 

Mrenze, 1485 

*«* Containing the Laude or Hymns of Feo Beloari, Franceschino 
d*Albizo, Bianco da TAncoiina, Lionardo Giustiniano, Antonio 
di Guide, Michele Chelli, Mona Lucrezia di Piero de* Medici, 
Gherardo d'Astorre, Cristofano di Miniato, Antonio da Siena, 
Suor Hieronyroa de' Malatesti, Ser Antonio di Mariano Muzi, 
Piero di Mariano Muzi, and Madonna Batista de' Malatesti. 

2858 Laude facte & composte da piu Persone spirituali a Honore 

dello Omnipotente Idio & della Gloriosa Yirgine Maria 
& di molti altri Sancti & Sancte, woodcuts 
very rare Vtnegia^ 1512 

*4,* In this Collection of Laude or Hymns are comprised those of 
Feo Belcari, Leonardo Giustiniano, Mona Lucrezia d'Medici, 
Lorenzo de' Medici, Ac, &c, 

2859 Laudi Spirituali (Scelta di) di diversi Eccellentiss. e Devoti 

Autori, Antichi e Moderni 
fine copy in vellum, rare Mrenze, Oiunti, 1578 

*^f* Comprises Laudi by Lorenzo de' Medici, Lorenzo Tomabuoni, 
Lionardo Giustiniano, Angelo Politiano, Antonio Alamanni, 
Gherardo d'Astorgianni, Feo Belcari, Castellano Castellani, 
Antonio di Guide, Ser Michele Chelli, Jacopo Sacchetti, Cardi- 
nale GKovanni Domenichi, Bianco Ingiesuato, F. Ugo Panziera, 
F. Jacopone da Todi, F. Girolamo Savonarola, Don Clemente 
Pandolfini, Francesco d'Albizo, Lucretia de' Medici, Girolamo 
Benivieni, Lodorico Martelli, Cardinal Pietro Bembo, and Fran- 
cesco Petrarca. 

2860 Latateb (J. G.) Essai sub la Phtsioovohokie, many plates, 

fine impressions^ 4 vol. half calf gilt La Haye, 1781-1803 

2861 Lechi (L.) della Tipografia Bresciana nel Secolo ZY. 

half morocco, uncut Brescia, 1854 


2B62 Lbgoekda di La.eabo. IncomiDcia el ]ibro di Lazaro & Marta 
& Magdalena, elegant tooodeutt 
vellum sensa nota. SiBO. XT 

%* Ad extremelj rare edition, mentioned in his new edition by 
Bninet, who also refers to Legenda Miracolosa, printed in 
1608 and 1511, but does not seem aware of those editions 
being reprints, the title-page to which has evidently been taken 
from the intitulation at the commencement — " Nel nome della 
sanctissima trinitade. Incomincia la Miracolosa leggenda 
delle dilecte spose & care hospite di Christo Martha & Mag- 

2868 Leggenda delli Setti Dormienti, ivoodeut 

Venezia, per 2). Loviea, s, a. 

2864 Lello (G-. L.) Historia della Chiesa di Monreale col Sommario 

de i Privilegi dell' Arcivescovato, eoats of armSf JUma, 1596 
— Anonjmi de Beedificatione Monasterii S. Martini de 
Scalis Panhormi Libellus, ib> 1596 
Pope Pius YIth's copy, in calf, ornamented with gold tooling^ 
g. e. with the JBapal arme (the Braeehi) stamped in gold on 
sides in one vol. 

2865 Lenzoni (Carlo) In Difesa della Lingua Eiorentina et di Dante. 

Con le Begole da far bella et niunerosa la Prosa 
fine copy in vellum Morenza, X. Torrentino^ 1556 {at end 1557) 

2866 Lzoms XI. Ordine del Conclave per la Greatione del nnovo 

Papa, Venetia, 1605 — Aggionta de gli Ordini de gli Car- 
dinali in Conclave, ivi^ 1605 — Sommario delle Leg^ nel 
crear il Papa, ivi, 1605— Incoronatione di Leone Xl da 
H. Giovannini, ivi, 1605 — Convito di Leone XI nel Oiomo 
della sua Coronatione di F. Salemini, tooodeut portrait, ivi, 
1605 ' (5) 

2867 L6pici^, Catalogue Baisonn6 des Tableaux du Soy, avec un 

abr6g6 de la Vie des Peintres, 2 vol. Farts, 1752-4i 

2868 Lettere amoroso : una delP Arsicdo Intronato in Proverbi (An- 

tonio Yignale), Taltre di M. Alessandro Marzi con le 
Bisposte e con alcuni Sonetti Siena, 1571 


2869 Hobbes (T.) Leviathan; or, Matter, Forme and Power of a 

Common-wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill, Jrontispieee, 
Sollis^s copy, with MS. notes by Bishop Atterhury, one lettf^ 
inlaid, from the libraries of Dr, Disney and Mr, Heber 
calf 1651 

2870 Hofmanni (J. J.) Lexicon TTniversale, Historiam, Sacram et 

Profanam omnis SBvi, omniumque gentium explanans, 4 vol. 
BEST EDITION, Dutch vellum -^^^* ^^' ^^^^ 

2871 Hoghenberg (Hans Jean) Procession of Charles V Emperor of 

Oermanj into Boulogne, 40 plates, intended to form one 
long view, very scarce and curiotts (1580) 


2872 Hoghenberg, Procession of Charles Y into Boulogne, 40 plate$, 

wanting a leqfihat should follow the title-page 
PBiKTEi) OK YELLTTKy coloured and heightened with gold, riMsia 
extra, neatly blind tooled, g, e. in a case (1530) 

%* Pbobably irmQUB. No copy is noticed bj Bronet as haring 
been taken off upon yellum. 

2873 HoLHE (Bandle) Agabemt oi* Abhobt: a Store House of 

Armory and Blazon, numerous plates 
very scarce, three leaves inlaid, half morocco, from Mr, Craven 
Ord's library Chester, 1688 

2874 Hooker (B.) Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie, Supplication 

to the Council by Walter Travers, and other works, frontis- 
piece and portrait by Faithorne 1662 

2875 Hubner (J.) Gbnealogische Tabellen, 4 yol. 

oblong. Leipzig, 1725-33 

2876 Imagines Pontificum Bomanorum a S. Petro uaque ad Bene- 

dictum XIII, six plates containing 254 medals 
half calf Lips, 1727 

2877 Imperialis (J. B.) Bibliothecsd sute Catalogus secundum Auc- 

torum cognomina ordine alphabetico dispositus 
uncut Eomm, 1711 

2878 Inyeges (Agostino) Annali della felice cittcl di Palermo, nv- 

merous cuts of arms, medals, Sfc. 3 Tol. Palermo, 1649-51 

2879 Isaacson fHenry) Satumi Ephemerides, containing a Chrono- 

logical Series or Succession of the four Monarchyes, &c. 
engraved title-page by Marshall 
King Charles the Fvrsfs copy, with the Boyal Arms on the 
sides 1633 

2880 Jacobo Philippe da Bergamo (Frate) Supplementi de le Chro- 

niche cum la Gionta per insino 1524, nvAnerous woodcuts 
rare, unknoum to Brunet Venetia, 1524 

2880* Jacobo Philippe. Another edition (continued to 1552) nu- 
merous woodcuts ivi, 1553 

2881 Janssonii (Jo.) Theatrum Urbium G^rmaniffi Superioris et 

Inferioris, Galli» et HelvetisB, Septentrionalium {including 
several of English cities), HispaniflD, Asias, AfricaB et 
Americffi, Italic aliarumque urbium in Insulis Maris Medi- 
terranei, 8 vol. in 4, fine impressions of the beautiful large 
engravings, Dutch vellum, g, e. Amst, 1657 

2882 JoHNsoisr (Capt. C.) Histoby oi* the Lives akd Aj>YEirTxrB£B 

OB TEE MOST FAMOUS HiGHWAYMEK, &c. iuterspcrscd with 
diyerting Tales and pleasant Songs, plates, good copy 
very scarce 1784 

2883 Jonghe (Clem, de) and Bombout vanden Hoeye, Views of Cities 

in Holland, Germany, Italj and other Foreign Countries, 
^1 plates Amst. 1650, Ac. 

2884 Jovii (P.) Elogia virorum bellica virtute iUustrium et virorum 

Uteris iUustrium, many woodcut portraits, 2 vol. in 1 
old green morocco Basil, 1575-7 

2885 [Eilner (Joseph)] Account of Pythagoras's School in Cambridge, 

plates, with Manuscript additions and corrections by the 
author, preparatory to a neto edition, uncut (1783) 


2886 King (Dan.) Cathedrall and Couventuall Churches of England 

and Wales, loith title-page by Hollar^ 82 platee — View of 
Weatminstor Abbey, oy Fourdrinier — Buck (S. and N.) 
Views of Abbies, Priories, Castles and Buins, 24 plates, 
1728 in one vol. 

2887 King (Edw.) Vestiges of Oxford Castle, plates 1796 

2888 Krantz (A.) Wandalia et Sazonia, 2 yol. doloniofy 1519-20 

2889 Labacco (A.) Libro appartenente a TArchitettura nel qual si 

figurano alcune notabili Antiquita di Boma 
LABGE PAP£B,^n« impressions of the plates, old calf, with the 
Le Tellier arms stamped in gold on sides Roma, 1559 

2890 Labacco (A.) Libro appartenente al' Architettura, engravings of 

Roman antiquities hg J. JBoni (Venetia) 1567 

2891 Lamii (Jo.) Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum qui in Biblio- 

theca Biccardiana FlorentisB adservantur in quo multa 
Opuscula anecdota in Lucem passim proferuntur, <&c. 
vellum Lihumi, 1756 

2892 Lana (F.) Frodromo overo Saggio di alcune Inventioni nuoye, 

plates, half vellum, scarce Brescia, 1670 

%* Lana in this work has anticipated several of Sir Isaac Newton's 
supposed discoveries on Light. 

2898 Lasinio (C.) Afireschi ceiebri del XIV e XV secolo incisi da C. 
Lasinio sui disQgni di Paolo suo figlio, ^\ plates only, cfter 
the compositions of Masaccio, Masolino, Lippi, Ohirlandaio, 
8fc. fine impressions Firenze, 1818-27 

2894 Laser a Varea (Alph.) TJniversus Terrarum Orbis Scriptorum 

Calamo delineatus, numerous mc^s and cuts, plates of cos- 
tume, 4tc. 2 vol. fne copy ±*atavii, 1713 

2895 Lawrence Gallery. A series of Fac-similes of Original Drawings 

by Baffaelle, portrait and 80 plates, mounted on cardboard, 
in a portfolio 1841 

2896 Lear (Edward) Illustrated Excursions in Italy, 30 pltUes and 

other illustrations 1846 

2897 Lear (Edw.) Illustrated Excursions in Italy, second series, plates 

and vignettes 1846 

2898 Lellis (Carlo de) Discorsi delle Famiglie Nobili del Begno di 

Napoli e Discorsi Fostume, 4 vol. cuts of arms 
BABE Napoli, 1654-1701 

2899 Leone Fapa, Sermon! tradocti da Fhilippo di Bartholomeo Corsini 

fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1485 

*ii* Valued by Gamba at 60 to 70 lire, and pronofLnced by him 
" raror 

2900 Leonis (Amb.) de Nola Opusculum, 4 curi&us plates 

morocco, g, e. Tenet. 1514 

2901 Leth (H. de) Deeze Gk}zichten langs den Bhyn, 15 plates 

fine impressions, Dutch calf, g. e. oblong, Amst. 1764-5 

2902 Lewis (F. C.) Imitations of Claude Lorraine, engraved from the 

Drawings in the British Museum, 20 plates 1837 

2903 Lewis (F. C.) Scenery on the Devonshire Bivers, a series 

of Sketches and Studies from Nature, plates on india 
paper 1843 


2904 Lewis (E. G.) Scenery on the Bivers of England and Wales, 

illu9trated hy 21 painter's etchings (1845-6) 

2905 Lewis, English Scenery. Another copy (1845-6) 

2906 Libanori (Ant.) Ferrara d'Oro imbrunito, mam hundred coate 

of arms, 8 vol. in 1 Perrara, 1665-74 

2907 Libanori (Ant.) Ferrara d'Oro imbrunito, numerous cuts of arms, 

8 vol. in \fine copy, half morocco, babb Jfferrara, 1665-74 

2908 Libreria Mediceo-Laurenziana Architefctura di Michelagnolo 

Buonarruoti disegnata, e illustrata da G. I. Bossi, portrait 
and 22 plates Fireme, 1739 

2909 Liddell and Scott, Greek-English Lexicon, second edition, revised 

and enlarged, printed on narrow folio size, with large blank 
margins at the bottom Oxford, 1845 

2910 LiTTA {p.) Famiglie oelebbx Italiake, 150 parts (wanting 

parts 135, 188 and 148) with the arms illuminated in gold, 
silver and colours, and comprising numerous engravings of 
portraits (many finely coloured, monuments, medals, Sfe, 

Milano, 1819-65 

One of the grandest and most valuable of genealogical works, 
got up at the expense of the most celebrated fiimilies of Italy, 
regardless of cost. This copy was a present to Gattaneo from 
the Author, and has his autograph inscription. The 150 parts 
comprise Ghsnealogies of th6 Sforza, Trivulzio, Yisconti, Fico, 
Strozzi, Boiardo, Medici, Scaligeri, Bentivoglio, Boncompagni, 
Pallayicino, Savoia, Massimo, Gozzadini, Torelli, Ariosto, 
Orsini, Pazzi, Torriani, Malaspina, Gherardesca, Guidi, Ac. &o. 





2911 Hall (Joseph) Yirgidemiarum : Satires in six Books 

half morocco Oxford, 1753 

2912 Hand-Book for Visitors to Oxford, illustrated by 100 woodcuts 

ib. 1847 

2913 Hanrott (P. A.) Library-Catalogue, 5 Parts in 1 vol. MS. prices 

and names, half calf uncut 1834 

2914 Hardinge (N.) Latin Verses 

only a few copies printed for presents 1780 

2915 Hare (A. W.) Sermons to a Country Congregation, 2 vol. 

presentation copy to Dr. Wellesley 1858 

2916 Harington (Sir J.) Briefe View of the State of the Church of 

England in Q. Elizabeth and K. James his Beign to 1608, 
with MS. notes by Thomas Oyll in 1752 1653 


2917 Harmari (Jo.) Oratio Steliteutica Oxonisd habita aive Strictur«T 

in hujua sbyi Delatores et Pasquillos, et in Terra) Filios, &c. 

Lond, 1658 

2918 Harmari Oratio Fanegyrica in honorem Caroli II ; cui accessere 

Foemata, Or. et Lat. de Bege et Eegina et in Nuptias 
Begias Oxon. 1668 

2919 Harraden (B. B.) History of the ITniTersity of Cambridge, 

portrait f plan and views Comb. 1814 

2920 Harwood (E.) Degli Autori Classici Biblioteca portatile con 

Addizioni da M. Boni e B. Gtimba, 2 vol. in 1 
calf Venezia, 1793 

2921 Hatton (E.) New View of London, 2 vol. plans and plates of 

arms, with portrait by W, Sherwin 1708 

2922 Hajward (T.) British Muse, or Thoughts of our English Poets, 

8 vol. 1738 

2928 [Hazlitt (W.)J Sketches of the principal Picture Ghdleries in 

England, with a Criticism on Marriage a4a-Mode 1824 

2924 Hazlitt (W.) Conversations of J. Northcoto, ^or/rai^ 1830 

2925 Hazlitt >(W.) Criticisms on Art and Sketches of the Picture 

Galleries of England, both series, 2 vol. with a few notes in 
pencil by Dr. Wellesley 1843-4 

2926 Head (Bichard) English Bogue described in the Life of Meriton 

Latroon, vol. I, no plates, sold as it is 1667 

2927 Hearne (T.) Beliquisd Bodleianse, or some genuine Bemains of 

Sir Thomas Bodley 1703 

2928 Hearne (T.). H. Dodwell de Parma equestri Woodwardiana. 

Accedit T. Neli Dialogus inter Beginam Elizabetham et 
Bobertum Dudleium Comitem Lejcestriffi de Academife 
Oxoniensis Edificiis. Becensuit ediditque T. Hearne 
LABQB TA.Ti&n, plates Oxon. 1713 

2929 Hearne (T.) Beliqui® Heamianse: being Extracts from his 

MS. Diaries, with Notes bj P. Bliss, 2 vol. 
LABOE PiLPEB, half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Oaf of d, 1867 

2930 Heince et Bignon, Portraits des Homroes lllustres Francois qui 

sont peints dans la Galerie du Palais Cardinal de Bichelieu, 

avec leurs Armes, &c,full length portraits, including one of 

the Maid of Orleans, fine impressions Paris, 1667 

2981 Heineccii (J. G.) Elementa Juris civilis secundum Ordinem 

Institutionum Lipsia, 1766 

2932 Hell (T.) Viaggio in Italia sulle Orme di Dante Venetia, 1841 

2988 Heraldry, Synopsis of, frontispiece and plates of arms, 1682 — 

Arms of the Knights of the Garter, 171& — Arms of the 

English NobiUty, by J. Millan, 1749 8 vol. 

2984 Heraldry-. L*Art Heraldique, contenant la maniere d'apprendre 

le DisBon, frontispiece and plates, Paris, 1672 — Le Veritable 
Art du Blason ou T usage des Armoiries et les Becherchea 
du Blason, 2 vol. ib, 1678 — Jeu d' Armoiries par C. Oonce 
Fin^, Lyon, 1697 4 vol. 

2985 Herbert (Hon G.) Ossiani Darthula Gneoe reddita et Miscellanea 

half calf, ^^^ 1801 

2986 Herodiano tradotto in Lingua Toscana Morenza, Qiunti, 1522 



2937 Herodiano tradotto per Lelio Carani 

half morocco, uncut, rare in this state Vinegia, 1562 

2938 Heures a lusaige de Bomme aveo Calendrier et Almanach 

PBiKTSD oir TBLLTJH {wtth exception of 6 leaves, namely, ciSf 
Till, I 4r Tin, and hrs ^ viii), numerous engravings on 
wood, including elegant woodcut borders, composed of sacred 
and grotesque subjects {Life ofOhrist, Dakoe ov D£A.THy &c.) 
red velvet, g, e, 
Paris, P. Pigouchet (with his device) pour Simon Vostre (1502) 

2939 Hey (J.) Lectures in Divinty, &c. 4 vol. Oamb. 1796-8 

2940 Heylyn (P.) Help to English History, cuts of arms, 1709— 

Historical Collections out of seyeral grave Protestant His- 
torians concerning Beligion, with an addition of remarkable 
passages out of Dagdale's Antiquities of Warwickshire, 
1686 2 vol. 

2941 Hejlyn (P.) Help to English History, with great additions by 

P. Wngbt, coats of arms 1778 

2942 Hibbert (G.) Library-Catalogue, facsimiles, MS, prices and 

names, half green morocco, uncut 1829 

2943 Hickes (Q.) Letters which passed between him and a Popish 

Priest, with Appendix containiug Offices in Anglo-Saxon 
and English 1705 

2944 Hicks ( W.) Oxford Jests, refined and enlarged. Eighth Edition 

russia n, d. 

2946 Hicks (W.) Oxford Jests. Twelfth 'Edition, frontispiece  

calf gilt T, Norris on London Bridge, 1720 

2946 Hill (E.) Blessings of Polygamy, 1781— The Cobler's Letter to 

the Author of Thelyphthora, intended as a Supplement to 
Mr. HUl, 1781— Madan (M.) Letters on Thelypthora, 1782, 
calf in one vol, 

2947 Historia del Combattimento de* tredici Italiani con altrettanti 

Francesi fatto in Puglia, &c. (1503) 
citron morocco, denfelle borders, g, e, by Wheeler, very scarce 

Napoli, 1633 

2948 History of England, Scotland and Ireland (from the Universal 

History), 4 vol. old calf gilt 1783-4 

2949 Hoare (Sir E. C.) Catalogue of Books relating to the History 

and Topography of Italy 
half morocco, uncut, only 12 copies printed 1812 

2950 Hoare (Sir E. C.) Catalogue of Books relating to the History 

and Topography of !l^gland, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, only 
25 copies printed, with author's autograph inscription 18 15 

2951 HoBufft (J. H.) Pamasus Latino-Belgicus Amst. 1819 

2952 Hobhouse (Sir J. C. afterwards Lord Broughton) Imitations and 

Translations, with original Poems, scarce 1809 

2953 Hoffmann (S. E. G.) Lexicon Bibliographicum sive Index 

Editionum et Interpretationum Scriptorum Grxcorum turn 
Sacrorum tum Profanorum, 3 vol. Lips, 1832-6 

2954 Hogarth, illustrated by John Ireland, 3 Yoh plates 

russia extra 1791-98 


2955 Holland (Lord) Life of Lope Felix de Yega Carpio, portrait 

calf 1806 

2956 Holland (Eev. T. A.) Dryburgh Abbey, and other Poems, with 

author's autograph inscription 1845 

2957 Hollar (W.) Mappe of England and Wales, on six Sheets 

rare 1676 

2958 Home (Henry) Elements of Criticism, Third Edition, 2 vol. 

old calf pit, by Montague Edinh, 1765 

2959 Homeri Opera, Gr. et I^t. a Stephano et aliis, 2 vol. 1588 

2960 Homeri Ilias, Gr. et Lat. annotationibus S. Clarke, 2 vol. 1794 

— Isocrates, Gr. et Lat. a Battie, 2 vol. CanU^. 1729 ; and 
others 7 vol. 

2961 Homeri Carmina Grsece curante Dindorfio, 2 vol. ealfy Lond, 

1826, et Lips. 1824 ; and others 6 vol. 

2962 Homero Biade, Odissea, Batracomiomachia e Inni tradotte in 

Yersi sciolti da A. M. Salnni, 2 vol. 
vellum, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1723 

2963 Homero, Odissea tradotta da Ippolito Findemonte, 2 vol. portrait 

Verona, 1822 

2964 Homilies appointed to be read in Churches in the time of Queen 

Elizabeth, 1687 — Hale (Sir M.) Contemplations, 2 vol. aUf^ 
1676 Bvol 

2965 Hooke (N.) Boman Histonr, 6 vol. maps 

calf extra, g. e. a Westminster prize to L. A. Cramer 1830 

2966 Hooker (R.) Works, with Life by Isaac Walton, 8 vol. 

calf gilt, m. e. 1821 

2967 Hooker (Sir W. J.) British Flora, 2 vol. halfrussia 1835^3 

2968 Horatii Opera, I^otis Heinsii 

old red morocco^ with the name of ^^ Le JBailli de Bieteuil " 
stamped in gold on the side, g. e. Lugd. Bat. JSlz, 1612 

2969 Horatii Opera cum Indice edidit M. Maittaire 

LABGE PAFEB, uncut, with the autograph signature and notes of 
J. Gat the Foet 1716 

%* With an autograph Letter from the Et. Hon. Thomas Grenville, 
dated 15 Feb. 1821, when he presented the book to Dr. E. 
Copleston (afterwards Bishop of Llandaff). 

2970 Horatius cum Scholiis perpetuis curante W. Baxter 

LABOE FAFEB, portrait 1725 

2971 Horatii Opera cum Notis L. Desprez in Usum Delphini, auto- 

graph signature and notes of William Shekstoke the 
Foet 1784 

2972 Horatius, the immaculate edition, with the autograph of the famous 

John Wilkes on the title-page 
old red morocco, g. e. Glasg. Boulis, 1744 

2973 Horatius, ruled throughout with red lines 

LABGE FAFEB, old citron morocco, with the arms of Amelot 
stamped on the sides, silk linings, m, and g. e. 

Glasg. Ihulis, 1744 

2974 Horatius edidit J. Livie, most heautifullg printed hg Baskerville, 

the dedication written by Mr. Shenefone, from whom this was 
a presentation copy, ca^, g. e, Birming. 1762 




2075 Horatii Opera, varietate lectionis et notulis cara Jo. Hunter 

fine eofy^ ru9na, m. e, Andreapoli, 1797 

2976 Horatii Opera interpretatione et notis L. Desprez, 2 vol. inter- 

leaved with Ms, notee hy JEdto, Hope while at Eton Oollegej 
180^ — JuTonalis et Fersius, interleaved^ 1805 ; and others 

6 vol, 

2977 Horace, Odes, Epodes and Carmen Seculare, in Latin and 

English, with a translation of Dr. Bentley's Notes, &c, in 
24 parts complete, 2 vol. 1718 — Horace, in prose, by C. 
Smart, 2 vol. Otrford, 1826 4 vol. 

2978 Horace, Works, translated into English Prose, by Watson and 

Patrick, 2 vol. russia^ g, e, Byeton Park copy 1760 

2979 Horace, CEuvres, Latin et Eran9ois, avec des remarques par 

Dacier, 10 vol. Hamb. 1733 

2980 [Hjorazio Flacco, Opere tradotte in Yersi Italiani di vario 

Metro da G. 0. Nobili-Savelli, 3 vol. calfgiU Fuligno, 1801 

2981 Horatii Opera con Note Italiane da E. Bindi, 2 vol. 

red morocco extrOy g, e, PratOf Tipogrqfia Aldina, 1849-51 

2982 Horatio La Poetica tradotta per L. Dolce (Vtnegia)^ 1586 — 

Quemei (A.) Egregia, Parte, 1602 in one vol, 

2988 [H]Orazio trattato dell' Arte Poetica in Yersi volgari da B. 
Pasqualigo col Teste Latino Venezia, 1726 

2984 Horazio Odi recate in Yersi Italiani da T. Gargallo (col Teste 

Latino), 4 vol. portrait of translator 
half vellum extra, g, e, Siena, 1825 

2985 Horacio Espanol : esto es obras en prosa Espanola trad, por 

Urbane Campos, morocco Leon^ 1682 

2986 Horslej (Bp. S.) Sermons, calf Dundee, 1811 

2987 Howard (F.; Colour as a Means of Art, coloured platee 1888 

2988 Howard (Sir B.) Poems, morocco extra, g, e, 1660 

2989 Howell (James) Familiar Letters, Domestic and Forren, 1650 ; 

and others 6 vol, 

2990 Howell (J.) English and Spanish Grammar, 1662 — Philipps 

(J. T.) Bational Grammar, 1781— Meadows (F. C.) Spanish 
and Ihiglish Dictionary, 1843 — English and Swedish Pocket 
Dictionary, n. d, — English and Dutch Pocket Dictionary, 
1811 ; and others 9 vol, 

2991 Hoym (C. H. Comitis de) Bibliothec» Catalogus, M8, prices 

calf Paris, 1738 

2992 Hnard (E.) Yie complete des Peintres Espagnols, et Histoire 

de la Peinture Espagnole, 2 vol. portrait and plates 

ib, 1839-41 

2993 Huarte (Juan) Examen de Ingenios para las Sciencias 

calf Baega, 1594 

2994 Huber (M.) Notices des Graveurs et des Peintres 

calf gilt Dresde, 1787 

2995 Huber (M.) Catalogue raisonn^ du Cabinet d'Estampes de M. 

de Brandes, 2 vol. half calf Leipsfig, 1793-94 

2996 Huber (Y. A.) and F. W. Newman, The English Universities, 

3 vol, portraits and plates 1843 


2997 Huber et Boat, Manael des curieuz et des Amatuers dd I'Arfc, 

contenant une notice abr^g^e des principaux Grayeurs et 
un Catalogue de leurs ouvrages, 9 yol. in 5 
calf Zurich, 1797-1808 

2998 Huddersfield (W.) Catalogue of A. a Wood's MSS. in the Ash- 

molean Museum Oatford, 1761 

2999 Hughes (J. W.) Sermons for all the Sundays in the Year, 2 toL 

Oxford^ 1851 — Blencowe (£dw.) Plain Sermons addressed 
to a Country Congregation, three series, 3 vol. 1847-51 5 vol, 

8000 Hume (Sir W.) Notice of the Life and Works of Titian 

LABax VKS^^, portrait, half calf gilt 1829 

3001 Hume (D.) Philosophical Essays oonceming Human Under- 
standing, 1751 — Political Discourses, wi^ copious MS, addi- 
tions, Edinh, 1762 — The same, second edition, ih, 1752 — 
Four Dissertations, 1757 — Dispute between Hume and 
Bousseau, 1767, and Letter from Voltaire, 1766, in one vol. 
— Life of Hume, with a Letter from Dr. Adam Smith to 
W. Strahan, »^^rai^, 1777 — Letter to Dr. Adam Smith on 
the Life of Hume, Oxf, 1777 — Apology for the Life and 
Writings of Hume, by C. Melmoth, 1777 — Letter to C. 
Melmoth on his Apology, Exeter, n. d, and Supplement to 
the Life of Hume, 1789, in one vol. together 6 vol. 
calf gilt, uniform 

8002 Hume (D.) Essays and Treatises, 2 vol. portrait, old russia 1788 

3003 Hume (D.) History of England, with Continuations by T. Smol- 

lett and J. AdolphuB, 16 vol. portraits 1796-1804 

3004 Humphreys (E. E.) Lyra Hellenica, or Translations from Mo- 

aem British Poets into Greek Iambic Verse, Oxford, 1854 — 
Anonymous Poems, 1850 2 vol. 

3005 Hundertpfund (Libertat) Art of Painting restored, coloured 

plates 1849 

3006 Hurwitz (H.) Hebrew Tales, selected from the Writings of the 

Ancient Hebrew Sages, 1826 — Mills (W.) Essays and Lec- 
tures, Oxford, 1846 — Pen Pictures of Popular English 
Preachers, portrait, 1851 ; and others 8 vol, 

3007 Huthichii (Jo.) Bomanorum Principum Effigies, cum Historia- 

rum Annotatione, auctaa a Jo. Sambuco, woodcuts of coins 
and ornamental borders, russia, g, e. Argent. 1552 

3008 Ignatii Marty ris (S.) Epistol®, Gr. et Lat. cura C. Aldrich 


3009 Ilicino (B.) Vita di Madonna Onorata publicata per la prima 

Volta da G. Vallardi 
LAEGS FAPEB (onlg 25 copies printed) with editor's autograph 
inscription Milano, 1843 

3010 Indian Amirs (Bemarkable Pamphlets on) viz. Letters of the 

Marquis of Wellesley respectmg the College of Fort Wil- 
liam, 1812 ; and 11 others in one vol. 

3011 Indice delle Edizioni citato dagli Accademici della Crusca nel 

loro Vocabolario 
LA.I10E FA.PEB, ha\f morocco, uncut Lucca, 1835 

3011* Indice. The same on small paper, six copies ivi, 1835 


d012 Indice delle Edizioni citate degli Accademici dolla Crusca, nel 
loro Vocabolario, *m? copies Lucca, 1836 

3013 Ingram (J.) Memorials of Oxford, 2 vol. engravings hy J, Le 

Keuxfrom original drawings hy F, Mackenzie^ Sfc, Oxf, 1834-35 

3014 Inquisizioiie processata, 2 vol. in 1 

vellum Colonia (colla Sfera), 1681 

3015 iDsignium aliquot Yirorum Icones, woodcuts 

Lugdunif J, Tomasius, 1559 

3016 InstitutioneB PisD, or Directions to Pray ; also a short Exposi- 

tion of the Lords Prayer, the Creed, the 10 Commaunde- 
ments, Seauen Penitentiall Fsalmes and Seaven Psalmes of 
thakesgiying. The 2nd Edition, augmented by H. J. JrontiS' 
piece hy Marshall^ morocco, scarce 1633 

3017 Interiano (G. A.) Geneva illustrata (in Sestine) Genova, 1644 

3018 Introduzione alle Virtu. Teste di Lingua pubblicato da G. 

Bosini, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1810 

3019 Introduzione alio Studio delle Arte del Disegno e Vocabolario 

delle Arti medesime, 2 vol. plates, morocco Milano, 1821 

3020 Introduzione. Another copy, 2 vol. plates »t», 1821 

3021 Intronati da Siena (Gli) Comedia del Sacrificio (e gl* Ing^annati), 

with the 2 rare leaves containing " Canzon nella Morte duna 
Civetta" Vinegia, 1543 

3022 Intronati da Siena (Gli) Comedia del Sacrificio (e gV Ingannati), 

celebrate nei Giuochi d'un Camouale in Siena et Canzon 
nella Morte d'una Civetta 
fine copy in old richly ornamented red morocco, g. e, 

Vineggia, A. Bindoni, 1550 

3023 Intronati di Siena. Baccolta delle Commedie degl* Accademici 

Intronati di Siena, 2 vol. Siena, 1611 

8024 Irvini (C.) Locorum, Nominum propriorum, Gentilitium, Vo- 
cumque difficiliorum, qu83 in I^tinis Scotorum Historiis 
occurrunt, explicatio vernacula, scarce, JEdinh, 1664 — Gore 
(T.) Nomenclator Geographicus Latino-Anglicus et An- 
glico*Latinus, Oxon, 1667 2 vol. 

3025 Isaac (Abate) CoUazione, Teste di Lingua, 2 vol. Boma, 1845 

3026 IsTOBiE YABix. Del Sacrificio d'Abramo, in ottavarima, Lucca, 

1825 — Di Sansone, Ottave di Alcanto Carino, ivi, 1825 — 
Bappresentatione del Figliuol Prodigo, in ottava rima, ivi^ 
1825 — Di Giuda Iscariotte poeticamente descritta da N. 
Eoclami, ivi, 1807 — Di S. Cristoforo (in ottava rima), ivi, 
1844 — D] Biagio Contadino (Bappresentazione in ottava 
rima), ivi, 1821 — Di Millon e Berta e del Nascimento di 
Orlando loro Figliuolo, in ottava rima, ivi, s. a, — Case in 
Napoli messo in ottava rima da D. Bicci, ivi, 1824 — Di 
Campriano Contadino composta (in ottava rima) da G. F. 
Palandrini, ivi, 1818— Capitoli da osservarsi nella miserabile 
Compagnia degli Spiantati (in prosa), ivi, 1842 — Nuovo 
Spedale fatto dalla Campagnia dei Bovinati Opera di P. 
Taddei (in ottava rima), ivi, 1830 — Delia Discendenza e 
Nobilt^ de' Macaroni Poema eroico, ivi, 1812 — Istoria di 


Marietta Cortigiana (poeticamenie descritta), m, 1847 — 
Di Ottinello e Giulia (in ottava rima), m, 1822 — Di S. 
Eustachio Moglie e Pigli (in ottave), m, 1828 — Del Cava* 
lier d'Olanda, in ottava rima, da A. de Santis, ivi, 1823 — 
Di Papa Alessandro 111 e di Federigo BarbaroBsa (in ottava 
rima), ivi, s. a. — Laudi, ivi, 183 1 — Litanie della SS. Ver- 
gine eaposte in versi, ivi, 18414 
a collection of curious chap-books in one vol. 

3027 Italianische Lieder des Hohenstaufischen Hofes in Sicilien 

(Foesie dei Ee Saevi in Sicilia e dei loro Cortigiani) 
ha^ morocco, uncut Stuttgart, 1843 

3028 Itinerario generale di Europa, half calf Venezia, 1824 

3029 Ives (J.) Bemarks upon the Ghtnanonum of the Bomans, 

plates 1774 

3030 Jacopo da Cessole (Frate) Volgarizzamento del Libro de' Cos- 

tumi e degli Offizii de' Nobili sopra il Giuoco degli Scacehi, 
facsimiles of the woodcuts in the edition 0^1493 
half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di Lingua, MUano, 1829 

3031 Jaoopone da Todi (Beato) Foesie inedite pubblicate dal Cay. 

A. de Mortara, half morocco Lucca, 1819 

3032 Jacobs (F.) Tempe, 2 vol. Leipzig, 1803 — Qriechische Blumen- 

lese, 2 vol. in 1, Ootha, 1824 — ^Erichson (J.) Ghriechischer 
Blumenkranz, plate, Wien, 1810 4 voL 

3033 Jacobs (F.) Delectus Epigrammatum Onecorum, cum Commen- 

PINS PAPER, interleaved, MS. emendations Gotha, 1826 

3034 James (Isaac) Bemarkable Adventures of Alexander Selkirk, of 

Largo in Scotland, map and etits, half calf Bristol, 1800 

3035 James (Bp. J. T.) The Italian Schools of Fainting 

scarce, uncut 1820 

3036 Jameson (Mrs.) Handbook to the Fublic G-aUeriee, 2 vol. auto- 

graph and M8. notes of Dr. Wellesley 1842 

3037 Jameson (Mrs) Handbook to the Fublic Chdleries of Art in and 

near London, 2 yoI. 1842 — Companion to the most cele- 
brated Private Galleries of Art in London, 1844 3 vol, 

3038 Jameson (Mrs.) Sacred and Legendary Art, three series (Foetrj; 

Legends of the Monastic Orders ; and Legends of the ^Sjb^ 
donna), 4 vol. numerous beautiful illustrations 1848-50-52 

3039 Jamin (N.) Fens^ Th^ologiques relatiyes aux erreurs du temps 

fine copy, old red morocco, g» e. Brux. 1773 

3040 Jay (Step.) Tragedies of Sin contemplated, Jrontispiece 

calf for John Lunton, 1689 

3041 Jenkin (B.) Beasocableness and Certainty of the Christian Be- 

ligion, 2 vol. 1734 — Lectures on Farables, 1824 — Bridges 
(C.) Exposition of Fsalm CXIX, and Christian Ministry, 
2 vol. 1830 — Morehead (B.) Dialogues on Natural and Bie- 
vealed Beligion, Edinb. 1830 6 vol, 

3042 Jennings (D.) Introduction to the Knowledge of Medals 

calf J, BaskervUle, 1764 

8043 Jests. Joe Miller's Jests ; or the Wit's Yade Mecum, by J. 

Mottlej, frontispiece, J. Barker, n. d, — Green Boom Oossip ; 

or Gravity Gallinipt, consisting of Theatrical Anecdotes, 

Bon Mots, &c. 1809, calf in one voh 



3044 Jests. Modus Salium ; a Collection of such Pieces of Humour 
as preTaird at Oxford in the tim^ of Ant. k Wood 

Oxford, 1751 

8045 Jobert (A. C. Q.) Philosophy of Geology, English and French, 
2 vol. 1846-7 — Humboldt's Travels and Besearches, platei, 
Edifib. 1849 — Stories from Russia, edited by B. heey plates, 
ib, 1853 ; and others 10 vol. 

3046 Jobert (L.) La Science des Medailles, avec des Bemarques His- 

toriques et Critiques, 2 vol. plates Paris, 1739 

3047 Jodrell (B. P.) Carmina selccta Gr®ca et Latina 

half morocco privately printed, 1810 

8048 Johnson (S.) Works, with Life by A. Murphy, 12 vol. portrait, 

calf gilt, with vol, XIII and XIV (Parliamentary Debates) 
in boards 1810-11 

8049 Johnson TS.) Diary of a Journey into North Wales in 1774, 

edited with illustrative notes by B. Durndk, facsimiles 
calf 1816 

8050 Johnson (S.) Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland 

FiBST EDITIOK, MS. notes by T. Caldecott 1775 

8051 Johnson (Dr. S.) Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, 

Edinb. l792~Douglas (F.) Description of the East Coast 
of Scotland, wanting titlepage {Paisley, 1782) 2 vol. 

8052 Johnson (S.) Lives of the English Poets, MS. notes by T, OaU 

decott Dublin, 1779 

8053 Johnson (S.) Lives of the English Poets, 4 vol. interleaved 

E. MjUiOifE's COPT, with numerous MS. notes in his autograph 


8054 Johnson (S.) Letters and Poems, edited by L. Piozzi, 2 vol. 

MS. notes by B. Duppa, calf 1788 

8055 Johnson (S.) Letters and Poems, published by Hester Lynch 

Piozzi, 2 vol. MS. notes by Thomas Caldecott, who has inserted 
the review of the book in the European Magazine 1788 

8056 Johnson (S.) English Dictionary 1799 

3057 Johnson (S.) Bambler, 3 vol. calf, 1806 — Letters of Junius, 
1810 4 vol 

8058 Jokes (Ivigo) Sketch Book, facsimile of the original in the 

possession of the Duke of Devonshire, eseouted in lithography 
at the expense of His Grace, and of which only 100 copies 
were printed for presents 

*«* This curious volume consists of sketches not only from statues 
and reliefs, but from pictures by the most celebrated masters 
of the Italian schools, with accompanying illustrative remarks 
and general observations ; it was made while Inigo Jones was 
in Italy in 1614. 

8059 Jones (J.) on the Canon of the New Testament, 3 vol. 

eajfgilt Oxford, 1798 

8060 Jones (Owen) Attempt to define the principles which should 

regulate the employment of Colour in the Decorative Arts, 
presentation copy from Mev. Dr. Maurice to Dr. Wellesley 


A A 


8061 Jones (B.) The Besurrection rescued from the Soldiers Calumnies, 
in Two Sermons preached at St. Maries' in Oxon, '^ this 
strange discourse made much noise, and caused the author to 
recant:' 1659 

3062 Jones (S.) Biographical Dictionary, calf, 1796—Bowbotham (J.) 
Deriyatiye and Etymological Dictionary, 1838 ; and others 

7 vol 

8063 Jortin (J.) Works, namely, Sermons, 7 vol. 1771-2 — Bemarks 

on Ecclesiastical History, vol. I, II, IV, V, 1767-73— Six 
Dissertations upon different; subjects, 1755 — Discourses 
concerning the Christian Beligiou, 1768 — Memoirs of the 
Life and Writings of Dr. Jortin, by J. Disney, 1792 — 
Tracts, Philological, Critical, and Miscellaneous, 2 vol. port. 
1790, uniform in calf together 15 w>l. 

8064 Jortin (J.) Bemarks on Spencer's Poems and on Milton, with 

interesting manuscript notes {hy W. Mason) 
old calf gilt 1734 

3065 Jortin (J.) Tracts, 2 vol. portrait, halfrussia, uncut 1790 

8066 Jortin (J.) Sermons, abridged by Whittaker, 8 vol. 1825 — 

Beachcroft (B. P.) Sermons, 2 vol. 1816 6 tfoL 

8067 Joullain (C. F.) Beflexions sur la Peinture et la Gravure, Metz, 

1786— Le Peintre Amateur et Curieux par Q, P. Mensaert, 
Brux, 1763 — Oautier, Observations sur la Peinture, plates, 
Faris, 1753 8 vol 

8068 Jourdain (M. de B.) Melanges historiques, satiriques et anec- 

dotiques, 3 vol. autograph qfM. Dallas 
half calf extra Paris, 1807 

8069 Jorio (A. de) G-uida di Pozzuoli e Contomo, |72a» and plates 

morocco Napoli, 1817 

8070 Jorio (A. de) Guida di Pozzuoli e Contomo, plan and plate 

ivi, 1817 

8071 Junius, a New Edition, portraits, calf gilt Udinh. 1807 

8072 Justi (De) La Chimere de I'Equilibre du Commerce et de la 

Navigation, Oopenhague, 1763 ; and others 6 voL 

8073 Juvenalis Satire a Buperti, Oxon, 1808 — Lucretius a Creech, 

ib, 1807 — Horatius, with Annotations in English by Bev. 
H. Pemble, interleaved, in 2 vol. with MS, not^^ 1832 ; and 
others 6 vol. 

3074 Juvenal tradotto per Georgio Summaripa 

half morocco P. Alex, Pag, Benacenses, P, Bena, V,V, s, a. 

8075 Earamsin (M.) Histoire de TEmpire de Bussie traduite par 

MM. St. Thomas, Jauffret et De Divoff, 11 vol. vnth numerous 
MS. notes on separate slips Paris, 1819-26 

8076 Keith (P.) System of Physiological Botany, 2 vol. plates, 1816 ; 

Ac. 7 vol 

8077 Keller (Diet.) Bildtnussen der Bhomischen Keyseren, woodcuts 

of coins 1558 

8078 Ken (T.) Prayers, with Life by J. H. Markland, 1849— Selections 

from Taylor, Latimer, Burrow, &c. by Basil Montagu, 1884 ; 
and others 8 vol 


3079 Kennicott (B.) on 1 Sam. VI, 19, Oxford, 1768— Newton (Sir I.) 

Two Letters to Le Clerc, 1754 — Steffe (J.) on the Inter- 
mediate State, 1758 ; and other Theological Tracts in the 

3080 Kersey (J.) English Dictionary 1715 

3081 Kilvert (F.) Pinacotbecao HistoricaB Specimen, both parity pre- 

sentdtion copy from the author, 2 vol. 

Mancunii et EditUB^ 1848-50 

3082 [King (Dr. W.)] The Dreamer 

HoBAOE Walpole's COPY, wUh MS. Key on Maryint 1754 

3088 King (Dr. W.) Political and Literary Anecdotes of his own 
Times, 1819 — Johnson (Dr. S.) Account of his Early Life, 
1805 ; and others 4 vol. 

3084 Kirby and Spence, Introduction to Entomology, 4 vol. portraits 

and plates, some coloured, calf 1818-26 

3085 Koch (M.) Tableau des B^volutionB de TEurope, 4 toL maps 

Farts, 1814 

3086 Kock (Paul de) Ni jamais, ni toujours, 2 vol. JBrux, 1836 — 

Claude Bernard, plates, Paris, 1842; and other French 
works 10 vol. 

3087 Kugler (F.) Hand-Book of Painting in Italy, edited by Sir 

C. L. Eastlake, 1842— Head (Sir E.) Hand-Book of the 
History of the Spanish and French Schools of Painting, 
1848 2 vol 

3088 Kynaston (H.) Strena Poetica D. Pauli Scholsd Alumnis suis 

dicata, privately printed, 1849 — Occasional Hymns by 
Kynaston, 1862— Humphreys (E. B.) Exercitationes Iam- 
bic®, Camb. 1854 — Oxford Prize Poems, calf y*^^» Oxford, 
1810 4 vol 

3089 L. (I.) The Only Way to Best of Soule in Eeligion here, in 

Heaven hereafter : shewed plainly and succinctly by pure 
Scripture printed for the author, 1657 

3090 La Bruyere (J. de) Les Caract^res de Theophraste traduits du 

Ghrec avec lesGaract^res oulesMoours de ce si^de, Quatrieme 
Edition, loith numerous maryinal references in a contemporary 
calf, ^^^ ^^^ monoyram " L. A. JR.'* surmounted by a coronet 
stamped on the back and sides, m. and y, e, mth the follovnny 
" Le M. P. Le PoyJ'* stamped in yold inside on the top border 

Paris, 1689 

3091 La Bruyere (Jean de) Garacteres, 2 vol. Paris, 1768; and 

others 8 vol 

3092 Laconics, or the best Words of the best Authors, 3 yo\. portraits, 

1840— Drake's Essays, 3 vol. 1805 6 vol 

3098 Lacy (Bp. E.) Liber Pontificalis, edited by E. Barnes 

Exeter, 1847 

3094 La Fontaine (J. de) Fables choisies en vers, 6 vol. in 1, numerous 

cuts Amst. 1693-6 

3095 La G-arde (Comte A. de) Brighton, views Paris, 1834 

3096 La Lande (M. de) Voyage en Italie, 9 vol. and atlas of maps 

and plates in 4to. half calf Paris, 1786 


8097 Lamberti (Oav. L.) OsHenrazioni sopra alcune Lezioni ielia 

Iliade di Omero, half pit calfy uncut MUanOy 1813 

8098 Lamberti (Oav. L.) Poesie e Prose, portrait 

half moroeeo, uncut iviy 1822 

3099 Lamento d*aiia Cortigiana Perraiese : quale per hauere il mal 
Franzese si condusse andare in Garretta. Co Sonecto; A 
una Cazoni^ a pposito (da G-. B. Yerini), woodcut 
fine copy^ in citron morocco^ g, e. hy C, Lewis, rare 

(Mrenze), Fece stdpare Maestro JB^dceseo di Oioudni, 1636 
3 LOO La Mesang^re (M. de) Dictionnaire dee Proyerbes Fran^ais 

Faris, 1821 

3101 [La Monnoje (Bernard de)] Becueil de pieces choisies, tant en 

prose qu'en vers, 2 vol. La Saye, 1714 

3102 La Motte (Soeur de) Histoire de TerfcuUien et d'Origenes, qui 

contient d'excellentes Apologies de la Foy centre les Pajens 
et les Heretiques, ruled throughout with red lines 
fine copy, old red morocco, m, and y, e, Paris, 1676 

3103 Lana (F.) La Nave yolante,^2a^ of i?aZ2o{m semanoia 

3104 Lancellotti (Don. S.) Farfalloni de gli antichi Historici 

Venetia, 1636 

3105 Lanci (Gav. G.) Pimpinella, Gomedia Vrhino, 1588 

3106 Landi (A.) il Gommodo, Gomedia con Intermedii 

rare Fiorenza, B. Qiunta, 1539 

%* Prefixed is the '' Apparato et Feste nolle Noze del Duca di 
Firenze et della Duchessa sua Gonsorte con le sue Stanze 
Madriali, Ac." written bj P. F. Giambullari. 

3107 Landi (Ortensio) Eagionamenti familiari di diversi Autori non 

meno dotfci che faceti, yineaia, 1550 — La Sferza de Scrittori, 
ivi, 1550 — Gommentario de Italia et Gathologo delli In- 
ventori delle Cose che si mangiano, ivi, 1548 
vellum, scarce in one vol. 

3108 Landoni (T.) Dichiarazioni di alcuni Luoghi del Paradise di 

Dante, half calf, uncut Bavenna, 1855 

3109 Landseer (J.) Lectures on Engravings, half morocco 1807 

8110 Langii (Jos.) Anthologia sive Florilegium Berum et Materiarum 

Belect&Tum, frontispiece Argent .1655 

8111 [Langles (Marquis de)] Yojage de Figaro en Espagne 

scarce Seville aux D^ens du Barhier, 1785 

3112 Langlois (£. H.) Description bistorique (les Maisons de Bouen, 

plates Paris, 1821 

8113 Langlois (E. H.) Stalles de la Gatb6drale de Bouen, portrait and 

plates Bouen, 1838 

8114 Lanzi (Ab. Luigi) Storia Pittorica della Italia, 6 vol. 

Bassano, 1809 

3115 Lanzi (Ab. Luigi) Saggio di Lingua Etrusca e di altre Antiche 

d'ltalia, 3 vol. portrait and plates 
half calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt Firenze, 1824-25 

3116 Lanzi (L.) Storia Pittorica della Italia, 6 vol. 

half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Bassano, 1809 

3117 La Porte (I'Abb^ de) le Porte-Feuille d'un bomme de gout, oa 

I'Esprit de nos meilleurs Poetes, 3 vol. Paris^ 1780 


8118 Laatesio (N.) Lettere familiari 

LAB&E PAFBB, half vellum, uneut Basiano, 1805 

3119 [Lastri (Froposto M.)] L'Osservatore Fiorentino sugli Edifizi 
della sua Fatria, 6 parts in 3 vol. plates 

calf extra Firenze, 1776-78 

3120 [Lastri (Froposto M.)] L'Osservatore Fiorentino sugli Edifizj 
della sua Fatria coll' Aggiunta di varie Annotaziom del 
Frof. O. del Bosso, 8 vol. in 4, plan and plates 

half calf gilt Mrenze, 1821 

3121 [Latham (Eey. H.)] Sertum Shaksperianum, subnexis aliquot 
inferioris notte floribus auctore H. L. ^neanasensi, printed 
only far presents Oaan. 1863 

3122 LatriUa (E.) on Fresco, Encaustic, and Tempera Fainting 1842 

3123 La Trobe (B.) Exposition of Christian Doctrine as taught by 
the United Brethren Bath, 1796 

3124 La Trobe (J. A.) on Church Music 1831 
3126 Latuada (S.) Descrizione di Milano, 5 vol. plan and views 

calf Milano, 1737-8 

3126 La l^^nna (J. de) Dictionnaire des Hues de Faris, plan 

Paris, 1812 

3127 Laude devote composte da diverse Fersone Spirituali 
rare Venetia, 1656 

3128 Laudi Spirituali da diversi Autori. Nuova Scelta Lucca, 1675 

3129 Laude Spirituali di piu divoti Autori, with the music 
rare Firenze, 1675 

3180 lAvater (J. C.) Essays on Fhysiognomj, translated into English 
by T. Holcroft, portraits and other engravings 1840 

3131 Lavington (G-.) Enthusiasm of Methodists and Fapists com- 
pared, calf 1752 

3132 Lavington (G-.) Enthusiasm of Methodists and Fapists com- 
pared, in 3 parts, 2 vol. 1754 

3133 Law (W.) Memorial. Notes and Materials for an adequate 

Biography of W. Law, Ac. (by Christopher Walton) 
printed for private circulation 1854 

3134 Lawrence Gallery Exhibition, 10 parts in 1, facsimiles, inlaid 
in royal Svo. morocco extra, gilt edges 1835-6 

3135 Lawrence Gallery Exhibition, 10 Catalogues (wanting the fifth), 
with memorandums, remarks, and sketches made at the time 
by W. Delamotte, in one vol. 1835-6 

8136 [Lazzarelli (G. F.) ] La Cicceide legitima (sotto Nome di Don Ciccio 
vien deriso B. Arnghim da xjuce^, prohibited senza nota 

3137 Lazzerelli (G. F.) La Cicceide ligitima, Londra {Firenze) 1772 
— Banghiasci (S.) Vita di G. F. Lazzarelli, portrait, Perugia, 
1779, half morocco in one vol, 

3138 Lazzarini (D.) La Sanese, Commedia Venezia, 1739 

8139 Leanti (A.) Stato presente della Sicilia, 2 vol. portrait, map, and 
views, Sfc. Palermo, 1761 

3140 Leber (C.) Catalogue des Livres imprimis, Manusorits, Estampes, 
Dessins et Cartes k joucr composant sa Bibliotheque, 4 vol. 
facsimiles, half blue morocco, uncut Paris, 1839-52 


3141 Le Blon (J. C.) L'Art d' imprimer les Tableaux (en Fran^ais et 

en Anglois), plates Paris, 1768 

3142 Lechi (Conte T.) i)escrizioni dei Dipinti da lui raccolti, Mtlano^ 

1857 — Cicogna (E.) I due Gruppi di Porfido, plates^ 
Venezia, 1844 — Lopez (M.) Intomo k Vita di Gt. P. Enzola 
Intagliatore di Medaglie, Farma, 1842 ; and 4 others (7) 

3143 Le Compte (P.) Cabinet des singularitez d' Architecture, Pein- 

ture, Sculpture, et Gravure, 8 vol. Fans, 1699-1700 — 
Abreg6 de la Vie des Peintres par le Sieur de Piles, ib. 
1699— Vie de M. A. Buonarroti, ib, 1783 6 vol 

3144 Lee (W.) Ancient and Modern History of Lewes and Bright- 

helmston, calf Lewes, 1795 

3145 Lee. Historj of Lewes, &c. Another copj, illustrated with 

30 engravings 
russia, with joints, marbled and gilt edaes ib, 1795 

3146 Lee (W.) Historj of Lewes and firightnelmston Lewes, 1795 

3147 Legacci (Pierantonio) Egloga rusticale intitolata Tognin del 

Cresta (in terza Bima), facsimile title, woodcut device of 
Rotnulus and Remus with Wolf, senza nota (circa 1516) — 
Solfinello Comedia di P. A. dello Stricca, woodcuts, senza 
nota (Siena, circa 1516), bxtbembly babe in one vol. 

3148 Leggenda di Tobia e di Tobiolo, Teste del buon Secolo della 

Lingua, haff vellum, uncut Milano, 1825 

8149 Leggenda della Beata Umiliana de' Cerchi, Teste inedito 

iiABQE FAFEB, half green morocco, uncut, top e. g. Mrenze, 1827 

3150 Legge suntuaria fatta dal Comune di Eirenze, 1355, e volga- 

rizzata nel 1356, da Ser Andrea Lancia 
onlg 150 copies printed Jbr the editor, P. M^rfani, Mi'enae, 1851 

3151 Leggenda di S. leronimo scritta nel buon Secolo 

FiBST xniTioir Imola, 1852 

3152 Leggenda di Santo leronimo scritta nel buon Secolo della 

Lingua, laboe fafxb, half morocco, uncut Imola^ 1852 

3153 Leg^nda di Lazzaro Marta e Maddalena scritta nel buon 

Tempo Bologna^ 1853 


3154 Lettera scritta da Boma dell' Armate Christiana et Ottomanna 

con la Vittoria di Christiani, frontispiece, a scarce aecouni 
of the battle of Lepanto 1571 

3155 Lettera Inedita del Presto Giovanni all Imperatore Carlo IV ed 

altera di Lentulo ai Senatori Bomani sopra Gesii Cristo 
LABOE FAFEB, holfmorocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua, Lucca, 1857 

3156 L'Hermite de Souh'ers dit Tristan La Toscane Fran9oi8e,yron^w- 

piece and coats of arms, fine copy, in old calf, with the Medici 
Arms stamped in gold on sides Aries mcdlyiii (for 1658) 

3157 L'Hermite dit Tristan (J. B.) Naples Fran9oise, coats of arms 

Paris, 1663 

3158 Liberati (F.) La Perfettione del Cavallo, woodcuts 

vellum Boma, 1669 



3159 LiBSSTO DE LA DooTBiNA Cajljbtjxtxjl I laqualo e utilo & molto 
necessaria che i puti pezoli k zouenzelli limpara per sapere 
amare seruire & honorare idio benedecto, &c, 9. 1, Sf a. »ed 
Venetia N, Jenson^ 1471 — Bernardo (S.) della cura & muodo 
de gubemarsi si xnedemo e la suoa fameglia, «. /. Sf a. sed 
Venetiay HT. Jenson, 1471, extbehely babb m one vol. 

8160 Libbo chiamato il Mokte dela Obatiove, blacit letter, 
elegant tooodeuU, morocco, super extra, g. e, hv Wheeler, 
extremely rare, unknown to hihliographers «. I. of a. See, xy 

3161 Lilly (W.) Treaaons, Blasphemies and Misdemeanors, 1660 — 

Sadler (Ant.) Inqaisitio Anglicana ; or, the Disguise Dis- 
covered, 1664 — The Pope's Nuntios ; or, the Negotiation of 
Seimior Panzani, treating about the Alteration of Beligion 
with the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1643 ; and other 
Tracts (10) 

3162 C^^PP^ (Lorenzo)] II Malmantile raoquistato Poema di Perlone 

Zipoli (per Anagramma Lorenzo Lippi) con le Note di 

Paccio Lamoni {per Anagramma Paolo Minucci)tfrontiepiece 

halfmoroeeo, Teeto di Lingua Firenze, 1688 

8163 Lippi (L.) il Malmantile raoquistato colle Note di P. Minucci e 
d*altri, 2 vol. portraits and vignettes 
vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1731 

3164 Lipsii (Justi) Lovanium sive Oppidi et Academisd ejus descriptio, 
portrait and plates, Antv. 1605 — !^usdem Diva Sichemiensis 
sive Aspricollis, ih, 1605 — Eiusdim Diva Virgo Hallensis, 
plates, ib. 1605— Ejusdem de Vesta et Yestalibus syntagma, 
cuts, tb, 1621 — Idem de Bibliothecis, ib, 1602 in one vol. 

8165 Littleton (Adam) Latin and English Dietion&rj, frontispiece and 
maps 1678 

3166 Liturgy. The Abolishing of the Booke of Common Prayer by 

reason of above fifty grosse Corruptions in it, with autograph 
of Mr. T. Heame the Antiquary 1641 

3167 Livii Historied cum Supplementis Freinshemii et Notis J. B. 

Crevierii, 6 vol. Paris, 1735-42 

3168 Locati (O.) Cronica dell' Origine di Piacenza ^* Bare,*' Haym 

Cremona, 1564 (at end 1565) 

3169 LocHinBB (J. H.) Sammltjno MEBKWUBDiasB Medaillek, 

8 vol. numerous plates of medals, fine copy, vellum 

3170 Locke (J.) Life, with Correspondence, &c. by Lord King, por- 

trait and facsimiles 1829 

3171 Lomazzo (G. P.) Trattato dell' Arte de la Pittura 

red morocco, extra, g, e. Milano, 1584 

3172 Lomazzo. Another copy, with a different titlepage, " Tratatto 

dell' Arte della Pittura, Scoltura et Arcliitettura," and the 
date in Boman instead of Arabic Numerals 
old russia Milano, KDLXxxiin 

3178 Lomazzo (Gt. P.) Idea del Tempio della Pittura Milano, 1590 

8174 Lomazzi (0-. P.) della Forma deile Muse 

Jine copy, in old veaufauve Milano, 1591 


3175 Lombardelli (Gt.) Yita del Beato G-io. Batista Tolomei, portrait^ 
Siena, 1584 — Vita della Beata Nera Tolomei, portrait^ ivi^ 
1583 — Vita della Beata Aldobrandesca Ponzii de' Bellanti, 
m, 1584, morocco in one vol, 

8176 London and WeBtmineter Improved, by J. Gtyryrm, plans 1766 

3177 London. Book of the Prospects of the Bemarkable Places in 

and about the City of London, by J. Seller, engraved title* 
page and 30 other plates, some hy John Dunstall obi, n, d, 

3178 Lonaon. Three Looks Over London ; or. Plain Dealing is a 

Jewell, woodcut of St, PauVs and Cheapside Cross on the 
tiilepaae 1643 

3179 Londina lllustrata, part I, plates, 1808— Oxford Cabinet, part II, 

plates (1798) — Gross's Antiquities, nos 1 & 2, plates, 1772 ; 
and others (8) 

3180 Lorena (Duca Carlo di) Copia di Lettera scritta di Mano pro- 

pria a rimperatore {on the Defeat of Marshal Keith) 

Modena, 1757 

3181 Lorenzini (S.) Osservazioni intorno alle Torpedini, plates 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1678 

3182 Loschi (Conte Alfonso) Compendi Historici e Comentari di 

. Boma, 2 vol. in 1, genealogical plates 

halfrussia Vicenza^ 1668 

3183 Lottini (G. F.) Awedimenti Civili 

Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1574 

3184 Louvain. Obsidionis Oppidi Lovaniensis Chronograph ica Leo- 

nina pro memoriali anni fortunati, 1635, affixa CurisD 
Lovaniensi, curious etching on the hack of the title-page 
unth manuscript additions ohl, Mechliniw, 1636 

3185 Luangeli (N.) Yiaggio d'Henrico III, Be di Francia, dalla sua 

Partita di Craccovia fino all' Arrive in Turino, portrait of 
Ferdinand, Cardinal de* Medici Vinegia, 1574 

3186 Lubin (A.) Chorographia Augustiniana seu Conventuum Ordinis 

Eremitarum Sancti Augustini per Provincias Topographica 
Descriptio, maps and folates, some wanting obi. s, a. 

3187 Lubin (Augustini) Orbis Augustinianus sive Conventuum 

Ordinis Eremitarum Sancti Augustini descriptio, a series of 
maps by Lubin, and views of the different Augustinian Con^ 
vents by Albert Flamen 
old red morocco, from the Lamoignon Library obi. Far, 1659 

3188 Lucani Pharsalia, notis variorum cura Oudendorpii 

calf Lugd, Bat. 1728 

3189 LiJCOA. Memorie e Documenti per servireall' Istoriadel Princi- 

pato Lucchese (da A. N. Cianelli, &c.)» vol. I to IV, VII 

to X, in 9 Lucca, 1813-35 

3189* Lucca. Memorie, vol. I to III ivi, 1813-16 

3190 Ludlow (Bdm.) Memoirs, with a Collection of Original Papers, 

and the case of King Charles I, portraits 
Hollis's edition, calf gilt 1771 

3191 Ludwig (C.) Dictionary, English, German, and French, portrait 

of the Princess Sophia of Brunswick Leipzig, 1700 

3392 Ludwig (C.) Dictionary, English, German, and French, with 

Additions by J. B. Roglor, 2 vol. t*. 1763-6 


3193 Luigi di Granata, Bosario della S. Vergine Maria raccolto dall' 
Opere per B. P. F. Andrea Gianetti, fine engravings hy 
'' Adam Sculptor Mautuanus '* 

old red moroeeOy g, e. JRonuBf 1573 

3194 Luna (F.) Yocabulario di cinque mila Yocaboli Toschi non men 
oscuri che utili e necessarii del FurioBO, Boccaccio, Petrarcha 
e Dante, comer of title torn off Na'poli^ 1536 

%* Very scarce. At the end of each letter of the Alphabet there 
is a Sonnet, and at the end varioua Poems. 

8195 Lupicini (A.) Architettura Militare con altri Avvertimenti ap*^ 
partenenti alia Guerra, woodcuts, Fiorenza, 1582 — Discorsi 
Militarl, m, 1587 — Discorso sopni la Beduzione dell* Anno, 
ivt, 1680 — Discorso sopra i Bipari delle Inondazioni di 
Fiorenza, m, 1591 — Discorso delle Yerghe Astronomiche, 
woodcuts, ivi, 1582, fine copies, vellum in one vol, 

3196 Ljsons (D. and S.) Magna Britannia : Accounts of Bedford- 
I shire, Berkshire^ Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, and 

Cheshire, plates, 5 vol. illustrated with a few additional 
engravings and notes bg Craven Ord 1808-13 

3197 Mabillon (J.) et M. Germain, Iter Italicum Litterarium, plates, 

Lut. Far. 1687 — Patini (C.) de Numismate Antiquo 
Augusti et Platonis Epistola, cuts, Basil. 1676; and 
^ others (4) 

8198 Macaroni Prints. A Collection of Twenty-five Caricature En- 
mvings of different Macaronis, mounted in a volume 

half green morocco, g, e. 

