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Full text of "First proofs of the Universal catalogue of books on art, compiled for the use of the National Art Library and the schools of art in the United Kingdom"

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(proofs under beyision.) 

41011. wt. iiMa. 









£y Order of fke Lordfi of the Committee of Council on Education. 



Printed for Her Majeiijfi Statimery Ogice, 




Prict Sf. id. mpaper eeeert, and Si, bound. 

Note. — This Supplementary Volume contains those titles of Books 
on Art m the Natumal Art Library at South Kensington Museum^ 
<md in other libraries at home a/nd abroad^ tohich have been collected 
Mnce the preparation of the earlier volumes. 





AA (A. J. VAN dbrV — ^Beschrijvinghe van 
het^EuoniiigTijkder Kederlanden en hot groothertog- 
dom Liuembnig. Large 8to. Ghroningen, 1841. 

AA (A. J. VAN dee). — GescHedknndige be- 
schriJTiiig yan de stad Breda en omstreken. Plates 
and lacsmiilee. 8vo. Gorinchem, 1846. 

AA (A. J. VAK der). — ^Nederlands Oost- 
Indie, of beflchrnYing der Nederlandsche bezit- 
tingen in Oost-Inme, roora^egaan Tan een beknopt 
oveizigt Tan de Testiging en nitbreiding der magt 
van Nederland aldaar. Farts 1 to 40, all pablished. 
With nnmeronB plates and maps.'^ Boyal 8to. Am- 
sterdam and Breida, 1845-57. 

AA (PiETEB VAN deb). — G'est nn Catalogue 

des cartes g^ographiqnes des Villes tant en Plan 
qn'en Profil, et d'antres Estampes ou TaUles-Doiices 
qni se trouTent k Leide chez P. Tan der Aa. 43 pp. 
8to. Leyden, n.d. 

ABADIA (Ignacio). — Besamen sacado del 
InTentario general historico que se bizo en el ano de 
1793 de Ids Ameses antignos, Armas blancas y de 
fhego, con otros efectos de la Beal Armaria del Bey 
nnestro Senor, por D. I. A. With plate of the 
arms of Spain. Post 8to. Madrid, 1793. S.K. 

ABADIE (P.).— Paroisae Saint-Michel de 
Bordeaux. Bestanration de la tour isol^. Aper^n 
snr la tonr de Saint-MicheL TraTanz A faire ponr 
la r«staaration de la tonr de Saint-Michel, et ponr la 
zeconstmction de la fihcke. 8to. Bordeaux, 1868. 

ABAKO (Petrcs de). — Conciliator dififeren- 
tairvm (sic) philosophomn : et praedpTe medioomm 
clarissimi Tiri Petri de Abano PataTini. (The 1st 
page illnminated.) Gothic letter. Fol. Venetiis, 
1470. S.E. 

ABATI (Annibale Olivibbi-Giobdani dboliV 

— Spiegaadone di alcnni monumenti degli antichi 
Pelasgi, tzasportata dal Prancese, con alcnne osserra- 
doni sopra i medesimi. 4to. Pesaro, 1786. B.M. 

ABATI (Annibale Oliviebi^Giobdani deoli). 

— Dissertasione sopra due antiche tavolette di 
avorio del Oaxdinale Quirini. 4to. Pesaro, i 7^3. 

ABATI (Annibale Oliviebi-Giobdani degli). 

— Spiegadone d' nna delle due antiche basi di 
marmo scoperte nel 1770 dal Caid. Bonamini. 4to. 
Pesaro, 1771. B.M. . 

ABATI (Annibale OlivIebi-Giobdani degli). 

— Deir antico Battistero della S. Chiesa Pesarese. 
4to. Pesaro, 1777. B.M. 

ABATI (Annibale Oliviebi-Giobdani degli). 

— ^Memorie di NoTilara, Castello del Contado di 
Pesaro. 4to. Pesaro, 1777. B.M. 

ABATI (Annibale Oliviebi-Giobdani degli). 

— ^Memorie deUa Badia di Santa Croce, in Monte 
Eabali, nel Pesarese. 4to. Pesaro, 1779. B.M. 

ABATI (Annibale Oliviebi-Giobdani degli). 

— niostrazione di un sigillo della Zecca di Orrieto. 
4to. Bologna, 1782. 

ABBADIE (A. d').— Bapport snr la plan- 
chette photographiqne de M. Anguste CheTalier, 
par M. A. d'Abbadie. 14 pp. 8to. Paris, 1863. 

ABBADIE (Joseph).— Vie de Saint Savin, 
Anachorite de LaTedan ; suiyie de Details arch^- 
logiqnes et historiques snr TE^lise et le Monast^ 
de St.-Savin, par J. Abbadie. NoiiTelle Edition, 
reTue et oorrigee. 12mo. Tarbes, 1861. 8.K. 

ABBADIE (Joseph). — Details arch6olo. 

giques et historiqnes snr I'^lise et le monastire de 
Saint-SaTin. 12mo. Tarbes, 1861. 

ABBASS (F. W.).— Handbnch des Giirt. 
lers, Schwertfegers, Metall- nnd Bronce-Arbeiters, 
Oder die Bearbeitung der meisten Metalle durch 
Feilen, Drehen, Bohren, Schmieden, Lothen, etc., 
etc. Unter Zngmndelegung der nenesten Erfah- 
mngen nnd Fortsdiritte bearbeitet Ton F. W. 
Abbess. With 6 plates, containing 168 flgores. 
8to. Weimar, 1873. S.K. 

ABBATE e MIGLIORB (Salvatobe).— 

NuoTa guida pel Siciliano e lo Straniero a Palermo, 
dando a conoscere le magnifioenze e gli osgatti 
degni di osserrazioTiQ dibYLBi d\.\k ^Y^\a\ft ^A'^ij^^^ 
diSicilia. 8vo. PaleTmo, ti.^ ^^* 


Universal Catalogue of 

ABBILDUHG und ErlSntemng der 15 

Deokicmiwti, wnlche beatiOtvaTei], an dsmPtiriBer 
groBien Feste nntsr die fniDEiigiBcIis bus Dentoch- 
und zunickgakebrt^ Armw ansgeChailt lu werdflD. 
With 16 iJ&Us. Ito. n.pv 1806. 

ABBINQ (C. A.).— Beknopto GeBchiedeiuB 
der atftd Hoon, en Vwhul Tin de stichtitig en^ 
varfraaijing van de Qroots Eerk, tot op den 1waD# 
^e haar Temielde, op den 3den Auj^aatua, 183B. 
Plates. Std. Hoorn, 1S39. 

ABBING (C. A.).— Gewftdedems'^dM' ^ 
Hoom, hod^lA van Wwt-VnMand, seJunndeSiBt 
geooUU gedeelte der XVTIde eo XVUIda eeaw, 
of Verrolg op Veliiu Chroniik, begioseode met_ 
1630. MetaaateekeningeDenbuuigeii. WiChpUteB. 
2 yola. 8to. Hoorn, lBll-42. 

ABBOTT (Henkt). — AntiqnitioB of Rome ; 
campriBing Twenty-four Seloet Vlewtfof its Prin- 
cipal RniDg : iUnttcated by a paiioi&mic ontline 
of tlie modarn d^, taken £rMii tEe Csiptol. Fn»n 
dravinga b; E. X, EaUn made in the jear 1818. 
AquaUnt platea. Folio. London, 1S20. 3S. 

A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott).— The 
Almanack of the Mooth. A'Beviewof EniTthiiu 
and Everybody. Edited by Q. A. i B. (Wi£ 
woodcuts by fijchard Di^le.) 2 toU. Boyal 
SZmo. London, 1816. 8.E. 

A'BECKETT (Gilbbbt Abbott). — The 
Comic History or En^nd... with... coloured etch- 
ings and... woodcuts by J. Leech. 2 vole. 8to. 
Londoa, 1847-48. B.M. 

A BECKETT (GiLBB»r A. and Abtkub W.) 
— Comic <>nide to the Bojal Avdemy for 186S. 
Sto. Sewed. London, 18S3. S.K. 

ABEL (Ghablxs). — Beoherclies but d'aa- 
dens ivoiras senlpUa de la eathUnkle de Hetc. 
With pUU*. 6B pp. 8T0. Mete, 1869. 

ABEL (Cubks). — VfUTative of a Joomey 
in the interior of China, and of a voyage to and 
from thatmnntry, in the yeva 1816 and 1817; 
eoot^ning an account of tlis most iatensdng tcBiiB- 
actioDS of Lord Amherst's EmbasBj to the Court of 
Pekin, and obserrations oa tbe coontties which it 
-Tieitsd. Coloured plates and maps. 4to. London, 
1818. B.M. 

ABEaDEEN.— R«gistrtun EpiBCopatns Ab- 
erdonensiB. Eccleeie Cathedralia Abeidonensis 
Begesta qne eitant in nnom collecta. (Edited by 
CoamolDnoB, tortheSpaldingClub.) 2 vols, "- 
ImpNssum Edinburgi, 18t6. 


' chnological Exhibition. Aberdeen, 1869. Cata- 
logue of Historical Portrwts. Roy. Sto. Aberdeen, 
18S9. - S.E. 

a Series of Engrarlngs of Buildings in, and tbat 
were abont Aberdeen. 8to. Abetdsen, 1868. 

ABERDEEN and BANFF.— Collections for 
a hiMoiT of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff. 
" ■ 1,1843. 

ABERLI (JOHANN Ludwio).— TJniersohied- 
liehe lADdschaflUein geieicbnet Ton Joban Ludwig 
Aberlj nnd herausg^eben tub Job. Acdr. PfeSel 

ABERLI (JoHuni Ludwio). — CoUectioa de 
qnelifues Tuse deesinies en Suisse d'apris oatDte et . 
colonies, par Aberli, avec la deacription pittoresque 
du voyage de rartisCe. 4to. Berne, 1782. 

ABipH fflBBM\K|^).-:J>'"iiea-iUaatratiyeB de 
quH^iea jMino^iitles ':g£felo(fcuei prisee aur la 
vAifte et'l^tna.'petidalif leBanii^ 1B3S st 1834, 
par Hermaiin Abicb, membra de ta Boci^t^ giolo- 
gique de France, 1 pp. with 10 plates. FoL Paris, 
"1838. B.H. 

ABINGDON (Thokab).— The Antiqiuties of 

the Cathedta! Church of Worcester. To which are 

addnl thev tnt iq uitieg of the Cathedral Chnrehes of 

Chicheater and Ijcbfield. Bvo. London, I7I7. S.E. 

Another ediMon. 8io. Ijondoti, 1723. B.1II. 

ABKOTJDE (JoHAHiraB tas).— See Abken- 
saao (Remikb). Naamregiater, etc. 3 Tola. Small 
4». 1788. ... 

ABOT DE BA21NGHEN.— Titut^ dea 
monnoiea, st de la jariadiction de la ooof des 
moDDoies, en fimne de diotionnaire, 2 vola ito. 
Paris, 176*. ' B.Sl. 

ABRAIJ:AM (TancbIdb).— Chatean-Goatier 
& ses EDTiions. Trente Eanz-ForteB par T. Abra- 
ham. Texts par SW. le C» de Fallouz, de I'Aca- 
dimie frani^ae, Anioe Hoossaje. K. P. Dom 
Bolin, de Solesmaa, le C" de Nogent, Victor Parie, 
A, Lem^n^nd, Aim£ de Soland, d'Eepin^, Qodaid- 
FaliltPiBr, Paul BeUeuvn, Ernest ^Hanger, Trea- 
vBux du Fraval, etc. 4to. Chateau-Qontier, 1872, 

ACAMI (GiACOMO, Conte).-^De]l' origine 
ed anttchiti della Zecca Pontificia, ove con autentici 

monument] si conforma 1' antichisBimo dominio 

del S. Sede us' propri stati. 1 plate of coins. 4to. 
Roma, 17fi2. 

ACEBBI (Giuseppe) .—TiavelB in Sweden, 
Finland, and Ijapland, with Memoir on Lapland 
Music and Customs, 2 vols. Plates, some colonred. 
4to. London, 1802. 

Vuesdela Snids, dela Finlande et de la Laponie 
depnis le dto^t du Snnd jtuqu'au cap Nord, 24 
plates. 4to. Paris, 1803. 

ACHARD (J. P. X.).— Notes surqaelques 
anctens artistes d' Avignon ; suivies d'mi acts du i' 
aiMe qui mentionne an peintre et qui determine 
trts-appiozimativement I'epoqne oA I'oD a construit 

ACHARD (LODiB AuiD^E (EuotoB).— Bade 

et Ma enriroas, dessinis d'aprM nature par J. Coi- 

■ ■ - ' m. 7 

« dcs notices par A. Achaid, 

ACHARHIS.— FjobiersfiBga beriittAd och 
ritad af et ftenmile eflei original pennribiiiigar 


Books on Art (Supptenhent). 


- rfl «■! . 

Ibtognfifilet 5fr»Tfbida pft-vten och ttycdrta af P. H. 
. MandsL Ibl. Stofikhofan, 1866. B.M. 

ACKERMANN (Paul).— Dictionnaire bio- 
gApliiqne nmTend et pittoreBquo, coiiteiUDt 3,000 
aiddas environ de ^Ixm .que li ploa oomplMe des 
Uof^sphief pnUi^jnaqu^ ce jour. Om4 de 120 
portnits. 4 yoU. Iisrge 8to« Pans, 1834, 

ACKBRMAira" (Rudolph).— The World in 

Kmiatore; edited by Predenc Shoberl. 36 voIb. 
With opwaidB ojf 588 coloured plates of coatames, 
ete. 12mo. London, n.d. S.K. 

AGKEBMAKN* (Bddouph). — Coloured 

Plates of English Female Costuneg 180&-29. 
From A/s Bepositozy of Arts. 2 vols. Boy. 8vo. 
180»-29. J3.K. 

ACKEBMA]S^ (Rudolph).— Ackennana's 

Hew Drawing Book of Light and Sh^ow in imita- 
tion of Indian Ink. 24 aqnatint platss with letter- 
press. Ohkog 4to. London, 1812. ' 

ACKERHAKK (Rudolph).— Costumes of 

the Indian Army. 83 coloured pbtes. Drawn by 
H. Martens, Engraved by J. Harris. FoL London, 
1 846. P. G. lib* Aldezshot. 

.AGKERMAE^ (Rudolph).— Costumes of 
Che Britiah Army. 66 ooloured plates, punted by 
H. de Daubrawa. Engraved by John Sbrris. Fol. 
London, 1842 and 1854. P. C. !Lib. Aldershot. 

Costumes of the British Army in 1855. liTew 
tSiarles. 19 coloured plates. Drawn by H. Hartens. 
Efeigtaved by J. Hams. FoL London, 1858. 

P. C. Lib. Aldershot 

ACEERMAlOr A CO.— Souvenir of ihe 
Great Exhibition, comprised in six authentic coloured 
interiors after drawings by J. McNevin, made ex- 
pressly for this work In chromography by Messrs. 
Thomas Picken, "William Kmpson, B. K. Thomas, 
and K Walker. Atlas foL London [1851]. S.E. 

ACEXRSDLfCK (J.).— Adam van Duren, 
Kederiandsch Bouwmeester. 8vo. Haarlem, 1840. 

ACKBRSDLTCK (W. C.).— Jets over de 
atad Botterdam, bijzonder wegens hare vroegste 
vermeldingindesii'eeuw. 8vo. Botterdam, 1826. 

^ (Frikdbich). — ^Die^zSiiu/iidien Inschaften in Daden. 

G^esammelt nnd bearbeitet von M, J. A und F. 

M Heraui^egeben mit XJnterstutznngder kaiser- 
lichen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. 8vo. 
Wlea, 1865. 

ACLAND (Thomas Dyke, jun.).^ — Scheme 

of the West of England Examinations and Priaes. 
8vo. London, 1857. ^SJT. 

ACOSTA (Joseph de). — ^Historia Natural y 

Moral de las Indias. 4to. Madrid, 1608. 

ACQUA GIUSTI (A DALL*).-^Della storia 

delT Arte ; jraima leaione .per V anno scolastico 
1867>68,deLPh)f.Ad'Aa. 8vo. Venecia, 1868. 

ACTA — VirtenbergensiB duels, A ArgS- 
tinaa Beipnblicae acta^ in Tridenttno eottcilio. Nunc 
reeens imp r es a a . tJnjk cum antigno fiMtlzensis 

eoncilii ssluo' conducta, & Tridential. 16mo. 
Basileae, 1553, 8.K. 

ADAIR (James).— History of the North- 
American Indians, their Customs, etc. In '* Anti- 
quities of Maxico," by Lord Eingsborough, voL viii. 


ADAM (Albeecht).?— Vier und zwanzig 

Umrisse (Scenen aus dem Bussischen Feldzuge im 
Jahr 1812) zur Beniiteung fiir studirende Kunstlez 
und Dilettanien. Large fol. Munchen, 1834. 

ADAM (Albbeght).— -Did Yeredhmg der 

Pfexdesncht auf Alsen. In ehkor Beihefolge von 

Bildnissen und Skizzen aus dem Gestiit des 

Henogs Cfaristiaii Augost an Schleawig-Holsteki- 
Sonderburg-Augustenbuig, naoh der Natur gezeich- 
netvouAA 19 lithpgraphs. Oblong fol. Text 
by Count von Holmer. . 8 parts. 4to. Stuttgart, 

ADAM (Alexander). — ^Rbman Antiquities ; 

or a description of the manners and Customs of the 
Bomans. 12mo4 Edinbuigh, 1791. ^Jf. 

Other editions :— * 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1792. 
8vo. London, 1801.' 
8vo. London, 1819. 
8vo. London, 1825. 

' 8vo. Lwidbn, 1880. 

With notes and indices by J. Boyd. I2mo. 
London, 1834. B.M. 

Corrected and enlarged by J^ B. Major. 8vo. 
London, 1835. 

With plates by Jameit Johnstone. 12ao. . Lou- 
don, 1837. 

German translation : — ^Handbuch der Bonuschen 
Alterthilmer. Aus dem Englischen mit Anmerk- 
ungen von T. L, Meyer. 2 vols. Plates. 8vo. 
Erlangen, 1794-^796. 

Other editions. 2 vols. 11 plsito. 8vo. Er- 
langen, 1818. 

2 vols. 8v6. Erlangsn, 1832. 

Italian translation :—Antichit4 romane, tradotte 
da Qaetano WauiA Monibrte. 3 vols. 8vo. Ka- 
poli, 1821. 
ADAM (Joseph). — Mountain, Loch, and 
Glen, illustrating 'Our Life in the Highlands,' 
from paintings executed expressly for this work by 
Joseph Adam. With an ess^ on the characteristics 
of Scottish scenery, by the Bev. Norman Macleod, 
D.D. Second edition revised. Prepared under the 
superintendence of Arthur Helps, Esq. 16 photo- 
graphs. 4to. London, 1870. S.E. 

ADAM (Robert). — Designs for Vases and 

Foliage, composed from tne antique by B. A. 
Engraved by Pastorini. ' 13 plates. 4to. London, 

ADAM (Victor). — La Foire aux Id^s. 

Ghmrande Exhibition de cro^uis, charge, drftleries, 
earicatores, costumes, J6nx» animaux, lantsisies. Par 
T. A 42 lithogn^phic plates. 4to. (Paris, n.d.) S.E. 

ADAM (Victor).— Histoire de France en 
Tableaux. Suite da 10% Qq^«\a t«i^i^TSL\aa\> ^ 
ordre chrouolo^qae "Ui ^imci^^uxibaXa ^fi\?8Mk\«v» 

Universal Catalogue of 

ds CB paja, deimu Fhsmuoiid jiitqn'i not joiin. 
ConpMis et lithographies pnr T, Adsm accom- 
pBgnis d'an t«xte ez[dicstif fomunt prM» hlsto- 
rique BUT chaqne r^e. Obi. 4to. Fmis, d. d. 


ADAM (ViCTOE) and CHABRIN (P. J.).— 
A month of 1830, oi the memorable dajR of July 
and Aagnit, bistoricsl sketches composed and 
drawn upon itooe hv V. A. ; accompamed bj «- 
plan&toij notes in ^nch and English, and pre- 
ceded by tho Bummary of the French RsTolation 
from I7Se to 1830. 29 plates, plan of Faria, and 
3 additional plates. Oblong foL Faiis, 1S30-S1. 

ADAM (YiOTOE) and MAURIN (N.).— 
Hisloire de Napol^n. Suite de sqjeta composfs et 
dessin^ par V. A., les portraits par N. M. 21 litho- 
graphed plates. Fol. Faris, n.d. S.K. 

A"nAM- (Victob). See BiBiHiLmr (J. J.).— 
Oyninase grec, et«. ObL tto. n.d. 

, AT1AM (W.).— Gem of the Peak, containing 
Excunions to Bniton and CastletoD. By the 
Author of Excursions to Cbatsworth, Haddon, 
Sniton, Castlelon, Doredale, etc. 12mo. London, 
n. d. S.K. 

ADAM (W.).— The Gem of the Peak ; or, 
Matlock Bath and its vicinity, an account of Derby, 
a tour from Darby to Matlock. Excursions to 
Chatsworth, Haddon, etc Gaolo^, flora, etc 
4th edition. SLaps, coloured engravings, iroodcnts, 
etc. 12nio. IiODdon, ISlfi. 

Traits Bur la pbysionomie par le sophiBtc Adaman- 
tins, on extrait des philosophes aneiens et des physio- 
nomiateemodetnes. 12mo. 1S06. 

ADAMI (Amdkba),— Storia di Volseno, 
sntica metiopoli della Toscana descritta in 4 libri. 
2 vols. 33 plates. 4to. Roma, 1734-37. B.U. 

ADAMI (Haknibal). — Honorarii Tnmnli ac 
fnnebris pompte descriptio in excqnianun justis 

Francisco duci Belfortio etc. 4to. Rome, 


ADAMI (Lgohabdo). — Ricerche iBtomo al 
Gito predso del Career TnUiauo. Small 4to. 
Ronui, 1804. ■ S.K. 

ADAMI (Lkonaedo). — Osserrazioni che 
serrono ad illuatrare I'epitsfio di S. Yitalino Hartire, 
le triontali spoglio del quale si venerano nell' 
oratorio domestico dell' illustrisaimo Sig. Uarcbeie 
D. Filippo Filonardi, esposte dalT Awoeato Leo- 
nardo Adami. Post 8ro, Roma, 1 SOS. 8.K. 

ADAMS (Ahdeew Lbith). — Wanderings of 
a Natonlist in India, the Westarn Himalayas and 
Cashmere, 8to. Edinbnish, 1367. 

ADAMS (Aeihcb). — Zoology of the voyage 
of H.H. Ship Saniarang, nwwr the commsnd of 
Captun Edwaid Belehar during the yean 1843-40. 
Edited by A. A Coloured plates. 4to, London, 

ADAMS (Aethde).— Travela of a NataraliBt 
in Japan and Manchuria. - mthiUustiatioDs. 8vo. 
London, ISTO. 

ADAMS (GEOBaB). — Essays on the Micro- 
scope. Second edition, irith considerable additions 
and improvements, by Frederidc Kanmacher. 32 
plates. 4to. London, 1793. 

ADAMS (Geoboe). — An Essay on Electri- 
city, ezplaming the principles of that useM sciencn, 
and describing the instTumenti. Fifth edition, 
with corrections and additions by William Jones. 
With six folding t^teo. Svo. London, 1799. 

ADAMS (W.y— Sacred Allegories. Ulns- 
trated with etchings by Birket Foster and others. 
4to. London, 1869. 

ADAMS (WiLLUH BBisass). - English 
Pleasure Carriages, their origin, history, vaneties, 
materials, construction, defects, improvementa, and 
capabilities, with an analysis of tbe conatmction of 
common roads and railroads, and the public vehicles 
used on them, together with descriptioDB of new in- 
veutions for the use of carriag^pnrchasera and 
constructors. Numeions illustrations. Svo. Lon- 
don, 1837. aK. 

ADAMS (William Bbidqes). — 'The Politi- 
cat Economy of Copyright.' From the ' Fort- 
nightly Eeriew,' Ho. 3, Sept, 1885, Svo. S.K. 

ADAMS (W. H. Davespoet).— Nelson's 
Hand-Book to the Isle of Wight ; iCa History, 
Topography, and Antiquities. With notes upon its 
principal seats, churches, msnorisl bouses, UgendaJey 
and poetical associations, etc. Svo. London, 
1883. S.K. 

ADAMS (W. H. Davenport).— Trinrnphs 
of Ancient Architecture. 18 plates. lOmo. Lon- 
don, ISSS. 

ADAMS (W. H. Dayenport).— Trinrnphs of 
Modem Architecture, a description of some of the 
celebrated edifices of modem Europe. 18 plates, 
16nio. London, 18SS. 

ADAMS (W. H. Davenpobt).— The fanned 
Cides of Campania ; or, Foidpeii and Herculaneum, 
their history, their destruction, etc. With illoa- 
trationa. 8to. London, I8B8. B.H. 

ADAMS (W. H. Davbnpoet).— Temples, 
Tombs, and Hoaiunents of Ancient Oreece and 
Bome. A description and a history of some of the 
most remarkable memorials of classical architecture. 
ByW.KD.A. Wili 100 eBgravings. Crown 8m. 
Loudon, 1371. S.K. 

ADAMSON fJoHs).— Memoirs of the Life 
and Writings of Luis de Camoens. Portrait and 
plates. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1820. 

ADAMSON (John).— An Acconnt of the 
Discovery at Hexham, in the county of Northum- 
berland, of a brass .vessel containing a nuqiber of 
Anglo-Saxon coins, called Stycsa, communicated t 


Boohs on Art {Supplement). 


ADANSON (Michel).— Histoire Natnrelle 
du S^D^gal : coquiUages. Arec la relation abrdg^e 
tfnn Voyage fait en ce pays 4to. Paris, 1757. 

ADDA (G. d'). — Ricerche snlle Arid e 
snll' Indostria romana. Vasa vitrea diatreta. 
Memoria letta al Begio Istitnto Lombardo il 24 
febbraio 1870. 8ro. Milano, 1870. 

ADDINGTON (Henrt).— An Essay on the 
affinity between painting and writing in point of 
oomposition. 16 pp. 4to. (Oxford), 1779. 

Soane Mns. 

ADDINGTON (Heott).— Memoir of the 
Chnrch and Hospital at Ewelme. 8vo. Oxford, 

ADDISON (C.)— Kniffhts Templars, a his- 
tory of the order. With plates. 8vo. London, 
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ADDISON (Chables Gbeenstebet). — 

Journey to Damascus and Palmyra ; with a sketch 
of the state and prospects of Syria. 2 vols. 9 
plates. 8to. London, 1838. 

ADDISON (HenetRobeet).— Paris Social; 
a sketch of erery-day life in the French Metropolis. 
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ADDISON (Joseph). — Remarks on several 
parts of Italy, etc in the years 1701, 1702, 1703. 
870. London, 1705. S.K. 

ADELAIDE.— The City of Adelaide. His- 
torical Sketch of the Municipality, etc Reprinted, 
after reyision, from " The South Australian Adver- 
tiser " and *' Weekly Chronicle and Mail '' News- 
papers. 8to. Adelaide, 1871. S.K. 

ADELPHUS (Johannes).— Die turkische 

Chronica, Ton irem Trsprung, anefang und regiment 
biss nff diese zeit, sompt yren Eriegen and streyten 
mit den christen begangen. Erb&rmlich zu lesen. 
Woodcuts. Fol. Strasburg, 1413 [i.e. 1513). 

ADELPHUS (Johannes). — Historia von 

Rhodis, Wie ritterlich sie sich gehaltS mit dem 
Tyranischen Eeiser Machomet usz TiirkyS, lustig 
Tfi lieplich zu lesen. Woodcuts. FoL Strasburg, 

ADELPHUS (Johannes).— Einewarhafftige 
beschreibang des lebens und der geschichten Keiser 
Frederichs I. genannt Barbarossa. Erstmals in 
latin rersamlet auss alien gl^bwurdigen geschrifiten 
▼n hystorien deralten chronicken. Ynd aber jetzto 
in tusche (sic) zung trtOich bracht. Woodcuts. 
FoL Strasburg, 1580. 

ADELUNG (Fbiedbich).— An Historical 
Sketch of Sanskrit Literature, with copious bio- 
naphical notices of Sanskrit works and translations. 
From the German of Adelung, with numerous addi- 
tions and corrections. 8to. Oxford, 1832. 

ADEBHOLDT rAuousr).— tl)er Goethe's 

Faibenlehve. £in vortrag gdialten in der mathe- 
malischen GeseUschaft zu Jena. Nebst einem An- 
biiig»: Ozaerdl's Bemuhungen zur Rechtfertigui^ 
OoeUM^s. 72 pp. 8to. Wamar 1868. 

ADHfiMAR (Joseph Alphonse). — Traits 
de la Coupe des pierres par J. Adh^mar. 8to. 
Paris, 1840. 

ADHEMAB (Joseph Alphonse). — Perspec- 
tive des objets ^loign^s, pour servir de complement 
a la premiere edition du Traits de perspectiye, par 
J. Adh^mar. 34 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1846. 

ADHEMAB (Joseph Alphonse). — Traite 

de G^om^trie descriptiye. 4th edition. Text. 
8to. Atlas of 103 plates. Fol. Paris, 1870. 


ADHEMAR (Joseph Alphonse). — Cours do 

math^matique & Tusage de Ting^nieur civil. Appli- 
cations de g^metrie descriptive. Charpente. 3rd 
edition. With Atlas of 67 plates. Fol. Paris, 

ADLER (F.).— Die Weltstadte in der Ban- 
kunst. Vortrag, gehalten fiir den wissenschaftlichen 
Verein in d^r Sing-Akademie am 15. Febniar, 1868. 
40 pp. 8to. Berlin, 1868. 

ADLER (F.).— Die Bauschule zu Berlin, 
Ton C. F. Schinkel. Festrede gehalten bei der 
Schinkel-Feier am 13. Marz, 1869. Large 8to. 
Berlin, 1869. 

ADLER (F.).— Baugeschichtliche Forsch- 
ungen in Dentschland. - I. Die Kloster- und 
Stiftskirchen auf der Insel Reichenau. Aufgenom- 
men und gezeichnet Ton F. A. With 5 plates. Fol. 
Berlin, 1870. S.K. 

ADLER (F.)— Das Pantheon zu Rom. 
Einunddreissigstes Programm zom Winckelmanns- 
fest der archiiologischen GeseUschaft zu Berlin yon 
F. Adler. With 3 plates. 4to. Berlin, 1871. 


ADLER (F.). — ^Ausgefiihrte Bauwerke von 
F. Adler. I. Die St. Thomaskirche zu Berlin. With 
12 pUtes. Folio. Berlin, 1872. S.K. 

ADLER (Jacob Georo Christian). — 

Museum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris. Plates by 
Cannula. Fol. Bomse, 1782. BJi. 

Part II., illustravit D. J. G. C. A Second edition. 
With plates. Fol. Altonse, 1795. 

ADLER (Jacob Geobq Christian). — Reise- 

bemerkungen auf einer Beise nach Rom. 4to. 
Altona, 1784. 

ADLER (Jacob Georo Christian). — Col- 

lectio nova nummorum cuficorum seu arabioorum 
Teterum. 7 plates. 4to. Altome, 1795. 

ADORFF (Joannes de).— Figure Donati A. 
redacte in prosaz, ctl adcutioib* Johanis de Scher- 
dingen. Gothic letter. 8vo. NurebSige, 1491. B.M, 

ADRIA. — Die Serben an der Adria. Ihre 
Typen und Trachten. With chromolithographs. 
Fol. Leipzig und Wien, 1870. SJC. 

ADRIAN.— Adrian's Villa, k^irv^^^^^^ 
plates, exhibitins the oiiittni«tL\» viA «s«>MAf^^^ ^^ 
thAt building. Lwge o\)\, ioV 'Bw»,Ti*^ ^^^ 


Universal Catalogue of 

ADBIAHI (GiOTurai Bitiista).— Lettora 
di Gi«. B. Adiiani a Oioigio VmuI «opi» gli so- 
tichi pittori uomiiiati da Plinio. 4b). Fiience, 

ADSHBAD (Joseph).— Prisona and Pri- 
soDen i also tlie Beport of the Surreyor-OensraJ of 
IMbohb ou tlie coDitmction of FentouTille Fiisou. 
22 plana and plates. 3 Tola. Roy. Sto. London, 

ADVIELLE (Viotob).— Sonvenirs d'nne 
Tiaite k I'abbsye da Sunt-Antoins en Dan[Jiini. 
'Hiatoin, ucbiolo^e. Sto. arenoble, 1S60. 

ADVIELLE (Victoe).— Lea ArtiBtea Aaia- 
phinoiBBnaaliHidel863. Sto. Foiia, ISaS. . 

ADVIELLE fViCTOE).— Le Dauphin^ i 
I'ExpoaitioD de Londras en 1862. 8vo. Onnoble, 
. J89S. 

ADVIELLE fViCTOE).— Les beatut-arta en 
Bonmgiie i divsnea ipoguea, par M. T. A. 
(d'AiTsa). Sepp. *to. Bodw, 1BS8. 

AEBY (Chk.), — Der Bau des menaohlichen 
Komn mit beaondereF Ruckaiclit suf aeine mor- 
. phokguche oitd phyaiologitche Bedentung. Ma 
Xiehiblii^ der An&tomie fur Aeizts und Stndlrende 
von Dr. 0. Aeby. With SSI woodenta in tbe teit 
Sfd. Leipcig, ISn. 8.E. 

^GyPTIUS . (MiTTHSus). — Senatuacon- 
gnlti de Baochaoalibua, uts wnes Taatuslm Tatmbe 
Hiuei CwMrei ViudobonsnBis explieatia auetore K. 
~ m. 2platea. Small foL Neapoli, 1729. S.E. 

.fflT.TATT — The tactikB of .^lian, or art of 
BmbattAiling an army afteF y* Orecwn manner, 
eDglkbed axiA iUaatmted with figorea throughoutj 
and notes upon 7* chapt«ra of y ordinary motiona 
of y* phalange by I. 3. (Bingham). The exerdae 
milito^ of y* English by j' oider of that great 
generall Manriee of Nassau, Prince of OningB, etc., 
gOTemoi and genenll of j* United ProrincM, ia 
added. Plates. Small fol. London, 1S23. 

^MnJUS (Oeohoius). — Imagmom in 
Apocalypsi Johaonia descriptio, com enanatjone 
. nera pia, et apta ; qnn potest esse vice iutti Com- 
mentarn, et leclu digni. Eaegtooo carmine condita. 
2S woodcvte. 4to. Frencoftirti, lfi40. 

.^MTLIUS (Pattlus), — Hiatorite iam denvo 
emeudatEB Farli j¥hnjlii Teronenaia, De Sebvs 

I Qestia Francocrm, i Pharammdo Primo Rege Tsqye 
ad CarolTm octauum, Lihri X. Araoldi Fflrroni 

J)e Heboa Gostia Gallorum libri IX. ad His- 

toriam P. X. addild, k Oarolo oetano naq; ad Hen- 

rieom 11 Chronicou Joan. Tilij de Segibns 

'.Fiancorum a Fhammundo usqj ad Eenricum IL k 
H. Tboma Freigio auctum usque od Carolum IX. 

iWith woodcut medallioDB.) Small fol. Basilsa>, 
16S9}. S.E. 

jCISOP. — ^aopi faboha latima versibuB 
■ reddite. WoodcatB. Fol. Uonteregali pra Do- 
minkam de Yitaldia, 147S. 

Anothu edition. Woodeata. Fol. 1481. 
Esopiw leaen ends fabolen, ende die bbnlnn nn 

Anianns ende AlfirasiuB Foeten, die velcke aeef 
ghencechlijck, end vol pioQjtel^clie leennghen 
aijn, ea VBrmeerdert tot 'SS^Xl. fabnloa toe ditnoyt 
gbeprint en waren met has en flgueren. With 
woodcuts, Small 4t«. Gouda, Oei^ Leen, 1180; 
Apolognea d'Eaope trauilat^ da grM en latin 

KLurant Valla at du latin en franca par Guil- 
ue Tardt£ lectotu du roi Charles VUI. AtbA 
aucnns diets moiauz et paniles joyeoBas dea nobles 
bommea snciens, lecueillia par le m^e. Gothic 
letter with woodcut*. Fol. Paris. Antoine 
Terard. (1490.) 

EOopo con U TitaaaahiatorialeTuIgareetLatino. 
Woodcnta. 4to. Milano ? 1497. 

Esopet eu franfOya avec l«a fables de Aviati, de 
Alphonc« et de Foge florentin. QoCbic letter oitll 
woodcnta. 4to. (Paris, &om 1630 to 1044.) 

Les iables et la vie d'Esopa Fhrjgien, traduitea 
do noDveaa en iian;ays selon la vintk grecqae. 
Gothic letter with woodculs. 16mo. Lyon, 1547. 

Trois cents soiiante-six apologues d'Eeope 

traduits nouvellement du latin en rithme iriaxpjee 
par mustre QuiUaume Haudont. Woodcuts. 16mo, 
Houen, 1647. 

ISmo. Antrerpis, 1566. 

Fabula Meapuai, plulee qningentis, et alia qn»- 
dam narrationeB, com bistoiia vita fbrtunaqne 
.Xaopi, composita etndio et diligentia Joachimi 
Camerarii l4b. qoibus addit« snot et LiTiauK et 
Gellianie ao alionim quredam, com interpretatione 
Grcecomm, et explication e qnoruodam sliornm. 
With voodcats. 24mo. Lngduni, 1S71. S.E. 

£sopi Ph^gia Fabrlee, el^ntisrimis eiconibTB 
Teras animalium apeciee ad viaant admabrantea. 
Hia acceaaervtit Joannis Posthtj Oermerahemij in 
siDgotaa Fabulae EpigraminatA. (With the Life of 
Mtap by HaxiDWi IHanudcs, and 1 1 3 woodcuts by 
VirguSolia.) 12mo. FrancofortiBdHceamm, 1674. 

.Ssopi Phrygis Fabrlie elegan. icon Oabritt 

Gmci &bells zzxiiiii. Batrachomnimadua, Galea- 

myomachia, tragiBdia Greeca Sofl Feeti Auieni 

FabnJc Hia accesacrunt nonisaime Iconea in 

Titam .Ssopi eitaque vita in capita aeclio. With 
woodcuts. 24mo. Parisiis, 1686. S.X. 

Ia Vida J Fabulas de Eeopo, k l*M qnales se 
anadieroD algunas may graeioBie de Ameno, y de 
oltToa sabios &biiladores. Woodcnts (by Abairerus 
de Londeraeel). 8to. (Antwerp.) £n la offldna 
plantiniaoa, 1607. 

Lee fables et la vie d'Esope latinea et fMn^iaea. 
Arec trois amples indicea, par Jean de Toumea. 
Woodcnta. 16mo. Lyon, I6O7. 
Fahnlie jk^pi, graeee et latina, nunc d«nuo seleetse ; 
ete item quas Arienua carmine expressit. Accedit 
Ranarum et Slniium pugna. Plates. 12mo. Lng- 
duni Bataromm, 1632. 

AunrWr Matin. (The Fables in Qra^, wiUi U. 
woodcDts.) 8to. Ehtiwi. fX*^. Venice, 1644. 


Books on Art {Suppletnent). 


' # JEsope par des iMitlieilzs aaei«ius. Ear M. Pierre 
Hillot. Ensemble la vie d^Mao^ eoxnpoci^ plur M. 
deJi^zimc. Woodcuts. 46ino. Bomg-eD-JBiesse, 

iEsop's fiblee with, their morals in verse. With 
frontispiece and woodcuts. Cambridge, 1650. 

Les Eables <i^Esope Phrvp^en. Illustrdes de 
Piaooim morauz, pmlosophiques, et poliUijues. 
NouT^e^tion. Augmentecf de beauooup en diTers 
endroits. Ayeo des Beflezioos morales, par J. 
Bandoin. With engrayed title and 147 plates. 
12mo. Bmxelles, 1669. aK. 

Esope en belle humeur on demiire traduxion et 
angmentadon de ses fables. Vignettes. 12mo. 
Ainst«?dam, 1690. 

Les fables d'Esope ayeo oelles de Philelphe, de 
Gabrias et d'Avienus, et les contes d'Esope. Tra- 
duction nouvelle. enrichie de discours morauz et de 
quatrains. 2 foIs. with woodcuts. 12mo. Pans, 1703. 

NouTean recueil des fables d^Esope avec le sens 
moral en quatre ten et des figures a ehaque fable. 
Plates. 12mo. Paris, 1781. 

Les Fables d'Esope, avec un Diseours Pr^limi- 
naire, et les Sens Moraux en Disdques. 130 em- 
blematical engrayings^ 4to. Paris, 1743. 

Eaope en belle hnmsur, ou I'^te de ses fables 
enrichies de figores, de discours morauz et de 
qnatrains, pir Ch. Mouton. Plates in mid-page. 
8to. Hamburg, 1750. 

Fay(^e di E(m^ Frigio, con la vita del medesimo 
~ tmdotta ed omata daiSignor Conte Giulio Landi, 
Edizione Noyissima. ninstnita, e ridotta a pift colta. 
kcieAe con aggiunta di molte akre Favole di yaij 
acesreditaliSarittori. 117 woodcuts. 16mo. Vene- 
cia, 1761. 

AjM>ther edition. 12mo. Venice, 1789. 

Select Fables of iEsop and other Fabulists, by 
Dodalej. Vignettes by S. Wale. 8yo. Birming- 
ham, ^isker^e, 1764. 

Les Fables d'Esope, mises en Fran9oi8, ayec le 
' sens moral eU qnatre yers, et des figures k ehaque 
Fable. Nouyelle Mition, reyue, corrig^ et aug- 
mentte d» la yie d'Escme, ayee figures et les Qua- 
trains de Beoserade. With wbodouts. Post 8yo. 
Boilen,,1765. S.K. 

Fables Choisies d'Esope mises en chansons. Ayec 
Figures, dessin^es et gray^es par M. .Chevalier. 
60 platra. 18mo. Paris, 1760. 

AbrM des fables d'Esope, om^ dee figures ana- 
logues a ehaque fable, mis A la port^ des eafans. 
8yo. Paris, 1795. 

Fabulas de Esopo, Filosolb moral, y de otroi 
fMDOsosautores. Gozregidas da nueyo. Woodcuts. 
8yo. Bazoelona, 1796. 

JEsopli Fables [by S Crozall]. Embellished with 
lllelennt engrayings. 12mo. London, 1818. S.E. 

The Fables of .£sop, with Illustrations by Henry 
Xb Stephens. Lithographed by Julius Bien. 4to. 
Wew York, 1868. S.K. 

.£sQp's Fables illustrated by Ernest Onset. With 
t«zt baised chiefly upon Crozall, La Fontaine, and 
LHSstrange. Bevised and re-written by J. B. 
BundeU. Woodcuts. 4to. London (1869). aK. 

Al^AIROUS (L^on).— Le Soleil de Nice, 
guide des Strangers (1868-9). l^ice, CanneB, Ad 


tibe^ JKonaoo, Meatoi; par L; A.^ gzaynras dTA, 
Lfotardi, aichitecte. 96 pp. Small 8yo. Nice, 
1869. V 

AFFLITTO (Luioi d').— Gnida per i onnosi 
e per i yiaggiatori che yengono alia aUA di ITapofi. 
Li cui si (U oonto di tutti gli oggetti di belle arti 
antichi e modemi che attualmente iyi esistono e de' 
luQghi oye sono; coUa descrizione ancora delle 
cose piit rimaieheiyoli che si osseryano no* suoi con- 
tomi da Pozzuoli sino a Pesto, diyiaa peroi6 in due 
parti, tx>lla cronologia delle diJBferenti dinastie che 
hanno goyemato ne' regni delle due Sicilie, e de^ 
loro yicer^, compilata £ll* Abbate ez-Benedettino 
Oliyetano D. L. d' A. 2 yols. 8yo. Napoli, 1834. 

AFF6 (Lbenbo).— Vita di Luigi Gkmzaga 
detto Bodomonte Principe del Sacro ^mano Inx- 

Sero, Buca di Tnjetto, Conte di Fondi, e Signore 
i Biyarolo. Portrait 8yo. Parma, 1780. S.K. 

AFFO (LaENEo).— Vita' del Cavaliere Ber- 
nardino Marliani MantoTSBo. 8yo. Panna, 1780. 


APE5 (Iebnbo).— Vita di Moiisignore Ber- 
nardino Baldi da Urbino, Primo Abate di Gua- 
stalla. Portrait. 8yo. Parma, 1783. S,E. 

AEFO (Leleneo). — ^Vita di Monsignor Giaiir 
girolamo Bossi, de* Harchesi di San §9condo, Ves- 
coyo di Payia. 8vo. Parma, 1785. SJ^ 

AFFO (Ibenbo). — nia^trazipne di tm bjxHqo 
piombo del Museo Boigianb di Velletri, appar- 
tenente alia raemoria ed al culto di San Qenwdo, 
yeieoyo di Brescello, con appendice di documenti. 
2 plates. 4to. Pama, 1790. . BJf. 

AOASSIZ (Louig).— fltudeBsor lea gladeMGi 

pav L. Agassis;! With 32 lithographs, by J. Bet- 
tannier. 4to. Neuchatel, 1840. BJf. 

AGASSIZ (Louis). — ^A Journey in' Brazil. 
By Professor and Mrs. L. Agassiz. 20 plates. 8yo. 
Boston and Cambridge (U.S.), 1868. . BJf. 

AGNELLI (jACOPoy — Descrizione dell© 

grandiosi soleniiitA celebrate alia., .presenza di Conte 
Lod6yico dl 12 Febbraio, 1736, 
per le...nozze di Francesco Steifano, ducaoi Lorena, 
e dell' archiduchessa Maria Teresa d' Austria. With 
plates. Fol. Fcrrara, 1736. 

AQNESIO (Juan Bautista).— libro de Ad- 

vertencias para los edificios y f&bricas de los teimplDS, 
y para fiyersas cosas de las que en los sirven al 
culto diyino, y otros ministerios. 8yo. Valenoiat 

AQNifiRES (AiMi, Baeon d*).— Etudes et 
recherches arch^logiqnes. Nouyelle notice sur 
r^lise du Cailar (Oard) et sur son ancien seignexu^ 
le marquis de Basclu d'Anbais. lUustr^e du 
blason ezact du seigneur du Cailar et autres lieUz. 
14 pp. 8yo. Paris, 1868, 

AONUS. — M^thode de dessin lin^aire par 
Agnus, professeur de dessin, l** cahiat. l&mt^tMa 
simples, fiskciles, et groAxub^, ^Vih. VA '^^^Al^ ^^^^ 
n.p. 1856. 



Universal Catalogue of 

toirio Mariano s HisUiiia daa imsgea milagrosoa 
do NoBsa Senhors. 10 vols. 4(o. Lisboa, 1707- 

AGRA EXHIBmON, 1867— Catalognea 
of DepartmenU I., III., IV., and V. 8vo. Agra, 
1867. ajc. 

OeDenl Beport of the North-W»t FroTiiices 
Exhibition, held at Agra, Febro&rj 1867- Imp. 
8to. Boorkee, 1868. SJL 

AGRICOLA (Daniel). — Poetdlle maiores in 

Epiatolas & EoaDgelia vna c!k pasaione Jsaa 

Chnalj e qttuoT enaagelurlig cocinnats, et«. With 
botderB and iroodcats b; Utee Graf. Small 4to. 
BagilMf, leit. S.X. 

AGRICOLA (Daniel). —Paasio Domini 
Dostri Jesa Chhsti, secandam seriem quatnor Eran- 
geliit&nun, pec f^tiem D. A. With woodmta. 
4to. BasUee, 1SI6. 

.... . > dd^P. 

Filippo BonaDai ; raccoiti ed oidinati da Francesco 
Agncola. 8to. BaveoDa [1789]. S.E. 

hafflo BildniBi otlicher hochloblicher Fiiriten vnd 
BuTsn, welche m der zeit, da die heiligs Qilttliche 
Schriffl, »■} dnrch MonBchen satznnge Tertoiickelt 

Ewssen, dnrch Oott«8 gnaden wider on Tag 
mman ist, Bogisnt vnd gelsbt hab«n. With 21 
wood engiaTingg of portraits of the Saxon Princes 
. by Lneaa Cranach. 4ta. WitUnberg, lfifl2. 
AGRICOLA (JoH., VON Sphbmbeeg). — Die 
nreliTArticlielTniiera ChriitliclieDGIanbeDa, aambt 
der heiligen Apoetein anknn&t, bemS*, glanben, 

Lars, L«ben, md hriliges Abateiben Ati* het- 

liger Schriflt rnd glaubwirdigen hiatorien anfi 
aUer kiirtzest in Deutache Beime rerfasaet. W^th 
12iroodcnta. Small fol. n.p. 1662. 
AGRIPPA (Henbicttb Cobneliub). — De in- 
eeitilndiae et vanitate scientianim declamatio. 8to. 
(AntTOrpise?) 164*. 

Engliah tranalation : — Of the Vanitie and Uncer- 
taintie of ArMa and Scieoces, engliehed b; Ja(mei) 
8(tnfoRl), Gent. Seene and allowed accordinK- to 
the order appoyotad. 1 plate. Small 4to. London, 
1676. S.K. 

Another edition. Sro. London, 1676. 

da O. A. With 6 platea. 4ta. n.p. n.d. S.E. 
AIAZZI (Gidseppe).— Al Sig. Ignario 

Valletta a Parigi aopn qaante ha acritto il sig. 

Car, Aleaiandro Dama« intomo alia famislia de' 

Uedici ad iUaatrazione dell' I. s B. Galleria di 

Firence. 8to. Firenie, 1842. 
AIGNAN (Gtienne).— Le sacre de S. M. 

rompereur Napolion, dicembre 1804 (arac gra- 

mei d'apria laabey, Percier el Fontaine, et expli- 

par K A.). SB plates. I«rge 
loj^ x'ano, ii.o. 

AINSWORTH (Frasoib).— The DlnBtrated 

Uoivenal Gazetteer. With 400 wood engniTings. 
New edition. Boj. Sto. London, 1869. 

AINSWORTH (William P.).— ReBearchea 
in AasTria, Babylonia, and Chaldea. Platea and 
maps. 8to. London, 1838. 

AINSWORTH (William P.).— Travels- and 
Beaearches in A^a Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, 
and Armenia. 47 woodcnts. 2 toIs. Small 8Ta. 
London, 1842. 

AINSWORTH (William F.).— Wanderinga 
in everj clime ; or Tojagea, travels, and adventoreB 
all round the world. Edited by W. F. A. ; embel- 
lished with 200 illnitrationa 'by Dori, Bernard, and 
other eminent aitiats. 4to. London, 1870. 

AINSWORTH (William Harrison).— Old 
Saint Paul's: a Tale of the Plague and the Fire. 
By W. H. Ainaworth. New (ditlon. With illna- 
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AITKEN (W. C.).— Report preaented to 
the Conndl of the Birmin^tam Cbaaber of Com- 
meace on mann&ctnree of a aimilar kind to those of 
Birmingham, aa repreaented in the International 
Exhibition, held at Paris, 1867; with remarks on the 
necesaity for increaaed &eilities for art educatJoa, 
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AITON (Jobs).— The Landa of the Messiah, 
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ATX-LA-CHAPELLE.— Aii-la-ChapoUe et 
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AIX-LA-CHAPELLE. — Tr^Bor dAU-la- 
Chapelie ; ou oourte descriptjou dee aaintes riliquea 

qui oDt il^ recaeilliea par... Charle-Magne, et 

.placies dans la baailiqne de Notre-Dame 

d'Aii-la-Chapelle, etc. 13mo. Aix-la-Ohapelle, 
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AIX-LES-BAINS. — Noaveau Gnide-Pra- 
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Books on Art (Supplement). 


Other editions. With plates after Stothard. 
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12mo. London, 1803. 
12mo. London, 1810. 
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AKEEBLAD (Joannes David). — ^Lettre but 

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AKEBBLAD (Joannbb David). — Notice sur 

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AKEBBLAD (Joannes David). — ^Iscrizione 

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AKEBBtAD (Joannes David). — Lettre sur 

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ALABA Y VIA^iONT (Diego).— El 

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ALABASTER (C.).— Catalogue of Chinese 
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ALABERN (Camilo).— Galeria de Cnadros 
eecogidos del Beal Museo de Pinturas de Madrid 

.con texto historico y descriptivo For D. C. 

Alabem. (In progress.) Plates. 4to. Madrid, 
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ALAIN DE LILLE.— Les paraboles de 
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ALBANT (Ernst). — The High-Pressure 
Steam Engine: an exposition of its comparative 
merits, and an essay towards an iroproTed system 
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and economy in its use. Translated fiom t^e 
Cherman, wiUi notes by William Pole. With 28 
plates engraved by Mr. Gladwin. 8to. London, 
1848. SJK. 

rEIifBico). — Nuovi annaH di costruzioni, arti ed in- 
dustrie di Sicilia con rivista delle pi{i importanti 
opeie nazionali e straniere. Pubblicasione utile 
affli Inge^eri, Architetti, allievi delle scuole 
d ap^licanone, imprenditori, stabilimenti meocanid, 
agenti, yiaggiaton, industriali, operai, per cura 
degli Ingegneri A. A. ed R N. In progress. 
Plates. Fol. Palermo, Torino e Firenze, 1869, 

ALBANO. See Baphabl Sanzio da Ubbxko.— > 
The Works of Baf&elle, Domenichino, Poussin, 
and Albano, etc 6 vols. Imp. 4to. 1819. 

ALBABET (— , D').— DiflKrens projets re- 
latifs au dimat et & la mani^ la plus conyenable de 
bAtir dans les pays chauds et plus particuliirement 
dans les Indes Ocddentales. 20 plates, engrayed 
by C. B. O. Poulleau. Imp. fol. n.p. 1776. 

Soane Mus. 

ALBERDINGK.THIJM (Joseph Albebt), 

— ^La mMaille frapp^e en commemoration du i^- 
tablissement de la Wrarchie ^piscopale dans les 
. Pays-Bas. 8yo. Amsterdam, 1853. 

ALBEBDINGK-THUM (Joseph Albert).— 

L'Art et TArch^ologie en Hollande. 4to. Paris, 
1854. S.K. 

ALBEBDINGK-THIJM( Joseph Albert) .— 

'^Volks Almanak yoor Nederlandsche Eatholicken. 
With illustrations by Ed. Di^jardin. 14 yols 
Square 16mo. 1855>68. 

ALBERDINGK-THIJM (Joseph Albert) .— 

De dietsche warande. Tijdschrift yoor Neder- 
landsche oudheden, en nieuwere kunst en letteren, 
bestuerd door J. A Alberdingk-Thijm. With 
plates. 8yo. Amsterdam, 1855-70. 

ALBEBDINGK-THIJM (Joseph Albert).— 

Oyer de Eompootie in de Kunst. Eene aanw^sing 
der aesthetische yerhoujlinffen in de architektuur, de 
muziek, de poezie, de sdiiidfit-, \>««^d2Evi:s<K«-^ «cl 
gebarenkonst, &to. AmBUx^mA^Vl. "^^^ 


' Universal Patalogite of 



' De VertieerUjkte moedermaagd, in houtsnede afge- 
beeld omtfent 1420. Aftnteekening bij een oud- 

. nedetlandsch JnmBtwerk. 1 plate. 4to. Amster- 
dtm, 1858. 


De hcilige linie. Proeren otot de oostwaazdsche 
rigting van kerk en autaar, als hoofdbeginsel der 
" kerkenjke bouwknnst. 8yo. Amsterdam, 1858. 

ALBERDINGK-THIJM (Joseph Albbbt).— 

Geen Kerkeljke Bouwknnst zonder Onentatie; een 
woord tot alien die belang stellen in onzen heden- 
^' daagschen ^erkbouw. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1859. 


' Kletne proeTe van ketel- en katte-mnziek, uitgevoerd 
f onde^ het Italjaanaeh balkon Tan den voortiefl^'ken 
kunatkenner iJofd P^Lmenton, na dat z\j n Lordschap 
. 'in de Parlementa-zitting Tan 4 Augustus u zicn 
r allerkrachtigot tegendeGotJuscheArdiitektanrhad 
■" doen booren, door den Harkies Tan Carabas. 8to. 
. Amsterdam, 1859. 

ALBERDINGK-THUM (Joseph Albbbt).— 

Xconogtaphie de I'lmmacnl^ Conception. Lettre k 
M. W. H. James Weale. 8to. Amsterdam, 1860. 

ALBERDINGK.TBilJM (Joseph Albbbt).— 

De restauratie der groote zaal op bet binnenhof in's 

GraTenbage. O^enbare brief OTer dat onderwerp 

aan de Koninklijke Akademie Tan Wetenschappen. 

— 8to. Amsterdam, 1861. Bjf. 

ALBERDINGK-THIJM (Paul).— Une f&te 

populaire en Allemagne. Aepr^entation du mys- 
':tire de la Passion 4 Oberannneigau. Svo. Bruzelle^, 

ALBEBGHETTI (Giustjniano Emilio).— 

Compendio della Fortaficasione. Plates. Eol. 
..Yeneaa, 1694. 

ATiBKRT (EuGEino).—IJna.yifiita alia Maui- 

••>£Eitt»ra di Poroellane di Dooda. 8to. Firenze, 
c> 1840. 

ALBERI (Fbancesgo^. — Risposta ad nn 
— «ipico zisgoazdante le sei lettere anonime pnblicate 
^"^ Joltimamente in Bologna senza data e senza indi- 
.Icazione di Stam^ria, Tendibili alia libreria di 
^Ulisse Bamponi, intitolate Lettere pittoricbe conte- 

nenti alcnne riflessioni sqpra il discorso del Pro- 
' segretario della Pontifida Accademia di Belle 

Arti in Sant* Ignazio in Bolo^a, in occasione della 

solenne distribuzione de pren\] Fanno 1816, le qnali 
. lettere sono unite alia presente risposta. 8to. 

PorU, 1819. 

ALBERI (Francesco). — Discorso dettoneUa 

' grande aula della Pontifida Accademia delle Belle 
Arti in Bologna 22 Norembre, 182^, in occa- 
sione della SQlenne distribuzione de' premj. 8to. 

, Bologna (1821). 

ALBERI (Prakcbsoo).— Sxilla difficolti di 

.beA giudicare delle opere.di pitture, proTata con la 
teona dell' arte medesima. 8to. Bologna, 182S 

ALBERI (Prascbsco). — Analifli di tre 
quadri e confronto di nno di qaesti con gli altri 
due, Lettera al suo amico V. B. (Vhicenzq Basori?) 
a Boma. 8to. Bologna, 1826. 

ALBERS (Johann Wilhblm). — Beschreib- 

ung der Merkwiirdigkeiten des Bathhauses zu Liine- 
burg, verfasst Ton &. J. W. A. With 4 lithographs. 
4to. Lilneburg, 1843. S.K 

ALBERT. — Gkderie de portraits at person- 
nages calibres de Tancienne proTince de llmousin, 
accompagn^ de notices biographiques par Albert. 
Premiere liTraison. With 6 plates. 4to. Limoges, 

ALBERT <H.R.H. the Piwje).— The prin- 
dpal speeches and addresses of H.BJE. the Prince 
Consort With an introduction giTing the outlines 
of his character. 2nd edition. 8to. London, 1862. 

Another edition. 8to. London, 1864. SJC 

of the Bojal Albert. Hall of Arta and Sdenoes, by 
Her Majesty the Queen, on March 20, 1871* Pro- 
gramme, with a history of the origin of the Hall 

' and an accoxmt of the Building since the Laying of 
the First Stone by Her Majesty, in May, 1867. 
With woodcuts. Smidl 4to. London, 1871* 


ALBERT (G.).— AnweisTOff im Land- 
schafbszeichnen. Lithographs. Large 4to. Neu- 
haldensleben, 1880. 

ALBEBTI (Ghablxs).— M^thode sure et 
facile pour apprendre I'art du dessin, sans malt^. 
FoL Paris, 18J«3-7. . 

ALBERTI (Charles) . ^ Etudes yari^en 

d'apr^s nature, les andens maltres 0t Tantique. 
Fol. Paris, 1826. 

ALBERTI (Fedelb).— Storia di Bieda, citti 
antichissima della Toscana suburbicaria, scritta 
dall' ardprete Fedele Alberti. 8to. Boma, 1822; 


ALBERTI (GiusHPPB Antonio). — Istrozioni 

pratiche per V ingegnero ciTile, o sia perito agrir 
mensore, e perito a acque. NuoTamente ristampate 
coll' aggiunta di molte cose ut^li e necessarie, e 
particolarmente il modo con cui si distribuiscono 
per gradi le spese pd laTori, e riparazioni de' fiumi, 
e il mod6 di fabbricar fontane, ed in fine la nuoTa 
dioptra, e squadra monicometra, ec Plates. 4to. 
Venezia, 1782. S.E. 

ALBERTI (Leandbo).— Desorittione di 
tutta ItaUa. Fol. Bologna, 1550. B.H. 

Another edition. 4to. Vinegia, 1553. B.M. 

Latin translation : — Descriptio totius Italise, 
interprete Qnilielmo Kyriandro. Fol. Colonise, 
1567. B.M. 

ALBERTI (LiON Battista).— Hecat6mpliil4|? 

de M. L. B. A. Fiorentino, la craale iniiagna la 
ingeniosa arte B'Amare. 16mo. Vinegia, 1528. 


Books on Art (SuppleM^f). 


ALBERTI (LsoN Baitista).— Le Temple de 

Malatesto de Bimioi de L. B. Alberti. With 8 
plates. Folio. Poligno, 1794. 

ALBERTI (Lbon Battista).— Opere vol- 

giri per la pii pearte inedite, e tiatte dagli autografi, 
annotate e ilhistrate dal Bott. Anido Bonncci. 
6 YoU. 8to. FiienM, 1843-49. 

ALBERTI (Leon Battista).— De la Statue 

et de la Peinture, tiait^ de L. B. A., noble Flo- 
Tentin ; tradnits da latin en fran^ais par Clandius 
Pbpetijt. 44 woodcnts. 8yo. Fans, 1868. 

ALBBRTl (Maeiano, Conte). — ^Manoscritti 

inediti di Torqnato Tasso, ed altri pregeyoli docn- 
BMnti per aerrire alia biogralia del medesimo, pos- 
aednti ed iUofltrati dal Conte M. A., e pubblicati con 
inciaioni e &e^mili per enra di Eomnaldo GFenti- 
bud e C. With 88 platea. FoL Lucca, 1837. S.K. 

ALBEllTINI (Francesco). — Opusculmn de 

mirabilibns norse et reteris nrbis Roms. Orna- 
mental title-page. 4to. Basiled, 1519. 

ALBERTINI (Feancesco).— Memoriale^di 
jnolte statue e pitture della dUk di Firenze fiatto da 
F. A. prete a Bacdo da Hontelupo scultore e stam- 
pato da Antonio Tnbini nel 1510. Ripubblicato 
per ricordo delle nozze del Cav. Prof. Luigi Mussini 
- oon la Signora Luiaa Piaggio nell' Aprile del 1863. 
Imp ^o. Fffenaa, 1868. S.E. 

ALBERTINUS (^oidius) . — Emblemata 

hieropolitica versibns et prosa iUnstrarit J. Melite- 
nus a Cofylo. 50 platea. 18mo. Colonie, 1647. 

ALBERTS (RuTGEET Chbistophile). — ^Non- 

yeau Th^&tre dn Pi^mont et de la SaToje, on 
description ezacte de leura villea, palais, ^Usea et 
pdneipauz Wficee, etc 146 platee^ 2 vols. Fol. 
LaHaje, 1725. Soane Mus. 

ALBERTUS (Andbeas).— See Albrecht (A.). 

ALBERTUS MAGKTTS, Bishop of Ratis- 

bon. — Opus de misterio misse. Domini fris Albezti 
magni: quondam Epiaoopi Ratisponensis Indpit 
felidter. Gothic letter. Small fol. (End). In opido 
imperiali Ylm, per Johanne caeyner de Beutlin^n 
suma cum diligentia impressum. Anno a natiui- 
tate doml Dl**cccc* Ixxiij. Die zxix. mensis Mail. 


ALBICANTE (Giovanki Alberto) —Trat- 

tato del intsata in MUano di Carlo V. eon le propie 
figure de li arehi, et per ordine, li nobili yassali et 
prineipi et signori Cesarei, fiabricato et composto 
per Albicante. Woodcuts. 4to. 'Mediolani, 1541. 

ALBIN (ELEAz;AE).-r-.A Natnral History of 
English l^eets. 100 coloured plates. 4to. Exeter, 


Another edition, in Latin^ — Insectorum Angliae 
Katuralis Historia: illusttata iconibus in centum 
tabulia seneis eleganter ad TiTum expressis, et istis, 
qui id poscunt, accurate etiam coloratis ab Authore, 
£. A., Pictore. His accedunt Annotationes ampUe, 
et Obserrationea phizima insignes, a QuiL Der- 
ham. , 100 coloured platea. 4to. Londini, 1781. 


ALBIN (Elbazab).—- A Natural History of 
Spiders, and other curious. Insects. By Eleaaar 
Albin. IlluAtratad with 58 copper platea (eoloured), 
engraven by the best hands. 4to. Londoih 1736. 

ALBIN (Eleazab).— A Natural History of 
Birds. Illustrated with 806 copper plates, curiously 
engiaTen from the life, and exactly coloured by the 
Author, £. A. To which are added. Notes and 
Observations by W. Derham. 8 vols. 4to. Lon- 
don, 1738-40. S.K. 

ALBIN rJoHK).— --Anew, correct, and mach- 
improvea HistOTy of the Isle of Wight, from the 
Earliest Times of authentic Information, to the 
Present Period : comprehending whatever is curious 
or worthy of attention in Natural Histoiy, with the 
Civil, Ecclesiastical, luid Military State ia the 
various ages, both ancient and modem, etc 8vo. 
Newport, 1796. S.K. 

ALBIN (S^bastibn), pseud., ».e., Hottensb 
CoBHTT.— ^Essai sur llustoire des arts en Itabe. 8vo. 
Paris, 1848. 

ALBINOS (Bernhabd Siegfbied). — Disser- 

tatio de sede et causa coloris Aethiopum et ca^e^ 
rorum hominum. Coloured plates. 4to. Leidae, 

ALBINUS (Beskhabd Siegpeied). — Aca- 

demicarum annotationum libri v. 30 anatomical, 
physiological, pathological, etc. plates (J. Wan- 
delaar, fee). 4to. Leidae, 1754-1761. 

ALBINUS (C. P.).— Der vollkpmmene 

Daguerreotypist, oder: vollstaendige Anleitung 
zum Daguerreotypirea uach den neuesten Verbesser-. 
ungen der Deutschen und Franaoeen. 2 j^lates of 
illustrations. 12mo. Leipaig, 1844. 

ALBINUS (Pbtsus). — Meissnischa Land 
und Berg Chronica. 8 portraits. FoL Dresden, 
Another edition. Woodcuto. Fol. Dresden, 1610. 

ALBINUS (Pbteus).— New Stambnch vnd 
Besehreibung des Vhraltes Koniglichen, Chur vnd 

Fiirstlichen Gheschlechts vnd Hauses zu Saohsen, 

In welchem Witekind der Grosse genandt, letztei 
E5nig vnd Erster in seinem Geschlecht, des 
Romischen Reichs Fiirst und Herzog gewesen. Vom 
Jahr fiir Christi Geburt 90. Biss adT die Zeit, da 
sich der Hochlobliche StaA der Herzogen und 
Churf^irsten zuSachsen, etc. in zweeneEste getheilet. 
Mit alien Bildnissen vnd eigentlichen ContrafjEic- 
turen, aus den alten Historien vnd Staffibiichem 
genommen, etc. durch M. P. A., vnd numehr conti- 
nueret durch Matthaeum Dresserum. 167 wood- 
cuts, 108 portraits, and 59 coats of arms. 4to. 
Leipzig, 1602. 

ALBIZrUS (Antonius). — ^Prinoipum chris- 

tianorum Stemmata ab Antonio nobili florentino 
ooUecta cum breuibua eiusdem notationib. para 
ex archiuis Pp. deso. adieeto Stefiata Othomannico 
Opera et impena Dominiod Ouatodia Antnfic^« 
nunc civia Ao^ aud udcabqu 4^ %^wi^sa^^^^ 
tobies, omaowiitoi niXii ^i^saAta, Tk«ii%, wj^ «o»s^^ 


Universal Catalogue of 

4S engTeTed chapter titlM, 3 &oi]tJBpieceg, and » 
flue portrait of A. A., aigaed J. P. Cnisiiu, FX.C. 
I«rgefol. AagnBtae Viudeliconmi, I6D8. 

Other «ditioDs. Large fol. Augmtae Vindeli- 
conun, 1612. Large fol. Aigentorati, 1627. 
ALBRECHT (ANDaEAs).— Bichtige An- 
weiiang nnd VonpUilliiiig eiuea eonderbaF usd 
Dutdi^eD Instrument! zax Architectni. Plates. 
4to. Noniberg, 1622, 

Another edition. 1673. 

hetg, Te24, " 
Another edition, 4to. Nnrnberg, 1B27. 

ALBRECHT (Andreas).— Eygendliche Be- 
flchreibnng md Abrisi eines sonderbaren niitdieh 
Tnd nothwendiiigen Mecbanlschea Inetruments, ao 
anft ein Scbrpibtufel gerichtet, wekbea ziun feld- 
meuen, zum Vestnng auatateckeo, lam Hdh und 
Tiefen meweti, aaa L&ad nod Waaser abwegen, 
deugluchen snr Perapectir, gar fuglich lu gebisn- 
chen ut. E^Qtiapiece and pUtee. 4to. Kiim- 
bug. 1625. 

ALBRECHT (Joseph). — Mun^eachiclite 
dee Hauaea Bohenlohe vom dieiiehnlen bii rud 
neaDMhnteD Jabrhondert. 6 plates and frontis- 
piece. lUk (Oehringen?), 1346. 

ALBRECHT (Joseph). — Die Hohenloli- 
iachen Siegel des Uittelalters. 7 plates of seals. 
4to. (Oebringen), 1857. 

ALBRESPT (ANDRe).~Inflneiioe de la 
liberty, et dee id^ religiensea et noraliHl ior tes 
bwnx-arts. 2iid edition. IZmo. Paris, 1873. S.K. 

ALBRIZZI (GiovAMBiBAmsTA).— Raccolta 
di Faeaetti intaeliate in rame, parte oriranali, parte 
estiatti, da' mi^ori autori per uso de* FrofeMori e 
Dilettanti di FittoA. 84 Tieira ia Kome and 
vignette compositions. Obi. 4to. VeDezis, 17S0. 

ALBRIZZI (QiEOLAMO). — L' Origine del 
Daonbio. 44 Tiers. 4I«. Venelia, 1SS4. 

thodrs medendi certs, clara et breria, pleraqne qns 
ad medidnie partes omnea, prscipni quK ad cbimr- 
giam reqoiruntur, libris ILL eiponia. Ciun inatm- 
's, ad omnea feti morbos, ntiliter. et ypa^uait 

inatmmeDta. Small fol. Basiles, 1641. S.K. 

ALBUM znr Eriimenmg an Atlien. (Soa- 
Tenirs d'AtUines. Bemembtanees of Athena^ 12 
Ansichten in Stablatich der merkirordigsten Denk- 
male ans dem claaiiachen Altherthome in Athen, 
12 plates, obi. 4to. (Triest), n.d. 

ALBUM EOT Erinnemng an Canat&nfdnopel, 
(SoDTenirs de Constantinople. Remembmneee of 
Conitautjnople.) 28 Aneiehten in Btahlaticb dei 
intereHaoteaten Moscheen, MoDnmente, Paliiste, 
BilderaudemTolksleben, eto. 4to. (TrtMt), ' 

ALBUM var Erinnertuig an Ttalien. (Son- 
Tsnin dntalie. Bemembiances of Ital;,) Eine 
Sammlnng der iDteroaMnteaten Stadtflanaicbten 
mit iiandbildsm, die Torzuglicheren Paliista, Kir- 
chen,_DeQkmale, Platze, etc, darsCellend. IS steel 
plates. 4ta. (Trieat), n.d. 
ALBUM malerisclier Ansichtfln ans Balma.- 
tien nnd seinen Nachbarlanden. {SoarenirB de la 
Dalmatie. Bemembrancea of Dalmatia.) 26 steel 
plates. 4to. (Trieat), n.d. 
ALBUM maleriacherDonanansichten. (Son- 
veniif dn Danube. Bemeabmnceeof theDannbe.) 
51 ste«l platea. Fol. (Trieat), n.d. 
ALBUM, laaleriBch-hiHtoriBcheB, von Italien. 
(Albtun dltalie. Album of Italjl. Naeh der 
NatuT aufgenommene and kiinstlerisch aussefuhita 
Anaicbteo tod Stadtm, naleriadieii Oegenden and 
hiatorisch-merkwiirdisen Baudenkmalen. 50 steel 
plalea. 4t«. (TriesO, n.d. 
ALBUM dn salon de 184-5, ezamen critique 
de I'eipositioD par nn peintre d'hiatoire. 4to. 
Bnuielles, 1846. 
jetA, pajaagM, scinea de nueim, etc, eitrait des 
coUectJons de Voettemare. 4to. Paris, 1848. 
ALBUM fur Wagenbaaer. MoBtereaaim- 
Inng der neneaten Wagenseit^nnngen. In progress, 
obl. 4to. Berlin, 1860, etc B.U. 

ALBUM denteober Lyrik. Ineder, Ro- 
manien, nnd Balladen ansgevahlt fur Tdchter 
gebildeter StiiDde. Uit DlDStialionen von B. Qotse, 
W. GoorCT, W. Tonchon, E. Geisaler, nnd Tit^bild 
von C. S^euren. Sth edition. Woodentfl. Bofol 
8to. Leipzig, 1863. S.E. 

Paris on 1867. Obl. (bL Paria, 1868. S.K. 

— Cent gravnrea chtnaies dans la Collection. 4to. 
Paris, 1862. 
ALBUM dn XV^ aiecle, ou Reooeil 
de gravurea sur bois tiries des onvrages dn 
XV' siicle. Beligion, costume, Qiande danse Ma- 
cabre des honunes et des femmes ; lettres omiea, 
chi&es, marques inidite* de librures et impiimenrs ; 
75 planchet, contenant environ 400 flgiuea. 4to. 
Pans, 18S8. 
ALBUM della goida per le arti e meetieri, 

1870. 92 pp. 4to. Bologna, 1869. 

ALBUM.— L' Album de la Fabrique. Gnide- 

mpertaire de I'AclietenT en Oroa. Adreaaea, Cartes. 

Daasina et Modilea, Priz-CoBrsnta des principanz 

FabricanU. TroisiimeaiiDie. 1809. (lUnatiatedJ 

Bojral 4to. Paria, 1869. SX 

ALBUM ansgefobrter 8tadt- nnd Land- 

bansBr,'VilleB,'Garten-pBvillona nnd anderw kleiner 

Oebanlichkeiten, mm Theil mit Detaila. With 

lithographa. 4to. Cailaruhe, 1869, etc 8.E. 

ALBUM des Yerains scbweiz Ingenienre 

nnd Anhitekten. Abtheilnng AichiteUni, Fol. 

Znrich, (1869). 3£. 


Books on Art (Supplement), 


ALBUM modemer Meister. Zwanzig Ba- 
dimngen and Kupferstiche aos der 2^it8chrift fiir 
bildende Kunst aoBgewahlt. 2Dd edition. Fol. 
LeipEig, 1871. aK 

ALBUMASAR.— Flores Astrologie. . Wood- 
cuts. 4to. Yenetiis, n.d. 
Another edition. 4to. Angostse Vindeliconim, 

ALBUM A SAB. — Inirodtictoritmi in Astro- 
nomiaz Albamasaris abalachi octo continens libros 
partiales. Woodcuts. 4to. Augustte Vindelioorum, 

ALBUMASAB. — AlbninaBar de magnis 
coniunctionilniB : annomm reuolutionibus : ac eorum 
profectionibus : octo continens tractatus. With 
woodcuts. Small 4to. Augu8teVindelicoruin,1489. 

ALCAN (Michel). — Essai sur rindnstrie 
des mati^jres textiles. Second tiiage, augment^ de 
la classification et de la notation caract^ristique des 
tissus, etc 1 plate and atlas of 32 plates. 8to. 
Paris, 1869. 

1 St edition. 8yo. Paris, 1847. 

ALCAN (Michel). — Stades sur lea Arts 

Textiles k I'Exposition Universelle de 1867. Text, 
8to. Plates, 4to. Paris, 1868. S.E. 

ALCASAB (LuDOVicus).-— Vestigatio arcam 
sensus in Apocalypsi. Acyectum ^uoque opuscu^um 
de sacris ponderibus ac mensuns. 5 plates by 
C. Audran. Fol. Lugduni, 1618. 

ALCL^.TUS (Andeeas).— Ad Conrad. Pen- 
tingeram Emblematum liber. Woodcuts. 41 leayes. 
Small 8to. (Augusts Vindelicorum), 1531. 

ALCIATTJS (Andreas).— Clarissimi Viri D. 

Andreae Alciati Emblematum libellus, yigilanter re- 
cognitus, et ab ipso iam authore locnpletatus. With 
portrait and 112 woodcuts. 16mo. Parisiis, 1544. 


ALCLiTUS (Andreas).— Emblemata An. 

dreae Alciati, looorum communium ordine, novisque 
posteriorum eiconibus aucta. Woodcuts. 16mo. 
Lugduni, 1548. 

ALCLATUS (Andreas),— Toutes (sic) les 

embUmes de M. Andr6 Aiiciat de nouTeau trfislatez 
en fTan9ojs, etc. With plates. 8to. Lyon, 1558. 

ALCLATUS (Andreas).— Embl^mes d'Al- 

ciat de noureau translates en francoysyers pour 
Ters jouxte les latins. Oidonnez en lieux communs 
et figures nouvelles appropriees aux demiers em- 
bl^mes. Woodcuts. 8yo. Lyon, 1663. 

ALCLATUS (Andreas). — Omnia Andrew 

Alciati V. C. Emblemata ; cnn commentariis, qvibvs 
Emblematum omnium aperta ori^ne, mens auctoris 
explicatur, et obscuia omnia dubiaque illustrantur : 
Per ClavdiTm Minoem Diuionensem, etc. With 
woodcuts. Post Syo. Antverpise, ex officina Christo- 
phori Plantini, 1581. S.K 

ALCLATUS (Andreas). — Andree Alciati 
v. C. Emblemata cm ClaTdii Wboib J, C, Com' 

mentariis, etc. With woodcuts. Post 8to. Ex 
Offidha Plantiniana Baphelengii, 1668, S.E. 

ALCLATUS (Andreas). — Andreae Alciati 
Emblematum Fontes Quatuor ; namely, an account 
of the original Collection made at Milan, 1523, 
and Photo-lith. Fac-similes of the Editions, Augs- 
burg, 1531, Paris, 1534, and Venice, 1546. Edited 
by Henry Green, M.A. With a Sketch of Alciat's 
Life, and Bibliographical Observations respecting 
the Early Beprints. Published for the Holbein 
Society. Post 4to. Manchester and London, 1870. 


ALCLATUS (Andreas). — ^Andreas Alciati 

Emblematum flumen abundans ; or Alciat's emblems 
in their full stream. Being a Photolith FaxHBimile 
reprint of the Lyons Edition, by Bonhomme, 1551 ; 
and of titles, etc., of simila^ Editions, 1548-1551. 
Edited by Henry Green, M.A., with an introduction 
and an alphabetical list of all the Latin Mottoes. 
Post 4to. Mancheilter and London, 1871> S.E. 

ALCOCK (Sir Rutherford). — The capital 

of the Tycoon ; a narrative of a three years resi- 
dence in Japan. By Sir R. A., K.C.B. "V^th 
maps and numerous illustrations in chromolitho- 
graphy and on wood. 2 vols. 8to. London, 1863» 


ALCOTT (M.).— Concord Sketches, consist- 
ing of twelve photographs from original drawings, 
by M. Alcott. Fol. Boston, (U.S.) 1869. BJll. 

ALDBNBRUECK (Augustinus).— De re- 
ligions antiquorum ubiorum dissertatio historioo- 
mythologica qua ex purissimis fontibus, monumentis^ 
lapidibus, nummis, eorum Sacra, Dii, Deae, Bitus^ 
Cerimoniae diducta panels ezplicantur. 4to. Colo- 
niae, 1749. 

ALDINI (Giovanni). — ^Memoria sulla illu- 

minazione a gas del Teatri e progetto di appUcarla 
all' I. R. Teatro della Scala in MUano, del Oavaliere 
Giovanni Aldini. 2 plates^ 8vo. Milano, 1820. 


ALDINI (Giovanni). — Saggio di osserva* 

zione sui measzi atti a migliorare la costruzione e 
r illuminazione dei fiiri con appendioe sull' illumina- 
zione dei feuri col gas. 7 coloured plates. 4to. 
Milano, 1823. 

ALDINI (Pier Vittorio) . — Concordanza 

ed uso degli studii di Archeologia numismatica 
Diplomatica ed Araldica, discorso inaugurale per 
r aprimento di questa nuova cattedra nella imp. regia 
universitA di Pavia. 48 pp. 8vo. Pavia, 1820. 

ALDINI (Pier Vittorio). — Antica epigrafe 

di Casteogio esistente nella villa Vitali di Villan- 

terio pubblicata in occasione delle nozze 

del nob. cav. Don Guido Provasi di Lodi coUa no- 
bile Donna Giovanna Vitali di Pavia. 1 plate. 
8vo. Pavia, 1829. 

ALDINI (Pier Vittorio). — Snlle antiche 

lapidi Ticinesi con appendice sopra un' e^i^geaf^ di 
Casteggio esetdtmoiii bsx^c^ei&xv^. ^nq. ^%:tn^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


ALDINT (PiEB ViTTORio). — Soprann* antica 

lapide nuotamente troyata in Beifi;amo lettera 

Ikl nob. sign. Carlo MazaoleniconBiglieredigoTorno, 
etc 8vo. Milano, 1833. 

ALDINI ^PiER VrrroRio). — Sopra nn' antica 

mbnttlA -di Lodi lettera al sig. caFaliero G-io- 

vanni Famaaaia eonsigliere di goTemo, ete. 19 pp. 
8to. Favia, 1886. 

ALDINUS (ToBUs). — Exactissiina descrip- 

Uo rarioram quarundam plantarum qui continentnr 
' |U>tnae in Horto Farnesiano. 22 plates and frontis-; 
.Apiece. Fol. Eonue, 1625. 

ALDRETB (Bernardo). — ^Varias Antigue- 

• dades de'Espana, Africa, j otras provincias. Witli 

plates.; 4to. Amberes, 1614. B.M. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— OrnithologuB, 

hoc est de ayibus, historifie Lib. zu. Woodcuts. 

. 3/Y0l8. Fol. Bononise, 1645-1652. S.E. 

Earlier editions :-?— 

3 vols. Woodcnts by Chr. and.G. B. Coriolai^o. 

* 'Foi. Bononiae, 1599-1608. 

StoIs. 49 plates. Fol. Francofdrti, 1610-30. 
3 vols. Woodcnts. Fol. Bononise, 1637. 
Later edition. 3 vols. Woodcuts. Fol. Bono- 

* tkise, 1683. 

ALDROVANDI (Ultssks).— DeaiiimalibuB 

insectis libri septem, cum singulomm iconibus ad 
vivum expressis. Woodcuts. FoL Bononise, 1638. 

Earlier editions : — 

Woodcuts. FoL Bononi«, 1602. 

14 plates. Fol. Francoftirfci, 1618-1623. 

ALDROVANDI (tJLYSSEs).— U. A. de re- 

liquiis animalibus exanguibus libri quatu(»r» post 
mortem eius editi, nempe de Mollibus, Crustckceis 
Testaceis et Zoophytis libri rv. Woodcuts. Fol. 
Bononise, 1654. S.E. 

Earlier editions, with woodcuts. Fol. Bononise, 
1606, 1623, 1627, 1640, 1642. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— De Piscibns 

■ libri v., et de Cetis liber i. a Jo. Corn. Vterverio 

- oolL et ed. op. Hi. Tamburixn. Woodcuts. Fol. 

- Bononise, 1613. 

Beprinted. FoL Bononiae, 1625, 1638, 1644, 

Fol. Francofurti, 1623, 1629, 1640, 1647. 
FoL Venetiis, 1616. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses) .--U. A. de qnad- 

rupedibus solidipedibus volumen integrum. Joannes 
Cornelius Uterverius coUegit et recensuit. M. A. 
Bernia in lucem restituit. Woodcuts. FoL Bono- 
niae, 1648. S.K. 

Earlier editions :— 
' Woodcuts. FoL Bononiae, 1616, 1639. 

FoL Francofurti, 1628. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— U. A. qnad- 

rupedum omniu bismcord historia. J. C. Uterve- 
rius coUigere inooepit, Thomas Dempsterus perfecte 
absolvit. Woodeuts. Fol. Bononise, 1653. S.K. 

* Earlier editions : — 
FoL Bononise, 1621. 
Fol. Francofurti, 1647. 


ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— U. A. de qnad- 

rupedibu3 digitatis viviparis libri m., et de quadru- 
pedib' digitatis ovipans libri n. Bartholomaeus 
Ambrosinus collegit. Woodcuts. FoL Bononiae, 
1«68. . SJK. 

Earlier editions. Fol. Bononiae, 1621^ 1637» 
1642, 1645. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— U. A. serpen- 
tum et draconu historias libri duo. Bartholomaeus 
Ambrosinus summo labore opus eoncinnavit. 
Woodcuts. FoL Bononiae, 1640. S.K 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses) . — Monstrorom 
historia cum Paralipomenis historiae omnium ani- 
maHum. Barth. AmbroeinuB eomposuit, Marc. 
Ant. Bernia in lucem edidit. Woodcnts. FoL 
Bononiae, 1642. 
Reprinted. Fol. Bononiae, 1657. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulys^bs).- MnsaBom me- 
tAllicnm in nr. Mbros distributom. Barth. Ambro- 
siniis eomposuit. Woodcuts. FoL Bononi», 1648. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— U. A. dendro- 

logiae, naturalis scilicet arborum historiae, libri n. 
Svlva glandari'a acinorumque pomarium. Ovidius 
Montalbanus opus summo labore ck>llegit, digessit, 
eoncinnavit. Woodcuts. Fol. Bononiap, 1667. 

Other editions. FoL Francofurti, 1671, 1690. 

ALDROVANDI r Ulysses). — Pomarium 
coriosum ex mille duoentis autoribus oolleotum, 
cont descript. singularum arborum, etc Woodcuts. 
FoL Bononiae, 1692. 

Another edition. FpL Francofurti, 1692. 

ALDROVANDI (Ulysses).— Delle statae 

antiche che per tutta Homa in (uversi luoghi e case 
se veggano; 8vo. Venizia, 1556, 1558, 1562. 

Another edition. — Roma antica distinta per re- 
gioni. 8vo. Boma, 1741. 

ALEANDER (Hierokymus). — D. Hieronymi 
Aleandri Motensis tabulae sane quam utiles Graeca- 
rum musarum adyta oopendio igredi cupietibus. 
Greek text, with woodcut border round title, and 
printer^s mark at the end. Small 4to. Louanii 
apud Theodo. Martin, 1523. S.K. 

ALEDNOG (i. e. Sim. Hnr. Gondela).— 

Malerischer Wegweiser in Schwetzinger Garten, 
mit 12 Kupfem. 8vo. Heidelberg, 1821. 

ALBMANNUS (Nicolaus). — ^De Lateranen- 
sibus 'parietinis, ab Illustriss. et Beverendiss. 
Domino D. Franoisco Card. Barberino restitutis, 
dissertatio historica Nicolai Alemanni. 15 plates. 
Small 4to. Bomae, 1625. S.E. 

2nd edition, with the additions of Basponus and 
Assemanus. 4to. Bomae, 1756. S.E. 

