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Full text of "Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 1893"

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This catalogue of the books ia tlie Society's Library has 
been prepared to meet a long felt and pressing want. 
The principal difficulty in the way has been the matter 
of expense. But the Council feel that the time has come, 
now that the financial position of that Society is steadily 
improving, when they can feel themselves justified in 
making the necessary advance. 

Mr. Yaux had already commenced a MS. of the cata- 
logue. Mr. Cox, of the London Library, not himself 
an Oriental linguist, but a careful and experienced 
librarian, was engaged by the Council to make a new 
draft of the catalogue, and his work has been throughout 
superintended and revised by the Honorary Librarian, 
Dr. Oliver Codrington, and by myself. 

The aim has been to satisfy the practical need of a 
book in which the Members of the Society should be 
able to find, and to find easily, what books their library 
contains. Among other details the question of the spelling 
has been settled with this aim in view. Many of the 


older books have the Oriental words in their titles spelt 
in accord with the system, or want of system, which 
prevailed when they were first published. While the 
titles themselves are reproduced in this old spelling, the 
catch words, printed in clarendon type, have been uni- 
formly transliterated so as to bring them into accordance 
with modern ideas. ' 

The transliteration used has been for Sanskrit, Pali,, 
and the allied languages — 

Vowels — 

a a i 1 u u 

ri rl Iri Irl e ai 

Consonants — 


k kh 

g gh 



c ch 

J jh 



t th 

d dh 



t th 

d dh 



P Ph 

b bh 



Semi vowels y r 1 v 
Sibilants s sh s 

Aspirate h 

and for Arabic, Persian, and the allied languages — 

C-> = th Arabic J = d Arabic i? = t 

8 Persian z Persian 1? = z 

^= j (^ = sh ^= 'a, 'i, 'u 

^=ch ^ = § ^=:gli 

^ = h ^= d Arabic o ~ V 

^ = kh § Persian j = w, v 


The names of Orientals have been spelt in accordance 
with this system, except in those few cases in which an 
author has clearly and deliberately adopted a peculiar 
transliteration of his own. In place names also such 
words as may fairly be considered to have become current 
English have been left in their usual English spelling. 

T. W. Ehys Davids, 

Secretary and Librarian. 


Page 1, line 4, for A'aras-i-Bozorgan read A'aras i Buzurgan — A^aras-i- 

Page 1, line 15, for Fattah read Fattah. 
Page 2, line 34, for Samazanl read Hamadhanl. 
Page 3, line 7, for Ishak read Ishak. 

Page 3, line 9, do. do., and for Tambih read Tanbih. 

Page 3, line 39 and following on pages 4 and 5, for Abu'l read Abal. 
Page 4, line 27, for Arabic^ read Tatarice. 
Page 7, line 12, for Manger read Manger. 
Page 9, line 16, for Farghani read Farghanl. 
Page 9, line 24, for Abi'l read Abil. 
Page 25, line 41, for Majlisi read Majlisi 
Page 26, line 1, do. do. 

Page 28, lines 3, 4, and 5 erase. 
Page 32, line 1, for Din read Bin. 
Page 42, line 31, for Mehemmed Edib hen Mehemed read Mtchammad Edlb 

ibn Muhammad. 
Page 43, line 7, for Old read New, and for s.a. 1727. 
Page 43, line 9, for 1641 read 1614. 

Page 50, line 38, for Bible read New Testament, and for s.l. Corfu. 
Page 53, line 13, for s.l. read Smyrna. 
Page 55, lines 7 and 8, for Abu'l read Ahicl. 
Page 63, line 35, (Boucber) insert Parts 1 and 2. 
Page 74, line 10, insert Poems by before Koi Hai. 
Page 80, line 24, insert 2 vols. 
Page 81, line 34, for Cavanagh read Cavenagh. 
Page 84, line 12, for Vol. 2 read 2 Vols. 
Page 94, line 28, for M^araj read MHraj. 
Page 100, line 24, insert 2 Vols. 
Page 104, line 41, insert Persian Text. 
Page 107, line 18, for 3 read 2. 
Page 113, line 37, for Bengalee read Persian. 
Page 115, line 1, insert Ibn before Haukal. 
Page 115, line 24, for M'araj read M'iraj. 
Page 115, line 32, for Abu'l read Abiil. 
Page 116, line 28, for 4 vols, read 5 vols. 
Page 121, line 23, dele (wanting part 12). 
Page 122, line 42, for Fenson read Fenton. 
Page 132, line 30, for Gamii read Jami — Oamii. 
Page 147, Hne 16, for Hamadaoi read Hamdanl. 



Page 162, insert after Eawkesworth, Hawkins (Sir John). — Voyages duiing 
the reikis of Ilenry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, and James I, 
edited by Clements R. Markham, C.B. [Eakluyt Society.) 
8vo. London, 1878. 

Page 165, line 1, for Hervey de St. Denis read D'Hervey-Saint-Denys, 

Page 175, line 33, for 'Abu read Abu. 

Page 176, line 17, read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

Page 178, below last line insert — See Ecker. 

Page 179, line 1, insert By Saleh Muhammad. 

Page 181, line 4, for Memory read Geography. 

Page 183, line 4, insert 2 vols. 

Page 184, line 13, for Amaenitatun read Amaenitatum. 

Page 189, line 7, after Francjais add -Persan. 

Page 190, line 34, for K'huree Bolee read Ehuri Boli. 

Page 196, line 23, erase Fasc. 1-9. 

Page 201, line 15, for Lavoin read Lavoiz. 

Page 201, line 39, for Leach read Leech. 

Page 206, line 32, (Logarithms) insert Turkish Text. 

Page 233, line 30, for Milner read Milne. 

Page 236, line 4, for Diibistan read Dabistan. 

Page 242, line 18, for Nassakh read Nassakh. 

Page 244, line 32, for Nicholson read Nicholas. 

Page 251, line 1, insert after Provinces and Andh. 

Page 262, line 5, for Bamru read Bannu. 

Page 282, line 29, for Dorunna read Dur Numa, i.e. Perspective. 

Page 283, line 8, for Baguvish read Baguvi'ah. 

Page 287, line 26, for Kumama read Kunama. 

Page 299, line 21, erase Fasc. 1-3. 

Page 300, line 40, (Pend Namah Text) erase. 

Page 302, line 33, for Samonelle read Samonelle. 

Page 309, line 8, for Sestiri read Sestini. 

Page 313, line 14, for Marathi read Bengali. 

Page 326, line 42, for Persian read Deccani Hindustani. 

Page 327, line 29, for Delonde read Delonele. 

Page 341, line 37, insert after Derenbourg, Ime. Partie-Vie d'Ousama. 

Page 349, line 24, erase Fasc. 1-5. 

Page 349, line 37, for Vythcanatha read Vytheanatha. 

Page 359, line 15, erase New. 

Page 364, line 13, insert 2 vols. 

Page 365, line 8, erase the comma after parts. 



Aalst (J. A. van) — Chinese Music. Illus. sm. 4to. Shanghai, \^M. 

A'aras-i-Bozorgan — An Obituary of Pious Moslems, ed. by W. N. 
Lees and Mawlawi Kablr-ad-dln Ahmad. 8vo. Calcutta, 1855. 

'Abbas Khan Sarwani — Tailkh-i-Scher Schah, traduite en Franqais 
par G. de Tassy. roy. Svo. Paris, 1865. 

Abbott (Lieut.-Col. F.) — Practical Treatise on Permanent Bridges 
for Indian Rivers. -^gra, 1847. 

Abbott (Lieut. George) — Views of the Forts of Bhurtpoore and 
Weire. Litho. obL f oL London? 1^21. 

Abbott (Capt. James) — Journey to Khiva, Moscow, and St. Peters- 
burg. 2nd ed. map. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1867. 

Abcarius (J.) — English and Arabic Diet. roy. Svo. Beirut, 1882. 

'Abd al Fattah (Sayyid) — Ashraf-ool-Kawanin ; or, Hindustani 

Grammar, '^rd ed. 12mo. Bombay, 1870. 

'Abd al Ghafur Khan, called Nassakh — Ganj i Tawarikh, Persian 
and Urdu Chronograms, and Armaghan, a Poem. Lithographed. 
Svo. A.H. 1294. 

'Abd al Hamid of Lahore — The Badshah Namah, ed. under 
superintendence of W. N. Lees. 2 vols. 8vo. {Bill. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1867-68. 

Index to the Names in, by Maulavi Abdur Eahim. 

Svo. {Bihl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1872. 

'Abd al Kadir— The Muntakhab-al-TawarIkh, ed. by W. N. Lees 
and Munshi Ahmad 'Ali. vol. 1, and vol. 3, fasc. 1, and 3-5. 
Svo. {Bihl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1865-69. 

The same, trans, by W. H. Lowe. Fasc. 2-3-4-5. Svo. 

(Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1884-9. 

'Abd al Kadir Muhammad — Der tjberfliessender Strom in der 
Wissenschaft des Erbrechts der Hanefiten und Schafeiten. 
Arabischer Text, uebersetzt u. erlautert von Leo Hirscb. 
p. Svo. Leipzig, 1891. 



'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al Eadir — Hikaiyat, a collection of Stories 
in Malay. 4to. Smi/apur, 1849. 

The same, edited by E.. v. Eysinga. 8vo. Batavia, 1821. 

'Abd al Latif Shah, — The Divan of, known by the name of 

Shaba jo rlsalo, ed. in the SindhI by Rev. Ernest Trumpp. 
8vo. Leipzig, 1866. 

'Abd al Latif — Relation de I'Egypte, suivie de divers Extraits 
d'Ecrivains Orientaux, etc., trad, avec notes, par M. Silvestre 
de Sacy. 4to. Paris, 1810. 

AbdoUatiphi Historise JEgypti Compendium, Arab, et 

Latine, notisque illust. J. White. 4to. Oxonii, 1800. 

'Abd al Wahid al-Marrakoshi — The History of the Almohades. 

Arabic Text, ed. by R. Dozy. 8vo. O.Text S., Leyden, 1847. 

^- — The same. 2nd ed. 8vo. Leyden, 1881. 

'Abd ar Eahman — Dlwan-i-'Abdur Rahman, ed. by Rev. T. P. 

Hughes. 8vo. Lahore, 1877. 

'Abd ar Rahman (Syud) — A Little Sketch Book of Literary Jottings. 

8vo. * Madras, 1883. 

'Abd ar Rashid Tattawi — The Earhang-i-Rashldl, ed. by Maulawis 

Zulfaqar 'All and 'Aziz Urrahman. Ease. 1-14. 4to. {Bibl. 

Indica.) Calcutta, 1870-75. 

Ald-oor-Rusheed-e-T^ hatvee — Moontukhub-ool-Loghaut ; 

or. Dictionary of Arabic words, with a Persian translation re- 
vised by Molovee Allah Daud. With preface by M. Lumsden. 
sm. fol. Calcutta, 1808. 

The same, revised by J. H. Taylor. 4to. Calcutta, \9>l%. 

Abel (Carl) — Koptische TJntersuchungen. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Berlin, 1876-7. 

Abhidhammattha Samgaha — ^qq Pali Text Society'' s Journal, 1884. 

Abhidhana Chintamani— Edited by Ram Das Sen. sm. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1874? 

Abiasa — En Javaansch Tooneelstuk, Javanese Text, Dutch version 
and notes by H. C. Humme. (^Amsterdam, Konitikl. Inst.) 8vo. 

'« Gravenhage, 1878. 

Abi Bakr Ahmad ibn Muhammad. See Hamazani. 

Abi J'afar ibn Tufail — Epistola de Hai ebn Yokdhan, cura 
E. Pocock. Arab et Lat. sm. 4to. Oxonii, 1671. 

Bound with Schullens, II. A., Anthologia Sententiarum Arabicarum. 

Aboo Zeyde of Surooj — Adventures of. See Hariri, Makamat. 

Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad. See Ibn Batntah. 

Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Daud — Die Ajrumiyya. 
Arabischer Text, mit TJebersetzung und Erlaiiterungen von 
Ernst Trumpp. 8vo. Miinchen, 1876. 

Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn 'Umar al Wakidi. See fFakidi. 

Abu 'All Sina. Avicennno Opera Medica et Elcraenta Logicse, Phi- 
losophise Naturalis, et Astronomiae. Arabic, fol. Rom(e,\b9Z. 



Abu 'All Sina. tjrjuzah, a Treatise on Medicine. Edited by 

Hakim Mulvi Abu'l Majid. 8vo. s.l. et a. 

Abu Bakr ibn al Anbari — Kitabo-'l Adhdad. Liber de vocabulis 

Arabicis. Arabic Text ed, by M. Th. Houtsma. 8vo, 

Lug. Bat. 1881. 
Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakarlya ar RazL See Rhazes. 
Abii Ishak al Farisi — Liber Climatum (Text with the Illus. 

reproduced ia facsimile), ed. J. M. Moeller. 4to. G^o^A^e, 1839. 
Abii Ishak al Shirazi — At-Tambih ; Jus Shafiticum, e codice 

Leidensi et codice Oxoniensi, ed. T. "W. J. Juynboll. 8vo. 

Lug. Bat. 1879. 
Abii Ism'ail Muhammad — Fotooh al-Sham, ed. by W. N. Lees. 

8vo. {Bibl. Indicn.) Calcutta, 1854. 

Abu Muhammad al Kasim al HarirL See Hariri. 
Abii Shuja'a Ahmad ibn al Hasan— Precis de Jurisprudence 

Musulmane. Texte Arabe avec traduction et annotations par 

Dr. S. Keijzer. 8vo. Leyde, 1859. 

Abu Talib Husaini. See Timur, Institutes and Memoirs. 
Abu Talib Khan (Mirza) — Travels of, in Asia, Africa, and 

Europe, during the years 1799-1803. Trans, from Persian by 

Charles Stewart. 2nd ed. 3 vols. 8.vo. London, 1814. 

Abu 'Umar Minhaj al Jiizjani — The Tabaqat-i Nasiri, ed. by 

W. N. Lees. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1864. 

Abu Zakarlya Yahya — Libro de Agricultura, trad, in Castellano por 

J. A. Banqueri. [With the Arabic Text.] 2 vols. fol. 

Madrid, 1802, 
Abu Zakariya Yahya al Nawawi— Biographical Dictionary of 

Illustrious Men. Arabic Text, ed. by F. Wiistenfeld. 8vo. 

O.Text S. Gbttingen, 1842-7. 
Abul Faraj, Gregorius — De Origine et Moribus Arabum, sive 

Specimen Historiae Arabum. Arabic Text, Latin translation 

and Notes, by E. Pocock. sm. 4to. Oxonii, 1650. 
Historia compendiosa Dynastiarum. Arab, et Lat. E. 

Pocockii. sm. 4to. Oxonii, 1663. 

Gregorii Bar-Hebraei qui et Abulpharag Grammatica 

Syriacae Linguae Cura E. Bertheau. 8vo. Gottingce, 1843. 
Beitrage zur Chronikder. See Mayer {F. G.). 

Abii'l Fazl Muhammad ibn Tahir al Makdisi, vulgo dicto Ibno'l- 
Kaisarani. Homonyma inter Nomina Relativa. Quae cum 
Abu Musae Ispahanensis, ed. Dr. P. De Jong. 8vo. 

Lug. Bat. 1865. 

Abii'1-Fazl as Sayiiti— The History of the Khaliphs, ed. in 
the Arabic by W. Nassau Lees and Mawlawi Abd-al-Haqq. 
Part 1. 8vo. Calcutta, 1856. 

Abii'l Fazl 'AUami — Ayeen Akbery ; or. The Institutes of the 
Emperor Akber. Trans, from the Persian by F. Gladwin. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1800. 


Abu'l Fazl 'Allami — The Aln-i-Akbarl, ed. by H. Blochraann. 
vol. r. 4to. {Bihl. Indtca.) Calcutta, 1872. 

The same, trans, by H. Blochmann. vol. 1. 8vo. {Bihl. 

hidica.) Calcutta, 1837. 

Akbar Naraah, ed. by Maulavl Abdur Rahlm. 3 vols. 

with indexes. 4to. {Bibl. Indtca.) Calcutta, 1873-86. 

Abul Fazl al Baihaki — Tarlkh-i-Baihaki, containing the Life of 
Masaud, ed. by W. H. Morley. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1862. 

Abu'l Fazl Muhammad ibn Khalid — The Soorah, a Dictionary 
of Arabic words explained in Persian, compiled from the Sihah, 
Qamoos, etc. 2 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1812- 15. 

The same, reprinted and enlarged by Hukeem Abdool 

Mojeed. fol. Calcutta, 1830. 

Abu'l Fida — Historia Ante-Islamica Arab, e duobus cod. Bib. Reg. 
Paris, edidit, versione Latina, notis et indie, auxit H. 0. 
Fleischer. 4to. Zipsia, 1831. 

Annales Muslemici, Arab, et Latine, opera et studiis 

J. J. Reiskii, nunc primum edidit J. G. C. Adler. vols. 1, 4, 5. 
4to. HafnitB, 1789-1794. 

Geographic de, Texte Arabe, par M. Reinaud et M. le 

Baron MacGuckin de Slane. 4to. Paris, 1840. 

Geographic d', traduite de 1' Arabe en Fran^ais et accom- 

pagne de notes. Vol. I and vol. 2, part 1, by M. Reinaud. 
Vol. 2, part 2, by S. Guyard. 3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1848-1883. 

Abu'l Ghazi Bahadur Khan — Historia Mongolorum et Tatarorura. 
Arabice. [Cura C. M. Fraehn.] fol. Casani, 1825. 

Abu'l Hasan ibn Abi Zer'a — Primordia Dominationis Murabi- 

torum. ed. C. J. Tornberg. 4to. Upsaliae, 1839. 

Annales Regum Mauritaniae. Ed. C. J. Tornberg. 

Fasc. 1, 2. Arabic Text. 4to. Upsaliae, 1843-5, 

Abu'l Hasan 'All (de Maroc) — Traite des Instruments Astro- 
nomiquesdes Arabes, compose au XIII. siecle, trad, de 1' Arabe 
par J. J. Sedillot. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1834-5. 

Abu'l-Kasim Mahmud ibn 'Umar Zamakhshari — Al-Mufassal. 
Opus de Re Grammatica Arabicum, ed. J. P. Broch. Pieface 
by C A. Holmboe. 8vo. Christianiae, 1859. 

Abu'l Kasim 'Ubaid Allah ibn 'Abd Allah— Kitab al-Masalik 
wal'-Mamalik, et Excerpta Kitab al-Kharadj, auctore Koduma 
ibn Dja'far, quae cum versione Gallica edidit, iudicibus 
et Glossario instruxit M. J. De Goeje. 8vo. Lug. Bat. 1889. 

Abu'l Kasim ibn Ahmad Ezziani — Le Maroc de 1631 a 1812. 
Extrait de I'ouvrage " Ettordjeman Elmo' Arib 'An Douel 
Elmachriq." Public et traduit par 0. Houdas. 8vo. {Ecole des 
Langues Orient. Vivant. II. Sirie, Tome XVIII.) Paris, 1886. 


Abii'l Kasim ibn Ahmad Ezziani — Abulcacim Tarif Ahentarique — 
Historia verdadera del Key Don Ilodrigo. Traduzida por 
Miguel de Luna. 5ta Impressi. 8vo. £n Madrid, 1654. 

Abu'l-Mahasin ibn Taghri Bardii — Ann ales, ed T. G. J. Juynboll 
et E. F, Matthes. [Arabic Text edited with Latin Notes.] 
2 vols, in 4. 8vo. Zuff. Bat. 1852-1861. 

Abii'l Walid Merwan ibn Janah al Kurtubi — Opuscules et 
Traites. Texte Arabe avec une traduction frangaise par 
Joseph et Hartwig Derenbourg. 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

Abii'l Walid Moslim ibn al Walid al Ansari — Diwan. Arabic 
Text. Notes and Glossary in Latin, by M. J. De Goeje. 4to. 

Lug. Bat. 1875. 
Academy— 1878 to 1891 (continued). 4to. London, 1878-91. 

Acogh'ig de Daron (Etienne) — Histoire Universe]] e, traduit de 
I'Armenien et annotee par E. Dulaurier. leie Partie. 
8vo. [Ecole des Langues Orientales Vivantes, I. Serie, Tome 
XVIII.) Paris, 1883. 

Acosta (Joseph de) — The Natural and Moral History of the Indies. 
Ed; by C. K. Markham. Map of Peru in separate case. 2 vols. 
8vo. {Sakluyt Soc.) London, 1880. 

Acts — The Unrepealed General Acts of the Governor-General of 
India in Council, 1877-1882. 3 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1884-5. 

Acts of the Indian Government, 1834 to 1840, with Index. 1 vol. 
4to. {lio mie Page.) 

Adam (W.) — Reports on Yernacular Education in Bengal and 
Behar submitted to Government in 1835, 1836, and 1838. 
With a view of its past and present condition, by Ilev. J. 
Long. 8vo. Calcutta, 1868. 

Adelung (Friedrich) — Yersuch einer Literatur der Sanslirit- 
Sprache. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1830. 

Bibliotheca Sanscrita — Literatur der Sanskrit-Sprache. 

2nd ed. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1837. 

Adelung (Johann) — Mithridates, oder Allgemeine Sprachen-Kunde. 
4 vols. (vol. 3 in 3 parts.) 8vo. Berlin, 1806-17. 

Adi Granth. See Oranth. 

Adji-SS,k^, Oude fabelachtige Geschiedenis van Javas, uit de Poezie 
in Javaansch Proza overgebracht door C. F. Winter, uitgegeven 
door J. J. B. Gaal en T. Koorda, met en uitvoerig bijvoegsel 
tot het Woordenboek der Javaansche Taal van Gericke en 
Hoorda. 8vo. (^Amsterdam. Konink. Inst, van Nederl. Indie,) 

Amsterdam, 1857. 

Adler (J. G. C). See AluH Fida. 

Adventures of Hatim Tai. See Hdtim Tdi. 

Aesop's Fables in Burmese. 2nd ed. 8vo. Pangoon, \S73. 

in Canarese. "kth ed. post 8vo. Mangalore, 1869. 


Aesop's Fables written in Chinese by the learned Mun Mooy Seen- 
iShang, and compiled in their present form, with a translation 
by his pupil Sloth [Robert Thorn]. 4to. Canton, 1840. 

Croxall's Ed. Translated into Persian by Mouluvee 

Abdool Ruhum. 4to. Calcutta, 1830. 

Aethiopic, Reading Book. Text only. 8vo. s.l. 1828. 

Afrani. See Ufrani. 

African Languages — Dialogues and a small portion of the New 
Testament in English, Arabic, Haussa and Bornu Languages 
(?Ay Dr. Bleek). oblong. London, 1»53. 

African School Tracts, by a Committee of tbe Society of Friends, 
for use in Sierra Leone, post 8vo. London, 1827. 

Afsos (Mir Sher 'All), Bag-i-IJrdu [translation into Hindustani of 
Sadi's Gulistan]. Ed. by J. B. Gilchrist. Yol. I. (all 
published). 8vo. Calcutta, 1802. 

Araish-i Muhfil — A History of the Hindoo Princes of 

Dihlee, Hindustani Text. 4to. Calcutta, 1808. 

The same, translated into English by Major Henry 

Court. 8vo. Allahabad, 1871. 

Agha Ahmad 'All — The Haft Asman, or History of the Masnawl 
of the Persians, ed. by H. Blochmann. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1873. 

Aglio (Augustine) et M. Dupaix — Antiquities of Mexico. 7 vols, 
folio. \_Oenerally known as Viscount Kingsbury'' s.'\ Zow<?. 1830. 

Agnew (H. C.) — Letter from Alexandria on the Evidence of the 
Practical Application of the Quadrature of the Circle, in the 
Configurationof the Great Pyramids of Gizeh. 4to. Zowc?. 1838. 

Agnew (William Fischer). The Law of Trusts in British India. 
{Tagore Law Lectures, 18SI.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1882. 

Agni Purana, ed by R. Mitra. {Bibl. Indica.) 3 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1873-9. 
Agra. See Bengal and Agra Gazetteer. 

Agricultural Society (Royal) of England— Journal, 1st series, 
25 vols., (wanting vol. 18), 1840-1864. 2nd series, vols. 1-5 
(1865-9), 29 vols. 8vo. Zo«</o«, 1840-1869. 

Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India— Journal. 1st 
series, vols. 1-14 (wanting vol. 7, parts 2, 3, 4, vol. 8, parts 
1, 2, vol. 12, part 2, and vol. 13, part 1), and new series, 
vols. 1-8. 8vo. Calcutta, 1842-90. 

Transactions, vols. 2,3,4,5,6, 8. 8vo. Serampore, 1836-9. 

Proceedings. January-April, 1840, April-June, 1841, 

7 parts. 8vo. Calcutta, 1850-41. 

Report for the year 1842. 8vo. Calcutta, 1842. 

Ahlqvist (August)— Ueber der Nord-Ostjaken. Vol. 1. Sprach- 
texte u. JForlersammlung. 8vo. Hehingfors, 1880. 


Ahlwardt (W-)- — See Berlin. Koniglichen Bihliotheh. Verzeichniss 
der Arabischen Handschriften. 

Ahmad (Moulvie) — Adam Khan au Durkhani. A Novelette written 

in Colloquial Pukh to. roy. 8vo. Lahore, 1872. 

Ahmad (Shaikh)— The Hadikat-ul-Afrah. Arabic, folio, s.l. 1813. 

Ahmad ibn Abu Bakr ibn Wahshiyah — Ancient Alphabets and 
Hieroglyphic Characters explained. Arabic Text with an 
Enjr^lish Translation by Joseph Hammer, sm. 4to, London, 1800. 

'Ahmad ibn 'Arabshah — Ahmad Arahsiadcp Vitse et rerum gestarum 
Timuri Historia. Arab. Text, ed. J. Golius. sm. 4to. 

Lugd. Bat. 1636. 

The same, Arabic and Latin, by S. H. Mauger. 2 vols. 

sm. 4to. Leovardice, 1767-72. 

Ahmad ibn Muhammad al Ghaffari — Tarikh i Nagaristan, a col- 
lection of narratives and notices of Kulers and Celebrated 
Persons from the time of Muhammad to the 10th Century of 
the Hijrah. fol. " a.d. 1829. 

Ahmad ibn Muhammad al Makkari. See Makkari al-. 

Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Ali al Yamani. See Ka'b ihn Zuhayr. 

Ahmad Khan (Sayyid) — Asar-oos-Sunnadud. History of old and 
new rules, and old and new buildings in the district of Delhi, 
roy. 8vo. Belhi, 1854. 

Ahmad Khan Bahadur (Sayyid) — A Series of Essays on the Life of 
Mohammed, by Syed Ahmed Khan. vol. 1. 8vo. London, 1870. 

Ahmad Bahadur — Ahmed Bahadoor — On Dr. Hunter's " Our Indian 
Musulmans, are they bound in conscience to rebel against the 
Queen?" English and Hindustani. 8vo. London, X^l'z. 

Ahmad Khan (Sayyid) — The Causes of the Indian Revolt, written 
in TJrdoo in 1858, and trans, into English. 8vo. Benares, 1873. 

Ahmad Shahab ad Din al Koliubl — Book of anecdotes, wonders, 
and useful and precious extracts. Ed. by W. Nassau Lees and 
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Historical Sketch of the Introduction of Christianity into 

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Mit Aufziigen aus dem Comraentar Ton Sayanacarya 

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Aitareya. See Upanhhads. 

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Sunnuds relating to India and Neighbouring Countries, revised 
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See iVbcr ( Graf F. A. von). 

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Akhlak-i-Jalali. See As'ad. 

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Alexander VII. (Pope) — Decree of, respecting the Jesuits in 

China. Sue Apologia pro Decreto and China De Jtitibus. 


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Visit to the Burman Empire, and a Journey through Persia, 
Asia Minor, etc., in 1825-6, with an Appendix on the Burman 
War. Plates. 4to. London, 1827. 

■ Narrative of aYoyage of Observation among the Colonies 

of Western Africa and of a Campaign in Kaffirland in 18.35. 
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Trans-Atlantic Sketches in N. and S. America and the 

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See Ittsi Modin {Mirza), Travels in Great Britain and 


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Alfiyah. See Jamal ad din Muhammad. 

Algeria — Mission de Ghadames, September to December, 1862. 
Ilapports et Documents officiels. Maps and Plans, roy. 8vo. 

Alger, 1863. 
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Ashshurh-ool-Moognee. A Commentary on the Moojuz- 

ool-Kanoon, or the Theory and Practice of Medicine, known 
by the name of the Sudeedee, compiled by Maulava Sudeed 
Kazroonee. 4to. Calcutta, 1832. 

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No. 8, See Senior (iV. JF.) ; No. 10, See ITarris {Sir W. S.), 

Almkvist (Herman) — Die Bischari-Sprache Tu-Bedawie in Nord- 

OstAfrika. 2 vols, in L 4to. Upsala, U%\-5 

Alphabets — A Collection of Pamphlets on various Alphabets, with 

one exception by J. C. Amadatius, Praeses Typog. Congreg. 

de Propaganda Eide. All uniform and bound in 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

Romae {Ti/pis S. Congreg. de Propaganda a Fide), 1771-1789. 

Vol. 1.— Alphabetum Aethiopicum, A. Vol. 2.— Alphabetum Graecum, A. 

Armenum, A. Barmanum seu Bo- Hebraicum addito Samaritano et 

manum (Avan?), A. Barmanoruiu llabbinico, A. ladica, i.«. Granth* 

seu Regnis Avensis Edit, altera, A. amicum, Indostanum, Nagaricura, 

Branimhanicumseulndostanum, A. et Talingaricum (by Fr. P.A.S. 

Arabicum, A. Copbtum. Bartbolomaeo), A. Grandonico- 

Malabaricum sive Samscrudonicum, 
A. Persicum, A. Syro-Chaldaeum, 
A. Tangutanum sive Tibetauum. 


Alvarez (Father Francisco) — Narrative of the Portuguese Embassy 
to Abyssinia in 1520-27. Translated from the Portuguese and 
Edited by Lord Stanley of Alderley. Index loose in cover. 
8vo. {Hakluyt Soc.) London, 1881. 

Alviella. See Goblet d'Alviella. 

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2nd ed. Svo. Colombo, 1880. 

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Sinhalese Works. Literary Works of Ceylon, vol. 1. 8vo. 

Colombo, 1870. 

Introduction to Kachchayana's Grammar of the Pali Lan- 
guage. In English characters. Svo. Colombo, 1863. 

See Sidat Sangarawa. 

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with English Interpretation and Annotations. Ed. by H. T. 
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Amaralcocha ; ou, Yocabulaire d'Amarastnha, publie en 

Sanskrit avec une Traduction Fran^aise par A. Loiseleur-Des- 
longchamps. 1""^ partie. 8vo. Fan's, 1839. 

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and Appendix. 8vo. Torino h Roma, \%%Q-\-2. 

Le Epigrafi Arabiche de Sicilia. Parte 2'^*. Iscrizioni 

Sepolchrali in 2 Nos. Photo. Plates. Roy. Svo. Palermo, 1879. 
See Idrlsi al- 

Amaru — Amaru-sataka. A Collection of Erotic Poems with a 

Commentary. Followed by the Ghafa-karpara, an anonymous 

poem. 8vo. Calcutta, 1808. 

(No title-pages were printed. Titles taken from the 

colophons.) Bound with Sadunanda Yogindra Vedunta 

Sara, etc. 

Ameen Chund— Travels of, in Bengal, Bombay, Central India, etc., 
in 1850-1-2. Edited by R. N. C(ust). Svo. Lahore, \%b^. 

Ameer All (Syed) — The Law relating to Gifts, Trusts, and Testa- 
mentary Dispositions among the Mahommedans according to 
the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafei, and Shiah Schools. Svo. {2\igore 
Law Lectures, 1884.) Calcutta, 1885. 

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(1875-1890). Svo. New York, 1878-90. 

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and Literary Committee, vol. 1. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1819. 

Transactions. New Series, vols. 1-16. 4to. 

Philadelphia, 1818-1890. 

Proceedings, vols. 12 (imperfect), and 13-27. 8vo. 

Philadelphia, 1871-90. 
Vol. 22, pt. 3, contains "Old Minutes of the Society, 

List of Members 1878, 1880, and 1886, Register of 

Papers published in Transactions and Proceedings, 2 Parts, 
Subject Register of Papers, Reports on Amended Orthography 
and International Language, Rules of the Magellanic Praemium 
and the Henry M. Phillips' Prize Essay Fund. 10 pts. 8vo. 

Philadelphia, 1878-90. 

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notes; precede de de la Vie de ce Poete, par Le Baron 
MacGuckin de Slane. 4to. Paris, 1837. 

Amrulkeis-i 'KosiWakHh. cum scholiis Zuzenii e cod. Paris. 

Edidit, Latine vertit et illust. E. G. Hengstenberg. 4to. 

Bonnae, 1823. 

Amrite (P. 0. Ch.) — Companion Lessons for reading of the English 
Language by Rajworawongs. In Siamese characters. 

Bangkok, A. Budhi 2394. 

Amsterdam — Koninklijk Institut — Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land-, 
en Volkenkunde van Neerlandsch Indie. 1st series, 4 vols. 2nd 
series, 8 vols. 3rd series, 1 1 vols, (wanting parts 1 and 4 of 
vol. 6). 4th series, 10 vols (wanting vol. 4). 5th series, 
vols. 1-5. 37 vols. 8vo. 's Oravenhage, 1853-90. 

Verslag der feestviering van het vijf- en twentigjarig bestaan 
van het Instituut, 1851-1876. 8vo. 's Gravenhage, 1876. 

Bijdragen etc. ter gelegenheid van het zesde Internationali 
Congres des Orientalisten te Leiden. 2 vols. 8vo. 

'« Gravenhage, 1883. 
Publications : See 

Abiasa, Adji Sdka, Babah Tanah DJawi, Chip {J. A. van der), 
Croockewit [Dr. J. If.), Hart ( C. van der), Jacobs {I)r. J.), 
Matthes [Br.B.F.), Mailer {Salomon), New Guinea, atlas 
van, Palmer van den Broek {Br. W.), Reinwardt {C. G. 
C), Rosenberg (C B. H. v.). Fries {Mrt. Gerr.). 

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MS. copy.) 2 vols. 4to. Peking, 1784. 

Dictionnaire Tartare-Mantchou Frang. compose d'apres 

un Dictionnaire Mantchou-Chinois. Redige et publie par 
L. Langl^s. 3 vols. 4to. Suite des Memoires Chinois. 

Paris, 1789-90. 
M. Langles' own copy with his notes. 


Amyot (Josoph) — Eloge de la ville de Moukden et de les Environs, 
Poeme Chinoise. See Kien Long, 

Anagata Vamsa. See Pali Text Sociely Journal, 1886, 

Ananda Dasa — Namamala and Anekarthamanjarl, bound with 
Fi/iurildlas Saptasataka. 

Ananda Giri. Sankara-Vijaya, or the Life and Polemics of Sankara 
Acharyya. Ed. by Jayanarayana Tarkapanchanana. 8vo. 
{Btbl.~ Indica.) ~ ~ Calcutta, 1868. 

Ancessi (Victor) — L'Egypte et Moise, Les Vetements du Grand 
Pretre et de Levites, etc. etc. 8vo. Paris, 1875. 

Ancient History from the Monuments— See 

Smith (George). Assyria. 
Smith (George). Babylonia. 
Anckawidya Mtilatatwa Samgraha. See ChiplonTcar (Krishna 

Andaman Islands — Reports on Administration of the Penal Settle- 
ment of Port Blair, 1860-1, 1861-2. 4to. 1864-5, 1865-6, 
1866-7. 8vo. 1871-2, 1872-3, 1873-4, 1874-5. foL 9 
vols. Calcutta, 1862-76. 

Public Works Reports 1871-2, 1872-3. 2 vols. fol. 

Port Blair, 1872-3. 

Anderson (Graham)— Forest Trees in the Coffee Lands of South 
Mysore, folio. Bangalore, 1888. 

Anderson (James) — Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, P.R.S., on 
Cochineal Insects discovered at Madras. 8vo. Madras, 1788. 

Anderson (John) — Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra in 1823, 
8vo. Minburgh, 1826. 

Anderson (John) M.D., E.R.S, — Report of the Expedition to 
Western Yunan via Bhamo. roy. 8vo, Calcutta, 1871, 

English Intercourse "with Siam in the Seventeenth 

Century. 8vo. T.O.S. London, IS90. 

See Calcutta — Indian Museum, Catalogues, Archaeological 

Collections, and Mammalia. 

Anderson (Robert) — Rudiments of Tamul Grammar, combining the 
Rules of Kodun Tamul, the ordinary dialect, with an Intro- 
duction to Shen Tamul or the elegant dialect, sm. 4to, 

London. 1821, 

Anderson (Capt, R. P.)— An Analysis of Sady's Gulistan. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1858. 

Victories and Defeats ; an attempt to explain the causes 

which have l^d to them. 8vo. London, 1873. 

Anderson (Willian^. See British Museum — Catalogues, Japanese 
and Chinese Drawings. 

Andersson (Charles John) — Lake Ngarai ; or Explorations and 
Discoveries during four years' wanderings in S.AV, Africa. 
Illustrations, roy. 8vo. London, 1856, 


Auecdota Oxoniensia. sm. 4to. Oxford, 1883-6. 

Aryan Series. Vol. I. pt. 2. Sulchdvati- Vyuha. 

„ ,, Vol. I. pt. 3. Prajnu-Paramitu-JIridaya-Sutra, 

,, ,, Vol. I. pt. 4. Kcdyayana^ 8 Sarvanukramani. 

Semitic Series. Vol I. pt. 2. Shelemdn. Book of the Bee. 

Texts, documents, etc., chiefly from the Bodleian and 

other Oxford Libraries, Buddhist Texts from Japan, sm. 4to. 

Oxford, 1881. 

Angelus a S. Joseph (P.) — Gazophylacium Linguae Persarum. [A 
Dictionary of Italian, Latin, French, and Persian, in parallel 
columns.] fol. ' Amstelodami, 1684. 

Anglo -Chinese Kalendar and Register for the year 1832 [by 

J. E.. Morrison]. (The first Anglo-Chinese Kalendar printed.) 
p. 8vo. Macao, 1832. 

The Anglo-Eastern Empire in 1832— Political, Commercial, and 
Financial Condition of. 8vo. London, 1832. 

Angus (Joseph) — Christ our Life. p. 8vo. London, 1853. 

Angus, County of — The Ancient Sculptured Monuments of. 
22 Plates, fol. Edinburgh, 1848. 

Anguttara-Nikaya. Vol. 1 . Ekanipata and Dukanipata. Ed. with 
jS^otes by llev. R. Morris. 8vo. Pali Text Sac. London, 1883. 

Ed. by Rev. R. Morris. 2 vols. 8vo. Pali Text Society. 

London, 1885-8. 
Vol. 1 Ekanipata, Dukanipata, and Tikanipata. Vol. 2 

Catukka Nipata. 

Aniruddha's Commentary, and the original parts of Vedantin 
Mahadeva's Commentary to the Samkya Sutras. Ed. by Dr. 
Rd. Garbe. Ease. I.-IV. 8vo. {fiibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1888-90. 
Anka Ganita — A Treatise on Arithmetic. In Canarese. p. 8vo. 

Bangalore, 1871. 

Annales de la Societe pour la Propagation de la Foi. Vols. 1-6. 

8vo. Paris et Lyon, 1827-33. 

Annales (Nouvelles) des Voyages, de la Geographic, et de I'Histoire. 
2me Serie. Vols. 1-6 [vols. 31-36 of the complete collection]. 
8vo. Paris, 1826-27. 

Annales de I'Extreme Orient — Bulletin de la Societe Academique 
Indo-Chinoise. Revue Asiatique et Oceanique sous la direction 
du Docteur C^^ Meyners D'Estrey. Vols. 1-7. July, 1878, to 
June, 1885, and July to December, 1885, in parts. roy. 8vo. 

Paris, 1878-85. 

Annals of Indian Administration. Edited by Meredith Townsend 
and, from vol. 12, by George Smith, LL.D. Introductory 
vol. being an Index, and vols. 1-19, 20 vols., bound in 11. 
8vo. Serampore, 1858-73. 


Annals of Oriental Literature. Vol. 1. 8vo. (No title-page.) 

fLondon,? 1825. 
Annam Bhatta — The Tarka-Sangraha. Hindi paraphrase and 

English version [by Ballantyne]. 8vo. Allahabad, 1851. 
Lectures on the Nyaya Philosophy. Embracing the text 

of the Tarka Sangraha. [By J. R, Ballantyne.] 8vo. 

Benares? 1852. 
Annamite Language — Notions pour servir a 1' etude de la Langue 

Annamite. post 8vo. Tan Dinh, 1878. 

Aonesley (James) — Sketches of the most prevalent diseases of 

India. 8vo. London, 1825. 

Anson (George, Lord) — Voyage round the "World in the years 

1740-1744. Compiled by the Rev. 11. Walter, Chaplain of 

the " Centurion." With 42 copper cuts. 4to. London, 11^% 
Antananarivo Annual and Madagascar Magazine. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 

ed. by James Sibree ; No. 4 ed. by Rev. G. Cousins ; No. 5 ed. 

by Rev. R. Baron. Map and Illustration. 8vo. 

Antananarivo, 1875-81. 
Anthologia Sententiarum Arabicarum. See Schultens {H. A.). 
Anthropological Society of London — Memoirs. Vols. 2, 3 (1865-7). 

8vo. London, 1866-70. 

Journal. Vols. 1-19 (continued). 8vo. London, 1872-89. 

Anthropological Society — Catalogue of the Books of, to July 1, 

1867. 8vo. London, 1867. 
Antiquaries — Society of, of Scotland. See Scotland. 
Anugita. See Sacred Books of the East, vol. 8. 
Anvar i Suhaili — Anvari Soohely. Persian Text lithographed. 4to. 
Anwari Soheilee {Duhhnee) — A Translation into the Dukh- 

nee Tongue, of the Persian TJnwari Soheilee. By Mohummud 

Ibraheem. folio. Madras, 1824. 

Anwari Sohili — A Paraphrase in Persian of the Fables of 

Pilpay. By Hussein Vaiz Kashify. Lithographed, folio. 

Bombay, 1828. 
Anvari Suheli — Chapter 1. Persian Text. Edited by 

H. G. Keene. 8vo. London, 1837. 

Anvdr-i- Suheli ; or Lights of Canopus, by Husain Vaiz 

Kashifi. [Persian Text.] Edited by Lieut. -Col. J. W. J. 
Ouseley. 4to. Hertford, 1851. 

Anvar-i- Suhaili', or Lights of Canopus. Translated into 

Prose and Verse by Edward B. Eastwick, F.R S. large 8vo. 

Hertford, 1854. 
Anwar-i-Suhaili; or Lights of Canopus. Translated 

from the Persian by A. N. Wollaston, M.R.A.S. roy. 8vo. 

London, 1877. 
Anvari Soohyly — An Introduction to. See Stewart 



Apastamba — Srauta Sutra, belonging to the Taittiilya Samhita, 
with the Commentary of Kudradatta, Ed. by Dr, Garbe. 
2 vols. 8vo. {Bihl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1882-85. 

Apastamba's Aphorisms. See Sacred Books of the East, vol, 2. 
Aphtasidarum — De Regia familia. See Hoogvliet (M.). 
Apocalypse (The). See Book of God. 
Apologia pro Decreto S.D.N. Alexandri VII. et Praxi Jesuitarum 

ex Patrum Dominicanorum et Franciscanorum scriptis con- 

cinnata. 8vo. Lovanii, 1700. 

Apostolical Constitutions — Edited in the Coptic, with an English 

Translation by Henry Tattam. 8vo. O.T.F. London, 1848. 
Appleyard (Rev. John W.) — The Kaffir Language, its history, and 

a Grammar. 8vo. King William's Town, 1850. 

Apurva Krishna, Maharajah Bahadur — A Poetical Work, or 
Masnavi, in the Urdu Language. 8vo. Calcutta, 1844. 

Lives of, and of his Father and Grandfather. Portrait. 

8vo. Calcutta, 1847. 

History of the Conquerors of Sinde. Persian and 

English. 8vo. Calcutta, 1848. 

Arabia Felix — Voyage to, translated from the French, with an 
Account of the Captivity of Sir H. Middleton at Mokha in 
1612, and an Historical Treatise on Coffee. [No name of 
Author or Translator.] 8vo. London, 1732. 

Arabian Nights — Tausend und Eine Nacht. Arabisch. Nach einer 
Handschrift aus Tunis. Herausg. von Dr. M. Habicht und 
M. H. L. Fleischer. 12 vols. p. 8vo. Breslau, 1825-42. 

Alif Laila Ba-zuban-i-Urdu. Romanized under the 

superintendence of T. W. H. Tolbort, and ed. by F. Pincott. 
sm. 8vo. London, 1882. 

Entertainments — New ed., with Notes, by Rev. G. F. 

Townsend. p. 8vo. London, 1890. 

Arabicarum Sententiarum Anthologia. See Schultens {M. A.). 
Aracan — Northern, Hill-Tracts. Administration Reports, 1876-7. 
1 vol. 8vo. 1877-8, 1878-9 ; 2 vols. fol. 3 vols. 

Rangoon, 1877-9. 
Araish-i-Mahfil See Afsos. 

Arbanere (E. G.) — Analyse de I'Histoire Asiatique et de I'Histoire 
Grocque. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1835. 

Vol. 1. Histoire Asiatique. Vol. 2. Histoire Grecque. 

Arbuthnot (A. J.) — Malayalam Selections; with Translations, 
Grammatical Analyses, and Vocabulary. 8vo. Cottayamf\^b\. 

[Arbuthnot (F. F.)] — Early Ideas : A Group of Hindoo Stories 
collected and collated by an Aryan. 8vo. London, 1881. 

Persian Portraits : A Sketch of Persian History, Litera- 
ture and Politics. 8vo. London, 1887. 


[Arbuthnot (F. F.)] — Arabic Authors : A Manual of Arabian 

History and Literature. 8vo. London, 1889. 

Archaeologia— Vols. 36 to 51. 4to. Zow(?o«, 1836-1890. 

Index to vols. 1-50. 4to. London, 1889. 

Archbell (James) — A Grammar of the Bechuana Language. 8vo. 

GrahawiS Town, 1837. 

Architects — Institute of British, Transactions, vol. 1 in two parts. 

Plates. 4to. London, 1836-1842. 

Arda Viraf, The Book of — The Pahlavi Text, prepared by Destur 
Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa. Ed. with a translation, introduction, 
and appendix, by Dr. M. Haug and E. W. West. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1872. 
Arguel (M.) — Catalogue du Musee de Constantine (Algiers). 8vo. 

Constantine, 1878. 

Arichandra, the Martyr of Truth : A Tamil Drama, translated into 

English by Mutu Coomara Swamy. p. 8vo. London, 1863. 

'Arif, Muhammad— Jami al Ijaretin, a collection of Fetwas, Legal 
Decisions. 8vo. Constantinople, a.h. 1252. 

Aristotle — Analecta Orientalia ad Poeticam Aristoteleam. See 

Margoliouth {B.). 
Armenian Dictionary. See Aucher {P.). 

Armenian — Various Religious Tracts in. 8vo. Calcutta, 1 828. 

Arneth (Joseph) — Synopsis Numorum Antiquorum qui in Museo 

Caesareo Vindobonensi adservantur. Pars I. Numi Graeci. 

Purs II. Numi Romani. large 8vo. Vindobonce, 1837-42. 

Archaeologische Analekten. Tafeln zu den Sitzungs- 

berichten d. Phil.-Histor. Klasse. obi. fol. Wien, 1851. 

Arnold (Sir E.) — Indian Poetry (Gita Govinda, Mahabharata, etc.), 
8vo. T.O.S. London, 1881. 

■ Indian Idylls. From the Mahabharata. 8vo. Lond. 1883. 

The Song Celestial or Bhagavad Gita. p. 8vo. Lond. 1885. 

Arnold (Fr. Aug.) — Chrestomathia Arabica. Textum et glossa- 
rium. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8vo. Halis, 1853. 

Arnold (Dr. J. M.) — True and False Religion. Origin and develop- 
ment of different systems of Religion. 8vo. London, 1853. 

Amot (Sandford) — A New Self-instructing Grammar of the Hindu- 
stani Tongue, roy. 8vo. London, 1831. 

Indian Cookery. See Oriental Trans. Fund. Miscell. 

Trans. vol. 1. 

See Forbes (L>.) and Amot (S.), Persian Grammar. 

Arrian — Voyage round the Euxine Sea. Trans, by — Falconer, 
with a Geographical Dissert., Maps, etc. 4to. Oxford, 1805. 

Voyage of Nearkhos. See McCrindle {J. W.). 

,, ,, See Vincent {W.). 


Art (L') de^ verifier les Dates des Faits Historiques. 1™* Partie 
avant I'Ere Chretienne raise en ordre par M. de Saint-Allais, 
avec Table Generale des Matieres contenues dans les cinq 
volumes. 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1819. 

2"' Partie depuis la Naissance de Notre Seigneur jusqu'sl 

1770, with Table Generale. Ed. par Saint Allais. 18 vols. 
8vo. Paris, 1818-19. 

3"" Partie depuis I'Annee 1770 jusqu'anos jours publiee 

par M. de Courcelles et M. le Marquis de Portia. 18 vols. 
Svo. Paris, 1821-44. 

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Chinese Library — 

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according to their subjects, sm. 4to. MS. 
Library of Printed Books, etc. — 

Catalogue of the Library of the R.A.S. — Printed Books, 

Pamphlets and Maps. sm. fol. MS. 1850, etc. 

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Asiatick Miscellany; and Bengal Register — Vol 3. 8vo. 

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Asiatic Researches. See Bengal Asiatic Society. 
Asiatic Societies. See American Oriental Society, Bengal, Bombay, 
Ceylon, Indian Archipelago, Japan, Madras, North China, 
Peking Oriental Society, Straits Branch. 
■ of France. Sec Paris. 

of (jermany. ^e% Deutsche Morgenldndischen Gesellschaft. 

■ of Italy. See Italy, Societa Asiatica. 

of Vienna, ^ee Vienjia, Wiener Zeitschr if t. 

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Trans, by Herself. 2 vols. p. 8vo. London, 1844. 
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fol.; 1876-7. 1 vol. 8vo. ; 1885-6, 1886-7 to 1889-90. 

5 vols. fol. 8vo. and fol. Shillong, 1887-90. 

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Shillong, 1875-7. 



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Shtllong, 1877. 

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Shtllong, 1876. 

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Report on Tea Culture in Assam for 1889. fol. 

Shillong, 1889. 

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Trans, from Sanskrit into Chinese and from Chinese into 

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yana, ed. by Kamanarayana Vidyaratna and Ananducbandra 

Vedantavagisa. 8vo. {Bibl. Lidica.) Calcutta, 1869. 

See also Sacred BooJch of the East, vol. 29. 

Srauta Sutra, with the Commentary (Vritti) of Garyya 

Narayana, by Rama Narayana Vidyaratna. 8vo. (Bibl. Lnd.) 

Calcutta, 1848-74. 
(Title-page missing, supplied from Haas.) 

Indische Hausregeln, herausg. von A. F. Stcnzler, 

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Text. BandZ, No. 1 Uehers.) Leipzig, 1 864-60. 

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with notes, etc. by W. Cureton. 8vo. O.T.S. London, 1848. 

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Text, translation, and notes, by W. D. Whitney. 8vo 

Newharen, 1862. 
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Dr. Garbe. 8vo. \Sanskrit Text Society.'] London, 1878. 


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Text, kritischen u. Sachlichen Erlauterungen verschen von Dr. 
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vol. 1. Text. roy. 8vo. BerliUy 1856. 

Atharvana. See Upanishads. 

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vantur, ed. A. Postolacca. 4to. Athens, 1878. 

Athenaeum— 1831 to 1891 (continued). 4to. Xowion, 1831-91. 
Athenseus — Athensei Dipnosophistarum sive Coense sapientum, 

libri XV. post 8vo. Basile, 1556. 

Atkinson (E. T.) — Notes on the Zoology of the North-West 

Provinces, India, roy. 8vo. s.l. 1882. 

Economic Products of the N.W. Provinces. Part 1, 

Gums and Gum-Resins. 8vo. Allahhad, 1876. 

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O.T.F. large 8vo. London, 1832. 

See Ftrdausi. Shah Nam ah. 

See Nizdmi. Laila and Majnun. 

Atlas of Ancient Geography. Published by Society for Diffusion 
of Useful Knowledge, fol. 1844. 

Atlas of Southern India, including Plans of the Towns and Can- 
tonments, reduced from the Trigonometrical Survey, engraved 
by J. and C. Walker. 4to, Madras, 1854. 

Atmabodhaprakasika. See Graul {K.) — Tamulische Schriften. 
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Prangaise-Annaraiteet Annamite-Francaise. r. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

Code Annamite. Lois et Reglements du Royaume 

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Company, with Supplement. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826-8. 

China — An Outline of its Governments, Laws, and Policy. 

Svo. London, 1834. 

Rise and Progress of the British Power in India. Maps. 

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Armenian Diet. in Armenian. 2 vols. 4to. ? Venice, \^^%-l . 

— A Grammar, Armenian and English, p. 8vo. Venice,\^\9. 

See Milton {John) Paradise Lost, in Armenian. 

Audh. See also North- West Provinces and Aicdh. 

Administration Reports, 1860-61 to 1862-3, 3 vols. 4to.; 

1863-4 to 1866-7, 1868-69 to 1876-77, 13 vols. Svo. and 4to. 

Lucknow and Allahabad, 1861-77. 


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1888. Compiled by Pandita Devi Prasada. 8vo. 

Allahabad, 1890. 

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fol. Luchnow, 1869. 

Civil Justice Administration Eeports, 1870, '72, '73, '76, 

1883, '84, '86. 7 parts folio. Lucknow, \%1\-\%9,1 . 

Criminal Justice Administration Reports, 1870, and 1883 

to 1886. folio. Luchnow, 1871-87. 

Education Reports, 1868 to 1875. 8 vols, fol. 

Luchnow, 1869-76. 
Estates, Management of, in the Court of "Wards, or 

under the Taluqdars' Itelief Act, for the years 1881-2 to 
1886-87. 6 vols. 8vo. Allahabad, 1'^'^^-^%. 

• Excise Administration for 1876. Luchnoiv, 1877. 

Forest Reports, 1863-64, 1866-7, 1867-8, 1868-9. 

4 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1866-70. 

Gazetteer of the Province of. 3 vols. 8vo. . 

Luchnow and Allahabad, 1877-78. 
Meteorology, and the Horticultural Gardens, Lucknow. 

Reports for 1875-6, 1876-7. 2 parts, folio. Luchnow, 1877. 
Public Works Reports, 1871-72 to 1875-76. 4 parts. 

fol. Luchnow, 1872-1877. 

Registration Department, 1871-72 to 1875-76. 5 parts. 

fol. Luchnow, 1872-77. 

Revenue Administration Reports, 1867, 1869, 1871, fol. 

1872 to 1875, 1881 to 1883, 1885 and 1887, 8vo. 17 parts, 
fol. and 8vo. Luchnow and Allahabad, 1868-88. 

Sanitary Report, 1875. folio. Luchnow, 1877. 

Stamp Depart., 1873-74 to 1875-76. Luchnow, 1874-77. 

Aufrecht (Th.) See Aiiareya Bruhmana. 

See Bodleian Library. Catalogus Cod. MSS. Sanscriti- 


See Cambridge — Trinity College. Catalogue of Sanskrit 

MSS. in the Library of. 
Aumer (Joseph). See Munich, Die Persischen und Arabischen 

Hanschriften beschrieben. 
Aupapatika SUtra, Einleitung, Text, und Glossar von Dr. Ernst 

Leumann. {D. M. G. Abhandl. Band Vlll. No. 2.) 8vo. 

Leipzig, 1883. 
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by Joseph von Ammer. 4to. ( Greeh and Persian on opposite 

pages.) Vienna, 1831. 

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Gorio. sm. 4to. Florentia, 1737. 


Averroes — Philosophie unci Theologie von, herausg. M. J. Miiller. 
4to. Munchen, 1859. 

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ed. by N. L. Westergaard. vol. 1, Zend Texts. 4to. 

Copenhagen, 1852-4. 

Avesta transliterated into Gujarati by Dadabhai Havaspi, 


Zend Avesta. Ouvrage de Zoroastre, trad, par P. M. 

Anquetil Dupcrron. 2 vols, in 3. 4to. Paris, 1771. 

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version, and notes by C. Kossowicz. 8vo. Paris, 1865. 

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Vendidad; vol. 2. Vispered and Ya9na. r. 8vo. Paris, 1875-6. 
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Kev. L. H. Mills (vol. 3). 3 vols. 8vo. {Sacred Books of the 
East, vols. 4, 23, 31.) Oxford, 1880-87. 

See also Vendidad, Vispardd, Yagnu. 
Avicenna. See Ahu 'Alt Slna. 

Avolis (M.) — Delle antiche fatture di Argilla in Sicilia. post 8vo. 

Palermo, 1829. 
Avril (Le Pere) — ^Voyage a la Chine, sm. 4to. Lyons, 1692. 

Ayaramga Sutta — Ed. by H. Jacobi. 8vo. {Pali Text Society.) 

London, 1882. 

Acaranga Sutra. See Sacred Booh of the East, vol. 22. 

Ayeen Akbery. See AhuH Fazl 'Alldmi. 

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fcap. 8vo. London, 1863. 

Aymonier (E.) — Dictionnaire Khmer-ErauQais. [Lithographed.] 

4to. Saigon, 1878. 

Ayodhya Prasad — Katri-Khari Boli Ka Padya— Poetical Reader 

of Khari Boli, ed. by E. Pincott. post 8vo. London, 1889. 
Ayton (J. A.) — Grammar of the Nepalese Language. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1820. 
Aynso (Don Erancisco Garcia) — Los Pueblos Iranios y Zoroastro. 

large 8vo. Madrid, 1874. 

Iran 6 del Indo al Tigris, descripcion geografica de los 

Paises Iranios, Afghanistan, Beluchistan, Persia, Armenia, 
Cuadermo. Imp. 8vo. Madrid, 1876. 

Ensayo critico de Gramatica compara da de los Idiomas 

Indo-Europeos. roy. 8vo. Madrid, 1880. 

See Kulidusa, Sakuntala. 

' Vikramorvasl. 


Sabad Tanah. Djawi, in Proza. Javaansche Geschiedenis. Met 
Aanteekeningen van J. J. Meinsma. 2''^ Stuk. 8vo. {Amster- 
dam. Konmkl. Inst.) 's Gravenhage, 1877. 

Babar (Zahir ad Din Muhammad) — Memoirs of Zehir-ed-din 
Muhammad Baler, transl. by John Leyden and William 
Erskine, with Map of the Countries between the Oxus and 
Jaxartes, and a Memoir regarding its construction by C. 
"Waddington. 4to. London, 1826. 

Memoires de Baber, trad, par A. Pa vet de 

Courteille. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1871. 

Baber (E. Colbome). See Geographical Society. Supplementary 

Papers. Yol. I. Parti. 
Babington (Benjamin). See Beschi {C. J.). The Adventures of 

Gooroo Paramai'tan. 
Babylonian and Oriental Record. Edited by Prof. T. de 

Lacouperie. Yds. 1-4. 8vo. London, 1886-90. 

Babylonian Princess (Memoirs of a). See Asmar {M. T.). 
Bachmaier (Antoiue) — Dictionnaire pasigraphique, precede de la 

grammaire. fcap. 8vo. Augsburg, 1868. 
Pasigraphisches Wcirterbuch zum Gebrauche fiir die 

deutsche Sprache. fcap. 8vo. Augsburg, 1868. 

Bacon (Lord) — Novum Organum, Avith Commentary by J. E,. 

Ballantyne. In English. Ease. 2, 8vo. Benares ? s.a. 

Novum Organum. Sanskrit and English. By J. B.. 

Ballantyne. Part 1. 8vo. Benares, 1852, 

See also Ballantyne {J. R.). Reprints for the' Pandits, 

No. 6. 
Bacon (Thomas) — The Oriental Portfolio. Picturesque illustrations 

of the Scenery and Architecture of India, with descriptive 

Notices by H. H. Wilson, 10 Plates and Frontispiece, fol. 

London, 1841. 
First Impressions and Studies from Nature in Hindostan, 

with many plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1837. 

Badarayana — Aphorisms of the Yedanta, with the Commentary of 

Sankara Acharya and the Glossary of Govinda Ananda. Ed. 

by [E. Boer and] Pandita llama Narayana Yidyaratna. 

[Followed by the Adhikarana Mala of Bharatl-tlitha Yati.] 

2 vols, 8vo. {Bibl. Indica). Calcutta, 1863. 
Aphorisms of the Yedanta Philosophy, in Sanskrit and 

English, by J. B. Ballantyne. 8vo. Mirzapore, \^b\. 

Brahma Sutras, with the Commentary of Sankaracharya 

translated into English by Rev. K. M. Banerjea. Fasc. 1. 
8vo. {Bibl. Indica). Calcutta, 1870. 

Badauni. See Abd al Kadir. 


Baddeley (P. F. H.)— Whirlwinds and Dust-Storms of India. 

roy. 8vo. London and Cologne, 1860. 

Saddeley (W. St. Clair) — Bedoueen Legends and other Poems. 

post 8vo. London, 1883, 

Baden-Powell (B. H.)— A Manual of the Land Revenue Systems, 

and Land Tenures of British India. 8vo. Calcutta, IS82. 

See India. Forest Department Report, 1872-73. 

Badger (Rev. George Percy) — The Nestorians and their Rituals. 

Map and Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852. 

An English- Arabic Lexicon. 4to. London, 1881. 

BadsMh Namah. See 'Abd al Ilamid. 

Baethgen (Friedrich) — Fragmente syrischer xi. arabischen His- 
toriker, herausg. u. iibers. 8vo. {!>. M. G. Ahhandl. Band 
viii. No. 3). Leipzig, 1884. 

Bee-Keeping in India— A Collection of Papers on. 1 vol. fol. 

Calcutta, 1883. 

Baffin (William)— Voyages of, a.d. 1612-22. Edited by C. E. 
Markham. 8vo. {Salduyt Soc). London, 1881. 

Bagh i Urdu. See Afsos {Mir Sher 'All). 

Bagh-O-Bahar — Hindustani Text. Lithographed. 8vo. 

Cawnpore, 1832. 

The Garden and the Spring, translated from the Urdu 

of Mir Amman by E. B. Eastwick. roy. 8vo. Hertford, 1852. 

Le Jardin et le Printemps, traduit on Fran^ais par 

Garcin de Tassy. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1878. 

Baha ad Din 'Amili — Khoolasut-ul-Hisal. Compendium of 
Arithmetic and Geometry, in the Arabic Language, with a 
translation into Persian. With a Treatise on Algebra by 
Ruqn-ood-deen TJlee. 8vo. Calcutta, \%12. 

Kholaqat al Hissah ou Quintessence du Calcul traduit et 

annotee par Aristide Marre. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Rome, 1864. 

Baihaki al-. See AbuH Fazl Baihaki. 

Bahar i Danish. See 'Inuyat Allah. 

Bahman Yast. See Sacred Books of the East, vol. 5. 

Baikie (Dr., R.N.)— Translation of 8 Chapters of Genesis into 

Fulde Language. See Reichardt (C A. L.). Grammar of 

Fulde Language. 

Baikie (R.) — Observations on the Neilgherries. Topography, 
Climate, Prodnctions, etc. Edited by W. H. Smoult. Maps 
and Coloured Frontispiece. 8vo. Calcutta, 1834. 

Bailey (B.) — Dictionary Malayalim-English. 4to. Cotta gam, 184^6. 

Dictionaiy, English and Malayalim. 8vo. Cottayam, 1849. 

Baillie (Alex. F.)— Kurrachee : (Karachi) Past, Present, and 
Future. Maps, Plans, and Photos, roy. 8vo. London, 1890. 


Saillie (Lieut. J.) — An Entire and Correct Edition of the Five 
Books upon Arabic Grammar which form the first part of a 
Classical Education throughout Asia. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1802-5. 

Vol. 1. The Mayah 'Amel, Shar'a Mayah 'Amel, and the Misba'a, 

Vol. 2. The Hidayah al Nahu. 

Vol. 3: The al Kaflah of Ebn-e-Hajeb and an Appendix. 

Baillie (Lieut. John) — Sixty Tables, elucidatory of Lectures on the 
Grammar of the Arabic Language, fol. Calcutta, \9>0\. 

Baillie (Capt. John). Digest of Mohummudan Law. In 4 vols. 
Vol. 1. 4to. Calcutta, 1805. 

Baillie (N. B. E.) — Moohummudan Law of Inheritance according 
to Aboo Huneefa and his followers, r. 8vo. Calcutta, 1832. 

The same. 2nd Ed. 8vo. London, 1874. 

Moohummedan Law of Sale according to the Huneefeea 

Code, from the Futawa Alumgeree. 8vo. London, 1850. 

A Digest of Moohummudan Law. Vol. 1. Hanifeea 

Code. Vol. 2. Imameea Code. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1865-9. 

The same. 2nd Ed. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1875-87. 

The Land Tax of ludia according to the Moohummudan 

Law. Svo. London, 1853. 

Introductory Essay to the Second Edition of the Land 

Tax of India according to the Moohummudan Law. Svo. 

London, 1873. 
Bailly fM.) — Histoire de 1' Astronomic Ancienne. 2nd Ed. 4to. 

Paris, 1781. 

Histoiredel'Astronomie Modeme. 3 vols. 4to. P«W«,1785. 

Traite de P Astronomic Indienne et Orientale. 4to, 

Paris, 1787. 

Bally (Francis) — An account of the Rev. John Flamsteed, First 
Astronomer Royal, with his Catalogue of Stars, and Supple- 
ment. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1835-7. 

Baird (Major M. W.). See Tide Tables for Indian Ports. 

Baital PacMsi. See Vetala-panca vinsati. 

Baker (Sir Samuel W.)— The Albert N'yanza Great Basin of the 
Nile, and Explorations of the Nile Sources. New Edition, 
post Svo. London, 1877. 

Bakhtiyar Namah— A Persian Romance, translated by Sir W. 
Ouseley. Edited by W. A. Clouston. post Svo. {Privately 
printed.) Glasgow, 1883. 

Bakir Majlisi (Muhammad) — Ain al Hayat. The Instructions of 
Mahomet to Abuzerrb. fol. Teheran, a.h. 1240. 

Am al Khayat, Exposition of the Shiite Doctrine. 

Lithographed. Svo. a.h. 1240. 

Hakk al Yakin. Sheeah Theology, and evidences of its 

truth, fol. " ___ Teheran, a.h. 1241. 


Sakir Majlisi (Muhammad) — Hayat al Ghuliib. An Account of 
Mahommed and his Companions. 2 vols. fol. 

Teheran, a.h. 1240-41. 

Zad al Ma'ad. The Religious Duties and Observances 

of a Shiah. fol. 

Jala I'Ayun. Observances at the Festival of Lamenta- 

tions, fol. Teheran, a.h. 1240. 

Hillat al Muttakin. Shiah Observances, fol. 

Teheran, a.h. 1248. 
Balbi (Adrien)— Atlas Ethnographique du Globe, fol. Pans, 1826. 

Introduction a r Atlas Ethnog. Tome 1". 8vo. Paris, 1826. 

Abrege de Geographic. 8vo. Pam, 1833. 

AUgemeine Erd-beschreibung. Encyklopadie der Erd- 

kunde. 3rd Ed. 2vols.ini. roy. 8vo. Pesth, \M2. 

Delle primarie Altitudini del Globo, saggio d'lpso- 

metria Generale. 4to. Milano, 1845. 

Balbi (A. ed E.) — Kuovi Elementi di Geografia. post 8vo. 

Torino, 1851. 
Balfour (Edward) — Gul-desta-i-sukhan-i-Farsi and Gul-Desta-i- 

sukhan-i-Hindi. Selections of Persian and Hindi Literature. 

8vo. Madras, 1851. 

Balfour (P.) — Inshai Herkem. See Harkarn Multuni. 
Bali Language — Vocabulary of. MS. 8vo. Buitenzorg, 1813. 

Ball (J. Dyer) — Easy Sentences in the Hakka Dialect, with a 
Yocabulary translated by. 8vo. Hong Kong , \%^\ . 

Cantonese Made Easy. Simple Sentences, with trans- 
lations, large 8vo. Hong Kong, 1883. 

Ball (Samuel) — Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea in China. 
"^^ Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1848. 

Ball (Y.) — Economic Geology of India. See India. Geology, A 
Manual of, vol. 3. 

Ballad Poetry — Specimens of, applied to the Traditions and 
Tales of the East, with a copy of an early Map of the Neigh- 
bourhood of Calcutta. 8vo. London, 1862. 

Ballantyne (James E.) — Grammar of the Hindustani Language, 
with exercises, roy. 8vo. London, 1838. 

A Grammar of the Mahratta Language, Lithogi-aphed. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1839. 

Elements of Hind! and Braj Bhakha Grammar. 4to. 

London, 1839. 

The same. New Edition, post 8vo. London, 1868. 

Principles of Persian Caligraphy,l|^llustrated by Litho- 
graphic Plates of the Ta"lTk Character. 4to. Xonrfo«, 1844. 


Ballantyne (James R.) — Eeprints for the Pandits. 

No. 2. Physical Science. 8vo. Allahabad, 1851. 

No. 3. Method of Induction. Svo. Mirzapore, 1852. 

No. 4. Metaphysics and Mental Philosophy. 2 vols. 8vo. 

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See Budarayam, Gotama, Jaimini, Kandda, Kapila, 


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Catalogues — Library — 
Catalogus, door J. A. van der Chijs. 8vo. Batavia, 1864. 

Eerste en tweede vervolgcatalogus der Bibliotheek en catalogus 
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Alphabetische Lijst van Land-, Zee-, Rivier-, "Wind-, Storm-, 
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Museum — 

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Verslag der Viering van bet Honderdjarig Bestaan van bet 

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See Asvaghosha Bodhisattva. 

See Lhammapada. 

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Lotidon, 1800. 
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Bengal Reversion, another " exceptional case." 8vo. 

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Cristiana trad, dalla Lingua Italiana nell' Araba. post 8vo. 

Roma, 1770. 

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Belletete (M.). See Zadah (Shaikh). 

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Baloochistan, Afghanistan, Khorassan, and Iran in 1872, with 
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Illustrated in 24 coloured plates, with descriptive text and 
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Twenty-four plates illustrative of Hindoo and European 

Manners in Bengal. [Coloured lithographs with descriptive 
letterpress.] fol. London, 1832. 

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Calcutta, 1851. 

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J. R. B(allantyne). Benares, 1851. 


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Library of, with Index. 8vo. Allahabad, 1889. 

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the University Library, Cambridge. With Historical and 
Palseographical Introductions. 8vo. Cambridge, 1883. 

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Grammar of the Sanskrit Language. 2nd ed. 8vo. 

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of the Society, instituted in Bengal. 20 vols. Index to vols. 
1-18 at end of vol. 18. 4to. Calcutta, 1788—1836-9. 

The same, reprinted, vols. 1-7. 8vo. Lond. 1798-1803. 

Journal, vols. 1-57 (vols. 9-14, 16-18, 52-57, in 2 

parts each). 8vo. Calcutta, 1832-1889. 

Index to vols. 19 and 20 of the Asiatic Researches, and 

vols. 1-23 of Bengal Asiatic Soc, in 1 vol. 8vo. Calcutta, 1856. 
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Calcutta, 1885. 

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Calcutta, 1870-1889. 
Catalogue of Sanskrit MSS., edited by R. Mitra. Part 

I. Grammar. 8vo. Calcutta, 1877. 
See also Bibliotheca Tndica. 

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Administration of the Lower Provinces of Bengal from 

1882-83 to 1886-87; being a supplement to the Ann. General 
Adminis. Report for 1885-86, compiled by G. A. Grierson. 
fol. Calcutta, 1887. 

Report on the Administration of Bengal, 1888-89. 

Relations with Tributary States, and Frontier Affairs. Maps, 
fol. Calcutta, 1889. 

Administration Reports, 1860-61 to 1862-3 in 4to. ; 

1863-4 to 1868-9, 1871-2 to 1881-82 in 8vo. 1882-83 to 
1888-9 in fol. Calcutta, 1861-90. 




Bengal. Archaeology — 

Archaeological Survey, llepoit 1888, by J. D. Milik- 

Beglaroff. 8vo. * Calcutta, 1888. 

List of Ancient Monuments in, issued by Public 

"Works Department, obi. fol. Calcutta, 1887. 

A List of the Objects of Antiquarian Interest in the 

Lower Provinces. 8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

Census — 

Census for 1872, by H. Beverley. Map. fol. Calcutta, 187 2. 

Report on the Census of 1881, by J. A. Eourdillon. 

3 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1883. 

Commerce — 

External Commerce of, Reports for 1858-59 to 1868-69, 

and Suppl. for 1860-61. 11 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1860-69. 

Crops — 

The Crops of 1865-66 for comparison with those of 

1873-74. 8vo. Calcutta, 1873. 

Customs — 

Board of Customs, Salt and Opium, Papers from the 

Records. 8vo. Calcutta, 1833. 

Administration Reports for 1868-69 to 1875-76, and 

1879-80. 9 parts, fol. Calcutta, 1869-1880. 

Dispensaries — 

Charitable Dispensaries under the Government of Bengal 

for 1868, 1869, 1870, and 1872-1875. 7 parts, fol. 

Calcutta, 1869-76. 
Education — 

General Reports on Public Instruction in the Lower 

Provinces of Bengal for the years 1839-1871. 28 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1841-1871. 
1st and 2nd Reports on State of Education. 2 vols. 

8vo. Calcutta, 1835-36. 

Report of the General Committee of Public Instruction 

for the year 1836. 8vo. Calcutta, \8Z7 . 