8199 Machiavelli (N.) Tutte le Opere di, divise in Y Parti et di nuoyo 
con somma Accuratezza ristampate, 5 vol. in 1 {No. 1 of 
Gamba), vellum, Testo di Lingua m.d.l. 

3199* Machiavelli (N.) Opere {No. 1 of Oamba), Another copy, 
wanting titU-page M.D.L. 

3200 Machiavelli (N.) Opere {No. 2 of Gamba' s List) k.d.l. 

8201 Machiavelli. Another copj {No. 2 of Gamba) m.d.l. 

3202 Machiavelli (N.) Opere {No. 8 of Gamba) 
half morocco In Geneva, 1550 

3203 Machiavelli (N.) Opere. Teste di Lingua 

M.BC.L. {sic) on first title 

\* This Edizione della Testina, according to Gamba, is No. 4 of 
the editions printed under the date of 1550, and erroneously 
attributed to Blado d'Asola. All the other title-pages are 
dated 1550, but in all probability the work was really printed 
at Geneva in 1650. 

8204 Machiavelli (N.) Opere, 3 vol. {No. 5 qf Gamba), calf m.d.l. 

3205 Machiavelli (N.) Opere {No. 5 of Gamba) 
LABOB PAPXB, fine copy in old calf m.d.l. 

3206 Machiavelli (N.) Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di Tito Li?io 
fine copy old gilt veaufauve Firenze, B. di Giunti, 1531 

B D 


3207 Machiayegli (N.) Historie, Roma^ per Antonio Blado d^Awla, 

1532 — II ^incipe, Vita di Castruccio Castracani, e Modo 
che tense il Duca Yalentiiio per ammazar Yitellozo, &c. 
m, 1532 — Discorai sopra la prima Deca di T. Livio, »9t, 
very large copy in old rtuiia, gilt gat^fffe edges, rare, in one vol. 

3208 Macchiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine, without the Errata^ 

Mrenze, B, di Qiunta, 1532 — II Principe, Yita di Caatruocio 
Castracani, ^. m, 1532 ; Teste di Lingua in one vol, 

%* This edition of the Historie is stated bj Bravetti to be baris- 
BiMO. The earliest edition of the Principe known to Haym is 
that of 1539. 

3209 Machiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine, Firenze, B. di Qitmta, 

1532 — II Pnncipe, Yita di Castruccio, &c. ivi, 1532, mi 1 vol. 

3210 Macchiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine, with the 2 leaves of 

Errata {usually deficient) 
old moroccOy broad borders of gold, g. e, rare, Teste di Lingua 

Firenze, B. di Oiunta, 1532 

*#• This edition is wrongly described by the principal bibliographers. 
Oamba mentions 214 leaves, and Eenouard 124 leaves and 4 
unnumbered; whilst Brunet correctly sives 224 and 4 for 
Errata, &c., but erroneously makes the date XYI March in- 
stead of XXYII. 

3211 Machiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine, autograph (f " Lord Fau- 

conberg Booke 1677," Teste di Lingua ivi, 1582 

8212 Machiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine. Another copy 

green morocco, g. case ivi, 1532 

3218 Machiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine, Firenze, Oiunti, 1551 — 
Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di Tito Livio, ivi, 1551 
green morocco extra, g. e. 2 vol. 

3214 Machiavelli (N.) Historic Fiorentine, small holes in title-page, 

^ which a few letters are deficient, Firenze {GHuntf) 1561 — 
Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di Tito Livio, ivi, 1551 — Libro 
della Arte della Guerra, ivi, 1551 — II Principe, Yita di 
Castruccio Castracani, il Modo che tenne il Duca Yalentino 

Ser ammazare Yitellozo Yitelli, &e. et i Bitratti de le Cose 
e la Francia et de la Allemagna, ivi, 1551 
old red morocco, dentelle borders, g. e. 4 vol, in 1 

3215 Machiavelli (N.) Historie Fiorentine, Firenze (Oiuntt) 1551 — 

Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di l^to Livio, ivi, 1551 — Libro 

della Arte della Guerra, ivi, 1561 — II Principe, Yita di 

Castruccio Castracani, il Modo che tenne il Duca Yalentino 

»er ammazare Yitellozo Yitelli, <&c. et i Bitratti de le Cose 

le la Francia et de la Allamagna, ivi, 1561 

^e large copies in old calf. Teste di Lingua 4 vol. in 1 

8216 Machiavelli (N.) H Princme, Yita di Castruccio Castracani, 
il Modo che tenne il Duca Yalentino per ammazare Yitel- 
lozo, &c. Firenze, B. di Oiunta, 1532 




3217 Maohiavel (N.) Arte of Warre, in English by Peter Withome, 

hltak lettft, 1573 — Certaine Waves for the Ordering of 
Souldiours in Battelray, Plottes for Fortification, howe to 
make Gunpouder, &c. (lacit Uttet, woodeut9,157S — Cataneo's 
Tables, to form an Army, &c. in English, by H. G. ihtk 
Itittx, 1574, Jine copies, morocco, g, e, in one vol, 

3218 Mackenzie (F.) and A. Pagin, Soecimens of Gothic Architecture, 

selected from Ancient Builoings at Oxford, <&c. 61 plates 

J. Taylor, n, d. 

3219 MaflTei (G. P.) Istorie delle Indie Orientali, tradotte da F. Ser- 

donati con una Scelta di Lettere scritte dell* Indie 
Testo di Lingua, Jine copy in vellum, Fiorenza, F. Giunti, 1589 

3220 Maffei (Marchese S.) della Scienza chiamata Cavalleresca con 

Giunte, 2 vol. in 1 
half cat/ gilt, Testo di Lingua Trento, 1717 ^ 1716 

3221 Magalotti (Conte L.) Lettere scientifiche ed erudite, fine portrait 

vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1721 

3222 Magalotti (Conte L.) La Donna immaginaria Canzoniere 

half calf gilt, uncut ivi, 1762 

3223 Maggi (G.) Fontane diverse che si vedano nel* alma Gitta di 

iloma et altre parte d'ltalia, ^« impressions of the plates, 
autograph of Thomas Kowlakosoi^, who has made a sketch 
of the Three Graces (in pencil) on Jly-leqf Boma, 1661 

3224 Magri (D ) Notizia de' Yocaboli Ecclesiastid Venezia, 1732 

3225 Maittaire (M.) Miscellanea Grascorum aliquot Scriptorum Gar- 

mina, Gr. et Lat. 1722 

8226 Malavolti (O.) Historia di Siena, 3 vol. in 1, portrait, map, and view 

fine copy in red morocco, g, e, with the De Thou arms stamped 

in gold on sides Venetia, 1599 

3227 Malcolm (J. P.) Views within twelve miles round London, 75 

plates, some in colours 1800 

3228 Malcolm (J. P.) Londinium Bedivivum : a History and Descrip- 

tion of London, 4 vol. plates, halfrussia, uncut 1802-7 

3229 Malcolm (J. P.) Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of 

London, 18 plates, some in colours, calf 1811 

3230 Malespini (Bicordano) Historia antica sine all* Anno 1281 con 

I'Aggiunta di Giacbetto suo Nipote al 1286 
Testo di Lingua Fiorenza, GHunti, 1568 

3231 Malespini (B.) Storia antica dalla Edificazione di Fiorenza sino 

air Anno 1281 con TAggiunta di Giacheto suo Nipote sino 
al 1286, half morocco, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1598 

3232 Malespini (B.) Istoria Fiorentine coll' Aggiunta di G. Malespini 

e la Cronica di G. Morelli, with notes of Biscioni 
calf extra, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1718 

3233 Malespini (B.) Istoria Fiorentina coll' Aegiunta di Giachetto 

Malespini e la Cronica di Giovanni Morelli, Firenze, 1718 
— Compagni (Dino) Istoria Fiorentina (1280-1312), ivi, 
1728— Velluti (Donate) Cronica di Firenze 1300-1370), 
ivi, 1731 — Pitti (Buonaccorso) Cronica, ivi, 1720 
all with valtMble M8, additions in the autograph of the Oav. 
Oio. Baldovinelti, half morocco in one vol. 


8234 Malispixii (B.) Storia Fiorentina ool Seguito dkGiaootto Mali- 
spini e con Annotazioni da Y. Follini 
half moroeeOy uncut, top edge gUt Mrenze, 1816 

8285 Malmufli (G.) Analiai del oelebratiasimo Quaresimale del F. 

Paolo Segneri, uncut Modenay 1768 

8286 Malvasia (Conte C. 0.) Fekma Fittrioe, Vite de Pittori Bo- 

lognesi colla Continuazione da L. Crespi, 8 vol. woodcut 

portraits and devicei, vellum Bologna^ 1678, e Boma, 1769 

3287 Manente (C.) Histbrie, 2 vol. in 1, half calf gilt Vinegia, 1561-66 

8288 Manetti (S.) Bopra la Malattia, Morte e Dissezione anatomica 

del Gadavero di A. Cocchi Firenze^ 1759 

8289 Manetti (S.) della InociJazione del Vajuolo, uncut m, 1761 
8240 Manetti (S.) delle Specie diverse di Frumento e di Pane siccome 

della Panizzatione, half calf uncut , TeHo di Lingua 

Venezia, 1766 

3241 Manfredi (£.) Descrizione d' alcune Macchie sooperte nel Sole 

TAnno 1708, plate Bologna, 1708 

8242 Manfredi (E.) Element! della Qeometria e della Trigonometria, 

phUeSy uncut ivi, e, a. 

8243 Manfredi (E.) Elementi della Cronologia, con diverse Scritture 

appartenenti al Calendario Eomano 
half calf gilt, leaves uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1744 

3244 Man&edi (E.) Instituzioni Astronomiche 

uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1749 

3245 Manni (D. M.) de Florentinis Inventis Conunentarium 

halfrussia FerraruB, 1731 

8246 Manni (D. M.) Cronichette antiche di vaij Scrittori del buon 
Secolo deUa Lingua Toscana 
LABOB PAPEB, vcllum, uncut, Tcsto di Lingua Fvrenze, 1733 

*«* Containing the GhronicleB of Amaretto Mannelii, Simone deUa 
Tosa, Incerto, Oino Capponi, and Neri Capponi. 

3247 Makni (D. M.) Ossebtazioni ibtobiche sopba i Stoilli 

Akttghi be' Seccoli Bassi, 80 vol. in 10, numerous en- 
gravings of seals, portraits, Sfc. ivi, 1739-86 

•^* A most interesting and very rare work. 

3248 Manni (P. M.) Istoria degli Anni Santi, cuts of medals, with 

valuable MS. additions in the autograph of the Cav, Gio, 
Baldovinetti, half ca^^ gilt, uncut ivi, 1750 

3249 Manni (D. M.) Istoria del Decamerone di G-. Boccaccio, Testo 

di Lingua, vellum, Firente, 1742 — Appendice, privatehf 
printed hy the Marquis Trivulzio, uncut, Milano, 1820 (2) 

3250 Manni (D. M.) delle antiche Terme di Firenze, plate 

Mrenze, 1761 

3251 Manni (D. M.) Otto Lezioni istoriche accademiche 

half morocco extra, uncut ivi, 1760 

8252 Manni (D. M.) del vero Pittore Luca Santo, Firenze, 1764— 
Deir Errore che persiste di attribuirsi le Pittore al Santo 
Evangelista Luca, ivi, 1766 
half morocco, uncut in one vol. 

3253 Manni (D. M.) Principj della Eeligion Cristiana in Firenze, 
presentation copy, with author's autograph inscription, half calf 
uncut Firenze, 1764 



3254 Manni (D. M.) il Senato IFiorentino^ frontitpieee, and coats of 

arms, uncut Mrenze, 1771 

3255 Manni (D. M.) Vita di Lelio TorelU, medal and cuts 

uncut wi, 1770 

3256 Manni (D. M.) Addizioni neoessarie alle Yite de' due celebri 

Statoaij Miehelagnolo Buonarroti e Fietro Tacca ivi, 1774 

3257 Mangjni (O. B.) Lettera in Biaposta ad un Cayalier principalis- 

simo di Yenetia i« Anversa^ 1636 

3258 Maps of different Countries, some old, in a volume, and Atlas 

d'Angleterre, 1767 2 vol 

8259 Marafioti (O.) Croniche et Antichita di Calabria Padova, 1601 

3260 Marcello (P.) Yite de' Prencipi di Yinegia, tradotte da L. Do- 

menichi, autograph ofMatteo Inghirami Venetiay 1557 

3261 Marchetti (A.) della Natura delle Comete, j?2a^d 

half calf giltf Teato di Lingua JFirenze, 1684 

3262 Marchi (F. di) Aviso dove narra le pompose Liuree et Scara- 

muzze, Arcbi triompbali, &c. nolle Nozze del Be di Spagna, 
&e. very scarce Bologna, 1560 

3263 Marcbi (E.) Yita del B. P. F. Alessandro Capoccbi, woodcut 

portrait JFirenze, 1583 

3264 Marco dal Monte Sancta Maria in Gallo (Frate) Libro delli 

Comandamenti di Dio del Testamento Yeccbio et Nuovo et 
Sacri Canoni, woodcuts, rare ivi, 1494 

3265 Marco Polo II Milione, Teste di Lingua del Seoolo XIII, ora 

per la prima Yolta pubblicato ed iUustrato dal Conte'G. B. 
Baldelli Boni, 2 vol. Firenze, 1827 — Storia delle Belazioni 
vicendevoli dell' Europa, e dell' Asia dalla Decudenza di 
Boma fine alia Distruzione del Califfatto del Conte G-. B. 
Baldelli Boni, 2 vol. m, 1827 
BEST BDITI0I7, halfvcllum, uncut 4 vol. 

3266 Mabia. Qui comenciano alcuni Miraculi dela Gloriosa Yerzene 

Maria, &e, 
yjSBT RABE, hut Wanting two leaves in the body of the work, 
and having, in place thereof, two duplicate, sold therefore with 
all faults Vincentie, jLeonardi di Basilea, 1475 

%* Tbis collection of extraordinary miracles formerly belonged to B. 
Soiitbey, the Poet, and has some pencil memoranda in his 
automph. It seems surprising that such a droll work, im- 
peaching the Chastity of Abbesses, Nuns, and Monks, should 
have been allowed to be printed in Italy. 

3267 Marini (Marino) degli Aneddoti di G-aetano Mariui Commenta- 

rio, portrait, uncut Boma, 1822 

3268 Marmora (A.) Historia di Corfu, frontispiece and portrait 

old red morocco Venetia, 1672 

32G9 Marozzo (Achille, Maestro Qenerale de VArte de VArm%) Opera 

nova, spirited woodcuts of fencing, half morocco '• ^- & ^' 

3270 Mersaud (A.) I Manoscritti Italiani della Begia Biblioteca Pa- 

rigina descritti ed iUustrati, 2 vol. 
half green morocco, uncut, top edges gilt Barigi, 1835-38 

3271 MartelU ( Y.) Bime e Lettere, Testa di Lingua 

fine copy in vellum Morenza, Giunti, 1563 


3272 Martelli (Y.) Lettere e Bime Firenzs, O. Oiunti, 1606 

3273 Martignoni (G. A.) Spiegazione della Carta istorica dell' Italia 

e di una Parte della Germania 
LABGE FAFBB, portrait of Innocent XIIl, views and historical 
charts, containing coats of arms, representations of coins, 
portraits, Sfc, in cotemporary Italian red morocco, orna- 
mented sides, g. e. with the arms of Cardinal Oienfhtegos 
stamped in gold on sides Roma, 1721 

8274 Martm (r. J.) Geological Memoir on a part of Western Sussex, 
plans 1828 

3275 [Martin (T.)] Historica Descriptio ooxnplectens vitam ac res ges- 

tas Gulielmi Wicami, quondam Yintoniensis Episcopi et 
Angliffi Cancellarii, plate of arms, calf, g. e. Oson. 1690 

3276 Martinelli (Cav. A.) Descrittione di dirersi Ponti esistenti sopra 

li Fiumi Nera e Tevere con un Discorso particolare della 
Navigatione da Perugia a Boma, with etchings and portrait 
of Innocent XI Boma, 1676 

3277 Marzari (Giacomo) Historia di Vicenza, calf Venetia, 1691 
8278 Marzari (G.) Historia di Vicenza. The same edition, with 

merely a new titlepage and woodcut views added 
fine copy in old citron morocco, g, e, 

Vicenza, 1604 (at end, Venetia, 1590) 

3279 Mascardi (A.) Orazione delle Lodi di Bibiana Pemestana Gk>n- 

zaga Principessa di Castiglione Modona, 1616 

3280 Matasilani (Mario) La Felicity del Serenissima Cosimo Medici 

Granduca di Toscana, half calf gilt Fiorenza, 1572 

3281 Matasilani. Another copy ivi, 1572 

3282 Maurice (P,) Choral Harmony, a collection of tunes in short 

score for four voices, presentation copyjrom the author 1854 

3288 Maurio (N.) Oratione nella Partita di J). Bembo Podesta di 

Trivigi Trivigi, 1590 

3284 Mayne (Jasper) Ochlo-Machia, or the Peoples War examined 

according to the Principles of Scripture and Beason 1047 

3285 Mazzella (S.) Descrittione del Begno di Napoli, numerous wood- 

cut portraits, coats of arms (mostly coloured), ^c. with MS, 
additions, old French olive morocco, g, e, Napoli, 1601 

3286 Mazzella. Another copy, the woodcuts uncoloured ivi, 1601 

3287 Mazzolari (llario) Beali Grandezze dell' Escuriale di Spagna^ 

with the view Boloana, 1648 

3288 Mazzone di Miglionico (M. A.) Fiori della Poesia, 2 toI. in 1 

Venetia, 1593 

3289 Mazzoni (J.) Difesa della Comedia di Dante, 2 yol. 

fine copy in vellum Cesena, 1688 

8290 Mazzuchelli (Conte G. M.) Notizie intorno ad Archimede, plates 

Brescia, 1737 

8291 Mecatti (G. M.) Bacconto storico-filosofico del yesuvio,^/a/«« 

mpoli, 1752 

3292 Mecatti (G. M.) Storia genealogica della Nobiliti e Citta^inanza 

di Firenze, gilt vellum ivi, 1754 

3293 Mecatti (G. M.) Storia cronologica della Gitta di Firenze, 2 vol. 

LABOE PAPEB, vcllum tvi, 1755 



3294 Medici (A. de) Soelia di Epigrammi Greci, tradotti in Yersi 

Latini e Toscani (col Testo Qreco) Livorno, 1772 

3295 Medici (A. de') Saggio di Prose e Yersi Toscani e Latini 

Peseta, 1782 

3296 Medici (A. de') Scelta di Epigrammi Greci, tradotti in Yersi 

Latini e Toscani (col Testo Ghreco^ 
halfmoroeeo, uncut Firenze^ 1790 

3297 Medici (Lorenzo de) et da M. Agnolo Politiano, et altri Autori, 

Canzone a Ballo insieme con la Nencia da Barberino & la 
Beca da Dicomano oomposte dal medesimo Lorenzo 
OBiGiiTAL EDiTioiir, tvoodcut, green morocco extroy g, e, hy 
Sering Mrenze, 1668 

%* Eztremelj rare. The Oradenigo copj sold for 122 lire 80. 

3298 Medici (L. de) et da M. Agnolo Politiano, et altri Autori, Can- 

zone a Ballo insieme con la Nencia da Barberino et la Beca 
da Dicomano, composta dal medesimo Lorenzo, woodcut 
Oahba'b Facsimile Bepsikt (limited to 100 copiee) with the 
2 additional leavee containing 6 other canzone, of which only 
a very few copies were reprinted from the Pacini and Serma- 
tellfs editions, uncut Firenze, 1568 

%* The Beca da Dicomano although, in several editions, attributed 
to Lorenzo di Medici, was in reality written by Luigi Pulci. 

3299 [Medici (L. de')] La piacevole e bella Historia della Nencia da 

Barberino, e della Beca (in ottava rima), 2 woodcuts 
red morocco super extra, dentelle borders, by Wheeler, Testo 
di Lingua Firenze, 1622 

*«* Although the Beca was, in the edition of 1568, attributed to 
Lorenzo de' Medici, Yarchi and others have proved that it is 
by Luigi Pulci. 

3300 Medici. Bime Sacre del Magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici il Yec- 

chjo, di Madonna Lucrezia sua Madre e d' altri dalla stessa 

Famiglia raccolte e d'Osservazioni corredate per E. Cionacci 

calf extra, g. e. Firenze, 1680 

%* This edition contains the " Bappresentazione di S. Oiovanni e 
Paulo," by Lorenzo de Medici, and Cionacci, in his notes, 
gives a list of all the ancient Eappresentazioni or Mysteries. 

3801 Medici (Card. Gio. de) Lettere Boma, 1752 


3302 Livio (Tito) Decade in Yulgare 

very large copy in russia, very rare, Testo di Lingua 

Venetia, Antonio da Bologna, 1478 

3303 Livio tradotto da J. Nardi Venetia, Oiunti, 1554 

3304 LooGAN (D.) OxoNiA et CaivtabbigiaIllustbata, 2 vol. in 1, 

with the rare mezzotinto portraits of the Dukes of Ormonde 
and Somerset by Smith 
old red morocco, g, e. Oxon. 1675, Oantdb. (1688) 


3305 London. Several Prospects of the mosfc noted Publick Buildings 

in and about the City of London, with a short historical 
account relating to the same, 24 plates, J, Bowles, 1724 — 
Plan of London as in Q. Elizabeth's Days — Pocket Map of 
the Cities of London, Westminster, and Southwark, and 
South Prospect of London and Westminster, 3 plates — 
Prospects of the most famous Public Buildings in London 
by Sutton Nicholls, including the City Gtites, Inns of Court, 
Squares, Hospitals, Churches, Gentlemen's Houses, Statues, 
&c. 86 plates, Jme old impressions in one vol, 

%• " The only other copy of the set by Sutton Nicholls which I ever 
saw is the one in the British Museum. Many of the prints 
when met with singly bring a high price." — Manttscript Note" by 
Mev, Dr. WelUsley. 

3306 Lorini (Buonaiuto) delle Fortificationi, numerous woodcuts 

Venetia, 1596 
%* This first edition is extremely rare, only a few copies having been 
printed, to present to Princes, as appears from the author's 
Dedication to the Grand Duke Ferdinand de Medici, '' Per il 
eke havendone/atto stampare alquanti libri, per dispensarli solo 
a Prencipi OhristianL** 

3307 Lorini (B.) Le Fortificationi, numerous woodcuts 

half calf gilty Teste di Lingua Venetia, 1609 

8308 Lorich (Melchior) Weitberuhmbten Kunstreichen und Woler- 
fahrnen, fine large woodcuts of Turkish costume, buildings, 
Ac. Hamburg, 1626 

3309 Lorich (M.) Der Turckische Schau-Platz (a newspaper entitled) 

Turckischer Estaats und Ej*ieges-Bericht, 137 Nos. with 
woodcuts the same as in the preceding {except two), with 16 
additional, russia Hamb. 1685 

3310 Loschi (Conte Alfonso) Compendi Historici, plates of genealogies, 

with arms Venet, 1652 

3311 Luckii (Jo. Jac.) Sylloge Numismatum Elegantiorum, engraved 

titlepage and many beautiful cuts^ also a very curious series 
qf ^plates (wanting the third) of JEnglish coins, S[c. to the 
time of King James at the end 
fine copy, old calf, with the arms of Achilles de Sarlay Count 
of Beaumont stamped on the sides Argent. 1620 

3312 Lycosthenis (Conr.) Apophthegmata, presentation copy from 

John Lewis ab Audio, to whom the work is dedicated, with 
inscription on the fly-leaf and arms emblazoned 

Basil. Oporinus, 1555 

3313 Macchiavelli (N.) Florentine Historic, translated into EngHsh by 

T. Bedingfield, unth autograph ofJSldm. Malone 

W. Ponsonby, 1595 

3314 Mackenzie (F.) Architectural Antiquities of St. Stephen's 

Chapel, Westminster, plates 
half morocco atlas size. 1844 

3315 Mackenzie (Sir G.) of Precedency, and Scotland's Herauldrie, 

2 vol. in 1, plates, calf gilt Edinb. 1680 













Mackenzie (Sir O.) Observations upon ibo Laws and Customs 
of Nations, as to Precedency and the Science of Herauldry, 
platen of arms Edinh. 1680 

MafEei (Scipione) Verona lllustrata, 4 vol. in 1, plates and cuts 

Verona, 1732 

[Magalotti (Lorenzo)] Saggi di naturali Esperienze fatti in 

I^irenze neir Accademia del Cimento 

FIBST EDiTiOir, fine portrait of Ferdinand II hy F, Spierre, 

and plates J uncut, Teste di Lingua Firenze, 1666 

Magalotti. Another Edition 

LABOE PAPER, portrait of Ferdinand Ily and plates, calf 

ivi, 1691 
Magalotti. Another copy on small paper, with portrait of 
Cosmo III hy Van Westerhout, and plates 
green morocco extra, g, e, hy Derome ivi, 1691 

Magnenej (Claude) Becueil des Armes de plusieurs nobles 
Maisons et Families de France, 235 plates of arms, contain- 
ing 1410 coats, some coloured Faris, s. d. 
'' Impressions of this work came out from time to time with 
angmentations and corrections, and the copies of the book 
differ accordingly." — See note as to variations between the 
present and a copy lately in the library of Sir Q. Nayler, in the 
autograph of Rev. D. Wellesley. 

Magini (G. A.) Italia, with finely engraved maps of the different 

States, half morocco Bologna, 1620 

Maittaire (M.) Corpus Poetarum Latinorum Profanorum et 

Ecclesiasticorum, 2 vol. Mr, Horatio Walpole's copy 1713 
Malchair(J.) Collection of Sixty-four Views in and nearOzford, 

original drawings, some in colours obi. 1765, ^c, 

Malta. L'Assedio della Citta di Malta da Turchi, 1666, nine 

plates hy M. Perez rf' Allezio, very scarce, limp vellum, g. e. 

Boma, 1582 
Manchester. The Bishop of Chester's case with Belationship to 

the Wardenship of Manchester Oxford, 1721 

Manara (6. G. Orti) delle due porte dette dei Leoni e dei 

Borsari, 7 plates, 120 copies only printed Verona, 1840 

Maps of different Countries, with a few Miscellaneous Engravings, 

about 240 in number, principally of the XVIth and XYIIth 

Centuries ohh size 

Maps of different Countries, with a few Views, upwards of 300 

in number, engraved during the XVIth and XVIIth 

Centuries, mounted in a very large volume ohl, size 

Maps of France (Seven) mounted on card-board and four 

Atlasses a hundls 

Maps and Plans, Views, Plates of Antiquities, &c. engraved for 

the Gentleman's Magazine from the beginning to 1760 

112 in number 
Marcolini (F.) Le ingeniosi Sorti intitulate Giardino di Pensieri, 

numerous woodcuts hy J. Porta Oarfagnino, interleaved 
calf gilt Veneiia, 1 550 

A very rare Fortnne-Teller by Cards, with poetical answers by 
L. V6\ce. 

c c 


3833 Mabiettb (P. J.^ Tbait^ dxs Pierbeb QHATiES, 2 vol plates, 
vervjine copy from the library of 21 S. Mionnet, ealf, m, kg. e. 

Faris, 1750 

3334 Marliani (B.) tTrbis Bomss Topograpbia, tooodeuti 

fine copy Boma^ 16-14 

3335 Marsana (A.) Bib]iotecti Veinrchesti, portrait and plates 

only 150 copies printed Milano, 1826 

3336 Massazza (P. A.) L*Atco antico di Snssk, plates Torino, 1750 

3337 Mathews (W.) Oatlines of the Statues in the Badcliffe Library, 

9 plates Oxford, n, d. 

3338 Matinffi (Leonis) Elogia quibus Ducalis Begise Lararium, sive 

Beipublicce VenetsD Principuad omnium Icones, numerous 
portraits, fne impressions Venet. 1659 

3339 Matbimonial and otheb Advebtisemekts. A most curious 

and unique Collection of Cuttings from Newspapers, formed 

by Sir John CuUum in the latter part of the last Century, 

thick volume in rough calf 1768, ^c. 

3340 Matthioli (P. A.) Discorsi nelli sei Libri di Dioscoride, numerous 

heaut^l woodcuts of plants, Sfc, Venetia, 1568 

3341 Maurice (J. B.) Blason des Armoiries de tons les Chevaliers de 

Tordre de la Toison d*Or, many plates of arms 
fine copy La Saye, 1667 

3342 Mayo (Charles) Chronological History of the European States, 

with their Discoveries and Settlements ; also Biographical 
Sketches, &c. halfrussia, uncut Bath, 1795 

3343 Mazzella and Howell, Parthenopoeia, or History of Naples, with 

Lives of the Kings, portraits and coats of arms 1654 

3844 Mazzuohelli (Conte G. M.) Glt Scbittobi d'Italia (A — 
Buz, all published), 6 vol. toith valuable MS, additions 
vellum Brescia, 1753-63 

3345 Mazzuchellianum Museum seu Numismata Yirorum Docfcrina 

praestantium qum apud Jo. M. Comitem Mazzuchellum 
Brixis servantur a P. A. de Comitibus Ouetanis edita atque 
illustrata. Acoedit Yersio Italica Studio Equitis C. Mei 
elaborata, 2 vol. plates 
half green morocco Venetiis, 1761-63 

3346 ^Medals. Plates of Medals engraved by P. Oifiart and De la 

Boissiere, 66 sheets, representing many hundred specimens, 
from the Towneley library 

3347 Meisneri (Dan.) Politica-Politica, oder Statistischee Stadte-Buch, 

8 parts, consisting of 800 emblematic plates ofOities, includina 
views of Bristol, Carlisle, Chester, Exeter, Norwich, ELuU, 
Edinburgh, Oxford, Windsor and Nonsuch, in 1 vol. 
very fine impressions Numb, 1704 

3348 Menagio (£.) Le Origini della Lingua Italiana Geneva, 1685 

3349 Meriani (C.) Solemnia Electionis et Inauguratipms Leopoldi 

Bomanorum Imperatoris Augusti, etc. portraits and plates 

Francof 1660 

3350 Meriani (M.) Archontologia Cosmica durch J. L. Gottfiried, 

many plates and maps, half morocco EraneJef, 1638 

I 195 

3351 Meriahi (M.) Topoqsaphi^ Helvetiaa, Bhaeti», Yalesie, 

Bavarifid, Saeyi», Moguntie, Treveris, Coloni®, Alsatite, etc., 
Palatmatua Bihezii, Lotharingiaa, Sabaudis, WestphaluB, 
Eranconi®, Frovinciarum Austriacarum, BohemisB, Moravi®, 
SilesiiBy Superioria Saxoni®, ThariDgisB^ MisnisB, Lusatia, 
Circali Burgundici, SazonisD InferioriB, Hassis, Sacatuum 
Brunayicenais et Luneborgensis, Electoratus Brandeburgici 
et Dacatus PomeranifiB, Itinerarium Italie, etc. 15 vol. mantf 
hundred platen 
fine imprewions, clean set in vellum Franckf. 164iO-54i 

3352 Meriani (M.) Topographia Sueyise, pltUes^fine impressions 

tri, 1643 

3353 Meriani (M.) Topographia AlsatisB, etc. plates, fine impressions 

ivi, 1644 




3354 Leggenda di Lazzaro, Marta e Maddalena 

half morocco, uncut JSoloffna, 1853 

3355 Leggenda dei Santi Cosma e Damiano scritta nel buon Seoolo 

della Lingua Napoli, 1857 

3356 Leggende inemte (CoUezione di) scritte nel buon Secolo, 2 vol. 

Bologna, 1855 

3357 Leggende inedite scritte nel buon Secolo della Lingua Toscana, 

2 Tol. in ly only 212 copies printed ivi, 1855 

3358 Legh (GFerard) Accedens of Armory, woodcuts^ some coloured, 

folio 34 damaged R Tottill, 1562 

3359 Legiendario diyotiasimo de le aantiaaime Ver^ine ouale volaeno 

prima morire per mantenere la sua santisaima Verginita per 
Amore del N. S. Jeau Gbriato, woodcuts, rare Venetia, 1525 

3360 Leibnitz (G-. G.) Easaia de Theodic^e aur la Bonte de Dieu, la 

liberty de Thomme et I'origine du mal, 2 vol. Amst 1747 — 
Esprit de Leibniz, 2 vol. Lyony 1772 4 vol. 

8361 Leigbton (E.) Theological Lecturea, Sermona, and Commentary 
on St. Peter abridged by Bradley, 3 vol. portrait, 1821 — 
Beveridge (Bp.) Private Thoughta, /?or/rai^, 1821 
half calf gilt, uniform 4i vol, 

3362 LeKeux (J.) Memorials of Cambridge, 2 vol. views uoith descrip- 
tions hy T, Wright and Rev, H. L, Jones 
half morocco, uncut 1841-42 

8363 Lempriere (J.) Claaaical Dictionary, calf, 1801 ; and othera QvoL 

3364 Lempriere (J.) Classical Dictionary, calf gilt 1815 

3365 Le Neve (J.) Monumenta Anglicana (1600-1649) 1719 


3366 Leocb»i (Jo.) Seoti Muted Prioret, give Poemata scil. Erotica, 

Idyllia et Epigrammata, scarce^ hut wormed Land. 1620 

3367 Leonardus (0.) Mirror of Stones in which more than 200 diffe- 

rent Jewels are described, 1760 — Greaves (J.) Origin and 
Antiquitj of English Weights and Measures, 1745 2 vol. 

3368 Leopardi (Conte G.) Annotazioni sopra la Cronica d'Eusebio 

del 1818 Boma, 1823 

3869 [Lariviere (H.)] Anthologie Fran9aise, 2 vol. 

LAROE PAPEB Paris^ 1816 

3370 Le Sage (A. B.) Histoire de Gil Bias, 4 yoL plates, with autograph 

^ Lord Qeorge Henry Lennox, 1761 Paris, \14tl 

3371 Le Sage, Avantures de Gil Bias, 4 yo\, plates Amst. 1747 

3372 Le Sage, Histoire de Gil Bias, 5 vol. pMes Paris, 1759 
3378 Le Sage Adventures of Gil Bias, translated by T. Smollett, 4 vol. 

plaUs 1750 

3374 Lesclacbe (Louis de) Bugles de TOrtografe Yrtaiceze,Jrontispieee 

scarce Paris, 1668 

3375 Lesina. Delia famosissima Compagnia della Lesina Dialogo, 

Capitoli, Bagionamenti, &c. (di Yialardi) 
half calf gilt Venetia, 1647 

3376 Lesina. La Compagnia della Lesina et della Contra>Lesina coUa 

nuova Comeaia intitolato le Nozze d'Antilesina, 2 vol. in 1 
half calf ivi, 1664 

3377 Leslie (J.) Dictionary of Synonymes JSdinb. 1806 

3378 Lespine (L. de) Le Leggi del Blasone, coats of arms, Milano, 1680 

3379 Leti (G.) L^ltalia regnante, 3 vol. portrait and plates of arms 

Geneva, 1675-76 
H380 Leti (G.) Vita di Sisto V, 3 vol. plates Amst, 1698 

3381 Leti (G.) Vie d'Elizabeth Beine d*Angleterre traduite de I'ltalien, 

2 vol. portraits ivi, 1714 

3382 Lettere facete et piacevoli di diversi grandi Huomini raccolte 

per D. Atanagi Libro primo, Venetia {Aldo), 1582 — Libro 
secondo per F. Turchi, ivi, 1575 
fine copies in vellum in one vol. 

3383 Lettere d'Uomini illustri del Secolo XVI Lucca, 1853 
3'SSi Lettere inedite di alcuni illustri Accademici della Crusca che 

fanno Teste di Lingua, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1837 

3385 Letters. An useful and entertaining Collection of Letters upon 

various %\\b]ec;t^, frontispiece, with the writers^ names to some 
supplied in the autograph of Mr, Horatio WaJpole^ Letter 
LlV a Journey to Ocpford, by A, Pope, Sfc, 1745 

3386 Letters upon various Subjects. Another copy, frontispiece 1745 

3387 Letters from the Bodleian Library, &c. 8 vol. 1813 

3388 Lettres Sorites de Suisse, d*Italie, de Sicile et de Malthe, 6 vol. 

calf Amst. 1780 

3389 Lezione overo Cicalamento di Maestro Bartolino dal Canto de' 

Biseheri sopra 'I Sonetto (del Bemi), Passere, e Beccqfiehi 
magri arrosfo (da G. M. Cecchi), A 8 in MS., Firenze, 1605 
— Lezione di Maesrtro (sic) Niccodemo dalla IHetra al 
Migliaio sopra il Capitolo della Salsiccia del Lasca, ivi, 1606 
— Bigogoli (Mannozzo) il Lasca, Dialogo, ivi^ 1606 in one vol. 


3390 Libniij of the Fine Arts, 4 vol. portraits^ 1831-32 — Magazine 

of the Fine Arts, 4 vol. portraits and plates, 1833-34 8 vol. 

3391 Libre de la Historia j Milagros heclios a tnyocacion de Nuestra 

Senora de Montserrat, calf extra, old style Barcelona, 1568 

*^* Very rare : some of the Milagros are truly laughable. 

3392 Libro de March! de Cayalli con li Nomi de tutti li Principi et 

privati Signori che hanno Razza di Cayalli, engravings of all 
the known marks, vellum Venetia, 1669 

3393 Libro de' dodici Articoli della Pede e la Yita di S. Alessio. 

Testi di Lingua per la prima Yolta pubblicati dalP Abate 
G. Manuzzi Firenze, 1844 

3394 Libro di Sentenze. Teste inedito del buon Secolo citato dagli 

• Acaderoici della Crusca 
LABOE PAPER, half morocco, uneut Faenza, 1853 

3395 Lieh ten thai (P.) Manuale Bibliografico del Yiaggiatore in Italia 

half calf extra Milano, 1834 

8396 Liege. Abr6g6 Chronologique de THistoire de Liege avec la 

vie de 8. Lambert et de S. Hubert, russia Liege, J 783 

3397 Lilly (W.) Life and Times, portraits 1822 

3398 Limbourg (J. P. de) Amusements de Spa, 2 vol. plates, Amst, 

1782-3 — Nouveaux Amusements des Eaux de Spa, plates, 
Liege, 1763 — Dictionaire Geographique dea Pais Bas, Amst» 
1695 ; and others 6 vol, 

3399 Linton (H.) Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul, 

1857 — Parables of our Lord, by Eev. A. Oxenden, 1864 — 

Andrews (Bp.) Daily Devotions and Manual for the Sick, 

by Kev. P. Hall, portrait, 1830 3 vol. 

3i00 Linwood (G.) Anthologia Oxoniensis 1846 

3101 [Lippi (Lorenzo)] II Malmantile racquistato, Poema di Perlone 


FiBST EDiTiOK, with the extremely rare 16 leaves, " Giovanni 

Cinelli Al Cortese Lettore,'* of which only 50 copies were 

. printed for Cinelli, who subsequently destroyed every one he 

could get hold of, hlue morocco, dentelle borders, g, e, bv 

Koshler, from, the library of Charles Nodier, by whom this 

copy was so admirably described in his " Melanges tir^s d'une 

petite Bibliotheque " Finaro {Firenze), 1676 

3402 Lippi. Another copy, without the 16 leaves ivi, 1676 

3403 Linchi antichi serj e giocosi fino al Secolo XYI 

calf gilt Venezia, 1812 

3404 Liturgia, Grsecd, large paper, russia, g.e, Cantab. 1665 

3405 Liturgia, Grffice. Aliud Exemplar, small paper, Cantab, 1665 ; 

and others 5 vol, 

3406 Liturgia Anglicana. II Libro delle Preghiere publiche 

fine copy in old English blue morocco, ornamented with gold 
tooling, g, e. 1685 

3407 Lives and Characters of the most illustrious Persons who died 

in 1712, with Particulars of the Duel between Duke 
Hamilton and Lord Mohun 1714 

3408 Lives of those eminent Antiquaries John Leland, Thomas Hearno 

and Anthony a Wood, 2 vol. portraits and plates 
LARGE PAPEK, rwssia Oxford, 1772 


8409 Lives of those eminent Antiquaries J. Leland, T. Hearne and 
A. a Wood, 2 vol. 
LABOB PAPER, portraits and plates^ calf Oxford^ 1772 

3410 Lives. Another copj, on small paper ^ 2 yoL portraits and plates^ 

mth MS, notes and drawings hy J, T, Allen th. 1772 

3411 Livii HistorisB cura Buddimanniy 4 vol. toith MS. notes 

Minh. 1751 

8412 Livius ex Secensione A. Drakenborchii cum Notis J. B. L. 

Crevierii (edente T. Gaisford), 4 vol. 

half calf f uncut Oxon»\S\4i 

8418 Livio (Tito) La prima Deca. Yolgarizzamento del buon Secolo 

publicato per Cura del Prof. C. Dalmazzo, 2 vol. Torino^ 1846 

8414 Lluellin (M.) Men-Miracles, with other Poemes, bottom line cut 

off some of the leaves 1656 

8415 Locke (J.) Two Treatises on Government, T. HolWs copy, with 

his autograph, old red morocco 1698 

3416 Loiseleur Deslougchamps (A.) Essai sur les Fables Indiennes et 

Boman des sept Sages avec Analyse et Extraits deDolopathos, 
2 vol. Paris, 1838 

3417 Lombardelli (O.) Pioretti d'Eleganza 

half red morocco, g. e» Firenze, Z. Torrentvno if G. Pettinari, 1668 

3418 Lombardelli (0.) L'Arte del puntar gli Scritti 

half morocco Siena, 1586 

3419 Lombardi (G.) Saggio dell* Istoria pittorica d'lnghilterra 

half ca^ gilt Mrenze, 1843 

3420 Lombardi (L.) Pictoris celeberrimi Vita, portrait, engraved by 

Ooltzius, a few words on the second leaf supplied in Manu- 
script Brttgis Pland, 1666 

3421 Londres (par Grosley), map, 8 vol. Lausanne, 1770 — Memoires 

et Observations faites par un Yoyageur en Angleterre, map 
and plates, La Haye, 1698 — Beeves (G.) Histoir of London, 
map and plates, 1764 — World at Westminster, bj T. Brown 
the Younger, 2 vol. in 1, 1816, Ac. 8 vol. 

8422 Longinus on the Sublime, in Greek, with English translation by 
W. Smith Baltimore, 1810 

3423 Longino tradotto da A. P. Gori Firenze, 1737 

3424 Longino del Sublime tradotto da A. P. Gori 

half gilt calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua Bologna, 1821 

3426 Longo Amori pastorali tradotti del Com. A. Caro 

half morocco, Testo di Lingua Londra, 1786 

3426 Lorain (M.) M^moire sur rtJniversite d' Oxford 

half calf Paris, 1850 

8427 Loredano (G. P.) La Malandrina, Comedia Venetia, 1587 

8428 Loredano (G. P.) Bizzarrie academiche, Bagguagli di Parnaso e 

gli Amori infelici, 2 vol. in 1 Bologna, 1676 

3429 Lottini (G. A.) La Niube, Tragedia, Aldine anchor on title-page 

Ticenza, 1595 

3430 Lottini (Fra G. A.) II dannoso Piacere, Bapprescntazion morale 

Firenze] 1602 

3131 Louis XV, Vie Privec, ou principaux 6venemcns, particularitea 

et Anecdotes de son regne, portraits, 4 vol. Lond. 1781 


8432 Lou?aiii. lentaculum Lovaniense, sire de Obsidione oppid 
Lovaniensis a duobus HollaDdorum et Gallorum exercitibus; 
Qaerela ad Galium ; Ezpeditio Hollando-Francica in Bra- 
bantiam, Yulgo laConqueste de Bribsjit^ three scarce poetical 
pieces t with two curious engravings 1635 

8488 Lower (M. A.) on English Surnames 1842 

8484 Low-Life : or One HaJf of the World knows not how the Other 

Half Live, with an address to Mr. Hogarth 
second edition n. d, 

8485 Lowth (Bp. E.) Life of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Win- 

cheater, with Supplement, plates 1758-59 

8486 Lowth (Bp. E.) Lectures on the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews, 

translated by G. Gregory, 2 vol. calf 1787 

8487 Lucchesini (C.) lUustrazione delle Lingue e principalmente dell' 

Italiana, 2 vol. in 1, haWgiU ca\f, vncut Lucca, 1826 

8488 Lucien de la traduction de N. Perrot Sieur d'Ablancourt, 2 vol. 

plates, Amst. 1709 — Adele et Theodore, ou Lettres sur 
rEducation, 3 vol. Faris, 1782 5 vol 

8489 Luciano, Dialoghi, Narrationi et facete Epistole tradotte per N. 

da Lonigo et historiate, tooodcuts Venetta, 1541 

8440 Lucretius de Serum Natura ab Oberto Gifanio restitutus 

old red morocco, m. and g, e. Antv. Flantinus, 1566 

8441 Lucretius de rerum natura, Olasg, Ibulis, 1769 ; and others 9 vol. 

8442 Lumsden (T.) Journey from Merut in Ladia to London, map 

eo^ extra 1822 

8443 Lunadoro (Cav. G.) Eelazione della Corte di Eoma accresoiuta 

da E. A . Zaccaria, 2 vol. Boma, 1774 

8444 Lutheri (M.) Enchiridion piarum Precationum, cum Passionali, 

quibus acceasit novum Calendarium, &c. woodcuts 

Wittemh. 1643 
3446 Macbride (J. D.) Lectures on the Articles Oxford, 1853 

3446 Macbride (J. D.) Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles and 

Epistles Oaford, 1858 

3447 Mac-Cfarthy Seagh (Comte de) Catalogue de sa Biblioth^ue, 

2 vol. MS. prices, half hound, uncut Paris, 1815 

8448 McCrie (T.) History of the Eeformation in Italy Udinh. 1833 

3449 Macdonnel (D. E.) Dictionary of Quotations 1803 

3450 Machiavelli (N.) Opere, 4 vol. s. I. eon la Sfera, 1680 
%* The edition generally but falsely attributed to the Eleevir PresB. 

3451 Machiavelli (N.) Tutte le Opere, 4 vol. portrait 

rare, unknown to Gamha s. I, colla Sfera, 1680 

8452 Machiavelli (N.) Opere, 7 vol. portrait 

Duke of York's copy Oosmopoli, 1769 

8453 Machiavelli (N.) Opere, 10 vol. portrait, uncut Oenova, 1798 

3454 Machiavelli (N.) Opere, 8 vol. portrait Italia, 1818 

3455 [Maohiavblli (N.)] CoifsniA pi Caxlimaoo: k di Lucbetia 

(La Mandragola), fibst edition, woodcut of Centaur on 

KXCE88IVELT BABE, verg fine copy, with rough leaves 

(Temoins) senza nota (Firenze, circa 1501) 


3456 Machiayegli (N.) Libro della Arte della Guerra 

FirenzBy Oiunti^ 1529 
8457 Machiavelli (N.) Sette Libri deir Arte della Guerra 

autograph sianature and notes of " Gfriff'. Maddocks Donum 
Capitanei Mender 19 Julii 1688," morocco mdlxxxtu 

*«* On the fly-leaf are also the autograph signatures of Dumoulinet 
des Tuilleries, and of Dawson Turner. 

3458 Machiavello (N.) Mandragola Comedia facetissima 

^reen morocco, g. e, rare Ttnegia, 1531 

3469 Machiavelli (N.) 11 Principe, La Vita di Castruccio Castracani, 
il Modo che tenne il Duca Valentino, per ammazare Vitel- 
lozo, &c. et i Bitratti delle cose della Erancia et della 
Alamagna, fine copy in russia s. I. (Vinegia), mdxxxt 

%• A very scarce edition, unknown to Gamba. 

3460 Machiayelli (N.) II Principe con alcune altre Operette 

^Palermo, 1584 

3461 Machiavelli (N.) Discorsi, autograph signature and notes of WiU 

liam CareWy Vinegia, 1537 — Sallustio, tradotto per A. Ortica, 
f»i, 1531 
8462 Machiavelli (N.) Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di Tito Livio 

fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Vinegia^ Aide, 1540 

3468 Machiavelli (N.) Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di Tito Livio, 
Vinegia, Aldo, 1546 — Libro dell' Arte della Guerra, »»», 
1546 — II Principe, Vita di Castruccio, &c. ivi, 1546 
Testi di Lingua in one vol," 

3464 Machiavelli (N.) Historic, Vinegia, Sabio, 1539 — Libro de V Arte 
della Guerra, ivi {Aldo) 1540, {at end, 1537) in one vol. 

8465 Machiavelli (N.) Historie, Vine^ia, Aldo, 1546 — II Principe, 

Vita di Castruccio Castracani, il Modo del Duca Valentino 
ed i Eitratti, ivi, 1646 in one vol. 

8466 Machiavelli (N.) Historie, Vinegia, 1 550, (at end, 1551)— IlTrin- 

cipe, Vita di Castruccio Castracani ed altri Opere, ivi, 1550 
— Discorsi, ivi, 1550 — Libro dell' Arte della Guerra, ivi, 
1550, (at end, 1551), red morocco, g. e. 4 vol. in 2 

3467 Machiavelli (N.) Historie, Vinegia, 1554—11 Principe, Vita di 

Castruccio Castracani, &c. ivi, 1554, vellum in one vol. 

3468 Machiavelli (N.) L' Asino d' Oro con alcuni altri Capitoli et 

Novelle del medesimo, rare Firenze, B, Giunii, 1549 

3469 Machiavelli (N.) Lasino doro con tutte laltre sue Operette 

(Capitoli, Decennali, Novella di Belfagor, Mandragola e 
Clitia), calf, Testo di Lingua, rare Roma, 1588 

3470 Michiavelli (N.) Mandragola Comedia 

fine copy in green morocco, g, e. Fiorenza, B. Oiunti, 1560 

3471 Machiavelli (N.) Historie, Discorsi, Arte della Guerra, il Prin- 

cipe, Ac. 4b vol. in 3, vellum Vinegia, 1560-54 

8472 Machiavegli (N.) Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di Tito Livio 

Vinegia, Aldo, 1552 

3473 Machiavelli (N.) Discorsi, il Principe, &c. 2 vol. in 1 ivi, 1554 


8474 Maoh£AY£LLI (N.) Dibgobsi, autograph signature and numerous 

notes of the Elizabethan Foet, Maubicoe Kyvvitst, author of 
" The Blessednesse of Brytaine," and translator of" Terence's 
ADdria/' morocco FalermOy 1584 

8475 Machiavelli (N.) Due Commedie (Mandragola e Clitia) e una 

Novella 'Be\fagor),Jronfispieee in the style ofCallot 
calf. Teste di Lingua Trajetto {Zondra), 1738 

3476 Machiavelli (N.) Lettere, half vellum, uncut Firenze, 1767 

8477 Machiavelli (N.) Commedia (il Frate) ora per la prima Volta 

publicata, half morocco, ttncut (Venezia, 1769) 

*«* Although attributed in the title-page to Macchiavelli, in all pro- 
babilitj it was the production of Francesco d' Ambra. 

8478 Machiavelli (N.) Istorie Fiorentine Mrenze, 1848 

8479 Machiavelli (N.) Libro prime delle Istorie Fiorentine 

20 copies, printed expressly for Dr. Wellesley's Lectures 

8480 Maegregor (£. G.) Specimens of Oreek Anthology translated, 

with autograph letter from translator 
half morocco, privately printed . 1855 

8481 Maegregor (R. G.) Translations of Epitaphs from the Greek 

Anthology n. d. (1867) 

8482 Mack Gregory (J.) Account of the Sepulchers of the Antients, 

and Description of their Monuments 1712 

8483 Mackintosh (Sir J.) Yindicise Gallics 1791 

8484 [Macquer], Abreg6 Chronologique de THistoire Ecclesiastique, 

2 vol. vignettes, old calf gilt Paris, 1761 

8485 Madden (R B.) TTnited Irishmen, their Lives and Times, second 

series, 2 vol. numerous portraits 1848 

8486 Madrisio (N.) Yiaggi per P Italia, Francia e Germania, 2 vol. 

Venezia, 1718 

8487 Maffei (Giuseppe) Storia della Letteratura Italians, 2 vol. 

Italia, 1834 

8488 Maffei (Marchese S.) Compendio della Yerona illustrata, 2 vol. 

portrait and plates Verona, 1795 

3489 Maffei (S.) degli Anfiteatri e singolarmente del Yerone, plates 

T, Gray the Foefs copy, with his autograph initials tvi, 1728 

8490 Maffei (Scipione) Yerona illustrata, 5 roh portrait and plates 

half calf extra, Teste di Lingua Milano, 1826-26 

J3491 Magalotti (L.) Belazione varie, frontispiece and map of the Nile, 
half calf gilt, Teste di Lingua Firenze, 1693 

3492 [Magalotti (Conte L.)] Caiizonette Anacreontiche di Lindoro 

Elateo Pastore Arcade, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1723 

3493 [Magalotti (Conte L.)] Canzonett« Anacreontiche 

red morocco, g. e. by Delande Fere ivi, 1723 

3494 Magalotti (Conte L.) il Sidro Foema, tradotto dair Inglese (di 

G. Philips) con bellissimi Componimenti di diversi illustri 
Poeti e una Eaccolta di leggiadre Canzonette 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1752 

8495 Magalotti (Conte L.) La Donna immaginaria, Canzoniere ed 
altre Composizioni inedite, portrait, calf gilt Lucca, 1762 


3496 Magalotti (Conte L.) Letfcere familiari, 2 vol. calf Firenze, 1700 

3497 Magalotti (Conte L.) Lettere, portrait 

half gilt calf Venezioy 1825 

3498 Magalotti (Conte L.) Letters, portrait 

LABOE PAPER, halfmoroccOf uncut, top edge giU ivi, 1825 

3499 Magalotti (Conte L.) Yarie Operette, portrait and map of the Nile, 

half calf uncut. Teste di Lvngua ivi, 1779 

3500 Magalotti (Conte L.) Yarie Operette, map of the Nile 

half calf uncut, Teste di Lingua ivi, 1779 

3501 Magalotti (Conte L.) Comento sui primi cinque Canti dell* In- 

ferno di Dante e quattro Lettere, portrait 
LABOE PAPEB, halfmoTOcco, uncut, Teste di Lingua, Milano, 1819 

3502 Magdoli (Pier Luigi di Prancesco) Dua Prediche da More Car- 

nascialesche: con una Epistola ad Amicam : con un Capitolo 
(in Yerai) 
EXGESSITELT BABE, unJcnown to Bibliographers, fine large 
copy Siena, 1524 

3503 Magee (W.) Discourses and Dissertations on the Scriptural Doc- 

trines of Atonement and Sacrifice, 2 toI. calf 1816 

3504 Ma£^gi (C. M.) Scelta di alcune Eime, sacre e morali, Pisa, 1793 

3505 Manl (J.) Essai sur les Antiquit^s du D^partement du Mor- 

bihan, vellum extra, g. e, Vannes, 1825 

3506 Maier (A.) della Imitazione Pittorica, della Eccellenza delle 

Opere di Tiziano e della Yita di Tiziano scritta da S. Ticozzi, 
vellum Venezia, 1818 

3507 Maittaire (M.) Stephanorum Historia, Yitas ipsorum ac libros 

complectens, cum Appendice, portrait hy Siurt Lond. 1709 

3508 Malaspina di Sannazaro (Marchese) Catalogo di sua Baccolta di 

Stampe antiebe, 5 vol. plates of monograms 
half calf gilt MUano, 1824 

3509 Malatesti (A.) La Sfinge, Enimmi, 2 parts in 1 

calf extra, old style Venetia, 1640, Sf Mrenze, 1643 

3510 Malatesti (A.) La Sfinge, Enimmi, 3 parts in 1 Mrenze, 1683 

%* This edition contains amongst the preliminary Poems an Enimma 
bj Galileo G-alilei. 

3511 Malatesti (A.) e P. Salvetti, Brindisi con Annotazioni 

half morocco, uncut ivi, 1728 

3512 Malebranche (N.) Entretiens sur la Metaphjsique et sur la Be- 

ligion, calf, m, and g, e, Rotterdam, 1688 

3513 Maltby (Bp. E.) Greek Gradus, calf gilt 1830 

3514 Malvasia (C. C.) Le Pitture di Bologna, morocco, Bologna, 1686 

3515 [Malvasia (C. C.)] Le Pitture di Bologna Bologna, 1704 
3616 Malvasia (C. C.) Le Pitture di Bologna, Bologna, 1706— Pitture, 

Scolture, ed Architetture delle Chiese, Luogbi pubblici, 
Palazzi e Case di Bologna e suoi Subborghi, ivi, 1792 2 vol. 

3517 Mancini (L.) del Mode che tennero i Latini nel tradurre i Greci 

e gV Italiani nel volgarizzare i primi e i secondi, Mrenze, 
1839 — Scherzi in Kima — La Glosa di S. Teresa, Spag. ed 
Ital. (ivi, 1839), privately printed in one vol, 

3518 Mancini (L.) del Linguaggio poetico Mrenze, 1840 

3519 Manetti (S.) Consulto , ivi^ 1781 



8620 Manfredi (E.) Bime con sua Yita e con alcune sue Prose, 
portrait^ half calf gilt ^ uneuiy Te9to di Lingua^ Bolognay 1760 

3521 Mann (Abb^) Abr6ge de rHistoire de Bruxelles et de sea En- 

virons, 3 vol. in 2 
FiKB PAPEB, plates^ with private portrait added, red moroeeoj 
g. e, Bruxelles^ 1785 

3522 Manni (D. M.) Metodo per istudiare le Sfcorie di Firense 

wneui Firenze, 1755 

3528 Manni (D. M.) Yita di Arlotto Mainardi. Giuntovi un Canto 

d'incerto Autore intitolato : la Pazzia di Bettina Yeneziana, 

portrait of Bettina Oabrieli Venezia, 1760 

8524 Manni (D. M.) Yita di P. Pema Impressore in Basilea 

Lucca, 1763 

8525 Manni (D. M.) Lezioni di Lingua Toscana 

half calf extra, uncut, top edge gilt, Teeto di Lingua, ivi, 1773 

8526 Manni (D. M.) Yita di N. Stenone VTescovo di Titopoli 

half calf extra, g, e. Teste di Lingua Firenze, 1775 

B527 Manni (D. M.) Veglie piacevoli ovvero Notizie de' piu bizzarri 
e giocondi TJomini Toscani, 8 vol. in 4 
half vellum, uncut ivi, 1815-16 

3528 Manning (H. £.) Sermons, 1843~IIopwood (H.) Christ in His 

Church, and other Sermons, Camb. 1846^Scott (T.) Ser- 
mons, with Life, edited by S. King, 1837— Dibdin (T. F.) 
Sermons, 1843 4 vol, 

3529 MaDucci (Aldo) Yita di Cosimo I de' Medici Oranduca di Tos- 

cana, portrait Fisa, 1823 

8530 Manuzio (raolo) Lettere copiate sugli Autografi nella Biblioteca 

Ambrosiana, labgb pafbb, portrait, with a postscript of a 

letter in the autograph of Faolo Manuzio added 

green morocco, y. e, JParigi, 1834 

3531 Manzi (G.) sopra gli Spettacoli, le Feste ed il Lasso degl' 

Italiaui nel Secolo XIY, plate Boma, 1818 

3532 Manzoni (A.) 1 promessi Sposi, 3 vol. Barigi, 1827 

3538 Manzoni (A.) Storia della ColonDa infame, Barigi, 1843 ; and 9 

others, Italian (10) 

3534 Manzoni (Erancesca) Ester, Tragedia Verona, 1733 

3535 Marcelli (P.) S. Gyrilli et H. KelTneri, de Yita, Moribns et Bebus 

gestis omnium Ducuin Yenetorum Historia, woodcut por- 
traits, with coats of arms, red morocco extra Francof 1574 

3536 [Marcello (B.)] 11 Toscanismo e la Crusca o sia il Cruscante 

Impazzito, Tragicommedia Giocosa, Venezia, 1740 — [Ba- 
ruffaldi (G.)] 11 Poeta, Commedia, Bologna, 1734 in 1 vol, 

3537 Marchese (P. L. Y.) Memorie dei piu insigui Pittori, Scultori e 

Architetti Domenicani con Aggiunta di alcuni Scritti in- 
tomo le Belle Arti, 2 vol. Firenze, 1845 

8538 Marchetti (G.) de' Prodigj awennti in molte sagre Immagini 
spedalmente di Maria Santissima, engravings of the Ma- 
donna, Sfo. half calf gilt Boma, 1797 

3539 Marchio (Y.) delle Cose di Lucca Lucca, 1721 

3540 Marguerite d*Autriche Correspondance avec Philippe II, &c. 

printed for the Societe de Bibliophiles de Belgique, scarce 

Bruxelles, 1842 


B54il Mariano da Siena (Ser.) Yiaggio in Terra Santa nel Secolo iV, 
Firenze, 1822 — Cioerchia (N.) Istoria della Passione e 
Morte di Ge^ii Gristo Bcritta nel buon Seoolo della Lingua, 
ivi, 1822 in one voh 

3542 Marini (A.) sopra i Cortegra Brescia^ 1795 

8543 [Marini (G.)] Indicazione delle Fabbriche, Chiese e Pittore di 

Verona Verona, 1816 

8544 Marino (Cav. G-. B.) La Murtoleide Fischiate con la Marineide 

risate del Murtola, calf, g, e, Franeofort, 1626 

8545 Marino (Cay.) La Murtoleide Fischiate con la Marineide riBate 

del Murtola, Spira, 1629 — Le Strigliate a Tomaso Stigl^ano 
del S. BobuBtopogommega, ivi, 1629 — Magagnati (G.) Capi- 
toli Burleschi con il Giar(Uniero di C. Orsino e la Merdeide 
di N. Bobadillo, m, 1629 in one vol. 

%* This edition of the poems of Magagnati, equally renowned as the 
best manufacturer of edibles and as a capital concoctor of 
verses, is far rarer than the reprint at Nuremberg in 1642, 
which sold for £7. in the Libri sale. 

8546 Marino (Cav. G. B.) La Galeria distinta in Pitture e Sculture, 

2 vol. in 1 Venetia, 1647 

3547 Marino (Cav. G. B.) Lettere ed alcune Poesie m, 1673 

3548 Mariti (G.) Cronologia de' Be Latini di G^rusalemme 

lAvomo, 1784 
8549 Marliani (B.) Bitratto di Boma antica, numerous plates 

old red morocco, aides and back covered frith fleurs-de-lis^ 
stamped in gold Bomay 1633 

3550 MaroUes (M. de) Catalogue de Livres, d'Estampes, et de Fi^^res 

en taille douce, Paris^ 1666 — [Second] Catalogue de Livres, 
d'Estampes, &c. cuts of engravers^ marks, ib, 1672 in 1 vol. 

%♦ " The second Catalogue is of extreme rarity." — MS. not^ by 
Dr. Wellesleg. 

3551 Marolles (M. de) Memoires, avec des notes, 8 vol. 

calf Amst. 1755 

3552 Martelli (L.) Opere, Testo di Lingua 

fine copy in vellum, rare Firenze, B. di Oiunta, 1548 

3653 Martelli (IT.) Vita di Numa Pompilio JPrato, 1847 

3554 [Martello (P. J.)] II Femia sentenziato Favola di Messer Stucco 
a Messer Cattabrighe Cagliari {Milano) 1724 

%* Bigidly suppressed by the author. Gbmba pronounces this 
dramatic composition *' rarissma.^* 

3556 Martialis Epigrammata AnimadTersionibus et notis Scriverii 

calf, y. e. Lugd. Bat 1619 

3556 Martialis Epigramata cum Commentariolis T. Farnabii 

fine copy in green morocco extra^ g, e. Sedani, 1624 

3557 Martin (6.) Miscellaneous Correspondence, maps and plates, 

4i vol. 1759-64; and others 7 vol. 