ALEN (P. van). — Memoriaal of Beschryving 
van de stad Grave en den lande van Cuyk, derselver 
tydelyke Heeren, hunne Regeringe, wedervaaren, 
i^Bchten, privilegien, costamen en tisantien te samen 
gebracht en in geschrift nagelaten door den Heer 
Didenk Paringet. 4 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1752. 
Another edition. Plates. 4to. Utrecht, 1752. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


ALEPH. — London Scenes and London 
Peo^: AneodotoB, BeminifloeneeB, and Skefcehes of 
Plaoe8»PeEaoiiageB,E«entovOix8Uniia, and cnmosities 
of London City, Past and PcsMnt. Bj " Akph." 
3rd edition. 8fo. London, I864. SJC. 

ALEPH,— The Old Ci^, and its Highways 
and Bjways. Sketches of euriouB Customsi Cha- 
racters, Incidents, Scenes, and Events iUnstratiye 
of X^ondon Life in Olden Times. 8vo. London, 1865. 


ALEX (Edmund). — ^Ans den Katakomben 
des Callist an der Via Appia xu Bom. 8to, Dresden, 
1868. BM, 

ALEXANDER L, Emperor of Russia.— 
Cort^ Fon^bre de feu Sa Mfgesti rEmperenr 
Alexandre I**, de glorieuse memoirs. Oblong fol. 
Saint-P^tersbonig, 1826. S.K. 

ALEXANDER 11., Emperor of Russia.— 
Descriptaon du sacre et eooronnement de leors 
Majestes Imp^riales l^Emperenr Alouuidre II., et 
llnm^xatrice Marie Alezandroona. FoL Impn- 
mene de FAcad^ie Imp^riale des Sdencds. (St. 
Pet«rBbnTg),'1856. B.M. 

ALEXANDER (Akdbbas).— Eurser Bericht 
Vom Gebrandi dess PropoiFtional-Ciricels sammt 

Itojgehdrigen Fignren 4 plates. Small 8vo. 

Nornbeig, 1662. 

ALEXANDRE (A.).— Sur le nouvel Op6ra 
et les Mifices k p^st^le, par A Alsftandre, ez- 
collaborateni des Aniialas d*Archit«ctare. 8to. 
Paris, 1821. 

ALEXIS ( — , Pibpmontoib).— -Les secrets 

du Seigneor A^ aTee des reeeptes de diyres an- 
theors, pins ^iatrie, Uujnelle oontient grans secrets 
sons dioses domestiqmes, par Opr. Lai3r& 16mo. 
P^ris, 1573. 

(Contains nomerons receipts of which the artists 
of the period must hare ayailed themselves.) 

ALFEN. — ^Tidende for fotojyrrafien i Norden. 
Photographs. Laige 8to. Ejobenhavn, 1869. 

ALPORD (Hbnbt).— The Riviera: Pen and 
Pencil Sketches from Cannes to Genoa. By the 
Bean of Canterboiy. With 12 ohromo^lithographic 
illastrations and nnmerons woodcuts from drawings 
by the anthor. Imp. 870. London, 1870. S.K. 

ALFORD (HBintT). See PiCTunwonx (F. B.) 
and Alpobo (H.). The Lord's Prayer. 4to. 1870. 

ALFRED THE GREAT. — The whole 
Works of King Alfred the Great : with preliminary 
Essays, illustratire of the History, Arts, and Man- 
nsn of the Ninth CentHrr.. (Jubilee edition, edited 
by the Bey. Dr. J. A. Giles.) With plates. 2 toIs. 
BqyalSTO. London, 1858. S.K. 

ALGAROTTI (FEAifOEseo, Count).— Cata- 
kgne det ^MMam^Aea Dcsseins, et des Liyres qui 
tnitttit de I'Artjdn Bms^ de la Galerie du feu 
Qomte Algarotti & Yenise. :8to.. n.p.n.d. S.K. 

ALGABAA (Auopsmr).— BiknclopediaHifl. 

pano-AjHerioiBa MmimI del Pintor teorico-piitico 

a sia principios fundamentales sobre }a pintuta il 
oleo y 4 la acuarela con las principles mag- 
mas de grandes maestros y un diocionariortecn<Uo- 
gico del arte. 12mo. Besanzon, 1864. 

ALGHISI (Galasso, di Carpi).— Delle For- 

tificazioni libri in. Plates. FoL (Venetaa), 


ALGIERS. — Voyage pittoresque dans -la 
r^nce d'Algettr, ez^t^ en 1838, et lithograpW 

far E. Lessors et W. WykL Without letteipwss. 
'ol. Paris, 1835. B,M. 

ALGRBEN.USSnrG (Fbbderik).— Tonris, 

. teniNordsjelaad. Blustrer^VeiTiserpaaUdflugter 
mellem Egobenhavn og Helsingor. 2nd edition. 
8to. EjobenhaTn, 1865. BM, 

ALGREEN.USSING (Frbdbwe:).— Effcer- 

retninger om Eallundborg. 3 plates^ 8to. Kjoben- 
havn, 1869. ; ; ,- 

AL-HARAlRI (Solhun).— Traduction lit- 
t^rale du Travail public en Arabs pour M. l6 Baron 
Jules de Lssseps p^r M. ^Uman Al-Hftram. 8vo. 
Parif, 1866. ,, . BJL 

ALHOY (Philadelphb Maurice). — Les 

fleurs historiques par M. Alhoy et Jules Bostaing. 
Illustr6 de 14 portraits de femmes richement co- 
lon^. 8to. Paris, 1852. 

ALIGHIERI (Francesco). SeeBABTOLiin(C.). 

Le Antichiti Valentine, etc. 8ro. 1828. 

ALIZERI (Federico). — ^Presenti condizioni 
delle belle arti. in Liguria, per F. A. Large 8to. 
GenoTa, 186&. 

AJiEEMADE (Cobhelis yAn).^— Behandeling 
van t'Kampregt, d'aaloude en opperste regts-Torde- 
: zingyoor den hove van Holland, onder de eerste 
GraaveA. 8vo. Belft, 1699. 

2nd edition, with plates. 8to. Belft, 1700. 
3rd edition, with additions by P. van der Schel- 
ling. Plates. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1740. 

ALKEMADE (Cornslis van). — Nederlands 
Bispl^igheden, vertoonende de plegtige gebruiken 
van d.en Dis, en het houden van maaltyden en het 
drinken der Gezondheden der onde Batavieren en 
Vorsten, GhMkVBS, Edelen en andere ingesstenen 
der nederlanden weleer gebruikelijk» nevens den 
oorsprongk deser Gewoontens en derzelvw overeen- 

. komst met die van andere Volken. Many carious 
plates. 3 vols. 8vo. Botterdam, 1732-1735. 

ALKEN (Hbnrt).— Sketch Book of H. A, 

containing 42 plates, drawn and engraved by him- 
self. . 4to. n.p.n.d. 

New Sketch !Book. 40 lithographs. Oblong 4to. 
London, (1823). 

ALKEN (Hbkrt),— The Beauties and De- 

fects in the figure of the Horse comparatively 

delineated in a series of coloured plates. 8vo. 

London, (1816). B.M. 

ALKEN (Hbkrt), — Sym^toxaa ^i \sem% 
amased. OUo&s4V>. lioiidLOTi^ l^*^* 


Universal Catalogue of 


ALEEN (Henbt). — Symptoms of Being 
amused. Bj H. Aiken, doloured plates. Vol. I. 
ObL 4to. London, 1822. S.K. 

ALEEN (Henbt). — The Sportmg Reposi- 
toiy ; containing Horse-racing, Hunting, Shooting, 
Archery, Trotting, and Tandem matches, Coaching, 
Pedestrianism, etc. 10 plates by O. Hunt, after H. 
A. 8vo. London, 1822. 

ALKEN (Henry).— A Tonch at the Fine 

Arts: illustrated by 12 plates, with descriptions. 
Boyal 8vo. London, 1824. S.K. 

ALKEN (Hernt). — Ideas. A Series of 
Twelve Sporting plates, coloured. Oblong fol. 
London, 1880. 

ALKEN (S.).— View and Ground Plot of 
Dorset County GaoL With description. Atlas foL 
Dorchester, 1795. 

ALLAEUS (FranciSQUs). — Astrologias nova 
Itfethodus; et Fatum miyersi. Plates. Fol. n.p. 
Earlier edition. FoL n.p. 1654-55. 

ALLAIN (EdouardV — Nouvean mannel 
complet de dessin lin^dre gtem^trique, k Tusage 
des jeunes gens qui se destinent aux travauz pub- 
lics. (Manuels-Boret) 12mo., and AUas of 20 
plates. 4to. Paris [Bar-sur-Seine, printed], 1853. 

ALLAIS (G. E.). — Perspective lin^aire. 
Par G. £. Allais, Sec. de I'Acaa* Koy. de France k 
Borne. With plates. Fol. Home, 1820. 

Nat. Qal. 

ALLAN (John BLarrison). — Pictorial Tour 
in the Mediterranean, including Malta, Turkey, 
Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, &c. 40 lithogr. plates 
and 66 woodcuts. FoL London, 1843. B.M. 

ALLAED. — L'art department et I'ensei- 
gnement du dessin dans les ^coles anglaises. 47 pp. 
8vo. Bouen, 1867. 

ALLABD (Camille). — Sonvenirs d'Orient, 

La Bulgarie Orientale, par le Dr. C. A suivis 

d'une notice sur le Danube par M. J. Michel, et de 

Texplication des inscriptions par M. L. Bonier 

Ouvrage om6 de 7 gravures et de 2 Cartes. 12mo. 
Paris,{l863). B.M. 

Part of the ** Biblioth^que Choisie du Messager 
de la Semaine." 

ALLARD (Louis). — Cours d* Architecture 
dassique et modeme. 24 plates. Small fol. 
Paris, n.d. 

ALLAED (Louis). — Etudes d' Architecture 
au Cours. 10 plates. Large fol. Paris, 1847. 

ALLATIUS (Leo). — PtolomsBi Euergetw 
monumentum adulitanum. Large 8to. Boms, 

ALLATIUS (Leo). — Leonis Allatii Animad- 
versiones in Antiqvitatvm Etrvscarrm, Fragmenta 
ab Inghiramio edita. 4to. Parisiis, 1640. S.K. 
Another edition. Sto. Bonus, 1642. 

ALLEGE ANZ A (Giuseppe).— De Sepulcris 
Christianis in iEdibus sacris ; aocedunt inscnpUones 

Sepulcrales Christianse seculo Septimo Antiquiores 
in Insubria Austriaca reperte; item Insciiptiones 
Sepulcrales Eoclesiarum atque JEdium P.P. Oid. 
Predic" Mediolani. 4to. Mediolani, 1773. S.E. 

ALLEMAND (F. C.).— Die kaiserl. konigl. 
Oesterreichische Arm^e im Laufe zweier Jahrhun- 
derte. (40 coloured etchings, drawn by F. C. A., of 
costumes of the Austrian army from 1630-1840.) 
Obi. fol. Wien, (1840). P. C. Lib., Aldershot. 

ALLEN (Mrs.). — ^Views and Flowers from 
Guzerat and Bajpootana. Coloured plates. 4to. 
n.p. n.d. 

ALLEN (C. Bruce). — A descriptive Cata- • 

* logue of Uie autotype fac-similes of the frescoes 
by M. A. Buonarroti in the Sistine Chapel, Borne. 
4to. London (1870). , B.M. 

ALLEN (Eduabdo Augusto). — Monnaies 

d'Or Su^TO-Lusitaniennes. From the " Berue Nu- 
mismatique.'* New Series, toI. z. 1865. With 1 
plate. 8vo. Paris, 1866. S.K. 

ALLEN (Eduabdo Augusto). — Noticia e 

Descrip9So de um Sarcophago Bomano descoberto 
ha annos no Aiemtejo e recentemente comprado 
pela cidade do Porto para o seu Museu Municipal, 
pelo Director do mesmo Museu. 8vo. Porto, 1867. 


ALLEN (John).— History of the Borough of 
Liskeard and its vicinity. Plates. 12mo. Lon- 
don, 1856. 

ALLEN (Lewis F.). — Rural Architecture; 

being a complete description of &rm-houses, cot- 
tages, and out-buildings, . . . together with lawns^ 
pleasure grounds, and parks, . . . also useful and 
ornamental domestic animals for the country re- 
sident. .. . Woodcuts. 12mo. New York, 1852. 

ALLEN (Richard). — Allen's Illustrated 

Hand-Book and Guide to all the places of interest 
in Nottingham and its environs : being an account 
of the prmcipal public buildings ; religious, educa^ 
tional, and charitable foundations; literary and 
scientific institutions ; places of amusement, public 
walks, and recreation grounds. To which is added 
a valuable series of Esisays on the Men of Notting- 
hamshire ; Local Manufactures ; Archaeology of the 
Castle, etc. Compiled and edited by K. Allen. Post 
8yo. Nottingham, (1866). S-K. 

ALLEN (T. Paynter). — ^Liquiry into the 
existing State of Education in Bicbmond, Twicken- 
ham, Mortlake, and neighbourhood. Supplement 
to the *' Journal of the l^iety of Arts," April 8th, 
1870. Boyal 8yo. London, 1870. S.E. 

ALLEN (Thomas). — ^Lancashire illustrated 
from original drawings by S. Austin, J. Harwood, 
and Q, and G. Pyne, etc. With descriptions by 
T. A. Plates. 4to. London, 1832. 

ALLGEMEINE Familien Zeitune. Chronik 
der Gegenwart cur Unterhaltusg una Belehrung. 
Fol. Stattg^l872. S.K. 

ALLIBONB (S. Austin).— A critical Die 
tionazy of English Litexaturo and British and 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


American Anthon, liTing and deceasAcI, from the 
earlieet acoonntt to the latter half of the nineteenth 
eentmy, etc. Vols. L and ii. Imp. 8to. Phila- 
delphia, 1870. S.K. 

ALLIHN (Max). — ^Durer-Studien. Versnoh 
einer Erkl&ning achwer an deatender Knpferstiche 
A. Dnrers ron caltnrhiatoriachem Standpunkte Yon 
KjL Withlvoodeat 8vo. Leipzig, 1871. S.K 

ALLINGHAM (William). See Dotlb (R.) 

and AixiKOHAM (W.). In Fairyland. Boyal 4to. 

ALLIOT. — Relation de la pompe fnnibre 
£ucte A Nancy le 7* jonr de jnin 1729, anz ob- 
a^nes de . . . Leopold 1, . . . 4to. Nancy, 1729. 

ALLMEB (A.). — Sur qnelques InscriptiDiis 
antiques. 56 1^. Large 8to. Vienne, 1858. 

ALLMEB (A.). — ^D^ooavarte de oolonnefl et 
de tombeanx antiques dans T^lise de Saint-Pierre 

i Vienne. Lecture fiute iTAcadimie 1861. 32 

pp. 8to. Lyon, 1861. B.M. 

ALLMEB (A.). — ^Notice snr plnsieors In- 
■eripdons de Lyon et snr quelqnes noms de o6ra- 
mistes. 39 pp. 8to. '^enne, 1864. 

ALLMEB (A). — D^nverto k Vienne de 

qnatre belles statuettes antiques d'Hercule et de 
Mercnre et de dlTerses autres objets. 8to. Viennei 

ALLMEBS (Hbrman).— Die altchrifliliche 
Baiilita als Yorbild des protestantisehen Eirchen- 
banea. Eine Studie. 2nd edition. Large 8to. 
Oldenburg, 1870. 

ALLOM (Thomas). — Wesfcmoreland, Cum- 
berland, Ihirham, and Northumberland, illustrated. 
Erom original drawings by T. A., Oeorge Pickering, 
etc With descriptions l^ T. Rose. 2 vols. 4to. 
London, (1832). 8JL 

ALLOM (Thomas). — Constantinople and the 
Scenery of the SeTen Churches of Asia Minor, 
illustrated. In a series of drawings from nature, 
by Th. A. With an historical account of Constanti- 
nople, and descriptions of the plates by the Bev. 
Bobert Walsh. 2 vols. 4to. London (1840 T). 


German translation: — Constantinopel und die 
nalerisehe Gkgend der sieben Kirchen, etc Nach 
dem Engiisehen, von J. T. 2ienker. Plates. Boyal 
4to. Brannschwmg, 1889-40. 

fVench translation : — ^L'Empire ottoman illustr^. 
Constantinople andenne et modeme, comprenant 
aossi les sept ^ises de TAsie mineure, illustr^ 
d'apris les dessins pris sur les lieux par T. A., 
piec^d^ d'un essai nistorique et de la descrip- 
tion des monumens, par L. Galibert et C. Pell^. 
2 parts. 65 steel engravings. 4to. Paris et 

ALLOTJ (— , Bishop of Means.).— Notice 
historique et deseriptive de la CathMrale de Meauz. 
Psr Xonseignenr Allou. Deuzi^e Mition, aug- 
mentto d'uue Notice snr I'Er^^^ ^t le B^minaire. 
8to. Meauz 1871. SK. 

ALLPOET (Douglas).— CoUectiona illua- 

trative of the Geology, Histoiy, Antiquities, and 
Associations of Camberwell and the neighbourhood. 
Plates and woodcuts. 8yo. Camberwell, 1841. 

ALLSTON (Washington). — Lectnres on 

art and poems. By W. AUstou. Edited by Bichard 
Henry Dana, jun. 12mo. New York, 1851. 

ALMANAC. — An Armenian Almanac, for 
the year 1815, containing 14 coloured plates of 
Tartar Costumes, and 15 coloured plates of the flags 
of all nations. 24mo. (Venice), 1815. S.E. 

ALMANAC. — Le Comic Almanack, Keep- 
sake Comique, pour 1842. Par MM. J), Balzac, 
FrM^c Sonli4, Maurice Alhoy, Paul Be Kock, 
P. Durand (du Si^e), L. Huart, £d. Lemoine, 
Ourliac, £. Marco-Saint-Hilaire, H. Monnier, J. 
Bousseau, etc. Om^ de douze gravures A Teau-forta 
sur acier, par Trimolet, et d'un grand nombre da 
dedsins comiques dans le texte, par Ch. Vernier. 
Post 8to. Paris, (1842). S.K. 

ALMANAQUE Literario del Moseo Uni- 
versal para el ano de 1861 [y de 1862]. 8to. 
Madrid, (1801-62). S.K. 

ALMANAQUE de el Museo de la Lidnstria 
para 1872, publicado bi^'o la direocion de £du- 
ardo de Mari&tegui, con la colaboracion de los 
Senores Asemo, Barbieri, Balaguez, Borrell, Cubi, 
etc, 6 ilustrado con 52 Grabados. (The 2nd yearj 
8to. Madrid, 1871. S.K. 

ALNWICK— The History of Alnwick, the 
county town of N<^humberland. 12mo. Alnwick, 
1818. aE. 

ALOE (Stanislas). — La Madonna di Atella 

nella scisma d' Italia. Plates by Mastraochio. 4to. 
Napoli, 1859. 

ALPHABETS. — Collection d' Alphabets 

Om^ d'apris Theodore de Bry, Lucas Lilian et 
Henriels Partins (ncr) (Oeorg Heinrich Paritius) & 
Tusage des Artistes. Fol. Paris, n.d. S.E. 

ALPHABETS.— Ancient Ornamental AI- 
phabets, for the use of Painters, Sculptors, Illu- 
minators, Amateurs, etc. 24 sheets ot alphabets 
printed in colours. 4to. n. p., 1850. 

ALPHABETS. — Alphabet illustr6. 100 
Vignettes et Lettres omto, dessin^ par Girardet, 
Qrandville, Sagot, Werner. 12mo. Tours, 1867. 


ALPHABETS.— Nonvel Alphabet des ani- 
mauz, omi d'un grand nombre de gravures. ISmo. 
Poissy (printed). Paris, 1870. 

ALPHAND (A.). —Les Promenades de 
Paris. Bois de Boulogne, Bois de Vincennes, Pares, 
Squares, Bouleyaids. Ouvrage om6 de chromo- 
lithographies et de grayures sur acier et sur bois. 
Fol. 1868-70. 

ALPINUS (Prosperus). — De ^\»si\^& «w^ 
ticis libri duo. n6p\a\«A \\o. N«u»^\%A^^« 


. Universal Caialogue of 

ALSAC£. — Soci^tti ponr la conservation des 
Monoinentfl Historiques d'AJaace. Rapport buc 
des AnliquiUB trDuvess &ux envinuiB it Colmar. 
Extisit du Bulletin de la SociiU pour la conECrra- 
tion des MoDumenta HiBtonqnea d'AlfUe. Imp. 
8vo. Slraabourg, 1868. S.K. 

ALSTON (J. W.).— Hints to young prac- 
titioners on the Btudj of I^ndacape Painbpg. II- 
loatrated b; ten cngrBvinga, intended to Bhow the 
diffirent sUgra of the Neutral Tint, bj J. W. A., 
to which are added iestractiona in tbe art of 
painting on Telvet. 8vo. Edinburgh, ISOl. S.K. 

ALSTOBPHIUS (Johamnes).— J. A. Dis- 
Bertatio philologiea de lectie, lubjidtur ^uedeni de 
lectins veterum di«triba. Plates. ISmo. Am- 
BUlodami, 1704. B.M. 

fltorphii da HssiIb Vel«nim opus poattumnm, 
Dunc prinmm in lucem editum, cum multis tAbula- 
run eaearum iconlboB. Platea. Small ito. Am- 
ateladuni etLipsin, I7S7. S.K. 

ALT (J.) AND KUNIKE (A.).— Donan- 
AnsioliteQ. Haoh der Natot in Stein gemichnet 
von J. Alt nnd A. Kunike. 264 plates. Roj. fol. 
Wien, 1826. 

Al/r (Rudolph). — Pest nnd Ofen. Elus- 
trirt in 32 Originalzeichnnngon Ton R. Alt. Hit 
beschreibendem Text in deutscher und nngarischer 
Sprache. Lotge square 8vo. Peeth, ISIS. 

ALTDOBP. — Amcsnitates Altorfiie. 19 
plates, Fol. Norimbergte, n.d. 

ALTDORFEB (Albert). — Alberti Dureri 
(aoUheiBzen Albeiti Altdorferi)Noriberg. Oermaii. 
Icones Sacrae. In hiat«riam Salntis humanae per 
Bedemptorem nostnun Jeaum ChriBtmn Dei & 
Uariae Gliiun instauratae. Quas singulos selectis- 
»mi flores ei Terbo Dei & S. patnun scriptiE 
deeeiTti eiomant. Nunc primum e teaebris in 
lucem editae. With 3S woodculs (including title- 
page) by Altdorfer. [The pablisber insectod the 
name of Diirer on the title to inCKase the gale 

- of the book.] Small *to. Frankfort, 1604. 

ALTEN WEISEN.— Der Altfln Weisenn 
eiempel aprucb, mit Til echonen BejBpilen vnd 
fignren erleiiohtet. Darinnen £ist alter menschen 
weaen, HSndel, Untrer, List, Qeschwindigkejt, 
Nejd Tnd HaMt, Figorieit vad angeze;gt weiden, 

. •tc, Woodcuta. Small foL Jacob Frolich. Straai- 
buTg, 1646. 8,K. 

ALTES UND 'NEUEB ana der belehrten 
Welt. Plates. 12mo, Ziirich, 1717-18. S.K. 

ALTHAUS (Friedeich).— OEnglisohe Cha- 
rtkUrbilder. 2 toIb. 8vo. BerLn, 188B. 

ALTHOF (E. A.).— Beschreibnng eeinefl 

■ Miinzvonatha. 8vo. Lemgo. 1796. 

ALTMANW (Fb.).— PraktiBohe DarBtellnng 

der Kunst, LichthildBT aof Papier nnd Platte m 

machen, Zom Solbetunterricht fSi anfinger nnd 

DUeUanUn der Photographie. Bvo. Leiprig, 1862. 


ALTON" (Eddard d'). — Abbildnngen aammt- 
lichcr Pferdo-Kacen, nach dem Leben gozeichnet, 
lithographirt una h«ransgegeben von R. Kuntz. mit 
naturhiEtorischer Bescbreibung von E. d'A. Obi. 
fol. Carlsmhe, 1827. 

ALTOVITI (GiOTAKin).— Eseqnie deUa S. 
Cat. e R. Hiuota di Marghenta d AuBtria rrgina 
di Spagna, celebrate dal Ser. Don Cosimo II. gran 
duca di Toecana mi. With frontJBpisceandSa en- 
gravingB bj Ant. Tempesta and Jacq. Callot. Fol. 
Firenze, 1S12. 

ALUNNO (Francesco).— La febrica Di M. P. 
A. Da Ferrara nella quale si contengono tutte 
Is voci di Dante, del Petrarca, del Boccaccio e 
d'AlIri buoni autori, con la dichiaratione di quelle, 
B con le BUG intcrpretationi Latino. Portrait of 
F. A. on frontiflpieco. Fol. Vinegia, 1548. B.M. 
Another edition. Venetia, 1612. 

ALVAREZ (PBANasco).— Breve tratado de 
relogessoIareayArqaitcctara. Plates. 4to. Madrid, 

ALVIN (Locis Joseph). — Organiaation de 
renaeignement dea acts graphiqnea et plastiquee. 
Bapport de la Commiaaioo nommie par aniti 
mini<Uneldu2SSeptembre 1BS2, etc 8to. Bmz- 
elles, 186S, etc. 

ALVIN (Locia Joseph). — Conp d'ceil ear la 
situation dea beaux-arta en Belgique i propos ds 
I'expodtion g^frate de 1860. 88 pp. 8ra. Bmx- 
ellee, 1861. 

ALVIN (LoDis Joseph). — Ministera de 
rint^eur. Conseil de perfection nemeot de I'en- 
eeignement dea arts du deasin. Pjriode tiiennale 
de 1860, 1861, 1862. Rapport . giniral, le 12 
Dtombre 1862, i H. le Uinistre de llntirienr, par 
M. L. Alvin. 8vo. Bmxelles, 1863. 

ALVINO (Frahcesio'). — Description des 
monaraentA le« pina iat^ressants dn Uus^ Rojal 
Bonibon. Svo. Naples, 1341. 

AMADIS DE QA'njjE.—iatutraled editions, 
ehronologieaUy arranged under their tmerai tan- 

lit SpANtSH. 

AMADIS DE GADLA.— Los qnatro libros 

de Amadis de Gaula. Oothic letter, with woodcuts. 
Fol. SeuiUa, 1636. 

Reprinted. Fol. Senilis, 1688. 

Los quatro libroe de Amadis de Glaula Doeua- 
mente mmpreesoe j hiatoriadosen Semlla. Gothic 
letter, with woodcats. Fol. Senilla, 1547. 

Aventuras del i vencihte caballero andante Amadis 

de G-aula, rcimpreeo literalmente segun el testo de 

la mas apreciable edieion ; dividido en cuatro tomos 

ma^r comodidsd, j enriqnecido con speenta y 

laminaa litografladas. 4to. Madrid, 1888. 

LisuartedeOieda. — £1 septimo Iilbro de Amadis, 
en el qual se trata de los grandes fechos en annas 
de Ijanarte de Grecia ^o de Ssptandian, 7 de 



Books on Art {Supplement). 


Another edition. GK>thic letter, with woodcots. 
- Fol. SeTilla, 1548. 

In Fbxkcu. 

Le premier lirre d'Amadis de Otinle mis en fran- 
y)i g par le seigneur des Essars 'Nicholas de Herberay. 
with woodcuts. 4to. Anvers, 1574. 

Le second livre d'Asuidia de Ghiule. With wood* 
enta. 4to. Anvers, 1573. 

Le troisi&me liyre d'Amadis de Gaule. With 
woodeats. 4to. Anvers, 1573. 

Le quatriftme livre d'Amadis de Ganle. Witih 
iroodenta. 4to. Anvers, 1573. 

Le cinqaiesme livre d'Amadis de Gaule, contenant 
portie des faicts chevalerenx d'Esplandian son fils 
et aultree. With woodcuts. 4to. Anvers, 1573. 

Les livres i-xii d'Amadis de Gaulo, trad. d'Es- 
pagnol en Francois. In 6 or 4 vols. With wood- 
cuts. Fol. Paris, 154(M>6. 

Another edition. With woodcuts. 12pazt8. 4to. 
Anvers, 1561. 

In Gxrhak. 

Des Streitbaren Heiden Amadis auss Frankreich 
0ehr schone Historic Auss frsaxtJB. in unser allgem. 
Deutsche Sprache transferiert. With woodcuts. 
2 vols. FoL Frankfurt a. M. 8ig. Feyerabend, 

In Dutch. 

Amadis van Gaule, wt de Francoysche in onse 
Nedeiduytscbe Tale overgeeet. With woodcuts. 
21 vols. 4to. Botterdam, 1619. 

AHADUZZI (OiOYAimi Christofano). — 

Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum secundis curis 
inlustratum et aUctnm a Joh. Chrst. Amadutio. 
FoL Bomae, 1775. S.E. 

AMATEUR Dlnminator's Magazine and 
Journal of Miniature Painting. 4to. London, 
(1861, etc). B.M. 

AMATEUBr. — XTn mot b^ la peintnre reli. 
gjense, par un amateur. 12mo. Strasbourg, 1863. 

AMATEUR Mechanic's Workfiliop (The). 
— A Treatise containing plain and concise direc- 
tions for the manipulation of wood and metals, 
including casting, foiging, brazing, soldering, and 
carpentry. By S^e Author of the *' Lathe imd its 
Uses." With woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1870. 


AMATI (GiBOiAMO). — Intomo nna moneta 
diCamearino, perG.A 6]^. 8vo. (Boma), 1869. 

AMATI (SciPiOTinB). — ^Historia del regno di 
Yaxh del Giapone, dell' antichiti, nobilti, e valore 

del suo re I^te Masamune, etc. (OratioJ G. 

Fetrarehie, etc) 4to. Boma, 1615. B.M. 

AMAURY(— , Abb^).— Notice 8nrV6thena 
et son ^lise, monument historique. 8vo. Paris, 

AMBBA (Baffaelb, D') — Gli odiemi Campi 
8anti Hapolitani deflcritti,preceduti daalcunenotizie 
su gli antichi sepolcrivi. Plates. 8vo. Napoli, 

AMBROGiq (Thesdus). — Introductio in 
. Chaldaicam linguam Syriacam atque Armenicam et 
decern alias linguas. Gharacterum differcntium 
Alphabeta circa (^uadraginta, etc, 4to. Excudebat 
PapiflB Joan, Hana, Simonetta, Cremon, in Canonica 
Sancti Petri in Gcelo aureo simiptibuB et typis 
anthoris libri. 1539. 

AMBROS (August Wilhelm). — Bunte 

Bl&tter. Skissen und Studien fiir Freunde der 
Musik und der bildMiden Kunst With the author's 
portrait. 8vo. Leipzig, 1872. 

AMBROSE, Saiitt, Archbishop of Milan.— 
Hezameron Beati Ambrosii Mediolanensis epi. 
Gothic letter, with rubricated initials. Small fol. 
Aug(ustaB Vindelicorum), 1472. S.K. 


Biblioteca Ambrosiana con cenni stonci. 8vo. 
Milano, 1860. S.K. 

AMBROSOLI (PsANgois).— Monument a 

Francois I**, k Vienne. CBuvre de Pomp6e Marchesi. 
With 15 plates. FoL Milan, n.d. 

AMEILLHON. — Recherches snr les couleurs 
des anciens, et sur les arts qui y ont rapport. 77 pp. 
4to. n.p. n.d. 

AMERICAN Art Umon.—- Transactions of 
the Americat Art Union, for the promotion of the 
Fine Arts in the United States, for the year 1844 
(1847, 1849, etc.). 8vo. New York (1844, eta). 


AMIGI (Domenico). — Nuova Raccolta del 

Monument! antichi dell' alma Citti di Boma disc- 
gnati dal vero ed incisi da D. Amici, anno 1834. 
26 plates. Obi. fol. (Boma, 1834.) 8.K. 

AMICI (Dombnico). — Nuova Raccolta delle 
Tedute, obelischi, fontane e chiostri di Boma e noi 
contomi. Fol. Boma, 1835. 

AMTET (J. T.).— Hans Aspers des Malera 

Leistungen fur Solothum. Ein Beitrag zur Schweiz- 
erisehen Eunstgeschiehte Ton J. T. Amiet. SVo. 
Solothum, 1866. 

AMT6UE8 (Jul.). — Les FStes romaines 

illustries. FeuiUets de I'album d*un voyageur. 
Traditions et monuments de Borne pontificale par 
G. Escalle. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

AMIOT. — Art Militail'e des Chinois, on 
Becueil d'anoiens Traits sur la Guerre, compost 
ayant Tire chr^tienne, par diffdrent^ G^neraux 
Chinois. . . . Traduit en Fran9ois par le P. Amiot, 
Missionnaire a Pe-king, revu et public par M. 
Deguignes. With plates. 4to. Paris, 1772. S.K. 

AMMAN (Jost). — (Jenninae icones dncnm 
Bavariae, comitum Tyrolensium, regumLombardiae, 
marchionum Antwerpienaittm, principum et regum 
Franoorum, etc., ex principe familia Bavarica... 
oriendorum, ab anno 463 ad annum 1663...caelatore 
Jodoco Ammano pictore. With 78 copperplates 
by J. Amman. Fol. KoribeigisB^ tt.d. 

AMMAN (Jost).— GhecM«dQLtex^\is^\T^^- 
inn der IbbUchen EBU«t\if^« "ftistf^ ^'^N^ ^>^- 

c2 ^^ 

Universal Catalogue of 


la Franckfort am Majn, etc. IfiBD. S.E. 

AMMAN (Jost).— Wapen und Stamm-Bnch 
dtrinneD der Keys. Mftisat Chnr nnd Fursteo, 
Graffen, Freyherm, doren Tom Adel, ete. Mit 
kmuAreichen Figuren, darch den veitberuhmpten 
JoiMn Amen geriw«n, Mmpt ireo SjmboliB, nod 
mitDentschea !Be;men geiirat. Zu ehrn alien lieb- 
lutbern der Freyen KiinBten zuinnmieii getragen 
und verlegt dnrch Sigmnndt Feyinbendt. Wood- 
cuts. SmaU 4to. Fnnckfait am Uayn, Feyrabendt, 
1SB9. BX. 

Hesser B. A. Bcoltore e archiMUo Fioreatino, scritta 
agli Accademici del J}\aegao V anno 1SS2. CoUa 
quale Tolle mottmre quanta pericolosa cosa sia all' 
Anime d^li Artefld <u Pittura, a Scultuia, 1' eeerci- 
tare I'Aits loro in ncpresentar figure meso che 
onette, ad il dosiio, che ^oindi poA deriTSre all' 
altr' Ajiime de' Fedeli. Di uuoto data in luce da 
Penona, che molto deaiden 1a Frotezione, ed Aioto 
della Gran Madre di Bio, ed a Lei madMima dedi- 
eats. Ito. Firsnia, 1082. S.E. 

AMORETTI (Gablo) and SITLZER (Josum 
OiOBo). — Viaggi da UUaDo a Nis* e da Berlino a 
ITma. 8tu. Milano, IS19. 


— Bybelaeha laadBcbappeD, naar afbeeldiiigen op dt 

plaata lalTe Terrsaidigd. 96 tteel plat««. 34 paita. 

Small Ito. AmateidMH, tSSS-tO. 

Beisaned in 2 toU. Eoyal 8to. Leeow, ISS3. 

AMOBINI (AirrONio BoLOomm, Uarcbese). 
— Deacriraone de' Quadri leatiCati a Bologna i quail 
da' Fianc«ai che occ»«iono I' Italia net 1796 erano 
stati ttaiportati in F^cia. 8to. Bologna, 1816. 

AMORDTI (Aktokio Boloqnini, Marchese). 
— Compendia delle Memorie iitoricha delle Altj e 
degli Artisti d«ll* Harea d' Ancona dal 1° Mazch* 
Amico Bicci. Sto. Bologna, 1836. 

AUOBXNI (AnTOHio BoLoaHiNi, MarcheBe). 
— ProlDtione nelk leeltft de' aog^ttt per Coacorai 
Accademici di Belle Arti. Sro. Bologna, 1BS6. 

AMORINI (Ahtonio BoLoosnn, Marcliese). 
— PiolniioDe eul Sublime nelle Belle Arti, letta 
Delia grand' Aula della Pontificia Aocademia di 
Belle Art! di Bologna iiw occaaione della aoli 

diatribuiione di preuil 31 Ottobre, 1S39. 

Bologna, I8S9. 

' — Proluaione detta nella dietnbnuone de' preng 
della PoDtifidaAecademiadi Belle AiU in Bologna, 
rioomndo il giomo di 3. Baitolomeo 1' anno 1837. 
per la quale nmemota 1' antica Eetta popolora chi 
nel detto giomo in qneata citti celeSnni. 8to, 
Bologna, 1841. 

AMORrlNI (Antonto Boloonini, MarclieBe). 
— Pnilunona 13 Noranbn, 1840, coUa quale 

logna, 1643. 
AHORIXI (Antonio BoLoaKiNt, Marcheae). 

— Mosaime che i moderni Sofl Torrebbero iutro- 
dnrre a danno delle Arti. 8to. Bologna, 1844. 

AMOROS (FBANasco). — Arte de delioear 
J trarar con perfecdoD. With pUtea. 2 toIb., 
■mall fol. BaKelona, 1857. 

AMORT (Thouas), — Memoirs; containing 
the lires of aereral Ladies of Great Britain, a Hia- 
toi7 of Antiquities, Productions of Nature, and 
HonuBietita of Ait, etc 2 Toll. 16Dia. LondoD, 

AMOS (AsDBEw).— The Great Oyer of Poi. 
■oning. The Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the 
poisoning of Sii Thanu« Orerbnry, in the 'Tower of 
London, and Tarious mattars conQeclsd Lherevith, 

portraits. Sro. London, 1846. 'R.K. 

AMPERE (J. J.).— Hiatdire Litt^raire de la 
Franco BTOnt la dou«iime siicle. 4 vols. Sto. 
Paris, I8S9-64. 

(Vol. iii. chap. liii, Les Arts au IX' Siicio : 
ATcbit«ctam Bjisntine, Bomaine, Egliaes, Palua, 
Question de I'Ait Komain, Peinttu^. Calligraphie, 
SeolptDie, Monnaiea, Jfniique, Origine da Contis- 

AMPHIAREO (Vespasiano).— Opera di 

Frate V. Amphiareo da Ferrara , sella quale si 

insegna a senrere vorie sorti di Letteie, et mossine 
una leCtMa bastaida da lui noramente con nta 
indnstria ntrorala, loqnal serre al Cancellateoco 
et Hercaotesco, stc ObL 4to. Veaetia, 1S61. 

AMPSING (Samuel).— BeecLrijvinge ende 
Lof der Stad Haaileu ; in Rgm besrbe^d : ends 
met Tsele oude en nieawe StuUen, bniten Digt, nit 
Tet«cheideKnn]yken,Handr eaten, Brieren, Qedenk- 
•chriiten, TericMotd ende bevesCigd midsgaders. 
Pet. ScriTerii lAureknuii voor Laurens Eoetec. 
De Voorade gepft enig onderwys van onsa uederL 

8prBke ende spellinge handelt ook vwa de Bym- 

konste, etc. With many plates dism by F. Zaen- 
mdam, and engraved by J. ran de Vetda. 4to. 
Haerlam, 1628. 

AMSDORPP (Niclab).— Bin knrtzer ana- 
EOg, ana der Cnwiea Naueleri, vie vctrenlich -vnd 
Temterlich die Bebste eu Bom, mit den RdmlBchen 
Keysern gphandal t haben, Corrigirt md gebeeseit. 
1634. With woodcut border on title-psge. 16mo. 
Hagdoburg, 1634. S.X. 

AMSTERDAM.— Cent qoatre Vnea d'Am- 
Et«Tdam. Oblong fol. Amtteidam. n.d. S.E. 

AMSTERDAM.— Description dea Tableaux, 

depoi^ au Musia Boyal des Pays Bos i Amstei- 

dun. I3mo. Amsterdam, 1865. S.E. 

Earlier adidon. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1841. S.E. 


Boohs on Art {Supplement)^ 


AMSTERDAM.— Notice des Tableaux du 
Hus^ d'Amfiterd&m, ayee fiM-simile dea Mono- 
gnmmeB Poft 8vo. Amsterdam, 1858. 8.K. 

AMSTERDAM. — ^Verslag der commissie, in 
December 1868» belast geweest met een ondeizoek 
naar den staat waarin gich het Paleis Toor Yolk- 
arliit'te A toen berond. 4to. 'i Grayenliage, 1864. 


ANACOaiNGIO (Idebnu).— Tre Dialoghi 

d' L A Bopra la Deserizione della CittA di Milano 
del Ber. Signor Senriliano Latnada intomo la Bat- 
ta^g^ de' C^ttoUci cogli Ariani segoita in tempo di 
Santo Ambrogio, e qnanto in t^ proposito egli 
eeriye trattande dell' insigne Bafiilica Collegiata di 
Santo Stefano Maggiore, e d'alcnne altre Chiese di 
qnesta Metropoli. 12mo. Milano, 1788. 8.K. 

ANACBEON. — Anacreontis TeiiConyivialia 
aemiambia. (Greek text, and Latin translation.) 
With 16 pages, engraved in fac-simile, of a MS. in 
the Vatican, vignettes and tail-pieces. Large 4to. 
Boms, 1781. S.K. 

Al^ACREON. — Bandzeidmnngen zu anak- 
reontischen Liedem in Qriginalradirungeit Ton Otto 
Forsteriing. TJebertragen Ton Friednch E^igers. 
Ei^pATed title and 18 plates. FoL Berlin, (1870). 


ANALYSE des styles architectoniqnes reli- 
gieox d'aprte MM. Libri et de Caomont, snivie 
d'nne note snr les pierres tombales d'apr^s Lenoir, 
Sainte-Foix, Montfanoon, etc. 8?o. Laval, 1841. 

ANAN (Abramo). — In morte di GKuseppe 
Coen. Lettera ed epigrafl di A Anan. 9 pp. 4to. 
Borigo, 1856. 

ANAN (Salvatobb). — Cenni Storici sul 
Palano del Comune detto della Bagione, esistente 
in Ferrara, e descrizione della nnova facciata Scoper- 
tasi nell' Ottobre del 1835. Plate with view of 
palace. 8 pp. 8to. Milano, 1835. 

ANAN (SALYATORE).-*Del]a Esuosizione di 
Belle Arti in Feirara, in occasions della Fiera del 
1847. 14 pp. Syo. Firenze, 1847. 

ANAN (Salyatobe). — Biografia di Giuseppe 
Coen, ferrarese. 14 pp. 8to. GenoTa, 1856. 

Drawing Society, 1863. 56 plates. 4to. n.p., 
1866. S.K. 

ANCA (F.) and GEMMELLARO (G. G.).— 

Monognfia degli eleBunti Fossil! di Sicilia. With 
3 plates. FoL Palermo, 1867. 

ANCIENNETf! de la viUe de Gand 6tabHe 
par des Charles et par d'antres Monoments aathen- 
tiqnes ponr serrir de suppl^ent an recueil d' An- 
tiquity 4to. Oand, 1821. 


diAteanz, demenres f&odales, forteresses, citadeiles, 
mines historiqnes, ^lises, basHiqnes, monastires et 
aatie0 monnmentf reUgienz ; par one soditi d'ar* 

ch^lognee; om^ de 90 grayures. 8yo. Paris. 
. 1864. 

Ist edition. 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

ANCILLON (Charles).— Discours snr la 
statne equestre de FrM&ric GoiUanme ^rig^ sur le 
Pont neuf & Berlin. Fol. Berlin, 1 703. 

ANCONI (A. J.) .— Unterricht fiir angehendq 
Kiinstler der Mahlerei. Svo. Dresden, 1790. 

ANGORA (Gaetano d'). — Della economia 
fisica degli Antichi del oostruiro le dtti. 8to. 
Napoli, 1796. 

ANCORA (Gaetano d').— Prospetto storico- 
fisioo degli scavi di £rcolano e di Pompei. 2 maps. 
8to. Napoli, 1803. 

CFerman translation.— Die Buinen Ton Hercn- 
Unam nnd Pompeii. 2 maps. 8to. Gera, 1806. 

ANCORA (Gaetano d').— Illnstrazione del 

grappo di Eroole colla cerya. 4to. Napoli, 1805. 

ANDERSEN (Carl).— Rosenborg. Notes 

on the Chronological Collection of the Danish 
Kin^. Translated by Charles Shaw. "V^th the 
original Danish edition, containing 52 large wood- 
cuts. Imp. 8vo. Copenhagen, 1867-68. S.K. 

ANDERSEN (Carl).— Die chronologische 

Sammlung der Diinischen Eonige. Von C. Ander- 
sen. With woodcuts. Boyal 8vo. Kjjrt)enhaTn, 
1872. aK. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian).— Eventyr. 

Med 125 lUustrationer efter Originaltegninger af 
V. Pedersen, siaume Tree af &. Eretssdimar. 
Ej^nhayn, 1850. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Cheistian).— C. Ander^ 

sen's Marchen aus dem Danischen iibertragen Ton 
J. Beuscher. lUustrirt Ton Hosemann, Graf Pocci 
und Andem. 8to. Berlin, 1851. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Chbistun).— Femt^ 

ETentyr og Historier. Ny UdgaTe. Med lUustra- 
tioner af Lorenz Frolich. Kj^nhaTn, 1867. 

ANDERSEN '(Hans Cheistian).— H. C. 

Andersens nye ETentyr og Historier. Med lUus- 
trationer efter Originaltegninger af Lorens Froe- 
lich. 2 Tols. With 212 iUustiations. Square 16mo. 
Kj^benhaTn, 1870-71. aK. 

ANDERSON (^neas).— A Narrative of 

the British Embassy to China in the y^ars 1792, 
1793, and 1794, containing Tarious circumstances of 
the Embassy, with accounts of Customs and Man- 
ners of the Chinese, and a description of the 
country, towns, cities, etc. 4to. London, 1795. 

ANDERSON (Chbistophee).— The Annals 
of the Enfflish Bible. By Christopher Anderson. 
A new and rensed edition, edited by his nephew, 
Hugh Anderson. 8to. London, 1862. 8.K. 

ANDERSON (Jambs). — Selectus Diplo- 

matum et Numismatum Scotise Thesaurus. 180 
plates drawn by J. Anderson and engraTed b^ G. 
Child, being fac-similea oi dvttx\AX%, ««^^ ^\\a^ 

alphabeU, etc ?o\. B^ii)^^!^, Vl^^. 



. Universal Caialogue of 


ANDERSON (James).— A Genealogical 

HiBtorj of the House of Yvery : in its di&renl- 
brenohra of YTary, LuTel, Percwal, and Gonrnay. 
2 Toifl. With portnuU and plates. Royal 8to. 
London, 1742. 
ANDERSON (Johm Corbet).— The Roman 
city of Uriconium at Wroieter, Salop : iUiutntire 
of the History and Social Life of our Komano- 
BritiBh Forefathers. With numeroua cuts drawn 
on wood from the actual oljjeets by the author. 68 
woodcuts. 8ro. London, 1BS7. 3.K. 

^ ikNDERSON (JOHK Corbet).— Croydon 
. Chmch, Fut and FrueDt Hoaonents and A&ti- 
qnitiea of lh» old Parish Chfirch of 3t. John the 
Baptist at Cioydon, in the County of Surrey, which 
■res doatroyod by firo on the night of January the 
Gth, 1867. The Parish Church of 8t John the 
Baptist, at Croydon, Surrey, as it was rebuilt daring 
the years IS67-6S attei the designs of 6. Qiibert 
Scott, R.A., 2 parts. With plates and woodcut 
Boyal 4to. ^ntsd far Sabscriben, (Croydon), 
1871. S-K. 

ANDERSON (R.). — Eiamplea of the mani- 
dpal, commerciali and street AKihitectnre of France 
and Italy from the twelfth to the fifteenth century 

platijB with letterpress. Heasoied and drawn 

by R. Anderson. In progress. Fol. Edinburgh, 

(1870, etc.) B,M. 

ANDERSSON (C. J.).— Lake of Ngami ; or, 

Diacoreries in South-west Africa, illustrated by 

Wolff. 8to. London, 1868. 

ANDERSSON (N. J.).— Inkdning till bo- 

tosiken. Parts i-iii. 2S0 woodcuts. Large Sto. 

Stockholm, 1869. 

AiroiRAN (FRfiDeKic D')-— Eiouraion pit- 

toiwique duas I'ancien duchj d'Albret. 12 croquis 

. deesines d'aprea nature et lithographiAa par P. 

d'Andiran. Tol. Paria, 1842. 

ANDRADE (Minoel Caelos de). — Loz do 

liberal e nobre arte de Cavallaria, etc. 64 plates. 

2 rols. Fol. Lisbos, 1790. 

U4DRC (A.). — Catalogne raiaonn^ du 

Mus^ d'Arch^logie de la ViUe de Bennea. Royal 

Sio. Rennes, 18B8. S.K. 

ANDRE (A.).— AntiqniteHraresdelaNoi-. 

mandie. Notice aur una cassette d'iroire de la 

cathedral e de Bay pux. II pp. Svo. Ren nes, 1869. 

ANDREA (Marchese d'). — Iscrizioni nel 

tampio di sen Pietro ad Aram, pel M. d'Andrea. 

Sod edition. Sto. Napoli, 186S. 

ANDREAE (Fr. Wilhelm).— Aoafuhrliches 

higtorischfis Wappenbuch. Enthaltond dieWappen 

simmtlicher Regenten und FUrateD, Grafen, Frei- 

herren, Adelichen, Stands nnd Stadte Deutschlands ; 

sowie der bni^rlichen Familien, welche ango- 

stammte Wappen fiiiiren. Nebst beaiiglichen hi»- 

torischen Nnclmchtsa und Erklariiagen der Wap- 

panfarben oder Tinctursn, der Sinnbilder, Helme, 

Kleinodien U. a. W, Steel plateB. Lwse 4to. 

Brriiit 1810, et«. 


ANDREAS (Valbrics). — Imagines doc- - 

lonun Tirorom e Tsriis gsntibns, elogiis brenibus 

illustratie. 73 woodcut portraits. 12mo. Ant- 

wBTpiie, 1611. 

ANDRBASI (Ippolito).— Sal cenno Storico 

e stmiii d'Arte del S. Marcheae Fsidioando 

Cononici, intomo la Cattediale di Ferrara. Latho- 

giapha. 15 pp, 8to. Forrais, 18S0. 

ANDREASI (Ippolito). — Cenno Storioo 

Artistico sol Comimale Campoaaoto nell' Antica 

Certosa di Ferrara. 46 pp. 8to. Fenara, IS.IB. 

ANDREINI (Giovanni Battibta).— 

L'Adamo, Sacra RapiesealatioDe. Woodcuts. 4U>. 

Hikno, 1617. Soane Mus. 

Earlier edition. 40 pistes. 4to. Milano, 1613. 

ANpR,EOCCI (Gidseppe).— Breve raggna-* 

glio di cio che in senere di belle arti si contiene di 

pii prerioBO in citti di Castello. 8to. Arezio, 1829. 

ANDRES (Feblbbick).— Lb Nozzedi Panda 

ed Fiona, ramiresentat^ m un voao antjeo del muBCO. 

del Signor TommaBo Jenkins, nella stamperia di 

QiovBnni Zempel. Folio. RoraB,1776. SosneMiw. 

ANDRES (Juan).— Cartafl familiares a 

en hermano B. Oulos Andres, dandole notjcia del 
viags que hizo a varins ciudades de Italia en el ana 
(178S-17S1) publieadaa par el mismo D. Carlos, 
6 voIb. I6mo. Madrid, 1786-1794, S.K 

ANDRESEN (Ahdeeas).— Johan Christoph 
JacobWilder.dMweuLabsnnndVercBichniBi seiner 
Blatter, von Dr. A- Aodreaen. With plates, 8to. 
Leiprig, 1S6S. 
ANDRESEN (Andkeas) andEIJE (A. von). 
Nekrolog Ton Johaun Andreas Bdroer. Nebst Be- 
aehreibuog der vdn Biimer, seiner Oattin und aeinep- 
Schweiter binterlaaaeDen Rodirrersuche. With 
plates, 8to- Lsipiig, 1863. 
ANDRESEN (Andreas).— Albert Christoph 
Reindel. Eatalog seiner Enpfbrstiche. 28 pp. 
■ Large 8to. Leipaig, I8S7. . . 

ANDRESEN (Andeeab).— Handbnch ffir 
Kupfcraticbaammler oder Lexicon der Kupfer- 
sticher, Illaler-Sadirer und Formschneider allac 
Litnder and Schntcn, nach Masigibe ihrer geachatz- 
Uaten Blatter und Werke. Auf OninfEage der 
Eweiten AuBage Ton Heller's pract, Handbuch fix 
KupfergtichBimmler ueu bearbeitet, und um das 
Doppelte erweitert von Dr. phil. Andreas Andresin. 
(In progress.) Boy. 8ro, Leipzig, 1870, etc S.E. 
ANDREWS (Henry C.).— A Catalogue 
(raiaonni) of the Original and select Pictures, now 
exposed to the public at the London Qailery. 22 
Piocadilly. Compcising Specimens of most ot the 
Ancient Masters, from the reriTsl of PMOting in 
the 15tb Century down ta the preaent time. The 
whole arranged from date, tending to miutrate, by 
examples, the rise, progreBS, decadence, and sequent 
reriT*! of the Art, With Etchings of some of the 

principal Pictui^ Prices aSIxed to each. Post 

4to. Widon, 181). 9.K. 


Books 'on Art {Supplement). 


ANDBEWS (J.).— Conection of Plans bf 
the Capital cities of Barope and some remarkable 
cities in Asia, Africa, ana America. 2 vols. 42 
plates. 4to. London, 1771. 

ANDRIES (JoDOCUs). — La Croix perp^- 
tuelle, on passion de J^sus-Christ dez le commence- 
ment de son incarnation jusques k la fin de sa Vie ; 

compost par J. Andries et representee en XL. 

images de taille-donce. (From designs by A. Sallaert.) 
12mo. AnTers, 1650. B.M. 

ANDRIES (JoDOCus). — Necessaria ad Salu- 
tem Sdentia partim necessitate medii, partim neces- 
sitate praecepti per iconas quinqnagenta duas Be- 
piaeeentata, anctore R. P. J. Aiidries. 62 wood- 
cats, serreral designed by Abraham Van Diepenbeck, 
Jean Erasme Qa&inns, and engraved by Christophe 
Jagher, Cknm. van Sichem, etc 12mo. Antver- 
piae, 1664. 

ANDRIESSEN (Andreas).— Plegtige In- 

holdiging van zyne Doorlngtigste Hoogheidt, 
Willem Karel Henrik FrisQ, Prinse van Oranje en 
Nassau, enz. enz. enz. als Markgraaf van Vere ; 
op den 1. Juny des Jaars 1761, etc. With 11 plates. 
Fol. Amsterdam, 1761. S.K. 

ANDROUET du CERCBAU (Jacques).— 

Arabesque. With 87 plates. Small fol. OrUans, 

ANEAU (Babth^lemt). — Picta poesis. 

Small 8vo. Lngduni, Bonhomme, 1662. 

Othtf editions: — 

Woodcnts. 16mo. Lngdnni, 1666. 

Woodcuts. 16mo. Lugduni, 1664. 

Li French, under the title, " L'imagination po6- 
tique de B. Aneau." Woodcuts. 8vo. Lyon, 1662. 

Another edition. Woodcuts. 16mo. Lyon, 1566. 

ANEAU (Babth^lemt). — Ivrisprvdentia. A 
primo et diuino sui ortu, ad nobuem Bitvrigvm 
Academiam deducta. Woodcuts in text. 66 pp. 
Small 4to. Lugduni, 1664. S.S. 

ANET. — Description da cMteau d'Anet. 

12mo. Paris, 1789. 

ANGELIN. — Paleontologia Sc€Lndmayica. 
V(^ 1 (all issued). Iconographia crustaceorum 
feimatiODis transitionis. mth 43 plates. 4to. 
Lund. 1861. 

AKGELINI (Annibale). — Pittura a fresco 

a foggia degli antichi graffiti eseguita dal Cav. 
A. Angelini, nella iacciat^ del suo palazzo in Perugia. 
8vo. Perugia, 1866. 

ANGELINI (Antonio).— De^li sfcudii ar- 

eheologiei del r. Gianpietro Secchi della comp. di 
Gss^ Bagionamento Accademico di A. Angelini. 
Portrait of Secchi. 79 pp. 8vo. Boma, 1868. 

ANGELL (Samuel). — A Letter to Ricliard 

Lambert Jones, Esq., Chairman of the New London 
Bridge Gomnittee, on the subject of Widening the 
Bo«]trjr» as proposed in the Report of the Select 
^ "M <ni Hstzopolis In^>rovements. 8to. 
(1887). S.E. 

ANGELL (Samuel).— An Historical Sketch 
of the Boyal Exchange. Chiefly compiled £rom 
Stowe and other Authorities. Illustrated with 7 
engravings. 8vo. London, 1838. S.K. 

ANGELO (Master Michael). — The Draw- 
ing School for little Masters and Misses, containing 
the most easy and concise rules for learning to 
draw, without the aid of a teacher. By Master 
M. A. 24mo. London, 1773. SJC 

ANGELONl (Francesco). — La Historia 

augusta da Giulio Cesare infino a Ck>Btantino il 
magno, illustrata con la Terit4 delle antiche me- 
daglie. Fol. Roma, 1641. 

Second edition, with additions by 0. P. Bellori. 
Folio. Boma, 1685. 

ANGELS (Philip). — Lof der Schilder- 

konst. 4to. Leyden, 1642. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— Elorio di Fran- 

cesco Bosaspina letto al Consiglio dell' Accademia 
di Belle Arti in Bavenna. 14 pp. 8to. HavQuna, 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo). — ^Monumento ono- 
rario al Ck>nte Camillo Benso di Cavour. Plate 
designed by the author, lithographed by Hummel. 
Fol. Torino, 1861. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— La corona del 

regno Italiano, inventata disegnata e descritta d^' 
Architetto A. Angelucci. Lithograph by Hummel, 
designed by the author. Laige 8vo. Torino, 1861. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— Feste Munioipali 

commemorative e tiro a segno in Italia nel secolo 
XV. Con documenti inefiti. 16 pp. 4to. To- 
rino, 1862. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— n Tiro al segno 

in Aosta dal XII al XDC secolo, cenni storici, con* 
documenti inediti, di A. Angelucci. 2 plates. 31 
pp. 4to. Torino, 1864. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— n tiro al segno 

in Italia, dalla sua origine fino ai nostri giomi. 
Cenni Storici con documenti inediti. 8vo. Torino, 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— Del tiro al segno 

in Torino: Storia con documenti ineditL 8vo'. 
Torino, 1865. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo). — Le Anni di pietra 

donate da S. M. il Be Vittorio Emmanuele U al 
Museo Nazionale d'Artiglieria. With lithographa. 
45 pp. 8vo. Torino, 1865. 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).— GU Schioppetti 

Milanesi nel seoolo XV. 59 pp. 8vo. Milano, 

ANGELUCCI (Angelo).- Anni lustre e 

tomeo con armidA battaglia, tenuti a Venesia addl 
xzriii* xzx maggio MCCCCLYIII. Boonmento 
inedito, pubblicato con note i»er il solenne inffreaso 
del primo Be d' Italia nella citta dei Bogi, da A 
Angelucci. 35 pp. 8to. Torino, 1866. 


t ifiiJiiSLj^^iv. 

Universal Catalogue of 

ANOELTJCCI (AnoBLO).— Le P&lafitte dell' 
eti di pietm Dtd Ugo dj Vareae. LeUen di A. 
Angalacd. Plate. S7 pp. gn>. Toiino, 1866. 

ANGELIJCCI ( AifABTABio).— Stanze' 
dell' Abate G. A. Angelncd, con documanti e aota 
a illtutrsiioiie della citti e degli nomini celebii di 
Aiezzo. Sto. Fisa, 1816. 

ANGBLUS (JoHimiKs). — ^Astrolabium pla^ 
num u] tabnlii BBcendeni ; contineni quolibet be 
atqoe minuto, eqaationu domonua celi : mon 
oaCi in uteio matria nun quodam tractatn Dsti 
tstnin atili »! om&to nee aon hoiu ineqiulet pro 
quolibet elitoaU muDdi. 389 voodcuta in t^. 
8m. 4to. TenetiiB, 1191. 

AlfGERER (L.).— Die Bupgnndwchen Ge- 
ir&td«i AfT k.k. Sctutikammer. MMSoniat fat 
den OidcD vom gold«nan Vlieu. 12 Blatt PhoUt- 
graphien (tod L. A..) mit Text. Hwansgageben 
Tom k.k. oBtarreichiscnen Mnaeuin fur Xnnat und 
Industrie. Fol. Wieo, 1B6S. 

ANGERMAITN (JoHAira Gotthbif).— Allge- 
mnne pmktiMhe Civilbfiulctuiet, mit fi7 Eu[?er- 
blfeln. Large StO. Halle, 1766. 

AKGOTTLEME, — Lea Souvenirs bistoriqni 

du Cblteen d'Angoulime recaaillia par on Membre 

dn Coiueil Munidpal da eatte Villa et Commune. 

8ro. AngoulEme, 18£3. 5.E. 

ANGRAND (LfioN).— Lettre sor leg Anti- 

quiti* de^ Tiguonaoo et I'origiiie prisnmBble de U 

plus ancienne cirilisation dn Pjron. S luge platea. 

folio. Faiifl, 1867. 
AlfQtJILLESI (G.).— Notizie Btoriche dei 

palami a ville appart«nenti alia I. E. B. corona di 

3^>«:aD0. Sto. Piaa, 181S. S.K. 


meroni coloured illuatrationi. Ito. London, 1870. 
ANJOU. — LeB coastumes du paja et dnche 

Deniou. Arecle prociB Terbal. Fubli^epar 

T.bajllet et J. le lierre parcommiMion 

dn Boy Et depuis i^ieu^s et coirigees, etc. 

(Itepeitojre et table par J. bodin, etc.) 8to. 

Bonen (Ifil07). B.H. 

ANNALES de la Soci^W VUnion des 

ArUataa Liigeoia. Svo. IJfge, 1863. 8.E. 

ANNALES de TAcaddmie d'Arcb^ologie de 

Selgique. 2* SMa. Sto. AoTera, lS6fi, etc 

ANNALES de la Soci^t^ acadfimique d' Ar- 
chitecture de Lyon. 2 vols. With platea. Bto. 
Lyoo, 1888-71. 

ANNE of BHITTANT.— Sensuit le sacra 
de la tiea crestienne Ito;r>ie de France (^pouae de 
Ohailet VIII) lequal fut fait a Saint Denia eo 
Ftance auecqne* le cooronneineDt dicelle.' Etanui 
lentiae de la dicta dama en la boima rille da Paris. 



ANNE of BRITTANT.— Lordre des ionstea 
&iet«« a Paris a leoCiee de Ib Ho7ne(AiiDe de Bce- 

tsgne), Le pas d«f amaa de Tare trinmphal oa tout 
honneui eat encloa tanu a lentree de la Bojna a 
Paris, en Is toe Sainct Anthoine, pies lai Tooi- 
nellea. Par puissant seigneur monBeigneur le Due de 
Vallois et de Bretsigne...KedLge et mis par c«cript 
jap Montioye roy d'aitneB, 8to. n.p., (ISl*.) 

ANNE of BRITTANY.— Lentree de U 
Boyna de f^aoce (Anne de Bretagne) faicte a Abbe- 
Tilla le nenfiesma iour Doctobre, tfil4. 8to., a.p., 

ANNE OF BRITTANY.— Le Uvre d'Eenrea 
de la Beine Anae de Bretagne, avec la traduction 
franfoiae, par I'ubbi Delaunay, gniTis d'un Appan- 
dice contenaut la deacriptian de 3fi0 planches le- 
pi^nt^ dans ce maoDBCrit par HL Cecaisne. 60 
coloured platei. 4to. Pans, IS50. BS. 

AKSALDI (Antonio). — Descrizione della 
scolture, pitture ed arcbitettani della citti e diocesi 
di Brescia. 8to. Brescia, 1816. 

ANSALDI (CiSTO-ImiocEHTB). — De sacro 
et publico apud etlmieo« pictarum tabulanmt cultu : 
adversua Becentiores Ctrbcos : dissertatio. 4to. 
VenetiiE, 1763. BJl. 

Other editions : — 
4to. Venetiis, I7SS. 
4to. Tnrini, 1768. 

ANSCHmiNGEB (A.).— Album der In- 
dnstrie des Beichenbarger HaDdalskanunerbeEirkaa, 
namhafteste Fabrika-Etablisaementa und Gewerba- 
Untemehmungan der Eieise Bunilau, QiCichin und 
EooiggriLti und Lcitmerita in natuvetreneD Abbild- 
ODgen mit statistisch-topographisch gewerblichem 
Texts. 2 ToU. 4to. Bmelieabeig, 1861-3. 

ANSCHUETZ (HESHUm),— MustersBmiu- 
lung fSr Zimmer- und Dekorationa- maler im pom- 

Ejanisehen Style. 2tid edition. With lithogiapha. 
irga 4to. Uunchm, 184C. 

ANSCHUETZ (HBKMiSK). — Teohmscbo 
Bibliothek fiiE Zimmer- und Dekorationamalee. 
Eine Sammlung TOttiiglieher WaDdmalereien und 
Dekorationen fiir Salons, Empfanga-, Sp«ise-, 
Schla&dmmer, etc, soirie tod Terschiedenen Vet^ 
UCTongan im rtrgrosseiten Maaastabe im poape- 
janiachen Style nach der Natur in Herkulaonm and 
FomtHiji aafgenomiaen aad iur den Zweck dieses 
Weikes eiogericlitft. Im Lyzaatiaischen Style ans 
den bestcn Zeilcn seiner Bliitbe in Italipn, f^iink- 
reich und Deutschland iuiammenaest«Ilt von Carl 
Cramer. 1.-14. Liefemng. 46 litbographe. Imp. 
4to. aad Imp. folio. 4 pp. text, Imp. ito. Vonehen,. 

AN9ELIN (N. J. B.).— Eitp^riences hut la 
main d'csnvre de diffirene travani dipendam du 
service dea ingiaieure des ponts et chauss&ee et des 
ing^ienrs des bltimoDS civile. With 4 platea. 4to. 
Boakgne, lElO. EE. 

ANSELUE (JuN Jacques).— Coup d'ceil 
mr qnelques monument* de* ptu* remarqii^blaB de 
lacathUrBledelaviUedeSaiDt-JeaD deUauiienne. 
16mo. Ctuunb^iy, 1BS6. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


ANSELME (FsIbs— Le. Pisbbe db Gui- 

BoiTHsV — Jje ralais de rHonneur, contenant lea 
Q«neaiogiM hUtoiiques des Ulustrea HaiBons de 
Loxnine et de SaToyei et de pluneurs nobles Fa- 
millee de Fmioe. EiiBemble rOrigine et explica- 
tion dee Annes, DeyiBes et Toumois ; llnstitution 
dee Ordxee militaires, et dee principales Ghaiges et 
Ignites de la Conzonne, etc. etc Avee on l^tt^ 
fort carieax pourapprendre par&itement la Science 
da Blacon; enridiieB dee Armes et Figuree en 
Taillo-donce. 4mo. Pbris, 1664. S.K. 

ANSIAUX (Lucien).— NouTeaumanuelcom- 

plet de technologie physique et m^caniqaoi on for- 
niiilaize a Tnsage dee ingWenn, dee architectes, 
dee constmctenrs et dee chefs d'usine, par M. L. 
Ansianz. Mannels-Boiet. 12mo. Paris, 1863. 

ANSLOT (L. D.).— -Instaractdoxis pour con- 
stmire lee modMes en bois & Tusage des fondenrs 
par L. D. Anslot. Plates. 12mo. Ajogers, 

ANSLYN (N.).— Belaagryke ond^e 
nit de natanrlyke gesehiedenis en aardr/ks-besc! 
▼ing. Plates. 8 parts. 8ro. Amsterdam, 1819. 

ANSLYN (N.).— Systematische handleiding 
tot bet onderw^s in de natanrlyke gesehiedenis. 
Plates. Large 4to. Leyden, 1822. 

ANSLYN (N.).*^Systemati8chebe8cliryving 
der Toor ons meest belangiyke Toortbrengselen uit 
de drie xyken der nataor. Nomerous plates. 15 
parts. Large 8to. Leyden, 1825-36. 

ANSLYN (N.).— Afbeeldingen der artseny- 
gewasaen, welke in de NederlaiSsche apotheek als 
aoodaaig yermeld syn. With about 300 coloured 
plates. Large 8to. Amsterdam, 1829-38. 

ANSLYN (N.). — Kroidkimdig leerboek. 
Plates. 8to. Amsterdam, 1830. 

ANSLYN (N.).— Afbeeldingen van Neder- 
lawdsche dieren. With about 250 plates. Large 
Sto. Leiden, 1830-37. 

ANSLYN (P. D.).— Vaderlandsche tafe- 
reelen ait de 16e en 17e eeuw. 60 plates. Large 
12mo. Zalt-Bommel (Schiedam), 1834. 

ANSON (Geobqe, Lord). — ^A Voyage round 
the World, 1740-44, by George Anson ; compiled 
from his papers and other materials, by Ricnard 
Walter (Beiy. Kobins). Plates. 4to. London, 
1748. Wobum Library. 

ANSTALDI (A.).— ninstrazione dell' arco 
di Aogosto in Fano. 7 plates. Fol. Pesaro, 1826. 

ANSTED (David Thomas).— Picturesque 
Sketches of the Ancient World. Post 8to. Lonoon, 
Another edition. Post 8to. London, 1848. 

ANSTED (David Thomas).— Account of the 

Ionian Islands in 1863. Map and plates. 6to. 
London, 1863. 

ANST!EY (Chbistopheb).— The New Bath 
Guide; or, Memoirs of the B-n-r-d Family in a 

series of Poetical Epistles. By Ch. Anstey. A new 
edition, with a biographical and topographical pre- 
face and aneodoti<»l annotations by John Britton, 
F.S.A. 2 woodcuts, drawn and engraved by J. 
Williams, and 6 etchings by George Cmikshank. 
8vo. London, 1832. 

ANSTIS (John).— The. Eegister of the Most 
Noble Order of the Garter, from its Coyer in Black 
Velvet, nsually called the Black Book ; with Notes 
placed at the bottom of the pages, and an Introdnc- 
tien prefixed by the Editor. 2 vols. Folio. Lon- 
don, 1724. S.E. 

ANTHON (G. D.).— Anweisung zur Civil- 
banknnst, naich Vitravius, Serlio, Palladio, Scamocd, 
Yignola, etc New edition. 67 plates. Large foL 
Eopenh., 1819. 

ANTINORI (A. L.V— Osservazioni snll' 
interpretazione di una lapide romana del F. Mar- 
tinelU. 4to. Aquila, 1832. 

ANTIPATTTTA Amoris Divini et Hmnani 
dnobus Libris oomprehensa, per themata et senten- 
tias, insuper et Figoras aeneas, ac^ectis yendbus 
Gallicis et Hispanicis, illustrata, antehac, Antner* 
pis Typis data. Nunc denuo recusa, cnm Facul- 
tate Snperiorom. With 88 etchings. 16mo. (Salis- 
burgi), 1694. S.K. 

ANTIQUARIAN, The. — A Fortnightly 

Medium of Intercommunication for the Virtuosi, 
Numismatists, and Collectors of Articles of Virt^ 
and Curiosities. 4to. Lond. 1870. 8.E. 

ANTIQUARIES, Socibtt of.— Report of * 

the Committee appointed by the Council of the 
Society of Antiquaries to investigate the circum- 
stances attending the recent discovery of a body in 
St. Stephen's Ch^>el, Westminster. (With 6 
lithographs from ' drawings by George Scharl) 
4to. London, 1852. 8.K. 

ANTIQUARIES, Socibtt of. — Proceed- 

ings of the Society of. Antiquaries of London. 
SMond series. Vols. i.-iv. 8vo. London, 1869-70. 



nete Antiquitaten-Zimmer, wonnnen knrste Anlei- 
tuDg gegeben wird, wie man Inscriptionen, Statuen 
und andere Reliquien dcs Alterthums mit Nutz yer- 
stehen nnd betrachten soli. With woodcuts printed* 
in the text. Small 8vo. Hamburg, 1711* 

ANTIQUITIES.— An Essay on the Study 
of Antiquities. 2nd edition, corrected and enlarged. 
8vo. Oxford, 1782. S.K. 

ANTOINE (Jacques Denis). — Plans de 

divers Stages et coupe de VHStel des Monnaies & 
Paris; son M^vation principale, etc. 9 plates. 
Fol. Paris, 1826. 

ANTOINE (Joseph).— M6moire but T^glise 

de Notre-Dame de Dijon. 8vo. Dijon, 1818. 

ANTONELLI (Giuseppe). — Bami galle- 

fianti in Veneria .EatwAXo ^t\^\j.'^'^«aKoift 
el nuovo Dit\onaz\o T«iTio\o^«>, o «h3^i ^ 


UmverBaf Catalogue of 


Meatier! che si pubblica in TeKeiU dsU' Editoce 
Q. AntoQelli. 1 pUia. Sto.' VeneiiB, n.d. 
ANTONBLLI (GinsiPPE).— Lettera di G. 

Antonelli Eoprfi lo etatne di bronio eeistente nella 
Cuttedmie di Ferrara. 16 pp. 8td. Bologoa, 1814. 

ANTONELLI (Gil-beppe).— Docnmenti ri- 
gnardBDH j libri corali del dnomo di Ferran. 31 
Bvo. BologDO, 184S. 

ANTONELLI (G id seppb).— Lettera intomo 
ad una iHtrizione scoperta in Voghenia nel For- 
raieee, per O. Antoaelli. 8to. Homa, IS$7, BM. 

ANTONINI (FiLipPo).— Delle Antichiti di 
Sanins, e del trionfo e triolinio de' Romani, Dta- 
COTW). Ristam^to, ed 
tantt alia atona e privilegi della Chiesa di detta 
CitU e d' una Memoria del Signor O. F*nUai mil' 
Antica SHmina e d' altri importanti monumenli. 
(Edited by G. A. AMOli.) 4to. Faenis, 1768. 
Earlier edition. 4(o. Sanina, 1607. 

ANTONINI (G.).— La LacRnia. Ed Ap- 
pendice. 2 vols. 4to. Napoli, 1795-97. 

ANTONINI(G.),— AntiooSffecehiometoUico 
oioato dalle Dozze di Amore e Fsiche. Plate. Sto. 
Perugia, 1827. 

ANTONIKUS. — Recueil des ItinSraires 
andeoB, compienant I'itiniraire d'Antonin, la 
(Able de Pcutinger et nn choiz de p^ples greca, 
pnblif avec dea cartes dreaa^e par la coloael 
Lapia, par M. Fortia d'Urban. Text 4to. Witli 
atlas of 10 chnrtB. Fol. Paris, 1845. 

AKTWERP. — Collectioti de desains dea 
figures culoEsales et des groupes qui out iUi fails 
de neige dans pluBieors coura da maiBoas de la 
rille d'Anrers, le mois de Janvier 1772, par dif- 
ffrens artistes et gloves de rAcad^mie Tojtle de des- 
sein itablie en la mfmeTille. IMdi^c a boh altesse 
royale Monseigneur le due Charles Aleiandre, etc. 
S4 platee. 8to. Anveia. (1772.) 

AKTWERP. — Qonvememeiifc provincial 
d'Anvers. Coneours pour la • ■■ 

Palais de Ja&tice a Aniera. 
Anvars, 1887, 

ANTWERP. — Catalogue 
mereaui, jetona, midaillea, etc 
ou aynnt rapport & son histoire, 
et desains par les mallres Anversois. dos 15, 16, 17, 
et 16"* ai^cles, ft de qaelqnes objeta intfresaant la 
ville I riunis par les soins de la Sociit^ rojate pour 
renconragemenC des Beam- Arts, et exposes daoa le 
local de la Bourse a la cit^ d'Anrers a I'occasion du 
Congres Archuologique international de 1867. 8to, 
Anrers, 1867. 

ANTWEKP.— Acad^mie royale dea Beanx- 
Aita d'Anvers. Programme des cours. Bapport 
annael et distribution aolennelte dea prix Annies 
1850 k 1870. 21 pamphlets. 9to. Anrera, 
18S1-1871. ' 

ANWEISUXG zu der mahler-knnst 
Kebat einem gmndlicliec Untenicbt von der 

With plan, 8yo. 
de monsaiea, 
, frappia i Anvers 
le giBTUres. liTres 

■ iBeise- and Zeioheo irie. aooh Uluminir-Enost. 

Nene und TerbecNeRa Auflase. 8ro. LeipiJK, 
'756. SM, 

ANWBISUNG Mir gewinnreicben Bennte- 

ung der SeeroaenwnweT am Firben anf WoUe, 
Leinen, Baumwolie, und Seide statt Qallns, fiumacli, 
Knoppern nnd BabUh, bo wie rur Tortheilbaften 
Anwenduug des BtauholsextncWs statt des Blan- 
holies. 12aio. Niimborg, 1832. 9.K. 

ANZEIGER fur konde des deuteohen 
mittelalters. FSne Slonatsschrift heiausgegeben 
Au&esa. Vol. i. With plates. 


von H, FreiharT 
4 to; MiindiGn, 

Vols. ii. and iii. With plates. 

ANZEIGER fur knnde der deutscheo 
Tonseit. Henin^egeben von Frani Joseph Hone, 
fi Tols. With plates. 4to. Heidelberg, 1836-39. 
Neue Folge. 4to. Xiimberg, 1863, etc. 
APEL (G.).— KurzerUuterrichtimNatur- 
zeichnen. tfach dee einfaclien Uethode des Maters 
P. Schmid in Berlin, niuatiationa. Svo. Magde- 
burg, 1827. 
APEL (G.).— 40 Vorlegeblatter fur den 
Elementarantenicht im Zeichnen. Square Svo. 
.^Tagdebotg, 1829. 
APIANUS (PETED8).— Qvadnms Apiani 
AatronomicvB et jam recens inventTs et nvnc pri- 
mvm edituB, etc. (With woodcuts.) Folio. Ingol- 
etadii, 1532. S.K, 

APIANUS (Petbcb).— FoliTm Popvli. In- 
strTmentvm hoc a Petro Apiaaoiam recMis iareatrm, 
et in figvram Folii Popvli redactum per radios aolis 

toto orbe horas comnnea osl«ndit In diaem 

newen Instrument, das die fonn vnnd geetalt hat 
eines blala, werden dureh 4en Sonnen sclieifn, etc. 
Woodcuts. 21 pp. Small fol. Ingolstadii, 1S33. 
APIANUS (PetedsJ. — Inscriptiones sacTD> 
sanctn vetnitatisnoDillKqnidem romaoEe, aedtotius 
fere orbjs. Fol. Ingolstodii, 1534. 8.K.. 

APIANUS (Petktib) . — Astronomlcum 
Caesareom. Coloured moveable woodcuta. Larga 
fol. Ingolatadii, (1640). 
APIANUS (Petrus).— Cosmographia Petri 
Apiani, per semmam Frisium apud LouaDienses 
Medicum et Kathematicnm insignS, etc With 
voodcuts. SmaU 4to. Parisiis, 1668. S.K. 

French translation: — Ckmnographie, oo descrip- 
tion dn monde nniverael, par P. A. et Qemmam 
FrisoB. Traduite nouvellement (bj J. Bellen) de 
Latin en Francois, avec plusieuta autres traitei du 

meame subject, etc. (La description dea 

Indes par F. Lopez et J. Q-irava; 

table gnomonique de Q. Furbach; la fabriqne du 
baston de Jacob,- eztnict de S. Hunster.) tto. 
AnveiB, 1584. B.H. 

Dutch translation. Woodcuts. 4to. Autver- 
pen, 1692-1699. 

Il^an traoBlation. Woodcuts. 4to. Anvere, 
1676 (1676). 


BooTcs on Art {Supplement). 


4to. Am- 

Spsnish translation. Woodcoie* 
beres, 1675. 
APIANUS (Petrus).— Bin newer Propor- 
tional-Circkel von vicsr fiinf sechs Oder mehr Spitzen, 
•wie anch Petri Apiani organum catholicum, etc. 
WoodcuU. 4to. Nurnberg, 1626. 

APIN (SiGisMTJND Jacob).— M. Sigismundi 

Jaoobi Apini, Dissertatio de Loricis lineis veterum 
et noTO loricarum. Invento vaiiis notia et figuris 
aeneis aucta. 4 to. Altorfti, 1719. 

APIN (SiGisMUin) Jacob). — Vitae professo- 

rum philosophiae qui a conaita academia Altorfina 
ad hunc usque diem claruerunt qua fieri potuit 
aocusatione ex mooumentis fide digniasimis de- 
flcriptaea M. S. J. Apino. Adiectae sunt singulorum 
effigies. With 41 portraits, by Ph. Andr. Kiliwi. 
4U). Norimbergaa et Altorfii apud haeredes Tau- 
beri, 1723. 

APONTE (LuiGi). — Lettere sopra alcuni 
dipinti nella pubblica mostra di belle arti, 1869. 
36 pp. 8to. Napoli, 1869. 

APPEL (Feiedrich). — ^Meine Ansichten 
fiber den Unterricht im Frei- Hand- Zeichnen, als 
Mittel einer verstandigen Auabildung des Auges 
nnd der Hand. 2 lithographs. 8vo. Kassel, 1847. 

APPEL (Feiedrich]. — Die Unterrichts- 

mittel des Frei- Hand-^eichnens, als Mittel einer 
Tent&ndigen Ausbildung des Auges und der Hand. 
(Including " Meine Ansichten," etc.) Many litho- 
graphic plates with text. Large 4to. Eassel, 

APPEL (Joseph). — Joseph Appels Munz- 

und MedaiUen-Sanunlung, von ilun sdLbst nach 
eeinem eigenen neuen Systeme geordnet und be- 
tchrieben. Nebst einer genauen Abbildung der 
seltcnsten Stiicke. 17 plates. 4 parts in 1 vol. 
8to. Wien, 1805. 8.K. 

of Biriy Christian Art. Sculptures and Catacomb 
lutings. Ulustratiye Notes, collected in order to 
piomote the r^rddnction of Bemains of Art 
belonging to the early Centuries of the Christian 
Era. With 26 woodcuts. 8to. London, 1872. 


APPIANI (Andrea). — Descrizione dell' 

opera a firesco eseguita nel 1796 nel tempio di S. 
Maria presso S. Celso in Milano dal pittore A. A. 
8ro. Milano, 1803. B.M. 

APPLLNTTS. — (Begin.) Appiani sophiste 
Alezandrini Bomane historie prooemium foeliciter 
incipit. (End.) Appiani Alexandrini sophiste 
Roxnanoru finit qui Celticus inscribitur. Traductio 
P. Candidi. 2 vols. With woodcut initials. 4to. 
Venetiis per Bern. Pictorem et £. Batdolt, 1477. 


APPLETON.— Appleton's Journal of Litera- 

tura, Seienee, and Art. With plates and woodcuts. 

' VoU.L-iii. Imp. fol. New York, 1869-70. 8.K. 

APPLETON (Daniel).— European Guide 

Book, illustratea. Including Eugland, Scotland, 

' and Ireland, France, Belgium, EoUand, Narthem 

and Southern ItUy, Spain and Portugal, Busnii, 
Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Containing...... 

maps, etc 8yo. London, 1870. B.M. 

APULEltrS (Lucius).— French transla- 
tions : — Lucius Apuleis de Lasne dore tfutrement dit 
de la courofie Ceres, etc. Woodcuts. Fol. Paris, 

Apulee de le Asne d*ore, contenant onze lirres 
traduit en Fran9oi8 par Jean Louveau d'Orleans. 
Woodcuts. 12mo. Lyon, 1553. 

Other editions, widi woodcuts. 16mo. Lyon, 
1658. 1680. 

Les Metamorphoses, ou T An d'or. (Traduites par 
J. de Montlyaxa.) 12 plates. Syo. Paris, 1631. 

Other editions, with plates. 8vo. Paris, 1633. 

Nouuellement revues. 8to. Paris, 1648. ' 

Les Metamorphoses ou TAne d'or d'Apul6e, 
philosophe Platonicien, ayee le Ddmon de Socrate 
(par I'abb^ Compain de Saint-Martin). 2 toIs. 
Plates. 12mo. Paris, 1707. B.M. 

Other editions. 2 vols. Plates. 12mo. Paris, 

2 vols. Plates. Frankfort et Leipsie, 1793. 

Apul^. L'ane d'Or, ou la Metamorphose. Tra- 
duction de Salval^te* Preface de J. Andrieux. 
Avec nombreuses gravures dessin^ par A. Bapinet, 
P. B^ard. Boyal 8vo. Paris, 1872. S.K. 

Italian translations : — 

Apvlegio volgare, tradocto per el Conte Mattheo 
ManaBoiardo. With 33 woodcuts. 12mo. Venetia, 

1518. S.K. 
Other editions. Woodcuts. Svo^ Venetia^ 

1519, 1523, 1637, 1549. 
L' asino d' oro, tradotto per M. Agnolo Firenznola. 

Woodcuts. 8vo. Vinegia, 1567. 

Earlier edition. Woodcuts. 12mo. Venetia, 

L' asino d' oro, tradotto da Pompea Yicani. Wood- 
cuts. 8vo. Venezia, 1665. 

German translation : — 

Ain schon lieblich aucl^ kurzweilig gedichte Lucii 
Apuleji von ainem golden Esel, «to. Mit schonen 
Figuren zugericht, grundlich verdeutscht durch 
Herren Johan Sieder. 70 woodcuts by Hans SchSu- 
flein. FoL Augsburg, 1538. 

APULEITJS (Lucius). — L. Apvleii Ma- 

davrensis, Philosophi Platonici Apologia, recognita 

a Joanne Fricseo Anglo-Britanno. ^ces- 

serunt Antiquitatum fra^enta qusedam seri incisa. 
11 plates. 4to. Parisus, 1635. S.K. 

APUZZO (NiccOLA D*).— Descrizione di 
alcuni quadri dipinti da Tommaso del Vivo. 16 pp. 
8vo. n.p. n.d. 

APUZZO (Nicola d').— Cenni intomo ai 

Teatri Modemi, e sopra gli Archi di Trionfo degli 
Antiehi. 8vo. Boma, 1817. S.K. 

AQUA-FORTISTES, Soci^t6 d'. — Eanx- 

Fortes modemes, originales, et incites. Fol. Paris, 
1863, etc. t.K, 

AQUILONIUS (FRAHC\S(iTO^.-.^. k.Cyi^. 
coram Hbri sex. WoodcaU vi^tsoii>2ks^«^^« ^^ 
Antverpiie, 1613. 



Universal Catalogue of 


ARABIAN NIGHTS.— The Arabian ITighte' 
Entertainmenta 6 firontispieoes and vignettes by 

, T. Stothatd, R.A.,and J. Komney. 8 toib. 18mo. 
London, 1826. 

With . . • illustrationB on wood, drawn by S. J. 
GtTOYea, 8yo. London, 1866. B.M. 

French translations: — ^Mille et une nnitS-, tra- 
dnites en fran9ais par Oalland; nouyelle ^tion 
acoompagn^ de notes et augment^ -de oontes, tra- 
doites pour la premiere fois et pnbli^ par M. Ed. 
Ganttier. Plates. 7 vols. 8yo. Pans, 1822-24. 

Other editions. Plates. 870. Paris, 1860. 

Plates. 8to. Paris, 1864. B.M. 

With 421 vignettes by Gnstave Dor^ 4to. 
Pftris, 1865. 

German translations : — Tansend nnd eine Nacht 

tren iibersetEt von Dr. G. Weil, heransgege- 

ben und mit einer Vorhalle versehen von August 
Lewald. 2000 woodcnts by Gross. 4 vols. 8vo. 
Stnttgart, 1837-1842. 

ttMrsetEt von L. Parrot 24 lithographic plates 
by Nordmann. 4 vols. 12mo. 1843. 

ABADAS (Ain)REA). — Poche parole sopra 
nn dipinto a tempera del sig. Giuseppe BapisudL 
6 pp. 8vo. Catania, 1843. 

ABAGK) (Dominique Francois Jean). — Bap- 

port de M. Arago, sur le daguerreotype, lu & la 
stance de la Ohambre des d^putSs le 3 juiUet 1839, 
et k rAcad^mie des sciences, stance dn 19 ao&t. 
12mo. Phris, 1839. 