3rd Report on State of Education in Bengal. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1838. 
General Report of the late General Committee of Public 

Instruction for 1840-41 and 1841-42. 8vo. Calcutta, 1842. 

General Report on Public Instruction for 1842-3. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1843. 
General Reports on Public Instruction in the Lower 

Provinces for the years 1844-5, 1845-46, 1849-50, 1855-59 
—1863-64, 1865-66—1867-68, 1869-70—1870-71. 13 vols. 
8vo. Calcutta, 1845-1871. 


Beng^al — General Report on Public Instruction in Bengal for 
1871-72, roy. 8vo ; 1872-3 to 1881-82, fol. 5 vols. roy. 8vo. 
and fol. Calcutta, 1873-86. 

Educational Map of Bengal, with Index, 1861-62. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1863. 
Excise — 

Excise Administration in the Lo^yer Provinces, financial 

results of, for 1863-64, 1864-65, and 1867-68 to 1875-76. 
11 pts. folio. Calcutta, 1865-76. 

Famines — 

Famine — Minute by the Lieut. -Governor of Bengal on 

the Mutinies as they affected the Lower Provinces, folio. 

Calcutta, 1858. 
Report of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into 

the Famine in Bengal and Orissa, in 1866. 2 vols, folio. 

Calcutta, 1867. 

The same. Further Report, fol. Calcutta, 1867. 

Administrative Experience recorded in former Famines. 

8vo. Calcutta, 1874. 

Famine of 1874. See Temple {Sir E.). 


Bengal and Agra. Annual Guide and Gazetteer for 1842. 

2 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1842. 

Indigo — 

Report of the Indigo Commission, under Act XI. of 1860, 

with the Minutes of Evidence and Appendix. 1 vol. folio. 

Calcutta, 1860. 
Income Tax — 

Report of the Administration of the Income Tax in the 

Lower Provinces, for 1869-70—1872-3. 4 parts, folio. 

Culculta, 1871-73. 
Irrigation — 

Revenue Report of Irrigation Department for the year 

1874-75. (Folded maps and plans.) fol. Calcutta, 1S7 6. 

Jails — 

Reports on the Jails of the Lower Provinces for 1856-7, 

1866 and 1866-7, 1867-1868 pt. 2, 1868 2 pt., 1869 pt. 1, 
1871, 1872 with plans, 1873, 1874, 1875. 13 vols. roy. 8vo. 
and 4to, Calcutta, 1857-76. 

Land — 

Land Revenue Administration of the Lower Provinces, 

1859-60 to 1875-76. 17 pts. folio. (1859-60 imperfect.) 

Calcutta, 1860-76. 
Law — 
Proceedings of the Governor and Council at Fort William 

respecting the Administration of Justice amongst the Natives in 
Bengal, 4to. s.l. 1774. 


Bengal — Report on the Legal Ajffairs of the Bengal Government 
for 1873-4, 1875-6. 2 vols, folio. Calcutta, 1874-76. 

Lunacy — 

General Eeport, No. 6, on the Lunatic Asylums, Yaccina- 

tion, and Dispensaries in the Bengal Presidency for 1873. fol. 

Calcutta, 1876. 
Annual Reports of the Insane Asylums in Bengal for the 

years 1867 to 1869 and 1870 to 1875. 8 parts, folio. 

Calcutta, 1868-1876. 
Map — 

Map (Sketch) of the Provinces confirming the Lieut.- 

Govemorship of Bengal. In case, 8vo. size. Calcutta, 1872. 
The same, for 1872-3. In 8vo. case. Calcutta, 1873. 

Meteorological — 

Meteorological Reports, by H. F. Blanford, for 1869 to 

1874. 6 pts. folio. Calcutta, 1870-75. 


Military Board, Reports of the Proceedings of, in the 

Civil Department for the years 1843-44, 1844-45, 1848-49 
and 1852-53. (Public works, etc.). 4 vols, folio. 

Calcutta, 1844-54. 
Municipal — 

Municipal Taxation and Expenditure in the Lower 

Provincesfor 1879-80—1880-81. 2 pts. fol. Calcutta, \%%Q-9,2. 
Native Army — 

Native Army, Medical and Sanitary Report of, for the 

years 1874, 1875. 2 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1887. 

Police — 

Police Regulations in Bengali. 1 vol. 4to. 

Serampore, 1828. 
Reports on the State of the Police in Division of Cuttack- 

and the Assam, Arracan, and Tenasserim Provinces, and Chota 
Nagporefor 1840, 1841, 1842. 3 vols. foL Calcutta, 1S4:2-U. 

Reports on the State of the Police in the Lower Provinces 

for the years 1844, 1846, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1853. 6 parts, 
fol. Calcutta, 1845-55. 

Repoii; on the Police of the Lower Provinces of the 

Bengal Presidencv, 1867 to 1871 in 8vo., and 1872-75 in folio. 
7 vols. 8vo. andfol. Calcutta, 1868-76. 

Report on the New Police in Bengal, from its organiza- 

tion in 1861 to close of 1862. fol. Calcutta, 1863. 

Public Worhs — 

Public Works Department, Reports 1871-2 to 1876-7. 

folio. Calcutta, 1871-77. 



Bengal. Records— 

Selections from Unpublished Records of Government for 

the years 1748-1767 relating mainly to the Social Condition 
of, by Eev. J. Long. Vol. 1, 8vo. Calcutta, 1869. 

Selections from the Records. Xos. 7, 11, 15, 17 to 24, 

and 38. 12 pts. 8vo. Calcutta, 1852-1861. 

Registration Department — 

Reports on the Administration of the Registration De- 

partment in Bengal for 1869-70 to 1876-7. 8 vols. fol. 

Calcutta, 1870-7. 
Revenue — 
Revenue Administration of the Lower Provinces, for 

1849-50,1850-51. 2 pts. foL Calcutta, \%5\-b2. 

Revenue Survey Operations of the Lower Provinces, 

1864-65, to 1867-68, 1869-70, to 1873-74. 9 parts, folio. 

Calcutta, 1866-74. 
Revenue Survey Operations of the Upper and Lower 

Circles. General Reports for 1871-72 to 1874-5. fol. 

Calcutta, 1873-6. 

Salt Department, 1873-74, 1875-76. 2 parts, fol. 

Calcutta, 1874-76. 
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Scholarship Examinations of the Government Colleges 

and Schools in, 1846-7, 1847-48, 1849-50, 1850-51, 1851-52, 
1853-54. 6 parts. Calcutta, \Ml-b4i. 

Survey — 

Survey Operations in the Lower Provinces Reports for 

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Report on Vaccination Proceedings throughout the 

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Report on the Village Watch of the Lower Provinces 

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See Bibles, Syriac. 

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of Her Majesty's " Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the 
Highlands." 8vo. Bomlay, 1876. 

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Le Nouveau Guide de la Conversation en Fran^aise et en 

Turc. 2nd ed. oblong 8vo. Paris, 1852. 

See Eieffer {J. B.) et T. X. Bianchi. Dictionnaire Turc- 


See Mehemmed Ed'ib ben Mehemed. Itineraire de Constan- 

tinople a la Mecque. 
Bible, The Holy. 
Accra — 

St. Matthew and St. John in the Accra Language. By 

the Eev. A. W. Hanson, post 8vo. London, 1843. 

Amharic — 

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Piatt, small 4to. London, 1824. 

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Piatt], small 4to. No title page. 
Arabic — 

Bible. 4to. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1811. 

Bible. 8vo. London, 1822. 


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Geneseos secundum Arabicam Pentateuchi Samaritani Ver- 
sionem, edidit A. Kuenen. 8vo. Lug. Bat. 1851. 

Libri Exodi et Levitici Secundum Arabicam Pentateuchi 

Samaritani versionem ab Abu-Saudo conscriptam, ed. A. 
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of the Rev. J. Ferrette. post 8vo. London, 1863. 
Armenian — 

Bible. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

Testament, post Svo. 1849. 

Assamese — 

Holy Bible, vol. 5, containing the New Testament. Svo. 

Serampore, 1820. 
Ayniara — 

The Gospel of St. Luke in Aymara and Spanish, post 


Bible. 4to. 
Pentateuch. Svo. 
Isaiah and Daniel. 
Psalms of David. 
New Testament. 
Testament. Svo. 
Gospels of St. Mi 

Bengalee. Svo. 

London, 1829. 

Calcutta, 1845. 

8.I., s.a. 


Calcutta, 1842. 


Calcutta, 1830. 


s.l., s.a. 

itthew and 



in English and 
Calcutta, 1819. 

3ur Gospels, 

post Svo. 

Calcutta, 1822. 

Berber — 

Traduction en Langue Berbere de xii. chapitres de 

S. Luc. (In Arabic characters.) Svo. London, 1833. 

BiJcanlr — 

Bible in the Vikanera Language, vol. 5, New Testament. 

Svo. Serampore, 1820. 

Boeginische — 

Het Nieuwe Testament in het Boeginische vertaald door 

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Het Evangelis van Markus, in het Boegineesch vertaald 

door Dr. B. F. Matthes. Svo. Amsterdam, 1873. 


Bible, The Holy. Bohemian — 

Bible. 8vo. Berlin, 1813. 

Breton — 

Testament nevez hon aotrou Jezuz-Krist, by Le Gonidec. 

post 8vo. U Atiffoulem, 1827 . 

Testament nevez hon astrou Hag hor Salver Jesus Christ. 

post 8vo. JS Brest, 1847. 

Bulgarian — 

Testament. 8vo. Smyrna, 1850. 

Bullom {Sierra Leone) — 

St. Matthew, in EuUom and English, post 8vo. 

London, 1816. 
Ca/relian — 

St. Matthew, post 8vo. ? 1820. 

Carshun and Syriac — 

I^ew Testament. 4to. (Two copies.) s.l., s.a. 

Catalan — 
Lo ISTou Testament, post Svo. London, 1835. 

Chaldee — 
Gospels. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

Pentateuch. 4to. s.t., s.a. 

Gospel of St. Luke and the Acts, translated by Dr. R. 

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Chippeway — 

The Gospel of St. John, translated into Chippeway by 

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Coptic and Arabic — 

New Testament. Svo. London, 1829. 

Psalms of David. Svo. London [? 1826]. 

Coptic — 

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Pisis, 1849. 

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Svo. Salae, 1852. 

Acta Apostolorum Coptice, edidit P. Boetticher. Svo. 

Salae, 1852. 
Banish — 

Nye Testamente. post Svo. London, 1 823. 

Dutch — 

Bible. Svo. Te Londen, 1817. 

Het Nieuwe Testament, Reprint of Antwerp 1599 

Edition. 16mo. Te Brussel, 1846. 



Bible, The Holy. Byah— 
Old Testament, 2 vols. 


New Testament. 8vo. 

New Testament, 1 vol. 3 vols. 

Amsterdam, 1858, 

Njelo, 1846. 

English — 

Job, the Book of, translated from the Hebrew, with 

notes and introduction, by John Mason Good. 8vo. Lond. 1812. 

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The Translation of the Book of Psalms, by W. French^ 

Cambridge, 1830. 


D.D., and G. Skinner, M.A. 8vo. 
Esquimaux — 

Psalms, post 8vo. 

New Testament, post 8vo. 

The Four Gospels, post Bvo. 

Esthonian — 


London, 1830. 
London, 1840. 
London, 1813. 

Bt. Peter slur g, 1822. 

Aeth topic — 

- Octateuchus Aethiopicus, ed. Aug. Dillmann. 

small 4to 

Psalterium Davidis Aethiopice 

Evangelia Sancta ^thiopice. 

Piatt, small 4to. 

3 parts. 

Finnish — 


Lipsiae, 1853-5. 

4to. London, 1815. 

Ad. Cod. MSS., ed. T. P. 

London, 1826. 

St. Pietarhorissa, 1817. 


St. Matthew's Gospel in Formosan (Sinkang dialect), with 

corresponding versions in Dutch and English, ed. from Gravius's 

Edition of 1661 by Rev. W. Campbell, sra. 4to. London, 1888. 

The same, Formosan text only. London, 1888. 

.French — 

La Sainte Bible 

Edition of Paris 1805. post 8vo. 

a Londres, 1817., 

French and English Testament. 8vo. Paris, 1817. 

La Sainte Bible. Eevue par D. Martin. 8vo. Pans, 1820. 

La Sainte Bible, trad, sur la Vulgate par Le Maistre do 

Sacy. 8vo. Paris, 182 L 

Le Nouveau Testament, d'apres la version d'Ostervald. 

roy. 8vo. . Paris, 1823. 

Gaelic — 

Bible. 8vo. 

Georgian — 

New Testament, Church Character. 

Tbe same, Yulgate character. 4to. 


London, 1821. 

S.I., s.a. 
S.I., S.a. 


Bible, The Holy. German — 

Die Bibel, nach D. M. Luther's TJebersetzung. 8vo. 

Strasshurg, 1819. 

Catholic. Das Neue Testament. 8vo. Munchen,\^\Q. 

Hebrew Testament. German, in Hebrew characters. 

post 8vo. London, 1820. 

Greek — 

Bible. 4to. Moska, s.a. 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. post 8vo. Moscow, 1816. 

Bible. 8vo. s.l., s.a. 

Novum Testamentum Greece, cura J. A. H. Tittmann. 

post 8vo. Lipsice, 1824. 

Codex Graecus Quatuor Evangeliorum e Bibl. TJnivers. 

Pestinensis cum Interp. Hungarica, editus a Samuele Markfi. 
O.S.B. 4to. Pestini, 1860. 

Testament. (Title lost.) post 8vo. s.l., s.a. 

Testament in Ancient and Modern Greek, post 8vo. 1 824. 

Modern Greek Psalms, p. 8vo. London, s.a. 

Greenland — 

New Testament. 8vo. London, 1822. 

Testament! Nutak. post 8vo. KiQhenhavnime, 1827. 

Gujarati — 

Holy Bible, vol. 5, in Gujarati. Sanskrit characters. 

8vo. Serampore, 1820. 

The same. Gujarati characters. 

The same, in Gujarati, vols. 1,2, 3. 4to. Sural, 1828-9. 

New Testament in Gujarati. 4to. Sural, 1827. 

The same. 8vo. s.l., s.a. 

The Gospels of St. Matthew, Mark and Luke, in Gujarati. 

Haroli — 

Bible, vol. 5. 8vo. Serampore, 1821. 


Biblia Hebraica, ed. J. Leusden et E. van der Hooght. 

8vo. London, 1822. 

Pentateuch and Prophets, and Historical Books, p. 8vo. 

Jierliti, s.a. 
Psalrai cum Lectionibus variantibus, ed. Dr. Sebi Mall. 

post 8vo. Faris, 1828. 
New Testament. 8vo. London, 1821. 

Hindi — 

Pentateuch. 8vo. s.l. 1822. 

Historical Books. 8vo. No title page. s.l., s.a. 

New Testament. s.l. 1822. 

— New Testament, by Rev. W. Bowley. 8vo. Calc. 1826. 


Bible, The Holy. Hindustani — 

The Pentateuch. 8vo. Serampore, 1822. 

Genesis, Proverbs, Isaiah. Svo. No title. 

Testament, by Eev. H. Martyn. Svo. London, 1814. 

Testament, by Rev. H. Martyn. Svo. Seranip. 1819. 

Testament, by Calcutta Baptist Missionaries. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1839. 

Gospel of St. Matthew. Hindustanee and English. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1819. 

Sungarian — 

Bible. 8vo. Koszegen, 1850. 

Icelandic — 
Bible, 8vo. No title page. 

Indo ■ Portugese — 
Novo Testamento. 8vo, Londres, 1826. 

Irish — 

The Bible in Irish, trans, by B. Bedell. 8vo. Lond. 1817. 

The same. 8vo. Dublin, 1827. 

New Testament, post 8vo. London, 1823. 

Isabel — 

Prayers and Scripture Readings in the Isabel Language 

post Svo. London. 

Italian — 

Biblia Sacra, trad, in lingua Italiana da M. A. Martini. 

8vo. Londra, 1850. 

La Sacra Biblia, trad, da G. Diodati. Svo. Londra, 1850. 

Italian and Latin. Psalms. Svo. Londini, 1822. 

— Nuovo Testamento, trad, da A. Martini. Svo, 

Livorno, 1818. 

Javanese — 

The Javanese Bible. Svo. [^Serampore, 1829.] 

New Testament. Svo. s.l., s.a. 

Judceo-Arabic — 
Matthew, John, Acts, and Hebrews, p. Svo. London, s.a. 

Jud(Bo- Persic — 
Gospels in Hebrew characters, post Svo. Lotidon. 

JudcBO-Polish — 
Testament. Svo. London, 1821. 

Judceo- Spanish — 
Testament in Hebrew characters. 8vo. 1829. 

Kalmuc — 
Gospels and Acts. fol. s.l., s.a. 


Bible, The Holy. Kanarese — 

Historical Books (Joshua, Esther), post 8vo. 

Bangalore, 1859. 

The Poetical Works of Scripture (Job, Solomon's Song). 

post 8vo. Bangalore, 1859. 

Psalms, the Book of. 8vo. Cotta, 1831. 

The Gospels. 8vo. s.L, s.a. 

Kashmiri — 

New Testament in the Kashmeera Language. 8vo. 

Ser ampere, 1821. 
Konkana — 

The New Testament in Konkana. 8vo. 8erampore,\9,\^. 

Lapp — 

Adda Testament Tata Ailes Tjalogest (New Testament). 

post 8vo. Serndmndesne, 1811. 
New Testament in Lapp, post 8vo. Kristianiart, 1840. 

Latin — 

Biblia Sacra. Vulgatae Editionis dementis YIII. 

post Bvo. London, 1827. 

The same, ed. nova. London, 1849. 

Novum Testamentum ex. Cod. Alexandrino interpr. L. 

Sebastiani. roy. 8vo. Londini, 1817. 

Lettish — 

Ta Tauna Derriba. Muhsu Kunga Jesus Kristus. (New 

Testament.) post. 8vo. s.l. 1816. 

Lithuanian — 

Bible. 8vo. s.l. 1816. 

Naujas Istatimas Jezaus Christaus. sq. 8vo. 

Wilniuje, 1816. 
Makassaarish — 

Al de Bocken van bet Nieuwe Testament in bet 

Makassaarscb vertaald door Dr. B. E. Matthes. 2 vols. 8vo. 
Makassar and Amsterdam, 1875-88. 

Bijbelsche Gascbicdverbalen. See Matthes {B. F.). 

Ht't Evangelie van Markus, in bet Makassaarscb vertaald 

door Dr. B. E. Matthes. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1873. 
Malabar — 
New -Testament, post 8vo. s.l. 1772. 

Malagasy — 

New Testament, post 8vo. London [1836 ?] 

Malay — 

Bible, in Roman characters, roy. 8vo. s.l. 1821. 

• Vetus et Novum Testamentum Malaice, edidit Joannes 

Willmet. 8vo. JIarlemi, 1824. 


Bible, The Holy— Gospel of St. Matthew. 8vo. s.l 1819. 

Gospels, etc. s.l. 1820. 

New Testament in Malay. Arabic characters, vol 1. 

8vo. Singapore, 1831. 

St. Matthew to Acts of the Apostles. 8vo. 

Singapore, 1831. 
Malayalim — 

New Testament, post 8vo. ' Cottayam, 1843. 

Maltese and Latin — 

Quatuor Evangelia et Actus Apostolorum. Yersio Meli- 

tensis. 8vo. Londini, 1829. 

Maltese and Italian — 

Gospel of St. John. 8vo. Londra, 1822. 

New Testament, in Mantchu characters. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

Manx — 
Yn Yible Casherick. 8vo. London, 1819. 

Maori — 

The Hexateuch, in Maori, post 8vo. London, 1848. 

Selections from Genesis and New Testament. 8vo. 

Hirini, [Sydney] 1833. 
The Testament. 8vo. London, 1852. 

Mar at hi — 

New Testament, 8vo. Bomlay, 1826. 

The Pentateuch, in Marathi, 8vo. s.l., s.a. 

Mexican — 
El Evangelic de S. Lucas. 12mo. London, 1833. 

Mohaivk — 

Gospel of St. John, in Mohawk and English. l2mo. Lond. 

Moldavian — 

Bible. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1819. 

Mongolian — 

Bible. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

New Testament, edited by Messrs. Stallibrass and Swan. 

8vo. London, 1846. 

Gospels, fol. s.l., s.a. 

Multani — 

Bible, vol. 2, New Testament. 8vo. Serampore, 1819. 

Negro — 

New Testament in Negro-English. 8vo. London, 1829. 

New Testament in Negro. 8vo. Lanizen, 1846. 

JVepalaese — 

New Testament. 8vo. Serampore, 1821. 




Bible, The Holy, Nordwmian — 

Gospels. 8vo. «.;. 1821. 

Orii/a — 

Pentateuch. Svo. s.l., s.u. 

Historical Books. Svo. s.l., s.a. 

The Prophetical Books, in Orissa dialect. Svo. s.l., s.a. 

Poetical Books, in Orissa. Svo. s.l., s.a. 

Persian — 

The Persian Bible, by Rev. T. Eobinson, Master of the 

Temple, late Archdeacon of Madras. 3 vols. Svo. Zand. 1S31. 

Genesis, in Persian. Svo. London, 1S27. 

ThePsalmsof David [translated by Henry Martyn.]. Svo. 

New Testament, translated into Persian by Lieut.-Col. 

E. H. Colebrooke. 4to. Calcutta, 1S05. 

The New Testament, translated by Henry Martyn. 4to. 

Fetropoli, 1815. 
The New Testament. By the Rev. H. Martyn. Svo. 

(interleaved.) Calcutta, 1816. 

The Testament, translated from the Greek by the Rev. 

Henry Martyn, B.D. 3rd ed. Svo. London, 1827. 

Piedmontese — 

'1 Testament Neuv. Svo. Londra, 1834. 


Biblia. Svo. Berlinie, 1810. 

The Holy Bible in Polish, roy. Svo. Moscow, 1822, 

Portuguese — 

• A Biblia Sagrada. pelo A. d' Almeida. Svo. Lotid. 1819. 

A Sancta Biblia, pelo A. Pereira. Svo. Londres, 1821. 


Parables of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Pushto Yerse by 

Moulvie Ahmed. Svo. Peshawar, 1874. 

The Holy Bible in Pushtoo, vol. 5, The New Testament. 

Svo. Serampore, ISIS. 

Rarotonga — 

The Holy Bible in Rarotonga. Svo. London, 1851. 

New Testament in Rarotonga. post Svo. London, 1836. 

Rotnaic and Albanian — 

Bible. Svo. s.l. 1827. 

Pentateuch. Svo. s.a. London. 

The Old Testament in Romaic. Svo. London, 1840. 

Roniansch ( Grisons) — 

La S. Biblia. 2 vols. Svo. Coira, ISIS. 

Romansch {Engadine) — 
II Nouf Testamaint. post Svo. Paris, 1836. 


Bible, The Holy. Russian — 

Psalms, post 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1822. 

The New Testament in Ancient and Modern Russ. Svo. 

St. Petersburg, 1822. 

Testament. Svo. St. Petersburg, 1823. 

Snmoan — 
The New Testament in Samoan. post 8vo. Zow^fow, 1849. 

Psalms of David in Sanskrit verse, p. 8vo. Calcutta, 1839. 

Selcua7ta — 
New Testament, post 8vo. London, 1840. 

Si?thalese — 

The Holy Bible, translated into Singalese [Old Test. 

only?]. 3 vols. Colombo, 1819-20. 

Holy Bible in Singhalese. 8vo. Ceylon, 1834. 

Het Heylige Evangelium onses Heeren en Zaligmakers 

Jesu Christi, uyt het Oirspronkelyke Grieks inde Singaleesche 
Tale ouergebracht, door de Predikanten J. J. Fybrants en H. 
Philipsz. 4to. Colombo, 1780. 

The New Testament. 4to. 1817. 

New Testament, tran. into Singhalese. 8vo. Ceglon, 1832. 

Sirj'ani'ni — 
New Testament, post Svo. St. Petersburg, 1 823. 

Slavonian — 

Bible. 4to, s.l., s.a. 

Selections from the Scriptures, post Svo. s.l., s.a. 

Soso — 

New Testament. Svo. London (187 ?). 

Spanish — 

La Biblia. Svo. s.l. 1823. 

El Nuevo Testamento. post Svo. Londo7i, 1811 . 

Swedish — 

Bible. Svo. Christiana, 1848. 

Nya Testamentet. Svo. Stockholm, 1814. 

Syriac — 

Vetus Testamentum Syriace, ed. S. Lee. 4to. Lond. 1823. 

Codex Syriaco-Hexaplaris. Liber Quartus Eegum e 

Codice Parisiensi ; Jesaias, 12 Prophetae Minores, Proverbia, 
Johns, Canticum, Threni, Ecclesiastes e Codice Mediolanensi, 
Edidit et Commentariis illustravit Henricus Middeldorpf. 2 
vols, in 1. 4to. Berlin, 1835. 

Novum Testamentum Syriace. 4to. London, 1816. 

New Testament in Syriac, edited by the Rev. "W. 

Greenfield, post Svo. s.l., s.a. 


Bible, The Holy. Syro- Chaldaan — 

Gospels in Syro-Chaldaean. 4to. «.?., s.a. 

Das heilige Evangelium des Johannes, Syrisch in Hark- 

lensischer uebersetzung, nebst kritiscben Anmerkungen von 
G. H. Bernstein. 8vo. Leipzig, 1853. 

Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles, ed. and trans, by "VV. 

"Wright. 2 vols. Bvo. London, 1871. 

Tamil — 

Librorum Sacrorum veteris Testamenti. 3 parts in 

1 vol. 4to. Tranqtiehar, 1777-91. 

The Holy Bible. (No title page). 

Selections from the Old Testament. Parts 1 to 10. 

Tamil and English. 8vo. Madras, 1829-30. 

Selections from the Old Testament. 10 parts in 1 vol. 

Tamil only. 8vo. Madras, 1S29-30. 

Scripture Passages. Historical Books (Joshua-Esthei-). 

post 8vo. Bangalore, 1859. 

The Pentateuch, in Tamil. 8vo. Madras, IS27. 

■ The Psalter, in Tamil. 2ud ed. 8vo. Madras, 1828. 

"New Testament, in Tamil. 8vo. s.l., s.a, 

■ Poet. Books, Job — Solomon's Song. p. 8vo. Bangal,lS59. 

See also Malabar. 

Tartar- Turkish — 

Genesis. 8vo. [^Astrakhan, 1819?] 

The New Testament in Tartar-Turkish. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

Tartar — 

New Testament. Arabic characters. 8vo. [1813?] 

Testament. 8vo. Orenburg, 1820. 

Tcheremesian — 

The Gospels. Kuss characters. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1821. 

Telugu — 

The Holy Bible in the Telinga Language. Vol. 5, con- 

taining the New Testament. 8vo. Serampore, ISIS. 

The Book of Psalms in Tolugu. Cotta, 1831. 

The New Testament in Teloogoo, translated from the 

Greek by E. Pritchett. 8vo. Madras, ISIS. 

Tobasch — 

Het Boek Genesis, in het Tobasch vertaald door H. N. 

Yan der Tuuk. 8vo. Amsterdam, \Sb9. 

Het Boek Exodus, in het Tobasch vertaald door H. N. 

Van der Tuuk. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1859. 

Het Evangelie van Markus, in het Tobasch, door H. N. 

Van der Tuuk. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1867. 

Het Evangelie van Johannes, in hot Tobasch, vertaald 

door H. N. Van der Tuuk. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1859. 


Bible, The Holy. Turkish— 

The Bible, in Turkish. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

— — Psalter, iu Greek Letters, p. 8vo. Constantinople, 1827 . 

Psalms, in Turkish. 8vo. Astrakhan, 1815. 

• Testament, in Armenian characters, post 8vo. 1819. 

New Testament. 8vo. Istekhran, 1820. 

Comment on St. John. 8vo. 1823. 

New Testament, Greek characters. 8vo. Constant. I^IQ. 

Vaudois and French — 

St. Luke and St. John, par P. Bert. 8vo. Londres, 1832. 

Vikanira. See Bikanir. 

Wallachian — 
New Testament. 8vo. s.l. 1846. 

• Y Bibl Cyssegr-Lan. 8vo. London, 1824. 

Wendisch — 

Bible, trans, by J. F. Friza and J. S. F. Schindler. 8vo. 

Barline, 1824. 
Wendisch and German — 

Das Neue Testament in die Wendische Sprache iibersetzt 

von G. Fabricio (W. and G, in parallel columns). 8vo. 

Cotthus, 1821. 
Wendish- Hungarian — 
New Testament, post 8vo. Koszegi, 1848. 

Yoruba — 

Epistle to the Romans, in Yoruba, translated by the 

llev. (Bishop) S. Crowther. post 8vo. London, 1850. 
Biblical Archaeology — Society of. 

Transactions, vols. 1-9, pt. 1. 8vo. London, 1872-87. 

Proceedings, vols. 1-12. 8vo. London, 1879-90. 

Bibliotheca Indica — A collection of Oriental works published by 
the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 8vo. and 4to. Calcutta, v.y. 

{Full titles will he found under the names in italics.) 

Sanskrit Series. 

Agni Puruna. \ Ashtasuhasrikd Prajnupura- 

Aitareya Brahmdna. 


Ananda Giri, Sankara 

Asvaldyana, Grihya Sutra. 
Asvaluyana, Srauta Sutra. 

Vijaya. | Bddardyana, Aphorisms of the 

Apastamba, Srauta Sutra. Vedanta. 



Sanskrit Seeies continued — 

Badaruyana. Brahma Sutras. 

Brihad Dharma JPuruna. 

Chand Bardai. 


Chandesvara, Vivada Ratna- 

Chandrakdnta TarTcdlanhara, 

Kala Maclhava. 
Dandin (Sri) Kavyadarsa. 
Dhanaiijaya, Dasa Eupa. 
Gangesa Upddydya. 
Golhillya- Grihya- Sutras. 
Harshadeva {Sri), Naishadha- 

Memacandra, Sthaviravali- 


Hemcandra Vidydratna. 
Jaimini, Mimansa Darsana. 

Kandda, Vaiseshika Darsana. 
Kapila, Sankhya Aphorisms. 
KaviTcarnapura, Chaitanya- 

Kshemendra, Avadana Kalpa- 

Kurma Purdna. 
Lalita Vislara. 
Ldtydyana-srauta Sutra. 
Madana Pdrijuta. 
Mdrkandeya Purdna. 
Ndrada Pancha Rdtra. 
Ndrada Smriti. 
Nydya Kusumdnjali Fraka- 


Nydya Vdrtikam. 


Patanjali, Yoga Aphorisms. 

Pingala Achdrya. 

Rumandtha Tarkaratna. 

Big Veda. 

Saddnananda Yati. 

Sdma Veda. 


Sdnkhdyana, Srauta Sutra. 

Sata Sdhasrika Prajnd-Pdra- 

Saunaka Acdrya. 
\_Sdyandcurya'] Mddhavdcd- 

rycCs Sarvadarsana. 
Somadeva Bhatta, Katha Sarit 

Suhandhu, Vasavadatta. 
Surya- Siddhdnta. 

TuVn Safsai. 



Vdcaspati Misra. 

Vardha Mihira. The Brhat 

Vardha Purdna. 

Vdyu Purdna. 

Vijndna BJakshu, Sankhya- 
Sara, and Sankhya-Pra- 

Vishnu- Smriti. 

Visvandtha Kavirdja. 

Visvandtha Pancdnana. 

Vrihanndradlya Purdna. 

Tajur Veda. 

Taska, Nirukta. 



Arabic ajtd Persian Series. 

Mutamid Khan. 
Muhammad- Kdzim. 
Musta'idd Khun. 
Shuh Nawuz Khan. 
Shams i Sirdj ^Aflf. 
Sharaf ad Din ^ill Yazdl. 

Tuzak i Jahdngiri. 
Wdkidi {Muhammad 

Wis u Rdmin. 
Ziyd ad Bin Baram. 


lAhd al Hamld of Lahore. 
Idbd al Kudir. 
lAbd ar Rashid. 
Abu Ism' all Muhammad. 
Abu ''Umar MinhdJ al-JuzJunl. 
AbuH Fazl Baihaki. 
AbuH Fazl Alldml. 
Aghd Ahmad Alt. 
Dictionary of Technical Terms. 
Ibn Hajar. 

Jaldl ad Din as Sayuti. 
Khdft Khdn. 

Minhd.) ibn Sirdj Juzjdni 
Tabakat i Nasirl. 
Bicknell (Herman). See Hdfiz Shlrdzi. 

Biddulph(MajorJ.)— Tribes of the Hindu Koosh. 8vo. C7«/c, 1880. 

Bigandet (Right Rev. P.) — The Life, or Legend of Gaudama, the 

Rudha of the Rurmese. 8vo. Rangoon, 1866. 

Biggs (Col.). See Sope {Theodore C), Architecture of Ahmedabad. 

Bija Ganita. See BhdsJcara Acdrya. 

Bijapur — Mahometan Ruildings of. See Hart (Capt.). 

Bikanir (The Maharaja of) — Catalogue of the Sanskrit MSS. in the 

Library of, by Rajendralala Mitra. 8vo. Calcutta, 1880. 

BilocM Nama. See Jletu Ram {Rai Bahadur). 

Bindseil (Heinrich Ernest) — Abhandlungen zur allgemeinen 

vergleichenden Sprachlehre. 8vo. Hamburg, 1838. 

Bingham (Commander J. Elliot) — Narrative of the Expedition to 

China from the commencement of the War. 2 vols, small 

4 to. London, 1842. 

Biot (Edouard) — Dictionnaire des N'oms Anciens et Modernes, des 

Villes et Arrondissements compris dans I'Empire Chinois. 8vo. 

Paris, 1842. 

Essai sur I'histoire de I'Instruction Publique en Chine et 

do la Corporation des Lettres. 8vo. Paris, 1845. 

Le Tcheou-li, ou Rites de Tcheou, trad, pour la l^'" fois 

du Chinois, avec Table Analytique. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

Birch (S.), (F.) Arundale and (J.) Bonomi — Gallery of Antiquities, 
selected from the Rritish Museum. [Plates and letterpress,] 
Part 1, Egyptian, small 4to. London, 1842 ? 

Description of the Papyrus of Nas-Khem, Priest of 

Amcn-Ra. Printed for private circulation by desire of H.R.H. 
The Prince of Wales, roy. 8vo. London, \%&Z. 


Birch (S.), Arundale (F.), and (Bonomi (J.)- See British Museum 
Publications, Inscriptions in the llimyaritic character. 

Bird (James) — The Origin and Principles of the Baudha and Jaioa 
Religions, with accounts of the Sculptures in the Caves in 
Western India, and Translations of Inscriptions, fol. 

JBombay, 1847. 

See lAli Muhammed Khun, History of Gujarat. 

Birdwood (Sir George C. M.) — Handbook to the British Indian 

Section, Paris Universal Exhibition, la78. London, 1878. 

Industrial Arts of India. Map and woodcuts. 2 vols. 

{iSouth Kensington Museum JT.B.) p. 8vo. London, 1880. 

The East India. Company. The July number of the 

"Journal of Indian Art." fol. Lotidon, IS90. 

Birlinger (Dr. Anton) — Schwabisch-Augsburgischcs Wortcrbuch. 

8vo. Miinchen, 1864. 

Birma, Malaya and Thai, Comparative Vocabulary of. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1816, 
Biruni. See Alblrunl. 
Bissachere (M. de la) — Expose Statistique du Tunkin. 2 vols, in 

one. 8vo. London, 1811. 

Bissaeus (Edward). See Palladius. 

Bjbrnstjeriia (Count M.) — Det Brittiska Riket i Ost-Indien. 8vo. 

Stockholm, 1839. 

The Theogony of the Hindoos ; and their Systems of 

Philosophy and Cosmogony. 8vo. London, 1844. 

Blacker (Lieut. -Col. Valentine) — Maps and Plans illustrating the 
Memoir of the Operations of the British Army in India, during 
the Mahratta War of 1817, 1818, 1819. sm.'4to. Lond. 1821. 

Bland (N.) — A Century of Persian Ghazals, edited in the Persian 
from unpublished Diwiins, with Lives of the Authors. 4to. 

London, 1851. 

See Liitf !All Beg and Nizami Ganjavi. 

Blandford (Henry F.) — Indian Meteorologist's Vade-Mecum. Parts 
1-2. roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1876-7. 

See India — Meteorological Department. 

Blanford (W. T.) — Observations on the Geology and Zoology of 
Abyssinia. Illustrations and a Geological Map. 8vo. 

London, 1870. 

The Fauna of British India, Ceylon, and Burma. Part 1, 

Mammalia. 8vo. London, 1888. 

See Eastern Persia, vol. 2. 

See India. Geology, A Manual of , vols. 1, 2. 

Blaramberg (M. de) — Choix de Medailles Antiques d'Olbia du 
Cabinet de M. de Blaramberg. Plates. 8vo. d, Paris, 1822. 

Notice sur quelques objets d'Antiquite, decouverts en 

Tauride dans un Tumulus, square post 8vo. Paris, 1822. 


Blau (Dr. Otto) — Bosnisclitui'kisclic SpracMenkmalei' herausg. 
{D. M. G. AbhancU. Band y. No. 2.) 8vo. Leipzig, \9,&B. 
Bleek (W. H. I.)— De nominum generibus Linguarum Africse 
Australis Copticoe Semiticorum aliarumque Serqualium. 8vo. 

Bonnm, 1851. 
Dialogues in English, Arabic, Haussa and Bornu Lan- 
guages, oblong folio. London, 1853. 
YoL-abularies of the Dialects of Languages of the 

Mozambique. London, 1856. 

Comparative Grammar of South African Languages. 

Part 1, Phonology; part 2, the Concord, sect. 1, the Noun, 
in 1 vol. 8vo. Cape Town, 1862-69. 

Reynard the Fox in South Africa ; or Hottentot Fables 

and Tales, trans, from the original MSS. post 8vo. Zoh(?. 1864. 
A hrief Account of Bushman Folklore, being a Second 

lleport concerning Bushman Researches, fol. Cape Town, 1S7 5. 
Blin (A.) — Dictionnaire Fraugaise-Tamoul et Tamoul-Fran^ais. 

oblong 8vo. Paris, 1831. 

Blix (E.) — De Vigtigste Udtryk for Begreberne Herre og Fyrste 

i de Semitiske Sprog. 8vo. Kristiania, 1876. 

Blociimanii (H.) — Persian Metres, by Saifi, and a Treatise on 

Persian Rhyme, by Jami. Ed. in Persian. 8vo. Calcutta, 1867. 

See Abu' I Fdzl Alldmt, Ain i Akbari. 

Bloomfield (Maurice) — Contributions to the Interpretation of the 

Veda. 2nd scries. (Rep. from the American Journal of 

Philology.) 8vo. Baltimore, 1890. 

Blume (C. L.) — Bijdragen tot de Flora van Nederlandsch Indie. 

Pai'ts 1 to 17 in 3 vols {co7itiniious pagination), post Svo. 

Batavia, 1825-6. 
Blumhardt (J. F.). See British Museum, Catalogues of Bengali 

and Hindustani Printed Books. 
Bock (Carl) — Reis in Oost- en Zuid-Borneo, met Inleiding door 

P. J. B. C. Robide van der Aa. 4to. Atlas of Coloured 

Plates in 4to. 2 vols, 's Gravenhage, 1881-7. 

Bocthor (Ellions) — Dictionnaire Franqais-Arabe revue et augmentee. 

par A. Caussin de Perceval. 4to. Paris, 1828. 

Bode (Baron Clement A. de) — Travels in Luristan and Arabistan. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1845. 

Boderianus (G. F.). See Severi Alexandrini De ritibus Baptismi. 
Bodleian Library — 

Catalogus MSS. Orientalium (Pars piima), videlicet Hebrai- 

corum, Chaldaicorum, Syriacorum, ^thiopicorum, Arabicorum, 

Persicorum, Turcicorum, Copticorumque, ed. J. Uri. Pars ii^^* 

Arabic MSS. ed. Alex. Mcoll, in 1 vol. fol. Oxonii, 1787-1 821. 
■ Catalogus Codicum MSS. Sanscriticorum. Auctore Th. 

Aufrecht. 4to. Oxonii, 1859-64. 


Bodleian Library — Catalogus Codicum Syriacorura, confecit R. 

Payne Smith. 4to. Oxonii, 1864. 
Persian, Turkish, Hindustani, and Pushtu MSS., by E. 

Sachau and H. Ethe. Vol. 1, Persian MSS. 4to. Oa:/orrf, 1889. 
Catalogue of the Mohammadan Coins, by Stanley 

Lane-Poole. 4 plates. 4to. Oxford, 1888. 

Boeck (C.) — Porhandlinger ved de Skandinaviske Naturforskeres 
Ijerde mode. 8vo. Christiania, 1847. 

Boetticher (Paulus). See Bibles, Coptic. 

Boghinger (J. I.)^ — La Yie contemplative, ascetique et monastique 
chez les ludous, et chez les peuples Bouddhistes. 8vo. 

Straslourg, 1831. 

Bogle (George) — Mission to Tibet, and Thomas Manning's Jouniey 

to Lhasa, ed. by C. R. Markham. 2nd ed. 8vo. London, 1879. 

Bohlen (P. von) — De Buddhaismi origine et setate definiendis. 8vo. 

Regimonti Prussorum, 1827? 

Das Alte Indien, mit besonderer Riicksicht auf ^gypten. 

2 vols, in one. 8vo. Konigsberg, 1830. 

Commentatio de Motennabis Poeta Arabum. 8vo. Bound 

■with Lxikman Fables, ed. Freytag. Bonnce ? 
See Bhartrihari. 

Bbhtlingk (Otto) — tJber die Sprache der Jakuten, Grammatik 
Text und Worterbuch. 4to. St. Petersbourg, 1851. 

und Rudolph Roth — Sanskrit Worterbuch. 7 vols, in 4. 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1855-75. 

Sanskrit- Worterbuch in kiirzerer fassung. 7 vols, in 3. 

4to. ;S^. Petersburg, 1879-89. 

Sanskrit-Chrestomathie. 2^ kvA. 8vo. St. Petersb. 187 7. 

See Punini's acht bucher der Gi'ammatischer Regeln. 

See Sudraka, Mrkkhakatika. 

Bohusz (M. S. Siestrencewicz de) — Recherches sur I'origine des 
Sarmates, des Esclavons et des Slaves. Maps. 4 vols, in 2. 
8vo. St. Petersbourg, 1812-13. 

Bolts (William) — Considerations on India Affairs respecting the 
Present State of Bengal and its Dependencies. With a Map. 
2nd. cd. 4to. London, 1772. 

Bomanji (Framji) — Lights and Shades of the East, a study of the 
life of Baboo Harrischander. 8vo. Bombay, 1863 

Bomanji Bairamji Patell — Parsee Prakash. The Growth of the 
Parsoe Community in Western India. (In Gujarati). vol. 1. 
4to. Bombay, 1888. 

Bombadiers — Tables for the use of. In Turkish. Pera. 

Bombay Branch Royal Asiatic Society. — Catalogue of the Bhau 
Daji Memorial Collection. See Mandlik. 


Bombay Branch Royal Asiatic Society — Journal. Vols, 1-17, 
1844-1887 (title-pages to vols. 6 and 7 missing). Extra 
numbers, containing Prof. Peterson's Circle (1882-3, 1884-6), 
2 vols. 1883-4, 1887; Index to Reports on the Search for 
Sanskrit MSS. in the Bombay Transactions of Literary Society 
of Bombay, vols. 1-3, and to Journals of Bombay Branch 
E.A.S., vols. 1-17, with a History of the Society, by G. K. 
Tivareka, 1 vol. 8vo. 1886. All 8vo. Bombay, 1844-87. 

Bombay Geographical Society — Transactions (1838 to 1870), vols. 
1 to 19, part 2. 8vo. Bombay, 18-14-71. 

Bombay Literary Society — Transactions of, 3 vols. 4to. 

Bomlay, 1820-23. 

Bombay Medical and Physical Society — Transactions. New Series, 
vols. 4, 5 (for the years 1857-8-9). 8vo. Bombay, 1859-60. 

The same. 3 vols. 8vo. Bombay, 1877. 

Proceedings, 1854-56, 1856-59. 2 parts. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1856-60. 

Bombay Quarterly Review — 

Yols. 1-7. (No titles to vols. 6-7.) Svo. Bombay, 1855-8. 

Bombay Sanskrit Series — 

If OS. 2 and 7. See Ndgojibhatta. 
No. 14. See Vihramdnkadevavacharita. 
Bombay Sanskrit MSS. — 

Report on the Search for Sanskrit MSS. during 1880-8 1^ 

by r. Kielhom. 8vo. Bombay, \^%\. 

The same. 1882-3, by E. G. Bhandarkar. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1884. 
Bombay — Administration Reports, 1860-1 to 1863-4 in 4to. 

1864-5 to 1881-2 in Svo., 1882-3 to 1889-90 in fol. 30 vols. 

4to., 8vo. and fol. Bombay, 1861-90. 

Catalogue of Native Publications in the Bombay Presi- 
dency up to Dec. 31, 1864. By Sir A. Graut. 2nd ed. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1867. 
The same, Jan. 1, 1865, to June 30, 1867. By J. B. 

Peile. 8vo. Bom.bay, 1869. 

Census — 

Census of the Island of, taken Feb. 2nd, 1864. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1864. 
Census of 1872. Parts 1, 3, 4. Part 4, Maps of different 

Collectorates. fol. Bombay, 1875-6. 

Chemical Analyser'' s Report for 1874-5 and 1875-6. 

fol. and Svo. Bombay, 1875. 

Commerce — 

Report on External Commerce of Bombay, 1859-60 to 

1866-7. 8 vols. fol. Bombay, 1860-68. 


Bombay — Deaths in, 1851 to 1864. 14 vols, roy, 8vo. 

Bomhai/, 1852-65. 
Education — 

Education Commission. Report and Evidence of the 

Bombay Provincial Committee. 2 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1884. 
Reports on Public Instruction, 1850-1 to 1867-8, and 

1869-70 to 1876-7 in 8vo., 1877-8 to 1888-9 in fol. 45 vols. 
8vo. aud fol. Bombay, 1851-89. 

Famines, Report on. See Etheridge {Lieut.-Col. A. F.). 

Forest Reports, 1856-7 to 1875-6. 10 vols. roy. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1861-77. 
Gazetteer of tlie Bombay Presidency, vols. 2-8, 10-25. 

8vo. Bombay, 1877-86 

Vol. 2. Gujarat, Surat, and Broach. 1877. 

,, 3. Kaira and Panch Mahals. 1879. 

„ 4. Ahmedabad. 1879. 

,, 5. Cutch, Palanpur, and Mahi Kantha. 1880. 

,, 6. Rewa Kuntha, Narukot, Cambay, and Surat 

States. 1880. 

„ 7. Baroda. 1883. 

8. Kathiuwar. 1884. 

,, 10. Ratnagiri and Savantvadi. 1880. 

,, 11. Kolaba and Janjira. 1883. 

,, 12. Khandesh. 1880.- 

„ 13. 2 parts. Thana. 1882. 

„ 14. Thana, Places of Interest. 1882. 

,, 15. 2 parts. Kanara. 1883. 

,, 16. Nasik. 1883. 

,, 17. Ahmadnagar. 1884. 

,, 18. 3 parts. Poena. 1885. 

,, 19. Satara. 1885. 

„ 20. Sholapur. 1884. 

,, 21. Belgaum. 1884. 

„ 22. Dharwar. 1884. 

„ 23. Bijapur. 1884. 

„ 24. Kolhapur. 1886. 

,, 25. Botany. 1886. 

High Court — 

Reports of Cases decided in, ed. by J. Dunbar, vol. 1 

In 3 parts. With index (1863-65). 8vo. j5o;«%, 1864-7. 

Magnetical — 

Magnetical and Meteorological Observations in the years 

1846 to 1864, 1871 to 1884, and 1886-7. 26 vols. fol. 

. Bombay, 1849-89. 


Bombay — Medical History of the Native Array of Bombay for 
1876. fol. ' Bombay, 1877. 

Municipal Commissioner's Annual Report, with Reports 

of the Health Officer and Executive Engineer for 1868 to 1871 
and 1874 to 1876. 7 vols. fol. ^ow5«y, 1869-77. 

Places and Common Official "Words, fol. Bombay, 1880. 

JPublic Work Department — 

Budget of Public Works 1862-3 ; Administration Reports 

1875-6, and 1876-7; Budget Estimates 1870-1, 1872-3, 
1873-4, 1877-8. 10 parts, fol. Bombay, 1863-78. 

Records — 

Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government. 

1st series. No. 8. fol. Bombay, 1853. 

New Series. Nos. 2-5, 7, 8, 10-17, 19-21, 23 (2 parts), 
24-27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 38, 39 (2 parts), 40-46, 154-173, 
175-180, 181, 183-192, 194-196, 198-200, 204-214, 216- 
225, 227-230, 232-235, 240, 241. 8vo. and fol. 

Bombay, 1851-89. 
Selections from the Letters, Despatches, and State 

Papers, ed. by G. W. Forrest. 

Home Series. Vols. 1, 2. 4to. Bombay, 1887. 

Maratha Series. Vol. 1. 4to. Bombay, 1885. 

Sanitary Commissioner's Reports for 1869-1875 (1873 

in 2 parts). 8 vols. fol. Bombay, 1870-76. 

Trade and Navigation. Annual Statements, 1867-8 to 

1875-6. 9 vols. fol. ^ow%, 1869-76. 

Statement of the external Trade of Sind, 1858-9, 1859- 

60. 2 vols. fol. i?ow«%, 1859-61. 

C^wiVers/^y Calendar, 1863-4. post 8vo. Botnbay, \%Q^. 

Bonaparte (Napoleon) — Bulletins issued by, during the Campaign 
in Egypt and Syria. In Turkish. 4to. s.l., s.a. 

Napoleon et ses Conteraporains. Suite de Gravures avec 

texte publiee par A. de Chambure. 4to. Paris, 1824, 

Bonaparte (Le Prince Roland) — Les Kalmouks. 19 Photographs 
of various types, etc., in portfolio, cr. 4to. Pans, 1884. 

Les Habitants de Suriname. Notes recueillies a I'Exposi- 

tion Coloniale d' Amsterdam. [61 Phototype Portraits; and 
14 coloured plates of Ornaments, Coiffures, Utensils, Instru- 
ments, etc. With Letterpress,] fol. Paris, 1884. 
Collection Anthropologiquedel'Expositiond'Amsterdam- 

Les Hindous. (9 Photos., no letterpress.) 4to. Paris, 1884. 
Les Recents Voyages des Neerlandais a la Nouvelle- 

Guinee. sm, 4to, Paris, 1885, 

Les Dcrniers Voyages des Neerlandais a la Nouvelle- 

Guinee. sm. 4to. Versailles, 1! 


Bonaparte (Lc Prince Roland) — La Nouvelle-Guinee. III« et IV^ 

Notices, sra. 4to. Paris, 1887-8. 

Notes on the Lapps of Finmark. sm. 4to. Paris, 1886. 

Lo Glacier d'Aletsch et le Lac do Marjelen. Plates. 

sm. 4to. Paris 1889. 

Lc premier Etablisscment des Neerlandais a Maurice. 

Plates, sm. 4to. Paris, 1890. 

Sonnet (Elie). Les Decouvei-tes Assyriennes et le Livre de Genese. 

8vo. Paris, 1884. 

Sonomi (J.). See Birch {S.), Gallery of Antiquities. 
Bonvalot (G.) — En Asie Centrale. De Moscou en Bactriane. post 

8vo. Paris, 1884. 

Book of the Bee. See Shelem6n. 

Book of God (The) — An Introduction to the Apocalypse, sm. 8vo. 

London, n.d. 

Tlie Apocalypse of Adam=0anne8. sm. 8vo. London, n.d. 

A Commentary on the Apocalypse, sm. 8vo. London. 

Bopp (Franz) — Ausfiihrliches Lehrgebaude der Sanskrita-Sprache. 
sm. 4to. Berlin, 1827. 

Glossarium Sanscritum. sq. 8vo. BeroUni, 1830. 

Bound with Bopp's Gramm. Ling. Sanscr. 

Glossarium Sanskritum. 4to. BeroUni, 1847. 

Grammatica Critica Linguae Sanscritae. sq. 8vo. 

BeroUni, 18.32. 
Bound with this is Bopp's Glossarium Sanscritum. 

Kritische Grammatik der Sanskrita-Sprache in Kiirzerer 

Fassung. 8vo. BerUn, 1834. 

The same. 2*« Ausgabe. 8vo. BerUn, 1845. 

Vergleichende Gram. 2 vols. sm. 4to. BerUn, 1833-49. 

The same. 2*^ Ausgabe. 3 vols. 8vo. BerUn, 1857-61. 

Comparative Grammar, transl. by E. B. Eastwick, edited 

by H. H. Wilson. Vols. 1-2. 8vo. London, l^\b. 

Yocalismus oder Sprach-vergleichende Kritiken, viber 

J. Grimm's D. Gram., u. Graff's Alt. D. Sprachschatz. 8vo. 

BerUn, 1836. 

De Celtischen Sprachen in ihren Verhaltniss zum 

Sauskr., Zend., Griech., Latein., German., Litthauisch., u. 
Slawischen. 4to. BerUn, 1839. 

Yergleichendes Accentuations-System des Sanskrit und 

Griechischen. 8vo. BerUn, 1854. 
See Ifahahhurata. 

Borda (Le)— Poeme Arabe, trad, en Frangais par M. le Baron 
Silvestre de Sacy. Sec Tassy {G. de.). Exposition de la Foi 


Borgian Museum, Rome — Musei Borgiani velitris Codices Manu- 
script! Avenses, Peguani, Siamici, Malabarici, Indostani ani- 
madversionibus Historico-Criticis castigati et illustrati. Auctore 
P. Paulino AS. Bartholomaeo. 4to. Romae, 1793. 

Borsari (Ferdinando) — Geografia Etnologica e Storica della Tripo- 
litania, Cirenaica e Fezzan. 8vo. 'Torino and Napoli, 1888. 

Bosanquet (J. W.) — The Fall of Nineveh and the Siege of Sen- 
niicherib chronologically considered. 8vo. London, 1853. 

Messiah, the Prince ; or the Inspiration of the Prophecies 

of Daniel. 8vo. London, 1866. 

The same. 2nd ed. 8vo. London, 1869. 

Bosanquet (S. 11.) — Hindu Chronology and Antediluvian History. 

8vo. London, 1880. 

Bose (Shib Ch under) — The Hindoos as they are, with a Preface by 

Rev. W. Hastie. 8vo. London and Calcutta, 1881. 

Boswell (John A. C.) — A Manual of the Nellore District in Madras. 

Map in cover. 8vo. Madras, 1873. 

Botelho (Sebastiano Xavier) — Memoria Estatistica sobre os Dominios 

Portuguezes na Africa Oriental. 8vo. Lishoa, 1835. 

Botfield (Beriah) — Catalogue of the Pictures belonging to, in 

Norton Hall. roy. 8vo. London, 1848. 

Notes on the Cathedral Libraries of England, roy. 8vo. 

London, 1849. 

See Manners and Household Expenses. 

Botta (P.) Lettres de, sur ses Decouvertes k Khorsabad, pres de 

Ninive, publiees par M. J. Mohl. 55 plates. 8vo. Paris, 1845. 
and Flandin (E.) Monument de Ninive. [Engraved 

Plates.] 5 vols. fol. Paris, 1849-50. 

Vols. 1-2, Architecture et Sculpture. Vols. 3-4, Inscriptions. Vol. 5, Texte. 

Bottger (iidolf) — Die Blutige Rache einer jungen Frau. Chinesische 

Erzahlung, (transl. from an English, tale by R. Thorn). 2nd. 

ed. sra. 8vo. Leipzig, 1846. 

Boucher (Rev. Jonathan) — Glossary of Archaic and Provincial 

Words [edited by J. Hunter and J. Stevenson], sm. 4to. 

London, 1832-3. 
Boucher (R.). See Farazdak. 
Boudewijnse (J.) See Hague {The), Catalogus der Bibliotheek 

van het Indisch Genootschap. 
Boulger (D. C.) — Life of Yakoob Beg Ameer of Khashgar. Map. 

8vo. London, 1878. 
England and Russia in Central Asia. Two maps. 2 vols. 

8vo. London, 1879. 

[ ] Armies of the Native States of India (reprinted from 

The Times). Map. post 8vo. London, 1884. 

Bourdillcn (J. A.). See Bengal, Report on the Census of. 


Boyce (W. B.) — A Grammar of the Kaffir Langunge. 2ncl ed, with 
Vocabulary and Exercises by W. J. Davis. 8vo. London, 1844. 

The same. 3rd ed. post Bvo. London, 1863. 

Boyd (Major Charles) — Turkish Interpreter, or New Grammar of 

the Turkish Language. 8vo. London, 1842. 

Bower (Rev. H.)— Introduction to the Nannul : Tamil Text and 
English Translation, with Appendices of Notes and Gram- 
matical Terms, fcap. 8vo. Madras, 1876. 

Bowring (Sir John) — Specimens of the Russian Poets, translated 
by, with Biographical Notices. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1821-3. 

Hymns. 12mo. London, 1825. 

Specimens of Polish Poets, with Notes on Polish Litera- 
ture. 12mo. London, 1827. 

Servian Popular Poetry, trans, by. 12mo. London, 1^11 . 

The Kingdom and People of Siam. Maps and plates. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1857. 

Hwa Tsien Ki, The Flowery Scroll, a Chinese Novel. 

post Bvo. London, 1868. 

Bowring (L.) — Eastern Experiences. [Map of Mysore.] 2nd ed. 

8vo. London, 1872. 

Bradford (A. W.) — American Antiquities and Researches into the 

Origin and History of the Red Race. 8vo. New York, 1843. 
Brahmanas. See Aitareya, Gopatha, Tundya-Maha. 
Brahma Sutras. See Badardyam. 

Brahmagupta and Bhashkara — Algebra, with Arithmetic and Men- 
suration, from the Sanscrit, translated by H. T. Colebrooke. 

4to. Lotidon, 1827. 

Brahmo— Year-Book, edited by Sophia Dobson Collet. 1876-1880. 

5 parts. London, 1876-80. 

Bramsen (William) — The Coins of Japan. Part 1 : — The Copper, 

Lead, and Iron Coins issued by the Central Government. 4to. 

Yokohama, London, and Netv York, 1880. 

Japanese Chronological Tables, showing the dates of the 

first day of each Japanese month, 645 a.d. to 1873 a.i). 

obi. 8vo. Tokio, 1883. 

Brandes (H. K.) — Die Neugriechische Sprache und die Yerwand- 
schaft der Griechischen sprache mit der Deutschen. 8vo. 

Lemgo et Detmold, 1862. 

Brandis (D.) — Catalogue of Specimens of Timber and other Forest 
Produce from Indian Forests, for Paris Exhibition, 1878. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1878. 

Suggestions regarding Forest Administration in the 

the Madras Presidency, fol. Madras, 1883. 

On Caoutchoue. See Collins (James). 


Brandreth (Major A. M.). See Professional Papers on Indian 

Indian Engineering. 
Brayton (D. L.) — Pwo Karen Spelling Book. 4th ed. 8vo. 

Rangoon, 1863. 

• Reading Lessons in Pwo-Karen. No. 1. 2nd ed. post 

8vo. Rangoon, 1875. 

Breeks (James Wilkinson) — An Account of the Primitive Tribes 
and Monuments of the Nilagiris, edited by his widow. 82 
photographs. Plates. 4to. London, 1873. 

Breton (Peter) — Vocabulary of the Names of the Yarious Parts of 
the Human Body in English, Arabic, Persian, Hindu, and 
Sanscrit. Lithographed. 4to. Calcutta, 1825. 

Bretschneider (M. le Docteur E.) — Recherches Archeologiques et 
Historiques sur Pekin, Planches. 8vo. {^Ecole des Langms 
Orientates Vivantes, V Serie, Tome XII.) Paris, 1879. 

Breviary (The) — Translated into Arabic by command of Cardinal 

Richelieu, small 4to. Lidetiae Parisiorum, 1640. 

Bridgman (E. C.) — Chinese Chrestomathy, in the Canton dialect. 

4to. Macao, 1841. 

Briere (M, de) — Histoire du prix fonde par le Comte de Volney; 

(Wants the four plates). 4to. Paris, s.a. 

Briggs (H. G.) — The History and Relations of Nizam with the 

British Government. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1861. 

Briggs (Lieut.- Col. John) — Letters to a Young Person in India. 

sm. 8vo. London, 1828. 
The Present Land-Tax of India considered as a Measure 

of Finance. 8vo. London, 1830. 

India and Europe Compared. Present State and Future 


Prospects of our Eastern Continental Empire. Map. post 8vo. 

London, 1857. 
See Firishtah {Muhammad Kasim). Rise of the Mahom- 

medan Power in India. 
See GhuldmIIusainKha.n{Mir). Siyar al Mutaakhkhirin . 

Bright (Capt. John) — Voyage to seek North- West Passage. See 
Lancaster {Sir Lames). Voyages of, etc. 

Brighton Public Library. — Catalogue of the Victoria Lending 
library, with an Appendix of some Books of Reference by 
F. W. Madden, sm. 4to. Brighton, 1890. 

Brihad-Aranyaka. See Upanishads. 

Brihad-Dharma-Purana. — Ed. by Pandit Haraprasad Sastri. Ease. 
I.-II. 8vo. {Ribl. Indica.) ' ' Calcutta, 1888-9. 

Brihaspati. See Lollg {Julius). Minor Law Books. 
Brissonii (B.) — De Regie Persarum Statu, post 8vo. 1590. 

First ed. (wants title-page). MS. note by A. Sprenger. 



British Association for the Advancement of Science — Reports 
fur years 1831-1889. 58 vols. 8vo. Zondon, 1S33-90. 

Index, 1831-1860. 8vo. London, 1864. 

Canadian Economics. Papers read at the ^lontreal 

Meeting. 8vo. Montreal, 1885. 

British Burma Gazetteer. See Burma. 

British and Foreign Bible Society — Catalogue of the Library of, 

by George Bullen. 8vo. London, 1857. 

British and Native Cochin — By C. A. L. post 8vo. Cochin, 1860. 

Broach — The City of. See Bombay Government Records, Selections 

from. No. 153. N.s. 

British Museum Publications — 

Inscriptions — 

Inscriptions in the Cuneiform Character from Assyrian 

Monuments, ed. by Sir A. H. Layard. fol. London, 1851. 

The Cuneiform Inscriptions of "Western Asia, edited by 

H. C. Rawlinson, E. Norris, G. Smith, and T. Pinches. 5 vols, 
fol. London, 1861-80. 

Vol. 1, Chaldsea, Babylon, and Assyria. Vol. 2-5, AssjTia. 

Inscriptions in the Himyaritic Character discovered 

chiefly in Southern Arabia, ed. by S. Birch, obi. fol. Lond. 1863. 
Inscriptions in the Phoenician Character, now in the 

British Musuem, discovered on the site of Carthage during 
researches made by N. Davis, edited by W. S. W. Vaux. oblong 
fol. London, 1863. 

Inscriptions in the Hieratic and Demotic Character. 

Preface by S. Birch, fol. London, 1868. 

Egyptian Texts of the Earliest Period, from the Coffin of 

Amamu, with a translation by S. Birch, fol. London, 1886. 
Papyri — 

Select Papyri in the Hieratic Character, from the Collec- 

tion in the British Museum, with prefatory notes by E. 
Hawkins. 3 vols. fol. London, 1841-4. 

The same, part 2. Plates 1-19. Abbott andD'Orbiney 

Papyri, fol. London, 1860. 

Facsimile of an Egyptian Hieratic Papyrus of the Reign 

of Rameses III., ed. by S. Birch, large obi. fol. London, 1876. 
Nebseni Papyrus, thirty-three photographs from. No 

text, oblong fol. London, 1876. 

Cuneiform Tablets in the Kouyunjik Collection, by C. 

Bezold. vol. 1. imp. 8vo. London, 1889. 

Catalogues — 

Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of Japanese and 

Chinese Paintings in the British Museum, by William Ander- 
son. Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1886. 


British Museum Publications— 

Manuscripts — 

Catalogus Codicum MSS. Orientalium. vols. 1-3. fol. 

Zow</ow, 1838-47. 
Vol. 1, SjTiac and Carshun. Vol. 2, Arabic. Vol. 3, Aethiopic. 

Syriac MSS. acquired since 1838, by W. Wright, LL.D. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1870-2. 

Persian MSS., by Charles Eieu, Ph.D. 3 vols. 4to. 

London, 1879-83. 
Ancient MSS. Part 1, Greek; edited by E. Maunde 

Thompson, fol. London, 1881. 

Romances in the Department of MSS., by H. L. D. 

Ward. vol. 1. roy. 8vo. London, 1883. 

Turkish MSS., by Charles Eieu. 4to. London, 1888. 

^thiopic MSS. acquired since 1847, by W. Wright. 

4to. London, 1877. 

MS. Maps, Charts, and Plans, and the Topographical 

Drawiugs. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1844. 

Coins — 

Oriental Coins, by Stanley Lane-Poole, ed. by R. S. 


Poole. Vols. 1-9. 8vo. London, 1875-89. 

Yol. 1. Eastern Khaleefehs, 

Yol. 2. Mohammadan Dynasties. 

Yol. 3. Turkuman Houses of Seljook, Urtuk, Zengee, etc. 

Yol. 4. Fatimeh Khaleefehs, Ayyoobbees, and Memlook Sultans. 

Yol. 5. Moors of Africa and Spain, and Kings and Imams of 


Yol. 6. Coins of the Mongols. 

Yol. 7. Coinage of Bukhara. 

Yol. 8. Coins of the Turks. 

Yol. 9. Additions to Vols. 1-4. 

Indian Coins. The Sultans of Dehll, by S. Lane-Poole, 

ed. by R. S. Poole. 8vo. London, 1884. 

Mnharamadan States of India, by S. Lane-Poole, ed. 

by R. S. Poole. 8vo. London, 1885. 

Coins of the Greek and Scythic Kings of Bactria and 

India, by P.Gardner, ed. by R. S. Poole. 8vo. London, 1886. 

Coins of the Shahs of Persia, by R. S. Poole. 8vo, 

London, 1887. 
Printed Books — 

Hebrew Books, by Dr. Zedner. 8vo. London, 1867. 

Sanskrit and Pali Books, by Dr. E. Haas. 4to. 

London, 1876. 
Chinese Printed Books, Manuscripts, and Drawings, by 

R. K. Douglas. 4to. London, 1877. 


British Museum Publications — 

Bengali Printed Books, by J. F. Blumbardt. 4to. 

London, 1886. 

Hindustani Printed Books, by J. P. Blumbardt. 4to. 

London, 1889. 
Guides — 

Guide to tbe Nimroud Central Salon, p. 8vo. London, 1886. 

Chinese and Japanese Illustrated Books exhibited in 

tbe King's Library, post 8vo. London, 1887. 

Guide to the Exhibition of Chinese and Japanese Paint- 

ings in tbe Print and Drawing Gallery, post 8vo. Land. 1888. 

Broch (J. P.)— See Ahu'l Kasim Mahmud ZamaJchshari, Hdfz, 
Krishna Misri, Soma Beva Bhatta, Vendidud. 

Brocquiere (Bertrandon de la) — Travels to Palestine in 1432-3, 

translated by Thomas Jobnes. 8vo. Rafod, 1807. 

Broek (W. Palmer van den) — Javaanscbe Vertellingen. 8vo. 

'« Gravenhage, 1878. 
Brojo Nath Shaha — A Grammar of tbe Lushai Language, to which 

are added Lushai Popular Songs. 8vo. Calcutta, 1884. 
Brosset(M.) — Chronique Georgicnne. Trad, par, 8vo. Pans, 1831. 
Apergu Generale de la Langue Georgienne. 2 parts in 

1vol. No title-page to part 1 . Litb. 8vo. jPam, 1833. 
Brough-Smyth (R.)— See Stnyth {R. Brough). 
Broughton (Thomas Duer) — Letters written in a Mahratta Camp 

during the year 1809. Coloured plates. 4to. Zowrfow, 1813. 
Selections from the Popular Poetry of tbe Hindoos. 

post 8vo. London, 1814. 

Broun (Capt. Thomas) — Manual of the New Zealand Coleoptera. 

{New Zealand Colonial Museum.) 8vo. Wellington, \%%Q. 

Broussonet (P. M. Augusti) — Icbtbyologia sistens Piscium Descrip- 

tiones et Icones. Decas 1. 4to. London, 1782^. 

(Bound with Robertson (G.). Memoir of a Chart of tbe 

Cliina Sea.) 
Brown (Charles Philip) — The Prosody of the Telugu and Sanscrit 

Languages explained, small 4to. Madras, 1827. 

Dictionary, Telugu and English, roy. 8vo. Madras, 1852. 

Grammar of the Telugu Language. 2nd Ed. 8vo. 

Madras, 1857. 

See Tatachari, Popular Telugu Tales, and Vemana. 

Brown (J. P.). See Carr (B. L.) and J. P. Brown, Mfantsi 

Brown (Rev. John) — Vocabulary of tbe Secwana Language. In 

2 parts, Secwana-English and Euglish-Secwana. 8vo. 

London, 1876. 


Brown (Thomas) — The Renovation of India, and Prophecy of Ganges* 

a Collection of Poems. 2nd Ed. fcap. 8vo. JEdmburgh, \%10- 
Browne (John Cave) — Indian Infanticide. 8vo. London, 1857. 
Brucker (Jacob) — Historia Critica Philosophiae. 2nd Ed. 6 vols. 

4to. Lipsiae, 1767. 

Bruckner (Gottlob) — Proeve eener Javaansche Spraak-Kunst. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1830. 
Vocabulary of the Dutch, English, and Javanese 

Languages. 8vo. Batavia, 1842. 

[Bruce (John)] — Plans for the Government of British India, and 

Eegulation of Trade to the East Indies. 4to. \_JEdinburgh,'] 1 793. 
Annals of the East India Company, a.d. 1600-1707-8. 

3 vols. 4to. London^ 1810. 

Report on the T^egotiation between the Honourable East 

India Company and the Public, respecting the renewal of the 
Company's Exclusive Privileges of Trade for 20 years from 
March, 1794. 4to. London, 1811. 

Brugsch. (Henry) — Numerorum apud veteres -^gyptos Demoti- 
corum Doctrina. Ex Papyris et Inscrip. nunc primum illus- 
trata. Cum 5 tabulis. 4to. Berolini, 1849, 

Inscriptio Kosettana Hieroglyphica. Plates. 4to. 

Berolini, 1851. 

Brunnhofer (Dr. Hermann) — Iran und Turan : Der altesten 
Schauplatz der Indischen XJrgesehichte. 8vo. Leip%ig, \%%9. 

Briinnow (11. E.) — Die Charidschiten, unter den Ersten Omayyaden. 
Svo. Leiden, 1884. 

Brusciotto — Grammar of the Congo Language as spoken 200 years 
ago, transl. by H. Grattan Guinness, post 8vo. London, 1882. 

Brussels — Bulletins de I'Academie Royale des Sciences et Belles 
Letti-es de Bruxelles. 1st series, vols. 7-23, with index. In 
39 parts. 8vo, Bruxelles, 1840-1856. 

2nd series, vols. 1-33. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1857-1872. 

Memoires couronnes et Memoires des Savants etrangers. 

Yols. 6-21. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1853-70. 

Brydges (Sir Harford J.) — The Dynasty of the Kajars, trans- 
lated from a Persian MS., with a History of Persia previous 
to that period. 8vo. London, 1832. 

Buchanan (Rev. Claudius) — Colonial Ecclesiastical Establishment 
[including India]. Svo. London, 1813. 

Buchanan (Francis). See Hamilton {Francis), formerly Buchanan. 

Buchwald (Dr. Gustav von) [^Editor]. See Noer ( Graf F. A. von), 
Kaiser Akbar. 

Buckingham (J. Silk) — Travels in Palestine through the Countries 
of Bashan and Gilead. 4to. London, I S21. 

Travels in Mesopotamia, with researches on the Ruins of 

Nineveh and Babylon. 2 vols. 8vo. London, \B27. 


Buckingham (J. Silk) — The Sphynx, Journal of Politics, Litera- 
ture, and News, from July to Dec. 1827. 4to. London, 1827. 

Travels in Assyria, Media, and Persia, including accounts 

of Ecbatana and Persepolis. 4to. London, 1829. 

Buckle (Captain E.) — Memoir of the Services of the Bengal 
Artillery, edited by J. W. Kaye. 8vo. London, 1852. 

Buddhaghosa's Parables — Translated from the Burmese by Capt. 
T. Kogers. With an Introduction, containing Buddha's 
Dhammapada, translated from the Pali by F. Max Muller. 
8vo. London, 1870, 

Buddhavamsa and Cariya-Pitaka— Edited by Rev. E. Morris. 
8vo. {Pali Text Society.) London, 1882. 

Budge (E. A.) — Assyrian Texts, with Philological Notes. {Archaic 
Classics.) 4to. London, 1880. 

Babylonian Life and History. Illustrations. {By-Paths 

of Bihle Knowledge, No. 5.) post 8vo. London, 1884. 

The Sarcophagus of Anchnesraneferab, Queen of Ahmes 

II., King of Egypt. The Egyptian Texts, Transliteration and 
Translation, with Introduction. Coloured Front, small 4to. 

Lotidon, 1885. 
Martyrdom and Miracles of St. George of Cappadocia. 

The Coptic Texts, edited, with an English Translation. 
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Trade, etc. — 

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(All published, containing the commentary only.) 

et Chr. Lassen — Essai sur le Pali, ou Langue Sacree de 

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Journey of MM. Monteiro and Gamitto by C. T. Beke. 8vo. 
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Ptolemy's Western Lake Reservoir. Part 2. Capt. Speke's 

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Kurrachee, 1877. 
By-Paths of Bible Knowledge — 

No. 1. King {Rev. J.) Cleopatra's Needle. 