8558 Martin (G.) Catalogue des Livres et des Estampes de M. Bel- 
langer Thesorier General du Sceau de France, MS. prices 
calf Paris, 1740 


8659 Martinelli (F.) Boma rioertata, etehtngs hy D, Barriere in the 
style of OaUot - Mima, 1658 

8560 Martinelli (F.) Soma ricertata nel buo Sito, woodcut* ib, 1693 

8561 Martinelli (F.) Boma di nuova esattamenta ricertate, plates 

ib. 1702 

8562 Martinelli (Y.) Lettere &miliari e critiche 1758 

8563 Martinelli (Y.) Lettere familiari e critiche 

J9. Qi»rrich*s copy Londra, 1758 

8564 Martyris (Petri) Defensio ad Eiccardi Smythsi Angli duos 

Libellos de Cslibatu Sacerdotum et Yotis monasticis 
Jine copy in stamped pigshin - BasilecBy 1559 

3565 Marullo (M.) Dial(M;o delle Yirtu & Fatti di Hercole tradotto 

Eir B. Chrisolpho, Vineyia, 1549 — Tridapale (A.) Loica in 
ingua Yolgare, ivi, 1548 in one vol, 

8566 Marzio (Gkileotto) della yaria Dottrina tradotto per F. Serdonati 

liesto di Lingua Fiorenza, F. GHwnti^ 1615 

8567 Masaii (F.) Monumenta Yaticana, vellum Boma, 1854 

8568 Maauccio Salemitano, Ginquanta Noyelle intitolate il Novellino 

edizione della Qatta senza nota 

8569 Mathias (T. J.) Pursuits of Literature, a Satirical Poem in four 

Dialogues, with Notes, &c. several parts crossed unth a pen 
and inkf calf, m. e, 1808 

8570 Mathias (T. J.) Poesie Liriche Toscane 

half calf gilt, uncut 1816 

8571 Mathias (T. J.) Componimenti Lirici de* piil illustri Poeti 

d'ltalia, 4 vol. mpoli, 1819 

8572 Mathias (T. J.) Poesie Liriche e yarie, 8 vol. in 1, calf extra 

presentation copy to the Countess of Blessington ivi, 1825 

8578 Mlaurice (T.) Indian Antiquities, 7 vol. plates, uncut 1800 

8574 Mauro (L^ Antichit^ di Boma con le Statue antiche descritte 

per TJlisse Aldroandi, Venetia, 1562 — Contarino (L.) Anti- 
quit^ di Boma, ivi, 1575 — Le Cose maravigliose di BomI^ 
ivi, 1575 — Nomi delle Provintie, Citta, Terra e Castella di 
Napoli e delle Famiglie nobili, Napoli, 1575 in otic vol. 

8575 MaximiUen I, Correspondance avec Marguerite d'Autriche, sa 

Fille, Gk>uvernante des Pays-Bas de 1507 k 1519, publico 

par M. Le Glay, 2 vol. Paris, 1889 

3576 Mayer (F. I. L.) Voyage en Italic, half calf ib. 1802 

8577 Mayr (Q.) Monete e Medaglie onorarie Ferraresi illustrate 

half morocco, uncut Ferrara, 1813 

8578 Mazio (F.) Serie dei Conj di Medaglie Pontificie, Boma, 1824 — 

Nanni (F.) il Forestiere in Bavenna, plates, Bavenna, 1821 
calf gilt in one vol. 

3579 Mazza (B.) Intomo ad alcune Majoliche dipinte Lettera 

scarce Pesaro, 1836 

8580 Mazzella (S.) Sito et Antichit^ di Pozzuolo e del suo amenissimo 

Distretto, woodcuts Napoli, 1594 

8581 Mazzella (S.) Antichitii di Pozzuolo, plan and woodcuts ivi, 1606 

3582 Mazzuchelli (Gonte G. M.) Notizie intomo ad Isotta da Bimino, 
portrait, Brescia, 1759 ; and other Tracts in the volume 


8588 Mazzuchelli (Gonte O. M.) Vita di Pietro Aietino, portrait and 
plates of medals, with caustic MS, notes hy a contemporary 
half calf giU Brescia, 1768 

8584 Mead (Dr. £.) Life, portrait, 1755— Bibliotheca Meadiana, MS. 

prices, 1754-55 — MuBeum Meadianiun, MS, prices, 1765 — 

Catalogue of Dr. Mead's Oems, Bronzes, &c. MS, prices, 

1755— Catalogue of Dr. Mead's Pictures, MS. prices, 1755 

half calf, uncut, scarce in one vol, 

8585 Medici (Lorenzo de') Poesie yolgari 

fine copy, with sheet complete in 8 leaves, vellum, Testo di 
Lingua Vinegia, Aldo, 1554 

8586 Medici. Another copy, UTtM sheet O in 4 leaves, hut having the 

suppressed Poems supplied in MS. and numerous valuable 
variations from an ancient MS. written on margins, ivi, 1554 

%* This copy sold for £6 at Singer's sale, in 1818. 

8587 Medici (Lorenzo de') Poesie. S'aggiun^ono le Stanze in Lode 

della Nencio, i Beoni, le Bime spirituali e altre Poesie 
inedite, 2 vol. Bergamo, 1763, the Mime Sucre dated Ber- 
gamo, 1760 — Canzone inediti attribuite a Lorenzo copiate 
da G-. B. Tomitano, Mahttscbipt — Poesie del Magnifioo 
Lorenzo de' Medici tratte da Testi a Penna, &c senza nota 
uncut, Testo di Lingua in one vol. 

8588 Medici (Lorenzo de) Poesie con le Stanze in Lode della 

Nencia, i Beoni, le Bime Spirituali e altre Poesie inedite 
con alcune Memorie, &c. 2 vol. in 1 
LABGS PJLPEB, half morocco, uncut Bergamo, 1763 ^ 1760 

3589 Medici (Lorenzo de') Poesie inedite tratte da Testi a Penna 

per cura di Qc. Boscoe, calf gilt Liverpool, 1791 

•^* Very rare. Only 12 copies having been printed for presents. 

3590 Medici. Lettere di Lorenzo il Mamifico al 8. P. Innocenzio 

YlII e piu altre di Personaggi iUustri Toscani 
half morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1830 

8591 Medici (Lorenzino de') Aridosio Commedia 

morocco, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, F. Oiunti, 1593 

8592 Medici. Another copy, vellum ivi, 1598 

8593 Meditationi della Vita di G^sii Cristo. Testo inedito del buon 

Secolo, half calf gilt, uncut Milano, 1828 

3594 Meditazioni della Vita di Gesii Cristo. Testo di Lingua 

Parma, 1839 

3595 Meditazioni della Yita di Oesii Cristo. Testo di Lingua del 

buon Secolo, e pafeb NapM, 1851 

3596 Meditazione sopra I'Albero della Croce. Testo inedito del buon 

Secolo della Lingua, valvule MS. notes 
half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1819 

3597 Meditazione. Another copy 

THICK PAPEB, half morocco, uncut, top ec^e gilt ivi, 1819 

3598 Meditazione sopra I'Arbore della Croce. Testo di Lingua 

half morocco, uncut ivi, 1836 




3599 Meisneri (Dan.) Sciographia Coemica : libel] as noyus Politicus 

Emblematicus Givitatam, four parts, comprisma 400 plates 
in! vol. obi Nurnh. 1642 

3600 Meisneri Sciagraphia Cosmioa, Alia 'EditiOf four parts in L vol, 

obi ivi, 1678 

3601 Mellini (Domenico di Guido) delP Origine, Fatti, Costumi e 

Lodi di Matelda la Gran Contessa dltalia 
scarce Ftorenza, F. CHtmtiy 1689 

3602 Memoires de rHistoire de France et de Bourgogne Farts, 1729 

3603 Memorie di variaErudizione della Societa Colombaria Fiorentina, 

2 vol. in 1, plates, vellum, uncut Firenze, 1747-52 

3604 Memorie per le ^elle Arte, 4 yoL in 2, plates Boma, 1785-88 

3605 Menckenii (F. O.) Historia Yito et in literas meritorum Angeli 

Politiani Kmhro^m, frontispiece Lips, 1736 

3606 Mengs (A. E.) Opere pubblicate dal Car. Don G. N. d'Azara, 

2 Tol. Bassano, 1783 

3607 Menzini (B.) Opere (both Italian and Latin), 4 vol. portrait 

calf gilt, Teste di Lingua Firenze, 1731-32 

3608 Menzini, Satire, MS, notes senza nota 

3609 Menzini (B.) Satire 

LABOX Pi.F£R, with curious MS. notes, half morocco, uncut, 
Testo di Lingua s.l Sf a, 

8610 Menzini (B.) Satire 

LABGE PAFEB, half mOTOCco, uncut s, I Sf a, 

3611 Meschini (D.) Narrazione delle Esequie di F. Piccolomini, 

engraved title and portrait, with view and plan of the monu^ 
ment, author's autograph corrections, rare (see Morent) 

Siena, 160S 
\* At the end is the funeral oration, with various Epithalamia in 
Greek, Latin and Italian verse. 

3612 Mescolotti (Lattautio) Testamento, in ottava Eima, woodcut 

half calf gilt Firenze, s. a. 

3613 Messia (P.) Selva rinovata di varia Lettione di M. Eoseo e 

F. Sansovino divisa in cinque Parti con I'Aggionta delli 
Eaggionamenti dell' istesso Autore e con la nuova seconda 
Selva Opera accresciuta da B. Dionigi da Fano, 7 vol. in 2, 
numerous woodcuts, calf extra, g, e, Venetia, 1616 

3614 Messia (P.) Selva rinovata di varia Lettione di M. Eoseo e 

F. Sansovino con la nuova seconda Selva da B. Dionigi, 
7 vol. in 1, woodcuts ivi, 1638 

3615 Michael Angelus Bonarotus pinxit, Adam Sculptor Mantuanus 

incidit, 73 plates, half morocco, g, e, J, B, de Bubeis, s, a. 

3616 Michel (F.) Eapports sur les anciens monuments de THistoire 

et de la Litterature de la France Baris, 1838 

3617 Michel (F.) Eapports sur les anciens monuments de THistoire 

et de la Litterature de la France Boris, 1838 

3618 Michelii (P. A.) Nova Plantarum Genera cum Indice Italico, 

plates, with fine portrait added 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Florentia, 1729 


3619 Migliore (F. L. del) Firenze Citta noblissima illustrata, ^2a^« 

uncut Firenze^ 1684 

3620 Miller (E.) Catalogue des Manuscrits Grees de la Bibliotheque 

de rEscurial, with autoaraph letter of the compiler Par 1818 

3621 Milles (Jer.) Speech to the Society of Antiquaries on their 

removal to Somerset House, two copies, large paper, 1781 — 
Obseryations on some Antiquities found in tne Tower of 
London, 1778 — Observations on the Apamean Medal, 1777 
—Execution of Sir Charles Bawdin, 1772— Ayloffe (Sir J.) 
Description of a Picture in Windsor Castle, 1773; and 
others (llj 

3622 Mtltok (J.) Paradise Lost, a Poem in ten books 

FIBST EDITION, with the first and sixth titlepages, margins of a 
few leaves mended, russia, g. e. 1667-8 

3623 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, plates, Svo. interleaved in 2 vol. 4to, 


OBAPH or Benjamin Stillingfleet, from the library of 
Bishop Dampier 1727 

3624 Milton, Paradise Lost, by B. Bentley, two portraits 1732 

3625 Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, with the autograph of Jo. Tiekell^ 

\7 58, from the library of Dr. Bliss, to whom it was given by 
the widow of Dr. Felt, with pencil marks by Viscount 
Wellesley, see note on the fly-leaf^ Glasgow, Foulis, 1750 

3626 Milton (J.) Paradise Begain'd, and Samson Agonistes, Svo. tn- 

terleaved in 4do. fibst edition, vjith Manuscript notes and 
remarks, some by Dr. Joseph Warton 1671 

3627 Milton (J.) History of Britain, that part especially called Eng- 

land, portrait by Faithome 1671 

3628 Milton (J.) Iconoclastes in Answer to Icon Basilice, with many 

enlargements by B. Baron, loith Manuscript additions in the 
autograph of T. Hollis,from the libraries of Dr. l^isney and 
Mr. Heber 1756 

3629 Milton (J.) Life, with an Appendix by W. Hayley, from the 

library of Sir James Winter Lake, illustrated with various 
portraits, some proofs, others very scarce and unknoum to 
Bromley, a drawing of the House at Chalfont where Milton 
resided, an autograph letter of W. Sotheby, and other 
additions 1796 

3630 Mintumo (A.) Arte Poetica Venetia, 1563 

3631 Mirandola (A.) Discorso in Lode del Glorioso San Gioseffo, 

woodcut Bologna, 1619 

3632 Mirulei (Ant.) Nov» quasdam ac paganse Eegiunculffl circa 

Acidulas Swalbacenses, 26 plates (wanting No. 12), engraved 
by M. Merian, 1620 ; with 58 other Engravings, principally 
by Merian, consisting of Views of Cities, Landscapes, 
Hunting and Fishing Pieces, &c. obi. in one vol. 

3633 Missirini (M.) delle Memorie di Dante in Eirenze e della 

Gratitudine de' Fiorentini verso il Divino Poeta> plate of 
medal Firenze, 1830 


3634 Modena. Capitoli riformati da osservarsi nel Oovemo dell* 

Impresa Formentaria Modona^ 1613 

%• A very scarce Kegulation for the Bakers, unknown to Coleti. 

3635 Molza (F. M.) Commento di Ser Agresto da Ficaraolo (Anni* 

bale Oaro) sopra la Prima Ficata del Padre Siceo (F. M. 
Molza) col Testo 
a very rare edition of this tpelUhnovon hut extremely licentidus 
vjorkyjine copy in blue moroeeo, g, e, by Derome; from the 
Collections of Paul GHrardot de Prefond and A» A, Benouard 
8tampata in Baldaeco per Barhagrigia da Bengodi, 1539 

*jic* In all probability printed in Borne by Antonio Blado d'Asola. 

8636 Moniglia (G. A.) Poesie Dramatiche, 3 vol. 

LABGE PAPEB, plates, half ealfgUt, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

Firenze, 1689 

8637 Monosinii (A.) Floris Italicas Lingua Libri novem 

half '*tM«ia, Testo di Lingua Veneiiis, 1604 

*^* If we credit the statement of Bon P. Puccinelli in his Fede e 
Nobilita del Notajo (Milano, 1656), this work was written by 
B. Columbani, and published after the author's death as his 
own by Monosini. 

3638 Monosinii (A.) Floris ItalicaB Lingu» Libri IX 

vellum ivi, 1604 

8639 Mont Albani (0.) Antichita piii antiche di Bologna, with the 

large folding plan Bologna, 165 L 

8640 Monte Sancta Maria in G-allo (Frate Marco dal) Libro delli 

Comandamenti di Dio del Testamento Yecchio et Nuovo et 
Sacri Canoni, woodcuts, rare Firenze, A. Miscomini, 1494 

8641 Montecuccoli (Baimondo) Opere, illustrate da G. Grassi, 2 vol. 

I«ABGE PAPEB (only 40 ccpies printed), portrait and facsimiles, 
uncut Torino, 1821 

%* With a Dissertation by G. Grassi on an inedited work of Monte- 
cucculi taken from the Turin Memorie, and portrait by Aubert 

8642 More (Sir T.) Utopia, translated by B. Bobinson 

half morocco 1624 

8648 More (T.) Life and Death of Sir Thomas More, Lord High 

Chancellour of England, russia, g, e. printed abroad, n. d* 

8644 Morell (T.) Thesaurus Qredcm 'PoeneoQ, portrait after Hogarth 

calf gilt . Ftona, 1762 

8645 Morell (T.) Lexicon Grseco-Prosodiacum cum Latina Yersione 

E. Malth J, portraits, calf, m, e. Cantab. 1815 

8646 Morelli (Don J.) Dissertazione intomo ad alcuni Yiaggiatori 

eruditi Yeneziani 
printed on light blue paper (Carta azzurrina), plate of arms 

Vinezia, 1803 
%* Privately printed for presents only. A very few copies were 
taken off on various tinted papers. 

8647 Morelli (J.) e G. Gennari delle Pompe Nuziali giJL usate presso 

li Yeneziani e li Padovani Fenezia, 1819 



36 J-S Moreni (D.) Bibliografia storico-ragionata della Toscana, 2 vol. 
half calf gilt Mrenze, 1805 

«3G49 Mori (Ajscanio de) Oiuoco piacevole con TAggiunta d'alcune 
£ime et d'un Eaggionamento del medesimo in Lode delle 
Donne, 3 parts in 1, half morocco Mantova^ 1580 

3650 Mori. Another copy, 3 parts in 1, vellum ivi, 1580 

3651 Mori (Ascanio de') Novelle, half morocco ivi, 1585 

%* Very scarce. The Pinelli copy sold for £2. 48, and Col. Stanley's 
for £4. 

3652 Mori (Thomse) Epigrammata, woodcut border by H. Holbein 

half calf BagiUat, 1518 

3653 Morosini (P.) Memoria Istorica intomo allaSepubblica di Yenezia 

coll' Aggiunta di G. Comaro ed Annotazioni di A. G-. 
'Qomo^i^ frontispiece 
ULBOE FAPEB, printed foT presents only Venezia, 1706 

3654 Mortani da Santa Sofia (lllario, Abbate Vallombrosano) Com- 

ponimenti divers! di varii eccellenti Toscani e Latini Poeti, 
Bergamo, 1611 — Talenti (C.) Oda per la Providenza Divina, 
iviy 1610 — ^Talenti (C.) Canzone per la Citti di Yenetia, ivi^ 
1610 — Talenti (C.) Canzone per la Citt^ di Bergamo, im^ 
1610 — Talenti (C.) Oratio in Laudem Episcopi CoUensia, 
Florentufff aptid Junetam^ 1607 — Bochii (P.) Oratio de 
Laudibus Francisci Medicis Magni Ducis Etruriffi II, ib, 
1587 — Masetti (T.) Breve Descrizione dell' ApfMunato et 
Esequie di N. S. P. Leone XI con i Sonetti e Madrigali, &e. 
rare, ivi, 1605 — ColumnsB (Ascanii Card.) contra Beip. 
YenetiB Episcopos Sententia, Flarentice^ 1606 — Aresi (P.) 
Oratione in Lode di San Carlo Borromeo, Firenze, 1611— 
Campani (P.) Amo in Toscana al Fiume Sena in Francia 
(Yerses on the Death of Henry lY), ivi, 1610— Bocchii (F.) 
Oratio de Laudibus Henrici IIII, Florentue, 1610 — 
Campani (F.) La Celeste Flora (Yerses on the Birth of Prince 
Ferdinand), Firenze, (1610) — Mendes (Cav. S.) Oratione 
funerale nell' Esequie del Ser. Qran Cosmo de Medici, tp», 
1610— Campani (F.) Canzone in Morte et Essequie di Per- 
dinando Medici Gran Duca di Toscana, ivi, 1610; and 
various Pieces in Manuscript at end 
russia extra, g, e. in one vol, 

3655 Mortara (Cav. A. de) Elo^o di C. A. Fabroni Fistqja, 1818 

3656 Mortara (A. E.) Saggio di Osservazioni sul Yocabolario della 

Crusca Mantova, 1846 

3657 Mortara (Conte A.) Catalogo dei Manoscritti Italian! che sotto 

la Denominazione di Codici Canoniciani Italici si conservano 

nella Biblioteca Bodleiana a Oxford Oxon, 1864 

8657* Mortara. AnDther copy ttn, 1864 

3658 Mozzi (M. A. de) Sonetti sopra i Nomi dati ad alcune Dame 

Florentine della Serenissima Principessa di Toscana 

Firenze, 1706 

3659 Muratori (L. A.) deUa Caritii Cristiana 

vellum, uncut, Teste di Lingua Modena, 1723 

3660 Muratori (L. A.) della perfetta Poesia Italiana, 2 vol. autograph 

signature and notes of W, Cole Fenezia, 1724 


8661 Murchetti (A.) Vita e Poesie, pork-ait Venezia, 1755 

8662 Muaaram Elaiophoria ob foedera Oliveri Protectoris et Ordinum 

Po&deratorum Belgii, Oxon. 1664 — Three Poema upou the 
Death of Oliver Cromwell, 1659, repr, 1682 
hright old ealfy g, e.from Dr, Disney* 9 library in one vol, 

8663 Musarum Charisteria pro Begina Maria recens e nixus laboriosi 

discrimine recepta, larye paper, wants part of A 2 
areen velvet, y, e. Oxon» 1638 

8664 lUfoaeiiin de Florence ou Collection des Pierres Oray^ee, Statues 

et Medailles, ayec des ezplicationB Fran9aises par Mulct, 
vol. I to V, 368 ^tes by David, in 4 vol. Paris, 1787 

3665 Music. Proposals for rrinting a History of Musick, by N. Haym, 

a unique volume, with list of subscribers (including Mr, 
Handel), 10 plates of Deities belonging to music and ancient 
musical instruments from medals, statues aiKd bas-reliefs, 
also 22 portraits as specimens intended to illustrate the 
work (1729) 

3666 Music. Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, with an Intro- 

duction to Psalmody, by A. Williams, wanting the title oblong 

3667 Music. Operas, Chants, Psalm and Hymn Tunes, &c. a bundle 
8668 Mutio (»,) Historia de' Fatti di Federico di Montrefeltro, Duca 

d'tTrbino, portrait, morocco Venetia, 1605 

3669 Napier (H. A.) Historical Notices of the Parishes of Swyncombe 

and Ewelme, in the County of Oxford, plates 


3670 Nardi (J.) Historie della Citt& di Fiorenza 

veaufauve Idone, 1582 

3671 . Nardi (J.) Storia della Citt^ di Firenze 

autogrmph of Oosvmo Venturi Firenze, 1584 

3672 Nardini (F.) Boma antica, plates, vellum Roma, 1704 

3673 Nares (B.) Glossary ; or Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, 

and Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, Slc, thought to require 
illustration in Shakspeare and his Contemporaries 
ealf^ilt 1822 

3674 Narratione della gran Scaramnzza tra Pietro Strozzi et il Mar- 

chesa di Marignano, woodcut, a rare account (signed F, B,) 
of the defeat of Strozzi, near Siena, in 1554 
uncut senza nota (Siena, 1554) 

3675 Natalibus (Petri de) Catalogus sanctorum et gestorum eorum, 

many hundred woodcuts Lvgduni, 1508 

3676 Natalibus (P. de) Catalogus sanctorum et gestorum eorum per 

Albertum Castellanum recognitus, mcmy hundred woodcuts, 
ruled throughout, calf per iT. de FrancJefordia, 1516 

3677 Nazari (G. B.) della Tramutatione Metallica Sogni tre, curious 

woodcut, Aldine anchor on title-paye and on last leaf 
half calf, uncut, top edge gilt, rare in this state, Brescia, 1599 
8678 Nelli (G. B.) Discorsi di Architettura, con la Vita del medesimo 

e due Bagionamenti sopra le Cupole di A. Cecchim, portrait 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1753 

3679 Nelli (G. B. C.) Saggio di Storia letteraria Fiorentina del Secolo 

^YU, plate, half calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Lucca, 1759 

3680 Nelli. Another copy 

half calf gilt, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1759 


3681 Neri (A.) L'Arte Vetrttria 

TeHo di Idnaua ^ Firentef Qwnta^ 1612 

3662 Newspapers. Mercurias Aulicus, various Numbers, 1643-5 ; 

Mercurius ElencticuSy and a few others a bundle 

3663 Newspapers. The KiDgdoms Intelligencer, Nos. 1 to 52, 30 Dec. 

1661 to 29 Dec. 1662— The Last Years Intelligencer, in 
Burlesq, a scarce poetical tract of fowr leavet, 1663 — The 
Intelligencer and Newes, aUemateUf every week, Nos. 1 
to 102, 31 Aug. 1663 to 29 Dec. 1664, 2 voL rov^h calf 

3684 Newspapers. Present State of Europe, or Monthly Mercury, 

from Oct. 1690 to Oct. 1691 Bdiiib. reprinted 1690-1 

3685 Newspapers. The Scots Courant, from 1715 to l7l8, a^arendl/g 

not quite regular y and the title-paaee, except one at the com- 
mencement of each volume^ cancelUd, 4 vol. Sdinh. 1715-18 

3686 Newspapers. York Mercury: a General View of the Affiurs of 

Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain, with useful 
observations on Trade, from its commencement Eeb. 28, 
1718-19, to Feb. 13, 1720, 2 vol. in 1 Tork, 1719-20 

3687 Newspapers. Caledonian Mercury, from Dec. 30, 1725, to Dec. 

29, 1726 JSdinh. 1725-6 

3688 Newspapers. Parker's Penny Post, published on Monday, 

Wednesday, and Friday, Nos. 260 to 414, not evbjeet to 
return 1727 

3689 Newspapers. Ipswich Journal, or Weekly Mercury, Nos. 356 

to 454, from 3 June, 1727, to 26 April, 1729 Ipswich, 1727-9 

3690 Newspapers. Edinbui^h Evening Courant, from July 30, 1728, 

to Jan. 19, 1730, in one vol. Edinh, 1728-30 

3691 Newspapers. Edinburgh Chronicle, or Universal Intelligencer, 

for 1759-66, 2 vol. ib, 1759-60 

3692 Newspapers. London Chronicle, from the commencement^ 

Jan. 1, 1757 to Dec. 81, 1763, and from Dec. 80, 1787, to 

Dec. 80, 1788 16 vol. 

8693 Newton (J.) Sermon on E. Eidgeway, burnt at Leicester for 

poysoning her Husband, <&c. 1684 

3694 Newtoni (Is.) Philosophisd Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 

commentariis Le Suer et Jacquier, 3 vol. 
calf Col. Allah. 1760 

8695 Nibby (A.) Baccolta de' Monumenti piii celebri di Boma An- 

tica, views engraved by P. JParboni and P. Buga 
vellum Boma, 1818 

3696 Nicolini (Cav. A.) Quadro in Musaico scoperto in Pompei, 

24 Ottob. 1831, descritto, plates Napoli, 1832 

3697 Nicodemi Evangelium. G^sta Domini Nostri Jesu Christi se- 

cundum Nicodemum, an early edition, consisting ofZ% leave* 

sine ulld notd 

3698 Nicolini (G.) Elogio Funebre del Oonte Paolo Tosi, portrait 

Brescia, 1843 

3699 Niecollucci (A.) Discorsi Politici e Militari Fenetia, 1630 

3700 Niecollucci. Another copy, half calf giU ivi, 1630 

3701 Nisiely (Udeno, t. e, Benedetto Moretti) Proginnasmi Poetici, 

5 vol. in 2, vellum, uncut^ Firenze, 1695-97 

8702 Northcote (J.) Memoirs of Sir Joshua Beyilolds, portraits, plate, 

and facsimile, half calf 1813 


3708 NoYXLLE. Libro di Novelle et di bel parlar gentile nel qual si 
oonteDgono Cento Novelle antike altravolta mandate fuori 
da Messer Carlo G-ualteruzzi da Fano di nuovo ricorette, 
con Aggiunta di quattro altre nel Fine 
LABOE PAPXBy unout, TeHo di Lingua, sxtbbuslt babe 

Jffiorenza, GHunti, 1572 

\* A verj yaloable copy, with the yariations of the old edition 
written on the margins by Udeno Nisieli (B. Fioretti^ who 
Beems to have collated the texts most carefully. On tne last 
leaf is the following MS. note *' Die xix Januarii m.dlxxii 
ApprobamuB Nos Fr. Franc, de Pisis Viceinq' Glis Dom Flor."* " 

8704 Novelle. Another copy on small paper ivi, 1572 

%* Bare. Col. Stanley's copy sold for £5. 15b. 6d. 

8705 NoTELLE. Cento Novelle antiche secondo I'Edizione dal 1525, 

oorrette ed illnstrate con Note, portrait of M. Colombo (the 
SBAir 01.BT1. TBLiifri. D*oi^AKDA (onltf 2 copies printed), half 
morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Milano, 1825 

3706 Novella del Orasso Legnaivolo, woodcut 

fine copy in gilt vellum Fiorenza, 1576 

%• Heber's copy sold for £3. 9s. 

3707 NoYXLLE. Tomitano (Q. B.) Bianca Cappello e Pietro Buona- 

venturi, Novella XI, laboe papeb, portrait of Bianca, 
Vinegia, 1815— Angelica, Novella di un Anonimo Sanese 
del Secolo XY, Venezia, 1813 — Copia di un Case notabile 
intervenuto a un gran Gentil*huomo Genovese, ivi, s, a. — 
Lo Agnellino dipinto Novelle due di P. Fortini e G. Parini, 
LABOE PAPEB, 8enza nota — Dragoni (A.) L'Amor conjugale, 
iiABGE PAPEB, Orcmona, 1810 — Fornasini (G.) Novella, 
LABGE PAPEB (JParma, Bodoni), 1804 
half hound red morocco, lettered as a hook in a case 

3708 NoTELLE B BoMAKZi. Salvucci (Salvuccio) Novella seconda 

delle distinte Particolarmente in dodici Mesi dell' Anno 
cominciando a Gennaio dette le Mesate, woodcut, obioie^al 
EDITION, EiCESSiTELT BABE, Morcnza, F, Tosi, 1591— No- 
velle del Grasso Legnaivolo, woodcut, Firenze, Sermatelli, 
1623 — Istoria dell' infelice Innamoramento di Gianfiore e 
Fiiomena Fiorentini, woodcut, a very rare edition (see 
Oamha), Fiorenza, D. Oiraffi, s. s. — Nuova Istoria del famo- 
sissimo e foribondo Abbate Cesare Biccardo (in ottava rima), 
woodcut, Bassano, s, a. — Giovanfiore e Fiiomena (in ottava 
rima), woodcut, senza nota — Istoria degl' Inganni del De- 
monic Tentatore (in ottava rima) woodcut, senza nota — 
Istoria di Antonio di Santo (Brigand), in ottava rima, 5 
woodcuts, senza nota — ^Istoria deU* Assedio di Malta, in 
ottava rima, woodcut, Napoli, «. a. — Morte di Marzia Basile 
Napolitana la quale fu decollata per la crudel Morte data 
al sue Marito 4&g. in ottava rima, woodcut of the execution, 
Bassano, s. a. — Bellisima, Historia della Vita e Morte di 
Pietro Mancino Capo di Banditi, in ottava rima, woodcut, 
JVapoli, s. a. — Nuova Istoria di Carlo Bainone, in ottava 
rima, woodcut, ivi, s, a. citron morocco in one vol. 


8709 Nuremberg. Wie das hochwirdigist Auch keiserlich heiligtbum 
und de grossenn Eomischen genad dar zu geben iat und Alle 
Jare ausz gerufft und geweiat wirt in der loblichen Stat Nu- 
remberg, woodcuU ,Nuremb, 1498 

3710 Obelisci Yaticani Ordo Dedicatioms, quam F. GhilesiniuB explicat 
dilucide, platet^ Boma, 1586, and various other Pieces on 
the same subject, printed at Borne in 1586, in one vol. 
old calf, edges gilt and gauffrd 

8711 Ogle (a.) Qualtherus and Griselda, or Clerk of Oxford's Tale, 
1739 — Burton (J.) Conciones duaB, Oxon, 1729 — Begistrum 
Begale Etonsa et Cantabrigi», 1774 — Ornaments of Churches 
considered, imperfect 4 vol, 

3712 Ogle (O.) G-emmsa Antique Cnlatfls; a Collection of Gbms, 

platee hy 01. Du Bose 1741 

3713 Olini (G. P.) Uccelliera overo Discorso della Natura e Proprieta 

di diversi TJccelli e in particolare di que' che cantano, hrilli' 
ant impreeaions of the beautiful engravings hy Tempeata and 
VUlamena Boma, 1622 

%* Very rare; Colonel Stanley's copy sold for £7. lOs. and Edwards's 
for £5. 

3714 Oiivieri (Annibale degli Abati) della Zecca di Pesaro e delle 

Monete Pesaresi dei Secoli Bassi, plates Bologna^ 1773 

3715 Olmo (J. del) Belacion del Auto General de la Fe, que se cele- 

bro en Madrid este Ano de 16S0, frontispiece and large 
folding plate, half morocco, rare Madrid, 1680 

3716 Operetta delle Semente (in ottava rima), con dua Capitoli bellis- 

simi (per B. QiambuUari e Panfilo Sasso e dua belli Sonetti, 
woodcuts, olive morocco, g. e, very scarce Bsrrara, 1625 

3717 Orationes Variaa, a Collection of 88 Tracts, some scarce and 

curious, in a cover 1557-1757 

3718 Orlandi (P. A.) Origine e Progressi della Stampa o sia dell' Arte 

impressoria, Girardot de Brefond^s copy, vfith MS. additions 
veaufauve, gilt marbled edges Bononia, 1722 

3719 Orlandi (Fra P. A.) Abecedario Pittorico dei Professori piu 

iUustri in Pittura, Scultura, e Architettura notabilmente 
accresciuta fino all' Anno 1775, portrait ofBuga 

Firenze, 1788 

3720 Orsi (O. A.) Dissertazione contro I'TTso materiale delle Parole 

Boma, 1727 

3721 Orsini (J.) Storia delle Monete de' Granduchi di Toacana della 

Casa de' Medici e di quelle dell' Imperatore Francesco di 
Lorena come Granduca di Toscana, plates, with valuable 
MS, additions by the Oavaliero Baldovinetti Mrenze, 1756 

3722 Orsini (J.) Storia delle Monete della Bepubblica Fiorentina, 

plates of coins, with valuable MS, additions by Oavaliero 
Baldovinetti Mrenze, 1760 

3723 Orti (G.) Gli antichi Monumenti nel Giardino de' Conti Giusti 

illustrati, plates Verona, 1835 

3724 Orti Manara (Com. G.) lllustrazione di due antichissimi Tempj 

Cristiani Yeronesi, plates Verona, 1840 


3725 Ottinello e Gialia Historia bellissima (in Ottava Bima), wood- 

cut Venezia, per D. Lovi^a, s. a. 

3726 Ottoliitt, Catalogo delle Stampe do' piu gran Maestri che com- 

pongono la presente CoUezione 
half calf y uncut, rare Lucca, 1809 

3727 Ovidii Opera, notis Variorum cura Burmanni, 4 vol. 

fine copy, calf extra, g, e, fty J. Clark Amst, 1727 

3728 Oyidio Le Metamorfosi ridotte da G-. A. dell' Anffuillara in 

ottara Bima, con le Annotationi di O. HoroToggi e gli 

Argomenti e Postille di P. Turchi, engravings hy G, Franco, 

red morocco, g, e, hy Padeloup, with the arms of Viscount 

Strangford stamped in gold on sides, Vmegia, B. Qiunti, 1584 


3729 Collection of Cuttings from Newspapers and other publications, 

principally of the latter part of the last, and commence- 
ment of the present Century, relating to the University, 
City, and County of Oxford, with the dates added in manu- 
script, mounted in a volume 
ha\fcalf, lettered Oxford Miscellanea 

3730 Remarks on the Life, Death, and Burial of Henry Cornish, 

interr'd in Bisiter Church, Narcissus LuttrelVs copy 1699 

8731 Answere of the Yicechancelour, the Doctors, both the Proctors, 
and other the Heads of Houses in the Universitie of 
Oxford, to the Petition of the Ministers of the Church of 
England, desirinc; Reformation of certaine Ceremonies and 
Abuses of the Church Oaford, 1603 

3732 Answere of the Yicechancelour, Doctors, and others of the 

Universitie of Oxford, to the Petition of the Ministers of 
the Church of England, desiring Beformation of certaine 
Ceremonies and Abuses of the Church, Oaford, 1603 — 
Barlow (W.) Summe and Substance of the Conference 
before the Ejng at Hampton Court, 1603, J. Bill, 1625 

in one vol. 

3733 Musa Hospitalia Ecclesiie Christi in Adventum Jacobi Begis, 

AnnsD Begin® et Henrici Principis ad eandem Eoclesiam, 
scarce, with long autograph note of Mr. Baker at end 

Oxon. 1605 

8734 BeatsB Marin Maedalense Lachryma) in Obitum Qui. Grey, 
Baronis de Wuton Filii Natu minoris Oxon, 1606 

3735 Articles to be enquired of within the Dioces of Oxford, in the 

first Visitation of John Bishop of Oxford, 1619 
hUA Utttx Oaford, 1619 

3736 Poems. Carolus Bedux, Oxon, 1623-- Musarum Oxoniensium 

Elaiophoria, ih, 1654 2 vol. 

3737 Sermons ; viz. Browne (T.) at St. Maries, Oaf. 1634»Giirdyner 

(H.) at Christ Church on Christmas Day, ib. 1638 (2) 


OxFOBD — (WoBKs BELATIKG To) eotitinued. 

8738 Mr. Vice-Chancellor's Speech to his Majestie, at Christ Church 
on New Year's Bay : when, in the name of the whole 
Universitie, he presented his Majestie with a faire G-ilt 
Cup, and two hundred pounds of Qold in it, Oxford, IG^S 

8789 The Oxonian Antijppodes ; or, the Oxford Anty-FarHament, hy 
Jo. Brandon, Gent. 1644 

8740 Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the raising of 20,000£, 

to be implojed towards the Beducing of Oxford to the 
obedience of the Parliament 1645 

8741 Articles concerning its Surrender, Oxford^ 1646 — ^fielation of 

the Proceeding against St. Mary Magdalen College, 1688 — 
Defence of the Bights and Privileges of the University, 
Oxford, 1690 (3) 

8742 Letter from a Scholar in Oxford, shewing what progresse the 

Visitors hav^ made in the Beformation of that University, 
1647 ; and 1 other (2) 

3743 Privileges of the University of Oxford, 1647 — Foundation of 
the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 1651 — Answer 
of the Chancellor to the Petition of the City of Oxon, 
1678 — ^Vindication of the Proceedings against the Bp. of 
London and the Fellows of Magdalen College by Sir C. 
Hedges, 1688 ; and other Tracts relating to Oxford 
hay^russia in one vol, 

8744 An Owle at Athens ; or, a true Eolation of the Enterance of the 

Earle of Pembroke into Oxford, April xi, 1648 (in Verse), 
autograph rf Thomas Seame, halfrussia, uncut 1648 

8745 Jugement de TUniversit^ sur la Ligue et Convenant 

rare Imprimd en V Annie 1648 

8746 Bustica Academis Oxoniensis nuper Beformatie Descriptio, a 

eurioue broadside, printed in treble columns, 1648 — Umbra 
Comitiorum; or, Cambridge Commencement in Types, 
Oxford, n,d. (2) 

8747 Bustica Academic Oxoniensis Descriptio in Visitatione Fanatica, 

1648, Lond. s. a. — Ode Brumalis a O. Thompson, 1747, and 
various Latin Orations, &e, illustrative of the University (20) 

8748 The Case of the University of Oxford; or, the sad Dilemma 

that all the Members tnereof are put to, either to be per- 
jur'd or destroy'd, in a letter to Mr. Selden Oxford, 1648 

8749 Tragi-Comosdia Oxoniensis, yb»r leaves, uncut (1648) 

8750 Newes from the Dead ; or, a true and exact narrative of the 

miraculous deliverance of Anne Greene, who being executed 
at Oxford afterwards revived, with Poems, portrait of 
Martha Hatfield, by Hollar, inserted 
half russia Oxford, 1651 

8751 The Foundation of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 

1651 — Auctio Davisiana Oxonii habita, 1689 — Johnston 
(N.) Impartial Belation of the late Visitation of St. Mary 
Magdalen College in Oxford, 1688 8 vol. 

8752 The Savilian Professours' case stated, by H. Stubbe, imperfect, 

1658 ; and other Tracts relating to the University (12) 


OxPOEB (Works BELATiifa to) — cotUintted, 

3753 Sundry Thingf from seyerall bands concerning the Uniyersity of 
Oxford, 1659 — Bagshawe (E.) Discourse concerning Qod*B 
Decrees, Oicf. 1659 — Letter to T. Pierce, Bector of Brighton, 
containing a state of the Question about God's Decrees, 
1659 — ^Tbe Author and Subject of healing in the Church, 
bv E. Eeynolds, of Christ Church, 1660— Letter to a 
Member of Convocation, containing the Case of a Fellow 
Elect of University College, 1699 (5) 

8754 Britannia Bediviva, Oxon. 1660 — Xwrrpa Cantabri^ensia ad 
Carolum 11 reducem, Oantah. 1660 — Epicedia m obitum 
Henrici Duds Gloucestrensis, Oxon, 1660 — ^Epicedia in 
obitum Mariffi Frincipis Arausionensis, ib. 1661— -Domiduoa 
Oxoniensis, ib, 1662 4 voh 

3755 Domiduca Oxoniensis ob Catharinss Lusistanis in Angliam 
appulsum, large paper Oxan. 1662 

8756 Verses spoken at the appearance of the King and Queene, Duke 

and Dutchesse of York, in Christ-Church Hall, Oxford, by 
T. Ireland, Oxford^ 1668 — Verses spoken to the King, 
Queen, and Dutchesse of Yorke in St. John's Library, 
two leaves (1663) (2) 

8757 Elegy on the Death of Mr. James Bristow, late Fellow of All 

SouPs (by Ed. Palmer) Oxford, 1667 

3758 Oxonium, Poema, authore F. V[ernon] ex aede Christi 

uncut Oxon. 1667 

8759 Balliofergus ; or, a Commentary upon the foundation, founders, 

and affaires of Balliol College, by H. Savage 

fivte copy^ old ealfg. e. Oxford, 1668 

3760 Notitia Oxoniensis AcademisB (a Gul. Fulman) 1676 

8761 Notitia Oxoniensis Academic Aliud Exemplar, illuitrated with 

views of the Oolleaes, Sfe. 1675— Oxonium Poema per Ver- 
non, title damaged, Oxon. 1667 in one vol 

8762 Answer of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the Uni- 

versity of Oxford to the Petition, Articles of Grievance, and 
Seasons of the City of Oxon. Oxford, 1678 

8763 Copy of the Poll for Members for the University, Oxford, 1722 

— Proceedings against Magdalen College, with MS. Note 
hg T. Baker, 1688— The Swopping-Song of the Mallardians, 
an Ode, 1752 ; with other Tracts, single leaves relating to 
Mr. Heber's Canvassing as a Bepresentative for the Uni- 
versity, &c. &c, a small bundle 


3764 Meriani (M.) Topographia Alsatiw, etc. JS^ranekf 1644 — Topo- 

graphia HelvetisB, Bhseti® et Valesisd, ib, 1642, in one vol. 
old red morocco, with the arms of the Marshal Due de Chram- 
mont stamped on the sides, g. e. 

3765 Meriani (M.) Topograpbi® Bavariae, Palatinatus Bheni, Lothar- 

ingite, Sabaudiie, etc, m^any plates, 3 vol. in 1, fine impressions 

Franckf 1644-5 
F r 


3766 Meriani (M.) Topographia Franconue, numerou$ plafet^ fine 
impressions lirane. 1648 

8767 Meriani (M.) Topographia Prorincianim Austriacanim, Austiis, 

StjriiB, CannthiiBy CarniobB, Tyroli, etc. pUUes, fine im- 
old red moroccOy with arms on the sides, y. e. J^anehf. 1649 

8768 Meriani (M.) Topographia Bohemise, MoraTis et Silesi®, plates, 

fine impressions l^ranekj. 1650 

3769 Meriani Topographia Bohemiie, Moravia et Silesis, plates, fine 

impressions Franekf, 1650 

3770 Meriani Topographia Qallio, very numerous plates, fine im- 

pressions, 13 vol. in 3 Franc. 1655-61 

3771 Meriani (M.) Topographia Oalliae, vol. 1, 5, 6, 7, H, with 

descriptions in German, in 2 Tol. Franekf. 1655-7; and 
vol. 1, vnih descriptions in Latin, ib, 1655 3 vol. 

8772 Meriani Topographia Italic, many vlafes and maps. Franc. 1688 

3773 Meriani (M.) Index in Topograpfaias, portrait inserted 

Franckf. 1726 

3774 Meteren (Em. de) Histoire des Pajs-Bas, tradaite de !^amend 

en Fran9oy8, map and portraits, fine copy La Haye, 1618 

3775 Meyer (C.) L'Arte di restituire ik Boma la tralasciata Naviga- 

tione del suo Tevere, numerous plates, vellum Boma, 1685 

3776 Mezeray, Histoire de France, many portraits, 3 vol. Far. 1643-51 

3777 Michael Angelo. Illustrations, Architectural and Pictorial, of 

the Genius of Michael Angelo Buonarroti, with descriptiona 
by Canina, Cockerell, and Harford, 2 portraits and 17 
plates, half morocco 1857 

3778 Miege (Guy) Great French Dictionary 1688 

3779 Milles (T.) NobUitas Politica vel CiviUs, plates ofNobiUty in 

their rohes of state, Augustin Vincents (the Herald) copy, 
with his autograph and MS. notes, and having his % nitials 
stamped on stdes 1608 

%* The last leaf, containing a scheme of the subject, is not found in 
all copies of this book. At page 126 is the rare print of Queen 
Elizabeth in the House of Peers. 

3780 Minsheu (J.) Guide into Tongues: 'a Dictionary in eleven 

Languages, £ing Jameses copy, with the Foyal Arms of 
England stamped on the sides 1617 

3781 MlrabeUa (Yincenzo) L'Antiche Siracuse, 12 plates 

very rare, old red morocco, g. e. senza nota 

3782 MitteUi (G. M.) di Bologna, I'arti per via d'Anibal Caracci, 

41 plates of cries, Boma, 1660 — Proverbii Figurati da G. 
M. Mitelli, 50 plates, 1678— French Costume, 55 plates, 
mostly coloured, and many heightened with gold and silver^ old 
calf, with the Boyal arms of Spain stamped on the sides 

3783 Molinet (C. du) Historia Summorum Pontificum a Martino Y. 

ad Innocentium XI per eorum Numismata, engraved title- 
page and plates of coins, calf Lutet. 1679 




8784 Molinet (Claude du) Cabinet de la Bibliotheque de Sainte 
GTeneyieye, partraii and many plaietyjlne impressions 
LABOS PAPBB Faris, 1692 

3785 Moneitore (A.) L'Atto pubblioo di Fede celebrate nella Citt& 
di Falenno 6 Aprile, 1724, with the plates 
rare Palermo^ 1724 

8786 MoDtemerlo (G. S. da) deUe Fhiaei ToBcane Libri XII. 

vellum Venetia, 1566 

3787 MoKTB Bioio (Joanne de) EjlIiEitdabio 

Questa opra da ogni parte e un libro doio 
Non fu piu preciosa gemma mai 
Dil kalendario : &o. £c. 

woodcuts f veryjme copy in veltum Venetiisy 1476 

*^* This Italian version of Monteregio's Calendar is for rarer than 
the Latin printed in the same year, and is, indeed, " un libro 
doroy' of which there never was " piu preciosa gemma." A 
copy in the Libri sale sold for £5. 10s. 

8788 Monumenti Sepolcrali della Citta di Yenezia, plates, Nob. 1 to 4 
— II Pergamo scolpito in marmo da B. da Majano nella 
Chiesa di Santa Croce di Firenze, 7 plates, Mreme, 1823 — 
Skelton (J.) lUastrations of the Chateau d*Eu, part VI, 
Bplatesy lS4a 

3789 Morin (J.) Armes et Blasons des Chevaliers de TOrdre du 

Sainct Esprit, Paris, s. d, — Les Noms, Sumoms, Qualitez, 
Armes et Blasons des Chevaliers et 0£Biciers de TOrdre 
du S. Esprit, par le Sieur d*Hozier, ib. 1634 
calf in one vol. 

3790 Moroni (Fra Lino) Descrizione del Sacro Monte della Yemia, 

portrait, and fine engravings from designs of J. Ligoizi, by 
D, Faloini Firenze, 1612 

%• "Sarissima." — Moreni, 

3791 Moscardo (L.) Note overo Memorie del Museo Moscardo, plates 

Fadoa, 1656 

3792 Moscardo (Conte L.) Note overo Memorie del Museo suo, 

numerous cuts of antiquities, ^c. 
half calf gilt Verona, 1672 

3793 Mozzi (M. A. de*) Storia di S. Cresci e de* SS. Compagni 

Martin e della Chiesa del medesimo Santo posta in Yalcava 
del Magello 
LABGE FAPEB, portrait and plates, vellum Firenze, 1710 

3794 Munster (8.) Cosmographie TJniverselle do tout le monde, aug- 

ment^e par F. de Belle-forest, numerous woodcuts and maps, 
3 vol. from the Fomfret library Faris, 1575 

3795 Munsteri (Seb.) Cosmographia Universalis, many hundred curious 

ufoodcuts, maps and views Basil. 1550 

3790 Mugnos (Fikdelfo) Teatro Gonealogico dolle Famiglie Nobili di 
Sicilia, portrait and cuts of arms 
fine copy, uncut Palermo, 1647 


8797 Mum (F. dells, Duca della Ouardia) Diaoorsi delle Eamiglie 
estmte, forastiere o non compreee ne* Seggi di Napoli impa- 
rentate colla Casa della Marra, con L'AeeiTnirTi. di kolte 
AiiTSB Fuciaiiis Napolitakb ds Sbogi MS. 1730, ««• 
merow eoaU o/artMy and with numerous important MS. addi- 
tionSf having the arms in trick, morocco Napoli, 1641 

3798 Nani (A.) Serie dei Dogi di Venetia con alcune Notkie biogra- 
fiche, 2 ToL in 1, portraits with arms 
half vellum^ uncut, top edge gilt Venezia, 1840 

8799 Nash (Job.) ManBions of England in the Olden Time,^«^ series, 

plates in litho^aphy 1839 

8800 Natter (L.) Treatise on the Ancient Method of Engraving on 

Precious Stones, 37 plates 1754 

3801 Negri (G.) Istoria degli Scrittori Fiorentini, calf Ibrrara, 1722 

8802 Newspapers. Anti- Jacobin, or Weekly Examiner, from its com- 

mencement, Nov. 20, 1797, to July 9, 1798, 36 Nos. all ever 
published in this size, in one vol. 1797-8 

8803 Newspapers. Caledonian Mercury, from the commencement, 

April 28, 1720, to April 29, 1725, 798 Nos. 6 vol. 
old calf JEdinb. 1720-5 

8804 Newspapers. Caledonian Mercury, from April 23, 1723, to 

April 27, 1724, Nos. 477 to 635 ib. 1728-4 

3805 Newspapers. Country Journal or Craftsman, by Caleb D'Anyers, 
Nos. 79 to 286, 6th Jan. 1727, to 25th Deo. 1781, 
4 vol. 1727-31 




3806 Meditazione sopra TAlbero della Croce. Teste di Lingua 

Torino, 1827 

3807 MeermannianiB Bibliothec® Catalogus, 4 vol. in 2, MS. prices 

half green morocco, uncut, top edges gilt Hagte, 1824 

3808 Meiners (M. W.) Histoire de hi Eeformation, Faru, 1825— 

Flechier (E.) Oraisons Funebres, ib. 1760— La Mort dea 
Justes par J. La Pkcete, 2 yol. in \, frontispiece^ Amst. 1714 ; 
and others 5 vol. 

8809 Melanchthonis (P.) Loci Communes Berum Theologicarum seu 
Hypotyposes Theolo^cie, first EDiTioir, babb, Basil 1521 
— Disputatio de Justificatione Hominis coram Deo, Argent, 
1567— Chytrasi (D.) Catechesis, ib. 1561, calf in one vol. 



8810 MelancthoniB (P.) Annotationes in Epistolam Paul! ad Bomanos 
unam et ad Gorinthios doaa. Item PrsBfatio Methodica in 
Epistolam ad Eomanos Lutheri, Argent, 1524 — In Epistolam 
Paul! ad Galatas Lutheri Ck>mmentarias, WUtemb. 1628, 
with MS. notes by a contemporary hand 
original binding, with elatps in one vol. 

3811 Melancthonis (P.) Epigrammatnm lib. Ill, coUecti ab Hilbrando 

Grathusio, Vtteb. 1560 — Beroaldi Declamatio de tribus 
I fratribus, ebrioso, scortatore et aleone, Argent. 1542 — Vita 

Honesta ab Herm. Schotten Hesso, cum Institntione Chris- 
tiani hominis per Barlandom, Antt>. 1557 — Erasmus de 
pueris instituendis, Dueseldorpii, 1561 — Agricola, Erasmus 
et Melancthon de formando studio, Ool. Agrip. e. a. — Yivis 
ad veram sapientiam introductio, Colon. 1552, in one vol. — 
Theognidis Sententi», 0-r. et Lat. a Melancthone, Lipa, 
1576 2 vol. 

3812 Melancthonis Epigrammatnm libriVI studio P. yincentii,Witeb. 

1563 — Chytr»i de Creichgoia Oratio, ib. 1562 — Garmina et 
EpistobB de Goniugio ad D. GhytrsBum, ib. 1562 — Yocabula 
Bei NumarisD, Pondenim et Mensurarum; Appellationes 
Quadrupednm, Insectorum, Volucrum, Piscium, Frugum, 
Leguminum, Olerum et Fructuum collected a P. Ebero et 
0. Peucero, ^Pf- 1564 — ^Harmonia de ratione Institutionis 
Scholastic®, Witeb. 1565 in one vol, 

3813 Meleagri Epi^rammata, Gr. cum notis F. Graefe 

MS. notes by Bev, J. Mitfordy calf extra Lipsue, 181 1 

3814 Mellini (D.) Descrizione dell* Entrata della Beina Gioranna 
d'Austria et dell' Apparato fatto in Firenze nella Yenuta & 
per le felicissime Nozze di 8. Altezza et dell' 111. D. Fran- 
cesco de Medici Prencipe di Fiorenza. Stampata la terzc^ 
Volta. Y£BY BABE, probably the same edition as that men- 
tioned in the Cappont Catalogue as being in Svo. (this being 
decidedly in Svo.), never seen by Moreni, who describes a 4to. 
and a 12mo, edition, Fiorenza, Qiunti, 1566 — Descrizione 
dell' Apparato della Gomedia et Gonvito Beale, ivi, 1566 — 
Descrizione del Ganto de Sogni, 2 Febb. 1565, ivi, 1566 {at 
end 1565) — Le dieci Mascherate delle Bufole mandate in 
Firenze il Giomo di Garnovale 1565, ivi, 1566 — Geccherelli 
(A.) Lettera nella quale si descrive I'Inventioni, TOrdine, 
gli Habiti h li Historie della Festa delle Bufole, rare, 
Moreni is mistaken in calling it a 4do. Mrenze, 1566 — 
Yasabi (Giorgio) Debcbiziokib dbll' Appabato patto 
mtL Tempio di S. Giotakiti bi Ftobenza pbb lq Bat- 


Mbdioi e DELLA Beiva Giavavka d'Austbia, extremely 
rare (see Moreni) Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1568 — Yettori (P.) 
Orazione delle Lode della S. Gioyanna d' Austria, ivi, 1566 

in one vol, 

3815 Mellini (Domenico di Guido) Yita del famosissimo e chiarissimo 
Gapitano Filippo Scholari cfaiamato Pippo Spano, Gonte di 
Temesuar, &c. vellum Firenze, 1606 



3816 M^moires du Cardinal de Betz, Qui Jolj, et de Madame la 

Ducbesse de Nemours, porirait^ 7 vol. 
calf^ m, e. Amst. 1731-8 

3817 M^oiBSS POVB 8BBTIB A L*Hi8ToiBB DE Fbakce, depuis le 

Xllle Si^cle juaqu' h la Fin da XYIlIe ; precM6e de Notices 
par MM. Michaud et Foujoulat. PBEiciiBE S^bie, 12 vol. 
Faruy 1836-38— DEUiiiME SiBiE, 10 yol. ib. 1837^8— 
TBOisiiHE S^BIB, 10 vol. ib. 1837-39 
half calf gilt 32 vol, 

3818 Memoirs of the Antiquities of Great Brittain relating to the 

Beformation^ &o. platcM by Sutton Nieholh, the tUl&yage 
slightly cut into Printed on London Bridge^ 1722 

3819 Memone de' Fittori Messinesi, portraite 

half vellum extra MeetinUy 1821 

3820 Menagio (E.) Mescolanze, calf Venezia^ 1736 

3821 Menandri et Philemonia SeliquiaB, Gr. et Lat. cum Burmanni 

Emendationibus, JMst. 1709, Traj, 1710 — Alia Editio, ab 
Aug. Meineke, JBerol. 1823 ; and others 8 vol. 

3822 Menavino (G. A.) Trattato de Costumi et Vita de Turcfai, 

MrenzCy L. Torrentino^ 1548 — Prophetia de Maometani et 
altre Cose Turchesche tradotte per L. Domenichi, ivi^ 1548 
calf in one vol, 

3823 Menestrier (C. E.) le Veritable Art du Blason et la Pratique 

des Armoiries, t>2a^e« lyon^ 1671 

3824 Menestrier, L*Art au Blason justifi^, ou les preuves du verita- 

ble Art du Blason, ^Za^ of coats of arms, eeaU, ^c. 
calf gilt Lyon, 1661 

3825 Menes&ier, Blason de la Noblesse ou les Preuves de Noblesse 

de toutes les Nations de TEurope, plates, with autograph of 
Simon Segar ib. 1683 

3826 Menestrier, Nouvelle Methode raisonnee du Blason, plates 

ib. 1696 

3827 Menestrier, Nouvelle Methode raisonn^ du Blason, plates of 

arms ib. 1750 

3828 Menestrier, Origine des Armoiries, plates JParis, 1679 

3829 Menestrier, Origine des Omemens des Armoiries, plates, with 

autograph (f Peter Le Neve, Norroy ib, 1680 

3830 Menestrier, Diverses Especes de Noblesse et les Manieres d*en 

dresser les Preuves, ^^Za^e^, with autograph of Simon Segar 

ib. 1684 

3831 Menestrier, Science de la Noblesse ou la Nouvelle Metode du 

Blason, plates of arms and woodcuts, with a few MS. notes 
by Sir Thomas St George, Garter, and the autograph of 
Peter Le Neve, Norroy, russia, g. e. Paris, 1691 

3832 Menudier (J.) La Genie de la Langue Fran^oise c'est k dire ses 

Propriet^s, ses Elegances et ses Curiosity, m PVench and 
German, a curious little volume ches J. Bielke, 1681 

3833 Menzini (B.) Satire con le Note di A. M. Salvini, A. M. Biscioni, 

G. van-der Broodt e altri, curious MS. notes 
vellum, uncut Leida, 1759 

3834 Menzini (B.) Satire, portrait Londra (Livomo) 1788 



8836 Menzini (B.) e del Senatore V. da Pelicaia Lettere a P. Rodi 

half morocco^ g. e. Firenze^ 1828 

8836 Mepcati (P.) il Lanzi, Comedia Fiorenza, 1566 

3837 Mercerius (N.) de conBcribendo Epigrammate cum Exemplis, 

portrait, calf gilt (Paris, 1653) 

3838 Mercurio Italico : the Italian Mercury or General Account con- 

cerning the Literature, Pine Arts, Useful Discoveries, &c. 
of all Italy (by P. Sastres) plates, 2 vol. ealf 1789 

3839 Merivale (J. H.) Poems, Original and Translated, 2 vol. 

Pickering, 1844 

3840 Meroveo Principe degli Suevi, il Palazzo di Bcauro, plates 

half ealf gilt Milano, 1826 

3841 Mertens (Q. A.) Baccolta di Pezzi scelti de* piii eccellenti 

^ Scrittori ed in Prosa ed in Poesia Augusta, 1775 

3842 Metastasio (P.) Opere soelte con Note di E. Zotti, 2 vol. 

Londra, 1821 

3843 Metastasio (P.) Opere, 4 vol. frontispieces Firenze, 1826 

3844 Metastasio (P.) Opere scelte publicate da A. Buttura, 3 vol. 

portrait Farigi, 1840 

3846 Mezeray (le Sieur de) Histoire de Prance avant Clovis, Amst. 
1700— Abreg6 Chronologique de THistoire de Prance (au 
Eegne du Eoy Henri IV), 6 vol. %b, 1682— Abreg6 Chrono- 
logique de r Histoire de Prance sous les Begnes de Louis 
XIII et XIV, 2 vol. ih. 1736, portraits, 9 Yolfine copy, old 
ealf, m. and g, e. uniform 

3846 Micali (Q.) L'ltalia avanti il Dominio dei Eomani, 4 vol. calf 

extra, Firenze, 1810 — Antichi Monumenti per servire all' 
Opera intitolata I'ltalia avanti il Dominio dei JKomani, 
a royal folio atlas of plates, ivi, 1810 (5) 

3847 Michaelis (J. D.) Introduction to the New Testament, translated 

with notes by H. Marsh, 5 vol. ealf 1802 

3848 Michiels (A.) Etudes sur TAllemagne renfermant une Histoire 

de la Peinture Allemande, 2 vol. Bruxelles, 1846 — Histoire 
de la Peinture Flamande et HoUandaise, 2 vol. ib. 1845 4 vol, 

3849 Michiels (A.) Les Peintres Brugeois Bruxelles, 1846 

3860 Migliore (P. L. del) Senatori Piorentini, numerous coats of arms 

THE DXDI01.TIOK COPT to Filippo NvoooUni Marehese di Pen- 
saeco, in cotemporarg vellum binding, the sides covered with 
gold tooling, having the arms of the Marquis painted as centre 
ornaments Firenze, 1666 

3861 Mignet (M.) Charles-Quint, son Abdication, son Sejour et sa 

Moit au Monast^re de Yuste Paris, 1854 

3862 Milano. Processo originale degli Untori nella Peste del 1630, 

folding plate of the Execution Milano^ 1839 

3863 Milano e il suo Territorio, 2 vol. in 1, pltUes 

ea\f extra, g, e. ivi, 1844 

3854 Milizia (P.) Lettere Parigi, 1827 

3856 Millin (A. L.) Dictionnaire des Beauz-Arts, 3 vol. 

calf gilt . Paris, 1806 


3856 Milman (H. H.) Oxford Prize Essay on Sculpture and Painting, 

1816 — Oratio Gancellarii Pnemio donata, 1816, iviih author's 
autograph inscriptions, half morocco in one vol. 

3857 Milman (H. H.) History of the Jews, 3 vol. calf 1829 

3858 Milton (G.) La Creazione nell' ottava Eima da L. Mancini 

Mrenze, 1839 

3859 Milton (J.) Poetical Works, with notes by Newton, 4 vol. por» 

traits and plates^ old calf 1750-3 

3860 Milton (J.) Poetical Works, from the text of Newton, 2 vol. 

Birm. Baskerville, 1758 

3861 Milton (J.) Poetical Works, 2 vol. plates, calf Edinh. 1767 

3862 Milton (J.) Poetical Works, with notes of various Authors and 

Life bv H. J. Todd, portrait, 7 vol. calf 1809 

3863 Milton (J.) Prose Works, with Life and Critical Bemarks by C. 

Symmons, 7 vol. calf 1806 

3864 Milton (J.) Paradise IjobX,, portrait and plates, 1711 — The same. 

Another Edition, plates, 1806 2 vol. 

3865 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, a Poem, portraits and plates, Joseph 

Addison's copy, purchased at his sale in 1799, from the 
White Knight's library 1711 

3866 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, a Poem, with Notes by Newton, 

portraits and plates, 2 vol. 1790 

3867 Milton (J.) Paradise Begain'd, Samson Agonistes and other 

Poems, old red morocco 1753 

3868 Milton (J.) Poems, <&c. upon several occasions, with a Tractate 

of Education, wanting the portrait, old red morocco, g. e, 1673 

3869 Milton (J.) Poems, with Notes by T. Warton, J! Q. Waldrons 

copy, with his autograph notes, morocco extra, uncut 1785 

3870 Milton (J,) Paradise Kegain'd, 1739— Life by Toland, 1699— 

Commentary on Paradise Lost, by J. Paterson, portrait, 
1744 3 vol. 

3871 Minervino (C. S.) Origine e Corso del Fiume Meandro, map 

Napoli, 1768 

3872 Mini (P.) Discorso della Nobilta di Firenze e de Fiorentini con 

Awertimenti e Digressioni, 2 vol. in 1 Mrenze, 1593-94 

3873 Mini (P.) Discorso della Nobilta di Firenee e de Fiorentini, 

MS. notes, Mrenze, 1614 — Sigismundi Eeguli a 8. Sylverio 
Bibliotheca Medicea, Lugd. 1673— Minozzi (P. F.) Biblio- 
theca Medicea ingrandita ed illustrata, Idone, 1673; and 
other Tracts in the volume 

3874 Minio (Marco) Belazione di Costantinopoli Anno 1521 

Venezia, 1845 
3876 Minzoni (0.) Eime Favia, 1795 

3876 Mionnet (T. E.) de la Earet^ et du Prix des M^dailles Komaines 

Farts, 1815 

3877 Mirabaud (M.) Syst^me de la Nature, 2 vol. Zondres, 1770 

3878 Mirabilia £om», woodcut on the title-page, sine ulld nota — Luna- 

rium in quo reperiuntur Conjunctiones et Oppositiones 
lunaB : et eclypses solis et lunte per anni circulum, &c. per 
Bemardum de QranoUachs Barchionen. ab anno 1504 usquo 
ad annum 1550, woodcut on the title-page, sine ulld nota 

in one vol. 



3879 Miracoli della gloriosa Vergine Maria historiati, woodcuts 

Vinegia^ 1545 

3880 Miracoli della Madonna. Testo di Lingua TJrhino^ 1855 
8881 Miracoli della Madonna. Teste di Lingua fr», 1855 

3882 Miacellanies on sereral curious subjects (containing the Pro- 

ceeding against Ant. a Wood, Letters to Dugd^e, Aubrej, 
Ac. edited by Dr. Bawlinson), portrait of AjU, a Wood on 
the title-page E. Curll, 1714 

3883 Missirini (M.) Descrizioni delle Immagini dipinte da SaSaello 

nel Yaticano e di quelle alia Eamesina di G. F. Bellori colla 
Vita di Baffiiello dal Yasari, &c. portrait Soma, 1821 

3884 Missirini (M.) degli illustri Italiani e lore Scoperte Siena, 1838 

3885 Misson, Yoyage d'ltalie ayec les Bemarques de M. Addison 

faites dans son Yoyage d' Italic, platee, 4i vol. 
^ne eqpg, old calf gilt Utrecht, 1722 

3886 Moise (E.) dell' Aite modema Mrenze, 1838 
8887 Moise (F.) del Palazzo de' l^iion, plates, Firenze, 1843 ; and 15 

other Italian Guide-Books (16) 

3888 Moleon (Sieur de) Yoyages Liturgiques de France, plates 

ParU, n^l 

3889 MoUere, (Eurres, plates, 4 vol. Amst. Wetstein, 1698 

3890 Moliere, (Euvres, plates, 4 vol. Za Sage, 1704 

3891 Molinsdi (P.) Poemata, presentation copy to Sir Bohert Cotton, 

with inscription in tne autograph of the author Can tab, 1670 

3892 Molini (G.) Progetto di Biordinamento per le pubbliche Librerie 

di Firenze, privately printed Firenze, 1848 

3893 Montaigne (M. de) Essais, 3 toI. Amst. 1659— Passe-Tems 

agreable ou choix de Bons-Mots et Gasconnades, Bott. 1715 
— Pens^es Ligenieuses, Paris, 1734 — Bochefoucault (Due 
de la) (Euvres Morales, ih. 1789 6 vol. 