A B A G O (Jacques). — Souvenirs d'on 

Aveugle. Voyaee autour du monde par Jacques 
Araga Nouvelle Edition revue et augment^, illus- 
tr&e de 22 grandes vignettes, portraits, et de 160 
gravuresdans letexte. £nrichieae notes scientifioues 
par M. Eran^ois Arago, de I'lnstitut, et prdced^ 
a*une introduction par M. Jules Janin. 2 vols. 
8vo. Paris, n. d. SJC. 

Narrative of a voyage round the world, in the 
Uranie and Ph^sicienne corvettes, commanded by 
Captain Freycinet during the years 1817» 1818, 
I 1619, and 1 820, on a sdentifie expedition undertaken 
by order of the French Government. Jn a series 
of letters to a friend, by J. Arago, draftsman to the 
expedition. With 26 engravings. To which is 
prefixed, the report made to the Academy of Sciences 
on the general result of the expedition. 4to. 
London, 1823. 

ARAMTNSKI (Stanislas).— Hisioire de la 

Solution Polonaise (1772 a 1864) , 

aveo une pr^fSsuie par A. d'Aunay Ouvrage 

illustri de magnifiques vignettes dessin^ par 

MM. T. Gu^nn, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1864. B.M. 

ARAN Y SANPOUS (Fbancisco). — 

Tratado completo teorioo y pricdca del arte del 
dibfyo. With 60 lithograj^hs. 4to. Barcelona, 

ARATUS. — ^Arati Solensis phoenomena et 

prognostica interpretibus, M. Tvllio Cicerone. 

Bvfo Festo Avieno, Q^rmanico CsBsare, vna cvm 

«iv8 oommentaziis C. Ivlio llygini Astronomioon. 


Omnia partim h vetustis codidbus, partim k looorum 
oollatione emendata, dc emendatorum ratio, ab 

ipso Morellio exposita. Nos ver6 prseterea 

quiB in Parisiensi exemplari reperiebantur, figuris 
affitbrfc, ad Ptolenuei doctrinam exsculptis, figurum- 
que explicationibus, Rvfnn Festvm omauimus. 
FoL Colonie Agrippinie, 1569 (1570). S.E. 

ARBANfiRE (E. G.).— Tableau des Pyr^- 
n^ Fran9ai8€s. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1828. 

Wobum Lib. 

ARBAUMONT (Jean Jules Maulbon d')— 

Eesai historique sur la Sainte-Chapelle de Bijon, 
par J. d'Arbaumont. 6 plates. 4to. D^'on, 1863. 

ARBELLOT (FRAN901S).— Notice snr le 
tombean de saint Junien. 3 plates. 8vo. Li- 
moges, 1847. 

ARBELLOT (Francois).— Ch&teau de Cha- 

lusset, description et documents historiques, suivis 
dequelques notes sur I'abbaye de Salignac 8vo. 
Limoges, 1851. 

ARBELLOT (Francois).— Histoire de la 
cath^drale de Limoges. I'^partie. 8vo. Limoges* 

ARBELLOT (Francois).— -Revne arcWolo- 

gique de la Haute-Vienne, ou Guide des voyageura 
en Limousin. 2nd edition. 12mo. Limoges, 1854, 

ARBELLOT (Pean(J0Is).— Dissertatioii sup 
Fapostolat de saint Martial et sur I'antiquiti des 
4glises de France. 8vo. Limoges, 1855. 

ARBELLOT (Fban<jois).— Documents in- 

^ts sur I'apostolat de saint Martial et sur Tanti- 
quit^ des eglises de France. Fac-simile. 8vo. 
Limoges, 1861. 

ARBELLOT (Francois) .—F^lixdeVemeilli, 

notice biographique. 8to. Limoges, 1865. 

ARBELLOT (Francois).— Notice sur le 

tombeau de 'Jean de Langeac (cath^drale de Li- 
moges). Plates. 23 pp. 8vo. Limoges, 1869. 

ARBES SER (Joseph). — ConstruotionB- 

Lehre mit ihren jbiwendungen auf Schatten-Con- 
struction, Penpectiv und SuMchinenzeidinung als 
Vorbereitung su Monge*8 und BEachette's Werken. 
7 copper plates. 8vo. Wien, 1824. 


HxifBi D*). — Notes pour servir k la statistique 
pal^ographique et arch^logique de Tarrondt, de 
^ar-sur-Aube. Svo. Troyes, 1855. 


Hknbi d*) and PIGEOTTE (L.).— ^tude sur I'^tat 
int^rieur des abbayes cisterciennes, et piincipale- 
ment de Clairvaux, an XII* et an Xfll* si&cle. 
8vo. Troyes, 1858. 


HiMBi d'). — Iffistoire de Bar-sur-Anbe sous les 
Comtesde Champagne, 1077-1284, parM. H. d'Ar- 
bois de Jubainville, avec la collaboration de M. L. 
Pigeotte. With map and 1 plate of seals. 8vo. 
Paris, 1859. S.K. 


Boohs on Art {Supplement). 



Hsmi d'). — ^R^pertoire arch^logiqae dn d^parte* 
ment de I'Aube, r^digd boob les auspices ae la 
Soci^ d'agricultore et bellei-lettres du d^parte- 
ment. 4to» Paris, 1861. 

AEBUTHNOT (John).— Tables of Ancient 
Coins, Weights and Measures, explained and exem- 
plified in sereral dissertati<ms. 4to. London, 1727. 

Wobnm Lib. 
2nd edition. To which is added an appendix 
containing observations on Dr. Arbuthnofs Disser- 
tation on Coins, Weights and Heasnies, by Bein. 
Langwith. 4to. London, 1754. B.M. 

Xfttin translation: — Tabnlse antiquomm nnm- 
monun, mensnramm et ponderom, pretiique xemm 
Fenalinm, yariis dissertationibns explieatas et ex- 
empUs illnstratse. Ex Anglica in linguam Tjatinam 
eonrersae opera Dan. Eonigii. 18 plates. 4to. 
Lngdnni, 1764. 

ARCADES IN ROME, chieflj of the Re- 
naissance period. A series of twenty plates, exe- 
cuted by order of H. M. Commissioners for the 
Exhibition of 1851. Atlas 4to. London, 1869. 


ARCANA of Science and Art, or ATiimal 
Register of Useful Liventions . . . and new Facts 
in Mechanics, Chemistry, Natural History ,and Social 
Economy. 5 Tols. 8yo. London, 1838. 

ARCE Y CACHO (Cblkdonio NicolXs 

db). — Conrersacibnes sobre la Escultura, compendio 
historioo^ te^rico y praetieo de ella. 8to. Pamplona, 

ARCET (M. d'). — ^De la conservation des 
menbles, des gravures, des livres, etc., dans les 
maisons de campagne qui ne sont pas habits pen- 
dant rhiyer. 8to. (Paris, n.d.) S JL 

ARCET (M. d') and THfiNARD.— De 
rEmpLoi des Coips gras ccmime Hydrofbge, dans la 

peintnre sur (nerre etsur pUtre pour la conser- 

Tation des statnes and bas-reliefs expos^ aux 
iigures de I'air, etc. 8to. Paris, 1828. 


record of the Antiquities of Wales and its Marches, 
and the Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological 
Association. Engrayings, lithographs, and wood- 
cuts. 8to. London, 1846, etc 

Transactions of the Kent Archnological Society. 
8to. London, 1858, etc 


tions of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. 
Illustrated with copper plates. 4 vols. 4to. Edin- 
burgh, 1792-1833. aK. 


London. Papers read at the London Congress, 
July 1866. (Preliminary Address. By A. J. B. 
B er es for d-Hope. — ^Archnology in its Beliffious As- 
pects By Dean Stanley.-^ome Particumrs oon- 
eeming tiie Military Architecture of the Tower of 
London. By 0. T. Clark.— Th0 Chapter-House of 
Westminster. By Geoige GUbert Scott, BjL^Oii 

the Sculpture .in Westminster Abbey. By Professor 
Westmacott, R. A. — ^Westminster Hall. By Edwaxd 
Foss, F.S.A— Public Record Office. By Joseph 
Burtt — ^London and her Election of Stephen, ay 
ReT. J. R. Green. — ^Royal Picture (Galleries. By 
George Scharf, F.S.A) 8to. London, 1867. S.&. 

ARCHlOLOGISCHE Zeitnng, herauBge- 
geben von E. Gerhard. 25 yoIs. in 13. 4to. Be£n, 

Continued: — Unter Mitwirkung von E. Curtius 
und C. Friederichs, herausgegeben von E. H&bner. 
Nene Folge. 4to. Berlin, 1868, etc. 8.K. 

ARCBLEOLOGIST. — The Arch»ologist 
and Journal of Antiquarian Science. Hlustzations. 
8vo. (London, 1841-42.) 

Volume i.. Sept 1841 to Feb. 1842, and also 4 
other parts from March to June 1842 IndusiTe 
(when the publication ceased). 

ARCBLEOLOGY.— BuUetin ArcWologique 
de TAssodation Bretonne. 4 toIs. With plates. 
Royal 870. Rennes, Paris, (1847)>-52. S.K. 

ARCBLEOLOGY. — BuUetin du ComiW 
Arch^loffique du dioo^ de Bruges. (Only 1 part 
published.) With 5 plates. 4to. Bruges, 1864. 

ARCBLEOLOGY.— Proceedings of the Im- 

E)rial Archaeological Society of Russia. Text in 
ussian. 5 vols. Plates. 4to. St. Petersbuw, 

1859, etc 8.K. 

ARCHiBOLOGY. — Compte-rendu de la 
Commission Imp^riale Archeologtque. Avec un 
Atlas. Text, 4ta Atlas, foL St.-Pitersbouig, 

1860, etc. SJL 

ARCHiBOLOGY.^Lozidoii and Middlesex 

Archsological Society. Transactions of the London 
and Middlesex Ard^cological Society. Woodcuta 
and lithographs. 8to. Ix>ndon, 1 860, etc. 8 JSL 

ARCHAEOLOGY.— International Congress 
of Prehistoric ArchflBology. Transactions of 1st 
Session. Neuch&tel, 1866. Woodcuts. 8to. Paris, 
1866. 8.K. 

Transactions of 2nd Session. Paris, 1867. Wood* 
cuts. 870. Paris, 1868. S.E« 

Transactions of 3rd Session. Norwich and London^ 

1868. Woodcuts and lithographs. 8to. London, 

1869. 8.K. 

ARCBLEOLOGY.—" ArchsBologv of North 
America." From the "Edinbuigh ReTiew," No. 256, 
April 1867. S.K. 

ARCBLEOLOGY.— Dictionnaire Archfolo- 
gique de la Oaule, ipoque celtique, public par la 
oommisrion institnito au Ministm de Tinstruction 
publique, d'aprte les ordres de S.M. TEmpereur. 
Royal 4to. Paris, 1867-69. S.E. 

ARCHAEOLOGY.— Mat^riaux d'Arclieolo- 
gie^et d'Histoire, par MM. les arch^logues de Sa6De- 
et-Loire et des o^partements limitrophes. NotLcea 
et d^ns oolligte pM 1. Or. ^Xluli, Y\aX«a. %^^« 
ChAlon-sur-Sa6ne, 1^70, 


Universal Catalogue of 

ARGHjilOLOGT.— IKmoireB de la Societe 

d'Arch^logie et d'Histoire de k MoaeUe. Platfs. 
11 vols, 8vo. Met*. 1870, oW. 

ARCHEOLOGY.— The Preeent Phase of 
Prehistorii: Aicheeology. From tbe " British Quar- 
terly Review." October, 1872. 8vo. 8.K. 

ABOHBR (John Wtkeham) and BROWN 

fJoHit).— FfBginenla of Britiah Antiquit;, dmim 
rom the OrigiDals, and etched bj J. W. A. uid J. B. 
15 plates. FdI. D.p. a.d. S.K. 

'ARCHER (Thomas C.).— (Report on the 
Poljteebnic Exhibition at Moscow, and the Scandi- 
'. uaaiui Industrial Eihibitionat Copenhagen, 1872). 
Fcp. fbl. Edinburgh, 1872. S.K. 

ARCHIAC (ArOLPHE d') and HAIMB ( Jdl.). 
— Description dee animnnz foBsiUs du groupo nuin- 
mulitiqae de Hilda. With 33 plates of fossils. 
2toU. Ito. Paris, 18S3-61. 
ARCHIAC (Adolphb d') and VERNEtJIL 

SBd.i>b). — Memoir on the fossils of the older deposits 
n the lUienisb provinces, preceded bj a general snr- 
Tey of the faoua of the paleosoio rdka, «ta With 
14 pktes of fossils, ltd. Paris, 1842. 
ABCHINARD (Ahdb£).— Lea ^difioee re- 
ligieox de la vieille Geoive. Bvo. Qenive, 1864. 
■ ARCHITECT.— An Apology for the arohi- 
t«ctiu«l monstcoiities of Xod&h, and a refntAtion 
df the miinj miastatemeats respecting the practice 
of Architecture. By an Architect. 8to. Londoii, 
1SS6. Soane Mob. 

ARCHITECT.— The Architect and Building 
Operative. Pol. London, 1849, etc. S.K. 

ARCHITECT.- The Architect.— A Journal 
of Art, Civil Engineering, and Building. Small 
fol. London, IS6S, et«. B.S.. 

ARCHITECT,— On Architectnre and its 
Kektion to Modorc life. By an Architect. From 
"Fnser'sMagaEina," June, 1S71- 8vo. SJK. 

ARCHITECTS. — Lea arohitectes et lee 
Mulpteuts les plus calibres. ISmo. litle, 18S2. 
2ad edition. l8mo. Idlle, ISS9. 
ARCHITECT'S, Engineer's, and Building 
Itodes' DireetOTy. A business Book of Reference 
for the variotui industries connacted with the arts of 
coDstruction throughout Eitgland, Scothmd, and 
Wales. Imp. Bvo. London, 1S68.. S.K 

ARCHITECTS.— Royal Instiiiite of Bri- 
tish Architects. Catalogue of the DrawiuM, Priots, 
and Photwraphs in the Ubrary of the Royal In- 
BtJtnte of Bnlish Architect^ complete to end of 
the Session 1870-71. 4to. London, 1871. S.K. 
General ConferrnM of Ardiitscts, 1871. Report 
of Prooeedinga. 4to. London, 1871. 8JK. 

ARCHITECTS.- Royal Inatitnte of the 
ArchiUcts of Ireland. Sesrional Papers 1863-4 
to 1860-70. 4to. I>ublin, (1871). S.K. 

for Church Aichitectore. By Phileeclealns Ignotus, 
M.E.C. ]2mo. Li»idoD,184S. 8.E. 

of the General Committee on Anbitectaral Educa- 
tion. May 12, 1869. Demy 4to. ewd. n.p. n.d. 

ARCHITECTURE.- NouTeani Essaia anr 
rAithitecture et prindpalement sur ce qui regarde 
Is bon G)oQt et I'Uannonie ijui doivent r^giier dans 
toutes les Parties. MS. 167 pages. Withao drawings 
in Indian ink. Fol. (About 1760?). S.K, 

ARCHITECTURE. — Sixty-fonr Plates ; 
containing details of t^e Five Ordsrs, and examples 
of the Falladian Style of Architecture. Fol. 
London, n.p. n.d. S.K. 

AECHITECTTJRE. — Archit«cturo rorele, 
nonveau Eecueil de Maisons de Campagne. De 
Chllets, Kiosquea, Pavilions, Serres Chaudes et 
Froides, el 

ARCHITECTURE.- Modelea do dearin de 
I'Ecole , oentnla d'Architectore, pabU£s avec I'anto- 
risation da conseil de I'Ecols. Plates. Paris, n.d. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Disiertazione ese- 
getjea inUimo all' origins ed al sistema della sacra 
aichitettnra prtaso 1 Ored. Imp. fol. Napoli, 
1831. STk. 

AaCHITBCTUBE. — Notiz-Blatt dea 
Architecten-Tereins lu Berlin. Fol. Berlin, 

ARCHITECTURE.—" The Pi^sent School 
of Architecture in Qennany." From the "Foreigi 
Quarterly Review," vol. liv. 1834. 8vo. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Gmndlago der prat- 
tjsehen BonkHost. Theil I. Voriegoblittec fiir 
Uanrer in 42 lithographicten Tafeln mlt Erliin- 
temngen. Theil U. Vorlegeblatter fur Zimmer- 
leute iu 37 lithographirten Tsfein mit Erliiater- 
nngen. Nach der original Ausgabe der kdnigl. 
teiiniBchfln Dopntation fiir Gewerbe mit deren 
BewiUigung herausgogeben. 2nd edition. 2 vols, 
fbl. BerUn, 183S. SJ:. 

ARCHITECTURE.- Grecian and Italian 

ARCHITECTURE.— Principles of Gothic 
Architecture. From the " Quarterly Review," 
Tol. hrii.. No. 137. Desember 1841. 8vo. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE d'apree lea prinoipea dea 
meilleois auteurs qoi ont traits de la b&tisse, etc, 
par une BOa&ti darchitcctea et d'entreproaean. 
32 plates. 8vo. Paris, 1842. 

ARCHITECTURB.— Grands Prix d' Archi- 
tecture. Projets couronnfe par I'Acad^mie Royale 
dee Beaux-Arts de France, [depuis 17T9Jusqu'4 
noajoniB], Fol. Liige, 1842. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Aunt Elinor's Lec- 
tures on Architecture. Dedicated to the Ladies of 
E^igUnd. Tnth woodont*. 12mo. Loudon, 1843. 


Books oti Ati (Supplement). 



ARCmTECTUBE— Spanish Awjhitecture. 
From the " Quarterly Eeview," vol. lixvii., March 
1846. 8?D. S.K. 

ARCHrrECTURE.— The Useftil Arts em- 
ployed in the construction of Dwelling HouBes. 
With woodcata in the text. 12mo. London, 1851. 


ARCfflTECTIJRE.--Architectriral Nomen- 
clatnre and Classification. From the "Architec- 
tural Quarterly Eeriew," No. 1, June 1861. S.K 

ABCHITBCTtJRB. — Domestic Gothic 
Architecture in Chermany. Principles of its revival. 
Prom the " Architectural Quarterly Review," No. 
1, June 1851. S.K. 

AECHITECTUIIE.— Design in Ecclesiasti- 
cal Architecture. From the " Architectural Quar- 
terly Review," No. 1, June, 1851. S.K. 

ARCmTECTUIlE.— Assyrian Architecture. 
From the "Architectural Quarterly Review," No. 1, 
June 1851. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Die knnstgeschicht- 
Heh-merkwurdigsten Bauwerke, von Beginn der alt- 
ehristlichen Architektur bis zur Blithe der Renais- 
sance. Zusammengestellt von jiingem Mitgliedem 
des Architekten-Vereins zu Berlin. 60 lithographic 
plates and 4 pp. text. Imp. fol. Berlin, 1854. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Mannel. des lois du 
bAtiment ^bor^ par la Soci6t6 centrale des Archi- 
tectes. 4to. Paris, 1863. 

ARCHITECTURE.— ficole centrale et sp6- 
dale d' Architecture. Stance d'Ouverture 1867-68. 
8vo. Paris, 1867. S.K. 

AEICHITECTURE. — Architectural Asso- 
ciation Sketch-Book. Fol. London, 1867, etc. 

rLithographed plates only. Vol. ii., May 1868 
to May 1869, 12 parts, containing 71 (should be 72) 
plates, and vol. iii., parts May to October, with 6 
plates in each.] S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Villa and Cottage 
Architecture. Select Examples of Country and 
Suburban Kesidences recently erected by various 
Architects. Fol. London, 1868. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Our Architecture. 

From " St Pauls," No. 12, September 1868. 8vo. 


ARCHITECTURE.— Ecole sp^dale d* Archi. 
tecture. Frojeto d'iUvee. 1868-69. (Sp^imens 
photographiques offerts an South-Kensington Mu- 
seum.) MS. with photographs. 4to. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Rural Church Archi- 
tecture ; comprising a series of designs for churches, 
in pUxis, elevations, sections, and details. By 
Upjo^, Benwick, Wheeler, etc. With 36 plates. 
Long fol. New York, 1869. 

ARCHITECTURE.— L'Indicateup de I'Ar- 
chiteeture. Documents, priz de mat^riauz, ren- 
seignements. 1'* ann^, No. 1, 8 mai 1869. 4to. 
ris, 1869. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Afbeelciinffen van oude 
bestaande gebouwen. Uitgegeven door de maat- 
achai^ij tot bebevordering der bouwkunst. Nds. 
1-15. Text and lithographs. Large fol. Amster- 
dam, 1869, etc. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Fragments d' Archi- 
tecture Antique. Quarante-quatre photographies 
d'apr^s les dessins des architectes pensionnaires 
de I'Acadimie de France a Rome. Fol. Paris et 
Li^e, 1870. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Rural Architecture; 

being a Series of Designs for Rural and other 
Dwellings, from the Labourer's Cottage to the small 
Villa and Farm House with Out-Buildings, with 
descriptions of the plans, remarks on the materia^ 
used in their construction, and directions for the 
workmanship. 12mo. London, n. d. S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.— The State of Enghsh 
Architecture. From the ' Quarterly Review,' April 
1872 8vo S I^ 

ausgegeben vom Architekten - Verein kgl. Poly- 
technikum in Stuttgart. Royal fol. Stuttgart, 
n.d. S.K. 

ARCHlViO Pittoresco semanario illustradb. 
7 vols. Fcp. fol. Lisboa, 1858-64. S.K. 

ARCHIVTO Familiar, Semanario pittoresco. 
Fol. (Lisbon, 1861. etc.) B.M. 

ARCO (Caelo d') and BRAGHIROLLI 

(Vn.T.KT.ifo). — Notizie e documenti intomo al ri- 
tratto di Leon X., dipinto da Raf&ello Sanzio, ed 
alia copia fattane da Andrea del Sarto. 8vo. swd. 
n.p. n.d. S.K. 

ARDANT (Henri). — Limoges. Seance du 
conseil municipal du 12 ao{it 1867. Rapport de la 
Commission charg^ d' examiner le projet de cr^tion 
d'une nouvelle ^ole de dessin et de modelage. 19 pp. 
8to. Limoges, 1867. 

ARDANT rHENRi).— Limoges. Rapport 

sur le Mus^ C^ramique. 24 pp. 8vo. Limoges, 

ARDANT (Henri). — Notice historique sur 
I'art c^ramique et le mus^ de Limoges. 33 pp. 
8vo. Limoges, 1870. 

ARDANT (Maurice). — Notice historique 

sur les ^maux et les ^mailleurs, leurs divers ouvrages 
et les prooM^s de fabrication. 8vo. Limoges, 

ARDANT (Maurice). — Emailleurs Limou- 
sins : Couly Noylier. 20 pp. 8vo. AngouUme, 

ARDANT (P.).— fitudes th^oriques et exp^ 
rimentales sur T^tablissement des charpentes & 
grande port^e. Ouvrage imprim^ par ordre de M. le 
Ministre de la Guerre. 29 plates. Large 8vo. 
Metz, 1840. 

German translation: — Theoretisch-pracktische 
Abhandlung, etc., iibersetat ixia l>«QX«:3iJa -sjsAV^- 
ausgegeben vou A. v.TLai'v^iiv'nofcNoTt^^ NWi\ix. 


Universal Catalogue of 


H. Ruhbnaim. Atlas of 28 plates and woodcata in 
text. Large 4to. Hanover, 1847. 

ARDEMANS TTeodoro). — Declaracion, y 

aztension sobre las ordenanzas, que escrivi6 Jnan 

de Tonja con algunas advertencias a los 

Alarifes, j Particulares, y otros capitulos anadidos 
k la peifecta inteligencia de la materia ; que todo 
se cii^ en el goTiemo politioo de las £Eibricas. 4to. 
Madrid, 1719. SJC. 

Another edition. 4to. Madrid, 1754. 

ABDISSONE (Francesco).— Prospettodelle 

eeramice italiche. 3 lithographic plates. 92 pp. 
Fol. Pesaro (printed). Torino and Firenxe, 1868. 

ABiDm (Michele). — ^Moneta da batters! a 
perpetno moiyimento della regale annestia publicata 

dal....^Fepdinando IV* snoi dementissimi 

prodami, etc. 4to. Napoli, 1815. B.M. 

ARDITI (Michele). — Ulisse, illustrate di 
nn basso rilieyo in marmo del Museo borbonioo. 
Plate. Fol. Napoli. 1817. 

ARDONNE (L. P. d').— La Philosophie de 

I'Expression. £tude Psychologique, par L.-P. 
d'Aidonne. 8to. Grenoble, 1871. S.E. 

ARENDT (CH.).—Designsof Altars, Pulpits, 
and other Church Furniture, in the Komanesque and 
Gk>tliic styles, executed in the Vicariate Apostolic 
of Luxembourg by G. Arendt, Goyemment architect. 
Text in German, French, and English. Chromo- 
lithographs. Fol. Luxembourg, (1868). S.E. 

AEESI ( — Conte). — Guida Pittorica che 
•ontiene una raccolta di stampe delle piii insigni 
pitture e dei sublimi disegni della citta e ducato 
Milanese. Tome 1. (Galleriadel Sig. Conte Aresi.) 
With engraved title and 12 plates. 4to. Milano, 
1795. KatGaL 

AHEZZO. — Memorie istoriclie per servire di 
guida al forestiero in Arezzo. 8vo. Firenze, 1819. 


ARFE Y VrLLAFASlE. See Abphb t Villa- 


ARGELATI (Philippus). — De monetisltalias 

iUustrium virorum dissertationes. 6 toIs. Wood- 
cuts. 4to. Mediolani, 1750-59. 

ARGENVILLE (Antoine Joseph Desallier 

d'). — ^La thtorie et la pratique du jardinage, oil Ton 
traite k fond des beaux jardins apell^ (nc) com- 
mun^ment les jardins de phiisance et de propret^, 
compost de parterres, de bosquets, de bomingrins, 
etc. NouTelle Mition, augment^e consid^rablement. 
4to. A la Haye, 1715. S.K. 

ARGOTE (HiERONTMUs Contadob DB)f— 

De antiquitatibus conyentus Bracaraugustani, libri 
quatuor, yemaculo, latinoque sermone conscript] et 
Augustissimo Lusitanorum Begi Johanni V. dicate 
a Patre D. Hieronymo Contador de Argote, Clerico 
Eegulari. Secundo editio quinto Libro locujpletata. 
4to. Ulyssipone occidentali, I^is Sylyanis, Be- 
gnlifl Acfl!demiae, 1738, 

ARGYLL (Geoboe Douglas Campbell, Duke 

of[. — lona. By the Duke of ArgylL 2nd edition. 
With woodcuts. Grown 8yo. London, 1871. S.E. 

ARIGONI (HoNOEius). — ^Numismata que- 
dam ciyuseunque formse, et Metalli Musseei H. A. 
Veneti. Adusumjuyentutisrei NummariaeStadiosss. 
Syohi. 45 plates.. Fol. Taryisii, 174L B.M 

ARIOSTO (LoDoyico). — Orlando Fvrioso 

di M. L. A. Con gli Argomenti in ottaua-rima di 
M. Lodouico Dolce, et con le Alle^rie a ciascun 
Canto, di Thomaso Porcaochi da Castielione Aretino. 
Con la Tauola di tutte le cose, che nefl' opera si con* 
tengono. With woodcuts. Crown 8yo. Vinegia, 
pressoQirolamo Polo, 1589. S.K. 

Orlando Furioso, con le cinque Canti di M. L. A., 
i quali saguono la materia del Furioso. Con gli 
Argomenti in ottaya Rima, di M. Lodoyico Dolce, 
e con gli argomenti a ciascun canto di T. Porcacehi. 
Diligentemente coiretto, e di nuoye Figure adomato. 
(Imperfect.) Woodcuts. 32mo. Venetia, 1600. 


Earlier edition. Woodcuts. 32mo. Venetia, 

Later editions. With woodcuts. 82mo. Venetia, 
1604, 1609, 1617. 

Orlando Furioso di M. L. A. ; delle Annotazioni 
de' pifi celebri antori che sopra esso hanno scritto, 
e di altre utili, e yaghe Giunte in questa impref- 
sione adornato, come nell* Lidice seguente la Pre- 
fazione si ye^e. With portrait and plates. Fol. 
Venezia, 1730. QJL 

ARIOSTO (LoDOTico).— Orlando FurioBO, 
and other Stories translated from the Italian, by 
John Hoole. With plates by Stothard and otheit, 
2 yols. 8yo. London, 1791. 

Another edition. With engrayings by Bartolon^ 
Heath, Sharp, Caldwell, etc. 5 yols. 8yo. Lon* 
don, 1799. 8JL 

ARIZ (LuTs).— -Historia de las grandezas de 
la eiudad de Ayila. Fol. Alcala de Henares, 1607. 


ARKSTEE (H. K.).— Npiegen, de oude 
Hoofdstad der Batayieren, in Dichtmaat beschreyen, 
en jnet Aantekeningen, de Oudheden yan de Stad, en 
die yan het Quartier yan Nymegen betreffende, 
opgeheldert door H. K. Arkst^. With plates. 8yo. 
or Amsterdam, 1733. S.E. 

ARLES-DUFOTJR. — Considerations g6n^ 
rales sur les Soies, les Soieries et les Rubans. (Ex- 
position unirerselle, 1862.) 8yo. Paris, 1863. * S.K. 

ARLOT. — Gnide complet dn Peintre en 

Voitures illustr^ par A. Guillon. 8yo. Paris 

1860. B^. 

English translation. — A eomplete Ouide to Coach 
Painters. ' Translated fh>m the French of M. A., 
by A. A. Fesquet. To which is added an Appendix, 
containing information respectinff the materials and 
the practice of^Coach and Car Painting and Var- 
nishing in the United States and Ghreat Britain. 
12mo. Philadelphia and London, 1871. SJL 


' Booh on Art (Supplement). 

ARMAHD-CALLIAT,— L'Orfevrerie reli- 
giim« Ljrotmaiae k I'Expoaition de 1862. Ex- 
poaition de M. A. C. IS pp. Gro. L;od, 1S62. 

AaMAND-DUMARESCQ.— Specimens des 
costumes popnlairsB Art diveraei contiies. Eipo- 
■ition nnirerMlle ds 18S7, i Furis. 24 pp. Sto. 
Parii, tSGS. 

ABMBRUSTBR (F.)— Mnsee Lyonnais. 

Arts IndiiBtriels. Btiaui-Arts. liecneil photogra- 

Shiqne d'objets d'Ait et d'industrie cbuiBis dntix les 
[oMM «t Collections puticuli^a de Is Ville de 
LjoD, Premitre putie. Art Industrie! compreDsat 
les Etofl^ HenbUa, Ceramiqne. Or, firrerie, etc. 
Premiera SMe. Etoffss. SO photogiBpha. Luige 
4ro. (Ljon, D d.) S.K 

AEMENGATJD. — Poblication indufltriella 
des machilies, uatils et spp&reils les plus perfection- 
n^ et les pins licecls, emploj^ par les difESreates 
biaitchea de riodnstne frao^sise et JtranKire. Vols. 
i. to lii. and 13 parts, Meb containing ID plates. 
8ro. Paris, 1841, 

AB11EN6AUD (XJhables) the jona^r.— 
Conra de dessin tintsire appli^ai an desain des 
mschinea car C. Annoigaud jeune. 20 plnt«a. 
Obi. 4to. Fans, 1840. 

AKMENGAUD (J.).— Le Livre d'or de la 
pMntnre. Woodcnts aod ete«l eugrftTingt. Fol. 
Pari* 1866-67. 

(Ch.), and AMOUBOCX (J,).— Conrs ilimentaice 
de dessia iDdnstriet, a I'osage des ^les primaires. 
With 24 plates. ObL 4to. Paris, 18S0. 

ARMENGAUD (Jeah Germain Dfisme).— 
Le Paitliinon de 1 Histoire . . . comprenant : La 
lUTolation Framjaisa par J. Janin. lies Reines du 
Hondo par nos pramien krimins. L» Rassie 
pat P. Aitaioof. 2' tome dei nleries de rEnrope 

rj. a. D. AnnoDgand . . . Bessins pai B. de 
ChAflerie . . . (^vnres par M. Pannemaker. 
. . . OaTTSge jniblii sons la direction de J. G. D. 
Armengaod. Li vr. 1-20, Fol. Paris, 1 862. B.M. 

ABMENTAKO (G.).— Aocora della Tavola 
di bronco rioTenaU in Festo. 44 pp. 8vo. Napoli, 

ARMFIELD (H. T.).—Tlie Legend of Chris- 
tun Art illnstralcd id the Statues of Salisbury 
Catbsdial. By the Rer. K T. Armfield. 1 pho- 
tograph. Post 8vo. Salisbury 1869. S.K. 

ARMOUR (Jaxbs).— Iron and HeatBeamB, 
I^Uan, and lion Smelting, ezbibiting in simple 
foriD the principles concerned in the coastrnctioii of 
Iron Beams, I^llan, and Bridge Oiniers, and the 
aOioo of Heat in the Smelting Furnace. By ' 
Annonr, C.E. With nomeroiis lUoatnitiotifl. 12i 
London, 18T1. S 

ARMSTRONG (B.J.).— A familiar andw 
Tcnstional Qnide to ibe Parisli Chorcb of 
MichoUs, Eaat Deriham, Voifolk. Bj B. J. Arm- 
tttoag, Mj\ I Vior. IGmo. East Dereham, IS64. 

ARMSTRONG (John).— The History of 

the Island of Minorca. 5 pUl««, 8to. London, 

ARMYTAGE (George J.).— A new Tabls 
forSettingout Curves of an}' Kadius byanjSjstem 
of Measurement. 1 voodcut. 24 pp. Sto. Los- 
dun, 1867. 

ARMYTAGE (George J.).— "Ancient Rolls 
of Anns." Glover's Roll of the Reign of King 
Henry III. 1 photograph. 28 pp. Small 4to. 
London, 1868. 

Charles's Roll of the Reigns of Henry III. and 
Edward I. 82 pp. Small 4to. London, 1869. 

ARMYTAGE (Sydney).— Beantifnl Pictures 
by Britiiih Artists ; a Onthcring of Favourites from 
our Picture Galleries, 180O-18T0. Including Ex- 
amples by Wilkio, Confltuble, J. M. W. Tnraar, 
Muiready, landsecr, Macliae, E. M. Ward, Frith, 
John Gilbert, G. D. Leslie, Ansdell, Marens Stone, 
Noel Paton, Faed, Eyro Crows, Qarin, ffNeil, and 
Madox Brown. Engraved . . . bj Coosen, Shaipe, 
etc. Edilad, with Notices of Artists, by 3. Armj- 
tagp. Rojol llo. London, n.d. S.K. 

AltNALDI (ENEA,Conte).— Descrisione deUe 
arcbitetture, pitture e scolture di Vieenia, con alcmiO 
oaservarioni. 2 vols. 8vo. Vicenia, 1779. 

ARNAUD ( — d'). — Les aTantages des 
Baaui Arts, jpitre 4 M. N. * * * didiae i son 
AltessB Rojale Monseigneur Is Prince Henri frJn» 
du Roi, par M, D'Amaud. De L'academie rojala 
d,eB science et belles lettres. 12mo. Berlin, chei 
Etienne de Bottrdeani, 1750. 

ARNATTD (A. E.).— Antiqnit^s de la ville 
de Troyes, et Tuea pittaresques de ses enviroDt, 
Bvac des descriptions liistoriqnes par N.*** (Far 
A. E. A.) Fol. Troyes, 1823, etc. 

ARNAUDON (J.).— Recberches aar la colo- 
ration des bois, et itude sur les bois d'Amsranl«. 
Sto. Paris, 1858. S.K. 

ARNAULD (Charles). — MonnmentB- reli- 
gieux militairee n civils da Poiloo. 1" sirie, di- 
part«ment dea Doax-S^vres. Dessini d'apris natuts, 
par Rouaier, avec nn texto eipUcalif et historiqua. 
8to. Nlort, 1842. 

ARNAULD (Chabl£8). — Denx Serres, des. 
sins d'apr^E natnre, par Baugier, testa par C. 
Amauld. 8Ta. Hiort, 1843. 

ARNAULD (OhaelebJ.— Histoire de I'ab- 
baye de Nieatl-sur-l'Antize, depuis aa fondation 
{I068)jnsqu'a sa s&ularisatjon (1721),accoinpBgnia 
d'on plan et d'une Tae de I'^Use. lArge 8to. 
Niort, ISSfi. 



Universal Catalogue of 


ARNDT (F.). — Eduard Hildebrandt, der 
Maler des Kosmos. Sein Leben und seine Werke. 
2nd edition. 8vo. Berlin, 1869. 

ARNDT (Johannes). — Lexicon antiquita- 

tum ecdesiasticarum. 4to. Gryphiswald, 1669. 

ARNETH (Joseph von).— Ueber Kandler's 
akademische Schriften. 3 plates. 8to. n. p. 1850. 

ARNETH (Joseph von).— Bericlit iiber die 
Fnnde yon Euro. Plate. 8yo. n. p. 1852. 

ARNETH (Joseph von). — Schreiben Heug- 
lin*8 und Odescalchi's iiber agyptische Alterthiimer. 
2 plates. 8vo. n. p. 1853. 

ARNETH (Joseph von). — tJber den in der 

ersten Halfte Janners dieses Jahres zu Wien ange- 
kommenen agyptischen Sarkophag. 9 lithographic 
plates. Large 8vo. Wien, 1863. 

ARNETH (Joseph von). — Cber die von 

dem Corvetten-Arzte Herrn Dr. Wawra dem k.k. 
Miinz-nnd Antiken-Cabinette ubergcbenenMiinzen, 
sammt deren Erklarung. Large 8vo. Wien, 1859. 

ARNHARD (Franz KAEL).—Entwnrfeiner 
nenen Banordnung etc. Large 8yo. Miinchen, 

ARNHEM. — Plattegrond der stad Amhem. 
1 coloured lithograph and 20 views of the city and 
suburbs. Fol. Amhem, 1868. 

ARNIM (Bebend Jacob von). — ^Von ThaJern 

des Churfiirstlich-Brandenburgischen und Konig- 
lich-Preusfiischen regierenden Hauses. 8to. Berlin, 

ARNIM (Bebend Jacob von). — ^VonDucaten 

. des churfiirstliehen-Brandenburgischen und Konig- 
lichen Freussischen regierenden Hauses. 8yo. Ber- 
lin, 1796. 

ARNKIEL (Tbogillus). — AnsfuhrUche 

Erofinung. I. Was es mit den Cimbrischen und 

Mittemsechtischen Yolkem yor ein Bewandniss 

gehabt, und was yon derselben Antiquitseten 

zu finden sey. II. Eine Erklsehrung was es fur 

eine Beschaffenheit mit dem bey Tondem gefun- 

denem Wunder-Hom gehabt haben moge. 

III. Was die Cimbrischen yor Grsber und Topfe 

gehabt IV. Endlich auch wie diese Volker 

sum Ghristlichen Glauben gebracht worden. 

Hates. 4to. Hamburg, 1703. 

ARNOLD (G.). — Waare afbeelding der 
eerste Christenen, yolgens hun heilig leven. With 
engravings by John Luiken. 2 vols. Fol. Am- 
sterdam, 1700. 

ARNOLD (Geobg).— Das Werk von Georg 
Christoph Wilder, jun., Maler und Kupferatzer in 
Numberg. With I etching. 8yo. Niimberg, 1871. 

ARNOLD (JoHANN Geobg Daniel). — Der 

Fflngstmontag. Lustspiel in Straezburger Mund- 
art, in iunf Aufzugen und in Versen. Zweite nach 
den Noten des Dieters yerbesserte Auflage ; illus- 
trirt mit 40 Original-Zeichnungen von Theophil 
Sehuler. Coloured plates. 4to. Stiassburg, 1850. 
J<!i«nch translation. 4to. Strasbourg, 1851. 

ARNOLD (Jh. Sam.). — ^Anleitung, Blumen 
und Friichte zu zeichnen und zu malen. 2nd edition. 
4to. Dresden, 1810. 

ARNOLD (Richabd).— The Customs of Lon- 
don, otherwise called Arnold's Chronicle ; contain- 
ing, among diyers other matters, the original of the 
celebrated poem The Nut-Brown Maid. Reprinted 
from the first edition, with the additions included 
in the second. (With an introduction by Francis 
Douce.) 4to. London, 1811. S.K. 

ARNOLD (Th. p. K.).— Felloplastik, oder 
die Kunst Modelle yon ,'antiken Gebauden in Eork 
darzustellen. With 3 plates. 8yo. Gt)tha, 1804. 

ARNOLD (Walter).— The Life and Death 

of the Sublime Society of Beef-Steaks. With 
1 woodcut and 6 photographs. Small 4to. London, 
1871. S.K. 

ARNOT (D. H.). — Gothic Architecture 
applied to Modern Kesidences. 4to. New York. n.d. 

ARNOT rHuQo). — The History of Edin- 
burgh, wiUi Appendix of Documents. Plates. 4to. 
Edinburgh, 1779. 
2nd edition. 4to. Edinburgh, 1789. 

ARNOTT (Neil). — Observations on some of 
the fundamental principles and existing defects of 
National Education. 8yo. London, 1869. S.K. 

ARNOjCTLT (Jules). — ^Vues et monuments 
de Paris ct ses enyirons, prises au daguerreotype et 
d'apr^ nature, ct lithographi^es a deux teintes. 
40 plates. Fol. Paris, 1863. 

ARNOUX (J. J.). — Le travail universel; 
reyue complete des ceuyres de I'art et de Tindustrie 
exposdes a Paris en 1855 . . . r^ig^e par MM. 
Benoit Duportail, Ch. Banger, etc. . . . ayec la 
collaboration et sous la direction de M. J. J. 
Amoux. 3 yols. 8yo. Paris, 1856. 

ARNTZENIUS (J.).— Decolora et tinctura 
comarum, etc. 8vo. Trajecti, 1725. 

ARPHE Y VILLAFAjfE (Juak de).— De- 

scripcion de la traca y omato de la Custodia de 
Plata de la Sancta Iglesia de Seyilla. En Seyilla, 
en casa de Juan de Leon. With portrait and wood- 
cut. 8yo. Seyilla, 1587. 


Quilatador ; de la Plata, Oro, y Piedras, conforme k 
las leyes Beales ; y para declaracion de eUas. Hecho 
por J. de A. y V. Square 1 6mo. Madrid, 1 598. S.K. 

ARQUES.— Description et Histoire dn CM- 
teau d'Arques. 8yo. Paris, 1871. S.K. 

ARRENBERG (Reinier). — Naamrepater 
yan de bekendste en meest in ^ebruik Z3rnde Neder- 
duitsche Boeken, welke sedert net jaar 1(500 tot het 
jaat 1761 zyn uitgekomen, metb^jyoeginge wanneer, 
waaTf en b{f wien dezelyen gedrukt syn, als mede van 
het Formaat, het getal der Dedetif en de Haten, 
beneyens de Prygen^ die op dezelyen bH de uitgayen 
gesteld zyn ; yoorheen uitgegeyen door J ohannee yan 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


- Ablconde, nu ovenien, rerbeterd en tot het jaar 

- 1 787 renneerderd door B. A. Tweede druk. 2 vols. 
Small 4to. Interleaved and with MS. additions. 
Bott«zdam, 1788. S.K. 

ABEI (G.). — Intomo ai nnr-hag della Sar- 
dagna. 4to. Torino, 1835. 

ARRIVABENE (Opprandino).— -Delia pub- 

lica eaposizione di opere di belle arti e d' industria 
fatta in Milano. 8yo. Milano, 1838. 

ARROUIS (— , AbW).— L'Argentnre par 
le sel aigentenr, suivie de procM^ simplifi^ de 
domre, bronzagedes m^tanz et autres proc^^ utiles. 
12mo. Poitiers, 1864. 

ARROUIS (— , Abbe). — PhotoOTaphie 
perfecdonn^e. ProcM^ nouveanz. 12ino. Poitiers, 

ARROWSMITH (James). — The Paper- 
hanger's and Upholsterer's Guide. 12mo. London, 
n.d. SJC 

ARRUEGO (Jdan db). — Gatedra episcopal 
de Zaragoza en el templo de San Salvador, desde la 
prinutiva Iglesia, y en el principio de sn fundacion. 
(To which is added a MS. entitled : *' Beparos del 
P. Fr. Oerommo di S. Joseph, Qar** Desc&lzo, 
aobre lo oontenido en on tomo intitulado, " Gatedra 

. ^iaeopal de Qarag," por el Badonero Joan de Ar- 
mego." Fol. 9arag09a, 1653. B.M. 

ARS MORIBNDI.— (De arte bene mori- 
endi. Begin:) Qnesta operetta tracta dell arte 
del ben morire cioe in gratia di dio. (Sig. a 2 recto:) 
Comincia el proemi dell arte del ben morire . . . 
Oompilato . . . per • . . (D. Capranica) Cardinale 
di fermo. (Translated from the Latin work attri- 
bnted to Cardinal Matthseos de Cracovia.) - 12 
woodcuts. 4to. Stampado . . . per Johann§ clein 
e Piero himel (Lyons), 1490. 

ARSENNE (Louis Charles) .—De Tinter- 

vention dn Gkmvemement dans lee Beaux-Arts. 
Qnestions relatives k la peinture. 8vo. Paris, 1830. 

ART AND ARTISTS, or curions facts and 
characteristic sketches. 16mo. Edinburgh (1868). 


ART CONTBMPORAIN.— Annales illns- 
tr£es de la production d'^lite des Beaux- Arts et de 
l*Indastrie artiste. 8vo. Paris, 1862. S.K. 


An Illustzated Magazine, with which is incorporated 
The Photographic Art Journal. (Illustrated with 
photographs.) Boyal 4to. London, [1870] et seq. 
Vol. i. No. I, July 1870, et seq. Continuation of 
" The Photographic Art Journal." S. K. 

ART.— The Study of Art: in two parts. 
16mo. Edinburgh, 1870. S.K. 

ART.— The Objects of Art. From "Fraser's 
Magazine," May 1870. 10 pp. 8vo. 1870. S.E. 

ART. — Art past and present. A Word to 
English Artists on the State of Art in this Ck)untry. 
8vo. London, 1870. 8.K, i 

ART.— The Influence of the late Prince 
Consort on Art in Common Life. From the '* Dark 
Blue Magazine," March, 1871. 8vo. S.K, 

ART GEMS. — A Series of thirty high-class 
engravings from pictures by the most eminent 
painters, ancient and modem. Produced under the 
direction of Edouard Li^vre, with notices of the 
artists and their works. 4to. London, 1878. S.K. 

ART LIFE in the West of England. Nos. 
1-8 (all published). 8vo. London, 1863. S.K. 

ART OF CUTTING, .The, on scientific 
principles, being an entirely new system of rules, 
both easy and comprehensive, for accurately fitting 
the human figure with elegance and propriety. By 
a Professor of Cutting. Illustrated by 12 copper 
plates. 8vo. London, 1833. S.K. 

ART REVIEW and Photographic Record. 
Nos. 1-4 (all published). Small 4to. London, 
1868. S.K. 

don Art-Union Prize Annual for 1848. 30 plates. 
4to. S.K. 

ART WORLD and International Exhibitor. 
Nos. 1-6 (all published). 4 to. London, 1862. 


ARTAUD (AirroiNE Marie Fran<jois). — 

Notice des Inscriptions antiques du Mus^ de Lyon. 
Par F. A.**. 8vo. Lyon, 1816. S.K. 

ARTAUD DB MONTOR (Alex. Francois). 

Voyage dans les Catacombes de Bome par un mem- 
bre de r Academic de Cortone. 8vo. Paris, 1810. 
Italian translation : — Con note ed una memoria 
sugli scrittori delle Catacombe di Qt, B. L. Qt. S^rouz 
d'Agincourt. 12mo. Milano, 1835. 

ARTAUD (Joseph Fran(J0is). — Lyon sou- 
terrain, ou Observations arch^lo^ques et g4olo- 
giques faites dans cette ville depuis 1794 jusqu'en 
1836. 12mo. Lyon, 1846. 

ARTEAGA (F. de). — Investigaciones filosd- 
ficas sobre la bellesa ideal considerada como objcto 
de todas las artes de imitacion. Barcelona, 1866. 

nio). — ^Disertacion sobre el aprecio y estimadon 
que se debe hacer de las artes practicas y de los que 
las ejercen con honradez, inteligencia y aplicacion. 
4to. 2iaragosa, 1731. 

ARTHUS (Gothard). — Electio et coronatio 

Matthise I., Electi Bom. Imperat ejusq 

sereniss. coiyugis Annse Austriacse, etc. tabulis sneis 

adumbrata. Wahl undt Kronung des Herm 

Matthise Matthise I banc delineationem 

carminici a Q-. Arthusio descriptam dedicant 

J. T. de Brij, J. de Zettra, J. Gelle. (With inscrip- 
tions in Latin and Oerman verse.) 4to. (Frank- 
fort? 1612?) B.M. 

ARTIS (Edmund Tyrell),— The Durobriv© 
of Antoninus identified axA \W>aA\,t^\<^ \Ti ^ ^iecv^:% 
of (60) plates, eiivib\l\ug t]bft «l5»s«.\^ x^iaaaA ^^ 


Universal Catalogue ot 


that Roman station, in the vicinity of Castor, 
Northamptonshire. Fol. London, 1828. B.M. 

ARTIS (J. d').— Pedis Admiranda. 12mo. 
Parisiis, 1619. S.K. 

ARTIST.— A candid review of the Exhibi- 
tion (being the twelfth) of the Koyal Academy. 
By an Artist. 4to. London, n. d. Soane Mus. 

ARTIST.-^Papers on Pictnre- flaying at the 
National Gallery. (Beprinted fix)m the "Weekly 
Dispatch.") By an Artist 8?o. London, 1867. 


ARTISTE, L', Peintre de Lettres. 3 parts. 
Obi. 8vo. Paris, n.d. S.K. 

ARTOIS (— ,CoMTE d'). — Le Livre du 
tres chevalereux Comte d'Artois et de sa Femme, 
Fille au Comte de Boulogne. Public d'apr^ lee 
Manuscrits, et ponr la premiere fois. (With an 
Introduction by J. Barrois.) Plates. 4to. Paris, 
1837. S.K. 

ARTS. — Les Beanx-Arts, reduits a un m^me 
principe (Par **). Frontispiece by C. Eisen. 12mo. 
Paris, 1746. Soane Mus. 

ARTS. — An Enquiry into the causes of the 
extraordinary excellence of Ancient Greece in the 
Arts. 8vo. London, 1767. Soane Mns. 

ARTS. — Memorie per le Belle Arti. 4 vols. 
4to. Roma, 1785-87. S.K. 

ARTS. — The Ai-ts in Captivity. From 
"Macmillan's Magazine." Dec. 1871. 8vo. S.K. 

ARTS ET METIERS.— Petit alphabet des 
arts et metiers. Edition orn^e do graviires. 36 pp. 
18mo. Limoges, 1867. 

ARUM (R. J. van). — Jets over de Relief- 
graveerkunst Door R J. van Arum. From the 
" Leeskabinet," 1849, No. 4. 11 pp. 12mo. 's 
Gravenhage, 1849. S.K. 

ARUNDELL (Thomas).— Historical Remi- 
niscences of the City of London, and its Live^ 
Companies. 8to. London, 1^69. S.K. 

ASBJORNSEN (Peteb Chbistun).- Nord 

und Siid. £in Marchen-Strauss ron P. C. A. und 
J. G-. T. Grasse. Mit rielen Holzschnitten nach 
Original-Zeichnungen von E. Sachsse. 8vo. Dres- 
den [1858]. B.M. 

ASCH VAN WIJCK (A. M. C. van).— 

Over het oude Muntregt der stad Utrecht. Plates. 
8vo. Utrecht, 1837. 

ASCH VAN WIJCK (A. M. C. van).— 

Plegtige intrede van Philips II. in Utrecht, in de 
maand October 1649. Plates. 8vo. Utrecht, 1837. 

ASCHAUER (Joseph von). — Konstrak- 

tions-Lehre als Mementar-Unterricht fiir alle 2jeich- 
ner, mit besonderer Bucksicht auf Techniker und 
Handwerker. 14 lithographic plates. Lai^e 8yo. 
Gratz, 1842. 

ASCHBACH. — Ueber romische Kaiserin- 

acbiiften. Lai;ge 8yo. Wien, 1867. 


Francisco Pacheco, sua obras artisticas y litera- 
rias. 8vo. Sevilla, 1867. 

ASHBEE (E. W.).— Occasional facsimile 
reprints : a series of reproductions in exact imita- 
tion of the originals, executed under the direction 
of Mr. E. W. Ashbee :— 

•• The Wyse Chylde of thre yere old." From the 
very rare original, printed by Wynkyn de Worde. 

*• The Prophesie of Mother Shipton.** From the 
original tract printed at London in 1641. Wood- 
cuts. Small 4to. London, 1869. S.K. 

ASHER (G. M.). — Sur P^poqne et la 
m^thode de la fabrication des tables de Malaga. 
Sto. Paris, 1866. 

ASHMOLE (Elus).— The Antiquities of 
Berkshire by E. Ashmole. With a large appendix of 
many valuable original papers, pedigrees of the 
most considerable &milies in the said county, and 
a particular account of the castle, college, and 
town of Windsor. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1723. 

ASHMOLE (Elias).— The entire Ceremo- 
nies of the Coronations of. King Charles II. 

and of. Queen Mary, Consort to James IL, as 

published by Ashmole and Sandford To 

which is prefixed an Introduction likewise an 

Appendix, containing many curious particulars. 4to« 
London, 1761. B.M. 


of the Ashmolean Museum, descriptive of the Zoo- 
logical Specimens, Antiquities, Coins, and Miscel- 
laneous Curiosities. Roy. 8vo. Oxford, 1836. S.K. 


rAuEXANDEB).— Two Memoirs on Saint Peter^s 
Chair preserved at Rome. With 3 plates. Lai^ 
fol. London, 1870. S.K. 

ASHPITEL (Arthur).— On the Vases of 

the Ancients ; particularly of a "^^jj splendid blue 
and white Vase found at Pompeii. (From C. J. 
Richardson's "Studies of Ornamental Design.") 
1 folding plate. Text 2 pp. Imp. 4to. (London, 
n.d.) S.K. 

ASLA.TIC COSTUMES ; a Series of 44 
coloured engravings, from designs taken from life : 
with a description to each subject. 12mo. London, 
1828. S.K. 

ten von den Sitten und Gebrauchen, etc. Heraus- 
gegeben von J. A. Ben;k, K. Hansel, F. G. Baum- 
gartner. 53 coloured plates. Vol. I.-III. (all 
published). 4to. Leipzig, 1806-11. 

ASISI. — Descrizione del nuovo Sotterraneo 
costruito nella Patriarcale Basilica di S. Francesco 
di Asisi nel luogo ove li 12 Decembre 1818, rinve- 
nute ftirono le sagre Spoglie di detto Santo. 2 pp. 
and 1 plate. Post 4to. Spoleto, 1824. Sj& 

ASISI. — ^Descrizione di quanto e piu nota- 
bile nei magnifioi sovrapposti templi di S. Fran- 
cesco posseduti ed officiati nella cittA di Asisi. 
6 plates. 20 pp. 4to. Asisi, 1835. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


ASPIN (J.). — Cosmorama. The Manners, 
Customs, and Costumes of all Nations of the 
World described. Man j plates. New edition. 12mo. 
London, n. d. 


Qalamtb (G. a.). 

ASQUINI (GmoLAMO). — Sopra un* antica 
lapide inedita scoperta in Ginlio Camico, capitale 

della Colonia Forogiulio, lettera del conte G. A. 

al dottore Giovanni Labus. 8yo. Milano, 1834. 

ASSELIN (Alfred). — Essai snrla peintnre 
religiense et notice snr Tart flamand. Svo. Douai, 

From ** M^moires de la Soci^t^ imp^riale d*agri- 
culture, etc., s^ante k Douai." 

ASSEMANI (Stmone). — Sopra le monete 

Arabe e£Sgiate, dissertazione dell' Abate Simone 
Assemani. 4to. Padova, 1809. 

ASSEN (C. J. van). — Verhandeling over de 
^nitdrakking van smart in de beeldende Kunsten. 
8yo. Amsterdam, 1833. 

ASSIEB (Alexandre). — Les Archives de la 

Champagne et de la Brie. Woodcuts. 8yo. Troyes, 

ASSIER (Alexandre). — L^gendes, curio- 

sit^s et traditions de la Champagne et de la Brie. 
8to. Paris, 1860. 

ASSIEB (Alexandre) . — Notre-Dame de 

Chartres, par A. Assier. Small 8to. Axcis-snr-Aube 
(18M). B.M. 

AST (Georg Anton Fri»drich). — System 

der Kunstlehre, oder Lehr- und Handbuch der 
Aesthetik za Vorlesnngen und zum Priyatgebrauche. 
8to. Leipzig, 1805. 

ASTOLFI (Gio. Felice).— Scelta Cvriosa, 

et rioca Officina di yarie antiche, & moderne 
Utorie, diyisa in tre libri. Composta da G. F. A. 
£t adomata di belle, & yaghe figure : Nella qtiaTe 
si spiegano Essempi notabilissimi, i Yiith, & k 
Difetto pertinent!, etc. With woodcuts. 4to. Ve- 
netia, 1602. S.K. 

ASTOLFI (Giovanni).— Metodi pratici per 

detenninare i oontomi dalle ombre ordinarie. With 
12 plates. 8yo. Milano, 1824. 

ASTON HALL.— Official Gnide and Hand- 
book to Aston Hall and Park. Illustrated with 
plan and woodcuts of the Hall, and list of donations 
of objects presented to the Museum. 8yo. Bir- 
mingham, 1858. S.K. 
Another edition. 8yo. Birmingham, 1859. S.E. 

ASTORIUS (J. A.).— Commentatio inanti. 
qunm Alemanis monumentum. 4to. ' Venetiis, 

ASTRfi (Th^ophile).— Les cimetieres de 
Paris. Ghtide topograpfaique, historique, biogra- 
^oue, ardstique, par T. Astr^. 3 plates. 16mo. 
Vm, 1864. 

ATCHLEY.— A.tchley's Builders' Price Book 

for 1869. Containing a complete list of the pre< 
sent prices of builders' materials and labour, and 
of all trades in connection with building : useful 
and important tables and memoranda for preparing 

estimates, etc. By P. Thompson (builder) To 

which is added an article on the construction of 
fire-proof buildings in concrete, and the application 
of terra-cotta. An article on building materials, 
etc., by F. Eogers, Esq., architect Observations 
on the law of strikes and combinations, in reference 
to 30 & 31 Vict cap. 105. By J. Perry Godfrey, 
Esq., solicitor. Post 8yo. London, 1869. SJ(. 

ATHEN^UM FEANgAIS.— BuUetin ar. 
ch^logique de I'Ath^nseum fran^ais, public par L. 
Lalanne. Plates. 4to. Paris (1855-56). 

ATHENAS (R. a.).— Guide general des 
Baigneurt aux eaux min^rales de %ourbonne-le8- 
Bains, par B. A. A. Ouyrage nouyeau, contenant 
rhistoire de la ViUe de Bourbonne, la description 
des dirers objets d'antiquit^ qu'on y a trouves, etc. 
12mo. (Bourbonne-les-Bains), 1843. S.K. 

ATHENER oriental.— M^moires de 

I'Athenie Oriental foDd^ en 1864. Vol. I. 4to. 
Paris, 1871. S.K. 


eines Athenischen Fiinfreihenschiffs Pentere aus 
der Zeit Alexanders des Grossen im koniglichen 
Museum zu Berlin. With 4 photo-lithographs. 
Fol. Berlin, 1866. B.M. 

ATHENS.— R&ume des Actes de la Soci^t6 
arch^logique d'Ath^nes. Grr. and Fr. 2nd edition. 
Plates. 8yo. Ath^nes, 1846. 

ATKINSON (James). — Sketches in Af- 

ghaunistan, by J. A., Esq. (Lithographed plates by 
Louis and Charles Haghe.) Fol. London (1842). 


ATKINSON (John Augustus). — Sixteen 

Scenes taken from the Miseries of Human Life. By 
* one of the Wretched. 16 coloured plates by J. 
A. Atkinson. Small oblong 4to. London, 1807. 

ATKINSON (John Augustus). — Antient 

Costume of England. 60 coloured plates by J. A. 
Atkinson. Fol. London; 1812-15. 

ATKINSON (J. Beavington) and others.— 

English Painters of the Present Day. Essays by 
J. B. A., Sidney Colvin, P. G. Hamerton, W. M. Ros- 
setti, and Tom Taylor. With 12 photographs after 
original drawings. Small fol. London, 1871. S.K. 

ATLAS of village wooden churclies in 
Russia. 25 plates. Fol. St Petersbui^, 1858. 

ATTI (AuQUSTo). — Sull' Arte modema ; 
pensieri di A. Atti 16mo. Bologna, 1868. B.M. 

ATTI (Gaetano).— Sunto storico della Citti 

di Cento, anche jper guida al forestiero, compilato 
dal S. G. Atti e nyeduto per Francesco Lodi. 8yo. 
Cento, n. d. 

AUBENAS (Ai>OLrai>V— ^teisJa^ otc\^ 
arcs de triumphe du dfe^MXwDftnX ^^ N«»s^a»ft^ 



Universal Catalogue of 


Par M. Adolphe Aubenaa, secr^taire-adjoiDt de la 
Boci^te rojale des Antiqiiaires de France. With 2 
plates, 8vo. n.p., D.d. 

AUBER. — De rarchitecture religiense et des 
architectes an XIX"* si^e. 25 pp. 8yo. Amiens 
et Paris, 1859. 

AUBER (Charles Auguste, AbW). — ^Notice 

su^ r^glise de Civaux, Vienne, et son inscription 
gallo-romaino. 8vo. Poitiers, 1862. From " Bul- 
letin de la Soc. des Antiq. de TOuest." 

AUBER (Charles Auguste, Abb6). — Notes 

d'un voyage arch^logique k Saint-Pierro de Maill6. 
(Vienne.) 8vo. Poitiers, 1862. 

AUBER (Charles Auguste, Abb^). — Carac- 

tiros de Tarchitecture dans les monuments de la 
Vend^. 13 pp. 8yo. Caen, 1865. 

AUBER (Chablbs Auguste, Abb6). — Notice 

sur trois tableaux repr^entant la conversion du due 
d'Aquitaine Guillaume X par saint Bernard, dans 
r^Use Saint-Pierre de Parthenay-le-Vieux, en 1135. 
14 pp. 8vo. Poitiers, 1869. 

AUBER (Charles Auguste, Abbe). — His- 

toire et Th^rie du Symbolisme Beligieux, avant et 
depuis le Christianisme. Contenant : TExplication 
de touB les moyens symboliques employ^ dans I'art 
plastique, monumental ou decoratif ches les anciens 
et les modeme& . . . OuTrage n^essaire aux 
architectes, aux th^logiens, aux peintres-yerriers, 
aux d^orateurs, aux arch^logues et 4 tons ceux 
qui sont appel^ k diriger la Construction ou la 
Restauration des Mifices religieux. 4 vols. 8vo. 
Paris, Poitiers, 1870-1. S.K. 

AUBERT (Edouabd).— Ti^sor de TAbbaye 
de Saint-Maurice d'A^une, d^rit et dessin^ par 
E. Aubert. With plates. Fol. Paris, 1870. S.K. 


LIT£. — Traits complet et pratique de la construc- 
tion des escaliers en charpente et en pierre. With 
12 plates and Atlas in folio of 80 plates. Sto. 
Pans, 1855. 

AUBRE (L. E.). — Conrs de c^om^trie de- 
scriptire a Tusage des ^Ures des ecoles imp^riales 
d'arts et metiers. 13 plates. 2 vols. 4to. Chilons- 
sur-Mame, 1854-55. 

AUBREY (John).— The Natural History 
of Wiltshire (written between 1656 and 1691). 
Edited by J. Britton, 4to. London, 1847. 

AUBRY. — Description de la eoloime de la 
Grande Arm^e, ^ler^ k la gloire des Armies Fran- 
daises Tan 1810. Woodcut of the column. 12mo. 
Paris, n. d. Soane Mus. 

AUBRY (Charles). — Histoire pittoresque 
de TEquitation ancienne et modeme. 2 parts. Fol. 
Paris, 1833-34. B.M. 

AUBURY (Thomas).— Travels through the 

interior parts of America, in a series of letters. By 
an officer. A new edition. 2 vols. Plates. 8to. 
LoDdon. 1791. 

AUDENAERDE. — D&jouverte de deax 
sculptures du XV* si^le a Audenaerde. 8 pp. 8vo. 
Audenaerde, 1856. 

AUDIAT (Louis).— Les Oubli^. Bernard 
Palissy. Byo. Saintes, 1864. S.K. 

AUDIAT (Louis). — ^Discours prononc6 lors 
de I'inauguration de la statue de ^rnaid Palissy. 
8vo. Saintes,. 1868. 

AUDIAT (Louis). — Palissy et son biographe. 
B^ponse k M. Athanase Goquerel fils. 48 pp. 8vo. 
Paris, 1869. 

AUDIERNE (— , Abb6).— Les Thermes de 
Vesune, ou la description des substructions r^m- 
ment misee k decourert k Pirigueuz. 8yo. P^rigueuz, 

AUDIFFRED (Htacinthe).— Un Mois a 
Vichy. Guide pittoresque et m^ical, indispensable 
aux Artistes et aux 0«ns du Monde. Om^ de six 
lithographies par Deroy, d'aprte £. Baffort. 12mo. 
Paris, Lyon, 1849. S.K. 

AUDIFFRET (Gustave d', Comte).— Visite 
k Sainte-Banme et k Saint^Maximin. 13 plates 
engraved by Staal. '3rd edition. 4to. Paris, 1868. 

AUDIGANNE (A.).— Ulndnstrie contem- 
poraine, ses caract^res, et see progr^ chez les diffi^- 
renta peuples du Monde, Svo. Paris, 1856. S.K. 

AUDIN. — Fables h^roiqnes, comprenant les 
y^ritables maximea de la politique chrestienne et de 
la morale. Enrichies de plusieurs figures en taille- 
douce. Le tout de Tinyention d'Audin. 2 vols. 
8vo. Paris, 1648. 

Italian translation. — Favole heroiche contencnti 
le Tere Massime della Politica, et della Morale. 
Rappresentate con molte Fip;ure in Stampa di Rame, 
insieme con le MoralitA, Biscorsi, & Hutorie sopra 
ciascheduna Fauola. Per M. A Trasportate dal 
Francese da Nicol6 Salengio. 2 vols in 1. 24mo. 
Venetia. 1667-69. S.K. 

AUDOUIT (Edmond).— Histoire des moy- 

ens de communication, suivie d*un coup d^ceil pit- 
toresque et archeologique sur les ch&teaux anciens et 
modemes, par E. Audouit. 8 lithographed plates 
and engranngs in the text 8to. Paris, 1851. 

AUDSLEY (W. AND G.).— Cottage, Lodge, 
and Villa Architecture. Fol. London, Glasgow 
(printed? 1868). B.M. 

AUDSLEY (W. AND G.).— The Floral 
decoration of Churches at Christmas with nu- 
merous illustrations, in colours and gold. 4to. 
London, 1868. B.M. 

AUDSLEY (W. AND G.). — Descriptive 
Catalogue of Japanese Enamels, and other works of 
Oriental Art, exhibited at the Soir^ giren by Mr. 
Bickersteth, President of the Liverpool Medical 
Institution, to the Members of the British Associa- 
tion. Post 8vo. Liverpool, 1870. S.K. 

AUDUBON (John jAMEs).--The Birds of 

America ; from original drawings by J. J. Audubon 


Books on Art (Supplement): 


435 coloQzed plates. 4to18. Elephant foL London, 
1827-38. S.E. 

AUDUBON (John James). — Ornithological 

Biography, or an account of the habits of the Birds 
of me United States of America : accompanied by 
deecriptions of the objects represented in the work 
entitl^ *' The Birds of America," and interspersed 
with delineations of American Scenery and Man- 
ners. 5 vols. Hoy. Svo. Edinbuigh, 1831-49. 


AUER (Alois). — Geschichte und Beschreib- 
nng der K. E. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei in Wien. 
With plates and plans. 2 toIs. 4to. Wien, 1851. 

S K 

AUERBACH (Bbrthold).— Barfussele, von 
B. Auerbach. Hit 75 Illustrationen Ton B. Vautier 
in Diiaseldorf. 4to. Stuttgart, 1870. 8.K. 

AUFAUVRE (Am^d^e).— Ghiide dn voya- 
geur sur le chemin de fer de Paris k Montereau et a 
Troyes. 21 engrarings, by MM. Schitz, Ficbot, 
Adolphe Pesme, Dargent, et Max Berthelin. 12mo. 
Troyes, 1848. 

AUFAUVRE (Am^d^e). — Fontainebleau. 
Son chiteau, sa forSt et les enyirons, Moret, Melun. 
Description historique monumentale et pittorecque. 
Vignette. 18mo. Paris, 1850. 

AUFAUVRE (Am^d^e).— Les anciens edi- 
fices de Troyes. I. La chapelle de Saint^Gilles de 
Croncels (^lise en bois). Dessins d'apr^ M. E. 
Millet, airhiTiste. 6 plates. 4to. Troyes, 1853. 

AUFAUVRE (Am^d^e).— Troyes et ses en- 
virons. Histoireettopographie. With 7 engravings 
on wood. 12mo. Troyes, 1860. 

AUFAUVRE (Am^d^e).— Hyeres et sa 

vallee; guide historique, mMical, topographique, 
avec une biographie de Massillon par Jules Janin. 
Engravings and maps. 12mo. Paris, 1862. 

AUFRfiRE-DUVERNAY (Ch.). — Notice 

historique sur les monuments ingh a Orleans en 
I'honneur de Jeanne d* Arc. 8to. Orl^ns, 1855. 

AUFSESS (H. VON nnd zu).— System der 
dentschen Geschichts- und Alterthumskunde ent- 
worfen zum Zwecke der Anordnung der Sammlungen 
des germanjschen Museums. 18 pp. Large 4to: 
NuznbcTg, 1853. 

AUFSESS (H. VON und zu). — Das ger- 
manische Museum und seine nationalen Ziele. 
Benkschriit zur Erlauterung des dem Norddeut- 
ichen Bundesrathe verliegenden Hauptschen Gut- 
achtens uber dieses Museum. Large Svo. Lindau, 

AUGEROT (Alphonse d*).— La Peinture et 
les Peintres c^Ubres. Plates. Svo. Limoges, 

AUGEROT (Alphonse d').— Histoire de la 
Peinture. 122 pp. With engravings. 12mo. 
Limoges, 1871. This forms part of the " Biblio- 
thique chr^tienne et morale,*' 

AUGSBURG. — Das hoch-beehrte, oder 
wmhr-grundliehe Yorstellnng der hochwichtigen 

Handlung- und Verrichtungen, so b^ und nach 
dem Einzug und Elronung I. Kom. KayserL Ma- 
jestaten : Eleonore Magdal. Theresiae und Josephi 
etc., in Augspurg vorgegangen. With 17 plates. 
4to. n.p. 1690. 

AUGSPURG (G. G.).— ZurdentsehenMunz. 
frage. Svo. Bremen, 1868-69. 

AUGUSTI (JoHANN Chbistian Wilhblm). 

— Denkwurdigkeiten aus der christlichen Archseo- 
logie, mit bestandiger Bucksicht auf die gegen- 
wartigen Bediirfnisse der christlichen Kirche. With 
appendix. 12 vols. 8to. Leipzig. 1817-1831. 


AUGUSTI (JoHANN Christian Wilhelm). 

— ^Die christlichen Alterthiimer. Ein Lehrbuch ffip 
academische Vorlesungen. Svo. Leipzig, 1819. 

AUGUSTIN (F. Fbbiheeb von). — Daa 

malerische Pin2gau. Beschrieben und mit 14 Ton- 
bildem. Large SvO. Pesth, 1844. 

AUGUSTINO DA PAVLA.— Scrutinio do 
la docta ignorantia. Composto per il venerabile 
predicatore Canonico regulare dono Augusdno da 
Pauia de Noui. (Black letter with woodcuts and 
initial letters.) Small Svo. (At the end.) Im- 
pressa in Pauia dal diligente, etc., solerte Maestro 

. Jacob dal Borgofrancho, bibliopola. Nel ano del 
Signore M. cccccziiij. a di zxv. d'Octob. 9.K. 

AULDJO (John).— Sketches of VesuviuB, 

with short accounts of its principal eruptions, 
from the commencement to the present time. Plates. 
Svo. Londop, 1833. 

AULDJO (JohnV — Journal of a visit to 
Constantinople and some of the Greek Islands, in 
the Spring and Summer of 1833. Plates by George 
CruikBhank. Svo. London, 1835. B.M. 

AULISIUS (DoMiNicus). — Opuscula de 

Gymnasii Constructione, Mausolei Architectura. 
4to. Neapoli,1694. B.M. 

AULT-DUMESNTL (Geoffeoy p^.— P1i6- 
nom^ne de denudation et de d^sagr^ation. Becher- 
ches sur la provenance des granits qui ont servi k 
Clever les monuments dits celtiques. 11 pp. 8vo. 
Vannes, 1868. 

AULUS GELLIUS. See Gbllius. 

AUNT LOUISA'S Sunday Books. The 
Childhood of Christ With 6 chromo-lithogrM>hs. 
4to. London, n.d. O.K. 

AURACHER von AURACH (Jos. Chb.). 

— Perspectivische Ansichten der Stadt Baden, etc. 
With 46 lithographs. 2 vols. Obi. 4to. Wien, 

AURACHER von AURACH (Jos. Chb.). 

— ^Perspective Ansichten von Obersteyer. 16 litho- 
graphs. Svo. Wien, 1825. 

AURfiS (Auouste). — Etude des dimensions 
du grand temple de Paestum, an double point de yue 
de Tarchitecture et de \ai uv^Xi^^^. T«iS. ^^». 
Atlas of 7 plates. "EoV. "Pwfvfi, \^^^. ^^* 



Universal Catalogue of 


AURIA (ViNCENZo). — II Gagino redivivo, o 
vera notitia della vita ed opere d' Antonio Gagino, 
nativo della Citta di Palermo, Scultore famosissimo. 
40 pp. 4to. Palermo, 1698. 

AURIAC (Eugene d'). — Recherches sur 

Tancienne cathWrale d*Alby. Son origine, sa posi- 
tion, son nom. Preuves de I'ezistence de deux 
^lises dMi^es d sainte C^ile, dans TAlbigeois, au 
X* Bikde, 8vo. Paris, 1851. 

AURIAC (Eugene d*). — Description naive 
et sensible de la fameuse ^glise Sainte-C^cile 
d'Albi, public d'api^s nn manuscrit inddit et an- 
not6e. 12mo. Albi, 1857. 

AURIAC (Eugene d').— Histoire de I'an- 
cienne catb^drale et des ^v^ues d'Alby, depuis les 
premiers temps connus jusqu'a la fondation de la 
nouvelle ^lise Sainte-C^cile. 8vo. Paris, 1858. 

AURIAC (Eugene d').' — Histoire anec- 

dodque de I'lndustrie Fran9aise. 32mo. Paris, 

AURORA. — ^Aurora. Jaarboekjen voor 1868. 
Verzamelt onder toezicht van M. P. Rosmade. En- 
graved title and 5 plates. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1867. 

AUSFELD (J. C.).— Basis des Ganzen dcr 
Zeichn§nkunst. 48 plates. Fol. Leipzig, n.d. 

AUS'M WEERTH (Ernst).— Dafl Bad der 

romischen Villa bei Allenz. Fest-Programm zii 

Winckelmann*s Geburtstage am 9 Dec. 1861 

Herausgegeben vom Vorstandc des Vereins von 
Alterthamsfreunden im Kheinlande. 20 pp., and 1 
litbog. plate. 4to. Bonn, 1861. 

AUS'M WEERTH (Eenst).— Die Falsch- 

nng der Nenniger Inschriften, Von E. aus'm 
W. Imp. 8vo. Bonn, 1870. S.K. 

AUS'M WEERTH (Eenst).— Der Grab- 

fund von Wald-Algesheim erlautert ron E. Aus'm 

Weerth Fest-Programm zu Winckelmanns Ge- 

burtstagam 9. December, 1870. With 6 plates and 
4 woodcuts. 4to. Bonn, 1870. S.K. 

AUS'M WEERTH (Ernst).— Verhandlnn- 

fen des Intemationalen Congresses fiir Alterthums- 
unde und Geschichte zu Bonn im September 
1868. Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Ernst Aus'm 
Weerth. Roy. 8vo. Bonn, 1871. S.K. 

AUSSEL. — La Gironde k vol d'oisean. Ses 
grands Vins et ses Chateaux. 8vo. Paris (printed), 
Bordeaux, 1865. B.M. 

AUSTIN (Felix).— Collection of Oma. 

ments for Gardens, Parks, and Pleasure 

Grounds, and for every style of building, consisting 
of Vases, Tazzas, and Fountains, etc. Woodcuts. 
4to. London, 1838. S.K. 

AUSTRIAN ARMY. — Pictorial Repre- 

sentation of the Costumes of the Austrian Army, in 

\ 52 coloured plates. 2 vols, (no letterpress) Fol. 

Wien, n.d. P. C. Lib., Alaershot. 

AUSTRIAN ARMY. — Oesterreicliischer 
Seldenaas^, bildliche Darstellung und Schilderuilg 

der Tapferkeit und des Muthes oesterreicliischer 
Krieger. 26 coloured lithographs, with description 
under each. Obi. fol. Wien, n.d. 

P. C. Lib., Aldershot. 

AUSTRIAN ARMY. — Schema aller Uni- 
formen der kaiserl. konigl. Kriegsvolkem. Etchings, 
hand coloured. 8vo. Wien, 1786. 

P. C. Lib., Aldershot. 

AUSTRIAN MUSEUM. — Katalog der 
Bibliothek des kais. kon. osterreichischen Mu- 
seums fur Kunst und Industrie. Ausgegeben im 
October 1869. Koyal 8vo. Wien, 1869. S.K. 

AUTH^US (PhiLIPPUS Lponcus).— Col- 
lectanea monetaria ad catholicon rei monetarie 
Melchioris Goldasti. £x documentis et manuscriptis 
P. L. A. 4to. Francofurti, 1662. 


graphic Mirror (LAutographe cosmopolite.) In- 
edited Autographs of Illustrious and Distinguished 
Men of past and present Times : sovereigns, states- 
men, warriors, divines, historians, lawyers, literary, 
scientific, artistic, and theatrical celebrities. Litho- 
graphed by Vincent Brooks. 2 vols, in fol.; 1 vol. 
in 4to. London, 1864-66. S.K. 

AUTUN. — Autnn Arch^ologique, par les es- 
cr^taires de la Soci^t^ Eduenne et de la Commission 
des Antiquitds d'Autun. Koyal 8vo. Autun, 1848. 


AVANNES (Th^ophile d'). — Esquisses snr 
Navarre. 2 vols. 6 lithographs and woodcuts. 
8vo. Rouen^ 1 839-40. 

AVELINE (P.).— Livre de Fetes antiques, 
grav^ d'apr^s les Pierrcs et Comalines du Cabinet 
du Roy, aMi^ aux Amateurs du Deesin. 8vo. 
Taris, 1754. 

AVELING (James H.).— Yorksliire. Tha 
History of Roche Abbey, from its foundation to its 
dissolution, by J. H. A., M.D. Frontispiece and 15 
plat€8. Imp. 8vo. Worksop, 1870. S.K. 

AVELING (T. W.). — Voices of Many 
Waters ; or. Travels in the Lands of the Tiber, the 
Jordan, and the Nile. With notices of Asia Minor, 
Constantinople, Athens, etc., etc 8vo. London, 

AVELLINO (Francesco Maria). — Opnscoli 

diversi di F. M. Avellino, secretario generale della 
societa reale Borbonica, etc. 3 vols, with 8 plates. 
8vo. Napob", 1826, 1833, 1836. 

AVELLINO (Francesco Maria). — Sopra 

una pittura pompeiana che rappresenta le nozze di 
Zeflix) e di Flora, Plate. 30 pp. 4to. Napoli, 

AVELLINO (Francesco Maria).— DeU' Aes 

grave del Museo Kiicheriano. ^ Articoli del Cav. Fr. 
M. Avellino, con osservazioni, ed Appendice. 16 pp. 
8vo. Roma, 1839. 

AVELLINO (Francesco Maria).— II mito 

di Ciparisso. Memoria letta all' accademia ox^la- 
nese. 1 plate. 4to. Kapoli, 1841. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


AVELLINO (Feancesco Maeu).— Osserva- 

soni Bopra alcnne iscrizioDl et desegni graffiati 
sulle mora di Pompei. 2 plates. 4to. Napoli, 

AVELLIN'O (Francesco Mabu). — Ifotizia 

di un bufito di Demoetene con greca epigrafe. 4to. 
Napoli, 1841. 

AVELLINO (Francesco Maru). — Descri- 

none di alcnni antichi monnmenti recentameutc 
aoqnifltati pel Beal Museo Borbonico, etc. 41^^. 
Napoli, 1842. B.M. 

AVELLINO (Francesco Maria). — Descri- 

zione di una casa in Pompei, la qnarta alle spalle 
del tempio della Fortuna Augusta. 4 plates. 70 pp. 
4to. Napoli, 1843. 

AVELLINO (T.). — Monoerafia Btorico- 
archeologiea sulla regia insegna del Giglia. Plate. 
4to. Napoli, 1856. 

AVJKJNTlNUS (Johannes). — Des Hochge. 

larten weitberumten Bayerischen Geschichtsschrei- 
ben Chronica oder Contrefactur der zwolf ersten 
alien teutschen Konigen und Fiirsten etc. £n- 
ftravings round the portraits by J. Amman. Fol. 
Frankfurt a. M., 1580. 

AVEROLDO (GiULio Antonio). — Le scelte 

pittore di Brescia additate al forestiere. 4to. 
Brescia, 1700. B.M. 

AVEZAC (M. d').— Une Digression gedgra- 
phique A propos d'un beau manuscrit 4 figures de la 
biblioth^ue d*Altamira. 8 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

AVILA (LUTS LobERA d'). See Lobesa 

AVISO de tatti li apparati et solenmita fatte 
in Francia, nella citta di Bens, per la coronatione 
del re Francesco II. 4to. n.p. 1559. 

AVRIL ( — , Abbe). — Temples anciens et 

modemes ; ou Observations historiques et critiques 
BUT les plus calibres Monumens d'Architecture 
Grecque et Gothiqne. Par M. L. M. (i.e. the Abb^ 
Avril.) With 7 folding plates. Koyal Svo. Lon- 
dres, 1774. S.K. 

AWENTI (Francesco, Conte).— Descri- 

none dei dipinti di Cosimo Turra, detto Cosm& 
uldmamente sooperti nel Palazzo Schifanoja in Fer- 
rara nel 1840. 8to. Bologna, 1840. 

AWENTI (Francesco, Conte).— lUustra. 

zione di aleuni rostri di Venete, antiche navi esis- 
tente nella Pinaeoteca di Ferrara. Lithographs. 
19 pp. 12mo. Bovigo, n.d. S.E. 

AXELSON (Maximilian). — Baltaspanname 

och de nordiska Eampalakarne. 8vo. Stockholm, 
1864. B.M. 

AXON (William E. A.).— Hints on the For- 

nation of Small Libraries intended for public iise. 
16mo. Swd. London, 1869. S.E.. 

AYGUALS DE IZCO (Wenceslao).— 
Galeria Begia, y yindicacion de las ultn^es estrazi- 

jeros. Obra pintoresca, literaria y religioso...ilu8- 
trada, con mas de mir...grabado8 por una Sociedad 
literaria (bajo la direccion de W. Aygualsde Izco). 
4 Tols. 8vo. Madrid, 1843-46. B.M. 

AYLIFFE (John).— The antient and 
present State of the University of Oxford. Contain- 
ing I. An Account of its Antiquity.... U. An Ac- 
count of its Colleges, Halls, and Publick Buildings. 
...III. An Account of the Laws, Statutes, and 
Privileges of the University, etc. By J. Ayliffe, 
LLjD. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. London, 1714. S.K. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre) . — Revno 

g^n^le de I'Exposition de 1849, divis^e en huit 
parties. 8vo. Paris, 1849. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre). — Frag- 

ments sur TExposition universelle de 1855, et sur 
I'Exposition universelle agricole de 1856. En- 
gravings. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre). — Coup 

d'ceil sur TExposition universelle de 1855. 41 pp. 
18mo. Paris, 1857. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre).— Revne do 

I'Exposition universelle de Besanyon en 1860. 
Suivi de : Coup d'ceil sur I'Exposition de Saint- 
Bizier en 1860 par M. Ch. Teissier. 96 pp. 8vo. 
Paris, 1861. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre).— LaFrance 

a Londres en 1862, revue de I'Exposition univer- 
selle du Palais de Kensington. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre).— L'horloge 

du Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers de Paris, de 
M. Detouche. Plate. 8 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre).— Etude k 

vol d'oiseau sur I'Exposition franco-espagnole de 
Bayonne en 1864. 12mo. Paris, 1865. 

AYMAR-BRESSION (Pierre).— Histoire 
g^n^rale de I'Exposition universelle de 1867. Les 
puissances ^trang^res. Largo 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

AYMARD. — Recherches archeologiqnes 
dans la Haute Loire. 8vo. Le Puy, 1856. 

AYMARD.— Rapport k la Soci^te Acad^- 
mique du Puy sur des antiquity Gallo-Bomaines 
d^uvertes au Puy, dans le sol de la Place du For, 
et notes concemant le dieu Adidon, un passage de 
Gr^goire de Tours, relatif k la ville du Puy, I'in- 
scription du pr^fet de la colonie et la frise au tem- 
ple. 88 pp. 8vo. Le Puy, 1860. 

AYMARD. — Etude arch^ologique but le lac 
du Bouchet. (Haute-Loire.) 8vo. Le Puy^ 

AYMARD. — Decouverte d^antiqtut^s eflfeo* 
tu^e k la cathMrale du Puy en 1865 et 1866. Bap- 
port. 59 pp. 8vo. Le Puy, 1869. 

AYRES (Philip). — Emblemata amatoria: 
Emblems of Love, in four languages (English, 
French, Latin, and Italian), dedicated to the Ladys 
by P. Ayres. Plates. 8vo. London, 1683. 

Another edition. Plates b^ "S\<iV<o>\^. %^q, \isvi- 
don. n. d. 



Universal Catalogue of 


AYRMANN (Cboiistoph Fbiedbich). — Dis- 

sertatio de Dummis Ateols regi Attilse mftle attri- 
batis. 4to. Giesse, 1739. 

AYTOTJN (WiLLiAiM Edmondstounb).— Lays 

of the Scottish Cavaliers and other Poems. With 
illustrations by Joseph Noel Paton and Waller H. 
Paton. 4to. London, 1863. S.E. 

AYZAO (F^LiciE Marie Emilie d'). — ^Dea 

^lises de Tltalie, de TAngleterre,' de la France et 
de TAUemagne ; Buivi de la chapelle Saint- Just, k 
Narbonne. 8to. Paris, 1853. 

ATZAC (F^LiciE Marie Emilie d*). — Saint- 
Denis, sa basilique et son monast&re. 18mo. Saint- 
Denis, 1869. 

AZEGLIO (Roberto d').— Manifesto d'As- 

BoeiaQone. La Beale Galleria di Torino, iUustrata 
da B. d'A 8 pp. 8ro. Torino, 1836. 

AZEGLIO (Roberto d'). — ^Notizie Btoriche 

Bul principe Tomn^^so di Savoia nella congiuntuza 
deUa dichianudone di un ritratto fattone da A Van- 
dyck. 49 pp. With 1 plate. Fol. Torino, 1841. 

AZZARINI (Camillo).— H trionfo di Maria 
Vergine, ordinamento Sovrano di Carlo Alberto B^ 
di Surdegna e monumento grandioso del Prof. Cin- 
cinnato Baruzzi. 4to. Bologna, 1843. 

AZZI (Antonio). — Genni Storid sail' antico 
e procUgioso Crocifisso che si venera nella Pano- 
chiale Chiesa di San Lucca, Boigo di Ferrara. 
82 pp. 8yo. Ferrara, 186]. 