2. Sayce {A. B..) Fresh Light from the Ancient 

4. King {Rev. J.) Discoveries on the Temple Hill. 

5. Budge {K. A. W.) Babylonian Life and History. 
7. Sayce {A. LI.) Assyria; its Princes, etc. 

Byron (Commodore) — Voyages to the Southern Hemisphere. See 
LLawkesiDorth {John), An Account of Voyages, etc. 



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( v.), Voyage to the Kiver Plate. 
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W. J. Allen, fol. Calcutta, 1859. 

Caqvata's. See Sdsvata. 
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Administration Eeport for 1868, 1872, 1873. 3 parts. 

fol. Calcutta, 1869-74. 

Census — 

Report on the Census of Calcutta in 1866. fol. 

Calcutta, 1866. 

Census of, April 6, 1876. Map. fol. Calcutta, 1866. 

Small Cause Court — 

-Reports of, for 1853-54 to 1857-58, 1859-60 to 1864-65, 

1867-68 to 1876-77, and 1880. 21 parts. 4to. and fol. 

Calcutta, 1854-81. 
Education — 

Annual Reports of the Hindu College, Patshalla, Branch 

School, Sanscrit College, Calcutta Mudrussa, and Russapuglah 
School, for the years 1846-47, 1849-50, 1850-51, 1851-52, 
1853-54. 5 parts. 8vo. Calcutta, 1848-54. 

Annual Reports of the College of Hadji Mohammed 

Moshin and its subordinate Schools and of the Colleges of 
Dacca and Kishnagur, for 1847, 1847-48, 1849-50, 1850-51, 
1851-52,1853-54. 6 parts. 8vo. Calcutta, \M1-5A. 

Exhibitions — 

International Exhibition 1883-4. Official Report, 2 

vols. roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1885. 

Exhibition. Economic Products of India. See Watt 

( George). 
Gazettes — 

Selections from the, of the years 1784 to 1823. Vols. 

1, 2, 3, ed. by W. S. Seton-Karr ; vols. 4, 5, ed. by Hugh D. 
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Vol. 1. Asoka and Indo- Scythian Galleries. 

Vol. 2. Gupta and Inscription Galleries. 

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8vo. Calcutta, 1881. 

Catalogue of the Siwalik Vertebrata, by R. Lydekker. 

2 parts. 8vo. Calcutta, 1885-86. 

Part; 1. Mammalia. Part 2. Aves, Reptilia, and Pisces. 

Hand List of Mollusca. Parts 1, 2. Gastropoda, by G. 

Nevill. 8vo. Calcutta, 1878-84. 

Index to the Genera and Species of Mollusca, by "W. 

Theobald. Parts 1, 2. Gastropoda. 8vo. Calcutta, 1889. 
Catalogue of Remains of Pleistocene and Pre-historic 

Vertebrata, by R. Lydekker. 8vo. Calcutta, 1886. 

Indian Museum. 

Indian Museum Notes. Vol. 1. Nos. 1-4. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1889-90. 
No. 1. Indian Insect Pests. 
Nos. 2 and 4. Indian Economic Entomology. 
No. 3. Silk Worms in India. 

Catalogue of the Moths of India. See Cotes {E. C.) and 

Sivinhoe [Colonel). 

■ Monograph on the Asiatic Chiroptera. 8eeDohson{G.H.). 

Guide and Directory. 8vo. Calcutta, 1840 ? 

Map of, in 1784. See Bengal, Selections from Records, 

ed. Rev. J. Long. 1869. 

Medical — 

Reports on the Calcutta Medical Institutions for the 

years 1871-75. 4 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1872-76. 

Report on the Calcutta Medical Missions for the year 

1876. fol. Calcutta, 1877. 

Municipality — 

Administration Report of the Municipality for 1874. 

fol. Calcutta, 1875. 

Police — 

Report on the State of the Police of the Town of 

Calcutta for 1854-5, 1859-60, 1860-61, 1863-4, 1873 to 1875. 
6 parts, fol. Calcutta, 1856-76. 


Port Improvement Commissioners, Reports of, for 

1875-76, 1876-77. 2 parts, fol. Calcutta, 1876-77. 
Public Library — 

Public Library, Catalogue of. 8vo. Calcutta, 1846. 

The same. Another edition. 8vo. Calcutta, 1855. 


Calcutta — JJniversUy — 

Minutes for the year 1876-7. 1vol. 8vo. Calcutta, 1^17 . 

■ Calendar for 1877-8 and 1890. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1878. 

Caldwell (Bishop E.). — Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian 
or South Indian Family of Languages. 8vo. London, l^bQ. 

The same. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1875. 

A Political and General History of the District of 

Tinnevelly. roy. 8vo. Madras, 1881. 

" Caledonnicus " — Fitz Raymond ; or, The Rambler on the Rhine 
[verse]. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1831. 

Callaway (Bishop Henry) — Izinganekwane. Nursery Tales, Tra- 
ditions, and Histories of the Zulus. Yol. 1, part 1. 8vo. 

Natal, 1866. 

Religious System of the Amazulu. Part 3. Izinganga 

Zokubula. Divination among the Amazulu. 8vo. iVa^a^, 1870. 

Callaway (John). See Yakkun Nattannawa. 

Callery (L. M.). See Li-Ki, 

Callery and Yvan — History of the Insurrection in China, with 
JN^otices of the Christianity, Creed, and Proclamations of the 
Insurgents, translated from the French by J. Oxenford. 
Sm. 8vo. London, 1853. 

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4to. Map and plates. London, 1829. 

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Filologicos. 8vo. Madrid, 1884. 

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Turkish MSS., by E. H. Palmer. 8vo. Camb and Land. 1870. 

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University Library — Catalogue of the Buddhist Sanskrit 

MSS., by C. Bendall. 8vo. Cambridge, 1883. 

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edition. 4to, Madras, 1820. 

Dictionary of the Teloogoo Language. 4to. Madras, 1821. 

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Civil Government, with some Account of the Natives and 

Native Institutions. 8vo, London, 1852. 
Specimens of Languages of India, including those of 

the Aboriginal Tribes of Bengal, Central Provinces, and the 

Eastern Frontier, fol. Calcutta, 1874. 

Campbell (Rev. "W".). See Bible, Gospel of St. Matthew, in 

An Account of Missionary Success in Formosa, published 

in London in 1650, and now reprinted, with copious appendices. 

Maps and portraits. 2 vols, post 8vo. London, 1889. 



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Campomanes (Jose He via) — Lecciones de Gramatica Hispano- 
Tagala. 2'^* edicion. 8vo. Manila, 1877. 

Canada — Royal Society of, Proceedings and Transactions. Vols. 
1-7. 4to. Montreal, 1883-90. 

Canara Forests — Administration Reports for the year 1869-70. 
8vo. Bombay, 1870. 

Cankara Acarya. See Sankara Acdrya. 

Canarese — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th School Books. Pre- 
pared by Order of the Director of Public Instruction. 6 vols, 
post 8vo. Bangalore, 1868-72. 

1st (in 2 parte), 2nd, and 3rd Book of Lessons. For the 

use of the Government Canarese Schools, post 8vo. 

Bangalore and Mangalore, 1868-70. 

Second Catechism of Grammar. In Canarese. post 8vo. 

Mangalore, 1868. 

School Grammar. In Canarese. 4th Ed. fcap. 8vo. 

Mangalore, 1869. 
Poetry, First Book of, post 8vo. Bangalore, 1870. 

Candy (Major T.) — Manual of Geography. In Marathi. 2 vols. 
8vo. Bombay, 1863-5. 

Manual of Geography. Translated into Gujarati by 

Chotalal Sevakram. 2 vols. 8vo. Bombay, 1868. 

Candy (T. and G.). See Molesworth {Captain J. T.). 

Canino (Lucien Bonaparte, Prince de) — Museum Etrusque de 
Fouilles de 1828-9. 42 Plates of Inscriptions, small 4to. 

Viterbe, 1829. 

Cannecattim (Fr. Bernardo Maria de) — Diccionario da Lingua 
Bunda ou Angolense, explicada na Portugueza, e Latina. 
small 4to. Lishoa, 1804. 

CollecgSo de Observa^oes grammaticaes sobre a Lingua 

Bunda ou Angolense. sm. 4to. Lisboa, 1805. 

The same. 2"^^ ed. E Diccionario abreviado da Lingua 

Congueza. sm. 4to. Lisboa, 1859. 

Cantemir (Demetrius, Prince of Moldavia) — History of the Growth 
and Decay of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1683. Translated 
by N. Tindal. Portraits of the Author and the Turkish 
Emperors, and a Map. fol. London, 1734-5. 

Canton Miscellany. 8vo. China, 1831. 

Canton Register. Yols. 2 and 3, for 1829-30. 2 vols. 4to. 

Canton, 1829-30. 

Cantor (Theodore) — Catalogue of Malayan Fishes. [From Journal 

Bengal As. Soc, vol. xviii.] 8vo. Calcutta, 1850. 




Cape of Good Hope— The State of, in 1822. Edited by H. T. 

Colebrooke. 8vo. London, 1823. 

Capon (Capt. D.). See Duff{ Capt. Grant), History of the Marathas. 
Capper (John) — The Three Presidencies of India. Numerous 

engravings, and a map. 8vo. London, 1853. 

Carey (F,) — Grammar of the Burman Language, with a list of Roots 

from which the Language is derived. 8vo. Serampore,\%\4:. 
[Carey (W.)] — Dialogues, intended to facilitate the acquiring of 

the Bengali Language. 8vo. Serampore, 1801. 

[Carey (W.)] — Dictionary of the Bengalee Language. 2nd Ed. 

2 vols, in 3. 4to. Serampore, 1825. 

Gram, of the Mahratta Language. 8vo. Serampore, 1805. 

Dictionary of the Mahratta Language. (Mahratta- 

English.) post 8vo. Serampore, 1810. 

Gram, of the Punjabee Language. 8vo. Serampore, 1812. 

Gram, of the Sungskrit Language. 4to. Serampore, 1806. 

Gram, of the Telinga Language. 8vo. Serampore, 1814. 

See Marshman {John Clark), Lives of Carey, Marshman, 

and Ward. 
[_LJditor'j. See Schroeter {F. G. G.), Bhotan Grammar. 

See Singhasan Battisi, in Mahrathi. 

and J. Marshman. See Vulmlki. 

Carbonazzi (G. A.) — Sulle operazioni Stradali di Sardegna. 

Torino, 1832? 
Careri (Gemelli) — Voyage du tour du Monde, traduit de I'ltalien. 
6 vols, 12mo. Paris, 1727. 

Vol. 1, Turquie. Vol. 4, Chine. 

Vol. 2, Perse. Vol. 5, lies Philippines. 

Vol. 3, rindostan. Vol. 6, Nouvelle Espagne. 

Carletti (J. T.) — History of the Conquest of Tunis and of the 

Goletta by the Ottomans a.d. 1573, translated from the 

French Version of an Arabic History. Portrait, post 8vo. 

London, 1883. 
Carletti (P. V.). See Rahmat Allah. 
Carlyle (J. D.). See Jamdl ad Din ihn Taghrt Bardt. 
Carmichael (D, F.)— Manual of the District of Vizagapatam, in the 

Presidency of Madras. {Map missing .) roy. 8vo. Madras, 1869. 
Carnarvon (Earl of) — Recollections of the Druses, and Notes on 

their Religion. 2nd Ed. small 8vo. London, 1860. 

Carnatic — War in the, Ist and 2nd Reports from the Committee 

of Secrecy appointed to enquire into the causes of, etc. 2 vols. 

8vo. s.l. 1782. 

Caron (F.) — Description du Japon. See Constantin, vol. 10. 
Carpenter (Mary) — The Last Days in England of Rajah Rammohun 

Roy, with portrait, post 8vo. London, 1875. 


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precedee d'une notice sur les Voyages de Tartaiie, par M. 
D'Avezac. 4to. Paris, 1838. 

Carr (Daniel L.) and Joseph P. Brown — Mfantsi Grammar. 
12mo. Cape Coast, 1868. 

Carriere (A.) — Chrestomathie et Glossaire Armeniennes. See 
Lauer {M-), Grammaire Armenienne. 

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Lengua Ilocana. l^ra edic. fol. Manila, 1849. 

Cartaret (Capt.) — Voyage to the Southern Hemisphere. See 
Hawkesworth {John), An Account of Voyages, etc. 

Carter (Charles)— A New English-Sinhalese Dictionary. Parts 
1-5. sm. 8vo. ° Colombo, 1889-1891. 

Carter (Henry J.) — Geological Papers on "Western India, including 
Cutch, Sinde, and the South-East Coast of Arabia. Atlas of 
maps, and plates, roy. 8vo. Bomhay, 1857. 

Carvalho (A. N. de). See Castro {Dom Joam de), Roteiro de. 

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under the Sassanids, translated into English by Firoz Jamaspji 
Dastur Jaraasp Asa. 8vo. Bombay, 1889. 

Casiri (Michaelis) — Bibliotheca Arabico-HispanaEscurialensis, sive 
Librorum omnium MSS. quos Arabice ab auctoribus magnum 
partem Arabo-Hispanis composites Bibliotheca Coenobii Escu- 
rialensis complectitur. fol. Matriti, 1760, 

Caspari's Arabic Grammar. See Wright ( William). 

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pendices. — The Second Targum translated from the Aramaic, 
Mithra, "Winged Bulls of Persepolis, and Zoroaster. {Claike's 
Foreign Theolog. Library, vol. 34, x.s.) 8vo. JSdinb. 1888. 

Mischle Sindbad, Secundus, Syntipas. Einleitung und 

Deutung des Buches des Sieben weisen Meister. small 8vo. 

Berlin, 1888. 

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Bombay Presidency. Map and Tables, roy. 8to. 

Bombay, 1862. 

Castellani Collection — Catalogue of. See Vaux {W. S. W.). 

Castren (Alexander) — Grundziige einer Tungusischen Sprachlchre 
nebst worterverzeichness, herausg. von Anton Schiefner. 8vo. 

St. Petersburg, 1856. 

Castro (Dom Joam de) — Roteiro em que se contem a viagem qui 
fizeram os Portuguezes no Anno de 1541, e acrescentado com o 
Itinerarium Maris Rubri. Ed. Antonio I^unes de Carvalho. 
8vo. Paris, 1833. 

Catafago (J.) — English and Arabic Dictionary. 2 vols. Vol. 1, 
Arabic-English, Vol. 2, English-Arabic, post 8vo. 

London, 1858. 


Catechism — Protestant, with Chief Errors of the Church of Rome. 

Translated into Tamil, post 8vo. 1830. 

Translated into Tamil. Svo. 1830. 

., The Shorter. In Syriac. See McKee {S. S.), Young 

• The same. In Hebrew. See McKee {H. 8.), Toung 

Catrou (Francois) — History of the Mogul Dynasty in India, a.d. 

1399-1657. Founded on the Memoirs of Signor Manouchi, a 

Venetian. Svo. London, 1709. 

The same. New Edition. Svo. London, 1826. 

Caucasus — Akti Sobranniye Kawkazkoyu Archeologicheskoyu 

Kommisseyu, i.e. Acts collected by the Caucasian Archaeo- 
logical Commission ; Archives of the Viceroy of the Caucasus. 

Edited by Adolphe Berge. Portraits. Vols. 1-6.. (Vol. 6 

in 2 parts.) fol. Tiflis, 1866-75. 

(For description see E..A.S. Report for 1881, p. 17). 
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post Svo. London, 1836. 

See Oriental Annual. 

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post Svo. London, 1832, 

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de Dialogues, Lettres, Actes, etc. 4to, Paris, 1824. 

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Antiqua Sivalensis. 
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les Royaumes de Congo, Angolle, et Motamba, trad, pur J. B. 

Labat. Plates. 5 vols. 12mo, Paris, 1732. 

Cavelly Venkata Ramaswamy — Moolika Sankalitum, or Mingling 

of Herbs. A work on Medicine, translated from Telugu into 

English, with the names of the medicines in Tamil. Svo. 

Madras, 1835. 
Cavanagh (Capt. Orfeur) — Rough Notes on the State of Nepal ; 

its Government, Army, and Resources. Map. post Svo, 

Calcutta, 1851. 
Cazim All Jawan. See Kuzim Idh. 
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to 1875-6. 4 parts, fol. Calcutta, 1873-76. 
Report for 1877-8. See India Government Records, 

Selections from, No. 154. 
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64 to 1874-75, 1876-77, 1878-79 to 1883-84. 4to., Svo., 

and fol. Nagpore, 1862-84. 
Arboricultural Operations for the years 1871-72, and 

1872-73. One part fol. Nagpore, 19,1 A. 


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Census, 1872. Map. fol. Nagpore, 1873. 

^ Education, Reviews on, 1865-6, 1866-7. 2 vols. 

Nagpore, 1866-67. 

Education, Reports (and Returns) for the years 1869- 

70, 1875-76, and 1877-78. fol. Nagpore, 1871-78. 

Central Provinces — Excise Revenue Reports, 1871-72 to 1873-74, 
1875-76, 1876-77. 5 parts fol. Nagpur, 1872-77. 

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1869-70. fol. Calcutta and Nagpur, 1865-70. 

Forest Administration, Suggestions regarding. By W. 

Schlich. fol. Calcutta, 1883. 

Registration Department, 1869-70 to 1876-77. 8 parts. 

fol. Nagpur, 1870-77. 

Gazetteer. See Grant ( Charles). 

Judicial Administration (Civil) for the year 1875. fol. 

Nagpore, 1876. 

Land Revenue, 1874-5, 1875, 1875-6. 3 parts. 8vo. 

Nagpore, \9)'lb-n. 

Public Works. Annual Progress Reports, 1871-72, 

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Nagpore, 1869-74. 
Sanitary Commissioners' Reports, 1869-71 to 1873-76. 

7 parts. 4to. Nagpore, 1870-77. 

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fol. Nagpore, 1870-76. 

— Trade and Resources, 1864-68 (Map), 1868-69, 1869- 

70 to 1873-73, 1874-75, 1875-76. 6 parts. 8vo. 

Nagpore, 1865-76. 

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and Temples. Maps and Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1877. 

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ceedings of. Vols. 1 to 10 (1845-1889). 8vo. Colombo, 1859-89. 

Ceylon — Addresses delivered in the Legislative Council by the 
Governors, with the Replies of Council, 1833-1877. 2 vols. 
8vo. Colombo, 1876-77. 

Almanac and Compendium of Information, 1833, 1834, 

1837. 3 vols, post 8vo. Colombo, 1834-7. 

Blue Book for the year 1871. fol. Colombo, 1872. 

Friend, The. Vol. 1. Colombo, 1837-8. 


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16,1825). In 4 vols, fol. Colombo, 1822-5. 

Glossary of Names and Terms in Singhalese and 

English, With explanations in English, and Table of Alpha- 
bets, fol. Colombo, 1865. 
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Singhalese, and Sanskrit MSS. 8vo. Colombo, 1876. 

Ceylon — Reports on the Inscriptions in the North-West, North- 
Central Provinces, and in the Hambantota District, By Dr. 
E. Miiller and P. Goldschmidt, Ph.D. 4 parts, fol. 

Colombo, 1875-79. 

Reports on the Inspection of Temple Libraries, by 

Louis de Zoysa. fol. Colombo, 1875. 

Inscriptions, ^ee Miiller {C). 

Sacred and Historical Books, See Upham {E.). 

Chakesa Dhatu Vansa. See Pali Text Society Journal, 1888. 
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8vo. T.O.S. London, 1880. 
A Romanized Japanese Reader. With English Transla- 
tion and Notes. 3 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. 

Tokyo and London, 1886, 
Language, Mythology, and Geographical Nomenclature of 

Japan viewed in the Light of Aino Studies, including J. 

Batchelor'' s Aino Grammar and Catalogue of Books on Yezo 

and the Ainos, roy, 8vo. {Japan. Imp. Univ. Memoirs of 

Lit. Coll., No. 1). Tokyo, 1887. 

A Handbook of Colloquial Japanese, sq. 8vo, 

London and Tokyo, 1888. 
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by, with a Memoir by Lady Chambers, fol. London, 1838. 
Chambure (Auguste de). See Bonaparte, Napoleon et ses Con- 

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Avdall. Map and Plates. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1827. 

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1828 et 1829. Plates. 8vo. Paris, 1833. 

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Beames. Part 2, vol, 1, ed. by A, P. R. Hoernle (Pasc. 1-4). 

8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1874-86. 
The same. Translated by A. F. R. Hoernle. Pasc. 1. 

8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1881. 

Chanda's Grammar of the Ancient Prakrit (Prakrita-Lakshanam). 

Edited by A. P. Rudolf Hoernle. Pasc. 1. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1880. 


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by Pandit Dlnanatha Vidyalankara. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1887. 
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Chandrakanta Tarkalankara (Pandit) — Kala Madhava. Fasc.1-4. 
8vo. {Bihl. Indica.) ' ' Calcutta, 1885-88. 

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de rOrient. With a portrait and many plates. 10 vols. 12mo. 

Amsterdam, 1711. 
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Vol. 2. 4to. Paris, 1736. 

Charloo (V. Sadagopah) — A Manual of Mahamadan Civil Law, 

translated into Canarese by Lieut. E. A. Cole, 8vo. 

Bangalore, 1863. 
Chase (Dormer Augustus) — Anglo-Burmese Handbook. 12mo. 

Maulmain, 1852. 
Chasalis — Kind ! die beriihmte Ethische Abhandlung. Arab. 

und deutsch von Hammer-Purgstall. post 8vo. Wien, 1838. 
[Chastenay (M™e. Victorine de)] — De I'Asie, ou Considerations 

Jtieligieuses, Philosophiques et Litteraires sur I'Asie. 4 vols. 

8vo. Paris, 1832. 

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de Angola. 8vo. Genehra, 1888-9. 

Chatrey (Kero Luxuman) — Treatise on Arithmetic. 6th Ed. 

post 8vo. Bombay, 1870. 

Chaudoir (Le Baron S. de) — Recueil de Monnaies de la Chine, du 

Japon, de la Corree, d'Annam, et de Java. 61 Plates, fol. 

St. Petersbourg, 1842. 
Chaumont (Mons^". De) — A Relation of the late Embassy to the 

Court of the King of Siam. 12mo. Zow</o?j, 1687. 

Chenery (Thomas) — See Barlrl, al- ; and Yehudah ben Shelomoh 

Cherbonneau (Aug.) — Dictionnaire Fran9ai8-Arabe pour la con- 
versation en Algerie. post 8vo. Paris, 1872. 
Chesney (Col.) — Russo-Turkish Campaigns of 1828-9; with a view 

of the present state of affairs in the East. p. 8vo. Lond. 1854. 
Chezy (A. L.) — Theorie du Sloka ou Metre heroique Sanskrit. 

8vo. Paris, 1827. 

See Kaliddsa, Sakuntala. Vulniiki, Ramayana. 

Chhandogya. See Upanishads. 

Chiari (Pietro) — La Cinese en Europa. Storia d'una Principessa 

Cinese. 2 vols, post 8vo. Geneva, 1779. 

Chijs (J. A. Van der). See Bataviaasch Genootschap, Catalogus der 



No. 3. 

Silk. 4to. 

No. 4. 

Opium. 4 to. 

No. 6. 

Chinese Music. 


Chijs (J. A. Van der) — De Nederlanders te Jakatra. TJit de Bronnen, 
zoo uitgegevene als niet uitgeegevene, bewerkt door J. A. Van 
der Chijs, 8vo. {Amsterdam Konink. Inst.) Amsterdam, \%%0. 

De Vestiging van het Nederlandsche Gezag over de 

Banda-Eilanden 1559-1621. Met eene Kaart. {Uitgegeven 
door het Bataviaasch Genoot.) roy. 8vo. Batavia, 1886. 

CMlders (R. C.) — Dictionary of the Pali Language, roy. 8vo. 

London, 1875. 

China — Imperial Maritime Customs — 

I. Statistical Series : 

No. 2. Customs Gazette, No. 62 (April-June, 1884), to No. 

90 (April-June, 1891). 4to. Shanghai, 1884-91. 

Nos. 3 and 4. Returns of Trade and Trade Reports, 1882 to 

1890. 4to. Shanghai, 1883-91. 

No. 4. Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports, 1875 to 1881. 

4to. Shanghai, 1876-82. 

II. Special Series : 

No. 2. Medical Reports for the half-years ending March and 
September of the years 1884 to 1888 (27th to 36th issues). 

Shanghai, 1884-88. 
Shanghai, 1881. 
Shanghai, 1881. 
By. J. A. Van Aalst. 4to. 

Shanghai, 1884. 

III. Serie Generale : 
No. 5. Catalogue special de la Collection exposee au Palais 

du Champ de Mars, Exposition TJniversel, Paris, 1878. 
4to. Shanghai, 1878. 

III. Special Series : 
No. 6. List of the Chinese Lighthouses, Light Vessels, 

Buoys and Beacons for the years 1885 to 1891. 4to. 

Shanghai, 1885-91. 
No. 10. Names of Places on the China Coast and the Yangtze 

River. 1st issue. 4to. Shanghai, 1882. 

No. 11. Special Catalogue of the Chinese Collection of 

Exhibits for the International Fisheries Exhibition, 

London, 1883. 4to. Shanghai, 1883. 

IV. Service Series: 
No. 1. Service List. 9th (July, 1883), to 16th (July, 1890), 

issues. 8vo. Shanghai, 1883-90. 

Trade Statistics of the Treaty Ports for the period 1863-72. 

Introduction, and separate parts for Shanghai, Hankow, 

Tamsui (Formosa), Canton, Chefoo, Amoy, Ningpo, 

Takow (Formosa), Tientsin, Chinkiang, Swatow, New- 

chwang, Kiukiang, Foochoo. 15 parts. 4to. Shanghai, 187 3. 

(Prepared for the Vienna Exhibition, 1873.) 

Port Catalogues of the Chinese Customs' Collection at the 

Austro-Hungarian Exhibition, Vienna, 1873. 4to. 

Shanghai, 1873. 


China — De Eitibus Sinensium erga Confucium Philosophum et 

Progenitores Mortuos Alexandri Papae VII. decreto permissis ; 

Adversus librum inscriptum ; Histoiia cultus Sinensium. 12mo. 

Leodii, 1700. 
China — Memoires concernant I'histoire, les sciences, les arts, les 

mceurs, et les usages des Chinois par les Missionnaires de Pekin. 

16 vols. 4to. Pan«, 1776-1814. 

China — "Suite des Memoires." See Amyot {Jos.), Dictionnaire 


China's Millions. — Edited by J. Hudson Taylor. Illustrations 
and maps, 8 vols. 4to. London, 1875-84. 
Penal Code. See Staunton {Sir G. T.). 

China Review— Edited by E. J. Eitel. Vols, 6-8, and 10-12. 

large 8vo. Hongkong, 1877-1884. 

China — Miscellaneous Papers on. large 8vo. Monglong, 1868. 

Chine — Nouvelles Voyages de la. Paris, 1681. 

Chinese Library of Royal Asiatic Society — Catalogues of. See 

Asiatic Society, Chinese Library. 
Chinese Manual — Receuil de Phrases Chinoises composees de 

quatre caracteres, with French and English translations. 

[Edited by the Hon. H. Stanley.] fol. London, 1854, 

Chinese Repository — 20 vols. 8vo. Canton, \9>Z2-b\ . 

Chinese and Japanese — Repository of Science, History, and Art, 

relating to Eastern Asia, edited by Itev. James Summers. 

Vol. 1. 8vo. London, 1863-4. 

Chinese (The) Traveller — A Geographical, Commercial and Political 

History of China. With an Account of the Manners, Customs, 

Arts, Ceremonies, Agriculture, etc, to which is prefixed a 

Life of Confucius, Collected from Du Halde, Le Comte, and 

others. 2nd Ed. 2 vols, post 8vo. London, 1775. 

Chiplonkar (Krishna Shastri) — Anekawidya Mulatatwa Sangraha, 

or Lessons in Science. 8vo. Bombay, 1871. 

CMtty (Simon Casie) — The Tamil Plutarch, Lives of the Poets and 
Poetesses of South India and Ceylon. 8vo. Jaffna, 1859. 

Chiusingura, or the Loyal League. A Romance translated from 
the Japanese, with notes, by F. V. Dickins, and illustrated 
by Japanese artists. New Edition, 8vo. London, \%%0. 

Chodzko (Alex.) — Le Ghilan ou les Marais Caspiens. 8vo. 

Paris, 1850. 
Grammaire Paleoslave, suivie de Textes Paleoslaves. 8vo. 

Paris, 1869. 
Popular Poetry of Persia, large 8 vo. O.T.F. London, 1842. 

Le Drogman Turc ; les Mots et les Phrases les plus 

necessaires pour la conversation, fcap. 8vo. Paris, 1854. 


Chodzko (Alex.) — Grammaire de la Langue Porsane. 2nd Ed. Aug- 
mente de Textcs Persans inedits, et d'un Glossaire. post 8vo, 

Paris, 1883. 

Choisy (M. I'Abbe de) — Journal du Voyage de Siam. post 8vo. 

Trevoux, 1741. 
Chondemir — Die Geschichte Tabaristan und der Serbedare. Persisch 

u. Deutsch von B. Dorn. See Khwund Amir. 
Choris (M. Louis) — Voyage Pittoresque autour du Monde. Coloured 

Plates, Portraits, Views, etc. fol. Paris, 1822. 

Chorley (H. F.)— The National Music of the World. 2nd Ed, 

post. 8vo. London, 1882. 

Chassat (Ed. de) — Classification des Caracteres Cuneiformes, 

Babyloniens et Mnevites. Lithographed. 4to. Paris, 1874. 
Chrisna Tercalancara. See Krishna Tarhulamkdra. 
Christa-Sangita. See Mill {TF. M.). 
Chota Nagpore — Eeport Geographical and Statistical on that part 

of the Chota Nagpore Division which has come under the 

Operations of the Topographical Survey, by G. A. Depree. 

fol. Calcutta, 1868. 

Christaller (Eev. J. G.) — Twi Mmebusem, or a Collection of Three 

Thousand and Six Hundred Tshi Proverbs. Koman characters. 

post 8vo. Basel, 1879. 
Dictionary of the Asante and Pante Language, called 

Tshi (Chwee, Twi). "With Grammatical Introduction and 

Appendices. 8vo. Basel, 1881. 

Christian Keepsake (The) for 1835— Edited by Eev. W. Ellis. 

Many steel plates, including one from the painting in possession 

of the 11. A. S., representing Dr. Adam Clarke and the Priests 

of Buddha from Ceylon. Article on Hindoo Shrines in Gujarat. 

post 8vo. London, 1834, 

Christianity — The Grounds of. In Arabic. Small 8vo, 
Christie (A. T.)— Observations on the Nature and Treatment 

of Cholera. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1828. 

Chronicum Samaritanum — Arabice Conscriptam cui titulus est, 

Liber Josuae. Arabic text, Latin translation, and notes, by T. 

G. J. Juynboll. 4to. Lttgrd. Bat. 1848. 

Chronological Institute — Transactions. Vol. 2, Part 3. 8vo, 

London, 1863. 

Chrysanthemum (The) — A Monthly Magazine for Japan and the 

'Ear East. Vols. 1, 2, 8vo. Yokohama, im\-2. 

Chuang Tzii — Mystic, Moralist, and Social Keformer, translated 

from the Chinese by Herbert A. Giles, 8vo, London, 1889. 
Chung Yung. See Collie {Rev. David), The Four Books, 
Church in the Colonies (The) — 2 vols. Dioceses of Toronto, 

Quebec, and Nova Scotia, 1842-5, vol. 1. Dioceses of 

Australia and New Zealand, vol. 2. 12mo. London, \%AQ. 


Chnri (Joseph H.) (Marom'te) — The Sea Nile, the Desert, and 
Nigritia. Travels with Capt. Peel, ll.N., in 1851-2. With 
13 Arabic songs. 8vo. London, 1853. 

Ciakciak (Emmanuele) — Dizionario-Italiano-Armeno-Turco. 8vo. 

Venice, 1804. 

Cieza de Leon (Pedro de) — The Second Part of the Chronicle of 
Peru. Translated and edited by C. R. Markham. Map of 
Peru in separate case. 8vo. {Hakluyt Soc.) London, 1883. 

Clairac (L. And. de la Mamye) — Histoire de Peru depuis [1700]. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1750. 

Clarke (Dr. Adam) — Catalogue of the European and Asiatic MSS. 

in the Library of, by J. B. B. Clarke. 8vo. London, 1825. 

Clarke (Hyde) — The Khita and Khita-Peruvian Epoch. 8vo. 

London, 1877. 

Memoir on the Comparative Grammar of Egyptian, 

Coptic, andTJde. 8vo. (Pamphlet). London, 1873. 

Clarke (Capt. W. "Wilberforce). See Nizuml Ganjavi, The 
Sikandar-Kama ; S'adl, Bustan. 

Clarke (Longueville) — The Rules and Orders of the Supreme Court 
of Judicature at Fort William, roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1829. 

Clarke (Richard) — Regulations of the Bengal Government respect- 
ing Zemindary and La-khiraj Property. Index and Glossary, 
fol. London, 1840. 

Classic — Thousand-Character. See Tseen Tsze Wan. 

Clayton (Bishop) — Journal from Cairo to Mount Sinai. See 

Maundrell {H.), Journey from Aleppo. 
Cleghorn (H.) — The Forests and Gardens of South India. Map. 

post 8vo. London, 1861. 

Clement of Rome — Die zwey Brief e des heiligen Klemens von Rom 

an die Jungfrauen. Aus dem Syrischen iibersetzt, von P. 

Pius Zingerle. 8yo. Wien, 19,21 . 

dementis Romani recognitiones Syriace. P. A. de 

Lagarde edidit. roy 8vo. Lipsiae et Londini, 1861. 

Clermont-Ganneau (Ch.) — Les Fraudes Archeologiques en Palestine. 

Avec 20 planches, post 8vo. Paris, 1885. 

Clinton (Henry Fynes) — Fasti Hellenici, from the 55th to the 

124th Olympiad. {The first of three vols.) 4to. Oxford, I^IA. 
Clive (Robert, Lord) — Life of, by Major General Sir John Malcolm. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1836. 
Life of, See Malleson {Col. G. B.), Founders of the 

Indian Empire. 
Clodins ( Johann Christian) — Compendiosum Lexicon Latino- 

Turkico-Germanicum. post Svo. Lipsite, 1730. 

See ICrusinsky, Chronicon Peregrinantis. 



Clot-Bey (M.) — Derniers mots sur la non- contagion de la Peste. 

8vo. Paris, 1866. 

Clough (B.) — Eitual of the Buddhist Priesthood. Translated from 

the Pali. See Oriental Transl. Fund, Miseell., vol. 2. 
A Dictionary of the English and Singhalese and Singhalese 

and English Languages. 2 vols. Bvo. Colombo, 1821-30. 

Clouston (W. A.) — Arabian Poetry for English Readers. 8vo. 

{Privately printed.) Glasgow, 1881. 

See Bahhtiydr Namdh. 

The Book of Sindibad. See Sindbad. 

Cochin-Chine Francaise — Excursions et Eeconnaissances. Nos. 

16-27 and 30-31. 8vo. Saigon, 18SS-S9. 

Cochin-Chinese Vocabulary — post 8vo. Cochin, 1880. 

Cochrane (John George) — Librarian. See London Library, Catalogue 

Cocks (Richard) — Cape Merchant in the English Factory in Japan, 

Diary of. Edited by E. M. Thompson. 8vo. London, 1883. 
Codrington (Dr, 0.) — Some Rare and Unedited Persian and Arabic 

Coins, roy. 8vo. Hertford, 1889. 

Codrington (Rev. R. H.) — A Sketch of Mota Grammar. 8vo. 

London, 1877. 

Cohen-Stuart (Dr. A. B.) — Kawi-Oorkonden. Inleiding en Trans- 
scriptie. thin roy. 8vo. Leyden, 1875. 

Cole (Major BE. H., R.E.). See India, Office of Curator of Ancient 

Cole (Capt. R. A.) — Elementary Grammar of the Coorg Language. 
8vo. Bangalore, 1867. 

See Charloo (iV, Sadagopah) — Manual of Mahammedan 

Law. Translated into Canarese. 

Colehrooke (H. T )— Digest of Hindu Law on Contracts and Suc- 
cessions. "With a Commentary by Jaganat'ha Tercapancha- 
nana. 3 vols. 8vo. Calcutta and London, 1801. 

Gram, of the Sansk. Language, vol.1, fol. Calcutta,l805. 

Two Treatises on the Hindu Law of Inheritance. 

translated by (Jimuta Vahana's Daya-Bhaga and Yijnanes- 
wara's Mitacshara). 4to. Calcutta, 1810. 

Treatise on Obligations and Contracts. Part I. roy. 8vo. 

London, 1818. 

■ Miscellaneous Essays. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1837. 

The same. New Edition. With a Life of the Author 

by his son, Sir T. E. Colebrooke. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1873. 
Vol. 1, Life ; vols. 2-3, Essays. 

Essays on the Religion and Philosophy of the Hindus. 

New Edition. 8vo. London, 1858. 


Colebrooke (H. T.) See Amara Sinha ; Brahmagupta ; Cape of 

Good Hope ; Silopadesa ; Isvara Krishna. 
Colebrooke (Col. E. H.). See Bibles, Persian. 
Colebrooke (Sir T. Edward) — Life of the Honourable Mountstuart 

Elphinstone. Portraits and Maps. 8vo. London, 1884, 
See Elphinstone {Hon. M.), Eise of the British Power in 

the East. 8vo. London, 1887. 

Collado (Fr. Didaco) — Additiones ad Dictionarium Japonicum. 

(Another copy is bound with Collado (F. D.), " Ars Gram. 

Ling. Japonicum.") In Roman characters, sm. 4to. s.l., s.a. 
Ars Grammaticse Japonicse Linguae. (With which is 

bound "Additiones ad Dictionarium Japonicum.") In Roman 

characters, small 4to. Bovkb, 1632. 

Colenso (Bishop J. W.) — Zulu-English Dictionaiy. post 8vo. 

Pietermaritzberg, 1861. 

Arithmetic, transl. into Canarese. fcap. 8vo. 

Mangalore, 1862. 

First Steps in Zulu, being an Elementary Grammar of 

the Zulu Language. 2nd Ed. post 8vo. Maritzburg, 1871. 

CoUett (Charles) — The Malayalam Header. (Entirely in Malay- 
alam.) 8vo. Cottayam, 1856. 

Collett (S. D.). See Brahmo Year Book. 

Collie (Rev. David) — The Chinese Classical Work, commonly 
called The Four Books, transl. with Notes. 8vo. Malacca, 1828. 

Collins (James). See Journal of Eastern Asia. 

Report on the Caoutchouc of Commerce, the Plants 

yielding it, and their Acclimatization in India. With a 
Memorandum by Dr. Brandis. 2 Maps, 4 Plates, and Wood- 
cuts, roy. 8vo. London, 1872. 

Colombo (Bishop of) — Letter to, by Protestant Inhabitants of 
Colombo, on the Translation of the Holy Scriptures and 
English Liturgy into Tamil, post 8vo. Colombo, 1850. 

Colonial Institute (Royal) — Proceedings. Yols. 15-20. 8vo. 

L'Mdon, 1883-89. 

Colquhoun (Archibald R.) — Across Chryse, a Narrative of a Journey 
of Exploration through the South China Border Lands from 
Canton to Mandalay. Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1883. 

Amongst the Shans ; with an Introduction on the Cradle 

of the Shan Race by Terrien de Lacouperie. Illustrations. 
Svo. London, 1885. 

and H. S. Hallett — Report on the Railway Connection 

of Burmah and China. Maps. fol. London, 1886. 

Coluthus — L'enlevement d'Helene. Poeme de Coluthus. [Texte 
Grecque] revu sur les meilleurs editions, traduit en Fran<jaise, 
accomp. d'une version Latine et d'un Fac-simile entier des 
deux MSS. par A . Stanislas Julien. Svo. d Pam, 1823. 


Comyn (Thomas de) — State of the Philippine Islands, translated 
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. Each number is entered in the catalogue as a separate work. 

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See Ikhwdn as Safd. 

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et Engelmann (Dr. W. H.) — Glossaire des Mots 

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See Leyden, Catal. Cod. Orient. 

See Makkari al-. 


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Konigliches Ethnographisches Museum zu, Publications 

of. See Meyer {Br. A. B). 
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Jummoo and Kashmir. 8vo. London, 1877. 

prival (I'Abbe E. van) — Etudes sur le Grand Monument Funeraire 

Egyptien du Musee de Boulogne. 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

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folio. Bombay, 1799. 

• Illustrations of the Grammatical parts of the Guzerattee, 

Mahrattee, and English Languages, fol. Bombay, 1808. 


Dschami. See Jami. 

Dscliordscliani Definitiones. See Jurjani al-. 

Dubeux (Louis). See Tabari, Chronique. 

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Peuples de I'Inde. 2 vols. 8vo. Farts, 1825. 

See Pantelia-Tantra {Le). 

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Essay on the Brahul Grammar, after the German 

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Collection des Principales Chroniques Malay es. 1" 

Fasc. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

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See Lazareff. 

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See East India Company Regulations, translated into 


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New York, 1858. 

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Philadelphia. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1839. 

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4to. Argentorati, 1801-2. 

See Avesta. 

Dupleix (le Sieur) — Memoire pour — centre la Compagnie des Tndes. 
4to. Paris, 1759. 

Dupleix (Joseph Prancis) — Directeur Generale de la Comp. des 
Indes. See Malleson {Col. G. B.) 

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Writing, with Vocabulary of the Cochin-Chinese by Joseph 
Morrone, and a Cochin-Chinese and Latin Dictionary. 8vo. 

Philadelphia, 1838. 

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llesidence in Jerusalem and Palestine. 2 vols, post 8vo, 

London, 1856. 

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Evenements du Tong-kin, 1872-3. Precede d'une preface par 
M. le Mis. ^e Croizier. 4to. {Memoires de la Soc. Acad. Indo- 
Chinoise de Paris, vol. 2.) Paris, 1879. 

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Pheniciennes, avec une Paleographie Numismatique. 2nd ed. 
4to. d. Londres, 1776. 

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North -West Provinces and Oude. 4to. Poorkee, 1883. 

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Medical Works, and Glossary of Indian Plants, by G. King 
and U. C. Dutt. 8vo. Calcutta, 1877. 

Duveyrier (H.) — La Confrerie Musulmane de Sidi Mohammed ben 
'All es-SenousI et son domaine Geographique en 1883. 8vo. 

Paris, 1884. 

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duction to Advaita-philosophy. 8vo. Bomhay, 1889. 

Siddhanta-Sara. An Outline of the History of Thought 

in India. Gujarati Text, post 8vo. Bomhay^ 1889. 


Earl (George "Windsor) — The Eastern Seas ; Yoyagcs in the Indian 
Archipelago in 1832-34. With an account of Singapore. 
8vo. London, 1837. 

The Native Races of the Indian Archipelago ; Papuans. 

Plates and a Map. 8vo. London, 1863. 

Vol. 1 of the Ethnographical Library, conducted by E. Norris. 

See Kolff {B. H.), Voyage of the " Lourga " in the 

Moluccan Archipelago. 
East India Company. See also Parliamentary Reports. 

Bills and Law relating to. 

Bills presented to Parliament respecting the, 1810-26. 

1 vol. fol. 

Law relating to India and the. 4th Ed. 4to. Lond. 1842. 

The same. 5th Ed. 4to. London, 1855. 

See also Acts. 

Administration and other early Reports and Papers — 

Committee of Secrecy of 1773. 7 Reports, including the 

7th and 8th (the others not numbered, and one imperfect). 
2 vols. fol. s.l. 1773. 

Papers, Letters, Minutes, etc., referring to Bengal, 

1774-5. 1vol. foL No title. 
(This volume, lettered "Bengal Appendix," contains inter alia References to 
Sir R. Barker, General Clavering, Colonel Champion, Colonel Monson, and 
Sir P. Francis, Sujah Dowlah, Nundcomar, and Sir Warren Hastings.) 

Proceedings of the Governor and Council at Fort William 

respecting the Administration of Justice amongst the Natives 
in Bengal. 4to. 1774. — Original Papers relative to Tanjore 
(Lord Pigott's Mission). 4to. — The case of the President and 
the Council of Madras fairly stated, with observations on the 
conduct of both parties as well as of Colonel Stuart. 4to. 
London, Mil. — Letters Patent establishing a Supreme Court 
of Judicature at Fort William, in Bengal, 26th March, 1774. 
4to. London, 1774. — Extract of Proceedings at General Court 
of the East India Company on April 23, 1777. 4to. London, 
1777.— Letter from Mahomed Ali Chan, Nabob of Arcot, to 
the Directors, to which is annexed a State of Facts relative 
to Tanjore. 4to. London, 1777. — Letters and Conferences 
between the Nabob of Arcot and Lord Pigott. In 1 vol. 4to. 
Report from the Committee to whom the Petition of 

John Touchet and John Irving, Agents for British Subjects in 
Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa ; and also the Petition of Warren 
Hastings, Esq., and of Philip Francis and Edward Wheler, 


East India Company {continued) — 

Esqrs. ; and also the Petition of the United Company of 
Merchants trading to the East Indies, were severally referred. 
With the Patna, Dacca, and Cossijurah Appendices. 8vo. 

London, 1782. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th to 11th Reports on 

Administration of Justice in Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa. 2 vols, 
fol. 1782-3. 

Letters and Minutes written by Warren Hastings, Sir 

P. Francis, and others, and other papers referring to Bengal, 
1774, 1775. {Imperfect at the end.) 1vol. fol. No title. 
(This vol. contains inter alia : Resignation of Col. Macleane ; Death of Sujah 
Dowlah ; the Dissolution of the Council hy \V'arren Hastings in 1775, and sub- 
sequent Proceedings ; Trade at Dacca ; Proceedings against Nundcomar.) 

1st, 3nd, and 3rd Reports of the Select Committee of the 

E.I.C. on Export Trade from Great Britain to India. 4to. 
1793. — Report on the Claims of Ireland to participate in the 
Indian and China Trade, 1793. — Appendix to Report of Com- 
mittee of Accounts, 15th Feb., 1793. — Report of Warehouses 
Committee on a Memorial from Manufacturers of Gunpowder 
and other Commodities made from Saltpetre, 1793. — Papers 
respecting Negociation for renewal of E.I.C. 's Exclusive Trade, 
Nos. 1-10, 1793. In 1 vol. 4to. 1793. 

Report of Select Committee on the Claims of Ireland to 

participate in the Indian and China Trade. Cutting from 
Public Advertiser, on East India Trade Bill, 1793. — Report of 
Select Committee on Cotton Manufacture, 1791. — 1st, 2nd, 
and 3rd Reports on Export Trade from Great Britain to East 
Indies, 1793. — 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Reports on Export Trade, 
1793. — Report (and Appendix) of Committee of Accounts, 
Feb. 1793. — Report of Warehouses Committee on a Memorial 
from the Manufacturers of Gunpowder and other Commodities 
made from Saltpetre, 1793. — Papers respecting the Negocia- 
tions for renewal of East India Company's Exclusive Trade, 
Nos. 1-10, 1793. — History of the East India Company, a State- 
ment of their Affairs, abroad and at home, their Commerce, 
the Government and Revenues of India [by Francis Russell"!, 
1793. — Statement of Income of East India Company. A Bill, 
etc. (the Act passed in 1793 for the Renewal of the Charter). 
A Bill intituled an Act for placing East India Annuities under 
Management of Bank of England, 1793. — Abridgment of the 
New Act for Government aud Trade of India, etc., 1793. In 
1 vol. 4to. 1793. 

An Enquiry into the Nature of Zemindary Tenures in 

Bengal by J. G. 4to. London, 1810 (? 1790).— Report of 
Committee of East India Company on the Cotton Manufacture. 
4to. 1793. — Further Papers and Proceedings relative to the 
Payment of the Private Debts of the Nabob of Arcot. 4to. 


East India Company (continued) — 

1798. — Speech of Peter Moore, Esq., at a Court of Proprietors 
of East India Stock, 5th May, 1797, for sanctioning Powers to 
be given to Marquis Cornwallis. 4to. — Observations of the 
Court of Directors on the conduct of Warren Hastings, Esq., 
Sir J. Clavering, Col. Gr. Monson. R. Barwell, Esq., and Philip 
Francis, Esq., in the service of the East India Company. 4to. 
London, 1787. — Proceedings of the East India Company on 
the subject of recruiting the Company's European Army in 
India. 4to. 1797? — Advices to and from India relative to 
the War with Tippoo Sultaun. 1800. In 1 vol. 4to. v.y. 
Affairs of, Reports — 

Eifth Eeport on the Affairs of July 28, 1812. 8vo. 

London, 1812. 

Glossary to the Fifth Report of. London, 1813. 

Reports of the Select Committee of the House of 

Commons on the Affairs of. With Minutes of Evidence, 
Appendices and Indexes. 12 vols. 4to. {Printed hy order of 
the East India Company.) London, 1830-33. 

Agriculture and Manufactures — 

Reports and Documents relative to the Culture and 

Manufacture of Cotton Wool, Raw Silk and Indigo in India. 
8vo. London, 1836. 

Appendices 1-4 to Report on Sugar in British India and 

other parts of Asia. fol. (Printed by the East India Company.) 

London, 1822. 
Audh — 

Papers relating to Oudh, 1808-25. In 1 vol. fol. 

(Printed by East India Company.) London, 1824. 

Catalogues — 

Catalogue of the Library of. 2 vols. 8vo. Zow<?. 1845-51. 

Catalogues of the Museum. 

Mammalia. 8vo. London, 1851. 

Birds, by T. Horsfield and F. Moore. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1854-8. 
Lepidopterous Insects, by T. Horsfield and F. Moore. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1857-9. 

Charter, Renewal of— 

Charters granted to the East India Company from 1601 ; 

also the Treaties and Grants made with the Princes and Powers 
in India, 1756 to 1772. 2 vols. 4to. 1774. 

Papers respecting the Negotiation with His Majesty's 

Ministers for a Renewal of the East India Company's Exclusive 
Privilege for a further term after the 1st March, 1814; with 
a Copy of the Bill as passed by the House of Commons and the 
House of Lords. 4to. (Printed by order of the Directors.) 

London, 1813. 


East India Company — 

Minutes of Evidence taken before the House of Lords 

and House of Commons respecting the Renewal of the Charter. 
4to. {JEast India Company.) London, 1813. 

Papers respecting the Negotiations on the Subject of the 

Charter for a further term ; with a copy of the Bill as passed 
by Parliament for a renewal till 1854; also of the Bill for 
Regulating the Trade to China and India. 4to. {By order of 
the Directors.) London, 1833. 

Hastings {Marquis) Administration — 

Papers regarding the Administration of the Marquis of 

Hastings. 3 vols. lol. {Printed by East India Company.) 

London, 1824. 
Vol. 1, Nepaul War. 

Vol. 2, Pindarry and Mahratta Wars. Treaties with Native Priuces 1817-18. 

Vol. 3, Transactions of Palmer and Co., and papers respecting further Remu- 
neration to the late Governor-General. 
Patronage — 

Appendix to Report of the Committee of the Hon. House 

of Commons on East India Patronage. Minutes of Evidence. 
4to. s.l. 1809. 

Records, Selections from — 

Selections from the Records at the East India House 

relating to the Revenue, Police, and Civil and Criminal Justice. 
4 vols. fol. {By order of the E.I.C.) London, 1820-26. 

Regulations ; Justice, Revenue, etc. — 

Regulations for the Administration of Justice in the 

Courts of the Mofussil and Suddur Dewannee Adauluts, with 
a Persian Translation. 4to. {The Company^ s Press.) 

Calcutta, 1781. 
A Persian Abridgement of the Regulations of the 5th 

July, 1781, for the Mofussil Sudder Dewanny Adaulets. 
{The Company'' s Press.) Calcutta, 1783. 

Regulations in the Courts of Dewanny Adawlut, transl. 

into Bengali by Jon. Duncan. 8vo. Calcutta, 1784. 

Regulations for Revenue Collectors. In Bengalee. 4to. 

{The Company'' s Press.) Calcutta, 1787. 

Regulations passed by the Governor-General in Council 

for 1793 (51 Regulations) and 1794 (Regulations 1 to 6). foj. 

No title. 
Regulations passed by the Governor-General of Fok^ St. 

George in Council in the years 1802 to 1830. 3 vols. /q\^ 

No ti^e^pages. 

Regulations passed by the Goveraments of Be;j4al Fort 

St. George, and Bombay in the years 1814, 1815, 1^17 1818 
1819,1820,1821,1822. 8 parts, fol. {Print^ ly Irder of 
the House of Commons.) LoMon,, 1816-24. 



East India Company — Shipping — 

Proceedings relative to Ships tendered for the Service of 

the East India Company, Jan. 1, 1780, to March 31, 1791. 
fol. Xowrfow, ?1791. 

The same, Feb. 24, 1796, to Dec. 13, 1797. fol. 

London, ? 1797. 
Proceedings relative to Ships tendered for the Service of 

the East India Company from June 6, 1798, to May, 1799 
(paged 1407-1737). fol. 8.L, s.a. 

Letters and Papers from India respecting Freight, 1794- 

6, Shipping Concerns, 1796. fol. London, ? 1796. 


Papers respecting Illicit Trade. 4to. ? London, 1799. 

Treaties and Grants — 

Copies of Treaties and Grants from the Country Powers 

to the East India Company, with Extracts of Letters to the 
Company's Servants at Fort St. George, Fort William, and 
Bombay respecting the same for years 1756-1766. fol. 

iVb title. 
East India Military Calendar. See Philippart. 
Eastern Persia — An Account of the Journeys of the Persian 
Boundary Commission. Map and coloured plates. 2 vols. 
Bvo. London, 1876. 

Vol. 1. The Geography, with Narra- Vol. 2. The Zoology and Geology, by 
tives by Majors St. John, Lovett, W. T. Blanford. 

and Euan Smith ; and an Intro- 
duction by Sir F. J. Goldsmid. 

Eastwick (E. B.) — Reply to Professor Forhes's "Strictures on a 
Translation of the Bagh-o-Bahar." 8vo. ILertford, 1852. 

£ouud with Professor Forhes's letter. 

Concise Grammar of the Hindustan! Language. Enlarged 

by Rev. G. Small. 2nd ed. post 8vo. London, 1858. 

Speeches on the Sinde Question, the India Bill of 

1858, etc., etc. 8vo. London, 1862. 

Journal of a Diplomate's Three Years' Residence in 

Persia. 2 vols, small 8vo. London, 1864. 

Murray's Handbook of the Madras Presidency. 2nd 

ed. post 8vo. London, 1879. 

See Anvdr i Sukaill. 

■ See Bagh-o-Bahar. 

— See Bopp {F.), Comparative Grammar. 

.— See Prem Sagar. 

_- See S^adi, Gulistan. 

'^ee Schiller, Defection of the Netherlands. 
Ebn-e-Hajeb > ^^® Baillie (/.), Arabic Grammars, vol. 3. (Ibn al 
•) " 

Vols. 3, 4. 
















Ebn Haukal. See Ilaukal. 

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prior. Prolegomena una cum capitibus selectis in Latinum 
Sermonem translatis. roy. 8vo. Bonnae, s.a. 

Ecole des Langues Orientales Vivantes — Publications of. 8vo. 

{Full titles under the names in italics.) 
1st Series. 
Jiizri Kull Khan — I'Ambassade au Kharzem. 
Saint- Priest {M. le Comte de) — Memoires sur I'Ambassade 

de France en Turquie. 
Reciieil d'ltineraires dans I'Asie Centrale, etc. 
Bretschneider {If. le Docteur E.) — Rechercbes sur Pekin. 
Deveria {(jr.) — Relations de la Chine avec I'Annam- 

15, 20. Dapontes {€.) — Ephemeridcs Daces. 
IinbaultSuart {C.) — Documents sur I'Asie Centrale. 
Tarn Tu Kinh, ou Livre des Phrases des Trois Caracteres. 
,, 18. Aqog''ig de Baron {Etienne) — Histoire Universale. 
,, 19. Lnc vdn Tien Ca Bien — Poemes de I'Annam. 
2nd Series. 
Yols. 2, 3. Macheras {Leonce) — Chronique de Chypre. 

,, 4,5. Barhier de Meynard{A. C.) — Dictionnaire Turc-Fran^ais. 

,, 6. M' aroj-Ndmeh — Ouigour Texte et Traduction FranQaise. 

,, 7, 8. Schefer {C. H.) — Chrestomathie Persane. 

,, 9. Melanges Orientaux. 

,, 10. Berenbourg {IT.) — Les MSS. Arabes de I'Escurial. 

,, 12. Usdmah ibn Munk'id. 

,, 13. Nestor — Chronique de. 

,, 14,15. Kim Vdn Kieu — Poeme Annamite. 

,, 16. Rosmj {Leon de) — Histoire des Dynasties Divines. 

, , 18. Abu' I Kusim ibn Ahmad Ezzidni — Le Maroc de 1 63 1 a 1 8 1 2. 

,, 19. Melanges Orientaux, Nouveaux. 

3rd Series. 
,, 1. Beveria (<?.) — La Frontiere Sino-Annamite. 
,, 2, 3. Ufrani {Muhammad Seghir) — Nozlit-Elhadi. 
,, 4. Nalivkine { V. P.) — Khanat de Khokand. 
,, 5, 6. Recueil de Textes et Traductions. 
Edda Saemundar Hinns Froda — Ex recensione E. C. Rask euravit 
A. A. Afzelius. 8vo. Holmiae, 1818. 

Snorra-Edda asamt Skaldu og Farmed Fylgjandi Ritg- 

jordum, utgefin af R. Kr. Rask. 8vo, Stockhdlmi, 1818. 

Edinburgh Cabinet Library. See Murray {Eugh), Account of 

British India. 
Edkins (John) — Grammar of Colloquial Chinese, as exhibited in 
the Shanghai Dialect. 8vo. Shanghai, 1853. 

Introduction to the Study of the Cliinese Characters. 

8yo. London, 1876. 


Edrisi. See Idnsl al-. 

Education — Lectures on, delivered at the Royal Institution in 

1855 by Dr. Whewell, Prof. Faraday, R. G. Latham, Prof. 

Tyndall, and others, post 8vo. London, 1855. 

Edwardes (Sir Herbert) and H. Merivale, Life of Sir H. 

Lawrence. 2nd Ed. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1872. 

Eerde (Jani Rudolphi van) — Catalogus Librorum qui studiis inser- 

vierunt, etc., etc. 8vo. Groningm, 1836. 

Egerton (The Hon. Wilbraham) — An Illustrated Handbook of 

Indian Arms, with a Sketch of the Military History of India. 

roy. 8vo. London, 1880. 

Eggeling (J.). See Adatic Society {Royal), Catalogue of the 

Hodgson Collection of MSS. 

See India Office Library, Catalogue of Sanskrit MSS. 

See Satapatha-Brahmana. 

See Vardhamund' s Ganaratnamahodadhi. 

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onalis. {Soc. Reg. Ant. Sept.) 8vo. Hafnice, 1864. 

Egypt — Bulletin de I'lnstitut Egyptien. 2«»e Serie, Nos. 1, 2, 3 

and 5, et Status. 8vo. Caire, 1882-85. 

Egypt Exploration Fund — 5th Memoir. See Naville {JE.), 

Goshen, etc. 
Egyptian Society — Lithographic Reproductions of Hieroglyphics, 

collected by, See Young {Thomas). 
Eichhoff (F. G.) — Parallele des Langues de I'Europe et de I'lnde. 

4to. Paris, 1836. 

Eichhorn (Johann Gottfried) — Einleitung in das Alte Testament. 

4te. Ausg. 4 vols. 8vo. Gotttngen, 1 823-24. 

Einaiut OoUah. See 'Inayat Allah. 
Eitel (Ernest J.) — Feng Shui ; or. The Rudiments of Natural 

Science in China. 8vo. London, 1873. 

Eliot (John) — Report of the Yizagapatam and Backergunge 

Cyclones of October, 1876. fol. Calcutta, 1877. 

Report on the Madras Cyclone of May, 1877. 

Calcutta, 1879. 

Handbook of Cyclonic Storms in the Bay of Bengal. 

roy. 8vo. {Meteor. Depart.) Calcutta, 1890. 

Elisaeus (Bp. of the Amadunians) — The History of Yartan. The 
Religious Wars of the Persians and Armenians, translated by 
C. F. Neumann. 4to. O.T.F. London, 1830. 

Soulevement National de 1' Armenia Chretienne au Y"^^ 

siecle centre la Loi de Zoroastre, sur le Comraanderaent de 
Prince Yartan. Trad, en Fran9ais par I'Abbe Garabed. 8vo. 

Paris, 1844. 
• (Contains the ■whole eleven chapters, while Neumann's English Version con- 
tains only seven.) 


EUesmere (The Earl of) — Guide to Northern Archaeology. 8vo. 

London, 1848. 

The Sieges of Vienna by the Turks, from the German of 

Karl August Schimmer and other sources. New edition, 
post 8vo. London, 1861. 

Elliott (Charles). See ITdfiz Rahmat Khun. 

Elliott (Charles Boileau) — Letters from the North of Europe ; or, 
a Journal of Travels in Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, 
etc. 8vo. London, 1832. 

Travels in the Three Great Empires of Austria, Russia, 

and Turkey. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1838. 

Elliot (Sir H. M.) — Supplement to the Glossary of Indian Terms 
of the North- West Provinces. A — J only. 1 vol. bound in 2, 
interleaved with MS. notes, maps. (Preface missing, see 
note.) 8vo. Agra, 1845. 

Bibliographical Index to the Historians of Muhammedau 

India. Vol. 1. 8vo. Calcutta, 1850. 

History of India as told by its own Historians. The 

Muhammadan Period. Edited by Prof. John Dowson. [Portrait 
in vol. 2.) 8 vols. 8vo. London, 1867-77. 

Memoirs on the Races of the North-West Provinces of 

India ; being an amplified edition of the Supplemental Glossary 
of Indian Terms. Edited, revised, and rearranged by John 
Beames. 2 vols. 8vo. Londoti, 1869. 

Elliott (Sir \V.) — Inscriptions of South India. 3 vols. fol. 

Coins of Southern India. See Numismata Orientalia. 

Vol. 3, part 2. 

Ellis (A. J.) — Language of the South Andaman Islands. See 
3Ian {E. H.), Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Andaman Islands. 

Ellis (F. W.) — Replies to Seventeen Questions relative to MirasI 
Right, with two appendices. Map. fol. Madras, \'i\^. 

Ellis (Rev. William)— Three Visits to Madagascar in 1853-4-6, 
including notices of the Natural History of the Country, and 
of the present Civilization of the People. 8vo. London, 1859. 

See Christian Keepsake. 

Elmacin (Greg.). See MaUn al-. 

Elmslie (William Jackson) — A Vocabulary: Kashmiri-English and 
English-Kashmiri. In Roman characters, p. 8vo. Zowrfow, 1872. 

Eloufrani. See Ufrdnl al-. 

Elout (C. P. J.) — Grammaire de la Langue Malaie. 4to. Harlem-, 
1824. — Dictionnaire Malai, HoUandais, et rran9ais. 4to. 
Harlem, 1825. — Dictionnaire HoUandais et Malai, et Diet. 
Eranqais et Malai. 4to. Harlem, IS26. — Traduit de 1' Anglais 
de W. Marsden. 3 vols. 4to. Harlem, l82i-26. 


Elphinstone (Hon Mountstuart)— An Account of the Kingdom of 
Caubul. 2nd Ed. Map and Coloured Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1819. 

The History of India. Vol. 1 only. Bvo. London, 1841. 

History of India. Hindu and Muharamedan Periods. 

Transl. into Urdu. With Map. 8vo. Allygurh, 1866. 

Life of, by Sir T. E. Colebrooke. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond.\%M. 

The Rise of the British Power in the East: A Continua- 

tion of his " History of India." Edited by Sir Edward 
Colebrooke, Bart. Maps. 8vo. London, 1887. 

Emory (W. H.) — Notes of a Military Reconnaissance from Fort 
Leavens worth in Missouri to San Diego in California. 8vo. 

Washington, 1848. 
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Espanol & Espanol-Bisaya. 2nd Ed. 2 vols, in 1. fol. 

Binondo, 1866. 

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ischen Miinzen. 4to. Wien, 1837. 

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Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews. Illustrations. 8vo. 

London, 1864. 

Introduction to the Study of National Music. 8vo. 

London, 1866. 

The Literature of National Music. 8vo. London, 1879. 

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8vo. London, s.a. 

Le Livre d' Henoch sur I'Amitie, traduit de I'Hebreu par 

Auguste Pichard. 8vo. Fan's, 1838. 

Epigraphia Indica and Record of the Archaeological Survey of 
India — Edited by James Burgess. Plates. Parts 1-7. fol. 

Calcutta, 1888-91. 
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Freiburg, 1889. 
Eradut Khan. See Iradat Khan. 

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rarum Casanensis. 2 vols. 4to. Casani, 1834. 

Kritische Beurtheilung der vom Hrn. Quatremere heravis- 

gegebenen " Histoire des Mongols de la Perse." 8vo. 

Kasan, 1841. 

See Sehut al Idjiztn. 

See Firdausl Tusl, Yusuf u Zulaikha. 

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(T.), Grammatica Arabica. 1636. 

Erpenias (Thomas) — Grammatica Arabica. [Bound with it is 
Raphelengii Lex. Arab.] 4to. LetdcB, 1613. 


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Pabulae et Adagia quaedam Arabum cum Latina versione. small 
4to. Amstelodami, 1636. Ernesti (M. Hieron.), Grammatica 
Ebraicae Introductio. small 4to. Regiomonti, 1644. 

Rudiments de la Langue Arabe. Trad, en Fran^ais, et 

suivi d'un supplement par A. E. Hebert. 8vo. Paris, 1844. 
Grammatica Arabica cum Eabulis Locmanni. Cura 

A. Schultens. small 4to. Zu^duni JSatav. 17 4S. 
See Makin al-, Historia Saracenica. 

Erskine (William) — History of India under the Two First 
(Sovereigns of the House of Taimur ; Baber and Humayun. 
2 vols. Bvo. London, 1854. 

■ See Bahar {Zahir ad din Muhammad), Memoirs of. 

Es'ad (Muhammad) — Uss i Zafer, History of the Destruction of 
the Janissaries. 8vo. s.l., a.h. 1243. 

Essays relative to the Habits, Character, and Moral Improvement 
of the Hindoos. 8vo. London, 1823. 

Essays by the Students of the College of Fort William. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1802. 

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with a memoir on the Geographical Distribution of the Lan- 
guages of India by Sir E. Perry, sq. 8vo. Nova Goa, 1857. 
Bound with the above are — Grammatica da Lingua Concani no 
dialecto do Norte, por hum Missionario Portuguez. sq. 8vo. 
Nova Goa, 1858. Grammatica da Lingua Concani escripta em 
Portuguez por hum Missionario Italiano. sq. 8vo. 

Nova Goa, 1859. 

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Paris, 1876-9. 
l§re Liv. Texte et Traduction d'une \" Fasc. Textes et Facsimiles par 

Stele Ethiopienne inedite, avec un -^•. Revillout. 

^, ■ T^ L- n 1 T\' i. 6™'' Liv. Rituel Fuueraire Effvptien, 
Glossaire Egyptien, Grec du Decret , g^ rp , , , ^K' 

de Canope par Paul Pierrot. ^t' mr P Guievss 

2me et 8""= Liv. Inscriptions inedites du „„„ t ■ ' ? ' i 7 ^i j ivr 

^ 7™" Liv. Apocryphes Coptes du Nouv. 

Musee Egyptien du Louvre, trad. 'Pest., Textes, 1" fasc. par E. 

et comment, par Paul Pierrot. Revillout. 

3me et ^r™" Liv. Le Mythe Osirien par gme^ lO'"^ ll'»=etl2"'»Liv. Inscriptions 

E. Lefebure. !«'"« Partie, Les it-' i i,- •' -6 i. 

Yeux d'Horus. 2™« Partie, Osiris. Hieroglyphiques copiees en Egypte, 

6- Liv. Actes et Contrats de Musees P"'^" ^^' ^'^'"'^''^^ ^^^ ^''"S^- 

Egyptiens de Boulaq et du Louvre. 


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Bangalore, 1871. 

The same. Book II. Trans, by Sri Bama Kau. 8vo. 

Bangalore, 1872. 

Geometry. In Turkish, from the French of M. Peyraud. 

See Rifkl {Husein). 

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Armeniaco Textu in Latinum conversum, adnotationibus 
auctum, Graecis Fragmentis exornatum. Opera P. Jo. Aucher. 
2 vols in 1. fol. Venetiis, 1818. 

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Nabataische Inschriften aus Arabien. (With 29 Photo- 
graphic Plates.) 4to. Berlin, 1885. 

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Hibbert IVustees.) 8vo. London, 1833. 

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Everest (Lieut. -Col.) — Account of the Measurement of the 

Meridional Arc of India, JEngravings. 4to. London, 1847. 
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Seventeenth Century. Translated from the Turkish by J. von 

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8vo. Leipzig, 1881. 

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Examination of the Policy of the Government of British India : 

embracing an Inquiry concerning the Tenure of Lands. 8vo. 

London, 1829. 
Eyre (Lieut. Vincent) — The Military Operations in Cabul, which 

ended in the Retreat of the British Army 1842, with a 

Journal of Imprisonment in Affghanistan. 2nd Ed. post 8vo. 

London, 1843. 
Eysinga (Roorda van). See Roorda van Eysinga. 
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Mahomed Zaman Khan. {Allygurh Scient. Soc. No. 2.) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1864. 


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trad, da Chinois et commente par M. Abel Remusat. Revu 
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and Sung-Yun — Buddhist Pilgrims from China to India, 

Travels of. Transl. from the Chinese by Rev. S. Beal. post 
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A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, being an Account 

of Travels in India and Ceylon. Translated and annotated, 
with a Corean recension of the Chinese Text, by James Legge. 
sm. 4to. Oxford, 1886. 

See Hiouen Tsiang, Si-yu-ki, trans. Beal. 

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9 parts, fol. London, 1845-59. 

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New English-Hindustani Dictionary, in 14 parts 

(wanting part 12). roy. 8vo. Benares, 1880-3. 

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MS. de Ste. Sophie de Constantinople, avec une traduction 
Fran9aise par R. Boucher. 4to. Paris, 1870. 

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Ferganensis, qui vulgo Alfraganus dicitur Elementa Astrono- 
mica, Arabice et Latine. Opera Jacobi Golii. sm. 4to. 

Amstelodami, 1669. 

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Farhang-i-Rashldi. See Abd ar Rashid. 

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2 vols. fol. Constantinople, a.h. 1155. 
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of India by the Portuguese, transl. by Capt. John Stevens. 

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publie en Persan par Gargin de Tassy. large 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

See also lassy {G. de), La Po6sie Philosophique et 

Religieuse chez les Persans. 



Paris el-Shidiac — Arabic Grammar, with Dialogues and Vocabulary. 
3rd Ed., revised by Rev. H. G. Williams, post 8vo. 

London, 1883. 
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London, 1860. 

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Turkish and German. 8vo. Pest u. Leipzig, 1834. 

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order of the Emperor Aurungzeb Alemgir. Arabic Text. 
6 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1828-1835. 

See Baillie {N. E. B.), and Kitah al Januyut. 

Fatehpur Gazetteer— Supplement to. See Growse (F. S.). 

Fattahi Nishapuri ( Yahi/u Slbak)—'H.usn oo dil ; or. Beauty and 
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See Moeller (J. H.) 

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Tom. 2. KaivaljanavanVd. 

Tom. 3. Tiruvalluver — Der Kural. 
■^ Tamulische Schriften zur Erlauterung des Vedanta- 

Systems oder der Eechtglaubigen Philosophie der Hindus. 

tjbersetz und Erklarung von Karl Graul. 8vo. {BiUioth. 

Tamul, vol. 1.) Leipzig, 1854. 

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life. sm. 4to. London, 1650. 

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Calcutta, 1883-5. 
Vol. 1. Introductory. Vol. 4. Maithili Dialect. 

Vol. 2. Bhojpuri Dialect. Vol. 5. South Maithili Dialect. 

Vol. 3. Magadhi Dialect. 

Bihar Peasant Life ; being a discursive Catalogue of the 

Surroundings of the People of that Province. Map and Illus- 
trations, roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1885. 

Modern Vernacular Literature of Hindustan. 8vo. 

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Afghanistan, and neighbouring countries, arranged by John 
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■ Posthumous Papers printed by order of the Government 

of Bengal ; arranged by .Tohn M'Clelland. Palms of British 
East India, fol. Calcutta, 1850. 


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Itinerary Notes of Plants cultivated in Khasyah and 

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of the East, vol. 29.) Oxford, 1886. 

See also Asvalayana, Gohhillya-Grihya-Sutra, and 


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Texts, with translations in English or French.] 8vo. Pam, 1876. 
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chiefly on the "Western side of India. [Coloured plates, with 

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Neue Beitriige zur Erlauterung der Babylonischen 

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Neue Beitrage zur Erlauterung der Persepolitanischen 

Keilschrift. Mit 4 Steintafeln. 4to. Hannover, 1837. 

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1 vol. sm. 4to. Allahabad, 1874. 
The same. 2nd ed. Illustrated, revised, and enlarged. 

4to. Allahabad, 1880. 

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Historical, and Architectural. Photographic plates. 4to. 

Benares, 1884. 
Indian Architecture of To-day, as exemplified in New 

Buildings in the Bulandshahr District. Many photo, plates. 
Parts 1, 2. 4to. Benares, 1885-6. 

A Supplement to the Fatehpur Gazetteer. Photog. 

plate, large 8vo. Allahabad, 1887. 

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Beziehungen zu den Orientalischen Religionen. l^*" band. 
8vo. Leipzig, 1887. 

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ediz^. 8vo. Gerusalemme, 1866. 