3894 Montaigne (M. de) Essais, portrait, 3 Yol. 

calf gilt, m. e. Paris, 1793 

3895 Montanari (G. 1.) Arte di scriver Lettere Firenze, 1840 

3896 Montecuccoli (B. Principe) M^emone, portrait 

areen morocco Oolonia, 1704 

3897 M^ntefeltro (Conte A. di) Eime, half calf gilt Rimino, 1819 

3898 Montelatici (D.) Yilla Borghese con rOrnamenti,|>^^tf«, T. Oray 

the Poefs copy, with his autogrc^h initials JRoma, 1700 

3899 Montemagno (Due Buonaccorsi da) Prose e Bime con Anno- 

tazioni ed alcune Bime di N. Tinucci 
half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1718 

3900 Montfaucon (B. de) Travels from Paris tliro' Italy, cuts, 1712 

3901 Monti (Y.) Opere inedite e rare, 5 vol. Milano, 1832-34 

3902 Monti {Y.) La Bivoluzione Francesca in quattro Canti, with 

private portrait and autograph letter of T. J, Mathias the 
editor added, calf extra 1804 

3903 Monti (Y.) Proposta di alcune Correzioni ed Aggiunte al Yoca- 

bolario della Crusca con Appendice, 4 vol. iu 7 
half calf extra, g. e. Milano, 1817-26 

3904 Monti (V.) Poesie scelte, 2 vol. Venezia 1819, e Siena 17SS 

3905 Monti (Y.) dei molti e gravi Errori trascorsi in tutte le Edizioni 

del Convito di Dante, half calf uncut Milano, 1823 

Q Q 


3906 Montpensier (Mademoiselle de) Memoires, 8 yoL MaeHricht^ 177G 

3907 Montucci (A.) Amusing Instructor (Anecdotes), in Italian and 

English 1793 

3908 Moore (J.) View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland 

and Germany, 2 vol. with MS, notes on the margins 1779 
8909 Moore (J.) View of Society and Manners in France, Sm. fourth 
editiony 2 vol. 1781 — Journal during a Besidence in France 
in 1792, 2 vol. 1793 — View of the causes and progress of 
the French Bevolution, 2 vol. 1795, calf 6 vol. 

3910 Moore (T.) Poetical Works, 10 vol. portrait and plates 184>l-4 

3911 Morale Chretienne (La) tir6e des ouvrages des Feres de T^lise, 

2 vol. old red morocco^ m, and g. e, Paris^ 1682 

3912 Moratea (Olympian Fulvise) Orationes, Dialogi, Epistol», Carmina, 

tarn Latina quam G-rseca, Basil. 1662 — De Imitando Christo, 
contemnendisque mundi vanitatibus a T. Eempisio, interprete 
Seb. Castellione, ib, 1563 in one voh 

3913 Moratffi (Olympiad Fulviaa) Opera Omnia ; Hyppolitie Taurella 

Elegia et CoBlii S. C. selectsB Epistohe ac orationes, dedicated 
to Queen Mizaheth Basil, 1570 

3914 Morato (Fulvio Fellegrino) del Significato de Colori e de Maz- 

zolli, Vineaia^ 1545— Sicillo Araldo del Be Alfonso d* Aragona 
Trattato de i Colori nelle Arme, nolle Livree et nolle Divise, 
»>», 1595 in one vol. 

3915 Morbio (C.) Storia di Novara Vlgerano, 1834 

3916 Morbio (C.) Lettere storiche ed artistiche con Note Afilano, 1840 
8917 More (Hannah) Christian Morals, 2 vol. presentation copy to 

Lady Smyth, with a pleasing inscription in the autograph of 
the authoress, half morocco 1813 

3918 More (Hannah) Practical Fiety, 2 vol. presentation copy to Lady 

Smyth, with a pleasing inscription in the autograph of the 
authoress, half morocco 1821 

3919 Morelli ( Jacopo) Operette con Opuscoli di autichi Scrittori, 3 vol. 

portrait, half calf gilt Venezia^ 1820 

*«* Containing the '' Lettera rarissima di Cristoforo Colombo." 

3920 Moreni (D.) Illustrazione di una rarissima Medadia rappre- 

sentante Bindo Altoviti Opera di Michelangiolo Buonarroti, 
plates, half morocco, g. e, Firenze, 1824 

3921 Mori (T.) 'E^hgnLmxnAtiBk, frontispiece containing a portrait of Sir 

Thomas More by Marshall 1638 

3922 Mormile (G.) Descrittione di Napoli e di Pozznolo, 2 vol. in 1, 

plans and cuts Napoli, 1670 Sf 1669 

3923 Momington (Lord) Speech, Dublin, 1794 ; and other Tracts in 

the volume 

3924 Morrona (A. da) Fisa illustrata nelle Arti del Disegno, 3 vol. 

portrait and plates, half calf gilt Livomo, 1812 

8925 Morrona (A. da) Fregi di FiatL,plan and views 

green morocco Pisa, 1816 

8926 Moisant de Brieuz (J.) Becueil de pieces en prose et en vers 

scarce Cfaen, 1671 

3927 Mortara (Cav. A. de) Lettera intomo alcuni Sonetti della 

Baccolta di Foeti antichi fatta da L. AUacci Teste di Lingua 

half morocco, uncut Milano, 1820 



8d28 Moriara (Cav. A. de) Lettera intorno alcuni Souetti della 

Baccolta di Poeti aatichi fatta da Leone Allacci Testo di 

Lingua Milano^ 1820 

3929 Mortara (Aaton Enrico) della Yita e dei Lavore di Erancesco 

Mazzola detto II Parmigianino, portrait 

hdif moroeeo, uneut Ckualmaagiare, 1846 

%* Presentation copy from the author to his brother Alessandro. 

d930 Mortara (Anton Enrico) Saggio di Osseryazioni buI Yocabolario 
della Crusca, half morocco, uneut Mantova, 1846 

8981 Mortara (Conte A.) Epigrammi Greci tradotti in Yersi Toscani 

Oxford, 1847 

8982 Mortara (Conte A.) Epigrammi Greci tradotti in Yersi Toscani 

(col Teste Greco), green morocco, a, e. O^ord^ 1847 

8938 Mortara (Conte A.) Alcune Lettere en celebri Scrittori Italiani 

Frato, 1852 

8934 Mortara (Conte A.) Biblioteca Italica ossia Catalogo de' Testi 

a Stampa citati nel Yocabolario e di altri Libri Italiani 

pregeYoli e ran gidr possedati ed ora passati nella Biblioteca 

teodleiana, interleaved, half morocco, g. e, Oxford, 1852 

8985 Mortara (Conte A.) Biblioteca Italica ossia Catalogo de' Testi 

a Stampa citati nel Yocabolario Oxford^ 1852 

8986 Mortara. Another copy, loith hie initiade written hy Dr. Welledey 

against the titles of hooks in his oum possession ivi, 1852 
8937 Mortara (C. A.) Biblioteca Italiana, two copies ivi, 1852 

8988 Mortara (Conte A.) Lettere di celebri Scnttori Italiani, Frato, 
1852 — Aiazzi (G.) Lettera sopra quanto ha scritto A. Dumas 
intorno alia Eamiglia de* Medici, Mrenze, 1842 — Meraorie 
due lette nella Society degli Amatori della Storia Patria 
Fiorentina, ivi, 1803 ; &c. a parcel 

8939 Mortimer (T.) Universal Director, with distinct List of Book- 

sellers, &c. 1763 

8940 Moschini (G. A.) Guida di Padova, plan and views 

half calf gilt Venezia, 1817 

8941 Mosheim (J. L.) Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, 

from the Birth of Christ to the beginning of the Eighteenth 
Century, with Notes by A. Maclaine, 6 vol. calf 1823 

8942 Moss (J. W.) Manual of Classical Bibliography, with Supple- 

ment, 2 vol. 1837 

8943 Moule (T.) Bibliotheca Heraldica, portrait of Camden 1822 
3944 MoxjLB (T.) Hebaldbt of Fish. An extensive Collection of 

Engravings and Drawings of the Arms of the jprincipal 
Families bearing Fish in their Quarterings, with a row 
Portraits and miscellaneous Prints added 

8945 Miilmann (G.) Passa-Tempo de' Curioai, a very rare Jest Book, 
Lipsia, 1682 — Baccolta d'ingeniosissimi Proverbii e Sentenze 
per G. Miilmann, ivi, 1678 — Straparolo (G. F.) Ingegniosi 
Enimmi, rare, ivi, 1679, russia in one vol. 

3946 Munchausen (Baron) Singular Travels and Adventures, plates, 
2 vol. in 1, 1799-1801— The same, Another Edition, 2 vol. 
in 1, plates, published hy the hooksellcrs, n. d, — Abenteuer 
des Freiherrn v. Munchhausen, 2 vol. in 1» plates, Stuttgart, 
1839 — Another Edition, plates y Ootting, 1840 4 vol. 


3947 MuQchanflen. Gullirer Bevived ; or, the Singular Trayela, Oam- 

paigDS, Yojages, and AdventureB of Baron MunikhooBon, 
commonly called Munchausen; Third Edition, plates 
scarce Oxfbrd, 1786 

3948 Munchausen (Baron) The Singular Travels, Campaigns, Voyages, 

and Sporting Adventures of Baron Munnikhouson, com- 
monly pronounced Munchausen, a New Edition, consider- 
ably emssmi, frontispiece^ Oxford^ 1786 — Modem Characters 
for 1778, by Shakespear, 1778 in one vol. 

3949 Munchhausen (Baron de) Histoiro et Aventuros, humorous cuts 

Bruxelles^ s, d. 

3950 Munter (P.) sur I'Origine des Ordres de Chevalerie de Danemarc, 

plates, half morocco^ uncut Copenhague, 1822 

3951 Muratori (L. A.) Introduzione alle Paci private con un Bagiona« 

mento di Sperone Speroni intomo al Duello e un Trattato 
della Face di O. P. Pigna 
GarricJe^s copy Modena, 1708 

3952 [Muratori (L. A.)] Biflessioni sopra 11 buon Gusto nolle Scienze 

e neUe Arti, 2 vol. in 1, calf oilt Venezia, 1717 

8953 Mtjbatoei (L. A.) Aknali d*Itaita, 12 vol. in 24s,' Boma^ 

1752-54 — DiSBEBTAZioiri sopra le Antichita Italiane, 

3 vol. in 6, ivi, 1755, vellum 30 vol, 

3954 Muratori (L. A.) Lettere inedite ed Elogi, 2 vol. Venezia, 1783 

3955 Muratori (L. A.) Tavole cronologiche Homay 1788 
8956 Mureti (M. A.) Orationes, Interpretatio quincti Libri Ethicorum 

Aristotelis, Hymni sacri et Poematia, with the following 
autograph on titlepage *^ Ex Libris Julii Csdsaris Ballini ex 
dono Aidi Junioris" Venetiis, Aldus, 1575 

3957 Mureti (M. A.) Variaa Lectiones et Observationes Juris 

old red morocco, g, e, Aug, Vind, 1600 

3958 Muret (M. A.) Poesies en vers Pran9ois par Moret, Paris, 1682 

— ^Becueil de Vers choisis par Bouhours, ib. 1693 — Filches 
d'Apollon ou Nouveau Becueil d'Epigrammes, 2 vol. codfg, e, 
Lond, 1787 ; and others 7 vol, 

3959 Murr (C. T. de) Description du Cabinet de M. Paul de Praun, 

portrait and plates, calf gilt JVuremh, 1797 

3960 Murray (J.) Handbook for Travellers on the Continent and in 

Southern Germany, 2 vol. the first wanting the maj^, 1836-7 
— Six Weeks* Tour through part of France, Switzerland, 
Ac. 1817— Three Weeks in Palestine, 1849— Buxton (G. F.) 
Adventures in Mexico, 1847 5 vol. 

3961 Mus» AnglicansB, 3 vol. Lond, et Oxon. 1714-17 — Horace, Works, 

translated by Bev. P. Erancis, 4 vol. 1747 7 vol. 

3962 Musffi Cantabrigienses, calfeaftra 1810 

3963 MuscB Etonenses, 2 vol. with the names of the authors in Manu- 

script, old ca^gilt 1755 

8964 Musffi Etonenses edente J. Prinsep, 2 vol. in 1 1756 

3965 MuBSB Etonenses, 3 vol. in 2, half calf gilt 1795 

8966 Musffi Etonenses sou Carminum delectus, 2 vol. 

large paper, uncut, half calf 1795 

3967 Musffius Gr. et Lat. cum Yersione Italica A. M. Saivinii curante 

A. M. Bandinio, coif Testa di Lingua Florentia, 1765 



3968 Museo in Greoo, in Latino ed in Yersi Italiani da F. Mazzarello- 

Earao oon Osservazioni, platen Napoli, \ 787 

3969 Muaeum Criticam ; or, Camlbridge Olassical BesearcnoB, 2 vol. 

calf Camh, 1826 

3970 Museum of Classical Antiquities, 2 vol. platee 

half vellum 1851-53 

3971 Museum of Classical Antiquities : a Quarterly Journal of Ancient 

Art, 2 vol. in parts, and a Supplementary part, plates and 
woodcuU 1851-3 

8972 Mydorge (C. L.) Ezamen du Livre des Eecreations Mathe- 
matiques et de ses problemes en Gleometrie, Mecbanique, 
Optique et Catoptrique, 3 parts, the third part treating 
principally ofjire-works^ many woodcuts JParis, 1638 

3973 Nani (B.) Histoire de la Bepublique de Yenise, 4 toI. 31 portraits 

fine copyy old red morocco^ mth arms on the sides, m. 4r y- c. 

Coloyne et Amst. 1682-1702 

3974 Nannucci (Y.) Manuale della Letteratura del primo Secolo deUa 

Lingua Italiana, 3 vol. in 2, half calf gilt MrenzCy 1837 

3976 Napier (H. E.) Florentine History, 6 vol. 1846-47 

3976 Napoli. Saggio storico sulla Bivoluzione di Napoli Milano, 1806 

3977 Nardi (Jacopo) Comedia di Amicitia, very fine copy with rough 

leaves (Temoins) 
SCABOB Mrenze per Bernardo Zuccheehta, s. a. {circa 1510) 

3978 Nardi (J.) Istorie della Citti di Firenze, 2 vol. portrait 

half calf gilt, uncut J^Vr^n^r^, 1838-41 

3979 Nardi (Luigi) Poreus Troianus o sia la Porcbetta Cicalata 

half^ vellum gilt Verona, IS21 

3980 Nardini (L.) e S. Buonaiuti, Saggi di Prose e Poesie de' piii 

celebri Scrittori d*ogni Secolo, 6 vol. calf Londra, 1796-98 

8981 Nardini (L.) Scelta di Lettere familiari ^ 1800 

8982 Nardini (L.) Novelle scelte degli Autori piu celebri Italiani, 

2 vol. 1802 

3983 Navagiero (A.) Yiaggio fatto in Spagna et in Francia 

scarce Vtnegia, 1563 

3984 Navagiero (A.) Yiaggio fatto in Spagna et in Francia 

haff' morocco, uncut, very scarce ivi, 1563 

3985 Negro (G. C.) Anacreonticbe con Traduzioni e Imitazioni dall* 

Inglese di T. Moore Oenova, 1836 

3986 Negroponte. Descrittione del Begno antico e modemo, map 

and view Venetia, 168/ 

8987 Nelson (B.) Companion for tbe Festivals and Fasts of tbe 

Cburcb of England, calf 1782 

8988 Neumayr (A.) Memoria storico-critica sopia la Pittura 

Fadova, 1811 
3989 Newcome (W.) Harmony of the Four Evangelists 

russia, with MS. Index and other additions by Edmund 

Ferrers 1802 

8990 Newton (Sir I.) Matbematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, 

Englished by A. Motte, 2 vol. plates 1729 

3991 Newton (B.) University Education, 1738 ; and other Tracts in 
the volume, by Newton and Carter 




3992 Newton (S.) Expence of TTniyerBitj Education reduced, 1741 — 

Sermon before tbe Queen, Oxford^ 1713— Oxford Sermon, 

1746 — Proceedings of the YiBitors of UniverBitj College, 

folio^ ib, 1723 in one vol, 

3993 Newton (B.) Bules and Statutes for Hertford College, Oxford 


3994 Newton (Bp. T.) on the Prophecies, 2 vol. portrait 1809 

3995 Nibby (A.) del Foro Bomano, della Via Sacra, dell' Anfiteatio 

Flavio e de' Luogbi adjaoenti, plates, vellum Boma^ 1819 

8996 Nibbj (A.) Yiaggio antiquario ne' Contomi di Boma, 2 vol. 
plates, vellum ioi, 1819 

3997 Nibby (A.) Itin^raire de Borne et des Enyirons d'apres celui de 

feu M. Yasi, 2 vol. in 1, plates, vellum, uncut Borne, 1847 

3998 Nicandri Theriaca et Alexipharmaca Or. et Lat. cum Italica 

Yersione A. M. Salvinii curante A. M. Bandinio 
vellum^ Testo di Lingua Florentia, 1764 

3999 Niccolini (O. B.) Opere in Yerso e in Prosa, 3 toI. toith author^s 

autograph inscription Firenze, 1831 

4000 Niccolini (O. B.) Elogio d' Andrea Orgagna ivi, 

4001 [Niccolini (O. B.)] Discorso in cui si recerca qual Parte aver 

possa il Popolo nella Formazione d'una Lingua e Considera- 
zioni sopra alcune Correzioni proposte dal Cay. Monti al 
Yocabolario Firenge, 1819 

4002 NiccoHni (O. B.) Elogio di L. B. Alberti Firenze, 1819 

4003 Niccolini (O. B.) del Sublime e di Michelangiolo Firenze, 1825 

4004 Niccolini (O. B.) Tragedie, 2 yol. Oapolago, 1831 

4005 Niccolini (O. B.) Amaldo da Brescia, Tragedia 

half calf gilt, uncut Marsiglia, 1843 

4006 Niceron (J. P.) Memoires pour seryir ik FKistoire des Hommes 

lllustres dans la Bepublique des Lettres, 43 yol. in 22 
half calf gilt Farts, 1729-46 

4007 Nidi (J.) Erythnei Pinacotheca Imaginum lUustrium, portrait^ 

with autograph ofDr, Farr, Lips. 1692 — ^Beimarus (H. S.) 
de yita et scriptis J. A. Fabncii, portrait, Hamb, 1737 — 
Memona yirorum in Suecia eruditissimorum Bediyiya, 
2 yo]. in 1, portraits, Bostochii, 1728-9 3 vol. 

4008 Nicolas (Sir N. H.) Notitia historica 1824 

4009 Nicolas (Sir N. H.) Catalogue of Heralds' Yisitations 1825 

4010 Nicolas (N. H.) Synopsis of the Peerages of England, 2 yol. 

half morocco, top edges gilt 1825 

4011 Nightingale (J.) Portndcture of the Boman Catholic Beligion 


4012 Nisard (D.) Etudes sur les Pontes Latins de la Decadence, 3 yol. 

half calf gilt Brux. 1834 

4013 Noble (M^ Memoirs of the House of Medici, calf 1797 

4014 Noe deir Ordine di S. Francesco (Padre) Yiaggio da Yenetia 

al Santo Sepolcro et al Monte Sinai, woodcuts 
red moi'oeco Bologna, s, a. 

4016 Noel (F.) Dictionnaire de la Fable, 2 yol. 

half morocco extra Paris, 1823 


4016 Nonii (Lud.) Hispania, with autograph of Anqtietil Duperron, 

Antv. 1607 — Basilica Broxellensis, Meehlini<e, 1748 — II i«- 
toria CaptiyitatiB Francisci I necnon Yit^o Carol! Y Imp. 
in Monasterio, etc. Mediolani, 1715 8 vol, 

4017 Nortbcote (J.) Life of Titian, 2 vol. portrait 1880 

4018 Nota (A..) Commedie scelte Parigi, 1855 

4019 Notizia d' Opere di Disegno nella prima Meta del Secolo XYI 

in Fadova, Cremona, Milano, Pavia, Bergamo, Crema e 
Yenezia scritta da un Anonimo di quel Tempo pubblicata'e 
illustrata da J. Morelli BassanOy 1800 

4020 Noyelas. El Diablo Cojaelo, verdadea Sonadas y Novelaa de la 

otra yida Madrid^ 1798 

4021 Noyella di Torello del Maestro Dino del Garbo scritta da un 

Anonimo nel Secolo XIY alia quale si aggiugne la Noyella 
Btessa di Franco Saccbetti e altre due di questo Autore col 
Supplimento di Y FoUini 
PBI9TBD OK BLUE FAFEB (Carta TuTchind) limited to 7 copies, 
vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1827 

4022 Noyelle. Libro di Noyelle e di bel parlar gentile (Cento 

Noyelle anticbe altra Yolta mandate da C. Oualteruzzi) 
ealfgilt Firenze, Vl24t 

4023 Noyelle. Libro di Noyelle e di bel parlar ^ntile contenente 

Cento Noyelle Anticbe, con Annotaziom di D. M. Manni, 
2 yol. vellum, uncut Firenze, 1778-82 

4024 Noyelle. Sanyitale (L.) Saggio di Noyelle, Farma co' Tipi Bodon, 

1803 — Anelli (A.) Argene (in ottaya Eima), Venezia, 1794 
— Noyelletta piaceyole di M. Centonajo, senza ftoto^Fram- 
mento di un Noyelliere antico forse del Secolo XIIII dato 
in Luce da Q. B. Tomitano, onh 40 copies printed, Oderzo, 
1809 — Bongioyanni (A.) Noyelle due, Verona, 1794-5 — 
Tomieri (L.) Noyella tratta dal Yero (in Yersi), 1797 — 
Beyilacqua (C.) Noyelle (in Ottaya Eima), Verona, 1804 — 
Medio (Ot. B.) Origine del Proyerbio cbe si snol dire, Anzi 
Coma eke Croci, Noyella, bbfbikted ok blue fafbb (Carta 
Turcbina), Milano, 1558 — Ghrappolino (Messer, >. e, Tom- 
maso Ghrapputo) 11 Conyito Borghesiano in cui si raccontano 
diece piaceyolissime Noyelle, fbikteb ok azgbb fafeb 
(Carta azzurrina), Londra, per Isac Jackson {Milano), 
1800, inclosed in a box, hound like a hook 
half green morocco, lettered " Novelle diverse ** 

4025 Noyelle di alcuni Autori Fiorentini, portrait of Macchiavelli 

half hound ^ Londra, 1795 

4026 Noyelle per far ridere le Brigate di yarii Autori, portrait ofM. 

Colombo Vinezia, 1824 

4027 Noyella d* incerto Autore Firenze, 1834 

4028 Noyelle (Due) di Girolamo Bosasco, una di E. Manfredi, una di 

T. Crudeli e un' altra inedita di M. Colombo 
onlv 84 copies printed Lucca, 1855 

4029 Numismatic Cbronide, edited bj J. Y. Akerman, 5 yol. plates, 

and Nos. 20, 21 & 22 1839-43 

4030 ObsopoBUS ( Y.) de Arte Bibendi et Arte Jocandi ; accedunt Artis 

Amandi, Dansandi Fractica; item Meretricum Fides: aliaque 
Faceta, russia Lugd, Bat, 1648 


4031 Ochini (B.) Sermones (Italico), vellum^ Dery rare «. I, 1543 

4032 Oddi (Sforw d') I Morti vivi, Comedia Perugia, 1576 

4033 Oddi (Sforza) Prigione d'Amore, Commedia, woodeuU 

Venetia, F. Oionti, 1591 

4034 Oligoro, Epigrammi (Erotici, G^iocosi, Satirici, &c.) 

half morocco Torino, 1796 

4036 Oliva (Fabio) Vita di Caterina Sforza Signora di Forli, plate of 
medal Ibrli, 1821 

4036 Opxse BirsLESOHS di M. Francesco Berni, di M. Gio. della 

Casa, del Yarchi, del Mauro, di M. Bino, del Molza, del 
Dolce, del Firenzuola, di M. Lodovico Martelli, di Mattio 
Francesiy dell' Aretino et di diversi Autori, Primo et Secondo 
Libro, 2 vol. Firenze, B, Oiunta, 1548-55 — 11 terzo Libro, 
Firenze, 1723 
red morocco, g. e. hg Derome, Testo di Lingua 3 vol. 

^^* Best and very rare edition, containing many passages which were 
suppressed in the subsequent. The Libro primo only of this 
edition sold for 128 francs in the 0radenigo sale. 

4037 Opere Burlesche di M. Francesco Berni, di Gio. dalla Casa, del 

Yarchi, del Mauro, del Bino, del Molza, del Dolce, del 
Firenzuola, di L. Martelli, di Mattio Franzesi, di P. Aretino 
e d'altri Autori con Aggiunta in Fine del Simposio del 
Magnifico Lorenzo de Sfedici, 2 vol. frontispiece, and por- 
trait of Berni 
fine copy, in old French red morocco, a, e, Londra, 1721-4 

4038 Opere Burleschi di F. Berni, di G. deUa Casa, del Yarchi, del 

Mauro, di M. Bino, del Molza, del Dolce, del Firenzuola, 
dell' Aretino e di diversi Autori, 3 vol. 
Testo di Imgua Londra e Firenze (JTapolt), 1723 

4039 Opere Burlesche di M. Francesco Berni, di M. Gio. della Casa, 

del Yarchi e d'altri, 8 vol. in 2 
TeHo di Lingua Londra e Mrenee (I^apoli), 1723 

4040 Oppiano della Pesca e della Caccia tradotto da A. M. Salvini, 

uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1728 

4041 Opuscoli inediti di celebri Autori Toscani I'Opere dei quali sono 

citate dal Yocabolario della Crusca, 8 vol. labgb papeb 
half gilt calf, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1807-9-16 


4042 Tracts. Defence of the Bights and Priviledges of the Univer- 

sity, Oxford, 1690 — Proceedmgs against St. Mary Magdalen 
CoUege, 1688 — Letter to the Bp. of Winchester relative to 
the case of Dr. R. Walker, 1769 — Yindication of James 
Colmar, fellow o/ Exeter College {the girl who occasioned 
the Visitation of Exeter College was hanged at Oxford for 
the murder of a bastard child), see MS. note, 1691 — ^Relation 
of some passages at Oxford, 1717 — Proceedings of Corpus 
Christi College, 1730— Oxford Poll, 1760; and various 
others, from the Library ofBogers Buding in one vol. 



Oxford (Works relating to) — continued. 

4048 Defence of the Eights and Priviledges of the UDiversitj of 
Oxford, uncut Oxford, 1690 

4044 Sermon of the Necessity of Pamily Duties, by David Jones, 

Student of Christ Church, 1692— Sermon upon Ember 
Week, by the same, 1699 — Sermon against Swearing and 
Cursing, by the same, 1699 — Proceedings against Magdalen 
College, two editions, 1688-9 (5) 

4045 The Oxford Act, a Poem 1698 

4046 A Step to Oxford ; or, a Mad Essay on the Beverend Mr. Tho. 

Creech's Hanging himself (as 'tis said) for Love, with the 
Character of bis Mistress 1700 

4047 Views of Queen's College, by Burghers, Ac. 12 plates 


4048 Oratio in laudem T. Bodleii Equitis publicas Bibliothecffi funda^ 

toris ab Edm. Smith 1711 

4049 Speech that was intended to have been spoken by Terras Filius, 

8vo. 1713 — TerrjB Filius [by Bonnell Thomton\ four num- 
hers, 1763 — Oxford the Seat of the Muses, a roera, bv J. 
Heany, Bookbinder, Oxford, 1738 — The Barber and Fire- 
works, a Fable, ft. d. — Address to the Company of Barbers 
in Oxford, 1749 — Trinity Garden, a Poem by A. G. Barber, 
1764 ; and others, from the Library ofMogers JRuding 

in one vol, 

4050 Present State of the New Buildings of Queen's College in 

Oxford, plates, very 1730 

4051 Panting (M.) Sermon at the Consecration of Pembroke College 

Chapel, Oxf, 1732— Silvester (T.) Sermon before the City 
Corporation, ib. 1732 — Gibson (J.) Sermon at the Conse- 
cration of Queen's College Chapel, ih, 1719 - Newton (R.) 
Sermon at the Consecration of Hart Hall Chapel, ib, 1716 
— The Foundation of the Universitie of Oxford, 1651 (5) 

4052 Alma Mater: a Satirical Poem, by a Gentleman of New Inn 

Hall, with the names filled up in manuscript 1733 

4053 Heany (J.) Oxford the Seat of the Muses, a Poem, Oxford, 

1738— Address to the Company of Barbers, ib. 1749— The 
Beau and the Academick, n. d. ; and other Poetical pieces 
relating to the University and County (16) 

4054 Observations relating to the Delegates of the Press, with 

Account of their Succession, Oxford, 1756 — Alma Mater, 
a Satirical Poem, by a Gentleman of New Inn Hall, 1733— 
Ode in the Theatre, Oxford, on the Visit of the Prince 
Eegent, by J. Hughes, 1814 (3) 

4055 Corpus Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis, Oxon. 1768 — 

Tatham (Edw.) Address to the free and independent 
Members of Convocation, »^. 1810; and other Tracts, in^vol, 

4056 History of the University, inlaid in Ado. Oxford, 1772 — Dr. 

King's Apology, ib. 1756 — Vindication of the Proceedings 
in the Case of Mr. Ayscough of Corpus Christi College, 
1731— Poll Books for 1721, 1750, and 1806 ; and other 
Tracts relating to the University and County (24) 

H u 


Oxford (Wobks relatinq to) — continued, 

4057 Topographical and Historical Description of the Universitj and 

City of Oxford, bj N. Whittock, plates 1829 

4058 Oxford bilineated ; or, a Sketch of the History and Antiquities 

of the Uniyersity and City, plates and cuts Oxford, 1831 

4059 Century of Verses in Memory of the President of Magdalen, 

by J. W. Burgon, Oxf, 1865 — Oxford during the last 
Century, ih. 1859 — Homer Iliad A. in English Hexameters, 
by J. T. B. Landon, ib. 1862 (8) 

4061 Oxonia lUustrata ; or, Views of the Bodleian Library, BAtclitf 'a 

Library, the Theatre, Publick Schools, Colleges, Halls, and 
other rublick Buildings, with an account of their founda- 
tions and endowments, with dresses and MS. notes, mounted 
in a volume 

4062 A Word or two in vindication of the TJmversity of Oxford, and ' 

of Magdalen College in particular, from the posthumous 
aspersions of Mr. G-ibbon, privatelif printed 
4068 Oxford, Microcosm of, by N. W nittock, 40 plates, in lithographjf 

Oxford, n. d. 

4064 Pegasus ; or, the Flying Horse from Oxford, bringing the Pro- 

ceedings of the Visitours and other Bedlamites there, by 
Command of the Earle of Mongomere, j^nn^tf^^ at Mon- 
gomery, heretofore called Oxford, n. rf. — A Third and Fourth 
Part of Pegasus ; taught by Bankes his Qhost to dance in 
the Dorick Mode, 1648 — Lord have Mercy upon us ; or, 
the Visitation at Oxford begun April 1 1, 1648, printed at 
Femhrook and Mongomery, 1648 — Tragi Comoedia Oxoni- 
ensis, Poema (1648) (4) 

4065 Pacichelli (G. B.) II Eegno di Napoli in Prospettiva, 8 vol. maps 

and views, vellum NapoU, 1703 

4066 Pagnini del Ventura (O. F.) della Decima e di varie alfcre 

Oravezze imposte dal Comune di Fireoze, della Moneta e 
della Mercatura dei Fiorentini fine al Secolo XVI con la 
Practica della Mercatura scritta da F. Balducci Pegolotti a 
da Giovanni di Antonio da XJzzano, 4 vol. 
old red morocco, scarce Lisbona e Lucca {Firenze) 1765-66 

*^* A very important work respecting the commercial intercourse 
of the Italians, not only with the Eastern and African nations 
but also with England. 

4067 Paitoni (J. M.) Biblioteca degli Autori Antichi G-reci e Latini 

volganzzati, 5 vol. calf Venezia, 1766-67 

4068 Palatine (O. B.) Libro nel qual s^insegna a scrivere ogni Sorte 

Lettera Antica, curious specimens of penmanship, a collection 
of cyphers and ornamental alphabets, S[c. scarce, Soma, per 
Antonio Blado Asolano, 1547 — Mercatoris (G.) Literarum 
Latinarum, quas Italicas cursoriasque vocat, scribendamm 
Hatio, printed in script type, unth tooodcuts, very rare, 
Antverpim, 1549 
fine copies in limp vellum, from Joseph Scaliyer'*s library in 1 voL 


4069 Palazzi (T.) Canzone all' Arciyescovo di Tarsi Cesena^ 1631 

4070 Falladio yolgarizzato. Testo di Lingua la prima Volta stampato 

(per P. Zanotti) 
LABGE PA.PEB, half Vellum^ uncut Verona^ 1810 

4071 Palladio (A.) Piante e Proepetti d'Arcbitettura in Vicenza, 

portrait and plates Vicenza, 1818 

4072 Pallayicino (Card. S.) Lettere Boma, 1848 

4073 Panoetti (C.) Yenetia libera, Poema beroico Venetia, 1 622 

4074 Panciaticbi (Gualtieri) Epistola nella Entrati di Leone X nella 

Cipta di Pirenze 30 Not. 1515 
very rare, unhnoum to Moreni Mrenze, 1515 

4075 Pandolfini (A.) Trattato del GoTemo della Famiglia colla Yita 

del medesimo scritta da Y. da Bisticci 
Testo di Lingua, half red morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1734 

4076 Pantiera (Beato Ugbo) Alcbuni bingulari Tractati 

Jlne copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua 

Mrenxe, XF di Dieemhre, 1492 

%* Oainba pronounces tbis edition *' molto raro" and values it 
from 100 to 110 lire. 

4077 Panziera (Frate Ugo) Alcuni singulari Tractati 

fine copy, half calf, Testo di Lingua 

Mrenze per Antonio Mischomini Adi Villi di Oiugno, 1492 

4078 Papa (O. del) della Natura dell' Umido e del Secco, plates 

half calf extra, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1681 

4079 Papa (Giuseppe del) Consulti Medici, 2 vol. 

presentation copy, with author's autograph inscription, half calf 
gilt, Testo di Idngua Boma, 1733 

4080 Papa (G. del) Trattati yaij 

half ^^If 9^^^> uncut, Testo di Lingua Mrenze, 1734 

4081 Papini (G. A.) Lezioni sopra il Burcbiello, portrait 

calf extra, g. e, by JSering Mrenze, 1733 

4082 Paradox, tbat Designe upon Beligion was not tbe Cause of State 

Misgovernment but an Effect of it, Mr. Hollis*s copy 
old red morocco, g. e. from the libraries of Dr, Disney, 
Mr. Bindley and Mr. Heber 1644 

4083 Parkburst (J.) Greek and Englisb Lexicon to tbe New Testa- 

ment, fine copy, old calf gilt 1769 

4084 Parne (T.) Sermon on tbe I)eatb of Antbonj Earl of Harold, 

preached at St. Paul's, Bedford, vignettes by Gribelin, 
Camb, 1724 — Sermon preacbed at Flitton, in tbe County of 
Bedford, at tbe Funeral of Henry Earl of Kent, by I. B. 
1615 (2) 

4085 Parry (J. D.) Select Illustrations of Bedfordsbire, 6 plates 1827 

4086 Pascal (Blaise) Les Proyinciales ou les Lettres ecrites par Louis 

de Montalte & un Proyincial de ses amis et aux Jesuites 
Bur le sujet de la Morale, et de la Politique de ces P^res, 
Cologne, 1657 — L'Apologie pour les Casuistes, Bequestes 
et Escrits des Cur^z, et les Censures de TApologie par la 
pluspart des Eyesques de France, a curious collection of 
these separate pMications, Paris, 1658-9 in one vol. 


4087 Fasclietti (B.) del conservare la Sanita et del yivere de* Oenoyefd 

Geneva, 1602 * 

4088 Pascoli (L.) Yite de' Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti xnoderne, 

2 vol. JOama, 1730-36 

4089 Passavanti (Frate Jacopo) Specchio di vera Penitentia 

FiBST EDiTioir, tooodcut title-page, rare, Te^to di Lingua 

Firenze, 1496 

4090 Passavanti (J.) Lo Specehio della vera Penitenzia, portrait 

half vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua ivi, 1725 

4091 Passioi^e del Nostro Signobe Jesv Ohbisto (in ofctava 

Kima) 15 elegant tooodcuts 
tnoroceo e^ra, g, e, s. I. ^ a. (S^c. xv) 

%* This copy sold for £6. 6b. in Hibbert's sale. The work, which 
has been falsely attributed ta Boccaccio and to N. Cicerchia, 
is totally different from that of Bernardo Pulci, bearing the 
same title. 

4092 Patini (C.) Epistola de Numismate Antique Horatii Coclitis, 

Fatavii, 1678 — Orazione del Conte Marogna, imperfect, 
Verona, 1792 — Statuti Suntuarii ricordati da G. Villani 
circa il Yestiario delle Donne, Pisa, 1816; and two 
others (6) 

4093 Patini (C.) Lyceum Patavinum, sive Icones et Vit» Professorum 

Patavii publice docentium,^n& impressions of the portraits, 
including one of " Jo, PompUius Scotus,*^ the oldest family 
of the Earls of Douglas Patavii, 1682 

4094 Patini (C.) Thesaurus Kumismatum, Antiquorum et Beoen- 

tiorum, ex Auro, Argento et ^re, front, and cuts of coins, 
Mionnefs copy Tenet. 1683 

4095 [Pauli (S.)] Modi di dire Toscaui ricercati nella loro Origins 

half calf gilt, praised by Qamba Venezia, 1740 

4096 Pazzia. Delle Origini deUa Pazzia d'un Filosofo Fiorentino, 

vignettes A Spese della Naztone, s, a. 

4097 Pecci (Q-. A.) Memorie storico-critiche della Citt^ di Siena 

(1480-1652) 3 vol. in 1 
MS. ADDITIONS, uncut Siena, 1755-68 

4098 Pecci (Cav. Q-. A.) Memorie storico-critiche della Citti di Siena 

dal 1480 al 1559, 4 vol. old red morocco Siena, 1765-60 

4099 [Peers (ttichard)] Poems by E. P. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxon, 

consisting of Title, a Poem to Dr. Bichard Busby (4 leaves) 
and blank leaf after, half morocco a. d. 

4100 Peirce (J.) and Jos. Hallett, Paraphrase and Notes on the 

Epistles to the Golossians, Philippians and Hebrews, 1733 
— Dissertations on Six Texts of Scripture, by Peirce, 1737 

in one vol. 

4101 Pellegrini (Abate G. L. Conte) Prediche, 2 vol. 

uncut Venezia, 1803 

4102 Pellegrino (Camillo) Due Discorsi (del Nome Porta e dell' 

antico Sito di Capua) Napoli, 1643 

4103 Pensa (G.) Epigrammi Toscani, scarce Monteregale, 1570 

4101 Perkins (J.) Poematum Miscellaneorum Liber primus, per- 
trait 1707 




4105 Perlin (£.) Description des Soyaulmes d'Augleterre et d'Escosse 

1558 et Histoire de TEntr^e de la Beine Mere dana la 
Qrande Bretagne par De la Serre 1639, with notes by E. 
Gough, plates, half calfgilty m. e, 1775 

4106 Fersio tradotto in Verso sciolto e dichiarato da F. Stelluti (col 

Teste Latino) plates 
calf extra, y. e. hy C. Lewis JRoma, 1630 

4107 Fersio, Satire in Yerao Toscano da A. M. Salvini (col Testo 

Latino) Testo di Lingua, half morocco Mrenze, 1726 

4108 Fesliall (Sir John) History of the University of Oxford, from 

the Death of William the Conqueror to the Demise of 
Queen Elizabeth, uncut Oxford, 1773 

4109 Fetrarcha (Francesco) Trioinphi, fine woodcuts from designs hy 

Baldini, rare Mrenze, 1508 

4110 Petrarca (F.) Rime brevemente sposte per L. Castelvetro 

ealf Basilea, 1582 

4111 Petrarca (F.) Bime, con le considerazioni di A. Tassoni, le 

annotazioni di Q. Muzio e le osservazioni di L. A. Muratori 
LABGE FAPEB, the Earl ofMortovkS copy Modena, 1711 

4112 Petrarca (F.) Eime, con le Considerazioni d' A. Tassoni, le 

Annotazioni di O. Muzio e le Osseryazioni di L. A. Muratori 

Venezia, 1727 

4113 Fetrarcha (F.) Yite degl' Imperadori et Fontefici Bomani, with 

Aldine anchor on title-page, calf, g, e. hy Thouvenin 
scarce Secondo la Uopia stampata a Morenza, 1478, 1625 

4114 Fetrucci (Cay. L.) Eime, con la Selya delle sue Fersecutioni. 

Farrago Foematum Equitia L. Fetrucci cum Sylya suarum 
Fersecutionum, Oxon, 1613 — Apologia Equitis L. Fetrucci 
contra Calumniatores suos una cum Kesponsione ad Libellum 
a Jesuitis contra L. Donatum Ducem Yenetum promulgatum, 
emblematic cuts, privately printed, Exeusum Londini, 1619 
vellumy g. e. rare 2 vol, 

*«* These two yolumes sold in Bright'e sale for £2. 17s: The 
Apologia has throughout the author's autograph corrections. 

4115 Fetrucci (Cav. L.) Bime, con la Selya delle sue Fersecutioni, 

with Latin translation on the opposite pages, with portrait 
(a dratoing in indian ink) added 
old ornamented calf, g. e. Oxonia, 1613 

4116 Fetrucci, Bime. Another copy, autograph of " TJhom, Otes Ex 

dono Authoris'' ib. 1613 

4117 Fhilesii YogesigensB Qrammatica figurata : octo partes orationis 

secundum Donati editionem et regulam Bemigii ita imagi- 
nibuB expressed ut pueri jucundo chartarum Judo faciliora 
Orammaticffi pneludia discere et exercere queant, many 
curious woodcuts, yebt babe Deodaie, G, Lud, 1509 

4118 Fhillipps (Sir T.) MappsB Clayicula : a Treatise on the Prepara- 

tion of Figments during the Middle Ages 1847 

4122 Fhilosophorum Illustrium et Sapientum Effigies ab eorum numis- 
matibus extract®, 50 plates Venet 1607 


4123 Plccolomini (S.) Yiaggio e Presa della Citta di Bona in Barberia 

rare Mrenze, 1607 

4124 Fieri (P.) Cronica delle Cose d'ltalia (1080-1305) 

LABGE PAPEB, half morocco^ uncut ^ Testo di Lingua, Boma, 1755 

4125 Pignoria (L.) L'Antenore, plates, William TTth's copy, with his 

arms in gold on sides Padova, 1625 

4126 PigDoria (Lorenzo) Le Origini di PadoTa, lajigb paper, plates, 

Padoua, 1625 — Institutione & Ordini della MiBericordia 
Maggiore di Bergamo (edite per M. A. Benaglio) Bergamo^ 
1620 — Passaggio et Alloggio per il Veronese della Serenis- 
sima Claudia de* Medici Ardduchessa d' Austria, plaie, rare^ 
Verona, A. Tamo, 1626 
old red morocco, g, e. tvUh the arms of the Vice-Boy Duke of 
Ossuna stamped in gold on sides in one vol. 

4127 Findari Carmina Or. et Lat. cum notis J. Benedicti 

Salmurii, 1620 

4128 Pindaro tradotto in Yerso Toscano et dichiarato da A. Adimari 

gilt vellum. Teste di Lingua Pisa, 1631 

4129 Pindaro tradotto in Verso Toscano et dichiarato da A. Adimari 

calf Pisa, 1631 

4130 Pinello (Domenico Cardinale) Belatione per la Canonizatione 

del B. Carlo Borromeo Mantoua, 1610 

4131 Pino (Q.) Vita di S. Bocco, plan and woodcut of the Saint 

Venetia (Aldo) 1576 

4132 Piniciani (Jo.) Promptuarium Vocabulorum sdium partium, 

locorum artificum, instrumentorum, multarum quoque rerum 
nomina continens, the title printed in red, within a beautiful 
woodcut border AugtMta, 1516 

4133 Piola (G.) Mogio di Bonaventura C$,yeiidn,JiAll-length portrait 

half vellum, uncut MUano, 1844 

4134 Pistolesi (G. B.) Prospetto di Verbi Toscani 

ha\fcalf, uncut, top edge gilt Boma, 1761 

4135 Platina de la honesta roluptate & ralitudine (di li Obsonii) 

a very scarce Cookery 'booh, calf extra Venetia, 1494 

*4^* This edition contains after the imprint two recipes for making 
the famous " Buzulati'* of Venice. 

4136 Plinio, Lettere tradotte da G. A. Tedeschi, vellum Boma, 1717 

4137 Pocklington (J.) Sunday no Sabbath 1636 

4138 Poesio Toscane. Bisorgimento della Poesia Italiana dopo il 

Petrarca: ovvero Saggi di Poesie Toscane del Seeolo di 
Lorenzo dei Medici, half morocco, privately printed 1818 

*«* Containing the Poems of Lorenzo de Medici, A. Poliziano, and 
the three Pulcis. 

4139 Poetriarum Octo Erinn», Myrus, Myrtidis, Corinnn, Telesill®, 

PraxillsB, Nossidis, AnytsB Pragmenta et Elogia, Gr. et Lat. 
cura Wolfii, half russia, g. e, Kamb. 1734 


4140 Poggiali (G.) Memorie per la Sfcoria letteraria di Fiacenza, 2 vol. 
in 1 Fiacenza, 1789 

4142 Poggii Facetis 

gotj^ic icttct, large copy with rough leaves^ a rare edition 

Basil, 1488 

4142 Folibio, Libro della Militia de Bomani et del Modo dell' accam- 

pare, fine copy in vellum (Venetia) 1536 

4148 Politi (Lanzilocto) La Conflicta di Monte Aperto (in prose and 
versCf toritten hy Politi before he became a monk and changed 
hie name to Ambrogio Caterino), woodcut title, very scarce, 
Siena, 1602 — Plinio (Aurelio Vittore) de li Yiri iliustri in 
Yulgare tradacto col Comento per Pietro Baneoni, woodcuts, 
ivi, 1506 — La magna e trionfante Feeta et Chaccia che si 
fece nellinclita Citta di Siena nel lanno M. CCCCC YI adi 
XV dagosto (in ottara Bima), woodcut, sxtbemelt bajie, 
even unknoum to Moreni, ivi, 1506 — Pompe et Ceremonie 
celebrate nella inclita Cipta di Fiorenza nella Festivita del' 
Precursore Johanni Baptista lanno MD.XIIII (in ottava 
Bima), woodcuts, excebbiyelt babe, FlorentuB, Ser Anto^ 
nius Dominici de Tubinis, 1514 in one vol. 

4144 PoLiTiAKo (Angelo) Oiostba di Oivlia^o de Medici & La- 

EABULA ni Obpheo (Stanze), woodcuts 
fine copy in red morocco extra, g. e, rare Mrenze, 1518 

%* This copy sold for £5. 5b. in Hibbert's Sale. 

4145 Politiaui (A.) Conjurationis Pactian® anni 1478 Commentarium 

cara J. Adimari, plates, half morocco gilt Neapoli, 1769 

4146 Poliziano (A.) Elegantissime Stanze e la Ninfa Tiberina del 

Molza colla Vita del Poliziano scritta dal Abate P. A. 
half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua Bergamo, 1747 

4147 Poliziano (A.) L'Orfeo, Tragedia, da AflTo Venezia, 1776 

4148 Pope (A.) Works, containing his Pastorals and Miscellanies, 

portrait by Vertue, and vignettes, 1717 — Essay on Man, 
vignettes, 1784 2 vol. 

4149 Pope (A.) Saggio sopra la Critica dalla Poesia Inglese, tradotto 

da A. Pillori, frontispiece, uncut Mrenze, 1759 

4150 Porro (G. B.) Embleroi del Sole (in ottava Binia), woodcut 

portrait and borders, half morocco, rare Milano, 1589 

4151 Portio (C.) La Coneiura de' Baroni del Begno di Napoli contra 

il Be Ferdinando I 
fine copy in green morocco, g, e. Boma, Aldo, 1565 

4152 Portio (S. Camillo) La Congiura de' Baroni del Begno di Napoli 

contra il Be Ferdinando I ivi, 1565 

4158 Portraits of the must eminent Painters, and other famous Artists, 
with their Lives, &c. 102 portraits, fine impressions 1739 

4154 Portraits to illustrate Granger's Biographical History of Eng- 
land, 52 plates, proofs on india paper, 2 vol. no title-page to 
vol. 1 1819-22 


4155 Portraits of Ecclesiastics, Nobility, Ministers of State, and other 

Illustrious Persons of France, upwards of 220 in number^ 
laid down and mounted, including some scarce engravings 

in one vol. 

4156 Posterla (F.) del Catafalco di Ludovico Delfino di Francia 

Boma^ 1711 

4157 Pote (J.) Catalogus Alumnorum e CoUegio Begali de Etona in 

Collegium Hegale apud Cantabrigienses cooptatorum, with 
MS. additions JEtonoe, 1780 

4158 Pote (Job.) History and Antiquities of Windsor Castle, with 

the Institution, Laws, and Ceremonies of the Order of the 
Garter, plates, half russia, uncut Eton, 1749 

4159 Powis (Earl of) Speech on moving the second reading of a Bill 

for preyentiug the Union of the Sees of St Asaph and 
Bangor, printed for the Boxburghe Club 1843 

4160 Pozzo (B. Conte dal) Yite de' Pittori, de gli Scultori et Archi- 

tetti Veronesi Verona, 1718 

4161 Prayer (Common), according to the Use of the Church of Ire- 

land, calf, Dublin, 1742— Altar Service, 1813 2 vol. 

4162 Precedentia. Informatione sopra le Kagioni della Precedentia 

(tra Cosimo I et il Duca di Ferrara), s. I, if a. (1562) — 
Eagioni di Precedentia (Answer to Informatione), s. I. cf a. 
(1562) (2) 

4163 Promptorium Parvulorum sive Clericorum Lexicon Anglo- 

Latinum Princeps auctore G-alfiido Grammatico Lenne 
Episcopi, Northfolciensi circa 1440 recensuit Aib. Way, 
2 vol. printed for the Camden Society 1843-53 

4164 Promtuarium Iconum Insigniorum a seculo Hominum, sub- 

jectis eorum vitis, Editio secunda, 2 vol. in 1, woodcuts 

Lugduni, 1578-81 

4165 Prontuario de le Medagllie de piu illustri, e famosi huomini e 

donne, dal principle del Mondo, con le lor vite, Seconda 
Editione, 2 vol. in 1, numerous cuts lAone, 1581 

4166 Prose antiche di Dante, Petrarcha et Boccaccio, et di molti altri 

nobili et virtuosi Ingegni nuovamente raccolte, frontispiece 
vellum Morenza, per il Doni, 1547 

4167 Prose. Another copy, frontispiece 

fine copy in russia, g. e. ivi, 1547 

4168 Prose. Another copy, frontispiece, ivi, 1547 — Eesposta alia 

Invectiva qui anneza di Don Alphonso gia Duca di Ferrara 
publicata contra la Sancta & gloriosa Me. di Leone PP. X 
sotto Pretexto de una Littera scripta alia Cesarea Maesta 
translata di Latino iu vulgare, rare, senza nota — Uiscorso et 
Eagionamento di TOmbre di M. Vespasiano Theriaca, 
£XTiiEM£LY BABE, Hama, apud Antonium Bladum, 1551 — 
Panegirico [alio Amore], di Francesco [de Catani] da 
Diacceto, rare, Roma, per Z. Vicentino, 1526 
fine copies in old gilt calf in one voU 

4169 Prose di diversi Uomini illustri Siciliani (B. Sirillio, L. d'Eredia, 

B. Spatafora, B. & C. Vintimiglia, O. Gaetaro, A. Panto ed 
A. Forno), raccolte dal Barone A. Forno Napoli, 1750 


4170 IVoteleia Anglo-Batava Gulielmo Arausii et Marise BritanDiarum 

limp vellum Oxon. 1641 | 

4171 Piynne (W.) Perpetuitie of a Begenerate Mans Estate \ 

half calf 1626 

4172 Psalterium. Interpretation des Pseaumes avec la Yie de David 

par M. I'Abb^ de Choisj 
fine eopif, old red morocco^ tnih the arms of Cesar Cardinal 

d'JSstri^es stamped on the sides, in. S[ g. e, Faris^ 1687 | 

4173 Ptolomeo (C.) G«ografia tradotta da G. Euscelli, maps (inclu' i 

ding those of Ahebioa) I 

fne copy in the original binding Venetia, 1561 j 

4174 Pnccinelli (P.) Istoria dell' eroicbe Attioni di TJgo il Grande I 

Duca della Toscana, &c, con la Gronica dell' Abbadia di \ 

Fiorenza, la Galleria sepolcrale e le Memorie di Pescia \ 

Milanp, 1664 j 

4175 Pogin (A.) Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected from ] 

Ancient Edifices in England, with Descriptive Accounts by \ 

E. J. Willson, 2 vol. 114 plates, half morocco 1821-2 ^ 

4176 Pugin (A. W.) Contrasts : or Parallel between the noble Edi- 

fices of the Middle Ages and Buildings of the Present Daj, ' 

plates 1841 

4177 Pugin (A. W.) True Principles of Pointed or Christian Archi- i 

tecture, plates 1841 

4178 Pugin (A. W.) Apology for the Bevival of Christian Architec- 

ture, plates 1843 

4179 Paid (Bernardo) alia Divota in Christo Suora Lena de Tanini ' 

della Passione del N. S. Jesu Christo (in ottava Bima), et 
di Maria Magdalena et in Maria Virgine di Bibbona (in 
fine copy in morocco, joints, sides ornamented with scrolUtooling, 
g. e. BARE Florentie impressum s. a, {circa 1490) 

*«* The only copy of this edition known to Brunet was that which 
sold for £8. in Boscoe's Sale. 

4180 Pulci (Bernardo) Bucoliche elepfantissimi et Buooliche da F. de 

Arsochi et da H. Beniviem et da J. Fiorino de Boninsegni. 
Con una Elegia della Morte di Cosimo et un altra Elegia 
della Morte della Diva Simonetta (Amasia di Lorenzo de* 
Medici) et Eisposta della Diva Simonetta et un altra Elegia 
di nuovo adgiunta 
Jine copy in vellum, scarce Firenze, A. Mischomini, 1494 

%* M. Libri's copy sold for £3. 16s. in 1859. 

4181 Pulci (Bernardo) La Yendetta di Nostro Signore Jesu Christo 

facta da Tito et Yespasiano (in ottava Eima) 
black Uiittf an edition unknown to bibliographers, very rare 

s, I, if a, 

4182 Pulci (Bernardo) Yendetta di Christo, che fecero Yespasiano e 

Tito contro a Gierusalemme (in ottava Eima), 2 woodcuts 
green morocco extra, g. e. by Cape Firenze, 1615 

I I 


4183 Pulci (Luca de) Pistole al Magnifico Lorenzo de Medici 

Jine copy in morocco super extra, joints, y. e. by Hering 

Firenze, 1488 

•<^* Eoscoe's copy sold for £6., and this in Hibbert's Sale for £4. 

4184 Pulci (Luca de) Pistole al Magnifico Lorenzo de Medici (in 

terza Bima) 
a very rare edition (A A — OQ-.), wanting last leafy which is 
supplied in MS, copied from the one printed at Florence in 
1488 S^c. XV. 

4185 Pulci (Luca de) Pistole al Magnifico Lorenzo de Medici (in 

terza Bima) woodcut, half morocco 
{Firenze) Impresso a Fetitione di Ser Fiero Facini, *. a. (circa 1510) 

*^* Bare. Heber's copy sold for £1. IBs. 

4186 Pulci (Luca de) Pistole al Magnifico Lorenzo de Medici (in 

terze Bime), woodcut, very rare (Boscoe^s copy sold for £5.), 
Firenze, 1513 — Driadeo d'Amore di Luca [pro Luigi] Pulci 
[in ottava Bima], 3 woodcuts, scarce (unknown to Brunet)^ 
Finite a petitione di Francesco di Jaeopo decto Cote Adi 
XXIX. di Aprile, M.D.X. 
fne copies in cotemporary olive morocco, covered with blind 
tooling, gilt gaufre edges in 1 vol* 

4187 Pulci (Luca [pro Luigi]) Driadeo d'Amore (in ottava Bima), 

woodcut, a very rare edition (a in 4 leaves, b and c in S, and 
J) in 4, the last lecf blank), with 40 lines to a full page (totally 
different from any described by Brunei) 

senza nota (Firenze, circa 1496) 

4188 Pulci (Luigi) il Driadeo (in ottava Bima), 2 woodcuts and 

printer*s device, title-page deficient, a rare edition, unknown 
to Brunei (Firenze) A petitione di Francesco di Jaeopo 
decto Cote Adi XXIX di Aprile, M.D.X.— Bemi (F.) 
Capitolo del Gioco della Primiera col Comento di Messer 
Pietropaulo di San Chirico, Boma, 1526 in 1 vol, 

*^ The Capitolo, one of the Testi di Lingua, is very rare, and the 
commentary, which is filled with curious anecdotes on games 
especially of cards), is supposed to have been written by 
F. Berni himself 


4189 Newspapers. Domestick Intelligence, True News or Mercurius 

Anglicus, Heraclitus Bidens, True Protestant Mercury, 
Loyal Protestant, Observator, Currant Intelligence, Impar- 
tial Protestant Mercury, London Mercury, Loyal London 
Mercury, Loyal Impartial Mercury, Impartial Account of 
Bemarkable Accidents, Publick Occurrences, Universal In- 
telligence, English Currant, London Courant, Orange 
Gazette, London Intelligence, Boman Post- Boy, Mercuriua 
Beformatus, Dublin Intelligence, and others, odd Nos. in 
1 vol. half calf gilt 1679-90 


4190 Newspapers. The Edinburgh Gazette from 1699 to 1704, not 

consecutive Udinh, 1699-1704 

4191 Newspapers. Edinburgh Evening Courant, from the commence- 

ment, Dec. 15, 1718, to Dec. 31, 1719, 165 Nos. ib. 1718-19 

4192 Newspapers. Edinburgh Evening Courant, Julj 8, 1721, to 

Jan. 1, 1722 ; and from July 28, 1724, to Jan. 26, 1725, 
2 vol. «6. 1721-5 

4193 Newspapers. Illustrated London News, vol. I, 184i2 — Pictorial 

Times, 1843— Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, 1840 3 vol. 

4194 Newspapers. Jackson's Oxford Journal, from 23 June, 1792, 

to 27 Dec. 1806, 11 vol. half bound Oxf. 1792-1806 

4195 Newspapers. Jacobite's Journal, Nos. 1 to 49, Dec. 6, 1747, to 

^ov. 5, 1748 — Covent Garden Journal, Nos. 1 to 72, Jan. 
4, 1752, to Nov. 25, 1752 in one vol 

4196 Newspapers. Mist's Weekly Journal, from 1718 to 1728, 10 

vol. — British Journal, 1715-27, 8 vol. — London Journal, 
1720-2, 2 vol.— Applebee's Weekly Journal, 1716-19— 
Fog's Journal, 1728-31, 3 vol.— London Advertiser, 1742-4, 
2 vol. — Various Newspapers published in 1719 and 1720 ; 
and a parcel of odd Nos. of Newspapers published from 
1770 to 1800, scraps having been cut out of some, they \oill 
be sold as they are together 26 vol. and a bundle 

4197 Newspapers. Middlesex Journal ; or Chronicle of Liberty, from 

June 2, 1770, to June 30, 1772, /row Home Tooke's library 


4198 Newspapers. Northampton Mercury, from 1 Oct. 1722 to 18 

March, 1722-3, and from 3 Oct. 1743 to 30 Dec. 1751, with 
some duplicate Nos. from Jan. 2, 1748-9 to July 10, 1749, 
1 vol. 4to. and 3 vol. folio, together 4 vol. half calf 1722-51 

4199 Newspapers. Postscript to the Flying Post and Post Boy, 

various Nos. from 1703-7 — A few Numbers of the London 
Post and other Newspapers — The Duke of Marlborough's 
Welcome into the City of London, in verse, with woodcut 
portrait, 1705 ; and other single leaves in 1 vol. half calf 

4200 Newspapers. The Bemembrancer, from the commencement, 

Dec. 12, 1747, to June 1, 1751, 182 Nos., the first twelve 
reprinted as an Svo, Tract in 1748 in one vol. 

4201 Newspapers. Weekly Journal, or British Gazetteer, various 

odd Nos. from 1714 to 1722, with a few Tracts collected 
together in 1 vol. half calf 1714, &c. 

4202 Newspapers. Weekly Miscellany, giving an account of the 

Ueligion, Morality and Learning of the Present Times, by 
Eichard Hooker, Nos. 1 to 444, from 16 Dec. 1732 to 27 
June, 1741, 1732-41— Trials of Goodere, Mahony and White 
for the Murder of Sir John Dineley Goodere, 1741 — The 
Pope*s Edict and Decree against Free Masons, 1739 ; and 
other Tracts, Single Leaves, &c. bound together in 3 vol. 

4203 Newgate Papers. Proceedings on the Queen's Commission of 

the Peace and Oyer and Terminer and Goal-Delivery of 
Newgate, various Nos. from July 7, 1703, to Oct. 17, 1707; 
and other Papers, in 1 vol. half calf 


4204 Nicolay (N. de) Quatre Premiera Livres des Nayigations et 

FeregrinationB Orientales, plate9 MuiiraHve ^ Oriental 
eogtume^ after TUian, coloured J^^yon, 1568 

4205 Nolli (0-. B.) Nuova Pianta di 'Bomtk^fine plateM 

old calf Boma, 1748 

4206 Nolte (V .) Memorial of facts connected with the Historj of 

Medallic Engraving and the Process of M. Collas, plates 1838 

4207 Numismata Historica annomm 1704, 1705 et 1709, cum Supple- 

mentis ab anno 1700 ad annum 1709, numerouteuU of coins 


4208 Oldmixon (J.) History of England during the Beigns of the 

Bojal House of Stuart, with very copious manuscript annO' 
iations in a contemporary hand 1780 

4209 Ondelbergh, Irlandese (Padre). Baccolta di Componimenti 

inediti, diplomatici e satirici ; e Yersi Latini fatti dal Padre 
Ondelbergh per inviarli alia Corte di Olanda e nella 
Iblanda, &c, Maittjbcript Seo. XTin 

4210 Opmeeri (P.) et Laur. Bejerlinck, Opus Chronographicum 

Orbis XJniversi, continens historiam, icones et elogia Sum- 
morum Pontificum, Tmperatorum, Begum, ac Viroruro 
Illustrium, engraved title-page^ two portraits of Opmeer and 
numerous woodcut headsy 2 vol. in 1 Antv, 1611 

4211 Ortelii (Abr.) Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, maps coloured %b, 1570 

4212 Ottley (W. Y.) Twelve Designs illustrative of the Life of Christ, 

engraved by Piroli 1796 

4213 Ottlet (W. T.) Italiait School or Design : being a series 

of facsimiles of Original Drawings by the most Eminent 
Painters and Sculptors of Italy, with JBiographical Notices, 
S4i plates, best proofs, Mr. F. O. Lewis's copy 1823 

4214 Ovidio Methamorphoseos vulgare (per Joanni de Bonsignore in 

Prosa), woodcuts 
green morocco, super extra, tooled leather joints, sides covered 
with gold and blind tooling, y. e, very rare 
Venetia,per 2joane Bosso ad instantia di X. A, Zonta, 1497 

4215 Ovidio Metamorphoseos in Prosa Yulgare tradutto, woodcuts 

MUano, 1519 

4216 OxEOBD Almakacks, compbisiko neably a complete sebieb, 

FBOM 1696 to 1826, a few intermediate years wanting, 


together 186 plates, with a curious single leaf entitled, 
A Hue and Cry a^er Good Friday, lost in the Oxford 
Almanack, in verse (from Mr. Bindley 's Library), also inter- 
esting MS. Notes and printed Explanations, two original 
drawings for 1748 and 1762, and toe Almanack for 1842, 
and two other Engravings, with title-page, printed expressly 
for the volume, elephant size 
russia extra, with broad joints, from the Stowe library 

4217 Oxford Almanacks for 1674, bv White, 1677, 1678, 1679, 1681, 

and for 1701 to 1760 inclusive, by Burghers, Yertue and 
Green in one vol, 

42 18 Oxford Almanacks, from 1 724 to 1751, except for the years 1725, 

1726, 1732, 1746 and 1749, containing views of various 
Colleges, and two other plates, all enflaved by Vertue 

in one vol. 