AZZI7RRI (Francesco). — ^I nuovi restauri 

nell' Archiospedale di S. Spirito in Saxia, pel prof, 
cav. F. Azzurri. Map. 8vo. Boma, 1868. 




Books on Art {Supplement). 



B. — ^Eine Reihe Romischer Kaiser nach 
einem hochstseltenen Kunstalterthum welches aus 
illuminiiten Handzeichnungen unci geschriebenen 
tentBchen Keimen rom Jahr 1M4 besteht, beschrie- 
ben nnd mit...ErlauterQngezi heraiugegeben von B. 
4to. Tubingen, 1791. B.M. 

B * * * (i.e. Jbeomb Charles BELLICARD). 

Desciipiion abv&gie dee Antiquity de la Tille de 
Nismes. P&rM.B*** 2nd edition. 7 folding 
plates, engraved by Gritner. Svo. Nismes, 1786. 

Soone Mus. 

B. (A. J. D.) [BASSINET (Alexandre 

JossPH Ds].. — ^HiBtoiresaer^dn Koareaa Testament 
contenant la vie de Jisus-Christ, om^ de 72 
figores. 8to. Paris, 1802. 

B. (Alphonse). — ^Les bords dn Bh6ii6 de 
Lyon a la mer. Chroniquee, Ugendes. 7 litho- 
graphed plates and 1 map. 8to. Lyon, 1843. 

B. (B.) — tTber elfenbeineme Kunstwerke 
nbeihaapt namentlich iiber Statuetten und Kru- 
cifize in Solothom. 8yo. Solothum, 1850. 

B. (C. D.) — Quelqnes mots sur la gravnre 
an millisime de 1418, par C. D. B. With 6 plates. 
18 pp. 4to. Bmxelles, 1846. 

B. (E. V.)— Waifs and Strays firom a Scrap 
Book. By E. V. B. (t.e. the Hon. Mrs. BoyleV 12 
plates. 4to. London, 1862. B.M. 

B. (E. V.)— A Dream Book. By E. V. B. 
12 drawings in pen and pencil, or sepia, reproduced 
in perfect fac-simile by the antotyi)e process. With 
letterpress descriptions. Med. 4to. Loudon, 1869. 

B. (E. V.) — The Story without an End. 
From the Oerman of Carov^ by Sarah Austin. 
lUostrated with 16 original water-colour drawings 
by R V. B. Printed in fac-simile, and numerous 
illustrations on wood. Small 4to. London, 1870. 


B. (F.J — ^Armorial NencMtelois. Ghderie 
histon^ue du ChAteau de NenchAtel, contenant les 
armoines des Comtes et Princes de NeuchAtel... 
accompognto de notes historiques et h^raldiques. 
(Sign^ P. B., i.e. Felix Boyet). 8vo. Berne et 
NeuchAtel, Lausanne (printed), 1857. B.M. 

B. (H.W.)— The Gothic Revival. Prom 
the "Dublin Beriew.** April 1872. 8yo. S.K. 

B. (J.) (Le. Jambs BURGESS).— The Lives 

of the most eminent Modem Painters who have 
liTed since, or were omitted by Mons. De Piles. 
8to. London, 1754. S.K. 

B. (T.) — A compendious Account of the 
whole art of breeding, nursing, and the right order- 
ing of the Silkworm. Illustrated with figures en- 

graven on copper, whereon is curiously exhibited 
the whole management of this profitable inSect. 
Small 4to. London, 1733. S.E. 

B. (W.)— A New Touch-Stone for Gold and 

Silver Wares Discovering the principal matters 

of the Goldsmiths and Cutlers (and material things 
of all other Manual) Trades. 2nd edition, by W. B., 
of London, Goldsmith. Fcp. 870. London, 1708. 


B. (W.)— The Elephant's Ball and Grand 
Fete Cl)|imp6tre. (In verse.) Intended as com- 
panion to those much-admired pieces, " The Butter- 
fly's Ball," and the <* Peacock at Home.'* niustzftted 
with elegant engravings (by W. Mnlready). By 
W. B. 16mo. London, 1807. B.M. 

BABBAGE (Ghables). — Observations on 
the discovery in various localities of the Bemains 
of Human Art mixed with the Bones of Extinct 
Haces of Animals. From the " Proceedings of the 
Royal Society," for May 26, 1859. 8vo. London, 
1869. BJL. 

BABES, the, in the Wood. 10 Chromolithographs. 
Square 12mo. London, 1861. S.E. 

BABIN (Jacques Paul).— Relation de r6tat 

I)r^nt ae la ville d'Athines, ancienne capitale de 
a Gr^, bAtie depuis 3400 ans. TAvee un abr6g6 
de son histoire et de ses antiquity. 12mo. Lyon, 

Another edition, annot^ par L^n de Laborde. 
12mo. Paris, 1854. 

BABOU (Hippolttb). — Lettres satiriques 
et critiques, avec un difi an lecteur. 12mo. Paris, 

BABUTY DESGODETS (Antoine).— Lois 

des bAtiments, suivant la coutume de Paris, trai - 
tant de ce qui conceme les servitudes relies, les 
rapports des jur^ experts, les reparations locatives, 
douairiires, usufruitiires, b^nraciales . . . avec 
• les notes (}e M. Goupil, architecte. 8vo. Paris, 

BACCHI (Alessandro).— Notizio Istorico- 
artistico-biografiche sopra Castel-franco e la sua 
comune. 12mo. Bologna, 1844. 

BACCI (Andrea) .—De thermis A. B. Elpi- 

diani civis romani, medici atque philosophi, hbri 

septem accessit nunc liber octavus Editio 

novissima. Fol. Patavii, 1711. 

BACCO (Enrico). — n Regno di Napoli, 

diviso in dodici provincie, nel quale brevemente si 
descrive la cittA di Napoli, con le cose pi^ prin- 
cipal!, provincie, citta, e terre pi{i illustri, nomi 
delle famiglie nobiU, e d!Q^\x« ^v\Xk,\«et^ ^ <a&\^C^ 
fortezze e torn ies^%, cotx \^ V«o iD»xaKt».\Assiiv ^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


pagamenti Kaccolta da Enrico Bacco, Alemanno, 

corretta & ampliata da Cesare d^Engenio, gentil' 
huomo Napolitano. Woodcuts of the arms of th^ 
proTinces. Post 8vo. Napoli, 1618. S.K. 

BACH (Julien). — ^M^moire sur les habita- 
tions gauloises et sur les vestiges qu'on en trouve 
dans les provinces de TEst. 8vo. Metz, 1867. 

BACH (Max). — Architektur Skizzen aus 
Niimberg. Hadiningen von M. B. Plates, without 
text 4to. (Niirnberg), 1869. S.K. 

BACHARACH (P. E.) — Anleitung zum 
Natorzeichnen nach architectonischen Korpem mit 
besonderer Riicksicht auf Schulen und zum Selbst- 
Unf^rricht. 20 plates. Fol. Essen, 1837. 

BACHARACH (P. E.)—Nikascliaton. Die 

Kunst der Chinesen oder Orientalen, ohne Anlei- 
tung eines Lehrers und ohne alle Vorubung im 
Zeichnen, in dreissig Stunden malen zu lemen. 
Mit 44 auf 7 Tafeln vertheilten Abbildungen und 
leichtfasslich erlautemdem Texte. Nebst einer An- 
weisung, die den Schuler in Stand setzt, sich die 
erforderlichen Materialien grosstentheils s^lbst zu 
bereiten. 4to. Siegen und Wiesbaden, 1840. 

BACHELET (Th.). SeeDEzoBHT (Louis Charles) 

and Baciielbt (Th. ). Bictionnaire des lettres 

etc 4to. 1862. 

BACHELIN (A.) —Description dn Livre 
d'Heures de la Dame de Saluces faisant partie de la 
Biblioth^ue de M. Yemeniz. Plates. Large 8vo. 
Paris, 1867. 

BACHELIN (A.)— Description dn Livre 
d'Heures de la Maison de Schoenbom. Fac-simile. 
Large 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

BACHELIN (A.)— Description dn livre 
d'Heures du Prieur6 de Saint-Lo (de Rouen). Par 
A. B. 24 pp. With 2 feus-simile illuminations. 
Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1869. S.K. 

BACHELIN (A.)— Description d'un Com- 
mentaire de T Apocalypse, Manuscrit du xii* si^le, 
compris dans la Biblioth^ue de Son Excellence 
le Marquis d'Astorga, Comte d'Altamira, Due de 
Sesa, etc. Avec figures noires et en couleurs. Par 
A. B. Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1869. S.K. 

BACHMANN (Carl F.)— Die Knnstwissen. 
schaft in ihren allgemeinen. Umrissen dargestellt 
fur acaderaische Vorlesungen. 8vo. Jena, 1811. 

BACHMANN (Carl F.)— Ueber Philoso- 
phie und Kunst. Ein Platonisches' Fragment, als 
Beilage zu Schellings Kede iibe>r das Verhaltniss 
der Kunst e. 4to. Jena, 1812. 

BACHOFEN (J. J.)— Die Unsterblichkeits- 
lehre der Orphischen Theolo^e auf den Grab- 
denkmalem des Alterthums. Plate. Oblong fol. 
Basel, 1867. 

BACKHOUSE (James).— A Narrative of a 

Visit to the Australian Colonies. 3 maps, 15 etch- 
ings, and several woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1843. 

BACKHOUSE (James).— A Narrative of a 
Visit to the Mauritius and South Africa. 2 maps, 
16 etchings, and 28 woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1844. 

BACLER-D'ALBE (Louis Albert Ghis- 

LAiNDB, babon). — Anualespittorcsques ethistoriques 
des paysagistes, accompagn^ de notes historiques 
et critiques sur la vie des peintres, le m^rite deleurs 
ouvrages et les principes de I'art. 36 plates. 4to. 
Paris, 1803. 

BACLER-D'ALBE (Louis Albert Ghis- 

liAiN DE, baaon). — MacMoine lithographique ou 
suite de souvenirs pittoresques d'Europe. 1 8 plates. 
Fol. Paris, 1824. 

BACON.— Theory of Colouring, of Contrast, 
and Harmony. 12mo. London, 1866. 

BACQUfiS (Henri).— Des Arts indnstriels 
et des expositions en France. Recherches et Etudes 
historiques, suivies de documents et de renseigne- 
ments utiles sur I'ezposition de 1855. 18mo. Paris, 

BADEN BADEN.— Souvenirs des eaux de 
Baden Baden et des environs; dessin^s d'apris 
nature et lithographic par J. Jacottet, avec figures 
par A. Bayot. Fol. Paris (1850 ?). B.M. 

BADEN (Torkil). — Jacques Francois Jo- 
seph Salys Fortjenester af Kunstakademiet. 8vo. 
Kjobenhavn, 1820. 

BADER (Josef).— Badische Volkssitten 
und Trachten. WiUi plates — some coloured. Royal 
8vo. Karlsruhe, 1843. 

BADER (Josef). — Das malerische und ro- 
mantische Baden. 3 vols. With 54 plates. Royal 
8vo. Karlsruhe, 1843-46. 

BADGER (George Percy). — Description of 

Malta and Gozo. With map and plates. 16mo. 
Malta, 1838. S.K. 

BAECKER (Louis de). — Nordpeene, sa 

seigneurie, son ^glise, et son monast^re. 8vo. 
Dunkerque, n.d. 

BAECKER (Louis de)— CMteau de la 

Motte au Bois. With plates. 4to. Bouai, 1843. 

BAECKER (Louis de).— Recherches his- 
toriques sur la ville de Bergues, en Flandre. With 
1 plate. 8vo. Bruges, 1849. 

BAECKER (Louis de).— Le Tombeau de 
Robert le Frison, comte de Flandre. With plates. 
8vo. Paris, 1850. 

BAECKER (Louis de).— Les Flamands de 
France. Etudes sur leur langue, leur litt^rature et 
leurs monuments. With plates. 8vo. Oand, 1850. 

B^DEKER (Karl).— La Suisse, les Lacs 

Italiens, Milan, Turin, Qinea et Nice. Manuel du 
Voyageur par K. B. Quatrifeme Edition enti^re- 
ment refondue. 12mo. Coblenz, 1859. S.K. 

BJSDEKER (Kjlrl).— Handbook for Tra- 
vellers on the Rhine. With 12 views; 12 plans of 
towns, and 13 maps. 12mo. London and Cob* 
ientz (1861). 

BJSDEKER (Karl).— L'Allemagneetauel- 

ques parties des pays limitrophes jusqu'^ Stras- 
bourg, Luxembouig, Copenhague, t^racovie, Lem- 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


berg, Bude, Pesth, Pola, flume. Avec 15 cartes et 
30 plans. 2nd edition. 8ro. Coblence, 1863. 

BjEDEKER (Kabl).— Switzerland and the 

.adjacent portions of Italy, Savoy, and the I^rol^ 

Handbook for Travellers, by K. B. With 19 maps, 

7 plans, and 7 panoramas. 3rd edition, revised and 

augmented. Post 8vo. Coblenz, 1867. S.K. 

B-fiDEKER (Karl).— Handbook for Tra- 
vellers in Italy. VoL I. Northern Italy. IL Cen- 
tral Italy and Rome. III. Southern Italy. Maps 
and plans. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Coblenz, 1867-8. 


B-^DEKER (Karl). — The Rhine and 

Northern Germany. Handbook for Travellers by 
K. B. With 23 Maps and 38 Plans. 

4th edition, revis^ and augmented. 12mo. Cob- 
lenz, London, Edinbur^, 1870. S.E. 

B^^IDEKER (Karl).— Oesterreich, Sud- 
and West-Deutschland. Mit 21 Karten und 30 
Planen. 8vo. Coblenz, 1870. 

B^DEKER (Karl).— Belgium and Hol- 
land. Handbook for travellers by K. Baedeker. 
With 4 maps and 13 plans. 2nd edition, revised. 
16mo. Coblenz, 1871. SJK. 

B^DEKER (Karl).— Southern Germany 
and Austria, including the Eastern Alps. Hand- 
book for Travellers, by E. Baedeker. With 18 
maps and 20 plans. Second edition, revised and 
augmented. 16mo. Coblenz, 1871. S.K. 

BAEHR (JoHANN Karl). — Die Oraber der 

liven. £in Beitrag zur nordischen Alterthums- 
kunde und Geschichte. 21 lithographs. 4to. 
Dresden, 1850. S.E. 

BAER (C. F.). — ^Anweisung wie Landge- 
baude bequem, dauerhaft imd mit den wenigsten 
Koflten zu erbauen, auch ohne Ziegel mit feuer- 
nchem, warmen und sehr wohlfeilen Diichem zu 
belegen. Als Handbuch fur Landwirthe, Maurer 
und Zimmerleute. 3 plates. 8vo. Leipzig, 1796. 

BAERENSPRUNG (H. W.)— Versuch 
einer Geschichte des Theaters in Mecklenburg- 
Schwerin. Yon den ersten Spuren theatralischer 
Vorstellungen biszum Jahre 1835. 8vo. Schwerin, 

BAERLE (EIaspar van). — ^Medicea Hos])es, 

sive descrif^io publics gratulationis, qua M a ri a m 
de Medicis excepit senatus populusque Amstelo- 
damensis. Auctore Caspare Barkens. 17 plates. 
Fol. Amsterdam, 1638. S.E. 

Dutch translation : — 

Btyde inkomst der allerd. Eoninginne Marie 
de Medicis. 17 plates. Fol. Amsterdam, 1639. 


French translation : ^ 

Marie de Medicis entrant dans Amsterdam. 17 
plates. Fol. Amsterdam, 1639. 

BAERLE (Kaspar van). — ^Rerum per octen- 
ohim in Brasilia et alibi nuper gestarum, sub prae- 
feetura Comitis I. Mavritii, liTassavis, etc., historia. 
36 etchings. Large foL AmsteL, 1647. 

BAERSCH (Ch.).— Album Alsacien. Re- 

vue de I'Alsace litt^raire, dirig^e par C. B. 4 litho- 
graphs. 4to. Strasbourg, 1837-39. 

BAESSLER (Ferdinand).— HeUenischer 

Heldensaal, oderGeschichte der Griechen in Lebens- 
beschreibungen. 2 vols. With 32 illustrations. 
8vo. Berlin, 1849-51. 2nd edition. 4to. Berlin, 

BAEUMER (Wilhelm).— Das ehemalige 

Lusthaus in Stuttgart als Monument des freieren 
Renaissance-Styls. Plates and woodcuts. Fol, 
Stuttgart, 1869. 

BAEUMER (Wilhelm).— Die Bedeutung 

des kunstgewerblichen Unterrichts fiir Wiirtemberg. 
Vortrag, gehalten im Polytechnikum am Geburts- 
feste Sr. M^'. des Konigs Earl, den 6. Man, 1870. 
8vo. Stuttg^ 1870. 

BAGETTL— Analisi delle uniti d' effetto 
nella Pittura e della imitazione nelle Belle Arti. 
Opuscolo diretto ad un suo ainico dedito alle arti 
liberali. 8vo. Torino, 1827. 

BAGGI (LuiGi). — La visita erudita della 
insigne Basilica della Certosa di Pavia. 84 pp. 
8vo. Pavia, 1817. 

BAGLIONE (Giovanni).— Le nove Chiese 

di Boma, di G. Cavalier Baglione, Bomano. . . . 
Nelle quali si contengono le Historie, Pittnre, 
Sculture et Architetture di esse. 12mo. Boma, 
1639. S.E. 

BAGMTHL (J. T.).— Pommersches Wappen- 

buch, gezeichnet imd mit Beschreibung der Wappen 
und historischen Nachweisen versehen. 5 vols. 
4to. Stettin, 1843-55. 

BAGNI (Francesco Antonio). — Descrizione 

del fonerale limarcabile fatto nella Terra fora h 
citta) di Cento alia memoria riguardevole d^ CavaL 
Gio. Francesco Cremoni principe dell' Accademla 
del Sole, morto il di 22 Gennaro, 1720. Plate of 
the catafalque. 15 pp. 4to. Bologna, 1720. 

BAIER (JoHANN Jacob). — Jo. Jac. Baieri 

Biographiae Professorum Medicinae qui in aoade- 
mia Altorfina nnquam vixerunt. Singulorum aere 
expressis iconibus additis. With 15 Portraits by 
W. Ph. Kilian. 4to. Norimberger et Altorfii 
apud haeredes Jo. Dan. Tauberi, 1728. 

BAIGENT (Francis J.).— The History and 

Antiquities of the Parish Church of Wyke, near 
Winchester. From the "Archaeological Journal," 
Sept. 1863. Woodcuts. 42 pp. 8vo. Winchester, 

BAIGENT (Francis J.) and RUSSELL 

(Chables Jaxbs). — ^A practical Manual of Heraldry 
and of Heraldic Illumination, with a Glossary of 
the principal terms used in Heraldry. 8 plain and 
8 chromo-iithographs. 8vo. London, 1864. 

BAIKEE (R.).— Observations on the Neil- 
gherries. With maps, dra^ii:|^^iA\»X^»&. ^^^^^ 
by W.H. Smith. ^\o. O^axjXX;^ \^^ V 


Universal Catalogue of 


BAILEY. — History of Newcastle upon Tyne, 
and ite Vicinity. "With 6 plates. 8vo. Newcastle 
upon Tyne, 1801. 

BAILEY (Jambs). — Hieroglyphicormn Origo 

et Natura Accedit hermapionis Obelisci Flaminii 

compendiario factse inteipretationis Gnecse fragmen- 
tum necnon etiam qnse m tabula Rosettana repe- 
ritui inscriptio Grseca. Svo. Gantabrigise, 1816. 


BAILEY (Thomas).— Annals of Notting- 
hamshire. History of the county of Nottingham, 
including the borough. 4 toIs. With plates and 
woodcuts. Royal 8vo. London, n.d. S.K. 

BAILLE (LuDOVico). — ^Iscrizione romana 
illustrata. 57 pp. 4to. Torino, 1820. 


Lettres sur la peinture & un Amateur. 12mo. 
Genive, 1760. 


Lettre k M. Chardin sur lea caract^res en peinture. 
12mo. Geneve, 1753. 


Mani^e d'enluminer I'estampe pos^e sur toile. 
Svo. Londres, 1773. 

BAILLIflRE (Henei).— Henri Regnanlt, 
1843-1871. Avec un Bessin a la plume. 12mo. 
Paris, 1871. S.K. 

BAJLLY (J.). — Nnova raccolta di varie e 
diverse sorte di fieri disegnati dal naturale. 13 

■ plates engraved by Amoldo van Westerhout. Fol. 
Boma, 168-. 

BAILLY (J. L. A.) — Notices historiqnes snr 
les biblioth^ues andennes et modemes. . . . 8vo. 
Fftris, 1828. 

BAILS (Benito). — Elementos de Mate- 

' mdtica. Tomo ix. parte II. Que trata de la 
arquitectura hidraulica. 49 plates by Fabregat and 
others. 8^vo. Madrid, 1790. 

BAILS (Benito). — Elementos deMatemdtica. 

Tomo IX. Parte 1. Que trata de la Arquitectura 
civil. 61 plates by Nemesio Lopez Saavedra ; Bod- 
rigues; Josef Munt4ner ; JosefGiraldo, and others. 
2nd edition. Svo. Madrid, 1796. 

BAILS (Benito). — Diccionario de Arquitec- 
tura Civil. Obra p6stuma de Don B. B. 4to. 
Madrid, 1802. S.E. 

BAILY (N. L.).— Onr own Birds. With 
numerous illustrations. 16mo. Philadelphia, 1869. 

BAINES (Edward).— ffistoiy of the Cotton 

Manufacture in Great Britain, embellished and 
illustrated with portraits of Inventors, drawings of 
machinery, etc. 8vo. London, 1835. 

BAINES (Edwaed).— History of the County 
Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster, by E. B. The 
Biographical Department by W. B. Whatton. 4 
vols. 4to. London, 1836. S.K. 

BAINES (Thomas).— The Victoria Falls, 
Zambesi Biver, sketcned on the spot (during the 

journey of J. Chapman and T. Baines), by T. B., 
F.R.G.S. 11 chromo-lithographs. Fol. London, 
1866. S.K. 

French translation : — 

With map and plates. 12mo. Paris, 1868. 

BAINES (Thomas).— History of the Com- 
merce and town of Liverpool, and of the Rise of 
Manufacturing Lidustrj in the adjoining Counties. 
Boyal 8vo. London, Liverpool, 1852. S.E. 

BAINES (Thomas).— Lancashire and Che- 
shire past and present ; a history and description of 
the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester... 
With an account of the rise and progress of Manu- 
factures and commerce.. .by W. B^rbairn...With... 
illustrations... by H. Warren, &c 4to. London, 
(1868, etc.). B.M. 

BAIRD (Spencer F.).— Mammals of North 
America ; the descriptions of species based chiefly 
on the collections in the Museum of the Smith- 
sonian Institution. With 87 plates, partly coloured. 
4to. Philadelphia, 1859. 


Birds of North America, containing descriptions of 
all known species, chiefly from specimens in the 
Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. With 
Atlas of 100 pktes. 4to. New York, 1 860. 

BAIRD (William). — Genealogical CoUec- 

tions concerning the surname of Baird, and the 
families of Audimedden, Newbyth, and Sauchton 
Hall in particular. With copies of old letters and 
lepers worth preserving, and account of several 
transactions in this country during the last two 
centuries. Beprinted from the original MS. in the 
Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. Seals, facsimiles, 
etc. 4to. London, 1868. 

BAIZINI (Giovanni Battista). — Alcuni 

tratd dello storico Q. Curzio con&ontati col musaico 
di Pompei. 15 pp. 16mo. Boma. 1830. 

BAJETTA (Giuseppe).— Descrizione della 

racoolta di quadri la proprieta del S. Ambrogio 
Sorlisi abitante in MUano. 24 pp. Large 8yo. 
Milano, 1841. 

BAKER (Sib Samuel W.)— The Albert 

N'yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, and Explorations 
of the Nile Sources. . . . With maps, illiistrations, 
and portraits. Svo. 2 vols. London, 1867. 8.K. 

BAKER (Rev. T.).— The Funeral Sermon 
of Margaret, Countess of Bichmond and Derby, 
Mother to King Henry VU. and Foundress of 
Christ's and St John's College in Cambridge, with 
a Preface containing some further account of her 
Charities and Foundations, together with a Cata- 
logue of her Professors both at Cambridge and 
Oxford, and of her Preachers at Cambridge. By 
the Bev. Mr. T. B., B.D., of St. John's. Post Svo. 
London, 1708. S.K. 


Les Bubens k Siegen. Ma B^ponse k MM. le Dr. 
L. Ennen et B. C. du Mortier. Facsimile. 8vo. 
La Haye, 1861. S.K. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


BAKKER (J. A.).— Over *t ideaal in 't 
gebied der Kunst. 8to. Leyden, 1824. 

BAKKER (J. A.).— Voorlezing over de 
geschiedenis der beeldende Ktinsten bij de oude 
Tolken. 2 vols. Syo. Botterdam, 1832. 

BALAfeHOFF. — Sobrani6 vidov ostrova 
Yalaama. (Recneil de vues de Tile Valaam.) With 
plates. FoL St. Feterburg, 1862. 

BALBI (Adbien). — Essai Statistiqae sur le 
Boyaiunp de Portugal et d'Alg^anre compart aux 
autres^Etata de l*£iiiope, et snivi d'tin coupd'oeil 
snr I'Etat actnel dee Sciences, des Lettres et des 
Beaux-Arts parmi les Portugais des denx h6mi- 
spiiires. 2 vols. 8yo. Paris, 1822. 

BALBI (Federico). — Inno all' arte. 8vo. 
iTrea, 1864. 

BALBONI (Carlo). — Un ricordo della me- 

moria di Filjppo Pasini. 10 pp. Ferrara, 1854. 
From the " Gazzetta di Feirara," No. 24. 1854. 

BALDELU BONI (Giov. Battista).— Sag- 

gio di AntichitA primitive del conte Giov. Battista 
Saldelli Boni. Adonate e pubblicate dal Cav. 
Francesco Inghirami. With 6 copperplates. 8vo. 
Foligrafia fiescolana, 1825. 

BALDINUCCI (FiLiPPo).— Cominciamento 
e piogresso dell' Arte dell' Intagliare in rame. 
CoUe vite di molti de' piii eccellenti Maestri della 
stessa professione. Con Annotazioni del Sig. Do- 
menico Maria Manni. 8vo. Milano, 1808. S.K. 

BALDUS (Edouabd). — ^Recaeild'Omements 
d'api^ les Maitres les plus c^l&bres des XV* XVI* 
Xm» et XVin« Siicles. Hiliograyure par E. B. 
Fol. Paris, 1866, etc. S.K. 

BALDWIN (John D.).— Prehistoric Na- 

tioBB ; or. Inquiries concerning some of the great 
Peoples and Civilisations of Antiquity, and their 
probable relations to a still older civilisation of the 
fehiopians or Cushites of. Arabia. 12mo. London, 

BALDWIN (John D.). — ^Ancient America, 
in Notes on .^jnerican Archaeology. With illustra- 
tions. Crown 8vo. London, 1872. S.E. 

BALDWIN (William Chablbs).— African 

Hunting and Adventure from Natal to the 2^mbesi, 
including Lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert^ etc., 
from 1852 to 1860. With illustrations by James 
Wolf and J. B. Zwecker. 2nd edition. 8vo. Lon- 
doo, 1863. 

BALL (Chablbs). — ^An Historical Account 
of Winchester, with Descriptive Walks. Plates. 
Boyal 8vo. Winchester, 1818. S.E. 

BALL (Chablbs). — History of the Indian 
Mutiny, illustrated with Battle Scenes, Views of 
Places, Portraits and Maps. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 

BALL {John). — ^Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers. 

A seiies of excursions by members of the Alpine 
dub. Edited by J. B. With maps, ehromo-lithos, 
and woodcuts. 8td. London, 1859. S.£. 

BALLADS.— A CoUection of Old Ballads, 
corrected from the best and most antient copies ex- 
tant, with Introductions historical and critical. 
8 vols. With 47 plates. 12mo. London, 1726-38. 

BALLANTI (Vincent).— Le Temple de la 

Victoire sans ail^^ sur TAcropole d' Ath&nes, restaur^ 
par B. Kousmin. 6 plates. Fol. Home, 1837. SJC. 

BALLANTINB (James).— The Lakes of Kil- 
lamey. Tinted plates. 8vo. London, 1859. 

BALLANTYNE (John) . — Colouring : a 
lecture delivered to ait students at Edinburgh. 
Eoyal Svo. Edinburgh, n. d. 

BALLANTYNE (Thomas). — Essays in 
Mosaic. (With a prefece by J. H. Friswell. ) 1 6mo. 
London, 1870. B.M. 

One of the " Bajaid Series." 

BALLARD (Chbistophe). — L*6cole de la 

mignature, ou Tart d'apprendre k peindre sans 
maitre, et les secrets pour faire les plus belles cou- 
leurs. Nouvelle ^tion. On trouve dans cette 
Mition, outre la mani&re de faire Tor bruni et Tor 
en coquille, les mesures du corps humain. La 
mithode pour itudier Tart de la peinture, tant h 
firesque, en d^trempe et k Thuile, que sur le verre, 
en email, mosaique and damasquinure. Post Svo. 
Paris, 1782. SJK. 

Earlier editions. 12mo. Lyon, 1679. 12mo. 
Bouen, 1724. 

German translation. 8vo. Lignitz, 1703. 

Swedish translation: — Miniatur Skolan, eller 
konsten at l£ra mila utan mastare ; jamte bihang 
om sfittet at gora de vackraste fiizgor, etc., och til 
slut undervisning uti mSlare-konsten. Ofversatt 
i£ran den &r 1782 i Paris utkonma forbattrade 
och tilokta uplagan. Svo. Stockholm, 1784 or 

BALLENSTEDT (Johakn Georg Justus). 

Oeschichte des Klosters Biddagshausen bei Braun- 
schweig. Svo. Scheningen, 1809. 

BALLERINI (Giuseppe). — Descrizione isto- 
rica e mitologica delle statue attualmente esistenti 
neUa Villa Beale. 32 pp. Svo. Napoli, 1842. 

BALLERSTEDT (Gustav).— VoUstandiges 
Handbuch der Steindruckerei. Svo. Quedlinbui^ 
imd Leipzig, 1837. 

BALLERSTEDT (Gustav).— Beschreibung 
der Art und Weise den lithographischen Buntdmck 
mittelst Eines Steines mit Einem Abdruck su 
bewirken. Erste Ifanier Schablonen-druck. Zweite 
Manier, Iris-durck. Svo. Quedlinbuig, 1839. 

BALLINA (Manuel Isidora de la). — Re- 

glas para trarar oon ezactitud y conocimiento la habi- 
tacion de una casa, alguna parte de ella, 6 piesas 
que se le aumenten 6 quiten ; adicionadas con las 
tablas de los s6Udos mas comunes de la canteria. 
Por Don M. I. de la Ballina, Arquitecto general de 
rentas Beale8» &c. Svo. Madrid, 1802. 

BALLINGALL (Willum).— The Shores of 
Fife. WithwoodeuU. 4tA. E^yhWe^A^A*^* 


Universal Catalogue of 


BALTARD (Louis Pierre).— Reflexions 

6ur les obserrations g^n^rales du citoyen Combes, 
architecte, relatives a remplacement du Cb&teau- 
Trompette, & Bordeaux. 4to. n.p.n.d. 

BALTARD (Louis Pierre). — ^Architecto- 

nographie des Prisons, ou paralike des divers sys- 
t^mes de distribution dont les prisons sont suscep- 
tibles, &c. With plates. Fol. Paris, 1829. SJC. 

BALTARD (Louis Pierre).— Projet du 

Palais de Justice de la Ville de Lyon, et m^moire 
BUT le choix de son emplacement, soit k la Place de 
Roanne, soit sur les roches de la Sa6ne.- 1 1 plates. 
4to. Paris, 1830. 

BALTARD (V.) — Rapport snr les marches 

publics en Anglcterre, en Belgique, en Hollande et 
en Allemagne. With 12 plates. 4to. Paris, 1846. 

BALTHASAR (C. G.).— Notice historique 
et descriptive sur T^glise de Saint-Nicolas-du-Port 
(Meurthe). 6 engravings. 8vo. Paris, 1847. 

BALTHASAR (C. G.).— Notice historique 
et descriptive sur la Cath^drale du Toul. 10 en- 
gravings. Svo. Paris, 1848. 

BALZAC (HoNOR^ de). — Petites miseres 
de la vie conjugale. Woodcuts by Bertall. Royal 
Svo. Paris, n.d. 

BALZAC (Honors de). — P^uis marie. Phi- 

losophie de la vie conjugale. Comment^e par 
Gavami. 62 woodcuts. Small Svo. Paris, 1846. 

BALZAC (HoNOR^ de). — CEuvres illustr6es 
de Balzac. Designs by J. A, Beauc^, K Lamp- 
soniuB, Andrieuz, Ed. Coppin, Tony Johannot, 
Staal, Bertall, H. Monnier, Baunier, Meissonier, etc., 
etc. Large Svo. Paris, 1867. 

BALZAC (Honors de). — ^Le Diable k Paris. 

Paris k la plume et au crayon. 1 ,000 dessins, 550 
seines et types, avec l^endes, do Qavami, 450 des- 
sins par Q-randville, Bertall, Cham, etc. Texte par 
Balzac, A. de Musset, G. Sand, Stahl, A. Barbier, 
etc. Svo. Paris, 1868. 

BALZANO (Fr.).— L'antico Ercolano ov- 
vero la Torre del Greco tolta dall' obblio. 4to. 
Napoli, 1868. 

BALZANO (P.)— Deir uso antico e recente 
del Castello ai Capuana, e di una pittura eseguita 
in una dello sue Sale nell' anno 1858, dagli artisti 
Napolitani Biagio Molinari ed Ignazio Perucci. 
Svo. Napoli, 1859. 

BALZER (Johann). — Effigies Viromm 

eruditorum atque artificum Bobemise et Moravise, 
una cum brevi vitae operumque ipsorum enarra- 
tione. 51 portraits. 2 vols. Svo. Prague, 1773. 
87 Abbilduncen Bohmischer und Mkhiischer 
Gelebrten und Kiinstler, nebst Erklarung. 4to. 
Prag., n.d. 

BAMBERG. — Bambergische Peinliche 
Hals^erichtsz ordnung. With woodcuts. Small 
fol. Bamberg, 1580. 8.K. 

BAMBERG. — Geschichte der Domkirche zu 
Bamberg. 4to. Bambeig, 1887. 

BANCE.— Modeles de Marbrerie, de menni- 
series, d'orfivrerie et de Serrurerie. Choisi parmi 
ce que Paris offie de plus nouveau, etc. £dit^ par 
Bance. FoL Pans, 1825-26. 

BANCE (C.).— 40 Suites complettes de 524 
des plus belles Estampes de Callot et de Bella. 524 
plates (298 by Jacques Callot, and 226 by Stephan 
della Bella) and portrait of Callot as frontispiece. 
Fol. Paris, n.d. 

BANCHERO (Giuseppe).— Geneva e le 

Due Biviere. Descrizione di G. B. With plates, 
lioyal Svo. Genova, 1846. S.E:. 

BANCHERO (Giuseppe).— B Duomo di 

Genova, illustrato e descritto da G. B. With 
lithographed views of the cathedral by P. Barabino. 
3rd edition. Svo. Genova, 1859. 

BANDELLONI (Luigi P. A.).— Su lo sco- 

Srimento delle ossa e sulla vita di Rafiaello Sanzio 
'Urbino principe dei pittori. 6 pp. Svo. Mace- 
raU, 1838. 

BANDHAUER (G.)— Drei Plane von ver- 
schiedenen Baumeistem zu einem Baue des Hospi- 
tals zum heiligen Geist, mit dazu gehorigem Oeko« 
nomiehofe in Kothen. £in Beitrag zur biirgerlichen 
und Landbaukunst. Enthaltend 4 Kupfer- und 
8 Steintafeln mit Erlauterungen und mit Bemer- 
kungen, etc Folio. Leipzig, 1826. 

BANDHAUER (G.)— Verhandlnng iiber 
die artistische Untersuchung des Banes der Hange- 
briicke uber die Saale bei Monchen-Nienburg. 
Nebst einem Heft mit 4 Kupfertafeln und Erlauter- 
ungen. Large Svo. Leipzig, 1827. 

BANDINI (Angelo Maria). — Annales 

Typographic Juntarum de Florentia;. 2 vols. 
Svo. Lucse, 1791. 

BANDTKIE (K. W.). -- Numismatyka 
Krajowa. With 66 plates. 2 vols. 4to. War- 
saw, 1839. 

BANKES (GEOEGE).--The Story of Corfe 
Castle, and many who have lived tliere, various 

particulars of the Court of Charles the Hrst at 

York and Oxford. Plates. Svo. London, 

1853. S.K 

BANKS (Langley). — Joiner's Instractor in 
the Construction of Staircases and Handrailing. 
Plates. 4to. London, 1849. 

BANKS (Sir Thomas C, Bart.).— The 

Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, or an 
historical and genealogical account of the lives, 
public employments, and most memorable actions 
of the English nobility who have flourished from 
the Norman Conquest to the year 1806 [1837]f 
deduced from public records, ancient historians, 
the works of eminent heralds, and from other 
celebrated and approved authorities. 4 vols. 4to. 
1807-87. S.K. 

BANKS (Sir Thomas C, Bart.).--Hi8toi7 

of the Ancient Noble Family of Marmyon ; their 
singular office of King's champion, by the tenure 
of the baronial manor of Scriyelsby, in the county 


Booh on Art (Supplement). • 


of lincoln : also other ^ignitorial tenures and the 
services of London, Ozfoid, &c., on the Coronation 
Day. The whole collected firom the public records 

With curious engravings. 4to. London, 1817. 


BANKS (Sir Thomas C, Bart.).— Baronia 
Anglica concentrata ; or a concentrated account of 
all the baronies commonly called baronies in fee ; 
deriving their origin from writ of summons, and not 
from any specific limited creation ; shewing the 
descent and line of heirship as well of those f&milies 
mentioned by Sir William Dugdale, as of those 
whom that celebrated author has omitted to notice, 
(interspersed with interesting notes and explanatory 
remarks) whereto is added the proofs of parlia- 
mentary sitting, from the reign of Edw. I. to that 
of Queen Anne ; also a glossary of dormant English, 
Scotch, and Irish peerage titles, with reference to 
presumed existing heirs. 2 vols. 4to. Bipon, 
1843-4. S.K. 

BANKS (W. S.) — Walks in Yorkshire: 
Wakefield and its Neighbourhood ; with map, and 
fifty-five woodcuts, by W. S. B. 12mo. London, 
Wakefield, 1871. S.K 

BANNISTER (James).— A View of the 

Arts and Sciences from the earliest times to the age 
of Alexander the Great. 12mo. London, 1785. 

Soane Mus. 

French translation : — 

Tableau des arts et des sciences depuis les temps 
les plus recnlte, %tc. 12mo. Paris, 1786. 

BAQUOL (J.). — Guide du Voyagenr snr 
les chemins de fer de Strasbourg k Bile et de Mul- 
houseaThann. With 16 plates. 12mo. Stras- 
bourg, 1854. 

BARABfi. — Kecherches historiqnes snr le 
tabellionage royal, principalement en Kormandie, et 
sigillographie normande. With 24 plates. Eoyal 
8vo. Rouen, 1863. 

BARBADICTJS (Joannes Feanciscus).— 

Nomismata virorum illustrium et Barbadica Gente. 
85 headings of medals, 87 tail pieces. Large fron- 
tispiece and initials. Engraved by B. V. A. (Gand). 
Imp. fol. Fatavii, ck)I3Ccxxxii. 1733. 

Earlier edition. With 186 woodcuts by Robert 
van Audenaeide. Imp. fol. fiatavii, 1723. 

BARB AN (Andr^). — £tnde arch^olo^qne 
sur le ChAte^ de Saint-Priest, pr^s Saint-!&ienne. 
8vo. Saint-Etienne, 1858. 

BARBARAN (Domenico), — Ulnstrazione di 
alcune monete romane imperiali in primo bronzo, 
eonservate nella Biblioteca del Seminario di Padova 
(Galba-Domizia). 18 pp. 8vo. Padova, 1869. 

BARBE (H.).--Jublaiiis (Mavenne). Notes 
snr ses antiqnit^s. Epoque Gallo-Romaine, etc. 
With plates. 4to. Text 8vo. Le Mans, 1865. 


BARBEDIBNNE (F.).— Bronzes d'Art. 
[lUustrated.] 8vo. Ph. Paris (1867). S.K. 

BARBER (R).— The Tourist's Guide to 

Amside and Silverdale, by H. Barber, M.D. With 
a list of the Ferns of the District. 16mo. Ulver- 
ston, n.d. S.K. 

BARBER (John Warner).— Pictorial His- 

tory of the State of New York. 8vo. Cooper- 
town, N. Y., 1846. B.M. 

BARBER (Thomas).— Barber's Picturesque 
Illustrations of the Isle of Wight, comprising views 
of every object of interest on the island. Ej^raved 
from original drawings. Accompanied by historical 
and topographical descriptions. Royal 8vo. Lon- 
don, n.d. S.EI. 

BARBERI (Michel Angelo). — Alcuni 

Musaici usciti dallo studio del Cavr. Michel Angelo 
Barberi. 22 plates. Fol. Roma, 1856. S.K. 

BARBERINO (Francesco).— Antiquitates 

Ecclesis Orientalis, clarissimorum virorum Card. 
Barberini, L. Allatii, L. Holstenii, J. Morini, A. 
Ecchellensis, N. Peyrescii, P. k Valle, T. CJomberi, 
J. Buxtorfii, H. Hottingeri, etc, dissertationibus 
epistolicis enucleatee, nunc ez ipsis autographis 

editse. Quibus prsefixa est J. Morini vita. 8vo. 

Londini, 1682. B.M. 

BARBETTI.— Catalogue of a Collection of 
Antiquities (Phenico-Egypto-Sardes) found in the 
Necropolis of Tharros. 8vo. London, 1867. S.K. 

BARBEZAT.— Ornements en Fonte de Fer. 
4to. Paris, 1858. S.E. 

BARBI-CINTI (Francesco) .— Pinacoteca 

Ferrarese : cenni illustrativi. 8vo. Ferrara, 1855. 

BARBIELLINI (Giovanni Lorenzo).— 

Roma Antica distinta per Regioni, seconda I'esempio 
di Sesto Ruffo, Vittore e Nardini, omata di rami 
delle piii celebri &bbriche antiche diligentementa 
intagliati. Plates. 8vo. Roma, 1741. 

BARBIELLINl' (Giovanni Lorenzo).— 

Roma Modema distinta per Regioni e cavata del 
Panvinio, Pancirolo, Nardini ed altri autori, ornata 
di yarj rami diligentemente intagliati rappresen- 
tanti le basiliche, e altre insigni fabbriche fino all' 
anno m.dcczli. Plates. 8vo. Roma, 1741. 

BARBIER. — Les Causes physiques qui ont 
influ^ sur les progr^s de la Peinture. 8vo. Paris, 

BARBIER (Antoine Alexandre). — Die 

tionnaire des Ouvrages anonvmes et pseudonymes 
compost, traduits ou publiM en Fran^ais et en 
Latin, avec les noms des auteurs, traducteurs et 
Miteurs ,* accomp&gn^ de notes historiqnes et cri- 
tiques. Par M. Barbier. Seconde Edition, revue, 
corrig^e et consid^rablement augment^. 4 vols. 
8vo. Paris, 1822-27. S.K. 

BARBIER (Alexandre Nicolas and Vic- 

toire). — Le Mattre d'aquarelle, traits pratique de 
lavis et de peinture a I'aquarelle. With 15 plates. 
8vo. Paris, 1861. 

BARBIER (H. H.).— Discours sur le r^ta- 
blissement de la bibliotJI[i^c^<d^u'2«^\& ^'bS^^'oXa^^- 
bleau. 8vo. Me\\m, \%^^. 


Universal Catalogue of 



Kotice our r^ St. Louis des Fran^ais i 
Borne au 17* sitele. 8to. Poitien, 1856. 


^pigraphie et Iconographie dea Cataoombes de 
Borne, et specialeiiient d'Anagni. 8to. ph. Paris, 
1868. S.K. 


Lm Tapisseries da Sacre d' Angers daasto et d^ 
crites, selooi Tordie chronologiqne. 12mo. Paris, 
- 1863. S.K 

Earlier edition. 12mo. Angers, 1868. 


Description da maitre-aatel offert par S. Ezc. le 
* prince Don Alexandre Torionia k la cathMrale de 
Boologne-sqr-Mer. 4 plates. Pol. Borne, 1864. 


*: Etade Archiologiqae snr le reliqoaire da chef de S. 
Laarent diacre et martyr. Chromolithograph. PoL 
'Borne, 1864. 


Antiqoit^ ehr^ennes de Borne da V* aa XYI* 
> sikle. Photographs and text. Folio. Bome, 
1864, etc. 


Les soaterrains et le txiaox de St-Piene i Borne, 
on description des objets d*art et d'arch^logie 
qu'ils renferment Small 8to. Bome, 1866. 


L'octave des 8S. Ap6tres Pierre et Paal k Bome, ayefi 

one description ditaiU^ da pontifical da Pape dans 

' la hasiliqae de S. Pierre. Small 8vo. Bome, 1866. 


^ Les f(6tes de PAqoes k Bome, avec ane description 
da pontifical da I^ape dans la basiUqne de S. Pierre. 
Small 8yo. Bome, 1866. 


X Bome, par le chanoine X. B. de H. 79 pp. 
Small 8vo. Bome, 1866. 


Description de la hasiliqae de saint uoot, hors les 
mors, a Bome. 16mo. Bome^ 1866. 


' La Biblioth^ae Vatleane et see Annexes : l^Mas^ 
Chretien, la Salle des Tableaux da Moyen Age, les 
Chambres Boigia, etc. 12mo. Bome, 1867. S.X. 


La Mosaiqae da d6me 4 Aix-la-ChapeUe. 68 pp. 
with plate. 8yo. Paris, 1869. S.K. 


Tableaa raiaonn^ des pierres et marbres antiqaes 
employ^ k la constraction et deration des mona- 
ments de Bome. 44 pp. 8ro. Caen, 1870. 


Les Mns^ et Qaleries de Bome. Catalogue g^^ 
ral de tons les objets d'art qoi y sont expos^. 
12mo. Bome, 1870. BX 


Les chefs-d'cBOvze de la Scnlptore religieose k Bome, 
a TKpoqae de la Benaisaanee, dessin^ par le Che- 
Talier Tosi et d^crits par Mgr. X Barbies de 
Montaolt. Denxiime ^tion, premiere Fran^aise. 
Large folio. Bome, 1870. SJL 


Catalogne des Pierres et Karbres employ^ depois 
le XYI* Si^e k Bome, par Mgr. X B. de Mootaolt. 
8vo. Caen, 1872. 8.K. 


DE CASTELLO BBANCO (Joke).— Estados bio- 
graphicos, oa noticia das pessaos retratadas nos 
quadros historicos pertencentes 4 Bibliotheca na- 
cional de Lisboa. Fol. Lisboa, 1854. 

BARBOT (Ghaeles). — Gnide pratique da 
Joaillier, oa traits oomplet des pierres predeosee, 
leur 6tade chimiqae et miniralqgiqae, les moyens 
de les reconnaitre siirement, leor yaleor approzi- 
matiTS et raisonnie, leas emploi, la descriptios des 
pins eztraordinaires et des chefs-d'oauTre anciens 
et modemes anzqaels elles ont concoura, par 
Charles Barbot 178 flgnres. Post 8Td. Paris 
(1868). S.K. 

BARBUO (Scipione).— Sommario delle vito 
de' Duchi di Milano, cosi Visconti come Forxeschi, 
raccolte da diTersi aatori. Plates. Fol. Tenetla, 

BARCELONA, — El Oonsulfcor. Nuova 
Gaia de Barcelona. Obra de granda ntilidad para 
todos los Tecinos y forasteros y samament(^nndis- 

rmsable 4 los que peitenecen & la classe Mereantil 
Indostrial. Por J. A. S. Boy. 8vo. Barcebna, 
1867. 8JI. 

BARCLAY (Gboeob).— Thirty varietieg of 
the monogram J.B., by rarioas hands. Edited by 
G. Barday. Sheet. Imp. 8to. London, (1870). 

BARCLAY (John).— The Anatomy of the 

Bones of the Haman Body ; represented in a series 
of engrayings, copied from the elegant tables of Sae 
& Albinos. By Edward Mitdiell, EngraTer. With 
Explanatory Beferenees, by the late J. B;, M.D., 
etc. A new ed. by B. Knox, M.D., etc. 32 plates. 
4to. Edinbnzgfa, 1829. S.E. 

BARD (Joseph).-— Statistiqiie montunen- 
taire dress^e dans la Yille de Bavenne. Sitaation 
basilicale de la mUe de Lyon. Type civil, da XV* 
si^e, expliqai par le grand H6tel-Diea de Beaone, 
8vo. Lyon, 1840. 

BARD (Joseph). — Manuel Q^n^ral d'Ar- 
chtologie saer6e. Borgondo-Lyonnaise, etc 8to. 
Lyon (printed), Paris, 1844. B.M. 

BARD (Josbph). — ^Notice snr Notre Dame 
de Boorg. 8to. Lyon, 1847. 

Another edition. 8to. Boorg-en-Brisse, 1848. 

BARD (Joseph^. — XJiie Bemaine k Londres 
pendant I'ExpOBition de 1851, renfermant la de- 
scription da bAttment de I'Esmosition, avec denx 
grands plana afficiels et one johe Tne da Pdata da 

Books on Art (Supplement). 


CHital, le guide e 

e de Vit 

it pittoTCfqiie < 
dansLoodiw «t 6«* ravinnu, etc Poet 8to. Farit, 
1861. SS.. 

BASJJI (OiOTANin ex). — Dincorso sopra il 
Ginieo del Calcio florentiiio. Bel Faro Aoemdo- 

- Kioa AltoMo. I plftle. 8ro. 'Fizaaa, 1G30. &E. 

BABDI (GiBOLlMO). — Dichiaratioae di tatte 
lliutoTie, ehe si eonUiigaiiD ne i qnadri po«ti niio- 

. Tameiilai>ell«MtladelMiatiiiio,eaelgnmCo<iiiglio 

. del PbUbo Docale delU 8«gnnua. Bepnbl. di Vtoe- 
tje, Delia q&ala si hi piens intelligMua delle pii 
B^gnaiale Titbjrie, oocsaffnito da nrie lutioiii del 
mondo da i Trnetiuii. Fatto da OiioUtno Budi. 
ISiiio. Tenetis, ISSg. - S.K 

BABDI (Ltnoi).— Delle atatae di Amolfo 
I«po a di Filippo Bmneluco eiegaite da Loigi 
Ai™loiu. FoL I^ 18S0. 

BABDm.— Le tricanphe de Son AltoBae 
ChariM nil., doc da Ijonaias, etc., i bod rtbnir 
dam see EteU. Plates deeiened bj Baet, engraved 
br SebMtKD Le Oeic. Ftdia Nanir, ii.d. 

BABDON (MicHSL Feui^oib DuiDBfi). — 
BeeluRliM biMoriquee but lee casquee at «iir quel- 
<pum Titameiiti dee aDdens. l2mo. Puis, 17SS. 

BABDON (MiCHBL Fkasijoib DAUPafi^. — 
Aarcdotaa nir la (moit de Bonchardan, euinee de 
qnelqnai Kclierchea histariqBeB ear lea ca«qaea dei 
aadena. Sro, (Paria; 1764.) 

Vis de Carle Vanloo, Atm liate de sea principaox 
ooTiBgea. 8to. I^ria, 17B$. 

BARDON (Michel FEiB^ois DiHDEfi). — 
HoDBineDtde laTille deReima. ISmo. Fari8,176I'. 

Apologie dea Allegoriea ds Bnbeiu et de Lebnm, 
introduitea dana lea Galeriee dn LniembauTg et de 
Teiiaillw : tniTie de qaelqnee piicee fogitiTea re- 
latirea anx arte. 12mQ. Parii, 1T77. 

BABDOK (UicHXL Frutijoib DixoBf).— 
DeaeriftiaD hiitoiiqne et piUoreaqoe do HanaoUe 
de]Ianiea,Comtede8sie. aenlpU par U. FigaUe. 
Hmo. Paii a, 1777. 

BABDWELL (WiLLUii).~Healthy Homes, 
and bow U> make them. Platee, etc. Sto. London, 

BABDT (HKmi).--Qaelqiiei notea histo- 
tiqiaa et wdliologiqiiee, oommaniqo^ i la 
Swiiti ponr la conMrratioa dea noDDineiita hiato- 
riqaea if Alaaca. With platea, 8to. fitiubonig, 

B&BOfiS (Jux JosBPB LfiiSDBi).— Tradi- 
ticoB orieDtAlef hit lee I^ramidee. Sto. Mai^ 
aeJOe, 1S41. 
BABOfiS (Jus JOBIPB LfiBDKE).— Temple 
da Baal k Haneilla, on graude ingeriptioa pbtai- 
Mnne dieoarerte dsaa cetta rille, dana le counct 
deraattte ISU, expliqnie et accompagnfe d'absnr- 
tcHom oritinMa «t biatoriquea. 1 plate. 8to. 

■ """ aro. ftiia, 1868. 

BABGfiS (Jean Joseph LiiHDBE). — Bx- 
araen d'une Donrelle Jaacription phinieienne, d4- 
eonverte ticemmant dana lee rninee de CaitliBge, et 
analogue i eelle ds Haneille. 1 plale. 31 pp. 
4to. Faria, 1 866. 

BABHAM (Bht. Bicmabd Habeib).— The 
Jackdair of ^eima. Bj Thomae Ingoldabj. Witb 
twelve ilhutntiona, pnnted in eolonn. Small 4to. 
London, 1870. S.K 

BABICCO (PiBTEo).— Torino deacritta dA 
P. B. Plan. S vola. 8va Torino, 1869. 

BABUiHET (B. J. J.).— Snr le Mannequin. 
Diacouie dana leqnel on tiaJCe de acm inventioD, tb 
la perfection et de aon usage ; par un Ami dea ArU. 
Sto. Paiia, 1819. 

BATtn.T.T (Giubepfh),— D«ll' influenza delle 
Arti ' e delle acienaie aoll* indvilimenta. 8to. 
Faenio, 1837. 

BABXNG (Thomas).— [last of] niostrntioM 
of the Qnat Exhibition of the Induatr; of aQ 
NatiocB : preaented to tlie Libraiy of the London 
Inntitntion bv Thomas Baring, Eaq. 8pp. B^. 
8to. n.p. n.d. S^ 

BAKJAVEL (C. F. H.).— Dictionnaire his- 
toriqne, bion^hiqne et bibliognphiqua du d^parte- 
ment de Vaaelaae, on neheiche ponr aarvii i 
I'biatoire adentifigne, litt^raiie, et artistiqne, aian 
qn'i I'biaUiiie religieoae, civile, et militaiie dea 
Tillea et arrondiaaementa d' Avignon, de Carpestraa, 
d'Apt, et d'Onwge. 2to1b. 8vo. Carpentraa, 1841. 

BABEEB (Hbhbt Aston). — Description of 
the view of the battle of ViUoria, and the great 
victory gained bj tbe Marqoia of WeUington ovei 
the ftench Armj uoder Joeeph Bonaparte, now 
exhibiting in Heniy Acton Barkei's Panomoa, Lei- 
cester Sqnare. 8to. Sewed. London, I81S. 9.E. 
Explanation of tbe view of tlte interior of the 
Gtj of Faiia, now oxbibidng in the large drde, 
Baricat'i Panorama, Stzand, near Bvznj SOntft. 
Svo. Sewed. London, 1816. S.E. 

Deocription of the Field of Battle, and diipoai- 
tion of the troops engaged in the actjon, fought on 
tbe 18th of Jnne, ISlfi, Bear Waterloo ; illuatiatiTe 
of the repreqentatioD of that great event in the 
Panorama, Leicaatet Square. 8va. Sewed. London, 
181B. _ 8.E. 

Description of the view of Atbens, and annoond- 
ingconntrj: now exhibiting in Henty Aston Baikw 
alM John Borfoid's Panorama, Stnuid : with an 
improved eiplaDation, giving complete outline of 
the whole pictnre, witb numbers and references. 
Bvo. Sewed. London, 1818. 8.E. 

DeacriptioQ of a view of the North Coast of 
Spitibergen, now exhibiting in the large Rotunda 
of Heoij Aatoii Barker'g Paaorama, Leicester 
Square; painted from drawinn taken bj Lient. 
Beech;, who accompaoied the FoUf E^>edition in 
1818. Sto. Sewsd. Loudon, 1819. S.E. 

Deacription of the view of Venice; taken, and 
punted by Ueaan. Barker and Burfoid, from the 
Fiana di S. Jtaico : witb a r^reaentation of the 
a 2 6\ 


Universal Catalogue of 


GamiTal; now exhibiting in their Panorama, 
Strand. Svo. Sewed. London, 1819. S.K. 

Description of a view of Naples, and surrounding 
scenery, now exhibiting in tne Panorama in the 
Strand. 8yo. Sewed. London, 1821. S.K. 

BABKER (Thomas). — Fortv^ Lithographic 

Impressions, from drawings by T. B., selected firom 
his studies of Bustic Figures after nature. Folio. 
Bath, 1813. S.E. 

BA^-KER (Thomas).— Thirty-two Litho- 
graphic impressions from Pen drawings of Land- 
scape scenery, by Thomas Barker. (50 copies 
printed.) Fol. Bath, 1814. 

BARKER (Thomas).— See Harington (Sir 

£.) A Schizzo on the Grenius of Man, etc. 8to. 

BARKER rWiLLiAM Buechaedt). — Lares & 
Penates, or Cilicia and its Gorernors. With wood- 
cuts and map. 8to. London, 1853. S.E. 

BARBIER (W. G. M. Jones).— Historical 

and Topographical Account of Wenslevdale and the 
Valley of the Yore, in the North Riding of York- 
shire. 2nd edition. 21 plates by H. Dudley. 
8vo. Manchester, 1856. 

BARLA (J. B.). — Les champignons de la 
province de Nice, et principalement les espies 
comestibles, suspectes ou v6n^neuses. TVith 48 
coloured plates. Obi. 4to. Paris, 1861. 

BARLA (J. B.).— Flore iUnstree de Nice 
et des Alpes-Maritimes. Iconographie des Or- 
chid^s. With coloured plates. 4to. Nice, 1868. 

BARLANDUS (Hadeianus).— Ducum Bra- 

bantise Chronica H. B., item Brabantiados Poema 
Melchioris Barlsei : Iconibus nunc prim^im illus- 
trata, sere ac studio Joan. Bapt. Vrientii: oper& 
quoque nob. viri Antonii de Succa, etc. With 37 
.portraits. Folio. Antverpiae, 1600. S.K. 

BARLETIUS (Mabiots) . — Beschreibung 
aller Schlachten und Thaten des Georg Castrio, 
genant Scanderbeff, wider bejde turkische Keyser 
Amurath und Mahomet etc. m latein beschrieben, 
-darnach durch Joh. Pinicianum verteutscht. With 
155 woodcut-s by Jost Amman and others. Fol. 
Francfurt, 1577. 

BARLOU. — Liure de plusieurs Animanx, 
inventez par B. 12 plates. Obi. 4to. (Paris, 
n.d.) S.K. 

BARLOW (Francis).- A collection of Bar- 
low's Fables, Moral, Entertaining, and Instructire 
to Youth. Containing Birds, Beasts, Fish, etc. 
Being elegant Designs for young Draughtsmen, on 
thirty-two copper-plates. Oblong 4to. London, 
n.d. S.K. 

BARLOW (Francis). —Various Birds and 

Beasts drawn from the Life by F. Barlow. 67 plates. 
Obi. 4to. London, n. d. S.K. 

BARLOW (Febdeeick).— The complete 
English Peerage ; or, a genealogical and historical 
accotmt of the peers and peerages of this realm to 

the year 1772 inclusive. 3 plates and 25 sheets of 
engraved arms. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1772. 
2nd edition. Svo. London, 1775. 

BARLOW (Hbnrt Clark). —The Sixth Cen- 
tenary Festivals of Dante Allighieri in Florence 
and at Ravenna. By a Representative. Svo. Lon- 
don, 1866. S.E. 

BARLOW (Henet Clabk).— On the Vernon 
Dante, with other dissertations. By H. C. B., 
M.D., etc. Svo. London, 1870. S.K. 

BARLOW (Peter).— A Treatise on the 
Strength of Materials. With rules for application 
in architecture, the construction of suspension 
bridges, railways, etc., and an appendix on the 
power of locomotive engines, and Uie effect of in- 
clined planes and gradients. By Peter Barlow, 
F.R.S., &c. A new edition, revised by his sons, 
P. W. Barlow, F.R.S., and W. H. Barlow, F.R.S. 
To which are added a summaiy of experiments by 
Eaton Hodgkinson, F.R.S., William Fairbaim, 
F.R.S., and David Kirkaldy. An essay (with illus- 
trations) on the effect produced by passing weights 
over elastic bars, by the Rev. Robert Willis, 
M.A., F.R.S. ; and formulae for calculating girders, 
etc. The whole arranged and edited by William 
Humber. With plates and numerous woodcuts. 
Svo. London, 1867. S.K. 

B(ARNARD) (A. F.).— Original designs 
for wood-carving, with practical instructions in tho 
art. Fol. London, 1867. S.K. 

BARNARD (Geoege).— The Continental 
Drawing Book for the use of advanced pupils, being 
views in Switzerland, the Alps and Italian Lakes. 
Drawn from nature and on stone by G. B. 13 litho- 
graphs, no text. Obi. fol. (London) 1837. S.K. 

BARNARD (Geoege).— Elementary Stndies 
of Trees, by G. Barnard. 24 plates. ObL fol. Lon- 
don, 1844. S.K. 

BARNARD CGeoeqb).— Barnard's Trees. 
A new work consbting of studies of trees from na- 
ture, by George Barnard. Drawn on stone by the 
author, with foreign and home scenes of Interest, 
and short descriptive letter-press. 30 coloured 
lithographs. Atlas fol. London, 1868. S.K. 

BARNAIID (Henet). — Armsmear: the 
home, the arm, and the armory of Samuel Colt. A 
memorial. Portrait and 82 illustrations. 4to. New 
York. 1866. 

BARNES (William).— Notes on Ancient 

Britain. Svo. London, 1858. 

BAROCCI (LuiGi). — Collezione di qnaranta 
sacre ceremonie usate principalmente in Koma. 
Oblong folio. Boma, n.d. 

BAROTTI (Gunandeea).— Significatodella 
nuova pittura posta nella chiesa di San Sebastiano 
di Ferrara. 4 pp. 4to. Ferrara, 1766. 

BAROTTI (Gianandeea).— .Le Pittnre di 
Cento con le vite di vari incisori ^pittori della 
stessacitti. With portraits. Svo. Ferrara, 1768. 


Boohs on Art (Suppkmenty 


BAROUILLET.— M^thode ponr la peintnre 
exotiqne, on Tart de peindre sans connattre le des- 
nn. 8to. VeraailleB, 1838. 

Another edition. M^thode BarouiUet^ etc. 8yo. 
Ererenz, 1841. 

BAKBAL (J. A.). — Bapport snr rar^entnre 
dn Tene, par des proc^d^ dans lesquels Teau est 
employ^ comme nnique dissolvant des agents 
chimiqnes. 4to. Paris, 1858. 

BABRANGER (Antoine).— Etude d'arch^- 

ologie celtiqne, eallo-romaine et franqne, appliqu^e 
anz antiquity ae Seine-et-Oise. 8to. Pans, 1864. 

BABBATTA (A.).— Constantmopoli effi- 
gata e descritta con una notizia su le cdebre sette 
chiese dell' Asia Minore ed altri siti osserrabili del 
Lerante. 100 plates. 4to. Torino, 1840. 

BABBATTA (Alessandro). — ^Vero disegno 
della nobilissima cavalcata e daltre allegrezse e 
partioolari acddenti ne* qnali si dimostrata che si 
saol fare in qnesta fedelissimacitti di Napoli. Six 
copper plates of a procession stamped on tliree 
folding uieets. FoL Napoli, 1627. Soane Mus. 

BABBATTA (Alessandeo).— Urbs Nea- 

polis in lucem ab A. B. 2 yols. 10 doable copper 
plates. Fol. Napoli, 1670 (-1679 ?) Soane Mns. 

BABBAIJ (EMttE). — Aux artistes. Du 
pas8^ et de ravenir des beaux-arts. (Doctrine de 
Saint-Sunon.) 80 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1830. 

BABBAUD (Pteere Constant). — ^Des Mors 

on Agrafes de Chape. Par M. TAbb^ Barraud. 
8to. Caen, n. d. SJE. 

BABBAUD (Pierre Constant). — Descrip- 

tion des ritranx des denx grandes rosaces de la 
Cath^drale de Beanrais. (XVI* si^e.) 8yo. 
BeauTBis, 1850. 

BABBAUD (PiEERE Constant).— De TBan 

b^nite et des Vases destin^ k la contenir. Par M. 
VAbb^ Barraud. 8vo. Caen, 1870. S.K. 

BABBAUD rPiEBRE Constant). — Du Grand- 

Chantre et du B&ton cantoral. Par M. TAbb^ 
Bamnd. 8yo. Caen, 1871. S.K. 

BABBAUD (Pierre Constant). — Notibe sur 

les Saintes Huiles et les Vases qui servent k les 
coDtenir. Par M. TAbb^ Barraud. 8yo. Caen, 
1871. S.K. 


The Book of Animals, draiim from nature, by W. 
B. and T. F. 24 lithographs. Obi. fol. London, 
(1846.) S.K. 

BABBE (Albert). — Graveurs g^n^raux et 
particnliers des monnaies de France. Contr61eurs 
g^^ranx des effigies. Noms de qnelques grayeurs 
en m^dailles de ik Renaissance fran9aise. Portrait 
of J. J. Barre. 35 pp. 4to. Paris, 1867. 

BABBEIBOS (Gaspar).— Chorographia de 

algnns Lngares que stam en hum caminho, que f6z 
G. B. 6 anno de comecado na cidade de Badiy'oz em 
Castella, te k de Milan en Italia, c5 alguas outras 
obras, etc 2 pts. 4to. Coimbra, 1561. BM, 

BABBETT ' (Francis). — The Ma^s or 

Celestial Intelligencer, being a complete system of 
occult philosophy. Coloured plates. Small 4to. 
London, 1801. 

BABBETT (J. T.).— Memoriak of the 
Parochial Church, the Collegiate Chantry, and the 
Chapel of St. Maiy, commonly called Mortimer's 
Chapel, in the parish of Attleborough, in the coun^ 
of K'orfolk, together with some account of the ser- 
vices used at the consecration of churches from the 
Anglo-Saxon to the present time. By J. T. Bar- 
rett, D.D. Plates. 4to. London, 1848. S.K. 

BABBETT (W. A.).— Flowers and Festivals, 
or directions for the floral decoration of diurches. 
Post 8to. London, 1868. S.K. 

BABBIENTOS (Bartolome) . — Opnseula 

de periodonim s. ambituum distinctionibus. De 
periodic ordinandis. De monetis antiquis ad caste^ 
lanas pecunias redactis. De coloribus et eorum 
significatis. De calendis. 8yo. Salm. 1573. 

BABBINGTON (George).— The History 

of New South Wales, including Botany Bay, Port 
Jackson, Parramatta, Sydney, and all its depend- 
ancies, from the original discoyery of the island, 
with the customs and manners of the natiyes ; and 
an account of the English colony from its founda- 
tion to the present time. Coloured plates. 8yo. 
London, 1802. S.K. 

BABBINGTON (George).— An account of 

a voyage to New South Wales, enriched with 
beautiful coloured prints. 2 yols. 8vo. London, 

BABBINGTON (M. J.).— The Illmninator, 
Thirty Original Designs, with Instructions for 
Colouring. Folio. London, n.d. S.K. 

BABBOIS (J.). — Bibliotheqne protvpogra- 

5hique ou librairies des fils du roi Jean, Charles V., 
ean de Berry, Philippe de Bourgoyne et les 
siens. Ayec discours par I. Bajrrois. 4to. Paris, 


BABBOIS (J.). — Elements carlovingiens 
linguistiques et litt^raires. 9 engravings. 4to. 
Paris, 1846. 

BABBOIS (J.). — Dactylologie et langage 
primitifs restitu^ d*apr^ les monimients. 61 en- 
gravings. 4to. Paris, 1850. 

BABBOIS (J.).— Lecture litt^raire des 
hieroglyphes et des Cuneiformes par TAuteur de la 
Dactylologie. Eugravings. 4to. Paris, 1353. 

BABBOS (JOAO de). — Cartinha para 

aprender a ler. Plates. 4to. Lisboa, 1539. 

BABKOW (John). — A collection of authen- 
tic, useful, and entertaining voyages and discoveries 
digested in a chronological senes performed by the 
following celebrated commanders, viz. Christopher 
Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Pedro Alvares de 
Cabral, etc. 3 vols. P\&\A!^ «Si<^ -^-a^TA. Vlm^ 
LoDdon, 1765. 


Universal patalogtie of 


BABROW (John).— A tour round Ireland, 
through the sea-ooafit counties, m the autumn of 
1835. Etchings by D. Madise, A.BJL, and wood- 
cuts. 8to. I^ndon, 1836. 8.E. 

BABBY (Alfked).— The Life and Works 

of Sir Charles Baziy, BJL 8to. London, 1867. 

BABBY (ALrBSD).— The Architect of the 
New Palace at Westminister. A reply to a pam- 
phlet by E. W. Pogtn, 'Bbq,, entitled, "Who was 
the Art- Architect of the Abuses of Parliament ?** 
8to. London, 1868. S.K 

BABBY (Sib Charles). Studies and Ex- 

. amples of the Modem School of English Archi- 
,. tecture. The Travelleni' dub House by C. B., 
Architect: illustrated by drawings made by Mr. 
Hewitt and engrayed by Mr. J. H. Le Eeuz. Ac- 
companied by an essay on the present state of 
architectural study and the reyiTal of the Italian 
Btylp, by W. H. Leeds. Boyal 4to. London, 1839. 


BABBY (James). See Bubbouohs (F.).— a 

poetical epistle to James Barry, etc. 8to. 1806. 
BABTELL (Edmund). — Cromer, considered 

as a Watering Place; with observations on the 
picturesque scenery in its neighbourhood. The 
2nd editibn, much enlarged. 870. London, 1806. 


BABTH );Cabl).— Porzellan-Marken und 
Monoeramme. Zusammengestellt von Oarl Barth, 
2nd edition. 18mo. ' Stuttgart, n.d. S.E. 

BABTH (Ferdinand).— Die Arbeit des 

Todes, ein Todtentans yon Ferdinand Barth. 26 
woodcuts. Small 4ta Munchen (1866). S.K. 

BABTH (Wilhelm).— Baumstudien far 

Anfanger von W, B. 4to. Leipzig, 1807. 

BABTHELBMY (Anatolb Jean Baptiste 

Antoinb db). — ^Bapport sur quelques monuments 
religieux et f^odauz du d^partement de la Loire. 
8vo. Caen, 1842. 

BABTKSLEMY (Anatolb Jean Baptiste 

Ahtoinb db). — ^Essai sur lliistoire mon^taire du 
prieur^ de Souvigny (Allier). 1 plate. 8vo. 
Clermont-Ferrand, 1846. 

BABTHfiLEMY ([Anatole Jean BArtrsTE 

ANTonrE db). — ^Essai sur les monnaies des dues de 
Boxirgogne. 4to. D\jon, 1849. 

BABTHELEMY (Anatolb Jean Baptiste 

Aktoinb db^ — Nouveau manuel oomplet de numis- 
matique ancienne. With atlas of 1 2 plates. 1 8mo. 
Paris, 1861. 

BABTH£!LEMY (Anatolb Jban Baptiste 

AirronfB db). — Nouveau manuel oomplet de numis- 
matique du moyen Age et modeme. With atlas of 
12 plates. ISmo.* Paris, 1852. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatole Jean Baptiste 

AMTonffB db). — ^Lettre i M. H. Zoepffels sur les 
monnaies consulaires, frapp^es penoant le Bas- 
Empire. 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatole Jean Baftistk 

AicTOiXE i>ti), — Tombeau de saint Dizier, 6v^ua et 
martyr. Figures. .4to. Paris» 1858. 

BABTHSLBMY (Anatolb Jean Baptiste 

Aktoikb db). — ^La numismatique de 1859 A 1861. 
8to. Paris, 1861. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatolb Jean Baptists 

Amtoinb db).— La numismatique de 186f A 1863. 
8vo. Paris, 1868. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatolb Jean Baptiste 

Antoxmx db). — Le ChAteau de Corlay (C6tes-du- 
Kord). 8vo. Nantes, 1865. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatolb Jean Baptists 

Amtoiicb db). — Numismatique m4rovingienne. 
Etude BUT les monnoyers, les noms de lieuz ef la 
fabrication de la monnaie. Svo. Paris, 1865. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatolb Jean Baptibte 

AiiT0iifBDB).-^Numi8matiquem^TingienniS. Lists 
des noms de lienx inscrits sur 1m monnaies m^ro- 
vingiennes. Svo. Paris, 1865. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Anatolb Jban Baptiste 

AxToiNB db). — Melanges historiques et arch^lo- 
giquesBurlaBretagne. Svo. Saint-Brieuc (printed). 
Puis, 1869. 

BABTHfiLEMY (CHABLEs).--.Nqtice d'une 

collection de vases et de coupes antiques en terre 
peintC; provenant du feu prince de Canlno (Lucien 
Bonaparte). Svo. Paris, 1848. 

BABTHfiLEMY (Chablbs).— Histoire de 
la Bretagne ancienne et modeme, par C. Barthilemy 
(de Paris). With plates. Svo. Paris, 1854. aK. 

BABTHfiLEMY (fiDOUABD Mabis db).— 
Notre-Bame de Beims. 'Fiam the Revue de r Art 
Chretien. Svo. Paris, 1888. 

BABTHfiLEMY (fiBOUABD Mabie de).— 

]^de sur les ^tablissements monastiques du Bous- 
sillon. f^Etrait du bulletin monumental. Svo. 
Paris, 1857. 

BABTHfiLEMY rfioouABD Mabie de).— Les 

vitraux des ^glises de ChAlons-sur-Mame.. £tude et 
description. Svo. Paris, 1858. 

BABTHfiLEMY (fioouABD Marie de).— 

La galerie des Portraits de Mademoiselle de Mont- 
pensier, etc., avec de notes de M. Ed. de B. Svo. 
Paris, 1860. 

BABTHfiLEMY (fiDOUABD Mabib deV — 

Vari^t^ historiques et azchtologiques sur CbAions- 
sur-Mame et son dioc^ anden. Svo. Chaumont» 

BABTHfiLEMY (Edouabd Mabie de).— 

Notice historique et arch^ogique sur les communes 
du canton de ViUe-sur-Tourbe (Mame). Svo. 
Paris, 1865. 

BABTHfiLEMY (fiDOUABD Mabie db).— 

Notice historique et arch^logique sur les communes 
du canton de V erzy (Mame). With map. Svo. ChA- 
lons-sur-Mame (printed), Paris, 1868. 



, - • 

Books on Art {Supplement), 


BABTBEfiLBMY (Jeau Jacques).— Gymnase 

Grec, ou Tableaux des Jenz et Exercices da ienne 
I^ruB, fik d'Apollodore, k Ath&nee. Episode du 
VoyaM da jeime Anadtanis en Gr^; par M. 
f Abl^ B. Le texto de eet Anteiir reUffiensement 
oooeeiT^, lea T^leavz compoete et litnographi^ 
par V. Adam. Aognatm Legrand, Editeur. Oblo^ 
4to. Paris, n.d. S.K. 

BABTHSLEMY (L.).— Noavel abr^gA des 
adenees et dea aria, prMdA d'nn diacoun snr la 
zeUeJOD. 121&0. L7011, 1808. 

BABTHEZ (P. J.).— Th6orie da bean dans 

la nataze et lea arts; cenyre posthnme avec la yie 

de Taatear. Syo. Faria, 1807* 

BABTHOLDL— Cnriofiit^s d'Alsace. With 
l^ates. 2 Yols. 8to. Colmar, 1861-63. 

BARTHOLDI (Aug.). — MiSmoire par M. 

Ang. Bartholdi contra la ville de Marseille (an si^'et 
de la constmction dn Museum et de la fontaine 
XDonnmentale). Witii 11 plates. 4to. Paris, n.d. 

BAETHOLDY (J. L. S.).— Brncbstucke 
an niherer K^intnisa dee heutigen GriechenlEuods. 
Part I. 9 coloured plates. 8yo. Berlin, 1805. 

BARTHOLOMAEI (J.).— Lettr«i nnmis- 

matiqnes et arch^logiqnes relatives k la Transcan- 
casie. 4 plates. Lai^ 4to. Saint-P^rsbonig, 

BARTHOLOMEW ( Alfbbd) .—Specifica- 
tions for practical architecture, preceded by an 
easaj on the decline of excellence in the structure 
and in the science of modem English buildings ; 
with propoeal of remedies for those defects. With 
one hnndred and sixty demonstrations, engraved on 
wood by B. Hart. Syo. London, 1841. S.K. 

BARTLETT (Alfred Dublino).— An His- 
torical and descriptiye Account of Cumnor Place, 
Berks, with biographical notices of the Lady Amy 
Dudley and of Anthony Porster, Esq., etc. 8vo. 
Oxford and London, 1850. S.K. 

BARTLETT r William Hbnet).— Vnes de 

la B[ollande et ae la Belgique par W. H. B. accom- 
pagn^ d'obsenrations, etc. peur N. G. van Kampen. 
8to. London (1837). 

BARTLETT fWiLUAM Hbnbt).— Footsteps 

of our Lord and His Apostles in Syria, Greece, and 
Jtalj : a succession of visits to the scenes pf New 
Testament naixative. By W. H. Bartlett. Illus- 
trated with engravings on steel and woodcuts, by 
Branston. Boyal 8vo. London, 1851. SJl. 

BARTLETT (William Hbnbt).— Pictures 

from Sicily. By the Author of " Forty Days in the 
Desert." With 83 plates, and woodcuts in text. 
Imp. 8vo. London, 1853. S.K. 

BARTLETT (William Henbt). See 

Bbattib (William). — Brief Memoir, etc. 4to. 1855. 

BARTLEY (Gbobob C. T.).— The Ednca- 
tieoal condition and requirements of one square 
mila In the East-end of London. Prepared at the 
fequest of the Council, by G. C. T. B. Supplement 

to the ** Journal of the Society of Arts," March 25, 
1870. 81 pp. Boyal 8vo. London, ^870. S.K. 

BARTLEY (Gbobob C. T.)— The Schools 

for the People, containing the history, development, 
and present working of each description of English 
School for the industrial and poorer classes. With 
12 woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1871* S^ 

BARTOLI (Fbancbsco). — ^Le pittnre, scnl- 
ture ed architetture dalle chiese e d'altri hio^ 
publicj di Bergamo. 1 plate. 8vo. VeneEia,1774. 

BARTCJLI (Giuseppe).— -Lettera Prima. . ; . . . 

sopra il marmo effigiato ed iscritto ch' ^ coUocato 
nel Bemo Museo, e diede occasions ad un libretto 

del S* Keedbam. Lettera Seconda nella quale 

si pubblicano i veri caratteri del noto busto, e si 
spiega una antica pittura d'Eroolano, ioiaak nella 
Tavola XVIL del Tomo II. Small 4to. Torino, 

BARTOLI (Giuseppe). — R^flezionB impiEur- 

tiales sur le progrfes r^l ou apparent que les sciencea 
et les arts ont fait dans le X^HJl* si^le en Europe ; 
pricM^ d'un essai sur I'explioation histCMriqae yofjo 
Platon a donn^ de sa republique et de son auantide. 
Vol. 1. 8vo. Paris, 1780. 

BARTOLI (Pibtbo Santi).— Pregio dipinto 
incontro la Maschera d* oro, viaggio, navigazione e 
battaglia di nav al Tevero. 

Polydorus Carauagiensis Inuentor. 

Petrus Sancti Bartoli delin. et incid. 
Fol. Jo. Jacob de Rubeis formls Bomae. n. d* 

BARTOLI (PiETBO Santi).— Ser. Principi 

Leopoldi Medices Leonis X. admirandae uirtutis 
Imagines, ab Hetruriae legatione ad Pontifloatom, 
A Baphaele Urbinate, ad uiuum et ad miraculum ex- 
pressas, in Aulaeis Vaticanis, textili, monocromate 
elab^ratas. Petrus Sanctus Bartolus ex flmbya 
Aulaeorum Leonis X. stylo obsequente delineauit 
aquaincidit. 15 illustrations. Obi. fol. Jo. Jacob! 
de Bubeis formis Bomae, n. d. 

BARTOLI (PiBTBO Santi).— Veterum Lu- 

oemse Sepulcrales, collectn ex Cavemis et Specubua 
' subterraneis Urbis Bonus, Figuris nneis exp roa s m : 
in quibus multa ad eruditionem monumenta eoiia^ 
tinentur, delineate secundum formas suas a P. S. a, 
Divisse in tres partes, cum Observationibus Joannia 
Petri Bellorii. Ex Italico in Latinum sermone^i 
transtulit Alexander Dukems. Editio novissima, 
correctior et emendatior. FoL Lugduni Batavomm, 
1728. S.K. 

BARTOLI (PiETBO SAirri).— Veterum S^ 

pulcra, sen Mausolea Bomanorum et Etruscbrunl, 
mventa in Urbe Boma, aliisque locis celebribus ; in 
quibus multa ad eruditionem monumenta continent^r, 
collecta et delineata a Petro Sanctio Bartolio. Cuki 
Explicatioxubus Joannis Petri Bellorii. Ex Itaiico 
in Latinum sermonem transtulft Alexander Dukerua. 
Editio novissima, correctior et emendatior. BA, 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1728. S.&. 

BARTOLI (PiBTBQ SkM\),-AA ILci^aaaj^va 
dePalestrine. Co\oxa^'^\ikM, ^oV tv.^^ V\^^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


BARTOLINI (A. ; Conte).— Saggio episto- 
lare sopra la Tipografia del Friuli nel Sec. xv, 4tx>. 
Udine, 1798, 

BARTOLINI (Clemente).— Le AntichiiA 
Valentine, dialoghi due di Francesco Alighieri e 
SantePonzio, nuoTamente pubblicati e di preliminari 
iUiifitiazioni muniti da Clemente Bartolini. 8vo. 
Penigia, 1828. S.E. 

BARTOLINI (Clemente). — Ceimi storici 

flulle pitture claseiche di Trevi, da serrise di parziale 
appendice al Commentario istoiioo del Prof. Antonio 
Mezzanotte di Perugia. Plates. 24 pp. 8yo. 
Foligno, 1837. 

BARTOLINI (DoMENico). — La sotteranea 
confesrione della Bomana Basilica di S. Marco re- 
centemente scoperta ed illustrata. 4 lithographs. 
4to. fioma, 1844. 

BARTOLINI (DoMENico).— Gli Atti del 

Hartirio della nobilissima Vergine Homana Santa 
Agnese, illustrata con la storia e coi monumenti. 
14 plates. 4to. Boma, 1868. 

BARTOLINI (DoMENico).— Della celebra- 

tissima statua di bronzo del f^ncipe d^li Apostoli, 
che si Tenera nella sua Vaticana Basilica dilucida- 
cione storico-critica di Monsignor D, B. 32 pp. 
8iro. Boma, 1867. 

BARTOLINI (DoMENico) .—SulP antico tem- 
piodi Salomone in Crerusalemme e sull' antica grotta 
nel presepio di N. S. Qesii Cristo in Betlemme, 
dissertazioni di Monsignor D. B. 8vo. Torino, 

BARTON (Richabd). — Some remarks to- 
wards a full description of Upper and Lower Lough 
Lene, near Killamey, in the county of Kerry. 4to. 
DnbHn, 1761. S.K. 

BARTSCH (JoHANN Adam Beenhard von). 

—(Plates in imitation of Drawings in the Imperial 
Collection, Vienna. Bembrandt, 6 plates. — Guer- 
cino, 6. — La Fage, 7. — Parmigiano, 6. — Albert 
Diirer, 6. — ^Baroocio, 1. — Zuccaro, 1. — ^L. Caracci, 
1. — Guido, 1. — Gagnacci, k — Giordano, 1.) Pol. 
(Vienna, 1782-86). S.K. 

BARTSCHER (F. Ph. L.).— Erklanmg 
der nothigsten Kunstworter in der Malerei. 8yo. 
Detmold, 1787. 

BARUFPALDI (Gibolamo).— Della tipo- 

grafia ferrarese dair anno 1471-1600. Saggio 
ktterario bibliografico. 96 pp. 8yo. Ferrara, 

BARUFFALDI (Gibolamo). — Osservazioiii 

6opra un* antica iscrizione del Vioo Aventino. 4to. 
Ferrara, 1810. 

BARUFFALDI ((Jirolamo).— Vitadi Fran- 
cesco detto Luigi Avichino, scultore di gemme. 8to. 
Venesia, 1834. 

BARZELLOTTI (G.).— DeU' animo di 
Michelangelo Baonazroti in relazione all' ingegno di 
lui, alia storia delle arti e de' suoi tempi, discorso 
JaI P^f. a. Banellotti letto U di 11 Aprile, 1869, 

nel B. Liceo Dante per la solenniti commemorativa 
degli Illustri Italiani. Post 8vo. Pirenze, 1869. 

S K 

Plates representing the most extraordinaiyand in- 
teresting Basaltic Mountains, CaTems, and Cause- 
ways in the known world. FoL London, 1826. 

BASCHET (Armand). — Aldo Manuzio. 
Lettres et documents, 1496-1616. Armand Baschet 
collexit et adnotavit. 8vo. Veiietiis, 1867. 


CONCHES. — ^Les Femmes blondes selon les peintres 
de r^le de Venise, par deux V^nitiens. 8\ro. 
Paris, 1866. 

BASCLE DE LAGRfiZE (Gustave).— Le 

ChAteau de Pau. SouTenirs historiques, son histoire 
et sa description. 4* Mition, revue et augment^e. 
8vo. Pau, 1868. 

Ist edition. 8yo. Pau, 1864. 

BASEGGIO (GiAN Battista).— -Intomo Ire 

celebri intagliatori in legno Vicentini. Memoria. 
8vo. Bassano, 1839. 
2nd edition. 8vo. Bassano, 1844. 

BASILE (G. B.).— Alcune specialitA alia 
Espozione Unirersale, etc. 8to. Palermo, 1868. 


BASILIUS, Father.— Diarium oder Carnal- 
dulensisches Tag-Buch, das ist : Heiliger, Seeliger 
und in Gott aus dem Heil. Orden Bomualdi, auch 
etwelcher anderer, beyderley Geschlechts fromm 
abgelebter Seelen, in alle und jede Tag des ganzen 

Jahrs ausgetheilte verfasset duzch Pat. D. Basi- 

lium, etc. With copperplates. 4 vols in 2. Small 
4to. Wien in Oesterreich, 1763-64. S.K. 

BASLE. — Conrte Descrition de la Cathe- 
drals de BAle. Square 16mo. BAle, n. d. S.K. 

BASLE.— Ein Tag in Basel. Kurze Dar- 
stellung der Stadt Basel und ihrer niichsten Umge- 
bungen. 12mo. BAle, 1840. 

BASLE. — Baslerische Ansraff-Bilder, vor- 
Btellende dicjenige Personen welche in Basel aller- 
hand so wol Terkauffliche als andere Sachen, mit 
der gewohnlichen Land-und Mund- Art ausruffen, in 
62 sauber in Kupfer gestochenen Figuren mit....«. 
Versen begleitet 1749. (A reprint litho- 
graphed. Obi. 8yo. (Zurich? 1860?) B.M. 

BASLE. — ^Basel imyierzehnten JahrhnnderL 
Geschichtliche Darstellungen, etc. Plate. 8to. 
Basel, 1866. 

BASLE.— La cit6 de B&le au XIV* siecle 
(abr^ge fait en fran9ais par Gustare Bevilliod de 
rourraffe allemand: Ba!sel im 14. Jahrhundert, 
hsg. T. d. histor. Gesellschaft zu Basel (1866)). 8to. 
Gen^e, 1860. 