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Scritti del. 
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Roma, 1877. 
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See also Revue de PHistoire des Religions. 

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History of Gujarat. 1 vol. post 8vo. 

First Book of Sanskrit. 1 vol. post 8vo. 

Geography. 1 vol. post 8vo. 

Arithmetic. 1 vol. post 8vo. 

Application of Arithmetic. 2 parts, post 8vo. 

Algebra. 1 vol. post Bvo. 

Geometry. 3 vols, post 8vo. 

Prosody. 1 vol. 12mo. 

Manual of Letter Writing and Banking. 1 vol. 12mo. 
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{Titles to be found under the names in italics.) 

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Linschoten {J. H. van) — Voyage to the East Indies. 
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The 3rd vol. is the Dictionary. 

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in Hindi. See Mdhdbharata and Harivansa in Hindi, 

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Text and Translation by E. Balfour. {Title Page missing). 

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roy. 8vo. {No title.) 

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See Avesta. 

See Yih-King. 

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Calcutta, 1855. 
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See also WiUon {LT. H.), Hindu Theatre. 

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Draughtsmen — Architectural Illustrations of the Mahometan 
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graphic reproductions of Drawings. Map of the Fort and Citadel 
of Beejapore fastened on front fly-leaf.] folio. London, 1859. 

^ See Taylor ( Capt. M.) and J. Fergusson, Architecture of 


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of Banaris in August, 1781. 4to. Calcutta, 119^2. 
Speeches of the Managers and Counsel in the trial of. 

Edited by E. A. Bond. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1859-61. 

his dissolution of the Council, and the Proceedings 

against Nundcomar. See East India Company, Letters, etc., 
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See Trotter {Capt. L. J.). 

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Peguan Language. 8vo. Rangoon, 1874. 

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Chinese Play ; 2, A Collection of Chinese Proverbs ; 3, Frag- 
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Dromore]. 4 vols, in 2. 12mo. London, 1761. 

[Translator unknown, but the MS. was found among the papers of a Mr. 

AViikinson. See Wylie's Notes on Chinese Literature, page xxiii.j 

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No. 3, and Bd. 2, No. 2.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1858-60. 

An old Zand-Pahlavi Glossary, edited in the Original 

Characters, with a transliteration in Roman Letters, an English 
translation, and an Index by Destur Hoshengji Jamaspji, 
revised with notes and introduction by M. Haug. 8vo. 

Bombay and London, 1867. 
An old Pahlavi-Pazand Glossary, edited with an 

Alphabetical Index by Destur Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa, 
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See Aitareya Brdhmana. 

See Arda Viraf, The Book of. 


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the Tota-Itihas, the Batris Singhasan, the History of llaja 
Chrishna Chandra, the Purusha-Parikhya, the Hitopadesa. 
4to. London, 1825. 

Dictionary, Bengali and Sanskrit, explained in English. 

4to. London, 1833. 

Short Enquiry into the Nature of Language, to ascertain 

exact meaning of the Sanskrit Prepositions. 4to. Lond., 1834. 
Prodromus. An. enquiry into the First Principles of 

Reasoning. 8vo. London, 1839. 

See Hdidar Bahhsh, Tota Itihasa. 

See Mdnava-Lharma-Sdstra. 

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Episode des Babylonischen Nimrod-epos. Facsimile plate. 
8vo. Leipzig, 1881. 

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originalen im Britischen Museum copirt. Parts I-IV. 4to. 

Leipzig, 1881-82. 
Die Akkadische Sprache. 8vo. Berlin, 1883, 

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Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, successively per- 
formed by Commodore Byron, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Cartaret, 
and Capt. Cook. Illustrated with cuts, charts, and maps. 
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Barbary : its Wild Tribes and Savage Animals. New ed. 
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Persian Vocabulary of VebhI. 8vo. Constantinople, x.k. 12S7. 

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in a 2nd Letter to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. 
{5 coloured plates of the Papyrus Plant.) 4to. London, \%\\. 

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The same, translated from the Persian with notes by 

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of the Bishop, and map of India, folio. London, 1830. 

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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1828. 

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Handel der Yolker der alten Welt. 1" Theil. Asiatische 

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Abth. 1, Perser. Abth. 2, Phoaicier, Babylonier, Scythen. Abth. 3, Inder. 

Researches into the Politics, Intercourse, and Trade of 

the principal Nations of Antiquity. Asiatic Nations. 3 vols. 

Maps. 8vo. Oxford, 1833. 

Heider. See Haidar. 

Heights— Tables of, in N.W. India. See India, Great Trigonome- 
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1-8 (8vo.), 9-11 (roy. 8vo.). Plates to vols. 1-8 in folio. 

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Salle, 1877-80. 
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Hungary — 

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(Vol. 2 contains Books 2 to 15 of the Hidayah, vol. 3 Books 16 to 17, and vol. 

4 Books 27 to the end. Vol. 4 is lettered on title-page vol. 2.) 

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Agriculture — 

Agricultural and Horticultural Society of. Journal, 

vols. 1-6, and n.s. vol. 1. 8vo. Calcutta, 1842-1848, 1869. 

Transactions, vol. 8. 8vo. Calcutta, 1838. 

See also Spry {H. LI.). 


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2nd (1882-3), and 3rd (1883-4) Reports. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Simla and Calcutta, 1882-5. 

Preservation of National Monuments, Panjab. Memo- 

randum on Monuments in Eusofzai, with a Map, Plans of 
Buildings, and 17 Plates of ISketches, by Major H. H. Cole. 
fol. Simla, 1883. 

Heliogravure Plates of Monuments, with Prefaces. 

10 vols. fol. 1884-5. 

Vol. 1 . Agra and Gwalior. 

,, 2. Golden Temple at Amritsar. 

„ 3. Dehli. 

,, 4. Temple to Siva at Madura. 

,, 5. Meywar. 

,, 6. Buildings in the Punjab. 

,, 7. Great Buddhist Tope at Sanchi. 

,, 8. Tomb of Jehangir at Shahdara. 

,, 9. Temples at Trichinopoly. 

,, 10. Graeco Buddhist Sculptures from Yusufzal. 

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ment of India (Col. Alex. Cunningham) for the years 1861-2, 
1862-3, 1863-4, 1864-5. In 1 vol. fol. Calcutta, 1864-6. 
Archaeological Survev of India. Vols. 1 to 21 edited by 

Sir Alex. Cunningham, vol. 22 ed. by A. C. L. Carlleyle, 
vol. 23 by H. B. W. Garrick ; with Index by V, A. Smith, 
containing also a Glossary and Table of Contents. Maps, 
plans, and illust. 24 vols. 8vo. Simla Sf Calcutta, 187i-87. 
Archaeological Survey of India. 'N'ew Series : — 

Vol. 1. Fiihrer {A.), Sharqi Architecture of Jaunpur. 
Vol. 3. Hultzsch {£.), South Indian Inscriptions. 
See also Epigraphia Indica. 

Census — 

Report on the Census of British India, taken on the 17th 

February, 1881. 3 vols. fol. London, 1883. 

Colonial Policy — 

Enquiry into the expediency of applying the principles 

of Colonial Policy to the Government of India. 8vo. Lond.\%22. 
The same — Further Inquiry (? by Lieut.-Col, Doyle). 

8vo. London, 1828. 

Education — 

Education Commission 1882-1883. General Report, 

1 vol. Reports of the Provincial Committees — Bengal 1 vol., 
Madras 1 vol., N.W. Provinces and Oude 1 vol., Punjab 1 vol.. 
Central Provinces 1 vol., Hydarabad Assigned Districts 1 vol. 
7 vols. foi. Calcutta, 1883-4. 



India. Emigration — 

Annual Report on Emigration to British and Foreign 

Colonies for the years ending March, 1875, 1876-7. 2 parts. 
fol. Calcutta, 1875-7. 

Finance — 

Finance and Revenue Accounts from April, 1867, to 

March, 1875. fol. Calcutta, 1877. 
Forests — 
Forest Department. Report on Administration of, 

1872-73, by B. H. Baden Powell. 2 vols, fol, Calcutta, 1874. 

Forest Department. Code of Instructions for the 

Conduct of Office Business and Regulation of Accounts. 
3rd ed. 8vo. Calcutta, 1886. 

Geology — 

A Manual of the Geology of India, 4 vols, and Map in 

cover. 5 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1879-87. 

Yols. 1, 2. Geology by jET. B. Medlicott and W. T. Blanfoi-d. 
„ 3. Economic Geology by V. Ball (with map). 
„ 4. Mineralogy by F. R. Mallet. 
„ 5. Map. 
Vol. 1, Peninsular Area. Vol. 2, Extra Peninsular Area. 

Geological Survey of, Memoirs of. Vols. 1-22 (vols. 

1-11 edited by Thomas Oldham). Maps, Diagrams, and 
Illustrations, roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1859-1883. 

Records of. Vols. 1-22 (vols. 1-8 edited by 

Thomas Oldham). Maps, and Diagrams, roy. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1870-1889. 
Bound vpls. 1-5, 6-8, 9-10, and then separately. Vol. 17 wants part 1, and 
vol. 21 wants part 3. 

Palaeographia Indica. 

Series I., III., V., VI., VIII. Cretaceous Flora of Southern 
India by F. Stoliczka (vol. 1 part 1, by H. F. 

Vol. 1. Cephalopoda. 1861-65. 

Vol, 2. Gastropoda. 1867-68. 

Vol. 3. Pelycypoda. 1870-71. 

Vol. 4. Brachiopoda. 1872-73. 

Series II., XI,, XII. Fossil Flora of Gondwana System by 

0. Feistmantel, T. Oldham, and J. Moiris. 4 vols. 

4to. 1863-1886. 

Series IV. Indian Pre-tertiary Vertebrata, by T. H. Huxley, 

Sir P. de M. Grey Egerton, L. C. Miall, and R. 

Vol. 1. 5^arts. 4to. 1865-1885. 


Series VII., XIV. Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Fauna of 
Western India, by F. Stoliczka, P. M. Duncan, and 
W. P. Sladen. 4to. 
Vol. 1. 4 parts. 1871-1886. 

Series IX. Jurassic Fauna of Kacli. 

Vol. 1. Parts 1-4. Cephalopoda, by W. Waagen. 1873-6. 

Series X. Indian Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Vertebrata, by 

R. Lydekker. (Vol. VI. part 1, by E. B. Foote.) 

Vol. 1. 5 parts. 4to. 1874-80. 

Vol. 2. 6 parts. 4to. 1881-1884. 

Vol. 3. 8 parts. 4to. 1884-86. 

Vol. 4. Parts 1, 2, 3. 4to. 1886-7. 

Series XIII. Salt Eange Fossils, by "William Waagen. 8 parts, 

4to. 1879-89. 

Law relating to India and the East India Company. 

Fourth edition. 4to. London, 1842. 
The same. Fifth edition. 4to. London, 1855. 

Medical — 

The Indian Journal of Medical Science, conducted by 

Messrs. Grant, Pearson, and Corbyn. Vols. 1, 2. New Series, 
vols. 1, 2. 8vo. Calcutta, 1834-7. 

Meteorology — 

Collection of Tables, Astronomical, Meteorological, and 

Magnetical. Also for determining the Altitudes of Mountains ; 
comparison of French Weights and Measures, etc., computed 
in the H. E. I. Co.'s Observatory, Simla, under direction of 
Lieut.-Col. J. T. Boileau. sm. 4to. Umhalla, 1850. 

Tables for the Reduction of Meteorological Observations 

in India : to accompany " Handbook of Instructions to Meteo- 
rological Observers." By H. F. Blanford. 8vo. Calcutta, 1^1 Q. 
Meteorological Department. Meteorology of India. 

Reports 1-7, for the Years 1875-1881, by H. F. Blanford. 
7 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1877 -SS. 

Reports on the Administration 

of, for 1875-6 to 1881-2. 7 pts. fol. Calcutta, 1876-82. 
Indian Meteorological Memoirs 

published under the direction of H. F. Blanford. Vol. 1, and 
vol. 2, part 1. 4to. Calcutta, 1876-1882. 
Meteorological Observations re- 

corded at Six Stations in India in the Years 1879-1888, pub- 
lished under direction of H. F. Blanford. 10 vols. fol. 

Calcutta, 1881-89. 

Statistics — 

Statistical Abstract relating to British India. No. 6, 

1862-1871; No. 7, 1863-1872; No. 8, 1864-1873; No. 9, 
1865-1874. 4 parts. 8vo. London, 1875. 

Statistics — Miscellaneous. 4to. Calcutta, 1877. 


India. Surveys — 

Survey Department. Report on Operations of during 

1877-8 to 1882-3 by Gen. J. T. Walker, 1883-4 to 1884-5 
by Col. G. C. De Pree, 1885-6 to 1887-8 by Col. H. R. 
Thuillier. fol. Calcutta, 1885-9. 

Abstracts of the Reports of the Surveys and other Geo- 

graphical Operations for 1869-70, 1874-75, 1877-78. 3 parts. 
8vo. London, 1871-79. 

Marine Survey. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Reports for 1874-76, 

1876-77, 1877-78 (Charts), by Capt. A. D. Taylor. 3 vols, 
fol. Calcutta, 1876-79. 

Topographical Surveys. Reports for 1869-70 to 1875-76, 

by Col. H. L. Thuillier. fol. Calcutta, 1871-7. 

Great Trigonometrical Survey of. Account of the Opera- 
tions. Maps. Vols. 1-10 in 11. 4to. Behra Bun, 1870. 

Yol. 1. Standards of Measure and the Base-Lines, by Col. J. 
T. Walker. 

Vol. 2. History and Description of the Principal Triangulation, 
and of its Reduction, by Col. J. T. Walker. 

Vol. 3. The Principal Triangulation — The Base-Line Figures, 
Karachi Longitudinal, North-West Himalaya, and 
Great Indus Series of the North- West Quadrilateral, 
by Col. T. J. Walker. 

Vol. 4. The Principal Triangulation — The Great Arc (Section 
24°-30°), Rahun, Gurhagarh and Jogi-Tila Meridional 
Series, and the Sutlej Series of the North-West 
Quadrilateral, by Col. J. T. Walker. 

Vol. 4fl. Description of the Principal Triangulation of the 
Jodhpore and the Eastern Sind Meridional Series of 
the North-West Quadrilateral, by Col. C. T. Haig, 
published under orders of Col. De Pree. 

Vol. 5. Details of the Pendulum Operations by Captains J. P. 
Basnevi and W. J. Heaviside, under the direction of 
Col. J. T. Walker. 

Vol. 6. Principal Triangulation of the South-East Quadrilateral,, 
including the Great Arc Section 18° to 24°, East 
Coast Series, Calcutta and Bider Series, and the 
Jabalpur and Bilaspur Series, by Col. J. T. Walker. 

Vol. 7. Principal Triangulation of the North-East Quadrilateral, 
including the North-East Longitudinal, the Budhon 
Meridional, Ranjir Meridional, Amua Meridional, and 
the Karara Meridional. 

Vol. 8. The same. Gurwani, Gora, Heerilaong, Ghendwar, 
North Parasnath, North Maluncha, Calcutta, East Cal- 
cutta, Brahmaputra, and Eastern Frontier Meridional, 
and Assam Longitudinal. 


Vol. 9. Electro-Telegraphic Longitude Operations during 1875-77 
and 1880-81, by Lieut.-Col. W. M. Campbell and 
Major W. J. Heaviside. 

Vol. 10. The same, during 1881-2, 1882-3, and 1883-4, by 
Major Gr. Strahan and Major W. J. Heaviside, under 
the directions of Col. T. C. Haig and Col. H. E. 

Tables of Heights in Sind, the Punjaub, North-West 

Provinces, and Central India, determined to May, 1862. 
roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1863. 

The same. N.W. Prov. and Bengal. 8vo. -Roor^ee, 1866. 

General Reports on the Operations of, 1874-75 by Col. 

J. T. Walker, 1875-76 by J. B. N. Hennessy. 2 parts, fol. 

Dehra Dun, 1876-7. 
Explorations in Tibet and Mongolia, by A. K. See 

Hennessey (J. B. N.^. 

Telegraph Department. Administration Report for 

1874-75. fol. Calcutta, 1875. 

Trade and Navigation. Annual Statement of the, of 

British India with Foreign Countries for the years 1872-3, 
'74-5, '76-7. 3 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1873-6-8. 

Vital Statistics, part 4. Annual Returns of the European 

Army of India and of the Native Army and Jail Population of 
the Bengal Presidency for the years 1871-1876. fol. 

Calcutta, 1878. 
Part 5. Reports bringing up the Statistical 

History of the European Army in India, and of the Native 
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Indian Notes and Queries. See Panjab Notes and Queries. 
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Padana. An Account of the Buddhist Stupa and A§oka Edict 

recently discovered. 21 plates and frontispiece. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1882. 
Infant Marriage and Enforced Widowhood in India. A Collection 

of Opinions for and against, fol. Bombay, 1887. 

Inscriptions of South India — A Collection of. In 3 vols. sm. fol. 

(Presented by Sir Walter Elliot.) 


Internationale Zeitschrif t fur Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft. See 

Techmer (F.) 
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de Cultu Sinensi. post 8vo. Parisiis, 1700. 

Iradat Khan — A Translation of the Memoirs of Eradut Khan, 
containing Anecdotes of the Emperors Aurungzebe, Shaw 
Aulum, and Jehaundar Shaw, by Jonathan Scott. 4to. 

London, 1786. 

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Nubia, Syria and the Holy Land. New ed. Svo. Land. 1861. 

Iremonger (Rev. J.) — Questions for Elementary Books used in the 
National Schools. Tamil Text. Svo. s.l., s.a. 

Irenaens — S. Irenaei contra omnes Hsereses. Greek and Latin 
with notes by J. E. Grabe. fol. Oxoniae, 1702. 

Irrawady River — Report on. Part I., Hydrography. Part II., 
Hydrology. Part III., Hydraulics. Part IV., Hydraulic 
Works connected with the Nawoon River, by R. Gordon. 
3 vols. fol. Rangoon, 1879-80. 

Irving (B. A.) — The Theory and Practice of Caste : Its effects on 

the Destinies of the Anglo-Indian Empire, p. Svo. Land. 1853. 
Isa. See TIpanishads. 
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vol. 8. 
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roy. Svo. London, 1842. 

Iskander Nama. See Nizami. 
Iskandar ibn Muhammad, sumamed Manjhu Akbar — Mirat i 

Sikandar! — History of the Kings of Gujrat. fol. s.l., s.a. 

Issaverdenz (Rev. Dr. James) — Armenia and the Armenians. 

post Svo. Venice, 1S74. 

The Armenian Church, its History, Rites and Ceremonies. 

post Svo. Venice, 1877. 

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Aus dem Arabischen iibers, von A. D. Mordtmann. Nebst 
einem Vorworte von C. Ritter. large Svo. Hamhurg, 1845. 

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Bonnae-ad-Rhenum, 1832. 

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also the Bhashya or Commentary of Gaurapada, translated by 
H. H. Wilson. 4to. O.T.F. Oxford, 1837. 

The Sankhya Karika. See Bavies {John), Hindu 



isvara-candra-vidyasagara — Biography, translated into Bengali 
from Chambers' Educational Course. 6th ed. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1862. 

Bodhodaya; or, Rudiments of Knowledge. Bengali. 

24th ed. 12mo. Calcutta, 1864. 

Vidhavavivaha. Bengali. 8vo. 'i Calcutta, 'i\%&^. 

Si tar Banavasa ; or, the Exile of Seeta. Bengali Text. 

5th ed. 8vo. Calcutta, 1864, 
Marriage of Hindu Widows. 2nd Ed. p. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1864. 
Instructive Stories compiled in Bengali. 2nd ed. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1829. 
History of Bengal; in Bengali. Part 2. 12th ed. 

p. 8vo. Calcutta, 1861. 
See Muhuhhurata. Vetala Panca Vinsali. 

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Parts 3, 4. 8vo. Firetize, 1886-89. 

Societa Asiatica. Giornale. Vols. 1 and 3. 8vo. 

Roma, etc., 1887-9. 


Yol. 1. Teloni {Dott. Bruto), CxQ?,toma.z\di k.%&\Yai. 8vo. 

Roma, etc., 1887. 

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Iti-Vuttaka, edited by Ernst Windisch. 8vo. {Pali Text Society.) 

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8vo. Paris, 1848-53. 

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Britain and France, transl. from the Persian into Hindustani, 

with an English version, by J. E. Alexander. 8vo. Lond. 1827. 
Iyengar (S. B. Krishnasawmy) — Canarese Dialogues on Revenue, 

Police, Judicial Matters, etc., with an Interlinear Translation. 

8vo. Bangalore, 1860. 

'Izzat UUah — Izzut-oolah (Meer) — Travels of, in Central Asia in 

1812-3, translated by Capt. Henderson, roy. 8vo. Calcuita,1872. 
'Izzi — Tarikh i 'Izz!, History of the Ottoman Empire, fol. 

Constantinople, a.h. 1199, 


Jackson (J. R.) — "What to Observe ; or The Traveller's Eemem- 
brancer. post 8vo. London, 1841. 

Jackson (Sir Keith A.) — Views in Affghaunistaun. Lithographed 
Plates, with descriptive Letterpress. [The Dedication is 
signed by J. F. Walton.] 4to. London, s.a. 

Jacob (Major-General Sir G. Le Grand) — Extracts from a Eeport 
on the District of Babriawar dated 1843. 8vo. Bombay, 1846. 

Report on Province of Katteewar in 1842. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1845. 

Western India before and during the Mutiny, p. 8vo. 

London, 1871. 
Manual of Hindu Pantheism. See Saddnanda Yoglndra^s 

Jacob! (Hermann). See Jaina Sutras. 
Jacobs (Dr. Jul.) en J. J. Meijer — De Badoej's. roy. 8vo. 

{Koninld. List, voor de Taal-, Land-, en Volkenkunde van Nederl. 

Lndie.) roy. 8vo. 's Gravenhage, 1891. 

Jacquemart (Albert) — L'extreme Orient au Palais de I'Industrie. 

Notices sur les Collections de M. Cernuschi. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 
Jacquemont (Victor) — Letters from India, describing a Journey in 

the British Dominions of India, Tibet, Lahore, and Kashmere, 

during the years 1828-31. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1S84:. 

Voyage dans I'Inde pendant les annees 1828-1832. 

Text 4 vols. Plates 2 vols. 6 vols. 4to. Farts, 1841-4. 

Jagganath Lakshuman Mankar. See Krishnuji Ananti. 

Jagor (F.) — Reisen in den Philippinen. 8vo. Berlin, 1873. 

Jahangir — Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir, translated from 

the Persian by Major David Price. 4to. O.T.F. London,l829. 
Bound with Timur^s Memoirs, translated by Major C. Stewart. 
Jaimini — Aphorisms of the Mimansa Philosophy, Sanskrit and 

English [by J. R. Ballantyne]. 8vo. Allahabad, 1851. 

Mimamsa Darsana, with the commentary of Savara- 

Svamin. Ed. by Pandita Mahesachandra Nyayaratna. Vols. 
1 and 2. 8vo. {Bihl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1873. 

Jaiminiya-Nyaya-Mala-Vistara. See Mudhavucarya. 

Jaimini Bharata — A celebrated Canarese Poem, with transl. and 

notes by Daniel Sanderson. Chaps, i-ix. 8vo. Bangalore, 1852. 
Jain Inscriptions at Sravana Belgola. See Rice {B. Lewis). 
Jaina Sutras — Trans, by H. Jacobi. Vol. 1. 8vo, (Sacred 

Books of the Fast, vol. 22.) Oxford, 1884. 

Jala al 'Ayiin. See Bdkir {Muhammad). 
Jalal ad Din Muhammad Kazwini — al Khatib al Damashkl — 

Talkhis al Mifiah. See Mukhtasar al M'aanl. 



Jalal ad Din Muhammad Bum! — Auswahl aus den Diwanen. 

Persian Text, Germaa translation, and Notes by V. von 

Rosenzweig. 4to. JFien, 1838. 
The Mesne vi, Book 1, translated with some account of 

Author, and Characteristic Anecdotes, by J. W. lledhouse. 

large 8 vo. T.O.S. [^Large Paper copy. '] London, \%^\. 

Masnavi i Manavi, The Spiritual Couplets, trans, and 

abridged by E. H. Whinfield. 8vo. T.O.S. London, IHS7. 

Jalal ad Din as Sayuti — History of the Temple of Jerusalem, 

trans, by Rev. James Reynolds. 8vo. O.T.F. London, \S'66. 

De Interpretibus Korani, cura A. Meursinge. 4to. 

Luff. Bat., 1839. 

History of the Caliphs, trans, from the Arabic by Major 

H. S. Jarrett. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1881. 

Jamaica — Agricola's Letters and Essays on Sugar Farming in 

Jamaica (? by — Whitehouse). 8vo. Kingston, Jamaica, \^^5. 
Jamal ad Din Muhammad — Djemal eddin Mohammed — Alfiya ou 

la Quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe, publie en original 

avec un commentaire par le Baron S. de Sacy. 8vo. O.T.F. 

Paris, 1833. 
Jamal ad Din ibn Taghri Sardii — Maured Allatafet Jemal eddini 

tilii Togri Bardii, seu Rerum ^gyptiacarum Annales, a.d. 

971-1453. Arabic Text, Latin Translation and Notes, by J. 

D. Carlyle. sm. 4to. Cantah. 1792. 

Janam Sakhi, or The Biography of Guru Nanak, Founder of the 

Sikh Religion. Reproduced by Photo-Zincography, large 8vo. 

Dehra Bun, 1885. 
Jamaspji Dastur Minocheherji Jamasp Asana — Pahlavi, Gujarati 

and English Dictionary. Vols. 1-4. 8vo. Bombay, 1877-86. 
James (Capt. A.) — Analytical View of the Manual and Platoon 

Exercises: Copper Plates and Text. 4to. Calcutta, 1811. 

Jami (Nur ad Din 'Abd ar Rahman) — Persian "Wit and Wisdom ; 

being the Sixth Book of the Baharistan, translated by C. E. 

Wilson, M.R.A.S. 8vo. London, 1883. 

The Beharistan. A literal translation from the Persian 

[transl. by E. Rehatsek]. post 8to. [Kama Shashtra Society.) 

Benares, 1889. 

Laila u Majnun. Persian Text. fol. , «./. 1811. 

Liebe, Wein und Mancherlei. Persische Lieder, nach 

Dschami, Text von M, Wickerhauser. post 8vo. Leipzig, 1855. 

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O.T.S. London, 1850. 

Salaman and Absal, translated into English. See Fitz- 

gerald {Edward), Letters and Remains, vol. 3. 

Tuhfat-ul-Ahrar. The Gift of the Noble. Text ed. by 

Forbes Falconer, sm. 4to. O.T.S. London, 1848. 


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Janamejaya Mitra — Nuskha i Dilkusha, or " Notices and Selections 
from the Works of Urdu Poets." Vol. 1. roy. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1870. 

Jansz (P.) — Javaanscli-TTederlandscli "Woordenboek met Latijnsche 

Karakters. cr. 8vo. Samarang, 1876. 

Japan — Asiatic Society of. Transactions, vols. 1-15 (1872-87). 

8vo. Fo/fcoAama, 1874-1887. 

Imperial University — 

Calendars for 1875, 1887-8, 1888-9, 1889-90. 4 vols. 

p. 8vo. Tokyo, 1875-90. 

Journal of the College of Science. Yols. 1, 2. Plates. 4to. 

Tokyo, 1887-88. 
Memoirs. No. XI. See Waddell {J. A. L.), Iron Eailroad 

Bridges in Japan. 
Memoirs of the Literature College. No. I. See Chamberlain 
{B. H.), Aino Studies, including Batchelor {John), Aino 
Le Japon a L'Exposition Universelle de 1868. l''^ Part. 

Geographic et I'histoire. 2''^ Part. L'Art, L'Education, etc. 
8vo. Paris, 1878. 

Catalogue of the Exhibits sent by the Sanitary Bureau 

to the International Health Exhibition by K. Nagai and J. 
Murai. 8vo. London, 1884. 

Mittheilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fiir Natur- 

und Yolkerkunde Ostasiens. Yol. 5. 4to. Yokohama, 1889. 
Seismological Society of. Transaction vols. 1-7 and 

9-13. 8vo. Yokohama, 1880-89. 

Catalogue of Books relating to Tezo and the Ainos. See 

Chamberlain [B. H.), Aino Studies. 
Japanese Education — Outline History of Japanese Education, 

Literature, and Arts, prepared by the Mombusho. sm. 8vo. 

Tokio, 1877. 
Japanese — Yocabulario de Japon declarado primero en Portugues 

por los Padres de la Compania de Jesus de aquel Reyno, y 

agora en Castellano en el Colegio de S. Thomas de Manila. 

sm. 4to. Manila, 1630. 

Jardine (John), Dr. E. Forchhanimer, and S. Minus — Notes on 

Buddhist Law. Parts I.-VII. 8vo. Rangoon, 1882-83. 

Parts I., II., III. Marriage. Part IV. Marriage and Divorce. 
Part v., VI., VII. Inheritance and Partition. 

See Maung Tet Pyo's Customary Law of the Chin Tribe, 

Jasehke (H. A.) — Romanized Tibetan and English Dictionary. 

8vo. Kyelang, 1866, 

Tibetan Grammar. 2nd ed,, by Dr. "Wenzel. post 8vo, 

{Triibner^s Simplified Grammars.) London, 1883, 


JTasher — The Book of, with testimonies and notes, trans, from the 
Hebrew by Alcuin, Abbot of Canterbury. 4to. Bristol, 1829. 

Jatakatthavannana— The Jataka, together with its commentary ; 

being Tales of the Anterior Births of Gotama Buddha. Edited 

in the Pali by V. Fausboll. 5 vols. 8vo. 

London and Kopenhagm, 1877-92. 
Buddhist Birth Stories, translated by T. "W. Rhys 

Davids. Vol. 1. 8vo. T.O.S. London, 1880. 

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Annees 1805 et 1806. Plates. 8vo. Park, 1821. 

Elements de la Grammaire Tui'ke. 4to. Paris, 1823. 

The same. 2nde Ed. 8vo. Paris, 1833. 

Grammaire et Dictionnaire abreges de la langue Berbere. 

4to. Paris, 1844. 

See Idrlsi aU. 

See Meyendorf ( G. de). Voyage a Boukhara. 

Jauhar Aftabji — The Tazkirat al Wak'iat, or Private Memoirs of 
the Emperor Humayun, transl. from the Persian by Major C. 
Stewart. 4to. O.T.F. London, 1832. 

Java — Memoir on the Conquest of. Maps and Illustrations. 4to. 

No title-pnge. 
Judicial and Police Regulations and Internal Manage- 
ment. See Raffles {Sir Thomas Stamford). 

Jawab i du Hikayat — Persian Text. Bound with three other 
pamphlets in one volume. 8vo. 

Jayadatta Suri — Asva-Vaidyaka. Treatise on Veterinary Art, with 
the Text of Nakula's Asva-Chikltsika. Ed. by Umesacandra 
Gupta Kaviratna. 8vo. {Bibl. Lidica.) Calcutta, 1837. 

Jayadeva — Gita Govinda. Drama Lyricum. Text, with transla- 
tion and notes in Latin, by C. Lassen. 4to. 

Bonnae ad Rhenum, 1836. 

Jeffreys (Keturah) — The "Widowed Missionary's Journal; some 
Account of Madagascar and of the Missionary Career of the 
Rev. J. Jeffreys, post 8vo. Southampton, 1827. 

Jejeebhoy (Sorabjee Jamsetjee) — Tohfa-i-Jamsheed ; being a trans- 
lation into Goozratee of the Kalid-i Danesh. 8vo. Bombay, 1 848. 

Tuqviuti-din-I-Mazdiasna ; or, A Mehzur or certificate 

trans, from the Persian into Goozrathee. 8vo. Bombay, \%b\. 

Rahe Parsa ; or, A Guide to the Religious. Translations 

from various works in answer to the question — Are we justified 
in Killing Animals ? In Gujarati. 8vo. Bombay, 185S. 

Jowhur-e-Zindehgani ; or, Human Life, its duties and 

responsibilities. In Gujarati. post 8vo. Bombay, 1856. 


Jenkinson (Anthony) and other Englishmen — Early Voyages and 
Travels to Russia and Persia. Edited by E. 1), Morgan and 
C. H. Coote. 2 vols. 8vo. {Hahluyt Soc.) London, 1886. 

Jenner (T.) — Mnemonic Memory. Part 1. Provinces of China, 
post 8vo. London, 1869. 

Jerdon (J. C.)— The Birds of India. 2 vols, in 3. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1862-4. 

Jervis (Capt. George Ritson) — A Course of Mathematics in the 
Goojratee Language, transl. from the works of Dr. Hutton and 
Mr. Bonnycastle. 2 vols. 4to. Bombay, 1828. 

Jervis (T. B.) — Essay on the Primitive Universal Standard o-f 
Weights and Measures. 8vo. Calcutta, 1835. 

Geographical and Historical Memoir of the Konkun 

Revenue and Land Tenures of Western India. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1840. 

Jimutavaliana — Daya-Bhaga; or, Law of Inheritance. Text. 

4to. S.I., s.a. 

The same, with a Commentary by Krishna Tarkalankara. 

8vo. 'Calcutta? '1829. 

Jnanapragasa — Gnanapragasa (P.) Moodeliar — Summary of the 
History of Hindostan from the Mahomedan Invasion, with a 
Tamil Translation. 8vo. Vepery, 1830. 

Joaquin (Ramon Zuego de) — Gramatica Bisayo-Espafiola. 8vo. 

Manila, 1878. 

Johnson (Fr.) — Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English. 2nd 
Edition. 4to. London, 1852. 

See mtopadesa ; Mahdbhdrata. 

See Richardson {John), Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and 


Johnson (J.) — The Oriental Voyager, or a Voyage to India and 

China in 1803-4, 1805-6. 8vo. London, 1807. 

Johnson (Lieut. -Col. John) — Journey from India to England 

through Persia, Georgia, Russia, Poland, and Prussia in 1817. 

Coloured plates. 4to. London, 1818. 

Johnson (Dr. Samuel) — Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, transl. in 

Bengalee by Maharaja Kalee Krishna Bahadur. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1833. 

Dictionary, trans, into Bengalee. See Ham Comul Sen, 

A Dictionary English-Bengalee. 

Johnston (Charles) — Travels in Southern Abyssinia through the 
country of Adai, to the Kingdom of Shoa. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1844. 
Jolly (Julius) — History of the Hindu Law of Partition, Inheri- 
tance, and Adoption. 8vo. {Tayore Law Lectures, 1883.) 

Calcutta, 1885. 


Jolly (Julius) — ^Minor Law Books, translated by. Part 1. Narada 
and Brihaspati. 8vo. {Sacred Books of the East, vol. 33.) 

Oxford, 1889. 

See Vishnu, Institutes of. 

Jomard (M.) — Description de la Yille et des Environs de Kaire. 

Folding maps. fol. Paris, 1829. 

Jones (J. Taylor) — Grammatical Notices of the Siamese Language. 

8vo. Bangkok, 1842. 

Jones (Sir "William) — Poeseos Asiaticse Commentariorum Libri Sex. 

8vo. Londini, 1774. 

The Mahomedan Law of Succession in Arabic, engraved 

on Copper Plates with transliteration and translation. 4to. 

London, 1782. 
"Works of, with a life of the Author by Lord Teignmouth. 

Portrait. 13 vols. 8vo. London, 1807. 

See Hitopadesa ; Kdliddsa ; Mdnava Dharma Sustra ; 

Mua'llakat ; Siraj ad Bin. 

Jordana y Morera (Don Ramon) — Bosquejo Geografico e Historico- 
Natural del Archipelago Filipino, fol. Madrid, 1885. 

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lated from the Hebrew by C. H. F. Bialloblotzky. 2 vols, 
large 8vo. O.T.F. London, 1835-6. 

Josue le Stylite — Chronique de, texte et traduction par M. I'Abbe 
P. Martin. 8vo. {D. M. G. Ahhandl. Bd. VI. No. \.) 

Leipzig, 1876. 

Journal of Eastern Asia. Edited by James Collins. Yol. 1, 
No. 1. 8vo. Singapore, 1875. 

Journal of Sacred Literature — New Series, edited by John Kitto 
and Rev. H. Burgess, 7 vols. Journal of Sacred Literature 
and Biblical Record, ed. by Rev. H. Burgess and B. H. 
Cowper, 14 vols. New Series, edited by B. H. Cowper, 
10 vols. 5th Series, edited by B. H. Cowper, vol 1. 32 vols. 
8vo. London, 1852-1867. 

Journal des Savans 1816-1833. 18 vols. 4to. Paris, 1817-33. 

Jowai — Report on Administration of, for the year ending 31 March, 

1878. 8vo. Calcutta, 1878. 

Joyce (?) — Scientific Dialogues in Tamil. 8vo. s.l., s.a. 

Judicial or Adawlut System — Rise and progress of, under the 
Presidency of Bengal. Part II. An Enquiry into the existence 
of Trial by Juiy in India. 8vo. London, 1820. 

Jndson (A.) — Dictionary of the Burman Language, with explana- 
tions in English. 8vo. Calcutta, 1826. 

Judson (Ann H.) — Account of the American Baptist Mission to the 
Burman Empire. Map. 2nd Ed. post 8vo. London, 1827. 


Jokes (J. Beete) — Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. 
Fly, under the command of Capt. F. S. Blackwood, in Torres 
Strait, JS"e\v Guinea, and the Indian Archipelago in 1842- 
1846. 8vo. London, 1847. 

Julien (Stanislas) — Tchao-chi-kou-eul, ou I'Orphelin de la Chine, 
accompagne des Pieces Historiques. 8vo. Paris, 1834. 

Le livre des Recompenses et des Peines, en Chinois et en 

Frangais (Les Croyances, et les Mceurs de la Secte desTao-sse). 
Trad, du Chinois. 8vo. O.T.F. Paris and London, \%^b. 
Resume des Principaux Traites Chinois sur la culture 

des Muriers et I'Education des Vers a Soie. Paris, 1837. 

Simple Expose d'un fait honorable odieusement denature 

dans un libelle recent de M. Pauthier. 8vo. Paris, 1842. 

Exercices d' Analyse de Syntaxe et de Lexicographie 

Chinoise. 8vo. Paris, 1842. 

Histoire et Fabrication de la Porcelaine Chinoise, ac- 

compagne de notes et d' additions par M. Alphonse Salvetat; 
et augmente d'un Memoire sur la Porcelaine du Japon traduit 
du Japonais par J. Hoffmann. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

Methode pour dechiffrer et transcrire les Noms Sanscrites 

dans les livres Chinois. 8vo. O.T.F. Paris, 1861. 

Syntaxe Nouvelle de la langue Chinoise. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1869-70. 
See Coluthus, L' Enlevement d'Helene. 

See Hiomn-Thsang . 

See Hoei-Lan-Ki. 

See Laou Tseu, Le Livre de la Voie et de la Vertu. 

See Mencius. 

Jurjani ('Ali ibn Muhammad al-) — Al T'arifat, the definitions. 
Lithographed. 8vo. Constantinople, a.h. 1253. 

Definitions Dschordschani, ed. G. Fliigel. 8vo. 

Lipsice, 1845. 

Justice, Administration of, in the Courts of Mofussil Dewannee 
Adaulut, and in the Suddur Dewannee Adaulut. Persian 
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amongst the Natives in Bengal. See Bengal. 

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See Ahu Tshah al Shlrdzi. 

See Ahu'l Mahasin ibn Taghri Bardii. 

See Chronicum Samaritanum. 

See Zamaksharl az-. 


K'ab ibn Zuhair — Ka^h ihn Zuhayr. Poem in praise of the 
Prophet, known under the name of Bunot Su'ad. "With a 
Commentary entitled Al Jauhar al Wakkod fi sharhi Banat 
Su'ud, hy Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Aly ibn Ibrahim ash 
Sharwani. 8vo. Printed in India ? 

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A.H. 1231. 

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The 2nd Appendix, " Journal of a Voyage to Japan by the English in 1673," 
has a separate title-page. 

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[First book printed in the Sanskrit language. The Alphabet used is Bangali.] 

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VikramorvasI ; Bhavahhuti, Malati and Madhava, and 

Uttara Rama Carita or Continuation of the History of Rama ; 
Visakha Datta, Mudra Rakshasa. 4 Dramas in Sanscrit with 
Commentaries on the Prakrit Passages. In 1 vol. (PmJ. hy 
Comm. of Public Instruction.) Calcutta, 1830-31. 

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Yikrama and Urvasi. See Wilson, [H. H.), Hindu 


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Arabe, precedees d'un Memoire sur I'Origine de ce livre, et 

suivies de la Moollaka de Lebid, par M. Silvestre de Sacy. 

4to. Paris, 1816. 
Kalilah and Bimnah ; or the Fables of Bidpai : being an 

account of their Literary History, with an English translation 

of the later Syriac Version of the same, and notes, by I. G. N. 

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Kalilah wd Bimnah. Stephanites kai Ichvelates. Quattro 

Recensioni della Versione Greca, publicate da V. Puntoni. 
{Italy: Societa Asiatica, Publica%ioni, \o\. 2.) 8vo. 

Roma, etc., 1889. 
Kalilah and Bimnah. Stephanites kai Ichvelates. Modem 

Greek Version by D. Galajios and Typaldos. See Hitopadesa 
in Romaic, with which this is bound. 

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racters) by J. R. P. F. Gonggrijp. post 8vo. Leiden, 1876. 
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Arabic into Syriac. Edited [from a MS. in Liby. of Trinity 

College, Dublin] by W. Wright, LL.D. 8vo. Oxford, 1884. 
Ealili (K. M.) — Duvahama Setaesne. On the Parsi Religion. In 

Gujarati. 8vo. s.l., s.a. 

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from English and Persian into Urdu and English, post 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1835. 
A Genealogical and other Accounts of. Portrait and 

Plate of Medal, fcap, 8vo. Calcutta, IM\. 

Reaz-ul-Sanaih, or Garden of Arts, an abridgment of 

Persian Rhetoric. Persian Text. p. 8vo. Calcutta, 1847. 

List of Native Implements of Arts for Paris Exhibition 

of 1867. Bengali and English. 8vo. Calcutta, 1866. 


Kali Krishna Bahadur (Eajah). See Gay {John), Fables in 

Bengali and Urdu. 

See Johnson {Samuel), B-asselas in Bengali. 

Kali Prasad (Munshi) — The Kayastha Ethnology. Pamphlet. 

8vo. Luchnow, 1877. 

Kali Prosono Sing — Shabitree Shotyobhan Natuck, a Comedy. 

Bengali Text. 8vo. Calcutta, 1858. 

See Bhavahhuti, Malatee Mudhaba, trans, in Bengali. 

Kalpasntra of Bhadrabahu — Edited with Introd., Notes, and a 

Prakrit-Samskrit Glossary by Hermann Jacobi. 8vo. {D. M. 

G. Abhand'l. Bd. 7, No. 1.) Leip%ig, 1879. 

See also Jaina Sutras. 

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English. 8vo. Leipzig, s.a. 
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Lectures on the Parsi Religion. Bvo. s.l., s.a. 

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NathaTarkaratna. Fasc.V. 8vo. {Bill. Indica.) Calcutta, ISSi. 
Kami Yo-No Maki. See Eosng (Leon de). 
Kamrup — Les avantures de, Texte et Traduction. See Tahsln ad 

KamUs — or the Ocean. An Arabic Dictionary in 4 vols. 4to. 

1 Calcutta, '^ \9,\1 . 
Kanada — Aphorisms of the Vaiseshika Philosophy. Sanskrit and 

English [by J. R. Ballantyne]. 8vo. Mirzapore, 1851. 

Vaiseshika Darsana, with the commentaries of Sankara 

Misra and Jayanarayana Tarka Panchanana, Ed. by Pandita 
Jayanarayana Tarka Panchanana. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1860-61. 
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Kanga Kavasji Edalji — Khordeh Avesta. 8vo. Bombay, 1880. 

See Vendidud. 

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of Science. Persian Text. 4to. Calcutta, 1837. 

Kao Tong Kia — Le Pi-pa-ki. Drame Chinois trad, par M. Bazin. 
8vo. No title-page. Paris, 1841. 

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English [by J. R. Ballantyne]. Part 1. 8vo. Allahabad, 1852. 

Sankhya Aphorisms, with extracts from Vijnana 

Bhikshu's Commentary, translated by J. R. Ballantyne. Bvo. 
{Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1865. 

[Bound with Vijnana Bhihshu.'] 

The Sankhya Aphorisms, edited and translated by James 

R. Ballantyne. 3rd ed. 8vo. T.O.S. London, 1885. 


Karamat 'Ali — Keramet-''AU {Moulavi). Makhaz-i-Uloom. A 

Treatise on the Origin of the Sciences. Translated from the 

Arabic into English. 8vo. Calcutta, 1867. 

Karamianz (N.). See Berlin — Koniglich. Bibliothek, Verzeichniss 

der Armenischen Handschriften. 
Karlamagnus Saga Ok Kappa Hans — Adgivet af C. R. linger. 

Yol. 1. Bvo. Chridiana, 1859. 

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Egyptian Tale. 12mo. London, 19,21 . 

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Ed. post 8vo. Bangalore, 1870. 

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and indexes by Julius Eggeling. Ease. 1-6. 8vo. {Bibl. 

Indica.) Calcutta {Sertford printed), 1874-8. 

Katha. See Upanishads. 
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The same, in Canarese, ed. by John Garrett. 3rd Ed. 

8vo. Bangalore, 1871. 

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post 8vo. Bangalore, 1872. 

Katha Sarit Sagara. See Somadeva. 
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sm. 4to. {Anecdota Oxon., Aryan Series, vol. 1, part 4.) 

Oxford, 1886. 
Katyayana and Patanjali ; their relation to each other, and to 

Panini. See Kielhorn {F.). 

Kaushitaki-Brahmana. See Upanishads. 

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kritischen Erorterung der Aramaischen Worter im Neuen 
Testament. 8vo. Leipzig, 1884. 

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Kavi-karna-pnra — Chaitanya-Chandrodaya ; or, The Incarnation 
of Chaitanya. A Drama in 10 acts. With a Commentary on 
the Prakrita passages by Viswanatha Sastri. Ed. by Rajend. 
Mitra. 8vo. {Bibl. Lndica.) Calcutta, 1854. 

Kavya Frakasa — A Treatise on Rhetoric. See Mammata Acurya. 

Kawi Oorkonden — Indleiding en Transscriptie, van Dr. A. B. 
Cohen-Stuart, roy. 8vo. Leiden, 1875. 

In Facsimile, van A. B. Cohen-Stuart, fol. "i Leiden, s.a. 

Kaye (John William) — Life and Correspondence of Henry St. 
George Tucker, Accountant General of Bengal. 8vo. 

London, 1854. 

See Buckle {Capt.), Bengal Artillery. 

See Tucker {S. St. G.), Memorials of Indian Government. 


Eazim 'Ali, called Jawan. Barah-Masa, a Poetical description of 
' the Year in Hindostan, by Mlrza Cazim Ali Jawan. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1812. 

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d' une Grrammaire Persane, et suivis d'un Vocabulaire rran9ais- 
Persan. 8vo. Paris, 1883. 

Vocabulaire FrauQais. 8vo. Paris, 1883. 

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der Schcipfung. Vol. 2. Die Denkmaler der Lander, herausg. 
von P. Wustenfeld. 2 vols. 8vo. Gottingen, 1848-9. 

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to the overthrow of the Mahratta Power. 8vo. London, 1866. 

See Anvar i Sukaill. 

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Wetbock. Javanese text. 8vo. '« Gravenhage, 1853. 

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of the Standard Hindi, Braj, and the Eastern Hindi of the 
Ramayan of Tulsi Das. roy. 8vo. Allahabad, 1876. 

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Madras, 1872. 

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Turkish, post 8vo. Constantinople, k.^. \2QQ. 

Dialogues in Persian and Turkish, obi. 8vo. 

Constantinople, a.h. 1266. 

Kemal Pacha Zedeh — Histoire de la Campaigne de Mohacz. 
Texte Turque et la traduction Franqaise par M. Pavet de 
Courteille. 8vo. Paris, 1859. 

Kena. See Upanishads. 

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Maratha English and English Maratha. fol. Bombay, 1824. 

Researches into the origin and affinity of the Principal 

Languages of Asia and Europe. 4to. London, 1828. 

Researches on the Nature and Affinity of Ancient and 

Hindu Mythology, 4to. London, 1831. 

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Indus in Sind and Kaubool in 1838-9. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. 

London, 1840. 
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Hebrew MSS. of the Old Testament, 1760-1769. Autograph 

Letters of W. Bathoe and B. Kennicott. 8vo. Oxfurd, 1770. 


Keppel (Major The Hon. George) — Personal Narrative of Travels 
in Babylonia, Assyria, Media, and Scythia. 2 coloured 
portraits. 3rd Ed. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1827. 

Eem (Heinricli) — Der Buddhismus und seine Geschichte in Indien. 
l^r Band, post Svo. Leipzig, 1882. 

See Saddharma-Pundariha. 

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obi. fol. London, 1831. 

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lated into Marathe by. 8vo. Bombay, 1833. 

See Davys {&.), History of England. 

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with a map. post 8vo. London, 1870. 

Khadira. See Grihya-Sutras. • 
Khafi Khan (Muhammad Hashim) — The Muntakhab al-Lubab, 

ed. by Maulavl Kabir al-dln Ahmed. Vol 1. Ease. 2, 3, 4, 

5,7,8. 8vo. {Bibl. Indiea.) Calcutta, 1874:. 

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(Fuqeer). History of Jounpore from the Persian, by an 

Officer of the Bengal Army. 8vo. Calcutta, 1S14. 

Khalil al Khuri — Collection of Arabic Poems. (Arabic Text). 

sq. 8vo. Beyrut, 1863. 

Khallikan Ibn-. See Iln Khallihdn. 
Khandesh — Architectural and Archaeological Remains at. 4to. 

Bombay, 1877. 
Khasi and Jaintia Hills — Report on A dministration of, for 1876-7 

and 1878-9. 2 parts. 8vo. Calcutta, 1877-79. 

Khojah abd al Karim — Memoirs of. See Gladwin {F.), Narrative 

of Transactions, etc., with which this is bound. 
Khosrau (Nassiri) — Relation du Yoyage de, en Syrie, Palestine, 

Egypte, Arabic, et Perse, 1035-1042. Annote par Ch. 

Schefer. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1881. 

Khudda- and Miila-Sikkha. See Bali Text Society. Journal, 1883. 
K'huree, Bolee, and English Vocabulary of the principal words in 

the Prem Sagur. 4to. n.d. 

Khwand Amir (Ghiyas ad Din) — Habeeb-os-Seear, a General 

History of the "World from the Earliest Times to a.d. 1520. 

Lithographed, fol. Bombay, 1857. 

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dare. Persisch und Deutsch von B. Dorn. 4to. 

St. Petersburg, 1850. 
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8vo. Paris, 1835-7. 

See also Bianchi {T. X), Vocabulaire Fran9ais Turk. 

2 vols. 


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other, and to Panini. 8vo. (^Pamphlet.) Bombay, 1876. 

Ileport on Search for Sanskrit MSS. in the Bombay 

Presidency in 1880-81. 8vo. Bomhay,\%%l. 

See Suntanava. 

See Nugojlhhatta. 

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Chinois par le Pere Amiot. 8vo. Paris, 1770. 

Kif ayah. See Hidayah. 
Kim Van Kien Tan Truyen (Poeme Annamite) publie et traduit 

par A. de Michels. 2 vols. (Vol. 2 in two parts.) 8vo. 

\jEcole des Langues Orient. Vivantes, llo Serie, Tomes XIV. 

and XV.) Paris, 1884-5. 

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from the Tamoul, with Illustrations. Extracts from the 

Kurral of Tiruvalluvar and the History of the Nella Rajah. 

8vo. London, 1794. 

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King (George) — Manual of Chinchona Cultivation in India, fol. 

Calcutta, 1876. 

Glossary of Indian Plants. See Butt [Tldoy Chand), 

Materia Medica of the Hindus. 

King (Capt. J. S.) — A Trip to Mount Eilo, Gadaburshi Country. 
See Bombay, Selections from the Government Records. New 
Series. No. 189. 

King (Rev. James) — Cleopatra's Needle. Illustrations. {By-Paths 
of Bible Knowledge, No. I.) post 8vo. London, n.d. 

Recent Discoveries on the Temple Hill at Jerusalem. 

Map, plan, and illustrations. {^By-Paths of Bible Knowledge, 
No. IV.) post 8vo. London, 1884. 

King (Capt. Philip P.), R.N. — Narrative of a Survey of the Inter- 
tropical and Western Coasts of Australia, between 1818 and 
1822. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826. 

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1877-1882. Illustrations. 2 vols in 1. 8vo. London, l^M. 

Kingsborough (Yiscount) — Antiquities of Mexico. See Aglio 

Kinneir (J. M.) — Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and 
Koordistan, in 1813-14. 8vo. London, 1818. 

Kircherus (Athanasius) — China Monumentis qua sacris qua Profanis 
illustrata. (Chapters on the Customs, Language, Ceremonies, 
etc., of the Chinese, Natural Productions of China, Religions 
of Persia, India, China, Japan, and the East generally, etc.) 
Map and numerous engraved plates, fol. Amsielodami, 1667. 


Kircherns (Athanasius) — The same, with addition of a Chinese 
Latin Dictionary. Traduit en Fran9ai8 par F. S. Dalquie. i'ol. 

d Amsterdam, 1670. 
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See Articles of War. 

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Calcutta, A.H. 1228. 1813. 
Eitabo-'l Adhdad. See Aha Bahr ibn al Anhari. 
Eitabo-'l Oyun wa'1-hadaik fi akhbari 'l-hakaik. See Goeje (if. 

J. de), Fragmenta Historicorum Arabicorum, 
Eittoe (Markham) — Illustrations of Indian Architecture from the 

Muhammedan Conquest downwards, obi. fol. Calcutta, \%'i%. 
Eitts (Eustace J.) — A Compendium of the Castes and Tribes found 

in India, folio. Bombay, 1885. 

Serious Crime in an Indian Province (jS^orth-west 

Provinces and Oudh 1876-1886). Svo. ^o»/%, 1889. 

See Berar, Census of. 

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I'e Partie. Vocabulaire. Svo. Paris, 1827. 

AperQu de I'origine des Diverses Ecritures de I'Ancien 

Monde. (11 plates.) roy. Svo. Paris, 1832. 

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Royaumes. Trad, de I'original Japonais Chinois. Svo. With 

Plates and Maps in 4to. O.T.F. Paris, 1832. 

[ ] Chrestomathie Chinoise publiee aux frais de la Societe 

Asiatique. 4to. Paris, 1833. 

[ ] Lettre a M. le Baron de Humboldt sur I'Invention de la 

Boussole. sm. 4to. Paris, 1834. 

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and fol. Paris, 1823. 

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Paris, 1823. 
Memoires relatifs k I'Asie. Maps and Plates. 3 vols. 

Svo. Paris, 1824-28. 

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-Supplement au Dictionnaire Chinois-Latin, de S. B. de 

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See Tztsmffh (J.), Annales des Empereurs de Japon. 

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Knight (Capt. John) — Yoyage to seek the North-West Passage 

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Indiens von 319 nach Christi Geburt bis auf die 

Vol. 4. Geschichte des Dekhans, Hinterindiens und des 
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Scripture Truth in Oriental Dress; or. Emblems ex- 
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. Thoughts on the Policy of the Crown towards India. 

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Bound with this is BohUn (P. a), Commentario de Motenabbis. 
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Dictionary of Arabic Words. 

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{Pub. by the Hibhert Trustees.) London, 1877. 

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his attendant Archdeacon Paul of Aleppo in Arabic, trans- 
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The Commerce and Navigation of the Erythraean Sea ; 

being a translation of the Periplus Maris Erythrsei and of 
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Statistical Review of the Relief Operations in the Distressed 
Districts of Behar and Bengal during the Famine of 1873-4. 
roy, Svo. Calcutta, 1876. 

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Sixteen Months in the Turkish Capital and Provinces. 
Coloured Plates. 4to. London, 1829. 

The Armenians. A Tale of Constantinople. 3 vols. 

post Svo. London, 1830. 



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8vo. London, 1882. 

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con versus, post 8vo. Dublin, 1864. 

The same, in Hebraicum conversus. 12mo. Dublin,\864:. 

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ment with the Hill Tribes of the North- East Frontier of 
Bengal. Map. 8vo. Calcutta, 1884. 

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H.H.Wilson. 2 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1S28. 

The same. 2nd edition. 1 vol. 8vo. Calcutta, 1882. 

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Madras,. 1S20. 
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Mackworth (Major) — Diary of a Tour through Southern India, 

Egypt, and Palestine in 1821 and 1824, 8vo. London, 1823. 
Maclean (C. D.) — Standing Information regarding the Official 

Administration of the Madras Presidency. 2nd ed. roy. 8vo. 

Madras, 1879. 
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and the Island of Lewchew, with an account of her Shipwreck. 

3rd ed. 8vo. London, 1820. 

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Principles of Hindu and Mohammadan Law. Edited by 

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the Correspondence of, edited by W. Macpherson. Portrait 
and Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1865. 


Macpherson ("William)— The Procedure of the Civil Courts of the 
East India Company in the Presidency of Fort William. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1850. 

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{Sir R. F.), The Nile Basin, part 2. 

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" Jewish Coinage and Money in the Old and New Testaments." 
Svo. London, 1874-6. 

Coins of the Jews. 279 Plates and a Table of Alphabets. 

4to. {Numismata Orientalia, vol. 2.) London, 18S1. 

See Brighton, Public Library ; Catalogue. 

Madhavacarya — Jaiminiya-Nyaya-Mala-Vistara, edited by Theodor 
Guldstiicker. large 4to. [Auctores Sanshriti, vol. 1.) 

London, 1865. 

Madras Almanac and General Directory and Register for 184.0, 

1841. 2 vols. Svo. Madras, 1840-41. 

Madras, The College, Fort St. George Library — Catalogue of the 

Oriental MSS., by Rev. W. Taylor. 3 vols. Svo. 

Madras, 1857-1862. 
(Containing the "Old College," "Mackenzie," "East India House," and 
" Brown " Collections.) 

Madras Journal of Literature and Science. 1st and 2nd Series, 
23 vols, in 22; 3rd Series, 9 vols. (1864-81, and 1886-89). 
31 vols. Svo. Madras, 1834-89. 

Madras Literary Society— Transactions of. Part 1, with En- 
gravings. 4to. London, 1827. 

Madras Government Central Museum — See 8mith{Bosworth), Cata- 
logue of Minerals. - 

Coin Catalogues. See Thurston {Edgar). 

Madras — Official Administration. See Maclean (C D.). 

Regulations passed in 1802-1830. See East India 

Company Regulations. 
Administration — 

Manual of the Administration of the Madras Presidency 

in illustration of the Records of Government and the yearly 
Administration Reports. In 3 vols. Map. Yols. 1, 2. fol. 

Madras, 1885. 
Administration Reports 1860-61 to 1882-83. 4to.,8vo. 

and fol. Madras, \%%1-%Z. 

Astronomy — 

Astronomical Observations in the years 1843-1847, by 

G. T. Taylor. 4to. Madras, 1848. 


Madras. Astronomy — 

Observatory Papers by J. Goldingham. fol. Madras, IS27 . 

■ Meridian Circle Observations of Fixed Stars in the years 

1862 to 1867, 2 vols. ; 1868-1870, 1 vol. 3 vols. 4to. 

Madras, 1887-90. 

Report of the Government Astronomer upon the Total 

Eclipse of the Sun on August 18th, 1868, as observed in 
Southern India. 4 coloured plates. 8vo. Madras, ?IS69. 

'ensus — 

—^ Report on the Census of 1871, by W. R. Cornish. 

2 vols. fol. Madras, 1874. 

— Census of the Town of Madras, fol. Madras, \^1Z. 

Imperial Census of 1881, by Lewis Mclver. 5 vols. 

fol. Madras, 1883. 

Vol. 1, Eeport ; vol. 2, Final Census Table, Imperial Series ; vol. 3, Appendices 

by G. Stokes ; vol. 4, Final Census Tables, Provincial Series, Caste ; vol. 5, 

Final Census Tables, Provincial Series— Occupations, British Subjects in Madras 

and the French Territories. 

Villagewar Statements of Area, Houses, and Population. 

21 parts, fol. Madras, 1882-3. 
Court of Small Causes — 
Return of Cases during the year 1875, fol. Madras, \%1%. 

Forests — 

Reports of the Conservator for the years 1870-71 to 

1874-75. 5 parts. 4to. Madras, 1871-76. 

-Forest Department. Annual Administration Reports for 

1875-76 and 1885-86. 2 vols. fol. Madras, 1877-87. 

Suggestions regarding Forest Administration. See 

Brandts {!).). 
Gold Mines — 

Report on the South-Eastern Wynaad and the Carcoor 

Ghat Mines, fol. Madras, 1880. 

Sospitals — 

Annual Reports on Civil Hospitals and Dispensaries 

1877-79, 1881-82, 1885-87, 1888. 8 parts, folio. 

Madras, 1879-89. 
Land Revenue — 

Reports for the years 1857-58 to 1874-5. 18 vols. 

folio. Madras, 1860-76. 

Lunatic Asylums — 

Annual Reports for 1885-87. 2 parts, folio. 

Madras, 1886-88. 
Magnetics — 

Magnetical Observations by W. S. Jacob 1851-55. 4to. 

Madras, 1884. 


Madras. Medical — 

Annual Reports of the Medical College 1884-5, 1885-6. 

2 parts, folio. Madras, \%%6. 

Reports on the Medical Topography and Statistics. 

(Maps.) 6 vols. Bvo. Madras, IM2-AA. 

Meriah Agents — 

Reports from 1837 to 1861. folio. Madras, 1885. 

Meteorology — 

Observations, 1841-45. 5 parts. 4to. 3Iadras,\^A\-4ib. 

Observations made at Dodabetta in 1847-8, by T. G. 

Taylor. 4to. Madras, 1848. 

Observations in the Years 1851-55, by W. S. Jacob. 

4to. Madras, 1874. 

Register kept at the Hon. E. I. C.'s Observatory at 

Madras by J. Goldingham and T. G. Taylor for the years 
1822-1843. fol. Madras, 1844. 

Administration Report of the Meteorological Reporter 

for the years 1881-2 to 1884-5. 4 parts. 8vo. Madr as, l^^2-b. 
Municipality — 

Administration Reports for 1869, 1874-5, 1875-6, 

1876-77. 4 vols. 4to. Madras, 1870-1878. 

Public Instruction — 

Reports, 1876-77 to 1880-81, 4 vols. 8vo. ; 1881-2 to 

1886-87, 6 vols. fol. 10 vols. 8vo. and fol. Madras, 1877-87. 
Public Works Department — 

Administration Report for the year 1871-2; Imperial 

Budget Estimate for the years 1871-2, and 1872-73, 2 parts, 
fol. ; Budget Estimate, 1871-72, 4 parts, fol. Madras,\%l\-1^. 
Records — 

Selections from the Government Records. No. 1. On 

the Survey and Settlement of the Trichinopoly District. 8vo, 

Madras, 1876. 
Selections from the Records of the Government of 

Madras. No. 24 in 2 parts (1856); Nos. 1-10 (1854); Nos. 
2 to 17, 19, 22 (1855); Nos. 23, 25 to 33, 35 (1856); Nos. 
38, 39, 41, 43 part 2, 47, 48 (1857) ; No. 82 (1865) ; Nos. 28, 
30 (1871); No. 35 (1872); No. 38 (1874); Nos. 41, 42 
(1875), No. 51 (1876); Nos. 58 in 2 parts, 59 (1877). fol. 

Madras, v.y. 
Registration Bepartment — 

Reports of Administration for years 1873-4 to 1875-6. 

3 parts, fol. Madras, 1874-16. 
Sanitary Commission — 
Minutes of Proceedings for January, Eebruarv, and April, 

1877. 2 parts, fol. Madras, 1877. 


Madras. Sanitary Commission — 

Eepoits, May— December, 1865, and 1866 to 1874. fol. 

Madras, 1865-74. 
TVade and Navigation — 

Statements of Trade and Navigation, 1867-8 to 1874-5. 

fol. Madras, 1869-76. 

Water — 

Analysis Eeport, 1872. 1 part, folio. Madras, 1872. 

Madrid — Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis. See Castri 

Madriga (P. de) — Descript. de Perou. See Constanttn, vol. 9. 
Maerlant (Jacob van) — Der Naturen Bloeme. Ed. by J. H. 

Bormans. Eerste Deel. 8vo. Brussels, 1857; 

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Indica.) Calcutta, 1885-6. 

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Karmatiques. fol. Pans, 1828. 


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• See Acosta {Joseph de). 

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See Marco Polo. 


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Southern Mahratta Country, Beejapore, etc., etc. foL 

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• See Schroeter {F. C. G.), Bhotanta Grammar and 


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Kort Verslag aangaande alle mij in Europa bekende. 

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See Ibn Batutdh. 

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Muhammad Edib ibn Muhammad— Another copy. See Paris, 
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A Histoiy of Hindustan and the Deccan. Lithographed. 4to. 

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for the Administration of Civil Justice, from Mr. Harington's 

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(No titles to vols. 2 and 3.) 
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a Description of England. In Sanskrit, sm. 8vo. Calcutta,\^Z^. 
The Argument for Christianity and against Hinduism. 

In Sanskrit Verse, with English Preface. 2nd Ed. 8vo. 

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Sanskrit Verse. 8vo. Calcutta, 1 840. 

[Bound in one volume.] 

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Sanskrit, to the Students of the Benares Sanskrit College, 
post 8vo. Allahabad, 1845. 

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(Sanskrit verse with English translation), post 8vo. 

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Relig. Systems.) fcap. 8vo. London, s.a. 

The Caliphate, its rise, decline, and fall. 8vo. Land. 1891. 

See Koran. 

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Mukhtasar al M'aani — A Commentary on the Rhetoric of the 
Arabs : comprising the Text of the Tulhkees-ool-Miftah by 
Jalal ad din Muhammad, together with the shorter of two 
Commentaries by Mus-ood-oobno Oomur, Saad-oot Tuftazannee. 
Ed. by M. Lumsden. 4to. Calcutta, 1813. 

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volume of Plates in oblong folio. 8vo. London, \%%^. 

The Pali Language. p. 8vo. {Triihner^s Simplified 

Grammars.) London, 1884. 

See Ceylon, Report on Inscriptions. 

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eligible for Industrial Culture or Naturalisation. [Indian 
Edition.] 8vo. Calcutta, 1880. 

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(in 3 parts), and 4 part 1. 8vo. Wien, 1876-1888. 

1. Einleitun? in die Sprachwissenschaft. 3. Part 2. Mittelliindischen Easse. 

2. Sprachender Schlichthaarigen Rassen. 4. Part 1. jSTachtrage zum Grundriss 

aus den Jahren 1877-1887. 

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Origin and Growth of Religion as illustrated by the 

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Translation of Dhammapada. See Buddhagosa's Parables, 

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See Prajnu-Pdramitd-Hridaya-Sutra. 

See Rig Veda. 

See Sulchdvatl-Vyuha. 

See Upanishads. 

See Vedic Hymns. 

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History of the Transactions, Wars, Commerce, etc., between 
Russia and China. 8vo. London, 1842. 

(M. J.). See Averroes. 

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eene kaart en twee platen. 8vo. Leiden, \%'iQ. 

Reizen en Onderzoekingea in den Indische Archipel. 

tusschen 1828 en 1836. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. {Amsterdam 
Konink. Inst.) Amsterdam, 1857. 

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"Wissenschaften zu Miinchen, 1860-1871. 12 vols. 8vo. 

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rieder {L.). 

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2 vols, and supplement. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1830. 

Munster (Earl of). See Fitz Clarence {Lieut.- Col.). 

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einer Karte. 8vo. Basel, 1883. 

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Commentary on the Persian Poem, Pand Nama, of 'Attar. 8vo. 

Constantinople, a.h. 1252. 

Muraviev's Journey to Khiva through the Turcoman Country 
1819-1820. Trans, from the Russian (1824) by P. Strahl, 
and from the German (1871) by Capt. W. S. A. Lockhart. 
8vo. Calcutta, 1871. 

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Missionaries, post 8vo. Madras, 1864. 

The same. 2nd Ed. post 8vo. London, 1870. 

The same. 3rd Ed. post 8vo. London, 1889. 

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Madras, 1865. 

and Rev. J. Nicholson — Classified Catalogue of the 

Printed Tracts and Books in Singhalese. 8vo. Madras, \%&S. 
Catalogue of the Christian Vernacular Literature of 

India, with Hints on the Management of Indian Tract 
Societies. 8vo. Madras, 1870. 

Education, as a Missionary Agency in India. 8vo. 

Madras, 1872; and Murdoch {John), The Idolatrous and 
Immoral Teaching of some Government and ITniversity Text- 
Books in India. 8vo. Madras, 1872. 

Letter to Lord Napier on Government and University 

Education in India. 8vo. Madras, 1872. 

Hints on Government Education in India, with special 

reference to School Books. 8vo. Madras, 1873. 


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8vo. Minhurgh, 1823. 

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Asia from the earliest ages. 3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1820. 

and others — Historical and Descriptive Account of 

British India. Map and 26 Wood Engravings, 3 vols, 
p. Svo. {Edinburgh Cabinet Library.) Edinburgh, 1832. 

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Account. "With Illustrations, roy. 8vo. London, 1884. 

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Burmah. post 8vo. London, 1882. 

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Louvain, 1882-87, 

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of Indian Archipelago, vol. I. 

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Alamglrl. Ed. by Maulawi Agha Ahmad 'All. Svo. {Bibl. 
Lndica.) Calcutta, 1870. 

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Abd al- Haii and Ahmad Ali. Svo. {Bibl. lndica.) 

Calcutta, 1865. 

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"Hindu." London, 1859. 

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Lewis Eice, Svo. Bangalore, 1884. 

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Office, roy. Svo. Bangalore, 1864. 

Mysore Inscriptions. See Rice {Lewis). 
Mysore— Administration Reports, 1860-61 to 1S63-4, 1865-6, 

1867-8 to 1880-81. 18 vols., 4to., Svo. and fol. 

Bangalore, 1861-82. 

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1881. Report by Lewis Rice. (Map in cover.) 

fol. Bangalore, 1884. 


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Forest Administration Report for 1865-6 and 1866-7. 

1 vol. fol. Calcutta, 1868. 

Public Instruction, 1867-8 to 1876-7. 8vo. 

Bangalore, 1868 to 1878. 

Public Works, 1875-76. fol. Bangalore, 1876. 

Revenue Administration Report for 1866-7-8. 

Bangalore, 1867-69. 

: Statistical Returns, 1867-68. fol. Bangalore, 1869. 


Nabi Efendi — Conseils de, a son fils. Publies en Turc avec la 
Traduction Fran9aise et des Notes par M. Pavet de Courteille. 
8vo, Paris, 1857. 

Nadir Shah— Life of. See Fraser (James). 

Naga Hills — Report on Administration of, for 1878-9, by G. H. 

Damant. 8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

Nagamaiya (V.). See Travancore, Census. 
Naga Varmma's Karnataka Bhasha-Bhiishana — The oldest 

Grammar extant of the Language [Tamil]. Edited with an 

Introduction by Lewis Rice. 8vo. Bangalore, 1884. 

Nagojibhatta — The Paribhashendusekhara. Edited, explained, 

and translated by F. Kielhorn. 2 vols. {Bengal Sansk. 

Series, Nos. 11. and VII.) Bombay, 1868-71. 

Bhashyapradipoddyota. See Pantanjali. 

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Edited by R. Sewell. 4to. Madras, 1889. 

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2 vols. fol. Constantinople, a.h. 1147. 

Annals of the Turkish Empire, 1591-1659 a.d., trans. 

by C. Fraser. Yol. 1. 4to. ?A11 pubHshed. O.T.F. 

London, 1832. 
Najm ad Din 'Ali Khan — Treatise on Algebra. See BaM ad Bin. 
Najm ad Din Abu Hafs Umar. See Nasafi. 
Nakhshabi (Ziya ad Din) — Tut! Namah. Tales of a Parrot, done 

into English from a Persian MS. entitled Tooti Nameh [by 

Rev. B. Gerranp]. 8vo. London, 1792. 

Bound with Gladwin {Francis), Narrative of Transactions in Bengal, etc. 
Nalivkine (Y. P.) — Histoire du Khanat de Khokand. Traduit du 

Russe par Aug. Dozon. 8vo. {Ecole des Langues Orientales 

Vivantes III« Serie, vol. 4.) Paris, 1889. 

Nalodaya. See Kdliddsa. 
Nana Shastri Apte — Elements of Plain Geometry, transl. into 

Marathi by. post 8vo. Bombay, 1860. 

Nana Pandita — Dattaka Mimansa. Treatise on the Law of 

Adoption. Sanskrit Text. 8vo, Calcutta, 1^111 

Nanjio (Bunyiu) — A Catalogue of the Chinese Translation of the 

Buddhist Tripitaka. 4to. Oxford, 1883. 

Napier (Col. E. Elers) — Excursions in Southern Africa, including 

a History of the Cape Colony. 2 vols. p. 8vo. London, \%AQ. 
Napier (Sir W. F. P.) — History of the War in the Peninsula. 

Yols. 1, 2, 3. 8vo. London, 1828-31. 



Karada Fanca Ratra — In the original Sanskrit. Ed. by Rev. 

K. M. Banerjea. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1865. 

Narada Smriti — Institutes of Narada, with extracts from the 

2^aradabha.shya of Asahaya and other Commentaries. Svo. 

{Bill. Indica.) Calcutta, 1883. 

Bound with Vishnu- Smriti. 

See Jolly (Julius), Minor Law Books. 

Narayana Fandita — Narayun Pundit — Rajneeti ; or Tales of the 
Hindoos, translated from the Sanskrit of N . . . . into Brij 
Bhasha, by Sree LuUoo Lai Kub. Svo. Calcutta, 1809. 