4219 Oxford. Academic Oxonienais omnium Ordinum Habituumque 

Exemplaria, a G-. Edwards, 12 plates, including the title- 
paae, Jhie itnpressianSy very scaree, with an additional title, 
" Habitus Academiconim Ozomensium a Doctore ad Ser- 
vientem," sold by J. Oliver, Ac. inserted 

4220 Oxford. Account of the Visit of the Prince Be^nt, the Emperor 

of BuBsia and King of Prussia to the TJmyersity of Oxford 
in June 1814, plates inserted Oxford, 1815 

4221 Oxford. Account of the Late Visitation at St. Mary Magdal. 

College, Oxford, by Peter Bp. of Winton, 1688— Petition 
of divers poor Prisoners in Oxford Castle, 1642 — Catalogue 
of MS. Books and Papers collected by Dr. Hyde, Begins 
Professor of the University of Oxford, and various single 
leaves relating to the University, a small parcel 

4222 Oxford. A series of Architectural Views chiefly of the Colleges, 

Halls, &c. in Oxford, collected from the Almanacs, toith 
observations in the autograph of James Dallaway, 74 plates 
halfrussia 1805 

4223 Oxford. Pamphlets, Broadsides, Single Leaves, &c. relating to 

the University, City and County of Oxford, a few of the 
old London Lamplighters* Verses, &c. a bundle 

4224 Oxford. Plans of the Bodleian Library, with practical sugges- 

tions by one of the Curators (Dr. Wellesley), 10 copies 1858 

4225 Oxford. Six Etchings by W. Crotch from sketches by H. 

O'Neill, of the Buins of the bte fire at Christ Church, 
Oxford, india proofs, with a duplicate of plate 4iin an un- 
finished state Oaford, 1809 

4226 Oxford Universitj^ Commission of Inqui^ into the State, Dis- 

cipline, Studies and Bevenues of the University and Colleges 
of Oxford, Beport and Evidence 
half calf gilt, lettered " The Mare's NesV 1852 

4227 Oxford University Classical Examination Papers, 1827-81, bound 

up in a volume — Dr. Newton's Letter and Proceedings 
concerning Hart-Hall, 17d4 (2) 

4228 Oxford University Poems. Epicedia in Obitum Henriettas 

Marise, Oxon, 1669 — In Obitum G^orgii Ducis Albemarli®, 
it, 1670 — In Exoptatum Begis Oulielmi ex Hibemia Beditum, 
ib, 1690— Theatri Oxoniensis Encsnia, sive Comitia Philo- 
logica, ih, 1693 — Pietas in obitum Begins Ann® et Gratu- 
laiio in Begis Oeorgii Inaugurationem, %b. 1714 2 vol, 

4229 Oxford University Poems. Plausus Musarum Oxoniensium, 

frontispiece by Burghers, Oxon, 1704 — Academic Oxoniensis 
Comitia Philologica in honorem Ann» Vs^\!^c», front ib» 
1713 — Pietas in obitum Beginso Ann® et Gratulatio in 
Begis Georgii Inaugurationem, ih, 1714 — Exequi» Joannis 
Badcliffe, M.D., portrait by Burghers, ib, 1715 in one vol. 

4280 Oxonia Depicta sive Collegiorum et Aularum in Academia 
Oxoniensi Delineatio a Gul. Williams cui accedit uniuscu- 
j usque CoUegii Aulseque Notitia, 66 plates 
fine impressions (Oxon. 1732-3) 


4281 Pacioli (Luca) Divina 'Pro^ortiojie, numerous diagrams and platen 
by LxoKABDo DA Vinci 
vellum, rare Venetiis, per Paganinum de Paganinis, 1509 

%* This important work treats on Polyhedrons, with algebraic signs 
of the different powers, and on calligraphy, which is illustrated 
with a magnificent alphabet, d,es]gned to show their proportions, 
and engraved by Leonardo da Vinci, it being distinctly stated 
in the dedication '' Vincii nostri Leonardi manihus scalpta" 

4232 Palladio (A.) Qaattro Libri dell' Architettura, numerous wood^ 

cuts Venetia, 1570 

4233 Palladio (A.) Quattro Libri dell* Architettura) nt»merou9 wood' 

cuts ivi, 1570 

4234 Palladio (A.) Quattro Libri dell' Architettura, numerous wood- 

cuts, vellum ivif 1570 











Opuscoli inediti o rari (di V. Borghini, L. Salviati, B. Tasso, 

B. Varchi, &c.), half calf gilt, uncut Mrenze, 1844 

Oratore Italiano o Saggi di Poesia London, 1834 

Orazione in Lode e Dit'esa dei 'Brnttiy frontispiece 

half morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1826 

Orme (W.) Memoirs of John Owen, D.D., portrait 
calf gilt 1820 

Orosio (Paolo) Stone contra i Pagani. Volgarizzamento di 
Bono Qiamboni con Note da F. Tassi 
half calf, uncut Mrenze, 1849 

Orrery (Earl of) Letters from Italy, with notes by J. Duncombe, 
calf gilt, 1773— Bemarks in the Grand Tour of France and 
Italy, 1705— Lassels (R.) Voyage of Italy, 2 vol. in I, fron- 
tispiece, Paris, 1670 — Royalty and Republicanism in Italy 
by Mazzini, 1850 4 vol, 

Osmont (J. B. L.) Dictionnaire Typographique, Historique et 
Critique, 2 vol. Pari*, 1768 

Ossian's roems, in blank Verse, by Rev. A. Davidson 

Salishurg, it. d/ 
Ossian's Poems, translated by J. Macpherson, 2 vol. 
calf extra 1807 

Ortelii (Abr.) et Jo. Viviani Itinerarium per nonnullas Ghalliad 
BelgicsB partes, i?^^^' <ind cuts, calf Antv. 1584 


4245 Orti (G.) Poesie CampeBtri e VerBione di Tibullo, Ac. 2 vol. in 1, 

Verona, 1797 — Prose, Poesie e Traduzioni, portrait, Milano, 
1840 2 vol 

4246 Orti (Q. G-.) sul Yolgarizzamento di due Orazioni di Salustio 

fatto da Brimetto Latini, half calf, uncut Verona, 1834 

4247 Orti (O.) di alcune Antichita di Garda e di Bardolino, &c. plate9 

ivi, 1836 

4248 Ottley (W. Y.) Catalogue of the Pictures in the National 

Gallery, 1826 — Catalogue of the National (late the Anger- 
stein) Gallery, 1824 — Cataloffue of the Pictures of the 
Marquis of Stafford at CleveTand House, 1810, in 1 vol. — 
Thomson on the Fine Arts, 1821— fiowbotham (T.) Art of 
Sketching, 1852 (8) 

4249 Ottley ( W. Y.) Notice of Engravers and their Works 1831 

4250 Ottonelii (G.) Discorso sopra TAbuso del dire Sua Santitil, Sua 

Maesti, sua Altezza senza nominare il Papa, I'lmperatore, 
ii Principe con le Difese della Gierusalemme Liberata, 
Ferrara, 1686 — Pioretti (C.) Considerazioni intorno a un 
Discorso di G. Ottonelii, Firenze, 1586 in one vol, 

4261 OuLTON (W. C.) Tea.vell"be's Guide, or English Itinerary, 

2 vol. in 4, with numerous MS, additions, and illxisteated 
with several hundred engravings, consisting of views, maps, 
plans, portraits, monuments and antiquities, arms, seals, gfc, 
with a few drawings 1805 

4262 Ovidii Heroides (curante H. Homer) 

LAEOE FAPES, red morocco, g. e. by "Roger Payne 1789 

4253 Ovid, Epistles, in English Prose, by Davidson, with the Latin 

text, 1767— Virgil, Georgicks and Bucolicks, with English 
Translation and Notes by J. Martyn, 2 vol. plates, 1746-9 

3 vol. 

4254 Ovidio Fasti tratti alia Lingua volgare per Y. Cartari 

Venetia, 1551 

4265 Ovidio Epistole Eroiche tradotte da Bemigio Fiorentino, portrait 

and vignettes, half calf gilt Farigi, 1762 

4256 Ovidio, Epistole Eroiche volgarizzate nel Trecento. Teste di 
Lingua, lasoe papes Milano, 1842 

4267 Ovidio, Pistole, Teste di Lingua, del buon Secolo 

printed on rose tinted paper (limited to two copies) half morocco, 
uncut, top edge gilt Firenze, 1819 

4258 Ovidio, Metamorfosi, volgarizzate da Ser Arrigo Simentendi, 

8 vol. half calf gilt, uncut, Testodi Lingua Prato, 1846-50 

4259 Owen (J.) Epigrammeta, sixth edition, frontispiece, containing 

a portrait of the author 1633-4 

4260 Owen, Epigrammes, traduites par Le Brun, Paris, 1709 — Le 

M^me, une autre edition, ih. 1710 — CBuvres d'Anacreon et 
Sapho, par De Longepierre, ih. 1692 8 vol, 

4261 Owen (J.) Life, with Account of his Works 1720 



4262 Ozfordsbire Contest, containing Wit, Humour, Letters, Songs, 
Ac. 1753 — Sequel to Oxfordshire Contest, 1763 — Cirences- 
ter Contest, 1753 — News Boys News, 1753 — Oxfordshire 
in an Uproar, 1753 — Oxfordshire Poll, 1754 in one vol. 

4268 Description of Nuneham-Courtenaj in the County of Oxford 

privately printed 1806 

4264 Account of the Church and Remains of the Manor House of 

Stanton Harcourt, in the County of Oxford 
privately printed Oxford, 1808 

4265 Assertio Antiquitatis Oxoniensis Academic, incerto Authore 

JT. Bynneman, 1568 

4266 Ilium in Italiam. Oxonia ad protectionem Regis sui omnium 

optimi filia, pedi sequa (by John Sandsbury, Fellow of St. 
John's College, ^Oxford), woodeute of the arms of the CoU 
leyes, with lines in Latin verse beneath 
VEBY nAjaXffrom Mr, Bindley^ s Library Oxon. J, Barnes ^ 1608 

4267 Judicium Uniyersitatis Oxoniensis, de 1. Solenni Lig& et Fosdere. 

2. Juramento Negative. 3. Ordinationibus Farlamenti, circa 
Disciplinam et Cultum,^^ clean copy 1648 

4268 Statuta Selecta e Corpore Statutorum Uniyersitatis Oxon. with 

the large folded plate, entitled " Encyclop<Bpia et Synopsis 
Statutorum,''* engraved by Cecill 
VEBT BiEE, Jrom the Libraries of Br Farmer and Mr, Bind- 
ley Oxon, 1638 

*«* On the coyer is a note by Richard Saltonshall, of the volume 
having been presented to him by Dr. Christopher Fetter, Pro- 
vost of Queen's College, on the 9th of May, 1638. 

4269 Statuta Selecta. Aliud exemplar, morocco, g. e, ib, 1638 

4270 Almanacks for 1695 and 1698, with the Jewish Kalendar, 2 vol. 

Oxford, 1695'S 

4271 Mercurius Oxoniensis ; or the Oxford Intelligencer for 1707, by 

M. G-. uncut^ scarce 1707 

4272 ^sop at Oxford; or a few Select Fables in Verse, 1709— King 

(W.) Badcliff Oration, 1749— Oxford Sausage, cuts, 1764 
— New Pocket Companion for Oxford, plates, Oxf 1785 — 
Companion to the'Ouide and Guide to the Companion, cuts, 
1806 5 vol. 

4278 The Apparition, a Poem, 1 710— Speech intended to have been 
spoken by Terrs Filius, 1713 — ^Yertumnus ! an Epistle to 
Jacob Bobart, Keeper of the Physick Garden, frontispiece, 
Oxf, 1713 — Oxford Act, 1714 — Academia, or the Humours 
of the University, in Burlesque Verse, 1716 — Allibond (J.) 
Seasonable Sketch of an Oxford Reformation, 1717 — Ox- 
ford Toasts, a Satire, 1718— Humours of Onford, frontispiece, 
1730 ; and others in one vol. 

4274 Almanack of 1712 explain'd ; or the Emblems of it unriddled, 
with some Account of the Emblems of the two preceding 
years 1711 


OxFOBDBHiBE (WoBKS B£LATiira To) — Continued* 

4276 Answer to the Address of the Oxford University, 1710— News 
from both Universities, containing the Brawny Priest, or 
the Captivity of the Kose, a Poem, 1714 — Oxford Sermon 
Versified, 1729— Copy of the Will of George Clarke, M.P. 
for the University, 1737 — Kennicott (B.) Sermon at St. 
Mary's, with Notes and Supplement, Oxford^ 1765 (5) 

4276 Account of the Stunsfield Pavement, by J. Pointer, plate*, Oaf, 

1713 — Britannia Bomana, or Eoman Antiquities in Britain, 
by J. Pointer, map, ib, 1724 — Catalogue of Pictures, &c. in 
the Picture GhiUery^at Oxford, ih, 1760— Deed of Trust and 
Will of Bichard Kawlinson of St. John Baptist College, 
1756 — Vindication of the Mallard of All Souls College (by 
B. Buckler), 1751 — Mr. W. Wickham's Defence of his own 
Conduct as one of the Assistants of the City of Oxon, 1762, 
icith M8. notes in one vol. 

4277 Oculus BritanniaB, an Heroi-Panegyrical Poem on the University 

of Oxford [by Nicholas Amherst] 1724 

4278 TerrsD Filius ; or the Secret History of the University of Ox- 

ford [by Nicholas Amherst], frontispiece hy Hogarth, 
2 vol. 1726 

4279 The Teme Filius Speech at Oxford, 1733— Life of Lord Chan- 

cellor Jefferys, 1725, &c. in one vol. — Pocket Companion 
for Oxford, 1759— New Oxford Guide, 1769, Ac. 2 vol. 

4280 Sermons, &c. — Harte (W.) University Sermon, 1737, and others 

in the volume 1737-1812 

4281 Tracts. A Blow at the Boot, 1749— Bhicow (B.) Letter to W. 

King, 1755 — New Speech from the old Trumpeter of Liberty 
Hall, 1756 — Letter to Dr. King occasioned by his late Apo- 
logy, 1755 — Defence of the Bector and Fellows of Exeter 
College against Dr. Huddeaford, 1754 — Letter to the Author 
of the Defence, 1755 — Address to Dr. Huddesford, 1755 — 
Letter to Dr. Lowth, 1758 — Answer to the same, 1759— 
Defence of the Warden of Winchester College, 1769— 
Beply to Dr. Golding and Dr. Lowth's Answers, by a 
Wykehamist, 1759 — Proposals for a Persian Professorship 
at Oxford, n. d, in one vol, 

4282 Antiquities and Curiosities of the University of Oxford, by J. 

Pointer, 1749— ^New Oxford Ouide, with a Catalogue of the 
Pictures in the G-allery adjoining to the Bodleian Library, 
1769 — The same, another edition, 1770 — Pocket Companion 
for Oxford, with additional plates, 1763 — The same, ano- 
' ther edition, 1768 5 vol. 

4283 Pointer (J.) Ozoniensis Academia, or Antiquities and Curio- 

sities of the University, illustrated with views of the CoU 
leges, Sfc, 1749 

4284 Modius Salium. A Collection of such Pieces of Humour as 

prevail* d at the time of Anthony k Wood, a scarce little 
booh of jests Oaford, 1761 

K K 


OxroBDBHiBE (WoBKS RELATiKO To) — Continued. 

4285 [Buckler], Proper Explanation of the Oxford Almanack, 1755 — 

Smith (O.) on the Game of AH- Fours play'd at Oxford, 
1754r— Vindication of the Mallard of AlKSouls College, 
1751 — English Paraphrase of Dr. King's Satire upon Phy- 
sicians at the Dedication of the Eadclivian Library, 1755 — 
Blacow (B.) Letter to Dr. King, 1755~Aj)8wer to Blacow, 
1755 — Letter to Dr. King by a Friend to Mr. Kennicott, 
1755— Letter on the Watch-Plot, 1755— [Newton] Princi- 
pies of the University, 1755— Serious Inquiry concerning 
Dr. W. L's Acts, 1751— [Bentham (E.)] Letter of Advice 
to Young Students, 1761 — Bentham (E.) Letter to a Young 
Gentleman, Oxford, 1749 in one t>ol. 

4286 Letter to Dr. Lowth in Vindication of the Conduct of the Fel- 

lows of New College in their late Election of a Warden of 
Winchester, 1758 — Answer to the preceding Letter, 1769 — 
Defence of the Conduct of the Warden of Winchester Col- 
lege, 1758 — Eeply to Dr. Golding's and Dr. Lowth*s An- 
swers, by a Wykehamist, 1759 — An Impartial By-Stander's 
Beview of the Controversy concerning the Wardenship of 
Winchester, 1759 — Account of the Supervision held at the 
College near Winchester, 1767, &c. in one vol. 

4287 Images of the Ancients, particularly those in the University of 

Oxford, a Poem 1768 

4288 Catalogue of Pictures in the Christ Church Library, bequeathed 

by General Guise in 1765; and other Tracts relating to the 
University (16) 

4289 Catalogue of Graduates (1659-1800) 

uncut, rare, only 250 copiee printed Oxford, 1801 

4290 Ozoniana (being selections and extracts from Books and Manu- 

scripts in the Bodleian Library, edited by Eev. J. Walker), 
4 vol. vignettes andfacsitnilee Oxford, (1807^ 

4291 Beply to the Calumnies of the Edinburgh Beview against Oxford, 

(by Bp. Copleston), 1810, and other Tracts 
half calf in one vol. 

4292 Uniteksitt Calekdab, from the commencement in 1810 to 

1865, except 1811, 1812, and 1864, 58 vol. tome of the earUf 

volumes are very scarce, particularly the first Oxf, 1810-65 

4298 Oxford Spy, with Appendix, and Letter from the Bigwig's Friend, 

7 parts in 1 vol. calf pit ib. 1818-19 

4294 Oxford Spy, with Appendix, and Types of the Times, 7 parts in 

1 vol. ib. 1818-20 

4295 Wade (W. M.) Walks in Oxford, 2 parts, plates, Oxford, 1817— 

Pluck Examination Papers, ib. 1836 — Art of being Plucked, 
with a Synopsis of Drinking, 1837 — Origin of Universities, 
by Maiden, 1849 3 vol. 

4296 The Lord Mayor's [WiUiam Venables] Visit to Oxford in the 

Month of July, 1826, written at the desire of the party, 
by the Chaplain [E. C. Dillon, D.D.] to the Mayoralty, 
frontispiece and plate, proof impression 
most diligently sought for and suppressed, very scarce 1826 



Oxfordshire (Works relating to) — continued. 

4297 Liber Scholasticus ; or Account of the Fellowships, Ac. at Ox- 

ford and Cambridge, 1829 — Parecbolss sive Excerpta e 
corpore Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis, calf, g, e. 
Oxon. 1808 ; and others 6 vol. 

4298 Oxford English Prize Essays, 6 vol. Oxford, 1836-48 

4299 Oxford Graduates between 1659 and 1850 

calf extra, g. e, ib. 1861 

4300 TJniyersity Commissioners' Eeport and Evidence ih, 1853 

4301 Hand-Book for Visitors to Oxford, illustrated by 128 tooodeuts 

by Jeweit, and 28 steel plates by Le Keux ib. 1858 

4302 Law and Arguments in Yindication of the University of Oxford, 

printed for Old King Alfred, n. d. — Appeal to the Publick 
from an Unappellate Tribunal, 1740 — Well- Wishers to the 
University or Oxford and the Answers, 1750 — The Princi- 
ples of the University as far as relates to Affection to the 
Government, 1755 — Case of a Gentleman (Mr. Bassett, of 
Queen*s College) unjustly deprived of his Vote at the 
Election of a Chancellor of the University of Oxford, 
1759 — Eights and Privileges of both Universities, by J. 
Marriott, Camb. 1769 ; and others in one vol. 

4303 Oxford Sausage, or Select Poetical Pieces by the most cele- 

brated Wits of the University, portrait of Mrs. Spreadburg, 
and cuts, Oxford, n. d. — New Pocket Companion lor Oxford, 
plates, ib. 1805— Wade (W. M.) Walks in Oxford, plates, 
ib. 1817 — Thirty-nine Etchings of Academic Costume — 
Visit to Oxford, by a Lady, plate, 1818 — The Chantrey 
Gallery, Oxford, 1847 (6) 

4304 Oxoniensis Universitatis Statuta Oxon. 1861 

4305 Oxoniensis Universitatis Statuta ib, 1864 

4306 Oxford and Cambridge. Verses on the Death of Frederick 

Prince of Wales, Hdinb. 1751— The Union ; or, Select 
Scots and English Poems, ib. 1753 in one vol. 

4307 P. P. The true Idioma of the Italian Tongue (a Collection of 

choice Proverbs, Dialogues, pleasant Stories, 4&c.) 
half calf gilt, scarce 1660 

4308 Pace da Certaldo (Mess.) Storia della Guerra di Semifonte e 

Cronichetta di Neri degli Strinati 
half calf gilt, uncut Firenze, 1753 

4309 Padchelli (G. B.) Memorie de' Viaggi per TEuropa Christiana, 

8 vol. portrait Napoli, 1685 

%* Containing his Travels in England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

4310 [Pagni (Ab. G.)] Osservazione di Farinello Semoli (t. e. G. 

Pagni) su I'Opera del Cav. V. Monti intitolata Proposta di 
alcune Correzioni, &c. 4 vol. Firenze, 1819-25 

4311 Pagnini (G. M.) Epigrammi morali Farma (Bodoni), 1799 — 

Callimaco tradotto da G. M. Pagnini, ivi, 1798 

half green morocco 2 vol. 

4812 Pagnini (G. M.) Epigrammi volgarizzati dal Greco, Farma, 1800 

4313 Paley (W.) Works, viz. Principles of Moral and Political 

Philosophy, Horse Paulina, View of the Evidences of 

Christianity, and Natural Theology, together 6 vol. 

russia, g. e, uniform, the Sgston Fark copy 1794-1803 


4314 Pdladio (A.) L'Anticliita di Eoma (mth Latin Vernon on the 

opposite pages) 
LABQE FAPEB, old English red morocco Ossonio, 1709 

4315 Palmieri (M.) Libro della Yita civile, half calf giU senza nota 

4316 Palmieri (M.) Una Prosa inedita Prato, 1850 

4317 Pamphlets. The Student; or, Oxford Monthly Miscellany, 

number 1, Oxford, 1750— Walpole (H.) Letter to the 
editor of Ghattorton's Miscellanies, Strawherrg Sill, 1779, 
Ac. in one vol, 

4318 Pananti (F.) Opere Poeiiche, Milano, 1810 ; and 3 others (4) 

4319 Pananti (F.) il JPoeta di Teafro, Bomanzo poetico ed altre Yersi 

e Prose, Yiaggio in Algeri, &c, 3 vol. 
half vellum extra Mrenze, 1824-25 

4320 Panciatichi (L.) Cicalate e Scherzi poetici, 2 vol. in 1 

russia Firenze^ 1729 

4321 Panciatichi (L.) Scherzi Poetici e Cicalate, toUh valuable MS, 

notes Firenze, 1729 

4322 Panizzi (A.) Bibliographical Notices of some early Editions of 

the Orlando Innamorato and Furioso, portrait^ with 3 auto- 
graph notes from the author 1831 

*iii* Only 24 copies printed separately for presents. 

4323 Panni (A. M.) Distinto Bapporto delle Dipinture nelle Chiese 

di Cremona, uneut Oremona, 1762 

4324 Panvini (P.) II Forestiere alle AntichitJl e Curiosity naturali di 

Pozzuoli, Cuma, Baja e Miseno, plates 
morocco Napoli^ 1818 

4325 Paoletti (E.) H Fiore di Yenezia, 4 vol. coloured maps and 

plates of costume, views, Sfe. 
half morocco uncut, top e, g. Venegia, 1837-40 

4326 Papa (Q-. del) Lettera nella quale si discorre se il Fuoco e la 

Luce sieno una Cosa medesima 
Teste di Lingua Mrenze, 1675 

4327 Papadopoulo-Yreto (Cav. A.) Quattro Mesi in Firenze, &c, 

Farigi, 1842 

4328 Papi (L.) Comentarii della Bivoluzione Francese fino alia Morte 

di Luigi XVI, 3 vol. Bastia, 1836— Dalla Morte di Luigi 
fino al Bistabilimento de Borboni, 6 vol. Lucca, 1830-31 — 
Lettere sulle Indie Orientali, 2 vol. ivi, 1829 10 vol, 

4329 [Paradis de Moncrif (M.)] Les Chats, curious plates. Farts, 

1727 — Lettre d'un Bat Calotin a Citron Barbet au Sujet de 
I'Histoire des Chats par M. de Montgrif, Batopolis, 1727 

in one vol, 

4330 ParsDmiographi Oradci edente T. Gkisford Oxon, 1836 

4331 Pari^ (A.) Notizie del Cardinale Boberto Nobili, degU altri 

illustri Poliziani e della Citt^ di Montepulciano 

Montepulciano, 1836 

4332 Paris (Paulin) Les Manuscrits Fran9ois de la Bibliotheque da 

Boi, leur histoire et celle des textes Allemands, Angloia, 
UoUandois, Italiens, Espagnols de la m^me collection, 7 voh 

Faris, 1836-48 



4388 Parker (J. H.) Glossary of Architecture and Companion, 8 vol. 

plates Oj^ord, 1840-1 

4334 Farknurst (J.) Hebrew and English Lexicon, without Points, 

portrait f halfrussia 1807 

4336 Parnno (D. A.) Teatro eroico e politico de' Govemi de' Vicere 

del Begno di Napoli, 8 vol. map, plans, monuments, and all 
the rare portraits, fine copy, in green morocco super extra, 
y. e, the sides covered mth gold tooling Napoli, 1692-4 

4386 Parnno (D. A.) della Citti di Napoli, 2 vol. views 

calf gilt Napoli, 1700 

4337 Parrino (A.) Guida di Napoli, oZa^c* Napoli, 1714 

4338 ParriDO (D. A.) Nuova Guida di Napoli, plates Napoli, 1725 

4339 Parthey (G.) Wenzel Hollar: beschreibendes Verzeichniss 

seiner Kupferstiohe Berlin, 1858 

4340 Pascal (B.) Pens^es sur la Beligion, &c. avec sa Vie par Madame 

Perier sa Soeur, &c. 
fine copy, in old Dutch red morocco Amst, 1699 

4341 Pascal (B.) Pens^es sur la Beligion et sur quelques autres 

sujets, old green morocco, with broad gilt border, and the 
arms of Le Tellier stamped on the sides, m. and g, edges 

Paris, 1734 

4342 Passavant (J. D.) Bafael von TTrbino und sein Yater Giovanni 

Santi, 2 vol. and royal folio atlas of plates Leipzig, 1839 

4348 Passavant (M.) Tour of a German Artist in England, 2 vol. 

plates 1836 

4344 Passavanti (J.) Specchio di vera Penitenzia 

calf gilt, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1585 

4345 Passavanti (J.) Specchio di vera Penitenza con TOmelia d'Origene 

Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1681 

4346 Passeri (G. B.; Istoria delle Pitture in Majolica Fesaro, 1857 

4347 Passione de Cristo Poema in ottava Bima, con Annotazioni dal 

Marchese di Montrone, Testo di Lingua Napoli, 1827 

*«* This Poem has been attributed to Boccaccio, N. Cicerchia, and 

4348 Patin (C.) Belations Historiques et Curieuses de Voyages en 

AlJemagne, Angleterre, Hollande, Boheme, Suisse, <&c. map 
and cuts, Bouen, 1676 ; and othws 10 vol. 

4349 Pausania Descrizione della Grecia tradotta da A. Nibbj, 4 vol. 

in 3, half gilt vellum extra Roma, 1817-18 

4360 Pecchio (G.) Vita di Ugo Foscolo Lugano, 1830 

4351 Pecchio (G.) Osservazioni semi-serie di un Esule sull* Inghilterra 

Lugano, 1833 

4352 Peed (Gav. G. A.) sopra le piu giuste Begole per parlare e 

Bcrivere Toscano figuratamente Siena, 1767 

4358 Peel (Sir B.) Acts, Lord Lansdown^s Act, &c. &c. alphabetically 

arranged, by a Barrister, uith MS. notes, calf, m. e. 1830 — 

Whitworth (C.) Succession of Parliaments, 1764 2 vol, 

4854 Peignot (G.) B^pertoire de Bibliographies Speciales, Curieuses 
et Instructives, Faris, 1810— Fournier (F. I.) Dietionnaire 
de Bibliographic, ib. 1809— Dibdin (T. F.) Introduction to 
the Greek and Latin Classics, second edition, 1804 3 vol. 



4855 Peiffnot (Q.) Predicatoriana I^yon, 1841 

4856 Pellefi^rini (Pietro Trieste de') Saggio di Memorie degli Uomioi 

ulostri di Asolo, mew^ and map^ half calf gUt^ Vinezia^ 1780 

4357 Pellico (Silyio) Trancesca da Bimini, Tragedia 

scarce Londraj 1818 

4358 PEinrr Histories ; a very carious Tolume, oontainine eighteen 

pieces, consisting of Bomances, Books of Wit and Drollery, 
Songs, &c. in verse and prose, with woodcuts, collected bu 
Mr. Bitson printed in Aldermary Ohttrch-yard, n. a. 

4859 Pepe da Susa (Crescenzio) Awertimenti al Sig. Giosefo de gli 
Aromatarii intomo alio Bisposte date da lui alle Considera- 
zione del Sig. A. Tassoni sopra le Bime del Petrarca 
Jine copy, in green morocco extra, g, e. scarce Modona, 1611 

4360 Pepoli (A.) Dara, Tragedia Venezia, 1796 

4361 Pepoli (C.) Precis des NouvelHers JtaUens (NovelUeri) 1836 

4362 Percy (T.) Beliques of Ancient English Poetry, second edition, 

3 vol. uncut 1767 

4863 Pemety (A. J.) Dictionnaire portatif de Peinture, Sculpture et 

Qravure, Faris, 1757 — Abreg^ de la Vie des Peintres, 
frontispiece, hottnd in 2 vol. JDresde, 1782 8 vol, 

4864 Perreau (A.) sur les Gomtes de Looz et sur leurs Monnaies, 

plates Bruxelles, 1845 

4465 Persio, Satire. Tradozione di Y. Monti (col. Teste Latino) 

half calf gilt, uncut Milano, 1803 

4366 Perticari (Conte G.) Opuscoli, 2 vol. half calf Faenza, 1822 

4367 Perticari (Conte G.) Opere, 3 vol. in 2, portrait Lugo, 1822 

4368 Petsabcha (Messer Francesco) Le Cose yoloabi (Sonetti, 

Canzoni, Triomphi, <fcc.), very large copy 
First Aldine Edition of Fetrarch, and tne earliest Italian hook 
printed with their italic type, vellum Vinegia, Aldo, 1501 

*»* Very rare. Hanrott's copy sold for £6. 16s. 6d. 

4369 Petrarca (II) a very rare edition 

Tusculano per A, Faganino di Faganini, 1521 

4370 Petrarcha (II) with autograph of Antonio del Migliore the Foet 

fine large copy in vellum, very scarce Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1522 

4371 Petrarcha (11) a scarce edition, reprinted from the Aldine of 1514 

Vinegia, Qregorio de Qregorii, 1526 

4372 Petrarca di nuovo ristampato, woodcuts 

calf extra, g. e, in a case Venetia, 1565 

4373 Petrarca con nuove Spositioni con la Tavola di tutte le Bime, 

2 vol in 1, woodcuts, fine copy in morocco, g. e. by O. Smith, 
Testo di Lingua Lyone, 1574 

4374 Petrarca (F.) Bime, half morocco, uncut 

Testo di Lingua Fadova, 1722 

4375 Petrarca (F.) Bime, uncut 

Testo di Lingua Fadova, Q. Comino, 1722 

4376 Petrarca (F.) xiime, portrait, vellum Fadova, 1732 

4377 Petrarca (F.) Bime, portrait, vellum, uncut Fadova, 1732 

4378 Petrarca (F.) Bime, portrait 

morocco extra, old style Fadova, 1732 

* 4379 Petrarca (F.) Bime, portrait Mrenze, 1748 


4880 Fetrarca (P.) Bime Boelte (da T. Mathiaa), 2 copies, 1801— 

Mason (Q.) Saffo, tradotto da T. J. Mathias, 1809 (S) 

4881 Pefcrarca (F.) Bime illustrate di Note da B. Zotti, 8 vol. portraits 

ealf extra 1811 

4382 Fetrarca (F.) Bime, 2 vol. portraits and plates 

ealf extra Mrenze, 1821 

4383 Fetrarca (F.) Bime col Comento di Q. Biagioli, 2 Yol. in 3 

half morocco, uncut Parigi, 1821 

4384 Fetnu'ca (F.) Bime, OorralVs Diamond Edition, portrait 

W. Pickering, 1822 

4385 Fetrarca (F.) Bime col Bimario secondo la Lezione del Fro- 

fessore A. Marsand, 2 vol. calf extra, g. e. JPaddva, 1829 

4386 Fetrarca (F.) La Griselda Tolgarizzata, Noyella inedita 

Mrenze, 1851 

4887 Fetrarcha ^F.) Vite de gli Huomini illustri, Vineggia, 1527 — 

Chronica delle Vite de Fontefici et Imperatori Komani, ivi, 

1526 in one vol, 

4388 Fetrarcha (F.) Yite de gli Huomini illustri autographs of Don 

Diego de Ooknenares and of Don P* Fimentel Marquis de 
Vlana, Vineggia, 1527 — Chronica delle Yite de Fontefici et 
Imperatori Bomani (with the suppressed account of Fops 
Joijr), ivi, 1534, vellum, gilt gaufrS edges in one vol, 

4389 Petrarch, Sonnets and Odes, translated from the Italian, calf, 

1777 — Fetrarch Translated : in a Selection of his Sonnets 
and Odes, by G-. F. Nott, 1808 2 vol. 

4390 Fetrarch, Life and Character, with a translation of a few of his 

Sonnets [by A. F. Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee], portraits 
and vignettes, calf, g, e, Edinh. 1810 — Satires of Ariosto, 
1759 2 vol, 

4391 Fetri Alexandrini (S.) de Faschate Fragmenta, Or. et Lat. with 

autograph note from Dr, M, J, Mouth, the editor 
half morocco {Oxon, 1852) 

4392 Fetronio Arbitro, Satire yolgarizzate, col Teste a Fronte e con 

Note da Y. Lancette, 2 vol. half calf gUt Brescia, 1806-7 

4393 Fetronq (S. E.) Dante, Ariosto e Tasso ; ed Analisi dei loro 

prmcipali Foemi 1816 

4394 Fetrucci (J. B.) Egeo in Atene, Drama per Musica (in Italian 

and French) senza noto 

4395 Fezzuna (A.) Osservazioni concementi alia Lingua Italiana ed 

h suoi Yocabolarj Parma, 1823 

4396 Fezzana (A.) Bisposta alle Censure del Barone G. Ferrari 

ivi, 1823 

4397 Fflaumern (J. H. a) Mercurius Italicus, plates hy W, Kilian 

Aug, Vtnd, 1625 

4898 Fhalaris. Falari, Bellissime e sensentiose Lettere tradotte da 

F. Sansoyino Venetia, 1545 

4899 Fhekn (Bey. W.) and Bey. M. O'Sulliyan, Digest of the Eyidence 

on the State of Ireland, 2 vol. calf extra 1826 

4400 FhiiiObiblok Sooiett Fublioatioks, yiz. : Bibliographical and 
Historical Miscellanies, 8 yol. 1854-64— Herbert of Cher- 
bury (Edward Lord) Expedition to the Isle of Bhe, 1860— 
Yillars (Marquis de) M6moires de la Cour d*Espagne sous 


la Kegne de Charles II (1678-1682), vhotograph mHrait, 
1861 — Inyentaire de tous les Meubles du Cardinal Mazarin, 
EXTBEMELT BABE, being printed for members only 11 vol. 

•^* This first copy contains in toI. VIII of Miscellanies 67 pages not 
in the following, entitled : " An Account of an Annual Beligioiu 
Ceremony practised by the Mandan IHbes of American Indians 
by Oeorge Catlin,^^ 

4401 Fhilobiblon Society Publications. Another copy, 11 vol. 


4402 Philobiblok Society. Bohn (H. G.) Biography and Biblio- 

graphy of Shakespeare, ^or^ra»i^« and plates 1863 

%• This very interesting volume was printed for the Members of 
the Philobiblon Society, and the only copy hitherto sold by 
public auction was that of the late Mr. Oeorge Daniel, which 
produced at these rooms £ 17. 5s. 

4403 Philobiblok Society. Analyse des Travaux de la Soci^t^ des 

Philobiblon de Londres par O. Delepiere, half morocco 1862 
4403* Picci (G.) I Luoghi piu oscuri e controyersi della Divina Com- 
media di Dante dichiarati da lui stesso 
half gilt vellum Brescia, 1843 

4404 Piccioli (G-. B.) Bisposta al Sig. A. Torri Mrenze, 1830 

4405 [Piccolomini (A.)] L'Amor costante Comedia del S. Stordito 

Intronato Venetia, 1550 (at end 1549) 

4406 Piccolomini. Another copy, toith the date 1550 on title and at 

end iviy 1550 

4407 Piccolomini (A.) Alessandro Comedia Venetia, 1584 

4408 [Piccolomini (A.)] Dialogo della bella Creanza delle Donne 

dello Stordito Intronato 
fine copy in old red morocco Milano, 1558 

4409 Pieces interessantes et peu connues, pour seryir k PHistoire et 

a la Litt^rature par M. D. L. P. 
tree marbled calf by Kalthoeber Brux, 1785-7 

4410 Pieters (C.) Annales de I'lmprimerie Elsevirienne, with the 

second swpplement, three parts G^an J, 1851-2 

4411 Pietro Leopoldo Oranduca di Toscana Edicto sulla Biforma della 

Legislazione Criminale (in Italian and English) 
half morocco Warrington^ 1789 

4412 Pignotti (L.) History of Tuscany, translated by J. Browning, 

4 vol. frontispieces, half calf gilt 1826 

4413 Pindari Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia, Capteronim octo 

Lyricorum Carmina Or. et Lat. 
old morocco, ^. e, H, Stephanus, 1586 

4414 Pindari Olympia, Pythia, Nemea et Isthmia, Gnece ex editions 

Oxoniensi, 4 vol. in 3 
blue morocco, g, e, Olasg. Foulis, 1754-8 

4415 Pindari Carmina et Eragmenta, Gr. et Lat. cum lectionis 

▼arietate et annotationibus a C. G. Heyne, 2 vol. 
LAB0E PAPEB,^ne copy, russia, m, e. Oxon, 1807 

4416 Pindemonte (C^v.) Saggio di Poesie campestri 

calf, uncut Farma, Bodoni, 1788 

4417 Pindemonte (Marchese I.) Gibilterra salvata, Poema 

Verona (1782) 



4418 Pinelli (M.) Catologue of his magnificeat Libraiy 

iiABes PAPS By MS. names and prices, pressed pigskin, (jf, e. hy 
O. Lewis 1789 

4419 Pino da Cagli (B.) G-li ingiusti Sdegni Comedia 

scarce Vinegia, 1560 

4420 Pio II (Enea Silvio Piccorhuomini) Epistole di dui Amanti 

(Historia degli Amori di Eurialo.e Lucretia tradotta da 
A. Braccio) Venetia, 1554 

4421 Pio YII. Bapimento da £oma e Yiaggio, Bolla di Scomunica 

contro Baonaparte ed altri Documenti 
very scarce MiUmo, 1814 

4422 Piozzi (H. L.) Letters to and from Dr. Samuel Johnson, to 

which are added some Poems, 2 vol. in 1, a very interesting 
copy, with numerous manuscript notes and remarks by Edmond 
Mahne, who has added at the end Barett^s very curious 
Strictures on Mrs, Fiozzi^s publication of Johnson! s Letters 

Dublin, 1788 

4423 PioEzi (H. L.) Observations and Beflections made in the course 

of a Journey through France, Italy and Germany, 2 vol. 
with pencil notes and passages marked 
half morocco, top edges gilt 1789 

4424 PioEsi (Mrs.) Autobiography, Letters and Literary Bemains, 

edited with notes, ^. by A. Hayward, 2 vol. portrait and 
plate 1861 

4425 Pioszi (H. L.) Autobiography, Letters and Literary Bemains, 

edited with notes and Life by A. Hayward, Second Edition, 
2 vol. portraits 
presentation copy from the editor to Dr. Wellesl^ 1861 

4426 Pisa. I Simboli di sette Scienze e della Filosofia scolpiti da un 

Artista della Scuola di Giovanni Pisano in una Base di 
Marmo nel Campo-Santo, plates, half caff Fisa, 18 L4 

4427 Pisaui (P.) sulle Opere di Scultura scoperte in Selinunte, plates 

Palermo, 1825 

4428 Piaani (Yettor) Memorie che possono servire alia Yita Axyfrontis- 

piece, uncut Venezia, 1767 

4429 Platonis Septem Selecti Dialogi, Gr. juxta editionem Serrani, 

with the autograph of Garret Wesley, ancestor of the WeUesley 
family DM. 1738 

4430 Plato, Cratyius, Phs^o, Parmenides and TimsBus, translated from 

the Greek by T. Taylor, uncut 1793 

4431 Plato, Bepublic, in English with Notes by Davis and Yaughan, 

Comb. 1852 — La B^publique, les Lois et les Dialogues de 
Platon, 6 vol. Paris, 1842-4 6 vol. 

4482 Plauto Comedia intitolata TAmphitriona tradotta per Pandolfo 
Colonnutio, woodcut of Flautus, Vinegia, 1530 — Mustellaria 
Ck^media tradotta per G. Berardo, Un, 1530 

4433 Plauto, il Pseudolo Comedia tradotta in Yersi Italiani (da G. 
Torelli) con alcuni IdiUj di Teocrito e di Mosoo (col Teste) 

Firente, 1765 

L L 


4434 PlajB (Six Old) on which Shakespeare foanded his Measure for 
Measure, Comedy of Errors, Taming the Shrew, Kiag John, 
Henry lY and Y, and King Lear, 2 vol. in 1 
old calf gilt 1779 

4485 Plinii Secundi EpistolsB et Fanegjricus, Amat Elzevir ^ 1659; 
and others 6 vol. 

4436 Flinio de gli Huomini iUustri con cinque Yite aggiunte, i Costomi 

di Cesare et Espositione sopra le Yoci et Cose diffidli per 
D. Atanagi Venetia (Aldo), 1562 

4437 Plum (F.) Yalgte Stykker af den OrsBske Anthologie (with 

reyised Greek Text), calf gilt Jindbenhavnog Odcnse, 1828 

4438 Plutarco, Opuscoli volgarizzati da M. Adriani, 6 vol. in 3, platea 

half morocco Milano^ 1825-29 

4439 Flutarchus and Theophrastus on Superstition in Greek and 

English, with various Appendices and a Life of Flutarchus 
(by Julian Hibbert) privately printed, 1828 

4440 Poemata. Fign® Carminum lib. lY, Venet, 1553^nausmani 

Carminum joco-seriorum lib. II, Dresda, 1692 — Husenii 
Foemata, portrait, Hag. Ckm, 1665 — Forcatuli (S.) Bpi- 
grammata, Lugd, 1554 ; and others (Latin Foetry) 8 vol, 

4441 Foemata, auctore Oxon. nuper Alumno, Lond. 1769 — Bourne 

(Y.) Foematia, ih. 1764— Bonefonii Carmina, ih, 1720 — 
Epigrammatum Delectus in usum Schol» Etonensis, %b. 1686 
— Couleii Foemata, ih, 1678 5 vol. 

4442 Foemata in Theatre Sheldoniano recitata, 3 vol. in 1 

morocco extra, g, e. hy O, Smith Oxon. 1810 

4443 Foemata Frsemiis Cancellarii academicis donata et in Theatro 

Sheldoniano recitata, 3 vol. in 2 Oxon. 1810 

4444 Foemes Grecs (Les petits), traduits, publics par £. Falconnet, 

wants the titlepage Faris, 1839 

4445 Foems and Translations by Oxford Hands 

printed for Ant. Stephens, Bookseller, in Oxford, 1685 

4446 FoESis. I Successi de le cose de Turchi dela partita de Con- 

stantinopoli : dela presa de Castro deli abrugiameti fatti 
Bu lisola de Corfu : de lassalto dato a quelle lanno mdxxxyii 
(in ottava Bima), extbemelt bare, senza nota (1537) — 
Folpetta (Zan) Giardinetto de Canzoni, Sonetti, Ac. Genova, 
1601 — Lamento de Isabella. Con il Lamento di Bodomonte, 
&c. woodcut portrait, senza nota — Lamento di Bugg^ero con 
Bradamante (in ottava Bima), woodcut, Venetia, 1584^Li 
tre Compagni (in ottava Bima) woodcut, Padova, s. a. — 
Novo Discorso in Lengua Yenetiana al rare Solicitador da 
Causeperse, M. Yulgo de i Lecfuaizzi. Con un Ghiribizzo 
sopra la Bellezza & Crudelta d*una Donna & un Sonetto 
nell' istessa Materia, woodcut, MUano, s, a. — Saludo pedan- 
tesco et un Discorso di Fantalon k i 2Soueni con un Contrasto 
di Fantalon con la sua Inamorada. Saluto amonitorio alia 
Sig. Schiriborsia Matafateranis, woodcut, ivi, s. a — fgnaro 
(Paolo) Opera nova di due Amanti Contrasto bellissimo, m, 
1600 — Specchio delli Amanti (in ottava Bima), woodcut, 
ivi, s, a. — Napolitane e Yilanelle nuove, woodcut, ivi^ s. a. — 
Spadari (L.) Yilanelle Napolitane, woodcut, ivi, 1601 — 
Capitolo sopra la Frigione; Stanze di Bodomonte, Napolitana 



e Sonetto, m, 9, a, — Diputa di Yenetia ft Boma, woodcuif 
ivif 1602 — Gioseppe di GKerusalem^ Hebreo fatto Christiano, 
Ottave spirituali, ivi, a. a. — ^Venetian (Paolo) Canzoni et 
Yilanelle alia Ciciliana, m, 8. a. — Canzoni e Villanelle 
alia Ciciliana per far Matinate, ivi, «. a. — Francesco 
detto il Marchiano, Otta?e beUissime alia Geciliana, VerotM, 
1601 — ^Massimiano CP,) Dialoso d'Amore con Alcune Ottave 
alia Siciliana & Villanelle aUa Spagnola, Parma^ s, a. — 
Biiiano (Matteo detto Zan Badile) Contraato di due Amanti, 
tcoodouty Milano, 1602 — Opera nova, in Imgua JBergamasca 
qual narra di tatti gli Gradi della Vita humana, niono esser 
contento, in terza Bima. Con un Capitolo in Laude del 
Boccal, Venetiay 1581 — Excellent Toomoj du vertaeux 
Cheyalier de la Bacine illustr^ de plusieurs belles Poesies 
tant Italiennes que Fran9oiae8, stained, Paris, 1576 
green moroeoo, y. e, in one vol. 

%* A valuable collection of very rare poetical pieces. 

4A417 Poesie scelte dope Q Petrarca e gli altri primi, 2 vol. 

Bergamo, 1756-57 

4448 Poesie d*alcuni antichi Bimatori Toscani (Guide Cavalcanti, Cino 

da Pistoia, Piero delle Vi^e, Ser Lapo Gianni, Bonaggiunta 
TTrbiciani e Maestro Binuccino) tratte da un MS. dell* 
Abate P. A. Serassi Bonui, V774k 

4449 Poesie di eccellenti Autori Toscani per far ridere le Brigate, 

6 vol. G^tfZiyoZt, 1760-69 

4450 Poesie di eccellenti Autori Toscani per far ridere le Brigate, 

8 vol. Leida, 1823 

4451 PossiB nr ottava Bima. Opera nuova delle Bellezze di Firenze, 

Lwsea, 1828— La Bella Fruttarola Bomana, ivi, 1830—1^0 
Bposalizio de' Gatti, m, 1841 — Contrasto curioso tra una 
Giovine Pisana e una Livomese, ivi, 1844 — Marinozzi (F.) 
Case orrendo d'un Giovane devoto di Maria, ivi, 1847, 
woodcuts in one vol. 

4452 Poesie Italiane inedite di dugento Autori dall' Origine della 

Lingua infino al Secolo XYII raccolte e illustrate da F. 
Trucchi, 4 vol. in 2, half ealf gilt Frato, 1846-47 

4453 Poesie Lombarde inedite del Secolo XIII publicate ed illustrate 

da B. Biondelli, facsimiles, in the dialect of Lombardg, only 
150 copies printed Milano, 1856 

4454 PoetsB Elegiaci et Lyrici minores Gr. autograph of Jos, Warton 

Oxon, 1749 

4455 Poet» Ghrseci, Etonce, 1806 — Aristotelis Bhetorica Gr. et Lat. 

Cdntah. 1728 — Orationes Funebres Gr. et Lat. Etona, 1798 
— Longinus de Sublimitate Gr, et Lat. Amst. 1733, all with 
notes hy Dr, Wellesley 5 vol. 

4456 Poetffi Minores Grasci curante T. Gaisford, 4 vol. in 3 

calf extra, scarce Oxon. 1814-20 

4457 Poeti del primo Secolo daU Lipgua Italiana, 2 vol. 

ha^f calf extra, tmcut, top edges gilt Mrenze^ 1816 

4458 Poetical Calendar, containing scarce and valuable pieces of Poetry, 

selected by Fawkes and Woty, 12 vol. in 6, old calf 1763 


4459 Poetical Begister and Bepositorj of Fugitiye Foeby for 1801-11 

(edited hj Davenport), 8 yoL ealf 1815, J"^. 

4460 Poetry and Criticism, dj Outis, privately printed for the author ^ 

mth iUustroHons 1850 

4461 Posts. Works of the British Poets, with Prefiu^s, Biographical 

and Critical, by B. Anderson, 14 vol. 
ruesia UdM. 1793-1807 

4462 PoggiaU (Q.) Serie de' Testi di Lingua, 2 rol. 

LA.BGE PAPEB, edlfestra, g, e, Livamo, 1813 

4468 Poggiana ou la vie, le caractere, les sentences, et les bona mots 

de Pogge Horentin, 2 vol. portrait Anut. 1720 

4464 Poooio FiOBSifTTnTO, Faostie histobiate, teoodoute 

fine copy in green morocco^ covered with gold line tooling^ g, e. 
YEBY BABE Vtnegia^ 1553 

4465 Pointer (J.) Miscellanea Osford, 1718 

4466 Pointer (J.) Ozoniensis Academia : or Antiquities and Curiosities 

of the TJniversit; of Oxford, interleaved with copious manu- 
script additione, hg a Member of Christ Church in 1750-1 


4467 Polidori (G-.) Tragedie e Drammi, with author's autograph in- 

scriptiony 1842 — Lucano tradotto da G. Polidori, unth 
translator's autogrttph inscription^ 1841 — Milton (Q.) Para- 
dise perduto ed Opere Poetiche tradotte da G-. Polidori, con 
TAngeleida del E. diValvasone, 4 vol. in 8, with translator's 
autograph inscription^ 1840-42— Metrici Componimenti, with 
author's autograph inscription, 1843 6 vol. 

4468 Polieno tradotto da N. Mutoni Vinegia^ 1552 

4469 Polifila, Comedia Fiorenza, Oiunti, 1556 

4470 Politiano (Angelo) Stanze comintiate per la Giostra del Magni- 

fico Giuliano di Piero de Medici (et la Fabula di Orpheo, 
<&c.), several leaves mended, Venetia, 1524 — Medici (Lorenso 
de) Stanze bellissime & omatissime intitulate le Solve 
d*Amore, woodcuts, ivi, 1515^Accolti (B.) Opera nova 
(Soneti, Capitoli, Stramoti et [Virginia] una Comedia), 
woodcut of author, "Unico Aretnio," ivi, 1515 — ^Botti 
(A. M.) Heboulea in cui si contiene la Vendetta che fece 
Hercole Figliolo di Suggiero contra Maganzesi per la Morte 
de'l Padre (in ottava Itima), Air bxcsbsiteIiT babx 
EoMAKCE OF Chitalbt, unknown to Maxzuchelli, QuadriOj 
Haym, Melzi, and all other Bibliographers, including even 
Brunet, who in his last edition mentions it solely on the 
authority of the imperfect copy of M. lAhri, sold at these 
Rooms in 1869 as probably iriaQiJE, Bologna, 1536 — Dolce 
(L.) Stanze composte nelie Vittoria Africana di Carolo V, 
pronounced by Oiordani Libbetto babissimo, Geneva, 1535 
— Fabretto (Santo) Stanze composte sopra rinstabilitJL delle 
Donne. Con un Sonetto sopra TAudacia della Donna. 
Con la Bisposta del Policretti in Lode delle Donne, very 
scarce, senza nota in one vol. 

4471 Politiano (A.) Stanze comintiate per la Giostra del Magnifico 

Giuliano di Piero de Medici Venetia, 1524 






Politkuio (An^lo) Stanse belliMime da Messer Tizeone (Jaetaao 
di Fofi dilig^temente reviste, autograph qf^* Anton Maria 
Amadi," the well knaum writer on Petrarch Unepay 1526 

Politiano (Anffelo) Stanze per la Oiostra del Magnifioo Giuliano 
di Piero de Medici 
Jlne large copy in morocco, a. e, Vinegia, Aldo, 1541 

Polisiano (Agnolo) Stanze latte per la Giostra del Magnifioo 
Oiuliano de' Medici, numerous valuable notes in the auto- 
graph ofSalvini, old red morocco Morenza, 1 677 

Poliziauo (A.) Stanze, vellum Padova, 1728 

Poliziano (A.) Elegantiaaime Stanze, pbiktbb on blttb papbk 
(Carta Turehina), ca\fecstra, hy 0. JSering m, 1761 


4477 PuLCi (Luca) Cibipto Oaltaitbo (in ottava Bima). Libro 

intitolato Ciriffo Calvaneo et il Forero Aveduto. Gomposto 
il primo Libro per Luca Pulci: il resto per Bernardo 
Giambulari, tDOoacuts 
vellum, in case. Teste di Lingua Vinegia, Sabhio, 1686 

\^ " Molto rare,*' according to Brayetti. fioscoe'a copy Bold for 
£8. 68. 

4478 Pnld (Luca) Ciriffo Calvaneo con la Oiostra del Magnifico 

Lorenzo de Medici. Inaieme con le Epistole compoate dal 
Medesimo Pulci (in Yersi) 
UNCUT, red morocco, super extra, hy Wheeler, Teste di Lingua 

Morenza, Qiunti, 1672 

4479 PuLOi (Luigi) Moboaktb Maogiobb (in ottava Bima), woodcuts 

velhm. Teste di Lingua 

Venetia, Comin da Trino, 1546 {at end 1645) 

*4i* This edition is considered the best, and is of rare occurrence. 
Boscoe's cop7 sold for £7. lOs., and Hibbert's for £5. 28. 6d. 

4480 Pulci (Luigi) il Morgante, Teste di Lingua, with an autograph 

ironical Sonnet by A. Moronti on last leaf Fiorenza, 1606 

4481 PulcL Another copy ivi, 1606 

4482 Pulci (Luigi) il Morgante Maggiore (in ottava Bima) 

vellum. Testa di Lingua Firenze, 1782 

4488 Pulci (Luigi) Bespecti damor (in ottava Bima) 

ilack UXUt, woodcut, fine copy in red morocco, g, e, by Duru 

s, I. Sf a, 
%* Only a single copv of this almost unknown work could be dis- 
covered by Gamba. 

4484 Pulci (Luigi de) Tractate del Prete cole Monache (in ottava 

Macit letter, woodcut, only 60 eopies printed Parigi, 1840 

*i^* Edited by E. Audin, who describes it as ** legiadrissima e raris- 
sima Novella finora inedita." Although bearing the name of 
Luigi Pulci, the authorship is veiy doubtful. 

4485 Purliliarum (Jacobus Comes) de BeipublicsB Venetsa adminis- 

tratione sine ulld noid [^Trevisw G, de Flandria] Sac. XT 


4486 QuADBio (F. S.) Stosia b Biaioirx D'oam Pobbia, 5 vol. in 7 

fme copy in vellum, eearce Bologna e JMSlano^ 1789-52 

4487 Qointini Hedui (Jo.) Insulfls Melit» descriptdo, tooodetU map 

Luffdimi, Ghyphitu, 1636 

4488 QaintuB Gortins Tariantibiis lectionibus, commentariis ac notis 

perpetuisy curavit H. Snakenburg, 2 vol. 
uncut Delph, et Lugd, Bat, 1724 

4489 Baocolta di Bimb aktichx Tosoakb, 4 yoI. 

red morocco extra^ g. e. very scarce, Tetto di Lingua 

Palermo, 1817 

%* A collection of all the Tuscan Poets, who flourished in the XIII, 
XIY and XVth Centuries, cited by the Academy as Testi di 

4490 Baccolta Milanese dell' Anno 1756, plates 

half vellum MHano, 1756 

4491 Baffaello di TTrbino Imagini Sacri intagliati da H. B. (Horatio 

Borgiani), very fine impressions of the 52 etchings 1615 

4492 Baimondi (E.) Delle Caccie Libri quattro ed il quinto Libro 

della Villa, plates of rural Shorts Ifapoli, 1626 

4498 Banzovii (H.) Chersonesi Ciinbric», quae hodie Holsatia appel- 
latur, Annales, woodcuts cfa^rms 1606 

4494 Booul-Bochette, Peintures Antiques In^dites, pr6c6d^ de 

Becherches de la Peintnre chez les Qrecs et chez les Bo- 
mains, coloured plates, half calf Paris, 1836 

4495 Baoul-Bochette, Lettre a M. le Due de Luynes sur les Grayeura 

des Monnaies Ghrecques, plates ib, 1831 

4406 Baphael, CEuTre Complet i^duit et gray6 au Trait par C. P. 

Landon, 4 vol. containing 463 plates only, the title^age states 

475 ib. 1814 


*4* The extraordinary rarity of all those singular productions, 
termed iKssttnuriS or £KitRtU'lfilR}fi, is so well known to 
Collectors of old Poetry, that further comment would be 



4497 Bapbesbittatiokb di Lazer riccho & di Lazero pouero, 2 wood' 
cuts, JB^ce istampare maestro Zanohi della Barha, s. a.-— 
Bapresentatione duno miracolo di nostra donna che p' mezo 
duno peregrine risuscito el figluolo duno Be cbo cfaascaua 
di que malmale, 2 woodcuts, s, I. Sf a. — Bappresentatione di 
sancto Iguatio Yescouo & Martyre, woodcut, s. I, Sf a. — 
Bapresentatione della Beina Hester, woodcuts, s, I. f a. — 
Bapresentatione di Sancto Lorenzo quando fu martyrizato, 
2 woodcuts, Mnita la festa di sancto Sixto papa if, di Sdcto 
Lorezo suo diacano, s, I, Sf a, — Bapresentatione ouno miracolo 
del corpo di Cbristo, 2 woodcuts, s, I, ^ a, 
six very scarce poetical Bappresentazioni, all by the same 
printer in one vol. 



Bapsebeittazioki Sacbe — continued, 

4408 La Festa di S. Agata, eenza nota — Di S. Antonio Abbate, Menza 
nota — ^Di S. ApoUonia, *. n. — Di S. Caterina Vir^e & 
Martyre, «. ». — Di S. Christina, *. «. — Delia Distructione di 
Saul & del Pianto di Da?it, 8, n. — Di dua Hebrei che si 
convertirono, s. n. — Delia Beina Hester, s. n, — La Festa di 
S. Eufroxina, s, ft. — Di S. Eustachio, 8. fi. — La Festa di S. 
Felicita Hebrea quando fu martjrizata con septe Figluoli, 
*. n. — Di S. Francesco come converti tre Ladroni, 8, n, — 
Di S. Gior^o Martyre, 8. n. — Di S. Giovanni dicollato, «. n. 
— Di S. Giovanni Gualberto, *. n. — Di S. Lorenzo quando 
fu martyrizato, 8. n. — D'uno Miracolo del Corpo di Cnristo, 
8. n. — Di Stella cioe un Miracolo di Nostra Donna, 8, n. — 
D'uno Miracolo di Nostra Donna che per mezo d'uno Pere- 
grine risuscito el Figluolo d'uno Be che chascava di que 
malmale, 8. n. — La Festa del Miracolo dello Spirito Santo, 
8, n, — Di Eosanna, 8. n. — Di Salamone, 8. n.— Di Teofilo 
che si dette al Diavolo, «. ». — La Festa del Yitel sagginato, 
8. a. 
JLS EXTBAOBDHrABT CoLLEOTiOK of 24 earUf My8terie8j each 
ornamented with eleg€tfU woodcute^ and evidently hy the eame 
printer (^probably at Florence^ from 1496 to 1600), red 
morocco extra, g. e. in one vol, 

\^ The early editions of the Bappresentazioni are of the greatest 
rarity, and on account of the charming woodcuts are eagerly 
sought after by Amateurs. This Collection formerly belonged 
to Boscoe, and sold at his sale for £32. 6s., since which it has 
been rebound in red morocco. 

4499 BAPPBESEiTTATioiri Saobe IK OTTAyA BiMA. An extraordinary 
Collection of 129 of those singular productions, termed 
Mtstebies or Mibacle-Plays, written for the amuse- 
ment of the Populace by the early Italian Poets, and 
remarkable not only for tneir dramatic beauties, but also 
for the elegance of the wood engravings with which it was 
the fashion of the period to decorate the Folk-Lobe to 
render it popular with the masses, most of the pieces being 
of EXOESsrvE BABiTY, owiug probably to the want of care 
in preserving Chap-Books, designed only for the Million, 
in 2 vol. numerous beautiful woodcute, vellum v, a. 