BASOLI (Antonio). — Compartimenti di 

Camere, per uso degli Amatori e Studenti delle 

Belle Arti. Inventate e dipinte da A. B 

Disegnate ed incise a contomo dai Fratelli Luigi e 
Francesco Basoli. Portrait and 100 plates. Fol. 
Bologna, 1827. SJC 


Booh on Art (Supplement). 


BASOLI (Antonio). — Alfaboto Pittorico, 

ccns B«ccott& di Moneri piUorid eonipo«ti di 

oggetti comiDdBnti dalle BiDgole letters al&bf tiche. 

InreiiiioDe di A. BM«li. ObL fol. Bologna, 1839. 


BAS-RELIEFS dn I^rth^non et du temple 
de Fhigalie, disposea raivsnt Tordre de I& composi- 
tion oiisiiuile, et gnjie par les procidis de M. 
Achillf Collu, ions la direction deM. P. Delaroche, 
de M. Henriqnel-Dapont et de M. Charlea Lfnor- 
tnanU SOpUtet. 4b>. Paris, 1841. 
Another edition. ObL fol. Parie, 1S60. 

BASSANTILLE (AniIs Lebbun, Comtegae 

de). — Le Bt-atie da jenne amatenr. Souvenin del 
printTM de tont«i lea icolea. IllasCi^ de 1 4 litho- 
gimpllie*, deuin^ par LduJ* Idwalle, d'aprti lea 
giudi m^tiM. 4to. Parii, 1853. 

BASSET.— Modeles de grilleB, de portes, de 
rampM arec et une pilaitre de balcone, etc. Editj 
jar Baeaet. 24 platee. FoL Paris, n.d 

BASSEYILLE (Htroo db).— El^mena de 
Hjtholope avfc l'aQal3nM dei po£mes d'Oiidii, 
d'Homer, et de Tirgile, Sniris de I'eiplanation 
•lUgoriqiM i I'mage dea jeones persomies de lone 
et de I'antre Bpze. 42 plates. Srdedition. 12mo. 
QkAn, 1787. 

BASSI (OuMBATTisTi). — II tempio di An- 
tonio Caiiora e la Villa <U PoMagno. Poitnit and 
tdatea. Snt. Udine, 1823. BS. 

BASSO (A. L.).— Gli Ortui ed i Cnriazi, 

con alcnni ritratti di gfcandi Italian! tarste di L 

Scbtlidestinate aU'eeposiEionediLandra. Deseritla 

ed iUnstrate dal Pnf. A. L. B. 12mo. n.p. 1862. 


LIERS BV TEBRAQE.— Mimolre sar le Pont- 
Tiadnc da Point-dn- Jodt at snr lea onrrages d'art de 
U Section dn diemia de fer de ceinture comprise 
entre Antanil et Javel. With 3 plalea. Svo. Paria, 

BAST (LiEVLV Abuand Marie DE).^De- 
acrit^OD de Tare de triomphe erigj par la Soci^li 
de Commetce de Gand a ruccaaion du nuiiage de 
NapoUon I' et Harie Loniae d'Autricbe, et de lenr 
entr^ dana la Tille de Qand, le 17 Kai, tSlO. De 
la compositioD de F. J. J. Tibergbien, etc. ; pric6ii« 
d^ue notice biogiapbiqae aar ce calibre artiste, et 
ocn&e de (OD portrait. 8rn. Oand, 1813. 

BAST (MABTtN Jkan db).— Recneil d'Aii> 
tiqintja romainee et ganloiaes, trouTJes dana ta 
Flandie pn^mnent dite. STee dtsignatiou dea lienx 
oA on lea a dto>UTertea, Par M. J, de Baat. 8to. 
G>ad,An. lii., 1804. 5.E. 

BASTARD (L£oN de).— Entr^ de Louis 
XIT dana U nUe d'Auerre ( 11 mars leSO). Publiie 
pu L^oe de Baatard. ISmo. Auxerre, lSfi8. 

ait de ftbnqner la luence, raconreite d'un jmail 
ojaqna blase etoolori. Witii plates, ivo. Paris, 
1S28. BM. 

Oerman tranalatioD. — 2to1b. Withe tithogiaphs. 
Svo. Quedlinburg, 1338. 
— Zeil«chrift fur Bthnologie nnd ihre KiilfsiriBaen- 
schaften nls Lehre Tom Uenschen in aoinen Beiie- 
bUDgen tur Natur und zur Gnschictte. Eerauage- 
geben tod A. Bostiau und R. Hartmann. With 
plates. Imp. 8to. Berlin, 1880. S.K. 

BASTIN (I.).— Guide du vojagenr a Saint- 
Fitersbourg, ses environs imoiMials et see resi- 
dences impSrialcs. Maps and plana. 1 2ino. Saint- 
Fiteiabourg, 1867. 

BASTON (T.). — Twentv-two Prints o£ 
several of tbe Capital ships of his Mqeaties Bojal 
Navy, with variety of ottier Sea Pieces after tha 
DrawingsofT.Baslon. Fol. London[1721], S.K. 

BATAILLE (Atuanaee). — Noaveaa Manuel 
complet de la Conatructlon modems, on Tiait^ de 
I'ait de batir avec solidity iconomie, et dnria. 
(Manuela-Boret.) Text 18mo. Atlaa, 44 platea. 
Imp. 8ro. Paris, 1859. , S.K. 

BATAILLE (C. L.).— Notice historiqne but 
la ville de Toul, aea antiqnitis et sea c^brit^. 1 
pUte. 8vo. Toul, 1841. 

BATAILLE (C. L.).— La Cathedrale de 

- Tool ofl«rta aoi vieiteuTe, aux ^tiangen, anx 
aaTanta, aux aich&ilogues et a toua les J-oiraina, 
avec les details et lea explications qui peurent lea 
intitesser. Svo. Toul, 1855. 

BATAULT (Heney).— Catalogne dcs mon- 
naies meiovlngieDoea. comprises dana les midaillea 
do moste de la aodet^ d'histoire et d'archMogia de 
ChAlon-aur-Saone. 4to. Chilon-anr-SaAne, 18S6. 

BATAVIAN ALBUM.— Batayiaasch Album. 

Veraameling van »«n liental geiigten van de faoof- 
stad van Nederlandsch IndiS, gete^keod door C. F. 
Deelaman. Ob), fol. BaUvia (1861). B.H. 

BATCHELLER (W.).— A New Histoiy of 
Dover Caatle, during the Soman, Saxon, and Nor- 
man Govemmenta ; compiled tioia Ancient Ilecorda, 
and continued to the Present Time ; hj W. Batch- 
eller. Embellished with a correct View of the 
Town and Castle, and illustrated by 4 ground plana. 
12mo. Dover, 1S2S. S.K. 

BATE (John).— The Booke of eitravagants : 
wherein amongst others, is principaUy contrived 
divers excelleot and approved Uedicines forseveraU 
maladies. Plaleo. Small 4to. London, 1635. 

[In 4 parts. IVt I. contains Water-woAa. 
Part II. Fireworka. Part in. Drawing, Limniag, 
Colouring, Painting, and Ocaving. Fart IV. Eztra- 
vagants.] S.E. 

BATSMAN (Stephen).— ChriBtil Olasae for 
Christian Betbrmation. Black letter. wiUi many 
cuiioua woodimta. 4to. London. 1569. 

BATEMAN (Stkphbs).— Travajled Pil- 
greme, bringing Newea tima all Part* of tha 
Worlde, nidi lik« a(BIt«^)ai&B\>«lQi«. %W3LNft^tjat 


Universal Catalogue of 



BATEMAN (Stephen). — Doome warning 
all Men tq Judgement: in maner of a generaS 
Chronicle. Black letter, with many woodcuts of 
prodigies, monsters, etc. 4to. (London.) R. 
Nnbexy, 1681. 

BATEMAN (Thomas).— A descriptive Cata- 
logue of the Antiquities and Miscellaneous Objects 
raeserved in the museum of Thomas Bateman. 
Plates. 8to. Bakewell, 1866. 

BATES (Hbnbt Walteb) . — Ulustrated 

Travels : a record of Discoveiy, Geography, and 
Adventure. Edited by W. fi. B. With engravings 
from original drawings by celebrated artists. 
2 vols. 4to. London, n.d. 8.E. 

BATES (Hekbt Walter).— The Naturalist 

on the River Amazon. A record of Adventures, 
Habits of Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian 
Life, and aspects of nature under the Equator durine 
eleven years of travel. 2nd edition. Plates and 
woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1864. 

BATH.— The historical and local new Bath 
Guide, containing an accuzate description of the 
public buildings, institutions, and amusements of 
the City; Embellished with 8 original engra- 
vings, and a correct plan of the City. Crown 8vo. 
BaUi, n. d. S.K. 

BATH.— The Original Bath Guide, consider- 
ably enlai^ed and improved, forming an indispen- 
sable Pocket Compamon for the visiter and inhabi- 
tant, etc. 12mo. Bath (1821). S.E. 

and Modem. From the " Quarterly Beview," No. 
267, July 1870. 32 pp. 8vo. 1870. S.K. 

BATTLE ABBEY.— The Hand-Book to 
Battle Abbey: to which is added a description of 

. BatUe Church, its Monuments, &c By the 
AuUior of 'Gleanings respecting Battle and its 
Abbey.' 12mo. Battle, n.d. S.K. 

BATTONN (JohannGborg).— Oertliche Be- 

schreibung der Stadt Frankfurt a. M Aus dessen 
Nachlasse herausgegeben von den Yereine iiir Ge- 
schichte und Alterthumskunde zu Frankfurt a. M. 
durch L, H. Euler. 1. Heft, die geschichtliche 
Einleitung enthaltend. Large 8vo. Frankfurt 
a. M, 1861. 2. Heft, dio Beschreibung der Altstadt 
' und zwar des ostlichen und nordlichen Theils der 
Cberstadt enthaltend. Large 8vo. Frankfurt a. M., 


BATTY (Robebt).— Scenery of the Rhine, 
Belgium, and Holland, from drawings by Capt. 
Batty, of the Grenadier Gnaids, F.B.S. 61 plates. 
Text in French and English. 4to. London, 1826. 


BAUDART.— Histoire metallique de la ville 
de Heims sous la B^publique, 1848 k 1850. Frontis- 
piece and 12 plates. 4to. Beims, 1^50. 

BATTDE. — Rapport snr lea travanz de 
- Fondation du Pont du Rhin, etc. 
t See Ci^STOB (A.). — ^Appareils k Vapeur employ&B 
aaxO^TBux de Nav^tion, etc Fol. 1862. 

BAUDELAIRE (Charles).— L' Art Romao. 

tique. 18mo. Paris, 1869. 

BAUDELAIRE (Charles). — Curiosites 

esth^iques. 18mo. Paris, 1869. 

BAUDISSIN TAdslbert Heinbioh, Count). 

— Schleswig-Hoistein Meerumschlungen. Kriegs- 

und Friedensbilder aus dem Jahre 1864 Ulus- 

trirt von 0. Fikentscher, £. Hartmann, A. Beck, J. 
Kleemann, C. KoU, T. Weber, und Anderen. 8vo. 
Stuttgart, 1866, etc. B.M. 

BAUDOT (Akatole de). — figlises de Bourns 
et Villages. 2 vols. Plates. Koyal 4to. Pans, 
1867. S.K. 

BAUDOT (Henri). — Rapport snr la colonne 
de Ciissy. Plates. 4to. Dijon, 1852. 

BAUDOT (Henri).— Rapport snr la d6- 
couverte des peintures murales de I'^lisede Bagnot. 
Plates. 4to. Dijon, 1866. 

BAUDOUIN (AoATHB Desray).— Albmn 
historique et monumental du d^partement da Cher. 
Lithographs. Parts 1 to 10. (All published.) 
Large 8vo. Bourges, 1845-8. 

BAUDOUm (S. R.).— Exsercice de Tinfan- 
terie Fran^aise, ordonn^ par le Roi le 6 Mai, 1755, 
dessin^ d'apr^ nature dans toutes sea positioBiSt et 
gravi pa)! S. B. B. 63 plates. Fol. Pan% 1757. 

BAUDRY (Ferdinand). — Note snr un 

^ron du XII* siide tiouv^ au Bernard ( Vendue) j 
Plate. 7 pp. 8vo. Poitiers, 1869. 

BAUDRY (Fr^di^rio Paul).— Chapelle de 
Notre-Dame du Breuil, commune du Bernard. 8vo. 
Napol^n-Vend^, 1864. 

BAUDRY (Fr^d^ric Paul). — Collection 

o^ramique du Mus^e des Antiquity de Rouen. 
12mo. Rouen, 1864. 

BAUDRY (Fr^d^ric Paul).— L'Eglise col- 

l^ale du Saint-S^pulcre de Rouen. 1 lithograph. 
8vo. Rouen, 1864. 

BAUDRY (FriSd^ric Paul). — Antiquit^s 

attiques de la Vendue. Canton de Moretiers. Plates. 
8vo. Napol^n Vend^, 1864. 

BAUDRY (FriSd^ric Paul).— L'Eglise par- 
oissiale de Saint-Patrice de Rouen, par Paul Baudzj. 
Description des vitrauz. 2nd edition. 16mo. 
Rouen, 1869. S.K. 

BAUDRY (FriSd^rio Paul) and POTTIER 

(A). — ^Histoire de saint Sever ^v^ue d'Avraaches, 
et des ^lises qui ont kik irigies en son honneur 
dans la ville de Kouen. Plates. 8vo. Rouen, 1860. 

BAUER (Ernst). — Anfeoigsbach znm Er- 
lemen des Freihandzeichnens. 82 lithographic 
plates. 4to. Rothenbuig, 1853. 

BAUER (Francis).— ninfltrationa of Orchi- 

daoeous Plants ; wiU& notes and remarks by John 
Lindlej. 4to. London, 1830-88. WobumLib. 
BAUER (Johann Wilhblm). — Allerband 
Wunder-Wiirdige Meer- und See-Porten so in Italien 
susehen seyn von Johann Wilhelm Baunti attach 


Booke on Art (Sttpplement). 


*T«»wi LebeD ftbsKeiohiiet and rou Valcbior KqmI in 
Eapffor Mbn«ht 92 eUhiDga. Fqi. foL Aogs- 
pnrg. B.d aK. 

Bi.U£B (JoEiNN Wilhilk).— Dee TortreS- 
lichoD BomuchanFoitMia F. 0. HuonU JCeUnor- 
[diOMoti, Oder, ftuif6«beii Bacher der Tarwandlnng- 
■Q, ehmaUeD dnrcli den bernhmteli Wilbelm Btuar 
IB Killer gebncbt; nun ttber denuelbcQ, m ba*- 
tenn YmtAodnas, der Inh&It nol^her Sinn-reidien 
LehT-gcdichte, aui dem Lateinuchen in Teutacher 

^r»de niDinaTisdl be;g«fligt: bUbh maMern 

snigafeitigt nnd reilagt dorch JeremiaB Wolff. 

- i&O [dktca. Oblong 4to. Angapug, 17US. S.K. 

BAUERMAN (Hilakt).— A descriptdye 
CtlAloKne of the Owlo^peal, Mining, and Metal- 
kigicBl Hodels in the Mnocmn of Practical Qeolo^. 
Bra. London, 186S. Sjt. 

BATJQBiN. — Collection de toutea lea 
EipiceB da Bitimena da Gnelre et de Bltiment 

naTUiMDt niT i'Ocian et dana la 

- mditamaie, deMinw d'apia natnre at mrie par 
Baogaao ; composis de ■oixants'doiue planelies et 
•c«omp«gsA«d'iiiit«xteeiplicatif. ObLlto, Pina, 

BAtJH (Cibl). — Die Aiifimgegrnade des 
iJaeaneichnenB. Eine Reihe der iriehtiggten im 
Pnktiachen voiloniinendan einfach«n geometriKlien 
Conabnetioiiea for Lehm nnd Sohtilac an Tolks- 
ond Oewetbewjbnlen. 10 litbograpbic ^t«e. 10 
pp. lATgelto. Wiasbaden, 1861. 

BAUM (Cifiix). — Die darstellende Oeome- 
tria. !E3n HnlAibncIi tai Lehmr nnd SchaUr an 
Gewerbeachalen. With attaa of S9 litht^raphic 
platM in aqaare firiio. 64 pp. Ltagt 6to. Wie«- 
Udeo, 1861. 

BAUMBISTEE (A.). — TopographiBche 
Skims der Inael Bnboia. 2 platM. 4ta. Liiback, 

BATJMEISTEB (A.). — Culturbilder aua 
Oiieduiilanda Beligion and Ennat. Popnlare Tor- 
ferige. 7 illuatratjona. Large Sro. Haini, lB6fi. 

BAUKBI8TEB (3omss Sibu.!)).- Gallerie 
dw Pkailien Klder des ebemals Eaiserlieh^n 
Hwnri dor Hoiienatanffeo. Nach den im Eon. 
wiitcmbergiachen Eloeter Iicath beflndlidiaD On- 
aiP'lj"" eeaaichnat. 10 colooied platea. 4to. 
S^wabia^ Omalld (ISOS). 

BAUKEISTEB (Johahn Sbbald).— Abbil. 
daiigen der Statnen in dar WdUwutUsehen Tod- 
tjpK«ll» in dam KJoatat Loiche (dar hiftoriach- 
■itiatische Commentar Ton J. Q. Pahl). 11 
eoloand plaUa. 4to. Gmond, 180B. 

BAmtCGAEBTKEB, (Fbtedbich GoTTHBLr). 
— Neoea IdoaD'Hat^n foi liebhaber tod Outeo, 
Enctiaheu Aalagan nnd for BditiaT roQ Landgiitam 
Mt^^ead lAit' nnd OaitanlUiiMer, Tempel, Bin- 
mdtlmo, Bntt«n, Bmcken, Oaxtansitze, etc. 

Tot w Oeinutn and Fnneh. Platea. 
Lnpcift 1606. 


BAUMGABIEN (S. J.).~Kr]Aateniitg der 

chriitUeheD Altcrthnmer baranagegeben too Joach. 
Cbiiatopb Baitram. 8to. HaUe, 1768. 

Wiinsuc).-'Briefe fiber Bildnng and EtmM in 
Qelehrtenaehnlen. 8to. Leipdg. 1S24. BJL ' 

BAUB (Ekhabd Chbutdph). — Frinutin 
Tjpogt^hiMB apireoMa, odM Naduicbton tod der 
enteu ond berohmtan dnehiaebeii Bnehdindtaraj 
in der Saicha-Stadt aperor nnd danan in dem 
XTUn bia ni AsJang dee XVIten Secoli doselbat 
gedmckten merckwiirdigen Bochem wia anch dem 
ent«D ond laren Spepischen Neaen Testament 
mltgatheilet von Erhara Cbriatoph Banr. 12mo. 
Spe;er, 1TS4. S.E. 

BAURESTFEIND (Michael). —VoUkom- 
mena Wieder-Hentellnng, biaahei aehi in Tct{U1 g»- 
kommenen gmndlieh- nndcierlieheDSchMib-Eiuut, 
worinnen d«r JuMod eiu aiehCrer nnd angenahlier 

Wege geCrenlich nnd anffiichtig geaaiget wild, 

von ChriaWphWeigel. Obl.fol. Narnbeig.flTIBj, 

BAUTZ (J. B. B.).— Die Lithograpliie'. in 
tbrem guuen Um&nge. !Kin liiBOnitiacu-praJni- 
Bchea I^hr- tmd Eandbnch alunmtlichai in djeaa 
KnnaC sich Temreigenden QegenatJliide, fiir Slain- 
Eoichnai, Steimchraiber, Stsindrocker, etc. Largs 
Sto. Anrabnis. 1831. 
2nd edition. Laige Sra. Aagabarg, 183S. 

BAUX (Jbas Mastdt Jdlib). — Hiatoire de 
r^^IiM da Bran prtt Bonrites Dipsrteineut da Ott« 
(Fnuice). Plana. Sro. Paris, ISSS. 

BADX (Jbab- Mabtim Juias). — Bniites 
d'laemoie. Rqipoit an piifet ant let fouille* 
opiries en 1SS8. 8td. Boorg, 1S6G. 

BAVABIA. — S&nunluig rSnuBoher Denk- 
miila in Bafem. Hentwigg. t. d. Akad. in Ufin- 
chen. 2p&Tta. Atla8,(ol. Text,4to. Monchea, 1808. 

BAXTER (G.).— The Pictorial Albnm or 
Cabinet of Paintings eontaiimig elaren denies ex- 
eeuted in Oil Colmira, bj Q. S. from the Dnginal 

E' tOTBfl, with illnaHatjooB in pwaeand wwe. *to. 
ndon, IS 37. 
BAXTER (J.).— The SiBter ArtB ; or, a coiw 

ciae Tiaw of the natnre and hiatorj of Pmer- 

making. Printing, and Bookbinding. {By J. Bax- 
ter.) With threa eneravings. 12mo. Lewet, 1809. 

BAXTER (WniiAM).— GlosBarinm an^ni- 

BAYER (AuQDST vonV — Denkmale der 
Knnat nod Qaaehichte de> feelmathlandes, HeiM*- 
Mceban Ton dem AJlarthnma-Vureine ffir daa Qro«; 
Kioethnm Baden, dmch d»»n Di-Ato; A^tJB. 
DrjBUtter Bomer-Worka anf ^-^^OS^^^^ 
lu Baden. With lithogr*^. ^»i- C»fiKO», 
ISfiS. la 


Univerjsal Catalogtie of 


BAYER (August von). — Gteneralbericht der 
Direktion des badischen Alterthums-VereiDes uber 
Wirken und Gedeihen der Gesellschaft seit ihrer 
Grlindung im Mai 1844 bis heute (Mai 1858). Er- 
stattet Tom Vereinfi-Direktor A. t. B. La^e 4to. 
Karlsruhe, 1858. 

BAYERXJS (JoHANNBs). — Uranometria. 
61 Maps of the Stars. Large foL Augostse Yinde- 
liconim, 1603. 

BAYEUX TAPESTRY.—Notice historiqne 
6ur la tapisserie brodee de la reine Mathilde, Spouse 
de Ouillaume-le-Conqa^nt, ezpos^ dans la ga- 
lerie Mathilde de la biblioth^ue de Bayeuz. S.K. 
12mo. Bayeux, 1854. 
Another edition. 24 pp. L2mo. Bayeux, 1869. 

BAYFIUS (Lazaeus). — Opus de re vesti- 

mentaria: accedit Tractatos de Vasculorum mate- 
riis et rarietate. 8vo. Basilese, 1531. 

BAYFIUS (Lazaeus). — Lazari Bayfii Anno- 

tationes in Legem II. de captivis et postliminio re- 
versis, in qnibus tractatur de Ke nayali,per autorem 
xecognitse. Ejusdem Annotationes in tractatum de 
Auro et Aigento Legato, quibus Vestimentorum et 
Vasculormn genera explicantiir. His omnibus ima- 
gines ab antiquissimis desnmptas ad argumenti de- 
clarationem subjunzimus. Item Antonii Tliylesii 
de Coloribns libellus,^ coloribusvestium non alienus. 
Woodcuto. Small 4to. Basilese, 1537.' S.K. 

Another edition. 4to. Basileae, 1541. 

BAYLE (P. H.).— Traits snr la topographie, 

la population, le commerce, et les arts ae la yille de 
Marseille k I'^poque oil cette Athines des Gaules 
fut assi^^ par Jules C^sar. 8to. Marseille, 

BAYLES (W. E.).— School Musenms, with 
Suggestions for their Formation. Sto. London, 
1869. S.K. 

BAYLE Y (F. W. N.).— The New Tale of a 
Tub. An aidveoture in verse. By F. W. N. Barley. 
With illustrations designed by J. S. Cotton, Litho- 
graphed by E. Aubry. 7 plates. Fol. London, 
1841. B.M. 

BAYLEY (F. W. N.).— Gems of the Draw- 
ing Boom. Fruit and Flowers. Birds, — ^The hum- 
ming biid keepsake birds painted by P. Jerrard, 

Poetry by F. W. N. Bayley, etc. 4 books. 46 
plates. 4to. London, 1852. 

BAYLISS (WtkbV— Syllabus of Lectures 
on Poetry and Art, by W. B., F.S.A, with extracts 
from notices in various journals explanatory of the 
subjects of the Lectures. 5 pp. Post 8vo. London 
(1870). S.K. 

BAYLY'S Visitors' Guide Book to the Anti- 

quities of St. Alban's, (revised and enlarged) : 

Together with a vast amount of local interesting 
information in reference in particular to the Towns, 
Parishes, and Kesidents adjacent. 12mo. St. 
Alban's, 1868. S.K. 


BAYNES (T. M. ).— Twenty views of the 
city and environs of Edinburgh. FoL London, 
1823. Wobum Lib. 

BAZALGETTE (J. W.). — MetropoKian 

Board of Works. Main Drainage. Metropolis. 
Drawings, Plans, Specifications, etc. Text, fcap. fol. 
Plates, obi. fol. London, 1862-66. S.K. 

BAZALGETTE (J. W.). — MetropoHtan 

Board of Works. Thames Embankment Draw- 
ings, Plans, Specifications, etc. Text, fcap. fol. 
Plates, obi. foL London, 1863-68. S.K. 

BAZm (CHABLEs).--Petit Traits, ou M6- 
thode de peinture pastel, k Tusage des amateurs. 
8voi Pans, 1849. 

BAZIN (Charles). — Carrelages anciens par 
M. C.Bazin. 4 plates. 4to. Paris, 1850. KM. 

BAZIN" (H.). — De la condition des artistes 
dans I'antiquit^ grecque. 8yo. Paris, 1866. 

BAZOUGE (J.).— Album Dinannais. Sou- 
venirs de Dinan : Sites, monuments, mines, pay- 
sages, histoire. 6 lithographs. 60 pp. 4to. Dinan, 

BEAL (Samuel Benoni). — The Church of 

Saint Thomas, Newport, Isle of Wight. Elizabeth 
Stuart^ the iSrisoner of Carisbrooke. Post 4to. 
London, 1856. S.K. 

BEAL (William).— Britain and the Gael. 

Notices of old and successive Kaces, but with spe- 
cial reference to the ancient men of Britain and its 
Isles. Some Notes also of the earlj Briton, the 
Saxon Church, and the Beformation. 2nd edition. 
8yo. London, 1860. 

BEAMISH (N. Ludlow).— History of the 

King's German Legion. Colored costumes of the 
officers and men. 2 vols. 8yo. London, 1832. 

P. C. Lib. Aldershot. 

BEAMISH (Richard).— The Psychonomy 
of the Hand ; or, the Hand an Lidex of mental 
development, according to MM. D'A^yentigny and 
DesbarroUes, with illustratiye tracings from living 
hands. 4to. London, 1865. S.K. 

BEARCROFT (Philip).— An historical ac 

count of Thomas Sutton, Esq. ; and of his foundation 
in Charter-House. Portrait of Sutton and two 
plates. 8vo. London, 1737. S.K. 

BEARD (Charles). — Roma Sotterranea. 
By C. B. From the " Theological Review,'' No. 29, 
April, 1870. S.K. 

BEARDMORE (John).— A Catalogae with 

illustrations of the CoUection of ancient Arms and 
Armour, at Uplands, near Fareham, Hampshire. 
ByJ.B.,M.A. 17 plates. Fol. London, 1844. S.K. 

BEATON (Alfred Charles).— Quantities 

and Measurements, how to calculate and take them, 
in Bricklayers', Masons', Plasterers', Plumbers', 
Painters', Paperhangers', Gilders', Smiths', Carpen- 
ters', and Joiners* Wo^. With Rules for abstract- 
ing, and Hints for preparing a Bill of UfumtitieB. 
Post 8to. London, 1867. S.K. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 

BEATON (Alfred Ciuw.E8).— Pocket Tecli- 
uiotl Ouide aod Mcsanier for BDiIdera and Sur- 
Tcyort: eont&iiung a conpleu eipUostiou of the 
Teims Dsed id Bailding, CoiutructJoD, etc. Obi. 
32ino. LondoQ, 1872. S.K. 

BEATSON(Dr.EOBEBT).—APolitioal Index 
to the Hiitoriffl of QreaC Britain and Ireland ; or a 
complete Bagieter of the Hereditaij Honoon, Pub- 
lic Officca uid Persona in Office, from the earliMt 
uriodi to the present time. Bj Bobert Beatson, 
LL.D. The thud edition, corrected, and much en- 
larged. 3 Toll. Sto. 1806. 3.E 

BEATTIE (James).— The Poetical Works 
of J. B. BDd WiUiam CoUioa. With Hemoics of 
their lire* and writinga \>j T, Miller, and engrav- 
ingi hj S. Williams, etc. fnnn dntwinge b; J. Abeo- 
^aa. 8ro. London, 1S46. BJU. 

BEATTIE (WiLLLOi).— The Porte, Har- 
bmm, Watering Places, and Coast Scenfij of Qreat 
Britain. Blnstnited b; Views t«ken on the Spot 
b; W. H. Bartlett, with deKriptioos by W. B., M.D. 
With 123 plate*. 2 vols. 4Ui. London, 1844. 

BEATTIE (William).— Le Danube lUnati^. 
Pour iaire suite k Constantinople ancienne et mo- 
dame, an Vojace ea Syiie, etc. Vues d'sprie natore 
desnnies par Bartlett, gnMiea par pliuieura Ar- 
tUtes Anglail. Edition Franeaise revue par H. L. 
Sazeiac 64 plates. 2to1b. Smal]4ta. P>Tii,a.d. S.E. 

BEATTIE (William) .—Brief Memoir of the 
Ute William Heniy Bartlett. With portrait of 
Bartlett. 4to. London, 18SS. S.K. 

BEAU (B. J.). — Guide pratitjne pour lea 
<^iJratioDs galTanaplastiqaee, oa choix d'eipMencea 
•implee et bciles misea k la portie de toot le monde. 
Premiire partie: reproduction en cnirre dea mi- 
dailles, (sm^ medallions, pierres grav^, cachets, 
etc IBmo. Paris, 1844. 

BEAUCHESNE (— dk).— La vie et la 
Ugende ds Madame laiate Notbnrg ; .ilablissement 
de la foi chrtfenne dane la T^ia du Heckar. 
Oanage dirisA en trois liviea et 39 charatres. Omi 
de 84 ffTKToree d'apr^ les dessins de P. Langlois. 
4to. Paris, 186S. 

BEAUCHET-FILLEAU (Hbnei).— Notice 
sor lea sipnlttine antiqnea et miioTingiennes. Sto. 
Niort, 186S. 

BEAUCLERK (Ihdt Diaha de Verb).— A 

Summer and Winter in Norwav UloatrMed b; 

the aothor'a aketches. Sto. London, I86S. 'B3&. 

BEAUDBAU (J.).— Aimorial des estate dn 
lAngnedoc, enrichi des fUments de I'art da Elason. 
410. Montpellier. 1688. 

BEAUFORD (William).— On the Bise and 
Progress of Aicbitectnie is Ireland, from the re- 
motest periods to the present time. 8to. Dublin, 

BEATTFOT (MAiiK).~]libzic&nIUastratioiiB, 
feuDded npoD fiiet«; iadtcatiTe of the present 
condition it loeiatj, manners, religion, and morals 
among tlie Spaniah and uUire iabahiOnU of 

Mexico, etc Willi plates. Royal 8to. London, 
1828. 8.K. 

BEAULIEU (Jbam Louis de).— Lettre i. 
Monaieor ]**•_ ^^ rAcad^mie des insciiptiona et 
belles -lettrefl, but direrees antiquit^ ^^ptiennes 
trouvAee il Salibourg (rojaume de Baviire). With 
plats. 8to. Paris, 1841. 

BEAUMONT (P. M. M. de).— Vuea pit- 
toresqnes, hiatoriques, et moisles, dn Cimeti^ da 
P. Idchaiae, representant sea aspects. >es sites, sea 
points dcTue lea plus maffnifiauea, lee si^aes lee plua 
touchantea du culte rendu i la mimoire dea morts, 
et qoBtre cents tombeaui ayec les ^pitaphee dea 
hommea lea plus fameoz. Drawn &oni nature b; 
Wigneron and DupLat. 8to. Fans, 1841. 

BEAUNE (Ph.).— MTia^e imperial de Saint- 
Qermain-en-Laye. 7 pp. ' 16mo. Saint-Qermaio, 

BEATJPRE. — Lea gentilhomines verrierB, 
oa Recherches aur rindustrie et lee privileges dee 
verrierB dans t'ancienne Lomiae, aoi XT*, XTI*, 
et XVn* Slides. Sto. Nancj, 1847- 

BEAUPRfi.— Catalogue descriptif dea on- 
TTages deFsrdinand de Saint-Urbain et ds Claude' 
Auguatin de Saint- UrbaiD, graveuca en medaillef. 
Svo. Saucj, isa7. 

BEAUPRfi (N.).— Beoherchee hiatoriquea 
et bibliograpluqaes snr les commencements de 
I'imprimerie en Lorrune et sur see progrte jusqu'tl 
la fin dn XVII. Hide. Sto. SauH^NicoUa-de- 
Port, 1846. 

BE ATTPBE.- NouvelleB recherches de bJbEo- 
graphielorraine. (1500-1700.) 8to. Kanej, I8S6. 

BEAUREPAIRB ('Ohakleb de).— Notes hia- 
toriquea sur le Musee de PsJntare de la Villa de 
Bouen. Sto. Bonen, 1854. 

BEAUREPAIRE (Charles de).— Eutree et 
E^onr dn roi Cbailea Vm k Bonen en 14SS. Sto. 
Caen, 18S4. 

BEAUTIESofPo«tryandArt. Embellished 
with sixteen bcaimiles of water-colonr drawings and 
other illuitrations by Q. Catt^ruole, ]. S. Cooper, 
E. Duncan. Engraved and printed by E. Enins. 
4to. London (1S6S). B.U. 

BEAUTIFUL WOMES".— Celebrated por- 
traits in Photography, after Sir Joshua Beynolds, 
T. Qainsborongb, Sir T. Lawrence, John Jackson, 
Qilbert Stuart Newton, and Sir Edwin Idndseer. 
With an Introduction and Bif^raphieal Notices. 
FoL London, 1869. 

BEAUYAI8. — Notice sur les tapiaaeries de 
la Cathidnle de BesQrais. 8to. Clermont— Oiae, 

(Ckablbs).— Les Fesunes ds Victor Hugo, avec 28 

Ba7ud,gT«TieB'pu0.1tk\i^«. ^^u, "STOfc, \.*<ft. 


Univei'saJ CaMague of 



DE NEUVILLEjT-Les FemmeB de Murger, 16 
iUnstaratioiui par Emile Bayard, gravies par Hilde- 
brand. 8to. -PariB, 1861. 

BEAUVOIS (BuGftins). — Lea antiqtiit&i 

frimitiyes de la Koir^. Age de pieire et Age do 
ronze. 68 pp. 8to. Paris, 1869. 

BBCATELIil (Lorenzo); — ^I Riti nnziali 

degli antichi Bomani per le nozse di sna Ecseellenza 

Bon Gioraimi Lambertini con snaEocellenza Donna 
' Lncrezia Sayoignan. 22 iliustrations bj rarions 

artists, firom varions statnes, &e. Engrared by 

0iaBomo Leonardis, in Venice. FoL Bologna, 

BECHSTEIN (Ludwig). — Wandenmgen 

dilroh Thiiringen. 30 Steel plates. 8to. Leipeig, 

BECHSTEIN (Ludwig). — Der Sonntag. 

Gedicht in 6 (Jes&oigen von B., mit Badirongen you 

P. Berthold. Pol. Leipzig, 1832. 

BECHSTEIN (Ludwig).— Die Volkssagen, 

Marchen ilnd Legenden des Kaiserstaates Oester- 
leich. With steel plates. Sva Leipzig, 1841. 

BECHSTEIN (Ludwig).— Die Maimer der 
' Reformation. Portraits nach Original-Zeichnnngen 

von H. Holbein n. A., in Stahl ^estochen yon C. 

Baxth. Biographien von L. B.,ima Andaren. Ajato- 

graphen fusimilirt nach Original-Briefan. 4to. 

HiLdbnrghanses^ 1869. BJ^. 

BECHSTEIN (Ludwig).— Albtun des Her- 

Eogthnms Sachsen-Meiningen in bildlichelr Bar- 
Btellnng mit begleitendem Texte, heransgegeben 
Ton L. B. Lithographs. Square folio. Leipzig, 

BECK (A.). — ^Die KoenigKche saeclisische 
Ann^e in ihrer nensten Uniformimng ; 24 colorirte 
Abbildnngen nach Original Zeichnungen ron A. B. 
4to. Dresden, 1867. 

BECK (A.). — Scenen ans den Kriegsleben. 
Von A. Beck. 12 drawings on stone. Obi. 4to. 
Bnsseldorf (1867). B3L 

BECK (Mabtik Eugbn) and METJKBR 

(MoBiTz). — ^Musterblatter for KirchHehe Stickerei 
von Martin Bugen Beck. Nebst Text: Altar- 
schmnck yon Moritz Meurer. Text, 8ro. With 
Atlas of 12 plates, 4to. Leipzig, 1867-68. 8.K. 

BECKE (J.). — Entwiirfe Ton tGhrabmonu- 
menten in sammtlidien St7len......Fol. Nordlin- 

gen, n.d. 

BECKENSTEIN (Johann Simon).— Knrtze 

Einleitung znr Wappen-Ennst, nnd zor Art des 
Blasonirens. 46 plates. 8yo. St Petersburg, 
BECB[EB, (A.Wolfgang). — Charakterbilder 

ans der Knnstgeschichte. Zor Einfohrung in das 
Stadinm derselben znsammengestellt nnd herans- 

* gegeben yon A. W. B. Britte Auflage, ydllig nm- 

• gearbeitet, yermebxt tind yerbessert ton 0. Clanss. 
JIfjt Illastrntionen, 8yo. Leipzig, 1869. 8.E. 


BECKER (C.).~D]e Cistercienser-Abtei 
Altenberg bei Coin. With 15 plates. Polio. 
Miinster, n.d. 

BECKER (Pbedinand).— Das Spott-Cmci- 

fix der Bomischen Kaiseipalaste, etc 8yo. Breslan, 
1866. aK. 

BECKER (Ferdinand).— Die Darstellung 

Jesn Christi nnter dem Bilde des Pisches anf den 
Monnmenten der Kirche der Eatakomben. 8yo. 
Breslan, 1866. ■ SJu 

BECKER (J.).— Unedirte Alterthiimer aoB 
Maine. 2 parts, 8yo. Wiesbaden, 1865. 

BECKER (J.).— DermerovingisoheKiTcli. 
hof lu La CSiapelle St. Eloi nnd die Antiqnitaten- 
fabrik n Bheinzabem. 8yo. i^nkfurt, 1856. 

BECKER (J.).-rDie heddernheimer Bron- 
sehand. Bin VotaTdenkmal. Plate. 4to. Prankf^' 

BECKER (J.).— Dreyromisclie Votivhande 
an den Bheinlanden. 2 plates. 4to. Prankfurt, 

BECKER (MO— Die guBseisernen Bracken 
der Badischen Eisenbahn, ins besondere die Eimdg- 
brucke bei Offenburg nnd Elzbrucke bei Sexan. 
With 16 lith(^raphs. Large 4to. Carlsrohe, 

BECB31R (M.). — AUgemeine Baukunde 
des Ingenieors. £in Leitfaden zn Vorlesungen 
nnd Eum Selbstnnterrichte fiirWassnr-nnd Stras- 
eenbau-Ingenienre, Architecten and Haschinen- 
baner. mth atlas of plates, large folio. Bcq^ 
8yo. Stuttgart, 1863, ete. 

BECKER (M.) — ^Der Brackenbau in seinem 
ganzen Umfange nnd mit besonderer Bnck- 
sicht anf die nenesten Constmctionen. Bin Leit- 
faden su Vorlesnngen tind znm Selbstonterrichte 
for Wasser- nnd Stnssenban-Ingeiueare and andere 
Teefaoikar. With atlas of plates, large folio. Bojal 
8yo. Stuttgart, 1864. 

BECKER (M.).— Der Straasen- und Eieen- 
bahnban in seinem ganzen TJmfange and mit 
besonderer Rucksicht aaf die nenesten Constmc- 
tionen. Bin Leit&den eu YorleSangen and sum 
Selbstnnterrichte for Wasser- nnd Strassenban-In- 
genieore imd andere Techniker. With atlas of 
plates, large folio. Bo7al8yo. Stnttgart, 1855. 

BEC£:ER (M.).-*D6r Wasserban in eeinem 
ganzen Um&nge. Bin Leitfoden zu Vorlesungen 
nnd zum Selbstnntemohte fiir Wasser i!nd Strassen- 
baa- ingenieure and andere Techniker. With atlas 
of plates, large folio. Bojal 8yo. Stuttgart, 1856. 

BECKER (WiLHBLM Adolf).— De Horn© 

yeteris maris etportis. 2 plates. 8yo. Lipsie, 

BECKER (WiLHBLM Adolf),— Zur rom- 

ischen Topographie. 8 plates. 8to. Leipzig, 1845. 

ten nnd Landschafts-Geb&ude. 4. Liefemng. Pol. 
Leipzig, 1798-99. B.Jf. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


BECKER (WiLHBLM Gottlieb). — Charak- 

tere imd Costumes ans den BarsteUungen der 
Kuifontlich Sachsischen Hofschaufipieler-GeBell- 
sdiaft, nach dem Leben gezeichnet nnd gestochen 
imd eolorirt yon Schroter und Oelaner. 2 Hefte. 
Coloued platee. Folio. Leipzig, 1804. 

BECKFORD (Wilham). — A concise Intro- 
duetion to &e ktowledge of tha moat eminent 
Flunten. 8to. London, 1778. S.K. 

2nd edition — 12mo. London^ 1780. 


Jenx djM Andens, lenr deicription, lenr origine 

Onvrage aoeompagnA de graynres snr boia d'aprts 
Tantiqae, deosiD^ et gray^ par H. Lion le Maire. 
8yo. Paris, 1869. 3.K. 

BEDAUT (J. N.).— Des Arts d'imitation, 

de lenr emploi dans I'interdt social et des mojMia 

d'asBurer le bion-^tre de cenx qni les cnltiyent, sniyi 
de la proposition d* nn nonyean mode de r^mpenaes 
nadonalea. 8to. Pkris, 1849. 

BEDE (Ctjthbebt). — Glencriggan, op a 
Highland H<»ne in Cantire. 8 maps, 8 Ghiomo- 
lithographs, and 61 woodeots. 2 yola. Small 8yo. 
London, 1861. 

BEDFORD (W. K. Rilaio)).— The Blazon 
of Episcopacy. (lithographic plates of Arms.) 
aro. London, 1858. SJS, 

BEDOS de obliges (FRAN901S).— L'art 
da factenr d'orgnes. 137 plates. Fol. Paris, 

BEDOTTI (Giovanni). — ^De la Restauration 

des Tableaux, Traits sp^al snr la meilleure maniire 
de rentoiler, nettoyer et restanrer les Tableaux 
anciens et modemes ; compoe^ par Jean Bedotti de 
Tniin. 8yo. Ptois, 1887. 8.K. 

BEDOm (GiOYANNi). — Gnida, ossia dizion- 
ario portabile per gli amatori de* qnadri della jscnola 
Fiamminga ea Okndese, compilata da Qt. B. 8yo. 
Torino, 1845. 

BEECE (J.).— The Trimnph-Royal, con- 
tHmng a short aoooont of the most remarkable 

battlaa. of the I^oes of...... Nassau, &c Be- 

serib'd in the tiiamphal arches pictnres, in- 

seriptions, and deyiees, erected at the IQigne...... 

Engrayen in 62 figures on copper plates, with their 

histories .First done in Dutch .and now into 

English. 8?o. London, 1792. B.M. 

BEELITZ (C.).— Architeotur-Katalog. Ver- 

aeichniss der yoizuglichsten Werke aus dem 
Gesammtgebiete des Bau-^und Liffenieurwesens. 
Heransgegeben yon C. B. 5th edition. With 
S9 woodents in text. Large 8yo. Berlin, 1861. 

BEER (Amalia). — Wol-anstandi^e 

Fianenaimer-Eigdznng, in sich enthaltend ein 

Heh- nnd 8tick*Bueh, welches yannittelst sehr 

yieler Risse nnd andon netten Zeithnungen 

ywgestellat woiden^ etc. Obi. fol. Niimberg, 
[1700]. B.M. 

BEEBN (JoHANN Chbist.). — ^Der yon Cbristi 
Oelmttaiibia anf diese unsere Zeit regieretndexi 

Konige in Schweden, Leben, Begierung,nnd Abster* 
ben. Portraits. 12mo. Niimberg, 1673. 

BEGNIS (PiSTBo).— Memorie ed osaerva- 
zioni 8u di un Quadro di Benyennto Tisi da Garofalo, 
che si troya nella Chiesa pairoochiale di Fondra. 
Scritte dal Sac. Don P. B. 24 pp. 12mo. Ber- 
gamo, 1869. S.K. 

BEGUE (J.).— E3rpo8ition des beanx-arte i 

Bayonne en 1869. Compte rendu. 23 pp. 8yo. 
Toulouse, 1870. 

BEHR (Geobo Heinbioh). — Strassbnrger 
Miinster-undThumbuchlein. Plates, 12mo. Strass- 
buig. 1749. 

BEHR (JoHANN Heinbioh). — Der ver- 

Bchanzte Turenne, oder Griindliche Alt- und Nene- 
Eriegs-Bau-Eunst. Woodcuts. Obi. 8yo. G-era, 

BEHREND (Dr.).— Bericht iiber die den 
lithographischen Stein-ersetsenden-kiinstlichen li- 
thographierten Flatten und deren Handhabung. 
8yo. Berlin, 1839. 

BEHRENDS (C. Fb.).— Grundliche xaifL 
leicht fassliche Aiiweisung sum Bluminiren. Nebst 
einem Anhange, die Beschreibung einer orientali* 
schen Ifalerei betreffend. Als ein Eweckmassiges 
Unterrichtsbuch fur die Jugend. Illustrations. 
8yo. Magdeburg, 1836. 

BEHRENS (Ebnst Ohbistian August). — 

Die Mecklenburgische Land-Baukunst oder Samm* 
lung yon Original-Zeichnungen, womach gebauet 
women ist, uxid noch gebauet wirde, zum Gebranch 
fur Guts-Besizser, Beeumten, Forst- und Oekonomie- 
Bedienten und Pachter. 35 plates. 4to. Schwerin 
und Wismar, n.d. 

BEHSE (W. H.).) — Sammel-Mappe ffir 
Bau-Entwnrfe ausge^ihrter wohn-, landwirt£schaft- 
licher und Fabrik-Gebaude, mit Beriicksichtigung 
des innem Ausbaues. Bediffirt yon W. fi. B. li* 
thographs. Large fol. HaUe, 1867, etc. 

BEHSE (W. H.).— Die praktischen Arbei- 
tan und BauconstnikUonen des Zimmermanns in 
alien Theilan. With atlas of 45 plates in folio. 
6th edition. 8yo. Weimar, 1868. 

BEIERLEm (J. P.). — Die kajerisohoii 
Miinzen des Hauses Wittelsbach (1180-1550), etc. 
8yo. Miinchen, 1868. B.M. 

BEIJNEN (L. R.).— Eene Bijdr^ over de 
Mosaiken in de Tribune der oude St-Pieters Kark 
te Rome. Van Dr. L. B. Be^nen. 1 plate. 6 pp. 
8yo. Cs Grayenhage, 1854.) 8.K. 

BEDJ (J. A.). — Der none Friedhof von 
Frankfort am Main, nebst alien darauf Bezug 
habenden amtlichen Verordnungen und Zeiohnun- 

Sn. With 7 lithographs. ObL foL Frankfurt a. 
., 1829. 

BEITRAGE znr nordischen AltertHnms- 
kunde, herausgegeben yon dem Verein fiir Lubeck- 
ische Geschichte. I. Heft. Opfer- und GrabosaUMt- 
thumer cu Waldha\A«a, '^Wllo. ^X^a. Vu^, 
Lfibeck, 1844. 


Universal Catalogue of 


BBKMANN (Johann Christoph). — His- 

torische Beschreibung der Char nnd Mark Branden- 
burg nach ihrem Ursprung, Einwohnem, natiirlichen 
SeBchafienheit, G-ew&iBer, Landschaften, Staten, 
geistlichen Stiftem, etc. Regenten, deren Staats- 
und Religions-Handltingen, Wapen, Siegel nnd 
Miinzen, etc. Von J. C. B., erganzet, fortgesetzet, 
nnd heransgegeben von Bemhard Ladwig Bekmann. 
2 vols. FoL Berlin, 1761-53. S.K. 

BELANY (James Cockbuen). — A Treatise 

upon Falconry. In two parts. 8vo. Berwick- 
npon-Tweed, 1841. S.K. 

BELBEUF (Raoul de). — Be vetere diyi 
Martini templo. L'ancienne ^lise de Saint-Martin 
par R. de B. (comte Raoul de Belbeuf). 8to. 
Kouen, 1868. 

BELCHER (Henry). — ^IDustrations of the 
Scenery on the line of the Whitby and Pickering Rail- 
way in the North Eastern part of Yorkshire. From 
drawings by G. Dodgson, with a short description 
of the District and undertaking. Steel plates and 
wood engravings. 8vo. London, 1836. 

BELGIOJOSO (Carlo). — Le Arti del 

Disegno in Italia e I'Esposizione Universale del 
1867. (Estratto dai Rendiconti del Reale Istituto 
Lombaido, etc.). 8vo. Milano, 1867. B.M. 

BELGIUM.— Vues de Belgiqae. 36 Tinted 
Lithographs. Obi. 4to. (Bruxelles, .n. d,) 8.K. 

BELGIUM.— (A Collection of 25 Portraits, 
engraved by L. Fines, of Liige; and 218 Views of 
cities, towns, churches, monasteries and castles in 
Belgium, engraved by R. le Loup). Fol. n.p.n.d. 


BELGIUM. — Belgium and Nafisau ; or, the 
Continental Tourist. Illustrated with numerous 
steel engravings, and maps of cities. 4to. London, 
n. d. S.K. 

BELGIUM. — Royaume de Belgiqne. Minis- 
tire de rintdrieur. Listes gdndrales et catalogue 
illustrd des modules recommandes par le conseil de 
perfectionneraent de Tenseignement des arts du 
dessin. 239 engravines. 4to. Bruxelles, 1868. 


BELGRADO (Jacopo, Connt.)— B trono di 
Nettuno illustrato. Plate. 4to. Cesena, 1766. 

BELGRAND (E.).— Histoire g6n6rale^de 
Paris. La Seine. I. Le Basin Parisien aux Ages 
antAhistoriques, par E. B. 3 vols. VoL i., Texte. 
Vol. ii., 79 Planches de Pal^ntolo^e. Vol. iii. 
Plandies do Geologic et de Conchyliologie. 4to. 
Paris. 1869. S.K. 

BELHOMME (J. B. G.).— Des vitraux :— 

Statuts de Peintres Verriers de Toulouse, au XVI* 
Siide. 26 pp. 4to. Toulouse, 1843. 

BELIDOR (Bernard). — Nonveau Conrs de 

math^matique, k Tusage de rArtillerie et du ginie 
0^1 Ton applique les parties les plus utiles, de cette 
science k la thtorie et k la pratique des differens 
BXjjetB qui penvent avoir rapport k la guerre. 4to. 
Taris, 1 726. Soane Mus. 


BELIN ( AirroiNE) . — [ Sensuynent lis patrons 
de messire Antoine Belin, Reclus de Sainct Martial 
de Lyon. Item plusieurs autres beaulx Patrons 
nouveaulz, qui ont este inventez par Jehan Mayol 
Carme de Lyon. On les vend a Lyon, chez le 
Prince.] Small 4to. Le Prince, Lyon. n.d. 

[Imperfect : without title-page or letter-press, and 
comprising 27 patterns for embroidery, &c., on 14 
leaves.] 8.K. 

BELIN (J. L.). — Le Simplon et L'ltalie 
Septentrionale, promenades et pdlerinages par J.-L. 
B. Deuzitoe ^tion. 14 plates. Royal 8n>. Paris, 
1843. S.K. 

BELITZ (Georo.). — Irrthiimernndseltsaine 
Einfalle der Maler in Abbildung der Leidens- und 
Sterbe-Geschichte Jesu Ghristi. 8vo. Wittenbeig, 

BELL (Sir Charles). — ^Engravings of the 
arteries ; illustrating the second volume of the 
Anatomy of the Human Body, and serving as an in- 
troduction to the surgeiy of the arteries. Third 
edition. 14 plates. 8vo. London, 1811. S.K. 

BELL (Sir Charles).— The Hand; its 

mechanism and vital endowments as evincing 
design. Woodcuts in text. 8vo. London, 1834. 


BELL (Sir Charles). — ^The Nervons System 

of the Human Body : as explained in a series of 
papers read before the Royal Society of London. 
With an appendix of Cases and Consultations oq 
Nervous Diseases. 3rd edition. Plates. 8vo. Edin- 
burgh, 1836. 8.K. 

BELL (Henry Nugent). — The Huntingdon 

Peera^ To which is prefixed a Genealogical 

and Biographical History of the House of Hastings. 
Portraits. 4to. London, 1820. 
2nd edition. 4to. London, 1821. 

BELL (Joachim Hounau, called George), — 

Pradier. 18mo. Paris, 1852. 

BELL (John). — ^Engravings of the bones, 
muscles, and joints, illustrating the first volume of 
the Anatomy of the Human Body. 3rd edition. 33 
plates. 4to. London, 1810. S.K. 

BELL (John).— Albert the Good. A few 
remarks on the proposed statue for the national 
memorial in Hyde Park. 8vo. London, 1868. 


BELL (John).— Albert the Good. The Me- 
morial Cross in Hyde Park, and the Statue. 8vo. 
London, 1869. S.K. 

BELL (Robert). — ^WavsidePietares through 
France, Belgium, and Holland. By R. Bell. With 
woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1849. S.K. 

BELL (Robert). — Golden Leaves from the 
Works of the Poets and Painters. Edited by R. 
Bell. 65 vignettes. 4to. London, 1863. 0.K. 

BELL ^Robert). — ^Art and Song : a Series 

of Original highly-finished Steel Engravings, firom 
Masterpieces of Art of the Eighteenth Century; 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


accompanied bj a Selection of the Choicest Poems 
in the English Language. Edited by B. B. 4to. 
London, 1867. 

BELLA (Stefano della). — Descrizione delle 
feste fatte in Firenze per la canonizzazione di S. 
Andrea Corsini, da B. Buommatei. With 20 plates 
engraved by Stefano della Bella. 4to. Firenze, 

BELLA (Stefano della). See Bance (C). 

BELLAMY (J. C.).— The Natural History 
of South DeTon. 8to. Plymouth, 1839. 

BELLANGE (Hippolttb).— Unifonnes de 
i'arm^ fran^se depuis 1815 jusqu' k 1824. 108 
coloured plates, no text. 8to. (Paris, n.d.) 

BELLANGE (Hippolyte). — ^Exposition des 
(BUTres d'Hippolyte Bellange A I'Ecole imp^riale 
des Beaux Arts. Etude biographique par Fran- 
cisque Wey. 12mo. Paris, 1867. 

BELLANGER (— , Abb^).— Histoire de 

Neuilly, pr^s Paris, et de ses ch&teaux, les Temes, 
Madrid, Bagatelle, Saint James, Neuilly, Villiers. 
12mo. Neuilly, 1855. 

BELL ARMING (Rob.).— Dottrina Christi- 
ana del 111-*, et R"». Card. R. B. 85 figures. 
8to. Augusta, 1614. 

BELLEE. — Les ancieimes commnnaut^s 
d'arts et metiers de la Sorthe, par M. B. 22 pp. 
8to. Le Mans, 1869. 

BELLERMANN (Christian Feiedbich).— 

Ueber eine seltene J^nmunze mit dem Monogramm 
des achaischen Bundes-geldes. Plate. 8to. Bonn, 

BELLERMANN (Johann Joachim). — Das 

graue Kloster in Berlin mit seinen alten Denkma- 
lem. 8to. Berlin, 1823. 

BELLE VAL (REirt de). — ^Du costume mili- 
taire des fran^ais en 1446. Plates. 4 to. Paris, 

BELLE W (Captain).— Views in Lidia. 30 
plates, with letter-press description. Obi. 4to. 
London, 1833. 

BELLI (Akdrea). — Monnmenti Lapidarii 
delle chiese, e dell' archiospedale di S. Jkmria in 
Portico, delle Grazie, e della Consolazione, Raccolti 
e pubblicati dal Dot. Andrea Cay. Belli Aggiun- 
tari r appendice intomo ad una dipintura rinvenuta 
nel 1820 presso il Teatro Notomico. 8yo. Koma, 
1830. S.K. 

BELLI (Andrea). — La chiesa di S. Maria 
delle Grazie, contigua all* Archiospedale della Con- 
solazione, e la dipintura nell' estemo della tribuna 
della Ma^ore Chieea di detto Stabilmento, des- 
critte ed illustrate. 56 pp. 8to. Koma, 1833. 


iEnxB). — Documents sur les trayaux ex^cut^s k 
fotie-Dsme de Cbartres et dans d'autres iglises du 
paji Chartraio, pendant le XVI* si^cle, commu- 
wipkm •! aimoU*, par MM. Lucien Merlet. et 

Emile Bellier de la Ghavignerie. 8vo. Paris, 


(I^milb). — Recherches sur M"» Anne Kenee Str6sor, 
membre de Tancienne Acad^mie royale de peiuture 
et de sculpture. (1651-1713.) 8vo. Paris, 1860. 


(Emile). — Becheiches sur Louis Licherie, peintre 
normand, membre de Tancienne Acad^mie royalo de 
peinture et de sculpture (1629-1687). 8vo. (Caen), 


(Emilb). — L. P. Schill, peintre sur porcelaine, at- 
tach6 a la manufacture imp^riale de Sevres (1790- 
1859). Portrait. 12mo. Versailles, 1860. 


^Emilr). — Notes pour servir k I'histoire de la Sainte 
Chapelle de ChAteaudun et de Tun de ses pr^v6ts. 
8vo. Chartres, 1862. 


(Emilb). — Lettres inedites du peintre Girodet- 
Trioson, de Sut^, directeur de I'^ole de Bome, et 
du general Gudin, gouyerneur da chAteau do Fon- 
tainebleau, k Ange Ben^ Havault, peintre, graveur 
et lithographe de Montargis; prdced^es d'une no- 
tice sur Bavault. 12mo. Pithiviers, 1863. 


(Emilb). — Manuel bibliographique du photographe 
fran9ais, ou nomenclature des ouvrages public en 
France depuis la d^urerte du daguerr&type jus* 
qu'4 nos jours, parE. B. deL. 22 pp. 12mo. Paris, 


(Emilb). — Chroniques de Saint-Mathurin de Lar- 
chant en Gasthinais ; avec une reproduction A 1' eau« 
forte d'une vue de Larchant au XVII* si^e 
(1634), d'apr^s Tassin, g^ographe du roi. 8to. 
Paris, 1864. 


(^ilb). — Notes pour senrir k 1* histoire de 1' expo- 
sition de la jeunesse, qui avait lieu chaque ann^e k 
Paris. 8vo. Paris, 1864. 
From " Bevue Universelle des Arts." 


(Emilb) — Les Artistes fran^ais du XVUI* si&de 
oubli^s ou d^aign^s. 8vo. Paris, 1865. S.K. 


(Emilb). — Dictionnaire g^n^ral des artistes do 
rdcole fran9aise, depuis Torigine des arts du dessin 
jusqu'a Tann^e 1868 indusiyement. Architectes, 
peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs et lithographes. 8yo. 
Paris, 1868, etc. 

BELLINI (Giuseppe). — ^Memoria sopra im 

sigillo Estense trovato in Bergantino. 15 pp. 1 plate, 
8to. MantoTa, 1838. 

BELLINI (Giuseppe) . — Monete inedite 

dell' Abate G. B. 16 pp. 8vo. Verona, 1855. 

BELLINI (Giuseppe). — Pensieri, parole, e 
cose intomo al distrutto castello di Banaiio rulgo 

F 66 

^■^''- ■ 


Universal Catalogue of 


castelnuoTo compendiate dall' Abate G-. B. 25 pp. 
8vo. Verona, 1861. 

BELLINI (Giuseppe). — Una visita al gabi- 

netto dell' Abate G. B. Svo. Mantova, 1864. 

BBLLOC (Auqustb), — Les quatre branches 
de la photographie. Traits complet, th^oriqne et 
pratique des procM^s de Dagaerre, Talbot, Niepce 
de Saint* Victor, et Archer ; pr^c^^ des Annales de 
la photographie et suiTi d'^Uments de chimie et 
d'optique appliqu^ k cet art. 2 portraits. 8?o. 
Paris, 1855. B.M. 

BELLOC (Auguste). — Code de Toperateur 
photographe. 18mo. Paris, 1860. 

BELLOC (Auguste). — ^Photographie ration- 
nelle. Traits complet, th^oriqne et pratique. Ap- 
plications diyerses. Pr6c6d6 de lliistoire de la 
photoeraphie et snivi d'^l^ments de chimie ap- 
pliqu& f^ cet art. 8to. Paris, 1862. 

BELLOC (Auguste).— Le Tr6sor de Top^- 
ratenr photographe. 32mo. Paris, 1866. 

BELLOC (Auguste). — Le Retoucheur. 

Traits complet de la photographie, de la retonche 
dn colons des ^prenyes albumin to. 12 mo. Paris, 

BBLLOC (Bessie Parkes). — La Belle 

France. With illustrations. Svo. London, 1868. 


BELLOC (Gaston).— Photographie. Pro- 

o6d6 BUT rerre et sur papier. Verre opale, mat et 
' brillant, coloris instantan^, coloris br^ilien. Be- 
touche dn cliche. 73 pp. 12mo. Paris, 1869. 

BELLOC (P. v.). —La Vierge an Poisson 
de Eaphael, explication nouyelle de ce tableau. 
2 plates. Sro. Paris et Lyon, 1833. S.K. 

BELLOMO (Giovanni). — La pala d'oro 

dell' L B. patriarcale di S. Marco considerata sotto 
i risguardi storici, archeologici ed artistici, con un 
disoorsodi J.Manico. 2 plates. 4to. Venezia, 1847. 

BELLOY (Auguste de, Marqnis).— C. Co- 

lomb et la decouverte du Nouveau Monde ; par M. 

le Marquis De Belloy Compositions et gravures 

par L. Flameng. 18 plates and numerous cuts. 
4to. Paris (1865). B.M. 

BELLS. — Essai snr le Sjmbolisine de la 
Cloche dans ses Bapports et ses Harmonies avec la 
Beligion. Par tm Pr^tre du Clerg6 paroissial. Svo. 
Poitiers, 1859. S.K. 

BELLY (F^lix). — A travers TAin^rique 
Centrale. Le Nicaragua et le Canal Literoc^nique 
ayec une Carte originale du Nicaragua. Vol. i. 
Boyal Svo. Paris, 1867. 8.K. 

BELOE (William). — Anecdotes of litera- 
ture and scarce books. 6 vols. Svo. London, 

BELTRAME (Pjrancesco). — Cenni illus- 

trativi sul monumento a Tiziani Vecellio, aggiimtevi 

la vita dello stesso e notizie intomo al fu professore 

3) Scoltura Luigi Zandomeneghi, etc. Svo. Ve- 

jrezra, 1862, Nat. Gal. 


BELZONI (Giovanni).— Description of the 

Egyptian Tomb discovered by G. B. 2 plates. 
Svo. London, 1821. 

BELZONI (Giovanni).— Appendix to Bel- 

zoni's Travels, containing an explanation of some 
of the principal hieroglyphics. With plates and a 
map. 4to. London, n.d. 

BEMROSE. — Gnide to Derbyshire ; a com- 
plete Hand-book for the county, containing histo- 
rical, biographical, and antiquarian notices, with 
routes, drives, etc. With plates and map. Crown 
16mo. London, 1869. S.K. 

BEMROSE (William). — A Biographical 

Notice of '* Wright of Derby." By W. Bemrose, 
jun. Reprinted (with additions) from the "Re- 
liquary** Quarterly Journal. With portrait. Royal 
Svo. n. d. S.K. 

BEMROSE (William).— Mannal of Buhl- 
Work and Marquetry, with practical instructions for 
learners, and 90 coloured designs. 4to. London, 
n. d. S.K. 

BEMROSE (William). — Fret-Cntting and 

perforated carving, with practical instructions. 
4to. London, 1868. S.E. 

BENARD (Pibbre). — Recherche snr les 
caractires constitutifs de la grandeur, de la vari^t^, 
et du mouvement dans Faspect ext^rieur des 
Edifices. 22 pp. Svo. Saint-Quentin, 1862. 

BENARD (Pierre). — Collegiate de St. 
Quentin. Renseignements pour servir a rhlstoire 
de cette ^lise. Engravings and plans. Svo. 
Paris, 1867. 

BENASSAI (G.).— Le arid, lo State, e le 
industrie nazionali, per G. B. 20 pp. 4to. Fi- 
remse, 1868. 

BENCI (Antonio).— Guida ai Santnari del 
Gosentino ed ai luoghi principali della Valle Ti- 
berina Toscana o Lettere xi. intomo alle cose nota- 
bill delle due predette provincie, con altra di Gas- 
tellana riguardante la sola Vallombrosa ampliate 
con note Ulustrative di Attilio Zuccagni Orlandini. 
Plates. 12mo. Firenze, 1884. 

BENDTSEN(B.).— Marmora mystica. Spe- 
cimen I. 4to. Havnise, 1819. 

BENEDETTI (Elpidio).— Pompa ftmebre 
nell* Esequie celebrate in Koma al Garainale Mazza- 
rini nella chiesa di SS. Vincenzo ed Anastasio. 6 
plates. Small fol. Boma, 1661. 

BENEDETTI (Felice). — L'imprese della 
M. G. di D. Filippo dAtistria r& di Spagna. Bap- 
presentate nel tumulo per la sua morte eretto dalla 
lodeliss, Gitt4 dell' Aquila, ordinate, descritte et 
dichiarate. 25 etchings. 4to. Aquila, 1590. 

BENEDETTI (Francesco). — Inno per la 

ricuperazione dei Monumenti d'Arte di Toscana. 
Svo. n.p. n.d. 

BENEDETTI (Pompbo).— Saggio intomo le 
pitture' di F. Filippo Lippi, e di Maestro 0ioTaimi 
Ispano esistente in Spoleto. Svo. Pesaro, 1827. 


Books on Art {Supplement), 


BENEDETTI (Rocca).— Le feste et trionfi 
fatti dalla sereniss. signoria di Venetia nella felice 

i yenata di Henrico III., Christianiss. Be di Francia 
et di Polonia, descritti da R. B. 8to. Roma, 1574. 

BENEFIAL (Marco).— Letfcera d'un amico 
ad iin accademico di San Luca sopra alcuni decred 
di qneir Accademia pubblicati contra M. B. maestro 
di pittura. 4to. Livomo, 1757. 

BENEKE (L.). — Modeme Mobel-Fa^ons. 
1.-3. Sammlong. 112 lithographs. Fol. Berlin, 

BENIGN! (FoRTUNATo). — Lettera sugli scavi 

£itti ad circondano dell' antica Troja al Sig. 

Car. Albino Lnigi Millin. 15 plates. 4to. Ma- 
cerata, 1812. 

BENING (Francois). — Le bouclier d'hon- 

nenr, o& sont repr^sent^ les beaux faits de Fr. 

Louis de Bretons, seigneur de Crillon appendu 

k son tombeau pour rimmortelle m^moire de sa 
magnanimity, par un P^re de la Compagnie de J^sus, 
dans r^Iise cathMrale de Nostre Dame de Dons 
d'Avignon. 8vo. Avignon, 1616. 

BENNDORF r Otto). — Das Museum der 
CrypsabgiisBe nadi Antiken zu Pforte. 8vo. Naum- 
beig, 1864. 

BENNDORF (Otto).— Sulla statua pom- 

peiana creduta di Narcisso. 8vo. Roma, 1866. 

BBNNDORF (Otto).— Ritratti dei tiranni- 

cidi Armodio ed Aristogitone. Plates. 8vo'. Roma, 


(Richabd). — Die antiken Bildwerke des lateranen- 
sischen Museums.' With 24 photographs. Royal 
8to. Leipzig, 1867. S.K. 

BENNDORF (Oiro).— Ueber Conze's Bei- 
trage zur Geschichte der griechischen Plastik. 8vo. 
n.p. 1869. 

BENNDORF (Otto). — Griechische und 
Sicilische Vasenbilder. With lithographs, some 
coloured, etc. Imp. fol. Berlin, 1869. S.K. 

BENNDORF (Otio). — Die Antiken von 

ZiiriclL Beschrieben von 0. B. (With 2 plates. 
From "Mittheilungen der Antiquarischen Gesell- 
•ehait in Ztiricli,*' vol. xvii. Part 7.) 4to. Ziirich, 
1872. S.K. 

BENNETT.— Sketches of the Isle of Man. 

8vo. London, 1829. 

BENNETT (Chables H.) and BROUGH 

nioBKRT B.). — Character Sketches, Development 
I^wings, and Original Pictures of Wit and Hu- 
mour. Bone in permanent lines for posterity by 
C. H. Bennett ana K. B. Brough. Illustrated with 
H engravings, and many heaid-pieces and flnials. 
Bo}nal 8to. London, n. d. S.K. 

BENNETT (George). — Gatherings of a 

littaniist in Australia, being Observations princi- 
titty tn tlie animid and vegetable productions of 
BffvBonttk Wales, New Zealand, ana some of the 

Austrah islands. Coloured plates. 8vo. London 

BENNETT (George).— The History of 
Bandon, and the principal towns in the West 
Riding of Country Cork. Enlarged edition, with 
illustrations. 8vo. Cork, 1869. B.M. 

BENNETT (G. J.).— The Pedestrian's Guide 

through North Wales. A tour performed in 1837. 
By 0. J. B., Esq. With 20 etchings by A. Clint. 
8vo. London, 1888. S.K. 

BENNETT (J.).— Original Geometrical B- 

lustrations; or, the Book of Lines, Squares, 
Circles, Triangles, etc. Small 4to. London, 1837. 


BENNETT (John).— The Artificer's Lexicon 
for terms and prices; adapted for gentlemen, 
en^eers, architects, builders, mechanists, mill- 
wrights, manufacturers, tradesmen, etc. With 
Supplement 8vo. London, 1834. 
2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1837. 

BENNETT (Solomon). — The Temple of 

Eeekiel, viz., an elucidation of the 40th, 4l8t, 42nd 
chapters of Ezekiel, consistently with the Hebrew 
original. Plates and portrait, engraved by S. B. 
4to. London, 1824. Soane Mus. 

BENNY (James). — Mechanical Drawing in 

theoiy and practice Second edition. In progress. 

4to. London, 1870. BJd. 

BENOIST.— Cicerone,ou Gnide de r Etran^er 
k la Kochelle, om^ d'un plan et de six lithographies, 
reprdsentant les principauz monuments, dessin^ 
parXjanier. 8vo. La Kochelle, 1835. 

BENOIT (Arth.).— L'ancienne %lise coUe- 
giale de Saint-Nicolas de Munster (Meurthe). 
18 pp. 8ro. Lun6ville, 1867. 

BENOIT (Lours). — Notes sur la Lorraine 

Allemande. La pierre tombale d* A. Souart, etc. 
8vo. Nancy, 1863. B.M. 

BENOIT (Louis). — Numismatique de la 
Lorraine Allemande. 8vo. Nancy, 1865. B.M. 

BENOIT (Louis).— L'Abbaye de Crausthal 
(Claustriarum). Plates. 8vo. Strasbourg (1866). 

BENOIT (Louis). — Notice sur des anti- 
tiquit^s du d^partement de la Meurthe et des cime- 
ti^res de la periode gallo-romaine. 28 pp. 8vo. 
Nancy, 1869. 

BENOIT (Louis). — Notice snr Teglise de 

Fto^trange. 26 pp. 8vo. Nancy, 1869. 

BENSEN (H. W.). — Hieroglyphen und 
Buchstaben. Eine historische Studie von Dr. 
fi. W. B. 8vo. Schaffhausen, 1860. 

BENSON (William). — Principles of the 

Science of Colour concisely stated to aid and pro- 
mote their useful application in the decorative arts. 
4to. London, 1868. S.K. 

BENSON (William).— On the Science of 
Colour, by W. B. A paper read at the Koyal Insti- 

f2 ei 

— ■^^'— ' 


Universal Catalogue of 


tute of British Architects, Febrnaiy 15th, 1869. 
2 plates. 4to. (London, 1869.) S.K. 

BENSON (William).— Manual of the 

Science of Colour on the true theory of the Colour- 
Sensations and the Natural System. With a 
coloured frontispiece and other illustrations. 12mo. 
London, 1871. S.K. 

BENTLEY (Thomas). — Prospectus of the 

yariouB Faints for the preservation of all work ex- 
posed to the weather and the interior of houses. 
(Patronised by the government.) Manufactured ex- 
clusiyelybyT.B. 12mo. London, 1817. SoaneMus. 

BENTZ (J.). — Description historique et 
arch^logique de Lauterbourg et de son territoire, 
d'apr^s les sources originales. 8yo. Strasbourg, 

BENVENUTI (Giuseppe). — Descrizione 

Buccinta d'un pantografo verticale adattato special- 
mente a trar copie dei dipinti suUe pareti. 2 
plates, 23 pp. 8to. Firenze, 1817. S.K. 

BENWELL (Willum).— In what Arts liave 
the Modems excelled the Ancients? An essay. 
8ro. London, 1787. 

BENZ (A.).— Die Schule der Ornamentik. 
1. Theil : Anleitung zum Erfinden geradliniger 
Omamente. 7 He&. 84 lithographs and 34 pp. 
text. Folio. Ellwangen (1862). 

BENZENBERG, (J. F.).— Briefe geschrie- 
ben auf einer Beise nach Paris im Jahr 1804, von 
J. F. B. 2 vols. 13 plates and vignette. 8vo. 
Dortmund, 1805-6. 

BENZENBERG (J. F.).— Der Dom in 

Kdln. Ein Meisterwerk der gothischen Bauart. 
With 2 plates. 8yo. Dortmund, 1810. 

BEQUET r Alfred). — Excursions arch^olo- 
giques dans la Province de Namur. 8ro. Namur, 

BEQUET (Alfred) .—Henri Bles, peintre 

Bouyignois. With portrait. Svo. Namur, 1863. 

BERANGER (Pierre Jean de 'I .— Chansons 

de P. J. de B^ranger. Pr^M^es d'une notice sur 
TAuteur et d'un essai sur ses ponies par M. P. F. 
Tissot. 3 vols in 1. With plates. 16mo. Paris, 
1829. S.K. 

Chansons de P. J. de Biranger anciennes et 
posthumes. Nouvelle Mition populaire om^ de 
161 dessins iuMits et de rignettes nombreuses. 
Imp. Svo. Paris, 1866. S.K. 

'BfiRANGER (Pierre Jean de). — Oeuvres 

completes de P. J. de B^ranger. Nourelle Edition 
reTue par I'auteur. 52 plates. 2 vols, large 8ro. 
Paris, 1846. 

BfiRARD (J. B.).— Statique des Voutes, 
contenant Tessai d'une nouyelle th^rie de la 
pouss^e, et un appendice sur les anses de panier. 
3 copper plates. 4to. Paris, 1810., Soane Mus. 

BfiRAUD (J. B.).— Le Commerce, la Navi- 
^tion, les Arts des pea^le9 aneiens et des peuples 
moderaea, ISmo. rans, 1S61. 

BERBRUGGER (Adrien).— Le Tombeau 

de la Chr^tienne, MansoUe des Bois Mauritaniens 
de la demi^re djnastie, par M. Berbmgger. Aveo 
Tues du monument avant et apr^s Tezploration, et 
plan de Thypog^. 3 lithographs. B07. 8ro. 
Alger, 1867. SJ[. 

BERCHET (G.).— Illustrazione storica ed 
artistica della cripta o sotterraneo di S. Marco in 
Venezia. 2nd ecution with 7 plates. Obi. fol. 
Venezia, 1870. S.E. 

BERENDSOHN (B. S.).— Mecklenburgi- 
sches Album. Herausgegeben von B. S. B. in Ham- 
burg. 60 plates (no text). Obi. foL Ham- 
burg, n.d. 

BERENGER (— ., Baron de).— Helps and 

hints how to protect life and property, with in- 
structions in rifle and pistol shooting, etc., by the 
Baron de B. Woodcuts and 7 plataB by George 
Cruikshank. 8to. London, 1835. 

BERG (Adam). — ^New Miintzbuecli darinnen 

allerley gross unnd kleine Silbeme und Guldene 
Sorten umb wichtiger Ursach willen also fuigestelt 
werden : 

also — 

-Ein Dialogus oder Gesprach zwischen dem Gelt 
tmd der Armut sehr kurtzweilig zulesen. 

and — 

Ein kurtzer Extract der Miintzsorten deren im 
Alten und Newen Testament gedacht wirdt Ton 
8ilber unnd Golt. Woodcuts. Small folio, 
Miinchen, 1604. S.K. 

BERG (J. VAN).-:-Metliode pour apprendre 
k connattre et a dessiner correctement le placement 
des 08, les articulations et les mouTements du corps 
de rhomme. With 20 copper plates. 4to. La 
Haye, 1842. 

BERG (JoHAN August). — Bilder ur 

Srenska Folklifvet. TolfTeckningarefterOnginaler 
af B. Nordenberg, K ZoU, J. W. Wallander, J. 
Hockert, och B. Wennerberg. Utforda i Tontryck 

Syenska texten af J. A. B. (with German and 

English translations). Obi. fol. Gotheborg, 1855. 


BERG (J. E. J.). — Leerwijze der psrspectief. 
4to. Utrecht, 1854. 

BERG(N.).— S^vastopolskiialbom. (L'Al- 
bum de Sevastopol.) With 37 plates. FoL Moskya, 

BERGANZO (Manuel, Count de la Cobtina 

T DE Castbo). — ^Diccionario manual de Voces 
Tecnicas Castellanas de bellas artes. 8to. Mexico 
1848. B.M. 

BERG ATI (R.)> — Soprann comicione antico 
di terracotta. 8to. Itoma, 1867. 

BERG ATI (R.). — Der schone Broimeii za 
Niimbeig, Geschichte und Beschreibung. With an 
etching by Paul Bitter. 8to. Berlin, 1871. S.K. 

BERGE (PiETER van den). — Tapisseries du 
Boy (de France), oil sont representez les Quatre 
Elements, arec les Devises, qui les accompagnent 


Boohs on Art {Supplement). 


et lenr explication. Tapjten Tan den Konink 
Tan Yrankiyk Terbeeldende de Vier Elementen, 
beneffens haar wonderljke Zinnebeelden, en nyt- 
l^ggix^ op dezelTe. Text in French and Bntcb. 
With engraTed titles, 8 folding plates, and 39 
emblems. 2 parts, in 1 toI. 4to. Te Amsterdam, 
n. d. S.X. 

BEBGEB (Chbistoph flEi?E.).— Commen- 
tatio de personis Tulgo larTis sen mascheris Ton der 
CamaTals-Lust critico historico morali atqne juri- 
dice modo diligentar conscripta. With copper-plate 
engrsTingB. 4to. Franooforti et Lipeiae (1725). 

BEBGEE (Daniel).— Berlinische Bilder- 

Gallerie, oder Answahl der Torziiglichsten tmd 
schonsten Oemalde der beruhmtesten Meister aller 
Schnlen, welche sich in den Torziiglichsten PriTat- 
sammlongen Berlin's befinden. 1 Heft. Plates. 
Laige 4to. Berlin, 1819. 

BEBGEB (FEBDiNAin)). — Handbuch znin 
Gebranch fur das anatomische Studium des mensch- 
lichen Korpers besonders fiir bildende Kunstler 
nnd Dilettanten der Kunst. 3rd edition with 10 
plates and 2 lithographs. Fol. Berlin, 1867. 
Earlier edition. Sm. fol. Berlin, 1841. 

BEBGEB (G.).— Dae Licht in seinen ver- 
schiedenen Erscheinnngen nnd Wirkungen ans den 
naturlichen Ursachen derselben wissenschaftlich 
erklait. Znr praktischen Anwendnog auf das 
StndinmderMalerei. Ein Leitfaden fiir angehende 
Kunstler und Dilettanten, mit erklarenden Anmer- 
kungen auf 4 Tafeln und 7 Holzschnitten. Imp. 
8to. Leipcig, n.d. S.K. 

BEBGEB (G.).— Lehre der Perspective in 
kurzer, leidit fasslicher Darstellung. Auf die 
einfiicbste Methode zuriickgefuhrt fiir Architecten, 
Bauhandwerker, Maler und Dilettanten. With 
lithographs. Large foL Leipzig, 1869. 
Earlier editions : — 

Plates. Large 4to. Berlin, 1855. 
Plates. 4to. Leipzig, 1867. 

BEBGEB (LioNAED).— Guide du peintre. 
Principes de P. P. Rubens sur le colons ; par L. B. 
Notice biographique sur Ph. Berger, peintre en 
miniature, et catalogue des ouTrages qu'il a l^gu^ a 
son fils.* 15 pp. 8to. Cb&lons-sur-Mame (printed). 
Paris, 1868. 

BEBGEB (M.) . — Grabmonamente des 
Munehener Gottesackers. 1 Lieferung in 6 Blattem. 
Lithography. Imp 4to. Miinchen, 1852. 

BEBGEB DE XIVBEY (Jules).— Lettre 

a M. Hase sur une inscription latine du 2* si^e 
trofUT^ k Bourbonne-les-Bains. 6 plates. 8to. 
Paris, 1833. 

BEBGEB DE XIVBEY (Jules).— Tradi- 
tions tixatoliquas ou r^its de I'antiquit^ et du mojen 
Age en Occident. 8to. Paris, 1836. 

BEBGEBON (P.).— Precis des Antiquit^s 
Bomaines k Tusage des XJniTersitte et des Colleges. 
4to. Bmxelles, 1835. 

BEBGEBUS (Joannes Gulielmus) . — In 
monifma Horicnm honori P. J. de Jdarperg reeuBum 

commentarius editus a S. L. Gerat. 4to. Bos- 

tochi et Wismariae, 1755. B.M. 

BEBGHAUS (Heinbich).— Die Volker des 
Erdballfl. 2 Vols. 150 col. plates. Roy. 8to. 
Briissel, 1845-1847. 

BEBGHAUS (Heinbich) . — Baudenkmaler 

aller Volker der Erde in getreuen Abbildungen 
dargestellt. 2 toIs. 150 plates. 8yo. Briissel, 

BEBGHE (van den).— Over het nut, de 
noodzakelykheid en de toekomst eener school Tan 
teeken en bouwkunde. 8to. Thielt, 1840. B.M. 

BEBGHE (van, den). — Eene vrandeling in 
de expositie Tan 1849. Ito. Antwerpen, 1849. 


BEBGHUIS(S.).— DeNederlandscheBoom- 

gaard, beschreTen en uitgegeTen door het bestuur 
der Tereeniging tot regeling en Terbetering Tan 
de TTuchtsoorten te i^skoop, met afbeel£ngen 
naar de natuur door S,B. Van eene Toorrede toot- 
zien door H. C. Tan Hall. 2 toIs. (Vol. i. Ap- 
ples, 60 chromolithographs. Vol. ii. Pears and. 
stone-fruits, 62 chromolithographs). Large 4to. 
Groningen, 1868. 

BEBGHUIS (S.) and GAVEBE (C. de).— 

Handleiding tot de practische doorzicht kunde 
Lijnperspectief. 4 plates. 12mo. Oroningen, 1868. 

BEBGHUIS (S.).— Teekenvoorbeelden voor 
school en huis. 10 plates. Fol. Groningen, 

BEBGK (JoHANN Adam). — Ansichten von 

der Tiirkei, hauptsiicblich Ton Caramaaien in Klein- 
asien, nebst Ansichten Ton den Inseln Khodus, 
Cjpem, &c. 20 pHEites. Obi. fol. Leipzig, 1812. 

BEBGK (JoHANN Adam). — Galerie ans Na- 
poleons Leben, oder bildliche Darstellungen seiner 
Denkart, seines Characters und seiner Hand- 
lusgen, in lithographischen Abbildungen mit den 
nothigen Erlauterungen litl^ographirt Ton A. Brandt 
und beschrieben tou J. A. B. 12 Lief. FoL 
Leipzig, 1830-32. B.M. 

BEBGMAN (Cabl Johan).— Gotland och 

Wisby i Taflor. Tyxgo Originalteckningar af P. A. 
SaTe, jemte en Karta ofver Gotland och Plan af 
Wisby, samt beskrifrande text af C. J. B. Obi. 
4to. Stockholm, 1858. B.M. 

BEBGMANN (Joseph).— Jakob Zeyssen- 
ecker oder Seisenegger, Kaiser Ferdinand I. 
Hofmaler, 1568. Ein Beitrag zur ostreichischen 
Kunstgeschichte. 8to. Wien, n.d. 

BEBGMANN (Joseph).— Cber dfe Miinzen 

Graubiindens. With woodcuts in text. 47 pp. 
Large 8to. Wien, 1851. 

BEBGMANN (Joseph). — Das Ehrguta. 

Denkmal in Bregenz. Plate. 8to. Wien, 1852. 

BEBGMANN (Joseph) . — tJber Kaiser 

Carl's VL Hath und Hof-Antiquaxva« C«t\ Q:xm^a?( 
Heraeus, dessen BtaMinbxu!^ \ai<dL ^Tt«s<^'cA«QaL« 
Ein Beitxag roi Qeachida^ ^w lL1L,^xfla^>aA. 


Universal Catalogue of 



Aatiken-Cabineta. With 1 lithographic plate. 
Large 8yo. Wien, 1854. 

BERGMANN (Joseph).— tJber die Historia 

metallica seu nnmismatica aostriaca und Heiaeus* 
zehn Biiefe an Leibnitz. 39 pp. Large Svo. Wien, 

BERGMANN (Joseph).— Pflege der Nu- 

mismatik in Oesteneich im 18. und 19. Jahrhundeite. 
Svo. Wien, 1868. 

BERGMANN (Joseph).— Der zu Bregena 

gefundene romische Luchnftstein des Dmsus Cae- 
sar. Mit einem Facsimile. Svo. Wien» 1858. S'.K. 

BERGMANN ( Joseph). -tPflege der Nn- 

mismatik in Oesterreich durch Priyate, vomehm- 
lich in Wien, bis zum Jahre 1862. 4 Abtheilnngen. 
77 pp. Large 8to. Wien, 1863. 

BERGMANN (Leo).— Neue Musterblatter 
fiir Decorations-Maler, Tapeten-Fabrikanten, Stuck- 
ator-Arbeitcr, Giirtler nnd alle damit yerwandten 
Kunstler tind Handworker. Plates. Large obi. 
folio. Hannover, 1884. 

BERG:MANN (Leo).— Der praktisclie Miih- 
lenbauer und Zeugarbeiter. Kebst Vorschlagen 
zum Betriebe bei theilweisem Wind- und Wasser- 
mangeL 25 lithographic plates, Svo. Weimar, 

BERGMANN (Leo).— Modelle im fort- 
schreitenden Zeit- und Mode-Geschmack von aus- 
fiihrbaren und soliden Stadt-, Land- und Gkirten- 
hausem, so wie auch Garten- Verzierungen. Fort- 
setzung des von Marius Wolfer angefangenen 
Werks oder 2* Lieferung. 32 lithographic plates 
and text Large 4to. Weimar, 1839. 

BERGMANN (Leo).- Das Gftnze des 

Steindrucks. Nebst einem Anhange von der Zin- 
kographie. Hit Zugrundelegung der 1. Auflage 
des bekannten Fescheck'schen Werkes nach den 
jetzigen Bediirfnissen ganz neu bearbeitet von L. B. 
Mit 63 Abbildungen auf 6 Tafeln. 2nd edition. 
Svo. Weimar, 1843. 

BERGMANN (Leo.).— Die Bansiyle und 

die Saulen-Ordnungen. Anleitung zur feenntniss 
in Zeichnung der altem und neuem Bauordnungeut 
1. Abtheilimg: Griechischer und romischer Styl. 
Die Ordnungen der neueren Meister. With 162 
illustrations. Svo. Leipzig, 1854. 