Narayan Bhai Dandekar (Rao Saheb) — Vachanmala ; a collection 
of Petitions, Depositions, and other official Papers in the Modi 
or current Marathi Characters, with a key and remarks on the 
current Marathi Character. 2 vols. 4to. Poona, 1867-8. 

Nasafi (Abu'l Barakat 'Abdallah al-) — Pillar of the Sunnites, with 
a similar treatise by Najm-uldin Abu Hafs TJmar al-Nasafl. 
Ed. by W. Cureton. roy. Svo. O.T.S. London, 1843. 

Nassakh (Mulvl Abu Muhammad Abd al Ghafur) — Kalliyat. Entire 
Works. Svo. ' Calcutta, a.h. 1290. 

See also ^Ald al Ghafur Khdn. 

Nationallndian Association — Journal of, 1880-1884, in 4 vols., 
bound; 1885-6-7-8-9, in parts (1887 wants November and 
December numbers). 8vo. Zo«<?o«, 1880-1889. 

Annual Reports, Nos. 11 to 17. 8vo. Zowiow, 1881-1888. 

Navalkar (Ganpatrao R.) — The Student's Marathi Grammar. 

New edition. Svo. Bombay, 1880. 

Navarrete (Fray Domingo Fernandez) — Tratados Historicos 
Politicos, y Morales de la Monarquia Chinica. fol. 

Madrid, 1676. 
Title page missing, but otherwise complete with the Index. 
Naves (Fr. Jose) — Gramatica Hispano-Ilocana. Svo. 

Manila, 1876. 

Naville (Edouard) — La Litanie du Soleil. Inscriptions recueillies 

dans les Tombeaux des Rois a Thebes. Text and 49 Plates in 

1 vol. 4to. Leipzig, 1875. 

Inscription historique de Pinodjem III, Grand Pretre 

d' Ammon 4 Thebes, traduite et commentee par E. N . . . 4 to. 

Paris, 1883. 

Goshen and the Shrine of Saft el Henneh (1885). 11 

plates. {^Egypt Exploration Fund.) 4to. London, 1887. 

Nawawi. See Ahu Zakarlya al Nawdwi. 

Nayadu (C. P. LakshmlpatI) — A Catechism of the Civil Procedure 
Code, etc. Svo. Madras, 1874. 

Nazami. See Nizaml. 
Nazmi Zadeh — Gulshen i Khulefa. History of Baghdad, fol. 

Constantinople, a.h. 1143. 


Nederlandsche Zendelingen-Genootschap — (Dutch Missionary- 
Society). Mededeelingen. Yols. 2-10 and 11, parts 1, 2. post 
8vo. Rotterdam, 1858-67. 

Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap — Tijdschrift. Tweede 
Serie, Deel I. Verslagen en Aardrijkskundige Mededeelingen. 
10 parts. Afdeeling: Meer uitgebreide artikelen. Parts 1, 2. 
Deel II. Verslagen en Aardrijkskundige Mededeelingen. 
5 parts in 3. Afdeeling: Meer uitgebreide artikelen. No. 1. 
15 parts. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1884-5. 

Neil (R. A.) See Bivydvadana. 

Nellore District Manual. See Boswell {John A. C). 

Nelson (J. H.) — The Madura Country: A Manual compiled by 
order of the Madras Government. (Map missing.) roy. 8vo. 

Madras, 1868. 

A View of Hindu Law. 8vo. Madras, ? 1877. 

A Prospectus of the Scientific Study of the Hindu Law. 

8vo. London, 1881. 

Nesfield (JohnC.) — The Caste System of the I^orth-west Provinces 
and Oudh. fol. Allahabad, 1885. 

Nestor — Chronique dite de ; traduite, avee une Introduction et 
Commentaire par L. Leger. 8vo. {Ecole des Langues Orient. 
Vivantes, lie Serie, Tome xiii.) Paris, 1884. 

Neumann (C. F.) — Translations from the Chinese and Armenian. 
8vo. O.T.F. London, 1831. 

Lehrsaal des Mittelreiches. Enthaltend die Encyclopadie 

der Chinesischen Jugend und das Buch des ewigen Geistes 
und der ewigen Magie. Edited and Translated with Notes. 
4to. Munchen, 1836. 

Asiatische Studien. pr Th. 8vo. Leipzig, 1837. 

Geschichte des Engl. -Chines. Kriegs. 8vo. 

Leipzig, 1846. 

Der Indische Archipelagus und die Englander. p. 8vo. 

No title page. 
See Elisaeus, The History of Vartan. 

Neve (Felix) — Etudes sur les Hymnes du Rig Veda. 8vo. 

Louvain, 1842. 
(Bound with R. Roth, Zur Litt. u. Gesch. des Weda.) 

Sur les Chants du Sama Veda. 8vo. Paris, 1842. 

(Bound with R. Roth, Zur Litt. u. Gesch. des Weda.) 

Mythe des Ribhavas, premier vestige de I'Apotheose 

dans le Veda, avec le Texte Sanskrit et Traduction Fran^aise. 
8vo. Paris, 1847. 

Memoire Historique et Litteraire sur le College des Trois- 

Langues a rUniversite de Louvain. 4to. Bruxelles, 1856. 


Neve (Felix) — M^moire sur la vie d'Eug^ne Jacquet, et sur les 
Travaux relatifs a I'histoire et aux langues de 1' Orient. 4to. 

JBruxelles, 1856. 

Les Epoques Litteraires de I'Inde. Etudes sur la Poesie 

Sanscrite. 8vo. Bruxelles et Faris, ISS'6. 

L'Armenie Chretienne et sa Litterature. Svo. 

Louvain, 1886. 

See Bhavahhuti, TJttara-E.ama-Carita. 

See Sankara Acdrya, Atmabodha. 

Nevill (Geoffrey). See Calcutta Indian Museum, Hand-list of 

Newbold (T. J.) — Political and Historical Account of the British 
Settlements in the Straits of Malacca ; with a History of the 
Malayan States on the Peninsula of Malacca. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1839. 

New Guinea — Atlas van Kaarten over !Xieuw Guinea. Koning. 

Inst, van Nederlandsch Indie, Nieuwe Serie 6* Deel. sm. 4to. 

Amsterdam, 1862. 
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Svo. London, 1871. 

Libyan Vocabulary. An Essay towards reproducing the 

Ancient Numidian Language, crown Svo. London, 1882. 

New Zealand — Statistics of the Colony of, from 1874 to 1889. 
18 vols. fol. Wellington, 1875-1890. 

Kesults of a Census of the Colony of New Zealand taken 

onthenightof April 3, 1881. ful. Wellington, \882. 

Colonial Museum and Geological Survey Department. 

Manual of New Zealand Coleoptera. See Broun {Capt. 
Ni'amat Allah — Neamet Ullah — History of the Afghans, translated 
by B. Dorn. 2 vols. 4to. O.T.F. Zowrfow, 1829-36. 

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collection of Familiar Dialogues, sm. 4to. Madras, 1S32. 

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Niebuhr (B. G.). See Muhammad ihn Umar al WaJcadl. 

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4to. Amsterdam, 1774. 

Voyage en Arabic, et en d'autres Pays circonvoisins, 

trad, de I'Allemand. 2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1776-80. 

Recueil des Questions proposees par M. Michaelis. 4to. 

Amsterdam, 1774. 

Reise-beschreibung nach Arabien und andem umlie^ 

genden Landern. 3rd vol. 4to. Hamburg, 1837. 


Niebuhr (Marcus Y.) — Geschichte Assur's und Babel's seit Phul 
aus der Concordanz des Alteu Testaments, des Berossos, des 
Kanons der Konige, und der Griechischen Schriftsteller. 
(One map only.) 8vo. Berlin, 1857. 

Niemann (G. K.) — Geschiedenis van Tanette. Boeginesche Tekst 
met Aanteekeningen. 8vo. (^Leyden Congress.) 

's Gravenhage, 1883. 

Bloemlezing uit Maleische Geschriften. 2 vols. 8vo. 

'« Gravenhage, 1870-1. 

Inleiding tot de Kennis van den Islam met betrekking 

tot den Indischen Archipel. 8vo. Rotterdam, 1861. 

Niersis Clajensis (S.) — Preees viginti quatuor Unguis coitae, cura 
P. Aucher. post 8vo. Venetiis, 1823. 

Nighantaprakasa — A Sanskrit Dictionary. 4to. Bombag, 1839. 

Nilakantha-bhatta — Nri-Sinha-prasada. The 5tli part, being the 
Vyavahara Mayukha. oblong 8vo. Bombay, 1826. 

Vyavahara-mayukha in the Original with a Translation, 

also the Yajiiavalkya Smriti in the Original, with a Trans- 
lation and Appendices, by V. N. Mandlik. roy. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1880. 

Nil Darpan. See Long {Rev. J.). 

Niyaz Muhammad (Mulla) — Tarlkh Shah Eukhi. Persian Text. 
8vo. Kasdn, 1885. 

Nizami Ganjavi (Shaikh Nizam ad Din Abu Muhammad) — 
Secander Nama, with Selection from the Commentators by 
Beder Ali and Mir Hosain Ali. 4to, Calcutta, 1812. 

Sikandar Nama, e Bara, or Book of Alexander the 

Great, translated with preface and life of the author by Capt. 
H. W. Clarke. 8vo. London, 1881. 

De Expeditione Bussorum Berdaam versus, disseruit 

F. Erdmann. Vol. 2. 8vo. Casani, 1828. 

Expedition d' Alexandre le Grande centre les Russes 

trad, par L. Spitznagel, refondue par E. B. Charmoy. Yol. 1. 
8vo. St. Petersbourg, 1828. 

Behram-Gur und die Eussische Fuerstentochter. Text, 

Translation, and Notes by F. v. Erdmann. 2*^. Aufl. 8vo. 

Kasan and Berlin, 1844. 

Die Schone vom Schlosse. Text, Trans., and Notes by 

F. V. Erdmann. 4to. Kasan, 1832. 

Laili and Majnun. Translated from the Persian by 

James Atkinson, large 8vo. O.T.F. London, 1836. 

Makhzan ul Asrar. The Treasury of Secrets ; a Poem. 

Ed. by N. Bland, small 4to. O.T.S. London, lH4.'i. 


Noble (James) — Arabic Vocabulary and Index for Richardson's 
Arabic Grammar. Engraved Table of Alphabets. 4to. 

Edinburgh, 1820. 

The Orientalist; or, Letters of a Rabbi, with notes. 

post 8vo. Edinburgh, 1831. 

Rudiments of the Hebrew Language, post 8vo. 

Glasgow, 1832. 
Noel (Francis) — Sinensis Imperii Libri Classici Sex. sm. 4to. 

PragcB, 1711. 
Ndldeke (Theodor) — Geschichte des Qorans. 8vo. Gottt7igen,lS60. 

Mandaische Grammatik. 8vo. Halle, 1875. 

Geschichte der Perser und Araber zur Zeit der Sasaniden. 

8vo. Leyden, 1879. 

Kurzgefasste Syrische Grammatik : mit einer schrifttafel 

von Julius Euting. large 8vo. Leipzig , \^%Q . 

Noer (Graf. E. A. von) — Kaiser Akbar. Ein Yersuch iiber die 
Geschichte Indiens. (Vol. 2, edited by Dr. G. von Buchwald.) 
2 vols. 8vo. Leide7i, 1880-85. 

Non-Christian Religious Systems — See 
Davids {T. W. i?Ay«)— Buddhism. 
Stobart {J. W. ^.)— Islam. 
Monier- Williams — Hinduism. 
Muir {Sir TT.)— The Goran. 

Nordenskiold — Catalogue de la Biblioth. Japonais de. See Stock' 
holm, Bibl. Royale. 

Norris (Edwin) — The Ancient Cornish Drama, edited and trans- 
lated. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1859. 

Assyrian Dictionary. Three parts, all published. 4to. 

London, 1868-72. 
North (Major) — Journal of an English Officer in India, cr. 8vo. 

London, 1858. 

North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society — Transactions 
for years 1859, 1864-5, 1866-7, 1869-72, 1873, 1875, 1876, 
1879, 1883. An imperfect set in 9 vols. 8vo. Shanghai, 1859-83. 

Catalogue of the Library, including Alex. "Wylie's 

Library, by Henri Cordier. large 8vo. Shanghai, 1872. 

North Western Provinces — Historical and Statistical Memoir of 
the Ghazcepoor District, by Wm. Oldham. Part 1. fol. 

Allahabad, 1870. 

Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the. Parts 1-7 

and 10. (Part 2 in 2 parts.) 8vo. 

Benares and Allahabad, 1874-1886. 

Code ; consisting of the Bengal Regulations and the 

Local Acts. 2nd Ed. roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1886. 


ISTorth Western Provinces— 

Gazetteer. Edited by E. T. Atkinson, F. H. Fisher, 

and J. P. Hewett. 14 vols. 8vo, (Wanting vol. 2.) 

Allahabad, 1874-1884. 
r llajas and Nawabs. 8vo. AUahaiad, 1877. 

Memoir on Indigenous Education. See Thornton (^.). 

Famines in. See GirdUstone {G. E. R.). 

Famine of 1868-70. 8ee JTenvey {F.). 

See also JHorth West Provinces and Audh. 

Administration — 

Administration Reports, 1860-61 to 1862-63, 4to. ; 

1863-64 to 1878-79, 8vo. ; 1880-81, 1881-82, 8vo. 4to. and 
8vo. Allahabad, 1861-1883. 

Cawnpore Farm — 

Cawnpore Experimental Farm Operations. Reports for 

the years 1881-2 to 1887. 10 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1882-SS. 


Census for 1865, compiled by W. C. Plowden. 2 vols. 

fol. Allahabad, 1867. 

Census, 1872, compiled by W. C. Plowden. 3 vols. fol. 

Map. Allahabad, 1873. 

Civil Statements — 

Civil Statements, 1873, 1876, 1879, 1881 to 1884, 1885, 

1886. 9 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1874-87. 


Reports on the Annual Out-turn of Cotton for 1872-3, 

1873-4, 1874-5. 3 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1873-5. 

Criminal Statistics — 

Criminal Statements, 1876, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886. 

5 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1877-87. 

Education — 

General Reports on Public Instruction for 1843-44 to 

1852-3, 1854-5, 1879-80, 1885-6, 1886-7. 8 vols. fol. 

Agra, 1844-1887. 
Papers on the State and Progress of Education for 

1854-55. 8vo. Calcutta, 1856. 

Reports on the State and Progress of Education for the 

years 1856-7 to 1866-7, and 1869-70 to 1876-7. fol 

Allahabad, 1857-77. 
Reports of the Local Educational Committees for the 

years 1871, 1872, 1873-74, 1874-5. Allahabad, 1872-75. 

Excise — 

Reports on the Excise Administration for 1870-71 to 

1875-76. 7 vols. fol. Allahabad, 1871-77. 


North Western Provinces. Income Tax — 

Report on the Income Tax Acts of 1869. fol, 

Allahabad, 1871. 

Reports on the Administration of the Income Tax for 

1870-71 to 1872-3. 3 vols. fol. Allahabad, 1871-73. 

Irrigation — 

Irrigation Revenue Reports for 1871-72, to 1875-76. 5 

parts, fol. Allahabad, 1872-76. 

Jails — 

Jails, Annual Reports 1870 to 1876. 7 parts, fol. 

Allahabad, 1871-77. 
Justice — 

Criminal Justice. Statement for 1871 to 1875. 5 vols. 

fol. Allahabad, 1872-76. 

Civil Justice. Statements for 1871 to 1876. 6 vols. fol. 

Allahabad, 1872-77. 
Reports of Cases in the High Court. Vol. IV. for 1872, 

parts 2-4-6 and supplement; vol. Y., 1873, parts 1-5, and 
supplement; vol. VI., 1873-4, parts 1, 6, 8, 9, and supple- 
ment; vol. VII., 1875, parts 1-6, and supplement. 4 vols. 
8vo. Allahabad, 1872-6. 

Leprosy — 

Report on Leprosy. 1 part. fol. 1876. 

License Tax — 

License Tax. Operations under the Act VIII, of 1877 

Report. 1 vol. fol. Allahabad, 1878. 

under the Act II. of 1878. Reports for 1878, 

'79, '81, '82, '83, '84, '86. 7 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1879-1887. 
Luehnow Gardens — 

Lucknow. Horticultural Gardens Reports for 1881-2 

to 1887-88. 7 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1882-87. 

Meteorology — 

Meteorological Observations for 1873 and 1874. 2 parts. 

fol. Allahabad, 1874-75. 

Municipality — 

Municipalities. Report on the "Working, 1876-77. 

1 part. fol. Allahabad, 1877. 

Orders of Government — 

Orders of Government for the year 1871. 8vo. 

Allahabad, 1872. 
Police — 

Reports of Police Administration in !N"."W.P. for 1861, 

'62, '63, '64, '65,'66, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, '75. 12 vols. fol. 

Allahabad, 1862-76. 


North Western Provinces. Public Correspondence — 

Selections from the Public Correspondence. Part III. 

8vo. ? 1841-47. 

Public Works Department — 

Buildings and Eoad Branches. Reports for 1871-72 to 

1874-75. 4 parts, fol. Allahabad, 187 S-7 6. 

Irrigation Branch Eeports for 1873-74 to 1876-77. 

4 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1874-77. 

Appropriation and Outlay Account (Imperial 1875-6) 

(Provincial 1875-6). 2 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1876. 

Records — 

Selections from the Records. Mr. Thomason's Despatches. 

2 vols. roy. 8vo, Calcutta, 1856-8. 

Selections from the Records of Government, vol. 1. 

8vo. Agra, 1855.— Parts 12 to 29, 31, 33, 34, in 8vo. ; 35, 
36, 39, in fol. ; second series, part 1, in 8vo. 8vo. and folio. 

Agra and Allahabad, 1852-1868. 
Registration — 

Registration Department, Administration of, 1870-71 to 

1877-8, (and Oudh) 1878-9 to 1886-87. 17 parts, fol. 

Allahabad, 1871-1888. 
Revenue — 

Selections from the Revenue Records, roy. 8vo. 

Allahabad, 1873. 

Revenue Administration Reports for 1869-70 to 1886-7. 

18 vols. fol. Allahabad, \9,7\-8%. 

Reveuue Reporter, n.s. Vol. III. No. 1, and Vol. VI. 

No. 1. 2 parts. 8vo. Allahabad, 1874-76. 

Sahdranpur and Mussoorie Botanical Gardens — 

Reports for the years 1881-2 to 1887-88. 7 parts. 

fol. Allahabad, 1882-88. 

Sanitary — 

5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Annnal Reports of the Sanitary 

Commissioner for the years 1872-1875. 3 vols. fol. 

Allahabad, 1873-75. 
Settlement — 

Settlement Operations Reports 1872-3, 1873-4, 1874-5, 

1875-76. 4 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1874-76. 

Stamp — 

Annual Reports on the Administration of the Stamp 

Revenue for the years 1870-71 to 1875-76. 6 vols. fol. 

Allahabad, 1871-76. 

Manual of Titles. 8vo. Allahabad, \9>8\, 

Vaccination — 

Returns 1869-70 to 1876-77. 8 vols. fol. 

Allahabad, 1870-77. 


North Western Provinces. Wards— 

Reports of the Court of "Wards for the Eevenue years 

1874^5 to 1886-7. fol. Allahabad, 1876-88. 

North Western Provinces and Audh. See also Mrth West 
Provinces ; also Audh. 
A dm inistration — 

— Memorandum of Administration, 1882 to 1887. 1 vol. 

8vo. Allahabad, 1887. 

Administration Reports for 1877-8, 1879, 1880, 1882-3, 

1883-4, 1884-5. fol. Allahabad, 1878-86. 

Agriculture and Commerce — 

Administration Report for the year 1881 -8 2 to 1885-86, 

4 parts, fol. Allahabad, \%^^-9,Q. 

Cotton — 

Cotton Production and Trade, 1881-2, 1882-3. 2 parts. 

fol. Allahabad, 1882-3. 

Dispensaries — 

Dispensaries and Charitable Institutions Reports for 

1865, '66, '69, '70, '71, '72, '75; 1883, '4, '5, '6. fol. 

Allahabad, 1866-87. 
Excise — 

Excise Administration, 1871-2, 1876-7 to 1886-87. 

12 vols. fol. Allahabad, 1872-88. 

Foreign Trade — 

Foreign Trade Reports, 1881-82 to 1887-88. fol. 

Allahabad, 1882-88. 
Income Tax — 

First Annual Report of the Working of the Act II. of 

1886, for 1886-87. fol. Allahabad, 1887. 

Jails — 

Condition and Management of, for the years 1879 and 

1883 to '87. fol. Allahabad, 1880-88. 

Land — 

Land Records and Agriculture for the year 1887. fol. 

Allahabad, 1887. 
Legal Remembrancer — 

Reports 1872-3, 1874-5 to 1885-86. 15 parts, fol. 

Allahabad, 1873-87. 
Police — 

Administration for the year 1879. fol. Allahabad,l880. 

Prison Returns in 1856 and 1860. 2 vols. fol. 

Allahabad, 1859-1861. 
Provincial Museum — 

Provincial Museum at Lucknow. Minutes of the 

Managing Committee from August, 1883, to March 31, 18'88. 
Svo. Allahabad, 1889. 


North Western Provinces. Public Instruction — 

Reports, 1877-8, 1878-9, 1880-81 to 1884-5, fol. 

Allahabad, 1878-1885. 

Railway Borne Traffic — 
Reports, 1881-82 to 1884-85. fol. ^^MaSat?, 1883-85. 

Railway Trade — 
Report, 1886-87. fol. Allahabad, \i 

Road Traffic — 

Registration of Road Traffic for the years 1881-82, 

1882-3. 2 parts, fol. Allahabad, 1882-3. 

Sanitary Commissioners' Reports for the years 1868 to 

1871, and 1873 to 1887. fol. Allahabad, 1869-88. 

Stamps — 

Administration of the Stamp Revenue for 1871-2 to 

1886-7. fol. Allahabad, 1872-88. 
Trade Report for the year 1885-86. fol. Allahabad,l887 . 

Norton (John Bruce) — Topics for Indian Statesmen. Edited by 
G. R. Norton. 8vo, London, 1858. 

Notes and Queries on China and Japan. See Benny s {JSf. B.). 
Nouvelles des Missions Orientales — ReQues a Paris en 1785-6, 
et 1787-8. lere et 2'ide Parties. In 1 vol. 12mo. 

Amsterdam, 1787-89. 

Ditto, ditto, a Paris 1782, 1791-1792. 12mo. Liege, 

1784.— And ditto, ditto, en 1793, '4, '5, '6. {Suppl. au 
Lettres Edtjiantes.) In 1 vol. 12mo. Londres, 1794-7. 

No vara — Reise der Osterreichischen Frigatte No vara um die Erde 
inden Jahren 1857, '8, '9. Vols. 1-15. 4to. Wien, 1887. 

Anthropologischer Theil. P'" Abth. 
2te Abth. 


Botanischer Theil. 1" Band. 


Geologischer Theil. 1^^ Band, l^r Abth. 
ler Band. 2te Abth. 


Linguistischer Theil, von Dr. F. Miiller. 
Medizinischer Theil. 1^"^ Hand von Dr. E. 



Nautisch-Physicalischer Theil. 
Statistisch-Commercieller Theil. l^"^ Band 


Zoologischer Theil. l^^" Band. 


2te Band. 1" Abth. 



2te Band, l^r Abth. 



2te Band. 2te Abth. 



2te Band. 2*^ Abth. 



2te Band. S^e Abth. 


Nrisinha-Tapani. See Upanishads. 


Numismata Orientalia — (Autotype plates.) vols. 1-3, 4to. 

London, 1878-86. 
Davids ( T. W. Rhys) — Coins and Measures of Ceylon. Yol. 1 . 
Elliott {Sir W.) — Coins of Southern India. Vol. 3. 
Gardner {Percy) — Parthian Coinage. Vol. 1. 
Head {B. V.) — Coinage of Lydia and Persia. Vol. 1. 
Madden {F. W.)— Coins of the Jews. Vol. 2. 
Phayre {Gen. Sir A.) — Coins of Arakan, Pegu, and Burma. 

Vol. 3. 
Poole {S. L.) — Coins of the Urtuki Turkumans. Vol. 1. 
Rogers {JE. T.)— Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty. Vol. 1. 
Thomas {E.) — Ancient Indian "Weights. Vol. 1. 

First Edition. See Marsden. 

Numismatic Society of London — Institutes of, 1838. Proceedings 
for the years 1836-7, 1837-8, 1838-9. 4 vols in 1. 8vo. 

London, 1836-37-8-9. 

Journal 1836-8. Ed. by J. Y. Akerman. 2 vols, in 1. 

8vo. London, 1837. 

Chronicle. Ist series, ed. by J. Y. Akerman and W. 

S. W. Vaux, 20 vols, (wanting vols. 2, 3, 17, 19) ; 2nd series, 

ed. by W. S. W. Vaux, John Evans and B. V. Head, 20 vols. 

(wanting vol. 3) ; 3rd series, ed. by John Evans, "W. S. W. 

Vaux, B. V. Head, and H. A. Grueber, vols. 1-9. 8vo. 

45 vols. 8vo. London, 1839-1889. 

Nundcomar — Proceedings against. See East India Company, 

Letters, etc., referring to Bengal 1774-5. 
Nur ad Din Muhammad 'Abd Allah. — Noureddeen Mohammed 

Ahdallah — Ulfaz Udwiyeh or Materia Medica, in Arabic, 

Persian, and Hindwy Languages. Edited with an English 

translation by E. Gladwin. 4to. Calcutta, 1793. 

Nutt (J. W.) — A Sketch of Samaritan History, Dogma, and 

Literature. 8vo. London, 1874. 

Nyaya KusumaSjali Prakaranam — Ed. by Mahamahopadhyaya 

Chandrakanta Tarkalankara. Vol. 1 Ease. 1-6, and 2 Ease. 1. 

8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1888-90. 

Nyaya Sutra. See Visvandtha Pancdnana Bhattdcdrya Tarkd- 

Nyaya-Vartika — Edited by Pandit Vindhyesvari Prasad Dube. 

Ease. 1. 8vo. {Bill. Indica.) Calcutta, 1887. 

Nylander (Rev. Gustavus Reinhold) — Grammar and Vocabulary of 

the BuUom Language, fcap. 8vo. London, 1814. 


O'Brien (Henry) — Phcenician Ireland ; an enlarged Translation of 
a Paper by J. L. Yillanueva. 8vo. London and Dublin, 1833. 

The Round Towers of Ireland. 8vo. London, 1834. 

Observations on India, by a resident there many years. 8vo. 

London, 1853. 
Ogilby (John) — Asia ; the first part, being a Description of Persia, 
and of the Empire of the Great Mogol in India, fol. 

London, 1673. 

See Montanus (Arnoldus). 

Okey (C.) — Digest of Law, Usage and Custom between the Subjects 
of Great Britain and France. 5th Ed. 8vo. Paris, 1837, 

Oldenberg (Dr. Hermann) — Buddha : His Life, Doctrine, and 
Order. Translated by W. Hoey. 8vo. London, 1882. 

Catalogue of Pali MSS. in the India Office Library. 

Pali Text Society'' sZoViXu^iox 1882. 8vo. London, 1882. 

See Grihy a- Sutras. 

Vinaya Pitakam. 
Vinaya Texts. 

Oldham (Thomas) — On the Geological Structure of the Khasi 
Hills, with Observations on the Meteorology and Ethnology. 
Map. 4to. Calcutta, 1854. 

■ Geological Report of the Mission to Ava in 1855. See 

Tule {Sir LT.), and Thos. Oldham, Reports. 

Oliphant (Laurence) — The Land of Khemi, or Up and Down the 
Middle Nile. Illustrations, cr. 8vo. London, 1882. 

Ollivier-Beauregard ( — ) — En Asie : Kachmir et Tibet. Etude 
d'Ethnographie Ancienne et Moderne. 8vo. Paris, 1883. 

Oman (John Campbell) — Indian Life : Religious and Social. 

sm. 8vo. London, 1889. 

Omar. See ' Umar. 
Onamander — Altes und Neues aus den Landern des Ostens. 3 vols. 

in one. 8vo. Hamburg, 1859-60. 

Oppenheimer (R. David) — Catalogus Bibliothecse Hebraeae. 8vo, 

Samburgi, 1826. 

Oppert (Dr. Gustav) — Der Presbyter Johannes in Sage und 

Geschichte. 8vo. Berlin, 1864. 

Oppert (Jules) — Expedition Scientifique en Mesopotamie, Tome 11. , 
Dechiffrement des Inscriptions Cuneiformes 4to., and Planches 
part 4, fol. Paris, 1856-59. 


Oppert (Jules) — Les Inscriptions de Dour-Sarkayan (Khorsabad). 

fol. Paris, 1870. 

Le Peuple et la langue des Medes. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

Oriental Annual — or Scenes in India. Steel Engravings from 
Designs by W. Daniell, E.A,, and a descriptive account by 
the Rev. Hobart Gaunter. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1834-39. 

Oriental Christian Spectator — Nos. for December 1834, October 
and November, 1835, January, February, March, April, May, 
June, and July 1837, and June, 1839. In 1 vol., and vol. 7 
for 1836. 8vo. Bombay, 1834-9. 

Oriental Collections of the History, Literature, etc., of Asia. 
Edited by Sir W. Ouseley. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1797-1800. 

Oriental Congresses — 

1st. Paris, 1873. Yols. 1, 2. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

2nd. London, 1874. Ed. R. K. Douglas. 8vo. London, 1876. 

3rd. St. Petersburg, 1876. Ed. W. W. GregorieflP and Baron 
V. de Rosny. 2 vols. (vol. 1 in Russian). 8vo. 

8t. Petersburg, 1879-80. 
Supplement. See Kossowicz {Br. C). 
4th. Florence, 1878. 2 vols. 8vo. Firenze, 1880-81. 

5th. Berlin, 1881. Vol. 1 and vol. 2, parts 2. 8vo. 

Berlin, 1881-2, 
6th. Leyden, 1883. 4 vols. 8vo. Leide, 1884. 

Congres Provincial des Orientalistes. l^""® Session 1875. 

Vol. 2. 8vo. St. Etienne, 1878. 

3^6 Session 1878. 2 vols. imp. 8vo. Lijon, 1880. 

Liste des Ouvrages oiFerts a I'auguste Protecteur du 

VIII^ Congres International des Orientalistes a Stockholm, 
sm. 8vo. Stockholm, 1889. 

Plan et Menu des Salles du Banquet offerts aux du %^ 

Congres International an Grand Hotel k Stockholm le 7 Sep- 
tembre, 1889. 

Oriental Herald and Colonial Review — [Ed. by J. S. Bucking- 
ham.] Vols. 1-23. 8vo. London, 1824-9. 

Oriental Languages — De Fatis Linguarum Orientalium, Arabicae 
nimirum, Persicae, et Turcicae Commentatio. fol. F/ewwae, 1780. 

Oriental Magazine (Quarterly). Vols. I.-VII. {wanting Vol. IV.) 
8vo. Calcutta, 1824-8. 

Oriental If iscellany (The) — consisting of Original Productions and 
Translations. 8vo. Calcutta, 1798. 

Oriental Cluarterly Review — Vol. 1. 8vo. {JVb title-page.) 

Oriental Repertory. See Balrymple {A.). 


Oriental Texts, Society for the Publication of. 12 vols. sm. 4to. 
and 8vo. London and Leyden, v.y. 

\_Forfull titles, see under the names in italics.'] 
lAhd al Wahid al Marrahoshl — History of the Almohades. 
Athanasius — Festal Letters. 
Bhavahhuti — Maha Vira Carita. 
Dandin {Sri) — Dasa Kurnara Carita. 
Emebius — On the Theophania. 
Juml — Salaman u Absal. 

Tuhfat ul Ahrar. Beg — Atesh Kedah. 

Mir Khwdnd — History of the Atabeks. 

Nasafl al Pillar of the Creed of the Sunnites. 

Nizaml — Makhzan ul Asrar. 

8ama Veda Sanhitd. 

Shahrastani — Book of Religious and Philosophical Sects. 

Oriental Text Series — Vol. 1. Budge {U. A. W.), Martyrdom of 
St. George of Cappadocia. 

Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland. 4to. 
and 8vo. London and Paris, 1829-79. 

\_FuU titles are inserted under the words in italics.] 
Alblrunl — Chronology of the Ancient Nations. 
Ali Muhammad Khun — History of Gujarat, trans, by Bird, 
As^ad {Muhammad Davdni) — The Akhlak-i-Jalaly. 
Atkinson {J.) — Women of Persia. 
Ulisaeus — History of Vartan. 

lEvliya Efendi — Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 
Firdausl — Shah Nameh. 
Fraser { C.) — History of the War in Bosnia. 
Ghuldm Husain Khdn {Mir) — Siyar-ul-Mutakherin. 
Sajiz Rahmat Khdn, Hafiz al Mulk — Life of. 
Hdjl Khallfah — Maritime Wars of the Turks. 

Lexicon Bibliographicum et Encyclopsedicum. 

Sarivansa — Trad, par A. Langlois. 

Sdtim Tdl — Adventures. 

Hazin {Shaikh Muhammad Alt) — Life of. 

Soe'i Lan Ki — Drame Chinois, trad, par S. Julien. 

JSusain Ali Khdn — History of Mysore during the Reigns of 

Haidar Ali Khan and his son Tipu Sultan. 
Ihn Batutdh — Travels. 
Ihn Khallikdn — Biographical Dictionary. 
Isvara Krishna — Sankhya Karika. Trans, by Colebrooke. 


Jahdnglr — ^Memoirs. 

Jaldl ad Bin as Sayutl — The Temple of Jerusalem. 

Jamdl ad Bin Muhammad — Alfiyya. 

Jauhar AftCibjl — Private Memoirs of the Emperor Humayiin. 

Joseph ben Joshua ben Meir — The Chronicles of. 

Julien (aS) — Le Livre des Recompenses. 

KdlidSsa — Kumiira Sambhava. Sansk, et Lat. A. F. Stenzler. 

Klaproth {J.) — San Kokf Tsou Ran To Sets; ou, Aperqu 
General des Trois Royaumes. 

Kosegarten {Prof.) — Divan of the Huzailis. 

Macarius — Travels. 

Makkari al Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain. 

Maknzl {Takl ad Bin Ahmad) — Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks. 

Marsden ( W.) — Memoirs of a Malayan Family. 

Mas' audi — Meadows of Gold. 

Mir Khwdnd — Early Kings of Persia. 

Muhammad ibn Musa — Algebra. 

Muhsin Fdni — Dabistan. Trans, by Shea and Troyer. 

Na'lmd — Annals of the Turkish Empire. 

Ni'amat Allah — History of the Afghans. 

Nizdmi — Laili and Majnun. 

Neumann ( C. F.) — Translations from the Chinese and Armenian. 

Ram Rdz — Architecture of the Hindus. 

Rig Veda Sanhitd — Sansk. et Lat., ed. F. H. Rosen. 

Sddik isfahdnl — Geographical "Works. 

Sangermano — Burmese Empire. 

Tabarl — Chronique de. 

Tahsin ad Bin — Les Adventures de Kamrup. 

Tassy ( G. de) — Litterature Hindoui et Hindoustani. 

Itmur {Emperor) — Memoirs. 

Titsingh {Isaac) — Empereurs du Japon. 

^Utbi al — Kitab-al-Yamlni. 

Vishnu Purdna — Trans, by "Wilson. 

Yakun Natannawd and Kolan N. — Cingalese Poems. 

Zain ad Bin, Tuhfat-ul-Mujahidin — Trans, by Rowlandson. 
Oriental Translation Fund — 
Miscellaneous Translations from 

Oriental Languages. 2 vols. 8vo. O.T.F. Zo«</o», 1831-34. 
Vol. 1. Journey into North Africa. By Haji Ibn-ud-din Al-Aghwaati. Trans, 
from Arabic by W. B. Hodgson. 
Extracts from Sakaa Thevan Saasteram, or Book of Fate. Trans, from 

Tamul by Rev. J. Roberts. 
Last Days of Krishna, Trans, from last section of Persian Version of 
the Mahabharat by Major D. Price. 


Vedala Cadai ; Tamul Version of Vetala Panchavinsati. Trans, ty B. 

G. Babington. 
Indian Cookery. Trans, by Sandford Amot. 
Vol. 2. Hubboff (Prince) — Catalogue of Kings of Armenia. Trans, by James 

Glen. — Siege of Chaitur by Akbar. Trans, from the Akbar Nameh by 

Major D. Price. 
History of the Deposition of Sultan Mustafa, and Restoration of Sult§.n 

Selim. Trans, from the Turkish by Col. Thos. Gordon. 
Eitual of Buddhist Priesthood. Trans, from the Karmawakya by Eev. 

B. Clough. 
Extract from Persian Horticultural Work. Trans, by Baboo Radhakant 

Account of Festival held by Amir Timur after his defeat of Bajazet in 

A.H. 803. Trans, from the Mulfuzat Timuri by Col. Francklin. 

Orientalia Antiqua — Researches relating to the Writings, Lan- 
guages, and Arts of the East. Edited by T. La Couperie. 
YoL 1, part 1. sm. 4to. London, 1882. 

Orientalist — The. See Nolle {James). 

Orlich (Leopold von) — Reise in Ost-Indien, in briefen an Alex. 
von Humboldt und Carl Ritter. 4to. Leipzig, 1845. 

Onne (Edward). See Hunter {James), Scenery of Mysore. 

Orme (Robert) — Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, of the 
Morattoes, and of the English Concerns in India, post 8vo. 

London, 1782. 

Osbeck (Peter) — Voyage to China and the East Indies, together 
with a Voyage to Suratte by Olaf Torren, and an Account of 
Chinese Husbandry by C. G. Eckeberg, trans, from the 
German by J. R. Forster. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1771, 

Osborn (Capt. Sherard) — Quedah or Stray Leaves from a Journal 
in Malayan Waters, cr. 8vo. London, 1857. 

Ostervald (M.) — History of the Bible. English Text with a 
translation into Persian by F. Gladwin, p. 8vo. Calcutta, 1792. 

Ottoman Poems — Translated. See Oibh {E. J. W.). 

Ouchterlony (John) — The Chinese War from the Commencement to 
the Treaty of Nan king. Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1844, 

Pocket Dictionary of English and Tamil. 8vo. 

Madras, 1851. 
Oudh (King of). See Ghuzi ad Bin JIaidar. 
Oupnekhat. See Du Perron {A.). 
Ousama. See Usdmah ibn Munk^id. 
Ouseley (Sir Gore) — Biographical Notices of Persian Poets, with 

MemoirbytheRev. James Reynolds. 8vo. O.T.F. Lond. 1S46. 
Ouseley (Lieut.-Col. J. W. J.). See Anvar i Suhaih. 
Ouseley (Sir William) — Travels in various countries of the East, 

more particularly Persia, in 1810-2. 3 vols. 4to. 

London, 1819-23. 

Catalogue of several Hundred MS. Works in Oriental 

Languages collected by. 4to. London, 1831. 

See Bakhtiyar Namah. 



Ouseley (Sir "William), See Ibn HauliaVs Geography. 

See Oriental Collections. 

Outram (Major James) — Rough Notes of the Campaign in Sinde 
and Afghanistan, 1838-9. post 8vo. London, 1840. 

A Biography, by Major-General Sir F. J. Goldsmid. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1880. 

[Ouvry (Colonel)?] — Poetry and Criticism, by Outis. Privately 
printed. London, 1850. 

The Song of Songs ; not by King Solomon ; with notes 

and illustrations by Satyam Jayati {i.e. Col. Ouvry). 8vo. 

London, 1867. 

Owen (Sidney) — India on the Eve of the British Conquest, post 

8vo. London, 1872. 


Padya Sara — Canarese Text. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Bangalore, 1872. 

Pages (Leon) — Bibliographie Japonaise, ou Catalogue des ouvrages 
relatifs au Japon depuis le XV'' siecle. 4to. Paris, 1859. 

Dictionaire Japonais-Fran^ais. Contenant : La Transcrip- 
tion des Mots et Examples Japonais, Les Caracteres Japonais, 
L'Interpretation. roy. 8vo. Paris, 18C8. 

Pagodas — The Seven Pagodas of the Coromandel Coast. Descrip- 
tive and Historical Papers on. by W. Chambers, J. Goldingham, 
B. Gr. Babington, Kev. G. W. Mahon, Lieut. John Braddock, 
Rev. W. Taylor, Sir W. Elliot, and C. Gubbins. Edited by 
Capt. M. W. Carr. 8vo. Madras, 1869. 

Pahlavi Texts— Translated by E. W. West. 3 vols. 8vo. 
{Sacred Boohs of the East, vols. 5, 18, 24.) Oxford, 1880-85. 

Pahlavi-Pazand Glossary. See Saug {Martin). 

Pajja Madhu. See Pali Text Society, Journal, 1887. 

Palafox y Mendoca (Juan de) — Historia de la Conquista de la China 

por el Tartaro. Engraved frontispiece containing a map. 

post 8vo. en Paris, 1670. 

Palgrave ("W. Gifford) — Narrative of a Year's Journey through 

Central and Eastern Arabia (1862-3). 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1865. 

Essays on Eastern Questions. 8vo. London, 1872. 

Pali Text Society — Publications of. 8vo. London, 1882-88. 

{For full titles see under the names in italics.) 

Anguttara-Nikaya, ed. by Eev. E. Morris. Yol. 1. Ekanipata 

and Dukanipata, 1883. 
Ahguttara-Niltaya, ed. by Eev. E. Morris. 2 vols. 1885-88. 

Vol. 1. Ekanipata, Dukanipata, and Tikanipata. 

Vol. 2. Catukka Nipata. 

Buddhavarnsa and Cariyd-Pitaka, ed. by Eev. E. Morris. 1882. 

Dhamma Sangani, ed. by E. Miiller. 1885. 

Digha Nikaya, ed. by T. AY. Ehys Davids and J. E. Carpenter. 

Yol. 1. 1890. 
Iti Vuttaka, ed. by E. Windisch. 1890. 
Majjhima-N'ikaya, vol. 1., ed. by V. Trenckner. 1888. 
Petavatthu, ed. by Prof. Minayeff. 1888. 
Puggala-Panfiatti, ed. by Eev. E. Morris. 1883. 
Samyutta-Nikuya of the Sutta Pitaka, ed. by M. Leon Peer. 

3 vols. 1884-90. 
Vol. 1. Sagatha-Vagga ; Vol. 2. Nidana Vagga; Vol. 3. Klianda-Vagga. 


Sumahgala Vildsini, Buddaghosa! s Commentary on the Blgha' 
Nikuya, Part I., ed. by T. W. Ehys Davids and J. E. 
Carpenter. 1886. 

Sutta-Nipata, ed. by V. FausboU. 1884. 

Thera-Outhu, ed. by H. Oldenberg, and Therl-Gutha, ed. by 

R. Pischel. 1883. 
Udanam, ed. by P. Steinthal. 1885. 
Vmuna- Vatthu, ed. by E. R. Gooneratne. 1886. 

Journal, 1882-88. In 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1882-88. 

Containing the following texts : — 
Abhidhammattha Samgaha, ed. T. W. Rhys Davids. 1884. 
Anugata Vamsa, ed. by Prof. MinayejBF. 1886. 
Chahesa Dhdtu Vamsa, ed. by Prof. Minayeff. 1885. 
Bhutu Vamsa, ed. by T. W. Rhys Davids. 1884. 
Gandha Vamsa, ed. by Prof. Minayeff. 1886. 
Khudda- and Mula-Sikkha, ed. by Dr. E. Miiller. 1883. 
Pqjja Madhu, ed. by E. R, Gooneratne. 1887. 
Panca Gati Bipana, ed. by M. Leon Peer. 1884. 
Saddhammopdyana, ed. by Dr. Morris. 1887. 
Sandesa Kathd, ed. by Prof. Minayeff. 1885. 
8'imd Vivdda Vinicchaya Kathd, ed. by Prof. Minayeff. 1887. 
Tela Katdha Gdthd, ed. by E. R. Gooneratne. 1884. 

Palladius — De Gentibus Indise et Bragmanibus. S. AioBositrs — 
De Moribus Brachmanorum. Anonymus — De Bragmanibus, 
cura Edvardi Bissaei. sm. 4to. Londini, 1665. 

Pallas (Prof.) — Second Voyage dans les Gouvernemens Meridionaux 
de L'Empire de Russie en 1793-4. 4 vols. 8vo. Pans,\^\\. 

Pallegoix (D. J. Bapt.) — Grammatica Linguae Thai. 4to. 

Bangkok, 1850. 

Dictionarium Linguae Thai sive Siamensis interpreta- 
tion! Latina, Gallica, et Anglica. fol. Parisiis, 1854. 

Palliser (Capt. Edward) — United States Artillery. Illustrations. 

sm. fol. London, 1879. 

Palmer (E. H.) — Oriental Mysticism : A Treatise on the Sufistic 

and Unitarian Theosophy of the Persians, post 8vo. 

Cambridge, 1867. 

Oriental Penmanship. Specimens of Persian Hand- 
writing, with facsimiles from originals in the South Kensington 
Museum, with illustrations of the Nagari Character. 4to. 

London, 1886. 

Life of, by "W. Besant. or. 8vo. London, 1883. 

See Cambridge, Trinity College — Catalogue of the 

Arabic, Persian, and Turkish MSS. 
See Koran. 


Palmer (E. H.). See Zuhair {Baha ad Bin), Poetical "Works of. 
Palmer (W.) — Egyptian Chronicles. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1861. 
Palmer van den Broek (Dr. W.) — Javaansche Yertellingen. 

{Amsterdam : Konmkl. Inst.) Svo. 's Gravenhaffe, 1878 . 

Pampa Ramayana (The), or Ramachandra Charita Parana — An 

Ancient Jain Poem in the Kannada Language. Edited by 

Lewis Rice. Svo. Bangalore, 1882. 

Pancadandachattraprabandha— Ein Marchen vom Konig Vikrama- 

ditya, von A. Weber. 4to. Berlin, 1877. 

Pancadasaprakarana. See Graul {K.), Tamulische Schriften. 
Panca Gati Dipana. See Pali Text Society, Journal, 1884. 
Panca Tantra — Panca Tantra, or Pancopakhyana. Edited in the 

Canarese by John Garrett, post Svo, Bangalore, 1865. 
Le Pantcha Tantra, ou les Cinq Ruses ; aventures de 

Paramarta ; et autres Contes. Traduit par M. I'Abbe J. A. 

Dubois. Svo. Paris, 1826. 

Pantcha Tantra — in Modem Greek by Galanos. Bound 

with Hitopadesa. 

Pancha Tantra — Tamil Version, fol. Madras, s.a. 

Pancha Tantra — Telugu Version. Svo. s.l., s.a. 

Pandit— Vols. 1-4, with Supplement, to May 2nd, 1870. In 2 
vols. fol. Benares, 1866-70. 

Panini — Grammar, Sanskrit Text, bound in 2 vols. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1809. 

Acht BUcher der Grammatischer Regeln, herausg. und 

erlaut. von 0. Bohtlingk. 2 vols. Svo. Bonn, 1839-40. 

Eight Books of Grammatical Sutras. Edited and trans. 

by. W. Goonetilleke. Vol. 1, part 1. Svo. Bombay, 1882. 
Grammatik, herausg. iibers, etc., von 0. Bohtlingk. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1887. 

His place in Sanskrit Literature. See Goldstilcker 

Panjab — History of the, and the rise, progress, and present 

condition of the Sect and Nation of the Sikhs. 2 vols. p. Svo. 

London, 1846. 
Panjab (The) and North West Frontier of India, by an old 

Punjaubee. post Svo. London, 1878. 

Panjab Customary Law — Edited by C. L, Tupper and others, 

6 vols. Svo. Calcutta and Lahore, \88\-81 . 

Vol. 1. Records of the Punjab Government. Ed. by C. L. Tupper. 
Vol. 2. Statements of Customary Law in Different Districts. Ed. by C. L. 
Vol. 3. Questions on Tribal and Local Custom. Ed. by C. L. Tupper. 
Vol. 4. General Code of Tribal Custom in the Sirsa District, by J. Wilson. 
Vol. 5. Customary Law of the Ludhiana District, by T. Gordon Walker. 
Vol. 6. Customary Law of Rawal Pindi, by F. A. Eobertson. 



Panjab Gazetteer. 33 vols. 8vo. Calcutta and Lahore, IS83-S9. 



Provincial Volume. Y 

ol. 17. 



Ambala District. , 

, 18. 





Kangra. 2 v 


Bamru. , 

, 21. 




, 22. 



Dera Ghazi Khan. , 

, 23. 



Dera Ismail Khan. , 

, 24. 



Ferozepore. , 

, 25. 



Gujranwala. , 

, 26. 



Gujrat. , 

, 27. 



Gurdaspur. , 

, 28. 



Gurgaon. , 

, 29. 

Rawal Pindi. 


Hazara. , 

, 30. 



Hisar. , 

, 31. 



Hoshiarpur. , 

, 32. 



Jalandhar. , 

, 33. 


Panjab Notes and Queries — Ed. by Capt. R. C. Temple. Vols. 

1-4. (Vol. 4, " Indian Notes and Queries.") 4to. 

Allahabad, 1883-87. 
Panjab. Administration — 
Reports, 1860-61 to 1873-74, and 1875-6 to 1881-82. 

19 vols. 4to. and 8vo. Lahore, 1861-82. 

Chemical — 

Examiners' Report for the year 1873. 

Civil Justice — 
Administration of, for 1867 to 1876. 

fol. ZaAore,1874. 

10 vols. fol. 
Lahore, 1868-77. 
Census — 

Report on the Census of the Panjab taken on the 17th 

February, 1881. By D. C. J. Ibbetson. 4 vols. fol. 

Calcutta, 1883. 
Vols. 1, 2, 3. The Census proper. Vol. 4. Panjab Ethnography (Religion, 
Language, and Caste). 
Cotton Cultivation — 

Estimated Extent of, during the Season of 1870-71. 

Lahore, 1870. 
Criminal Justice — 

Reports on Administration of, during the years 1867 to 

1875. fol. Lahore, 1868-1876. 

Dispensaries — 

Report of the Inspector-General for the years 1867 to 

1870. 4 vols. fol. Lahore, 1868-72. 

Education — 

Reports on Popular Education in the Punjab and its 

Dependencies, 1861-2, and 1867-8 to 1875-6. 10 vols. fol. 

Lahore, 1864-77. 


Panjab. Excise — 

Administration during the year 1875-76. fol. 

Lahore, 1876. 
Forest — 

Administration Eeport for 1870-71. fol. Lahore, 1871. 

Income Tax Act — 

Working of the, for the year 1870-71. 4to. Lahore, 1871. 

Irrigation Department — 

Revenue Reports of, for the years 1871-72 to 1874-75. 

4 vols. fol. Lahore, 1873-75. 

Meteorological — 

Meteorological Observations, by A. Neil, for 1868, 1871, 

1874. 3 vols. fol. Lodiana and Lahore, 1869-75. 

Municipal — 

Municipal Fund Returns for the year 1874-75. fol. 

Lahore, 1875. 
Police — 

Reports on Police Administration in the Punjab and its 

Dependencies for the years 1867, 1869-1875. 8 vols. 4to. 

Lahore, 1868-76. 
Prisons — 

Reports of the Inspector-General of Prisons for the years 

1867, 1868, and 1870 to 1875. 8 vols. fol. ZaAor^, 1868-76. 

Public Works — 

Reports for the years 1870-71 to 1875-6. fol. 

Lahore, 1871-76. 
Registration Department — 

Reports for 1868, 1870-71, 1873-74. 3 parts, fol. 

Lahore, 1869-1874. 
Revenue — 

Revenue Report, 1867-68, and 1869-70 to 1875-76. 

8 vols. fol. Lahore, 1868-76. 

Sanitary — 

Sanitary Administration for 1867, 1868, 1870, 1874, 

1875. 5 parts, folio. Lahore, 1868-76. 

Settlement — 

Settlement Operations in the Shahpur Kandi Tract of 

the Gurdaspur District. 8vo. Lahore, 1877. 


Trade Statistics for 1871-72 to 1875-6. 4 parts, fol. 

Lahore, 1874-77. 
Papyri — Select, in the Hieratic Character. See British Museum 

Paradis (Venture de) — Grammaire et Dictionaire abreges de la 
Langue Berbere revus par P. Amedee Jaubert. 4to. {Societe 
de Geographic.) Paris, 1844. 


Farasara Smyiti — Edited by Chandrakanta Tarkalankara. Yol. 1 
fasc. 1-8, and vol. 2 fasc. 1-2. 8vo. {Bill. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1883-90. 

Farasara — The Institutes of, trans, by Krishna Kamal Bhattacaryya. 
8vo. (Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1887. 

Faraskara — Indische Hausregeln, herausg. und iibersetzt von 
A. P. Stenzler, 8vo. {B. M. G. Abhandl. Band VI., No. 2 
{Text), No. 4 {Uehers.). Leipzig, 1876. 

Faraskara-G-rihya-Sutra. See Grihya Sutras. 

Farbatiya. See Wright {Daniel), History of Nepal. 

Farbury (G.)— Handbook to India and Egypt. 2nd Ed. sm. Bvo. 

London, 1842. 

Fargiter (F. E.). See Markandeya Purana. 
Faris — Biliotheque Nationale. 
Catalogues of Coins. 

Description des Medailles Chinoises du Cabinet Imperial 

de France, par J. Hager. 4to. Paris, 1805. 

Catalogue des Monnaies Musulmanes par M. Henri Lavoin. 

Khalifas Orientaux. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1887. 

Catalogues of Manuscripts. 

MSS. Sanskrits par M. M. Alex. Hamilton and L. 

Langles. 8vo. o Paris, 1807. 

MSS. Syriaques et Sabeens par H. Zotenberg. 4to. 

Paris, 1874. 
MSS. Hebreux et Samaritains par M. M. Derembourg, 

et Franck, and H. Zotenberg. 4to. Paris, 1866. 

MSS. Arabes par M. le Baron de Slane. Fasc. 1 and 2. 

4to. Paris, 1883-9. 

MSS.NeerlandaisparM. GedeonHuet. 8vo. Paris, 1886. 

MSS. Ethiopiens (Gheez et Amharique) par H. Zoten- 

berg. 4to. Paris, 1877. 

Ethiopic Biblical MSS., with specimens and facsimiles. 

See Piatt {Thomas Pell). 

Notices et Extraits des MSS. de la Bibliotheque du Eoi. 

Vols. 1-7 and vol. 11. 4to. Paris, 1787-1804 and 1827. 

Faris — Societe Asiatique. 

Journal Asiatique, l*""^ serie, 11 vols, and Index together 

12 vols. ; 2^^^ serie, 16 vols. ; 3™^ serie, 14 vols. ; 4™^ serie, 
20 vols. ; 5me serie, 20 vols. ; 6^6 serie, 20 vols. ; 7^6 serie, 20 
vols. ; 8^6 serie, vol. 1-13. 134 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1822-1889. 
Rapports sur les Travaux du Conseil pendant les Annees 

1822, 1823, 1824, 1825, and 1826. In 1 vol. 8vo. 

Paris, 1823-27. 

Rapports pour les Annees 1840-1867. See Mohl {Jules), 

Vingt Sept Ans des fitudes Orientales. 


Paris— Societe de la Geographic. 

Bulletin, Ist series, 20 vols, (wanting vol, 2) ; 2nd series, 

20 vols. ; 3rd series, 14 vols. ; 4th series, 20 vols. ; 5th series, 
19 vols. ; 6th series, vols. 1-6. 99 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1822-73. 

Eecueil de Voyages et de Memoires, publie par la Societe 

de Geographic. Vols. 1, 2, 5, 6. 4to. Paris, 1824-5. 

Vol. 1 , Voyages de Marco Polo, ed. par M. de Roux. 

,, 2. Relation de Ghanah, trad, de I'Arabe par M. Amedee 
Jaubert, Relations inedites de la Cyrenaique. Notice 
sur une mesure geometrique de la hauteur des Alpes par 
M, Coraboeuf , Resultat des questions adressees au Nomme 
Mbouia, Marobou Maure de Tischit. Itineraire de Con- 
stantinople a la Mecque extrait de I'ouvrage Turc : " Kitab 
Menassik el-Hadj," trad, par M, Bianchi, Notice sur la 
carte generale des paschaliks de Hhaleb, Orfa, et 
Baghdad, par M, Rousseau. Extrait de la traduction 
d'un Memoire de M. de Hammer sur la Perse. 
Vols. 5, 6. Geographic d' Idrisl, trad, par M. Amedee Jaubert. 
Grammaire et Dictionnaire de la Langue Berbere, publie 

par. See Paradis ( V. 
Paris — La Societe Academique Indo-Chinoise. 

Bulletin, 2^6 serie. Vols, 1, 2. 8vo. Paris, 1882-85. 

Memoires. Vols. 1, 2, 4to, Paris, 1879. 

Parish (H. H,) — Diplomatic History of the Monarchy of Greece. 
Svo, London, 1838. 

Pari vara. See Vinaya Pitaham, ed. H. Oldenberg, vol. 5. 

Parliamentary Reports — 

Vol. 1. 1st and 3rd Reports on the Foreign Trade with the 
East Indies and China. 1 vol. fol. 1821. 

Vols, 2, 2«, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Reports from the 
Select Committee on the Affairs of the East India 
Company. 2 vols, fol, 1808-1812. 

Vol. 3. Papers relating to Hindoo "Widows and Voluntary 
Immolations [in the Three Presidencies], fol, 


Vols. 4, 5, 6. Indian Territories. Commons' Reports. The 
Preliminary, Six, and Supplemental Reports, with 
Evidence, Appendices, and Index. 3 vols. fol. 


Vols, 7, 8, 9, 10, Lords' Reports, Preliminary, and 

Three Reports, with Evidence, Appendices, and 
Indexes. 4 vols. fol. 1852-3. 

The Preliminary Report also relates to Education 
and Universities in India. 


Yol. 11. Trade between India and Europe. East India Affairs 
No8. 5, 1, 2, 1797-1810. Papers relating to the 
Charter, 1813. Trade with East Indies and China, 
1813. Value of British Mfs. exported by E.I.C., 
1773-1812. External Commerce of Bengal, 1795- 
1807. 2nd Eeport of Select Committee on Trade, 

Yol. 12. Finance, Shipping and Trade, Pensions, Trade of 
Mauritius, 1806-1826. 

Yol. 13. Evidence taken before Committee of House of Commons 
on East India-Built Shipping. 1 vol. fol. 1814. 

Yol. 14. Revenue Survey (India). 1 vol. fol. 1853. 

Yol. 15. Evidence before House of Commons relating to Trade 
and Shipping of the East India Company, and 
Renewal of Charter, fol. 1813. 

Yol. 16. Regulations passed by the Governments of Bengal, Fort 
St. George, and Bombay, 1815-1824. 1 vol. fol. 

Yols. 17, 18. Madras Army and Government Papers, 1809-12. 

2 vols. fol. 

Yol. 19. Papers relating to East India Affairs. — Nos. 1 to 30 
(wanting 22, 23, 25, 27, 28) relating to Affairs of 
Oude, Loans, Relations with Scindia, Nabob of the 
Carnatic, Accounts, Gratuities and Annuities of 
E.I.C., and Mahratta Finance, fol. 1806. 

Yol. 20. East India Affairs. — Charges against Marquis 
Wellesley 1802-6, Temple of Jaggernaut 1806, 
Church Establishment 1813, Renewal of Charter 
1813, Ship Letters 1815, Rupture with France 
1803, Military Forces in India 1819, College of 
Fort William 1800, Cadets at Haileybury and 
Addiscombe up to 1820, Return of Writers and 
Cadets since 1793, Lascars and Asiatic Seamen, 
Instructions to Resident at Lucknow, Ceylon 
Government, Prince of Wales Island 1804, Treaties 
with the Mogul, Benefit Fund for E.I.C. Servants, 
Treaties with Saadut Ally 1799, Execution of the 
Killedar of Talneir, Corrupt Practices in nomina- 
ting Cadets, Letters of Lord Comwallis, Proceedings 
relative to a Letter of M. G. Prendergast, Esq., 
Attorney to the Nabob of Oude. folio. 1802-1822. 

Yols. 21, 22, 22a. East India Affairs.— Accounts, 1800 to 1826. 

3 vols, folio. 1800-1827. 
Yols. 23, 24. East India Affairs. — Affairs of the Carnatic, Debts 

of the Nabobs, etc. 2 vols. fol. 1802-1814. 

Yols. 25, 26. Reports, 1 to 23 (wanting No. 21), on the Nabob 
of Arcot's Debts. 


Vol. 27. Papers relating to Wars. — Tippoo Sultaun, 1799; 
Ceylon, 1804; Mahratta War, 1805; Scindia and 
Holkar, 1806; Nepaul, 1814-17; Hostilities with 
the Peishwa, 1818 ; Aggressions of the Pindarris, 
1818; War in India, 1811-1818; Burmese War, 
1823-24; Discussions with the Burmese Govern- 
ment, 1812-25; Island of Shaporee, 1825; Treaties 
■with Native Princes, 3 parts, 1804-24. 1 vol. 
fol. 1799-1824. 

Vol. 28. East India Affairs. — Observations on State of Society 
among the Asiatic Subjects of Great Britain, chiefly 
written in 1792. Resident Europeans, Police, 
Missionaries, Weavers, Investments, 1813. Interro- 
gatories proposed by the Governor-General in 1801 
to the Judges, with the Answers at large. New 
System of Revenue and Judicial Administration, 
1801; Police; Missionaries; Religion of Hindoos; 
Infanticide ; Introduction of Christianity into India, 
1 vol. fol. 1792-1813. 

Vol. 29. East India Affairs. — Police, and Civil and Criminal 
.Justice in Bengal, Madras, and Bombay, 1810- 

1819 ; Correspondence on Hindu Infanticide, 1789- 

1 820 ; Treaty of Peace with the King of Ava, 1 826 ; 
Mutiny at Vellore, 1807 ; Christians in Malabar, 
1793; Temple of Jaggernaut ; Missionaries in 
Bengal, etc., 1807 ; Hon. Henry Wellesley's Depu- 
tation to Oude, and the Treaty with the Nabob 
Saadut Ally, 1801. 

Vol. 30. East India Affairs. — Cession of Oude, 1802-3. 
Financial and Political State of India, 1798-1805 ; 
Island of Banca, 1815 ; Account between the 
Public and the E.I.C., 1805 ; Appointments to 
Seats in the Government, 1800-1807, and Military 
Concerns; General Boyd's Petition, 1797. 

Vol. 31. Afghanistan and Cabul. 1859. 

Vol. 32. Abyssinian Expedition. 1870. 

Vols. 33, 34. East India Company's Affairs, — 1st Report (China 
Trade), and 2nd Report, Minutes of Evidence and 
Appendix, parts 3 and 5 ; and Lords' Report on 
same. 6 parts, in 2 vols. fol. 1830-31. 

Vol. S4a. Report and Appendix. 1 vol. 

Vol. 35. Evidence — Pinance, part 1 ; Military, 

part 1 ; and Political, parts 1, 2. 5 parts in 
1 vol. fol. 1832. 

Vol. 36. East India Company's Affairs. — Returns and Papers, 
Nos. 2, 4, 5. fol. 1852. 


Yol. 37. East India (European Troops) Papers. 3 parts. 
1860. Eeturn of European Troops in India. 

1 part. 1862. 
Vol. 38. Despatch of Troops to India from Cape of Good Hope, 

Ceylon, and Mauritius, 1857. East India (Trans- 
port of Troops), 1858. 
Yol. 39. Keorganization of the Army in India ; Papers, and 
Report of Commissioners and Evidence. 2 parts. 


Yol. 40. Returns, Army in India. — Military Finance, 2 parts, 
1866; Military Expenditure, 1871; Report on 
Compensation of Officers, 1875. 
Yol. 41. East India. — Native Cavalry, 1861; Army — India 
and the Colonies, 1867 ; Supersession of Colonels 
of H.M's. British Array by the Colonels of H.M's. 
Indian Army, 1870 ; Furlough and Retiring 
Regulations; Sickness and Mortality, 1875-6; 
Examinations, 1862; Estimates, 1875; Majors of 
Artillery; Memorials, 1875-6. 

Cotton in India. — Returns for 1847 and 1863. 

Return 1857, parts 1, 2, Bengal and Madras. 

Eeturn, 1857, part 3, Bombay. 

East India. — Baroda, Administration ; Marriage of 
the Graekwar ; Death of Bhow Scindia and Govind 
Naik ; Reforms ; Charges against the Gaekwar, 
Mulhar Rao. 7 parts. 1875. 

Yol. 46. East India. — Bheels of Khandeish, 1863; Bootan, 
1865; Bengal Sanitary Commission, 1866; Trade 
between Burmah and China, and Mission to 
Yunnan, 1874-5. 
Yol. 47. Ceylon. — Railways, 1847; Finance and Commerce, 
1848 ; Grievances and Administration, 2nd Report, 
1850 ; Appendix and Index to 3rd Report, 1851. 
Yol. 48. Memorandum on Census of India of 1871-72; Chap- 
lains, 1875; Chinchona Plant, 1863; Christianity, 
1876; Civil Service of India, 1863, 1875-76; Cost 
of Prince of Wales' Visit, 1875; Colonization and 
Settlement, 2nd Report, 1858; a further Report 
on same, 1859. 
Vols. 49, 50. East India. — Return : Alleged corruption of 
Officers of the Bombay Government. 4 parts ia 

2 vols, 1853. 
Vol. 51. East India. — Return: Education, Bengal and North 

Western Provinces. 2 parts, fol. 1859. 

Yol. 52. Madras and Bombay. 2 parts. 1859. 

Yol. 53. Progress since 1866. 1870. 










Yol. 54. Bengal Famine, Correspondence relative to. Parts 
1-5 in 1 vol. 1874. 

Vol. 55. East India (Madras and Orissa Famine), 1867. East 
India (Famine), 1875. 2 parts in 1 vol. 1867-75. 

Yol. 56. East India. — Finances and Trade, 1830; Finance, 
3rd Eeport, 1873. 2 parts in 1 vol. 1830-73. 

Yol. 57. East India. — Finance Eeports. 2 parts in 1 vol. 


Yol. 58. East India. — Return : Forest Conservancy, India. 
Part 1 in 2 parts. 1871. 

Yol. 59. Part 2, Madras; Part 3, Bombay, 1871; 

and Report by H. Baden Powell on Forest Depart- 
ment, 1872. 

Yol. 60. East India. — Return: "Waste Lands. 3 parts. 
1863-64. Land Revenue, 1867. 4parts. 1863-67. 

Yol. 61. East India. — Special Reports of the India Law 
Commissioners. 3 parts. 1843-4-5. 

Yol. 62. Special Report of the Indian Law Commis- 
sioners, 1847; Judicial Establishments, Procedures 
and Laws of India, 1st and 3rd Reports, 1856; 
Indian Legislation Return, 1876 ; Law Reporting; 
and Pension to Mr. D. Sutherland, 1876. 5 parts. 


Yol. 63. Malay Peninsula. 4 parts and maps. 6 parts. 


Yol. 64. Kashgar Treaty Expedition : T. D. Forsyth's Report, 
1851; East India: North West Frontier, 1864; 
Central Asia Correspondence, No. 1, 1878; Bilu- 
chistan. No. 3 : West and North West Frontiers 
of India, 1878. 4 parts. 1851-78. 

Yol. 65. Channel Tunnel and Railway, 1875. 

Yol. 66. China, Nos. 1, 3, 4 ; Indian Expedition and Murder 
of Mr. Margary, No. 2 ; Sir B. Robertson's Yisit 
to Haiphong and Hanoi, 4 parts, 1876; China, 
No. 3 ; Mr. Baber's Report on Mr. Grosvenor's 
Route between Tali-fu and Momein, 1878. 

Yol. 67. Idolatry (India). 1849. 

Yol. 68. East India (Indigo Commission). 1861. 

Yol. 69. Honours or Rewards bestowed on the Native Princes 
of India. 1860. 

Yols. 70-72. Mutinies in the East Indies — Papers respecting, 
with Appendices. 12 parts (not complete), in 
3 vols. 1857-8. 

Yol. 73. Health of Navy— East India Station. 1853. 

Yol. 74. Affairs of the Nizam. 1859. 




















Ordnance Corps — Promotion and Retirement of 

Officers, 1870. 
Oude Papers, Kirwee Prize Money, Occupancy in 

Oude, etc. 11 parts. 1856-1875. 

Colonel Outram's Removal. 2 parts. 1852. 

Persian Expedition, 1857 ; Treaty with Persia, 1857 ; 

Relations with Persia, 1857. 3 parts. 
Porto Novo Iron Company. 1853. 
Postal and Telegraph Communications, British India 

and the Postal Union. 3 parts. 1858, '66, '76. 
India. — Finance and Revenue, 2 parts, 1875-6. 

India, Home Accounts, 2 parts, 1875-6. 
East India. — Native Press. 3 parts. 1835-58-78. 
East India Products. — Part 1. Tea and Tobacco; 

Part 2. Silk in India, and Timber in Burmah ; 

Part 3. Indian Fibres for Manufacture of Paper, 

1874 ; Tea Plantations in India, 1863. 4 parts. 
Vol. 84. East India. — Progress and Condition during 1870-74. 

4 parts. 
Vol. 85. East India. — Progress and Condition, 1859-60. Part 4. 
Vol. 86. East India. — Progress and Condition, 1861-62. 

2 parts. 
Vol. 87. India. — Irrigation and Canals, 1851 ; Public Works, 

India, 1851 ; Public Works, Bengal, 1853; Madras, 

1853; Public Works, 1857; Sedashegar Harbour, 

1863. 6 parts. 
Punjab, 1847-9, and 1870. 2 parts. 
Railways in India. 11 parts. 1858-1876. 

East India Annual Revenue Accounts: 1802-7, 2 

parts; 1815-18, 1 part; 1820-23, 1 part; 1826-30, 

2 parts. 6 parts. 
Return — Revenue Survey (India), 1853. 
Salt in British India. Report and Appendix. 2 parts. 

Depreciation of Silver — Report and Index, 2 parts, 

1876; Return — East India (Silver), 1877. 3 parts. 
Sinde — Correspondence, 1843; Charge against Meer 

AH Morad, 1853 and 1858. 3 parts. 
Slavery (East Indies), 1841 ; Slave Trade among the 

Subjects of the Native Princes of India, 1876. 

2 parts. 
Statistical Papers and Maps (India), 1853. 
Trade of British India with British Possessions and 

Foreign Countries for years 1869-74. 1 part. 
Vol. 98. Torture— Madras. 1 part. 1855. 






















Vol. 99. East India Company — Treatises between, and the 
Native Powers in Asia, with Introduction and 
Historical Notices. 1 part. 1853. 

Yol. 100. Hindoo Widows Immolated, Bengal and Bombay, 
1824-1825, and 1821-30. 2 parts. 

Vols. 101, 102. Fifth Eeport from the Select Committee on the 
Affairs of the East India Company. 2 vols. fol. 

London, 1812. 

Vol. 103. Steam Communication with India. 1st and 2nd 
Eeports, with Index. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1851. 

Vol. 104. Egypt, No. 1 (1885). Further Correspondence 
respecting the Affairs of Egypt, folio. 1885. 

Parsees in Western India — History of, in Gujarati. See Bomanji 

Bairamji Patell. 
Parthey (G.) — Vocabularium Coptico-Latinum et Latino-Copticum. 

8vo. Berolini, 1844. 

Paspati (Alex. G.) — Etudes sur les Tchinghianes ou Bohemiens de 

I'Empire Ottoman, large 8vo. Constantinople, 1870. 

Patanjali Mahabhashya — From a MS. dated Samvat, 1751. 1 vol. 

— Pantanjali's Mahabhashya with Kaityata's Bhashyapradipa. 

3 vols. — Nagojibhatta's Bhashyapradipoddyota on Kaiyyata's 

Tika, Samvat, 1871. 2 vols. Keproduced by Photolithography 

under the superintendence of Prof. Th. Goldstiicker. 6 vols. 

4to. {India Museum). London, 1871-74. 

Patanjali — Aphorisms of the Yoga Philosophy, with Extracts from 

the Commentary by Bhoja Eaja. Sanskrit and English. By 

J. R. B[allantyne]. Parts 1, 2. 8vo. Allahabad, 1852-3. 
Yoga Aphorisms, with the Commentary of Bhoja Raja 

and an English trans, by Raj end. Mitra. 8vo. {Bill. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1853. 
Patimokkha. See Vinaya Texts, part 1. 
Patkanoff (M. K.) — Recherches sur la Formation de la Langue 

Armenienne, trad, du Russe par M. Evariste Prud'homme, 

revu par M. Edouard Dulaurier. 8vo. Paris, 1871. 

Patane Prabhus (caste). See Raghundthji {Krishnanatk) and 

Shamrao Iforoji Nayah. 
Paul of Antioch. See Macarius, Travels. 
Paulitschke (Philipp) — Die Afrika-Literatur in der zeit von 1500 

bis 1750. 8vo. Wien, 1882. 

Pauthier (G.) — Chine, ou Description historique de ce vaste Empire. 

l^""^ Partie, De la Civilization Chinoise depuis les temps les 

plus anciens. 72 plates. 8vo. Paris, 1837. 
et M. Bazin — Chine Modeme. 2 parts in 1 vol. Part 1 . 

Geographic, Organization, Langues, et Philosophie par M. G. 

Pauthier. Part 2. Arts, Litterature, Moeurs, Industrie, etc., 

par M. Bazin. 8vo. Paris, 1853. 


Fauthier (G.) — Inscription de Si-ngan-Fou, Monument Nestorien 
eleve en Chine I'an 781 de notre ere et decouvert en 1625. 
8vo. Paris, 1858. 

Histoire des Relations Politiques de la Chine avec les 

Puissances Occidentales, 8vo. Paris, 1859. 