*4^* These highly interesting volumes formed one of the most 
attractive articles in the Towneley Library, and even in those 
days, when Italian literature appears to have been a drug in 
the market, produced £42. The following is a list of the 
Mysteries contained in the Collection: — 1. Abbataccio, Mo- 
renza, 1672 — 2. Abraam e Sarra sua Moglie, ivi, 1656 — 3. 
Abram quando caccio Aghar, <&e. ivi, 1589 — 4. Abraam et 
Isaac (per Feo Belcari), eenza nota — 6. S. Agata, Mrenze, 
1591 — 6. S. Agnesa, senza nota—T, S. Alesso, Firenze, 1589 
— 8. Historia et Vita di S. Alesso, ivi, 1506 — 9. Aman, eenza 
nota — 10. Angiolo Baffaello, m, 1681 — 11. Comedia spirituale 



BAPSBSiii^TAZiOKi Saoss — Continued. 

dell' Anima, iot, 1575 — 12. AnnunEiazione di Nostra Donna 
(per Feo Belcari), Wy 1581 — 13. Annunziazione della glorioaa 
Vergine recitata in Eirenze Marzo, 1565, nella Chiesa <u Santo 
Spirito, TBBY BABE, ivi, 1565 — 14. S. Antonio Abate, »v>, 
3589—15. Istoria di S. Antonino Arcivescoro di Firenze (in 
Prosa), ivi, 1557^16. S. Apollonia, Siena, 1614—17. S. Bai^ 
bara, ivi, 1588 — 18. Barlaam et Josafat (oomposta per B. 
Pulci), portion of Ayii torn off, ivi, 1558—19. Barlaam et 
Josafat oomposta per il Socci Perrettano, ivi, e, a, — 20. Istoria 
di S. Basilio Abate, Lucca, s, a, — 21. Historia et Yita di 
Santo Bernardino con Landa di Feo Belchari, extbbhelt 
BABB, Morenza ad Inetanzia di Oiotaitni Yuoltio Ikglesb, 
1576 — 22. Biagio Contadino, Firenze, 1570 — 28. Carnasciale 
& Quaresima, very scarce, ivi, 1554 — 24. S. Caterina, ivi, 1581 
—25. S. Caterina da Siena, ivi, 1591 — ^26. S. Cecilia, yeby 
BABB, Perugia, 1547 — 27. S. Chiara d' Assist, Siena, 1615 •— 

28. Comedia Spirituale di Cleofas et Luca, Fiorenza, 1575 — 

29. S. Colomba, Siena, 1583—80. Contrasto dell' Angelo et 
del Demonio, Mrenze, 1605—81. Contrasto di Carnasciale & 
laquaresima, bxtbbmelt babb, eenza nota — 82. Contasto {sic) 
del Denaro & del Huomo, babb, eenza nota — 33. Contrasto 
degli Huomini & deUe Donne, exobssiyely babb, eensia nota 
— ^84. Due Contrasti uno del Yivo e del Morto, et I'altro dell' 
Anima e del Corpo, reduto in Yisione da S. Bemado, Firenze, 
1606—35. Conversione di S. Maria Maddalena, ivi, 1580 — 
36. Istoria di S. Cosimo & Damiano, ivi, 1558 — 37. Costan- 
tino Imperatore, S. Silyestro Papa & S. Helena Imperatrice, 
ivi, 1588 — 38. S. Christina, portion of B iii cut out, ivi, 1568 
— 89. S. Cbristoforo (Bappresentatione ridotta a TTso di 
Comedia composta da Cesare Sacchetti), rare, ivi, 1575 — 40. 
Dieci Mila Martiri crociBssi nel Monte Arat, ivi, 1558 — 41. 
Distruttione di Saul & Pianto di Dauit, ivi, 1559 — 12. S. 
Domitilla, ivi, 1581—43. S. Dorotea, ivi, 1584—44. Beina 
Hester (ivi), 1516 — 45. S. EuPrasia composta per M. Castellano 
Castellani, ivi, 1558—46. S. Eustachio, ivi, 1589—47. S. 
Felicita, ivi, 1568 — 48. Figliuol Prodigo composta per Mona 
Antonia di Bernardo Pulci con Lauda di Feo Belcbari, eenza 
nota — 49. S. Francesco composta per Mona Antonia di Ber- 
nardo Pulci, Firenze, 1559 — 50. S. Francesco come converti 
tre Ladroni, eenza nota — 51. Jesu Christo quando disputo nel 
Tempio, Firenze, 1559 — 52. S. Oioboio, rare, ivi, 1661 — 53. 
Yita et Morte di San Giovanni Batista, ivi, 1585 — 54. S. 
Gioyanni Battista quando ando nel Deserto (per Feo Belcari), 
Siena, 1579 — 55. S. Giovanni dicoUato, Firenze, 1568 — 56. 
Historia di S. Giovanni Boccadoro, eenza nota — 57. Historia 
di S. Giovanni Boccadoro con il Pjrego devotissimo di Santo 
Job, Trevigi, 1648 — 58. S. Giovanni Gualberto, Firenze, 1555 
— 59. S. Giovanni e Paulo e S. Constanza oomposta per 
Lorenzo de' Medici, ivi, 1571 — 60. Judith, ivi, 1554 — 61. 
Gloriosa e trionfante Yittoria per Mezzo di Giadith ridotta in 


RA.PBESENTAZIOKI Sagbe — continued, 

Comedia composta per Cesare Saccbetti, vebt babe, ivi, 1575 
—62. La divota Historia di San Giuliano, m, 1600—63. 
Giudizio universale, rare, ivi, 1605 — 64. S. Orisante & Daria, 
iviy 1559 — 65. S. G^uglielma composta per Mona Antonia 
Donna di Bernardo fulci, tbbt babe (ivi), 1638 — 66. S. 
Ignazio, Mrenze, 1589 — 67. Josef Figlivolo di Jacob, ivi, 1581 
— 68. Josef col Complimento di tutta la Istoria, Siena, 1616 
—69. S. Hipolito, Firenze, 1589 — 70. Lazero riccbo et Lazero 
povero, ivi, 1554 — 71. S. Lorenzo quando fii martirizato, ivi, 
1558 — 72. Istoria & Oratione di 8. Lucia, senza nota — 73. 
Historia di S. Lucia (a different work), Firenze, 1588 — 74. 
II Malatesta Comedia spirituale del Miracolo della Sacra 
Vergine Santa Caterina da Siena, ivi, 1575 — 75. S. Margberita, 
eenza nota — 76. Historia del Beato San Martino, Firenze, 
1558—77. S. Martino Vescovo e Confessore, ivi, 1617—78. 
Historia di S. Maria Maddalena et Lazzero et Marta, ivi, 1605 
— 79. Stupendo Miracolo di S. Maria Maddalena, ivi, 1568 — 
80. Miracolo del Corpo di Christo, ivi, 1555 — 81. Miracolo di 
Nostra Donna per via d'un Peregrine cbiamato Cassiodoro, 
ivi, 1566 — 82. Miracolo del Sacramento, ivi, s. a, — 83. Moise 
quando i Dio gli dette le Leggi in sul Monte Synai, senza nota 
— 84. Historia della Morte, tbbt babe, Firenze, 1600—85. 
Meditatione della Morte composta da M. Castellano Castellani 
con due Laude, vert/ scarce, ivi, 1566 — 86. Wabucdonosor, ivi, 
1568 — 87. Nativita di Christo, eenza nota— SS. Nativita della 

floriosa Vergine Maria con la Santa Vita composta in ottava 
Lima d'Angelo Albani detto il Pastor Poeta, scarce, Bohana, 
8, a. — 89. S. Honofrio, composta per M. Castellano Castellani, 
Firenze, 1554 — 90. S. Orsola, ivi, 1589 — 91. Historia et 
Martjrio di S. Orsola Vergine & Martyre con la sua Com- 
pagnia (iv%), 1544 — 92. Passione overo Leggenda di S. Orsola 
con undeci milla Vergini, Treviso Sf Fistoi^i, s. a. — 93. Otta- 
viano Imperadore, Ftrenze, 1580 — 94. S. Panuntio Eremita, 
Siena, 1606 — 95. Passione di Jesu Christo, Fiorenza, 1534 — 
96. Passione del Nostro Signore Oiesu Christo in ottava Bima 
et il Pianto di S. Maria Sfaddedena composto da Bernardo 
Pulci, scarce, Firenze, 1606 — 97. S. Paulino Vescovo di Lucca 
(per Giuntino d' Antonio Berti) con una Oratione di S. Croce 
di Lucca, ivi, 1555 — 98. Un Pellegrino ingannato dal Diavolo, 
ivi, 1555 — 99. Miracolo di due Pellegrini che andavano a S. 
Jacopo di Qalizia, ivi, 1589 — 100. Tre Pellegrini che andorno 
alio Apostolo S. Jacopo di G^alitia, senza nota — 101. Presen- 
tatione di Nostro Signer Oiesu Cristo al Tempio composta da 
Gio. Simone Martini da Todi, scarce, Siena, 1618 — 102. Puri- 
ficatione di Nostra Donna, Firenze, 1559—103. La Eegina 
i'0Tiente,8enza nota — 104. Ee Superbo (Mrenze) G.Benvenuto, 
1542 — 105. Eesurretione di Christo, Bologna, s. a, — 106. 
Legenda divota del Eomito de Pulcini, Fiorenza, 1572 — 107. 
S. Komolo, Firenze, 1559 — 108. Sosana (ivt) Giovanni di 
Francesco Benvenuto Cartolaio, 1544 — 109. S. Kossore, ivi, 

M M 




Bapbessntazioki Sacbe — continued, 

1559 — 110. Be SalomoDedelleSenteiizie,m,H.D.LXOTi(1546) 
— 111. Sansone per Lessandro Boselli, ivi, 1588 — 112. Storia 
de* aette Dormienti, ivi, s. a. — 113. Spirito Santo, iw, 1554 — 

114. Stella, ivi, Francescho di Giovanni Benvenuto, 1537 — 

115. Tpattato della Superbia & Morte di Senso, ivi, s. a. — 116. 
SuBanna, senza nota — 117. Historia di Susanna, senza nota — 
118. S. Teodora, Mrenze, 1590—119. Teophylo clie si dette 
al Diavolo, xxtbemely babe, ivi, Francesco di Giovanni Ben- 
venuto, 1517—120. S. Tomaso Apostolo per M. Casteliano 
Castellani, ivi, 1561 — 121. Trionfo di Gristo nella Domenica 
delle Palme : Opera spirituale e devota del M. B*. M. Orazio 
Ealteri Piouano di Doccia, Siena, 1609—122. S. Venantio per 
Messer Castellano Castellani, Firenze, 1588 — 123. Vendetta 
di Ghristo che feoe Yespesiano e Tito contro a HienisaLem 
(per Bernardo Pulci), babe, senza nota — 124. Istoria di Santa 
Yerdiana da Castel Eiorentino, Fiorenza, 1572 — 125. S.TJliva, 
senza nota — 126. S. diva, another edition, varying in the text^ 
Firenze, 1606—127. S. Uliva con gl' Intermedii, ivi, 2). Giraffi, 
s. a.— 128. Istoria di Santa Oliva, ivi, 1607—129. Historia di 
San Zanobi Yescovo Eiorentino composta in ottava Biina da 
Bernardo Oianbullari con due Laudi, senza nota. The above 
is, it is believed, the most complete series of these Bappre- 
sentazioni (Colomb de Batines considers nearly 100 the entire 
set) ever submitted for sale, and offers to Collectors an oppor- 
tunity which may never occur again. M. libri considered 
himself most fortunate in obtaining nearly 50, and these (many 
of them being much later editions) brought upwards of £80. 

Di S. Yalentino & di S. Giuliana e altri Martiri, Firenze, 1554 — 
Di S. Antonio Abate, ivi, 1555 — Di S. Lorenzo quando fa 
martirizato, ivi, 1558 — Di S. Paulino Yescovo di Lucca, ivi, 
1555 — ^Di Santo Giovanni Gualberto, toi, 1555 — Di S. 
Ignatio, ivi, 1558 — Di S. Margherita, ivi, 1554— Di S. 
Domitilla, ivi, 1554 — Di S. Eufrasia composta per C. Castel- 
lani, ivi, 1558 — Di S. Cecilia, ivi, s. a. — Di Dieei Mila 
Martiri crocifissi nel Monte Arat, im, 1558, numerous 
spirited tooodcuts in one vol, 

%* This volume sold for £5. IDs. in Hibbert's sale. 

Angiol Baphaello (e Tobbia) Firenze, 1546— S. Christina, ivi, 
per X. Peri, s, a. — Dieci Mila Martiri, ivi, 1558 — S. Domi- 
tilla, senza nota — S. Giobgio, senza noiu — S. Giovanni 
dicollato, Fiorenza, 1547 — Constantino Imperadore, ivi, s, a. 
— ^Jesu Christo quando dispute nel Tempio, ivi, 1559 — S. 
Lorenzo quando fu martynzato, ivi, per L, Peri, 1547 — 
S. Orsola, a few words at comer qflast teaftom off', ivi, 1554, 
woodcuts, half morocco in one vol. 

*«* This volume sold for £5. 7s. 6d. in Hibbert's sale. 


Bafresbntazioki Sacbb — eontintted. 

4502 Di S. Giovanni decollato (in ottava Eima) Siena, s, a, — Di S. 

OioTanni dicollato, another edition, Mrenze, 1568 — Di S. 
Francesco quando converti tre Ladroni (in ottava Bima) 
Siena J s. a, — Pi S. G-iorgio (in ottava Bima) iviy 1 608 — 
Del Be superbo (in ottava Bima) ivi, 8. a, — Del Be Sala- 
mone delle Sententie che egli dette per quelle due donne 
che bavevano amazzato un suo figliuolo, Firenze, 1562 — 
Dello Spirito Santo, Siena, s, a, — Di S. Domitilla, senza noia, 
spirited looodcuts in one vol, 

4503 Dell' Abbataccio, Morenza, 1572— Delia Nativita di Christo, 

ivi, 1584 — Laudi devote per la Nativita del Nostro Signore 
Giesu Christo con una Aggiunta di due Laudi bellissime, 
eenzanota — Di Santa Agnesa, Firenze, 1581 — Di S. Teodora, 
iviy 1585 — Di S. Dorotea, ivi, 1584 — Di S. Eufrosina con 
due Laude, ivi, 1585 — Di Josef Eiglivolo di Jacob, ivi, 1588 
— Di Abraam et Isaac, ivi, 1585 — Del Be Salamone delle 
Senteuzie, &c. ivi, 1585 — Fe&ta di S. Guglielma, ivi, 1585 — 
Lauda di S. Giovanni Batista, ivi, 1579 
very rare editions, with woodcuts, half hound in one vol. 

4504 Bosana, Siena, 1577 — Santa Margberita, ivi, 1610 — ^Agnolo 

Baffaello & Tobbia, imperfect, ivi, s, a. — San Grisante & 
Daria, ivi, 1620 — Santa Uliva, ivi, s. a. — Santa Eufrosina, 
ivi, 1607— Ester, ivi, 1606— Santo Eustachio, ivi, 1606— 
Santa Christina, ivi, 1609 — S. Orsola, ivi, 1608 — S. Agnesa, 
ivi, 1608^S. Caterina da Siena, ivi, 1609— S. Caterina, 
ivi, 1608, tDoodcuts, half morocco in one vol, 

4506 Josef, Firenze, 1588 — S. Domitilla, ivi, 1584— Costantino Impe- 
radore, ivi, 1581— S. Caterina, ivi, 1581 — S. Eufrosina, 
portion of title torn off, ivi, 1585 — ^Baffaello e Tobbia, ivi, 
s, a. — S. Dorotea, wormed, ivi, 1617 — S, Christina, ivi, 1588 
— Comedia Spirituale dell* Anima, ivi, 1575 — Conversione 
di S. Maria Maddalena, ivi, 1613 — S. Francesco e tre La- 
droni, ivi, s. a,, spirited woodcuts, half morocco in one vol. 

4506 A Collection of Fifby-two Rare Mysteries or Miracle- Plays, in 
Italian, printed between 1592 and 1608, with woodcuts 

in one vol, 

%* This volume sold for £10. in Hibbert*s sale, and contains the 
following Bare Pieces : — 1. G)mmedia delP Anima, Siena, s. a. 
— 2. Abraam et Isaac, senza nota — 8. Nativita di Christo, 
Firenze, 1599 — 4. Annuntiatione di nostra Donna con due 
Capitoli bellissimi, Siena, s. a. — 5. Purificatione di nostra 
Donna, ivi, s. a. — 6. Presentatione di N. Signore al Tempio da 
Jo. Simone Martini da Todi, ivi, s. a. — 7. Besurrettione di 
Nostro Signore, senza notaS. Spirito Santo, Siena, s. a. — 
9. Be S^amone, Firenze, 1600—10. Agnolo Baffaello k 
Tobbia, Siena, s. a, — 11. Santo Yenantio, ivi, s. a, — 12. Josef, 
Firenze, 1603 — 13. Figliuol Prodigo, Siena, s. a, — 14. Lazaro 
ricco & Lazaro povero, ivi, s. a. — 15. Abraam & Sarra, ivi, 
s, a. — 16. Costantino Imperatore, ivi, s. a.— 17. Judith, ivi, 



Bafbeskktazioni Sacks — eonHnued. 

s, a. — 18. Sansone per A. Boselli, m, m. a. — 19. 9. Agneea, 
Mrenze, 1602—20. S. G-riaante & Daria, Siena, «. a.— 21. S. 
G-iovanni decollato, m, «. a. — 22. S. Francesco & tre Ladroni, 
ivi, 8. a. — 23. S. G-iovanni & Paulo, & S. GK)8tanza per Lorenzo 
do Medici, ivi, s, a. — 24. S. Eustachio, ivi, 9. a. — 25. Miracolo 
di dua Pellegrini che andomo a S. Jacopo di Oalitia, Mrenze^ 
s, a.»26. £e Superbo, Siena, s. a, — 27. S. Ghiara d'Assisi 
per L. Nuti, ivi, *. a.— 28. S. Agate, Rrenze, 1601—29. 8. 
Euirosina, Siena, s, a, — 30. S. Cicilia, »^, A 6 and 7 9lightly 
defective, senza nota — 31. Gonversione di S. Maria Maddalena, 
Mrenze, s, a. — 32. 8. Caterina, Siena, s. a. — 33. 8. Domitilla 
(per Mona Antonia Donna di B. Pulci) ivi, s, a.— 34. 8. Bar- 
bera, ivi, e, a, — 35. 8. Margherita, ivi, ». a, — 36. 8. Guglielma 
da Mona Antonia Donna di Bernardo Pulci, ivi, e, a. — 37. 
Stella, Firenze, 1597—^8. Eeina Ester, Siena, s, a.— 39. S. 
FeHcito Hebrea, Mrenze. 1592 — ^. 8. Eufrasia per G. Gastel- 
lani, Siena, 8. a, — 41. 8. Golomba, ivi, 8. a, — 42. S. Apollonia, 
ivi, 8. a. — 43. 8. Orsola, ivi, 8, 0.— -44. Storia di Susana Moglie 
di Giovaccbino, Mrenze, «. a, — 45.^ Bappresentezione et Istoria 
di Susanna, Mrenze, 8. a.«— 46. 8. Teodora, eenza nota — 47. S. 
Dorotea, Mrenze, 1602—48. Otteviano Imperadore, Siena, 8, a. 
— 49. Storia della Morte, Mrenze, «. a. — 50. Storia di Genevra 
cbe fu sepellite yiva, ivi, 8, a, — 61. Bosana, Mrenze, 1603 — 
52. 8. Christina, Siena, 1608. 

4507 Ottaviano Imperadore, Siena, 1613—8. Domitilla, ivi, 1608— 

8. Alesso, ivi, 1609 — Due Pellegrini, ivi, 8. a, — 8. Franoesoo 
e tre Ladroni, ivi, 1610—11 Malatesta, ver^f scarce, ivi, 1611 
— 8. Agata, ivi, 1606 — Costantino Imperatore, ivi, 8, a. — 
Salamone, ivi, 8. a. — 8. Dorotea, ivi, 1610— Presentatione 
di N. 8. Giesu Gbristo al Tempio, ivi, 1618 — Sansone per 
A. Eoselli, ivi, 1616 — Miracolo del Corpo di Cristo, ivi, 
1610 — Juditta, ivi, 1610, woodcuts, half morocco in one vol. 

4508 Di Abel & di Caino (in ottava Bima) 8 woodcuts, Mrenze, 1554 

4509 Di Abel, &c. Anotber edition, 8 woodcuts ivi, 1568 

4510 Di Abraam et di Isaac (in ottava Bima da Feo Belcari) woodcut 

Fece stampare Jacopo di Bastiano, s, a. {circa 1550) 

4511 Di Abraam, &c. Anotber edition, 5 woodcuts Mrenze, 1568 

4512 Di Abraam, &c. Another edition, woodcut Morenza^ 1572 

4513 D' Abraam et Isaac (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Bassano e Trevigiper Q-, Molino, s, a. 

4514 Di Sante Agate Yergine <& Martire (in otteva Bima) 2 woodcuU 

Mrenze, 1554 

4515 Di Sante Agate Yergine A Martire (in otteva Bima) 2 woodcuU 

ivi, 1555 

4516 Di 8. Agate. Anotber edition, 2 woodcuts vn, 1558 

4517 Di 8. Agata. Another edition, woodcut Siena, s, a. (circa 1600) 

4518 Di 8. Agate (in ottava Bima) woodcuts Firenze, 1601 

4519 Di 8. Agata. Another edition, woodcut 

Siena Sf Fistoiaper F. A. Fbrtunati, s, a. 


Bapbbsbktabioki SxoBX'-^oniinued. 

4520 Di 8. Agata di nuoro corretbi e ridoi^ a facile Bedtatione da 
Francesco d' Aniaialey da GiviteUa, woodcut Siena, 1644 

4621 n Contrasto dell' Angelo et del Demonic (in otfca?a Bima) 
woodcut Mrenze, s. a. 

4t522 Del Angiol Baphaello (in ottava Bima) woodcut title with border 
and 3 woodcuts, sxtremelt babe 
Ibce stampare Maestro Francesco di GHovdni Benuenuto, 1516 

4523 De langiolo Baphaello. Another edition, same cuts 

Bologna per Bartholomeo ^ Marco Antonio ad Insttmtia di Jacopo 
de BMtiano Sta dal Vescouato in Morenza, s, a, (circa 1550) 

4524 Del Angelo Baffiiello & Tobbia. Another edition, 10 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1554 

4525 Del' Angelo Bafisielo & Tobbia. Another edition, 10 woodcuts 

s. I, l[ a. (Firenzcy circa 1556) 

4526 Another copy, 10 woodcuts m, 1556 

4527 Di Santa Agnena Yergine & Martire di Jesu Christo (in ottara 

Bima) 6 woodcuts Mrenze, 1558 

4528 Di S. Agnesa. Another edition, 2 woodcuts 

Morenza, s. a. (circa 1570) 

4529 Di S. Agnesa. Another edition, woodcut Siena, 1581 

4530 Di S. Agnesa. Another edition, 2 woodcuts Krenze, 1588 

4531 Di Santa Agnesa Yergine & Martire di G-iesu Christo (in ottava 

Bima) woodcut Siena alia Loggia del JPapa, s. a. 

4582 E Festa di Agnolo Hebreo (in ottaya Bima) 2 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1554 

4533 Di Agnolo Hebreo. Another edition, woodcut ivi, 1568 

4534 Di Santo Alezo (in ottava Bima) 9 woodcuts ivi, 1554 

4535 Di S. Alexo. Another edition, 9 woodcuts, comer of A ii torn off 

ivi, 1570 

4536 Di Santo Alesso rivista e corretta da F. d'Anibale da Civitella, 

woodcut Siena, 1622 

4537 £ Festa della Annuntiatione di nostra Donna (in ottava Bima). 

Con una Agiunta di dua belli CapitoU, woodcut, Firenze, 1568 

4538 Delia Annuntiatione, &c. woodcut ivi, 1572 

4539 Delia Annuntiatione di nostra Donna (in ottava Bima). Con 

una Aggiunta di due Capitoli bellissimi, woodcut Siena, 1608 

4540 Di Santo Antonio Abate (in ottava Bima) 8 woodcuts 

Fiorenza, 1572 

4541 Di S. ApoUonia Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima) 14 woodcuts 

s. I. If a. (Firenze, circa 1550) 

4542 Di 8. ApoUonia. Another edition, 13 woodcuts Firenze, 1554 

4543 Di Santa ApoUonia Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

title-page Siena, s. a. (circa 1600) 

4544 Di Santa ApoUonia Yergine e Martire (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

Siena, 1648 

4545 (Devotissima) di S. Barbara (in ottava Bima) 2 woodcuts, senza 

nota — CasteUani (C.) Bappresentatione di S. Yenantio, 
woodcut, Siena, 1606 in one vol. 


454f6 (Derotissima) di Santa Bartunra (in ottava Bima) 6 woodeuU 

Rrenze, 1554 

%* Probably the earliest work mentioning *^ Ooohiali/* per veder 
piu lontano. 

4547 Di S. Barbara. Another edition, 6 tDOodetUt Morenza, 1568 

4548 Di S. Barbara. Another edition Siena, e. a, eirea 1570 

4549 Di 8. Barbara. Another edition Siena, 1607 

4550 (Devota) di Santa Catherina Yergine & Martire, 9 woodeuU 

Mrenze, 1554 

4551 Di Barlaam et Josa&t (in ottaTa Bima) oomposta per Bernardo 

Pulciy 6 woodcuts, very scarce 
Feee etampare Maestro Francescho di Oioudni Benuenuto, 1516 

4552 Di Santa Catherina da Siena (in ottava Bima) 4 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1556 

4558 Di Santa Caterina da Siena sposa di Giesu Christo (in ottava 

Bima) 8 woodcuts Firenze per Bartolomeo Anichini, 1568 

4554 Di S. Caterina. Another edition, 7 woodcuts ivi, 1569 

4556 Di S. Caterina di nuoTO ricorretta & aggiuntoui nel fine il suo 
Martirio, woodcut Siena, 1606 

*«* A very scarce edition, unknown to Allacci, but mentioned by 
Colomb de Battines in hia Supplement. 

4556 Di Santa Cecilia Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima) 7 woodcuts 

Stampata in Fiorenza, s, a, (circa 1550) 

4557 Di Santa Cecilia Yergine e Martire (in ottava Bima) 8 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1586 

4558 Di S. Cecilia di nuovo revista da Francesco d'Anibale, da Civi- 

telk, 8 woodcuU Siena, 1620 

4559 Di S. Christina Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima) 10 wood- 

cuts Firenze, 1554 

4560 Di Santa Christina Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima) 10 

woodcuts Fiorenza, 1568 

4561 Di Santa Christina Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima) 10 

woodcuts ivi, 1568 

4562 Di S. Christina. Another edition, 8 woodcuts Siena, 1608 

4568 Di Santa Colomba Yergine e Martire composta nuovamente 
dal desioso Insipido Sanese (in ottava Bima) 

Siena et Fistoia, s. a, (circa 1600) 

4564 Detta Commedia Spirituale dell' Anima (in ottava Bima, con 

Canzone, Terzine, &e.) woodcut Firenze, 1592 

4565 Comedia dell' Anima. Another edition, woodcut ivi, #. a. 

4566 Commedia dell' Anima. Another edition, woodcut Siena, 1608 

4567 La Festa di Biagio Contadino (in ottava Bima) woodcut 

red morocco, g, e, hy Delande Fere 

Firenze, per F. A. Fortunati, s, a. 

4568 Di Biagio Contadino (in ottava Bima) woodcut Firenze, 1558 

4569 Di Biagio. Another edition, woodcut ivi, 1590 

4570 Di Constantino Imperadore, di S. Silvestro Papa & di S. Helena 

Imperatrice (in ottava Bima) 9 woodcuts ivi, 1555 


BijPBESEVTAZioKi 8 IlCUE— Continued. 

4571 Di Constantino Imperadore, di Santo Silyestro Papa, & di Santa 

Helena Imperatrice (in ottaya Eima, con Temale in Laude 
della SantiBsima Croce) 9 woodcut* Firenze, 1655 

4572 Di Constantino, &c. Anothor edition, 7 looodouts m, 1562 

4573 Di Costantino, Ac. Another copy, 8 woodcuts ivi, 1571 

4574 De' sebte Dormienti (in ottavaEima), 13 woodcuts m, 1554 

4575 De' sette Dormienti. Another edition, 16 woodcuts, Fiorenza, 1571 

4576 Di Santa Domitilla (in ottava Eima), 6 woodcuts 

Fiorenza, J, Ohiti, 1571 

4577 Di S. Domitilla. Another edition, 2 woodcuts 

Firenze, G. Baleni, 1588 

4578 Di S. Domitilla. Another edition, 6 woodcuts 

Fiorenza, E, Gori, s, a. (circa 1590) 

4579 Di S. Domitilla riyista da Francesco d*Annibale da Civitella. 

2 large and 2 small woodcuts Siena, 1621 

4580 Di Santa Dorothea Yergine & Martire (in ottava Eima), 3 wood- 

cuts Firenze, 1555 

4581 Di S. Dorothea. Another edition, 8 woodcuts ivi, 1570 

4582 Di S. Dorotea Yergine Martire (in ottava Eima), woodcut, ivi, 1602 

4583 Di S. Dorotea. Another edition, woodcut Siena, 1610 

4584 Di S. Dorotea. Another edition, woodcut Firenze, 1648 

4585 Di Stella (in ottava Eima), 11 woodcuts 

s. I, 4r fl. (Firenze, circa 1550) 

4586 Di Stella. Another edition, 11 woodcuts Firenze, 1558 

4587 Di Stella. Another edition, 3 woodcuts ivi, 1580 

4588 Di S. Eufrasia composta per M. Castellano Castellani (in ottava 

Eima), woodcut ivi, 1592 

4589 Di S. Eufrasia. Another edition, woodcut, Siena, s. a. (drca 1600) 

4590 Di Santa Eufrosina Yergine laquale essendo maritata si fnggi 

tra Monaci come Maschio con duo Laude, 6 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1554 

4591 Di S. Eufrosina. Another edition, 7 woodcuts ivi, 1561 

4592 Di S. Eufrosina. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1572 

4593 , Di Santa Eufrosina Yergine (in ottava Eima), 2 woodcuts 

Fiorenza, 1572 

4594 Di S. Eufrosina. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1592 

4595 Di Santo Eustachio (in ottava Eima), 3 woodcuts, Firenze, 1555 

4596 Di Sancto Eustachio. Another edition, 6 woodcuts 
Fecestampare Maestro Francesco di GiouanniBenuenuto, s.a, (circal570) 

4597 Di Santo Eustachio. Another edition, 10 woodcuts 

Fiorenza a stanza di lacopo Ohiti, 1571 

4598 Di Santo Eustachio (in ottava Eima), 2 woodcuts Siena, 1606 

4599 Di Santa Felicita Hebrea (in ottava Eima), both parts, 14 wood- 

cuts Firenze, 1554 

4600 Di S. Felicita. Another edition. Part I, woodcut, Firenze, 1592 

—Part II, 8 woodcuts, ivi, 1554 (2) 


Rapbessktazioiti Sacbe — continued. 

4601 E Feata di Carnasciale A della Quaresima (in ottava Biina)| 

8 vfoodeutSf a portion of A.vr and of '&\ torn off 

Fiorenza, 1568 

4602 E Festa di Of^taviano Imperadore (in ottava Eima), 3 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1568 

4603 Del Figlivol Prodigo (composta in ottava Rima per Mona Anto- 

nia Donna di Bernardo Fulci), 3 woodcuts ivi, 1584 

4604 Del Figliuol Prodigo (composta in ottaya Bima per Mona Anto- 

nia di Bernardo Palci), 3 woodcuts Firenze^ 1591 

4605 Del Figliuol Prodigo. Another edition, 4 woodcuts Siena, 1610 

4606 Del Figlirol Prodigo (in ottava Eima), reprint of the Ancient 

Mystery hefore the revision ofAnnibale, woodcut Lucca, s, a. 

4607 Del Figliuol Prodigo rivista da Francesco d'Anuibale da Civi- 

tella (in ottaya £ima), 3 woodcuts Siena, 1624 

4608 Di San Francesco composta (in ottaya Hima per Mona Antonia 

Donna di Bernardo Pulci), 2 woodcuts 
extremely rare . senza nota (Fireme, circa 1490) 

4609 Di S. Francesco ed i tre Ladroni (in ottava Eima) senza nota 

4610 Di S. Francesco quando. convert! que tre Ladroni che poi si 

fecion Frati (in ottava Eima), 2 woodcuts Firenze, 1585 

%* A scarce edition (unknown to Allacci) of this Mystery, which 
is falsely attributed to Madame Antonia de Pulci by Brunet, 
who has confounded her " Eappresentatione di San Francesco" 
with this of Saint Francis and the three Thieves. Libri*s copj 
sold for £1. 178. 

4611 Di S. Francesco e tre Ladroni. Another edition, woodcut 

Firenze alle Scalee di Badia, s, a. {circa 1590) 

4612 Di S. Francesco e tre Ladroni. Another edition, woodcut 

Fiorenza, 1596 

4613 Di S. Francesco e tre Ladroni. Another edition (with varia- 

tions), 2 cuts Siena, 1610 

4614 D. Santo Qiorgio (in ottava Eima), 4 woodcuts (2 of St. George 

slaying the Dragon), rare Fiorenza, 1571 

4615 Di S. Oiorgio. Another edition, 2 woodcuts Firenze, 1585 

4616 Di San Giovanni decoUato (in ottava Eima), woodcut, Siena, 1581 

4617 Di S. Oiovanni decoUato. Another edition, 2 woodcuts, ivi, 1612 

4618 Divota di Santo Giovanni Batista quando ando nel Diserto (in 

ottava Eima), 5 woodcuts Firenze, 1569 

4619 Di S. Giovanni Batista. Another edition, 2 woodcuts, ivi, 1589 

4620 Di Santo Giovanni Gualberto (in ottava Eima), 8 woodcuts 

ivi, 1554 

4621 Di S. Giovanni Gualberto. Another edition, 7 woodcuts, ivi, 1555 

4622 Di S. Giovanni Gualberto. Another edition, 9 woodcuts, a snudl 

portion of A iii torn off ivi, 1661 

4623 Di Santo Giovanni et Paulo et di Santa Gostanza composta per 

Lorenzo de' Medici (in ottava Eima), woodcut title-page 

ivi, 1558 
•»♦ Very scarce. At the end is " Sonetto di Oiustitia.'* 


Eapbjssentazioiti SjLCiLB^eontinued. 

4624 Del di del Oiudicio (in ottava Bima), elegant woodcut 

very rare 8, I, Sf a. (^Firenze^ circa 1500) 

4625 Del i\ del Qiuditio. Another edition, 2 woodcuts 

9. I. S[ a, (Firenze, circa 1520) 

4626 Di S. G-risante e Daria (in ottaya Eima), woodcut title 

9. 1, if a. (Firenze, circa 1580) 

4627 Di San Orisante & Daria di nuoYO rivista da Erancesco d*Anni- 

bale da Civitella, woodcut Siena, 1620 

4628 Di Santa Gaglielma Figliuola del Be D'liraHiiiTEBBA composta 

(in ottaya Bima), per Mona Antonia Donna di Bernardo 

Pulci, 7 woodcuts Firenze, 1554 

4629 Di S. Guglielma. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1568 

4630 Di S. Guglielma. Another edition, 4 woodcut9 ivi, 1572 

4631 Di S. Quglielma. Another edition, 2 woodcuts %vi, 1580 

4632 Di S. Guglielma. Another edition, 2 woodcuts iviy 1588 

4633 Di S. Guglielma. Another edition, 2 woodcuts iviy 1609 

4684 Di S. Guglielma. Another edition, 2 woodcuts 

ivij «. a. (circa 1670) 

4685 Di S. Quglielma. Another edition, 2 woodcuts 

Macerata, s. a, (circa 1680) 

4686 Delia Begina Hester (in ottaya Bima), 6 woodcuts, Firenze, 1558 
4637 Hester. Another edition, 6 woodcuts ivi, 1570 
4688 Hester. Another edition, 6 woodcuts, s, I. St. a. (Firenze, circa 1580) 

4639 Hester. Another edition, 4 woodcuts Firenze, Q. Baleni, 1587 

4640 Di Santo Honofrio composta (in ottaya Bima) per Messer Cas- 

tellano Castellani, 8 woodcuts Firenze, 1568 

4641 Di Santo Ignatio Vescoyo et Martire (in ottaya Bima), 5 wood' 

cuts ivi, 1558 

4642 E Festa di Josef Figliuolo di Jacob (in ottaya Bima), 6 woodcuts 

Firenze, L. Zeffi, s, a. 


4643 PaUadio (A.) Quattro Libri dell' Architettura, nttmerous wood- 

cuts, half morocco Venetia, 1581 

4644 Falladio (Andr.) Architettura, woodcuts, with copious MS. addi- 

tions by Bemin Saint HUarion, calf gilt Tenet. 1642 

4645 Pallayicino (Cardinale Sforza) Istoria del Concilio di Trento 

ridotta in piu breye forma da G-. P. CataJoni Boma, 1666 

4646 Pallayicino (Card. S.) Historia del Concilio di Trento ridotta in 

piu breye Forma da G. P. Cataloni 
orange morocco. Teste di Lingua ivi, 1666 

4647 Pantaleonis (Henr.) Prosopographia Heroum atque Illustrium 

yirorum totius Germanife, 3 yoI. in 1, numerous woodcuts 
fine copy, vellum Basil. 1565-6 

K N 



4648 Fanyinii (O.) Epitome Pontificum Bomanorum a S. Petro usque 
ad Paulum IV, Cardinalium item nomina, dignitatum tituli, 
insignia, etc. arms emblazoned 
old morocco, g. e. Venet, impensii J. Strada, 1657 

4G49 Panvinii (Onupbrii) Pontificum Maximorum Elogia et Imagines 

etiam Imperatorum, Jureconsultorum, ac Illustrium Yirorum 

ex Bibliotheca Eulvi Ursini et ex Mubso M. M. Benavidii, 

Jlne impressions, red morocco, g, e. Moma, 1666-70 

4660 Panvinii (O.) XXYII Pontificum Maximorum Elogia et Ima- 
gines, fine impressions, RomtB, 1568 — Efiigies XXIV Bo- 
manorum Imperatorum, brilliant impressions, s. L ^ a, — 
Ursini (F.) Imagines et Elogia Virorum illustrium et 
eruditorum ex antiquis Lapidibus et Numismatibus expressa, 
plates, Boma (at end Venetiis), 1670 — Inlustrium Yirorum 
ut extant in Urbe expressi Yultus, brilliant impressions. 
Bonus, 1569 — Illustrium Jureconsultorum Imagines ex 
Mus£B0 M. M. Benavidii, 25 very fine portraits, ib, 1566 
vellum in one vol. 

4651 Panvinii (Onupbrii) Antiquitates Yeronenses, fine portraits and 

plates typis P. Frambotti, 1647 

4652 Papilloit (J. M. Qraveur en bois) (Euvbe contenant la Collec- 

tion des Erontispieces, Yignettes, Fleurons, Ecussons, Cul- 
de-Lampes, et autres sujets qu'il a graves depuis I'ann^e 
1712, ju9qu*j& la pr^sente ann6e 1760 et suivantes 
a very curious volume, containing about 4,500 pieces, with MS, 
additions to his Treatise on Wood-JSngraving, Sfc. Paris, 17S0 

*«* On tbe leaf facing tbe title-page, is a note in tbe autograph of 
Papillon, stating that this is the most complete collection of 
his works after that in the Bibliotheque du Koi, and that it 
was made for P. G. Simon, '^imprimeur du Parlement," in 

4663 Paradigmata Oraphices variorum Artificum, 25 plates after 
Caraccio, Domenichino, Michael Angelo, Rqffaelle, Volterra, 
Sfc. fine impressions Hf^- Com, 1671 

4654 Parasaccbi (Domenico) Baccolte delle principale Fontane dell' 

inclita Citta di Boroa, 21 plates, including title-page, Roma, 
G. B. de Bossi, 1637— Six Plates of Birds and Flowers 
vellum torapper in 1 voL 

4655 Parmigianino (F. Mazzuola detto il) Yarii Bisegni, engravings 

by A, Faldoni, half calf gilt Venezia, 1786 

4656 Paruta (F.) La Sicilia descritta con Medaglie e ristampata con 

Aggiunta da L. Agostini, numerous plates 
fine copy in old English red morocco, Harleian tooling, g, e, 

Lione, 1697 

4657 Percier (C.) et P. F. L. Fontaine, Palais, Maisons, et autres 

Edifices Modernes, 100 plates, half calf Paris, s. d. 

4668 Perelle (Gr.) and N. Cochin, Yiews of Cities, Battles, Ac, with 
some additional, together 80 plates, fine impressions 

obi, Paris, par le Sieur de Beaulieu, 1681, ^c. 



4659 Perelle, Yeues des belles Maisons de France ; des Places, Fortes, 

Fontaines, Eglises, et Maisons de Paris, des plus beaux 
Endroits de Versailles ; diverses Veues de Chantilly et 
Chateau Eichelieu, Yeues de Eome et des Environs, &c. 
250 plates, including some proofs before any letters 

oil. Farts, 1680, (^c. 

4660 Petbaboa (Franciesco) Vite de Pontefici & Impebadori 

riEST EDITION, EXTBEHELY BABE, vertf large copy, with nume- 
rous MS, notes on the margins in the AUXoaBAPH of the 
celebrated Lobekzo de' Medici, whose signature, *' Lauren- 
tius de Medicis,'* is on the last leaf, morocco extra, g. e. 

FlorenticB, apud Sanctum Jacobum de Bipoli, IITS 

4661 Petrarca (F.) Eime estratte da un suo Originale (MS. Vaticano 

No. 8196 ; il Trattato delle Virtu morali di Eoberto Be di 
Gerusalemme ; il Tesoretto di Ser Brunetto Latini; con 
quattro Canzoni di Bindo Bonichi 
vellum, Testo di Lingua Boma, 1612 

4662 Petra Sancta (Silvestri) TessersB Gentilitite, numerous cuts of 

arms, and portrait of Thadceus Barberinus Boma, 163S 

4663 Petra Sancta (Sikest.) Tessersd G^entilitise ex legibos Fecialiuni 

descriptiB, engraved title, plate, and numerous cuts of arms 
from the Sheldon Library, with arms on the sides ib. 16-38 

4664 Phillips (Edw.) New World of Wonders, or Universal Bnc^lish 

Dictionary, revised by J. Kersey J 706 

4606 Pineda (P.) Dictionary, Spanish and English, and English and 
Spanish, calf 1740 

4666 Pinet (Ant. du) Plantz, Pourtraitz, et Descriptions de plusioura 

villes et forteresses, tant de TEurope, Asie, et Afrique, que 
des Indes, et terres neuves, mony curious woodcuts 
fine copy, old calf gilt Lyon, 156 1 

4667 Pingonii (Philiberti) Sabaudi, Augusta Taurinorum, large tcood- 

cut of the city, with cuts of medals Taurini, 3577 

4668 Pline, Histoire de la Peinture Ancienne, plates 1 7:25 

;4669 Plot (R.) Natural History of Oxfordshire, plates, the arms round 
the map emblazoned, a few additional engravings and cuttings 
inserted, ruled with red lines, calf Oxford, 1(577 

4670 Plot (R.) Natubal Histobt of Staefobdshibe, plates, with 

the folded map, and the very rare plate of^^ arms omitted'' 

LABGE PAPEB ib. 1(>8G 

4671 Plot (E.) Natural History of Staffordshire. Auother copy, 

map and plates, wanting the leaf of arms omitted 
russia, m, e. ib, KkSG 

4672 PoLiPHiLi Htpioibotomachia ubi Humana omnia non ui^i 

omnium esse docet atque obiter plurima scitu sane quam 
digna commemorat (Italice F. Columna Auctore) beavtiful 
wood engravings from designs by Giovanni Bellino 
fine copy ruled, red morocco extra, g. e. by Derome 

Venetiis, Aldus, 1 4-00 



4673 PoLiPHi'LO Hyfneeotomachia (da F. Colonna), heauttful en- 

gravings on iDOod {from designs (Uiributed hy some to Qio- 
vanni Bellino and hy others to JRctfaello) 
very fine copy^ with all the plates y hut the leaf of errata in MS, 

Venetia, Aldo, 1499 

\* The exquisite designs of this curious work have rendered it a 
great favourite with artists. Sir Mark Sykes's copy sold for 
£21., Hibbert*s for £17. 15b. and the Solar for 390 francs. 

4674 PoLiPHiLO. Le Tableau des riches inventions dans le Songe de 

Poliphile par Beroalde, numerous woodcuts JParis, 1600 

%* A most interesting copy, having belonged to Albxakdeb Fopb, 
and containing his autograph as well as a note by him respecting 
the author of the designs, suggesting that they might be by 
E. Francia, who taught Marc Antonio, or of Andrea del 
Mantegna, &o, ; also several references to the Stories in the 
work. The volume was presented by Mr. Hurd, by direction 
of Bishop Warburton, to Mr. T. Warton, after which it 
passed through the Libraries of Mr. James Bindley and Mr. 

4675 Pond (Ar.) Landscapes after Claude, Poussin, &c. engraved by 

Yivares, Mason, Ohatelain, <&c. 4A plates 1744 

4676 PoHTiFiOALE EoMAimH, printed in red and hlaek, with uxtodeuts 

and musical notes 
fine copy, ruled throughout^ old morocco, sides richly tooled and 
gilt with ornamental scroll-work to a Gfrolier pattern, g, e, 
A BEAUTiFiTL YOLiTME Tenet, apud Junf-as, 1572 

4677 Porcacchi (T.) L'lsole piu famose del Mondo, maps engraved by 

Girolamo Forro, halftussia Venetia, 1572 

4678 Portenari (A.) della Felicity di FadoYti^ plates Fadova, 1623 

4679 Portfolio containing several small Views of the Public Buildings 

in Oxford, Private Etchings, Sketches, Coloured Drawings 
of Flowers, &c. with leaves of drab paper 18 in. hy 11. (1) 

4680 Portfolio, with blue leaves, containing about 40 Portraits and 

Prints, Sketches, &c. some coloured 21^ in. by 14. (1) 

4681 Portfolios (Two) with leaves, fine old paper 

halfrussia 20 inhy 15. (2) 

4682 Portfolio, with leaves, fine stout paper 

old russia 21^ in. hy 15. (1) 

4683 Portfolio, with leaves, fine old paper 

calf, y. e. 20i in. by 13^. (1) 

4684 Portfohos (Two) with blue leaves 

29 in. by 21, and 22 in. by 16i. (2) 

4685 Portfolio, with blank leaves of old paper 

red morocco, with the Colbert arms stamped on the sides 

20 in. by 15. (1) 

4686 Portfolios (Two) with leaves 15^ in. j^ 12. (2) 

4687 Portraits of the Counts and Dukes of Cleve and GFuHck, con- 

sisting of Genealogical Tree and 89 Heads (1619) 

4688 Portnuts of Popes, Cardinals, and other Ecclesiasts, engraved 

by Kilian, Aubrey, &c. 230 Heads, mounted in one vol. 


4689 Portraits of Kings and Queens, Frinees and Princesses of Europe, 

Nobility, &c. of Europe, in ^ull costume^ 9^ plates, 1711, 
^c. — Histoire de la Monarchie Fran^oise, 13 plates, 1711 
— Portraits of Electors, Emperors, and other Princes of 
Europe, Cardinals, &c. — Plates of Mountebanks, Cryers of 
difTerent Trades, Actors and Actresses, &c. &g, injull cos- 
tume, together 426 engravings, including some duplicates and 
very fine impressions, 2 toI. vellum 

4690 PoBTHAiTs op thb Popes op Bomb (23), toith 33 other rare 

Partraits {including the Susband of Bianca Capello, the 
Qrand-Duhe JBh'anciscus de Medici, by M, Bota, in two states, 
one being before the inscriptions, arms, Jjfc. ukique) 
in a red morocco portfolio vnth leaves 





4691 Foliziano (A.) Stanze fatte per la Giostra del Magnifico Oiuliano 

de' Medici, con le Stanze di P. Bembo in Occasione di una 
Mascherata ed il Yendemmiatobe di L. Tansillo 
half calf, uncut, scarce Firenze, 1763 

4692 Poliziano (A.) La Favola di Orfeo Fadova, 1749 
Foliziano (A.) Elegantissime Stanze e Canzone, Fadova, 1761 — 

Favola di Orfeo, w», 1749— Baldi (B.) Celeo e POrto, Eloga, 
ivi, 1751, LAEOE PAPES, uncut in one vol. 

4694 Poliziano (A.) Poeaie Italiane, portrait 

half calf gilt Milano, 1826 

4695 Foliziano (A.) Poesie Italiane, portrait 

PBiNTED ON BLUE PiLPEB (Carta Turchina), on which only two 
copies were taken off, half morocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua 

ivi, 1826 

4696 FolonisB Begni Arma, woodcut coats of arms 

very rare s I, ^ a. 

4697 Polybius, Gr. et Lat. cum GHossario Polybiano J. A. Emesti, 

3 Yol. LipsuB, 1763-4 

4698 Folibio del Modo dell* accampare et Apophtegmi di Plutarco, 

tradotti per P. Strozzi. Miano de Nomi & de gli Ordini 
militari, tradotto per L. Carani, 2 yol. in 1 
half calf gilt, Testo ai Lingua Morenza, L, Ibrrentino, 1552 

4699 Pome (M.) La Lira a due Corde. Sonetti e Canzoni Siciliane 

eroiche e sacre, 2 parts in 1 
green morocco, g. e, Falermo, 1722 

%* In the Sicilian Dialect. 




4700 Poiicino delle Torre (M.) Kaoeroli e ridioolose Eaoetie, wooieui 

green maroceo, dentelle borders g, e, eearee Venetia, 1618 

4701 Pontani (J. J.) Amorum libri II. De Amore Conjugali III. 

Tumulorum II. Lyrid I. Eridanorum II, etc. 
goad copy, ea\f Tenet, Aldu9, 1518 

4702 Poole ( Josua) English Parnassus ; or a Help to English Poesie 


4703 Pope (A.) Works, in Verse and Prose, with Notes and Life by 

Br. Johnson, 8 vol. portrait, calf 1812 

4703 Pope (A.) Eape of the Lock, a Poem, platei, B. lAntott, 1714 

— Gblli (J. B.) translated by H. Layng, frontiepieoe and 
portrait, 1744 2 vol. 

4704 Popham (E.) Selecta Poemata Anglorum Latina, uncut 1779 

4705 Popham (E.) Extracts from the Pentateach, O^ord, 1801— Pa- 

raphrase and Exposition of the Psalms, 1768 — Marcus (B.) 
on Difficult Passages of the Old Testament, Dublin, 1846 ; 
and others 9 vol, 

4707 Porcacchi (T.) Lettere di XIII Huomini illnstri Venetia, 1565 

*«* Containing 24 letters by Paolo Manucci. 

4708 Person (E.) Letters to Archdeacon Travis, MS, notes by Bev. 

B. Ferrers, calf - 1790 

4709 Porteus (Bp. B.) Lectures on St. Matthew, 2 vol. 1805— Ser- 

mons, 1783 3 vol, 

4710 Porti (Mm,) Dictionarium lonicum OrsBco-Latinum, 1823 — 

Welckeri SyUoge Epigrammatum Qrsecorum, Bonna, 1828 ; 
and others 7 vol. 

4711 Portio (S.) Modo di orare Christianamente, con la Espositione 

del Pater Noster, tradotto da G-. B. Gelli, Fiorenza, L, 
Torrentino, 1561 — Se I'Huomo diventa buono o cattivo vo- 
lontariamente Disputa, tradotta per G. B. G-elli, ivi, 1551 
— Disputa sopra quella Fanciulla della Magna, laquale visse 
due Anni 6 piu senza mangiare & senza here. Tradotta da 
G. B. Gelli, uncut, very scarce, ivi, s. a, 
fine copies in red morocco super extra, tooled sides in one vol. 

4712 Portio (S.) Se THuomo diventa buono o cattivo volontariamente 

Fiorenza, L. Torrentino, 1551 

4713 Portio (S.) Se THuomo diventa buono o cattivo volontariamente 

Disputa, tradotta in Yolgare per G. B. Gelli 
velluMj leaves uncut, rare in this state, Testo di Lingua 

ivi, 1551 

4714 Portio (S.) Tratatto de Colori de gl' Occhi, tradotto per G. B. 

Gelli ivi, 1551 

4715 Porto (Lui^ da) Giulietta e Eomeo, Novella storica, con la No- 

vella di M. Bandello su lo stesso Argomento, il Poemetto di 
Clizia Veronese ed altre antiche Poesie, plates 
half morocco, g, e. Fisa, 1831 

4716 Porzio (C.) La Congiura de' Baroni del Begno di Napoli contra 

Ferdinando I, calf extra, g, e, ivi, 1818 


4.717 PosteUus (G.) de OriffinibiiB Baailea, 1553~yel8ii (J.) Bpistola 
ad Eerdinandum Kegem, Principes Electores, &c. et Para- 
bola, condemned by the Theoloffieal Frculty of Louvaine 
and suppressed, s. L 1555— -Betti (F.) Lettera al Marchese 
di Pescara no la quale da conto de la cagione perche licen- 
tiato si sia dal suo Servigio, rare, ZoricOy 1557 — Apologia di 
M. Michel Agnolo [Florio] Piorentino ne la quale ei tratta 
de la vera e falsa CaieBa, a very rare work by FloriOy who 
wrote the Life of Lady Jane Qrey, OhamogasekOy 1557 

in one vol. 

4718 Pott (J. H.) Sermons for the Lord's Day throughout the year, 

2 Tol. the second stained, 1818 — Tillotson (J.) Sermons, 
selected by Ber. J. Dakins, 2 vol. 1822 — Finlayson (J.) 
Sermons, Edvnb. 1809— Channing (W. £.) Discourses, 1833 
— Sermons, selected by B. A. Bray, 1818 7 vol, 

4719 Potter (Archbp. J.) Antiquities of Greece, 2 vol. plates 

calf Edinb. 1804 

4720 Pollen (J. H.) Five Tears at St. Saviour's Leeds Oaford, 1851 

4721 Potter (M. de) L'Esprit de I'Eglise, 8 vol. half bound, Faris, 1821 

4722 Pov^da (G. de) del Sepolcro di G. Boccaccio e di varie sue 

Memorie, portrait, Oolle, 1827 — Lettera al Cav. S. Ciampi, 
ivi, 1827 in one vol. 

4728 Pozzi (Giuseppe d' Ippolito) Poesie con Vita 

half calf gilt, uncut . Bologna, 1771 

4724 Prata (G. Conte di) La Begata de* Yenezia Composizion poetica 

in Yernacolo co una Letera analoga de £. Cicogna intomo 
ad alcune Begatte, view, scarce Venezia, 1845 

*#* In the Venetian Dialect. 

4725 Prayer. Liber Precum Ecclesi® Cathedralis Christi, Ozon. 

calf Oxon. 1676 

4726 Prayer (Common), printed by O, Bill, 1697 — Psalms, in Metre, 

by Sternhold, Hopkins, and others, Oxford, 1696 — A New 
Version of the Psalms, by Tate and Brady, the 12mo. 
edition, 1698, old blue morocco, g. e, in one vol. 

4727 Prayer (Common) illustrated with plates by Sturt, ruled through- 

out with red lines, red morocco, g. e. Oxford, 1712 

4728 Prayer (Common) abridged for the Negro Slaves in the British 

West-India Islands, test babe 1795 

4729 Price (Sir Uvedale) Essay on the Picturesque, 1791 — Dialogue 

on the distinct Characters of the Picturesque and the 
Beautiful, Mereford, 1801, half morocco in one vol, 

4730 Prideauz (H.) Life of Mahomet 1808 

4781 Priestley (Jos.) History of the Corruptions of Christianity, 
2 vol. Birm, 1782 — Observations on the Increase of Infi- 
delity, Philadelphia, 1797 — Doctrines of the Heathen Phi- 
losophy compared with those of Bevelation, Northumber' 
land, 1804 4 vol. 

^4732 Primaleone nel quale si nam a pieno I'Historia de suoi valorosi 
Fatti et di Polendo suo Fratello, a Prose Bomance of 
Chivalry, vellum, rare Vinegia, 1548 



4783 Principio del Libro (Versi amoposi) 

fine large eopy^ unknown to'jbihlioffraphers, s. I, ^ a, {circa, 1525) 

•#* Evidently printed at Florence by Bernardo Zuchetta, the border 
of title-page and the types being identical with those used for 
his edition of the Sonetti, &c. dello Altissimo, printed by him 
in 1525. 

4734 Pronti (D.) Yedute di Boma, 50 neat views senza nota 

4735 Proph^ties perp^tuelles tr^s curieuses et trea certaines de T. J. 

Moult, natif de Naples, Astronome et Philosophe Paris, 1741 

4736 PsosE EiOBEKTiifE, 20 vol. (having both editions of Orazioni, 

vol. I, 1661 Sf 1716 ; hotlh editions of vol I of Ciealate, and 
both editions of vol. Ilof Lettere) 
half morocco Firenze, 1661-1745 

4737 Prose Piorentine raccolte da C. Dati, yoI. I (all pMished) 

calf extra, g. e. Testo di Lingua Firenze^ 1661 

4738 Pbose Piobentike raccolte dallo Smarrito Accademico della 

CruBca (Carlo Dati), 4 parts, or 17 vol. in 8 
fine copy in vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1716-45 

4739 Prose e llime inedite d' Orazio Bucellai, di Tommaso Buonaven- 

turi e d' altri, half morocco, g, e. Firenze, 1822 

4740 Prunetti (M. A.) Saggio Pittorico ed Analisi delle Pitture piu 

famose esistenti in Boma, con le Vite dei Pittori, &c. 
gilt vellum Roma, 1818 

4741 Pucci (Antonio) in Lode di bella Donna Canzoni pubblicate da 

G. Arcangeli, Frato, 1852— Canzone in Lode di bella Donna 
data in Luce da E. Wellesley, Oaford, 1851 — Callimaoo, 
Inni, tradotti da Qt. Arcangeli, Firenze, 1845 (3) 

4742 Pucci (B.) Nuova Idea di Lettere, Venetia, 1644— Baldini (V.) 

Vite de' Pontefici, woodcut portraits, with coats of arms, 
Bologna, 1670 in one vol. 

4743 Pulci (Luigi [Luca]) La Giostra di Lorenzo de Medici messa in 

Bima, Florentie a instantia di Francesco di Jacopo Cartolaio, 
1518 — Pulci (Luca de) Pistole diricte al Magnifico Lorenzo 
de Medici Impresso in Firenze, ad petitione di Eracesco di 
Jacopo Cartolaio uocato il Oonte B. Z. (with the device of 
F. Oonte), s. a. — Medici (Lorenzo de) Selve d'Amore, wood' 
cut, Firenze per B. Zucchetta (with device of F. Conte), s. a, 
— Politiano (Angelo) Stanze Comineiate p. la Giostra del 
Magnifico Giuliao di Piero de Medici, woodcut, ivi, s. a. 
fine copies, in vellum in one vol. 

*«* Evidently all from the press of Bernardo Zucchetta, and all 
extremely rare. 

4744 Pulci (Luca de^ Epistole, vnth the various readings of the 

Venturi MS, written on the margins of Epistola VIII, 
Firenze per Bernardo di Philippo di Oiunta, 1518 — ^Altis- 
sirao (i. e. Cristoforo Piorentino) Opere, very rare, Fiorenza, 
1572, fine copies, in old russia in one vol, 

4745 Pulci (Luca de') Ciriffo Calraneo (in otiava Bima) con Osserva- 

zioni bibliografico-letterarie di S. L. G. E. Audin 

Firenze, 1834 



4746 Pangileoni (L.) Elogio Storico di Oiovanni Santi Pittore e Poeta 

Padre del Gran Baffaello, half ealf gilt UrhinOy 1822 

4747 Pungileoni (Luigi) Elogio storioo di Baffiiello Santi da TTrbino 

ffilt vellum Urbino, 1829 

4748 Puoti (Marcheae B.) della Maniera di atudiare la Lingua e 

I'Eloqaenza Italiana Firenze, 1838 

4749 Puritanism Beyived ; or, Methodism as old as the Great Eebel- 

lion, 1808 — Croft, Sprj, and Bums {two parti), on Method- 
ism, 1795-1812 — Seagwick on Methodism, 3 parts, in 2 vol. 
1808-10— Church Beform, hj a Churchman, 1828 ; and 
others 9 vol. 

4760 Pjl (E. van der) Dutch Grammar JRotterdam, 1819 

4751 Quadri (A.) Otto Giorni a Yenezia, 2 toI. Venezia, 1821-22 

4752 Quadri (A.) Otto Giomi a Yenezia, plan and v%ew% 

ealf gilt Venezia, 1824 

4753 Quantin (G.) Nouveau Traits pour servir k Pinstruction des 

Noureaux Conrertis et k la conversion de oeux qui sent 
encore dans Terreur, old red morocco^ g, e, Paris, 1686 

4754 Quatrem^re de Quinc^ (IVI.) Lettres sur le Projet d'enlever les 

Monumens de Tltalie, half ealf Borne, 1815 

4755 Quatrem^re de Quincy (M.) Histoire de la Yie et des Ouyragea 

de Baphael, wants portrait Faris, 1824 

4756 Quatremere de Quincy, Histoire des Yies et des Ouvrages de 

Baphael et de Michel- Ange, 2 vol. portraits and plates 
half ealf ih. 1835 

4757 Quicherat (L.) Thesaurus poeticus lAngam Latinss 

ealf extra, g, e. Faris. 1836 

4758 Quinto Smimeo detto Calabro. Yolgarizzamento inedito di B. 

Baldi pubblicato dal Cav. A. de Mortara 
halfmoroeeo Ftrenze, 1818 

4759 Quinto Smimeo detto Calabro. Yolgarizzamento inedfto di B. 

Baldi, 2 rol. in 1 
half vellum ^l^^f uneut, top e.g. Firenze, 1828 

4760 Babelais (F.) OBuvres, contenant cinq Lirres de la vie, faicts et 

dits Heroiques de Gurgantua, et de son fils Pantagruel, 
plus, la Prognostication Pautagrueline, etc. 
verg searee, old russia Lyon, 1584 

4761 Babelais (F.) CSuvres, suivies des remarques publi^es en An^lois 

par Motteux et traduites en Fran9ois par C. De Missy, 
3 vol. 76 plates, Jine eopg, mottled calf gilt Faris, 1798 

4762 Baccolta di Poemi Georgici, 2 vol. half bound, uncut, Lucca, 1785 

4763 Baoeolta de Pooti Epigrammatici, 2 vol. in 1 

half ealf gilt Venezia, 1821 

4764 BaccoUa di varie Massime cavate da' Libri Sapienziali della 

Scrittura Sacra, con gli Avvisi di buone Creanze, varie Lodi 
spirituali, Ac. Roma, 1827 

4765 Baccolta di Meroorie suUe Malattie prodotte dalla Masturbaziooe 

e dair Abuse di Yenere Milano, 1835 

4766 Baffaelli (G.) delle Maioliche Durantine Fermo, 1846 

o o 


4767 Bampolbi (G. B.) CoBoaBAFiA dell* Italia, 3 vol, portrait 

russia, super extra^ g, e. the sides ornamented toith gold tooUnff 
in the Harleian style Milano, 1882-4> 

4768 Eanam (F.) della Pittura reUgiosa Firenze, 1844 

4769 Bappbesektatioke. Comedia spirituale di Cleophas et Luca 

(in terza Bima) che incomincia con un Argomento 
EXTBEHELT bjlB.b, mth device of B, CostelU Fiorenzaper 
B. de Zanetti a petitione di Bartholotneo di Matteo Castelli^ 1523 

*ii* The earliest edition cited by Colomb de Batines is that of 1568, 
on the authority of the Pinelli Catalogue, the only one seen by 
him being that of 1575. He attributes the Play to an nnknown 
author, who styled himself " II Desioso Insipido Sanese.*^ 

4770 Bappresentatione di S. Margherita Yergine et Martire, woodcuts 

Venetia, G, A. Bemondini, s, a. 

4771 Bappbesektazioni Ac Passione di N. S. Gesu Cristo e sua 

Bisurrezione, woodcuts, Jjucca, 1771 — Di S. Teodora, m, 
s.a. — Di Giuseppe Eigliuolo di Giacobbe, woodcuts^ 2 editions^ 
ivi, 1773 A. 1818— Vita di S. Giosafat, woodcuts, ivi, 1817 — 
Vita di Bartolommeo Carosi detto Brandano, portrait^ 
Siena, s. a. in one vol. 

4772 Bassin (J.) Elementa LingusB Italicse, 3 vol. in 1 Batavii, 1653 
4778 Bathery (E. J. B.) de I'lnfluence de Tltalie sur les Lettres 

Eran9ai8es Paris, 1853 

4774 Batti (C. G.) Instruzione di quanto pu6 vedersi di piii bello in 

Geneva in Pittura, Scultura ed Architettura, plan and views^ 
Genova, 1780 ; and 4 others (5) 

4775 Batti (C. G.) Notizie intomo la Vita e le Opere del celebre 

Pittore Antonio Allegri da Correggio, portrait, Finale, 1781 
[Ansaldi (I.)] Lettera neUa quale si da Contezza del Cav. 
C. G. Batti Pittor Genovese, senza nota—Yerci (G. B.) 
Notizie de' Pittori, Scultori e Intagliatori di Ba8sano,^on- 
tispiece, Venezia, 1775 — Malacame (V.) de* Oapitani, 
Letterati ed Artifici i, Tempi del Marchese Ludovico II in 
Saluzzo, senza nota — Suterman (F.) in Angelic^e KaujSman 
Imaginem Comelise Knight Epigramma, s, I. Sf a. 
vellum in one voL 

4776 Baumer (F. von) England in 1835, translated from the German 

by Sarah Austin, 3 vol. half calf gilt, 1836 — More (Hannah) 
Moral Sketches of prevailing Opiuions and Manners, ed^ 
gilt, m. e, 1821 4 voL 

4777 Bavisii (Jo.) Epitheta Tohsa, 1606'-Theatrum Poeticum atqae 

Historicum J. Bavisii, Basil, 1610, black morocco^ g. e, 2 voL 

4778 Bawlinson (B.) English Topographer 1720 

4779 Bawlinson (B) Library-Catalogue, MS, prices, calf 1756 

4780 Bay (J.) Collection of Proverbs and North Country Words 

MS. additions bg Jno, Baker 1768 

4781 Bay (J.) Collection of English, Scottish, and other Proverbs, 

augmented by J. Belfour 
interleaved with numerous valuable MS. additions 1813 



4782 Bajmond (Jo.) Itinerary contajning a Voyage through Italy ixL 

1646-7, eut9 
fine capjfy tree-marbled ealf, g, e, by Kalthoeber 1648 

4783 Bazsi (G.) La Balia, Comedia Fiorenza, Oiunii, 1560 

4784 Sazzi (G-.) La Balia, Comedia, Morenza Oiuntiy 1564 — La 

Gostanza, Comedia, ivi, 1565, Testi di Lingua in one vol. 

4785 Sazzi (G.) La Gostanza, Comedia, par^ of title torn off 

Morenza, Oiunti, 1565 

4786 Sazzolini (Abate L.) Indice delle Edizioni eitate come. Testi di 

Lingua Milano, 1863 

4787 Bead (C.) Daniel Chamier, Journal et Biographie, 1564-1621, 

portrait, Farie^ 1858 ; and others 6 vol. 