BERGMANN (Leo). — Die Schule des 

Zeichners. Fraktische Methode eur Erlernung des 
Zeichnens filr Schulen, so wie zum Selbstunterricht. 
Ins besondere fur ausiibende Kiinstler im Fache des 
Stahl- und Kupferstichs, der Lithographie und des 
Hokschnittes. Herausgegeben von L. B. Mit 
mehr als 300 Abbildungen als Vorlegeblatter und 
zur Veranschaulichung. Large 16mo. Leipzig, 

BERGMANN (Leo).— Schule des Zeich- 
ners. Fraktischer Leitfaden beim Selbstunterricht 
tor Gewerbtreibende, Modelleure und Kiinstler, etc. 
8. verbesserte Auflage von Dr. O. Mothes. With 

over 300 iUnetntionB, 8ro. Leipzig, 1865. 

BERGMANN (Werner).— Tizian. Bilder 

auB seinem Leben und seiner Zeit. 2 vols. With 
portrait of Titian. Svo. Hannover, 1864. 

BERGSOE (W.).— Fra Piazza del Popolo. 

Livsbilleder, samlade i Rom. Svo. Kjobenhavn, 

BERINGER (Joannes JSabtholom^us Ada. 

Mus). — Lithographisd Wirceburgensis ducentis lapi- 
dum figuratorum, a potior! insectiformium, pro- 
digiosis imaginibus exornatae. Specimen primum. 
. . . Fnes. J. B. A. B. . . . Hesp. G. L. Hueber. 
Fol. Wirceburgi [1726]. B.M. 

BERJEAU (Jean Philibebt).— Biblia Pau- 
perum, reproduced in facsimile &Y)m one of the 
copies in the British Museum, with an historical 
and bibliographical introduction by J. F. B. 40 
plates. Large 4to. London, 1859. 

BERJEAU (Jean Philibebt). — Ganiicmxi 

Cantioorum, reproduced in £&c8imile from the Sen- 
verius copy in the British Museum, with an his* 
torical and bibliographical introduction by J. F. B. 
16 plates. Large 4to. X^ondon, 1860. 

BERJEAU (Jean Philibebt).— Le BibHo- 

phile Illustr^. Texte et Gravures par J. F. K Avec 
la collaboration de MM. Faul Lacroix (Biblio- 
phile Jacob), G. Bmnet, J. W. Holtrop, J. B. In- 
glis, A. Bernard, 0. Delepierre et autres. Royal 
Svo. Londres, 1862. S.K. 

BERJEAU (Jean Philibebt) .—Early Dnteli, 

German and English Frinters' Marks by J. F. B. 
Boyal Svo. London, 1866-69. S.E. 

BERJEAU (Philibebt Chables).— The va- 

rieties of dogs, as tliey are found in old sculptures, 
pictures, engravings, and books. With the names 
of the artists by whom they are represented, show- 
ing how long many of the numerous breeds now 
existing have been known. 62 plates. Sq. Svo. 
London, 1863. 

BERKELEY (Geobqe).— Naval History of 

Great Britain from the earliest period to 1756. 32 
portraits and many engravings. Fol. London, 

BERKELEY (M. J.).— Handbook pf British 

Mosses; comprising all that are known to be 
natives of the British Isles. By the Rev. M. J. B. 
Svo. London, 1S63. S.K. 

BERKENMEYER (P. L.).— Le Curieux 

Antiquaire, ouRecueil g^graphioue et historique des 
choses les plus remarquables qu on trouve dans les 
quatre parties de TUnivers. 3 vols. Flates. Svo. 
Leide, 1729. Soane Mus. 

BERLEISTDIS (G.).— Raccolta delle mig- 
liori fabbriche ed omamenti della citt4 di Genova. 
With 48 plates. Obi. fol. Milano, 1828. 

BERLEPSCH (H. A.). — Chronik der 
Feuerarbeiter. Namentlich der Huf-, Waffeii-, 
Kingen- und Meiserschmiede, der Schl^issar und 
Masdiinenbauer. Mit besonderer Riicksicht der 
im Mittelalter bestandeneo, nunmehr aber ehigq|i&- 
genen Gewerke der Flattn6r, HarniflchnTacnftr, 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


Haoben- und Helmwchmiede, Salwirthe nnd Bogper. 
8to. St. Gallon, 1852. B.M. 

BERLEPSCH (H. A.).— Die Alpen in 
NatnT- nnd Lebensbildern. Mit 16 lUustrationen 
nnd 1 Titelbilde (woodcut) in Tondmck nach 
OriginAl-Zeichnungen yon Ijnil Kittmeyer. Large 
Sto. Leipzig, 1861. 

French translation : — 

Lea Alpes. Descriptions et r^cits. Traduction 
autoris^e. With engravings. 8to. GenoTa, 1868. 

BERLEPSCH CEL, A).— Das Schweizer. 
land in Bild una Wort Malerische Original- 
Ansichten gezeichnet und in Stahl gestochen von 
J. L. Rndiimhli. Mit . . . erlautemdem Text von 
H. A. B. 4to. Lenzburg (printed) Basel (1863). 

BERLEPSCH (H. A.).— Nouveauguide en 
Suisse. Troisiime Mition, illustr&e. Avec cartes et 
plans, panoramas et Tues. Post 8to. Hildbourg- 
hansen, 1868. S.K. 

BERLEPSCH (H. A.).— Munich. Its Art- 
Treasures and Curiosties. Supplement to every 
Travelling Guide, by H. A. B. With a plan of the 
dty and a map of its environs. Fcp. 8vo. Munich, 
Berlin, and London, 1871. SJL 

BERLIER (J.).— L'Exposition universelle 
de Lyon en 1870. Plate. 16pp. 8vo. Lyon, 

BERLINr. — Nenster Premdenfiilirer fiir Ber- 
lin und die umliegende Gegend ; enthaltend : eine 
kurze Nachricht von alien daselbst beftndUdhen 
Merkwurdigkeiten. Mit Beriicksichtigung alles 
Neuen aus den besten vorhandenen Quellen zusam- 
men getragen. With 9 plates and a plan. 18mo. 
Berlin, 1833. S.K. 

BERLIN. — Die Gemalde-Cjrallerie dee konig- 
lichen Museums in Berlin m Lithographien der 
vorzuglichsten Gemalde derselben. 12 Lief. 36 
plates. Fol Berlin, 1840. B.M. 

BERLIN. — Die koniglichen Mnseen in Ber- 
lin. Eine Auswahl der vorziiglichsten Kunstschatze 
der Malerei, Sculptur und Architektur der nord- 
deutschen Metropoie, dargestellt in einer Reihe der 
ansgezeichnetsten Stahlstiche mit erlautemdem 
Teste. 33 Hefte. 96 plates. 4to. Leipzig und 
Dresden (1863-d4). B.M. 

BERLIN. — ^Der Berlin in der Sachsischen 

Sehweiz. Ein illustrirtes Beise-Handbuch von 

onem vielgereisten Berliner. 16mo. Dresden^ 
1862. B.M 

BERLIN. — Berliner Handworker Verein. 
BiepoTts: 2nd., 1868; 3rd., 1866. Prospectus and 
Rules. 8vo. and 16mo. Berlin, 1863-69. S.K. 

BERLIN. — ^Dentsches Gewerbe Museum zu 
Berlin, 1867. Sto. Berlin [1867.] SX 

BERLIN.— Guide de TiBtranger aux Musses 
Boyauz de Berlin. Traduit de TAllemand par 
C. P. Tr. . . . Crown 8vo. Berlin, 186S, S.K, 

BERLOT-CHAPUIT. — Fables-proverbes, 
pr^^d^s d'une lettre-introduction, par A. de La- 
martine. Engravings after Rosa Bonheur, Dau- 
bigny, Gavami et Ph. Rousseau. Large 8vo. Paris, 

BERLYN (Peter).— A Popular Narrative 
of the Origin, History, Progress and Prospects of 
the Great Exhibition, 1851. 12mo. London, 1851. 


BERLYN (Peter) and FOWLER (Charles, 

JuN.). — The Crystal Palace : its Architectural His- 
tory and Ck)n8tructive Marvels. (With List of 
names of competing Architects.) 8vo. London, 
1851. S.K. 

BERMANN (Moritz). — Geschichte der 
Wiener-Stadt und Vorst^dte von ihrem Entstehen 
bis in die neueste Zeit. With many woodcuts. 4to. 
Wien, 1863-6. 
Another edition. Fol. Wien, 1866. 

BERMUDA, Exhibition, 1872.— Catalogue 
of the Articles exhibited at the Bermuda Industrial 
and Loan Exhibition held in the Court House and 
Grounds at Hamilton. From 23rd to 29th January, 
1872. 8vo. (Hamilton, 1872.) S.K. 

BERMUDEZ (Juan Augustin Cean).— Ca- 

talogo de las pinturas y esculturas que se conservan 
en la Real Academia de San Fernando. 8vo. 
Madrid, 1824. 

Another edition : — Catalogo de las pinturas y 
estatuas 8vo. Madrid, 1829. 

BERMUDEZ (Juan Agustin Cean).— Ocios 

de Don J. A. C.-B. sobre Bellas Artes. (Hasta 
ahora in^tos). Containing: Yida de Juan de 
Herrera. Bespuesta de Don J. A. C.-B. 4 M. H. 
le Bas. Tres Dialogos entre Juan de Herrera, . . . 
y Battista Antonelli. 12mo. Madrid, 1870. SJ[. 

BERMULLER.— Abr6ff6 de tout ce qu'il y 
a de remarquable 4 Munich, tant 4 la cour qu'anz 
^lises et 4 la galerie ^lectorale, 4 Tusage des 
Strangers, par TAbb^ Bermuller. 110 pp. 8vo. 
Munich, 1789. 

BERNADSKY (E.).— Drawings illustrating 
the "Dead Souls" of N. B. Gogol. By A Agin. 
Engraved on wood ^y £. Bemadsky. 18 parts, 
each containing 4 Drawings. 4to. St. Petersburg, 

BERNALDEZ (Andbj^s).— Historia de los 

Keyes cat^licos Don Fernando j Dona IsabeL Cr6- 
nica inedita del siglo xv. escnta por £1 Bachiller 
Andres Bemaldez. 2 vols. 8vo. Granada, 1856. 


BERNARD.— De la Broderie. Broderie de 
Nancy, Broderie de Paris, Broderie Suisse. 4to. 
Paris, 1854. 

BERNARD (Auouste). — De TOrigine et 
des Debuts de Tlmprimerie en Europe, par Aug. 
Bernard, 2 vols., 8vo. Paris, 1853. S«K. 

BERNARD (AUGTJSTE.y— lfe^^^\ABM3L'5i^^»\^ 

typ«fl grecs de Pran^ois I. %^o, '£«j:\^ \"ftb^* 


Universal Catalogue of 


BERNARD (Auqcste). — Histoire de Tim- 

primerie royale da Louyre. Suivie d'nn catalog;ae 
chronologique des ^itions faites par rimprimerie 
du Louvre (1640-1792). 8to. Paris, 1867. 

BERNARD (Auguste). — Des armoiries des 
comtes de Lyon et do Forez, et des sires de Beau- 
jeu. Lettre a M. le due de Persigny. 13 pp. 
Svo. Lyon, 1867. 

BERNARD (EuofeNE).— Les Origines de 
r^lise de Paris. Etablissement du Christianisme 
dans les Gaules. Saint Denys de Paris. Avec 
seize graTures snr acier. Par M. TAbb^ £. B. 
Svo. Paris, 1870. S.K. 

BERNARD (FriSd^ric). Guides Itin^- 


De Strasbourg & BAle. 50 vignettes and 1 map. 
16mo. Paris, 1854. 

Les Bords du Khin. Ouvrage illustr^ de 70 
vignettes et accompagn^ de cartes et de plans. 
16mo. Paris, 1854. 

Le Ch&teau, le Pare et les grandes eaux de Ver- 
sailles. 30 vignettes and 3 plans. ]6mo. Paris, 

De Lyon k la Mediterran^ avec une carte du 
chemin de fer. Ouvrage illustri de 80 vignettes 
dessin^es d'apr^s nature, par Lancelot. I'irao. 
Paris, 1855. S.K. 

De Paris k Lyon et k Troyes. Ouvrage illustri 
de 80 vignettes, d'apr^s nature, par Lancelot, et 
accompagn6 d'une carte. 12mo. Paris, 1855. S.K. 

Petit guide de T^tranger a Paris. Illuj?tr6 de 54 
vignettes sur bois et accompagnid'un plan de Paris. 
4to. Paris, 1861. 
BERNARD (M.').— NouveauPrincipesd'Hy- 
draulique, appliques k tons lesobjetsd'utilit^, et par- 
ticuli^rement aux rivi6res, &c. 4to. Paris, 1 787. 

Soane Mus. 

BERNARD (P.). — Projet d'une nouvelle 
salle d'Op^ra. Svo. Paris, 1791. 

BERNARD (P.) and others.— Le Jardin 
des Plantes, description complete, historique et 

\ pittoresque du Musdum d'Histoire Naturelle, de la 
Menagerie, des Serres, des Galeries de Min^ralogie 
et d'Anatomie, et de la Vall^ Suisse. Mceurs et 
instincts des Animaux, Botanique, Anatomie com- 

fir^, Min^ralogie, G^ologie, Zoologie. Par MM. 
. Bernard, L. Couailhac, Gervais et Emmanuel 
Lemaout. 2 vols. Royal Svo. Paris, 1842-3. S.K. 

BERNARD (T.).— Statue de Napoleon I. 
(ex^utie par M. Jouflroy) k Auxerre. Notice his- 
torique. 1 plate.' 48 pp. 12mo. Auxerre, 1857. 

BERNARD d'AGESCI.— Projet d'organi- 
sation d'une nouvelle direction ginorale des arts, et 
moyens de les fairs fleurir dans toutes les villes de 
Tempire fran9ais. Svo. Paris, 1805. 

BERNARDIN.— Classification de 250 Ma- 
ti^res tannantes par M. Bemardin 'Svo. Gand. 
1872. S.K. 

BERNARDIN. — Nomenclatnro nsnelle de 

^*ft? Fihrea Textiles, avec indication de leur prove- 


nance, leun osages, etc., par * * * Boyal Svo. 
Gand, 1872. S.K. 

BERNARDINI (Bernard, Conte).— Do- 

scrizione del nuovo ripartimento de' Kiuni di Boma 
fatto per ordine di N.S. Papa Benedetto XIV. Con 
la notizie di quauto in essi si contiene. Plates. 
Svo. Boma, 1744. 

BERNASCONI (Cesare).— Intonio la vita 
e le opere di Antonio Eizsso Architetto e Scultore 
Veronese del Secolo xv., Cenni del Dottore C.B. 
Svo. Verona, 1859. 

BERNASCONI (Cesare).— Studi eopra la 

Storia della Pitturs Italiana dei Secoli xiv. e xv. 
e della Scnola Pittorica Veronese dai medj tempi fino 
a tutto il Secolo zviii. del Dott. Cesare B^masooni. 
Svo. Verona, 1864. S.K. 

BERND (Chr. Samuel Theodor). — Diedrei 

deutschen Farben und ein deutsches Wappen, eine 
geschichtlich-wappenwissentschafbliche tfntemeh- 
mung, und ein darauf gegriindeter Vorschlag. 1 co- 
loured plate. Svo. Bonn, 1848. 

BERND (Chr. Samuel Theodor).— Hand- 

buch der Wappenvissenschaft. 13 plates. Svo. 
Leipzig, 1856. 

BERNE. — Der an dem Museum in Bern auf- 
bewahrteten Antiken Vasen und romisch-keltischeik 
Alterthiimcr. 4 plates. Svo. Bern, 1846. 

BERNE.— Der W^weiser fiir Fremde in 
Bern und seinen Umgebungen. Hit einem Plan der 
Sudt. (2nd edition.) 12mo. Bern, 1857. SJS. 

BERNE.— Album von Bemer-Oberland. 80 
der interessantesten Ansichten in Stahlst. ObL foL 
Basel, 1869. 

BERNET (Jh. Jak.). — BUder aus dem 

Alten Testamente, in 80 Kupferstichen, mit 
Erklarung. Large 4to. St. Gallen, 1830. 

BERNIER (— ., Abbe).— L'inauguration des 
peintures murales de la chapelle de Thospice Ste.- 
Marie d* Angers. Biscours par TAbb^ B. 17 Aoiit 
1857. Svo. Angers, 1857. 

BERNINO (Domenico).— n tribunale della 
8. Kota Komano descritto da D. B. c dal medesimo 
dedicato alia santita di N. S. Clemente ^ I. 7 plates, 
some coloured. Fol. Boma, 1717. S.K. 


praktisch handboek voor berekeningen, dagel^jk, 
voorkomende in de bouw-en werktuigkunde, met 
bijzondere toepassing op gewicht en sterkte van 
bouwstoffen, ijzeren balken, kolommen, poulen en 
ijzeron kappen, ijzeren bruggen, stoomwerktuigen 
en locomotiven, waterwerktuigen, molens, pompeo, 
spoorwegen, stoombooten, etc. Het gebruikmakiiig 
van de 12** Hoogduitsche uitgave-door J. G. van 
Gendt, jr. No. I. 96 pp. Svo. Amsterdam, 1808. 

BERNOXJILLI (Johann).— Zusatze zu der 

neueeten Heisebeschreibungen von Italien nach der 
in B. J. J. Volkmanns Nachrichten Ordnung so- 
sammengetrageu, sammt neuen Nachrichten Ton 

Books on Art (SappUmmt). 

SudinisD, SicilieD, tmd GroMgriecheLkDd. 3 toIi. 

8to. Lsipdg, 1777-82. B.M. 

BERNOUILLI (J.).— t^^eber die Mmerren- 

Statuen. 4to. Ba«el, 1867. 
BERNOULLI (Daniel).— Hydrodynamica, 
DTS da Tiiibns et motibiu fluidonun Gomentuii. 
FUtM. 4ta. Aigentonti, 1738. 
BERNOULLI (Jacobds). — Ara conjectendi. 
Accedil tractAtni do leriebiu iuflDitis : et episUla 
Galticv KripU de Lndo Filae retkolarie. 4to. 
BuilfMk 1713. 
BEBNSO (J. F.).-TFreBCo-Bilder in auf- 

luid sbsUigeader Liuia. Sto. Halle, 1833. 
BERQUIN.— Idjllea, par Mr. Berqain. 2 
Tob. With engnv«d title-page* and 17 plii(«i. 
IZnio. Paria, 177fi. S.E. 

BEBQUIN._Bom&nceB, par M. Berqnin. 
With eogiaTed tide and t plates. I2tao. 'Putm, 
1778. S.K. 

BEBRI (David G.).— The Art of Printing 
hj D. Q. B. 8 iroodcQl* aad apedmena of tjpe. 
12III0. LondoD, 1864, 
BERBI (David G.).— Monograme, historical 
u>dpracti«»L ZOpUtei. 8*o. Laodon, 1868. 3.E. 
BERBIN (Euilie).— Netieato Hfnater znm 
StnEfcen, SttckennQdWebFD,oderVeiaach,Malerei 
■nit SCiickknnat Ea TerbiadeD, & porta, vitb coloured 
platat. Obi. folio. Leipzig, 1799. 
BEBBIH (Emilie) and SAVIN.— Nene 
m^ieehe nnd fran^aische Moater ntn Scickeo. 
With 40 platea. Obi. folio. Leipiig, 18U3. 
BERRY (Victor Hippoltte).— Etndee his- 
toriqnea anr lea moiuiaiei et la tnoDDojage des Bo- 
maiu. 2 pUtei. Bto. Faria, ISfl. 
BERRY CyiCTOE HrpFOLTTE).— Etndes et 
nebeiebaB hiaturiqnea anr 1m monnaieB de France, 
With atUa of 90 plslea. 2 vole. 8vo. (Bourgea) 
BERSTETT (August von),— Vereuch einer 
Hniiigeechichte dea Ebaaaei. 14 platea. Ito. 
Ptalmrg, 181D. 
BERSTETT (Auodst von). — Erganzung 
Eom Verauch einer Miinageachicht*^ etc. 3 plates. 
4to. Fraibnlg, 1844. 
BEBTACCHI (A.).— Sulla DiflCUBflione delle 
eoae Artiatieho e aopia alctmi Motnunenti Lnccheai. ' 
IjCten al Bolt. Enrico Bidolfi. 30 pp. 8td. Lucca, 
1S«9. S.K. 

BEBTALL.— LesCoinmimenx,1871. Types, 
Ouactina, Coatnmea. Coloured pUtea, 4t«. Faria, 
Londrea (1871). S.E. 

BEBTALOZZI (Qabv.uxlo). — Descrizione 
dalle allegra34>, e trionfi fatti in Manlara per le 
none delle Maeati di Spagna e di Fraucia. 4to. 
Kantora, 1615. 
BERTANI (Ajjt.)— Essai de d4chiffrement 

BERTELU (PiETEO). — Vere Imagine et 

descritioni delle piA cobilli citik del monao. En- 

iTpd tide and 22 double platea of (^tiea. 4to. 

BEBTHAUX (Locib).— L© parfeit Bermrier 

on tnici complet dea ouTragcs faita en fer. Flat«a. 

Bvo. Dijon, ISSfi. S£. 

BEBTHUU and BOITAfiD. — Nouvean 

Htmael complet de rimpriineur ea Tsille^donee. 

Ouvraee ame de planehea. Enriclii de notea eCd'un 

appendiw ronfennant tons Ips nonreani plocMi*. 

lea d^urertea, mjthodes et ioTaatioDa DOUTsllaa 

appliqu^ on applicables i cet art, par pluaienra 

imprimeura de la capitale (MaDdeU-iioret). 18mo. 

Faria, n. d. S.E. 

BERTHIEB.— Des cansea de la d^cadenw 

de la peintuie et de la n^eniU de I'leavre eatrepriM 

par la BociAti dea amia dea arts. 8 pp. 8vo. Bor- 

deami, 1851. 

BERTHOD (FEAll.;oie).— Emblesmea Sacrez 

tirez de ITcrituie ^inte, et des perea inventea et 

expliquei en vera Fnncoie, arec une brieve medita- 

tioa BUT te meeme smet. Augmentei d'exampLM 

- tires dea Hiatoiiea de la Sainte Bible, poor serviT A 

la conduite de la Tie Chreetienne. Plates. 2 Tolf. 

12mo. Fane, 1699. 

BERTHOLDY. — Interpretazione di nno 

apecchio mistLco. Plate. 8to, Fieaole, 1886. 
BERTHOBIUS (PETBoa).— (Begin). Inci- 
pit moralizaco sup libria patipomeno (At the end). 
.... imjtreaflum per me BartfiolomeadeTnckel aub 
inia dm mille Gdriogetia septuagintaseptam, etc 
Gothic letter, wIUi the ioiliala filled in b; band in 
red ink. Pol. (Coloni«) 1477. S.K. 

BERTI (Gio. Battista).— Elementidiaxchi- 
tettnra civile ricavati dall' idea dell' architettont 
nnirersale di Vine. Scamozzl. Pol. Veneiia, 1811. 
BERTINABIA ^Francesco).— Scienwi, Arte 
e Beligione ; saggio Sloaofico di F. B. 77 pp. Sro. 
Torino, 1867. 
BERTINI (Alfredo).— n Pittore e Scnltore 
Italiano. Discorao e acritti artistici. 12mo. Pa- 
lermo, 1861. 
BERTOCCI (Gii-BEPPE).— Repertoriobiblio- 
grafico delle Opere atampate in Italia nel Seoola 
XIX. compilato da D. O. Bertoeci. 8to. Roma, 
1871. 8.E. 

BERTON (J. de).— Esaai but la topographio 

de Tyr. PiatflB. Bvo. Paris, 1843. 
BERTRAND (C. J.).— P^lerinage de St 

Hubert en Ardennes, ou Farliculantia aur 

I'^ise de SL-Bubert 8vo. Namut, 1855. 

BERTRAND (Piebbe Jean-Baptisie).— 
Fricis de rhiBtoire phjaiqnp, civile et politique de 
la ville de Boulogne-aur-Mec et eee eotiTona 4»v^ 

lea Morioajusqu'en 1814 X\s.\ia. ^tt)\». %^o. 

Boalogoe-BUi-Uer ■, P&ria, U1,%JI«. 



Universal Catalogtce of 


BBSCHREIBUNG der im ehemaligen 
Hochfitift Eichstatt gepragten Mihizen. 8yo. In- 
goldstadt, 1846. 

BESCOW (E. G.).— Reseminnenfran Eeyp- 
ten, Sinai og Palestina, 1850-60. Med 15 plans- 
chep og 2 KMtor, den ena ofver Egypten och den 
Sinaitiska halfon, den andra ofrer det heliga landet. 
5th edition. 12mo. Stockholm, 1867. 

BESLER (Basilius). — Fascicolcis Rariomm 
et aspectu dignorum Tarii generis qnie collect et 
suis impensis seri ad viTum incidi curavit atque 
erulgavit. 24 plates. Obi. 4to. Noribergse, 1616. 


BESLEB (Michael Rupert). — Gazophylj^. 

cium rerum naturalium e regno vegetabili» animali, 
et minerali, depromptamm. 35 plates. FoL lip- 
sise et Francofurti, 1716. Soane Mus. 

BESSAN (D. E. A. de).— ApnnteB Bobre 
Burgos, 6 noticia concisa pero ezacta de todos sus 
Monumentos, y de cuanto el Vicjeio no debe dejar 
de Ter a su paso por esta Ciudad. Por D. £. A. de 
Bessan. Tercera edicion, aumentada j adomada 
con bonitas lamiifas. 32mo. Burgos, 1864. S.K. 

BESSO (B.). — Le grand! invenzioiii e sco- 
perte antiche e modeme nelle scienze, nell* industria 
e nelle arti ; opera compilata da B. B. 5th edition. 
8vo. Milano, 1869. 

BESSON (Charles Jean-Baptiste). — A 

Dominican Artist. A Sketch of the Life of the 
Bey. P^re Besson of the Order of St. Dominie. By 
the Author of " Tales of Kirkbeck," etc. 8vo. 
London, Oxford, and Cambridge, 1870. S.K. 

BESSON (Jacques). — Le Cosmolabe, ou In- 
strrment Vnircrsel, concemant toutes Observations 
qui se peuuent faire par les Sciences Mathematiques, 
tant au Ciel, en la Terre, comme en la Mer. De 
rinuention de M. J. B. With woodcuts. Small 
4to. Paris, 1567. 8.K. 

BESSON (Jacques). — Le CoBmographe In- 

strrment Adioinct en la srperievre partie dv Cos- 
molabe av liey de Tatlafi, Lequel sort partieuliere- 
ment pour la Corographie. Small 4to. Paris, 1569. 


Christenthum und bildende Kunst. Vortrag in der 
Special Conferenz fiir religiose Kunst auf dem 
Kirchentage zu Stuttgart im Septembre 1857 von 
M. V. B. H. Large 8vo. Gotha, 1867. 

BETS (V.).— Histoire de la ville et des in- 
stitutions de Tirlemont d'apr^s 4m Documents au- 
thentiques. 2 vols., with Plan and view of Church. 
16mo. Louvain, 1861. 

BETTI (Salvatorb). — ^Notizie intomo alia 
vita e alle opere del Cav: Qiam Battista Wicar 
pittore di Lilla. 8vo. Roma, 1831. 

BETTI (Salvatorb). — Opere di pittara e di 

scoltura condotte da alcuni academic! di San Luca e 
deBczitte dal PiotS. S. Svo. Boma, 1831.' 

BETTINI (Andbea).— La Bsposizione ita- 
liana del 1861 . Plates. Fol. Florence, 1862. 

BETTYES & SON.— Description, theory, 
and principle of their new patent noiseless pro- 
pelling C spring rotunda Carriages, with illustra- 
tions. Obi. 8vo. London (1867). S.K. 

BEUF (E.). — Beant^s dn chiistianisTne, iUns- 
trees de vignettes gravies sur acier par nos meiUeois 
artistes, d'apr^s les tableaux originaux de Barrias, 
Duveau, Boulanger, Gambart, Massard. 14 en- 
gravings. Large 8to. Paris, 1853. 

BEULL (le Sieur de). — Imitation de JesnB- 
Christ, traduction nouvelle par le Si6ur de Beuil, 
prieur de Saint- Val. With plates. 12mo. Paris, 

BEUL£ (Ebnbst) — ^Les temples de Syra- 
cuse, 8vo. n. p. n. d. 

BEULfi (Ernest^. — ^Les Arts et la po^sie ^ 

Sparte, sous la Ugislation de Lycurgue. Large 8vo. 
Paris, 1853. 

BEUIiE (Ernest).— Le temple de la " Vic- 
toire sans ailes." 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

BEULE (Ernest). — Les frontons du Par- 
thenon. 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

BEULfi (Ernest). — Bibliothfeque Imp^riale. 

Cours d'Arch^ologie de M. Beuld. Les Expositions 
d'Art et les concours dans I'ancienne Gr^. Le^on 
du 8 Janvier 1856. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

BEULE (Ernest). — Les expositions d'art et 
les concours dans Tancienne Qi^. 8vo. (Paris) 

BEULE (Ernest). — Les vaaes chinois et les 

vases grecs. 8vo. Paris, 1866. 

BEULfi (Ernest). — Le stephanepliore. 
Plate. 8vo. Paris, 1857. 

BEULE (Ernest). — Le vase de la reine 
Berenice. Plate. Svo. Paris, 1862. 

BEULE (Ernest). — Mercore criophore. 

Plate. 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

BEULE (Ernest).— Tibere et TWritage 

d'Auguste. Svo. Paris, 1868. 

BEULE (Ernest).— Histoire de L'Art Grec 
avant PericUs. Svo. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

BEULE (Ernest). — Institut de France 
Acad^mie des Beaux- Arts. Notice sur Victor Schnets, 
par M. Beul^ secretaire perpituel, lue dans la 
s^nce publique de I'Acad^mie des Beaux- Arts le 
18 Novembre 187L 28 pp. 4to. Paris, 1871- 

BEULE (Ernest). — ^Le Drame du V&ave 
par M. Beuli. Svo. Paris, 1872. S.E. 

BEURS (Welhelm).— Die Grosse Welt ins 
Klein abgemahlet, oder ein kurzer Unterricht Ton 
alien Oemaehlden in der Welt. Worinnen die 
Haupt-Farben nebst ihren unterschiedlichen Ver- 
miscnungen ' und derer Chebrauch afogehandelt 



Books on Art {Supplement). 


werden. Aus dem Hollandidcben iibergesetst. 
12mo. Amsterdam, 1693. Nat. Gal. 

BEUST (JOACH. i).— ChriBtiadvm libellvB. 
With woodcnta. 16mo. Witebeigse, 1571. S.K. 

BEUTEL (Tobias).— Vennehrter eeomet- 

rischer Lustgarien, darimien die edle una hochst- 
niitzlich Konst Geometria atiB dem Euclide ge> 
pflanzt. Platee. 12mo. Leipzig, 1685. 

Earlier edition. Woodcuts. 12mo. Leipzig, 1660. 

BEUTER (Akton). — ^La Coronica general 

de Toda ^spana, y especialmente del Keyno da 

, Valencia. 4to. Valencia, 1604. S.K. 

BEUTH (P. C. W.).— Vorbilder fiir Fabri- 
kanten nnd Handwerker. Herausgegeben Ton der 
Konigl. technischen Deputation nir Gewerbe. 
(Edited by P. C. W. Beuth.) With plates. 2 vols. 
¥oL Berlin, 1821-37. BJli. 

BEDVE (Charles de). — Le Louvre, depnis 

6on engine jusqu' a Louis Napoleon. Son anti- 
quit^, ses 6poques, etc., suivi d'une l%ende du VII" 
sa^Ie expUquant Torigine et T^tymologie du LouTre. 
12mo. Paris, 1852. - 

BEVILACQUA (Baetolommeo). — Guida per 
ben dsitare la NuoTa Gierusalemme nel sacro 
monte di Varallo publicata a spese di Bartolommeo 
Berikcqua Varallese. With woodcuts. 12mo< No- 
Tara, 1787. 

BfiVY (Cbables Joseph). — Histoire des 

Inaugurations des Rois, Empereurs, et autres 
SouTerains de rUniyerse, depuis leur Origine 
jusqu*i present. Suivie d^un pr^s de T^tat des 
Alts et aes Sciences sous chaque R^gne : des princi- 
paux faits, mceurs, coutumes et usages les plus re- 
marquables des Fran9ois, depuis Pepin jusqu'4 
Louis XVI. ParM 8to. Paris, 1776. S.K. 

BEWICK (Thomas).— The Nortlmmbriaii 
Minstrel, a choice selection of songs. Portrait of 
Bums and numerous cuts. ISmo. Alnwick, n.d. 

BEWICK (Thomas). — New Specimen of 
Cast-Metal Ornaments and Wood Tyj^, sold by 
W. DaTiiOD, Alnwick. 4to. Alnwick, n. d. S.E. 

BEWICK (Thomas).— Choicest Flowers of 

English Poetry, or the new Poetical Banquet. 
Woodcuts. 18mo. Shzewsbuzy. n.d. 


A Natural History of British Quadrupeds. With 

82 woodeuls. S.K. 

Bewick (Thomas) British Birds. 35 woodcuts. S.K. 
Bewick (Tbomas) Water Birds. 34 „ S.E. 
Bewiek (Thomas) Fishes. 48 „ S.E. 

Bewick (Thomas) Beptiles, Serpents, and Insects. 

36 woodcuts. S.K. 

Bewick (Thomas) Foreign Quadrupeds. 34 wood- 

eits. S.K. 

Bewiek (Thomas) Foreign Birds. 84 woodcuts. 12roo. 

AlnwidL n.d. S.K. 

BEWICK (Thomas).— Vignettes by Tbomas 
Btmek- (A collection of 275 woodcuts, mounted 
ai 4 Yviiime.) 4to. Newcastle, n.d. S.K. 

BEWICK (Thomas).— Vignettes and Tail- 
pieces. (305 woodcuts, india paper proofs, with 
portrait engraved by John Bewick, mounted in a 

• volume.) Imp. 8vo. Newcastle-on-Tyne, n.d. 


BEWICK (Thomas).— Figures of British 
Land Birds, engraved on wood by T. Bewick. To 
which are added a few Foreign Birds, with their 
vulgar and scientific names. Vol. i. only. (All 
published.) Boyal 8vo. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1800. 


BEWICK (Thomas).— The Repository of 

Select Literature ; bein^ an elegant assemblage of 
Curious, Scarce, Entertaining, and Listructi ve Pieces, 
in Prose and Verse. Adorned with beautiful en* 
gravings by Bewick. 2 vols. 12mo. Alnwid:, 
1808-9. S.K. 

BEWICK (Thomas).— Bewick's select fiables 
of .£sop and others. In three parts. L Fables 
extracted &om Dodsley's. II. Fables with reflec- 
tions in prose and verse. III. Fables in Verse. 
To which are prefixed the life of iBsop, and an essay 
upon fable by Oliver Goldsmith. Faithfully re- 
printed from Qke rare Newcastle edition published 
by T. Saint in 1784. With the original wood en- 
gravings by T. Bewick, and an illustrated pre&ce 
by Edwin Pearson. 8vo. London (1871). 

BEWICK (Thomas and John). — Impressions 
of upwards of 2,000 Wood-blocks engraved by T. 
and J. Bewick, with an introduction including a. 
descriptive character of the blocks by the Kev. T. 
Hugo. Imp. 4to. London, 1870. S.K. 

BEWICK (William).— Life and Letters of 

William Bewick (Artist). Edited by Thomas 
Landseer, A.B.A. With portrait. 2 vols. Svo. 
London, 1871. S.K. 

BEYER (Alexander). — Original-Muster 

zum practischen Gebrauch fur Stubenmaler. Neu 
erfunden und gezeichnet von B. Large fol. Beriin, 

BEYER (C.).— Praktisches Handbuchlein 
der Steindruckerei. Nach dem neuesten Stande 
der Technik zusammengestellt und bearbeitet. 
Lithographs. 16mo. Miinohen, 1863. 

BEYER (Heineich).— Bnrg Stolzenfels. 

£in Andenken fiir Bheinreisende. Mit 1 Ansicht 
. und 4 Blattim mit gemalten Wappen. Large 8vq. 
Coblenz, 1842. 

BEYER (J. M:).— Leptolithographie Oder 
Kunst, auf von 2 bis 6 Linien Dicke, ohne Vei^iide- 
rung der Presse nach alien in der Lithographie 
bekannten Manieren zu dmcken nebst einer Ab- 
handlung zur Kenntniss, etc der Steine, Angabe 
der Preisse, des speeifischen Ckwichts, aach der 
jetzigen Frachten. Mit einer Zugabe mehrerer, 
durch die Erfedirung bewahrter Becepte sur Litho- 
graphie. Large 4to. Eichstadt, 1831. 

BEYLE (Henbt).- La Chartreuse de Paa:me. 

Par De Stendhal (Henry Beyle). Nouvelle ^tion 
entiirement revue et corrig^. 12mo. Paris, 1864. 



Universal Catalogue of 



BEYRANNE (S. P.). — Plastisclie Zink- 

Guss-Arbeiten nach Entwiirfen nnd Modellen be- 
wabrter Bau-MeisterBildhauer nnd Zeichnerunsrer 
Zeiti etc. Fol. Berlin, 1845. 

BEYSCHLAQ (Daniel Ebeehabd). — Angs- 

burger Formschneider-Arbeiten auB dem xy. und 
zri. Jahrhundert. Fol. Augsburg, 1829. 


graphie de T^glise Saint-Sauveor de Dinan. Fol. 
Bennes, 1847. 

BIADI (LuiGi). — Noidzie snlle antiche Fab- 
briche di Firenze non terminate e snlle variasdoni 
alle qnali i pi& laggoardevoli edifizj sono andati 
Boggetti. 8to. Fi^nze, 1824. S.K. 

BIAOI (Clbmente). — Tractatas de decretis 
Atheniensinm ex Mnseo Nanii. Plates. 8to. Romse, 

BIAGIO (F.). — Dialoghi familiaria sopra la 
pi^ura. 4to. Palermo, n.d. 

BIAIS-LANGOUMOIS (Emile).— Essai snr 
le Dessin et la Peinture k AngoulSme, snivi du 
Catalogne du Mus^e et d'une Nomenclature de 
Tableaux appartenant k des coUectionneurs et ama- 
teuzB de la ville. Svo. Angouldme, 1866. B.M. 

BIAIS-LANGOUMOIS (Emile) . — Notice 

BUT Francois-Nicolas Pineau et divers membres de 
sa famille, sculpteurs, grareurs, architectes (1653- 
1823). Portrait. 25 pp. 8to. Angoul^me, 1868. 

BIANCHI (Giovanni). — Racolta di digser- 

tazioni intomo Finscrizione del Panteo Sagro d'Ari- 
mino. 16mo. n.p.n.d. 

BIANCHI (IsiDOBO). — Marmi Gremonesi 
ossia ragguafflio delle antiche inscrizioni nella rilla 
delle Torre de' Picenardi. 33 plates. Laige 8yo. 
Milano (1791). 

BIANCHI (IsiDORo). — Sullo state delle 

Science e belle Arti in Danimarca dopo la met4 del 
Secolo xviii. Lettere dall' Abate I. d, 8yo. Cre- 
mona, 1808. 

BIANCHINI (Andrea).— Prove legaU sull' 

avrelenamento della celebre pittrice Bolognese £li- 
sabetta Sirani emeigenti dal relativo processo. 
Biscorso dell awocato A B. Portraits. 8to. Bo- 
logna, 1854. 

BIANCHINI (Edoaedo).— Intomo alia pro- 
priet4 letterarla ed artistica. Saggio. Vol. i. 16mo. 
Siena, 1869. 

BIANCHINI (Eb. Antonio).— n Duomo e 

le Sculpture del Corpo di Guardia in Novara. 8va 
NoTara» 1836. B.M. 

BIANCHINI (Giuseppe).— Notizieistoriche 

intomo tdla Saoratissima Cintola di Maria Vergine 
che si con8er?a nella citti di Piato in Toscana. 4to. 
Prato, 1796. Nat. Gal. 

BIANCOLINI (GiAMBATisTA). — Notizie sto- 

riche delle Chiese di Verona raccolte da Giamba- 

tista Biancolini. (Vol. i. onlj. Woodcuts and 

pUtes.) Small 4to, VeroniL 1749, S.K. 


BIANCONI (GiBOLAMo). — Descrizione di 
alcuni minutissimi intagli 6i mano di Propersia de 
Rossi. Plates. Fol. Bologna, 1840. . 

BIABD (Franqois). — ^Denx amines au Bresil. 
Ouvrage illustro de 180 yigne^tes dessin^es par E. 
Biou, d'apr&s les croquis de M. Biard. Large 8to. 
Paris, 1862. 

BIARDOT (E. Peospbr.).— Explication du 
Symbolisme des Terres Cuites grecques de destina- 
tion fun^raire. 8vo. Paris, 1864. SJ[, 

BIBENT (Antoine).— ViUe de Pompeia. 
Plan g^n^ral de ses fouilles levies et dessin^ par 
A. B., architecte. 7 doubUplates. Fol. Paris, 1827. 

BEBIENA (Antonio Galli). — Disegni del 

nuoTO Teatro eretto in Pavia Tanno 1773. De- 
signs and plan. 4 pp. FoL Payia, n.d. 

BIBLE. — The tme and lytiely histoiyke 
portareatvres of the yvoU bible. With 194 woo<kut8 
by Bernard Salomon (le Petit Bernard). 1 6mo. At 
Lyons, by Jean of Tovrnes. M.D.L.(III). S.K. 

BIBLE.— The Holy Bible, Containing the 
Old Testament and the New. With the Book of 
Common Prayer. Woodcut title-pages and genea- 
logical tables. 4to. London, 1625. S.K. 

of 96 woodcuts of Old and New Testament History. 
Mounted in Quardbook. Fol. S.K. 

BIBLIA integra, Yeteris et Novi Testa- 
menti, etc With woodcuts by Antoine de Worms. 
Fol. Colonise, 1529. S.K. 

BIBLIA Sacra cnm figuris et descrip- 

tionibus etiam chorographicis, quibus Tariorum 
ffidificiorum ac operum structure, atque regiones 
ob omnium oculos ponuntur, etc. With woodcuts. 
Sto. Lvgdvni, 1568. S.K. 

BIBLIA Sacra Latina, with volnminoas 
notes by Nicolaus de Lyra. Black letter, rubri- 
cated. With woodcuts and Initials. 4 vols. Fol. 
Nurembeig, 1493. 

BIBLIA sacra ad optima <][asBque veteris, vi 
Tocant, tralationis ezemplana summa diligentia 
pariqj fide casdgata. With woodcuts. Fol. Lvg- 
dvui, 1556. S.K. 

BIBLIA sacra volgataa editionis Sizti Qvinti 
Pont Max. jtssv recognita atque edita. V^th 
woodcuts. 4to. Venetiis, 1625. S.K. 

BIBLIANDER (Theodorus) . — Christiana 
et Catholica Doctrina, Fides, Opera, Eodesia, Diri 
Petri Apostoli et servi Jesu Chnsti, supremi Begia 
et Pontificis, per Theodorum Bibliandnun oollecta. 
12mo. BasilefiB, 1550. S.K. 

BIBLICAE HISTORIAE, magno artifido 
depictae, et utilitatis publicae causa latinis Epigram- 
matibus k Qeozgio Aemylio illustratae. 82 plates. 
(? engraved by Hans Sebald Beham.) Small 4to. 
Francoforti, 1539. 

BIBLIOGRAFIA Espanola, publicada per 
una Asociacion de Editores y Libreros de Ma^d. 
8to. Madrid, 1869, etc. S.K. 





Books on Art {Supplement). 


BIBLIOGBAPHTA d' Italia compilata sui 
Docninenti comunicati dal R. Ministero dell' Istru- 
zione pubblica. Koyal 8to. Firenze, 1867, etc. 


BIBLIOGRAPHY. — Polybiblion. Revue 
Bibliographique UniTerselle. Publication de la 
Soci^td Bibiiographique. Vols. L-IV. Roy. Bto. 
Paris, 1868-69. S.K. 

BraUOGRAPHY, DUTCH. — Alphabet- 

isdie Naamlijst yan Boeken, Landkaarten en verder 
in -den Boekhandel yoorkomende Artikelen die in 
het Jaaren 1867, 1868 in hot KoningrijkderNeder- 
landen nitgegeren of herdrnkt zijn, benevens opga- 
Ten ran den oitgerer, den prijs en eenige aanteeke- 
ningen, alsmede een Wetenschappelijk Register. 
2 Tola. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1867-68. S.K. 

6cbe BiUiographie. Lijst van nieuw verschenen 
Boeken, Kaarten, enz. in het Koningrijk der Neder- 
landen, 1867-69. 3 parts. Svo. Utrecht, 1867- 
69. S.K. 


Illnstr^ des Amateors de Livres, d'Estampes et de 
haute cariosity. Royal 8vo. Paris, 1868, etc. S.K. 

BIBLIOPHILE JACOB. See Lacboix (Paul). 


blioth^ue Imp^riale son Organisation son Cata- 
logue, par un Bibliophile. 12mo. Paris, 1861. 


part^ment des m^dailles, pierree my^s et an- 
tiques. Biblioth^ue imp^riale. Description des 
monuments ezpoe^. 18mo. Paris, 1867. 

BIBLISCHE Emblematannd Fignren welche 
in den zwijeen Temeurten Stuben dess Hospitals 

zom Heiligen G^ist in Niirmberg sind Torgemalet 

worden« In Kupffer gestochen durch Johann Pfiuin, 
Bulger daselbsten. 25 plates. Small 4to. (Nurem- 
berg. 1626.) S.E. 

BIBRA (Ebnst von). — Die Bronzen nnd 
Kupferlegirungen der alten und altesten Volker 
mit Ruc^ichtnahme auf jene der Neuzeit. 8to. 
Eziangen, 1869. 

BIBRA ^Fbeihebb yon). — Konstdenkmale 
in Beutsdiland, Ton den firiihesten Zeiten bis auf 
unsere Tage. 4to. Sdiweinfurt, 1844-45. 

BICCHIERAI (Z.). — Alcnni docnmenti 
aztistici non mai stampati, 1465-1565. 8yo. 
Firenze, 1855. 

BICKHAM (Gboeoe). — Musical Enter- 
tainer. [A collection of songs set to music, with 
^mred Dead-pieces.] 

(WitlKmt title-page.) 2 vols, in 1, foL, n. p., n. d. 


BICKHAM (George). — An introductive 
Essay on Drawing, with The Nature and Beauty of 
lights and Shadows in the Manner of the greatest 
Masters. Plates. Crown 8to. London, 1747. 

BICKHAM (George). — An intaroductive 

Essay on Writing in General, with some Curious 

. Copies Engraved from the Originals of the Greatest 
Penmen in England. Plates. Crown 8vo. London, 

BICKHAM (George).— General Rnles for 
Painting in Oil and Water Colours, Washing Prints, 
Maps and Mezzitintoes, with the whole Art of 
Japaning. 8vo. London, 1747. 

BICKHAM (George).— ^8op at Court; 

or, the Labyrinth of Versailles delineated in French 
and English. The plates engraved by G. Bickham. 
From the Paris edition. 4to. London, 1768. S.K. 

BICKHAM (John and George). — Fables 

and other short poems; collected from the most 
celebrated English authors. The whole curiously 
engraved for the practice and amusement of young 
gentlemen and ladies in the art of writing. 3 vols. 
8vo. London, 1737. S.K. 

BICKMORE (Albert S.).— Travels in the 

East Indian Ardiipelago. With maps and illustra- 
tions. Svo. London, 1868. B.M. 

BICKNELL (W. J.).— lUustrated London, 
or a Series of Views in the British Metropolis and 
its Vicinity, engraved by Albert Henry Payne, from 
original drawings. The historical, topographical, 
and miscellaneous Notices by W. J. BickneU. 2 
vols. Crown Svo. London, n.d. S.K. 

BIDLAKE (John).— The Summer's Eve ; a 
Poem. With 6 etchings. Crown Svo. London, 1800. 


BIE (Jacques de). — M^dailles d'or, d'argent, 
et de bronze, des Rois et des Eeines de France, 
tiroes des plus curieux cabinets. 131 plates. 4to, 

BIECHY — La Peintnre chez les figyptiens. 
Plates. 18mo. Limoges, 1868. 

BIEDERMANN (D. voN).~Neues heral- 

disches System fiir Wappen-Sammlungen nebst einer 
Anleitung zur Anlage von Sammlungen. Svo. 
Dresden, 1870. 

BIEDERSTEDT (Dietherich Hermann).— 

Geschichte der Nicolai-Kirche in Griefswald, vor- 
ziiglich der Wiederherstellung derselben in den 
Jahren, 1650 bis 1653. 2 plates. Svo. Griefs- 
wald, 1808. 

BIEHLER (T.).— TJeber Gemmenkunde. 
Mit Angabe der beriihmtesten Kunstler und der 
vorzuglichsten Sammlungen. Svo. Wien, 1860. 

BIEHLER (T.)— TJeber Miniatnrmalereien. 
Svo. Wien, 1861. 

BIEL (Gabriel). — Sermones dominicales de 
Tempore et de Sanctis per totum annum, etc. 
With woodcut borders. Gothic letter. Small 4to. 
Basilee, 1519. S.K. 

BIGI (QuiRiNO). — ^Di Camillo e Siro da 
Correggio e deUa loro zecca. Memorie storico- 
numismatiche. Plates. 4to. Modena, 1870. 

BIGIOLI (FiLiPPO). — Le Cento Sacre 
Famiglie, del Pittore F. B. 100 plates. Obi. 4to. 
n. p., n. d. S.K. 



Universal Caicdogue of 


BIGLAND (IIalph).— An Account of the 
Parish of Fairford, in the County of Gloucester ; 
with a particular description of the Stained Glass 
in the Windpws of the Church, and engravings of 
Ancient Monuments. Small 4to. London, 1791. 


BIGNOLI (GiOVAiwi).— Raccolta di anti- 
chitA greoche e romane ad uso degli artisti. 8yo. 
Milano, 1821. 

BIGONI (Angelo). — II Forastiere istmito 
delle meraviglie e delle cose pii belle che si 
ammirano intemamente ed estemamente nella 
Basilica del gran taumatnigo S. Antonio di Padova, 
con Ta^unta di tutte le sacre fonzioni che vi si 
eseguiscono fra Tanno. Opera del P. Angelo 
Biffoni. Quarta edizione. 12mo. Venezia, 1835. 

Earlier edition. 8vo. Padova, 1816. 

BIGSBY (Robert).— Old places Rrcvisited, 

or the Antiquarian Enthusiast. 3 vols. 8vo. 
London, 1851. 

BILABD (Edouard Jean MJlBie). — ^Analyse 

des Documents Historiques conserve dans les 
Archives du D^partement de la Sarthe. Par M. Ed. 
Bilaid, Archiviste du D^partement. 2 vols. Lnp. 
8vo. Le Mans, 1854 & 1862. S.E. 

BILDERDIJK (Willem).— Grondregelen 
der perspectief. With 11 plates. 8vo. Dordrecht, 
1828. S.K. 

BILLAND-PfiLISIER (B.).-Le Palatin et 
les Nouvelles d^couvertes. 12 pp. 8vo. Boma, 

BILLEDEN af beromte danske Maend og 
K^-inder der hare levet, Tidsnimmet fraa Beforma- 
tionens Indforelse indtil kong Frederik VII" Dod. 
Med Text af P. 3 vols. 4to. Bjobenhavn, 1867. 

BILLIET (A.). — ^Dissertation but les dip- 
tiques, suivie de la description d'un diptique grec. 
Plate. 8vo. Chamb^ry, 1846. 

BILLING (Archibald). — The Science of 

Gems, Jewels, Coins, and Medals, ancient and 
modem. 8vo. London, 1867. S.K. 

BILLMARK. — Aquarell-lithografier och 
tontiyck. Teckningar efter naturen. Swerige. 
Interiorer och exteriorer. Pt 1. 3 plates. Fol. 
Stockholm, 1868. 

BILLMARK (C. J.).— Etnder for landskaps- 
tecknare. 100 plates. Obi. 8vo. Stockholm, 1829. 

BILLMARK (C. J.).— Tjngo vuer af Rhen- 

strommen frSn Coin till Mainz tecknade efter na- 
turen, lithographierade och utgifne af C. J. B., 
Rtfoljde af en text. 6 parts. Fol. Paris och Stock- 
holm, 1837. 
BILLMARK (C. J.).— Pittoresk resetonr 
frRn Stockholm till Neapel. 100 views. 8vo. 
Paris och Stockholm, 1840-52. 

BILLON (Jean-Baptiste Benjamin). — Cam- 

panologie, ^tude sur les cloches et les sonneries 
fran9ai8e8 et ^trang^res, par Monsieur le docteur 


Billon, avec une notice biographique, par Charles 
Vasseur. Woodcuts. 8vo. Caen, 1866. 

BILLYNS (Willum).— The Five Wounds 
of Christ. A poem. From an ancient parchment 
roll. 7 illustrations and ornamental holders. 4to. 
Manchester, 1814. 

BILORDEAUX (Adolphe). — Annales de 
rOmement, ou recueil complet et vari^ de tons les 
omements n^ssaires k Tart de I'industrie, com- 
poses et lithographic par A. B. 24 plates. Fol. 
Paris, 1865. 

BLNXERD (A. D.).— The Mammoth Cave 
and its denizens. A complete descriptive Guide. 
8vo. Cincinnati, 1869. 

BDra^Y (Thomas).-— The Royal Exchange 

and the Palace of Industry ; or the Possible Future 

of Europe and the World. In three parts. Post 

8vo. London, 1851. S.K. 

French translation. — Poet 8vo. Londyes, 1851 

German translation. — ^Po8t8vo. London, 1851. 


BINNS (Richard William). — Memoir on 

the origin and early History of the Manufacture of 
Porcelain at Worcester. 8vo. Worcester, 1862. 


BINNS (William).— The Second Course of 
Orthographic Projection ; being a continuation of the 
New Method of teaching the Science of Mechanical 
and Engineering Drawing, with some practical 
remarks on the teeth of Wheels, the projectiQp of 
Shadows, principles of Shading and Drawing from 
Machinery. Intended for the instruction of en- 
gineers, architects, builders, masons, etc., and for 
the use of Science Schools and Classes. With 
numerous illustrations. By William Binns. Wood- 
cuts and lithographs. 8vo. London, 1869. S.E. 

BIOGRAPHIE dee Hommes virants, ou 
Histoire par ordre alphab^tique de la Vie publique 
de tons les Hommes qui se sont fait remarquer par 
leurs actions ou leurs toits. Ouvrage entierement 
neuf, r^dig^ par une Soci^t^ de Gens de Lettres et 
de Savants. 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1816>19. SJK. 

et modeme ; ou Histoire, par ordre alphab^tique, 
de la vie publique et priv6e de tous les hommes qui 
se sont fait remarquer par leurs Merits, leurs actions, 
leurs talents, leurs vertus ou leurs crimes. Ouvrage 
enti^ment neuf, r6dig6 par une Soci^t^ de Gens de 
Lettres et de Savants. (With supplement.) 8to. 
84voLi. Paris, 1811-67. S.K 

BIOGRAPHY.— The Lives of eminent and 
remarkable Charact^s, bom or long resident in the 
counties of Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk. Embel- 
lished with 68 portraits. 8vo. London, 1820. S.K. 

BION (Nicolas). — Traite de la constmction 
et des principauz usages des instruments de Mathi- 
matique. Nouvelle ^tion. 78 folding plates. 
4to. La Haye, 1723. Soane Mus. 

English translation, by Edmund Stone. 26 
plates. Fol. London, 1728. Soane Mus. 


Books on Art {Suipplenient). 


German tTanslation. — Neu eroffiiete mathema- 
tische Werkschule vermehrt duich J. Q-. Doppel- 
mayr. 4to. FranldiiTt nnd Leipzig, 1712. 

Other editions. With plates. 4to. • Niirnberg, 
1717, 1726, 1741. 

BIONDELLI ( Beenabdine) . — Importanza 
degU Studj Archeolo^ci in Lombaidia. Discorso 
di B. BiondellL Witii 2 plates. 8vo. Milano, 
1864. S.K. 

BIONDELLI (Bernardino).— Di una Tomba 

Gallo-Italica scoperta a Sesto Calende sul Ticino, 
iUostiazione di B. B. 17 pp. With 2 folding 
plates. FoL Mlano, 1867. S.K. 

BIONDELLI (Bernardino). — La Zecca e le 

Monete di Milano. , Dissertazioni di B. B. Svo. 
Milano, 1869. 

BIONDI (Luioi). — Illustrazione di un fram- 
mento di antica inscrizionie. Large 4to. Boma, 

9IONDI (LuiGi). — Intomo un &ammento 
marmoreo di fasti consolari. 4 plates. 4to. Eoma, 

BIORCI (D.).— L'Armeriadel Signore Am- 
brogio XJboldo. 2nd edition. 16 pp. 8vo. Milano, 

BIRCH (John). — Examples of Labourers* 

Cottages, with plans for improving the dwellings of 

the poor in large towns. With 21 plates. 8to. 

.London, 1871. S.K. 

BIRCH (Jonathan). — ^Das Nibelungen Lied, 

or Lbj of the last Nibelungers. Translated into 
Enelish Terse, after Professor Carl Lachmann's 
coined and corrected text. 8vo. Berlin, 1848. S.K. 

BIRCH (Samuel). — Observations on tbe 
yitnfhijtn Marbles recently deposited in the British 
Museum. Communicated to the Society of Anti- 
quaries by Samuel Birch, Esq. 4to. ph. tiondon, 
1S43. S.K. 

BIRCH (Samuel). — Tablets and other 

Egyptian Monuments, from the Collection of the 
Earl of Belmore, now disposed in the British 
Mnseom. With 23 coloured plates. Large fol. 
London, 1843. 

BIRCH (Samuel). — Introduction to the 
Study of the E^gyptian Hieroglyphics. Woodcuts. 
8to. London, 1857. S.K. 

BIRD (J. D.).— An Introduction to He- 
raldry, wherein its most useful terms are displayed 
St foil length, and accompanied with 12 litho- 
graphic plates of reference, containing upwards of 
400 examples, collect^ from the most eminent 
ancient and modem authors, and disposed in a clear 
and alphabetical manner. 18mo. London, 1823. 

BIRDS.— The Book of Exotic Birds. A 
series of richly coloured plates. Accompanied by 
descriptions. 8yo. London, n. d. S.K. 

BIRMINGHAM.— An Historical and De- 
ieK ipCi v6 SIcetch of Birmingham ; with some ac- 
of its enrirons, and forty-four Tiews of the 

principal buildings, &c.,&c. 8yo. Birmingham, 1830. 

BISCARI (Ignazio Patern6 Castello, Prin- 

cipi di). — Sopra un* antica iscrizione trovata nel 
teatro di Catania." 2 plates. 4to. Catania, 1771. 

BISCARI (Ignazio Patebn5 Castello, Prin- 

cipi di). — Viaggio per tutte la Architettura della 
Sicilia. 2 plates. 4to. Napoli, 1781. 

BISCARRa (Carlo Felice) and ROCCA 

(LuiGi). — li Arte in Italia, rivista mensile di Belle 
Arti diretta da Carlo Felice Biscarra e Luigi Eocca, 
colla collaborazione di molti artisti e letterati Itali- 
ani. Illustrated. Imp. 4to. Torino, 1869. S.K. 

BISSELIUS (Joankes).— Joannifl Bisaelii, e 
societate Jesn, ^tatis nostree Q-estorum eminentium 
Medulla Historica. Septennium II. ab Anno 1608 
usque ad Annum 1614 inclusive. Appendix Anni 
1614. Mariae Stuartse, Viventis, ac Morieatis, Acta. 
2 vols, in 1. With 8 Portraits. 16 mo. Ambergse, 
1675 SK 

BISTON (V.) and HAJSTUS (P. A.).— 

Nouveau Manuel complet du Cbarpentier, ou TVait^ 
simplifi^ de cet Art; suivi d'un petit Trait^ de 

G^om^trie etc Avec une introduction et un ap- 

pendice, par C. Boutereau. New edition with 21 
plates (Manuels Roret). 18mo. Paris, 1861. S.K. 
Earber editions : — With 13 plates. 18mo. Paris, 

BJORNSTAHL (J. J.).— Briefe anf seine 
auslandischen Keiseu. Aus der Schwedischen von 
Groskurd. 6 vols. 8vo. Rostock, 1780-83. 

BLA AS (Carl). — Fresco-Gemalde im 

Waffen-Museum des K. K. Arsenals zu Wien. 
Entworfen und ausgefuhrt von Professor C. B. 
Nach den Original-Cartons photographirt von 
Gustav Jagermayer. Imp. 4to. Wien, 1863. 

BLAAS (Carl). — ^Fresco-Gemalde in der 
Alt-Lerchenfelderkirche. Entworfen und ausge- 
fiihrt von Professor C. B. Nach Original-Cartons 
photographirt von Gustav Jagermayer. Imp folio. 
Wien, 1863. 

BLAAUW (William Henry).— The3arons' 

War, including the Battles of Lewes and Evesham. 
With plates, and woodcuts in the text. Small 4to. 
London, Lewes, printed, 1844. S.K. 

BLACAS (Due de).— Essai snr les M^dailles 
Autonomes romaines k I'^poque imp^riale. 8vo. 
Paris, 1862. 

BLACK (Adam and Charles). — Guide to 

Guernsey, St. Peter Port, and places of interest in- 
cluding Aldemey and Serk. Edited by David 
Thomas Ansted. 16mo. Edinburgh, 1866. S.K. 

BLACK (Adam and Charles). — Guide to 

P&ris and the Exhibition of 1 867. Edited by David 
Thomas Ansted. Post8vo. Edinburgh, 1867. S.K. 

BLACK (Adam and Charles). — Guide to 

Buxton and its environs, including the mines of 
Castleton, Hadden Hall, and Chatsworth. Edited 
by Llewellyn Jewitt. 8vo. Edinbuigh, 1868. 


i.^'Wxfw, w 


Universal Catalogue of 



BLACK (Adam and Chables). — Guide to 
Italy according to the most recent railway notes. 
Illustrated with a travelling map, numerous charts, 
etc. 8to. Edinburgh, 1869. fi.M. 

BLACK (C. C.).— Choice Treasures of Art 

of the South Kensington Museum. Eight illustra- 
tions printed by Leighton Brothers' chromatic pro- 
cess. Described by C. C. B. Imp. Svo. London, 
1869. S.K. 

BLACK (C. C.).— Caialogne of the CoUec 
tion of Paintings, Porcelain, Btonzes, Becoratire 
Furniture, and other Works of Art, lent for exhibi- 
tion in the Bethnal Green Branch of the South 
Kensington Museum, by Sir Richard Wallace, Bart. 
June, 1872. 8to. London, 1872. S.K. 

BLACK (C. C). See Dbmhik (A.).— Weapons 
of War, etc. 8vo. 1870. 

BLACK (William Henby). — Catalogue of 

the Arundel Manuscripts in the Library of the Col- 
lege of Arms. (The !^eface by Sir Charles George 
Young, Garter King at Arms.) Not published. 
8to. (London) 1829. S.K. 

BLACK (WiLLUM Henet). — Discovery of 
the Will of Hans Holbein by W. H. B., with remarks 
on the same by A. W. Franks, communicated to the 
Society of Antiquaries in a letter to the Earl Stan- 
hope. 8yo. London, 1863. 

BLACKBURN (Henby).— The Pyrenees: a 

description of Summer Life at French Watering- 
places. With upwards of 100 illustrations by Ghis- 
tave Dor^, and a new map of the Central Pyrenees. 
Boyal 8to. London, 1867. 

BLACKBURN ( Henbt ). — Artists and 
Arabs ; or. Sketching in Sunshine. With numerous 
illustrations. 8ro. London, 1868. S.E^ 

BLACKBURN (Henry).— Normandy Pic- 
turesque. With numerous illustrations. Small 
4to. London, 1869. S.K 

BLACKBURN (Henet).— Art in the Moun- 
tains : the Stoi^ of the Passion Play. By H. B. 
With numerous illustrations. 8vo. London, 1870. 

BLACKBURNE (Edwabd L.J. —Suburban 
and Bural Architecture. English and Foreign. 
Editedby £. L. B. 4to. London, n.d. S.K. 

BLACKER (Stewart).- Irish Artand Irish 
Artista. 8to. Dublin, 1846. 

BLACKNER (John).— The History of Not- 
tingham, embracing its antiquities, trades, and manu- 
factures, from the earliest authentic records to the 
present period. Plates, 4to. Nottingham, 1815. 

BLADES (William). — A list of Medals, 

Jettons, Tokens, etc., in connexion with Printers 
and the Art of Printing. 93 plates. Fcap 8to. 
London, 1869. S.E. 

BLADES (Willum).— A List of Medals 

struck by oitLer of the Corporation of London 

With an appendix of other medals, struck privately 
or for sale, having reference to the same corporate 

body or its members. 8vo. London, 1870. B.M. 
PHvately printed. 

BLADES (William).— How to tell a Caxton. 

With some Hints where and how the same might be 
found. By W. B. With 16 plates. 16mo. Lon- 
don, 1870. S.E. 

BLAIR (John). — ^Blair's Chronological 
Tables revised and .enlarged. Coniprehending the 
Chronology and History of the World from the 
Earliest Times to the Russian Treaty of Peace, 
April, 1856. By J. WiUoughby Bosse. Post 8vo. 
London, 1856. S.K. 

BLAIR (Robert).— The Poetical Works of 

H. Blair. Containing The Grave, etc To which is 
prefixed a Life of the Author, by Bobert Anderson, 
M.D. Accompanied by Prints, designed and en- 
graved by W. Qardiner, B.A. 12mo. London, 
1802. S.K. 

BLAIR (Robbbt). — The Grave: a Poem. 
With many woodcuts after B. Foster, Tenniel, 
Dalziel, etc. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1858. 

BLAKE (William). — The Marriage of 

Heaven ana HelL [By W. B.]. Coloured plates. 
4to. n.p.,n.d. S.E. 

BLAKE (William).— Life of William Blake. 

Article from the "London Quarterly Beview" 
January 1869. S.K. 

BLAKE (William). See Yi^xmax (John, R.A.), 
The Classical Compositions, &c. Fol. 1870. 

See HiTLn (W.). Ballads, &c Post 8vo. 

See SAUHAmc (C. G.). — Gymnastics for Youth. 
8vo. 1800. 

BLANC (Chables). — Grandville. Portrait 
and autograph. 82mo. Paris, 1855. 

BLANC (Charles). See Gkandville (J.J.), 

— Les Metamorphoses dtt jour. 8vo. 1868. 

BLANC (Charles). — ^Ligres, sa vie et ses 

ouvrages, par M. C. B. Avec un portrait du mattie, 
grav^ par Fleming et domse gravures sur acier par 
MM. Henriquel-Dupont, de I'institut, Bien, Du- 
bouchet, Flameng, Gaillaid, Gaircherel, Haussoulier 
et Bosotte, un facsimile d*autographeet unesnvure 
sur bois d*apr^ le buste d'Ingres, par M.%onas- 
sieux, de V Institut. Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1870. S.K. 

BLANC (Charles^. — ^Le cabinet de M. 

Thiers. 78 pp. With 6 wood engravings in the 
text. 8vo. I>aris, 1871. 

BLANC (C. D.).— Guide de Florence, re- 

dig6 sur un Nouveau Plan Plan and engravings. 

12mo. Florence, 1860. 

BLANCABD (Louis) .-^Essai sur les mon- 

naies de Charles 1**, Comte de Provence. 8vo. 
Toulon, 1869. 

BLANC AS TGeronima de). — Coronacionea 
de los Beyes de Aragon. 4to. Caragoca, 1641, 

Books on Art (Suppl&mmt). 


BLANCH £ TT.T.A (D. Natbi8o).— Gonma 
hiit^rics-niODiutieDtal. Notidu hisUiicu de ests 
cindad, J dasciipdan utiiticB de su antignoa ino- 
With plates, ito. QeroD&, 1853. 

BLANCHAHD (BdwaedLajon).— Adama's 
Fockst Loodon Gaide Book : & eomplete hulorieal, 
eritiol, nneral, and topogrsphical SDrrej- of the 
mrtnipolii, for die lue of Uia mident or stranger. 
12nio. lAidon (13S1). B.K. 

BIiANCHABD (Eii.Th6oph.) and others. — 
NonreBn msnael compUt da eoloriaU, ou iDBtnic- 
tioD simplifite «t iUmenture pour renlnminure, le 
taru tt la ntonche dw gnmrM. etc NonTelle 
tditjon, trie angtotnt^. (Haunela-Bont.) 3 platM. 
ISmo. Paiw, 1866. 

lit edition, IBM. 2tid edilJOD, 1840. 

BLAlfCHARD (Madbice).— De Venseigne- 
mmt da doMlD daua lea colligea at dana Im ila- 
bliwementa d'initiiictioii. 39 pp. Sto. MaiiirM, 

BLANCHARD (PeAiUMOin)) . — Ilinirwre 
histohqa* et deaeriptif de Paria k CoDstautiiiopte, 
eont«iiaDt lea enTirona de cetl« demitre ville, aToc 
no plan de Conatantiuople et d'mia paitie da Bos- 
phoM. limo. Paria, 1S6S. 

BLANCHET (M. A.).— Notice rarquelques 
miHUi«iea inidita de I'iTteU de Siou. Platea. 4ba. 
lanaaniie, ISM. 

BLANCHET (Rod.)— M^moiie sor lee 
HooDaiM dea pays Toiaine do Uman par VL Bod. 
Blancbet, Vice-prMdent dn Conseil de I'Inatnictioii 
pnbliqae da canton de Taiid. B plat^a. Tfoqi vol. 
ziii. of the " Poblintiona de U Sociit^ dliiaCtHTe de 
USniaee." 8to. n. p. (1854). B.K. 

BLANCHET (Bod.) ~ Mimoire snr les 
Monnsin dea Boia de Is Botugogoe TiAoaJDiane. 
Far Rod. BUnchet. (Mittliellimgen dsr Aiitiqaa- 
riachen QeMllachaft in Ziirich. Buid li, Heft Z) 
3 platea. 4to. Ziirich, tSSS. 6.K. 

BLANK (JoBEFH Bonatita). — Ueberaioht 
dea Blsukiaehen, jetit der groaaheixoglichen Uni- 
nnitat m WnizboTB gehorenden I4aCimlien-utid 
moeaiaeben Knnitkabiaeta; nebat Torangeaehickter 
Naehrieht Ton dm Lebensumatiindeii aainea ebe- 
maligen Beaitien and jetztgen DirektoTs. Portrait. 
Bto. Bambffg ond Wonborg, n, d. 

BLANC (Joseph Bonavita).— J. B. Blank's 

Beadireilmng aetaer Mnaif-Qsinalde 

Hnanag«geben Ton F. Q. Benkett Zweite 

...Tvnnrfirtc An^abe. 8to. Wnrcbarg, 1820. 3.E. 
iBtedition. Sto. Wdnbnrg, 1796. 

BLANKENBURG (Fbiedbich von).— Lit- 
tenriMhe Zaaalae m Johann 0«otge Snber'a all- 
gemeiner Tbeorie der achonea Ennate. in einzelnen, 
DKb alphabrtJacher Ocdnung der Eunatwortei saf 
eiouidet' folgenden. Artikeln abgehandelt, 3 toIi 
8to. Leipc«, lTBS-98. 

__ .__ ^p^ ^^ 

1 anaarleitneD 

Thaler- nad Mum-Samrolnng weil. P. H. t. Blan- 
kenhagen, geotdnat Daeli 9. t. Madu Thaler-Eabi- 
net. Ton thin aelbat angefeitigt, mit n5thigei> An- 
mi^fcknngen vetaehsn tmd heniug^ban toq Lib. 
BeigmaDD. 2 Theile. lArge4to. Itigs, 1799 ud 

Procidia emplojia paor obtenic lea jprenTea da 
photcgnpUeaarpapiar, pr^ent^i rAradimiadea 
adencaa. 13mo. Paria, 1847- 

— 1a Photogmphie, aea originea, aea progita. aea 
tranaformationa. With It plates. 4to. Lille, 

BLANQUART-EVRARD (Lodib Dfismfi). 
— Lea conleuifl en pbot«grapbie; Canaeriea, par U. 
BUnqoart-ETrard, de la Sociit^ dea Sciencea at 
dea Aita de lille. 16 pp. 8to. Lille, 1871. 

BLANVILLAIN (J. F. C.).— Le Paria^nm 

OD Tablten actnel de Paris. 13mo. Paria (1S03 J) 


BLASHPIELD (John Makhiott). — Ex- 
amplea of Terra Cotta, mannfactored bj J. M. B. 
Obi. Ito. Stamford, 1868. 8.2. 

BLASIS (Chaeles).— Tmi'ti El^mentaire, 
Thiorique et Pratique de I'Ait de la Danie, con- 
teonnt lea diTeloppementa et lea dimonatraUona 
dee principea g^noraux et particaliecB, qui doiTanC 
guider la danaeor. With 14 platea, ahowing tho 
variooa poaitiolu in the dance. Drawn and en- 
grsTedbjCaaarUlli. 124 pp. 8to. Uilan, 1820. 

BliASTUS (J. H.).— Reise im Enropiiaclien 
Rnaaland in den Jahren 1840 and 41. 24 plat«a 
and manjwoodeataiutext. 2 tola. 8to. ^nn- 
achveig, 1844. 

BLAUL (Fbiedbich). — Der KaiBerdom za 
Speier. Fiihter ond £rinneningabucb. Witli 14 
ateel engrannga, a plan, and woodcnla in the text. 
Bofal 8vo. Hanatadt an der Haidt, 1851. 

BLAVIQNAC (J. D.).— Armorial Genevois. 
Eaaai hiatorique bdt lea Annoiriea, lea ecsanx, lea 
milicea et lea aoci^tia militairea. lea unifonnea et 
lee banniirea, lee midaillea et lea monotuea ds 
OintTS, depnia I'ipoqne la plus aacienne juaqu'a 
□oajoors. Flatea. 8to. Oin&Te, 1849. B.K. 

BLAVIGNAC (J. D.)— ComptcB de de- 
penaea de la conatnetion du clocber de Saint- 
Kicholaa k tViboacg, en Snieae, de M.ccccjjot. i 
M-ccccxc, recnallia et publics pac J. D. B. Sto. 
Qin^Tt, 1868. 

BLEICHBODT (Wilhelm GCnthsr).— An. 
deutungen mr Oesckiclite nod Eunst der Land- 
Bchaftamalerfi, mit besonderer Beriehung auf die 
Malerel in Aqnarell oder mit dnnJiBichtigen Waa- 
aerfarben. Fiir Dilettanten in der Knnat and 
Frennde einec angenehmen and niitilichen Be- 
achaftigung. With one lithograph. 8vo. Weimar, 


Universal' Oatuhgue of 



den deatschen Bandesfltaaten, Tonugsweise in 
Preoflsen und Baiem. Nebst; einer voUsUndiffen 
Anleitimg, sich daEu gehorig vorzabereiten. Hit 
66 in .d0h Text eingedruckten Koch'schen Holz- 
fichnitten. Lar^ 8yo. Weimar, 1842. 

3rd edition. JBdited by A. W. Hertel. Large 
4ta Weimar, 1859. 

BLEICHRODT (Wilhelm Gunthee). — 

Handbuch fiir den axchitektonischen Zeichnnngs- 
nnterricht tmd fiir die Verfiertigong der Banrisse 
, luad Bauanachlage. Nebst Holsbereohnimgs-Ta- 
bellen und Abhandlungen iiber Kenntniss nnd An- 
wendung des Baomaterials, etc. 4. yexmehrte nnd 
Terbesserte Auflage. With 9 lithographic plates. 
Large 8to. Weimar, 1843. 

BLENHEIM.— New Description of Blen- 
heim, the seat of His Once the Dnke of Sfarl- 
borongh : containing a fnll and accurate account of 
thepaintingis,tapeitrj, and furniture; a picturesque 
tour of the gardens and park ; and a .general de- 
scription of the China gallery, ^., with a preli- 
,.minary essay on. landscape gardening. Sixth edi- 
tion, with coloured plan Of the park, &c. 8vo, 
Oxford, 1803. S.K. 

BLENHEIM.— A new Ghiide to Blenheim, 
the Seat of His Ghrace the Duke of Marlborough, 
containing an accurate account of the Pdntings, 
Tapestry, and Furniture, according to the present 
arrangement, and a description of the GFarden and 
Park. Embellished with a...... steel enffraTing of the 

Palace and numerous woodcuts. To which is added 
an account of the Borough of Woodstock. 8th edi- 

c tiofi. 12mo. Woodstock, 1860. S.E. 

BLfiBY (Eua^NE).— Etudes de Plantes. 
24 plates. Fol. Paris, n.d. 8.K. 

BLERY (EuGiiNB).— Guide indnstriel des- 
sind d'apr&s nature et lithographic. Les quatre 
G^uirlandes, plantes dessinC sur natur. 10 plates. 
8to. Paris, 1859. 

BLESER (Ed. de). — Rome et ses Monu- 
ments. Guide du Toyageur catholique dans la 
eapitale du monde chrdtien. Avec 61 plans an- 
not^. 8yo. LouTain, 1868. 

BLESSINGTON (MAKGAEfiT, Countess of). 

— The Belle of a Season. Bv the Countess of Bles- 
sington.... Illustrated from drawings by A. E. Cha- 
Ion, R. A. . . .under the superintendence of liHr. Charles 
Heath. 4to. London, 1839. 8.E. 

BLETJLER (L.).— Malerische Reise von 

Freiburg im Breisgau durch das Hollenthal und 
Donaueschingen nach Schaffhausen. With 10 
plates in aquatint. Obi. fol. n. p. n. d. 

BLIND (Kael).— A Miracle Play in the 
Nineteenm Century. From the " Dark Blue Maga- 
zine," July, 1871. 8vo. SS. 

BLIGHT (John T.).— The Cromlechs of 
Cornwall : with some account of other pre-historic 
sepulchral monuments, and articles found in con- 
nection with them in the same county. With 
numerous illustrations. Med. 8yo. London, 1869. 

BLOOH (E.).~HollandBke Konstoerg. 

Bvo. Stockhohn, 1869. 

BLOCH (MabcBlibzbe). — Ichthyologie ; on 
Histoire Naturelle, Gin^rsle et Ptoticuli^M des 
Poissons; a^eo les figures anlumin^eB -dessinte 
d apr^s nature. 6 vols. 432 coloured ^ates. FoL 
Berlin, 1786-97. 

BLOCK (Maec Elibzbs).— L'Histoire Na- 
turelle des Poissons, avec les figures dessin^ 
d'apr^ nature. 10 rols. 12mo. Bans, an IX. 

BLOCQUEL (Simon). — ^Le jenne voyageup 

dans les dnq parties du nionde. OuTrtige oontenant 
le portrait, le caiactto, la religion, les m<Burs, etc. 
des di£f^&rents peoples de rumrers. i . . Edition 
om^ de 72 plancnes reprteentant les prineipaux 
peuplee ditos lemn eostnmes. 4 vols. 12bio. Paris. 
1829. • 

BLOCQUEL (Simon).— Topographie et hig- 

torique du royaume et de la Tille aAlger. 6 plates 
and 2 maps. 18mo. Lille, Paris, 1833. 

BLOEMER (FrdsdAich). — Znr Literatnp 
des Kolner Boms. Large Sto, Berlin, 1867. 

BLOEMAERT (Abraham).— Natus Dei so- 

lius ad servitium, Cunctis homo, per hunc, cxwtis 
Imperat» Volentibus Pronisq} ; ut huio pueUolo 
Blande Leo Jovisqi Ales submittitur. 14 plates 
of animals, A. Bloemaert inven. B. A. Bolsuerd 
sculp. G. J. Yisscher excudebat. 4to. (Amster- 
dam), 1682. ' BJ[. 

BLOIS. — ^Notice sur rfigliae Saint-Lamnery 
autrement Saint-Nicolas Ae Blois, ... par un 
Membre de la Soci^t^ Franfaise pour la conservation 
et la description des Monuments historiques de 
France. 4to. Paris, 1840. S.K. 

BLOIS. — Gnide hiBtoriiane du voyageur & 
Blois et aux Enyirons. Wiui Plates. 12mo. Blois, 

BLOM (0.)~Veiledning i ArtiUeriets his- 
toriske Vaabensamling paa Ejobenhayns. 8?o. 
]^5benhaTn, 1860. 

BLOMBERG (Hugo, Prbihbbe von).— Gal- 

lerie der Kunstgeschichte, Werke der Malerei aus 
dem dreizehnten bis adibsehnten Jahrhundeit. 
[Photographed.] Text von H. Freiherm v. B. 
10 parts. 4to. Berlin, [1866.] B.M. 

BLOltfBERG (Hugo Pbbiheee von).— Car- 

reggio-Album. Text von H. v. Blomberg. 10 photo- 
graphs and 38 pp. text. Large 4to. Berlin, 1861. 

BLOMBERG (Hugo, Prbihbbb von). — 

Studien zur Kunstgeschichte und Aesthetik. L Der 
Teufel und seine Gesellen in der bildenden Kunst. 
8vo. Berlin, 1867. S.K. 

BLOME (RiCHABD).— Britannia ; or, a Geo- 
graphical Description of England, Scotland, and 
Ireland, and Uie Isles and Territories Uiereto be- 
longing. With arms, maps, and a plan of London 
before the Fire. By W. Hollar. Fol. London, 1673. 






Books on Art (Supplement). 


BLOME (Richard).— The Gentleman's Re- 

creation. In Two Parts. The First being an En- 
CTdopedj of the Aits and Sciences. . . . The Seoond 
Pftrt treats of Horamaoship, Hawking, Hunting, 
Fowling, Fishing, and Agriculture . . . The whole 
illustrated with about 100 Ornamental and Useful 
Sculptures, engraxen in Copper, etc. Folio. Lon- 
don, 1686. S.K. 
Another edition. Folio. London, 1710. 

BLOTTOBL (J. B.)— Plan, Ooupe, Elevation 

et Details du Kouteau KlaichS St-Germain. With 
11 plates. K07. fol. Paris, 1816. 

2nd edition: — Nouveau Marchi Saint-Ghermain 
ou plant coupe, Oration, details et Tue perspectiye 
du nouTeau Mareh^ Saint-Germain, eonstruit sur 
les dessins de J.-B. B., Architecte, sous la conduits 
de A. L. Lttsson. Folio. Biris, 1843. B.K. 

BLOOME (Hans).— A DeacriptioiL of Five 

Orders of Columnes and Tearms of Architecture; 
«eegcdtQ^ tp the ancient Use and best Rules of the 
Bost eminent Italian Architects, via. the Tuscan, 
Doiidt, lonick, Corinthian and Composite. Drawn 
and dsBcribed (with great care and diligence) after 
the zig^t symmetry and measure of Free Hasons. 
Small fol. London, 1674. S.K. 

BLOOMFIELD (Robert) .—The Farmer's 

Boy; a rural poem. The 14th edition. Wood- 

enU by Bewick. 12mo. London, 1820. S.K. 

12th edition. 12mo. 1811. S.K. 

BLOUET (GuiLLAUMB Abel).— Chutes dn 

Niagara^ dessin^ d'apris nature en mars 1837, et 
lithqgzaphi^ par B^ond. With 6 plates. Fol. 
Paris, 183& 

BLOUET (Guilulums Absl) and others. — 

ICnist^ de.rint^eur. Prqjets de prisons d^ 
partementales (militaires). 25 pUtes. FoL Paris, 

BLUEMNEB (Hugo) . — Arohaeologische 

Stodien za Ludan. Large 8fO. Breslan, 1867. 

BLUEMNBR (Hugo).— Die GewerbKche 

Thatigkeit der Volker des klassischen Alterthums. 
Lnp. 8to. Leipzig, 1869. S.K. 

BLTJEMNER (Hugo).— De Vnlcani in Ve- 

teribus Aitium Monumentis Figura. 870. Breslau, 

BLTJEMNER (Hugo).— Beitrage sror Ge- 

■ehiehta der griecuiischen MalereL £rom ** Bhein- 
itches Museum far Fhilologie," New series. Vol. 
xxir. Parts. 1871. 8vo. S.K. 


(HxnrucH). — Lehrbuoh des Pianofortebaues in 
•siner Chsehiehte, Theorie, und Teehnik, oder Bau 
und Zosammenfugung der Flugel, Pisninos und 
tafelformigen Pianofortes, etc. Fiir angehende 
FWnofortebauer und Musiker bearbeitet Ton J. B. 
und H. G. Text, 8to. Atks of 17 pUtes, 4to. 
Weimar, 1872. S.K. 

BLUM (P.). — Trior und seine UmKebnagen. 
F&r Fremde und Einhnmische geschifiert. With 
10 plates. Roy. 8to. Trier, 1864. 

BLUMAUER (Kabl).— Kleines Lehrbuch 
derSinnbildung, fixr Eiinstler, Euns^iinger, Kunst- 
fteunde, besonders f&r neuere Beal-, poUtechnische 
und Oewerbschulen. 16mo. Wien, 1841. 

BLUMBBRGER (Pribdebich).— tJber den 

Gehalt des osterreichischen Pfennigs im ziy. Jahr- 
hundert, als Beitrag Zur Geschichte des oster- 
reichischen Muncwesens. 16 pp. Large 8to. Wien, 

BLUME (Carl Ludwig). — Flora Javae. 

3 Tols. 288 lithographs, plain and coloured. 
Large fol. Bruxelles, 1828-36. 

BLUME (Cabl LuDwia).^ — Collection des 
Orchid^ les plus remarquables de rArchipel Li- 
dien et du Japon. 71 plates. Fol. Amsterdam, 

BLUMENHAGEN (Phimpp Wilhelm Ghobo 

Auoust). — Wanderun^ durch den Harz Mit 30 

Stahlstichen. 3rd edition. 8to. Leipzig (1850). 


BLUNT (Charles). — An Essay on Mecha- 
nical Drawing, comprising an elementary course of 
psaetice in the perspecdye delineation of machinery. 
63 plates. 4to. London, 1811. 

BLUNT (J. J.).— Vestiges of Ancient Man- 
ners and Customs discoverable in modem Italy and 
Sicily. 8to. London, 1823. 

BLYTH (E.).— Catalogue of the Birda in 
the Museum of the Asiatic Sodety, Calcutta. Sto. 
Calcutta, 1849. 

BOAISTUAU (PiBBEE).— Hifltoires Ptodi- 
gievses les ^Irs memorables qvi ayent este ob- 
seryees dejpvis la Natiuiti de Jesus Christ, iusques 
k nostze siede : Ertraictes de plusieurs £une4ux 
autheurs, Grecs et Latins, sacrei et profemes : mises 

en noetre langue par P. B., sumomi Launay, 

auec les pourtraicts et figures. Woodcuts. Small 
4to. Pans, 1560. S.K. 

BOBBIK (E.).— Preie Vortrage uber Aes- 
thetik. 8to. Zurich, 1834. 

BGCCACCJO (Giovanni). — Ein sohone 

Cronica, oder Hystori buch von den fumamlichsten 
Weybem, so yon Adams 2ieyten an gewesst, was 
giittes oder boses ye durch sy geilbt, auch was 
nachmaln guttes oder boses duttuss endtstanden. 
Erstlich durch Joannem Boccatium in Latein be- 
schriben, nachmaln durch Doctorem Henricum 
Steinhowel in das Teutsch ^ebracht, &c. Hit 
sehonen figuren duichaus geoert. Woodcuts by 
Schaeufflein. Small fol. Augspurg, 1541. 8.K. 

BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) .-^Decamerone di 

Messer GioTanni Boccaccio. Illustrations by 
Thomas Stothard, BjL. 3 toIs. Post 8to. Lon- 
don, 1825. S.K. 

BOCCACCIO (Giovanni).— The Decame- 
ron, or Ten Days' Entertainment of Boccaccio. A 
rerised translation by W. K. Kelly. Portrait. 
Post 8to. London, 1869. S.K. 

o2 8a 



Universal Catalogue of 


BOCCm (Francesco Gieolamo). — ^Diaser- 

tazione sopra on antico vaso battesimale di Adria. 
With illustrations. Small 4to. Adria, 1798. 