Vindicise Sinicse Kovae. No. 1. Abel-Remusat defendu 

contre M. Stanislas Julien. {Pamphlet.) 8vo. Paris, 1872. 
See Marco Polo, Le Livre de. 

Pavie (Theodore) — Choix de Contes et Nouvelles, trad, du Chinois. 
8vo. Paris, 1839. 

Tarikh-i-Asham, Eecit de I'Expedition de Mir-Djumlah 

au pays d' Assam, traduit de I'Hindoustani. sq. 8vo. Paris, 1845. 

Payne (Rt. Rev. John) — A Dictionary of the Grebo Language 
[Grebo-English]. post 8vo. New York, 1860. 

Grebo Grammar, post 8vo. New York, 1864. 

Payne-Smith. (R.). See Bodleian Library, Catalogus Codicum 

Pearce (Nathaniel) — Life and Adventures of, written by himself 
during a residence in Abyssinia in the years 1810-1819. 
Edited by J. J. Halls. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. London, 1831. 

Pearson (Hugh), Dean of Salisbury — Memoirs of the Rev. C. F. 
Schwartz, with a sketch of the History of Christianity in 
India. Portrait and Map. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1834. 

Pearson (J. D.) — Bakyabolee, or Idiomatical Exercises. English 
and Bengalee, with dialogues. 8vo. Calcutta, 1825. 

Peet (Rev. Joseph) — Grammar of the Malayalim Language. 8vo. 

Cottayam, 1841. 

The same. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Cottayam, 1860. 

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Pekin Oriental Society — Journal. "Vols. 1, 2. 8vo. P<?X-my, 1885-90. 

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Historischen Anthropologie der Europaischen Yolker. 8vo. 

Wien u. Teschen, 1886. 
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London, 1790. 

Penrice (J.) — Dictionary and Glossary to the Koran, sm. 4to. 

London, 1873. 

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application of English Law to India, roy. 8vo. London, 1853. 

Perceval (Rev. Peter) — The Land of the Veda ; or, India Briefly 
Described. "With many plates, post 8vo. London, 1854. 

Tamil Proverbs, with their English Translation. 2nd 

edition. 8vo. Madras, 1874. 


Percy (Thos., Bishop of Dromore)— Miscellaneous Pieces relating 
to the Chinese. [Translated from " Lettres Edifiantes "]. 
2 vols. 12nio. London, 1762. 

See also Uau Kiou Choaan. 

Periplus Maris Erythraei. See McCrindle {J. W.) and Reinaud 

Perrin ( ) — English-Zulu Dictionary. New Ed., revised by J. 

A. Brickhill. 12mo. Pietermaritzburg , 1865. 

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I'Antiquite. Vols. 3-4. Plates. 4to. Paris, 1885-7. 

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Persian Selections — Translated from English and Bengalee into 
Persian. 8vo. Calcutta, 1827. 

Persian Writers — Classic Selections from some of the most 
esteemed. 2 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1828. 

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des Pyramides. Plates, roy. 8vo. Paris, 1845. 

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Herzogl. Bibl. zu Gotha. Vol. 1. Persische MSS. Vol. 2. 
Turkische MSS. In 1 vol. 8vo. W%en, 1859-64. 

See Berlin, Handschriften-Verzeichnisse, Persisch. und 

Peshotan Sunjana (Darab Dastur). See Sanjana. 
Peshotun Dustoor Behramjee Sunjana. See Sanjana. 
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[Bound with this is Vimana- Vatthu.] 

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Ed. 2^1*. post 8vo. Carlsruhce and Zipsiis, 1872. 

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der heutigen Samaritaner. 8vo. {D.M.G. Ahhandl. Bd. V. 
No. 1.) Leipzig, 1868. 

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Bombay Branch of R.A.S. 

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Japan. Illustrations. (In Gujarati.) 8vo. Bombay, 1889. 

Pfizmaier (Dr. A.) — Die Reise zu dem Berge Eu-Zi. — Erklarungen 
unbekannter u. schwieriger Japanischer Worter. — Die letzten 
Zeiten des Eeiches der Tsch'in. — Die Classe der Wahrhaftigen 
in China. — Die Fremlandischen lleiche zu den Zeiten der Sui. 
— Darlegungen aus der Gesch. des Hauses Sui. — Seefahrt von 
Tan-Go nach Se-Tsu im Jahre 1587. Bound in 1 vol. 8vo. 

Wien, 1880-82. 



Pfizmaier (Dr. A.) — Die Alteren Reisen nach dem osten Japans. — 
Japanischen Werke aus den Sammlungen der Hiiuser Sui. — 
Lebensbeschreibungen von Heerf iihrern und Wiirdentragem des 
Hauses Sui. — Zwei Reisen nach dem Westen Japans. Bound 
in 1 vol. 4to. Wien, 1880-82. 

Pfleiderer (Otto) — The Influence of the Apostle Paul on the 
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8vo. {Hihbert Lectures) London, 1885. 

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T.O.S. London, 1883. 

Coins of Arakan, Pegu, and Burma. See Ifumismata 

Orientalia, vol. 3. 

Mission to Burmah. ^ee Tule {Sir Henry) dindi Grant {C). 

Philadelphia — Descriptive Catalogue of the Chinese Collection 
belonging to Mr. Nathan Dunn. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1839 ? 
PMlippart's East India Military Calendar. 3 vols. 4to. 

London, 1823-6. 
[Contains Biographies of Indian Officers.] 

Phillip (Governor) — Voyage of, to Botany Bay, with an Account 
of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island. With an account of the 
new discoveries by Messrs. Shortland, Watts, Ball, and 
Marshall. Maps and 55 copper plates. 4to. London, 1789. 

Phillips (Arthur) — The Law relating to the Land Tenures of 
Lower Bengal. {Tagore Law Lectures, 1874-5.) large 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1876. 
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London, 1844-54. 

Transactions of, 1854-1864 (1862-3 missing), and 

1882-3-4. 1 part. (Paper by T. G. Pinches on Cuneiform.) 

8vo. London, 1854-64. 

PMlonis Judaei Opera in Armenia conservata — Armenian and 

Latin in Parallel Columns. 4to. ? Venice, 1822. 

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Phipps (John) — A Guide to the Commerce of Bengal. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1823. 

Treatises on the Principal Products of Bengal. No. 1. 

Indigo. Coloured plates, large 8vo. Calcutta, 1832. 

A Practical Treatise on the China and Eastern Trade ; 

comprising the Commerce of Great Britain and India with 

China and the Eastern Islands, large 8vo. 

London and Calcutta, 1836. 
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Asia. Edited by the Rev. J. Summers. Vols. 1, 2, 3. large 

8vo. London, 1870-2. 

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du Ve siecle de I'Ere du Christ. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

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Pictet (Adolphe) — De Taffiiiite des Langues Celtiques avec le 
Sanskrit. 8to. Faris, 1837. 

Piddington (H.) — An English Index to the Plants of India. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1832. 

A series of Memoirs on the Law of Storms in the Indian 

and China Seas from 1839 to 1846. Charts. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1842-5. 
The Sailor's Horn-book for the Law of Storms ; with. 

2 storm cards printed on horn. 8vo. London, 1848. 

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4to. BeroUni, 1843. 

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4to. London, 1778, 
Arrest of, and removal from the Government. See 

Tanjore Papers. 
Piliail (A. P.) — Elements de la Langue Algerienne, ou Principes 

de I'Arabe vulgaire. 8vo. Paris, \9>b{. 
Pincott (Frederic) — The Hind! Manual, fcap. 8vo. London, 1882. 
The same. 3rd Ed. fcap. 8vo. London, 1890. 

Sikhism in its relation to Muhammedanism. fcap. 8vo. 

London, 1885. 

Bui Dipak. Hindi [Kaithi Dialect] Headers. 4 parts. 

post 8vo. Bankipur, 1887-89. 

See also Ayodhya Prasad, Poetical Header. 

Primitive and Universal Laws of Language, See 

Goddes-Liancourt {Count). 

See mtopadesa. 

See Kdliddsa. 

Specimens of the Nagari Character. See Palmer {E. S.), 

Oriental Penmanship. 
Pinder (Mauricius) — De Adamante Commentatio Antiquaria. 8vo. 

BeroUni, 1829. 

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Halayudha, Ed. by Visvanatha Sastrl. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1874. 

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4to. London, 1802. 

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[Chinese Text, Translation into French, etc.] 4to. 

Shanghai, 1879. 


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See Kuliddsa^ Sakuntala. 

See Thera Gdthu. 

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folio. - Amstelodamt {Elzevir), 1658. 

Pitman (R. B.) — The Practicability of Joining the Atlantic and 

Pacific Oceans by a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of America. 

8vo. London, 1825. 

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Edition. See Maundrell {Henry), Journey from Aleppo to 

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Paris, in the Library of the Bible Society, and in the Yatican. 

With a facsimile page. 4to. London, 1823. 

See Bibles, Amharic. 

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8vo. London, 1874. 

See S^adi, Gulistan. 

Plowden (W. C). See North West Provinces, Census for 1865. 
Plutarch — Libellus de Fluviorum et Montium Nominibus et de his 

quae in illis inueniuntur Philip Jacobus Maussacus recensuit, 

et Latine vertit notis illustravit. post 8vo. Tolosae, 1615. 

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8vo, London, 1841. 

Pocock (E.). See Abi J' afar ihn Tufail. 

Abul Faraj. 

Grotius {Hugo). 



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coloured plates. 4to. Calcutta, 1828. 

Narrative during a Tour to Chateegaon. 8vo. 

Ser ampere, 1831. 

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of Longitude between various places and the Madras Observa- 
tory. 4to. Madras, 1884. 

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Police Regulations in Bengali. 4to. Serampore, \%2^. 

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Thought. 8vo. {Pub. by the LTibbert Trustees.) London^ 1884. 

See Land {J. P. JV.), Hebrew Grammar. 


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by). 2nd Ed. post 8vo. London, 1860. 

See British Museum, Coin Catalogues. 

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The Speeches and Table-talk of the Prophet Mohammad, 

chosen and translated, with notes and introduction. 12mo. 

London, 1882. 

See British Museum, Coin Catalogues. 

See Koran. 

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both its dialects, to which are added the Nannul and other 
native authorities. (In Tamil.) 8vo. Madras, 1858. 

and Capt. Tripe — Photographic Views in Tanjore and 

Trivady by Capt. Tripe, with descriptive Notes by Rev. G. TJ. 
Pope, folio. 8.1. , 1858. 

Outline of the Grammar of the Toda Language at the 

end of " Marshall's Phrenologist among the Todas." 
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post 8vo. London, 1887. 

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Athenis, 1878. 
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Die Zigeuner in Europa und Asian: Ethnographisch 

linguistiche IJntersuchung. 2 vols. 8vo. Halle, 1844-5. 

Vol. 1. Einleitung u. Graramatik. Vol. 2. Worterbuch u. Sprachproben, 
See Humboldt ( W. von). 

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accompanied by Geog. and Hist. Account of these countries. 
Map and coloured plate. 4to. London, 1816. 

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Punjab. Vol. 1, Economic Raw Produce; vol 2, The Manu- 
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Speech of, before the Court of Proprietors on the 

Encouragement of Idolatry, September 22, 18<i0. 8vo. 

London, 1830. 

Prabodha Chandrodaya. See Krishna Misri. 

Prabhus, Pattana-, and Kayasth-. See Raghundthji and Shamruo. 

Praetorius (Dr. F.) — Grammatica -^thiopica cum Paradigmatibus 
Literatura Chrestomathia et Glossario. post 8vo. 

Karlsruhe u. Leipztc, 1886. 

Prajna-Paramita-Hridaya- Sutra and the TJshnislia-Vijaya- 
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with Appendix by G. Biihler. sm. 4to. {Anecdota Oxon : 
Aryan Series, vol. I, part 3). Oxford, 1883. 

Prasna. See Upanishads. 

Prayer Books— 

Arabic, post 8vo. Zowr/oM, 188? 

post 8vo. Malta, 1840. 

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See Ldl Kavi 

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proved System of Internal Management, and the Establish- 
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Undersogelse om det gamle Nordiske eller Islandske 

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See British Museum Publications, Cuneiform Inscriptions 

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See AhuH Fida. 

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Etchings, descriptive of the Manners, Customs, and Dresses of 

the Hindoos, folio. Calcutta, 1799. 

Sec. 1. Hindoo Castes. 66 prints. Sec. 6. Palanquins. 8 prints. 

,, 2. Servants employed by Euro- ,, 7. Faquirs. 10 prints. 

peans. 35 plates. ,, 8. Pleasure Boats. 13 prints. 

(Mahometans appear only in sec. 2.) ,, 9. Boats of Lading. 17 prints. 

Sec. 3. Dresses of Hindoo Men. Sprints. ,, 10. Modes of Smoking with the 
,, 4. Dresses of Hindoo Women. 8 Hooka. Sprints. 

prints. ,, 11. Musical Instruments. 36 prints. 

,, 5. Vehicles, Horses and Bullocks. ,, 12. Public Festivals, Funerals, 
8 prints. Ceremonies. 22 prints. 

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,, 2. Sewell {R.), Lists of Inscriptions, and Sketch of the 

Dynasties of Southern India. 
,, 3. Burgess (J.), Notes on the Amaravati Stupa. 
,, 4. Burgess {J.), Tamil and Sanskrit Inscriptions in 

,, 5. Sewell {R.), Antiquarian Remains in Madras. 

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Eise and Present State of Colonial Sheep and Wools. 

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Suggestions on Cultivation of useful Plants, etc., com- 
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Sreeran (Sala). See Vichar-sagar, The Metaphysics of the 

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Asia. See Keane {A. H.). 

Australia. See Wallace {A. R.). 
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The same. Part II. Svo. {For private circulation.) 

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Notes of Proceedings and Occurrences during the British 

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Mavant Press, 1824. 
Enquiry into the proper mode of rendering the word 

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See Gotama. 

See Kdlidd&a. 

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[Bound in 1 vol.] 

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\^For full titles see under the names in italic8.~\ 
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[From the library of Dr. A. Clarke, who in MS. notes on the title and last 
page, says the MS. was in his library, and only half of it was translated in this 

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Taittiriya Brahmana. See Yajur Veda. 

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passed, and Conferences which were held between the Nabob 
and Lord Pigot on the Restoration of Tanjore. 4to. London, 
mi. — Papers transmitted by the Nabob to his Agent in 
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down to Oct., 1776. 4to. London, 1777. — The Restoration 
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4to. London, 1777. (Refers to Lord Pigot and Arcot.) 
5 pieces in 1 vol. 4to. London, 1777. 

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Lordship from the Government. In two volumes, with 
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Constantinople, a.h. 1142. 

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Tasckent, 1889. 


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Turc de Mohammed ben Pir-Ali Elberkevi avec des Notes. 
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Introduction au " Mantic Uttair de Farid Uddin Attar." 
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La Rhetorique des Nations Musulmanes d'apres le Traite 

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La Rhetorique et la Prosodie des Langues de 1' Orient 

Musulman. (2nd Edition of the above). 8vo. Paris, 1873. 
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See Hhhas Khan Sarwunl. 

See Bugh o Bahar. 

See Farld ad Bin Uttdr. 

See Ikhwdn as Safd. 

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See Tahsin ad Bin, 

See Wali, Oeuvres de. 

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See Apostolical Constitutions. 

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[Editor]. See China's Millions. 

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and James Ferg^sson — Architecture in Dharwar and 

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See Madras, Catalogue of the Oriental MSS. in the 

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Notes of a Tour in the Manufacturing Districts of 

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Jauhar Aftubji. 
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Ed, et trad, sur le MS. Ouigour de la Bibliotheque Natiouale 

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• London, 1883. 

Minute of Oct. 31, 1874. (Bengal Famine.) Map. fol. 

See Hislop {Hev. S.), Aboriginal Tribes of the Central 


See Keane [A. H.), Asia. 

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See Panjab Notes and Queries. 

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post Svo. ... Paris, 1843. 


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. [Bound with this is Jahdnglr — Memoirs.] 

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qua ex opere contra Manichaeos edito in codice Ham- 

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Portfolio of the Original Plates and Drawings collected 

for the illustration of, in folio portfolio. 

Travels in Western India, embracing a Yisit to the 

Sacred Mounts of the Jains, and the most celebrated Shrines of 

Hindu Faith, and an Account of the Ancient City of Nehrwalla. 

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Trevandrun, 1876. 

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See JEast India Company, Treaties and Grants from the 

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\_For full titles see under the names in italics. ~\ 
Alheruni^s India — trans, by E. Sachan. 
Anderson (Johi) — English Intercourse with Siam. 
Arnold {Sir F.) — Indian Poetry. 
Barth [A.) — Religions of India. 
-5A«r^r^A«r^— Satakas of, trans, by B. H. Wortham. 
Chamberlain {B. LI.) — Japanese Poetry. 
Cust {R. N.) — Modem African Language. 

Languages of East Indies. 

Linguistic and Oriental Essays. 

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Bhammapada — Texts from, trans, by S. Beal. 
Bowson {J. LJ.) — Diet, of Hindu Mythology, etc. 
Buka — Life of Csoma de Koros. 

Gough {A. E.) — Philosophy of the Upanishads. 
LLiouen Tsiang — Buddhist Records, trans, by S. Beal, 
LLodgson {B. S.) — Misc. Essays. 


Trubner's Oriental Series {continued) — 
Indo-China — Essays on, ed. by R. Rost. 
Jaldl ad Din — Mesnevi, trans J. Redhouse. 

trans. E. H. Whinfield. 

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Koran — Selections by Lane. 

Long {Rev. J.) — Eastern Proverbs. 

Monter- Williams {Sir M.) — Modern India. 

Muir {J.) — Trans, from Sanskrit. 

Phaijre {Sir A.) — History of Burma. 

Rockhill{TF. W.)—Uie of Buddha. 

Saddnanda Yogindra — Vedantasara, trans. G. A. Jacob. 

Tiele { C. P.)— History of Religions. 

JJddnavarga — trans. W. Rockhill. 

^Umar Khaydm — trans. E. H. Whinfield. 

Weber {A.) — Indian Literature. 

Triibner's Simplified Grammars — 

\^For full titles see under the names in italics. ~\ 
■ N"o. 2. Singer {J.) — Hungarian. 
,, 7. Jdschke {S. A.) — Tibetan. 
,, 9. Redhouse {J. W.) — Ottoman Turkish. 
„ 12. Muller (^.)— Pali. 
„ 20. Morris (JT".)— Telugu. 
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Arabic Character. 8vo. London, 1858. 

Grammar of the Sindhi Language. In Hindustani 

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Grammatische Untersuchungen iiber die Sprache der 

Brahuls. Svo. Milnchen, 1881. 

See Duha {Theodore). 

See Ahu Abd Allah Muhammad tin Daud. 

See Abd al Latlf Shah. 

See Granth. Adi-. 

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Ed. by Stanislas Julien. 1 vol. 4to. 1833. 

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Collectory and Foujdary. 4to. Calcutta, 1850. 

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Memorials of Indian Government. Edited by J. W. 

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Life of. See Kaye {John William). 


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Persian, post 8vo. London, 1850. 

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Ajam. Arabic Text, Latin version, and notes by E. Pocock. 

post 8vo. Oxonii, 1661. 

Tuhfat al Mujahidin. See Zain ad Lin. 
Tuhfat i Wahabi. See Wahahi. 
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by Vishnu Parashuram Shastrl Pandit, with a Life of the Poet 

in English. Vol. 1. 8vo. ' Bombay, 1869. 
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The Ramayana, translated from the Hindi by F. S. 

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Lai Chaube. Ease. I. -III. 8vo. {Libl. Lidica.) 

Calcutta, 1888-90. 
Tupper (C. L.). See Panjuh Customary Law. 
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delle Scienze di Torino. Part 1, Medaglie Greche. Part 2, 

Medaglie Romane. 2 vols. 4to. Torino, 1839-40. 

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4 sheets folded in case. 8vo. 1875. 

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8vo. Bombay, 1836. 

Rudimentary Marathi Grammar. 7th Ed. post 8vo. 

Bombay, 1871. 
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apprendre la Langue Turque [by Holdermann ?] sra. 4to. 

Condantinople, 1730. 
Turkish Almanack for 1891. post 8vo. Constantinople, 1890. 

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the Teshoo Lama in Tibet, containing a narrative of a Journey 

through Bootan and Tibet. (With illustrations.) 4to. 

London, 1800. 
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Biography. Ed. by Dr. A. Sprenger. Ease. 1 to 4. 8vo. 

{Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1853-55. 

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Tychsen (0. G.) — Introductio in Rem Numariam Muhammedano- 
rum. post 8vo. Roslochii, 1794. 

Tydeman (B. F.) — Specimen Philologicum. See Ibn KhalUkun. 

Tytler (J.). See Hooper {R.), Anatomist's Yade Mccum. 

Tytler (Robert) — Treatise concerning the Permutations of Letters 
in the Arabic Language. Translated from the I'ersian. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1810. 

Remarks on the ** Morbus Oryzeus," a disease arising 

from eating noxious rice. 8vo. Calcutta, 1820. 

Illustrations of Ancient Geography and History : the 

Sites of Ophir, Sheba, Taprobane, Aurea Chersonesus, etc. 
post 8yo. Zo7idon, 1825. 


TTdana— Ed. by P. Steinthal. 8vo. {Pali Text Society.) 

London, 1885. 

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being the Northern Version of Dharamapada, trans, with notes 
by W. W. Rockhill. 8vo. T.O.S. London, \9,%^. 

Udayana Acarya — The Kusumanjali, or Hindu Proof of the 
Existence of a Supreme Being, with the Commentary of Hari 
Dasa Bhattacarya. Edited and translated by E. B. Cowell. 
8vo. "' Calcutta, 1864. 

Ufrani (Muhammad Saghir ibn al Haj ibn 'Abd Allah al-) — 
Nozhet-Elhadi, Histoire de la Dynastie Saadienne au Maroc 
(1511-1670) par Mohammed Esseghir ben Elhadj ben Abdallah 
Elpufrani. Texte Arabe et Traduction Frangais par 0. Hondas. 
{Ecole des Lnngues Orientales Vivantes, III' Serie, vols. 2, 3.) 
2 vols. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1889. 

Ufsos. See Afsos. 

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mathia et Glossario. 8vo. Lipsice, 1853. 

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Finnoise, suivis d'un Essai de Traduction d'un Fragment du 
Kalevala. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

Ujfalvy de Mezo-Kovesd (C. E. de) — Expedition Scientifique 
Frangaise. 3 vols. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1878-1880. 

Vol. 1. Le Kohistan, le Ferghanali, et Kouldja. 
Vol. 2. Le Syr-Daria, le Zerafschane, le Pays des Sept Rivieres, et de la 

Siberie Occidentale. 
Vol. 3. I>es Bachkirs, les Vepses, et les antiquites Finno-Ougriennes et 


TTlloa (S. Alfonso). See Barros {8. Giov.), L'Asia. 

Umbundu Language — Vocabulary of, Umbundu-English and 

English-Umbundu. Prepared by Rev. W. H. Sanders, -Rev. 

"W. E. Fay, and other Missionaries. 12mo. Boston, 1885. 

Umlauft (Dr. Friedrich). See Deutsche Rundschau fiir Geographie 

VI. Jahr. 

'Ulnar Alkhayyami — L'Algebre, publiee, traduit, et accompagnee 

d'Extraits des MSS. inedits, par M. Woepeke. roy. 8vo. 

Paris, 1851. 
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Aus dem Turkischen von Kadi Omer Effendi iibers. von J. N. 

Dubsky. post 8vo. Wien, 1789. 

'Umar Khayam — The Quatrains. Translated by E. H. Whinfield. 

8vo. T.O.S. London, 1882. 


'ITinar Khayam— Rubaiyat in English. See Fitzgerald {Edward), 
Letters and Remains, vol. 3. 

'Umar ibn al Mazaffar ibn al Wardi. See Ibn al Wardl. 

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Christiana, 1877. 

See Karlamagnus Saga. 

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(Index to vols. 21-30, and History of the Institution in I vol.) 
34 vols. London, 1858-90. 

Catalogue of the Library. 8vo. London, 1842. 

University College, London— Catalogue of the General and of the 
South Libraries at. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1879. 

A revised copy of the MS. Catalogue of the Chinese 

AVorks in the Library of, by H. F. Holt. MS. fol. s.a., s.l. 

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Books of the East, vols. 1 and 15.) Oxford, 1879-84. 

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yana. Ed. by Ramayana Tarkaratna. Fasc. I.-V. 8vo. 
{Bihl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1872-74. 

Brihad Aranyaka TJpanishad, with the commentary of 

Sankara Acarya, the Gloss of Ananda Giri (and an English 
trans, of the text and [of part of the] commentary by E. Riier). 
3 vols. 8vo. {BibL Indica.) Calcutta, 1849-56. 

Chandogya TJpanishad, with the commentary of Sankara 

Acarya, and the gloss of Ananda Giri. Ed. by E. Roer. 8vo. 
{Bill. Indica.) Calcutta, 1850. 

The same. Trans, by Rajend. Mitra. Fasc. I. 8vo. 

{Bihl. Indica^ Calcutta, 1854. 

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Ed. by Haricandra Vidyabhushana and Visvanatha Sastri. 
8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1870. 

Isa, Kena, Katha, Prasna, Munda, Mandukya Upanishads, 

with the commentary of Sankara Acarya and the gloss of 
Ananda Giri. Ed. by E. Riier. Svo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1850. 
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of Sankarananda, edited with an English trans, by E. B. 
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Ed. with an English trans, by E. B. Cowell. Svo. {Bibl. 
Indica.) London, 1870. 

Nrisinha Tapani, with the commentary of Sankara 

Acarya. Ed. by Ramamaya Tarkaratna. 8vo. {Bibl Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1871. 


TTpanishads — Taittirlya and Aittareya TJpanishads, with the com- 
mentary of Sankara Acarya and the gloss of Ananda Giri, 
and the Syetasvatara TJpanishad with the commentary of 
S . . . A "." . . Ed. by E. Riier. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) 

Calcutta, 1850. 

See Du Perron {Anquetil). 

Upham (Edward) — The Mahavansi, Eaja-Eatnacari, and Kaja-vali, 

forming the Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon ; also a 
V collection of Tracts on Buddhism. Trans, from the Singhalese. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1833. 

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Academiae Upsaliensis. 3 vols. 4to. Upsaliae, 1814. 
Catalogus Centuriae Librorum Rarissimorum MS. et 

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Persic. Turcic. Graec. et Latinorum, etc., auxit J. G. 
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TJraga-sutta — Text, Translation and ^Notes. See Spiegel {F.), 
Anecdota Palica, part 1. 

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XIV™e Siecle jusq'a I'an, 1594. Texte Roumain avec tra- 
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See Bibles. 

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See Elisaeus. 
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como base da Glottalogia Arica. 4to. Lisboa, 1878. 
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See British Museum Publications, Inscriptions in the 

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facsimiles. See Mir Khwund. 
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Ed. by ilajend. Mitra. Vols. 1, 2. Svo, {Bibl Indica.) 

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Maruts, lludra, Vayu, and Vata. 8vo. {Sacred Books of the 

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Turkish-Persian. 8vo. Constantinople, a.h. 1213. 

The same. 8vo. Constantinople, a.h. 1238. 

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St. Petersburg, 1869. 

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The Original Texts, with Gujrati translation, by K. E. Kanja. 
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Vendidad. [Romanized Text with Index and Glossary.] 
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St. Lazare. fcap. 8vo. Venice, 1884. 

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chiefly connected with Mr. Bolts' Case. 4to. [No title-page.) 

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racters, sq. 8vo. 1758. 

The Baital Pachlsl. The Hindi Text, with each word 

expressed in the Hindustani Character; and with a perfectly 
literal English Interlinear Translation by W. Burckhardt 
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No. 1 ) Leipzig, 1881. 

Tamil version, trans, by B. C. Babington. See Oriental 

Trans. Fund Misc. Trans., vol. 1. 
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with copius jVotes by Lala Sreeram. 8vo. Calcutta, 1885. 

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Highlands. In Gujarati. See Bhownaggree {M. M.) 
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6, 7. 8vo. Melbourne, 1865-66. 

Philosophical Institute of, Transactions of. Vol. 4. 8vo. 

Melbourne, 1860. 
Vidvan-mano-ranjini. See Sanddnanda Yoglndra, Vedanta-sara, 

of which it is a commentary. 
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translated from the Sanskrit by Haraprasada Raya. 8vo. 

Serampur, 1815. 
Purusha Parlksha, trans, from the Sanskrit. Bengali 

Text, edited by Sir G. Haughton. 8vo. London, 1826. 

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Philosophisch-Historischen Classe. Vols, for 1848-9, and veils. 

16-73, and the years 1855-1873. 8vo. Vienna, 1848-1873. 
• 2 vols, of Plates. See Arneth, Simony. 


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schaft in Wien, 1857 to 1890 {continued). 8vo. Wien, 1857-90. 

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Asservatorum. 6 vols, in 3, and vol. 7. 8vo. 

Vindohonae, 1864-75. 
Zeitschrift fiir die Kunde des Morgenlandes herausg. 

von G. Buhler, etc. Vols. 1-4. 8vo. Wien, 1887-90. 

Universal Exhibition, Reports on, presented to Parlia- 

ment. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1874. 

Viharilala, Sapta satika — Matirama, Rasa Rajah — Ananda-Dasa, 

Nama mala and Anekartha mafijarl, bound in 1 vol. sq. 8vo. 

No title-page. 
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the Aphorisms of the Hindu Atheistic Philosophy. Ed. by F. 

E.Hall. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1856. 
Sankhya-Sara ; Treatise on the Sankhya Philosophy. 

Ed. by F. E. Hall. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1862. 

See also Kapila. 

Samkhya-pravacana-bhashya. Commentar zu den Sam- 

khya-sutras. tjbers. mit Anmerkungen von R. Garbe. 8vo. 
{D. M. G. Abhandl, Band IX., No. 3.) Leipzig, 1889. 

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Sungscrit into the Bengali Language by Lukshmi Narayan 
JSfyayalankar. 8vo. [^Calcutta] 1824. 

Mitakshara. Sanskrit. 4to. (circa 1812). 

The Mitakshara, a Compendium of Hindu Law. The 

Vyavahara section, or Jurisprudence. Edited by Sri Lakhshmi 
Narayana Nyayalankara. 8vo. ? Calcutta, 1829. 

The Mitacshara, translated by H. T. Colebrooke. See 

Colehrooke {IT. T.), Two Treatises on Hindu Law of Inheritance. 
Vikramaditya — Batris Simhasana, Hindi Text. 8vo. London,\8Z^. 
Vikramankadevacharita — Edited, with an Introduction, by Georg 

Buhler. 8vo. {Bengal Sansk. Series, No. XIV.) Bonibag, 187 5. 
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by Henry O'Brien. 8vo. London and Dublin, 1833. 

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Society.) [Bound with Pe^a- Fa^^Aw.] London, 1886. 

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Buddhist Church, in Pali Verse. 8vo. Colombo, 1881. 

■ The Explanation of the Marks of Boundaries. 8vo 1881. 

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London, 1879-83. 
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by T. W. Rhys Davids and H. Oldenberg. 3 vols 8vo. 

{Sacred Books of the East, vols. 13, 17, 20.) Oxford,\88\-8b . 


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3rd Ed. 8vo. New York, 1882. 

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Euxine Sea, with Dissertations, Maps, and three separate 
Memoirs. 4to, Oxford, 1805. 

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Viramitrodaya. See Mitramisra. 

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Berlin, 1881. 

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Language by H. Sargent, sm. 8vo. Serampore, 1810. 

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[with Latin Text on opposite page] by T, Seymour Burt. 
3 vols. 8vo. London, 1883. 

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vasl, Calcutta, 1830, with which this is bound. 

See Wilson {R. H.), Sanskrit Theatre. 

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to D'Herbelot). Engraved Portrait of D'Herbelot. fol. 

a la Haye, 1779. 

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mentary of Nanda Pandita. Ed. with Notes and Indexes by 
J. Jolly. 8vo. {Bibl. 'indica.) Calcutta, 1881. 

Vishnu— The Institutes of, translated by J, Jolly. 8vo. {Sacred 
Books of the Hast, vol. 7.) Oxford, 1880. 

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racter. By the late Framjl Aspandiarji. 8vo. Bombay, 1843. 

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Composition. (Sanskrit Text.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1828. 

Mirror of Composition ; a Treatise on Poetical Criticism, 

being an English translation of the Sahitya-Darpuna, by 
Pramada Dasa Mitra. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1875. 

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Philosophy, with a Commentary by V . . . P . . . Ed. and 
trans, by Dr. E. Roer. 8vo. {Bibl. Indica.) Calcutta, 1850. 

Nyaya Sutra Vritti, the Logical Aphorisms of Gotama, 

with a Commentary. 8vo. Calcutta, 1828. 

The Bhasha Parichheda and Siddhanta Muktavali; an 

Elementary Treatise on Logic. (Sanskrit Text.) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1827. 


Visvanatha Pancanana — The Ehasha Parichheda and Siddhanta 

Muktavali, Sanskrit and English, by J. R. B[allantyne], 

Part 1 only. 8vo. Calcutta, 1851. 

Vivenzio (G.) — Istoria de' Tremuoti nella Calabria TJlteriore. 

2 vols. 4to. Nepoli, 1788. 

Vizagapatam District — ^ History of the Hill Zemindars in the 

V . . . D . . . Madras. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Madras, 1887. 

Vizagapatam and Backergunge Cyclones — Report on. See 

Eliot {J.). 
Vogue (M. de) — Inscriptions Palmyreniennes inedites. 8vo. 

Paris, 1883. 
Volney (C. F.) — Simplification des Langues Orientales. Methode 

nouvelle d'appendre les langues Arabe Persane et Turque. 

8vo. Paris, a.h. HI (1795). 

Volney — Histoire du Prix de Volney. See Briere (Jf. de). 
Volpe (Girolami) — An Italian Grammar for the use of Eton. 

post 8vo. London, 1863. 

Vopadeva — The Mugdhabodha; A Sanscrit Grammar. [Sanskrit 

Text.] sm. 8vo. Calcutta, 1826. 

Vries (M. G.) — Reis naar de Eilanden ten N. en 0. van Japan en 

1643, door J. P. P. Von Siebold. 1 vol. 8vo. {Amsterdam, 

Konink. Inst.) Amsterdam, 1858. 

Vrihan-naradiya Purana — Edited by Pandit Hrishikesa S'astrl. 

Ease. I-V. 8vo. '{Bihl. Indica.) ' ' Calcutta, 1886-8. 
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I'Empire de Russie. 2 vols. 8vo. Moscow, 1813. 

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Zendica Lingua comparatae. 8vo. Gissce, 1840. 

Lexicon Perso-Latinum Etymologicum. 2 vols. 4to. 

Bonnm ad Rhenum, 1855-64. 

See Mir Khwdnd. 

Vyavahara Mayukha. See Nila-hantJia-lhatta. 
Vyavahara Ratnamala — Sanskrit in Bengali Characters. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1830. 
Vyse (Griffin W.) — Report on the Irrigation and Inundation of the 

Nile. 8vo. London, 1878. 

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Persian Moonshee, in English and Tamil, sq. 8vo. 

Madras, 1832. 


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Plates. 2 vols, in 1. 4to. {Japan-Imperial Univ. Memoirs, 
No. 11.) Tokid, 1885. 

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Tragmenta Vetusta. (Plates of Coins and Antiquities.) p. 8vo. 

Hexham, 1827. 

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translated by J. Leyden. 

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some parts of (Ethiopia, with Maps and other Engravings. 
4to. London, 1822. 

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Chinese, Chinese Text, and Key. Part 1. 2 vols. 4to. 

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Chinese, with Key, Syllabary, and "Writing Exercises. 4 vols. 
4to. London, 1867. 

The same. 2nd Edition. 3 vols. 4to. 

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Constantinople, 1816. 

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Ziekten van Europeanen in heete gewesten. 8vo. 

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History of Muhammad's Campaigns. Ed. by A. von 

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Tassy. 4to. Paris, 1834. 

The same, traduction et notes par M. Garcin de Tassy. 

4to. Paris, 1836. 

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Jews, and the Original State of the Hebrew Bible. Part I. 
The Origin of Alphabetic Writing, and an Essay on Egyptian 
Hieroglyphics. Part II. (vols. 2 and 3 only) On the Propagation 
of Alphabets in Eastern Asia and the Inferiority of Ideographic 
Writing. Part III. (vol. 1 only) The Sacred Text originally 
written without vowel-letters. 4 vols. 8vo. London, lS35-5i). 

Proofs of the Interpolation of the Vowel-Letters in the 

Text of the Hebrew Bible, and Grounds for Revision of its 
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Yi King. See Legge (J.), Sacred Books of China. 

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The same, in Hebrew, post Svo. Edinburgh, s.a. 

Christology of the Targums. Chaldee and English. 

post Svo. Edinburgh, s.a. 

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Babylonian. Trans, from Hebrew into English, with an 
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Rudiments of an Egyptian Dictionary (with a Memoir). 

[Another copy forms an Appendix to Tattam's Grammar of- 
the Egyptian Lsmguage.] Svo. London, 1831. 


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trations. 4to. Calcutta, 1856. 

Narrative of the Mission to the Court of Ava in 1855. 

Numerous Illustrations. 4to. London, 1858. 

and A, C. Burnell — Hobson-Jobson ; A Glossary of 

Anglo-Indian Colloquial Words and Phrases, and of Kindred 
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See Marco Polo {Ser), The Book of. 

The Geography of the Valley of the Oxus. See Wood 

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See Sdsvata. 

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See Tahari. 

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[The Xumbers refer to the Volumes in which the Pamphlets are bound.] 

78. Addiscombe Military College — Public Examination at. 

69, 1 Adernson (E.) — Die Regenwarmer auf den Eeldern der 
89. ) Orientalischen Numismatik. 8vo. Leipzig, 1836. 

38. Afghan Frontier — Notes on the Relations of British India 
with some of the Countries West of the Indus. 8vo. 

London, 1839. 

58. Afghan War — Report on the Causes and Consequences of. 
8vo. London, 1842. 

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vol. 2. Calcutta, 1784. 

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41. * Akhbar ' — Prospectus of A rabic Magazine. Paris, a.h. 1 2 1 2 . 

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the Mauritius. 8vo. London, 1840. 

104. Anglo Chinese College and Chinese Mission — Report of. 
8vo. Malacca, 1824. 

Account of. 1825. 



39, I Eifth Annual Report, with an Appendix " Of the 

93. ) Eirst Cause." 8vo. Malacca, 1827. 

93. \ Sixth Report, with an Appendix ' Chinese 

73. ) Astronomy.' 8vo. Malacca, 1828. 

96. Report, 1830-31, with Translation and Text of 

the Thousand Character Classic. 8vo. Malacca, 1831. 



104. Anglo-Chinese College — To the Public concerning the. 

8vo. Malacca, 1823. 

10. Anker (Maj.-Gen.) — Catalogue of Indian Antiquities, with 

an autograph letter from Hon. C. J. Shore. 1806. 

98. "Anti-Infidel and Religious Advocate," Nos. 1-4. June 

83. " Anti-Slavery Record," T^o. 7. Nov. 1832. 

83. " Anti-Slavery Reporter," No. 92. Jan. 1832. 

42. "Arabic Magazine" — Prospectus ot Pom, a.h. 1242. 

107. Armenian Religious Tracts. 

54. Arnaud (M. d') — Sur le Cours du Bahr-el-Abiad on du 

Fleuve Blanc. 1843. 

40. Arnot (S.) and D. Forbes — The Origin and Structure of 

the Hindoostanee Tongue. London, 1828. 

14. Arri (G. A.) — Lapide Fenicia di Nora in Sardegna. 4to. 

Torino, 1834. 

63. As' ad — Akhlak-i-Jalaly, translated by Thompson. Eeviewed 

by E. B. Bote. 
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to which is added the Primary Discourse delivered March, 

1823. Reprinted. London, 1842. 

36. Committee of Correspondence : Prospectus of the 

R.A.S., and Discourse by H. T. Colebrooke. 8vo. 

London, 1829. 

61. Avdall (J.) — Census of the Armenian Population of Calcutta. 
8vo. Calcutta, 1837. 


3. Babington (S.) — Remarks on the Island of Salsette. 1819. 
65. Bachelot (M.) — Sur les lies Gambler. 
74. Badgley (F.) — Lectures on the Physiology of the Senses. 

London, 1838. 

51. Baillie (Joanna) — The Bride— a Drama. 8vo. London,\%2^. 

[Scene laid in Ceylon.] 
35. Baki's des grossten tiirkeschen Lyriker's Diwan, zum ersten 

Mahle ganz verdeutscht von J. v. Hammer. 8vo. Wien, 1 825. 
17. Balbo (Conte P.)— Del Metro Sessagesimale. Torino, 1823. 
74. Balfour (E.) — Data for forming Troops, and maintaining 

them in Health. 1845. 

74. On the means of preserving the Health of Troops. 

38. I^Bank of India— Free Thoughts on the proposed. 8vo. 
58. [ Liverpool, 1837. 

81. Barges (Abbe) — Traditions Orientales sur les Pyramides. 

8vo. Marseilles, 1841. 

110. Notice sur la ville de Tlemcen. 

23. Barlow (Sir G.)— Letters from ten Directors [of the E.I.C.] 

supporting his measures. 1812. 

23. Protests of six Directors [of the E.I.C.] against 

continuance of, as Governor of Madras. 1812. 

61. Bataillard (P.) — Les Bohemiens en Europe. 8vo. Pfl!m,1849. 

109. Beiris (G. C.) — Yerzeichniss einer Sammlung Miinzen. 8vo. 

Erfurt, 1827. 
70. Bell (I.)— Notices of CochineaL 1828. 

85. Beke (C. T.) — Yertheidigung gegen Herrn Dr. Paulus in 

Betreff seiner Recension iiber meine Origines Biblicae. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1836. 

55. On the former extent of the Persian Gulf. 

(Extract from a work now in the press.) 

55. On the Passage of the Red Sea by the Israelites. 

{R.A.S. Journal) 1838. 
60. Statement of facts relative to the Transactions 

between the Writer and the late Mission to the Court of 

Shoa. 2nd Ed. 8vo. London, 1846. 


63. Beke (C. T.) — Remarks on Mats'ha'fa Tomar, or the Book of 

the Letter — an Ethiopia Manuscript. 1848. 

87. On the Origin of the Gallas, 8vo. London, 1848. 

7. ) The Geographical Distribution of the Languages 

54. ) of Abyssinia. Map. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1849. 

70. On the Korarima, or Cardamon of Abyssinia. 

64. Lettre a M. Daussy concernant M. D'Abbadie. 


54. The Sources of the Nile and the Mountains of the 

Moon. Map. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1848. 

54. : — On the Sources of the Nile. 8vo. London, 1849. 

54. Observations s\ir la Communication supposee entre 

le Niger et le Nil. 8vo. Londres, 1850. 

57. Summary of recent Nilotic Discovery. 8vo, 

London, 1851. 

99. Bell (S. S.)— Answer to " The Opium Question," by 
S. Warren, 8vo. London, 1840. 

97. Bengali — Pleasing Tales. Unglish and Bengali. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1825. 

85. Bennett (S.) — A Discourse on Sacrifices. 8vo. London, 1815. 

14. The " Molten Sea " of I. Kings, c. 8. 4to. 

London, 1821. 

11. Bernstein (G. H.) — Gregorii Bar Hebraeii Chronici Syriaci 
Specimen. 4to. Lipsiac, 1822. 

11. De Charklensi Novi Testamenti Translatione 

Syriaci Commentatio. 4to. Vratislavia, 1837. 

61. Der Syrischen Chronik des Gregor Bar-Hebraeus. 

8vo. Berlin, 1847. 

55. Berthelot (S.) — Rapport d la Societe de Geographic de 

Paris en 1839, sur la Collection Geographique de la 
Bibliotheque Royale. 8vo. Faris, 1840. 

14. Betham (Sir W.) — Papers read before the Irish Academy. 
4to. Dublin, 1836. 

48. Bhaskara Acarya — Lilavatl, a Treatise on Algebra, Sans- 
krit Text. 8vo. Calcutta, 1 832. 

48. Bhavablinti — Malati Madhavae Fabulae Bhavabhutis Actus 
primus ex recensione C. Lasseni. 8vo. Bonnal, 1832. 


84. Bible — The Book and its Mission. No date. 

84. On the Translations of the Sacred Scriptures into 

the Languages of India. 9th and 10th Memoirs. 
110. Ein Beitrag zur Kirchengeschichte des. alten 

Testamentes, etc. 8vo. Leipzig, 1840. 

95. Biot (E.) — I^otice sur quelques procedes industriels connus 

en Chine au xvi. Siecle. 8vo. Paris, 1835. 

95. Sur le systeme monetaire des Chinois. 8vo. 

Paris, 1837. 

95. Tablettes Chronologiques. 8vo. Paris, 1841. 

95. Memoire sur la condition des Esclaves en Chine. 

8vo. Paris, 1837. 

96. Sur le chapitre Yu-Koung du Chou-King, et sur 

la Geographie de la Chine ancienne. Map. 8vo. Paris, 1842. 

96. Sur la Fleuve Jaune. Map. 8vo. Paris, 1843. 

13. Memoire sur la Constitution Politique de la Chine 

au xiie siecle A.C. 4to. Paris, IMA. 

13. Sur la direction de I'aiguille aimantee en Chine, 

et sur les aurores boreales. 1844. 

54. Memoire sur I'extension des Cotes Orientales de 

la Chine. 8vo. Pam, 1844. 

96. Sur les Mceurs des anciens Chinois d'apres le 

Chi-King. 8vo. Paris, 1844. 

13. Article sur "I'Histoire du Buddhisme Indien" 

par E. Burnouf. 1845. 

96. Catalogue des Cometes observees en Cliine, 1230- 

1640 A.D. 1846. 

96. Catalogue des Etoiles observees en Chine jusqu'a, 

I'an 1203 a.d. 1846. 

11. Birch. (S.) — Sketch of a Hieroglyphic Dictionary. 4to. 

London, 1838. 

69. The Statistical Tablet of Kamak. 

82. Memoire sur une patere Egyptienne du Musee de 

Louvre. 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

63. Bird (J.) — Progress of Oriental Literature. 1844. 

63. Abyssinia, Eastern Africa, and the Ethiopie family 

of Languages reviewed. 1845. 


58. Black Act — Report of Meeting in Town Hall, Calcutta, 

Nov., 1838. 8vo. London, 1839. 

71. Bland (W.) — Suppression of Spontaneous Combustion in 

Wool Ships. 8vo. Si/dtiey, 1843. 

73. Blane (Sir G.) — Warning to the Public on the Introduction 

of the Cholera of India. 8vro. No date. 

55. Blaremberg (M. de) — De la Position des trois forteresses 

Tauro-Scythes dont parle Strabon. Plans, Sj-c. Odessa, \%Z\. 

59. Bode (Baron C. de) — Address to House of Commons on his 

claims for Indemnification. 8vo. London, 1833. 

101. Boehtlingk (Otto) — Kurze Beschreibung der Silbemen 

Schale mit einer Inschrift in unbekannten characteren. 

63. Boetticher (P.) — Horae Aramaicae. 8vo. Berollni, 1847. 
63. Rudimenta Mythologicae Semiticae supplementa 

Lexici Aramaici. 8vo. BeroUni, 1848. 

15. Bombay — Report on the Commerce of, in 1836-37. 
10. Bopp (F.) — tjber einige Demonstrativstamme. 1830. 

39. Botjanoff (M. T.) — La Moallaca de Lebide et la Temimienne 

d'Aboulola. Poemes Arabes trad, en Russe. 8vo. 

St. Petershurg, 1827. 
52. Boulogne-sur-Mer — Societe d' Agriculture de, Proces- Verbal 

de la Seance Publique, July 9, 1827. 8vo. 

Boulogne, 1828. 
54. Bourne (J.) — Indian River Navigation, a Report. Map. 

8vo. London, 1849. 

25. Bowring (Sir John) — Observations on the Restrictive Com- 
mercial System. From the MSS. of J. Bentham. 1821. 

25. Sobre la suerte de los negros de Africa. 1821. 

25. Some Account of the Prisons in Spain and 

Portugal. 1822. 

25. Details of the Arrest, Imprisonment, and 

Liberation of an Englishman by the French. 1823. 

73. On the Oriental Plague and on Quarantines. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1838. 

43. Brayer (D. M, P.) — Notice sur une nouvelle plante de la 

famille des Rosacees. Calcutta. No date. 

60. Brayley (E. W.) and J. Britton — History of the late 

Houses of Parliament. Illustrated. 8vo. London, 1835. 


52. Briere (M. de) — Explication d'un Tableau peint sur peau 
de Velin (Alphabets, etc.), 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

38. [Briggs (J.)]— The Cotton Trade of India. 8vo. 

London, 1839. 

105. British and Foreign Bible Society — Catalogue of Editions 
of the Holy Scriptures and other Biblical Works in the 
Library of. 8vo. London, 1822. 

62. British Association for the Advancement of Science — 
Notes and Abstracts of Communications to the B.A. 
Dublin Meeting. 1835. 

58. British India — Eelations of, with the Countries to the 
West of the Indus. 8vo. London, 1839. 

99. British Relations with China, by an American Merchant. 
8vo. London, 1834. 

99. British Relations with the Chinese Empire. (British and 
American Trade.) 8vo. London, 1832. 

65. Brockhaus (H.) — Griindung der Stadt Pataliputra und 
Geschichte der Upakosa. Fragmente aus dem Katha 
Sarit Sagara. Sanskrit und Deutsch. 8vo. Leipzig, 1835. 

20. Brodie (W. D.) — Reply to charge of the Jury at Madras, by 
Sir F. MacNaghten. • 1811. 

73. Bronchocele — On the Causes of, in India and England. 8vo. 

London, 1838. 

67. Brbndsted (P. 0.) — Description of 32 vases found at Vulci, 
by M. Campanari. 8vo. London, 1832. 

93. Brosset (M.) — Essai sur le Chi-King, et sur I'ancienne poesie 
Chinoise. 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

93. Relation du Pays de Ta Onan, traduite du 

Chinois. 8vo. Paris, 1829. 

42. Quelques Sentences morales en langue Georgienne. 

Paris, 1829. 

76. Notice historique sur M. A. J. Saint Martin. 

8vo. Paris, 1833. 

55. Broussa — Souvenirs d'un sejour k Brousse en Bithynie en 


1. Buckingham (J. S.), Editor of " The Calcutta Journal.'* 

Statement of Facts relative to removal of, from India. 



4. Buckland (Prof.) — Geological Account of Animal and 
Vegetable Remains, and of Rocks, collected by J. 
Crawfurd, Esq., on a Voyage up the Irawadi in 1826-7. 

57. Buist (Dr.) — The Physical Geography of Hindostan. 8to. 

Minburgh, 1854. 

80. The Volcanoes of India. No date. 

99. Bullock (Capt.)— The Chinese vindicated, or, another view 

of the Opium Question. Reply to S. "Warren. 8vo. 

London, 1840. 
92. Burnouf (E.) — Observations sur quelques passages de I'Essai 

sur le Pali de MM. Burnouf et Lassen. Svo. Paris, 1827. 
36. Extrait d'un commentaiie et d'une traduction 

nouvelle du Vendidad Sade. 8vo. Pa/ris, 1829. 


16. Cacciatore (N.) — De Redigendis ad unicam seriem com- 

parabilem meteorologicis, Panormi, 1832. 

52. Cadet (M.) — Observations sur I'Expedition de 1827, pour le 

Pole Nord. Svo. Paris, 1827. 

40. Caille (A.) — Sur le Voyage de, k Timbuctoo. Svo. Paris, 1 828. 

105. Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society — ISth Eeport. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1824. 
2. Calcutta Journal for Septeraber, 1823. 
62. Calder (J.) — On the Geology of India. 8vo. London, \^^d. 
95. Callery (M.)— Voyage sur les Cotes de la Chine fait en 

56. Campbell (A.) — Notes on the Agriculture and Rural 

Economy of the Nepaul Valley. 1837. 

62. Campbell (Dr.) — Hourly Observations at Nepal during the 

Autumnal Equinox. 1837. 

49. Campbell (L. D.) — Reply to Edinburgh Review on Lord 

Wellesley's Policy. 8vo. London, 1807. 

104. I Canton — Notices concerning China, and the Port of Canton; 

93. ) also a Narrative of the affair of the English Frigate, 

" Topaze,''^ 1821-22 ; with Remarks on Homicides; and an 

Account of the Eire of Canton. Svo. Malacca, \%2^. 

61. Carmoly (E.) — ^Des Khozars au X^^e siecle. Svo 

Lruxelles, 1833. 

57. Carter (H. J.) — Geographical Description of the South-East 

Coast of Arabia. 1851. 

80. The Geology of the South Coast of Arabia. 1852. 

50. The Geology of the Island of Bombay. 1852. 

4. Catalogue of the Collection of Fire Arms and Oriental 

and European Weapons of H.R.H. The Duke of York. 

Sold by Mr. Christie. 1827. 

40. Charmoy (F. B.) — Sur la lettre de Tutundju-Oglow- 

Moustafa-Aga. Svo. St. Petersbourg, 1828. 

13. Sur I'irtilite des Langues Orientales pour I'Etude 

de I'Histoire de la Russie. 1834. 

13. Relation d'e Mas'oudy et d'autres auteurs Musul- 

manes sur les Anciens Slaves. 1832-3. 


39. Chezy (A. L.)— Theorie du Sloka. 8vo. Paris, 1827. 

99. China — Brief Observations respecting the disputes with 
the Chinese, and a proposal for bringing them to a 
satisfactory conclusion. Svo. London, 1 840. 

99. A Voice for China, by a Minister of the Estab- 
lished Church. Svo. London, 1840. 

74. China Medico-Chirurgical Society— Transactions, 1845-6. 
Yol. 1. 8vo. Hongkong, 1846. 

99. Chinese Commerce and Disputes, 1640-1840, by a Looker- 
on. 8vo, London, 1840. 

87. Chitty (S. C.)— The Ceremonies observed by the Tamul 
Castes. 8vo. Colombo, 1831. 

87. Classification of the Tamul Castes. 8vo. 

Colombo, 1831. 

87. Origin and History of the Muckwas in Putlam. 

8vo, Colombo, 1831. 

70. Chodzko (A. de) — Industrie Sericole en Perse. 

69. Notes sur les Inscriptions Lyciennes. 

61. Le Theatre en Perse. 

74. Cholera Morbus — Enquiry into, shewing its Nature and 
suggesting Means of Cure. Svo. London, 1832. 

98. Christian's Magazine (The)— for June and July, 1831. 

85. Christian Morals — Societe de la Morale Chretienne. IS^^^ 

Seance Annuelle. 1837. 

25. Clarkson (T.) — Observaciones sobre las Opiniones y Conducta 

de los Primitives Cristianos. 1821. 

72. Cleghorn (H.)— On the Hedge Plants of India. 1850. 

73. Clot Bey — Compte-rendu des Travaux de I'ficole de 

Medicine d'Abou Zabel (Egypte). Svo. Paris, 1833. 

1. Colehrooke (H. T.) — Geology of North-Eastern Bengal. 
1. The VaUey of the Sutluj Kiver. 

64. Essai sur la Philosophie des Hindous, trad, par 

G. Panthier. 1833. 

28. Colombel (A.)— D'une Expedition d' Alger. 1830. 

105. Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society — 18th Report. Svo. 

Colombo, 1826. 

74. Congreve (H.) — Suggestions for the Cure of Cholera. 

London, 1841. 


37. Convalescent Station of Malcolm Pait, on the Mahabu- 
leshwar Hills, near Bombay, Account of. 8vo. 

London, 1831. 

60. Cooper (C. P.) — The Delay in the Offices of the Masters in 
Chancery, and the Remedy. 2nd Ed. Bvo. London, \%^9. 

60. Letter to the Lord Chancellor on a defect in the 

Law for the Custody of Lunatics, 4th Ed. Bvo. Xow(?.,1849. 

54. Corbaux (Miss Fanny) — Comparative Geography of the 

Arabian Frontier of Egypt at earliest epochs of Egyptian 

History and at the present time. 3fap. No date. 

76. Cornay (J. C.) — Notice de la Yie et de la Mort de. 1839. 

55. Court (Genl.) — Conjectures sur les Marches d' Alexandre 

dans la Bactriane, avec preface par E. Jacquet. 1837. 

50. Court (H. M.) — The Imposition of Tithes disastrous. 2nd 
Ed. 8vo. London, 1826. 

85. Creation — Eemarks on Dr. Buckland's Yiew of the Mosaic 
Creation. 8vo. London, 1835. 

46. Crise Commerciale de I'Angleterre. 1826. 

3. Crisp (John)- — Methods of determining Terrestrial Longi- 
tudes by the Moon's Right Ascension. Calcutta, 1827. 

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8vo. Paris, n.d. 

64. Specimen d'une edition de Tao-Te-King of 


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41 ^ 

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History : Krusinski (Father) ; 

Malleson (Col. G. B.) ; Prin- 

sep (H. T.) ; Shahamat 'Ali. 
Notes on: Raverty (H. G.). 
Travels and Description : Bellew 

(H. W.) ; Griffith (W.) ; 

Masson (C). 
"Views: Jackson (Sir K. A,). 

Afghans — History: Dorn (B.), p.; 

Ni'amat Allah. 
Popular Songs : Darmesteter (J.). 
Africa — Geography: D'Avezac(M.), p. 
History: D'Avezac{M.) ; Yanoski 

Modern Languages : Cust (R. N.). 
Muhamraadanism iu : D'Avezac 

■(M.), p. 
Travels and Descriptions : Barth 

(H.); Davidson (J.); Hemso 

(G. de), p.; Hodgson ("W.) ; 

Idrisi ; Mottraye (A. de la) ; 

Quatremere (E.) ; Schilt- 

berger (J.) ; Schweinfurth 

(Dr. G.). 



Africa (East) — Languages : Munzinger 
Portuguese Dominion in : Botelho 

(S. X.). 

Africa (North) — Geography, Eth- 
nology, and History : Borsari 
Languages : Eeinisch (Leo) ; Tien 

(Rev. A.). 
Travels: Oriental Transl. Fund, 
Miscell. Trans. 

Africa (North), the Sahara, and the 
Soudan — With Vocabularies : 
Hodgson (B. H.). 

Africa (Northern and Central) — 
Travels : Denham (Major). 

Africa (South)— 

Languages — Comparative Gram- 
mar: Bleek (W.H.I.). 

Languages — Dialogues : Bleek 
(W. H. I.). 

Travels : Harris (Capt. W. C.) ; 
Latrobe (Rev. C. T.) ; Napier 
(Col. E. E.). 

Africa (South-West) — Andersson 
(C. J.). 

Africa (West) — Travels : Alexander 
(J. E.) ; Burton (Sir R. F.) ; 
Cavazzi (J. A.). 

African Polyglot Dictionaries — Last 
(J. T.) ; KoeUe (Rev. S. W.). 

African Discoveries — Petennann(A.), 

African Literature, 1500-1750 — 

Paulitschke (P.). 

African Slave Trade (The] and 
the Foulahs of Central Africa — 
Hodgson (W. B.), p. 

African (Central) Vocabularies— Barth 


African (East) Vocabulary — Krapf 

(J. L.). 

Agni Furana — Agni Purana. 

Agriculture— Abu ZakarTya Yahya ; 
Agricultural Society (Royal) , 
Agricultural and Horticultural 
Society of India; Newnham (H.), 

Agriculture and Sural Economy of 
the Nepaul Valley — Campbell 
(A.), p. 

Ahmadabad — Architecture : Hope 

(T. C). 

Protection of Ancient Buildings : 
Crawley- Boevey (A. W.). 

Aino Grammar- Batchelor (John). 

Aitareya Aranyaka— Aitareya Aran- 


Aitareya firahmana— Aitareya Brah- 

Akbar— Abul Fazl 'AUaml ; Aini 
Akbari, p. ; Noer (Graf F. A. v.). 

Akkadian— Inscriptions : Haupt (P.). 
Language: Haupt (P.); Hincks 
(E.), p. ; Lenormaut (F.). 

Aku Vocabulary — Raban (Rev. J.), p. 

Albanian — Grammar : Cristophorides 
Primer: Cristophorides (K.). 
Albert N'yanza- Baker (Sir S, W.). 

Aleppo — Journey from, to Damascus : 
G (J.). 

Aletsch Glacier — Bonaparte (Le 
Prince Roland). 

Alexander the Great — ^Court (Genl.), 
p. ; Quintus Curtius ; Xeno- 
Cities of : Droysen (J. G.), p. 

Algebra — Bhaskarah Brahmagupta ; 

Muhammad ibn Musa ; £^m- 

Algerian Numismatics — Marcel(J.J.). 
Algiers — Expedition to : Colombel 

(A.), p. 
^manacB — Madras; Morrison (J. R.) ; 

Turkish Almanack. 
Almohades — History of : 'Abd al 

Wahid al Marrakoshi. 
Alpaca — Naturalization of: Walton 

(W.), p. 
Alphabets — Alphabets: Faulman (C). 

Ancient : Ahmad ibn Abu Bakr ; 
Hammer-Purgstall (J.). 
Alps—Travels : Moir (E. McA.). 
Amaravati Stupa ; Burgess (J.) ; 

Sewell (R.). 
Amarinna Dictionary — D'Abbadie 

Amazons in China — Paravey (M. de), 

Amazulu — Religious System : Calla- 
way (Bishop Henry). 



Ambala District —Geography: Panjab 

Amboyna — Shellfish and Minerals : 
llumphius (G. E.). 

America— Discovery of : Rafn (C.),p. 
History : Vejiarunga. 

America (North) — Travels in : Ben- 
jamin (G. J.) ; LaHontan (Baron 

America (South) — Meteorology: Kin? 

(Capt.),p.^ ^^ ^ 

America and the "West Indies — 

Geographical and Historical Dic- 
tionary : Alcedo (A. de). 
American Ethnology — Smithsonian 

American Indians— Bradford (A. W.) ; 

Kennedy (J.), p. 
American Mission to Japan, 1851 — 

Palmer (A. H.), p. 
American Primitive Races — Eichthal 

(G.). p. 

Amharic Grammar — Isenbera: (Rev. 

C. W.). 

Amherst — Report on : Tenasserim. 
Amoy Dictionary — Francken (J.). 
Amritsar — Geography: Panjab Gazet- 
Anatolia — Travels : Macarius. 
Anatomy — Bayle ; Breton (P.). 

Anchnesraneferab, Queen — Sarcopha- 
gus of: Budge (E. A.). 

Ancient Monuments in Lydia and 
Phrygia — Steuart (J. R.). 

Andaman Islands — Andaman Islands. 
Inhabitants and Language : Man 
(E. H.). 

Andamanese Language — Ellis (A. J.). 

Lord's Prayer in : Man (E. H.). 

Manual: Portraan (M. V.). 
Anglo-Chinese College — Reports, etc.: 

Anglo-Chinese College, p. 
Anglo-Chinese Kalendar &. Register, 

1832: Morrison (J. R.). 
Anglo-Indian Glossary — Yule (Sir 

Anglo-Saxon Language — Michaeler 

(C); Rask (R. K.). 

Anglo-Saxon and Frankish Remains 

—Smith fC. R.), p. 
Annam — Deveria (G.) 

Coins : Chandoir (S. de). 

Annamite-Latin (and L.-A.) Diction- 
ary— Taberd (J. L.) 

Annamite Grammar — Aubaret (G.). 

Annamite Language — Annamite ; 
Rosny (L. de), p. 

Annamite Law — Aubaret (G.). 

Annamite Poems — Luc Van Tien Ca 

Annamite Poetry — Kim Van Kien 
Tiin Truyen. 

Anthropology — Anthropological 
Society; Bastian (A.). 
Ancient Glass Beads found in 
Cork : Neligan (Rev. W. 
C), p. 

Antiquarian Remains in the Bombay 

Presidency : Western India. 
Antiquities in the Royal Irish 

Academy— Wilde (W. R.). 
Apocalypse — Book of God. 
Apocryphal Gospels — Dulaurier (E.), 

Arab Horse — Guarmani (C). 
Ai abia — Early Christianity in : Wright 

Description: Niebuhr (C). 

Geography: Sprenger (A.). 

Ptolemy's Knowledge of : Plate 

(W.), p. 
Travels: G (J.); Khosrau 

(Nassiri) ; Kosegarten (J. G. 

L.), p. ; Michaelis (M.) ; 

Niebuhr (C.) ; Palgrave (W. 

G.) ; Wellsted (Lt. J. B.) ; 

Laborde (L. de) ; Arabia 


Arabia, South Coast of — Geology: 
Carter (H. J.), p. 

Arabia, South-East Coast of— Geo- 
graphy: Carter (H. J.), p. 

Arabian Antiquities — Boehtlinek 

(0.), p. 
Arabian Desert— Beamont (W. J.). 
Arabian Historians — Erdmaun (F.),p. 
Arabian Society in the Middle Ages — 

Lane (E. W.). 

Arabian Tales— Arabian Nights. 
Arabic — 

Algebra : 'TJmar Alkhayyami. 

Anatomy: Hooper (R.) ; Tytler 
(J.), p. 

Aristotle's Poetics : Margoliouth 



Arabic — 

Arithmetic and Geometry : Baha 
ad Din 'Amili. 

Art: Eeinaud (M.). 
Astronomy : Farghani ; Sedillot 
(L.A.),p.; Morley (W. H.). 
Bibliography : Haji Khalifah. 

Biographical Dictionary : Abii 
Zakariya Yahya al Nawawi. 

Biography : A'aras i Buzurgan ; 
Abii'l Kasira ibn Ahmad 
Ezziani ; Hoogvliet (M.) ; 
Ibn Hajar ; Ibn Khallikiin ; 
Ibn Kutliibuga ; Shams ad 
Din Abu 'Abd Allah. 

Books, Catalogues : Schnurrer 

(C. F. de). 
Breviary: Breviary (The). 
Calculus : Baha ad Din 'AmilT. 
Celestial Globe: Schier (C. H.). 
Chrestomathy : Arnold (F. A.) ; 

Humbert (J.) ; Sacy (S. de) ; 

Socin (Dr. A.). 
Christian Eeligion : Christianity ; 

Grotius (H.) ; Rahmat Allah. 
Chronicle : Chronicum Samarita- 

Coins : Codrington (Dr. 0.) ; 

Makrizi al ; Sawaskiewicz. 

Cosmography : Ibn al "Wardi : 
Kazwini al. 

Dictionaries : Abcarius (J.) ; Abul 
Fazl Muhammad ibn Khalid ; 
Berggren (J.) ( French - 
Arabic) ; Bocthor (E.) 
[Frangais-Arabe) ; Catafago 
(J.) (Arabic-EngUsh) ; Cher- 
bonneau (A.) (Arabic - 
French) ; Dozy (R. P. A.) 
Freytag (G. W.) (Arabic 
Latin) ; Golius (Jacob) 
Johnson (Fr.) (Arabic, Per 
sian, and English) ; Ramus 
Marcel (J. J.) (French-Ara 
bic) ; Newman (F. W.) 
Raphelengius (F.) ; Richard- 
son (J.) ; Salmone (H. A.) 
(Arabic -English) ; Steingass 
(F.) (Arabic-English) ; Van- 
kiili (Arabic-Turkish). 

Element in Spanish and Portu- 
guese: Dozy (R. P. A.). 

Elementary Treatise : Thornton 
(F. Du P.). 

Arabic — 

Elements (Algerian dialect) : Pihan 

(A. P.) 

Ethics: Chasalis. 

Fables : Humbert (J.) ; Kalllah 
u Damnah ; Lukman. 

Fragments regarding India : 
Reinaud (M.). 

Genesis: Kuenen (A.). 

Geographical Lexicon : Zamak- 

Geography : Abii Ishak al FarisT ; 
Abtil Fida ; HamdanT; Ibn 
Khakan ; IdrisI ; Istakhri. 

Glossary: Socin (Dr. A.). 

Grammar : Abii 'Abd Allah Mu- 
hammad ibn Daud ; Abul 
Kasim Mahmud ; Baillie 
(Lieut. J.) ; Caussin de Per- 
ceval (A. P.) ; Erpenius (T.) ; 
Ewald (G. H. A.) ; Paris 
el-Shidiac ; Fliigel (G.) ; 
Forbes (D.) ; Fort William, 
p. ; Howell (M. S.) ; Ibn 
Ajarrum ; Jamal ad Din ; 
Lumsden (M.) ; Mallouf (N.) ; 
Medici (Le P. M.) ; Price 
(W.); Qu6stions,p.; Richard- 
son (J.) ; Risalah, p. ; Row- 
landson (M. G.) ; Sacy (S. 
de) ; Socin (Dr. A.) ; Stewart 
(D.) ; Wasmuth(M.) ; Wright 

Grammarians : Fliigel (G.). 
Grammatical Anthology : Sacy (S. 

History : Abii 'Umar Minhaj al 

Jiizjani ; Abiil Faraj ; Ar- 

buthnot (F. F.) ; Baethgen 

(F.) ; Frej-ta^ (G. W.) ; 

Hemso (G. de), p. ; Ibn 

al Athir ; Ibn Fuzlan ; Ibn 

Wadih ; Mas' audi. 
History of Egypt : Abiil Mahasin 

ibn Taghri Bardii. 
History of the Khalifate : Abiil 

Fazl as Sayuti; Goeje (J. 

de) ; Matthiessen (C. S.) ; 

History of Morocco : Abul Kasim 

ibn Ahmad Ezziani ; Tlfrani. 
History of the Saracens : Makin el- 
History (Pre-Islamic) : Abul Fida ; 

Fresnel (F.) ; Perron (M.), p. 



Arabic — 

Inscriptions : Derbend, p. ; 

Doughty (C). 
Inscriptions in Sicily: Araari (M.). 

Language: Goodhugh (W.) ; Her- 
bin (A. F. J.) ; Humbert 
(J.), p. ; Lagus (W.) ; Land- 
berg (C.) ; Meninski (F.) ; 
Tytler (R.) ; Volney (C. F.). 

Letters: Habicht (D. C. Max); 
Weijers (H. E.). 

Lexicons : Badger (Rev. G. P.) ; 
Lane (E. W.) ; Schindler 
(V.) ; Willmet (J.). 

Literature : Arbutbnot (F. F.) ; 
Hammer-Purgstall (J. von) ; 
Socin (Dr. A.). 

Manichaism : Fliigel (G.). 

Manual (Colloquial) : Tien (Rev. 

MSS., Catalogues of: Alcantara (E. 

L.) ; Asiatic Society (Royal) ; 

Cambridge, Trinity College ; 

Copenhagen; Derenbourg(H.) 

{in theEscurial) ; Fraehn (C. 

M.),p. ; India Office Library ; 

Lafuente (E.) ; Landberg 

(C); Ley den; Munich; Paris 

{Bibliotheqiie ^ Nationale ) ; 

Quatremere (E.) ; Sacy (S. 

de), p. ; St. Petersburg ; 

Schnurrer (C. F. de) ; 

Sprenger (A.) ; Strassburg ; 

Tasckent; Upsala. 
Materia Medica : Nur ad Din 

Muhammad 'Abd Allah. 
Mathematics : Baha ad Din ' Amill. 
Medicine : Abu 'Ali Sina ; 'Ali 

ibn Abil Hazim ; Rhazea ; 

Sprenger (A.). 
Miscellaneous Literatiire : Abul 

Walid Merwan ; Ahmad 

Monument in Normandy : Spencer- 
Smith (J.), p. 
Moorish Grammar : Dombay (F. 

Moral Aphorisms : "Weston (S.). 
Muhammad: Bakir. 
Muhammad's Ascension into 

Heaven : Miraj Namah. 
Names : Abu'l Fazl. 
Palaeography : Marcel (J. J.). 
Paradigms: Socin (Dr. A.), 

Philology : Abi J'afar ibn Tufail. 

Philosophy : Averroes ; Fliigel 

Poetry : Abiil Walid Moslim ; 
Ahmad (Shaikh) Khalll al 
Kburi; 'Amr al Kais ; Boh- 
len (P. von) ; Borda ; Bot- 
janoff, p. ; Clouston (W. 
A.) ; Farazdak ; Harethi, 
p. ; Hariri; Humbert (J.) ; 
Huzailis ; Ibn al Farid ; 
K'ab ibn Zuhair ; Kal 
Safi ; Kosegarten (J. G. 
L.) ; Kremer (A. v.) ; Lag- 
range (G. de) ; Muallakat ; 
Mutanabbi ; Schultens (H. 
A.) ; Tughrai ; Zuhair. 

Polemical Literature : Stein- 
schneider (M.). 

Prayer Book : Prayer Books. 

Proverbs : Burckhardt (J. L.) ; 

Freytag (G. "W.) ; Proverbs, 

Reading Lessons : Forbes (D.). 

Religious Treatise : Tazkiret al 

Rhetoric : Mukhtasar al M'aani. 
Rhetorical Anecdotes : Hariri. 
Roman Breviary: Roman Breviary. 
Roots : Leguest (M.) ; Leguest 

(Abbe^ p. ■ 

Science : Favrot (Dr.) ; Karamat 

Seals: Hammer-Purgstall (J. v.). 
Shi'ite Doctrine : Bakir. 
Sunnite Doctrine : Nasafi. 
Syntax : Beresford (H. B.) ; 

Lockett (A.). 
Tales : Humbert (J.) ; Muhammad 

al Mahdi. 
Talisman : Kremer (A. von) . 
Terms: Jurjani. 
Travels (Asia, Africa, Europe) : 

Ibn Batutah. 
Vocabularies : Abii Bakr ibn al 

Anbari ; Noble (J.) ; Schia- 

pareUi (C.) ; Wahabi Effendi. 
"War between French & Austrians : 

French Armies. 
Writers : Dozy (R. P. A.) 
Writing: Sacy (S. de), p. 
Arabistan— Travels: De Bode (C. A.). 