4788 Seali di Francia, woodcuts. Prose Bomanee of Chivalry 

old red morocco, g. e, Venetia, 1670 

4789 Beali di Francia con la bellissima Istoria di Buoyo di Antona 

half morocco, uncut, top e. g, Venezia, 1821 

4790 Becueil de la diversite des habits, qui sent de present en usage, 

tant es pays d'Europe, Asie, Affrique et Isles sauvages, 
curious woodcuts of costume, with four lines in JPrench verse 
EXCESSIVELY BABE, red morocco Paris, B, Breton, 1567 

4791 Becueil des Saints Feres des huits premiers si^cles touchant la 

Transubstantiation, T A deration et le Sacrifice de TEucha- 
ristie, with the two cancelled leaves, Paris, 1686 ; and others 


4792 Eedi (F.) Opere, 3 vol. calf, Venezia, 1712— Tom. IV, calf 

Mrenze, 1724— Tom. V, uncut, ivi, 1727 5 vol 

4793 Eedi (F.) Opere, 3 vol. plates, Venezia, 1712 — Lettere (forming 

vol. IV and V), 2 vol. Mrenze, 1724-27— Consult!, Lettere 
e Eime (forming vol. VI and VII), 2 vol. ivi, 1726-29 
7*esti di Lingua 7 voL 

4794 Sedi (F.) Bacco in Toscana, Elogio del medesimo e la Svinatura 

di P. F. Carli, half red morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1816 

4795 Bedi (F.) Poesie Toscane, portrait 

half vellum, uncut. Teste di Lingua ivi, 1822 

4796 Eedi (F.) Lettere, half morocco ivi, 1825 

4797 Eeformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum. A new edition, by E. 

Cardwell, D.D. Oxford, 1850 

4798 Begnault-Delalande (F. L.) Catalogue raisonne des Estampes 

du Cabinet de M. le Comte Eigal 
halfrussia Paris, 1817 

4799 Eegole e Osservazioni di vaij Autori (C. Dati, L. Salviati, G. B. 

Strozzi, B. Buommattei, F. Cionacci, B. Menzini, G. della 
Casa ed A. M. Salvini) intomo alia Lingua Toscana 
calf gilt Mrenze, 1725 

4800 Eehfues (J. F.) L'Espagne en 1808 et les Espagnols du XIV« 

Siecle, 2 vol. calf Paris, 1811 

4801 Eeid (T.) Inquiry into the Human Mind, half calf Glasg. 1817 

4802 Belazioni degli Ambasciatori Veneti al Senate raccolte, annotate 

ed edite da Eugenie Alberi, three series in 7 voL 

Firenxe, 1889-46 


4808 Bemigio Fiorentino, Tirsi Egloga pastorale Maeeraia^ 1608 

4804 Repository. A select Collection of Pagitire Pieces of Wit and 

Humour in prose and yerse (bj Isaac Bead), 4 toI. 1783 

4805 Bequeno (Don Y.) Saggi sul Bistabilimento dell' antica Arte de' 

Greci e Bomani Pittori, 2 vol. Panna^ 1787 

4806 Beresby (Sir J. Governor of York) Memoirs, from the Beetora- 

tion to the Bevolution, toith the autograph of T. Gbay thx 
Poet on the title-page, half calf gilt 1735 

4807 Besta (S.) Indice del Libro intitolato Pamaso de' Pittori 

Ferugia, 1787 

4808 Beusneri (Nic.) Icones sive Imagines virorum Uteris iuustriumy 

printed within borders, with woodcut portraiis, including some 
of the early Reformers, calf Argent. 1587 

4809 Bevue TTniyerselle des Arts publide par P. Lacroix, 2 toI. in 

12 parts Parie, 1855^ 

4810 Beynolds (Car. G.) delle Arti del Disegno "DiacovfA, portrait 

Firenze, 1778 

4811 Beynolds. Another Edition, ^(>rfra»^ 

half morocco, uncut Baesano^ 1787 

4812 Biccardo da S. Yittore di quattro Qradi della Caritii 

half morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1829 

4818 Bicci (A. M.) La Ouerra de' Banocchi e de' Topi tradotta in 
Bime Anacreontiche con altri ameni Yolgarizzamenti e un' 
Appendice di piaceyoli Poesie, loith mueio 
vellum. Testa di Lingua Pirenze, 1741 

4814 Bicci (Q.) Guida di Eirenze ed' altre Citti della Toscana, 2 vol. 

map, plan and views, morocco ivi, 1820 

4815 Bicci (Marchese A.) Memorie storiche delle Arti e degli Artisti 

della Marca di Ancona, 2 yol. in 1 
half morocco Mdcerata, 1834 

4816 Bicciardi (J. N.) Histoire de la B^yolution d'ltalie en 1848 

half red morocco Paris, 1849 

4817 Bic(^boni (L.) Histoire du Theatre Italien avec un Catalogoe 

des Tragedies et Comedies Italiennes imprim^es depuis I'an 
1500 jusqu'a I'an 1600, plates of costume, Sfc. Paris j 1728 

4818 Biccoldo da Monte di Croce (Pn) Yiaggio in Terra Santa. Yol- 

garizzamento del Secolo XI V, onlg 150 copies printed 

Siena, 1864 

4819 Bichard (I'Abb^) Description de lltalie, 6 yol. with a few MS. 

notes hy Mr, Horatio Walpole Dijon, 1766 

4820 Bichardson (J.) on the Dignity, &c. of a Connoisseur, 1719 — 

Two Discourses on Painting, &c 1819, calf, y. e. in one vol. 

4821 Bichardson (J.) Account of the Statues, Bas-reliefs, Drawings 

and Pictures in Italy, &o. with Bemarks, a very interesting 
^^opy, formerly belonging to Gbat the Post, who has noted 
it throughout during his travels, and added some copious 
MS. notes 1722 

4822 Bichardson (J. and J.) on Milton's Paradise Lost, portrait, fUled 

with MS. additions in the autograph of J. Bichardson, Jun. 
half morocco, uncut 1734 



4828 Bicbardflon (P^re et Fils) Traits de la Peintnre et de la Sotdpture, 
4 parts in 3 vol. portrait^ interleaved with numeroua M8. 
additions in the autograph of J, Bichardson, Jun, 
half morocco, uncut Amst, 1728 

4824 Bicbelet (P.) Dictionnaire de Bimes retouch^ en 1751 par 

Bertbelin, Pam, 1799 — Des Homonjmes Pran9ai8 par L. 
Philipon-la-Madelaine, ib. 1802 — Dictionnaire Historique 
par Voltaire, ih, 1824---Abr^g6 de la CruBca, iJyon, 1757 — 
Dictionnaire Philosopbique, Lend, 1764 5 vol, 

4825 Bicbelieu (Cardinal Due ae) Traitt^ de la Perfection du Cbrestien 

thj: authob's copy, ruled with red lines, old black morocco, 
with his arms stamped on the sides, m. ^ g, e. Paris, 1662 

4826 Bicotti (£.) Storia delle Compagnie di Yentnra in Italia, 4 yol. 

Torino, 1844-45 

4827 Bienzo (Cola di) Vita Bcritta da incerto Antore nel Secolo XIY 

con Note da Z. Be : con un Comento del medesiino sulla 
Canzone del Petrarca " Spirto gentil ehe quelle membra 
reggi,** portrait, half vellum extra, gilt bach JSbrli, 1828 

4828 Bigato (A.) Osservazioni sopra A. Palladio Fadova, 1811 

4829 Bigbetti nato Dondini (O. C.) Le Pittare di Cento, portraits 

uncut Ferrara, 1768 

4880 Bigollot (Dr.) eur le Giorgion (O. BarbareUi, Peintre) 

half morocco Amiens, 1852 

4881 Bime di diversi anticbi Autori Toscani (Dante Aligbieri, Cino 

da Pistoia, Guido Cavalcanti, Dante da Maiano, Fra 
Guittone d'Arezzo, &c.) Vinegia, 1532 

4832 Bime di dirersi in Vita e in Morte dell' 111. S. Livia Colonna, 

woodcut portrait on title and at end JRoma, 1555 

4833 Bime oneste de* migliori Poeti, anticbi e modemi, 2 yol. 

half morocco Bergamo, 1750 

4834 Bime di Pentimento Spirituale tratte dai Canzionieri de' piu 

celebri Autori (da G. Bigamonti), Bergamo, 1765 — Alneri 
(V.) Satire, Londra, 1806— Poesie Ditirambicbe di F. M. 
Gualterotti e C. Marucelli colla Lettera di A. Adimari sopra 
la Poesia Ditirambica, Mrenze, 1628 (3) 

4835 Bime di Autori citati nel Vocabolario, only 40 copies printed 

half morocco, uncut Livomo, 1812 

4836 Bime di Pentimento Spirituale 

half calf gilt, uncut Milano, 1821 

4837 Bime di diversi buoni Autori cbe fiorirono dal XIY fino al 

XYIII Secolo (con Note del Moreni) 
half morocco, g. e. Mrenze, 1825 

4838 Bime di diversi buoni Autori cbe fiorirono dal XIY fine al 

XYIII Secolo, Mrenze, 1825 — AUacci (L.) de* Poeti anticbi, 
ivi, 1847 in one vol, 

4839 Bime e Prose del buon Secolo della Lingua tratte da Manoscritti 

e in Parte inedite Lucca, 1852 

4840 Bime e Prose del buon Secolo della Lingua tratte da Manoscritti 

e in Parti inedite ivi, 1852 

4841 Binaldescbi (Binieri de*) Esposizione di Salmi. Teste di Lingua 

inedito ivi, 1853 

4842 Binaldescbi. Anotber copy ivi, 1853 



4848 Binuodni (Cino) Bime. Scritto del buon Seoolo della Lingiia 

Lucea, 1868 

4844 Rinuocini (G-. B. Areiveseovo di Fermo) Nunziatnia in Iblaitda 

negli Anni 1646 a 1649, uncut Firenze, 1844 

4846 Binaccini (Q. B.) II Cappuccino Scozzese, searee, Morenza, 1646 

4846 Binnucd (J. B.) Le Capucin Escossois ou ]a Vie du Pere 

Archange, Histoire Meryeilleuse, traduitte par F. Barrault, 
2 portraits Farts, 1664 

4847 Binuccini (O.) Drammi Musicali Livomo, 1802 

4848 Binuccini (O.) il Narciso, Favola in Musica 

halfealf, uneut Boma, 1829 

4849 Bio (A. F.) de la Po^sie Ghretienne. Forme de I'Art, Peinture 

htdf morocco, uncut Farts, 1886 

4860 Biva (G.) Sito di Boma e la Carta, plates Ticenza, 1846 

4861 Bobardi (Y.) Sixti Y G^sta quinquennalia ac Elogia, numerous 

coats of arms, very rare 
olive morocco extra, g. e. Roma apud Faulwn Fladum, 1690 

4862 Boberto Be di Gerusalemme Trattato delle Yirtii morali, il 

Tesoretto di Ser Brunetto Latini, quattro Canzoni di Bindo 
Bonichi, con alcune Bime di F. Petrarca Torino, 1760 

4863 Bobertson (W.) History of Scotland, with Life by D. Stewart, 

8 vo). portrait, 1802 — History of America, 4 vol. mtms, 1803 
— History of the Beign of the Emperor Charles Y, 4 vol. 
voh 111 slighthf damaged, plates, 1806 — Disquisition con- 
cerning India, maps, 1804, calf 12 vol, 

4864 Bobertson (W.) Dictionary of Latin Phrases 1829 
4866 Bobespierre (M. de) Discours couronn^ sur les Peines infamantes 

half morocco, uncut, rare Amst, {Faris), 1786 

4866 Bolliad, in two parts, Probationary Odes for the Laureatship, 

and Political Eclogues and ^\&GA\djrLei&, frontispiece 
calf, m. e. 1812 

4867 Bollm (C.) Ancient History, translated from the French, 10 yol. 

plates, calf 1800 

4868 Boma. Le Cose maravigliose dell* alma Citta di Boma, &c. 

woodcuts, calf gilt Roma, 1676 

4869 Boma Sacra antica e modema, numerous woodcuts ivi, 1687 
48(50 Boma antica e modema. Descrizione formata con le Autorit^ di 

B. Marliani, O. Panvinio, A. Donati e F. Nardini, 2 vol. 
numerous plates, T, Qray the Foetus copy, with his autograph 
initials, marks and references Roma, 1739 

4861 Boma delle Belle Arti del Disegno. Parte prima dell* Archi- 

tettura civile Bassano, 1787 

4862 Bomancero e Historia del Cid en Lenguage antiguo recopilado 

por Juan de Escobar, half calf Madrid, 1818 

4863 Bomances (Metrical) of the XIII th, XI Yth and X Yth Centuries, 

published from Ancient Manuscripts, with Introduction, 
Notes and Glossary by H. Weber, 3 vol. 
half morocco, a. e, Fdinb, 1810 

4864 Bomances. Collection of Early Prose Bomances, edited by 

W.'J. Thoms, 3 vol. half morocco, top edges gilt 1828 

4866 Bomanelli (D.) Yiaggio a Pompei, a resto e di Bitomo ad 

Ercolano ed a Pozzuoli 2 vol. plans, half calf Napoli^ 1817 



4866 Bomani (O.) Teorica de* Sinonimi Italian! 

half calf gilt Milano, 1825 

4867 Boncalli (Conte) Epigrammi. Quarta Edizione, half gteen 

morocco f Venezia, 1796 — ^Epigrammi (Francesi tradotti in 
Yerei Italiani), portrait^ senza nota 2 vol. 

4868 Boncalli (Conte G.) Epigrammi (Latini tradotti in Yersi Italiani) 

LABQE PAPEB, portrait^ red morocco, g. e. hg Derome 

(Parmoy Bodoni, t. a.) 

4869 Boncalli (Conte) Epigrammi, portrait 

red morocco, g, e. senza nota 

%* This is a totally different work, being translations from the 
French, with the original text on the opposite page. 

4870 Boncalli (Conte C.) Epigrammi, Parte lY 

VIBBT EDITION, onlg a few copies printed for presents, half 
green morocco, g, e Brescia, 1795 

4871 Boncalli (Conte C.) Epigrammi Francesi tradotti in Yersi Italiani 

calf, g. e. Barma, Bodoni, 1798 

4872 Boncalli (Conte) Epigrammi 

half green morocco, uncut Biacenza, 1821 

4873 Bosa TSalyator) Satire Amst. s. a. 
4871 Bosa (Salvator) Satire con le Note d'A. M. Salyini, portrait 

uncut Amst. (Firenze), 1788 

4875 Bosa (Salyator) Satire con le Note d'A. M. Salyini, portrait 

Amst 1788 

4876 Bosa (Salyator) Satire e Yita con Note d'A. M. Salyini e d'altri, 

portrait, half morocco, uncut Firenze, 1833 

4877 Bosaio della Yita attribuito a Matteo de' Corsini e composto nel 

1873, half morocco, uncut ivi, 1845 

4878 Boscoe (Q.) Yita di Lorenzo de Medici tradotta da G-. Mecherini, 

4 vol. in 2, portrait, half calf Bisa, 1816 

4879 Boscoe (W.) Illustrations of the Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, 

plates 1822 

4880 Boscoe (T.) Italian Novelists, 4 vol. half calf 1825 

4881 Bosini (Q.) Elogio di Teresa Pelli Fabroni, 2 portraits Bisa, 1814 

4882 Bosini (Q.) Descrizione delle Pitture del Campo Santo di Pisa, 

plates, half calf extra ivi, 1816 

4883 Bosmini (Cav. Carlo de') Idea dell' Ottimo Precettore nella 

Yita e Disciplina di Yittorino da Feltre e de' suoi Discepoli, 
medal, gilt vellum Bassano, 1801 

4884 Bossetti (D.) Petrarca, Oiul. Celso e Boccaccio Trieste, 1828 

4885 Bossetti (D. de') Catalogo della Kaccolta per la Bibliografia del 

Petrarca e di Pio II ivi, 1834 

4886 Bossi (Bastiano de') Lettera nella quale si ragiona di T. Tasso, 

&c. Firenze, 1685 

4887 Bossii (N.) Bibliothecss selectissimsB Catalogus cum Yita 

half gilt calf, uncut Boma, 1786 

4888 Bossini (P.) Mercuric errante delle Orandezze di Boma, 2 vol. 

in 1, views by Biranesi Boma, 1760 

4889 Beta (B.) Sonetti et Canzoni conl'Egloghe Pescatorie, 2 voL in 1 

J!fapoli, 1560 
4889* Bota (B.) Poesie, 2 vol. in 1, portraits in greenish tint 

LABOE PAPEB, vellum ivi, 1726 


48^0 Bouquet, State of the Aria in England, 1755— Chronological 
Series of Engravers from the Invention of the Art, plates^ 
Ganib. 1770 — History of the Art of Engraving in Mezzotinto, 
Winchester^ 1786 in one vol. 

4891 House (J.) Beauties and Antiquities of Sussex, plates 1825 

4892 Bouse (James) Beauties and Antiquities of the County of Sussex, 

2 vol. coloured plates^ half calf 1825 

4893 Bouse (J.) Beauties and Antiquities of Sussex, Another Edition, 

2 vol. plates, plain 

4894 Bousseau (J. J.) Braile ou de TEducation, 4 vol. 

calf from the library of Mr, Horatio Wdlpole, with a few note* 
in pencil, and his arms stamped on the sides Francf, 1762 

4895 Bousseau and Hume, Various French Pieces relating to the 

Contest between ; also Eemarks on the Writings and Conduct 
of J. J. Bousseau, curious satirical frontispiece, 1767, with 
coloured engraving " The Savage Man, in 1 vol. 
^«^ from Mr. Horatio WalpoWs library, with his arms 
stamped on the sides 

4896 Bouth (M. J.) Beliqui® Sacra G-r. et Lat. cum Notis, 4 vol. 

TIKE FAPEB, presentation copy to the Dean of Carlisle, with 
Dr. Routh*s autograph inscription Oxon. 1846 

4897 Boux Fazillac (Comte) Histoire de la Guerre de sept Ans, 2 vol. 

plans Farts, 1803 

4898 Bowland (David) Comfortable ayde for Scholers, full of varietie 

of Sentences, gathered out of an Italian Authour 
the English printed in Maclt letter, extbemely rabb, hut 
badly wormed, red morocco, g.e. by MaeJcenzie, H.WyJees,!^^ 

4899 Bubens (P. P.) Life and Genius, translated irom the German 

of Dr. Waagen by B. B. Noel, edited by Mrs. Jameson 
calf 1840 

4900 Bucellai (O.) Lettere, plate of medal 

half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di Lingua, Firewse, 1826 

4901 Budolphi (C. A.) Becentioris ^vi Numismata Yiromm de Bebua 

Medicis et Physicls meritorum, cum Supplemento 

Dantisci, 1862-3 

4902 Buscelli (G.) Fieri delle Bime de* Poeti lUustri Venetia, 1569 

4903 Buskinism by an Architect, 1851 — Notice of a Portrait of 

Baffael in the Collection of James Dennistoun, Edinb. 1842 
— Beynolds (Sir Joshua) Discourses, 2 vol. in 1, two copies, 
1820 (4) 

4904 Buth, Yolgarizzamento del buon Secolo della Lingua 

half morocco, uncut Lucca, 1829 

4905 Byves (B.) Mercurius Busticus : or. The Countries Complaint 

of the barbarous Outrages committed by the Sectanes of 
this Kmgdome, frontispiece (by Marshall) 1646 

4906 Byves, Mercurius Busticus. Another Edition, ^Off^^;?}^^;^, one 

leaf torn 1647 

4907 Sablier (M.) Essai sur lea Langues I^aris, 1777 

4908 Sabrin® Corolla in Hortulis BegisB Schola Salopiensia con- 

texuerunt ires Yiri Floribus legendis, frontispiece and 
vignettes 1850 



4909 Sacoenti (G. 8.) Rime, 2 rol. in 1 

hay oa\f gilt, Teito di Lingtta Cerreto Ouidi {Ltoomo), 

4910 Sacchetti (P.) Novell!, 2 toI. in 1, Tegto di Lingua 

THICK FAfSB, vellum, the rare oriainal edition 

« Fireme (June Napoti), 

4911 Stoohetti (F.) Novelle. Another copy on small paper, 2 to) 

1912 Snochetti (F.) Alcone Bime, Venetia, 1829— Delle Itiii 
Ballate e Canzoni a Ballo, i Madrigali e le Cacoe. 1 
di Lingua, Luaoa, 1863, halfmoroeeo, ttneut in oni 

4013 Sacchetti (P.) Delle Bime le Ballate e Canzoni a Ballo, i M 
gali e le Cacce. Testo di Lingua 
LABOX PAf BK Lueca, 

4914 Sacchetti (F.) Sermoni Erangelici, Lettere ed altre Scritti 
Vita per O, Gigli FWenxe, 

4016 Saechi (I>. & G.) Le Belte Arti e I'lnduetria MUmo, 

4916 Saffi (Conte A.) Discorao nel Concono del 1846 

Italfealf, uncut Fbrlt, 

4917 Saffo Id Faoniada in Metro Italiaoo (da F. Imperialt Frinci 

Trancavilla) OritopoU (Parma, Bodoni), 

491!) Sa^mini (Johansis) Chronican Venetnm, wicuf Venetiit, 

4919 Saint Simon, M^moires complets et authentiquea, 40 vol. va 

half morocco, •"■ *■ Parit, It 

4920 Salio (G.) La Penelope, Tragedia, ed Hegie, Fadota, 1724 

TemiBto, Tragedia, »«, 1728— SalvJo Ottone, Tragedis 
1736, vellum in on. 

4921 Salluatio tradotto da Y. Alfleri 

half calf extra, uncut, Tetto di Lingua Londra, 

4022 Sallustio, II Catilinario ed il Giugurtino volgarizzati p( 

Bartolommeo da San Goncordio 

half morocco, uncut, top edge gill Kapoli, 

4928 Salmi. Farafraei poetiche de' Salmi del SoUecito (Marchei 

Capponi), vellum, Iktto di Lingua Firmxe, 

4924 Salmon (N.) Present State of the County and City of 0: 

freviaed and corrected by E. Wise), calf 
4926 Salmon. Another copy, half calf gUt 

4926 Salomone Fiorentino Componiraeati Italiani con Traduzio 

Verai Latini dal P. Cefestino QarsioUi Lucca, 

4927 Salutati (Lini Colucii Pierii) BpiBtoIte nunc primnm ed 

J. Sigaccio, 2 yol. in 1, calf Florentite, 17^ 

4928 Salviati (L.) il Granchio Commedia con gli Intermed 

B. de Nerli, with the plate 
morocco, g. e. Tetto di Lingua Firenae {'Horrentuto), 

4929 Salviati (L.) il Lasca, Dialogo Firenxe, 
•,• Bare. Gamba ia in error when he calla the work a quarto, 

signature A to C having 16 leaves, and D only two. 

4930 [Salviati (Cav, L.)] Dello Infarinato Accademico dells C 

Bisposta all' Apologia di Torquato Tasso intomo all' Or 

Fnnoso e alia Oierusalem Liberata, Tetto di Lingua, Mi 

1586— Lombardelli (0.) La Difeaa del Zeta, ivi, 1586 

red morocco, g. e. in on 


4931 [SaWiati (Cav. L.)] Lo* Nfarinato Seoondo ovvero dello' Nfarinato 

Accademioo della Crusca Eiaposta al Libro intitolato Bcpliea 
di Camillo FeUegrino, &c. 
red morocco, g. e. Testo di Lingua JBirenzOy 1588 

4932 Salnati (L.) Lodi del Pino, Canzone {reprint^ limited to24k eopiei) 

half morocco, uncut Firetue^ F. Giumii^ 1589 

4933 Salviati (L.) La Spina Comedia 

FiBST BDiTiOK, rare FBrrara^ 1592 

4934 Salviati (Cav. L.) Due Commedie, il Granchio e la Spina, e on 

Dialogo deir Amicizia, Testo di Lingua 
red moroeeOy g, e. JEtrenze, C. GfiunH, 1606 

4935 Salviati. Another copy m, 1606 

4936 Salviati. Another copy, stained, sold with allfauhs m, 1606 

4937 Salviati (Cav. L.) Dae Commedie, il Oranchio e la Spina. E on 

Dialogo dell' Amicizia del medesimo Autore 
^fine copy Firenste^ O. Cfiwiti, 1606 

4988 Sfliviati (Cav. L.) Canzone in Lode del Pino 

calf extra, uncut, top edge gilt, Testo di Lingua Mrenge, 1881 

%* Presentation copy from the editor, Count Mortara, with his 
autograph note and inscription. Only a few copies were 
printed for presents. 

4939 Salvini (Salvino) e Conte 6. B. Casaregi Componimenti Poetiei 

Toscani, uncut Firenze, 1750 

4940 Sandford (W.) on Christian Doctrine, interleaited 

halfrussia 1806 


Bapfbsbektaziokt Sacbs — continued, 

*^* The rarity of these Eappresentazioni is such that the Yicomte 
Colomb de Batines has written a special Bibliography of them. 

4941 £ Festa di Josef Figlido di Jacob (in ottava Bima), woodcuts 

uncut Fiorenza, D. Qirajffi, s, a. 

4942 Divota di Joseph Figlvolo di lacob (in ottava Bima), 5 woodcuts 

senza nota {Firenze, circa 1520) 
4948 E Festa di Josef Figliaolo di Jacob (in ottava Bima), 6 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1590 

4944 Di Josef. Another edition, 6 woodcuts itd, 1597 

4945 Di Josef. Another edition, 6 woodcuts iei, 1613 

4946 E Festa di Josef (in ottava Bima), same woodcuts 

uncut Firenze, A. Simbeni, 1613 

4947 Di Judith hebrea (in ottava Bima), 5 woodcuts, a small portion 

of two leaves deficient Firenze, 1568 

4948 Di Judith. Another edition, 3 woodcuts ivi, 1589 

4949 Di Lazero riccho et di Lazero povero (in ottava Bima con una 

Oratione in Terzine), 2 woodcuts ivi, 1568 

4950 Di Lazero. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1581 

4951 Di Lazero. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1592 

4952 Di Lazaro. Another edition (but with material variations from 

the old text, and omitting the Oratione), 2 ivoodeuts 

SHena, 1610 



Kapfb£sisi7TAZioki Saces — continued. 

4953 Di Lazaro. Another repriut of the original text, but without 

the Oratione Lucca, 1706 

4954 Di Santo Lorenzo quando fu martirizzato (in ottava Sima), 

2 woodcuts FirenzCf 1581 

4955 Di S. Lorenzo. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1617 

4956 Di Santa Margherita Yergine & Martire (in ottara Bima), 

14 woodcuts Fiorenza, 1571 

4957 Di S. Margherita. Another edition, 4 woodcuts ivi, 1584 

4958 E Festa di S. Margherita. Another edition, 5 woodcuts 

Siena, 1610 

4959 Delia ConTersione di S. Maria Maddalena (in ottava Bima), wood- 

cut Firenze, Allc Sealee di Badia, s. a. 

4960 Delia Converflione di Santa Maria Maddalena (in ottava Bima), 

11 woodcuts ivif 1554 (on title, 1555) 

4961 Delia Conversione di Santa Maria Maddalena (in ottava Bima), 

9 woodcuts Fiorenza, 1571 

4962 Delia Conversione di Santa Maria Maddalena (in ottava Bima), 

woodcut Firenze, 1587 

4963 Delia Ck>nversione di Santa Maria Maddalena (in ottava Bima), 

woodcut, uncut Firenze, S. Fantucci Tost, 1613 

4964 D' uno stupendo Miracolo di Santa Maria Maddalena (in ottava 

Bima col Salmo del Miserere in terza Bima), 6 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1554 

4965 D' un Miracolo. Another edition, 6 woodcuts ivi, 1561 

4966 D' uno stupendo Miracolo di S. Maria Maddalenaa (in ottava 

Bima), 5 woodcuts Fiorenza, 1568 

4967 Delia Conversione di S. Maria Maddalena (in ottava Bima), 

9 woodcuts ivi, 1571 

4968 D' un Miracolo di nostra Donna che per via d' un peregrino 

chiamato Cassiodoro resuscito il figliuolo dun Be, &c. (in 
ottava Bima), woodctU title-page senza nota 

4969 Duno Miracolo di tre Peregrini che andauano a S. Jacopo di 

Gtditia (in ottava Bima), woodcut 
Jine copy, uncut (Firenze) F. di G, Benvenuto, 1510 

4970 D' uno Miracolo di duo Pellegrini che andauano a San Jacopo 

di Ghilitia (in ottava Bima), 8 woodcuts Firenze, 1554 

4971 D' uno Miracolo di dua Pellegrini, &c. Ano.ther Edition, 

4 looodcuts ivi, 1571 

4972 Di un Miracolo, &c. Another edition, 3 taoodcuts Siena, s. a. 

4973 Duno miracolo di duo peregrini che andorono a sancto Jacopo di 

Oalitia (in ottava Bima), woodcut 
very scarce senza nota (Firenze, circa 1500) 

4974 Di due Pellegrini, &c. Another edition, woodcut, a few letters 

from last leaf torn off 
calf yilt Firenze, per S» Fantucci Ihsi, s. a. 

4975 D' uno Miracolo del Corpo di Christo (in ottava Bima), 5 lomyd- 

cuts Firenze, 1555 

4976 D' uno Miracolo. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1589 



Bappbesxntazioni Saobb— ccmft'nueJ. 

4977 Incomincia Lafesta di Nabucdonasor Be di Babilloaia (in ottavA 

Eima), 2 woodcuts sema nota 

4978 Di Nabucdonosor Be di Babillonia (in ottava Bima), 3 tooodeuts 

Firenze, 1668 

4979 Delia Nativita di Christo (in ottavaBima), 2 woodouU senza nota 

4980 Delia ^ativita di Christo (in ottava Bima), 2 xooodcuU 

Francesco di Gfiovanni Benuenuto nel 1638 

4981 Delia Nativita. Another edition, 6 woodcuts Firenie, 1669 

4982 Delia Nativita. Another edition, 6 woodcuts ivi, 1672 
4988 £ Pesta della Nativita. Another edition, woodcut Siena^ 1676 
4984 Della Nativita. Another edition, 2 woodcuts Firenze, 1691 
4986 £ Festa della Nativita. Another edition, 2 woodcuts Sienay 1610 

4986 Del Nostro Signore Jesu Christo quando disputo nel Tempio 

(in ottava Bima), 4 woodcuts Firenze^ 1569 

4987 Del N. S. Another edition, 4 woodcuts Siena, s. a. 

4988 Di S. Orsola Yergine & Martire (in ottava Bima), 9 spirited 

woodcuts MrenzCy 1564 

♦i>* A rare Dramatic Mystery, in which St. Ursula, the King of 
England, his Son and his Ambassador are the leading characters. 
This edition far exceeds in rarity the reprint of 1661, which sold 
for £3. 98. in the Libri Sale. 

4989 Di S. Orsola (in ottava Bima), 2 woodcuts, comer of last leaf in 

beautiful facsimile, red morocco extra by Cape Firenze, 1561 

4990 Di S. Orsola. Another edition, 9 woodcuts senza nota (1661) 

4991 Di S. Orsola. Another edition, 4 woodcuts 

Siena alia Loggia del Fap€t, s, a. 

4992 E Festa di Ottaviano Imperadore, woodcut title and 2 cuts 

Firenze, 1664 

4993 Di Ottaviano Imperatore (in ottava Bima), 3 woodcuts ivi, 1648 

4994 Di S. Panuntio (m ottava Bima^, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1665 
4996 La devota Passione di Christo (in ottava Bima), 11 woodcuts 

senza nota (circa 1600) 

4996 Della Passione del Nostro Signer Jesu Christo (in ottava Bima), 

14 woodcuts Firenze, 1659 

4997 Della Passione. Another' edition, 14 woodcuts 

senza nota (ivi, circa 1670) 

4998 Della Passione. Another edition, 11 woodcuts Firenze, 1601 

4999 E divota Historia : & Festa di Sancto Paulino Yescovo di Lucha 

compoBta (in ottava Bima) per Giuntino dantonio Berti : et 
una Oratione di Sancta Croce, 6 elegant woodcuts 
morocco super extra, g, e, extbemelt babe 

senza nota (Firenze, circa 1600) 

6000 Di Santo Paulino Yescovo di Lucca (composta in ottava Bima) 
per Giuntino d' Antonino Berti) con una devotissima Ora- 
tione di Santa Croce di Lucca, 6 woodcuts 
very rare, unknown to Quadrio, Crescimbeni, Saym, and other 
JBibliographers Firenze^ 1565 


SjlPpbesbittazioni SA.CBE— continued. 

5001 Di tre Pellegrim, &c. oon una divota Lalda aggiunta, 6 wood' 

cuts Firenze, 1655 

5002 • Di tre Pellegrini che andomo alio Apoatolo S. Jacopo di Galitia 

(in ottava Bima) Mrenze, alle Scales di Badioj m, a. 

5003 Di tre Pellegrini. Another edition (with considerable altera- 

tions, especiallj at the end), woodcut 

Morerna, alV Insegna della Stella^ s, a, 

5004 D' uno Pellegrino che andando a San Tacopo di Ghditia el DiaTolo 

lo inganuo (in cttava Bima), woodcut title Firenzcy 1554 

5005 D* un Pellegrinb. Another edition, 2 woodcuts ivi, 1571 

5006 Delia Purificatione di nostra Donna (in ottava Bima), 8 woodcuts 

Firenze, 1559 

5007 Della Purificatione di nostra Donna (in ottara Bima), 8 wood- 

cuts iviy 1559 

5008 Della Besurrettione di Jesn Christo (in ottava Bima), 9 wood- 

cuts wif 1559 

5009 Delia Besuretione. Another edition/ 7 woodcuts ivi, 1572 

5010 Di Lazaro Bicco e di Lazaro Povero (in ottava Bima), woodcut 

Bassano e Trevip, per G, Molino, s. a, 

5011 Di S. Bomolo Martyre Yescovo di Fiesole (in ottava Bima), con 

Lauda composta per Mariano Bellandini, woodcut 

senza nota (circa 1520) 

5012 Di Bosana (in ottava Bima), 9 woodcuts Firenze, 1553 

5013 Di Bosana. Another editioif, 10 woodcuts ^ ivi, 1557 

*^* This edition sold for £2. lOs. in the Libri Sale. 

5014 £t Festa di Bosana. Another edition, 7 woodcuts ivi, 1572 

5015 £t Eesta di Bosana. Another edition, 7 woodcuts 

ivi, G. Baleni, s. a. (circa 1580) 

5016 Et Festa di Bosana. Another edition, 7 woodcuts 

ivi, M. Galassi, 1581 

5017 Et Festa di Bosana. Another edition Siena, 1626 
6018 Di S. Bossore Martire per Don Batista (Bastianp) de Brunel- 

leschi (in ottava Bima), 2 ujoodcuis Mrenze, 1589 

5019 Del Be Salamone delle Sententie che egli dette per quelle due 

Donne che haueuano amazzato un suo Figliuolo (in ottava 
Bima), woodcut Fiorenza, 1572 

5020 Di Salamone. Another edition, 2 tooodcuts Siena, 1581 

5021 Di Salamone. Another edition, woodewt 

Treuigi Sf Fistoia, per U Fortunati, s, a. 

5022 Di Salamone. Another edition, woodcut Venezia, D, Lovisa, s. a. 

5023 Della Distruttione di Saul : & del Pianto di Dauit (in ottava 

Bima), 10 woodcuts Firenze, 1569 

5024 Di Sausone composta per Alessandro Boselli (in ottava Bima), 

7 woodcuts ivi, 1554 

5025 Di Sansone composta per A. Boselli (in ottava Bima), 7 wood- 

cuts Fiorenza, 1571 

5026 Delia Serafica Yergine e Sposa di Cristo Santa Ghiara d' Assisi 

raccolta da Fra L. Nuti, woodcuts 
uncut Siena alia Loggia del Papa, s, a. 


Bappbesentazioni Sacbe — continued, 

5027 (Divotisflima) della Seraftca Vergine, e Sposa di Criato Santa 

Ghiara d' Assisi. Eaccolta dal B. P. Baccelliere Era Lodo- 
vico Nuti d' Assisi Min. Con. di San Francesco (in ottava 
Bima, con uno Sonetto del Padre Nuti al sao Serafico Padre 
San Francesco), 4 woodcuts 

Siena alia Loggia del Fapa, s. a. (circa 1680) 

%* A Tery curioos Mystery, having at the end of each scene as stage 
mrection " Faooiasi Intermedio." 

5028 Del Spirito Santo (in ottava Bima), 6 woodcuts Firenze, 1559 

5029 Dello Spirito Santo (in ottava Bima con Canzonette), woodcut 

Siena, 1579 

5030 Dello Spirito Santo. Another edition, woodcut ivi, 1616 

5031 Di Stella (in ottava Bima), 11 woodcuts Mrenze, 1551 

5032 Di Susanna (in ottava Bima) senza nota (Firenze, circa 1520 

%* Quadrio attributes this Mystery to Tiburzio Sacco. 

5033 Di Susanna. Another edition, woodcut Firenze^ 1553 

5034 Di Susanna. Another edition, woodcut ivi, 1572 

5035 Di Susanna. Another edition, woodcut Siena, 1607 

5036 Del Be Superbo (in ottava Bima), 5 woodcuts Firenze, 1554 

5037 Del Be Superbo. Another edition, 5 woodcuts ivi, 1568 

5038 Del Be Superbo. Another cop^r, 5 woodcuts ivi, 1568 

5039 Del Be Superbo. Another edition, 3 woodcuts ivi, 1584 

5040 Del Be Superbo. Another edition, 3 woodcuts 

s, I. Sf a. (circa 1600) 

5041 Del Be Superbo. Another edition, last leaf slightly defective 

s. I. S[ a. (circa 1620) 

5042 Di S. Teodora (in ottava Bima), woodcut, uncut Firenze, s, a. 

5043 Di S. Theodora Yergine &c Martire (in ottava Bima), 9 woo€l- 

cuts ivi, 1554 

5044 Di S. Theodora. Another edition, 9 tooodcuts ivi, 1570 

5045 Di S. Teodora. Another edition, woodcut Siena, 1614 

5046 Di S. Teodora. Another edition 

Fiorenza alV Insegna della Stella^ s, a. 

5047 Di Sata (sic) Teodora.  Another edition, 3 cuts 

Firenze et Fistoia, per P. A. Fortunati 

5048 Di S. Tomaso Apostolo composta (in ottava Bima) per M. Cas- 

tellano Castellani, 7 woodcuts, very rare Mrenze, 1554 

5049 Di Santa Uliva (in ottava Bima), 4 woodcuts ivi, 1568 

5050 Di S. TTliva. Another edition, 4 woodcuts ivi, 1580 

5051 Di S. TJliva, con gl' Interraedii, 8 cuts Firenze ^ Fistoia, s. a. 

5052 (Storia &) di Sancto Valentino & di Sancta Juliana, composta 

per Antonio Benriscevuti (in ottava Bima), 2 woodcuts 
uncut Stampata nella inclita Monorchia di Citta Fossa, s. a. 

5053 Di Santo Valentino, <& di Santa Giuliana, e altri Martiri (in 

ottava Bima), 7 woodcuts Firenze, 1554 

5054 Di Santo Valentino & di Santa Giuliana e altri Martiri, 

7 woodcuts, rare Firenze, 1568 

Bappbebehtazioiti Sacbe — continued. 

5066 Di 8. Valentino & di S. CHuliana e altri Martiri (in oti 

7 woodcut* Fi 

S066 Di 9. Yenantio composto (in ottava Bima) per Mes 

loDO CaBtellaai, 7 looodcutt Sittati 

6067 Di 8. YenaDtio compoata per Gaetellano Castellani 

Bima), 7 woodcutt (Firenxe), Eiatm 

5068 Di Santo Yenantio Martire di Jeau Christo compostf 

Bima) per MesBer Castellano Caatellani, 7 woodi 

5069 Bastrelli (M.) Priorista Fiorentino istorico illuBtrato, 

haif morocco Fi 

5060 Bazzi (S.) Santuario di Laudi, overo Bime Spiritnali, 
calendar, and mwHefor 1, 2, S, and 4 voieet 

ha^tnorooeo, learce Fi 

6061 Bazzi (Don S.) Yite di cinque Huomioi illuetri 

half morocco, uncut, Te»to di Lingua Firenze, G 
5062 Bozzi (S.) Yite de i Santi e Beati del Sacro Ordin 
Fredicatori coll' Aggiimta, 4 vol. in 1 

halfruttio Firente, 15E 

*«* This work appears to have been printed in 15E 

6063 Bazzi (Abbate D. Silraoo) Yita di Piero Soderini G 

perpetuo della Bepubblioa Fiorentina, portrait* 

ornamented vellum, -T. Bmdley't copy {coit him > 

»ah £ 4,. 4e.) F. 

*,■ On the title-page is the following note — " Melcii 

C. A. C. Jtomte, 1787 Donum Oamitia Xieolai iSoderin 

6064 Beboulet, Hiatoire du regne de Louis XIY sumomm^ 

8 vol. upwardt of 80 portraitt, calf gilt At 

5065 Beccho Doca d' Aquadia (G.) Notizie di Famiglie 

con la Q-enealogia dell' illuatre Famiglia latro, c 
half calf gilt J 

5066 Bedi(F.) Opete,7 vol. portrait and platet, uncut, Vene 

5067 Bedi (F.) Bspenenze intomo alia Generazione de 

platet, half calf gilt, Tetta di Lingua Fi 

5068 Bedi (F.) Eepenenze intomo a diverae Cose natural 

larmente a quelle che ci son portate dall' Indie, la 

platet, old citron morocco, Te»to di Lingua Fi 

6069 Bedi (F.) Esperienze intorao a diverse Cose natural! 

lannente a quelle che ci son portate dall* Indie 

I,&SGE FAPXB, platet, uncut F> 

5070 Bedi. Another edition, i.asox papeb, platei 

vellum, Tetto di Lingua Fi 

5071 Bedi (F.) Esperienze intomo alia Generazione d< 

platet, uneut, Testo di Lingua Fi 

5072 Bedi (F.) Osservazioni intomo alle Vipere 

LARQE PAPER, calf, Tetto di Lingua F 



6073 Bedi (F.) Osseryazioni intoino alio Yipere, author's autograph 
inserivtion, calf, Testo di Lingua Firenze^ IGGIi 

5074 Sedi (F.) Osservazioni intomo agli Animali Tiventi che ai trovano 
negU Animali viventi, plates^ presentation copy, with the 
author^g autograph inscription, red morocco, with Bcyal 
Arms of Naples in fold on sides Firenze, 1684 

6076 Eedi (F.) Osservaziom intomo alio Vipere, i'irenze, 1686-- 

Lettera sopra alcune Opposizioni, ivi, 1685 — Opuscoli van, 

m. s. a, Testi di Lingua in one twl. 

5076 Bedi (F.) Lettera aopra alcune G^posizioni fatte alle sue Osaer- 

vazioni intomo alle Vipere, Testo di Lingua, Firenze, 1670 

6077 Bedi (F.) Lettera intorno all' Invenzione degli Occhiali, 2 editions 

ha^ morocco, uncut, Testi di Lingua Firenze, 1678 & 1690 

5078 Bedi (F.) Lettere, 8 vol. 

half green morocco, uncut, top e. y. Firenze, 1779-95 

5079 Bedi (F.) Bacco in Toscana Ditirambo con le Annotazioni, por- 

trait added, numerous autograph notes of F, Nomi 
half red morocco, uncut Firenze, 1686 

6080 Bedi (F.) Bacco in Toscana, Ditirambo con le Annotasioni 

ULBGB PAPBB, rcdmorocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua, Firenze, 1686 

6081 Bedi (F.) Bacco in Toscana, Ditirambo con le Annotazioni, MS, 

notes, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1685 

5082 Bedi (F.) Bacco in Toscana, Ditirambo, con le Annotazioni, 

plates, vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1686 

5083 Bedi (F.) Bacco in Toscana, Firenze, 1691 — Osservazioni intomo 

agli Animali viventi che si trovano negli Animali viventi, 
plates, im, 1684 — ^Esperienze intomo alia Generazione degP 
Insetti, plates, ivi, 1688 — Esperienze intomo a Sali Fattizj, 
ivi. s, a. — Lettera intomo all Invenzione degli Occhiali, ivi, 
WdO,fine copies in vellum. Testi di Lingua in 3 voL 

6084 Begio (L.) della Vicissitudine tradotto dal Cav. H. Cato 

Venetia, Aldo, 1585 
5085 Bemigio Fiorentino Orationi in Materia civile e criminale 

green vellum, g. e, Vtnegia, 1561 

6086 Bemigio Fiorentino (M.) Considerationi civili sopra Tllistorie di 

F. Guicciardini e d' altri Historici. Aurei Advertimenti di 

F. Guicciardini. Lettere familiari di Bemigio Fiorentino 

MS. Foem ofManzini onjfy-leaf Venetia, 1608 


6087 Portraits of Pope Innocent XI, "S^ngs and Princes, Counts 

(including Lesley), &c. by Clouet, Blondeau, Gomier, &c. 
21 in number — Plates of the Sieges of Vienna and Buda, 
1683-4 — Views of Cities, Plates of Processions^ Antiquities, 
Triumphal Arches, Battles, &c, together 68 engravings 

in one vol. 

6088 Portraits (68) or emiksitt Itajliasb, mang of them choice 

proofs, chiefly engraved by G. JB, Oalli in one vol. 

6089 Prynne (W.) Breviate of the life of Archbishop W. Laud, 

frontispiece by W, Hollar 1644 



TSBT BABE, half morocGO Venetia^ 1476 

5091 Purcell and Blow, Jovial Companions ; or, Merry Club : a choice 

Collection of diverting Catches for three and four voices 

J, Wahh. «. d. 

5092 Purcell, Collection of Ayrea composM for the Theatre, and upon 

other Occasions, Bastus part 1697 

5093 Puteani (Erycii) Bruxella, incomparabili ezemplo Septenaria, 
I G-ripho Palladio descripta, plate of the arms of the Citjf on 
I title^age hy Hollar^ and other engramngs in his style 

BruxelUd, 1646 

5094 Puteani Bruzella. Alind Exemplar ib. 1646 

5095 Puteani Bruzella. Aliud Exemplar ih. 1646 

5096 Puteani Bruxella. Aliud Exemplar, with arms stamped on the 

sides ih 1646 

5097 Quilliet (F.) Le Arti Italiane in Ispagna Roma^ 1825 

5098 Baphaelis Imagines Yeteris ac Novi Testamenti, Jo. Jac. de 
j Bubeis cura delineatiB, '55 plates^Jlne impressions 

obi, Boma, 1675 

5099 Eafiaelle, Mosaici della Cupola nella Cappella Chigiana in Roma, 
10 plates^ proofs on india paper Boma, 1839 

5100 Baffaelle, per le duplici auspicatissime nozze Treves dei Bonfili- 
TodroB e Todros-Treves dei Bonfili, trenta disegni illustrati 
da F. Zanotto Venezia, 1844 

5101 Baffaelle Sanzio d*Urbino, I Freschi della Yilla Magliana incisi 
ed editi da L. G-runer, india proof plates 1847 

5102 Baffaelle, Caryatides from the Stanza dell' Eliodoro, edited by 
L. Gruner, large paper, proofs on india paper, with three 
extra plates 1852 

5108 Rauw (Jo.) Cosmographia, maps, plates, and woodcuts, original 
impressed vellum, toith clasps and brass comer pieces 

Franckf, 1597 

6104 Beceptario (Nuovo) composto dal famoaiasimo Chollegio degli 
eximii Doctori della Arte et Medicina della inolita Cipta di 
Firenze,j^ne copy, rare Mrenze, 1498 

%* The only copy known to Gamba was that in the Capponi 

5105 Eicettario Fiorentino, engraved title-page 
Testo di Lingua Firenze, Oiunti, 1567 

5106 Eicettario. Another copy m, 1567 

5107 Eicettario. Another edition, engraved title 
Testo di Lingua m, 1 578 (at end 1574) 

5108 Eicettario. Another edition, engraved title 
Testo di Lingua Firenxe, 1628 

5109 Eicettario. Another edition, engraved title 
Testo di Lingua ivi, 1G70 

5110 Eicettario. Another edition, engraved tiile 
Testo di Lingua ivi, 1696 

5111 Eedi (F.) Banetih Jhe frontispiece, perhmt and vignehes 
hm^ morocco, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1702 


5112 Bena (Cosimo della) Serie degli ADtichi Duchi e Marcbesi di 
Toscana, genealogical tables, Firenze, 1690 — Vocabulaire 
Hagiologique ou Becueil de noma de Saints par CI. Chaate- 
lain, presentation copy, with autograph inscription by the 
author, 1691 — GregorianiB Academic Obsequium Jacobo II 
Magn» BritanniflD Begi prestitum : Boggeriiia Comea de 
Castlemain Orator ad Innocentium Xl, emblematic cuts, 
Bomw, 1687 in one voL 

6113 Beport on National Monuments and Works of Art, 1841 ; and 
others (6) 

6114i Bevelej Collection of Drawings at Brynygwin, North Wales, 
photographed by P. H. Delamotte and T. F. Hardwicb, 
60 plates, half morocco * 1858 

5115 Bitratti di tutti li Signiori de Tarchi, engraved title and 7 por* 

traits, with the monogram (7. O. F, Venetia^ 1591 

5116 Boderici Zamorensis Speculum Vit® HumanaB 

Augusta, a Ointhero Zainer ex Beutlingen, 1471 

6117 Bogers (C.) Collection of Prints in Imitation of Drawings, with 

Lives of their authors, explanatory and critical notes, 2 vol. 

fine old inpressions 1778 

5118 Bokewoode (J. Q^ge) Memoir on the Painted Chamber in the 

Palace at Westminster, 14 plates, some coloured, a portion 
of vol. VI of the Vetusta Monumenta published by the Society 
of An tiquaries 184^ 

5119 Bolt (B.) Lives of the Beformers, portraits in mezzotinto hy 

Houston 1759 

5120 Bossi (M. G.) Nuoto Splendore delle Fabriche in Prospettiva di 

Boma Moderna, three books, 102 plates, and six other 
engravings, in one vol. obi. JELoma, 1686-8 

5121 Bossi (B. de) Istoria Genealogia, e Cronologica delle due Nobi- 

lissime Case Adorna e Botta Firenze, 1718 

5122 Both-Scholtzii (Frid.) Thesaurus Symbolorum ac Emblematnm, 

s. e. Insignia Bibliopolarum et Typographorum, 508 eut^ on 
50 sheeU Norimh. 1730 

5128 Boy ( Jacobi Baronis le) Castella et PrsBtoria Nobilium Brabau- 

tiiB, Coenobiaque celebriora ad vivum delineata 

OHOICE COPY, the maps and views beautifully coloured, and the 

arms richly emblazoned and heightened with gold, old Dutch 

calf, m, e'from the Towneley Library Lugd. Bat. 1699 

5124 Bubeis (M. G-. de) Prospectus Locorum Urbis Bom«) Insignium 

delineati et aere incisi a Livino Cruyl, 12 plates, Ronue^ 
1666 — Bibliothecsd Yaticanaa Ichnographia et Templonim 
Vestigia a Yaleriano Begnartio, 81 plates, ib. 1650; and 
four other curious engravings of Processions, Ac. in one vol, 

5125 Bubens (P. P.) Palazzi di Geneva, con le loro piante ed alzati, 

189 plates, fine impressions, 2 vol. in 1 Afiversa, 1622 

5126 BuBConi {Gt. A.) della Architettura, numerous woodcuts 

vellum Venetia, 1590 

♦+* "Barissima edizione, chiamata dal Porcacchi Gioja preziosa." — 

MS. note. 


t>127 Butz (Casp.) Sacri Bomani Imperii Ornatus, item Germauorum 
diyersaramque gentium peculiares vestitus, quibus accedunt 
Ecclesiastioorum habitus varii, 12 plates, one containing 
portraits of Henry VlII^ Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth, 
1588— Habitus Yariaram Orbia gentium, engraved title-page, 
portrait of J. J. Boissard, and 66 other plates, 1581, in one 
yo\,fine impressions ohl. 




5128 Sandoval di Castro (Don Diego di) Bime, half calf Boma^ 1542 

5129 Sandoval di Castro (Don Diego di) Bime, rare Boma, 

5130 San Luigi (F. lldefonso di) Delizie degli Eruditi Toscani con 

In dice generale, 25 vol. half vellum, uncut Firenze, 1770-89 

%* A collection of the Scrittori del buon Secolo, comprising the 
Opere Toscane di Era Girolamo da Siena, Opuscoli di Uberto 
Beovo^lienti, Poesie di Antonio Fucci, Istoria Fiorentina di 
Marchionne di Coppo Stefani, Croniche di Ser Naddo di Ser 
Nepo da Montecatini, di Jacopo Salviati, di Giovanni di Jacopo 
Morelli e di Lionardo di Lorenzo Morelli, Storia di Oiovanni 
Cambi, Lettera di Donaito Oiannotti, Discorsi di Marco 
Foscari, Bicordanze Fiorentine di Tribaldo di Bossi, Croni- 
chetta sopra le ultimo Azioni di Lorenzo de* Medici Duca 
d'Urbino scritta da G-. B. Salimbeni, &c. <&c. 

5131 Sannazarii (Jac.) Opera Omnia Latino scripta nuper edita 

green morocco, g. e, Venet, Aldus, 1535 

5132 Sannazaro (J.) Arcadia, with the cancelled leaf A ii and the cancel 

green morocco, g. e, rare Vinegia, Aldo, 1514 

5133 Sannazaro (J.) Arcadia, imperfect Vinegia, Aldo, 1514 

6134 Sannazaro (Jacomo) Arcadia 

green morocco, g, e, scarce Vinegia, Aldo, 1514 

6135 Sannazaro (Jacomo) Arcadia,^n6 copy in vellum ivi, 1514 

5136 Sannazaro (J.) Arcadia. Testo di Lingua 

fne large copy in the original ornamented binding, g, e. 

Elorentia, per P. di Oiunta, 1514 

5137 Sannazaro (J.) Arcadia. Testo di Lingua 

morocco, g. e, Florentia, Qiunti, 1519 

5138 Sannazaro (J.) Arcadia, calf Venetia, 1521 

5139 Sannazaro (Giacobo) Bime, pellum {Firenze) B. Giunfa, 1533 

















Sannazaro (Giacomo^ Arcadia e Bime, 2 vol. Vinegia^ 1531 — 
Coatanso (A. di) Bime, Padova, 1728 
gilt vellum »« one vol. 

Sannasaro (J.) Arcadia, Sonetti e Cansoni, 2 vol. in 1 

Vinegia, Aldo, 1534 

Sannasaro (Jaoobo) Bime Boma, 15H0 

Sansovino (F.) Sette Libri di Satire di L. Arioi»to, H. Benti- 
vogli, L. Alamanni, P. Nelli, A. Vinciguerra, F. Sansovino 
e d'altri Scrittori di nuovo raccolti, Venetia^ 1560 — Vita e 
Favole di Eaopo tradotte dal S. Conte G. Landi, rare^ 
Milano, 1561, red moroceOy g, e, in one vol, 

Sansovino (F.) della Origine de' Cavalieri, woodcuts Vinegia, 1583 

Santa Cruz (Melchior de) Floresta Eapanola de Apotegbmas (en 
Espanol y Frances) Bruxellee^ 1614 

Santi (G.) Baccolta de* Sonetti di diversi Accademici Sanesi 

Siena, 1608 

Santi (G.) Sonetti di diversi Accademici Sanesi iviy 1608 

Santucci (D.) Versione di Epigraromi Greci con Note, author's 
autograph note pref^ed, half morocco, uncut Boma, 1841 

Santucci (D.) sulla Grotta di CoUepardo Borigif 1845 

Santucci (L ) Poche Bime Boma, 1835 

Samel ti (P.) Guida per Pozzoli, Baia, &c. map and plates, 
NapoU, 1688— Innocentio XI Decreto con cui condanna 
com' Heretiche le Propositioni di M. de Molinos, portrait, 
scarce, Venetia, 1687 in one vol. 

Samelli (P.) Guida per Pozzoli, with a French translation on the 
opposite pages vj A. Bulifon, map and views 
two editions Napoli, 1696 and 1702 

Samelli (P.) Guida di Napoli, plates etched hg Pesche ivi, 1713 

Sarnelli (P.) Guida di 'N&'poli, plates ivi^ 1718 

Barpi (P.) Vita del Padre Paolo dell* Ordine de* Servi 
JSne copg, calf Leida {Elsevier) 1646 

Sartorius (G.) suUo Stato d'ltalia aotto il Govemo del Goti 

Milano, 1820 

Savonarola (Era Girolamo) del Beggimento degli Stati con due 
OpuscoH del Guicciardini e TApologia di Lorenzo de* Me- 
dici, portrait Pisa, 1818 

Savonarola (lerouimo) Poesie coll' Aggiunta del auo Trattato 
circa il Beggimento e Govemo delia CittiL di Firenze, por- 
trait Mrenze, 1847 

Savj*Laroque (J.) Cours ^I^mentaire de Litt^rature compost 
des Articles r^pandus dans lea divers Ouvrages de Voltaire 

Paris, 1813 

Sajers (Dr. F.) Poems and Disquisitions, 2 vol. in I, portrait 

Norwich, 1792-98 

Bayers (F.) Nugae PoeticiBy Norwich, 1803 ; with other Poems in 
the volume 

Scaligerana, Thnana, Perroniana, PithoBana et Colomesiana, 

2 vol. Amst. 1740— Menagiana, Paris, 1694— Arlequiniana, 

frontispiece, 1735 4 vol. 

Scaramelli (B.) Tre Novelle, onlg 100 copies reprinted from the 
edition of 1585 Napoli, 1821 



5164 Sehindler (J.) Wapen-Gallerie des h5hern Adels des CEster- 

reichischen Kaiserstaates, 67 plates of arms Wien, g, a, 

5165 Schlegel (F. von) Lectures on the Hiatorj of Literature, 2 vol. 

half caff Edinh. 1818 

5166 Schlegel (F. von) Philosophy of History, with Memoir by J. B. 

Kobertson, 2 vol. 1885 

5167 Schlegel (E.) Lectures on the History of Literature, Edinb, 1811 

— Gregory (G-.) Letters on Literature, Taste and Compo- 
sitioo, 2 vol. in 1, halfealf^ 1808 ; and others 6 vol. 

5168 Schlegel (A. W. de) H^flexions sur TEtude des Langues Asia- 

tiques, half morocco ^ uncut Bonny 1832 

5169 Schlegel (A. W.) Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature, 

translated by J. Black, and on the History of Literature, 
Ancient and Modem, by P. Schlegel, 4 vol. 
half calf gilty m, e. Lond. and Edinh. 18 15-18 

5170 Schelhornii (J. G-.) Amoenitates Historiie Ecclesiastic® et 

Literari», 2 vol. plates Franeof et Lips. 1737-8 

5171 Schleusneri (J. F.) Novum Lexicon Or»co-Latinum m Novum 

Testamentum, 2 vol. calf gilt Qlasgua^ 1817 

5172 Schmitz (L.) History of Borne 1851 

5173 Schnaase (C.) G-eschichte der bildenden Kiinste bei den Alten, 

a vol. DUsseldoff, 1848-44 

5174 Schosll (F.) Becueil de Pieces OfScielles destinies k d^tromper 

les Franfois sur les ^v^nemens qui se sont passes, 9 vol. 

Paw, 1814-16 

5175 Sciarra Fiorentino (i.e. Pietro Strozzt) Stanze sopra la Babbia 

di Macone, printed on coloured paper {limited to 10 copies) 

Firenze, 1822 

5176 Sciarra (Poeta) Stanze sopra la Babbia di Macone. Testo di 

Lingua, half calf Firenze, 1822 

5177 Scoto (A.) Itinerario d'ltalia, two editions 

Venetian 1610, and Ftcenza, 1615 

5178 Scoto (A.) Itinerario d'ltalia, 8 vol. in 1, map and plates 

Vicenza, 1628, and Fadoua, 1629 

5179 Scoto (F.) Itinerario d*Italia, map and plates Soma, 1650 

%* The same work as that by Andrea Scoto, with a few additions. 

5180 Scoto (F.) Itinerario d'ltalia, 8 vol. in 1, mw and plates (in- 

cluding a curioM set of Ckimival Masks) by F. Bertelli 

Fadova, 1654 

5181 Scoto (A.) Itinerario d^Italia, 8 vol. in 1, frontispiece dated 1642, 

and numerous curious engravings hy F. Bertelli (including 
the set illustrating the Carnival Masquerade) Vicenza, 1088 

5182 Scoto (A.) Nuovo Itinerario d'ltalia, 3 vol. in 1, map and views 

(including the Carnival caricatures by F. Bertelli) 
fine copy in vellum Fadova^ 1642 

5188 Scotti (F.) Itinerario d*Italia, map and plans Roma, 1650 

5184 Scoto (F.) Itinerario d'ltalia, map and numerous views 

gilt vellum Fadova, 1659 

5185 Scoto (F.) Itinerario d'ltalia, 8 vol. in 1, plates ivi, 1659 

5186 Sooto (F.) Itinerario d'ltalia, map and plates 

calf extra f g. e. Tenet ia, 1686 


5187 Scoto (F.) NuOYO ItiDorario d'ltalia, 3 parts in 1, plates 

Padoa, 1670.68.(>9 

5188 Scoto (F.) Itinerario d*Italia, fnap and plates Padova, 1688 

5189 Scotti (F.) Itinerario d*Italia, map and plates Soma, 1717 

5190 Scotto (F.) Itinerario d'ltalia, map and plates ivi, 1747 

5191 Scott (Elizabeth) Specimens of British Poetrj, selected from 

Authors of high Celebritj, and interspersed with original 
Writings Udinb. 1823 

5192 [Bcrofa (Co. Gamillo)] Cantici di Fidentio [Qlottocr^aio] 

ristampati con Aggiunta d*alcane vaghe Com position! nel 
medesimo Oenere Marenza, 1565 

5193 [Scrofa (C.)] Cantici et Elegie del Fedante appassionato 

rare senza nota 

5194 Sculptura Historico-Technica, or History and Art of Engraving, 

plates^ and collection o/marlcs and ciphers 1770 

5195 Seagrave (B.) Principles of Liberty, 1755 ; and other Tracts iu 

Defence of Dissenters in the volume 

5196 Segneri (P.) Concordia tra la Fatica e la Quiete nell' Orazione 

Testo di lAnaua Mrenze, 1680 

5197 Segneri (P.) Esposizione del Miserere i&», 1692 

5198 Segneri (P.) il Parroco instruito 

vellum^ Testo di Lingua ivi, 1692 

5199 Segneri (P.) il Parroco istruito, calf gilt Venezia, 1692 

5200 Segneri (P.) Lettere sulla Materia probabile Oolonia, 1732 

5201 Segneri (P.) Lettere sulla Materia del Probabile 

Testo di Lingua ivi, 1732 

5202 Segni (A.) Bagionamento sopra le Cose pertinenti alia Poetica, 

autograph of the famous Mario Guidueei, the friend of 

Galileo Fiorenza^ 1581 

5203 Segni. Another copy tvi^ 1581 

5204 Segni (A.) Vita di Donato Aociaioli 

half vellum, uneut, top edge gilt Mrenze^ 1841 

5205 Segretario Italiano o Modelli di Lettere Livomo^ 1843 

5206 S6gur (Comte de) Histoire de Napoleon et de la G^rande-Armee, 

2 vol. map and plates Paris^ 1825 

5207 Selvatico (P. E.) sulla Cappellina degli Scrove^i nell' Arena di 

Padova e sui Freschi di Qiotto in essa dipmti, plates 
half calf gilt Padova, 1886 

5208 Senebier (J.) Catalogue raisonne des Manuscrits conserves dans 

la Bibliotheque de la Yille de G-eneve, autograph signature 
and notes of Hobaci Walfolb 
half calf uncut Geneve, 1779 

5209 Senecad Opera cum notis Gronovii, 4 vol. 

beautiful copy, red morocco, g, e, hy Soger Payne 

Lugd, Bat, Elzevir^ 1640-9 

5210 Seneca de' Benefizii tradotto da B. Yarchi 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Fiorenza, Giunti, 1574 

5211 Seneca, L'Epistole ridotte nelle Lingua Toscana per il Doni 

morocco extra Vinegia, 1549 (at end 1548) 

5212 Seneca delle quattro Yirtii morali e de' Costumi volgarizzato da 

un Trecentista, unknown to Qamha Napoli, 1820 



5213 Seneca (L. A.) Lettere volgarizzate dal Commeiidatope A. Caro 

half morocco Napoli, 1824-26 

5214 Seneca (L. A.) Lettere Tolgarizzate dal Com. A. Caro col Testo 

a Fronte e con Note, vellum paper, portrait Milano^ 1828 

5215 Seneca (M. A.) Declamazioni. Testo di Lingua 

half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt Firenze, 1832 

5216 Seneca (L. A.) Libro de* Beneficii. Volgarizzamento del buon 

Secolo delta Lingua ora per la prima Volta stampato per 
Cura del Cav. F. Mortara 
half red morocco, uncut Forma, 1838 

5217 Sennuccio [del BeneJ Fiorentino delP Incoronatione et Triompho 

di F. Petrarcha in Campidoglio, woodcut^ rare Padoua, 1549 

5218 Seraphino Aquilano Opere, Venetia, 1539— Ariosto (L.) Satire 

{Vinegia) M.n.xxiiiii. 
fne copies, old calf g, e, the sides ornamented with good tooling 
and painted in compartments 2 vol, in 1 

5219 Serdonati (F.) Vita e Fatti d' Innocenzo VIII. 

half calf gilt Milano, 1829 

5220 Sermons contributed by Clergymen of the Church of England 

for the Belief of the Distressed Clergy of Ireland, 
2 vol. * 1H34 

5221 Sema Santander (C. de la) Catalogue des Livres de sa Biblio- 

th^que avec le Supplement et lea Prix, 5 vol. facsimiles^ 
and printed prices Bruxelles, IS03 

5222 Sebottz d'Aoincoubt (G. B. L. G.) Storia dell* Arte dimo- 

strata coi Mouumenti dalla sua Decadenza nel IV Secolo 
fino al suo Bisorgimento nel XVI tradotta ed illustrata da 
S. Ticozzi, 6 vol, and royal folio atlas of plates 
half calf gilt Frato, 1826-29 

5223 Serra (Marchese G.) Storia della Antica Liguria e di Genova, 

4 vol. Tofnno, 1834 

6224 [Sertori (Abate)] II Conclave di Clemente XIV Dramma per 
Musica da recitarsi nel Camevale 1775 
0BIGI17AL EDITION, half morocco 

Roma, per il Kracas, s, a, (1775) 

*4^* The Abate Sertori, in this satirical production, has formed a 
drama by tagging together and placing in the mouths of the 
then living Cardinals some of the best-known lines of Meta- 
stasio, BO arranged as to become ludicrous and to render the 
speakers ridiculous. The work, gifing great offence, was 
ngidlj suppressed, and its wittj author condemned to a long 

5225 Sertori. Another edition, vellum Boma, Poggioli, s, a. 

5226 Seton (G.) Law and Practice of Heraldry in Scotland, numerous 

coats of arms JEdinh. 1863 

5227 Seven Wise Masters (The) of Rome, the History of, now newly 

corrected, better explained in many places^ and enlarged 
with many Pretty rictures, lively expressing the full His- 
tory, ilnti letter, toith woodcuts 1673 


5228 Seyen Wise Masters. Erastus : or, the Boman Prinoe. Being 

a more full Account of that Famous History of the Seven 
Wine Masters, with many pleasant Additions of excellent 
and Divertive Discourses and Songs 
blacit Irttfty with frontUpieee and woodcuts 1684 

*«* This is a different work from the preceding of 1678. 