BOCCHI (Francesco Girolamo). — Disserta- 

zione sopra una recchia Pala ad uso di altare 
ch'esisteya nella Cattedrale di Adria. 4to. Adria, 
1807. Nat (HI. 

BOCHART (EuofeNE).— Bruxelles ancien 
et nouveau. Dictionnait« historique des rues, places, 
Edifices, promenades, etc, priori d*un Ri6sum^ 
historique de la yille et de ses faubourgs. 8vo. 
Brussels, 1853. 

BOCHETEL (Guillaume).— Le Sacre et 

ooronem^t de ma Dame Leonora Daustriche, royne 
de France, le 5* jour de mars, MDXXX. With en- 
gravings. 4to. Paris^lddO. 
Reprinted. 4to. Bruxelles, 1863. 

BOCK (0. P.) — Les demieres solennites 
des jeux capitolms. Svo. Bruxelles, 1849. 

BOCK (C. P.)— L'Amphitli^tre de Con. 
stantinople. Plate. 59 pp. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1849. 

BOCK (Dr. Franz). — ^Der St. Lambertus- 
Teppich, ein Geschenk der Furstlich HohensoUem*- 
.Bchen Familie an die gleichnamige Pfarrkirche zu 
Diisseldorf. In compositorischer und technischer 
Beziehunff besprochen von Mgr. Dr. F. B., Canoni- 
cus. " Wiu a large folding plate. 8to. Eoln und 
Neuss, n.d. S.K. 

BOCK (Franz). — Commentar zn der mittel- 

alterlichen Kunst-Ausstellung zu Crefeld, worin 
niedergelegt ist die Geschichte der Paramentik und 
der kirchlichen Gefasse yom 10-16 Jahrhundert, 
chionologisch geordnet Ton Fr. B. 2nd edition. 
80 pp. 16mo. Crefeld, 1852. 

BOCK (Franz). — Die Goldschmiedekanst 
des Mittelalters auf der Hohe ihrer asthetischen 
und technischnen Ausbildung, plastisch nachge- 
wiesen in einer Sammlung von Original-Abgiissen 
der hervorragendsten kirchlichen Gefasse und 
Geriithschaften Tom X.-XVL Jahrhundert, mit 
beschreibendem Texte und einem Vorworte von 
Fr. B. 28 pp. 8vo. Koln, 1855. 

BOCK (Franz) and Jacob (G.) — ^Die mittel- 

alterliche Kunst in ihrer ijiwendung zu litur- 
gischen Zwecken. 48 pp. 8vo. Begensburg, 1857. 

BOCK (Franz). — Das Karolingische Miin- 
ster zu Aachen und die St. Godehards-Elirche zn 
Hildesheim in ihrer beabsichtigten inneren Wieder- 
herstellung. Svo. Bonn, 1859. 

BOCK (Franz). — ^Die Schriilen A..Beichen- 
8perger*s und ihre Bedeutung fiir die Wiederbele- 
bung der christlich-germaniMhen Kunst 16 pp. 
8yo. Wien, 1860. 

BOCK (Franz). — ^Notice sup romementa- 
tion artisti^ue du Missel, depuis le moyen Age 
jusqu'A nos jours. Svo. Paris, 1861. 

BOCK (FRANZ).— Katalog der ehemali- 
gfn Bock'schen Sammlungen ron mittelalterlichen 
WebereioD twdStickereien, jeUt yorfindlich im Mu- 

seum ffir Kunst and Induitrie zu Wien. 8to 
Wien, 1863. 

BOCK (Franz). — Der MiiiiBterchor zu 

Aachen und seine Ausschmiickung an den Festen 
des 15 Mai, 1865. 10 pp. 8to. Aachen, 1865. 

BOCK (Franz). — Die IdrchKclie Stick- 
kunst ehemals und heute, etc. Plates. 8yo. Wien, 

BOCK (Franz).— Das liebfrauenmunster 

zu Aachen in seiner ehemaligen baulichen £nt8tel- 
lung und in seiner theilweisen Wiederherstellung. 
22 pp. 8to. Aachen, 1866. 

BOCK (Franz). — Das monumentale Ehein- 

land. Autographische Abbildungen der hervor- 

* «ragendsten &udenkmale des Mittelalters am Rhein 

und seinen Nebenflussen in kurz gefasster Beschrel- 

bunff herausgegeben Ton Dr. F. B. Imp. 4to. 

Aachen, 1866, etc. S.K. 

BOCK (Franz). — ^DasHeiliffthum zu Aacben. 
Eurzgefasste Beschreibung una Abbildung sammt- 
licher '* grossen und Ueinen Reliquien *' des 
ehemaliffen Kronungs-Munsters, sowie der Torzuff- 
lichsten Kunstschatze daselbst, etc. With 58 wood- 
cuts. 8to. Koln & Neuss (printed), 1867. B.M. 

BOCK (Franz).— Karl's des Grossen Heilig. 

thumer zu Aachen. Kurze Beschreibung derselben, 
etc. With 30 woodcuts. Svo. Koln und Neuss 
(printed), 1867. B.M. 

BOCK (Franz). — Die Beliquienscbatze der 

ehemaligen ge&rsteten Beichsabteien Bnrtacheid 
und Comelinmunster, nebst den Heiligthumem 
der friiheren Stiftskirche St. Adalbert und der 
Theresianer Kirche zu Aachen. 7 woodcuts and 
8 plates of autographs. 48 pp. 4to. Coin & Neuss, 

BOCK (Franz). — Rheinlands Baudenkmale 
des Mittelalters. Ein Fiihrer zu den merkwiirdig- 
sten mittelalterlichen Bauwerken am Rheine und 
seinen Nebenfliissen. Woodcuts. 8to. Koln, 1869. 

S K 

BOCK (Franz). — Die Paramentik des 
Altares des Chores im Mittelalt^r. Geschichtlicher 
Entwicklungsgaug der stofilichen Ornate zur Aus- 
stattunff des Altares und des Chores, sowie zur 
Anwendung bei rerschiedenen kirchlichen Feier- 
lichkeiten. Im Anschlusse an die " Oeschichte 
der lituigischen Gewander des Mittelalters." 2nd 
edition. 27 lithographs. 8to. Coin und Neuss, 

BOCK (Franz). — Der Kunst- und Reli- 

quienschatz des Kolner Domes, mit Tielen Holz- 
schnitten erlautert und mit beschreibendem Text 
versehen ron Canonicus Dr. F. B. With wood- 
cuts. Boyal Syo. Koln und Neuss, 1870. S.K 

BOCK (Dr.Franz) & WILLEMSEN (M.).— 

Die mittelalterlichen Kunst- und Reliquienschatze zu 
Maestricht, aufbewahrt in den ehemaligen Stifts- 
kirchen des h. Senratius und Unsorer Lieben 
Frau daselbst, archaolpgisch und historisch be- 
schrieben und durch 66 Holzschnitte erlautert von 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


Hgr. Br. F. Boek iind Vicar H. Willemaen. Boyal 
Sto. Coin nnd Neius, 1872. S.E. 

BOCK (L.)— Munchen. Em Fubrer von 

L. B. 60 iUnstratioiifi. 8to. Leipdg, 1860. 

BOCKEKEN (R. Koopmans van).— De won- 

derbare Historie Tan den dapperen Kapitein Jan 

Kanon Versierd met geklenzde platen naar G. 

Bor^ 4to. Leiden (1870). BJd. 

BOCKLEB (Obobo Andbeas). — Compen- 
dium Aichitectnne Ciyilis. Enter Theyl. Dae iat 
kurtie Tnnd grondtliche Yer&ssaDg oder Bericht 
Ton der Bawknnat . . . Allen verstandigen lieb- 
habem dieeer hochnutzlichen Kunit, nnd den an- 
gehenden derselben znm beeten, zn aonderbahren 
Gefallen colligirt, and mit darza gehorigen Fign- 
ren an den Tag gegeben, dnrch G. A. Bockler. With 

59 plates. SnukU 4to. Franckfort am Mayn, 1648. 


BOCKLEK (Geobo Andbeas). — Nenes nnd 

zuTor nie also einfferichtetea yollkommenea Seulen- 
^di, worinnen die 5 Senlen sn der edien Ban 
Knnat - erklaret, und mit dann - gehorigen 40 
Knpffisr-Fignren zom erstenmal vorgestellet. Plates. 

60 pp. Fol. Franckfurt-am-Mayn, 1684. S.K. 

BODABD (— de).— Notice sup I'^glise de 

St. CUment de Craon. 8to. Angers, 1860. 


— Chroniqnee Craonnaises Ouvrage accompa^i 

de Tingt lithographies on eaux fortes par lOI. 
Charpentier, J. Abraham & £. Morice. 8vo. 
Layaf, 1869. B.M. 

BODE (W.).— Frans Hals nnd seine Schnle. 
Fin Beitrag zn einer kritischen Behandlung der 
Hollandischen Malerei. With 2 etched portraits. 
Imp. Sra Leipzig, 1871. S.K. 

BODE (W.). — Znsatze nnd Berichtignngen 
zn Burckhardt's •* Cicerone." Von Br. W. Bode. 
From Zahn's " Jahrbocher fiir Kunstwissenschaft." 
Boyal 8to. Leipog, 1872. S.K. 

BODE (Wilhelm). — Gmndriss der land- 
lichen Banknnst. 1 plate. 8yo. Breslan, 1804. 

BODEL-NYENHUIS (Jan Tibebius).— 

liste alphab^qne d'nne Collection de Portraits 
d'Imprimenrs, de libndres, etc., de tons lee temps 
et de tons les peuples. 4to. Leide, 1868. B.M. 

BODENEHR (Gabbibl).— Force d'Enrope, 

oder die merkwurdigst nnd fdmehmste Staette, 
Featnngen, Seehaefen, Paesse, Camps de Bataille in 
Eimma. 2 vols. With 300 plates. Oblong fol. 
Augstmrg (abont 1730). 

BODLEIAN LIBRARY.— A Catalogne of 

Books pnichased for the Bodleian Library [from 
1781-1826], with an account of monies collected 
far that purpose. Imp. 8vo. n.p. 1781-1826. 


BODMER (P. C. von).— Betrachtnnffen nnd 

iSsfalle nber die Banart der PlriTatgebaude in 

Bentadiland. 60 plates and 1 vignette. Large fol. 

Augsbnxv, n.d. 

2iid e&loa. Angsburg, 1824. 


BODONI (Giambattista). — Mannale Tipo- 
grafioo del Cayaliere G. B. 2 toIs. With portrait. 
Small foL Panna, 1818. ' S.K. 

BOECK (P. M. von).— Die sieben freien 
Kunsteim 1 L Jahrhundert. Ein' Beitrag zu den 
Stndien des Mittelalters. Svo. Bonauworth, 1847. 

BOECKH (August).— Die Staatshanshal- 
tung der Athener. 2 vols. 21 plates. 8vo. Berlin 

2nd edition. 4 vols. Svo. and atlas fol. Berlin, 

BOECKH (August). — Erklarung einer 

agyptischen Urkunde anf Papyrus in Griechischer 
Cursivschrift Plate. 21 pp. 4to. Berlin, 1821. 

BOECKH (August). — De monnmentis Cy- 

renarum. 4to. Berolini, 1832. 

BOECKH (August). — De vasomm pana- 

thenorum generibuB. 4to. Berolini, 1832. 

BOECKH (August).— Metrologische Unter- 
suehungen uber Ghewichte, Miinzfiisse und Maase 
des Alterthums. 8yo. Berlin, 1838. 

BOECKLER, LOTHES and others.— Ent- 

wiirfe ausgefuhrter Stadtischer Gebaude in Grund- 
rissen, Fa9aden, Burchschnitten und Betails. Her- 
ausgegeben von Boeckler & ILothes, G. Gregor, J. 
Promnitz (und) Werner. With 20 plates. Imp. 
4to. Halle, 1871. S.K. 

BOEHEIM TF. C.).— Die Borg zu Wiener- 
Neustadt una ihre Benkwiirdigkeiten. With 2 
illustrations. Large 8yo. Wien, 1834. 

BOEHM (L.).— Geschichte des Temeser 
Banats. 2 toIs. With 13 lithographs. 8to. Leip- 
zig, 1861. 

BOEHTLINGK (0.).— KnrzeBeschreibnng 
einer im Perm'schen Gouvemement ausgegrabenen 
silbemen Schale mit Inschrift in unbekannten 
Charakteren. 1 lithograph. 6 pp. 8to. n.p., n.d. 

BOEK.-rHet Boek der intvindingen, am- 
bachten en fabrieken. Be nieuwste ontdekkingen 
en Yorderingen op het gebied yan het praktische 
leyen en in fabrieken, met eene voorrede van Br. 
J. Bosscha. 3rd edition. Woodcuts. 8yo. Lei- 
den, 1868-9. 

BOEMCHES (FBiEDBiCH).--Die Arbeiter- 

Hauser auf der rariser Weltausstellung ron 1867. 
Gewidmet dem Oesterreichisch^n Arbeiter von F. B. 
Lithographs. Small 4to. Wien, 1868. S.K. 

BOENER (JoHANN Albxandeb). — Des heil. 

Edm. Reichs Stad Niimberg Zierdte heraus- 

gegeben von J. A. B. 280 plates. Fol. Niim- 
berg. n.d. 

Other editions. Fol. Numberg, 1702, 1708, 

BOENER ( JoHANN Albxandeb) . — NUm- 

bergische ^eider Trachten Burch J. A. B. 

W(Mdcut8. 4to. n.p., n.d. 

Other editions. Oblong 4\x). n.^. \^%^A^'^^'k 


IJnivetac^: Catahgue of 


BO£It (Hugo).— ModeU^ and l^fioBterbtuih 

iar Jnveliere, Qoldarbeitor imd Bgoatarie&briken, 
enthaltend Muster Ton Braoelets, Broches, Dia- 
derneii, Nadeln, Rin^en tl s. w. nach dem modernstm 
GeschmAck. Geseidmet und mit erlauterndexn 
Texte herausgegeben. With 64 plates. S<juaze 
'8yo. Noidhansen, 1847-51. 

BOERKAMP (J. A. W.).— De arce Athen- 
arum et de lis quae arcem prozime adjacent. 8to. 
Gra venhagg , 1841. 

BOExmuS (Anicius ToequatusJi — De 

Philosophico Consolatn sive de Consolatiie Philb- 
Bophia. 77 woodcuts by Seb. Brandt. 4to. Ar- 
)g;entine, 1501. SoaneMus. 

BOETHroS DE BOOT (Ahselmus). — 

"Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia. Quam olim 
edidit A. B. de B. Nunc rero recensuit, k mendis 

. lepuzj^Tit, oommentaciis, etphirilmfl, melioribusaud. 
Figunq iUustraTit, et miuto locupletioire indice 
auxit, Adrianus Toll. 12mo. Lugduni-Batayorum, 

BOETTGER (Adolf).— Pilgerfahrt der Blu- 
mengeister. 36 coloui^ plates, after Ghrandville. 
' 8rd edition. Leipzig, 1857. 

BOETTIOHBR (Carl).— Der BaumkultuB 

.derHellenen nach den gottesdienstlichen Gebrauchen 
und den iiberlieferten Bildwerken dai^gestellt. With 
22 lithographs. Syo. Berlin, 1856. S.E. 

BOETTICHER (Gael).— Das Grab des 

' Dionysos. An der Marmorbasis zu Dresden. 
Acht^ehntes Progranun zum Winckelmannsfest der 
archaologifll;h«n<6^sell8chaeft cu Berlin, von G. B. 

^ Wiih one lithograph. 4to. Berlin, 1858. S.K. 

BOETTIGBR (Cabl August).— Ueber die 

Aechtheit und das Vaterlau'd der antiken Onyzr 

' kmneen yon ausserord^itUeher Grosse. Einear- 

chaologische Abhandlung yon C. A. Bottiger. 8yo. 

Leipeig, 1796. 8.K. 

BOETTIGER (Cabl August).— Arohaolo- 

gisches Museum zur Erlauterung der Abbildungen 
' aus 'dem classischen Alterthume. Th. 1. 8yo. 
Weimar, 1801. B.M. 

Without the plates. No more published. 

BOETTIGER (F. W.).— Meissen und seine 
Umsebungen, die merkwiirdigsten offentlicben Ge- 
b&uden, etc. Sm. 8yo. Meissen, n.d. 

BOETZEL (E.).— Le Salon. 50 tableaux 
et sculptures dessinte par lea artistes esposants, 
gray^ par M. B. 4to. Paris, 1865. 

BOETZEL (E.).— Album Boetssel. Le Salon 

de 1869, ^^[position des Beaoz-Arta. Woodcuts. 

Obi. foL Paris (1869). SJSL 

Le Salon, 1870. I>euzi&me ann^. Woodcuts. 

Obi. #>L Paris (1870). S.K. 

BOGLER (C.).— Die Gruppe von San Dde- 
. l(«io.~ 2 .plates. 4to. Wiesbaden, 1855. 

BOHER. — Le9ons de T^cole de dessin et 

d'architecture de Peipisnan^ ouyrages sur le Beau 

Id^ et sur le Beau £kl3ime dans TArt duPeintre et 

daStatuaiie. 2yols. 8yo. Karbonne, 1819-1822. 

BOHL <T. T.).— Die Trieriscben Munaen, 
chronologisch geordnet nnd beschridben. 8yo. 
Goblenx, 1^8. 

BOIARDO (Matteo Mabu, Conte).— 

Orlando Innamorato del & M. M. Boiardo, c5onte 
di Seandiano, insiemeooitre libri di M. Nicol6 de 
gli AgoBtini. Nouamente stampato, e rieomtto, 
oon nuoui Areomenti, Allegorie, & Fiflore ad ogni 
Canto, etc With woodcuts. 4t0. Venetia, il584.< 

BOID (Edwabd).— A Description of the 
Azoree, or Westeni Islands,£rom penN>iial dbsiMlL- 
tion. 4 plates and map. 8yo. London, 1885. 

BOID (Edwabd]). — A concise history iiiid 
analysis of the principal styles of Architecture, to 
which is added a sKetch of the Azchitocture of 
England down to the present time. 2nd edition. 
13 plates and a glossary. 12mo.. LondoB,. 1%ZI^ - 

; ' S.K. 

BOID (Edwakd). — The History of Ae 

• Spanish School ef Paititing, to whieh is appended 

an Historical Sketch of the rise and progress of the 

Art of. Miniature Illnmination. 12jno^ London, 


BOIDI (G.). — ^Manuale di disegnp geome- 
trico lineare conforme ai programmi cDy«inatiyi» 
ad uso degli alunni del secondo anno aelle scuole' 
tecniche; edisione ihleramente rifatta ed accre- 
sciuta. 36 plates. 4to. Torino, 1870. 

BOILEAU (Louis Augustb). — D6hat sur 
^application du m^tal (fer et fonte) k la coDftn]c<^ 
tion des ^lises. Lettre adress6e 4 M. Adolphe 
Lance. 4ta Paris, 1855.- -7 

BOILEAU . DESPRjBAUX (Nicolas). — 

Oeuyres illu8tx<6es par MM. T. Johannot, J. J. 

G-randyille, et D^yeria; ayec une notice par M. 
Daunou. 8yo. Paris, 1840. B.M. 

BOILLOT (Joseph),— Artifices de feu, et 
diyers instnunens de guarTe, etc Text in French 
and German. Plates by J. Boillot. Pol. Straasbuxg, 
1603. SX 

BOILLOT (Joseph).— Neu Thermis Buoh, 

yon allerley grossen yierfiissigen Thieren zuge- 

richtet Allen Kiinstlem, Werkmeistein, Maalam 

etc. ans Licht gebracht Plates and woodoats. FoL 
n.p. 1604. 

BOILLT (Jules). — IconoKraphie de Tln- 
stitut royal de France, ou Collection des portraits 
des membres composant les quatre Acad^xnies 
depuis 1814 jusqu'en 1825. Dessin^ d'ap«&s na- 
ture et lithographies par J. B. Small fol. n.p., n.d. 

BOISGUILLOT (Axbjis).— Notice idstc 
rique sur lee annoiries de la yille de Qaen, ridig^e 

. d'apris les documents municipaux. 2 plates. 20 
pp. 8yo. Caen, 1861. 

BOIS-ROBBRT (J. D. de).- Nil et Da- 
nube ; souyenirs d'lm touriste. £gl>tef Toiquie, 
Crim^, Proyinees danubiennes. With 12 litho- 
graphs and woodeats. Large 8to. Paris, n.d. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


BOISSABD (jAirus Jacobus). — Bomanse 

Urfais Topogia^iifie et AntiqaitattuD, quA luoeiiiotA 
et bKTiter daseribimtitr omnia qusB tam public^ 
qiiam pmatim yidentnr . aaimadvenioiie digna. 
Tabula chocDgraphica todu9 Italise Figure aliquot 
eleg«nter in sere inoiaae : Artifice Theodoro de Brj, 
etc 2 vols. Small folio. Francfoidii, 1597-98. 


BOISSEAU (Hbhri).— Gours ^l^mentaire 
et progressiye de Paysage. 60 Uthographa. Obi. 
foL Paria, 18i5. 

BOISSELIEB (A. F.).— Description pitto- 
x««qiie et azeb^ologiqae de TAbbaye dee Yauz-de- 
Cemaj, prte BiunbouiUet ; Ine k la Soci^t^ dee 
Sciences morales et des Arts, de Seine-et-Oise, eli 
Mars 1839. 8to. Versailles, 1840. S.K. 

BOISSELIEB (A. ¥.).—De T^tat actual des 
Beanx-Arts, diaooors. 8to. Versailles, 1843. 

BOISSEVm.— Portraits des rois de France, 
aTec un sommaiTe disconrs oontenant les principales 

actions de lenr rteie depnis Pharamond jus- 

qn'an roi Louis XIV. 4to. Paris (1660). 
Ano&er edition. 4to. Paris (1687). 

BOISSIEB. — ^Disconrs but les progrfes de 

* Taidi^dogie et enr la direction pnncipale qu'il 
eonvient de donner & eette ^tnde. 8to. G^iye, 

• 1840. 

BOISSHflJ (Alph. de).— Inscriptions an- 
tiqTes de Lyon, reprodvites d'aprto les monvments, 
on reereilHes dans les aTterrs. 4to. Lyon, 1846- 

BOISSIEU (AiPH. de).— Ainay, son autel, 
son amphithMtre, ses maityrs. With plates. 8to. 
Lyon, 1864. 

BOISSIN (FiEMm).— Salon de 1868. Etudes 

artistiques. 8yo. Paris, 1868. 

BOISSY-D'ANGLAS (FRANgois - Aktoine 

db).^ — Qoelqnes id^ sur les arts, snr la n^cessit^ 
de les encourager, sur les institntions qui peuvent 
en assurer peffectionnement, et sur aivers^tab- 
lissements n^ssaires A renseienement public. 
Adrees^ k la Conyention Nationale. 8vo. Paris, 

BOISST- D'ANGLAS (Fran<;ois - Antoine 

i>b). — ^Essai snr lee ffttes nationales, suiri de 
qnelqnes id^ snr les arts et snr la n^ssit^ de les 
eneoorager. 8to. Paris, An 2 (1793). 

BOISTARD (L. C.).— Recneil d*exp6riences 

et d*obsezTations iaites snr difiSrents trayaiix ez^- 
cnt^ pour la construction dn Pont de Kemours. 
2fi plates. 4to. Paris, 1822. Soane Mus. 

BOISTHIBAULT (Doublet de).— %M8^ 

da CSuu-trear pur Monsieur 3*rn^n>^bre^M 
SocaMt des Antiqnaires de France et de Komandie, 
etc 16 pp. 8to. An Mans, 1837f i 

BOITABD (P.).— L'Art de composer ,et 
4^oorer les Jardins, par M. Boitard. Ouvrage ac- 
conpagD^ d'nn grand nombre de planches. 2nd 
edition. 182 plates. ObL 8to. Paris, n.d. &.K. 


3rd edition. Traits de la composition et de Torne^ 
ment des jardins, avec 96 planches repr^entant des 

Slans des jardins, des ^briques propres k leur 
6coration, et des machines pour elerer les eaux* 
Ouyrage faisant suite k I'Almanach dn Bon Jar-' 
dinier. Troisiime Mition, enti^rement refondue, 
par M. Boitard. Oblong 4to. Paris, 1825. S.K. 

BOITABD (P.).— Le Jardin des Plantes. 
Description et moeurs des mammif&res de la mena- 
gerie et du museum dliistoire naturelle. Pr^4d6 
aune introduction par J« Janin. With nnmerona 
plates and wood-engravings. 4to. Paris, 1842. 

of Playing Cards and Card conjuring. Les Cartes 
A Jouer et la Cartomancie, par P. B. a A. 40 wood- 
cuts. 12mo. London, 1859. 
Earlier edition in fVench. 16mo. Paris, 1854. 


BOITEAU (Paul).— Exposition nniv^^eUe 
de 1867, k Paris. Produits de Timprimerie et de 
la librairie (groupe XL classe 6). 8to. Paris, 1 868. 

BOITEL (— ABB^).— Le Ch&tean de Mont- 
Aiguillon. Notice de M. Tabb^ Boitel, illustr^ do 
photographies par £. Der^me. 16 pp. 8yo. Pro- 
yins, 1868. 

BOITEL (Alexandbe - Cl^mbkt). — Be- 

cherches historiques, arch^lpgiques et statistiqnes 
sur Estemay; son chAteau, et lee communes du 
canton. 12mo. ChAlons, 1850. 

BOITEL (L^on),— Album du Lyonnais. 
Villee, bouigs, yiUages, ^lises et chAteaux da 
dipartement dn Rhdne^ubli^ sous la direction de 
Xi. B., et iUustrds par h!. Leymarie. 37 plates. 2 
yols. 4to. Lyon, 1843. 

BOITO (CAMiLLO).-.PpanoeBco Talenti Bi-. 
cerche Storiche nel Duomo di Firenae dal 1294 al 
1367. Lettere di Gamillo Boito a Cesare Guaati,^ 
4to. Milano, 1866. 

BOITO (Camillo). — Snir insegnamento 
primario del disegno. Un Bapporto ed una Jj^tieof^ 
31 pp. 12mo. Turin, 1870. 

BOrVIN (E.).-— Proc6dA nouvean de col- 

lodion sec. ISmo. Paris, 1866. 

BOrX r Vicente). —Historia de la Cindad y 
Beino de Valencia. 3 yol. Boy, 8yo. Valencia, 
1645-47. S:K. 

POLDElSll.' — La Hongrie ancienne, etcl 

With 25 portraits, 32 engrayings, and about 50 
yignettes, after the designs of Janet-Lange, Beauc^ 
Breton, Freeman, etc. 2 yols. Large 8yo. Paris, 

BOLDONIUS (Octatius).— Theatnun tem- 

poian^um setemitati Csesaris Montii S.B.E. Caidi'- 
nalis et Archiep. Mediolanen. Sacrum Octlirio 
Boldonio Clerico Begulari S. Pauli Auctore. Me<iio- 
lani, in Templo S. Alexaadri Qxd\&\.\mi'^^TA^ N^- 
gosto.anno 1635. BmailioL '!il^oAK!^\^'^^« ^^ 



Universal Catalogue of 



BOLDTJ (G.). — Delia statua di Marco 
Agrippa nel cortile Grimani ft Santa Maria Formosa. 
1 plate. Folio. Venezia, 1829. 

BOLL (Ernst). — Gesohiclite Mecklenburgs 

mit besonderer BerackBichtigang der Chilturge- 
schichte, von E. B. 2 ToUt. 8to. Neubranden- 
bnig, 1855. 

BOLLA (Jh. Bapt.). — Griechisclie Alter- 

thiimer. 8vo. Wien nnd Leipzig, 1773. 

BOLLA (Jh. Bapt,). — Beschreibung der 
antiquarischen Statuen za Bom. 8vo. Wien, 1782. 

BOL LEY (P. A.). — Manuel pratique 

d'eaaais et de recherches chimiqnes appliqn^s aux 
arta et 4 rinduatrie. Guide poor lessai et la 
determination de la yaleur des substances natureUes 
ou artiflcielles employ(&es dans les arts, I'industrie, 
etc., par P. A. B. Traduit de I'allemand sur la 
troisidme ^tion et augment^ par L. A. Gautier. 
98 figures in text. 18mo. Corbeil (printed). 
Paris, 1868. 

BOLLMANN. — ^Ueber das Kunstprincip in 
Leasings Laokoon. 4to. Berlin, 1852. 

BOLLMANN (Fb.).— Praktische Anleitung 

sur DarsteUung photographischer Kohlebilder. 
^ebst einer ausShrlichen Anweisung, dieselben auf 
lithographischen Stein und Zink fiir den Dmck zu 
nbertragen. Bin Hand- und Lehrbuch fiir alle 
Fhotographen, Lithographen, Kupferstecher, etc. 
Gediegene Besultate vieler praktischen Versuche. 
65 pp. 8to. Berlin, 1862. 
2nd edition. Berlin, 1868.' 

BOLLMANN (Fb.). — PhotoCTapbisch- 
chemikalisches Lezikon. Mit zahlreicnen Illustra- 
tionen. Woodcuts in text. Boyal 8to. Braun- 
schweig, 1863. 

BOLLMANN (Fb.).— Recept-Taschenbuch 

fur Photographen. 16mo. LeipEig, 1863. 

BOLOGNA. — Guida del forestiere al museo 
deUe antichit4 di Bologna. Plan. 8vo. Bologna, 

BOLOGNA.— Guida per la CitiA di Bologna 

e suoi sobborghi. Edisione nuovamente aumentata. 
With a plan. 12mo. Bologna, 1836. 8.E. 


Indicasione di <|uattro soelti Quadri che apparten- 
gono alia Collezione Aldroyandi in Bologna. 6 pp. 
8yo. Bologna, 1870. SJ^ 

BOLOGNESE (F. M.).— Sopra U cavaUo 
di bronzo della statua cu Marco Aurelio. 4to. 
Bologna, 1717. 

BOLTON (Edmund).— The Elements of 
Armories. (With woodcuts). 8to. London, 1610. 


BOLTON (Jambs). — Hiitoiy of the 

Fungnsses growing about Halifax. 4 toIs. 182 
plates. 4to. Hufiersfield, 1788^91. 

German translation, by Ch. L; Wildenow, and 
continued by Nees von Esenbeck. 4 toIs. 182 
plsts0, 8ro. Berlw, 179^1820. 

BOLTON (James).— Piliees BritanniceB: aa 
History of the British Proper Ferns, with descrip- 
tions. With 46 coloured plates. 4to. Leeds and 
Huddersfield, 1785-90. 

BOLTON (James). — EEarmonia Buralis ; or 
an Essay towards a Natural Histoiy of British 
Song Birds. Illustrated with figures the size of 
life. Drawn, engraved, and coloured after nature 
by the author. 2 yols. 80 plates. 4to. Stannary,, 
near HaUfiiz, 1794-96. 

BOLZENTHAL (EEEnraiCH).— Denkmiinaen 
Eur Geschichte Fnedrich Wilhelm UI. in Abbil- 
dungen mit Erlauterungetf. 2* ToUstandige Aus- 
gabe. 83 plates and text Imp. 4to. Berlin, 1841. 

B M P 1 S (Ferdinand). — M6dailles 

erecques autonomes frapp^ dans la Cyr^naique. 
Notice accompagn^ d'e^lications nouvelles sur 
difiSrents points de numismatique et d*antiauit^. 
3 pUtes. 8yo. Paris, 1869. B.M. 

BOMPOIS (Ferdinand).— Notice sur un 
D^p6t de Monnaies Carloyingiennes d^oouyert en 
Juin 1871 aux Enyirons du VeuiUin, Commune 
d'Apremont, B^partement du Cher. Par F. B. 
With 4 plates. Koyal 8vo. Paris, 1871. 8.BL 

BON (Giovanni Battista dal). — Awerti- 

menti agli amatori della pittura ed agli artisti. 
Sto. Venezia, 1834. B.M. 

BONA (Joannes). — Berum litumcanun 

libri duo, quibus quid oontineatur, ostendet Index 
post prefationem, auctore Joanne Bona S. 4to. 
Boma, 1671. 

Another edition. 4 vols. Fol. Augnstse Tauri- 
corum, 1747-66. 

BONA (T.).— Traits de Tissage, manuel 
oomplet de la fabrication et de la composition dea 
tissus et spicialement de la draperie nouveauti. 
New edition. With atlas and plates. 12mo. Paris, 

BONACOSSI (Ercole). — Discorsi acca- 
demici recitati in diversi tempi nell' Accademia de 
gli Intrepidi. 12mo. Ferrara, 1675. 

BONADA (F. M.). — Carmina ex antiquis 
lapidibus, dissertationibus ac notis illustrata. 2 
Tols. 4to. Boms, 1761-63. 

BONADTJS (Franciscus), — ^AnaceplialeoseB 

genesrm sapieterque dicta et MonodisB quinquaginta 
octo Ulustnum Francoru Begum 4 Pharamun<& ad 
Bhenum prim6 sedente usque ad Franciscum Ya- 
lesium. Francisco Bonado Angeriaconsi Aquit&no 
Bucomiaste (^nc), (58 small woodcut portraits.) 
16mo. Parisiis, apud Petru Gromorsum, 1613. 


BONAFEDB (Carolina). — Elisabetta 

Sixani, pittrice, intagliatrice, e musieiBta bologneee. 
Portrait by L. S&rtelli. 82 pp. Laige 8to. 
Bdogna, 1866. 

BONAFOUX rGASTON).— Monuments an- 
tiques de Nlmes, dessin^s et graT&s k reau*fb!rte pas 
G. Bonafouz. With 8 plates. ObL 8to. Nlmes, 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


BONANNI (FiLiPPo). — Moflaemn Kir- 
cheriainim siVe muBaenm ab Athan. Kireheio in 
eollegio rom. soc lesa jam pridem incoeptmn 
nnpcr restitntum, descriptom et iconibus illustr. 
172 plates. FoL Bomae, 1709. 

BONANNI (Felippo). — Renun Naturaliimi 

Historiay nempe Qiiadrapedum,Iiiaectorum,Pi8oium, 
Variommque Marinonun oorporum foMiliom plant- 
anun Exoticanim ac praesertim testaceomm ezsis- 
tentinm in Hnseo Kircheriano, edita jam a P. Ph. 
B. nnper vero nova methodo distributa notis illuB- 
trata, etc 51 plates. FoL Borne, 1773. 

BONANNI (FiLiPPo).— Trattato sopra la 
Vemiee detta oomnnemente Cinese. Ato. Bologna, 
1786. S.K. 

BONANNI (PiLippo).— See Agwcola (F.). 

Tnttenimenti snlle Vemici, etc Syo. [1789.] 

BONAPARTE (Chables Lucien).— Ame- 
rican Omitholognr, or the Natoral History of Birds 
inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson, 
with Figures drawn, engrayed, and ooloored from 
Nature. 21 coloured pUtes drawn by A. Ryder. 
Engrayed by A^ Lawson. Fol. Philadelphia, 1825. 

BONAPARTE (LuciEN,PrincedeCaDiiio).— 
Oalerie de Lucien Bonaparte. 142 plates. Imp. 
4to. n.p., 1812. 

BONAPARTE (LuciiN,Ppince deCanino).— 
Kotioe d'nne collection de yasee antiques en terre 
peinte du prince de Canino. Plate. 8yo. Paris, 

BONARELLI (C. Quidubaldo de').— FiUi 

di scixo, fayola rastorale, del C. G. de' B. detto 
TAggiynto, Aoeademico Intrepido, etc. With en- 
grayed title and 4 plates. Small 4to. Ferrara, 
1607. S.K. 

BONAVERI rOiAN Francesco) .— Delia citiA 

di Comacchio, delle sue lagune e pesche ; descrizione 
ttorica, ciyile e naturals, diyisa m tre'parti, ampli- 
ata e corretta e con yarie note da Pier Paolo Proli. 
8 plates. Fol. Cesena, 1761. 

BONCOURT (Am^d^e).— ficole mnnicipale 
piblique et gratuite de peinture et de dessin de 
tUm^i. Cours de g^m^trie raatique, appliqu^e an 
dcasin liniaire exact. Fol. Kouen, n.d. 

BONDOUX (A.). — Serrons nos range! 
^ntre auz grayeurs par A B. 32mo. Paris, 1869. 

BONE (Hekbt). — A catalogxie of Miniatare 
Portraits in enamel by Heniy Bone, Esq., R.A., in 
the collection of the Duke of Bedford at Wobum 
Abbey. Boy. 8yo. London, 1825. S.K. 

BONELLI (Gboboio). — Hortus Romanns 

juzta systema Toumefortianum distributus. 8 yols. 
800 coloured plates. FoL Bomae, 1772-80. 

BONER (Chables). — Chamois hnntixiff in 
the moontauur of Bayaria and in the TyroL Aates 
and woodcnts. 8yo. London, 1816. 

BONFIGLI (F. S.).— Onide to the Studios 
ia Bom^ etc 12mo. B<»ne, 1860. 3M, 

BONFINIUS (Anthony).— DesAller Mecht- 

igsten Kiinigreichs inn Ungem, warhafftige Chro- 

nick ynd anseigung Durch A. B. inn drt^szsig 

Biichem imm Latin beschryben, ynd yetzt Baeroni 
mym Boner Schultheiss zii Colmar, inn diss yolgendt 

Tiitsch bracht mitt lustigen Figuren anzeigt, &c. 

With woodcuU. Small foL Basel, 1545. S.K. 

BONI (Onofeio). — Elogia di Pompeo Giro- 
lamo Batoni. Syo. Boma, 17B7. S.E. 

BONI (Onofrio). — Lettera di nn socio 
Etnisco (Cay. Boxii) sopra un Idoletto tioyato a 
Fiesole. Plates. Firenze, 1803. 

BONI (Onofrio). — Lettera d'nn Socio 
Etrusoo ad un* altro della stessa Accademiae coope- 
ratore al Qiomale dei Letterati, sopra alcuni Scarabei 
in Valdichiana. 12mo. n.p. 1805. S.K« 

BONIFACE Vm., Pope.— Incipit Uber vi. 

Decretalium. Gothic letter, with rubricated capital 
letters. Large foL n.p., n.d. S.E. 

BONINGTON (Richard Parkes).— Bal- 

lades. Tableaux et Traductions du moyen Age» 
public par F. Langlois, et omka de yignettes, etc., 
Syo. Paris, 1828. 

BONNARD. — Entree de Jean-sans-penr k 
Douai, en 1405 (par Bonnard). 16mo. Douai, 

BONNARD (C.).— Panorama de rOnest, 
souyenira historiques, monuments, etc. 4to. Niort| 

BONNARDOT (Alfred).— LettreaubibHo- 

pbile Jacob, sur le cabinet des estampes et I'ex* 
cellente administration de M. Duchesne, ain^. Syo. 
Paris, 1848. B.M. 

BONNEFONS (Georges).— Los h6tels his- 

toiiques de Paris. Histoire et Architecture, par G. 
Bonnefons, pr^ced^ de quelques reflexions sur 
r Architecture priy^, par M. Albert Lenoir. Illus- 
trations par MM. Cilestin Nanteuil, D'Aubigny, 
Bertall Bouargue, Beauc^, H. Dubois. Large Syo. 
Paris, 1852. 

BONNEFOUS (Eug^Jne).— Guide religienx 
et pittoresque du pilerin k la Louyesc. 10 platec. 
Syo. Grenoble, 1841. 

BONNEFOUS (EugJjne). —Histoire de 
Saint-^enne et de ses enyirons. 12 lithographs. 
Syo. Saint-Etienne, 1854. 

BONNET (Victor). — Etudes snr la 

Monnaie, par V. B. 8yo. Paris, 1870. S.K. 

BONNEVII*LE (Alphonsb).— Memento 

mon^taire et d'orfi&yrene. 4to. Paris, 1852. 

BONNEVILLE (FRANgois).— Portraits des 
Personages otiibres de la Beyolution, par F. B. 
With 200 portraits and 26 costumes. 4to. Paris, 

BONNEY (Thoicas George). — OutUne 

Sketches in the Hig^M^otl)«a^\^^ ^I'l.^^ 
Bonney. 13pUtM« 4\f>« lioodAU, \^^^* "^^^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


BONNEY (Thomas asOBOE).— The Peaks 

and Valleys of thd Alps. Esom water-oolonr draw- 
ings. By £. Walton. Chromo-lithognphed by J. 
H. Lomes. With descriptive text by T. G. Bonney. 
21 plates. Fol. London, 1867. BJf. 

BONNEY (Thomas Qeobqb).— The Alpine 

Begions of Switzerland and the neighbouring 
countries. A Pedestadan's notes on their physical 
fixtures, scenery, and national history. With il- 
lustrations by £. Whymper. 8vo. Cambridge 
(printed). London, 1868. B.H. 

BONNEY (Thomas Gbobge).— The Coaet 

of Norway, from Christiania to Hammerfest. By 
E. Walton. The descriptive text by T. G. Bonney. 
12 coloured plates. Ob£ fol. London, 1871. 8.K. 

BONNIOEAU.— Etudes et Notions sur les 
Constructions 4 la Mer. Text with Atlas of 44 
plates. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1866. S.K. 

BONNIN (A.).— Etudes sur Tart contem- 
porain. Les Ecoles fran^aises et itrang^res en 
1867. Post 8vo. Paris, 1868. S.IC 

BONOLI (Cablo).— Istorica di Forli. 4to. 

Forli, 1661. 
BONSTETTEN (A. de Baron).— Essai sur 

- les Dolmens, accompagn^ d*une Carte, de Planches 
et de Dessins sur bois, par le Baron A. de Bonstetten. 
4to. aen^re, 1865. S.E. 

BONSTETTEN (Gustavb yon, BaronV— 
Notices sur les armes et chariots de guerre deeou- 
verts a la Tiefenau, prto de Berne, en 1 851 . 9 plates. 
7 pp. PoL Berne, 1853. 

BONTEKOB (Willbm Tsbrandtsz).— Jour- 

. naal of gedenkwaaxdige Beschriiving van de acht- 
.^jarige en zeer ayontuurliike Beize van Willem 
Ysbrandtsz Bontekoe, van Hoom, gedaan naar Oost- 
Indien, bevattende vele wonderl\jke en geyaarlnke 
Zaken, hem op genoemde Beize wederraren. Met 
alles door hemzelven beschreven. Portrait and 
other woodcuts. Small 4to. Haarlem, n. d. S.K. 
Vol. i. of Jan Davidi^ Nederlandsche Yolksboeken. 

BONTEMPS (G.).— Examen historique et 
critique des verres, Titraux, cristaux, composant la 
classe xxiv. de I'exposition uniyerselle de 1861. 

•-8to. Paris, 1851. 

BONTEMPS (G.). — Guide du Vemer. 

Traits historique et pratique de la fabrication des 

. Veraes, Cristaux, Vitrauz, par G-. Bontemps. Atsc 

de nombreuses figures intercal^s dans le teste. 

Woodcuts. 8ro. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

BONTHRINI (Giusbppe) .— Elogio delle 

pittrice veneziane Irene da Spilimbergo e Maria 

^ \l^toretto, letto nell* Aocademia di Belle A^ti. 

83 pp. 8yo. Venezia, 1869. S.K. 

BONUOCI (Oabio).— Pompei desoritfca ..... 

- Seoonda edizione NapoHtana. 6 plates. 8iro. 
Napoli, 1826. S.K 

BONUCCI (Cablo). —CJran Musaico di 

Pompei descritto da C. B. (With t coloured plate 

. of the same, lithographed under the direction of S. 

CbniJiuile). FoL ifapoli, 1832. SJL 


BOOK of Monograms, DeTices, and. Bla*. 
minations by lith. Omniduomo Printing Com- 
pany. 8to. London, (1868, etc.). BJL 

BOOKBINDINQ.— The Handbook of Taste 
in Bookbinding. New edition. A f^w small wood- 
cuts and a page of patterns of marble papers. 31 pp. 
8to. Lonoon, n.cL 

New edition. Inked impressions of Tarious 
tools, etc 8vo. London, 184(M^0. 

BOOKBINDING.— The Art of Bookbinding, 
containing a description of the tools, forwarding, 
gilding and finishing, stationeiy binding, edge 
colouring, marbling, etc Frontispiece. SnuJl 8to. 
London, 1818. 

BOOKBINDING.— The Art of Bookbinding, 
its rise and progress, including a description of the 
New York bookbindery. Frontispiece, vignetteand 
8 other woodcuts. 8vo. New York, 1860. 

BOOKER (John) .--A History of the Ancient 

Chapel of Blackley, in Manchester parish ; includ- 
ing sketches of the Townships of Blackley, Harpur- 

hey, Hoston, and Crumpeall together with 

notices of the more ancient local families, etc. Small 
4to. Manchester, 1855. S.K. 

BORBONESE (E.).— La Real Basilica dr 
Superga (Turin). Cenni storici e descrizione. 32 |^p. 
8vo. Torino, 1870. 

BORCH (Michel Jban de, Gomte). — > 

Lithographie sicilienne, ou catalogue raisonn^ de 
toutes les pienes de la Sicile propies 4 embeUir le 
cabinet d*un amateur. 4to. Naples, 1777. 

BORCHT (Pbtbb tan deb).— Bine Folge 

von Landschaften mit Ghegenstanden aus dem alten 
und neuen Testamente. 88 plates. Obi. 4to. 
(Brussels), n.d. ft. F, 

BORCHT (Willem van deb), or, "a 

CASTRO."— Spieghelder Ejrghen-Kennisse, besta^ 
ende in tesaem-ghebonde Mai ende Trerr-Dichten, 
ingheknoopt het Conterfeytsel des Wereldts, tot 
verbetemisse deses Eeuws feylen ende nanigheydts 
onderrichUnghe, versiert door W. Tan der B., etc. 
With portrait and plates. Small 4to. Tot3rT09eL' 
1643. R^ 

BORDE (Andbbw).— Boke of the Introduc- 
tion of Knowledge. With woodcuts. 4to, Lon- 
don, n.d. 

Beprin ted. 4to. London, 1814. 

BORDEAXJX.— Notice snr la Statue mira- 
culeuse anciennement y^n^rSe dans Vifiglifie t«iiB!i&-!^ 
tiale Saint-Andr6 de Bordeaux sons le vocable de 
Notre-Bame-de-la-Nef, et r^blie dans la m6me 
^isele 11 Ayril 1869. 2nd edition. 12mo. Bor- 
deaux, 18 69. 

BORDEAUX (Hbnbi).— De la" R^forme 

dans les Beaux Arts. 8 pp. Paris, 1863. 

BORDEAUX (Ratuoni)).— Le Oh&teaii da 

OourteiUes.. 8pp. 32mo. (Bmeuac, n.d.) . S£. 

BORDEAUX (RATMOim). — Pfijrlise 

d'Epaignes et sa Statue de Saint^r 
32mo. (Eyreox, ii.d.) 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


BORDEAUX (Ratmovd).— QtielqneB mots 
■or nnftoire de la TelHbB das liTzes. 2eteh«l 
.iplitet. 8vOe s.p. 186a. 

BORDEAUX (Rathohb).— Les Armoiries 

des CorpontioDf d'azts et m^iers d^Eyreux, et des 
. ▼iUes et peys alentonr. 24 plates. 48 pp. 8to. 
Erreiiz, 1864. 

BORDEAUX (Raymond).— Expositdon 

d'objeU d'A:rt et d« oiirk)eit6 AEmux en Mai, 1864. 
Compto Rendu an point de vne Nonnand. Wood 
'ongpnying. 28 pp. 8to. Caen7 1865. 

BORDEAUX (Raymond).— Les Brocs k 

,Cidre en Faience de Bonen ; £tude de c^miqne 
-Kannande. 4 chromo-lithographs. 4to. Gaen, 
*19M. 8.K. 

BORDEAUX (Raymond). — Rejnarques ec- 

d^iologiqnes snr les ^glises de Bourges. Par M. 
-R.CEL i6pp. 8to. Bonrges, 1860. SX. 

BOBDBS (AxroxTSTE). — Histoire des monu- 
' mente aneiens et modemes de la rille de Bordeanz. 

om6e de planches grar^ snr acier par Ronar- 

gtte ain^, de vignettes dessinies parBonazge jenne, 
etc 70 plates. 2 vols. 4to. Bordeanz, 1845. 


BORDIEU (Louis).— litanies de la tr^s- 
ninte Vieige, jpcdntnrHi mnzales de la ehapelle des 
BR F. P. dominicains* an Monlean (pr^ Arcachon), 
tatkntkea et lithognu^des par L. B. Avee nne 
inlTodaetion par le JP&re Hyacinthe Bayonne, des 
fMres prtM^henrs. 28 plates. 79pp. 8to. Tonlonse, 

BOBDONE (Bkneditto).— Isolario nel 
ankle si ragiona di tntte le-isole del mdndo eon 

-fa ginnta del Monte deU' oro nnovamente ritroTsito. 
W«>dcat mane. Pol. Yine^a» 1532. 
Another edition. Pol. Vinegia (1534). 

BORDONIA (Mattbo).— Dialoga dei gui- 

oehi &tti dai CaiTalitei Bergamaschi, in onore del 

. Conte Prancesco Martinengo nelle nozse di sua 

. .figUa ooL Enrico Bentivcglio. 4to. Beigamo> 1602. 

BOBEL D'HAUTERIVE.— Album histori- 
qae, archteloffiqne et nobiliaire dn Danphin^, 
pttMii ions la direction de JICM. Champollutd 
figsao par M. Borel d'Hanterive. 4to. Paris, 

BOBjET (A. de).-^La Legende de Mai- 

borongh. Etchings. Pol. Paris, n.d, S.K. 

BOBGHSSI (Ba&toloheo).— Lettera di 

B. B. sopra dne medaglie di Augn^bofrappresentanti 
rAz^diBimino. 4ta Bimino, 1813. S.E. 

B0R6HESI (Bastolombo).— Noovi fram- 

menti dei fiurti oooaolari eapitolini. 2 plates. 4to. 

BOBOHESI (Babtolombo).— So]^ ana 

ijcriaone del Hnseo Campana. 8yo. Roma, 1844. 

BOR6H3ESI (Babtolomeo).— Metnbria sollo 

scaro della Yi^ Appia &tta nel 1851. 1 plate. 4tq. 
Boma , 1S5 1. 

BOBOHESI (Babtolombo). — CEnyrasr com- 

Slites de B. B. pnblija-^ les oxdres etAnzftal8- 
e S. M. rjSn4>eren]; Napol^n III. (Eninpes 
^pigraphiques. 2 vols. Plates. 4to. Paris, 

BOBGHI (Caelo).— n Dnomo, ossia Oenni 
storid e descrittivi della Cattedrale di Modena. 8yo. 
Modena, 1845. 

BOBQIA (Alessandbo). — Istorica della 

chiesa^ e citt& di Velletri. Descritta in quattro 
libri. 4to. Nooera, 1723. ^ ^ -. 

BORGLSl (Stbphahxts), — ^Vaticana confessio 

Beati Petri, Principis Apostolomm, chronologicis 
tain Tetenun qnam reoentioznti seriptomm testt-; 
moniis inlnstrata, opera et studio S. B. 4to. Romse, 
1776. SX. 

BORGIA (StbphAnub).— De Cruoe Vaticana 
ex dono Jnstini Angnsti in parasceye migoris heb- 
domadflB pnblieae Tenerationi ezhiberi solitil eoiji- 
nuentarins cni accedit ritns Salutationis Crucis in 
Eccleeia Antioohena SyrorunLseryatns, nunc primum 
sjriace, et latine editns, adnotationibusqne inlus- 
tratns anctore S. B. 2 plates.. 4to. Romn, 177Q, 


BORGIA (Stepano). — De cmce yeliter«iia 

commentarins. Plate. 4to. Romse, 1780. 

BORHECK (Georg Hbinrich).— Entwmf 

einer Anweisnng sur Landbaukunst nach oekoi^o- 
mischen Grundsatzen yon G. H. B. 2nd edition. 
2 yols. 17 plates. 8yo. Gottmgen, 1792. 

BORHECX rGEOEQ Heinrich). — Anwei- 
snng iiber zweaonassige Anle^ung der Landkirchen. 
13 plates. Large 8yo. Gottmgen, 1808. 

BORHECK (Georq Heinrich).— Lehrbuclv 

der Landbaukunst, fUr Banmeister nnd Landwirthe^ 
2 Theile. 24 plates. Large 8yo. (^ottingen, 1822. 


BEEXERnnd LEMBEE.~Teutsche Omithologie 
oder Katnigeschichte aller Vogel Beutschlands. 
With 132 plates by C. SnsemihI. Pol. Darmstadt, 

BORLASE (WiLLiAH):^ObseiTations '<m 
the Antiquities, Historical and Dlonnmental, of the 
County of ComwaU. Consisting of several Essays 
on the First Inhabitants, Draid superstitions, Ovsk 

. tonui, and Remains ol the most remote Antiquity, in 
Britain, and tlie British Isles: exemplify'd a^nd 
proVd by Monuments now extant in Cornwall and 
the Scilly. Islands, futhfnUj drawn qu the Bfo^ 
and engraved according to their scales annexa. 
With, a sununazy of the Religious, Civil, and Mili- 
tary State of Cornwall before the Horman Conquest ; 
illustrated by the plans and elevations of several 
ancient Castles, etc 24 plates. Fol. Oxford, 
1764. — 

B0RLA3E (WttitiAM). — Observations on 

the ancient and present State of ^be Islands of 
Scilly. Folding putes. 4to. London, 1766. 

JBORLASE (William) .-^helfatttrai Hift^ 
tory of ComwalL Mft^^ wA 7.H ^\a\m. "S^ Qi^toft^x 


Universal Catalogue of 


BORLINETTO (L.).— Trattato generale di 
fotografla di L. B. 8to. Padora, 1868. 

BORLINETTO (L.).— Fotografia aUe pol- 

veri indelebili di L, B. 78 pp. 12mo. PadoTft, 1869. 

BORMAN (Camillb Th. F. M: de).— Hia- 

toire dn ChAteau de Colmont. Becherchaa aich^ 
ologiqaes. Lithograph. 74 pp. 8yo. li^, 1862. 
Erom the " BuUetin Arch&logique li^geoia." 

BORMAN (Camillb Th. F. M. de).— Le 

ChAteau de Curaoge. 14 pp. 8vo. Liege, 1863. 
From the " BiUletiii AidiSologiqiie Liigeois." 

BORNACCENI (Albssaitoeo). — Racoolta di 

Qaadri di S. E. il Sig. Mse. GaT. Coll. Giamb. Cost. 
Gnidi Cesena. Portrait and 36 platei after the 
Italian ISIasters ; engraved by A. B. FoL n.p., n.d. 

BORNACCENI (Albssandbo).— [Forty-six 

engraTings, with letterpresB, illustrating the History 
of Bimini. No title-page]. Oblong fol. Rimino, 
1818. S.E. 

BORNEMANN (A. P.).— De nuims Thaei- 
omm. Plate. 4to. Raise, 1787. 

BORNEMANN (Emil Gustav Rbinhaed). — 

Leipzig nnd seine Bildnngs-Anstalten Mit 50 

Ansichten, einem Orientlmngs-Plan iind einer 
Earte der Umgegend u. s.w. 8to. Leipzig, 1865. 


BORNSTEDT (Adblbebt von). — Pariser 

Silhonetten gezeichnet Ton A. Ton B. Nebst einer 
aphoristUschen Uebersicht der Monnmentalge- 
schichte Ton Paris. 8to. Leipzig, 1836. B.M. 

BORRELL (H. P.).— Notice sur quelques 
midaiUes grecquee des rois de Chypre. Plates. 
4to. Paris, 1835. 

BORRELL (M.).— Tratado te6rico y pdLc- 
tico de Dibnjo con aplicacion a las artes y a la in- 
dnstria. 26 plates, no text. Folio. Madrid, 1866. 


BORRET (A. E.).— -Handboekje yoor de 
liefhebbers der schilderkonst. 12mo. 's GraTen- 
hage, 1803. 

BORROWSEY. — Oemeinniitzige Natnrge- 
schichte des Thierreichs. ForCgesetzt Ton Herbst. 
Text, 10 Tols. 254 plates in 2 toIs. 8to. Berlin, 


Xatieb). — ^Descripcion del magnifico edifido de la 
antigua Biputacion de este Beino (Valencia) y 
ahora de la Real Audiencia, por Don F. X. Borml 
y VilanoTa. 8to. Valencia, 1834. 

BORSARI (Angblo). — Collezione delle 
opere scelte di aichitettura, pittnra, scnltora, ed or- 
nato della CittA di Ferrara, illustrata. 13 pp. 8to. 
Ferrara, 1840. 

BORSARI (Angblo).— Dipintisooperti nell' 

artistioo paliuio dncale detto di Sdiiianoja in 
JParan. 6 Noe. PUtes. FoL Borigo, 1841. 

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oompendio historioo del Signor Marc Antonio Ghia- 
xini, delle Chiese di Ferrara. 4to. Ferrara, 1670. 

BORSIERI (GiBOLAMo). — n sapplimento 
della NobUtA di Milano. Baoeolto da G. B. Post 
8to. Milano, 1619. S.E. 

BORUM (A.). — Arcbitectoniscbe Verzie- 
rungen und Arabeaken, inTentirt nnd anf Stein 
gezeichnet Ton A. B. Oblong foL Miinehen, n.d. 

BORY (J. T.).— Les Orimnes de rimpri- 
merie A Marseille, recherches nistoriqnes et biblio- 
graphiques. Large 8to. A Marseille, 1858. 


Voya^ dans les quatre principales ties des Men 
d'Afinqne. With atlas m folio. 8to. Paris, an 
XIIL (1804). 


Relation dn Voyage de la commission scientifiqua 
de MorAe dans le Pelopenise, les C^cLades et 1' Atti- 
que. 36 lithographs. Folio. Paris, 1838. 

BOS (Lambbrt). — ^Antiqnitataxn ChraBcamm 
(prsecipue Atticarom) descripto ibreTis. . . . com 
emendationibus M. Leisneri at J. C. Zeunii, etc 
12mo. CanUbrigiae, 1881. B.M. 

English translation. Antiquities of Greece. With 
the Notes of Fredrick Leisner. Intended principally 
for the use of schools. Translated from the origin^ 
Latin, by PerciTal Stoekdale. 8to. London, 1772. 


French translation. AntiqnitAs de la GrAoe en 

f&nAral et d'AthAnes en particnlier aTee les notes de 
. Leisner, ouTraga tradnit da Latin par La Grange. 
12ma Paris, 1760. B.M. 

BOS (MuTUS Jan.). — Christiaii Fnnerals: 
as they are, and as they ought to be. 16mo. Ph. 
London, 1869. 8.K. 

BOSBOOM (S.).— Voorbeelden vananticqne 
Schoorsteenen, Cabinetten, Ghridons, Tafels en Spie- 
gels : benerens ToorgeTels Tan Italiaansch^ Kerkge* 
bowen, enz. Door Toomaame Boawmeetsers; of 
yerrolg op S. B. Fcp. fol. Amsterdam, 1786. S.K. 

BQSCHINI (Giusbppb).— Sopra due Katti 
dipinti in Miyolica. Lettera al Ch. Sig. G4nseppe 
Mayr. 6pp. Small 4to. Ferrara, 1836. S.K. 

BOSIO (Jacopo). — La Trionfente Croce. 
Woodcnts. Folio. Roma, 1610. 

In Latin. Croz trinmphans. Woodcnts. Folio. 
AntTerpiffi, 1612. 

BOSPHORUS.— Dn cMtean royal du Bos- 
]^re et de la Tille Gaigoca dans la ChersonAse 
Tanriqne. 4to. St. Petenbonig, 1824. 

BOSSE (Abbahah). — ^Difir(STentes manieres 

de Bessiner et Peindre. Oblong 4to. Paris, 1640- 

60. S.K. 

47 subjects on 24 plates indoding frontispiece. 

No text. 

BOSSE (Abbaham).— Lettre jk Mesnenn de 
I'AcadAmie royal de la peintnxo et setdptnre, cahier 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


mavj d'nne estampe donn^ par A. Basse. "With. 
plate. 4to. B.p., n.d. 

BOSSE (S.)'— Lettre ^crite k S. Bosse gm- 

Teiir, arec see nponses snr qnelque noaveau traits 
concemaDt la Perspective, et la Peintnre. 8to. 
Paris, 1868. 

BOSSI (Giuseppe). — Tavole anatomiche di- 
seenate dal Pittore B., publicate sotto la direcioiie 
d^ pittore G. Sogni e del pittore G. Serri. Large 
fol. Milano, ii.d. 

BOSSI (Giuseppe and others). — Discorsi 

letti sella Beale Aoeademia di Milano, in occasione 
della pnbbliea distribnzione de' Premj I'anno 1806, 
(etc.). 8to. Milano, 1806-43. 8.K. 

BOSSI (Giuseppe).— Lettere di G. B. ad 

Antonio Canova. Boyal Svo. BidoTa, 1839. S.K. 

BOSSI (LuiGi). — Observations snr le vase 

2ae Ton conservait 4 Gdnes sons le nom de Sacro- 
latino, et snr la note pnbli^e snr ce yase, par M. 
Millin, avee des rechercnes et des dissertations snr 
Tem^i^nde des anciens, snr Tart de la verrerie chez 
les Efgrptiens, les Grecs, et les Romains, snr les 
Tases Mnrrhins, et snr d'antres objets d'art et d'anti- 
qnit^. 8to. Tnrin, 1807. 

BOSSI (LuiGi). — Intorodnzione alio stndio 
delle arti del disegno e Tocabolario oompendioso 
delle arti medesime nnoTamente compilato per nso 
degli stndiosi amatori delle opere di Architettnra, 
Scnltnra, Pittora, Intaglio, ec, con tayole intagliate 
in rame. 2 vols. Plates. 8yo. Milano, 1821. S.K. 

BOSSLER.— Die Bomerstatte bei Vilbel 
nnd der im Jahre 1849 daaelbst entdeckte Mosaik- 
boden. 1 coloured and 3 plain plates. 35 pp. 8to. 
Darmstadt, 1862. 

BOSSUET (F.). — Traits de Perspective 
lin^aire, par F. B., Peintre. Premier Tolnme. 
Prindpes et lee regies giniralee. lUgles pratiqnes 
ponr mettre en x>erspectiye des objets an mojen de 
deesins g^omitranx. B^les pratiquee ponr tracer 
des penpeetiyee sans ancnn trayail proalable (le 
trait de perspective.) Perspective des ombres, des 
images rofltebies et dee plafonds. Avec nn Atlas 
de 28 planches. Text Svo. Atlas, foL Bmxelles 
et Pans, n.d. 8.K. 

BOSSUET (F.).— Les Academies de dessin, 
de peintnre, de scnlptnre et d*architectnre de Bel- 
giqne ; ce qn'elles itaient, ce qn'elles sont devennee, 
ce qn'elles devraient dtre. Svo. Bmxelles, 1861. 

BOSTON (U. S.).— Report in School Com- 
mittee on Drawing. Svo. Boston, 1870. S.K. 

BOSTON, Mnsenm of Fine Arts.— Cata- 
logne of the Collection of Ancient and Modem 
mxrks of Art, ^en or loaned to the Tmstees of 
th^ Mnsenm of fine Arts, at Boston. 12mo. Bos- 
ton, 1872. S.K. 

BOSWBLL (Henbt).— Historical Descrip- 
tions of new and elegant Picturesqne Views of tne 
Antiqnitie* of England and Wales : being a grand 

copper-plate repositoiy of elegance, taste, and en- 
tertainment Published nnaer the inspection of 

H. B., Esq., F.A.R.S., assisted by Bobert Hamilton, 
LL.D., and other ingenious gentlemen, etc. FoL 
London (1786). S.K. 

BOTFTELD (Beeuh).— Jonmal of a Tonr 
through the Highlands of Scotland during the sum- 
mer of 1829. 12mo. Norton Hall, 1830. S.K. 

BOTFIELD (Bbbiah). — Stemmata Bote- 
villi^ia. Memorials of the Families of de Boteville, 
Thvnne, and Botfield, in the counties of Salop and 
WUts. With an Appendix of Illustrative docu- 
ments. 4to. Westminster, 1858. SJ[. 

BOTH (L.) and LUND (A.).— Fra Heden 
til Havet, vesteijydske Skizser i Text og Billeder. 
Svo. Ejobenhavn, 1868. BJI. 

BOTHE (A.).— Entwiirfe zn Tranermonn- 
menten in gothischem Styl. Fiir Architekten, 
Bildhauer, Omamentisten, Modelleure, Steinmetaen, 
Eisengiesserein, etc Lithographs. Fol. Mnnchen, 

BOTHMER,(— , Conntess von).— Kanlbach. 
By the Countess von B. From toe " Gentleman's 
Magarine," January, 1871. Svo. S.K. 

BOTLBY (Samuel).— Maximnm in Minimo; 
or Mr. Jeremiah Rich's Pen's Dexterity compleate4 
with the whole Terms of the Law, by S. llotley. 
2 portraits, title, and 80 plates. 12mo. London, 
n.d. S.E. 

BOTTAEI (Giovanni Gaetano).— Dialoghi 

sopia le tre arti del Disegno. 1 plate. Post Svo. 
Lucca, 1754. SJL 

Another edition. 12mo. Beggio, 1826. S.K. 

Dialogoe sobre las artes del diseSo, . . . ilus- 
trados con notas por Don Joseph Ortiz y Sanz. 
Svo. Madrid, 1S04.V 

BOTTAHI (Giovanni Gaetano).— n Museo 

Capitolino illustrato da M. Bottari, e N. Foggini, 
con osservazioni ricavate dalle opere di Winckelmann 
e di E. Q. Visconti, e conle tavole disegnate ed 
incise da A. Locatelli. 3 vols. Svo. Milano, 
1819-21. S.K. 

BOTTI (G.). — ^Ancora snlla conservazione 
delle pittnre del camposanto di Pisa, per Q. B. 8 pp. 
Svo. Pisa, 1868. 

BOTTI (YiNCBNZo). — ^Aflsociazione ad nn* 
Opera Inedita di Michelangiolo Buonarroti rappre- 
sentante la Fortuna ed indsa dal Sig. Davide TeetL 
Svo. Firenze, 1847. 

BOTTIS (G. DE).— Ragionamento istorico 
intomo a' nuovivolcani nel territorio delle Toro del 
Qreco. 2 plates. 4to. Napoli, 1761. 

BOTTSCHILD (Samurl). — Opera varia 

Historia, Poetica & loonologica, Inventa e Edita k 
Samuel Bottschild, Sangerhnsiano Thuringio, Pic- 
tore Primar. Beg. Polon. & Elect Sax. Joh. 
Christ. Weigel .excudlt« 70 ^oVaXj^. is^. ti«^. 


UniversM \Calalogtte of 


BOUCHAED (— de).— Lw Arts et 1' A- 

miti^, CoxnMie en un acte, en Tero libres. ReprA- 
sent^Oi poor la piemi&re fois, par les comMiens 
ItaUena oidinairefl dn Boi» le 6 AoAt 1788. 8yo. 
Avignon, 1790. S.K, 

BOUCHAKD-HUZAKD (Louis).— Biblio- 

graphie. OuTrages pnblUs jnaqaU ce joor rax lea 

. Constitactiona ruxalea et snv la Disposition dea 

Jaxdina, par L. Boachaid-Hnzard. 2'*« Midon 

.a\jgmentie. Royal 8vo. Paris, 1870, S.K. 

• BOUGHARDON (Edmb).— -livrede diversea 
flgofes d'Aeadimiea, deasin^es d'apris le natorel 

. par E. B., Sculptenr dn Roy. » plates, Fol. 
Paris, 178.8, 8-K. 

BOUCHER (FRANCOis).'-'Troia tableaux de 
F. B. arec notices par Bd. Baiger, ChampAcKury, 
Cheanau, et trois eanx de Martial d'aprte Boncher. 
4to. Paris, n.d. Privately j^nted. 

BOUCHER (Frakqoib).— L'CBavre de Bou- 
cher, reproduit par ]^mile Wattier d'apris la gravnre 
des Dessins originaux. Folio. Paris., n.d. 8.K. 


— FibUoth^ne Universelle des Voyages oil Notice 
compute et raisonn^ de tons les Voyages anoiens 
et modernes dans les diff&rentes pazties dn monde. 
6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808. 


des thtoes de rUnrreTsit^ d'CM^ns. Dessins de 
' MM. Ch. Pens6e. 6 plates. 66 pp. 8vo. Orlfons, 


d'Agius, ^Ykqne d'Orlians an iz« sikle'; I'aacienne 
chapelle Saint-Aignan (^glise Notre-Dame-dn-Che* 
min). £tude arcniologiqne et historique. Plates. 
92 pp. 8vo. Orleans, 1869. 

BOUCHET (Ch.). — ^Une m^daille et nn 
livre vend6moi8. 8pp, 8vo. Vend6me, 1870. 

BOUCHET (Jules). — Exercices de detain 

lin^ire et de lavis, k Tnsa^e des aspirants k VEcole 
centrale des arts et manofictures. Obi. foL Paris, 

BOUCHET (Jules). — Compositionfl anti- 

ques dessin^es, gravies, et publi6es par J. B. 17 
plates. Fol. Paris, 1861. 
Another edition. 4to. Paris, 1868. 

, BOUCOIRAN (L.).— Ari6ge, Andorre, et 

Catalogne. Guide historique, pittoresque et des* 
criptif auz bains d'Ussat et d'Ax, contenant ITiis- 
toire de Tancien pays de Foix et de ses comtes 
jusqu'i Henri IV., et rhistoire de layallie d*Andorre 
jnsqu'4 nos jonrs. 20 tinted plates. 8vo» Paris, 

BOUCOIRAN(L.). — ^Ghiide anx monninents 

de Nimes et an pont dn Gard par B. Boucoiran. 
72 pp. With 8 tinted plates and a plan. 12mob 
Ktmes, 1871. 
BOUDARD (P. A.). — Etudes Ib^rieanes, 

J Opiates. 8vo. Beaers, 1862. ' 


BOUDARD (P. A.)— LiBcriptiori ^trnsco- 
latine du tombeau de Fablius v olvmnins, itade. 
92 pp. 4to. B&ders (printed). Paris, 1868. 

Essai snr les antiquity dn d^paztement de Lot-et- 
Ghironne. Lithographs and planSr Svo. Agen, 

BOU£ (Madamb Gbsmainb). — Lee Squares 
et Jardins de Paris. Les Battes-Chaimiont, Mtice 
historique et descriptiye. Par Mme^ Gennaine 
BouA, Vingt-huiti^me ^ition. Woodcuts, Bojal 
8vo. Paris, [1869] SCK. 

BOUET (G.).— Analyse arohitectarale de 

I'abbaye de Saint-^enne de Caen. Plates, Bvo. 
Caen, 1868. 

BOUET (G.).— L'figlise de Germigny et 
celle de Beaulien-las-Lodies. Plates. 36 pp. 8to. 
Caen, 1869. 

BOUFARTIGUE (H.).— La iypographie et 
les arts qui s'y rattadient. Svo. l^mloose, 1869. 

BOUGOUDSr (Chaelbs).— Le CMteau de 
Socinio, pr^ Saneau (Morbihan). 24 pp. 8vo. 
Nantes, 1870. 

BOUILHET (Hkjibi),— Les origines et les 
progr^ r^oents de la g^vanoplastie. Svo. PUis, 
1866. ;, 

BOUILLET (Jeak-Baptistb).— Promenade 
arehfologiqne de> Clermoiit ' 4 Bonrges par Mont- 
ferrsad, Baom Niris, Montln^cm et St. Armand. 
2]id Edit. 18mo, CleRnont«-Ferrand, 1839. 

BOUILLET (Jban Baptistb). — Nobiliaire 
d'Anrergne. 229 oolonred plates. 7 vols. Svo. 
Clermont-Ferrand, 1846-1863. 

BOUTTiLBT (Jban Baftistb).— Albtim an- 

vergnat; bourses, montagnaides, diansons, noeU 
et potoes en patois d'Anyergne ; illnstri de gia- 
Tures reprtoentantdes danses et scenes villageoises, 
oft se troavent reprodnits les costumes les plus 
Mmaiqnables du Pay-de*Ddma. 14 Tignettes. 
Laxge Syo. Honlins, 1863. 

BOUILLET (Jban Baptibtb),— Dictionnaire 

hiraldique de TAuvergne. Plates. Large 8vo. 
Clermoflt-Ferrand, 1868. 

BOUILLET ( Jean-Baptiste) . — Recherches 

BUT rhdtel de monnaies de Clermont-Ferrand. Svo. 
Clermont-Ferrand, 1866. 

BOUILLET (N.y — ^Dictionnaire classique 

de Tantiquit^ sacr^ et profane. Pr^cM^ de tables 
cbronologiques, des fastes consulaires de la sSrie des 
archontes et des empereurs. 4th edition. 2 vols. 
Svo. Paris, 1841. 

BOUILLON (A.).— Exercices de dessin 

•lin^aire, contenant uh cboix tr&s-vari^ de modMes 
pratiques d'architecture, de marbrerie, de char- 
pente, de menuiserie, de serrurerie et d*ameuble- 
ments dessin^. With atlas in folio of 24 plates. 
Text8vo. Paris, 1860. 


Books oft Art {Supplement). 


fiOl7ILl40N (A.)»— PrincipeB de pern)eotive 

lin^ire . ^pliqn^ d'une mani^ m^thooique et 
progreflBije an trac^ des figures depois les pins 
simples jusqii'ftiix plus compost. 2nd edition, 
with plates. Large 8to, Paris, 1868. 

BOUrLLON-LANDAIS.— Coup d'oeil but 
le mus^ de Marseille. 18 pp. 8to. Marseille, 

BOULAN&B (Gbobges). — Boppard snr le 

Rbin et le inonast^e de Manenbog. Notes de 
voyage adressdes 4 la Soci^ti dllistoire et d'ardi^ 

' logie de la Moselle. 6 plates. 28 pp. 8to. 

. Mets, 1870. 

BOtJLLBMIBR (F.).— Omemens de diffg- 
Tens st^es. Fol. Phns, 1885. . 
Smt^ d'omemens. Fol. Paris, n.d. 

BOULLET.— Essai sur I'art de constniire 
' les th^tres, leurs machines et leurs monvements. 
With 13 plates. 4to. Paris, 1801. 

BOULLET (De.).— Sully, son cMteau, son 

andenne baronnie et ses seigneurs. With 6 plates. 
8to. Crien, Orleans, 186d. 

BOULLIBR (Auoustb).— L'ile de Bar- 

daigne. Description, Histoire, Statistiqne, Moonrs, 
EtHtSooba. Syo. Paris, 1865. 

BOULLIER (Augustb).— L'Art V6mtien. 
Architecture, Scnilptnre, Peintnre. Par A. B. 8yo. 
Pteis, 1870. S.K. 

BOULOGNE-SURMEK— Benediction et 
Pose de la premi^ Pierre de la nonyelle !]^lise 
Notre-Dame de Boulogne, Mifi^ sur les ruines de 
rancieona Cath^drale par les soins et sur les plans 
de M. Tabb^ A. Haf&eingue, k Taide d^e souscrip- 
lion Tolontaire, et destinle k devenir I'l^lise parois- 
siale de la Haute- ViUe de Boulogne-sur-Mer, etc. 
With 3 plates. Sva Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1839. 


BOULGGNE-SUBrMEB.— ExpHcation des 

Tableaux, Deesins, et Gravures ezpos^ dans les 
emeries du Mus^ de Boulogne efi 1854. 8to. 
Boulogne, 1854. S.K. 

BOULTON (M. P. W.).— Remarics con- 
cerning certain photographs, supposed to be of 
early date. 7 lithographs and 1 woodcut. 71 pp. 
8vo. Iiondon, 1864. 
Another edition. 74 pp. 8to. London, 1865. 

BOULY (EugSwb). — Les Sciences, leslettres 
et les arts a CambRki. 8to. Cambrai, 1844. 

BOULY rEuQ^lTE). — Dictionnaire historiqne 
de la vilie de Cambtai, des abbayes, des ch&teaux 
forts et des antiquit^ du Gambr^is. Ouvrage 
wabli^ sous les auspices du conseil municipal de 
Oeunbrai. 8yo. Cambrai, 1854. 

BOITNIOL (Bathild).— L'art Chretien et 
rjfccole Allemande, avec une notice sur M. Over- 
beck par B. B., suivi du Catalogue de Schulgen et 
Schwan, ^teurs, etc. 12mo. Paris, 1856. S.K. 

BOUNIOL (Bathild).— Vie de saint Boni- 
face. Douze planches graves d'apris les fresques 

pdntes par Henri da Hess dans I'^^ss Saint- 
Boniface, k Munich. Texte par B. B. 15 pp. 
Folio. Paris, 1869. 

BOUQUET (Henry).— Account of the Ex- 
pedition against the Ohio Indians in the year 1764. 
With plates by Benjamin West. 4to. London, 

BOUQUET (M.).— An Artist Ramble in 

the North of Scotland. Large fol. London, 1849. 

BOUQUET (Michel).— Album Valaque. 

Yues et costumes pittbresques de la Valachie, etc 
Fol. Paris, 1843. B.]tf. 

Without letter-press, lithographed. 

BOURASSfi (Jean Jacques). — Esqmsse 

arch^logique des prindpales ^lises du diocdse de 
Kevers. With plates. 8ro. Nevers, 1844. 

BOURASSfi (Jean Jacques).— Les plus 

belles cath^drales de France. Plates. Large Sto. 
Tours, 1861. BJii. 

BOUKASSE (Jean Jacques).— Abbayes et 

monastires, histoire, monuments, souvenirs et ruines. 
Illustrations par Cleiget, Lajicelot et Earl Girardet. 
Plates. 8vo. Tours, 1870. B.M 


(C). — ^Becherches historiques et arch^ologiques sup 
les ^lises romanes en Touraine, du vi* an u* si&de. 
Texte par M. TabbA J. J. B. et M. I'abb^ 0. C. 
Dessins photolithographiques par M. de La FoUye. 
45 plates. 4to. Tours, 1869. S.K. 


Verri^res du Chceur de I'iJ^lise Metropolitaine da 
Tours. Chromorlithog^phs. FoL Tours, 1849. 

BOURBILLY,— Notice historique sup le 
Ch4teau de Bourbilly. £xtrait du Bulletin de la 
Soci^t^ des Sciences historiques et naturelles de 
Semur. (Ann^e 1871.) Boyal Svo. Semur-en- 
Auxois, 1872. S.K. 

BOURGEOIS.— Histoire de Cr^py et de 

Bes d^pendances, de ses seigneurs, de ses chateaux 
et de ses autres monuments, depuis I'^poque la i^us 
recul^ jusqu'A nos jours. 65 pp. Syo. SenUs, 

BOURGEOIS (Sir Francis).— See Dulwich 

College. Catalogue of the collection of pictures, 
etc Svo. n.d. 

BOURGEOIS (F. F. Constant).— Voyage 

pittoresque k la grande Chartreuse. 5 parts. Fol. 
Paris, 1821. 

BOURGOIN (Jules).— Les Arts Arabes. 

Architecture, Menuiserie, Bronzes, Plafonds, Bey^te- 
ments. Pavements, Vitraux, &c. Avec un texto 
descriptif et ezplicatif, et le trait gdn^ral de l'art 
Arabe. Engravings and chromolithographs. FoL 
Paris, 1868. S.K» 

BOURGOING (Jean PRANgois de, Baron).— 

Modem state of Spain translated from the last 

Paris edition To which are added Essavs on 

Spain by M. Peyron, and the book of Port Koads, 
with Atlas of plates. 4 vols. 8vo. lAudoii, \^^^> 
Atlas. 4to. ^^a.. 


Universal Catalogue of 


BOURGUIGNAT (J. R.)— Souvenirs d'ime 
Exploration Bcientiflque dims le Nord de rAfrique. 
I. Monuments Bymboliqnei de I'Alg^rie. With 3 
plates. 4to. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

BOURGUIGNAT (J. R.).— Sonvenirsd'nne 

Exploration scientifiqne dans le Nord de I'Afriqne. 
IV. Histoire des Monuments M^^alithiques de 
Roknia pr^s d'Hammam-Meskhontin. With 9 
plates. 4to. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

BOURGUIGNAT (J. R.). — Inscriptions 
romaines de Vence (Alpes-Maritimes). 5 plates. 
80 pp. 8yo. Paris, 1869. 

BOURGUIGNON (Hubert Francois, called 

GRA.VELOT) and COCHIN (Chables Nicolas). — 
Almanach iconolo^qne, on des arts. Par B. dit G. 
10 vols. 24mo. Paris, 1764-73. 

Suite, publi^e par C. N. C. 7 vols. 24mo. 
Paris, 1774-80. 

sur quelques antiquit^s romaines d^^^err^ dans le 
jardin du Palais Royal. Plate. 8ro. Al^topolis, 

BOURNE (Augustb). — Description pitto- 
resque de la Grande • Chartreuse, souvenirs historiques 
de 868 montagnes et de son convent, et recneil des 
pens^es inscrites sur son album par Chateaubriand, 

I^martine, Mme. de Stael Suivis de notes sur la 

g6ologie, les fossiles, la zoologie, la conchologie, les 
coUopt^res et la flore des ces localit^s, extraites des 
CBUvres de MM. Lory, A. Gras, Villars, et Mutel, 
etc. 8vo. Grenoble, 1853. B.M. 

BOURNE (Auguste). — ^Vizille et ses en- 
virons. Description pittoresque, montagnes, monu- 
ments, mines, ch&teaux, pares, fabriques et manu- 
factures. 8vo. Grenoble, 1860. 

BOURNE (H. R. Fox).— English Mer- 
chants : Memoirs in illustration of the Progress 
of British Commerce. 2 vols. With woodcuts. 
8vo. London, 1866. S.E. 

BOURNE (John).— A Treatise on the 

Steam-Engine in its various applications to Mines, 
Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture. 
Illustrated. 6th ^ition. 4to. London, 1862. 

8th edition. 4to. London, 1868. S.K. 

BOURNE (John).— A Catechism of the 
Steam Engine in its various applications to Mines, 
Mills, Steam Navigation, Bailwavs, and Agriculture ; 
with practical instructions for the manufacture and 
management of engines of every class. New edition. 
Post 8vo. London, 1868. 8.E. 

BOURQUELOT (Louis Felix).— Patria. 

La France ancienne et modeme. Histoire des arts 
plastiques et des arts du dessin. 12mo. Paris, 1846. 

BOURRIT (Mabc Theodore).— Nouvelle 

description des vall^s de glace et des hautes mon- 
tagnes qui forment la chahie des Alpes Pennines et 
Rh^tiennes, avec des tableaux graves par Moitte. 
2 vols. 8ro. Geneve, 1783. 

BOUSSARD (J.).— Etudes sur TArt Fun^- 
raire modeme dans ses conceptions les plus pratiques. 
Chapelles, sarcophages, steles et eroix, parall&le des 
dififwents genres de constructions, omements all^ 
goriques. Par J. B., Architecte. Tons les Monu- 
ments sont donn^ en plans, coupes, ^16vations, avee 
leurs profils et details. 200 plates. FoL Paris, 
1870, et seq. S.K. 

BOUSSARD ( J.).— Recueil des Tombeaux 

les plus remarquables ex^t^ de nos jours et re- 
present^ en perspective par J. Boussard, Archi- 
tecte. 4 to. Pans, 1872. S.E. 

BOUSSARD (J. F.).— Les Le9ons de P. P. 

Bubens ; ou Fragments ipistolaires sur la Beligion, 
la Peinture et la Politique; Extraits d'une corre- 
spondence in^te, en langues latine et itab'enne 
entre ce grand artiste et Ch. Reg. d'Ursel, Abbi de 
Gembloux. Royal 8vo. Bruxefies, 1838. S.K. 

BOUSSUETUS (Franciscus).— Francisd 

Bovssveti Sorregiani Doctoris Medici, de Natvra 
Aqvatilivm Carmen, in alteram partem vniueran 
Gvlielmi Rondeletii quam de Aquatilibus scrip- 
sit : Cum veris & natiuis eorum iconibus : Opus- 
culum nunquam hactenus typb excuBSum. Woodcuts. 
Small 4to. Lugduni, 1558. 8.K. 

BOUTARIE (Edoabd).— Recherchesarchdc 
logiques sur le Palais de Justice de Paris. 8vo. 
Paris, 1862. 

BOUTEILLER (E. de).— Acad^mie im- 
piriale de Metz. lUpport sur le projet de Musee 
pr^nt^ pour les collections de la ville de Mets. 
22 pp. 8vo. Mets, 1864. 

B U T E L L (Chables) . — Monumental 

Brasses and Slabs: an historical and descriptive 
Notice of the incised Monumental Memorials of the 
Middle Ages, with numerous illustrations. By the 
Rev. Charles Boutell, M.A. Plates. Imp. 8vo. 
London, 1847. S.K. 

BOUTELL (Charles). — ^Arms and Armour 
in Antiquity and the Middle Ages; also a de- 
scriptive notice of modem weapons. Translated 
from the French of M. P. Lacombe, and wiUi a 
preface, notes, ai)d one additional chapter on arms 
and armour in England, \sy Charles Boutell, M. A 
71 woodcuts. Post 8vo. London, 1869. S.K. 

BOUTELL (Mabt E. C.).— Picture Natural 

History, includinff Zoology, Fossils, and Botany; 

with upwards of 600 illustrations. Edited with 

pre&ce and introduction by the Rev. Charles 

' ^uteU. Square 16mo. London, 1869. 

BOUTEREAU (C). — Nouveau Manuel 
complet du Dessinateur, ou Traits th^rique et 
pratique de I'art du dessin, contenant le dessin 

des animauXf des fieurs, et des arabesques; la 
th^rie des ombres, de la lumi^re et des couleurs, 
etc. With 20 plates containing more than 500 
illustrations. New edition (Manuels-Roret). Text 
18mo. Plates 4 to. Paris, 1858. S.K. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


BOUTHOBS (A.).— Contmnes locales dn 

Bailliage d'Amiens, redig^ en 1507 Par 

M. A. Bonthon. 2 yols. 4ta Amiens, 1845-53. 

Fanning Vols. I. and IL of " M^moires de la 

8odM des Antiquaiies de Picardie. Documents 

in^ts ooneemant la Broyince.** S.K. 

BOUTIOT (Th^ophilb). — Histoire de la 
TiUe de Troyee et de la Champagne m^dionale. 
Vol. L (in progress). With plates. 8yo. Troyes, 
1870, etc 

BOUTKOWSKI (Aleksaitdee).— Recher- 

ches historiqnes sor la Tille de Tiom et description 
d'nne m^daille inWte appartenante k oette ville. 
16mo. P^s, 1864. S.K. 

SnppUment aoz recherches historiqnes sur la 
TiUe de Tiom (en Bithynie^ et monographic de 
plusienrs mMailles incites ae cette yille. Large 
16mo. Heidelberg, 1867. 

BOUTKOWSKI (Aleksandbe).— Recueil 

spMal de grandes cnrioeit^ incites , dans le 

champ de TArchfologie, de la Nnmismatiqne et de 

rEpigraphie. 8yo. Saint Pitersbooi^, 1868, etc. 

In progress. B.M. 

BOUTMY (Emilb).— Philosopbie de rArchi. 
lecture en Gr&ce. 18mo. Paris, 1869. 

BOUTMY (Emile).— Introduction an Cours 
d'Histoire Compar^e de TAxchitecture. 8yo. Paris, 
[1869]. S.K. 

BOUTMY (Smile).— Philosopliie de rArchi. 

tectnre en Grice. Post 8yo. Paris, 1870. S.K. 
BOUTON (Victob)— La Ohevalerie dans 

lea Flandres. Armorial des Toumois, Joutes et 
FMes auz XV* et XVI* Sidles. Fac-Simile d'apr^ 
lea MSS. par V. Bouton. Vol. I. 8to. Paris, 1867. 

BOUTON (Yictoe).— Armorial de Tonmois. 

Jonste £ucte 4 Toumay I'an mil trois cent trente, 
Fac-simile d'apria un mannscrit. Figures. Fol. 
Paris, 1870. 

BOUTOVSKY (ViCTOE de).— Manuel icono- 

graphique de I'ancienne &ole de Stroganoff. 214 
Kuilles, donnant 706 images de figures hiiratiquea. 
Moeeou, 1870. 