Arabs — Commercial Expeditions of: 
Stiiwe (F.). 
History: Noldeke (T.). 
Arakan — Hill Tracts : Hughes (Major 
W. G.). 
Reports, 1876-79: Aracan. 
Aramaean Grammar — Kautzsch (E.) 
Aramaic — Dictionary : Boetticher 
(P.), p. 
Inscriptions : Vogiie (M. de). 

Selections: Boetticher (P.), p. 

Archaeological Collections — Calcutta, 
Indian Museum. 

Archaeological Museum Catalogue — 

Archasological Studies — Paravey (M. 


Archaeological Survey of India— Epi- 
graphia Indica ; India. 

Archaeological Survey of Southern 

India— Southern India. 

Archaeological Survey of Western 
India — Western India. 

Archaeology — Archseologia ; Ameth 
(J.); Bhagvanlallndraji; Delhi; 
Deutsche Archaologischen In- 
stituts ; Longperier (A. de) ; 
Sedillot (L. A.), p. ; Simony. 

Archaeology in India — Fergusson (J.). 

Archaeology of Delhi— Stephen (Carr). 

Archaeology (North of Europe) — Elles- 
mere (Earl of). 

Archaic Dictionary — Cooper (W. R.). 

Archaic and Provincial English 
Glossary — Boucher (llev. J.) 

Architecture — Architects. 

History of : Fergusson (J.). 

Arcot (South) District Manual — 

Garstin (J. H.). 
Arctic Ocean— Expedition to : Wran- 

gell (Adm. F. von). 

Arctic Regions — Travels in, 1594-6 : 
Barents (W.) ; Constantin. 

Arithmetic —Anka Ganita; Brahma - 
gupta; Chatrey (Kero Luxuman). 

Armenia — Issaverdenz (Rev. Dr. J.). 
Conquest of : Muhammad ibn 

Geography : Saint-Martin (J.). 

Armenia — 

History : Acogh'ig de Daron ; 
Chamich (M .) ; Garabed (G.) ; 
Gorres (J. v.), p.; Matthieu 
d'Edesse ; Moses of Khoren ; 
Neve (F.), p. ; Oriental 
Translation Fund ; Saint- 
Martin (J.). 

Missionary Researches: Smith (E.). 

Researches: Hamilton (W.). 

Travels : Jaubert (P. A.) ; Kinneir 
(J. M.); Morier (J.); Porter 
(Sir R. K.). 

Armenian — 

Chrestomathy : Lauer (M.). 

Chronicles : Eusebius Pamphilus. 

Church: Issaverdenz (Rev. Dr. 
James) . 

Dictionaries : Aucher (P.) ; Bed- 
rossian (Rev. F. M.) ; Douz 
(A. C). 

Etymology : Dervischjan. 

Fables : Vartan. 

Glossary: Lauer (M.). 

Grammar: Aucher (P.); Cham- 
cheau ; Lauer (M.) ; Peter- 
mann (J. H.) ; Zohrab (J.), 

Language, Formation of : Patkanoff 
(M. K.). 

Literature : Lagarde (P.) ; Neu- 
mann (C. F.) ; Neve (F.). 

Paradise Lost: Milton (J.). 

Poems : Hakimiyan (Serapion). 

Prayer Book : Prayer Books. 

Printed Books : Venice. 

Armenian Population of Calcutta — 
Census : Avdall (J.), p. 

Armenian Beligion — Armenian 
Religious Tracts, p. 

Armenians and Persians — Religious 
Wars : Elisaeus (Bishop) . 

Arrest, Imprisonment, and Libera- 
tion of an Englishman by the 
French — Bowriug (Sir J.), p. 

Arrian's Voyage round the Enxine 
Sea — Arrian ; Vincent (W.). 

Art — the Promotion of : Donaldson 

Articles of War, Abstracts of — In 
English, Persian, and the Hindos- 
tan Dialects : Articles of War. 



Aryan — 

Civilization : Vasconcellos-Abreu 

(G. de). 
Culture: Zimmer (H.). 
Languages, Comparative Gram- 
mar: Beanies (J.). 
Origin and Authenticity of : Dhan- 

jibhai Framji. 
Origins : Bruuuhofer (H.) ; Penka 

Philology: Pott (A. F.) ; Sesha- 

giri Sastri (M.). 
Aryas — Sacred Laws: Biihler (G.). 
Asante Dictionary — Christaller (Rev. 

J. G.). 
Asia — 

Ethnology: Keane (A. H.). 
Geography : Barros (S. G. di) ; 

Klaproth (J.). 
History : Klaproth (J.) ; Oriental 

Literature : Oriental Collections. 
Maps : Catalogue India Office 

Library ; Klaproth (J.). 
Relations with Rome : Reiiiaud 

Travels : Duret (T.) ; Mottrage 

(A. de la) ; Murray (Hugh); 

Schiltberger (J.). 
Volcanoesof : Humboldt (W. v.), p. 
War in, 1778-1784: Memoirs. 
Asia (Central) — Bonvalot (G:) ; Hemso 

(G. de), p. ; Imbault-Huart 

(C.) ; Marvin (C.) ; Mir 

'Abd al Kasim Bukhari. 
England and Russia in : Boulger 

(D. C). 

Map of Hiouen Thsiang's Travels : 

St. Martin (V.). 
Question: Romanovski (M.). 
Questions : Rawlinson (Sir H.). 
Religions and Philosophy : Gobi- 

neau (A. de). 
Russia's Commercial Mission : 

Sarauw (C. von). 
Travels : 'Izzat Ullah ; Lansdell 

(H.) ; Meyendorf (G.) ; 

Recueil ; Eubrouck (G. de) ; 

Ujfalvy (C. G. de) ; Vam- 

bery (A.). 
Asia (Eastern) — The People of : Bas- 

tian (Dr. A.). 
Asia (High) — Mission : Schlagintweit 
(H., A., and R. von). 

Asia (Western) — Geographical descrip- 
tion : Ayuso (F. G.). 

Asia, Africa, and Euiope — Travels : 
Abii Talib Khan. 

Asia and Africa — Travels : Benjamin 

(G. J.). 

Asia Minor— Chodzko (A.). 
Art : Perrot (G.). 
Christianity: MacFarlane (C). 
Researches : Hamilton (W. J.). 
Travels: Kinneir (J. M.); Leake 

(Lt.-Col. W. M.) ; Morier 


Asiatic — 

Chiroptera in the Indian Museum, 
Calcutta : Dobson (G. E.). 

History: Arbanere (E. G.). 

Languages, Study of : Schlegel 
(A. W. v.). 

Languages and Alphabets : Klap- 
roth (J.). 

Philosophy, The Influence of, in 
Scotland: Wise (T. A.). 

Plants: Griffith (W.). 

Asiatic Society (Royal) — Transactions, 
Journals, Reports, Catalogues, 
etc. : Asiatic Society (Royal) ; 
Asiatic Society, p. 

Asiatic and European MSS. — Library 
of : Clarke (Dr. Adam). 

Asiatic Studies— Progress of : Klap- 
roth (J.), p. 

Asiatic Studies in Bnssia — Dorn 

(B.), p. 
Asiatic Subjects of Great Britain, 

The State of Society among — 
Grant (C). 
Asoka Edicts — Biihler (Georg) ; 

Indraji (B.). 
Assam— Griffith (W.^ ; Hunter (Sir 
W. W.). 
Administration, Census, Excise, 
Forest, Land Revenue, Edu- 
cation, Public Works, Regis- 
tration, Stamps, Tea Culture, 
Vital Statistics : Assam. 
History: Pavie (Theo.). 
Survey: Wilcox (Lieut. R.). 
Assam Tea Plant— McClelland (J.), 

Assassins, The — Hammer-PurgstaU 




Assyria — Lenormant(F.); Sinith(6.). 
Antiquities : British Museum. 
Archaeology : Melanges d'Archeo- 

Biblical History: Sayce (A. H.). 
Chrestomathy : Teloni (D. B.). 
Cylinders : Menant (J.). 
Dictionary : Norris (E.). 
Discoveries and the 5ook of 

Genesis : Bonnet (Elie.) 
Grammar: Sayce (A. H.). 
History : Ragozin (Z. A.). 
History (Ancient): Vaux ("W. S. 

Inscriptions ; Menant (J.) ; Smith 

(S. A.) 
Language : Menant (J.). 
Monuments : Records of the Past. 
Music : Engel (C). 
Proper Names : Menant (J.). 
Sculptures, Ancient, in Turkey : 

Hogg (J.), p. 
Texts : Budge (E. A.) 
Travels : Buckingham (J. S.) ; 

Keppel (Major). 
Assyrio - Babylonian Measures of 
Time : Hincks (Rev. E.) 

Assyriology — Evans (G.) ; Revue 
d'Assyriologie ; Zeitschrift fiir 

Asterabad — Tumulus at : De Bode 
(Baron), p. 

Asthma — Cutamili. 

Astrakhan Travels — Potocki (Count 

Astrolabe — with Eastern Inscription : 

Dorn (B.), p. 
Astronomical Instruments — Abiil 

Hasan 'Ali. 
Astronomical Tables — Sedillot (L. 

A.), p. 
Astronomy — Anglo- Chinese College ; 

Astronomical Society ; Costard 

(G.); Crisp (J.), p.; Purslo (J); 

Varaha Mihira ; Bailly (M.) ; 

Baily's (F.) Life of Flamstead. 
Atabeks— History : Mir Khwand. 

Numismatics : Mir Khwand. 
Atlantide Island — The Ancient: 

Smith (Sir S.), p. 
Atlases— Atlas; D'Avezac (M.), p. 

Audh — Administration, Census, Edu- 
cation, Justice, Excise, Estates, 
Forests, Meteorology, Public 
Works, Registration, Revenue, 
Sanitary, Stamp Act : Audh. 
Gazetteer : Audh. 

Aurea Chersonesus — Site of: Tytler 

Aurora Borealis — Biot (E.), p. 

Aurungabad — Antiquities : Burgess 

Australasia — 

Ethnology : Wallace (A. R.) ; 

Smyth (R. B.). 
Zoology: Wallace (A. R.). 

Australia — 

History : Rusden (G. W.). 
Intertropical and Western Coasts 
of, Survey of, 1818-1822: 
King (Capt. P.). 
New South Wales: Philip (Gover- 
Physical Geography : Earl (G. 
W.), p. 

Austria, Russia and Turkey — Travels : 
Elliott (C. B.). 

Autobiographies of Indian Civilians — 
Higginbotham (J. J.) ; Lewin 
(Col. T. H.). 

Ava — 

Embassy to : Crawfurd (John) ; 
Symes (M.). 

Mission to : Yule (Sir H.). 

Travels : Trant (Capt.). 
Averroes — Renan (E.). 
Avesta — Avesta ; Geldner (K. F.) ; 
Rask (R. K.). 

Calendar : Harlez (C. de). 

Criticism: Harlez (C. de). 

Language of: Harlez (C. de). 
Azumites — History: DiUmann (A.). 


Babriawar — Report, 1843 : Jacob 
( M aj . -Gen. Sir G. Le G.) ; another 
copy in " Pamphlets." 
Babylon — Buckingham (J. S.) ; 
Lavard (Sir A. H.) ; Maurice 
(Rev. T.). 
History : Ragozin (Z. A.). 
Ruins: Rich (C. J.). 
Topography: Rich (C. J.). 





Babylonia — 

History: Smith (G.). 
Travels : Keppel (Major) 
(Sir R. K.). 
Babylonian — 

Astronomy : Epping (J.)- 
Cylinders : Fischer (Dr. 

Landseer (J.). 
Life and History: Budge (E. A.)- 
Religion : Sayce (A. H.)- 
Babylonians — Herren (A. H. L.). 
Bactria — Greek and Indo-Scythic 

Kings : Lassen (C). 
Baghdad — History : Nazmi Zadeh. 
Bagh-o-Bahar — Reply to Professor 
p'orbes's strictures : Eastwick 
(E. B.). 
The two letters on: Forbes 
(Duncan) . 
Babawalpur — History : Shahiimat 

Bali Language — Vocabulary : Bali. 
Ballad Poetry— Ballad Poetry. 
Ballanche— Eulogy on : Neve (F.), p. 
Baluchi Grammar— Mockler (Major 

Baluchi Handbook— Gladstone (C.E.). 
Baluchi Language (sketch of)— Dames 

(M. L.). 
Baluchi Nama (translated)— Hetu Ram 

(Rai Bahadur). 
Baluchistan — 

Code : Baluchistan. 
Geography, &c.: Thornton (E.). 
Geography, Topography, Eth- 
nology, and History : Hughes 
Travels : Bellew (H.W.); Floyer 
(E. A.) ; MacGregor (Maj.- 
Gen. Sir C. M.) ; Masson 
(C.) ; Pottinger (Lieut. H.) ; 
Raverty (H. G.). 
Banbara Dictionary (French-B.) — 

Davd (G.). 
Bangalore — Administration : Banga- 
Banians — History, Law, Liturgie, 
Customes, and Ceremonies : Lord 
Bank of India— The proposed : Bank 

of India, p. 
Banka — Croockewit (J. H.). 

Bannii— Geography : Panjab Gazetteer. 
Bannu, or Our Afghan Frontier— 

Thorburn (S. S.). 
Barbary— Travels : Shaw (T.). 
Barlow (Sir G.)— Letters and Protests 

referring to: Barlow (Sir G.), p. 
Baroda— Administration : Baroda. 

Trial of the Gaekwar : Baroda. 
Barrackpore— the Mutiny at : Pogson 

(Capt.), p. 
Barth, Dr.— the Travels of: Hodgson 

(W. B.),p. 
Bassein — Commerce of : Burmah, 

Batak Language — Van der Tuuk (H. 

Batak-Dutch Dictionary — Van der 

Tuuk (H. N.). 
Bavarian Academy — History of : 

AVestenrieder (L.). 
Bavarian (South) Alps— Geography : 

Schafhautl (Dr.). 
Bechuana Grammar — Archbell (J.). 
Bedawi Poetry — Baddeley (W. St. 

Bedouins — Burckhardt (J. L.). 
Bee-keeping in India— Bee-keeping. 
Behar— Famine, 1873-4: MacDonnell 

(A. P.). 
Belgaum Archaeology— Burgess (J.). 
Bellary District — Manual : Kelsall 

Bellary and Bijapur— Geology of the 

country between : Newbold (Capt.), 

Benares — 

"Benares Magazine": Benares. 
Drawingsand Description: Prinsep 

History : Benares. 
Insurrection, 1781 : Hastings 

Massacre: Davis (Sir J. F.). 
Sanskrit College : Benares. 
Settlement : Duncan Records 
Bengal— Hunter (Sir W. W.). 
1681-1687: Hedges (W.). 
Artillery: Buckle (Capt. E.). 
Atlas: Mitra (R.) ; Rennell (J.), p. 
Bay of, Hurricane in ; Piddington 
(H.), p. 



Bengal — 

Commerce: Bell (J.) ; Phipps 
(John) ; Wilson (H. H ) 

Cotton Production : Medlicott (J. 

Education : Parliamentary Re- 
ports; Adam (W.). 

English Government : Verelst 

Ethnology: Dalton (E. T.). 

Famines: MacDonnell (A. P.); 
Parliamentary Eeports ; Tem- 
ple (Sir R.)- 

Folk Tales: Day (Rev. L B.). 

Geology : Colebrooke (H. T.), p. ; 
Pentland (J. B.), p. 

Handbook : Murray's Handbooks. 

History: Isvara candra vidyasa- 
gara; Stewart (Major C.). 

Indigo : Phipps (John). 

Inland Customs and Town Duties : 
Trevelyan (E. C). 

Judicial or Adawlut System : Judi- 
cial or Adawlut System. 

Languages of Aboriginal Tribes : 
Campbell (Sir G.). 

Law of Land Tenure : PbUlips 

Law relating to Minors : Trevelyan 
(E. J.). 

Missions: "Wylie (M.). 

Native Infantry, History: Williams 

Reports: Bengal. 

Reversion, The : Bell (Major E.). 

State of, circa 1770 : Bolts (W.). 

Statistics: Hunter (Sir W. W.). 

Zemindary and La-khiraj Pro- 
perty: Clarke (R.). 

Bengal (N. E. Frontier) — Tribes : 
Mackenzie (A.). 

Bengal to England, Journey from : 

Foster (G.). 

Bengal to Persia— Tour in 1786-7 : 

Franklin (W.). 


Arts : Ram Das Sen. 
Astronomy, Geography, etc. : 

Chemistry : Gopallal Mitra. 
Dialogues : [Carey (W.)]. 

Bengali — 

Diamonds and Precious Stones : 
Ram Das Sen. 

Dictionaries : [ Carey ( W. ) ] ; 
Haughton ( Sir G. C. ) ; 
Morton (Rev. W.) ; Ram 
Comul Sen. 

Drama : Kali Prosono Sing ; 
Long (Rev. J.). 

Etymological Primer : Sanskrit. 

Fables : Gay (J.) ; Vetala Panca 

Geography : Geography, p. ; 

Pearce (W. H.), p. 
Geography, Astronomy, etc. : Dia- 
Glossary: Haughton (Sir G. C). 
Grammar : Halhed (N.) ; Yates 

History : Ram Das Sen. 
History and Tales : Raja Prata- 

paditya Caritu. 
History of India : MritjTifijaya 

Hymn Books : Hymn Books. 
Idiomatical Exercises : Pearson 

(J. D.). 
Literature : Chandra Madhava ; 

Isvara - candra - vidyasagara ; 

Kuroona Nidhau Bilas. 
Moral Historical Tales : Stewart's, 

Natural History : Yates (W.), p. 
Natural Philosophy: Yates (W.), 

NeAvspaper : Sumachar Durpan. 
Philosophy: Ram Das Sen. 
Printed Books : British Museum. 
Proverbs : Long (Rev. J.) ; Pro- 
verbs, p. 
Rasselas: Johnson (Dr. S.). 
Sciences : Ram Das Sen. 
Spelling Book : Radhakanta Deva 

Stories : Isvara-candra-vidyasa- 

gara ; Suka Saptati. 
Synonjrms : Morton (Rev. W.). 
Tales : Bengali, p. 
Virgil : Virgil. 

Berar Census and Judicial Beports : 



Berber— Dictionaries: Berber; Jaubert 

(P. A.); Paradis (V. de). 

Grammars : Jaubert (P. A.) ; 

Hodgson ( W. B. ), p. ; 

Paradis (V; de). 

Bermudas — History : Lefroy (Gen. 

Sir J. H.). 
Betham (Sir W.)— Papers by. Betham 
(Sir W.), p. 

Beulah Spa— Account of: Weather- 
head (J. H.), p. 
Bhagirathi— Banks of the : [Long 

(J.)], p. 
Bharhut — Stupa of : Cunningham (Sir 

A.). , 
Bhils of Khandesh— History: Graham 

(Capt. D. C), p. 
Bhilsa Topes — Cunningham (Maj.- 

Gen. Alex.). 
Bhotanta Dictionary — Schroeter 

(Rev. C. G.). 
Bhf'tanta Grammar— Schroeter (Rev. 

C. G.). 

Bhutan— Travels : Griffith (W.) ; 

Turner (Capt. S.). 
Bible— Bible ; Bible, p. 

Genesis : Lenormant (F.). 

Habakuk: Baumgartner (A. J.). 

Song of Songs : Kossowicz (C). 

Chronology : Yeates (T.), p. 

Dictionary: Calmet (A.). 

History of: Ostervald (M.). 

Illustrations : Long (Rev, J.). 

Introduction to O.T. : Eichhom 
(J. G.). 

Knowledge : By-Paths of Bible 

Music of the: "Warschawski (P. 

I. J.). 
Oriental Illustrations : Roberts 

Tamil: Colombo (Bishop of). 
Textual Criticism: Legh (E.). 
Bible Translations — Three Lists of: 

Cust (R. N.). 
Translations of, into the Indian 

Languages : Bible, p. 
Bibles — Catalogue : British and 
Foreign Bible Society. Another 
copy in ' Pamphlets.' 

Biblical Archaeology— Beke (C. T.), 
p. ; Biblical Archaeology. 

Bibliotheca Britannica — "Watt (R.). 

Bicol Vocabulary — M&.rcos de Lisboa. 

Bidar — Antiquities : Burgess (J.). 

Bihar — Peasant Life : Grierson (G.). 

Bihan — Comparative Dictionary : 
Hoernle (A. P. R.). 
Grammars of the Dialects : Grier- 
son (G.). 

Bijapur — Muhammadan Architecture : 
Hart (Capt. P. D.). 
Architecture : Taylor (Col. M.). 
Bilin Language— Reinisch (L.). 

Biogrraphy— Akbar ; Asmar (Baby- 
lonian Princess) ; Babar; Bomanji; 
Carey (W.) ; Chambers (Sir R.) ; 
Lai Kavi's Life of Chehutru; Clive 
(Lord); Colebrook(H.T.); Colum- 
bus ; Cornay (J. C), p. ; Corn- 
wallis ( Marquess ) ; Csoma de 
Koros; Dalhousie (Lord) ; Dupleix 
(Le Sieur) ; Elphinstone (Hon. 
M.) ; Finlayson (George) ; Guru 
Nanak, by Janam Sakhi; Glad- 
win's Memoirs of Khojeh Abdul- 
kurrura ; Hafiz Rahmat Khan ; 
Hastings (Warren) ; Havelock 
(Sir H.) ; Ilazin (Shaikh Muham- 
mad 'Ali) ; Hoveden (Rev. W.), 
p. ; Ibrahim Khan Bahadiir ; 
Jones (Sir W.) ; Kali Krishna 
Bahadiir; Lane (Edward) ; Law- 
rence (Sir Henry) ; Lawrence 
(Lord) ; Macpherson (Major S. 
C); Marsden (W.) ; Marshman 
(J.); Brosset (M.), p. {M. St. 
Martin) ; Mayo (Earl of) ; Milne 
(Rev. W.) ; MUner (W.) ; Richard 
(C. E.), Vie de Moise de Khoren ; 
Morrison (R.) ; Munro (Maj.-Gen. 
Sir T.) ; Neve (F.), Vie d'E. 
Jacquet ; Ouseley (Sir Gore) ; 
Outram (Major Jas.) ; Palmer (E. 
H.) ; Pearce ( N. ) ; Plutarch's 
Lives ; Pollock (Sir G.) ; Rad- 
hakanta Deva Bahadur ; Raffles 
(Sir T. S.) ; Rehatsek (E.) ; 
Roberts (Emma) ; Schulten's Vita 
Saladini; Schwartz (Rev. C. F.) ; 
Shipp (Lieut. J.) ; Staunton (Sir 
George) ; Sivaji, Life by Krishna ji 
Ananti ; Teignmouth ( Lord ) ; 
Thomas (Mr. George) ; Tucker 
(H. St. G.) ; Usamah ; Ward 
(W.) ; Weisbrecht (Rev. J. J.) ; 
WyUie (J. W. S.). 
Great Muslim Leaders : Hammer- 
Purgstall (J. v.). 



Biogn^aphy — 

Indian Officials : Higginbotham 
(J. J.) ; Philippart's East 
India Military Calendar. 

Lives of Dekkan Poets : Eamas- 
vami (K. V.). 
Birouhi Language— Handbook : Bux 


Bisaya Grammar— Joaquin (R.). 
Bisaya Spanish (and S.-B.) Diction- 
ary : Encamacion. 
Bisaya- Spanish Grammar — Joaquin 

(11. L. de). 
Bischari Language — Almkvist (H.). 
Black Act— Black Act, p. 
Black Sea— Reuilly (J.). 

Cruise in : Slade (A.). 
Bode (Baron C. de) — Addi-ess to House 

of Commons on his claims for 

Indemnification: Bode (Baron C. 

de), p. 
Bodhisattvas — Legendary Stories : 

Bogota, Asiatic Origin of the People 

of — Paravey (M. de), p. 
Bokhara— History : Vambery (A.). 

Travels : Bumes (Lieut. A.) ; 
Moorcroft(W.); Schuyler(E.). 
Bombay Presidency — 

Antiquarian Remains : "Western 
India; Burgess (J.). 

Army, Mortality and Sickness : 
Sykes (Col. W. H.), p. 

Army Regulations : Moor (E.). 

Commerce : Bombay, p. 

Culture of Cotton — Cassels 
(Walter R.). 

Education: Parliamentary Reports. 

Famines: Etheridge (Lieut. -Col. 

A. T.). 
Geology : Carter (H. J.), p. 
Kanarese Districts, The Dynasties 

of the; Fleet (J. F,). 
Overland Journey to : Roberts 

(Emma) ; Waghom (T.), p. 
Reports : Bombay. 

Bonn and Berlin— Chemical Labora- 
tories: Hofmann (A. W.). 
Bookbinding— Wheatley (H. B.). 
Booudei — Embassy to : Ochoa (C. 
0. d.), p. 
Handbook: Woodward (Rev. H. 

Borneo — Travels and Descriptions : 

Bock (Carl) ; De Groot (J. J. M.) ; 

Schwane (Dr. C). 
Bomu or Kaunri Grammar— Koelle 

(Rev. S. W.). 
Bosnia — War in, 1737-8-9 : Fraser 

(C); 'UmarEffendi. 
Bosphoms, The, and Constantinople — 

Dethier (P. A.). 
Botany, The Science of — Frost (J.), p. 

Benthemia fragifera: Royle (J. 
F.). P- 

The Great Fan Palm of Ceylon : 
Daniell (W.), p. 

The Hedge Plants of India : 
Cleghorn (H.), p. 

Botany Bay — Phillip (Governor). 

Brahmanism — Bartholoma;! (P. a S.) ; 
Monier- Williams (Sir M.) ; 
Palladius ; Roger (A.). 
Ceremonial : Apastamba ; Atharva 
Veda ; Vaitana Sutra ; 
Gopatha Brahmana ; A§va- 
layana, Sranta Sutra. 
Law : Baudhayanadharmasastra ; 

Philosophy : Aniruddha ; Badara- 
yana ; Dharmottaracarya ; 
Gangesa Upiidliyaya ; Jai- 
mini: Madhavacarya; Mait- 
rayani Samhita; Narada Panca 
Ratra ; Nyaya KusumafijaU 
Prakaranam ; Nyaya Var- 
tika : Paraskara ; Sadananda 
Yati; Sankaracarya; XJdayana 
Acarya ; Upanishads ; Vachas- 
pati Misri ; Vedanta Sutras ; 
Visvanatha Pancanana. 
Polemics : Ananda Giri ; Bauer- 

jea (K. M.). 

Ritual : Parasara Smriti ; San- 

dilya ; Sankhayaua Srauta 

Siitra ; Satapatha Brahmana. 

Theogony : Dubois (G. A.), p. 

Brahmaputra, Sources of— Klaproth 

Brahmin Caves — Burgess (J.). 
Brahmin Customs — Gobhiliya Grihya 

Brahmins — Daily Prayers : Belnos 

Brahmo Somaj — Rammohun Roy. 
Brahul Grammar — Bellew (H. W.) ; 
Duka (Theod.) ; Trumpp (E.). 



Braj Bhakha— Grammar : LuUoo Lai 

Hindoo Tales: Narayana Pandita. 
Brass used instead of Iron— Mauduit 

(M.), p. 
Brazil -Voyage to : Pyrard de Laval 

Bridge — Taper- Chain Tension: Good- 
wyn (Capt. H.). 

For Indian Elvers : Abbott (Col. 
Britain (Ancient) — Religions : Smith 

Britain (South) Early English Settle- 

meuts in — Guest (E.), p. 
British Association — Annual Reports : 
British Association; Murchi- 
son (Sir R. I-), P- 

Dublin Meeting : British Associa- 
tion, p. 
British Burma Gazetteer— Burmah, 

British Campaign in Spain and Portu- 
gal, 1809— FitzClarence (Col.), p. 
British Guiana, Description of — 

Schomburgh (R.), p. 
British India — Relations with Coun- 
tries West of the Indus : Afghan 

Frontier, p. 
British Islands — Ethnology : Latham 

(R. G.). 
British Power in the East — The Rise 

of: Elphinstone (Hon. M.). 
British Relations with China— British 

Relations, p. 
British Trade over the Caspian Sea — 

Hanway (J.). 
Britons (Ancient) — Barber (G. D.). 
Broach— Survey : Williams (Lt.-Col. 

Bronchocele — Bronchocele, p. 

Brussels University — History : Van- 

derkindere (L.). 
Buckingham (J. S.), Removal of, 

from IncMa — Buckingham (J. 

S.), p. 
Buddha — Lives of : Asvaghosha ; 

Bigandet (P.) ; Lalita Vistara ; 

Lillie (A.) ; Mills (C. D. B.) ; 

Oldenberg (Dr. H.) ; Rockhill 

(W. W.); Senart (E.). 

Buddha Gaya— Mitra (R.). 

Buddhism — Bumouf (E.) ; Davids 
(T. W. Rhys) ; Kern (H.) ; 
Monier-Williams (M.) ; Saint- 
Hilaire (J. B.) ; Prinsep (H. T.). 

Buddhism in Ceylon— Hardy (R. S.). 

Buddhism in China — Beal (S.) ; 
Bunyiu (N.). 

Buddhism in Tibet- Foucaux (P. E.) ; 
Schlagintweit (E) ; Rockhill (W. 

Buddhist — 

Books : Asiatic Society (Cata- 
logues) ; Cambridge (Univer- 
sity Library) ; Hodgson (B. 
H.) ; Mitra (R.) ; Pali Text 
Society ; Gandha Vansa. 

Ethics: MiUnda; Digha Nikaya; 
Majjliima Nikaya. 

Historical Texts : Mahavamsa ; 
Cha Kesa Dhatu Vamsa ; 
Dathavansa; Taranatha; Vi- 
mala Sara ; Sandesa Katha. 

Inscriptions : Epigraphia Indica ; 
India (Archajology) ; Cun- 
ningham (A.) ; Senart (E.) ; 
Burgess (J.). 

Law : Dickson (J. F) ; Jardiae 
(J.) ; Vinaya Texts. 

Monasticism : Boghmyer (J. J.) ; 
Bohlen(P.); Hardy (R. S.). 

Monuments : Burgess (J.) ; Cun- 
ningham (A.) ; Harris (E. 
B.) ; Home (C.) ; Indi-aji 
(B.) ; Latter (T.), p. 

Pilgrims : Hiouen Tsiang ; Fa 

Psychology : Dhamma Sangani ; 
Abhidhammattha Sangaha. 

Religious Poetry : Dharamapada ; 
Thera-gatha ; Udana ; Iti 
Vuttaka; Peta Vatthu; Vi 
mana Vatthu ; Buddha Vamsa ; 
Cariya Pitaka; Sutta Ni- 

Sanskrit Texts : Divyavadana ; 
Mahavastu ; Lalita Vistara ; 
Ashtasahaarika Prajna Para- 
mita ; Anecdota Oxoniensia ; 
Saddharma Pundarika. 

Tales : Jatak Attha Vannana ; 
Bugi— History of Tanette : Niemann 
(G. K.). 
Language: Matthes (B. F.). 
Bulandshahr — Growse (F. S.). 



Bullom— Grammar : Nylander (Rev. 
- G. R.). 

Vocabulary : Nylander (Rev. G. 

Bonda — Dictionary : Cannecattim (B. 
M. de). 
Grammar: Cannecattim (B. M. de). 

Bundli History— Pogson (Capt. "W. 


Handboot : Murray's Handbooks. 

History : Phayre (Lieut. -Gen. 

Imprisonment in : Gouger (H.). 

Invasion of: Stewart (Lt.-Col. 


Mammalia : Blanford (W. T.). 
Missionary "Work: Judson (Ann 

People : Bastian (Dr. A.) ; Forbes 
(Capt. C. J. F. S.). 

Travels: Bastian (A.); Forbes 
(Capt. C. J. F. S.) ; Griffith 
(W.) ; Sangermano (D. V.) ; 
Strettell (G. W.) ; Trant 
(Capt.) ; Vincent (F.). 

Views in : Grant (C.) ; Kershaw 
(Capt J.). 

Burmah and China — Railway: Hallett 
(H. S.) ; Colquhoun (A. P.). 

Burmah, British — Administration ; 
Census, 1872 ; Excise ; Forests ; 
Lighthouses ; Public Instruction ; 
Public Works ; Revenue ; Sani- 
tary Administration ; Trade and 
Navigation ; Trade and Customs : 
Burmah, British. 

Burmese — 

Alphabet, Transliteration: Temple 

(Capt. R. C). 
Antiquities, Catalogue of : Hindoo, 

Arithmetic: Stilson (L.). 
Dictionary : Judson (A.) ; Lane 

Geography: Hough (Rev. G. H.). 
Geography, Text Book: Shway- 

too Sundys (W.). 
Grammar : Carey (F.) ; Latter 

(Thos.) ; Schliermacher (A.). 
Handbook: Chase (D. A.). 
Laud Measuring : Stilson (L.). 

Burmese — 

Law : Forchhammer (Dr. E.) ; 

Maung Tet Pyo. 
Medical Handbook : Mason (F.). 
Medicine: Medicine. 
Parables of Christ : Albro (J. A.). 
Prayer Book : Prayer Books. 
Reader : Davidson (Lt. F. A. L.). 
Vocabulary : Leyden (John). 
War : Alexander (J. E.) ; Snod- 

grass (Major). 
Burmese Empire— Description : San- 
germano (Padre D. V.). 

Bushman Folklore— Bleek (W. H. J.). 
Bythinia — Description of : Broussa, p. 

Cachar — Administration : Cachar. 
Cadiz— Statistics: Sykes (Col. W. H.), 

Cairo— Jomard (M.). 
Calabria— Earthquakes: Vivenzio(G.). 

Armenian Population : Avdall 
(J.), p. 

Cyclone of Oct. 5, 1864 : Gastrell 

(Col. J. E.). 
Exhibition, Economic Products of 

India : Watt (G.). 
Journey from, to Euroj>e 1827-8 : 

Lushington (Mrs. C). 
Map of : Ballad Poetry. 
Medical Topography : Martin (J. 

Overland Route to: Simms (F. 


Religious and Charitable Institu- 
tions: Lushington (C). 
Reports of Government Depart- 
ments, etc. : Calcutta. 
Calendars- Anglo-Chinese Calendar ; 

Ceylon ; Turkish. 
California— Emorj' (W. H.). 

Cambodia — Description : Remusat 

Camhoge — De la Porte (L.). 
Description of : Moura (J.). 

Camel— Gilchrist (W.). 

Canada— History : Martin (R. M.). 

Canadian Economics— British Asso- 



Canarese — 

Arithmetic : Colenso (Bishop J. 

Criminal Procedure Code : Criminal 

rrocedure Code (The). 
Description of Bombay Presidency: 

Veukat Rango Katti. 
Dialogues: Iyengar (S. B. K.). 
Dictionary: Reeve (W.). 
Geography : Geography ; Venkat 

llango Katti. 
Geometry: Euclid. 
Grammar : Canarese ; Karnataka 

Vag Vidhayini. 
Inscriptions from Bombay and 

Madi-as: Burgess (J.). 
Inscriptions (Ancient) : Dixon 

(Major Henry). 
Indian Penal Code in Canarese : 

Indian Penal Code. 
Lessons : Canarese ; McCulloch 

(J. R.)- 
Mental Arithmetic : Venkat Ran- 

go Katti. 
Poetry : Canarese ; Jaimini 

School Books : Canarese. 
Selections: Sanderson (D.). 
Tales : Katha Manjari ; Katha 
Candren Well — "Water of : Lyall 

(R.), p. 
Canton— Canton, p. 

Ophthalmic Hospital : Parker 
(Rev. P.), p. 
Cantonese [Dialect] — Ball (J. D.). 
Caoutchouc — Collins (James) ; Strettell 

(G. W.). 
Cape Colony — History: Napier (Col. 

E. E.). 
Cape of Good Hope — State of : Cape 
of Good Hope. 
Triangulation of : Everest (Capt. 
Carbonic Acid Gas — Efficacy in certain 

Diseases: Parkin (J.), p. 
Cardamon— Beke (C. T.), p. 
Carnatic — War in : Camatic. 
Carpets — Eastern : Robinson (V. J.). 
Carthage— De la Malle (D.). 
Carthaginian Inscriptions — Euting 

Cashmir— Hindu History of : "Wilson 

(11. H.), p. 
Caspian Sea — British Trade over : 

Hanway (J.). 
Cassiterides — Smith (G.). 
Caste— Irving (B. A.) ; Kitts (E, J.) ; 

Nesfield (J. C.) ; Sherring (Rev. 

M. A.). 
Castellani Collection — ^Vaux (W. S. 

Castes of India — Ramasvami (K. V.) . 

Catalogues — See the names of the 

various Collections or Libraries 

and other places where such are 


Caucasia — Bibliography ; Miansarof 

(M. M.). 
Caucasian Archaeology — Caucasus. 
Caucasus — 

Archives of the Viceroy of : Cau- 
Geography, History , Ethnography : 

Klaproth (J.). 
Travels : Klaproth (J.) ; Potocki 
(Count J.). 
Caucasus (Eastern) — Botany: Seidlitz 

(N. von). 
Caucasus and Georgia — Freigang 

Cave Temples — Burgess (J.) ; Fergus- 
sou (J.) ; "Wilson (J.), p. 
Cazembe — Lands of : Burton (Sir R. 

F.) ; Lacerda. 
Celebes— Van der Hart (C); AVoodard 

(Capt. D.). 
Celtic Heathendom — Rhys (J.). 
Celtic Languages — Glossography : 
Lhuyd (E.). 
Relation to Sanskrit : Pictet (A.) ; 
Bopp (F.). 
Census — Calcutta ; Central Provinces. 
Centaurs in China — Paravey (M. de), 

Central Indian Agency — Political 
Administration : Daly (Sir H. D.). 

Central Provinces — 

Aboriginal Tribes: Hislop (Rev. 

Administration: Central Provinces. 
Forests : Central Provinces. 
Languages of Aboriginal Tribes : 

Campbell (Sir G.). 



Cerealia of India and England — 

Prices compared: Sykes (Col. W. 
H.), p. ; Bertolacci (A.) ; Ceylon ; 
Davy (John) ; Lassen (C), p. ; 
Tennent (Sir J. E.). 
Ceylon — Bertolacci (A.) ; Davy (J.) ; 

Lassen (C), p. ; Teunrut (Sir 

J. G.). 
Administration : Parliamentary 

Coins : Numismata Orientalia, 

vol. i. 
Finance and Commerce: Parlia- 
mentary Reports. 
Fishes on the Coasts : Bennett 

History: [Fellowes (Dr. R.)] ; 

Knighton (W.) ; Knox (R.). 
History, Religion, and Sacred 

Books of : Friend, The ; 

Upham (E.). 
Hook Money of: Dickinson ("W. 

B ), p. 
Inscriptions : Ceylon ; Miiller (Dr. 

Lives of the Poets and Poetesses : 

Chitty (S. C). 

Mammalia: Blanford ("W. T.). 

Natives of : Weligama. 

Plants : Moon (A.). 

Railways : Parliamentary Reports. 

Tooth-relic : Cunha (J. Gerson 

Travels : Hoffmeister (W.) ; Va- 
lentia (Lord). 

Chaldsea — Civilization : Lenormant 


History: Ragozin (Z. A.). 

Chaldaean Account of Genesis — ^Smith 

Chaldaean Cylinders — Menant (J.). 

Chaldaean Language — Lenormant 


Chaldaean Magic — Lenormant (F.). 

Chaldaic Lexicon — Kaerle (J.) ; 

Schindler (V.). 

Chaldee— Christology of the Targums : 
Young (T.). 

ChampoUion le jeune (M.) — Life; 
Sacy (Bon. S. de), p. 

Chancery (The Masters in) — Delay in 
the Offices of: Cooper (C. P.), p. 

Channel Tunnel and Bailway — Par- 
liamentary Reports. 
Chaulukyas of Anhilvad — Biihler 

Chemical Philosophy — Dalton (J.). 
Cherubim— Smith (G.). 
Chess — History of: Forhes (D.), p. 
China — Auber (P.) ; China ; Chinese 
Traveller ; Parliamentary Re- 

Archaeology: Bretschneider (E.). 

Barrow's Travels in: Proudfoot 
__(W. L)._ 

British Relations with : British, 
p. ; Staunton (Sir G.), p. 

Coasts of : Callery (M.), p. 

Coins: Chaudoir (S. de). 

Commerce: Roudot (N.). 

Conquest by the Tartars : Palaf ox 
y Mendo9a (J. de). 

Description : Davis (Sir J. F.) ; 
Du Halde (J. B.) ; Mairan; 
Wright (Rev. G. N.). 

Embassy to: Staunton (Sir G.). 

English- Chinese War : Neumann 
(C. F.). 

Essays on : Neumann (C. F.) ; 
Pauthier (G.), p. 

Geography : JuUien (S.), p. ; Biot 
(E.), p. ; Klaproth (J.). 

History: Exoos (Rev.) ; Magail* 
lans (G.) ; Mailla (Le Pere) ; 
Martiiiius (M.) ; Mendoza (G. 
G. di) ; Miiller (G. F.) ; Mur- 
ray (Lieut. A.) ; Navarrete 
(D. F.) ; Ouchterlony (J.) ; 
Pauthier (G.) ; Shuck (J. 
L.); Winterbotham (W.). 

History, Sciences, Arts, Manners : 
China, Memoires, &c. 

Hospitals : Parker (Rev. P.), p. 

Industrial Processes known in 16th 
Century: Biot (E.), p. 

Insurrection in : Callery and Yvan. 

Land and People : Thomson (J.). 

Macartney's Embassy ; Holmes 
(S.) ; Winterbotham (W.). 

Mahommetanism in : Thiersant 
(D. de P.). 

Miscellaneous Notices of : Staun- 
ton (Sir G). 

Names of Towns and Divisions: 
Biot (E.). 



CMna — 

Plants: HofEmann (Dr. J.). 
Political Constitution (12tli Cent. 

B c.) : Auber (P.) ; Biot 

(E.), p. 
Political Relations with the West : 

Pautliier (G.). 
Productions : Hedde (J.) ; Kir- 

chei-us (A.). 
Protestant Mission : Milne (Eev. 

Public Instruction : Biot (E.). 
Relations with 1' Anuam ; Deveria 

Religion compared with the 

Greek : Hager (J.). 
Religions : Kircherus (A.) ; Malan 

(Rev. S. C). 
Religious Ceremonies ; Conf ormite ; 

Culin (S.) ; Gingell (W. M.). 
Residence in : Dobell (P.)- 
Revenue: Thoms (P, P.). 
Rites and Ceremonies : Biot (E.), 
Silkworms: Julien (S.). 
Sketches of: Davis (Sir J. F.). 
Slaves in: Biot (E.), p. 
TcheouLi; Biot (E.). 
Tea Cultivation : Ball (S.). 
Trade : Parliamentary Reports ; 

Pbipps (John) ; Staunton (Sir 

G.), p. ; Urmston (Sir J. 

B.), p. ; Waddington (S. F.), 

Travels : Alexandre de Rhodes ; 

Avril (P.) ; China, Nouvelles 

Voyages ; Chinese Traveller ; 

David (A.); DeGuignes(M.); 

Hue (M.) ; Itier (Jules) ; 

Johnson (J.) ; Ee Comte 

(L.) ; Moreau de St. Mery 

(M.); Osbeck (P.); Petit (F. 

D.); Renaudot (E.); Reuou- 

ard de St. Croix ; Rousset 

Treaty Ports: Dennys (N. B.). 
Voyages to : McLeod (John) ; 

Sonnerat (M.) ; Wise (H.). 
War of 1841 : Bingham (J. 

Works published in, by Europeans 

in 17th and 18th Centuries: 

Cordier (H.). 

China (Ancient) — Gladisch (A.). 

China (South) — Travels : Colquhoun 

(A. R.). 
China (Western) — Travels in, by E. C. 
Baber : Geographical Society, The 
China and Japan — Notes and Queries 

on: Dennys (N. B.). 
China and the Far East — Contenson 

(G. de). 

China and Tibet— Travels : GUI (W.). 

China and the Roman Orient — 

Ancient and Mediaeval Relations : 

Hirth (F.). 

China before the Chinese — Languages : 

Lacouperie (T. de). 
China during the War and since the 

Peace— Davis (Sir J. F.). 
China Sea — Robertson (G.). 
Chinchona — Markham (C. R.). 

Cultivation in India: King (G.). 
Chinese — 

Agriculture : Hervey de St. Denis 

(Le Baron). 
Antiquity: Paravey (M. de), p. 
Astronomy : Williams (J.), Anglo- 

Cliinese College, p. 
Bibliography : MiiUendorff (P. G. 

and 0. F.). 
Books — Catalogues : Asiatic 
Society (Royal) ; India Office 
Characters : Edkins (John) ; Klap- 

roth (J), p. 
Chrestomathy — Bridgman (E. C.) ; 

Klaproth (J.). 
Chronology : Fergusson (T.) ; 
Gaubil (Le Pere) ; Ideler 
Civilization, History : Lacouperie 

(T. de). 
Classic : Tseen Tsze Wan. 
Classical Books : Noel (F.). 
Coins : Chaudoir (S.) ; Endlicher 

(S.) ; Hager (J.) ; Paris. 
Collection in Philadelphia : Dunn 

Comedy — Lao-Seng-eul : Davis 

(Sir. J. F.). 
Commerce and Disputes ; Chinese, 

Commercial Guide : Morrison (J. 

R.), p. 
Culture : Intorcetta, 



Chinese — 

Customs, Langoiage, Ceremonies, 

etc. : Kirchems (A.). 
Dictionaries : Montucci (A.) ; De 

Guignes (M.); Gonsalves (J. 

A.) ; Kang Hi Tse Tien; 

Kircherus (A. ) ; Morrison 

(R.); Stent (G. C.) ; WU- 

liams (S. W.) ; Wuch'e yiin 

Drama : Bazin (M.) ; Davis (Sir 

J. F.) ; Hoei Lan Ki ; Kao 

Tong Kia. 
Exhibits at the International 

Fisheries Exhibition, 1883 : 


Games : Stewart (Culin). 

Government and People : Meadows 
(T. T.). 

Grammar: Bayer (T. S.); Edkins 
(John) ; Gonsalves (J. A.) ; 
Marshman (J.); Philo-Sinen- 
sis; Eemusat (A.). 

Green: Roudot (N.). 

Hakka Dialect, Vocabulary : Ball 

History : Brosset, p. 

Horticulture : Hervey de St. Denis 
(Le Baron). 

Husbandry: Osbeck (P.). 

Inscription: Hager (J.). 

Language : Confucius ; Fourmont 
(S.);Hopkin8(L. C); Hum- 
boldt (W. v.), p.; Julien(S.); 
Marshmam (J.) ; Myers (T.), 
p. ; Premare (P.) ; Meadows 
(T.T.); Schott(W.); Wade 
(SirT. F.); Watters (T.). 

Language and Literature : Doug- 
las m. K.). 

Literature: Bazin (M.) ; Giles 
(H. A.) ; Hau Kiou Choaan ; 
Kurz (H.), p. ; Neumann 
(C. F.) ; Pauthier (G.) ; 
Piry (A. T.) ; Tam Tu Kinh ; 
Thorn (Robert); Wylie(A.). 

Magic Mirrors : Julien (S.), p. 

Manners : Biot (E.), p. 

Manual : Chinese ; Mayers ("W 

Materia Medica : Hanbury (D.). 
Medals: Hager (J.). 
Meteorology : Piddington (H.). 
Miscellanies: Davis (Sir J. F.). 

Chinese — 

Monetary System : Biot (E.), p. 
Moral Maxims : Davis (Sir J. F.) ; 

Davis (Sir J. F.), p. 
Music: Aalst (J. A. van). 

Nestorian Monument : Pauthier 

Novels: Bowring (Sir J.) ; Thom, 
(Robert); Davis (Sir J. F.); 
Pavie, (T.). 

Official Documents : Pauthier 
(G.), p. 

Penal Code : Staunton (Sir G.). 

Philosophy: Chuang Tzii; Con- 
fucius ; Lao Tsii ; Mencius ; 
Neumann (C. F.), p. ; Pau- 
thier (G.), p. ; Watters (T.). 

Poetry: Brosset (M.), p.; Dam 
(Sir J. F.) ; Kien Long ; 
Stent (G. C); Thorns (P. 
P.) ; Weston (S.), p. 

Porcelain: Julien (S.). 

Prayer Book : Prayer Books. 

Primer, translated: Malan (S. C). 

Printed Books, MSS., and Draw- 
ings : British Museum. 

Printing T}'pes: Hoffmann (Dr. 

Romance, The Fortunate Union: 
Davis (Sir J. F.). 

Sacred Books : Legge (J.) : Y- 

Secret Societies: Culin (Stewart). 

Social Life : Culin (Stewart). 

Stories : Julien (S.). 

Tales: Bottger, (A.). 

The Four Books: Collie (Rev. 

The Hok-Keen Dialect — Diction- 

ary: Medhurst (W. H.). 
Translations from the Mandchu : 

Meadows (T.). 
Writing : Du Ponceau (P. S.) ; 
Hopkins (L. C.) ; Levasseur 
(J. C. v.), p. 
Chinese (Amoy) (Dutch Amoy) Dic- 
tionary— Schlegel (Dr. G.). 
Chinese and Japanese Collections of 
M. Cernuschi — Jacqucmart (A.). 
Chinese and Japanese Illustrated 

Books — British Museum. 
Chinese and Japanese Paintings — 
British Jluseum. 



Chins— Customary Law : Maung Tet 

CMpewan Prayer Book — Prayer 


Chippeway Dialect — Howse (J.). 

Chittagaon — Tour to : Pogson (Capt. 
W. E,.)- 
Hill Tracts — Proverbs : Lewin 
(Col. T. H.). 

Cholera— Ainslie (W.), p. ; Blane (Sir 
G.), p. ; Christie (A. T.) ; Cholera 
Morbus, p. ; Congreve (H.), p. ; 
Cunuiugham (J. M.)) P- 1 Honig- 
berger (J. M.), p. ; Kell (J. B.), 
p.; Macnamara C.); Parkin f J.), 
p. ; Pettigrew (T. T.), p. ; Smith 
(A.), p. 

Chota Nagpore : Chota Nagpore. 

Christian Doctrine — Bellarmine 

Christian Missions — History: Smith 

Christianity — Macan (R. "W.) ; Angus 
(Joseph); Dottrina Christiana. 

Development of : Pfleiderer (0.). 

In India : Ainslie (W.) ; Pearson 

In the East : Neve (F.), p. 

In Scotland: Wise (T. A.). 

Christianity (Early) — In Arabia : 

Wright (T.) 

Christianity and Hindu Philosophy — 

Ballantyne (J. R.). 

Chronology — Biot (E.), p. ; Fortia 
D' Urban; Hales (Rev. W.) ; 
Art (L') de verifier les dates ; 
Chronological Institute Trans- 
actions; Ideler (L.). 
Eastern Nations : Albiruni. 

Church History of the Old Testament 

Bible, p. 
Cilicia — History of: Barker (W. B.). 
Circassia — History: Wagner (Dr. F.). 
Circassian Dictionary — Loewe (L.). 
Cleopatra's Needle — King (Rev. J.). 
Coal Mines : Garnier (F.), p. 
Cochin — British and Native Cochin. 

Coohin-China — Mission to, 1821-2 : 
Finlayson (George). 

Cochin . China (French) — Cochin- 

Cochin-China and Siam — Journal of 

an Embassy to the Courts of : 

Crawfurd (John). 
Cochin-Chinese Vocabularies — 

Cochin-Chinese Vocabulary ; Du 
Ponceau (P. S.) ; Taberd 
(J. L.). 
Cochin - Chinese and Latin Die - 

tionary — Du Ponceau (P. S.). 
Cochineal — Anderson (J.) ; BeU (J.), 

p. ; Prinsep (G. A.), p. 
Cocoa-nut Tree — Marshall (H.), p. 

Coins — 

Ancient : Athens. 
Catalogue of: Beiris (G. C), p. 
General: Postolacca (A.). 
Greek: Ameth (J.) ; Turin. 
Roman : Ameth (J.) ; Turin. 

College of Fort William — Wellesley 

(Marquis), p. 
Colonial Ecclesiastical Establish- 
ment — Buchanan (Rev. C). 
Comets observed in China, 1230-1640 

A.D.— Biot (E.), p. 
Commerce — Dictionary: M'Cidloch 
(J. R.). 

Memoir: Vaugban (W.). 
Commercial Questions — Rodet (D. 

L.), p. 
Commercial Crisis in England — 

Crise, p. 
Comoro Islands— Palmer (A. H.), p. 
Comparative Language Roots — Dorn 

(B.), p. 
Compass — in China: Biot (E.), p. 
Confucianism — Lefavre (J.) ; Li Ki. 
Confucius — China; Klaproth (J.), p. ; 

Chinese Traveller. 
Congo Language — Cannecattim (B. 
M. de). 

Dictionary, English-Congo: Congo 

Grammar : Brusciotto. 
Constantinople — 

Capture of : S'ad ad Din Khoja. 

Siege of : Tassy (G. de), p. 

Travels : Muhammad Edib ibn 

Muhammad ; Macfarlane (C. ). 

Constantinople and the Bosphorus — 

Dethier (P. A.). 

Convalescent Station of Malcolm Pait 
— Convalescent, p. 



Cookery for India — Indian Domestic 

Coorg — 

Cardamon Cultivation : Ludlow 

Gazetteer: Eichter (Eev. G.). 

Geography: Eice (L.). 

Grdmmar: Cole (Capt. E. A.). 

Inscriptions: Eice (L.). 

Eeports of Government Depart- 
ments, etc. : Coorg. 
Copernician System — Hunter (W.), 

Coptic — 

Affinity with other Languages : 
Klaproth (J.). 

Chrestomathy : Uhlemaun (M. 

Glossary : Uhlemaun (M. A.). 

Grammar : Uhlemaun (M. A.). 

Language : Michaeler (C.) ; Neve 

(F-), P- 

Eeligion : Apostolical Constitu- 
Coptic, Egyptian, and Ude Grammar 

—Clarke (Hyde). 
Coptic-Latin and L.-C, Vocabulary — 

Parthey (G.). 
Corea — 

Coins : Chaudoir (S. de) 

Geography: Klaproth (J.). 

Voyage to : McLeod (John). 
Cornish Drama — Norris (E.). 
Coromandel Coast— Pagodas : Pagodas 

Plants: Eoxburgh (W.). 
Cosmography — D' Avezac . 
Cosmology of the Eig Veda — "Wallis 

(H. W.). 
Cotton — 

Cultivation : Money (E.), p. ; 
Wheeler, (J. T.). 

Culture: Cassels (W. E.). 

Culture and Commerce : Eoyle 
(J. F.). 

Geographical Distribution: Eitter 

Trade of India: [Briggs (J)], p. 
Cotton of Egypt— Gliddon (G."E.),p. 
Courts of Law, Danger of the En- 
croachment of the — Haughton 

(Sir G. C), p. 
Cradle-Land of Arts and Sciences — 

Stone (C. J.). 

Creation— History of : Poole (E. S.). 
Cree Grammar — Horden (Eight Eev. 

J.) ; Howse (J.) ; Hunter (Yen. 

Crimea — History : Muhammad Eiza. 

Travels: Eeuilly (J.). 
Crusades — Arabic Historians of the 

Crusades: Keinaud (M.). 
Crustacea — Collecting and Preserving : 

Samonelle (G.). 
Cubit Measure — Drovetti (M.), p. 
Cuddapah — Manual of: Gribble (J. 
D. B.). 

Mineralogy: Ouchterlony (Lieut.), 
Cufic Coins — Loewe (Dr. L.), p.; 

Cufic Inscriptions — Marcel (J. J.). 

Cuneiform — 

Achamenian Inscriptions : Stern 

M. A.). 
Characters: Chassat (E. de). 
Inscriptions : British Museum ; 

Burnouf (E. ) ; Grotefend (G. 

F.) ; Haupt (P.) ; Hitzig(F.), 

p. ; Kossowicz (C.) ; Lassen 

(C.) ; Landseer (T.), p. ; 

Lotz (W.); Oppert (J.); 

Philological Society; Smith 

(S. A.) ; Spiegel (F.) ; Zeit- 

schrift fiir Keilschnftfors- 

Syllabaries : Lenormant (F.). 
Tablets : British Museum. 
Texts : Gobineau (A. de). 
Types: Bezold (C). 
Curiosities of Nature— Burt (W.). 
Cutch — History: Burnes (J.). 
Cyclone — 

Madras, May, 1877: Eliot (J.). 
Midnapore and Burdwan : "Wilson 

(W. G.). 
Vizagapatam and Backergunge, 

Oct., 1876: Eliot (J.). 
Cyclonic Storms in the Bay of Bengal 

—Eliot (J.). 
Cyprus — Cesnola (Gen. L. P. di). 
Art: Perrot (G.). 
Buildings: I'Anson (E.). 
History: Macheras (L.). 
Inscription: Both (Dr. E.). 
Travels, 1814 : Light (Capt. H.). 



Oabhoi, in Gujarat — Antiquities : 
Burgess (J.). 

Dacca — Statistics, Topograpliy : Taylor 

Damascus — History : Porter (Rev. J. 

Danes — History : "WTieaton (H.). 
Daniel — The Inspired Prophecies : 

Bosanquet (J. W.)- 
Dannbiaa Ethnography — Van den 

Gheyn (J.). 
Darjeeling — Handbook : Hathom 

(Capt. J. G.). 

Dead Sea, The, and the Jordan, Expe- 
dition to — Lynch (Lieut. VV. F.). 

Deaf and Dumb Hospital, New York 
— New York, p. 

Deccan — 

Geology: Sykes (Lt.-Col. TV. 

History : Bhandarkar (R. G.) ; 

Muhammad Ghulilm Imum 

Mammalia and Birds : Sykes (Lt.- 
Col. W. H.). 
Meteorology : Sykes (Lt.-Col. W. 

Statistics : Sykes (Lt.-Col. W. 

Zoology — Sykes (Lt.-CoL W. 


Debli — Ahmad Khan. 

Archaeology and Monumental Re- 
mains : Stephen (Carr). 
Geography: Panjab Gazetteer. 
Kings of, History : 'Abbas Khan 
Sarwanl ; 'Abd al Hamid ; 
Afsos ; Thomas (E.) ; Ziyah 
ad Din Barani. 
Sultans, Coins of : Lane-Poole 
Deluge, The— Schcebel (C), p. 

Hieroglyphic Documents on : 
Paravey (M. de), p. 
Demotic Inscriptions — 

British Museum Publications. 
Denderah, Planisphere of — Paravey 

(M. de). 
Dera Ghazi Khan — Geography : Pan- 
jab Gazetteer. 

Dera Ismail Khan — Geography : Pan- 
jab Gazetteer. 

Derbend— History : Derbend-Nameh. 

Dhar — Dickinson (J.). 

Dharwar — Architecture : Taylor (Col. 

Dharwar and Mysore — Inscriptions : 
Hope (Theodore C). 

Dictionaries — Catalogue of : Triibner. 

Dignities — Feudal and Parliamentary, 
of the United Kingdom : Betham 
(Sir W.). 

Dinajpur — Account of : Hamilton (F . ) . 

Diseases incident to Indian Seamen 
or Lascars on long Voyages — 
Essay on the : Hunter (W. W.). 

Docks — Vaughan ("W.). 

Dravidian Languages — Comparative 
Grammar: Caldwell (Bishop R.). 

Dravidian Philology — Seshagiri Sastri 


Drowned, the apparently, Recovery 
of : Humane Society, p. 

Druids — Higgins (G.). 

Druses — Carnarvon (Earl of). 

Duncan Records — Selections from the : 
Duncan (Jonathan). 

Dutch East Indies— Bata^^a ; Bata- 
viaasch Genootschap ; Houck- 
geest (A.). 
Alphabets : Holle (K. F.). 
Flora: Blume (C. L.) ; Rosen- 
berg (C. B. H. von). 

Dutch, English, and Javanese Vo- 
cabulary — Bruckner (G.). 

Dyak — Dictionary: Hardeland (A.). 
Grammar — Hardeland (A.). 


East — 

Ancient History : Lenormant (F.). 
Coasts, Ports, and Navigation : 
Dalrymple (A.). 

Thirty -five Years in : Konigberger 

(J. M.). 
Travels: "Walpole (Rev. R.). 

East India Aifairs — Parliamentary 

East India Built Shipping — Harrison 

(W.), p. 

East India College (Haileybury) — 
Grant (R.), p. 



East India Company — See in loco; 
Birdwood CSir G.) ; [Bruce 
(John)]; Jackson (R.)) P- ! 
Lee (T.), p. ; Parliamentary 
Affairs of: Myers (F.), p. 
Constitution of : Auber (P.). 
Correspondence, Papers, Reports, 
&c., &c. : East India Com- 
pany, p. 
Educational Establishments: Sykes 

(Col. W. H.), p. 
Financial Situation: Tucker (II. 

St. G.). 
History: Thornton (Capt.). 
Inscriptions on the Coinage of : 

Sainthill (R.), p. 
Judicial Revenue Departments : 

Smith (N.), p. 
Maritime Service of the: Mari- 
time, p. 
Pretensions to Exclusive Trade : 

Free Trade, p. 
Procedure in Civil Courts : Mac- 

pherson (W.). 
Sermon preached before : Reynolds 

Trade between India and Europe : 

Henchman (ThoraasK 
Various Reports, dating froml773. 
See in loco. 
East India Company (French) — St. 

Mare (L. de), p. 
East India Military Calendar — 

East India Station — Health of Navy : 

Parliamentary Reports. 
East Indian Archipelago — Ethno- 
graphy: Meyer (A. B.). 
Eastern AfricanLanguages Reviewed 

—Bird (J.), p. 
Eastern Law — Du Perron (A.). 
Eastern Monachism — Hardy (R. 

Spence) . 
Eastern Proverbs and Emblems — 

Long (Rev. J.). 
Eastern Question — Long (Rev. J.). 
Eastern Questions — Essays : Pal- 
grave (W. G.). 
Eastern Tales — Noble (James). 
Ebro — The Navigation of the: "Walton 

(W.), p. 
Ecbatana — Buckingham (J. S.). 

Ecclesiastical History and Antiquity 
— Townley (Rev. J.). 

Ecclesiastical Institutions of Hol- 
land— Wicksteed (P. II.). 

Economic Products of India— "Watt 

Edda— Ring (M. de). 

Eddas. See in loco. 

Education — Calcutta; Central Pro- 
In England : Education, p. 
In N.W. Provmces : Thornton 

Lectures on : Education. 
National : Lansdowne (Marquis 

of), p. ; Russell (Lord J.), p. 
Public Examination : Addiscombe, 

Egypt — Egypt, Bulletin de I'Institut ; 

Revue Egvptologique ; Glid- 

don (G. R.), p. 
Affairs of : Parliamentary Papers. 
Antiquities: Birch (S.), p. 
Arabian Frontier, Comparative 

Geography : Corbaux (Miss 

F.), p. 
Arabic History of : Abu'l Mahasin 

ibn Taghri Bardii. 
Calendar: Averanus (N.). 
Civilization: Lenormant (F.). 
Cotton : GUddon (G. R.), p. 
Description: Hemso (G. de), p. 
Education : Yacoub Artin Pacha. 
European Intervention : Sakakini 

Fellaheen: d'Eichthal (G.). 
Geography: Poole (S. L.). 
Guide Book: Sestiri (M.). 
Handbook: Parbury (G.). 
History: Jamal ad Din ; Rollin's 

Ancient History ; Sedillot ' L. 

A.), p. ; Su'heili Efendi ; 

"Wilkinson (Sir J. G.). 
Landed Property : Artin Key. 
Letters written in : Champollion 

le jeune. 
Mamluk Sultans: Makrizi al-. 
Monuments : Gliddon (G. R.), p. ; 

Rosellini (I.). 
Pjrramids : Agnew (H. C.) ; 

Yeates (T.), p. 



Scientific Exploration: Wild (J. 

J.), p. 
Travels : Churi (J. H.) ; Irby 
(Hon. C. L.) ; Khosrau 
(Nassiri) ; Lepsius (Dr. R.) ; 
Light (Capt. H.) ; Mack- 
worth (Major) ; Oliphant 
(L.); Valentia (Lord). 
Egypt (Ancient), connected with As- 
syria — Maurice (Rev. F.). 
Religion— Renouf (P. L. P.). 
Egypt (Upper and Lower) — Travels: 

Sonnini (C. S.). 
Egyptian — 

Alphabet: SeyfEarth (G.). 

Antiquities : Birch (S.) ; Gozzera 

(C), p. ; Mariette-Bey ; Mas- 

pero (G.) ; Nicholson (Sir 

C.), p. ; Spineto (Marquis). 

Archaeology: Melanges d'Archeo- 

Chronicles: Palmer (W.). 
Chronology: Lieblein (J.). 
Comparative Grammar : Van Drival 

Demotic Inscriptions : Brugsch 

Dictionary : Tattam (Rev. H.) ; 

Young (T.). 
Ethnography: Morton (S. G.). 
Grammar : Renouf (P. L. P.) ; 

Tattam (Rev. IL). 
Handbook : Tien (Rev. A.). 
Hieroglyphics : Goulianoff (M. de), 

p. ; Wall (Rev. C. W.). 
History: 'Abd al Latif ; Lotz. 
Hymn to the Sun : Sedillot (L. 

A.), p. 
Inscriptions : British Museum 

Publications; Naville (E.). 
Language : Quatremere (E.). 
Literature: Quatremere (E.). 
Medicine : Clot Bey, p. 
Monuments : Van Drival (E.) ; 
Lieblein (J.) ; Records of the 
Mummies: Granville (Dr. A. B.). 
Music: Engel(C.). 
Obelisks, Short History of: Cooper 

(W. R.). 
Papyri: Birch (S.). 

Question : Wallace (D. M.). 

Relation to Semitic : Benfey (T.). 

Sculptures (Ancient), in Turkey: 
Hogg (J.),^P- 

Texts : Etudes Egyptologique. 

Texts (Ancient) : Salvolini (F.). 

Years and Months : Hincks (Rev. 
Egyptian, Coptic, and Tide — Com- 
parative Grammar: Clarke (Hyde). 
Egyptians (Ancient) — Wilkinson (Sir 
J. G.). 

Art: Seyffarth (G.). 

Astronomy: Seyffarth (G.). 

Literature: Seyffarth (G.). 
Egyptians (Modern) — Burckhardt (J. 

L.) ; Lane (E. W.). 
Eijo, or Aku — Vocabulary: Raban 

(Rev. J.), p. 
Electricity — Harris (Sir W. S.) ; 

Laming (R.), p. 
Elephant — Gilchrist (W.) ; Ritter 

(C), p. 


Cave Temples: Burgess (J.). 
Painting of Visvakarman : Frank 

(0.), p. 
Temples and Dwellings: Seely (J. 
Embalming — Granville (Dr. A. B.) ; 

Davidson (J.), p. 
England — 

Description : Raguva. 
History : Davys (G.) ; Garrett 
England in 13th to 15th Centuries — 

English — 

Classical and Oriental Literature — 
identity of: Pote (B. E.), p. 

Dictionary: Webster (N.). 

Drama : Francklin (Rev. Thos.) ; 
Baillie (J.), p. 

Fiction: Hope (Thos.) ; Karmath; 
Macfarlane (C.) ; Morier 
(J.) ; Prichard (I. T.) ; 
Rafter (Capt.) ; Rameses ; 
Taylor (Col. M.). 

Grammar : Pearson (J. D.), p. 

Grammar for the Chinese : Mor- 
rison (R.), p. 




English — 

Inscriptions on the Coinage of 
the East India Company : 
Sainthill (R.). P- 

Language, The, as a medium for 
Native Education: Educa- 
tion, p. 

Law: Okey(C.). 

Poetry : Baddeley (St. C.) ; 
Gaunter (Rev. R. M.) ; Dun- 
bar (R. M.) ; Hanson (Sir 
Levett) ; Hutchinson (James) ; 
Leslie (M. E.) ; McCosh (J.) ; 
Roberts (Emma) ; Tagore. 

Proverbs : Proverbs, p. 
Epidemics — Honigberger (M.), p. 
Erythraean Sea— McCrindle (J. \V.) ; 

Reinaud (M.). 
Eskimo Prayer Book — Prayer Books. 
Essays — 

By the Students of Fort William : 

Linguistic and Oriental : Cust (R. 
N.); Deutsch (E.). 

Miscellaneous : Colebrooke (II. 

Esther, a Commentary on — Cassel 

Ether, Discovery of — Ether, p. 
Ethics of Evolution — Schurman (J. 

Ethiopia — History: Labat (J. B.). 
Proposed Scientific Exploration of: 
WUd (J. J.), p. 
Ethiopian — Inscriptions : Roediger 
(E.), p. 
MSS. Catalogues : Paris. 
Ethiopic Family of Languages re- 
viewed — Bird (J.), p. 
Ethnography — Mignet (M.), p. 
Atlas: Balbi (A.). 
Museums : Siebold (P. F. de), p. 
Ethnology — 

A Museum of Mankind : Eth- 
nology, p. 
Descriptive : Latham (R. G.), p. 
Ethnological Society : Latham 

(R. G.),p. 
General : Latham (R. G.). 
Russian Words derived from 
Oriental Languages : Erd- 
mann (F.), p. 

Etruria — Dennis (George). 
Etruscan — 

Inscriptions : Canino (Prince de). 

Language, The : Taylor (Isaac). 
Euphrates Expedition — Ainsworth 

Europe — 

Ethnology: Latham (R. G.). 

Travels: Elliott (C. B.) ; rti?am 
ad Din ; Mottraye (A. de 
la) ; Schiltberger (J.). 
Europe and the East — Travels in: 

Berggren (J.). 
Europe (Northern) — Archaeology : 

Ellesraere ^Earlof). 
European — 

Languages — History : Murray 

People before Herodotus : Ritter 

Weapons, Duke of York's Collec- 
tion of — Catalogue of : Cata- 
logue, p. 
European and Asian Languages — 

Kennedy (Lt.-Col. V.). 
European and Asiatic MSS. in the 

Library of Dr. Adam Clarke : 

Clarke" (Dr. Adam). 
European and Indian Languages 

compared: Eichhotf (F. G.). 
Euxine Sea — Arrian: Vincent (W.). 
Excise Revenue — Central Provinces. 
Exhibition, 1862 — Catalogue of the 

Indian Department: Watson ^J. 

Exhibitions — Calcutta ; Vienna. 
Eyo Vocabulary — Raban (Rev. J.). 

Fables — Trimmer (Mrs.). 

Gay's, in Bengali: Gay (John). 
,, in Urdu: Gay (John). 

Factory Children — Factory Children, 

Fairy Tales — Soma Deva Bhatta ; 

Falconry — Hammer -Purgstall (J. v.). 

Famine — -Duty of the Government in 
period of : Thomas (J. F.), p. 

Famines— Etheridge (A. T.) ; Girdle- 
stone (G. E. R.) ; Henvey (F.) ; 
MacdonneU (A. P.). 



Fan-Qui, The, in Cliina in 1836-7— 

Downing (C. Toogood), 
Fatehpur Gazetteer — Growse (F. S.). 
Fayum— Discoveries in : Rifaud (M.). 
Ferozepore — Geography : Panjab 

Fez— Borsari (F.). 
Ficus Elastica— Search for : Strettell 

(G. W.). 
' Fi hadiid Sanat '— Flugel (G.), p. 
Finnish Language — Ujfalvy (C. E. 


Fire Arms— Duke of York's Collection 
of, Catalogue of : Catalogue, p. 

Fishes — Broussonet (P.). 

Natural History of : Thomas (H. 

Of Ceylon : Bennett (J. W.). 

Of India: Beavan (Capt. E.). 

Flamsteed, Rev. J. — Account of : 
Baily (Francis). 

Flanders — Pauperism : Ducpetiaux 


Folk-Lore — Jutaka; Paiaca Tantra ; 
Suka Saptati ; Virchow (R.). 

Forest-Trees— Evelyn (John). 

In S. Mysore: Anderson (C). 

Forests — Canara ; Central Provinces. 

Formosa — Missionary Work : Camp- 
bell (Sir G.). 

Fort St. George — Disturbances at : 
Fort !St. George, p. 
Letter to Government of : "Welles- 
ley (Marquis), p. 

Fort William— Annals of the College : 
Roebuck (T.). 

Forts of Bhurtpore & Weire— Abbott 

(Lt. G.). 
Fossil Fish from the Table Land of 

the Deccan: Sykes (Col. W. H.), 

Foulahs The, of Central Africa and 

the African Slave Trade : Hodgson 

(W. B.), p. 

Four Roman Ways— On the : Guest 
(E.), p. 

France— Travels : Weatherhead (G. 

Frankfort-on- the- Main — Statistics : 
Sykes (Col. W. H.), p. 

Frederick II. and Mussulman Philo- 
sophy — iNeve (F.), p. 

French — 

East India Company : Dupleix 

(Le Sieur). 
Lavr: Okey (C). 
Missionaries in India : Nouvelles 

des Missions Orientales. 
Poetry : Henri IV. 

Scientific Expedition : Ujfahy (C. 
E. de). 

French- Swedish Dictionary : Swedish. 
Fulah Language— Krause (G. A.). 
Fulde Grammar — Baikie (Dr.) ; Rei- 
chardt (C. A. L.). 
Vocabulary: Reichardt (C. A. L.). 
Fusiyama— Views of : Hokusai. 


Galla— St. Matthew, in GaDa : Krapf 
Vocabulary: Krapf (J. L.). 

Gallas — Jomard (M.), p. 

Origin of the : Beke (C. T.), p. 

Gambler, The Isles of — Bachelor (M.), 

Ganges — Sources : Fraser (J. B.). 

Ganges and Jumna — Forrest (Lieut. - 

Gathas^Haug (M.). 

Gaudian Languages — Comparative 
Grammar : Hoernle (A. F. Ru- 

Ganr — Ruins and Inscriptions : Raven- 

shaw (J. H.). 
Gazetteer — Universal : Cruttwell 

(Rev. Clement). 
Gazetteers — See Hunter (Sir W.) ; 

Thornton (E.) ; also Names of 

the various territories of which 

Gazetteers have been compiled. 
Gems — Tagore. 