5229 Seyen Wise Masters of Borne, containing Seven Days Enter- 

tainment in many pleasant and witty Tales or Stories, 
tcoodcuts, 2l9t edition * «. d, 

5230 Seven Wise Masters of Borne, woodeuU, 24tth edition ». d, 

5231 Seven Wise Masters and Mistresses of Bome, frontispiece 

22nd edition Dublin, ». d, 

5282 Sevign6 (La Marquise de) Lettres i, sa fille, 8 vol. portraits 

Faris, 1754 

5233 S^vign6 (Marchioness de) IJetters to her Daughter, translated 

from the French, 8 vol 1764 

5234 Sforzitio da Carcano (F.) Tre Lihri de gli Ucoelli da Bapina, 

Vinegia, 1568 — Qiorgi (F.) Libro del Mode di conoscere i 
buoni Falconi, Astori e Sparavieri, ivi, 1568 fit one vol, 

5235 Shakspeare (W.) Dramatic Works, with Index by Bev. S. Ays- 

cough, 3 vol. portrait, oalfgiU 1790 

5236 Shakspeare (W.) Plats, with corrections and illustrations of 

various commentators, and Notes by Johnson and Steevens, 
revised and augmented by Isaac Beed, 21 vol. with a few 
M8» notes by T, Park, signatures of G^eorge Steeoens, auto- 
graph notes of JET. J. Todd, Edm, Malone, J, P. KembU ; 
a few early play -bills, and other illustrations 
half calf gilt, edges uncut 1803 

5237 Shakspeare (W.) Tragedy of Hamlet, the first edition of 1603 

reprinted 1825 

5238 Shaw (W.) Analysis of the Galic Language, Bdinl. 1778; and 

others 5 vol. 

5239 Shee (Sir M. A.) Elements of Art, a Poem 

presentation copy to Marquis Wellesley, with author^s autograph 
inscription, calf gilt 1809 

5240 Shenstone (W.) Works in verse and prose, 3 vol. portrait and 

vignettes, with a few interesting MS, notes by lir, Horatio 
Walpole, old calf 1764-9 

5241 Shepherd (J.) Critical and Practical Elucidation of the Book of 

Common Prayer, 2 vol. calf, 1817 — Blair (H.) Sermons, 
with Life by Finlayson, wants the portrait, 1834 3 vol. 

5242 Shepherd (J.) Elucidation of the Book of Common Prayer, 

2 vol. 1828 

5243 Sheridan (T.) British Education, Rorace Walpole's copy, with 

MS, notes 1756 

6244 Sherlock (T.) Discourses, uncui 1754 

5245 Silhouette, Voyage de France, d*Espagne, de Portugal, et d*Itidie, 

4 vol. in 2, ChugVs com, Paris, 1770— La Lande, Voyage 

en Italie, 9 vol. ; and Atlas, in 4to, ib. 1786 12 vol, 

6246 Simeon (C.) Hone Homi1etie», or Disooorses upon the Whole 

Scriptures, with the Appendix, 17 vol. 1819-28 


5247 Simoneta (G.) Sfortiade fatta Italiana per S. FauBto 

Venetia, 1543 

5248 Simonidis Cei Carminum Beliquisd Or. ed. F. G-. Schneidewin 
ealfgilt Brutuvi^of, 1886 

5249 Simpson (S.) Agreeable Historian, or Compleat; English Traveller, 
compiled from Camden, Leland, Dugdale, Ogilby, Morgan, 
and other Authors, 3 vol. map* 1746 

5250 Sims (B.) Index to the Pedigrees and Arms contained in the 
Beralds' Visitations and other MSS. in the British Museum 


5251 Sims (B.) Manual for the Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquanr, 
and Legal Professor 1856 

5252 Sinceri (Jo<£)ci) Itinerarium Qallisdy plates, ^m^. 1649— Daniae, 
NorwegisB, Slesyici, et HolsatisB I)escriptio, plates, ib. 1655 
— SueciiB, GothisB, Magnique Ducatus Finlandiao Descriptio, 
plates, ib. 1656 — HispanisB et Lusitaniw Itinerarium, plates, 
ib, 1656 — Totius Belgii Be%cn]^tio, plates, ib. 1660 5 vol 

5253 Siracusa. Parere intomo a una Medaglia di Siracusa, &c., 
plate Bologna, 1763 

5254 [Sisti (G.)] Indirizzo per la Lettura Greca, facsimiles 
calf ^ilt, by O. Lewis Napoli, 1758 

5255 Slupeni (J.) Epigrammata in omnium fere Gentium Habitus et 
Effigies. Adiectis ad singulas Icones Gallica Tetrasticha, 
woodcuts of Uostume (including those of the English, Scotch, 
and BrasUians), autograph of M, Lydius 

vellum, rare Antverpia, 1572 

5256 Smith (Edm.), of Christ Church, Oxford, Works, containing 
Phffidra and Hippolitus, Bodleian Speech, kc, front, 1719 — 
Ovid*s Inyective against Ibis, in English Verse, by J. Jones, 
Oxford, 1667, &c. 3 vol. 

5257 Smith (J.) Cataxogue baisokit^ of the Wobkb of the most 
EMINENT Dutch, Flemish, and Fbench Paiktebs, 8 
parts, portraits, half calf, g. e. 1829-37 

5258 Smith (Sir J. E.) Sketch of a Tour on the Continent, 3 toI. 1793 

5259 Smith (J B.) Bibliotheca Cantiana, fasimiles qf autographs, 1837 

5260 Smith (Bev. Sydney) Works, 4 yol. 1839-40 

5261 Smith (Sydney) Sermons, 2 yoI. calf 1801— Michaelis (J. D.) 
Introductory Lectures to the New Testament, 1780 ; and 
others 7 vol. 

5262 Smith (W.) Annals of University College 

Newcastle -upon-lS/ne, 1728 

5263 Smith (W.) Catalogue of the Works of Cornelius Yisscher 
privately printed Bungay, 1864 

5264 Smitmer (Fra F. P.) Catalogo della Biblioteca della Sagro Militar 
Ordine di S. Giovanni Gerosolimitano oggi detto di Malta 

privately printed, rare (Vienna, 1781) 

I 5265 Smyth (W.) Lectures on Modern History from the irruption of 

the Northern Nations to the close of the American Bevo- 
Intion, 2 vol. 1843 — Lectures, Second and concluding Series, 

:7 On the French Bevolution, 3 vol. 18i2, ealfgilt, m. e. 5 vol. 

B It 


5266 Sodermi (G. V.) della Coltivazione delle Viti, with auiogr^ 

fiotet of TThaldo Montelaiici, Founder of the Qeorgqfili 
half morocco^ Testo di Lingua Firenze^ 1734 

5267 Sola yirtus fior de cose doto nobiliasime & degne de diuersi 

Autori, cioe. Soneti . Epistole . Disperata . Strabotti . 
Capitoli . Egloghe . Cdtra disperata . Barzellete . icoodeut 
fine copy^ autograph of Marcial Du Bog9 Venetia^ 1519 

5268 Soldani (J.) Satire, portrait 

half morocco, uncut , Testo di Lingua Firenze^ 1751 

52G9 [Soldini (P. Francesco Maria)] delle Eccellenze e Orandezze 
delle NazioDe Fiorentina e Descrizione alfabetica dei Nomi 
e Famiglie Nobilissime di Fireaze, the plates worked in blue 
and red, uncut ivi, 1780 

5270 Solino tradotto da G. V. Belprato Conte di Anversa 

vellum Vinegia, 1557 

5271 Somner (W.) Treatise of tbe Botnan Ports and Forts in Kent, 

portrait Oxford, 16^ 

5272 Sonetti e Canzoni di difersi antichi Autori Toscani in dieci 

Libri raccolte : di Dante Alighieri Libri quattro, di M. Cino 
da Pistoia Libro uno, di Quido Cavalcanti Libro uno» di 
Dante da Muiano Libro uno, di Fra Guittone d*Arezzo 
Libro uno, di diverse Canzoni e Sonetti senza Nome 
d*Autore Libro uno 
very large copy, toith MS. notes, russia extra, g, e, by Thouvenin^ 
Testo di Lingua Firenze, Oiunti, 1527 

5273 Sonetti e Canzone di diversi antichi Autori Toscani in dieci 

Libri raccolte, reprint of the edition of 1527 
vellum, uncut Firenze, 1727 

5274 Sonetti (Scelta di) con rarie criticbe Osservazioni, ed una Dis- 

sertazione in torn o al Sonetto in general e Venezia, 175 L 

5275 Sonetti del Burcbiello, del Bellincioni e d'altri Poeti Fiorentini 

alia Burchiellesca, portrait, Testo di Lingua 
half calf estra, uncut Londra (Lucca e Fiea), 1757 

5276 Sophoclis TragcsdisB, Gr. et Lat. cufn Notis ex editione B* F. P. 

Brunckii, 4 vol. fine copy, russia Argent, 1786-9 

5277 Soster (B.) dei Pregiudizj e delle false Idee degli Artisti nelle 

Belle Arti Milano, 1850 

5278 South (R) Sermons 

old red morocco, sides richly tooled and gilt, g, e. Oaford, 1679 

5279 Southall (Mary) Description of Malvern, plates, Stourport, 1825 

5280 Southey (B.) Annual Anthology, 2 vol 

half calf, m, e. Bristol, 1799-1800 

5281 Souverains du Monde, ou abregd de leur Histoire, Beligion, 

Blason, avec un Catalogue des Auteurs qui en ont le mieux 
6crit, 4 vol. Faris, 1718 

5282 Souverains du Monde contenant la Genealogie de leurs Maisons, 

leurs Bevenus, Forces, &c. numerous coats of arms, 4 vol. 

La Haye, 1722 

5283 Spalding (W.) Italy and the Italian Islands, tDOodcuts, maps and 

plans, 3 vol. Edinb. 1841 




52Bli Speed (J.) Prospect of the most Famous Parts of the World, 

ma^8, 1646-~England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland de- 

^ scribed and abridged, maps, 1627 oblong, in one vol. 

5285 Spence's Poljmetis abridged, or Guide to CLissical Learning, 

with Introduction by N. Tindal, pl^es, old russia 1802 

5286 Spencer (0. L.) Life of Archbishop H. Chichele, Founder of All 

Souls' College, Oxford, calf giU 1783 

5287 Speroni (Speron) Dialoghi, Testo di Lingua^ Vinegia^ Aldo, 1550 

5288 Speroni (Speron) Dialoghi, Vtnegia, Aldo, 1550 — Leone Medico 

Hebreo Dialoghi di Amore, iviy Aldo^ 1552— Betussi (G.) 
Dialogo Amoroso e Sonetti di M. Giuseppe Betussi et 
d*altri Autori, rare, Venetia, 1548 in one vol. 

5289 Speroni (Sperone) Canace Tragedia con Giuditio Lucca, 1550 

5290 Speroni (Speron) Dialoghi, Vinegia, 1558 — Bembo (P.) Prose, 

ivi (Aldo), 1552 in one vol, 

•5291 Speroni (Sperone) Canace, Tragedia, Venetia, 1566 — Giudicio 
sopra la Tragedia di Canace et Macareo, ivi, 1566, in one vol, 

5292 Spinello (A.) Cleopatra, Tragedia Vinegia, 1550 

5293 Spry (J.) Oxford Sermon, Oxford, 1744--Bentham (E.) Assize- 

Sermon, t5. ] 74-4 — Dod well (W.) Visitation Sermon, with 
MS. notes, ib. 1744— Dodwell (W.) Two Oxford Sermons, 
ib. 1743— Seeker (T.) Oxford Sermon, M8. notes, 1 734— 
Cleaver (W.) Oxford Sermon, Oxford, 1743— Horbery (M.) 
Visitation Sermon, ib. 1745 — Brown (R.) Oxford Sermon, 
ib. 1741— Burton (J.) Oxford Sermon, ib. 1743— Burton 
(J.) Fast Sermon at Oxford, ib. 1741— Fothergill (G.) Fast 
Sermon, ib. 1745— Sprj (J.) Sermon on Eebelhon, ib. 1745 ; 
and other Sermons in the volume 

5294 Stafford (J. C.) Sermon at the Opening of the Parish Church of 

St. Michaers, Penkridge, and his Farewell Sermon 
both privately printed Lond. and Oxf, 1831-4 

6295 Stancovich (P.) dello Anfiteatro di Pola, portrait and plates 

Venezia, 1822 

5296 Stanley (T.) Anacreon, Bion, Moschus, Kisses by Secundus, 

Cupid Crucified by Ausonius, Venus Vigils, and other 

Translations and Poems, good copy, scarce 1651 

6297 Statuen Metallen zu Innsbruck, 28 plates with descriptions 

red morocco, neatly tooled and gilt 1826 

5298 Statii Opera, Notis Variorum, ed. J. Veenhusen 

old calf gilt by Montague Lugd. Bat. 1671 

5299 Statuti della Eeligione de' Cavalieri Gierosolimitani, tradotti del 

E. F. Paolo del Bosso, Cavalier di detto Ordine 

Firenze, Giunii, 1570 

5300 Stefano (Carlo) Le Herbe, Fieri, Stirpi, che si piantano ne gli 

Horti, con un Libretto di coltivarfe gli Horti, Vineto, Semi- 
nario, &c. 3 vol. in 1 Venegia, 1515 

5301 Stephen (T.) History of the Churcb of Scotland, 4 vol. portraits 

*^ 1843-45 


5802 Stephens (P.) et W. Browne, Catalogua Horti Botanioi Ozoni- 

ensiB, Oxon. 1658 — The Nature of the Drink Eauhi, or 
Coffe and the Berry of which it is made, iu English and 
Arabick, ib, 1659— Catalogus Plantarum Horti Medici Oxo- 
nieusis Latino-Anglicns et Anglico^Latinus, ib. 1648— 
Howe (W.) Phytologia Britannica, natales exbibens indi- 
genarum stirpium sponte emergentium, Lond. 1650 
scarce and curious in one vol, 

5803 Sterne (L.) Works, 7 yo\. portrait and plates 

hi'ight old calf gilt 1783 

5804 Stewart (D.) Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind 

half calf gilt 1808 

5805 Stewart (Col. D.) Sketches of the Highlanders, 2 vol. map 

half calf extra Edinh, 1822 

5306 Stillingfleet (Bp. E.) Origines Sacra?, 2 vol. calf gilt Oxford, 1797 

5307 StobaBi (Jo.) Eclog» Physicuss et Ethicie, Gr. et Lat. editie ab 

A. H. L. Heeren, 4 vol. halfrussia Gottinga, 1792-1801 

5808 Stockdale (F. W. L.) Sketch of Hastings, Winchelsea and Bye, 
numerous plates 1817 

5309 Stockdale (P.) Lectures on the truly eminent English Poets, 
2 To\, portrait, half calf gilt 1807 

5810 Stockwood (Jo.) of Tunbridge, Progymnasroa Scholasticum hoc 
est Epigrammata, ex Anthologla selecta, vnth autograph of 
Samuel Hemingway, calf gilt Adam Jslipt 1597 

5311 Storia di Tobia e Spo^Jzione delta Salveregina. Testi di Lingua 

half vellum, uncut Livomo, 1799 

5312 Storio di S. Silvestro. Testo di Lingua inedita Napoli, 1859 

5313 Stobiette divebse. Croce (G. C.) Scatola historiata, con una 

Cauzonetta amorosa, Bologna, s, a. — Croce (G. C.) La Gi- 
randola de' Carvelli Barzelletta, ivi, s, 0. — 11 Danno che fa 
il Gipco al Giocatore, Genova, s. a. — Petronio (E.) Invito k 
Beli^osi centre dell' Armi Ottomanne, Venetia, 1668 — 
Setti (A.) Trionfo di M. Cotognella per il Eitorno di Que- 

3ueo suo Figliuolo con le sue felice Nozze Canzonetta, 
f'iorenza, 1642 — Camevale festeggiante e suo Trionfo, 1000^ 
cut, ivi, s. a. — L'Impazzata Pazzesca Pazzia dell' Impazzato 
Pazzo impazzito, woodcut, Pistoia, s. a. — Caselli aetto il 
Capitano Tartaglia (Carlo) il curioso Capriccio di bellissimi 
Secret! e Giochi curiosi, Venetia, s, a, — ^Kelatioke bella 
ViiTOBiA DEL Be Chbistiaitissimo gontbo 6l' Inolesi 
NELL* IsOLA DI Eb, a cotemporary account, very rare, ««- 
known to Lowndes, Firenze, 1627 — La. Fttqa degli Ik- 
olesi dalTjA Eoccella, scarce, unknown to Lowndes, ivi, 
1628 — Editto del Christianissimo Ee di Francia per lo Sta- 
bilimento della Eeligione Cattolica 19 Luglio 1588, ivi, s. a. 


(Giacomo 1.), Lucca, s, a. — Eelatione d'uno spaventevole e 
maraviglioBO Mostro, woodcut of the Oiobenizza Dragon, 
Milano, 1641 — Eelatione del Terremoto in Eomagna Boma, 
(1661) — Eubini (G. D.) Eidicoloso Contrasto fatto in tra 
due Soldati, Fistoia, s, a. — Gallo di Mona Fiore nuova Can- 


zonetta, tooodcut^ m, a a, — Briccio (G.) La Morte di Togno, 
Sm. Maschemta, tooodcut, very rare, unknown to MazzuchelH, 
Macerata,8.a. — II Moodo degl' Audaci Canzonetta registrata 
da Gio. di Stefani detto G. Marachino, woodouU, Velletri^ a. a. 
— Bispoata d'uDa Signora al suo Soldato compoeta dal famoso 
Liasandrino, Milanoy s. a. — Croce (G. C.) Canzone delle 
Lode di Madonna Tenerina, woodciU, Siena, s, a. — Pttkbb, 
(Margherita) II Soldato Ukqhebo scopeeto Doitna, 
woodcuty rarpy Bologna^ 1664 — Jansovio (Cavalier Vrentio, 
Scozzese) Letteba, dove si narra come nella Frigia Ori- 
entale si h Bcoperto un strano e crudelissimo Mostro Marino. 
Tradotta dalla Lingua Scozzese da M. Bengieri, extremely 
SABE, unknoum to Loumdes, Pejrugia, 1616 — Lazer (N. M. 
detto Grazian Balestron) il Tre, curious tmd scarce, Bologna, 
s, a. — Croce (G. C.) Barzelletta sopra ie Cortigiane che 
▼anno in Maachera questo Camovale, Fiorenza, 1642 — Croce 
(G. C.) Nel Tempo, che la Luna burattava con la Tramuta- 
tione delle Stanze ivi, «. a. — Croce (G. C.) La Spoaa con- 
tenia, woodcut, Perugia, a, 0.— Croce (G. C.) il Lamento di 
tutte le Arti del Mondo, woodcut, s. a, 
russia in one vol. 

*«* An extraordinary Collection of Italian Eolklore, most of the 
Pieces being in verse. 

5814 Stow ( W.) Bemarks on London : an Exact Survey of the Cities 
of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark, &c. 
a curious little volume printed on London Bridge, 1722 

5315 Strane et innocenti Corrispondeuze del Conte S. d'Arco colla 

Principessa Claudia Felice d'lnapruck, frontispiece 
uncut Leida, 1766 

5316 Strange (B.) Catalogue of Pictures, 1769 — Ames (J.) Catalogue 

of Prints of English Heads, 1748, in one voL — Magazin des 
Estampes ; a Catalogue of Prints, Portraits, &c. 1777 2 vol. 

5317 Strocchi (Cav. D.) Discorsi Aceademichi Pistoja, 1838 

5318 Strong (Bey. C.) Sonnet, presentation copy to the Margins of 

Wellesley from the author 1835 

5319 Student (The) or the Oxford and Cambridge Monthly Miscel- 

lany, 2 vol. Oxford, 1750-51 

5820 Suetonio, tradotto per M. Boseo da Fabriano 

vellum Venetia, 1544 

5321 Sully (Due de) M^moires, 8 vol. many portraits Lond. 1745 

5322 Sumner ( Archbp. J. B.) Exposition of the Gospels of St. Matthew 

and St. Mark 1831 

5323 Sussex. Antiquities of Arundel, with an Abstract of the Lives 

of the Earls from the Conquest 1766 

5324 Sussex. Glossary of Provincialisms in Use in the County of 

Sussex, by W. D. Cooper, privately printed 1836 

5325 Swaine (J.) Memoirs of Osney Abbey, with MS. notes by O. 

Scott and Horace Walpole, 1769 — Conduct of the Bp. of 
Winchester, as Visitor of St. Mary Magdalen College, Ox- 
ford (attributed to Bev. J. Alley ne), 1770 in one vol. 


6826 Swift (Jonathan) Works, with Life and Notes by Hawkesworth 
and Deane Swift, and Supplement, edited by J. Nichols, 
26 vol. plates, portraits inserted 1755-79 

6327 Swift (Dean J.) Travels of Lemuel Gulliver, 4 parts in 2 vol. 
LABOE FAFEB, PIB8T EDITIO'5, portrait and mapSy rare 1726 

5828 Swift (J.) Travels into several Eemote Nations of the World, 

by Lemuel Gulliver, 2 vol. portrait hy Sturt, and plates, 

first edition^ fine clean copy, 1726 —Gulliver Decypher'd, or 

Bemarks on the preceding Book of Travels, with MS, key 

to the characters^ n, d. Ditch vellum in one coL 

5829 Symonds (J. A.) Principles of Beauty, mth illustrations 

presentation copy to JDr, Wellesley 1857 

6330 Sgricci (T.) La Morte di Carlo I (Be d'lnghUterra) e TEttore 
Tragedie^mprovvisate Firenze, 1826 

5831 [Taafe] Comment on the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, 
vol. I (all published) f uncut^ scarce London {Pisa), 1822 

*»* Nearly all the copies were destroyed by the author. 

6332 Tableau Historique des Gens de Lettres, par T Abbe de L * * *, 

2 vol. Farisy 1767 — Vie de Grotius, ib. 1752 ; and otliers 

11 vol 

6333 Taciti Opera Omnia, edente H. Homero, 4 vol. portrait 1700 

6334 Taciti Historiffi, Notis Lipsii, with autograph and MS. notes by 

Sir Bobert Sydney^ afterwards Marl of Leicester Antv. 1574 

6386 Tacito, Historic Auguste fatte Italiane Vineyia, 1644 

6336 Tacito, Opere, tradotte da B. Davanzati, 2 vol. in case 

JPariyi, 1760 

6337 Tacito, 11 Primo Libro degl' Annali in Yolgare Fiorcntino da B. 

Davanzati Bostichi, half morocco Firenze, 1596 

6338 Tacito, volgarizzato da L. Yaleriani (col Testo Latino), 5 vol. 

LABGE FAFEB, portrait of translator iviy 1818-19 

6339 Taddeo da Firenze, Libello per conservare la Sanita, Testo di 

Lingua Imola, 1852 

5340 Tamburini (P.) Yera Idea della Santa Sede Milano, 1818 

6341 [Tansillo (L*)j Stanze di Cultura sopra gli Horti de le Donne 

rare, unknown to Qamba Venetia, F. Marcolini, 1537 

%* This is the infamous Yendemmiatore under a new title. 

6342 Tansillo (L.) Stanze amoroso sopra gli' Horti delle Donne (il 

Yendemmiatore) et in Lode della Menta. La Caccia 
d'Amore del Bernia. Quarantadui Stanze in Materia 
d*Amore (del Ariosto, Ac), woodcuts, calf Venetia, 1574 

%* Bare. Charles Nodier's copy sold for 47 francs. 

6343 Tansillo (L.) Lagrime di San Pietro, limp vellum ivi, 1592 
5344 Tansillo (L.) The Nurse, a Poem, translated by W. Boscoe 

(with the Italian Text) wood4:uts 

citron morocco, y. e, Liverpool, 1804 

5346 Tauzini (G. M.) sopra la Lingua primitiva e sopra la Confusion 

de Linguaggi sotto Babele Roma, 1742 

6346 Tarsia (G, M.) Itinerario in Lingua Pedautesca (in torza Bima) 

rare Fiorenza, 1564 


5d47 Tarsia (G. M.) Satim sopra la aobiP Arto dc Pcdanti (in terza 
Eima), very rare, Fiorenza, 15C6 

5348 TaBso (B.) Jjettere Vinegia, 1564 

5349 Taaao (B.) Lettere, 2 vol. Fadova, 1733 

5350 TaBso (R) Bime in cinque Libri, Salmi ed Ode, 5 vol. in 1, with 

MS, additioM at end, vellum Vinegia, 1560 

6851 Tasso (T.) Gerasulemme Libera ta 

Jine copy in blue morocco ^ g. e. l)g Cape Idane, 1581 

5352 Tasso (T.) il Goffredo overo Gieruaalemme liberata 

green morocco, g, e. Vinegia, 1584 

6353 Tmbo (T.) G^rusalemme conquistata, portrait 

fine copy in vellum Parigi, ic.ii.xcY (1595) 

%* This edition is very scarce, having been suppressed iniraediately 
after its publication bj a Decree of the Parliament, dated 
1 September, 1595. 

5854 Tasso (T.) il Gt>ffredo overo Gierusalerome liberata, plates by 
Tempest A, ,/^ copy in vellum in a caee, scarce Roma, 1657 

5355 Tasso (T.) Eime. Parte prima con altri Componimenti del 

medesimo Vinegia, Aldo, 1581 

5356 Tasso (T.) Bime et Prose. Parte prima^ ufoodcuts 

Vinetia, Aldo, 1683 

5357 Tasso (T.) Aggiunta alle Bime et Prose, woodcut portrait, rare, 

Vinetia, Aldo, 1685 — II Bimanente delle Bime, Ferrara, 
1587 — II Secretario con alcune Bime nove, m, 1587— 
Lettera consolatoria alia Ambasciatrice di Toscana, ivi, 1587 

in one vol. 

5358 Tasso (T.) Bime et Prose, 6 parts in 5 vol. 

vellum, scarce Ferrara, 1589-85-84-86.87-87 

6359 Tasso (T.) Bime, 2 vol. in 1 , Testo di Lingua Brescia^ 1592-98 

5360 Tasso (T.) Bime scelte e Dialoghi scelti con gli Argomenti del 

Cav. A. Mortara, 2 vol. in 1, portrait, calf extra Fisa, 1822 

5361 Tasso (T.) Aminta Farma, 1581 

6362 Tasso (T.) Aminta, Ferrara, 1681— Ongaro (A.) Alceo, ^ibbt 

EDiTiOH, Veneiia, 1582 — Groto (Luigi) il Pentimento 
amoroso, ivi, 1576— Castelletti (C.) L'Amarilli, ivi, 1582 — 
Cucchetti (G. D.) La Pazzia, with a Sonnet by T, Tasso, 
Ferrara, 1681— Oddi (Sforza d') i Morti vivi Comedia, 
russia, Ferugia, 1576 in one vol. 

6363 Tasso (T.) Akh^ta, woodcuts, with medallion portrait by Boger 

added, Vinetia, Aldo, 1583 — Tansillo (L.) il Vbndemia- 
TORB (Stanze licenziose ed oscene), an extremely rare edition, 
unknown to Gamba, Saym, Brimet, and other bibliographers, 
Farma, 1567 ; fine copies in red morocco, silk linings, a, e. by 
Derome, from the Collection of A. A. JRenouard, unth hts 
cypher in gold on back in one vol. 

6364 Tasso (T.) Aminta Foma, 1662 

5365 Tasso (T.) L' Aminta difeso e illustrate da G. Fontanini ivi, 1700 

5366 Tasso (T.) L'Aminta e TAlceo di A. Ongaro Fadova, 1722 
6367 Tasso (T.) Aminta, frontispiece, coat of arms of Sir Francis 

Head {to whom the edition is dedicated) and etchings 
calf Utrecht, 1726 


5368 TasBO (T.) Aminta, lakob fapsb, ealf Oxford, 1726 

5369 Tasso (T.) L'Aminta difeso e illustrato da G. Fontanini 

calf Venema, 1780 

5370 Tasso (T.) Aminta con le Annotazioni di Eg. Menagio, W. (hlei 

copy, filled toUk hu valuable MS. notes ivi, 1736 

5371 Tasso (T.) Aminta con le Annotazioni d* Eg. Menagio 

calf ivi, 1736 

5372 Tasso (T.) Aminta, 1736— -Ongaro (A.) Aloeo, 1737— Kuccellai 

(G.) Bosraunda, Tragedia, 1737 in one vol. 

5373 Tasso (T.) 11 Be Torrismondo, Tragedia Fineffia, 1587 

5374 Tasso (T.) H Be Torrismondo, Tragedia Verona, 1587 


5375 Benodozio (E.) Antiche Belazioni dell* Indie e della China di 

due Maomettani che nel Seoolo IX v'andarono tradotte dali' 
Araba con Note e Dissertazioni, uncut Bologna, 1740 

5376 Beposati (Prevosto B.) della Zecca di Gubbio e delie Gkste de' 

Conti e Ducbi di Urbino, 2 toL 
LARGE ^KV^^, plates, half vellum, uncut ivi, 1772-73 

5377 Betzch (M.) Fancies, six plates, with remarks and descriptions 

by Mrs. Jameson 1834 

5378 Beumont (A.) Tavole cronologicbe e sincrone della Storia 

Fiorentina, half vellum Mrenze, 1841 

5379 Beusneri (N.) Emblemata, woodcuts, a corner wanting off the 

title'ptye, calf Francof 1581 

5380 Beynolds (Sir Joshua) Works, with Life by Malone, 2 vol. por- 

trait, with a few marginal notes 1797 

5381 Beynolds (Sir Joshua) JDiscourses, illustrated by explanatory 

notes by J. Burnet, plates 1842 

5382 Bibera (P. P. di) Successo de' Canonici Begolari Lateranensi 

nolle loro Isole Tremitane, plate, Vinetia, 1606 — Cocarella 
(B.) Cronica istoriale di Tremiti tradotta da P. P. di Bibera, 
ivi, 1606, half calf in one voL 

5383 Bicchi (A.) Comedia intittolata 1 Tre Tiranni, autograph of Ber- 

nardo Minerbetti the Poet, half morocco Vinegia, 1533 

5384 Bicci (B.) Considerationi sopra tutta la Vita di N. S. Giesu 

Christo, 160 engravings illustrating the Life of Christ 
old red morocco, covered with gold tooling, g. e. Boma, 1610 

5385 Bicha (G.) Notizie istoriche delle Chiese Florentine, 10 vol. 

portrait and plates, vellum Mrenze, 1754-62 

5386 Bichardson (Jonathan) Works on Painting, portraits 

half russia gilt 1792 

5387 Bidolfi (Cav. C.) Yite de gl' illustri Pittori Yeneti e dello State, 

2 vol. in 1, numerous portraits by J. Bicini 
beautiful copy in vellum, richly ornamented with variegated 
leathers and gold tooling, leather joints, gilt gaufri edges 

Venetia, 1648 

%* On the fly-leaf is the following autograph inscription : '* Andreie 
Appiani ^tatis nostrce facile Principi Amicitiie ergo Franciscus 
Beina, D.D." 


5388 Eigoli (L.) suU* Accuse date al Vocabolario dall* Autore della 

Propoata Firenze, 1829 

6389 Big-VedsB Specimen, edidit F. Kosen, in Sanscrit and Latin, 1830 

5390 Binghieri (Innocentio) Cento Giuocbi liberali et d'lagegno 

morocco extra, ff, e. Bologna, 1551 

5391 Binaccini (F.) Lodi di Luigi XIII, large pafeb Firenze, 1645 

5392 Binuccini (Filippo di Cino) Eicordi Storici (1282-1460) colla 

Continuazione di Alamanno e Neri Suoi Figli fine al 1506, 
pedigree and plates ivi, 1840 

5393 Binuccini (Ottavio) La Dafne rappresentata alia S. Gran 

Duchessa di Toscana dal Signer Jacopo Corsi ivi, 1600 

5394 Binuccini (O.) La Dafne ivi, 1810 

5395 Binuccini (0.) Poesie Firenze, Oiunti, 1622 

5396 Bipa (C.) Iconologia overo Descrittione di diverse Imagini 

cavate dalP antichita, e di propria inventione, numerous 
woodcuts Boma, 1603 

5397 Bipa (C.) Iconologia, 2 vol. in 1, numerow woodcuts 

vellum, g. e, Siena, 1613 

5398 Bipa (C.) Nova Iconologia ampliata di trecento Imagini, &c, 

portrait and numerous woodcuts Fadova, 1618 

5399 Bishanger (W. de) Chronicle of the Barons' Wars, edited by 

Mr. Halliwell, 1840— Second Book of the Travels of Nicander 
Kucius of Corey ra, edited by Dr. Cramer, 1841 — Mapes 
(Gualt.) de Nugis Curialium, edited by Mr. Wright, 1860, 
printed for the Oamden Society 3 vol, 

5400 Bitratti et Elogii di Capitani illustri, with the additional sheet 

o, fine portraits (including those of Sir John Hawkwood, 
Fienzi, Columbus, Oaston de Foix, Cortex, Cliarles V, Henry 
IV, Sfc.),fine copy in green morocco, g, e, JRoma, 1635 

5401 Bitratti et Elogii di Capitani illustri descritti da G. Boscio, A. 

Mascardi, F. Leonida, 0. Tronsarelli & altri, portraits 
(including those of Christopher Columbus, Sir John Hawk- 
wood, Oustavus Adolphus, o[c,), half morocco extra ivi, 1646 

5402 Bitratti e Yite di Donne illustri 

LARGE TXVER, portraits, half calf gilt, uncut Vinegia, 1775 

5403 Boberti (Gaudentii) Miscellanea Italica Erudita, 4 vol. 

Farma, 1690-2 

5404 Bobertson (W.) Thesaurus LinguaB Sanctse sive Concordantiale 

Lexicon Hebrseo-Latino-Biblicum 
fine copy, old russia, m, e. 1680 

5405 Bobles (Eug. de) Compendio de la vida y hazanas del Cardenal 

don fray Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros : y del Oficio y 
Missa Muzarabe, arms and portrait of the Cardinal by F. 
Angeh, Tuuaihjs's copy, with his arms on the sides 

Valladolid, 1604 

5406 BoDi. Lacrimoso Lamento che fece il Gran M astro di Bodi 

con suoi Caualieri a tutti li Prencipi della Christianity nella 
Presa della sua Patria. Con la Presa di Bodi (in ottava 
Bima), woodcut Venetia, per D. Lovisa, s. a. 

5407 BoUand (J.) Seven Sages in Scotish Metre, edited by D. Laing, 

printed for the JBannatyne Club, ilath UtUt JEdinb. 1837 



5408 Roll of Arms of the reign of Eichard II, edited by T. Willement, 

frontispiece of arms emblazoned 
LABGB PAPER, Only 25 copies printed ISM 

5409 Eolls of Arms of the reigns of Henry III and Ed\rard III, edited 

by Sir N. H. Nicolas 
LABGE PAPEB, Only 50 copics printed 1829 

5410 Eolls of Arms (Three) of the latter part of the Thirteenth Cen- 

tury, with an Index of Names and an Alphabetical 0rdinar7 
of the Coats, edited by W. S. Walford and C. S. Perceval, 
printed in this form for private distribution 1864 

5411 Eomances Curiosos y Eelaciones^ a very curious volume^ con- 

taimng 146 Poetical Romances, mostly printed at Seville^ 
Madrid and Valencia, with woodcuts^ duriny the middle cf 
the last Century, vellum in one vol. 

5412 Bomani (A dr.) Parvum Theatrum TJrbium, woodcuts 

M-ancof 1595 

5413 Eoncalli (Conte) Epigrammi e Doride, 2 vol. in 1 

liABQE PAPEB, half morocco, edges uncut Venezia, 1801-3 

5414 Boncho (A.) Vita di S. Carlo Borromeo, portrait and 36 en- 

yravinaSy representing the principal events in the Sainfs Life^ 
with descriptions in Latin and Italian beneath s. L tf a, 

5415 Rondinelli (F.) Eelazione del Contagio state in Firenze TAnno 

1030 e 1633 con un breve Eagguaglio della Miracolosa 
Immagine della Madonna delP Impruneta, Testo di Lingua 
red morocco, blind tooled in the old style Fiorenza, 16d4 

5416 Eondinelli. A.VLoih&t co^y, calf extra, g. e, m, 1634 

5417 Eondinelli (F.) Eelazione del Contagio (1630-33) coll' Aggiunta 

del Catalogo di tutte le Pestilenze pi^ celebri, Testo di Lingua 
half calf gilt Mrenze, 1714 

5418 Eosasco (G.) Eimario, uncut Fadova, 1819 

5419 Eoscoe (W.) Life of Lorenzo de' Medici called The Magnificent, 

2 vol. 
THICK PAPEB, presentation copy, unth autograph letter from the 
author to the Earl of Otford^ calf enctra^ Etruscan pattern, 
by Edwards, g. e. Liverpool, 1795 

6420 Eoscoe (W.) Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth, 4 vol. por- 
traits, plates and vignettes, laboe papeb ih, 1805 

5421 EosEo (Mambrino) Lo Assedio & Impbbsa be Fibekzb, con 

tutte le cose successe: Incominciando Dal Laudabile Ac- 
cordo, Del Summo Pontifice & la Cesarea Maesta, Et tutti 
li ordini, & Battaglie sequite (in ottava Eima), woodcuts 
red morocco, g. e. by Wheeler, excessively babe 

Pei*08ciaper Qirolamo Cartolai, 1530 
*4^* This edition was unknown to Moreni, who mentions the duo- 
decimo reprint at Venice in 1531 as '' Libro eztremamente 
raro,*' and styles it *' il Cimclio della mia vasta Eaccolta.*' 

5422 Eosetti (Gioanventura) Plichtho de TArte de Tentori, woodcuts 

olive morocco, g. e, very rare Venetian 1640 

5423 Eosetti (G. V.) Plichtho. Another edition in blacfi letter, 

ivoodcuts, vellum Vinegia^ 1548 


5424 Bosaiiii (O.) Lettere pittoriche sul Campo Santo di Pisa 

LABGhfi VJLPBRf plates, half colf Pisa, 1810 

5425 Bossi (O.) Elogi historici di Bresciaui illustri 

halfhound^ uneut J^reseia, 1620 

5426 Bossi (O.) Memorie BresdaDe, portrait and numeraus woodcuts 

ivi, 1603 

5427 Kotta (I.) della Orandezza dell' Huomo Venetia, 1587 

5428 Hoxburghe (John Duke of) Catalogue of his Library, the Sale 

Clerk's copif, interleaved in 4to. with the prices and purchasers^ 
names ana the Ledger, a portrait of the Duke inserted, % vol. 
half russia^ and some loose papers 1812 

5429 Bozburghe Club. Three Collections of English Poetry of the 

latter part of the sixteenth Century, 1578-9, privately 

printed for the Hoxburghe Club, half morocco 1844 

5480 BoxDurghe Club : Chronological List of Members, Catalogue of 

Books, Bules and BeguTations, half morocco 1845 

5431 Bncellai (O.) Saggio dei Dialoghi filosofici. Testo di Lingua 

inedito, labge fjlPER, half morocco, uncut Mrenze, 1823 

5432 Busca (B.) il Busco overo dell* Historia della Famiglia Busca 

Libri tre Venetia, 1680 

5433 Bnscelli (Q.) Lettura sopra un Sonetto dello Marehese della 

Terza alia Marchesa del Yasto, woodcut portrait ivi, 1552 

%* At the end are laudatory Sonnets on Maria d'Aragona Mar- 
chioness of Vasto, by P. Aretino, F. Sansovino, G. rarabosco, 
Bemigio Eiorentino, B. Tomitano, G. Buscelli, and others. 

6434 BuscELLi (leronimo) Imfbesjb illubtei con Espositioni et 

LARGE FAFEB, numcrous engravings of devices, morocco, super 

extra, gilt sides and back " Venetia, 1566 

5435 Sabellico (M. A.) Historic Yinitiane tradotte da L. Dolce 

FEINTED OK BLUE FAFEB {Carta ozzwra), vellum, very rare 

Venetia, 1544! 

5436 Sade (l'Abb6 de) M^moires pour la Yie de Petrarque, 3 vol. 

fine copy, old calf gilt Jsnst, 1764-7 

5437 Sadeler (Marco) Yiaggio da Yenetia a Constantinopoli, maps, 

plans and views Venetia, s. a. 

5438 Salici (G. A.) Historia deUa Famiglia Conti 

LABOE FAFEB, MS, additions by Dr. Wellesley Vicenza, 1605 

%• This copy has the Aldine Aiichor on title-page. 

5439 Salicino (A.) Prima Parte de* Soggetti Poetici, with numerous 

woodcut capitaU, half calf gilt Fiorenza, 1566 

5ii0 Salomone, Proverbii utilissimi a ciaschuno, woodcut 

senza not^z {Sec. xv) 

%* An excessively rare metrical version, with three Sonnets and 
a collection of proverbial Distychs in an alphabetical arrange- 


Salviati (L.) Orazione nella Morte di D. Garzia de' Medici, rare 
{see Moreni), Mrenze, Oiunti, 1562 — Orazione Seconda, 
rarissima {sec Moreni), ivi, 1562 — Terza Orazione, ivi, 1562 


1)442 Salviati (L.) Seoonda Orazione nella Morte di D. Garzia de 
Medici Firenze, Giunti, 1562 

%• *• Barissima," says Moreni. From some motive D. Silvano Bazzi, 
the editor of the collected Orazioni, has omitted this second 
Oration, substituting the third in its place. 

5443 Salviati (L.) Seconda Orazione nella Morte dello Illust. S. Don 

Garzia de Medici Firenze, Giunti^ 1562 

5444 Salviati (L.) Orazione nella Morte di Michelagnolo Buonarroti 

MrenzCy L. Torrentino, 1564 

5448 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione nella quale si dimostra la Fiorentina 

Favella ed i Fiorentini Autori essere superiori, rare (tee 

Moreni) Firenze^ Giunti^ 1504 

5446 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione al Capitolo Generale della Beligione 

di S. Stefano wi, 1571 

%* Very rare. Moreni only mentions the reprint by Maresootti in 

5447 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione funerale neir Esequie di Cosimo 

Medici Granduca di Toscana, rare (see Moreni) 

Firenze, B, Sermartelli, 1574 

5448 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione funerale nell* Esequie del Sereniss. 

Cosimo Medici Granduca di Toscana, rare (see Gamha) 

ivi, 1574 

5449 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazioni, Firenze, Giunti, 1575 (at end 1574) 

— Cinque Lezioni (on Petrarch's Sonnet ''della Speranza"), 
m, 1575, half calf pH, Testo di Lingua in one vol. 

5450 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione funerale dello Lodi di Pier Yettori, 

portrait, rare (see Moreni) Firenze, Giunti, 1585 

5451 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione delle Lodi di D. Luigi Cardinal 

d'Este Firenze, 1587 

5452 Salviati (L.) Orazione delle Lodi di Don Luigi Cardinal d'Este 

ivi, 1587 

5453 Salviati (Cav. L.) Orazione delle Lodi di D. Alfonso d'Este 

uncut Ferrara, 1587 

5454 Salviati (Cav. L.) Avvertimenti della Lingua sopra '1 Decamerone, 

2 vol. Venezia 1584 e Firenze 1586 

5455 Salviati (Cav. L.) Avvertimenti della Lingua sopra '1 Decamerone, 

2 vol. Testo di Lingua Venezia (Giunti), 1584-86 

%* At the end of vol. 1 are translations of the ninth Novel of 
Boccaccio into the various dialects of Italy. 

5456 Salviati (L.) Avrertimenti della Lingua sopra il Decamerone, 

2 vol. in 1, vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Napoli, 1712 

5457 Salvini (A. M.) Discorsi Accademici 

riBST EDiTiOK, vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1695 

5458 Salvini (A. M.) Discorsi Accademici, 3 vol. 

vellum, Testo di LingtM ivi^ 1725-12-33 

5459 Salvini (A. M.) Discorsi Accademici, 3 vol. 

half calf giU, uncut Venezia, 1735 

5460 Salvini (A. M.) Prose Toscane, 2 voL 

vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1715-35 


5461 Salvini (A, M.) Prose Toscane, calf Firenze, 1715 

5462 Salvini (A. M.) Prose Sacre, half green tnoroccOy uncut ivi, 1715 
6463 Salvini (A. M.) Qoneiti^f ne portrait 

LABGE PAPEBy vellum, uficuty Testo di lAgua ivi, 1728 

5464 Salvini (A. M.) Sonetti finqui inediti, portrait 

LiJEiGE FAPEB, half tnorocco, uncut, Testo di Lingua, ivi, 1823 

5465 Salvini (S.) Pasti Consolari dell' Accademia Piorentina 

half red morocco ivi, 1717 

5466 Salvini (S.) Catalogo cronologico de' Canonici della Chiesa 

Metropolitana Piorentina, half calf gilt ivS, 1782 

5467 Salvio (I.) L'Api Barberine Protettrici della S. Seligione Pran- 

ciscana Milano, 1633 

5468 Sammarco (Ottavio) Tempio della Divina Signora Donna 

Geronima Colonna d'Aragona 
LABOE PAPEB, engraved title-page and numerous ornamental 
letters, vellwn Padoa, 1568 

%* A Collection of Italian and Latin Poems in Praise of Donna 
Geronima bj the principal poets of her time, including B. 
Guarino, L. Dolce, G. Bossi, B. Tomitano, G. M. Verdizotti, 
O. Toscanella, Bemigio Piorentino, £. Yalvassono, Conte G. 
Capo di Lista, D. Atanagi, Paul Manucci, P. Bobortelli, O. 
Sammarco, Giraldo Cinthio, &c. &c. 

5469 Sangallo (P. P.) Esperienze intorno alia Generazione delle 

Z&nzs^e, plate, half morocco, Testo di Lingua, Firenxe, 1679 

5470 Sannazaro (lacobo) Arcadia 

fine copy in vellum, scarce, Teste di Lingua Napoli, 1504 

5471 Sannazaro (Jacobo) Sonetti e Canzoni 

half morocco, g. e, very scarce, Roma per A. Blado d^Asola, 1530 

5472 Sannazaro (J.) Sonetti et Canzoni, a rare edition, ruled 

calf Napoli, 1630 

5473 Sansovino (P.) Bitratto delle piu nobili et famose Citt^ d'ltalia 

vellum Venetia, 1575 

6474 Sansovino (P.) Venetia descritta ivi, 1604 

5475 Sansovino (P.) Venetia descritta, half morocco ivi, 1663 

5476 Sansovino (P.) Origine e Patti delle Pamiglie illustri d'ltalia 

half morocco ivi, 1670 

5477 Sanuti (Petri Aurelii) Becens Lutberanarum Assertionum Op- 

pugnatio Tenet. Aldijilii, 1543 

5478 Sanuto (Marino) Commentarii della Guerra di Perrara tra li 

Viniziani ed il Duca Ercole d'Este nel 1482 per la prima 
Volta pubblicati Venezia, 1829 

5479 Sarbievii (M. C.) Lyricorum lib. IV, Epodon liber alterque 

Epigrammatum, engraved title-page after Itulens, by C. Qalle 

Ante, 1632 

5480 Sardi (G.) Historie Perraresi Ferrara, 1656 

5481 Sardi (G.) Historie Perraresi. Aggiuntivi di piii quattro Libri 

del S. Dottore A. Paustini, portraits ivi, 1646 

5482 Sardi (G. S.) in Hermathenam Bocchiam Interpretatio, /^Za^^ 

large copy, babe, Bp» Butler's copy, and cost him £ 8. Ss. 

Bononicp apud. Ant, Manutium, Aldiflium, 1566 


6483 Sarpi (P.) Historia particolare delle Cose paasate tra '1 Soiuino 

Pontefioe Paolo Y e la S. Republica di Venetia gV Anni 
1005-7, Jine copy in vellum, scarce Lione, 1624 

6484 Sarpi (P.) Discorso dell* Origine, Forma, Le^ ed TJso dell' 

TJfficio dell* Inquisitione nella Oitt^ e Dominio di Yenetia 
half red morocco^ g, e. 9. L 

6486 Saulnier (P.) de Capite Sacri Ordinis Sancti BpirituB, plates 

Liu^uniy 1649 

6486 Savage (H.) Balliofergus, or a Oommentanr upon the Foundation, 

Founders and Affaires of Balliol Colled^e, gathered out of 
the Eecords thereof, and other Antiquities, with a descrip- 
tion of Eminent Persons of the same House Osford, 1668 

6487 Savage (Henry) Balliofergas ; or the Commentary upon the 

foundation, founders and affiures of Balliol Colledge, tUle- 
page mounted, half calf Oxford, 1668 

6488 Sayonabola. Libro di Frate Uieronymo da Ferrara della 

Semplicita della Yita Christiana tradocto in Yolgare (da 
Hieronymo Benivieni), tooodcuts, senza nota — Compendio 
di Hevelatione, Firenze, 1495 — Tractate dello Amore di 
Jesu Christo, senza nota {ivi, 1495) — Laude (ivi, 1496) — 
Apologia de Frati dela Cong^gatione di Sancto Marco di 
Firenze (ivi, 1495) — ^Triompho della Fede, 2 tooodcuts, ivi, 
1516— Expositione del Pater noster et Epistola sopra la 
Sancta Comunione, woodcuts, senza nota — ^Epistola a Madonna 
Magdalena Contessa della Mirandola laquale volea intrare 
in Monasterio, 2 woodcuts, senza nota — Benivieni (D.) 
Epistola responsiva a certe Objectione e Calunnie contra a 
Frate Hieronymo da Ferrara, senza nota {Firenze, 1495) 
calf in one vol. 

%* These works of Savonarola are all extremely rare, having been 
rigidly suppressed, and the sale of them strictly prohibited. 

5489 Savonarola. Tractato divoto & utile della HumiUta eompoato 

per Frate Hieronymo da Ferrara, 3 woodcuts, senza nota — 
Sermone overo Tractato della Oratione a M. A. d. S., 
2 woodcuts, senza nota — ^Tractato in Defensione & Common- 
datione dell* Oratione mentale, woodcut, senza nota — Com- 
pendio di Hevelatione, 6 woodcuts and device, Firenze, 1496 
-^Tractate di M. Domenico Benivieni in Defensione et 
Probatione della Doctrina et Prophetie predicate da Frate 
Hieronymo da Ferrara nolla Citta di Firenze, 2 woodcuts 
and device, ivi, 1496 in one vol, 

*J^ The work of Benivieni is pronounced by Moreni rarissimo, and 
is so rare that even Negri mentions it only as an unpublished 

5490 SAYOVi.soLA. Ezpositione di Frate Hieronymo da Ferrara sopra 

el Psalmo LaXIX, 2 woodcuts, senza nota — ^Epistola Equiti 
D. Agamemnoni Marscotto de Calvis, s, a. — Philippe Cioni 
Notaio Fiorentino alle devote Monache di Sancta Lucia, 
{Firenze, 1490) — Lauda, senza nota — Regole a tutti li 
Beligiosi, senza nota — Sermone della Oratione a M. A. d. S. 
woodcut, senza nota — Tractato circa il Kegginiuuto & Goveruo 
della Citta di Firenze, '' kahibsihu'' in the opinion of 


Moretii, senza iio/a— Predica de larte del bene morire, Marb 
letter, lar^e ivoodcut of Death's Triumphy Milano, 1499 — 
Compendio di Bevelatione (Profetie), Jirtf»jr^,1495 — Predica 
della Benovatione dellaChiesa {Firenze, 1494) — Expoaitione 
Bopra el Psalmo L Miserere mei Deus, Bononiwy 1499 — 
Expositio in Psalmum : In te domine sperayi (ladt letter, 
*- h Sf a, (Milanoy 1499) — Benivieni (D.) Epistola reaponsiva 
a eerte Objectione & Calunnie contra a Frate Hieronymo 
da Perrara, senza nota, green morocco in one vol. 

6491 Sayoitaboijl (Fba G-ibolamo). Libro di Frate Hieronymo da 
Eerrara della Verita deUa Fede Christiana sopra il glorioso 
Triompbo della Croce di CUristo, 2 woodcuts, Mrenze, 1516 
— Expoaitione del Pater noster, woodcut^ senza nota — Ex- 
poaitione sopra la Oratione della Yergine glorioaa, senza nota 
— Operetta del Amore di Jesu con I^ude, 2 woodcuts^ 
senza nota — Tractate in Defensione et Commendatione della 
Oratione mentale, JFirenze, per Maestro Antonio Miscomini, 
s, a, (circa 1490) — Sermone della Oratine a M. A. d. S. 
woodcut, senza noto-^Lectione, o vero Sermone facto a molti 
Sacerdoti, Beligioai et Secolari in Sancto Marco di Firenze 
Adi XV di Febraio M.CCCC.LXXXXVII, senza nota 
^Mrenze, 1497), green morocco in one vol. 

5492 Savonarola. Della Storia del P. Qirolamo Savonarola da Ferrara 

Libri IV (del P. M. Barsanti Domenicano), /7or^ra»^ 

Livorno, 1782 

5493 Scannelli (F.) Microcosmo della Pittura, front. Gesena, 1657 
6494 Scannelli. Another copy, with half title instead of frontispiece^ 

with MS. additions hy Carlo Oignoni 1691, especially reject- 
ing Pictures at Forli ivi, 1657 

6496 Scappi (B.) Opera delF Arte del cucinare. Aggiuntovi il Trin- 

ciante di Y. Cervio et il Mastro di Casa di C. Pandini, 
portrait and curious ivoodcuts of instruments for cookery, Sfc. 
in old calf with the arms of the Wizzaed Earl of Northumber- 
land stamped in gold on side Tenet ia, 1610 

%* An invaluable book of Italian cookery, by the Chef-de-Cuisine of 
Pope Hus V. 

5496 Scargill (D.) Becantation publickly made before the TIniveraity 
of Cambridge, tcith JtdS. note hy 21 Baker, the ejected 
Minister of St. John's, Camh. 1669 — Demetriua hia oppoai- 
tion to Beformation, by J. Tillinghast of Streate in Suaaex, 
1642 — Sainta Duty in contending tor the Faith by J. Templer, 
1659 ; and othera (7) 

6497 Scavenii (P.) Deaignatio Librorum Bibliothecae Begise 

Hafhia, 1665 

5498 Schadffii (0.) Summum Argentoratenaium Templum: das ist 

Beachreibung desz Munatera zu Straazburg, plates and cuts 

Straszburg, 1617 

6499 Scheurl (H. J.) Statua Mercurii, Relmestad. 1670— Bencii (F.) 

Oratio in funere Alexandri Fameaii Cardinalis, Romte, D. 

Basa, 1589 ; and others (9) 


5500 Schweigger (S.) Bejazbescbreibung ausz Teutschland nacb 

Constantinopel und Jerusalem, a curious hook of Travels, 
with portrait, large folded and numerous other ufoodcute 
half moroeoo, g, e. Numb, 1613 

5501 Scoto (L.) il Gklone, FaTola "PaBtonlef/rontispiecef portrait and 

views of the scenery by Q, Boetto Torino, 1656 

5502 Scribanii (0.) Antverpia, Ante, 1610 — Ejusdem Origiaes Ant- 

yerpiensium, plates in the style of Hollar, ib, 1610 in 1 vol. 

5503 Segneri (P.) Opere, con Vita, 4 vol. portrait 

half calf Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1712 

5504 Segneri (P.) Prediche nel Palazzo Apostolico 

DEPiCATiOK COPT TO PoPB Ikkookkt XII, in old red 
morocco, covered with gold tooling, having the Fapal Arms 
stamped in gold on sides Boma, 1694 

5505 Segneri (P.) II Cristiano instruito nella sua Legge Bagionamenti 

morali, 3 vol. vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua, Firenze, 1686 

5506 Segneri (P.) Predicbe, Boma, 1694— L'lncredulo senza Scusa, 

Firenze, 1690 2 vol. 

5507 Segni (B.) Trattato sopra i Libri dell* Anima d'Aristotile 

Fiorenza, 1583 

5508 Segni (B.) Storie Eiorentine colla Vita di N. Capponi sue Zio e 

colla Traduzione inedita dell' Edipo il Principe di Sofocle 
del medesiiDO Autore, 2 vol. in 1 Palermo, 1778 

5509 Seneca de Benifizii, tradotto da B. Yarchi 

FIBST EDITIOK, Testo di Lingua, calf rare, (see Moreni) 

Firenze, L. Torrentino, 1554 

5510 Seneca, Pistole e Trattato della Pro video za di Dio 

vellum, uncut, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1717 

5511 Seneca, Lettera XXXI, recata in Italiano del Com. A. Caro, 

preceduta da lY Lettere originali dallo stesso Traduttore 
per la prima Yolta pubblicata da S. Liberali 
only 100 copies printed Treviso, 1820 

5512 SsPTEM Sapientes. Historia septem Sapientum Somas 

a very scarce edition of these tales, fine copy 

sine ulla nota sed Oolonia, J. Veldener, circa 1475 

5513 Septem Sapiektes. Pontianus. Dicta aut facta Septem Sa- 

KS EDITION OF EXTREME BAEITT, toith many curious wood* 
cuts Argent, s. a, 

5514 Septem Sapientes. In boc opusculo sunt subtilitates septem 

sapientum BomsD valde perutiles 
a scarce edition of this romance sine uUd nota 

5515 Serasso (P. A.) Yita di Torquato Tasso 

pike paper, vellum Boma, 1785 

5516 Serassi (P. A.) Vita di Torquato Tasso, 2 vol. portrait 

uncut Bergamo, 1790 

5517 Serdonati (F.) de' Fatti d'Armi de' Eomani 

half morocco, Testo di Lingua Venetia, 1572 

5518 Serdonati (F.) Costumi de' Turchi e Modo di guerreggiarli 

LARGE PAPER, half morocco, uncut Faenza, 1853 


6519 Serenii (Jac.) Dictionarium Anglo-Suethico-Latinum, wanting 
ike bottom portion of the title-page, 1734 — l^usdem Dic- 
tionarium iMietbico-Anglo-Latinum, Stockhohnug, 1741 

in one vol. 

5520 Sermons by T. Jackson, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1626 — By the 
same, in St. Mary's, Oxford, 1617 — By J. Prideaux, at 
Woodstock, 1624 — By the same, at the Consecration of St. 
James Chapel, in Exeter College, Oxford, 1625 — By E. 
Bedingfield, at Paul's Crosse, Oxford, 1626— By J. Eaw- 
linson, at Whitehall, ib, 1625 in one vol. 

6521 Sermons (Sixty-five) during the latter part of the last and com- 
mencement of the present Century, bound in 4 vol. 

5522 Sermons and Charges (Twenty) collected in one vol. toith auto- 

graphs of C. Stwrges and B, Naves, some with manuscript 
notes 1779-92 

5523 Sermons and other Pamphlets a bundle 

5524 Sesti (G-. B.) Piante delle Citt&, Piazze e Castelli fortificati in 

questo State di Milano, map and plates Milano, 1707 

5525 Sestini (D.) sopra i modem i Falsificatori di Medaglie Greche, 

plates Firenze, 1826 


5526 Sadeler (Just.) Flone De» inter patrios et ezoticos flores se- 

dentis artificiosa delineatio yariorum florvm subsequente 
effigie ubi miscentur varisB Auriculce, Fructus, et Animalia ; 
Piscium et Avium Icones a Sadelero et Collardo, 127 beau- 
tiful plates oblong 

5627 Saint Jean de Jerusalem. Histoire des Chevaliers de TOrdre 

de S. Jean de Hierusalem, augment^e d'une traduction des 
Establissemens et des Statuts de la Beligion, par I. Bau- 
doin, d'un abreg6 des Privileges, par Anne de Naberat, &o. 
portraits and plates 
LARGE PAPER, Very fine copy, old red morocco Paris, 1643 

%* This copy has the two leaves of addition, pp. 128-132, to the 
'' Sommaire des Privileges ;" also a large folding plan of Malta 
at p. 82, seldom found in the book. 

5628 Saint Esprit. Les Noms, Sumoms, Qualitez, Armes, et Blasons 

des Chevaliers de TOrdre du Sainct Esprit, woodcuts of the 
arms of the Knights of the Order, on a large scale 
half calf Paris, 1643 

6529 Salmon (N.) History of Hertfordshire, map, with much inte- 
resting additional matter in manuscript by Craven Ord, and 
a few plates inserted 1728 

6630 Sandrart (Joach de) Academia NobilissimsD Artis Pictoriss, nu- 

nerous portraits and plates, fine impressions, from the Earl 
ofMortorCs Library, with autograph note of Oeo. Steevens 
inserted Norimb. 1683 

6631 Sandys (G.) Eolation of a Journey began An. Dom. 16 10, con- 

taining a description of the Turkish Empire, of ^gypt, 
the Holy Land, &c. engraved title-page by Delaram, and 
plates, old calf gilt 1616 

T T 


5532 Sansovino (P.) Historia di Casa Orsina, con gli Huomini illnstri 

della Famiglia, 2 vol. in l^fine portraUsy calf Venetia, 1565 

5533 Sarayna (Torellus) de Origine et Amplitudine civitatis Yerons, 

de viris illustribus antiquis Yeronensibus, de monumentis 
antiquis, de interpretatione litterarum antiqnarum, etc. 
woodcuts f halfrussia Verona, 1540 

6534 Sarpi (P.) Historia del Concilio Tridentino 

LARGE 'PA.TEn,JirH edition, old morocco, g. e, 1619 

5635 Saxton (C.) Maps or England and Wales 

ORIGINAL EDITION, xoifk 35 maps, portrait of Queen JSliza^ 
heth and Index, all complete and coloured, tebt rare 1579 

5536 Saxton (C.) Maps of England and Wales, corrected and amended, 

with many additions, by P. Lea 

5537 Scardeonices (B.) de Antiquitate Urbis Patavii et clans ciyibus 

Patavinis et de Sepulcnris insignibus Basil, 1560 

5538 Scfaedler (J. G.) Biographiscbe Skizzen der Personen, welche in 

den das Grabmahl Kaisers Maximilian 1, in der Kirche zum 
heiligen Kreuz zu Innsbruck vorstellen, 30 plates, with de- 
scriptions in German and Italian Innsbruck, 1823 

5539 Schreyehi (Com.) Lexicon Manuale Grssco-Latinum et Latino- 

Grfficam, russia Fatavii, 1778 

5540 Scrap-Book of Yignettes, Head and Tail Pieces, Goats of Arms, 

Original Sketches and Miscellaneous Engrayings 
green vellum 

5541 Scrapiana. A Collection of Cuttings from Newspapers, con- 

sisting of Interesting Anecdotes, Biographical Notices, Poe- 
tical Scraps, &c. made about 1826, mounted in a copy of the 
Phgsiologia Kircheriana, a very interesting volume 

5542 Sebastiani Arragonensis Monumenta Antiqua Urbis et Agri 

Brixiani, ^4^ plates, half calf, uncut 1564 

5543 Segneri (P.) Quaresimale 

LARGE PAPER, vellum, Testo di Lingua Firenze, 1679 

5544 Segni (B.) Storie Eiorentine (1527-1555) coUa Yita di N. Cap- 

poni Gonfaloniere, both portraits 
fine copy, with the suppressed passage on p, 304 printed on a 
slip, vellum, Testo di Linaua Augusta, 1723 

5545 Segoin^ (C.) Armorial Uniyersel, contenant les Armes des 

pnncipales Maisons, Estatz et Dignitcz