Genesis — Chaldaean Account : Smith 

Compared with Ancient Religions 
— Priaulx (0. de B.). 
Genesis of Earth and Man — Poole 

(R. S.). 

Gentu Laws— Halhed (N. B.). 
Geographical — 

Collection of Bibliotheque Royale, 
Paris : Berthelot (S.), p. 



Geographical — 

Discovery, Decline of: Richard- 
son (J.), p. 

List of Places with Two Names : 
Geographical, p. 

•Society of Paris : d'Avezac (M.). 

Works of Sadik I?fahani: Sadik 

Geography — Balbi (A.) ; Berlin, 
Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde ; 
Bezout (L.) ; Deutsche Eun 
dschau ; Geographical Society, 
The Royal ; Geographisches 
Jahrbuch ; Baness (J. F.) 
(Index Geographicus Indi- 
cus) ; Mallouf (N.) ; Man- 
chester Geographical Society ; 
Nederlandsch Aardrijkskun- 
dig Genootschaft ; Paris, 
Societe de la Geographic ; 
Pinkerton (J.) ; Ptolemy ; 
Ritter (Carl) ; Scottish Geo- 
graphical Society. 

Of the S.E. Coast of Arabia : 
Carter (H. J.), p. 

Of the Arabian Frontier of Egypt : 
Corbaux (Miss F.), p. 

Progress of : Hemso (G. de), p. 
Geography (Ancient) — Plutarch ; 

T}'tler (R.). 
Geography (Modem) — Pinkerton (J.). 
Geography (Physical) — Prichard (I. 

Australasia : Earl (G. "W.), p. 

Hindostan : Buist (Dr.), p. 

Geography and History — Lettres 

Geological — Index: Bartlett (G.). 
Insti-uctions : Fitton (Dr. W. 

H.), p. 
Geology — 

Geological Society of London ; 

MacCulloch (John). 
Of Bombay : Carter (H. J.), p. 
Of India: Calder (J.), p. ; India, 

Geology of. 
Of the Irawadi: Buckland (Prof.), 

Of North-Eastem Bengal : Cole- 

brooke (H. T.), p. 
Of Southern India : Smith (B.). 
Of Turko-Persian Frontier: Lof- 

tus (W. K.), p. 

Geology — 

Of South Coast of Arabia : Carter 
(H. J.), p. 
George (St.) of Cappadocia— Budge 

(E. A.). 
Georgia — 

Chronicle : Brosset (M.). 
History : Dom (B.), p. 
Travels: Johnson (Lt.-Col. J.) ; 
Klaproth (J.) ; Porter (Sir 
R. K.). 
Georgia and the Caucasus — Freigang 

Georgian — 

Grammar : Klaproth (J.) ; Mag- 

gio (F. M.). 
Language: Brosset (M.). 
Moral Sentences : Brosset (M.), 
German Language — Analogies with 
Greek and Latin : Schoebel (C). 
German-English and E.-G. Dictionary 

— Kaltschmidt (J. H.). 
German (Old) Poetry— Meyer (N.). 
German (Swabian Dialect) Dictionary 

— Birlinger (A.). 
Ghadames — Description: Richardson 
Mission to : Algeria. 
Ghat — Description : Richardson (J.). 

Language: Krause (G. A.). 
Ghazipur — History: North-Western 
Statistics: North- Western Pro- 
Ghazni — History of the Kings of : 
'Utbi al. 
Persian History of the Kings of : 
Abii'l Fazl al Baihaki. 
Ghnrp Falzbaier Mountains — Flurl 

(M.), p. 
Gibraltar — Handbook of : Gibraltar. 
Gipsies— Grellmann (H. M. G.) ; Pas- 

pati(A. G.); Pott (A. F.). 
Gipsies in Europe — Bataillard (P.), p. 
Globes— Hues (R.). 
Goa — History and ArcbiBology : Fon- 
seca (J. N. de). 
Inquisition: Dellon (C). 
Godavery District — History : Morris 



Gold and Silver Standard — Streeter 

(E. W.). 
Goletta, The — Conquest of : Carletti 

, (J.T.). 
Gond — Vocabulary: Hislop (Rev. S.). 
Goorka War, 1814-16— Goorka War. 
Gosselin (M. P. F. G.) — Numismatic 

Collections of : Eaoul-Kochette 

(M.), p. 
Gour — The Euins of : Creighton 


Grammar— Comparative : Ayuso (F. 
G.j ; Beames (J.) ; Schleicher (A.). 
Grammars — Catalogue of : Triibner. 
Grant (Sir J. P.)— Petition of : Grant 

(Sir J. P.), p. 
Great Britain — 

Cotton Trade: Mann (J. T.). 
Languages: Lhuyd (E.). 
Travels : Doshabhai Framji 

Trees and Shrubs : Loudon (J. 

Grebo — 

Dictionary: Payne (Rt. Rev. J.). 
Grammar: Payne (Rt. Rev. J.). 
Greece — 

Description of : Schinss (M.), p. 
History : Goldsmith (0.) ; Parish 

(H. H.) ; Rollin's Ancient 

Travels : Slade (A.) ; Temple 

(Major Sir G.). 
(Ancient) Manners and Customs 

of: St. John (J. A.). 
Greek — 

Affinity with German : Brandes 

(H. K.). 
Antiquities : Blaramberg (M. de) ; 

Lasaidx (E. v.), p. 
Archaeology : Hellenic Journal. 
Celtic Origin: Stratton (Sir T.K 
Chronology: Clinton (H. F.). 
Fables : Kalilah u Damnah. 
History : Arbanere (E. G.). 
Influence in Oriental Religions : 

Gruppe (0.). 
Influence on the Christian Church : 

Hatch (E.). 
Inscriptions: Dietrich (F.); Gra- 
ham (C. C); Hogg (J.), p.; 

Vogiie (M. de). 

Greek — 

Language : Donaldson (J. W.). 
Manuscripts (Ancient) : British 

Museum Publications. 
Palaeography : Sakellaropoulos 

(K.), p. 
Philosophy : Aurelius Antoninus 

Poem : Coluthus. 
Roots — Lexicon: Benfey (T.). 
Vases: Letronne (M.), p. 
Greek (Modern) History — Dapontis. 
Greek (Modem) Language — Brandea 

(H. K). 
Greek (and Phoenician) Medals — 

Dutms (L. ). 
Greek-English Lexicon — Liddell (H. 

Greek-Latin Lexicon — Hederici (B.). 
Greenland — East Coast of : Graah 

(Capt. W. A.). 
Gujarat— Malabari (B. M). 

Geography : Pan jab Gazetteer. 
History: 'Ali Muhammad Khan; 

Biihler (Georg) ; Iskandar. 
Gujarati — Bho^vnaggree (M. W,). 
Dictionary : Robertson (E. P.). 
English Grammar : Ramsay (Lt. 

H. N.). 
Geography: Candy (T.). 
Geography of Asia : Mohanlal 

Grammar: Forbes (W.) ; Hope 

(T. C); Ramsay (Lieut. H. 

N.); Shapurji (E.). 
History of England : Lilkanth (R. 

S.) ; Shereearjee Pestonjee. 
History of India : Morris (H,). 
History of Philosophy: Dvivedi 

(M. N.). 
Mathematics: Jervis(Capt. G. R.)^ 
Moral Poetry: Malabari (B. M.). 
Natural Theology : Gallaudett 

(Rev. T. H.). 
Poems : Gujarati ; Dalpatram 

Religion and Morals : Jejeebhoy 

(S. J.). 
Travels: Petit (F. D.). 
Universal History: Lilkanth (R. 

Vernacular School Books: Gujarati. 



Gnjarati, Pahlavi, and English Dic- 
tionary — Jamaspi Dastur. 

Gajranwala — Geography : Panjab 

Guntoor — Mineralogy : Ouchterlony 
(Lieut.), p. 

Gupta Dynasty — Eecords : Thomas 
Inscriptions : Fleet (J. F.). 

Gurdaspnr — Geography : Panjab 

Gurgaon — Geography: Panjab Gazet- 

Gurmukhi Grammar — Court (Major 
H. M.). 


Hadvamont — Arabic Colonies in : 

Van den Berg (L. W. C). 
Haidar Ali— War with : Asia. 
Haidar Ali Khan — Stewart (Major 

C); Tippu Sultan. 
Haileybury Students — Address to : 

Sykes (Col. W. H.), p. 
Haiti— Civilization of : Haiti. 
Hakluyt Society's Publications — 

Hakluyt Society's Publications. 
Hanifite Authors — Fliigel (G.). 
Hanover — Lyceum at : Grotefend (G. 

Harari Language — Miiller (F. von). 
Earihara — Shrine of : Foulkes (Rev. 

Hastings (Warren), Trial of — East 

India Company; Hastings (W.). 

Hatim Tax — Adventures of : Hatim 

Hau Kiou Choaan, or The Pleasing 
History — Hau Kiou Choaan. 

Haussa — 

Dictionary: Schon (Rev. J. F.). 
Grammar: Schon (Rev. J. F.). 
Native Literature : Schon (Rev. 

J. F.). 
Primer : Schon (Rev. J. F.). 

Haussa- Arabic Vocabulary — Schon 
(Rev. J. F.). 

Haussa-English and E.-H. Vocabu- 
laries— Schon (Rev. J. F.). 

Hazar and Hazor of the Scriptures — 
WUson (J.), p. 

Hazara Geography— Panjab Gazet- 

Health of Europeans in India— 

Waitz (F.). 
Heat and Light— Pugh (S.), p. 
Hebrew — Petermann (H.). 

Bible — Annual Accounts of the 

Collation of Hebrew MSS., 

1760-1769: Kennicott (B.). 
Books : British Museum. 
Books and MSS. — Catalogue : 

Oppenheimer (R.). 
Catechism : McKee (H. P.) ; 

Young (T.). 
Etymology: Higgins (G.), p. 
Grammar : Emesti (M. H.) ; Land 

(J. P. N.) ; Lee (Rev. S.) ; 

Strack (H. L.) ; Yeates (T.). 
Hariri's Makamat in : Yehudah 

ben Shelomoh. 
Introduction to: Walker (G. F.). 
Language : Baumgartner (A. J.) ; 

Bennett (S.) ; Goodhugh 

Lessons : Warschawski (P. I. J.). 
Lexicon: Schindler (V.). 
MSS. Catalogues : Copenhagen ; 

Paris; Strassburg. 
Music : Engel (C). 
Orthography: Wall (Rev. C. W.). 
PhUology : Wall (Rev. C. W.). 
Poetry : Letteris (Max) ; Sarchi 


Rudiments : Noble (J.). 

Scriptures : Jolowiez (Dr. H.), p. 
Hebrew Language — Analysis : 

Donaldson (J. AV.), p. 
Hebrew Language and Assyrian 

Research : Delitsch (F.). 
Hedges (William), Diary of — Hedges 

Henry (Prince), the Navigator — Beer 

(G. de). 
Herbarium, Catalogue of — Heldreich 

Herculaneum MSS., Report on — Hay- 

ter (Rev. J. H.). 
Heth and Moab— Conder (C. R ). 
Hidatsa Indians — Ethnography : 
Matthews (W.). 

Philology : Matthews (W.). 



Hieratic Inscriptions— British Museum 

Hieratic Papyri — British Museum 
Publications: Wilkinson (Sir J. 
G.), p. 
Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Sketch of — 

Birch [S.), p. 
Bierogl3rphics — Egyptian Society ; 
Horapollinis ; Klaproth (J.), 
p.; Young (T.) ; Seyffarth 
(G.); Wilkinson (Sir J. G.). 
Defence of: Seyffarth (G.), p. 
Elements of: Spineto (Marquis). 
Phonetic System of : Salt (H.). 
Himalaya Mountains— Eraser (J. B.). 
Himalayan Provinces — Moorcroft 

Himalayas — Hooker (J. D.). 
Himalayas Travels— Lloyd (G.). 
Himyaratic Inscriptions — British 
Museum PubKcations: Huut ^G.), 
Biography : Lai Kavi. 
Chrestomathy : Tassy (G. de). 
Dialogues : Stewart's, p. 
Grammar: Ballantyne (J. B,.) ; 
Kellogg (Rev. S. H.) ; Kuvi 
(S. L. L.). 
History of India : Siva-Prasad. 
Literature: Balfour (E.) ; Lan- 

cerau (E.), p. 
Manual : Pincott (F.). 
Materia Medica : Nurad Din 

Muhammad 'Abd Allah, 
Mathematics : Tonkekara. 
" Merchant of Venice," the : 

Shakespeare (W.). 
Poetry : Lulloo Lai Kuvi ; 
Manik Chandra ; Prem Sagar ; 
Tulsi Das. 
Eeaders: Pincott (F.). 
Spelling Book: Eowe (Mrs.), p. 
Stories: Michael (J.). 
Tales : Vetala Panca Vinsati. 
Hindi and English Vocabulary — 

Hindu — 

Agriculture (Articles employed) : 

Ainslie (W.). 
Antiquities, Catalogue : Hindoo, 

Hindn — 

Anthropology : Bonaparte (Le 
Prince Eoland). 

Archaeology : Ritter (C). 

Architecture : Ram Raz. 

Arts (Materials used) : Ainslie 

Astronomy : Bentley (John) ; 
Chandrakanta ; Hoisington 
(H. R.) ; Surya-Siddhanta. 

Castes: Maharajas; Raghunathji ; 
Raraabai Sarasvati ; Rod- 
riguez (E. A.) ; Sherriug 
(Rev. M. A.) ; Steele (A.). 

Chronology and Antediluvian His- 
tory . Bosanquet (S. R.). 

Civilization : Ghosha (R.) ; Re- 
hatsek (E.). 

C osmogony : B j ornst j erna ( M . ) . 

Dramatic Art : Dhaiianjaya. 

Family Law : Krishna-Kamal 

Festivals: Ghosa (P.). 

Fete: Tassy (G. de), p. 

Infanticide : Moor (E.). 

Language: Frank (0.). 

Hindu Law — Biihler's Sacred Laws 
of the Aryas ; Chandesvara ; 
Gotama ; MacNaghten (Sir 
W. H.) ; Maharai Libel 
Case ; Manava Dharma 
Sastra ; Maudlik (V. N.) ; 
Mayne (J. D.) ; Narada 
Smriti ; Nilakantha Bhatta ; 
Nelson (J. H.) ; Raghuuan- 
dana Bhattacarya ; Strange 
(Sir T.) ; Vijnaneswara ; 
Vishnu Smriti ; Vyavahara 
Ratnamala ; Yajnavalkya 

As administered exclusively to 
Hindus by the British Courts 
— Correll (H.). 

Adoption : Mandlik (V. N.) ; 
Nana Pandita. 

Contracts and Successions : Cole- 
brooke (H. T.). 

Hereditary Law : Elliss (F. W.). 

Inheritance : Colebrooke (H. T.) ; 
Jimiitavahana; Krishria 
Tarkalamkara Bhattacarya ; 
Rumsey (A.) ; Sarvadhikari 



Hindu Law — 

Marriage Law : Banerjee (Rev. 

K. M.). 
Municipal Law : Smriti Chand- 

Partition, Inheritance, and Adop- 
tion: Jolly (Julius). 
Hindu Legends : Kurma Purana ; 

Skanda Purana ; Vrihannara- 

diya Purana. 
Literature : Frank (0.) ; Tassy 

(G. de). 
Materia Medica : Dutt (N. C). 
Medicine : Ainslie (W.) ; Mouat 

(F. J.) ; Royle (J. F.) ; 

Music : Tagore. 
Miisical Instruments : Tagore. 
Mythology: Kennedy (Lt.-Col. 

V.) ; Fischer de Waldheim 

(G.), p. ; Vayu Purana. 
Mythology and Eeligion, etc , 

Dictionary : Dowson (Prof. 

Mythology and Tradition: Vishnu- 

Pantheon: Moor (E.). 
Philosophical Systems, A Rational 

Refutation of the : Goreh 

(Rev. N.). 
Philosophy : Bjomstjema (M ) ; 

Colebrooke (H. T.), p. ; 

Davies (J.); Frank (0.) ; 

Frank (0.), p. ; Hall (F. 

E.) ; Hemacandra Y'<iy^" 

ratna ; Hemadri ; Isvara 

Krishna ; Sadananda Giri ; 

Sadananda Yati ; Vijnana 

Popular Poetry : Broughton (T. 

Religion : Madana Parijata ; 

Monier- Williams (Sir M.) ; 

Wilson (H. H.) ; Wilson (J.). 
Ritual : Latyayana. 
Sects : Harriott (J. S.), p. 
Shrines in Gujarat : Christian 

Stories : Arbuthnot (F. F.) 
Theogony : Bjornstjerna (M.). 
Theology : Agni Purana ; Brihad- 

Dharma Piu-ana. 
Widows, Infant Marriage, etc. ; 


Hindu — 

Widows and Voluntary Immola- 
tions : Parliamentary Reports. 
Hindu and European Manners in 

Bengal— Belnos (Mr.). 
Hindus — 

Conversion of: Morris (Rev. J. 

History, Literature, Religion : 
Ward (Rev. W.). 

Manners and Customs : Dubois 
(J. A.). 

Manners, Customs, and Dresses : 
Solvyns (B.). 

Present Condition : Bose (S. C). 

Religion and Philosophy : Cole- 
brooke (H. T.). 

Religious Practices, etc. : Wilson 
(H. H.). 
Hindustan — 

Architecture (Ancient) : Fergus- 
son (J.). 

Capabilities of: Spry (H. H.). 

Defence of British Possessions in : 
Defence, p. 

Geography: Rennell (J.). 

Physical Geography : Buist (Dr.), 

Scenes and Characteristics : 
Roberts (Emma). 

Travels: Tour. 

Upper Provinces of, the, Travels, 
1804: Hindostan. 

Views in : Bacon (Th.). 
Hindustan and the Adjacent Coun- 
tries — Description of : Hamilton 


Hindustani — 

Algebraic Geometry : Waud (S.). 

Anatomy: Mouat (F. J.). 

Anecdotes : Jami'a Hikayat. 

Chrestomathy : Tassy (G. de). 

Dialogues : Gilchrist (J. B.). 

Fables: Gay (J.); Vetala Parica 

Grammar: 'Abdal Fattah : Amot 
(S.) ; Ballantyne (J. R.) ; 
Dowson (Prof. J.) ; Eastwick 
(E. B.); Forbes (D.); Fort 
WiUiam, p. ; Gilchrist (J. 
B.) ; Monier- Williams (Sir 
M.) ; Platts (J. T.); Price 
( W. ) ; Questions, p. ; Shake- 
spear (J.). 




History: Shurman (Rev. J. H.). 

History of India : Muhammad 
Ghulam Imam Khan; Siva 
Prasad; Wheeler (J. T.). 

Introduction: Yates (W.); Shake- 
spear (J.). 

Key to : Haidar Jung. 

Language : Amot (S.), p. ; Had- 
ley (G.). 

Literatiure: Falconer (F.) ; Shake- 
spear (J.) ; Tassy (G. de). 

Lives of the Martyrs : Haidar 

Manual : Hindustani, p. ; Tassy 
(G. de), p. 

MSS. Catalogues : Asiatic Society 
(Royal) ; Bodleian Library ; 
Sprenger (A.). 

Modern Vernacular Literature : 
Grierson (G.). 

Philosophy and Logic : Ikhwan 
as iSafa. 

Physical Geography : Prichard 
(I. T). 

Poetry : Afsos ; Apiirva Krishna ; 
Fleurs de I'lnde ; Hasan 
(Mir); Kazim'Ali; Muham- 
mad Rafi'a; Nassakh; Wall. 

Political Economy : Senior (N. 

Prayer Book : Prayer Books. 

Printed Books : British Museum. 

Proverbs: Roebuck (T.). 

Rudiments : Tassy (G. de). 

School Books : Hindustani. 

Stories : Tahsin ad Din. 

Tales : Bagh-o-Bahar ; Kali 
Krishna Bahadiir ; Mazhab 
i 'Ishk. 

Travels in Assam : Husain. 
Eiudustani - English Dictionaries 

(and Eug.-Hiud.) — Fallon (S. 

W.) ; Forbes (D.) ; Gilchrist (J. 

B.) ; Hunter (W.) ; Shakespear 

(J.) ; Smyth (W. C.) ; Taylor 

(Capt. Jos.) ; Thompson (J. T.). 
Hindustani, Persian, and English 

Dictionary — Gladwin (F.). 
Hisar — Geography: Panjab Gazetteer. 
History— Hales (Rev. W.). 

Ancient: Herodottis ; Tytler (R.). 

Classical : Diodorus Siculus. 

History — 

General : Tabari. 

Origins : Lenormant (F.). 

Universal, Tables of : Bell (J.). 
History and Chronology — Wilson 

(H. H.). 
History of the World — Gillies (John); 

Khwand Amir. 
Hittite Inscriptions — Wright (W.). 
Hittites— History : Wright (W.). 
Hok-Keen — Account of : Medhurst 
(W. H.). 

Dialect, Dictionary : Medhurst 
(W. H.). 
Holland — History : Holland. 

Ecclesiastical Institutions — W ick- 
steed(P. H.). 
Holy Scriptures— The Principles of 

translating : Rhenius (C. T. E.), p. 
Homicides — Remarks on : Canton, p. , 

China, p. 
Hong-Kong — Description : Hong- 
Kong, p. 

Ten Outline Sketches of : Hong- 
Hook Money of Ceylon — Dickinson 

(W. B ), p. 
Hoshiarpur — Geography : Panjab 

Hottentot Fables— Bleek (W. H. I.). 
Houses of Parliament — • The late : 

Brayley (E. W.), p. 
Human Crania at Philadelphia- 
Catalogue : Meigs (J. A.), P- 
Human Knowledge — Tables of : 

Vanderraaelen (P.), P- 
Humayun, The Emperor — Memoirs : 

Jauhar Aftabji. 
Hungarian — Grammar: Singer (I.). 

Word Book: Gabor (Szarvas). 
Huns, Turks, and Moguls — History 

of the: De Guignes (M.). 
Hymns — Bowring (Sir J.). 
Hypsometrical Notation — Jomard 

(M.), p. 

Ihn Batuta — Lee's Review of : Eclec- 
tic Review, p. 
Ibo — Grammatical Elements : Schon 
(Rev. J. F.). 




Vocabulary : Crowther (Bishop 

Icelandic — Language: Kask (R. K.). 

Lexicon: Eask (R. K.). 
Idatius — Chronicles of : Neve (r.),p. 
Ilocana — Grammar: Naves (J.). 
Vocabulary: Carro (F. A.). 
India — 

Administration : Annals of Indian 

Administration; Pritchard(I. 

T.) ; Wellesley (Marquess). 
Administration of Justice : MUler 

(J-), P- 
Affairs of: Parliamentary Reports. 
Agriculture : Parliamentary Re- 
Agriculture and Commerce : Law 

Analytical History: Sewell (R.). 
Ancient Geography : Cunningham 

(Maj.-Gen. Alex.). 
Ancient History: Diodoros Siculus; 

Lassen (C). 
Application of English Law to : 

Perry (Sir E.). 
Arabic and Persian History of : 

Reinaud (M.). 
Archaeological Survey: Epigraphia 

Indica ; India. 
Archaeology : Mitra (R.) ; Seely 

(J. B.) ; Sewell (R.). 
Armies of Native States; Boulger 

(D. C). 
Art Manufactures : Mukharji (T. 

Arts and Manufactures : Royle 

(J. F.), p. 
Birds: Jerdon (J. C). 
Botany: Watson (J. P.). 
British Empire in : Bjomstjema 

British Power in : Auber (P.). 
Buddhist Pilgrims from China : 

Fa Hien. 
Castes and Tribes : Kitts (E. J.). 
Cave- Temples : Burgess (J.) ; 

Fergusson (J.). 
Census : Parliamentary Reports. 
Chaplains : Parliamentary Reports. 
Character and Condition of the 

Natives: Rickards (R.). 

India — 

Chinchona Cultivation : King (G.) . 
Christianity : Parliamentary Re- 

Civil Courts — Regulations: Mu- 
hammad Zuhur. 

Civil Justice: Sykes (Col. W. 
H.), p. 

Civil Service : Parliamentary Re- 

Colonization : Parliamentary Re- 

Commerce, Resources, and Pro- 
spects of: Wylie (M.), p. 

Communication with : Ross (Sir 
J.), p. 

Compared with Europe : Briggs 
(Lieut.-Col. John). 

Condition of, 1832: Anglo-Eastern 

Cotton : Parliamentary Reports. 

Cotton Cultivation : Money (E.), 

Cotton Department: Rivett-Cameic 

Cotton Trade : [Briggs (J.)] p. 

Courts and Legislative Authori- 
ties: Cowell (H.). 

Description: Perceval (Rev. P.). 

Development of the Resources of : 
Watson (J. F.), p. 

Diary of a Civilian's Wife, 1877- 
82: King (Mrs. R. M.). 

Diseases: Conwell (W. E. E.). 

Discovery and Conquest by the 
Portuguese : Faria y Sousa. 

Ecclesiastical Establishment : Bu- 
chanan) Rev. C). 

Economic Products : Watt (G.). 

Education : Murdoch (J.) ; Parlia- 
mentary Reports ; Trevelyan 
(E. C). 

EngUsh in : Firuz ibn Kawas. 

Engravings: Heber (R.). 

Ethnography: Watson (J. F.). 

Ethnology (Hindu Koosh) : Bid- 
dulph (T.). 

External PoUcy : Wyllie (J. W. 

Famines: Girdlestone (G. E. R.) ; 
Henvey (F.) ; Macdonnell 
(A. P.). 



India — 

Fibrous Plants: Eoyle (J. F.). 

Fishes: Day (F.). 

Fishing: Thomas (H. S.). 

Free Commerce with : India, p. 

Gazetteer : Hamilton (W.) ; 
Hunter (Sir W. W.); Thorn- 
ton (E.). 

General Description : Albiriini. 

Geography: Lassen (C); Rennell 
(J.): Schlagintweit (H. A. 
and R. von). 

Geography and History : Reinaud 

Geology: Calder (J.), p. 

Government of: Malcolm (Maj.- 
Gen. Sir J.). 

Greek and Indo-Scythic Kings: 

Lassen (C). 
Greek and Latin Geography of : 

St. Martin (V.). 
Handbook : Parbury (G.) ; Stoc- 

queler (J. H.). 

Health Guide: Mt'Cosh (J.). 
History: 'AbdalKadir: Beveridge 

(H.) ; Gaunter (Rev. H.) ; 

Dow (Col. A.) ; Elphinstone 

(Hon. M.); Gladwin (F.) ; 

Maffei (J. P.) ; Marshman 

(J. C.) ; Mutinies; Orme 

(R.) ; Owen (S.) ; Rapson 

(E. J.) ; Robertson (W.) ; 

Sebastiani (L.) ; Shore (Hon. 

F. J.) ; Siva-Prasad (Babu) ; 

Temple (Sir R.) ; Weber 

(Prof. A); Wheeler (J. T.).^ 
History (Hindu) : Afsos. 
History of Christianity : Pearson 

History (Muhammadan Power) : 

Ghulam Husain Khan. 
History, under Babar and Huma- 

yun: Erskine (Wm.). 
Hiunan Sacrifices : PojTider (J.). 
Horticultm-e : Spry (H. H.). 
Idolatry : Parliamentary Reports ; 

Poynder (J.). 
Index to Books and Papers on: 

Buist (G.). 
Indigo Commission: ParKamen- 

tary Reports. 
Journal of a Passage from, through 

Armenia and Natolia or Asia 

Minor: Howel (T.). 

India — 

Journal of an English Officer : 

North (Major). 
Land and Labour : Lees (Col. W. 

Land Revenue Systems : Baden- 
Powell (B. H.). 
Land Tax: Briggs (Lieut. -Col. 

J.) ; Land Tax of India. 
Languages of Aboriginal Tribes : 

Campbell (Sir G.). 
Law — Rules and Orders : Supreme 

Court of Judicature. 
Law and Constitution : [Galloway 

(Gen. A.)]. 
Law of Trusts ; Agnew (W. F.). 
Law Reports: Morley (W. H.). 
Letters from: Fay (Mrs). 
Letters on : Darmesteter (J.) ; 

Tomba (M. della). 
Letters to : Briggs (Lieut.-Col. 

Lexicography: Zachariae (Th.). 
Mahratha History : Krishnaji 

Mammalia: Blanford (W. T.). 
Maps: Saunders (T.). 
Maps, Catalogue : India Office 

Maps of — Handbook : Stephen 

(Major H. v.). 
Meteorology : Bangalore ; Blan- 
ford (H. F.). 
Military History : Egerton (Hon. 

MiHtary Life: Wallace (R. G.). 
Military Reminiscences : Welsh 

(Col. J.). 
Miscellaneous Essays : Hodgson 

(B. H.). 
Missionary Labour: Mullens (J.). 
Modern Languages : Oust (R. N.). 
Moths: Cotes (E. C). 
Mutinies : Parliamentary Reports. 
Mythology, etc. — Dictionary : 

Garrett (J.). 
Native Princes : Rousselet (L.). 
Natives of : Macdonald (Lt.-Col. 

J.), p. 
Natural History: Piso (G.). 
Northern Barrier : Drew (F.). 
Numismatics: Thurston (E.). 



India — 


Observations on 

Poems about: Brown (T.). 
Policy: Stewart (Lt.-Col. M.). 

Policy of the Crown to : Ludlow 
(J. M.). 

Portuguese in ; Alboquerque (A. 

Prince of Wales' Visit : Parlia- 
mentary Reports. 

Princes of : Historical. 

Productive Resources : Royle (J. 


PubHc Works: Cotton (Lt.-Col. 

Sir A.); Sykes (Col. W. H.), 

Railways : Parliamentary Reports. 

Rajputana: Tod (Lt.-Col. J.). 

Religions : Earth (A.) ; Kircherus 
(A.) ; Muir (J.) ; Miiller (F. 

Revenue Systems : Revenue, p. 

Rock-cut Temples : Fergusson 

Russian Trade with : Long (Rev. 

Sailing Directions : Horsburgh 

Sanitary Reports : Sanitary Com- 

Scenery, Costumes, and Architec- 
ture : Grindlay (Capt. R. T.). 

Scenes in : Oriental Annual. 

Service in: Macpherson (Maj. S. 

Slave Trade : Parliamentary Re- 

Slavery: Parliamentary Reports. 

State and Prospects : Thornton 

Steam Communication : Curtis 
(P. A.), p.; Grindlay (Capt. 
M.), p.; Parliamentary Re- 

Steam Voyage to: Burt (T. S.). 
Three Presidencies, The : Capper 

Three Thousand Years Ago : 

Wilson (J.). 
Tobacco Cultivation : Tobacco, p. 

India — 

Trade : [Bruce (J.)] ; Parliamen- 
tary Reports ; Wellesley 
(Marquess), p. 

Trade, Finance, Shipping, E,eve- 
nue, etc. : Parliamentary 

Travels : Ameen Chund ; Fitz- 
Clarence (Lt.-Col.) ; Conder 
(J.) ; Dellon (C.) ; Forrest 
(T.) ; Heber (R.) ; Hiouen 
Tsiang ; Hindustan ; Hoff- 
meister (W.) ; Johnson (J.) ; 
Jacquemont (V.) ; Lebrun 
(C.) ; Markham (C. R.) ; 
Orlich (L. von) ; Osbeck 
(P.) ; Renaudot (E.) ; 
Rochon (A.) ; Schouter (G.) ; 
Tavernier (J. B.) ; Theroulde 
(St. H.); Thevenot (; 
Valentia (Lord). 

Travels and Descriptions : Gra- 
ham (M.). 

Travels to : Bartholomcei (P. a 
S.) ; Maria (V.). 

Treaties: Aitchison (C. W.). 
Volcanoes : Buist (Dr.), p. 

Voyages to : Freire de Andrada 
(J.) ; Gama (V. da) ; Lancas- 
ter (Sir J.) ; Linschoten (J. 
H. van) ; Pyrard de Laval 
(F.); Sonnerat (M.); Stavo- 
rinus (J. S.) ; Terry (E.). 

Voyages to and from : Wise (H.). 
War in 1803 to 1806 : Thorn 
(Major W.). 

War with Tippu Sultan : Dirom 

Wild Silks: Wardle(T.). 
Zoology: Murray (J. A.). 

India and China - Open Trade to : 
Waddington (S. P\), p. 

Trade with : Trade, p. 

India and Indians — Essays: Curset- 
jee (Manockjee). 

India and Persia — Political State of 
the Countries between: Stirling 
(E.), p. 

India to England — Travels : Alex- 
ander (J. E.). 

India (Ancient) — McCrindle (J. W.) ; 
Manning (Mrs.); St. Martin (V.). 



India — 

Ancient and Modern — Laws, 
Theology, Learning, Com- 
merce, etc. : Craufurd (E.). 

In regard to Egypt : Bolilen (P. 

Modem Investigations in : "Weber 
(A.), p. 

India (British) — • 

Administration of Justice : Miller 

(J.), p. ; Sykes (Col. W. 

H.), p. 
Defence of, from Russian Invasion : 

Head (Major C. F.), p. 
Flora: Hooker (J. D.). 
History : Ludlow (J. M.) ; Mac- 

Farlane (C.) ; Mill (J.) ; 

Murray (H.) ; Thornton (E.). 
Judicial Statistics : India, p. 
Land Revenue : Robinson (F. 

Law: Mitra (W. N.). 
Military Transactions : Prinsep 

(H. T.). 
Plans for Government of : [Bruce 

Policy of the Government of : 

Political Transactions : Prinsep 

(H. T.). 
Present State and Future Pros- 
pects : Briggs (Lt.-Col. J.). 
Relations with the Countries to 

the West of the Indus : 

British India, p. 
Reptiles: Theobald (W.). 
Salt : Parliamentary Reports. 
State of : Reflections ; White 

(Lieut. A.). 

India (Central) — 

Buddhist Monuments: Cunning- 
ham (Maj.-Gen. A.). 
Gazetteer: Grant (C). 
History : Malcolm (Maj.-Gen. 
Sir J.). 

India (Eastern Frontier) — Languages 
of Aboriginal Tribes: Campbell 

India (Further) — Languages, Com- 
parative Grammar of : Forbes 
(Capt. C. J. F. S.). 

India (Mediaeval) — Manning (Mrs.). 

India (Modem) — Account of : Spry 
(H. H.). 
Civil Government System : Camp- 
bell (Sir G.). 
India (Modem), and the Indians — 

Monier Williams (Sir M.). 
India (Muhammedan) — Historians : 
Elliot (SirH. M.). 
History : Elliott (Sir H. M.) ; 
India (North) — Journey to : Conolly 
(Lieut. A.). 
Portuguese in : [Long (J.)], p. 
India (North-West Frontier) — Tribes : 

Mackenzie (A.). 
India (North-West Frontier and the 

Panjab) — History: Panjab. 
India (North-West Provinces) — Gums 
and Resins : Atkinson (E. 
Zoology of: Atkinson (E. T.). 
India (North - West Provinces and 

Oudh)— Crime: Kitts (E. J.). 
India (Pratabgarh District) — The 
Revenue Settlement : Forbes (W. 
India (Southern) — 

Chronological Tables : Sewell(R.). 
Chronology: Naidu. 
Dynasties: Sewell (R.). 
Forests and Gardens of : Cleghorn 

Gazetteer : Southern India. 
Geology: Smith (B.). 
History: Wilks (Col. M.). 
Horology: Warren (Lt.-Col.). 
Inscriptions: ElUott (Sir W.). ; 

Sewell (R,). 
Lives of the Poets and Poetesses : 

Chitty (S. C). 
Missionary Work, 1820-1828 : 

Hoole (Elijah). 
Reptiles: Thurston (E.). 
Travels, 1821 and 1824: Mack- 
worth (Maj.). 
India (South-Eastern) — Wild Races : 

Lewin (Col. T. H.). 
India (Western) — Postans (Mrs.). 

Archaeological Survey : Western 

Before and During the Mutiny : 
Jacob (Maj.-Gen. Sir G. Le 



India (Western) — 

Cave Temples : Burgess (J.) ; 

Wilson (J.), p. 
Geology: Carter (H. J.). 
History : Shahiimat 'Ali. 
Konkan Revenue and Land 

Tenures: Jervls (T. B.). 
Eeports : Western India. 
Travels: Tod (Lt. -Col. J.). 
Travels and Description : Guthrie 


Vernacular Languages : Richard- 
son (A. St. J.). 
India Bill— Eastwick (E. B.) ; Sykes 

(Col. W. H.), p. 
India Question — India Question, p. 
Indian Antiquities — Indische Studien ; 
Lassen (C.) ; Prinsep (J.) ; 
Weber (A.). 
Catalogue: Anker (Maj.-Gen.), 
Indian Ants— Sykes (Col. W. H.), p. 
Indian Archipelago — Miiller (S.) ; 
Neumann (C. F.) ; Rein- 
wardt (C. G. C.) ; Renouard 
de St. Croix. 
Geography: Moor (J. H.). 
History: Crawfurd (J.) ; St. John 

Languages : Indian Archipelago, 

Native Races : Earl (G. W.). 
Numismatics: Millies (H. C). 
Travels: Earl (G. W.) ; Jukes 
(J. B.). 

Indian Archipelago and Eastern 
Asia — Journal of : Indian Archi- 
pelago and Eastern Asia. 

Indian Archipelago and Indo-China 

— •Miscellaneous Papers : Indo- 
China and the Indian Archipelago. 

Indian — 

Arcliitecture : Growse (F. S.). 

Architectural Illustrations : Kittoe 

Arms — Hand-book : Egerton 
(Hon. W.). 

Army List, Quarterly : Indian 
Army List. 

Army and Civil Service List : 
Indian Army and Civil Ser- 
vice List. 

Indian — 

Art: Birdwood (Sir G.) ; India 

Arts, Weapons, etc. : Kali Krishna 

Birds from the Himalaya Moun- 
tains : Gould (John) . 
Botany: Piddington (H.). 
Castes: Shamrao Moroji Nayak. 
Census : Burmah, British. 
Character, Traits of : Sykes (Col. 

W. H.), p. 
Chronology: Fergusson (J.). 
Civilian, Notes of: Tucker (H. 

Coins : British Museum. 
Commerce : Indian Commerce, p. 
Comparative Dictionary : Hunter 

(SirW. W.). 
Cookery : Arnot (S.) ; Oriental 

Translation Fund, Miscell. 

Diseases : Annesley (J.) ; Mal- 

colmson (J. G.) ; Tytler (R.). 
Empire, Present and Future Pros- 
pects : Westmacott (Capt. G. 

E.), p. 
Engineering : Professional Papers. 
Fibres : Gregson (S.), p. 
Fishes: Russell (P.). 
Flora: Hooker (J. D.). 
Forest Products : Brandis (D.). 
Government Memorials : Tucker 

(H. St. G.). 
Government Records, Report : 

India Office Library. 
Horticulture : Miiller (Baron F. 

Inscriptions: Epigraphia Indica. 
Labourers in the Mauritius : An- 
derson (C), p. * 
Languages, Application of Roman 

Alphabet : M onier- Williams 

(Sir M.). 
Law : Francis (E. B.) ; Jolly 

(J.) ; Kamandaki ; Privj- 

Law, Civil Procedure : Nayadu. 
Law of Mortgage : Ghose (R.). 
Law of Wills: Henderson (G. S.). 
Life : Cust (R. N.) ; Oman (J. 




Indian — 

Literature : Goldstiicker (Th.) ; 

Kaegi (A.) ; Monier- Williams 

(Sir M.); Schroeder (L. v.). 
Literature, History : Weber (Prof. 

Malay Archip. Travels : Osborn 

(Capt. S.). 
Manufactures : India Museum. 
Marriage Customs : KalthofE (J. 

Meteorology : Gover (C. E.) ; 

Piddiugton (H.). 
Missionary Manual : Murdoch 

Museum Guide and Directory : 

Museum Notes : Calcutta. 
Museum and Library, The Work- 
ing of: Watson (J. F.). 
Mutiny : Ahmad Khan Sayyid. 
Mythology: Frank (0.). 
Numerals: Woepeke (F.). 
Palaeography : Burnell (A. C.) . 
Palms: Griffith (W.). 
Philology: Beames (J.). 
Philosophical Systems : Hall (F. 


Philosophy: Sayanacarya. 
Plants: Dutt (N. C.) ; Griffith 

Poetry: Arnold (SirE.) ; Monier- 

Williams (Sir M.) ; Neve 

(F.), p. 
Politics: Norton (J. B.). 
Portuguese Settlement : Freire de 

Andrada (J.). 
Eiver Navigation: Bourne (J.), 

Seamen— Diseases : Hunter (W.). 
Serpents: Eussell (P.). 
Snakes: Fayrer (J.). 
Survey, the Measurement of the 

Meridional Arc : Everest 

(Lieut. -Col.). 

Indian Surveys — Catalogue of MSS., 
Printed Eeports, etc. : India 
Office Library. 
Memoir: Markham (C. E.). 

Indian Terms — Glossary of : Glossary 
of Indian Terms ; Indian Terms. 

Indian Terms of the N.W. Provinces 

—Elliott (Sir H. M.). 

Indian Territories — Parliamentary 

Indian Timbers — Manual : Gamble 
(J. S.). 

Indian Trade with Europe — Hench- 
man (T.). 

Indian Travels — Darmesteter (J.). 

Indian Vernacular MSS. — Catalogues : 

Indian Vernacular Writing — Speci- 
mens: Hutchinson (C. W.). 

Indian Village Life — Eamakrishna 

Indian Weights and Measures : 
Gover (C. E.). 

Indian Woods — List of : Wallich 
(N.), p. 

Indian Year Book — Murdoch (J.). 

Indian Zoology — Pennant (T.). 

Indian (Ancient) Law of Marriage — 

Kalthoff (J. K.), p. 
Indian (Ancient) Metaphysics — 

Gough (A. E.). 
Indian (Old) Literature— Weber (H.) . 
Indian (South) Inscriptions — Tamil 

and Sanskrit: Hultzsch (E.). 
Indian (Southern) Alphabets — Deri- 
vation from Sanskrit : Harknesa 

(Capt. H.). 
Indian (Southern) Languages — Hark- 

ness (Capt. H.). 
Indians — North American, Portraits 

of: Stanley (J. M.), p. 
Indies — Natural and Moral History: 

Acosta (J. de). 
Indies (East and West) — Commerce: 

Eaynal (G. T.). 
Indigo— Phipps (J.) ; Watt (G.). 

Commission : Indigo Commission. 
Indo- Aryans — History: Mitra (E.). 
Indo -China — Bastian (A.). 

French Exploration : Gamier (F.). 
Indo-China and the Indian Archi- 
pelago — Indo-China. 
Indo-Facific Islands — Ethnology ; 

Logan (J. E.). 
Indo - Portuguese Numismatics — 

Cunha (J. G. da). 
Indus — Army of the, Campaign, 

1838-9: Kennedy (E. H.). 



ludas Valley — Ethnology : Burton 

(Sir 11. ¥.). 

Infant Marriage — Infant Marriage. 

Infanticide — Indian : Browne (J. C). 

Insessores — A New Genus of : Hodg- 
son (B. H.), p. 

Inventions — New: Martin (John), p. 

Iran — Travels in: Bellew (H. W.). 

Iran (Old) — Next-of-Kin Marriages: 

Iranian — Antiquities: Spiegel (F.). 
Mythology (Ancient) : "Wester- 
gaard (N. L.), p. 

Iranian (Old) Languages— Compara- 
tive Grammar of : Spiegel (F.). 

Iranians— Ayuso (F. G.). 

Ancient Civilization : Geiger (Dr. 

Irawadi— Geology : Buckland(Prof.), 

Irawadi Eiver — Eeport on : Irra- 
wady River. 
Sources of: Klaproth (J.). 

Ireland — 

Actual Condition : Harriot (Col.), 


Antiquities: Ledwich (E.). 

Improvement of : Ireland, p. 

Bound Towers : O'Brien (H.). 

PhcKnician: O'Brien (H.). 
Irish Antiquities — Betham (SirW.). 
Iron in Kumaon — Strachey (Major). 
Irrigation — Em-ope (Southern) : Mon- 

criefi (Col. C. C. S.). 
Irving (Washington) — Letter to : 

Napione (G. G.), p. 
Isinglass— Boyle (J. F.), p. 
Israelites — Wanderings in the Desert : 

Hemso (G. v.), p. 
Italian— Grammar : Vagnolini (R.) ; 
Volpe (G.). 

Irrigation: Smith (Capt. R. B.). 
Italian -Armenian-Turkish Diction- 
ary — Ciakciak (E.). 
Italy— Idrisi ; " Real and the Ideal." 

History: MacFarlane (C). 

Travels: Weatherhead (G. H.). 

Jacohin Club at Seringapatam — 

Tippu Sultan. 

Jagatai-Turkish — Dictionary : Velia- 
raanof-Zemof (V. de). 
Vocabulary : Vambery (A.) . 
Jaggayyapeta Stnpa — Burgess (J.). 
Jaganath Temple — Laurie (W. F. B.). 
Jahangir — History of: Tiizak i Jahan- 
Memoirs : Jahangir. 
Jain — Doctrines: Francklin (W.). 
Books: Aupapatika Sutra ; Aya- 
ramga Sutta ; Jaina Sutras ; 
Kalpa Sutra. 
Ethics: UvasagadasaO. 
History: Weber (A.). 
Inscriptions : Rice (L.), 
Legend : Hemacandra. 
Literature and Language : Weber 
Jaina Caves — Burgess (J.). 
Jainism — Bird (J.). 

Jalandar— Geography: Pan jab Gazet- 

Jamaica — Sugar Farming : Jamaica. 

Janissaries — Destruction of: Es'ad 

Japan — Fisscher (J. P.) ; Golownin 
(Capt.) ; Wade (Sir T.), p. 

American Mission to : Palmer (A. 
H.;, p. 

Bibliography of Works relating 
to, since 15th Century: Pages 

Coins: Chaudoir (S. de). 

Divine History : Rosny (L. de). 

Flora : Thunberg (C. P.). 

Geographical Nomenclature : 
Chamberlain (B. H.). 

Geography: Klaproth (J.) ; Mac- 
Farlane (C); Montanus(AJ. 

Hand-book : Murray's Hand- 

History : Kaempfer (E.) ; Mac- 
Fariane (C.) ; Titsingh (I.). 

Iron Railroad Bridges : Waddell 
(J. A. L.). 

Jesuit Mission Press : Satow (E. 

Laws : Montanus (A.). 

Life in: Cocks (R.). 

Mythology: Chamberlain (B. H.). 



Japan — 

Persecution of Christians: Gys- 
bertz (R.). 

Plants : Hoffmann (Dr. J.) ; 

Kaempfer (E.). 
Religion : Montanus (A.). 
Religions: Kircherus (A.), 
Sanitary Bureau, Exliibits at the 

Health Exhibition : Japan. 
Travels : Petit (F. D.) ; Siebold 

(Fr. von) ; Thunberg (C. 

P.) ; Vries (M. G.). 

Travels and Descriptions : Pfiz- 

maier (Dr. A.). 
Treaty Ports : Dennys (N. B.). 

Japan and China — Notes and Queries 
on : Dennys (N. B.). 

Japanese — 

Arts — History : Japanese Educa- 

Books — Catalogue : India Office 

Botany: Banks (J.). 
Chronology: Bramsen (W.). 

Classical Poetry : Chamberlain 
(B. H.). 

Coins: Bramsen (W.) : Endlicher 

Education — History : Japanese 

Encyclopaedia: Remusat (A.). 
Etymology: Imbrie (W.). 
Grammar: Alcock (Sir R.) ; Aston 

(W. G.) ; Rodriguez (P.); 

Seidel (A.). 

Grammar and Dictionary : Collado 
(Fr. D.). 

Language: Chamberlain (B. H.). 
Language, Origin of : Klaproth 

Library Catalogue : Stockholm. 
Life and Manners : Faulds (H.). 
Literature : Humme (H. C). 
Literature — History : Japanese 

Poetry: Pfizmaier (A.), p. 
Reader: Chamberlain (B. H.). 
Romance : Chiusingura. 
Vocabulary: Medhurst (W. H.). 
Japanese and Chinese Collections of 
M. Cernuschi-Jacquemart (A.). 

Japanese and Chinese Illustrated 
£ooks — British Museum. 

Japanese and Chinese Paintings, 
Catalogue — British Museum. 

Japanese-French Dictionary— Pages 

Japanese-Fortugaese Yocabnlary — 


Japanese (Old) Songs— Lange (R.). 
Jasher, The Book of— Jasher. 
Jaunpore — History: Khair ad Din 

Muhammad Ilahabadi. 
Java— Reuvens (C. J. C). 

Antiquities : Boro Boeder ; Lee- 
mans (C.) ; Raffles (Sir T.S.). 
Coins: Chaudoir (S. de). 
Conquest of: Java. 
History : Babad Tanah Djawi : 

Raffles (Sir T. S.). 
Inscriptions: Friederich (R.). 
Zoological Researches in: Horsfield 
(T.), p. 
Javanese — 

Chronology : "Walckenaer (M.), p. 
Drama : Abiasa. 
Fables : Adji S^ki,. 
Language : Bruckner ( G. ) ; 
Dulaurier (E.), p. ; Gericke 

Laws : Keijzer (S.) ; Raffles (Sir 
T. S.). 

Literature : Broek (W.) ; Palmer 

van der Broek. 
MSS. : Dulaurier (E.), p. 
Javanese -Dutch Dictionary — Domis 

(W.); Junsz (P.). 
Javanese, English, and Dutch Vo- 
cabulary—Bruckner (G.). 
Jerusalem (1853-56)— Finn (J.). 

Ancient History, Topography, 

etc. : Thrupp (J. F.). 
Ancient Topography : Fergusson 

Temple HUl, Discoveries on: King 

(Rev. J.). 

Tlie Temple of, History : Jalal ad 
Din as Sayiiti. 

Jesuit Mission Press in Japan — 
Satow (E. M.). 

Jesuits — Decrees : Apologia, etc. 

Jesus Christ, The Divine Manifesta- 
tion of : Eusebius. 




Jewish — Angelology and Demonology 

in relation to Parsiism : 

Kohut (A.). 
Numismatics : Madden (F. "W.). 
Philosophy: Davids (A. L.), p. 
Eeligion: Maimonides ; Revue des 

Etudes Juives. 
Jews — Conversion : Jews, p. 

Emancipation : Davids (A. L.), p. 
Vestments of the Priests, etc. : 

Ancessi (V.). 

Jews at Kas -fung-loo— Smith (Bishop) , 

Jews in Britain — Samuel (M.), p. 

Jews in China — Finn (J.). 

Jhang Geography — Pan jab Gazetteer. 

Jhebam— Panjab Gazetteer. 

Job — Eichhom (J. G.), p. 

Jordan (The) and the Dead Sea- 
Expedition to : Lynch (Lt.W.F.). 

Jowai— Administration, 1878: Jowai. 

Judaea — Ancient Name of, in Chinese : 
Paravey (M. de), p. 

Judicial Administration (Civil) — 
Central Provinces. 

Judicial and Eevenue Terms— Glos- 
sary of: Wilson (H. H.). 

Jumna — Forrest (Lieut.-Col.). 
Source of : Eraser (J. B.). 

Junnar — ^^Cave Inscriptions : Burgess 


Justice — Administration of : Justice ; 
Mufiussul ; Smith (N.), p. 

Kabul— Elphinstone (Hon. M.). 

Campaign of 1838-9 : Kennedy 

(R. H.). 
Travels : Moorcroft ("W.), 
War, 1842 : Eyre (Lieut. V.). 

Eachh Antiquities — Burgess (J.). 

Kaffir Land — Campaign in, 1835 : 
Alexander (J. E.). 

KafBLr Language — 

Dictionary (K. -English and E.- 
K.) : Davis (Rev. W. J-). 

Grammar: Boyce(W-B.); Davis 
(Rev. W. J..). 

Kafi^ Language — 

Historj' and Grammar : Appleyard 
(J. W.). 

Vocabulary : Ayliff (John). 
Kaguru Grammar — Last (J. T.). 
Kajar Dynasty — Brydgcs (Sir H. J.). 
Kaladgi Archaeology— Burgess (J.). 
Kalat Travels — Masson (C). 
Kalevala— Ujfalvy (C. E ). 
Kalmuck - Mungalian Vocabulary — 

Strahlenberg (P. J. von). 

Kalmucks — Anthropology : Bonaparte 
(Le Prince Roland). 

Kamba Vocabulary— Shaw (A. D.). 

Kamtchatka — History and Descrip- 
tion: Krachenninikow (Mr.). 
Travels: Dobell (P.). 
Travels, 1787-8 : Lesseps (M. de). 

Dictionary (K. -English and E.- 

K.) : Garrett (John). 
Grammar : McKerrell (J.). 
History of India : Garrett (J.) ; 

Morris (H.). 
Jain Poetry : Pampa Ramayana. 
(Old) Inscriptions: Fleet (J. F.). 

Kandahar — Mission to : Lumsden 
(Major H. B.). 

Kangra Geography — Panjab Gazet- 

Kanurl or Bomn Grammar — Koelle 
(Rev. S. W.). 

Kantian Ethics — Schirrman (J. G.). 

Kantian Philosophy — Seth (A.). 

Karachi— Baillie (A. F.). 

Karakorum Pass — Journey over : 
Shaw (R.). 

Karnatic — Inscriptions : Marcel (J. 

Kamal — Geography: Panjab Gazet- 

Kashgaria — History: Bellew(H.W.); 

Boulger (D.C.). 
Travels in : Bellew (H. W.) ; 

Shaw (R.). 
Treaty Expedition: Parliamentary 


Kashmir— Ethnography : Beauregard 
Folk Tales: Knowles (Rev. J. H.) 



Kashmir — 

History: Kalhana ; "Wilson (H. 

Proverbs and Sayings : Knowles 

(Rev. J. H.). 
Travels : Ilugel (C. von) ; Bellew 
(H. W.) ; Moorcroft (W.). 
Kashmiri-English Vocabulary: Elms- 
lie (W. J.). 
Kathiawad— Antiquities: Burgess (J.). 
General Condition : Jacob (Capt. 

G. Le G.), p. 
Report on, 1842: Jacob (Maj.- 
Gen. Sir G. Le G.). 
Kawi — Language: Cohen- Stuart (A. 
B.); Humboldt (W. von). 
Law : Kawi ; Roorda van Eysinga 

(P. P.). 
Literature: Stuart (A. B. C). 
Stories : Roorda van Eysinga (T.) . 
Kayastha— Ethnology : Kali Prasad. 
Kertch— Sketch of: Hogg (J.), p. 
Khalifate — History: Goeje (J. de) ; 
Matthiesen (C. S.) ; Mu'atasim ; 
Khalifs— Coins : Dom (B.). 

History : Jalal ad Din as Sayuti. 
Land System under : Hammer 
Purgstall (J. v.). 
Khandesh — Archaeology: Khandesh. 
Kharezm — Description of : Riza Kuli 

Khari-Boli — Poetical Reader : Ayodhya 
English Vocabulary : K'huree. 
Khasi Hills — Ethnology, Geology, 

Meteorology: Oldham (T ). 
Khasi Language — Introduction ; 

Pryse (Rev. W.). 
Khasi and Jaintia Hills — Adminis- 
tration Reports, 1876-7, 1878-9 : 
Khasi and "Jaintia Hills. 
Khita and Khita-Peruvian Epoch, 

The— Clarke (Hyde). 
Khmer Dictionary — Aymonier (E.). 
Khokand — History : Nalivkine (V. 
Travels: Schuyler (E.). 
Khorassan — Travels : Bellew (H. 

W.) ; Eraser (J. B.). 
Khorsabad— Botta (P.). 

Inscriptions : Hincks (Rev. E.) ; 
Oppert (J.). 

Khozars — Carmoly, p. 
Khyeng — People (Arakan) : Fryer 
(Major G. E.). 

Vocabulary : Fryer (Major G, 
Kibwyo Dialect — Vocabulary: Shaw 

(A. D.). 
Kigalla Vocabulary — Krapf (J. L.). 
Kihiau Vocabulary — Krapf (J. L.). 
Kikamba Vocabulary — Krapf (J. L.). 
Kimbundu Grammar — Chatelain (H.). 
King's College, London — King's 

College, p. 
Kiniassa Dictionary — Rebman (Rev. 

Kinika Vocabulary — Krapf (J. L.). 
Kinship and Marriage in Early 

Arabia— Smith (W. R.). 
Kipokomo Vocabulary — Krapf (J. 

Kirghiz — Hemso (G. de), p. 
Kohat Geography — Panjab Gazetteer. 
Kongo Dictionary and Grammar — 

Bentley (Rev W. H.). 
Konkani — Grammar : Estevao (T.) ; 
Matfei (A. F. Z.). 

Literature : Cunha (J. Gerson da). 
Koptic — Researches : Abel (Carl) . 

Grammar : Stern (Ludwig). 
Koran — Koran; Lane-Poole (Stanley) ; 
Muir (Sir W.). 

Concordance: Fliigel (G.). 
Dictionary and Glossary : Penrice 

History: Noldeke (T.). 
Interpretation : Jalal ad Din. 
Unknown Chapter : Tassy (G. de), 
Kra — Isthmus of. Travels, 1883: 

Loftus (Commr. A. J.). 
Krishna — Weber (A.). 

History : Oriental Trans. Fund, 
Miscell. Trans. 
Kuldja Travels— Schuyler (E.). 
Kumaon Bhabur — Iron Works in: 

Strachey (Major). 
Kunama Language — Reinisch (L.). 
Kurd Grammar — Garzoni (P. M.). 
Kurdistan — Mignan (R.). 

Travels: Eraser (J. B.) ; Kinneir 
(J. M.) ; Schuyler (E.). 



Laccadive Islands — Report on : 

Robinson (Sir W.). 
Ladak — Physical, Statistical, and 
Historical : Cunningham 
(Maj.-Gen. A.). 
Travels: Moorcroft (W.). 
Lahore Geography — Pan jab Gazet- 

Lampongs MSS.— Van der Tuuk (H. 

Lancashire— Tour in : Taylor (W. 

Land Bevenue — Central Provinces, 
Land Tax — Indian : Indian Land Tax. 
Lands of the Bible— Wilson (J.). 
Language — Zeitschrift fiir die Weisen- 

shaft der Sprache. 

Catalogue of Works on : Ferte 

Comparative Grammar : Bopp 


Comparative Study of: Bindseil 

(H. G.) ; Merian (Baron de), 

General Treatises : Farrar (F. 

W.) ; Ghirardini (A.) ; Her- 

vas (L.) ; Humboldt (W. 

von) ; Bopp (F.) ; Vater (J. 

SJ ; Whitney (W. D.) ; 

Weston (S.). 
History of : Adelung (J.). 
Nature of : Haughton (Sir G. C). 
Primitive Laws : Goddes-Lian- 

court (Count de). 
Race of Titans : Ritter von 


Remarks on: Stewart (Lt.-Col. 


Science of: Miiller (F. von); 
Sayce (A. H.). 

Languages (Indo-European) — Com- 
parative Grammar: Rapp (M.). 

Languages in the Ancient World — 
Reinisch (L.). 

Lao Tseu — Klaproth (J.), p. 

La Plata and Paragui — The Rivers, 
Voyage to : Schmidt (W.). 

Lapp Language— Rask (R. K.). 

Lapps of Finmark— Bonaparte (Le 

Prince Roland). 
Lascars' Diseases — Hunter (W.). 

Latin — Grammar : Benary (A.) ; Gon- 
salves (J. A.). 
Proverbs: Proverbs, p. 

Latin and Gaelic— Affinity : Stratton 


Latin-English and E.-L. Dictionary 

— Ainsworth (R.). 

Law (Foreign) Books — Catalogue : 

Cooper (C. P.). 
Law of Storms in the Indian and 

China Seas — Piddington (H.), p. 
Laws — Panjeran's Court at Fort 

Marlborough: Lewis (H. R.). 
Laws and Hegulations enacted at 

Fort WilUam — Harington (J. 


Learned Societies — Agricultural and 
Horticultural Society of India : 
Griffith (W.), p.; American Philo- 
sophical Society; American Geo- 
graphical Society ; Amsterdam- 
Koninklijk Institut ; Asiatic 
Society (Royal) ; Bengal Asiatic 
Society; Berlin, Akademie der 
Wissenschaften ; Berlin, Gesell- 
schaft fiir Erdkunde ; Boulogne- 
sur-Mer Agricultural Society, p. ; 
Bombay, Asiatic Society ; Bom- 
bay Geographical Society; Bombay 
Literary Society ; Bombay Medical 
Society ; British Association ; 
Brussels Academie Royale ; Cal- 
cutta Auxiliary Bible Society, p. ; 
Calcutta Metiical and Physical 
Society ; Canada, Royal Society ; 
Ceylon Branch R.A.S. ; China 
Medico-Chirurgical Society, p. ; 
Chronological Institute Proceed- 
ings ; Colombo Auxiliary Bible 
Society, p. ; Colonial Institute ; 
Deutsche Archiiologische Instituts ; 
Deutsche Morgeuliindischen Gesell- 
schaft ; East India and China 
Association, p. ; Egyptian Society, 
p. ; Ethnological Society, p. ; 
Geographical (Royal) Society ; 
Geological Society ; Geological 
Society, p. ; Hellenic Society ; 
Horticultural Society ; India, 
Agricultural Society ; Italy, 
Societa Asiatica ; Japan Asiatic 
Society ; Japan College of Science ; 
Japan Deutsche Gesellschaft ; 
Japan Seismological Society; Lan- 
cashire and Cheshire Historical 
Society ; Lisbon Academia Real 
das Sciencias ; Liverpool Literary 



Learned Societies — 

and Philosophical Society; Lon- 
don Oriental Institution, p. ; 
Madras Literary Society ; Man- 
chester Geographical Society ; 
Manchester Literary and Philo- 
sophical Society ; Manchester 
Statistical Society, p. ; Maiuritius 
Royal Society of Arts and Sciences; 
Medico - Botanical Society, p. ; 
Munich ; National Indian Asso- 
ciation ; National Institute for 
Science, "Washington ; National 
Institution for the Promotion of 
Science, Washington, p. ; Neder- 
landsch Aardrijkskundij Genoot- 
schap ; Nederlandsche Zendelingen 
Genootschap ; Negro Slaves in 
Jamaica, etc.. Incorporated Society 
for the Conversion and Education 
of; Numismatic Society of Lon- 
don ; Oriental Texts (Society for 
the Publication of), p. ; Paris, La 
SocieteAcademique Indo-Chinoise ; 
Paris, Societe Asiatique ; Paris, 
Societe de la Geographie ; Pekin 
Oriental Society ; Philological 
Society ; Royal Asiatic Society 
(North China Branch) ; Royal 
Asiatic Society (Straits Branch) ; 
Royal Institution ; Royal Institu- 
tion, p. ; Royal Society ; Royal 
Society, p. ; Royal Society of 
Literature ; St. Petersburg, 
Academic Imperial des Sciences ; 
St. Petersburg, p. ; Scotland, 
Society of Antiquaries ; Scottish 
Geographical Society ; Smith- 
sonian Institution ; Society 
of Arts ; Statistical Society ; 
Sumatra Agricultural Society ; 
Syro-Egyptian Society ; United 
Service Institution ; Victoria, 
Royal Society; Victoria, Philo- 
sophical Society ; Vienna, Kaiser - 
liche Akademie ; Vienna, Geo- 
graphische Gesellschaft ; Westen- 
rieder (L.) Gesch. d. Baierischen 
Akademie ; Yorkshire Philosophi- 
cal Society p. 

Learned Societies and Printing Clubs, 
The, of the United Kingdom : 
Hume (Rev. A.). 

Lebanon (Mount) — Travels, 1814 : 
Light (Capt. H.). 

Leckwana Philology — Moffat (R. 

Lee's Ibn Batuta— Review of : Eclec- 
tic Review, p. 

Leonardo da Vinci's Picture of the 
Last Supper — Observations on : 
Goethe (J. W. von). 

Letters and Ciphers — Origins : Para- 
vey (M. de), p. 

Levant — Commerce: Saint-Priest (M. 
le Comte de). 
Commerce with Europe : Hemso 

(G. de), p. 
Travels: Shaw (T.). 
Lexicography — Fliigel (J. G.), p. 

Libraries, Catalogues — Brighton 
Public Library ; British and 
Foreign Bible Society ; Dozy (R. 
P. A.) ; Eerde (J. R. von) ; 
Hagul ; India Office Library ; 
London Library ; Mandlik (V. 
N ) ; Marsden (W.) ; Moeller ; 
Royal Institution; Sacy (S. de) ; 
Tassy (G. de) ; United Service 
Institution ; University College, 
London ; Upsala. 

Libraries, Cathedral, of England: 

Botfield (B.). 

Libyac Epigraphy — Halevy (J.). 

Libyan Vocabulary — Newman (F. 


Life and Death — Lectures on : 
Macartney (H. E.), p. 

Lighthouses, Light Vessels, Buoys, 
and Beacons — China. 

Literary Fund — Literary Fund, p. 
Literature — The Promotion of : 

Donaldson (T. L.), p. 
Literature and Learning under the 

Anglo-Saxons— Wright (T.), p. 
Logarithms — Logarithms. 
Logic — Ballantyne (J. R). 
London Exhibition of 1862 — Indian 

Contributions : Dowleans (A. M.). 
Longitude — Variations of : Pogson 

(N. R.). 
Loo Choo Islands — Voyage to : 

McLeod (J.). 
Louvain University — Neve (F.). 
Lucknow — Horticulture : North- West 

Lndhiana — Panjab Gazetteer. 
Luganda Grammar — Wilson (Rev. C. 

Lunatics — Law for the Custody of : 

Cooper (C. P.), p. 



Luristan Travels — Bode (Bon. C. de). 

Lushai Dialect — Colloquial Exercises : 

Lewin (Col. T. H.). 

Grammar : Brojo Nath Shaha. 

Vocabulary: Lewin (Col. T. H.). 
Lushai Popular Songs — Brojo Nath 

Lyceum, The, of New York : New 

York, p. 
Lycian Inscriptions— Chodzko, p. 
Lydia — Ancient Monuments : Steuart 

(J. R.). 


Macao Medical-Missionary Hospitals 

—Parker (Rev. P.), p. 
Macartney's Emhassy — Winterbot- 

ham (W.). 
Mackenzie MSS.— Taylor (Wm.). 
Madagascar — Antananarivo Annual ; 
Ellis (Rev. W.); Jeffreys 

History: Copland (S.). 

Language and Literature : Kessler 
(Rev. J.). 

Travels: Rochon (A.). 
Madras — Administration, Astronomy, 
Census, Court of Small 
Causes, Forests, Gold Mines, 
Hospitals, Land Revenue, 
Lunatic Asylums, Magnetical 
Observations, Medical Re- 
ports, Meriah Agents, Meteor- 
ology, Municipality, Public 
Instruction, Public Works, 
Records, Registration, Sani- 
tary Commission, Trade and 
Navigation, "Water : Madras. 

Almanac and General Directory 
and Register, 1840, 1841: 
Madras Almanac. 

Antiquarian Remains : SeweU 

Auxiliary Bible Society : Madras, 

Book Society: Madras, p. 

Education: Parliamentary Reports. 

Forest Administration : Brandis 

Hand-book : . Murray's Hand- 

Hill Zemindars' History : Yizaga- 

Madras — 

Observatory : Madras, p. 

Rainfall: Madras, p. 

Torture: Parliamentary Reports. 

Madras Army — Parliamentary Re- 
Disturbances: Malcolm (Sir J.), 

History: "WUson (Lt.-Col. W. 

Mortality and Diseases : Sykes 

(Col. W. H.), p. 
Sieges: Lake (E.). 
Tent Contract : Munro (Lt.-Col .), 

Madras Presidency — 

Administration: Maclean (C. D.). 
Cotton Cultivation : Wheeler (J. 

Murray's Handbook : Eastwick 

Records of Services : Prinsep (C. 


Madura — History: Nelson (J. H.). 

Magnetic Electro Meter (Lieut. 
Morrison's) — Electrical Society, p. 

Magnetical Observations at Singa- 
pore — Singapore . 

Magnetism, Cohesion, Adhesion, and 
Viscosity — The Common Nature 
of: Ilaughton (Sir G. C), p. 

Mahabharata — The : Mahabharata ; 

D'lstria (Mad. D.) ; [Goldstiicker 

Mahabharata in Greek — Galanos 

Mahratta Camp — Letters written in 

a: Brougbton (T. D.). 
Mahratta War— Blacker (Col. V.) ; 

Mahratta War. 
Mahratta (South) Cotintry — Pergan- 

nahs Statistics : Marshall (T.). 
Majean Religion — Harlez (C. de). 
Makassar Language — Matthes (B. 

MalabarCoast — Botany: Rheede(H.). 
Malacca — Crookewit (J. H.). 

History: Newbold (J. T.). 
Malay Archipelago — Parliamentary 
Reports ; Wallace (A. R.). 

Chronicles: Dulaurier (Ed.). 



Malay Archipelago — 

Dictionary : Elout (C. P. J.) ; 

Howison (J.) ; Marsden (W.). 
Fables : Kalilah u Damnah. 
Grammar : Elout (C. P. J.) ; 

Howison (J.); Marsden (W.); 

Schliermacher (A.). 
History : Leyden (J.) ; Malay 

Annals; Niemann (G. K.). 
Hymn Books : Hymn Books. 
Language : Dulaurier (E.), p. ; 

Robinson (W.). 
Language, Dictionarv of Foreign 

Words in: De Clercq (F. S. 

Letters and Despatches : Dulaurier 

Library Catalogue : Jacquet (E.), 

Manual: Maxwell ("W. E.). 
Manuscripts : Dulaurier (E.), p. 
Numismatics: Millies (H. C). 
Stories : 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al 

Kadir ; Roorda van Eysinga 

Travels: Lias (B.). 

Malay -Dutch Dictionary — Eoorda 
van Eysinga (P.). 

Malay-French Dictionary — Favre 

Malayalam — Prayer Book : Prayer 
Reader: CoUett (C). 
Reading Book : Arbuthnot (A. 

Malayalim and English Dictionaries 

—Bailey (B.) ; Gundert (Rev. H.). 

Malayalim Grammar — Peet (Rev. 
J.); Spring (F.). 

Malayan Fishes — Catalogue of : 

Cantor (T.). 

Malajm Vocabulary — Leyden (J.). 
Maldive Islands— Bell (H. C. B.). 
Malta, Knights of — History: Mon- 

tagnac (E.). 
Maltese — Grammar: Vassalli (M. A.). 

Reading Book : Ktyb yl gari ; 
Malto Primer — Droese (Rev. E.). 
Malwa — History: Malcolm (Maj. -Gen. 

Sir J.). 

Mammalia in the Indian Museum, 
Calcutta — Catalogueof: Calcutta. 
Manaar, Gulf of — Pearl and Chank 
Fisheries: Thurston (E.). 
Marine Fauna : Thurston (E.). 
Manchu — 

Books — Catalogue : India Office 

Chrestomathy : Klaproth (J.), p. 
Grammar: Gabelentz(H.) ; Harlez 

(C. de). 
Literature: Harlez (C. de). 
Manchu-Chinese Dictionary — Amyot 

Manchuria — State of : Palmer (A. 

H.). p. 
Mandaish Grammar — Noldeke (T.). 
Manipur Agency — Administration : 

Manipur Agency. 
Manna of the Israelites — Hogg (J.), p. 
Manu — Law of : Manava Dharma 

Manuscripts — Arabic, Persian, and 
Turkish : Hammer-Purgstall 
(J. W. von). 
Catalogues : See Names of Libra- 
ries and Owners. 
Forgeries : Simonides ; Guthe 

Shapira's Forgery: Guthe (H.). 
Maori (Aryan) — Customs, Language, 
Mythology: Tregear (E.). 

People: Fenson (F.). 
Map Construction — De Langlard (C. 

F. P.). 
Maps, Charts, and Flans — Catalogue 

of : British Museum. 
Maps of India and other parts of 

Asia — India Office Library. 
Marathi — 

Algebra: Haddon (J.). 

Anecdotes : Singhasan Battisi. 

Atlas : Marathee, p. 

Dictionary: [Carey(W.)] ; Kennedy 
(Lt.-Col. V.) ; Molesworth 
(Capt. J. T.) ; Raghunath 
Bhiskar Godbole. 

Downfall of Tippoo Sultan : Row 
(A. Ramachundra) . 

Geography ; Candy (T.) ; Maha- 

Geography of India : Tonkekara. 



Marathi — 

Geometry : Nana Shastri Apte. 

Grammar : Ballantyne (J. R.) ; 
Bellairs (H. S. K.) ; [Carey 
("W.)l ; Dnimmond (R.) : 
Navalkar ; Stevenson (Rev. 
J.) ; Turkhudkur. 

History : Duff (Capt. J. G.) ; 

History of India : Morris (H.) ; 
Row (A. Ramachundra) . 

Lesson Books : Mahrathi. 

Letter Writinsr, etc. 
Bhai Dandekar. 


Literature : Berquin. 

Natural Philosophy: Keshawaie 

Natural Theology : Gallaudett 

(T. H.). 
Poetry: Godbole(P.); Tukarama. 
Mariner's Compass — Klaproth (J.). 

Maritime — Geography and Statistics : 
Tuckey (J. H.). 
"Warfare between the Turks and 
Venetians, Spaniards, etc. : 
Haji Khalifah. 

Marriage Customs— Hamilton (Lady 


Mathura—Growse (F. S.). 

Mauritania — History : Abu'l Hasan 
ibn Abi Zer'a. 

Mauritius— Dutch Establishment in : 
Bonaparte (Le Prince Roland) . 

Introduction of Indian Labourers : 
Anderson (C), p. 

Trade : Parliamentary Reports. 

Voyage to, and back : Maur