BOUTOVSKY (ViCTOB de).— De TAdnca- 

tion arttstique appliou^ k I'industrie en Europe et 
pardculiirement en Kussie. 8to. St. Petersburg, 

BOUTOVSKY (Victor de).— Mus^ d'Art 

et drindustrie de Moscou. Histoire de rpmement 
ruase, d*apria des manuscrita du X* an XVI* si^e 

gstoria ronskAgo omamenta X po XVI stoUtii po 
^▼nim ronkopisiam). 200 lithographs and chromo- 
lithographs. FoL Paris and mosoow, 1870 etc. 

BOUTOVSKY (Victor deV— Oonsid^ra- 

tioos BUT le Ptojet d'un Muaee Pol^rtechnique 
UniTersel k Moaoou prftsent^ par le Directeur de 
ViecAe Strogonow, M. V. de Boutorsky, au mois de 
Mai dernier, k Tasaembl^ de la Commission dn 
Mna^ 8fO. 8t.-Pit«nbouxg, 1871. , S£ 


BOUTTEVILLE. — Anti(^uit6s Nationales. 
Par M. B. ; sous la direction de M. P. Biris. 
12mo. Paris, 1837. BJC. 

BOUVENNE (Aglaus).— Piscine de I'^glise 
d*Ahun. (Creuse). 8to., Paris, 1860. 

BOUVENNE (AoLAtis).— L^gende de Sainte 
Wilgeforte, arec trois eanx-fortes d'apr^ les monu* 
ments originauz. 8yo. Paris, 1866. 

BOUVENNE (AoLAtts).— NouveUes recher- 
ches sur T^lise St-Hippolyte, k Paris. With pkte. 
8to. Paris, 1866. 

BOUVENNE (AoLAtts).— Les Monogrammes 
historiquea d'aprto dee Monuments originauz. 
12mo. Paris, 1870. S.K. 

BOUYEB (A C.)— Bibliothique r6cr6ative 
et morale pour la jeunesse. Lee jeunes artistes, on 
musique et peinture. Par A. C. Bouyer. Hlustr^ 
de 9 grarures k deux teintes par Bertrand. Quarto. 
Paris, 1858. 

BOUYER (FRifiD^Eic).— La Guyane fran- 

Sbise. Souvenirs d'un voyage ez^ut^ en 1862-63. 
essins de Riou. Fol. Paris, 1867. 

BOUZIQUE (L.) and R. (E.).— Nouveau 

Manuel de Menuiserie simplifl^e, oontenant des 
details sur toutea les parties de la Menuiserie du 

bAtiment, la fabrication et I'emploi des outils 

Par M. L. B.| Menuisier-Modeleur et M. E. R. 
(Manuels-Roret). 18mo. Paris, 1857. S.K. 

BOVER DE ROSSELLO (Joaquim Mabia) 

and MEDEL (Rambn).— Varones ilustres de Mal- 

lorca Obra adomada oon retratos grabados en 

madera por A. Martinez, 8vo. Palma, 1847-49. 


BOWDICH, afterwards LEE (Sarah).— 

Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals 

With illustrations by H. Weir. 8vo. London, 

1852. B.M. 

BOWDICH, afterwards LEE (Sarah).— 

British Animals and Birds ; with descriptions by 
Mrs. R. Lee, and illustrations &om drawings by 
H. Weir. 8vo. London (1865). B.M. 

BOWDICH, afterwards LEE (Sarah).— 
Foreign Animals and Birds ; with descriptions by 
Mrs. R. Lee, and illustrations from drawings by 
H. Weir. 8vo. London (1865). BJi. 

BOWER (Archibald). — Historia litte- 
raria ; or, an exact and early account of the most 
valuable books published in the sevend parts of 
Europe. With complete alphabetical index. Edited 
by A. B. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1730-34. SJC. 

BOWLASS (Christopher).— Architectural 

Incongruities. 7 plates, drawn by G. B. 4to. 
London, 1770. 

BOWLER (Oeoroe).— Chapel and church 
architecture, with designs for parsonages. 4 1 plates. 
FoL Boston, 1856. 

BOWLER (T.W.).— SouthAfrican Sketches ; 

a series of. views at the Cape of GocAlin^^U.^. 

Without letterpieM. 4lo. Loudon, \%b\. ^^ 

B. ^1 


Universal Catalogue of 


BOWLER (T. W.)— The Kafir Wars and tlie 
BritiBh 43ettlei8 in Sonth Africa : a series of pic- 
turesque views, from original sketches by T. W. B. ; 
with descriptive letterpress by W. B. Thomson. 
20 lithographs. Fol. London, 1865. S.K. 

BOWIiES.— Bowles' Art. of Painting in 

- Water Colours, exemplified in landscapes, flowers, 
&c. ; together with instiuetions for painting on 
g^aas and in crayons. 9th edition. 8vo. London, 
1787. Soane. Mus. 

German translations : — 
8vo. Leipzig, 1797. 
8vo. Goblens, 1800. 

BOWTER (Robbbt) .— AnHlnstratedRecord 

of important Events in the Annals of Europe, 
during the years 1812, 1818, 1814 and 1815. 
Coloured aquatints, engraved portraits, and wood- 
euts in text. Eol. London, 1815. Soane Mns. 

BOWYER (RoB]gET).— An Impartial His- 
torical Narrative of those momentous Events which 
have taken place in this Country during the period 
from 1816 to 1823. Coloured plates, aquatint, and 
outlines by Stephanoff. Fol. London, 1828. 

Soane Mas. 

BOynnSR (William).— The Origin of Print- 

ing. In Two Essays. L The Substance of Dr. 
' Middleton's Dissertation on the Origin of Printing 

in England. IL Mr. Meerman's Account of the 

Invention of the Art at Harleim, and its Progress 
. tb Kents. With occasional Bemarka, and an 

Appendix. 2nd edition, with improvements. 8vo. 

London, 1776. .. aK. 

30X (John). — Ghronioles of the Castle of 

" Amelroy, or Ammerzode; with some notices of its 

' Ancient Barons, niustrated by photographic views 

.and portraits, from original paintings by Albert 

Dixrer, Van Theulden, and others ; with fiiic-similes 

■ of several curious ancient documents. By J. B. 

4to. London, 1870. SJBL 

BOXHORN (Mabcus Zuebitts). — Thea- 

trum, sive HoUandiae Comitatnm et urbium nova 

- descriptio. Plates. Oblong 4to. Amstelodami 
~ (1682). 

BOXHORN (Mabcus ZuBBius). — QosBstiones 

rdmanse, qnibus sacri et profani ritus, etc. eruimtur. 
2 parts (in 1 vol.) Plates. 4to. Lugduni Bata- 
Torum, 1687. 

BOXHORN (Marcus Zubbius).— Monn- 

menta illnstrium virorum, et elogia. Cura ac 
studio Marci Zuerii Boxhomii. With plates by T. 
Pendt. SmaUfoL Amstelodami, 1638. S.K. 

BOTBR (A.). — Cours ^l^mentaire de dessin 
lin^ire et d'arpentage. 12mo. Paris, 1854. 

BOYER fH.). — Histoire des imprimenrs et 
libraires de Bourges. 8vo. Boui^es, 1854. 

BOYNE rWiLLiAM).— Tokens issued in the 
seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, 
in Yorkshire, by Tradesmen, Overseers of the 
Poor, &c., in gold, silver, brass, and copper. Also 
the Sg&Ib of all the Corporations in that Comity. 

Lithographed phites and wDOdcntB. 4to. Heodixiglej; 
1858. . S.£La 

BOYNE (William).— The silver tokens of 

G^reat Britain and L^land, the dependencies) and 
colonies. To which are added two tokens in gold 
and some in copper, which were issued as silver. 
With 7 plates. 4to. London, 1866. S.K. 

BOYNEBURG (H. W. Oh. von).— Das 

Nothigste von der Bau-Wissensehaft in.wenigen 
Stunden zu lemen. 8vo. Darmstadt, 1621. 

BOZlfiRE (AMt FBANQots Joseph) .--r-Toatnai 

ancien et modeme, on Description hiatoriqne et 
pittoresque de cette ville depuis son origine jnsqn'i 
nos jours. Large 8yo. Toumai, 1854. 

BOZIfiRE (Am^ Prancois Joseph).— Ar- 
morial de Toumai et du Tonmaiseis. Texte et 
dessins. 16 lithographs printed in bistre. 8vo. 
Toumai, 1859. B.M. 

BOZOLI (Giovanni Mabu). — Importante 

Scoperta d'un antico dipinto in Eerrara. Kelarione 
artistica''di G. M. B. 43 pp. 24mo. Borigo, 1840. 
Another edition. 8vo. Milano, 1840. 

BOZOLI (Giovanni Maria). -^Sala grande 

nel Castello di Perrara. 4 pp. 8vo. Ferrara, 1843. 

BOZOLI (Giuseppe MabiaV— Sul riedifi- 

camento della fabrica o palaz«> della Bagione. Vig- 
nette. Ferrara, 1885. 

BOZOLI (Giuseppe Maria). — Studii di 

Belle Arti di G-. M. B., proeednto (sic) da un disobno 
di Giovanni Maria BoBoli. 114 pp. 8vo. MiUmo, 

BOZOLI (Giuseppe Maria). — ^Nineve e suoi 

avanri. 4to. Fenara, 1854. 

BOZOLI (Giuseppe Maria^. — ^Monmnenti 

Italiani e Belle Arti, per G. M. Bozoli. 8vo. For- 
. rara, 1871. S.E. 

BRABANT (Duke op). — 0^r6monies et 
flkes du mariage de 8. A. L Monseigneur le Due 
de Brabant, et de S. A. L et B. Ikl^dame Muie- 
Henriette-Anne, Archidnchesse d'Autriche, o&Ubr6 
i Bruzelles, le 22 aofit 1853. 1 Engraving and 19 
ooloured lithographs. Fol. BruxeUes, 1853. S.K. 

BRACEBRIDGE (— , Mrs.). — Notes de- 
scriptive of a Panoramic Sketch of Athens, takea 
May 1839. (By Mrs. Bracebridge.) Folding plate. 
4to. London, 1839. SJSl. 

BRADFORD (Alexander W.).— American 
AntiqnitieB and Beseaxches into the -Origin and 
History of the Red Bace. 8to. New York, 1843. 


cial Catalogue of the Art Treasures and Industrial 
Exhibition, Great Horton, Bradford. 7th edition. 
8vo. Bradford, 1870. S.IC 

BRADLEY (Thomas). — ^Lecture on praoti- 
cal plane and descriptive Geometry, Mechanical and 
Machine Braving, and Building Construction. Be- 
livered at the South Kensington Museum, April 16, 
1860. 8vo. London, 1B60. BJS., 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


)SHAW (GfiOBGB).-^Blnst!Fated Hand 

to GermaDj, North and South, etc. 8to. 

OB, Manchester (printed, 1869.) BJl 

CUEB (0.). — Materiaiien far den 
leD-Unteincht. Yorseiehmiiigen sum Anf- 
aen anf die Sehultafel fiir Elementarlehrer. 
hogr^fafl. 8to. Bteslau, 1838. 

HUBR (C.).— Vorzeichnen, ModeU- 
nen nnd e^bstotaiidigefl Unteirlobten im fireien 
IfBiehniftn. Hit wmo\i Hthographirten Tafein 
ein«n lithogn{durten Titeh 4to. and foL 
lao,1866. BJf. 

I£BACH (Wilhelm). — De Columnis 
riiPiad KhwwBi repetfia commei^tariofl. 4to. 
rfeldiB, Bonnn (prii^), 1865. B.M. 

IBACH (WttHBLM). — Trajan am 
1 and die Inschriftenfalschungen zn Trier. 
Elberfeldt, 1866. 

iBACH (Wilhelm), — Baden unter 
Bcher ^errschafi. I lithograph. 31 pp. 4to. 
nwgr, 1867. 

fBTTiLA (Camillo). — ^Alcune annota- 
nnmismatichedi C.B. 1 plate. 51pp. 4to. 
I, 1867. 

CBSPELD (B[.). — 24 Wand-Tafeln 

A.nlanger im Freihandzeichnen in systema- 
geordneter Folge for Elementarschnlen tmd 

re Lebranstalten. 2. Auflage. Lithographs. 
L^rge 4to. Elberfeld, 1860. 

iliEY ( Henbt B.AM8DES ) and 

CN£R (John). — Christmas Carols New and 
The Words edited hy the Eev. H. R. Bram- 

llA. The Music edited by J. Stainer, M JL., 
Doc With illustrations, engraved by the 

lers Dalziel. 4to. London, n. d. S.E. 

OiEY, EXHTBEnON, 1872.— Official 

iogue of the Art Exhibition, Bramley, opened 

be Mayor of Leeds, Tuesday, July 9, 1872. 

Bradford, 1872. SJK. 

^GK (Giovanni). — Manual de Arqoi- 
ra ^ue e8cribi6 en italiano Jnan Branca... >.. 
diciones y notas de Leonardo Vegni, traducido 
stellano por Don Manuel Hijosa. Plates. 8to. 
id, 1790. 

TD (P. jn, — Kirchliche Bauknnst. 
Itung znr iCenntniss und Beurtheilung der 
lengebaude und anderer Bauwexke des Mit- 
ers, nebst einer Zngabe, betreffend die far 
Itung der G-emalde in Birchen anzuordneten 
regain. ICt 58 erlautemden lithographischen 
uanngen. (On 3 plates in 4ta) 2nd edition. 
9 8to. Paderbom, 1858. 
; edition. With 48 drawings. 1852. 

TD (JoHANK Christian). — ^Verschie- 
Landtchafien mit Figoxen, naeh j^ecr Natnr 
ehaet, dnrch J. C. JB. 18 plates. 8vo. 

n) (JoHN).^-Bibliotheoa Brandiana. 
talogne of the unique, scaiee, rare^ curious. And 

nameroas Collection of Works on the Antiquity, 
Topography, and decayed intelligence of Great 

Bntain and Ireland, being the entire library 

of the late Eev. J. B., May and June 1 807. (Priced!) 
Stewart. 8to. London, 1807. S.E!. 

BRAND (John). — Observations on Popiilar 

Antiquities, including the whole of Mr. Boome's 
Antiquitates Vulgares, with Addenda to erery chap- 
ter of that Work ; as also an Appendix containing 
fuch Articles ion the subject as have been omitted 
by that Author. Svo. London, 1810. aK. 

BBAITOAIID rRoBEBT).— Scraps of Nature: 
a Series of Etchings by R. B. Consisting of 17 
plates. Fol. London, n.d. _ S.K. 

BRANDENBURG (Arnold).— Ueber das 

stiidtische Bauwesen des Mittelalters, in Anwen- 
dung auf Stralsund. 8vo. Stralsund, 1843. 

BRANDES (Q.).— Den franske -^sthetik i 
Yore Dage. ^ Afhandling om H. Taine. Par 
G-. B. 18mo. Copenhague, 1870. 

BRANDES (H.).— BraunschweigsDommit 
seinen Wandgemalden. Woodcut. 8to. Braun- 
schweig, 1868. 

BRANDIMARTI (A.).— SnU' antica Alba, 

cittA del Piceno^ 8yo. Fermo, 1824. ' 

BRANDIS (C. A.).— Mittheflungeh fiber 
Griechenland. 3 vols. 8t0. Leipzig, 1842. 

BRANDIS (Johannes).— Das Miinz-Mass- 
und G«wichtsweeen in Vorderasien bis auf Alexan- 
der den Ghcossenr. 8yo. Berlin, 1 866. B Jd . 

BRANDT (Alexandeb). — ((Snide to the 
Zoological Museum of the Imperial Academy of 
Sciences, St. Petersburg.) In Bussian. 12mo, 
St. Petersburg, 1865. S.K* 

BRANDT (E,).— Lehrbuch der Eisen-Con- 
struotionen mit beionderer Anwendung auf den 
Hochbau. Ein Leitfaden zum praktischen Gebrauch 
und zu Vorlesungen an techmschen Lebranstalten. 
Bearbeitet und herausgegeben von E. B. 2nd edi- 
tion. 'Part i. With 1,400 woodcuts in th^ text 
and 4 copperplates. Boyal 8to. Berlin, 1870. 

BRANDT (Johann Gborg). — Alphabete nnd 
Schriftmuster aus Manuskrij)ten una Druckwerken 
verschiedener Lander, vom' 12 bis zum 19 Jahr- 
hundert. 40 plates, mostly coloured. Pol. Frank* 
furt-am-Main, 1857. 

BRANDT (Sebastian).-— Das Narrensobiff. 

Das niiy schiff to Narragonia mit besunderS flisz 
emst t9 arbeit, Ton niiwd mit Til schoner sprach, 
exepeln, tu zugesezte Historic tu materie erlengert 
vn schinbarlicher erklert cu Basel durch S. B. lem 
beid'rechte. Woodcuts. 4to. Straszburg, 1494. 

La nef des fols du monde'(at the end). Cy finist la 
nef des folz du monde. Premierement composer en 
aleman par maistre Sebastien brant docteur es.Drcntz. 
ConsecutiTement d'aleman en latin redig^ par inais- 
tre iacques locher. BovQU<b ^V oni^^ ^^ ^\iA\w«^ 
belles corcoxdanua et cA^dow^ wt \«> ^>!^ \si»»x.» 

• ( 


Universal Catalogue of 


Et de Douvel translate de latin enfrancojs. Wood- 
cuts. 2 Tols. Fol. Paris, 1497. 

Welt Spiegel, oder Narren Schiff dariS aller 
Standt schandt and laster, oppiges leben, mhe 
Narrechte sitten, and der Weltlaaff, gleich ds in 
einem Spiegel gesehen and gestrafit weiden : alles 
aaff Sebastian Brands Reimen gerichtet, etc., etc. 
16mo. Basel, (1674). 8.K. 

BRANDT (Sebastian).— Sebastian Brand's 

NarrenschifiT. Ein Hausschatz zar Ergetzang and 
Erbaaung erneaort von Karl Simro(£. Mit den 
Holzschnitten der ersten Aasgaben and dem Bild- 
niss Brands aus Reasner^s Icones. Imp. 870. Ber- 
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BRANDT (Sebastian). — Revelationes sancti 

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BRANDT (Sebastian).— Von dem Anfang 
and Wesen der hailigen Statt Jerusalem. 72 wood- 
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BRANDT (Sebastian).— AflP-ghebeelde NaT- 

ren Speel-Schnyt, rerciert met meer als Hondert 
Schoone Fiffueren nae den aert van Teelderley Sotten 

die op aerden zijn Beschreven int Latijn ende 

Hoocn-Doytscfa, door den Hoochgheleeiden D. Se- 
bastiaen Brandt, etc. With engraved portrait of 
8. Brandt and 105 woodcats. Sqnare 16mo. t'Am- 
stelredam, 1635. S.K. 

BRANNON (Qeoroe).— Vectis Scenery: 

consisting of onginal and select views, illastrative 
of the local peci^arities and general aspect of the 
Isle of Wight, in a series of 26 engravings, from 
sketches of interesting subjects the most familiar to 
the public. New edition. ObL 4to. London, 1822. 


BRANNON (George).— The Pleasure Vi- 

sitoi^s Companion in making the Tour of the Isle 
of Wight, pointing out the best plan for seeing in 
the shortest time every remarkable object. Embel- 
lished with views of the country inns, &c By G. B. 
12mo. Wootton, I. W. (1851). 8.K. 

BRANNON (Philip).— The Park and the 

Crystal Palace, presenting a complete series of ex- 
terior views, displa3ring the beautiful combinations 
of that magnificent structure with the surrounding 
scenery. Drawn by Philip Brannon. Lithographed 
title page, and 6 plates. AUasfoL London, 1851. S.K. 

BRANNON (Philip).— The lUustrated His- 
torical and Picturesque Guide to Swanage and the 
Isle of Purbeck, with a dear digest of the geology 
.and a minute description of the coast from Bourne- 
mouth Bay to White Nore. By P. B. 2nd edition. 
12mo. Ppole, London, 1860. S.K. 

BRANNON (P91LIP).— The Blustrated His- 

torical and Picturesque Guide to Bournemouth and 
the surrounding Scenery, with a chapter on the sani- 
tary character of the lo<^ty. By P. B. 9th edition. 
12mo. Poole, London, 1867* S.K. 

BRANSBY r James Hews). —A Sketch of 
the history of Carnarvon Castle. 1 plate. 8to. 
Carnarvon, 1829. 

BRANTEGHEM (Guilhelmus de). — La 

Vie de Nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ par figures, 
selon le texte des quatre Euangelistes, et les Euan- 
giles, Epistres, et f^pheties de toute lannee, chantees 
en la Messe, auee aulcunes oraisons. 16mo. Anuers, 
1544. SJL 

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Volkes. Herausgegeben von A. B., illuminirt von 
Holbein, Hagemann und Andem. Laige 8vo. 
BerUn, 1843. 


EnKNim). — Histoire des nations civilis^ da 
Mexi^ue et de TAm^rique centrale, durant les siicles 
ant^neurs & Christophe Colomb, icxite sur des docu- 
ments originaux et enti^rement inedits, puis^ aux 
anciennes archives des indigenes. 4 vols. Laige 
8vo. Paris, 1857-59. 


]^}nBNKB). — ^Voyage sur Tisthme de Tehuantepec, 
dans TEtat de Chiapas, et la r^publique de Guat^ 
mala, ex^t^ en 1859 et 1860. 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

BRASSINNE.-— filaments de g6om6tne de- 
scriptive appliqu^ k la coupe des pierres et 4 la 
charpente, a Tusage des ing^nieurs, des architectes 
et des aspirants aux toles du gouvemement. With 
atlas. 8vo. Toulouse, 1868. 

BRAUN (August Emil). — Yobo Apulo nel 

Real Museo Borbonico in Napoli, con dipinture di 
subbietti nuziali, illustrato da E. B. 3 plates. 8vo. 
Roma, 1836. S.E. 

BRAUN (August Emjl). — ^Vaso di Premio 

col Ratto del Palladio e laG-ara da Marsia ad Olimpo. 
niustrazione del Bottore E. B. Con due tavole in 
rame. 8vo. Roma, 1837. S.K. 

BRAUN (August Emil). — Vaso Rnvese 

dall' Orfeo e Bellerofonte, posseduto dal Sig. Cav. 
Lamberti, ed illustrato dal Dottore E. B. 4 plates. 
8vo. Roma, 1838. S.K. 

BRAUN (August Emil).— D Ratto di Ce- 

falo, ed Eoipo in traccia della Sfinge, dipinti da 
Hierone sopraunaKylix posseduta dal Sig. Consigl. 
Schlosser, residente nel Convento Neubuig, illustrata 
dalDott.E.B. 1 plate. 8vo. Roma, 1838. S.K. 

BRAUN (August Emil). — ^KunfltvorsteUuii- 

een des gefliigelten Dionysos, Herm Professor 
Welcker zur &urtheilung vorgelegt von E. B. 6 
plates. 8 pp. FoL Munchen, 1839. 

BRAUN (August Ehil). — Tages nnd dee 

Hercules und der Minerva heilige Hochzeit Eine 
Abhandlung rein archiiologischen Inhalts. 5 plates. 
11 pp. FoL Munchen, 1839. 

BRAUN (August Emil).— H laberinto di 

Porsenna coQiparato coi sepolcri di Poggia-Ghgella. 
6 ^tes. Fol. Roma, 1840. 

BRAUN (August Bmel).— Das Judenbad 

sn Andemach. Plate. 4to. Bonn, 1843. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


BRAUtf fAoonsT Bhin,).— Der WuBtoruo- 
deiLi^aMeiQMTdmiselitaColioiUnuicheD. Pl&ts, 
4to. S>Dii, iet>7- 

BRAUN (AuoosT Ehil}.— Achilles anf S^- 
IM, odn dis uitike Bronuatktna tod SAttingta. 
8to. Bonn, 1808. 

BRAUTf (AuouBT Emil}.— Das Portal za 
BcmageD and kniutarclulologiache Betnchtniigen 
daiaber. 2 putL Platsa. 4to. Boon, 1BS9. S.K. 

BBADN (E. J. ton).— 0«acIimackslehre, 
odcT Wiwoucluft dea Schonen. Stq. Wien, 18«. 

BRAUN (JmiuB). — Geschichte der KnnBt 
in ihrem !&itwicUnng^aiig dorch sUe VoUwr der 
ftlten Welt hindnnih, bi^ dem Bodui ita OrUkniide 
DBchgcwicMD. Sto. Wi«ib«deD, ISfiS, etc 

BEATJW (J. W. G.)— Daa Tempelbild im 
Kohhhale. Sto. Eoln, 1863. 

BRAUN (P.).— Trier and seine Alterttflmer. 
Hit 1 Anncht der Porta nigra, lemo. Trier, ISfil. 

DeometiiKhe Eeidmen sli Unteirichtagegenitand 
in Bealschalan. Sto. ChBmniU, IBSS. 

BRACNFELS (Lcdwio). — Die Mainnfer 
und ihre bAchflte Umgebnagea. Mit^i&tAhlfltichen 
nBch OriginaJuictmimgen Ton Frili Bamtwiger. 
Nebat einei StromkBrts Tom U&in. Bojal Iro. 
Wnnbnig, 1844-47- 

BRAY (Ahui Euza). — A Description of the 
Put of Devonshire bordering on the Tamar and the 

Tarj In a Series of Letter* to Bobert Sonthqt, 

E^. By Ur*. Bnj. 3 Tola. Sro. London, 1814. 


BRAT (S, db). — ^Architdctiira modeniat etc. 
Fol. Amsterdam, 1S3I. 

BRAT (William).— Traditions, Legends, 
Snpentitions and SkRtches of DeTonahire; ilia*' 
tratiTB of Manners, Customs, History and An- 
tiquities of the coontj. 3 Tolt. Plate* and wood. 
enla. Sto. n.p. 18JB. 

BEATUET (Edwaeb Wbdlui).— The Gra- 
pfaic and Historical Ulnstrntori an original Uis- 
edtanj of literarj, antiquarian and topognphical 
informatitm. EdiWd bj B. W. BiBjle^ ud aided 
by eommnnintions from eninent Uterar; cha- 
racters. Ha. London, IS34. B.M. 

BRATLET (Edwaed Wedlike). — See 
Bbittok (John) and BuTUT (E. W.) 

BRAZIL, EXHISmON. 1861.— Documen- 
ts ofldiiea rehUiTOf k Expoei^ao Nacional de 1861, 
ere. 4 rols. in 2. 8to. Rid de Janeiro, 1862. 3.K. 

BRAZIL, EXHIBITION, 1866.— Catalogo 
doa Momes doa ExpoeiUires da Segnnda Gxposi^o 
HacioDal conteodo em forma de tabella a nnmera^ 
inscrta no catologo doe piodnctos, I S6S. Sto. Bio 
de Janeiro, 1S66. 8.E. 

BRAZIL, EXHIBITION, 1866.— Catalogs 
da Segnuda Expoai^ Naaonal 1866, Sto. Bio 
de Janeiro, 1806. &£, 

BREBISSON (Alphonsb be).— NouTelle 

nitbode pbotographiqae snr collodion, donnant dec 
^reovea iostantan^. Traiti oomplet de direis 
procidii. Bto. Poria, I80S. 

2iide^tion, ISSS. P.M. 

BREBISSON (Alphossb db). — Photo- 
graphie. Collodion see instantani, ditails eompleti 
sur ce proG^di j sniTia d^on appendice renfennaitt 
one reme de plnsienrs methodes de collodion sec. 
Sto. Paris, 1S68. 

BRECHILLET.(Estiesnb).— DescriptioD et 
interpretation des portiques itigie k Viatiie de 
Lonis de Bourbon, Prince de Condi, en la Tills de 
DiJon, la 6 Hare, IS48, accompgn^ de flgnrea 
et ana de triompbe. 6 plates. Fol. Dgoa, ISSO, 

BREDBEEG (B. Q.).- MetaUniyUka An- 
tedtninger. 8to. Stockholm, 1867. 

BBEEN (Adau tah). — Le Maniement 
d'Armei de Nassan, arecq Bondelles, Piques, Esp^ 
and Toives ; representeE par Fignree, selon le nan- 
Teau ordra da Ti^illostre Prince Haurice de Nas- 
sau, etc. Par A. van B., BTecq InstraetioD par 
escript pour tons Cappitainw et Commandenrs, 
nouTellement mis en lumiire . Fol. I^HayeitBlS. 

BREBS (Samubl CHAKLEa).— Pictorial B- 
luatrationi of New Zealand. Fol. London, 1847. 

BBEGEAUT (L. R).- Mannel complet 
th^riqne et pratique du deaainatear et de I'impri- 
meur rithographe. 3rd edition with plates. ISmo. 
Paris, 1834. 

Another edition, 1800. 

BREHM (A. E.).— Dlnstrirtea Thierleben. 
£ine atlgnneine Eonde des Thierreiclu. Hit 
Abbildnngen nach dtr Katnr ansgefdhrt nnter 
Leitong Ton E. Schmidu Woodcata. Sto. Hild- 
bn^baUKO, 1868. 

French translation..— Ia Tie d^ atumanx illns- 
tr^, on description popniure du rigne animal. 80 
pUtea and 1,600 deaigna in text. In progress. 
Large Sto. Paris, 1S70. 

BREHM (Chs. Ludwig). — Handboch aller 
"igelDentsehlanda. 47 coloored platea. ~ 

BREITINGBB (J.J.).— ZnTerlaseige Nach- 
riebt Ton dem AJterthum der 9tadt Ziirich, and 
Ton Mner Entdeckung merkwurdiger Antiquititen 
bei Knonan. 8 platea. 4to. Ziirich, 1741. 

BREITKOPF (JoHANM GffrrLOB Immamdbl), 
Ueber den Druck der geographiscben Earten, 4U, 
Leipidg, 1777(?). 

BBEITSOHWERT (W. tom).— Das Wnn- 
derbare Bilderboch. Bin Featgeachenk Toll komi- 
Bcher Sachen, atm Slaanen nnd lichen Ri heit«ra 
Kinder. Nach Originalaeiehnungen von W. von 
Breitachwert. (Cbtomolithographi,) ilo. Stutt- 
gart, n.d. ELK. 

BREMANO (Gdillelko Hmii^wV— '^■»- 
plicatio muaiTi in nUa Bnif^^unuu Bswcrtli, o^ 
certamina amptutheatxi i«^i«MTtXit* «s3lk(>x. '£t«> 


Universal Catalogue of 


missae sunt breves de Indorum amphitheatri origine 
atqae historia, deque ipsorum gladiatorum. condi- 
tione, geneiibus, armaturis commentationes. 7 
plates. 4to. Romie, 1846. S.K. 

BREMOND (Alphonse Maeib Floeent).— 

" Histoife de Texposition des beauz-arts et de I'in- 
^ dustriede Toulouse en 1858, etc. Plates. 12ino. 
Toulouse, 1858. 

BREMOND (Alphonse Mabib Floeent), — 

,, Histoire de I'antique 6glise de Saint-Satumin du 
^ Taur, actuellement Notre-Dame du Taup & Toulouse. 
12mo. Toulouse, 1860. 

BEEMOND (Alphonse Maeib Floeent). — 

. . Histoire de tontes les saintes reliques conserv^es 
dans rinsigne basilique de Saint-Satumin, etc. 
12mo. Toulouse, 1862. 

BBEMOND (Alphonse Mabie Floeent). — 

Hi8t(HTe de rezposition des beaux-arts, de Tindus- 
. trie et de I'horticultuie de Toulouse en 1 865. 1 8mo. 
Toulouse, 1865. 

BRPMOND (Alphonse Maeib Floeent). — 

Le Quide toulousain, par A. B. Ce guide contient 
■ 4es notices historiques sur le d6partement de la 
*^ Haute-Garonne, sur Toulouse, see grands hommes, 

- la description de ses monuments, etc Om^ d'un 
. plan de la ville et d'une carte da d^)artement. 3rd 

edition. 18mo. Toulouse, 1868. 

BREMOND (Alphonse Maeib Floeent).— 

Armorial toulousain. Armorial g^n^ral des fa- 
milies nobles du pajs toulousain, comprenant les 
noms patronymiques des fietmilles, ceux de leur fiefs, 
le blason de chacune d'elles grar^, les devises, cris, 
couronnes, supports, une historique de chaque mai- 
Bon, etc. V* partie. 18mo. Toulouse, 1870. 

BREKDEL (F.).— Anreffungen fiir Kunst, 

Iieben, und Wissenschaft Jierausgegeben yon Dr. 

F. Brendel. (Jahrg. 2 von F. Brendel und R. 
Pohl). 8yo. Leipzig, 1856, etc B.M. 

BRENNER (Adam). — Die Himmelsrosen. 

Sine G«lerie der Heiligen der rom.-kathol.Kirche, 
. mit deren Leben und Wirken. Hit 366 (lithogr.) 

Bildem nach Orig.-Zeichnungen von Adam Brenner. 

Large 8to. Wien, 1848, etc. 

BRENNER (Sophll Elizabeth). — S. E. 

^B uti &tskillige sprfik, tideroch tilf&Uen forfattade 
poetiske dikter, af henne sielf ft njo ofwersedde, 
, ' aamt med dertil horige kopparstjcken forokte. 2 
vols. 1 plates and frontispiece after Elias Brenner. 
4to. Stockholm, 1713-32. 

3RENT (John Cabeoll). — ^Letters on the 

National Institate, Smitksonian Legacy, the Fine^ 

o Arts and other matters connected wiSi l3ie interests 

of tiie District of Columbia. 8to. Washington, 

1844. B.M. 

BRENTroS (Johann).— Biblisches Hand- 

- btichlein. 280 woodcuts by J. Amman, with ex- 
planations 4n Oerman and Latin Terses. 8to. 
FrankfM-am-Mayn, 1673. 


BRERA; — ^E^posizione delle opere di BeUiid 
Arti nella galleria del Palazzo Nazionale di Brera, 
nell anno 1868. 16mo. Milano, 1868. B.M. 

BRiiS (Jean Piebeb). — Gompa^on pitto- 

reeque. CSolleetion de plusieuri mimers de pay- . 
sages, compost dans (uvers genres, acoompagn^ 
d*un traits el^mentaire dii peysage. I8190. P^nSt 
n. d. 

BRflS (JsAN Fieeee). — Myriorama Collec- 
tion de plusieurs milKers de paysages diflBbrents, 
dessin^ par M. B. 8vo. Paris, 1823. 

BRfiS (Jean Pibree). — Muaie deis pajs^ 

gistes. Collection de 16,646 paysages d*aprte les 
plus grands maitres. 9 plates. 8yo. Paris, 1826. 

BRflS (Louis). — ^Lev Palais de Longchamps : 
le monuments les collections. Notice, par L. B. 
3* ^tion, refondue etconsid^rablement augments. 
Photographic view. 48 pp. ^to. Marseille, 1870. 

BRESC (Louis db). — ^Armorial des csom- 

munes de Proyence, ou Dictionnaire g6ographiqiie 

et h^raldique des villes et villages des Bouches-du- 
Rh6ne, du Var, des Basses- Alpes, de Vaucluse et 
des Alpes-Maritimes. 8yo. Draguignan, 1867. 

BRESCH (Jean>.— La VaU6e de Minister et 
les Vosges centrales. Guide du touriste. 8vo. 
Colmar, 1871. 

BRESCIA.— Notizie della Zecca e deUe mo. 
nete di Brescia ; dissertadone di un cittadino Bres- 
ciano, con una piccola cronica della stessa cittil. 
(Per Dominico Manni ?). Sro. Brescia, 1755. 

BRESCIA. — Antichi Monumenti scoperti 
in Brescia. Svo. Brescia, 1828. Soane Mus. 

BRBSCLANI (Antonio).— L'Armeriaantioa 

di S. M. il Re Carlo Alberto, accademia poetica 
degli Alunni del Real Collegio d^ nobili al Carmine, 
diretto dai P. P. della Comp. di Gesii, oogli argo- 
menti del P. A. B. 64 pp. 8yo. Torino, 1841. 
Another edition. 8to. Milano, 185d. 

BRESCIANI (Antonio).— Descrizione dei 
trenta Medaglioni dell' apparato e delle festa del 
Collegio Romano, per la Tisiti fatta dal Santo 
Padre Pio IX. 8yo. Kapoli, 1853. 


GUSTS van). — De kerken der Middeleeuwen en haer 
Symbolismus. Svo. Brugge, 1865. 

BRETON (Ernest Francois Pierre Hip- 

polytb). — Un dimanche k Constantinople. 8to. 
Pans, 1863. 

BRETON (Ernest FaANgois Pierre Hip- 

polttb). — ^Notices sur la vie et les ouvrages de Ra- 
phaeL 46 pp. Svo. Saint Gbrmain>en Mje, 1863. 

BRETON (Ernest Francois Pierre Hip- 

poltte). — Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages du 
Titien. 8vo. Saint Germain-en-Laje, 1865. 

BRETON (Ernest Francois Pierre Hip- 

polttb). — ^Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de Paul 
y^ron^e (Cagliari) par £. B. 19 pp. 8vo. . Saint- 
Germain-en Laje, 1866. 


Books on Art (Supplemeni). 


BBETON (Ernest Francois Piebre Hip- 

POLtTB^. — ^Notice sur la vie et les ourrages du Do- 
miniqnin (Domenico Zampieri). 8to. Saint-Ger- 
main-Mi-Laje, 1867. 

BEETON (Eenbst PBANgois Piebbe Hippo- 

lttb). — ^Monogr^hie de la CathMrale de Salisbury 
por&BietoD. From the ''Eevae de rArtChr^ 
tien." 8to. Arras, 1869. S.K. 

BBETON (Philippb).— Th^orie de la cen- 

tralisation ; Boiyie d'appucations et projets der^gle- 
menta aoz ezpodtioDS des beaux-arts & celles de 
rindnstrie et sax trayanx sciendfiques. 72 pp. 
8td. Paris, 1848. 

BRETT (W. H.).— The Indian Tribes of 
Guiana; their condition and habits. With re- 
searches into their past histoiy, superstitions, 
l«ends, antiquities, lansnages, &c. By the Bev. 
W. H. Brett. C!oIoured Uihographs, woodcuts, and 
maps. 8to. Ixmdcm, 1868. S.E. 

BREUCHE de la CROIX.— Paraphrase 
sur le tableau de Michel Ange du Dernier Juge- 
ment. Par le Sr.BreTch^ de la Croix. Small 4to. 
(Id^), 1644. S.E. 

BREYDENBACH (Bernard de).— Sane 

tarum pemgrinatiomiin m montem Syon ad yeneran- 
dum Qiristi sapulcnun. in Jerusalem opuscnlum. 
With woodcuts from drawings by E. Benwidi. Fol. 
Hoguntiae, 1486. B.M. 

German translations : — B.M. 

Woodcuts. Fol. Meyntz, 1486. 
Woodcuts. FoL Augspurg, 1488. 
French translations : — . 
Woodcuta. FoL Lyon, 1488. 
Woodcuts. FoL Lyon, 1489. 
. . Woodcuts. 4to. Paris, 1617. 
Dutch translations :-^ 

Woodcuts. Fol. Harlem, 1486. 
Woodcuts. Fol. Utreclit, 1488. 
Woodcuts. 4to. Delf, 1498. 
Spanish transUition : — 

Woodcuts. Fol. Zarag09a, 1498. 

BREYSIG (J. A.*).— VerBnch einer Erlau-i 
tenmg der Keliefsperspektiye. With 11 plates. 
8yo. Magdeburg, 1798. 

BREYSIG (J. A.).— Symbolik duroh KranzJ 
and Kronen. Ueberbleibsel eines Worterbuchs des 

' Bildersprache. XJnterhaltend fur Jedermann, abet 
unantbehrlich fur bildende Eunstler. Large 8toj 
Beilin, 1809. 

BREYSIG (J. A.).— Skizzen, Gedanken,; 
Entwurfe, Umrisse, Yersuche, Studien, die bilden- 
^dan Knnste betrefTeiid yon AJ3. 8 parts. 8yo. 
Magdeburg, 1799^X801. 

BREYSIG (J. A.).— Neue Skizzen, odei; 
Phantasion, etc, bildende Kunste und Bai^kandwerk^ 
be tr effe u d. 2 parts. 8yo. Danrag, 1 80^-6^ , ! 

.BREYSIG (J. A.).— Warterbuch der Bilderi 
^>nche oder Angaben symbolischer und allegoric 

~^'^ seher fflder. 8119 monograms;^ 8yo. Leipzig^ 

BRfiZfi (CoHPTB de). — Obserrationa his- 
toriques et critiques sur ^es commentaires de 
Foliutl et sur la cayalerie. 2 yols. Plates. 8yo. 
Turin, 1772. 

BRIANCHON. — Analyse dn m^moire de 
M. Tabb^ Cochet, IntitulS: le Tombeau de siunle 
Honorine, a Grayille, pr^s le Hayre. 8 pp. 8yo. 
Bouen, 1868. 

BRIANgON (Robert de).— Etat de la 

Proyence, contenant ce qu*il y a de plus remarqu- 
able dans la police, dans la justice, dems T^lise et 
dans la noblesse de cette proyince, ayec les amos^ 
chaque ^imille (par Bobert de Brian^n]|. 8 yols. 
Numerous coats of arms. Sm. 8yo. Paris, 1693. 

BRIANI (Amilcabe) and GR0SSI(Fba9- 

Cisco). — Gorso elsmentare di disegno lineare geo- 
metrico, colle principali nozioni della prospettiya. 
Parte L Diiffgno d^Ile figure piane. 64 pp. With 
19 plates. 8yo. Milano, 1870. -*• 

BRIANO (GiOBQio). — ^L'arte csristiana; a 
Giuseppe Mancinelli pel suo quadro rappresentante 
la yestizione di S. Chiara, esposta nella mostraHU 
pittura a Firenze, sermone di G. B. 11 pp. 8yo. 
Firenze, 1868. 

BRIDDON'b new Hand-Book to the Isle 
of Wight: containing eyery information necessAty 
to the tourist New edition. Crown 8yo. Byde, 
n. d. S.K. 

BRIDQENS (Richard).— Oostnmos of Itaft, 

Switzerland and France. Drawn and Etch'd by 
B. B. 4to. (London, 1820.) S.K. 

BRIDGES.— Observations on Bridge Buili- 
ing, and the seyeral Plans offered for a New Bridge. 
In a Letter addressed to the Gentlemen of the Com- 
mittee, appointed by the Common Council of the 
City of London, for putting in execution a Scheme 
of building a new Bridge across the Thames, at or 
near Black Friars. 8yo. London, 1760. Q3L 

BRlElRE ( — de). — Bssai snr le symboliflme 
antique d'Orient, principalement sur le s3rmbolisme 
£gyptien, contenant la critique raisonn^e de la 
traduction du passage du cinqui^me liyre ^e 
stromates de S. Clement d'Alezandrie, relactif auz 
Ventures Egyptiennes, de M. Letronnd. 8yo. 
1847. B.M. 

BRIERLY (Oswald W.).— The Engliet afld 

French Fleets in the Baltic, 1854, by 0. W. B^ made 
during the year on board H.M.S. St. Jean d'Acre 
and other of H.M. Ships. 18 Chromolitho- 
graphs, fol. London (1855). SJL 

BRIEZ (P.).— Notice snr la Serrurerie He 
Picaidie. 8yo. Abbeyille, 1857. 

BRIFFAULT (EugJine).— Paris & Table, par 
E. B. niustr^ par Bertall. Post 8yo. Paris. 1816. 


^BRIGGS (John Joseph),— Qnidft t(i MaV 
bourne ana King^B Sc^iVwii, l>«tVfJbaa»^ ^^'^^ 
woodcuts. PobISto. LoiiiiQiu^Ti.^ 



Universal Catalogue of 


BRIGHTON.— An Historical and Topo- 

graphical Picture of Brighton and it« EnTirons 

Forming a complete Ghiide to the Visitor in Brighton. 

Embellished with numerous elegant engravings. 

6mo. Brighton, 1826. SiK. 

BRIGHTON.— Catalogne of Pictures exhi- 
bited on the occasion of the visit of the British 
Association at Brighton, August, 1872, in the New 
Museum and Library, Pavilion. Compiled from 
information supplied by the Contributors. Post 4to. 
Brighton, 1872. S.K. 

BBIGHTWELL (C. L.).— Annals of In- 
dustry and Genius. With 32 engravings. Crown 
8vo. London (1869). 

BRIGIDI (Sebastiano). — ^La vita di Antonio 
Canova raccontata ad un giovanetto da S.B. 8vo. 
Firense, 1866. 

BEIGUARDELLO (Giovanni Battista). — 

Oio. Battista Canepa, Cenno biografico di G. B. B. 
12 pp. 8vo. Bologna, 1867. 

BRINCKMANN.— Unsere dontscheHeimath 
in Bildem von Brinckmann, mit Liitialen von 
Kroner, in Holzschnitten von Brend'amour. Imp. 
4to. Berlin, 1869. 

BRINCKMANN (Justus). — Erlautemngen 

zur Sammlung Minutoli von Dr. J. Brinckmann. 
8vo. Breslau, 1872. S.K. 

BRINDESI (Jean).— Elbieei Atika. Mnsfe 

des anciens Costumes Turcs de Constantinople. 22 
chromolithographs. Fol. Paris, n. d. S.K. 

BBINDLEY (James).— A Profile of tlie 
Biver Thames, from ifoulter^s Lock to Mortlake. 
Surveyed, by order of the City of London in 1770, 
bv James Brindley, Engineer. EIngraved by 
Thomas Je£ferys, Geographer to the King. Fol. 
London, 1770. SJB:. 

BRING afterwards LAGERBRING (Sven). 

— Monumenta Scanensia ; quibus varia ad antiqui- 
tatee Suiogothicas pertinentia capita continentur. 
2 vols. 4to. Londini GK)thorum (1745-51). B3I. 

BRINK (B. ten). — Levensbeschrijving van 
Byklof Michael van Goens. Uitgegeven door het 
provincial Utrechtsch genootschap van kunsten en 
wetenschappen. 8o. Utrecht, 1869. 

BBINSMEAD (Edgar).— The History of 

the I^anoforte. With an account of Ancient 
Husic and Musical Instruments. Woodcuts. Square 
Svo. London, n.d., 1870. S.E. 

BRINTON (Daniel G.)— The Myths of the 
New World. A treatise on the Symbolism and 
Mythology of tiie Rod Baces of America. Crown 
8vo. London, 1869. 

BRIOSO Y RUIZ (Jos^).— Moseo artistico 
y filosofia de la noble pintuza. 4ta Cadiz, 1866. 


BBISPOT (— Abb6).— La vie de J&us 
Chzist toite par les quaitre Evang^Ustes, ooor- 

donn^, ezpliqu^ et developp^ par les Saints 
Fires, les Docteurs et les orateurs les plus 
calibres. 130 steel engravings from the designs 
of the collection of P. J6r6me Natalis. 2 vols. 
Fol. Paris, 1863 

BRISSE (Alexandre). — Sentiments snr les 
distinctions de diverses mani&resde peinture, dessin, 
etc Plates. 12mo. Paris, 1649. 

BRISSE (L., Baron).— Album de I'exposi. 
tion universelle de Londres en 1862, pour faire 
suite A I'Album de I'exposition universelle de 1855. 
Ire partie. 4to. Paris, 1864. 

BRISSONIUS (Barnabas).— De formnlis et 
solemnibus Populi Homani verbis. Libri viii. F(^ 
Parisiis, 1583. 
Another edition. Fol. Lipsise, 1754. 

BRISTOL.— A Street View of Bristol ; or 
Walks through its principal thoroughfares and 
neighbourhood, by a Besident Citizen, l^o. 
Bristol, 1853. BJ^ 


Book to the Bristol Exhibition of Industrial and 
Ornamental Art, held at the Fine Arts Academy, 
Queen's Road, 1861. 8vo. Bristol, 1861. S.K. 

BRISTOW (W. H.). See FiGUiBB (L.).— The 
World before the Deluge, etc. 8vo. 1870. 

BRITANNICUS MELA.— A Letter to the 

Society of the Dilettanti, on the works in progress 
.at Windsor. Plates. 8to. London, 1827. S.K. 

BRITISH MUSEUM.— Catalogue of Prints 
and Drawings in the British Museum. Division L 
Political and Personal Satires. (No. 1 to No. 1235). 
Vol. i.— 1820 to April 11, 1689. Royal 8vo. (Lon- 
don), 1870. S.Z. 

BRITISH MUSEUM.— A Catalogue of the 
Greek and Etruscan Vases in the British Museum. 
Vol ii. 8vo. London, 1870. SJu 

BRITTON (John) and BRAYLEY (Ed- 
ward Wedlaxb). — A Topographical and Historical 
Description of Cornwall ; containing an account of 
its towns, castles, antiquities, churches, monumenta, 
public edifices, picturesque scenery, the residences 
of the nobility, gentiy, etc. Accompanied with 
biographical notices of eminent and learned men to 
whom this county has given birth. Plates. Royal 
8vo. London, 1810. S.K. 

BRITTON (John).— History of Graphic 
Illustrations of Christian Architecture in England. 
4to. London, 1826. 

BRITTON (John).— Bath and Bristol, with 
the counties of Somerset and Gloucester ; displayed 
in a series of views ; including the modem improve- 
ments, picturesque scenery, antiquities, etc., from 
original drawings by Thomas Si. Shepherd, with 
historical and descriptive illustrations by J. B. 48 
plates. 4to. London, 1829. aK. 

BRITTON (John).— An Analysis of Lee 
tnrei on Architecture, delivered at the Institution 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


in Park Street^ Bristol, 1833. 8to. Bristol, 1838. 


BRITTON (John).— An Essay on Topo- 
graphical lateriture : its province, attributes, and 
varied utility. With accounts of the sonices, ob- 
jects, and uses of national and local records, and 
glossaries of words used in ancient writings. 66 pp. 
Kojal 4to. London, 1843. S.K. 

BRITTON (John). — Memoirs of John 

Aubrr, f JLS., embracing his autobipnaphical 
sketches, a brief review of his personal and literary 
merits,,and an account of his works, etc Portrait 
and 2 woodcuts. Hoyal 4to. London, 1846. 

BRIZI (Oeeste). — L'Ordine Equestre di 
San Manno e La Sammarinese. Canti due del 
CaT. Ck)lonello Ozeste Brizi. Small foL Napoli, 
1865. S.K. 

BROAD LINE Drawing-Book for the use 
of young children, containing 80 drawings of objects, 
2nd edition. ObL Sva London, n. d. S.K. 

BIUK/A (Paul). — Snr le st^rto^plie, nou- 

vel instrument craniographique destin^ k dessiner 
tons les'd^tails du relief des corps solides; par 
P. B. M&noire communique & la Sod^t^ d'antnro- 
pologie de Paris, le 7 d^oembre 1866. 1 plate. 28 
pp. 8to. P^ois, 1869. 

BBOCKHAUS (P. A.).— ClicWs-Verzeich. 
niss. Proben der Holsschnitt-Illustrationen, yon 
F. A. Brockhaus in Leipeig in Bleiabgussen und 
KupfemiederschlSgen zu beziehen. Fol. Leipzig 
(18 70). S.K. 

BBOOKT (ChaelES). See Wilkinson (W.).— 
Sketch of the Life of C. B., etc Post 8to. 1870. 

BRODEBIP (Prances Preeling).— Memo- 
rials of T. Hood. Collected, arranged, and edited 
by his daughter, with a pre&ce and notes by his 
son. A new and revised edition. Illustrated with 
copies from his own sketches. 8yo. London, 1869. 


BBODIE- and MIDDLETON'S Alphabets 
of Ornamental Writing, etc, etc Obi. 4to. Lon- 
don, n. d. S.K. 

BROECKHOPP (J. P.). — Dicht-enzede- 

kundige Zinnebeelden en Bespiegelin^n. Door 
J. P. K Versiert met Een-en-vyftig Koperen 
Plaaten. 61 plates. 4to. Te Amsterdam, 1 770. 


BBONDSTED (Petee Olup).— Om en malet 
Brandtleers-Yase paa Charlottenborg. 8yo. Ejd- 
benhayn, n. d. 

BBONDSTED (Pbtbb Oluf).— M^moire snr 
les Vases Panathenaiques, addresse en form de 
Uttre 4 M. W. R. Hamilton, par le Chev. P. 0. B., 
ct tiaduit de Tanglais par J. W. Buigon. 6 plates. 
4to. Pteis, 1838. 

BBONGNIART (Albxandbb Theodore).— 

Plans du Palais de la Bourse, et du Cimetito 
ICost-Loois. 6 plates. Pol. Paris, 1814. 


BBONGNIART (Edouard).— Del'enseigne- 
ment du dessin en 1867. 11 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

BRONZE WORK. — (A Mannfactnrer's 
pattern book of calidle branches, drawer handles, 
lock escutcheons, etc. (Partly priced.) Fol n.p. 
(1780). S.£ 

BRONZI. — Notice des tableaux et antres 
objets d*art du Mus^ de Toulon ; par B., peintre, 
conservateur. 78 pp. 8vo. Toulon, 1869. 

BROOKE (Sir Aethubde Capell).— Winter 
Sketches in Lapland, or lUustrationn of a Journey 

from Alten, on the shores of the Polar Sea 

through Norwegian, Rassian, and Swedish Lapland 
to Tomeft, at the extremity of the Gulf of Bothnia 

By A. de 0. B. (24 plates, drawn on stone by 

D. Dighton and J. D. Harding.) Large foL Lon- 
don, 1827. S.K. 

BROOKE (Sir Abthub db Capell).— 

Sketches in Spain and Morocco. 2 vols. (With 7 
lithographs.) 8yo. London, 1831. S.Ei. 

BROOKE (Stopfoed A.). — Raskin's Lee 
tnres on Art By S. A. B. Prom " Macmillan's 
Magazine,'' October, 1870. 8yo. S.K. 

BROOEIES (Johk). — Manners and Cnstoms 
of the Eiiglish Nation, firom the Invasion of Julius 
Caesar to Uie Present Time. Crown 8vo. London, 
n. d. S.E. 

BR0(5kSHAW (George). — Gronps of 

Fruit, Flowers and Birds, accurately drawn and 
coloured after Nature, with full directions for the 
young artist. 2nd edition. 3 vols. 4to. London, 
1819. S.E. 

BROSAMER (Hans).— Biblia Veteris Tes- 

tamenti et historiae, artificiosis picturis efSgiata. 
Biblische Historien Kiinstlich furgemalet ObL 
4to. Francofurti, 1561 and 1553. 

Novi Testamenti Jesu Christi historia effigiata. 
Das New Testament und Histori Christi f iirgebildet. 
Obi. 4to. Francofurti, 1551 and 1553. 

BROSSARD (J.).— L'Art de lever les plana. 
Traits complet d'arpentage, contenant le partage 
des propri^t^, le nivellement et diyerses de ses 
applications, suiyi du layis des plans. With atlas 
in 4to., of 36 plates. 4to. Grenoble, 1852. 


la Yille des Andelis et de ses d^pendances 

Om6e de dessins sur bois par C. Colin Cuisinier, 
D*Aubigny, Deroy p^ et fils, etc. 8yo. Les 
Andelis, Paris (printed), 1863. BJI£. 

BROSSE (— de).— Reigle ^en^rale d'archi- 
tecture, revue et corrig^ par oe Brosse, architecte 
du Boy. With plates. Fol. Paris, 1619. 

BROIJ. — Notice snr les anciens carrelagee 
^mailUs de I'^glise de Brou k Bourg-en-Bresse. 
Text, imp. 8yo. Atlas, fol. Lyon, 1867. S.K. 

BROUCHOUD (Claudius).— fitndes his- 

toriques et ardi^lo^ques sur Tarrondissemeut dA 
Vienne. Saint-Quentm. ^to. Niorm^, \^*^. 
Appendix, liplatw, i\o. "eoVd^aA^^^* 


Universal Catalogue of 


BRbUILiiET (AmiSd^b).— Bpoqnes ant^di- 

• lnvienne et celtique du Poitou'. V partie, Topo- 

Sapfaie par A. B. 2* partie, Technologie par A. 
eillet 62 plates. 4to. * Text, Bto. Poitiers 
. (1864). 

Appendix. 12 plates. 4to. Poitiors, 1866. 

BROUILLET (Am6d]6b).— Indicatenr ar- 
ch^logique de raRondissement de CiTrai depnis 
r^poque ant^historiqae jusqa'i nos jours pour sernr 
iL la Btatistique monomentale du dipartement de la 

. Vieime ; par P. A. B. Pr6cM6 d'tm apergu g^lo- 

S'que et agronomique ; par Brouillet p^re. Om^ 
i cinq cartes monumentales cantonales et de 160 
- planches in 4to.| repr^ntant les plans, details et 
Tues des monuments dtoits dans rouyrage. 4to. 
. OiTrai, 1867. 

BROUWERS (J. W.).— Neerlands keizer- 

• lijk Kapittel ; Neerlands eerste Christenkerk, Keer- 
V lands oudste Kathedraal, met hare zix* eenwsche 
. Muprschildering ; een wort gesprokeu in "Begt 

voor Allen." 64 pp. 8yo. Amsterdam, 1864. 

BROUWERS (J. W.). — Wetensohapen 
• ' Schilderkunst : een los Schildery uit Italie ; eene 
., Piano-beschildering, en eene Kerk-schildering in 
] Kederland. 32 pp, 8yo. Leiden, 1864. 

BROUWERS (J. W.).— Nationaal Monu- 
> ment. Antword aan de 63. 28 pp. 8vo» Am- 
V, sterdam, 1864. 

BROUWERS (J. W.).— Nationaal Monu- 
ment. De twee bekroonde Antwerpen. 76 pp. 
' 8tO. Amsterdam, 1864. 

BROVBLLI (Salvatoeio). — Sistema filo- 

Bofico delle BeUe Arti. 8ro. Milano, 1816. 

Nat. Gal. 

BROWN (Jambs).— TlieEpitapbfl and Monn- 
mentAl Inscriptions in Gxeyfriars Churchyard, Edin- 
burgh. Collected by J. B., Keeper of the Grounds. 
With an introduction and notes. Post 8yo. Edin- 

. buigh, 1867. _ S.K. 

BROWN (John).— Rab and his Friends. 
Third edition. Illustrated by George Harrey, J. 
N. Pftton, and L. Sacks. 4to. Edinburgh, 1863. 


BROWN (J. H.).— SpectEopia ; or, Snr- 

. prising Spectral Illusions. Showing Ghosts eyery- 

where and of any colour. By J. H. B. First series.; 

r With (16) illustrations. Small 4to. London, 1866. 


.BROWN (RAWDOK).^AnglQ Venetian Me- 

, morials. 4to. Venice^ 1851. S.K. 

BROWN (Thomas). — Lives of all the 
>^ ' Priiices of Orange $ from William the Great, 
■ Pounder of the Commonwealth of the United Pro- 
vinces, written in French bj the Baron Manner, in; 

1682 To which is i^ded the lilb of his present 

Majesty Kin^ William the l!hird, &om his birth to 
his landing in England. By Mr. T. B. Toother 
wi& all tbe Princes' Heads taken from original 
dmaghts, i2mo. London, 169d. 


BROWN (Willum).— Antiqnities of the 
Jews, carefully compiled from authentic sourcesj 
and their Customs illustrated by modern Ttayels. 
2to1s. 8to. London, 1820. 

BROWNE (Hablot Knight).— Racing and 

Chasing : the Boad, the Biver, and the Hunt Il- 
lustrated in 60 drawings by H. K. B, (" Phia.") 
Engrayed by Graphotype. Obi. 4to. London, 
1868. B.Jf. 

BROWNE ( John).— Mjographia Nova ; or, 
a Graphical Description of all the Muscles in 
Hamane (sic) Body, as they arise in Dissection: 

Distributed into Six Lectures and illustrated 

with One and Forty Coj^)^ Plata^ . aecnrat^ 
engraved after the life, etc. FoL London, 1697. S.K. 

BROWNE (J. Ro88).— Adventores in the 
Apache Country: a Tour through Arizona and 
Sonora, with notes on the silrer r^ons of Nevada. 
Illustrated by the author. 8yo. New York, 1869. 

• B.M. 

BROWNE (Matthew).— The Law. of. Mo- 
desty in Art. From the "Contemporary Review," 
September, 1872. 8vo. S.K. 

BROWNE (Pateick).— The civil and natu- 
ral History of Jamaica, in three parts, with fifty 
copper plates. Fol. LondoU, 176^ ' .f ;.H .q'T 

2nd. edition, with the addition of aLinottn inoex. 
Fol. London, 1789. 

BROWNLOW (John).— The history aaid 

objects of the Foundling Hospital, with a memoir 
of the Founder. 3rd edition, with portrait of Capt. 
Thomas Coram, and 2 engravings, B>^al -Svo. 
London, 1865. B.S. 

BRUCE (John Collinowood). — Incis^ 

Markings on stone, found in Northumberlaiii, 

Argyleshire, and other places, from drawings made 
by direction of. the late Duke of Northum- 
berland. Fol. London, 1869. 

BRUCE (John Collinowood). — Lapidarmm 

Septentiionale ; or, a description of the moaume^^ 
of Roman Eule in the North of England! (Edited 
by J. C. Bruce.) In progress. FoL Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, 1870, etc. B.M. 

BRUCH (Eenst).— Berlin's batdiche Zns 
kunft und der Bebauungsplan. With a plan of 
Berlin and Charlottenburg. 8yo. Beriin, 1870. 

BRUCKER (Kael Heinbich).— Wahre Ab- 
bildun^n und Beschreibung der beaten An^ijbn- 
Malereien, welche im Herculano 1760 gemoaSl, 
Lateinisch und deutech. Plates. Folio. Augsbtirg, 

BRUCKMANN.— London nnd seine ^iS^-^ 

bung. With plates and plans. 8vo. Stuttg&rt, 

BRUECKE (Eenst).— Die Physiologle der 
Farben fiir die Kuiist^werbe anf Aiireflpiiig|;4p 

Direction des kaiserlich'Oesterreichiscnen mulBeuxb 

fiir Kunst und Industrie bearbeitet yon Dr. Eimst 

Briicke. With 30 woodcuts. Sto. Leipng; 't866. 

• S.K. 


Books m ATt\SuppUmtnt). 


BBnE0EB(EKKE8T) .— DesCouleoTB aa point 

- de Toe phynqnd, physiologiqae; artistique et in- 
' dustriel, ptf U I>r. £. B. Traduit de PAUemand 
. aoM l0j jetiz de rAoteur pax J. Schu^tzenberger. 

Arec 46 figurea intercalto duia le teste. Crown 
Sro. Paris, 1866. S.K. 

BBUECKICANN (Ubban Fbudebicq Beic?* 

dict). — Ueber deo Saider, Onyx, und Saidonyz. 
4to. BraunschirBig, 1801. 

BBIDBCKNBB (AuBELio),— Brster Unter- 
richt im ^ien ^ndzeiohnen, in XTmriasen. 2* 
rerbeaaerte Anflage. 72 lithognpha. 4to. G^tliai 
3id edition. 4to. Gotha, 1839. 

BBUECKN'ER (GjiOBCffi).— Nene Bdtrsge 

war Geachichte deutachen Alterthuma. Herausge- 
. geben ton dem Hennebcigiaehen alterthnmafdr- 
achenden Yerein durch G. B. With lithographs. I 
. Lazge 8to. Meiningen, 1858. 

BRUEGHEL (Johanh). , See CBiyBUJ (0.) 
— Grioranni Bmagliel, etc 6to. 1868. 

BBUGES.---Mafl^ de rH6pital Saint Jean.: 
Notaeelsiir lea Tableaiux du Mnsee de 1' H6pital Saint- 
Jten, A Bmgea, prMd^ de la vie de Jean Memling. 
Poat 8to. Srogea, 1854. ' S.K. 

BRUGGE (Geebasd teb). — Verligteriq- 

'-^'Xnnde, of regt Gebroik der Water- Verwen met 

noodige aanmerkingen Termeeiderd VKX(t W., 

0eeree. Den vierden dmk. 9fo. Am8telclam,l705.; 

BRUGSCH (Heinbich). — ^bersiclitliclie 
Erkl&nuig aegyptiacher Denkmiiler des Konigl. 

- Keuen J)£iaenma an Berlin. Bin Ideiner Beitrag 
sor Kenntniaa dea alten Aeg3r|]%eil8. With litho- 

- graph. 8to. Berlin, 1850.- 

BRUGSCH (Heikbich). — Wandemng naoh 
den Natronkldateni in Aegypten. Vorlesang gehal- 

• tan am 10. Mara im wisaenachaftlichen Yerein zu 
. BecUo. 48ppjMn»o. Beijin, 1855. 

BRUIN (Claa:8).— De Historie der Morte- 
]a]«n die om het getnygeniaae ^der Eaangeliacher 
Waaiiiek, haar blMt geatort hebben, beginnende 
Tan de hrden Chriati onaes Saligmakera, tot den jare 

.' nattion ho»dert yjt en vyftig, etc. With plates. 
FoL Te Leyden, 1747. S.K. 

BRUIN (GEOBaiUfl). — Ciyitates orbis ter^ 
i«mm in aea ineiaae et excnsae et descriptione topo- 
graphiea« morali, et politica illnatratae. Coloored 

' pUte6. ^ vols (only). Fol. (Antwerpilte, 15750i 

BRUIiLfiE ( abW).— Description deq 

* rerri^rea de & cathUrale de Sens. 55 pp. 8to. 
Saoa, IMU 

'BBUM}Oi|t.---Recen^x0 antiqnarii Creuze^ 
'rianl nummomm veteriuu grsBcprnin et romanonun 
naqne i|d Joannem X. Zimicam.* 3 parts (in 1 vol.). 
' «to.*ffi«adbe^, 1836-40. ' 

BBUMOl? (PiCBBRBy-^Th^tre des Grecij, 
Miti<nrtragment^. l^voja. Plates. 8to. Paris, 
1786-89. I 

2nde Mition cotnpl^, r&Ttte, conigSe, et aog-/ 


ment^ de la traduction d'an choiz de fra^enta des 
pontes grecs, tragiqnea, et comiqnea par M. Bapnl- 
Kochette. 16 vols. Same plates, retonched. 8to. 
Paria, 1820-25. y 

Supplement k la derail Mition da Th^atare des 
Greca, par le P. B., on Lettrea oritiqnea d'on Pro- 
fesaenr de TUniTeraitd anr 1& Traduction dea C^ng* 
meiia de M^nandre et de Phil^on par M. Baoul- 
Bochette. 8yo. Paris, 1828. B.2^ 

BRUN (V.). — Notice em la Sculpture na- 
Tale et chronologia dea mattres aculpteura et pein- 
tres du port de Tonlon. 8to. Tbulon, 1861. 

BRUN-LAVAINNB.— Inventaire dee rdi- 
ones et autres obj^ pr^euz de T^glise coU^eiale 
de SaintrPierre de Lille & la fin du XI Y* sUde. 
8 pp. 8yo. Lille, 1868. , 1 

BRUNE (JoHAK DB).--^obanni8 de Bmhes 
J. 0. Emblemata of Zinne-werdc : vooig^estel^ in 
beelden, ghedichten, etc. With 51 plates of em- 
blema and engrayed title page. 4to. ^AmBtecdaxh, 
1624. S.K. 

Another edition. With plates, 4ta VAjstter- 
dam, 1661. fiJC, 

BRUNE ( J. V— IWsum6 du C0W9. d*arcWo- 

logie professe au aiminaire de Bennes. . .1 i^te. 
8vo. Bennee, 1846. 

BRUNEL (Claude). — Les TriompJies. et 

troph^s royaux dediez au premier monaroue let k 
la plus grande Dame de la Terre, Louys de ^urbon 
et Anne d'Atotriche, par C. Brunei, prestrQ* du 
Comtd d'Avignon. 8vo. Lyon, 1Q22. 


Deasin chaz les Orecs. 879. Paris, 1 816, 

BRUNEL DE VARENNES.— Expoe^ de la 

pantographie, ou de I'art du dessin consid^r^ aous 
un point de Tue d'utilit^ gi^nirale, suivi d'un^^^- 
thode de perspective ^tablie aur des procM^s jioi- 
Teauz, et qui dana tops lea caa poaaiblea diapeuBent 
de sortir du cadre du tableau perspectif, aa»mpagn^ 
de la description d'un instrnment a^peU m6tro80ope, 
invent^ par Tanteur pour la dispoaition perapectire 
des compositions pittoreeques, ponr V^tuae de| effitta 
perspectifs d'apr&s nattire et pour des operations de 
geodesic. 4to. Paris, 1825. 


d'un nouyeau systime de perspectire, pr^ced^ de la 
description d'un instrument appel6 hdlom^tre dc0- 
ttni& k stmplifier et ib fitdliter ^xtEterdinairement 
les aj^licationB de la perapeoiiye k Tartdu deasin. 
Plate. 8to. Paria, 1829. . 

BRUNEL DE yARBNNBS.--Mdtr&8ccj)6. 
graphie, ou nouyeau syat^e de petspeetive ^gale- 
ment applicable k toutes les parties de Tart du 
deaain pittoresque et k toutea lea op4ration6 g^o^ 
aiques ou topographiques. 4to. Paris, 1831. 

BRUNESOEUR (REN4).~MuB^um oon- 
temporain.^-^BiogERildea. Ghiatay Gourbet Por- 
trait. ISmo. Pans (1866). 

BRUNBT and TSn^tliUSa. VCl^i,-^^Si:raci%Y^ 
tion muversetle de U6T, k.^ttslvB. 'Ba.^^o|l«&»*»fe 



Universal Catalogue of 


k la Commission d'encouragement par la d^^gation 
des dessinateors d'ameublement. With plates 4to. 
Paris (1869). 

BRUNET (F.).— Dimenmonp dea fere ^tii 
doiyent former la coupole de la Halle aux Grams, 
calculi d'apr&s la composition de M. Belanger, 
Architeete des Monuments Pablics. ObL foL 
Paris, 1809. Soane Mus. 

BBUNBT (Gustatb).— La France litteraire 

an XV* Si^e on Catalogue raisonn^ des Outrages 
en tout genre imprini^ en langue fran^aise jusqn'i 
TAn 1600. 8m Paris, 1866. S.E. 

BRUNET (Gubtavb).— Essai snr la reHAre 
des Liyres et snr les collections de qnelqnes biblio- 
philes celilnres. 8to. Bordeaux, 1868. 

BRUNET (Jacques Chaeles). — Notice snr 

les heures gothiques imprimte A t^aris A la fin dn 
XY* et dans une partie du XVI* siide. 8yo. 
Bffis, 1864. S.K. 

BRUNET DE PRESLBS (Wladmie de). 
— ^M^oire sur le Sdrapium de Memphis. 4to. 
Paris, 1862. 

BRUNI (Oebste). — ^Vite di Artisti Celebris 
scritte ad ammaestramento del Popolo da Oreete 
Bruni. 16mo. Pirenze, 1868. S.K. 

BRUNIUS (Carl Georg).— Skiner Konst- 
historia for Medeltiden. 16 lithographs. 8to. 
Lund, 1860. 

BRUNIUS (Cael Gbobg). — Gotdanda 

Konsthistoria. Med forklaring ofver konstord och 
ofrersigt af bifogade plancher. 3 parts, litho- 
graphs. 12mo. Stocknolm, 1867. 

BRUNIUS (Carl Georg).— Forsok tiU 

forklaringar ofVer Hallristningar med femton 
plancher af C. G. B. 16 lithographs. 8yo. Lund, 

BRUNN (Enrico).— I Bilifevi deUe Ume 

Etrusche, pubblicati a nome dell' Institnto di Corri- 
spondenza Archeologica, da £. B. Volume primo. 
C^do Tioico. With 99 plates. Imp. 4to. Koma, 
1870. S.E. 

BRUNN (Heinrich). — ^Ueber den Apollo 
Ton Belvedere. 2 plates. 4to. n.p., n.d. 

BRUNN (Heinrich) . — Artificinm libera 

Graedae tempora. Dissertatio iuauguralis quam 
defenditH. B. 46 pp. 8vo. Bonn, 1843. 

BRUNN (Heinrich). — ^Die Philostratischen 

OemiUde gegen E. Friederichs vertheidigt von H. 
Brunn. 8yo. Leipzig, 1861. S.K. 

BRUNN (Heinrich).— Ueber das Alter der 
aginetischen Bildwerke. 8to. Miinchen, 1867. 


BRUNN (Heinrich). — ^Ueber die sogenannte 

Leukothea in der Gljrptothek Sr. Majestat Konig 

Xudwigs I. Vortnig in der ofifentlichen Sitcung der k. 

Akademie der Wissenscfaaften am 26. Juli 1867 sur 

Yorfeier des allerhochsten Cheburts- und Namens- 

Pestes Sr. Majestat des Konigs Ludwig II. gehalten 

von JDr, S, Brmm. 4to. Julziches, 1867. S.E. 

BRUNN (Heinrich). — DieKunst bei Homer 

und ihre Verhaltungen zu den Anfangen der griechi- 
schen Eunstgeschi&te. 4to. Miinchen, 1868. S.K 

BRUNN (Heinrich). — ^Ueber die Composi- 
tion der &genetischen Giebelgmppen. Plate. 8to. 
Hiinchen, 1869. 

BRUNN (HeinrichV — Besclireibang der 
Ol^tothek Konig Ludwigs I. zu Miinchen. 2nd 
edition. 16mo. Munchen, 1870. 

Description de la Glyptoth^ue fondle par le roi 
Louis k Munich. 16mo. Munich, 1870. S.K. 

BRUNN (Heinrich).— Ueber Styl nnd Zeit 

des Harpyienmonumenten yon Xanthos. From 
" Sitzungsberichte der Konigl. Bayeriachen Aka- 
demie der Wissenschafton." With 1 plate. Svo. 
Munchen, 1870. S.K. 

BRUNN (Heinrich).— Probleme in der Qe- 
schiehte der Vasenmalerei. 4to. Munchen, 1871. 


BRUNNER (ANDREAs).^Excybi8d tvtelares 
LX. HeroTm cri ab anno Ch. DVUI. Theodonem in 

Frincipatv Boiarite secvti uierenis. Frin. Fexdin. 

Mar. l?ranc. Ign. Wolfjg. Vtr. Boiarise Ihrds, Com. 
Fal. Bheni ad^cmtvr ab. A. B. With 60 portraits 
of the Dukes of Bavaria, engiayed by W. Kilian. 
16mo. (Monaci, 1637.) S^ 

BRUNNER (Andreas). — Fasti Mariani cum 

divorum elogiis in singulos anni dies distributis. 
New edition, with Engravings of Saints. 12mo. 
Antwerp, 1660. 

BRUSSELS.— Coup-d'CEU snr Bmxelles, 
ou petit n^cessaire des Strangers dans cetta Com- 
mune. Avec une figure et le plan de la viUe. 
12mo. Bmzelles, 1803. S.E. 

BRUSSELS.— Notice des Tableaux et autres 
objets d*Art oomposant le Mus^ de Bruxelles. 1 2mo. 
Bmzelles, 1819. Soane Mua, 

position nationale des Beaux-Arts. Explication 
des outrages de peinture, sculpture, gravure, dessin 
et lithographic, exposes au salon de 1845. 8vo. 
Bruxelles, 1846. S.K. 

demies et &oles des Beaux-Arts. Exposition [des 
travaux ex^t^ par les 416ves] des Academies et 
Ecoles des Beaux-Arts, et Congrte de TEnseignement 
des Arts du Dessin. Arr^t^ royal du 17 Mars, 1868.) 
Introduction^ Pitees officielles. Compte rendu des 
S^nces du Congr&s. Rapport du Jurj. Arrftte 
rojal accordant des B^compenses. Septembre et 
Octobre 1868. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1869. S.K. 

BRUST (G. P.).— Zwolf Plane zu stadti- 
schen Wohngebauden mittlerer Groeso, nebst deren 
Eostenbere^ung. Hates. Folio. Text large. 4to. 
Darmstadt, 1842. 

Another edition. Imp. 4to. Darmstadt, 1848. 

BRUST (MCH.).— Praktische DarsteUong 
wichtiger GegenstSnde der Zimmerbauknnst. 68 
pUtes. Fol. Ftag, 1801. 
Another edition. FoL Wien, 1820. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


BBIJTO (Jehak Michel). — La Tnatitatione 

di una &ncialla nata nobilmente. Text in Italian 
and French. Post 8to. Anyers, 1656. SJC. 

The first specimen of the press of Christopher 

BRUTON (Edwabd G.).— A Handy Book on 
the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act, 1871. With 
Bemarks on the Qualification and Practice of Dio- 
Snrrejors. 12 mo. London, 1871. S.E. 

ian). — ^M^oire sor les collections de tableaux et 
de dessins, et particnUirement sor celle de dessins 
des artistes modemes que j'ai ibrm^. La i la 
stance de la dasse des Beanx-Arts de I'Listitnt 
imperial, le 31 aoiit 1811. 8to. Pkris, 1812. 

BRUUN-NEBRGAARD (T6nnes Christ- 

iAN).-^Mimoire snr Taneien itat des beanx arts en 
Sokle ; In a la classe des Beaox Arts de I'LustitnL 
81 pp. 8to. Paris, 1812. 

BRUYN (Htacinthb db). — ^Notice snr lee 
andennes et les nonrelles verri&res de I'^lise de 
Kotre-Dame an Sablon, i Broxelles. Snudl 4to. 
Bmxelles, 1866. S.E. 

BRUYN (Htacinthb de). — Anciennes et 

nonyelles peintores mnrales de F^lise de Notre- 
Bame, an Sablon, k Broxelles avee qnelqnes consi- 
derations g^n^ndes snr I'art de la peintnre morale 
en Belgiqne. With a plate and a photograph. 
4to. Gand, 1868. B.m. 

BRUZARD (ALBERTV—De rd^ dn bronze 
dans I'arrondissement ae Semor (uftte-d'Or). 16 
pp. 8vo. Semor, 1869. 

BRY (Theodore de). — ^Biblia sacra Vnl- 

gataB E^tionis Sixti V. Pont. Max. jossu recognita, 
et Clementis VHL aactoritate edita. None autem 
rrrFFT figoris oooiter inoAntis et in Aes incisis 
illnstrata a de Brij. Small 4to. Moguntia, 1609. 


BRYAN (Philip). — ^A new and correct 
Collection of Arms, Crests, d^c, alphabetically dis- 
played, with Blasoning annexed to each Coat, &c. 
g better A.) Engraved title and 16 plates. Large 
1. London, n.d. S.K. 

BRYANT (Joshua). — ProgressiYe Lessons 

. in landscape. Drawn and engraved by J. Bryant 

FoL London, 1807. S.E. 

BRYANT (Joshua).— Treaidsei on the nse 

of Indian Ii^ and Coloors. 18 plates. ObL fol. 
(Lradon, 1808. 

BRYANT (William Cullen).— Poems by 

W. C. Bryant. Collected and arranged by the 
Author. Ulostzated with 71 engravings, by the 
Brothers Dalziel, from drawings by eminent Artists. 
New edition. 8vo. London, 1860. S.K. 

BUGEUNCrS (Gabriel).— Germania Topo- 

dnono-stemmatographica sacra et profana. Por- 
trait of the Emperors and woodcots of coats 
of arms. 4 vols. fol. Ulmae et Aogostse Vindeli- 
oofrnm, 1666*1678. 

BUCHANAN (Robert).— North Coast and 

other Poems, by B. Buchanan. With illnstrations 
by J. Wolf, A. B. Honghton, W. Small, T. Dalmel, 
G. J. Pinwell, E. Dalziel, J. B. Zwecke^. Engraved 
by the Brothers DaldeL Small 4to. London, 1868. 


BUCHANAN (Robertson).— Practical Es- 
says on Mill-Work and other Machinery, with notes 
and additional articles by Thomas Tred^old, and 
now revised into a third edition with additions by 
George Eennie, Esq., C.E. Illnstrated by upwards 
of 70 plates and numerous figures. 2 vols. 8vo. 
London, 1841. S.K. 

Earlier edition. 8vo. Glasgow, 1810. 

BUCHHANDLER . ALBUM. — Portraits- 

Gkderie veidienter nnd namhafUr Buchhandler, 
Buchdrucker, Kunst- nnd Musikalienhandler ans 
alterer wie neuerer Zeit. 16mo. Leipzig, 1867. 

BUCHER (B.).— Die Kunst im Handwerk. 

Vademecum fUr Beeucher kunstgewerblicher Mu- 
seen, Ausstellungen, etc. 12mo. Wien, 1872. SJI* 

BUCHLER (Otto). — Photograjjliisclies 
Memorial. Becept-Taschenbuch, Elaborations- nnd 
Aufiiahme-Tagebuch fiir I^otographen. Samm- 
lung von mehr als 800 der bewiihrtesten nnd 
besten Recepte fiir die nassen und trodcenen Col- 
lodionverfahren und den Copirprozess, etc. 2nd edi- 
tion. Laige 16mo. Weimar, 1867. 

BUCHLER (Otto).— Atelier nnd Apparat 
des Photographen. With Atlas in 4to. Large 
4to. Weimar, 1869. 

BUCHNER (Wilhblm).— Deutsche Ehren- 
halle. Die grossen Miinner des dentschen Volkes 
in ihren Denkmalen. Mit lebengeschichtlichen 
Abrissen. With 50 steel engravings. Boyal 8vo. 
Darmstadt, 1858-62. 

BUCHNER (Wilhelm).— Albrecht Diirer. 

Ein Lebensbild. 16mo. I4ihr, 1871. 

BUCHOTTE.— Les Regies dn Dessein et da 
Lavis, pour les Plans particuliers des Ouvrages et 
des BAtimens, et pour leurs Coupes, Profils, Eleva- 
tions, et Fa^es, tant de I'Architecture militaire 
que civile. Pftr M. B. Nouvelle Mition, revue, cor- 
rig^e, et augment^. With 24 plates. 8vo. Paris, 
1754. SJL 

BUC'HOZ (PiEBBE Joseph). — Les secrets 

de la Nature et de TArt, d^velopp^ pour les ali- 
ments, la mMecine, Tart v^t^naire et les arts et 
metiers ; auzquels on a joint un traits snr les plantes 
qui peuvent servir k la teinture et & la peintnre. 4 
vols. 12mo. Paris, 1769. 

BUC'HOZ (PiBBEB Joseph).— Histoire Uni- 
verselle du regne v^6tal, ou nouveau dictionnaire 
physique et £onomique de toutes les plantes qui 
croissent sur la surface du globe. 25 vols ; 12 of 
which contain 1,200 plates. Fol. P^s, 1772. 

BUC'HOZ (PiEEEE Joseph).— Histoire na- 

turelle de la France, representee en gcavuiea «t 
rang^e suivant le syBt^m^ ^^lixm.^. W***^^. ^^^^^ 
Pans, 1776. _ 



Universal Catalogue of 


9UC'H0? ^PiBEBE Joseph). — ^Histoire g6- 

.iii&rale des animaux, des v^g^taux et des min^rfittx 
qui Be trouvent hors du rojaume, repreoent^s en 
gravures avec rezplication. Fol. ParU, 1778. 

BUC'HOZ (PiEBBs Joseph).— Histoire g^- 

. iidrale des animaux, des veg^tauz, et min^ux qui 
.;6f tixm Vent d&ns 1q roTaoin&^reprt^eiiiUs en graTOres 
. arec rezplication. rol. Pans, 1778. 

BUO'HOZ (Pierre Joseph). — Collection 

de jacinthes. 40 plates, floured. Fol. P^s, 

BUC^HOZ (Pierre Joseph). — Recu^ des 

Secrets siin et experiments k I'usage des Artistes ; 
p^ M. B. 2 vols. 12^0. Paris, 1783-85. S.K. 

BUC'HOZ (Pierre Joseph). — Le iaxdin 

' d'Eden, le paradis tei^estre, renouvellds dans le 
jardin de la Beine & Trianon. 2 vols. 200 plates. 
J'ol. 1783-85, . S.K. 

BtJC'HOZ (Pierre Joseph). — Le grand 

'•' jardin de Tunivers, oil se trouvent representees lea 

' plantes les plus belles des quatre parties du monde. 

2 Tols. 200 plates. FoL Paris, 1785-91. aX. 

BUC'HOZ (Pierre Joseph). — Dissertation 

sur Tabricotier, ses dififerentes espies, sa culture et 
ses propriet^s pour les aliments, la mMecine et les 
arts. Plates. Fol. Paris, 1786. 

BUC'HOZ (Pierre Joseph). — Dissertations 

^ sur diyerses plantes, tabac, quassi, caoao, ipo, caf^, 
"- la Barrington, th^, rosiers. 19' coloured plates. 
'Pol. Paris, 1789. 

BUCHSCHRIFTEK — Die Bachschriften 

'des Hittelalters mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung 
der deutfichen, und zwar vom sechsten Jahrhundert 

* bis zur Erfindung der Buchdruckerkunst, etc. With 
23 plates. 8vo. Wien, 1852. S.K. 

BUCK (V. be). — L'Arclieoloffie irlandaise 
au couTent de Saint- Antoine-de-Padoue, k Louyain. 
53 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

BUCKHAM (P. W.).— The Theatre of the 

Greeks, or the History, Literature, and Criticism of 
the Grecian Drama ; with an original Treatise on the 
Principal Tragic and Comic Metres. (Edited by 
John William Donaldson.) 3rd edition. 8vo. 
Cambridge, 1830. aK. 

BUCKINGHAM (Jambs Silk).— -A visit to 

the ruins of the ancient city of Naucratis. 8to. 
London, 1844. 

BUCKLAKD (William).— Reliquae Dilu- 

Tianiae ; or, observations on the Organic Bemains 
contained in Caves, Fissures uid i&iivial gravel, 
- and on other Geological Phenomena. 27 plates. 
' 4to. London, 1823. 

2nd edition. 4to. London, 1824. 

BUCKLEB (Georqe).— BlustratedDeBorip- 
tion of South Ockenden Church, Essex. MS., with 
9 original drawings and pen and ink sketches. Fcpw 
fol. 1854. S.K. 

BUDDENBRpCK (Julie von).— Jehovah- 

Blumen. Biblisches Alphabet in 22 (chromolitho- 

graphisc)ien) Blattenu With. 4. pp. t^xi. 4tow 
Berlin, 1867. 

BUDQEN (Miss L. M.).--Episodes of In- 
sect Life. By Acheta Domestica, M. E. 8. Ist, 
2nd, and 3rd series [Illustrated]. 3 vols. 8to. 
London, 1849-61. . ^ - SJL 

BUDGBN (Miss L. M.).— Live Coda, or 

- Faces from the Fire. By L. M. Budgen [Afihet^. 
. Z6 coloured plates. 4tQ. London, 1867. S^ 


statten des Gewerbfleisses im klassischen Alter- 
thume. Imp. 8to. Leip^ 1869. aK. 

BUEHLEB (G. C. W. von).— Sammhmg 

ausgefiihrter, oder sur Ausf&lmmg bestimmter 

Briicken-Bauten. Herausgegeben durch G-. 0. 

W. Ton B. 36 plates, without letter-press. FoL 
Uhnl841. B.M. 

BUEHLEB (Loins). — Vorlegeblatter fur 
Maler, Firmaschreiber, Gnureure, Steinmetse,'lttc. 
24 lithographs. Imp. folio. Magdeburg, 1862b 

BUEFTiMANN (J.).— Die Architektup des 
dassischen Alterthums und der Renaissance. Eiste 
Abtheilung. Die Saeulenordnungen. With 27 plates. 
FoL Stuttgart, 1872. , SJL 

BUEK (F. Georq). — ^Hamburger National- 
' Costiime. Nach der Katur geseichnet und litho- 

graphirt von 0. Beer. Mit Text yon F. G. B. 

l«-40* Lieferung. 8to. Hamburg, 1843-46. 

BUEK (F. Georg).— Hambnrgische Alter- 
thiimer. Beitrag tur Geschiofate der Stadt und 
ihrer Sitten. Luge 8to. BAmbuig, 1859. 

BUELAU (F.).— Die deutBohe Geschichte 
in Bildern naeh OrigiAal-ZMehnungeii deutjicher 
Kiinstler. WoodcuU, with text hy F. B. Oblong 
folio. Dresden, 1 855. 
2nd edition. 1864. 

BUENAU (Heinbich von). — Die Elemente 

der Projectionslehre. Ein Leitfaden fur den Un- 
terrieht an gewerbliehen Lehraastalten. With 20 
plates. Laige Svo.. Leipzig, 1844. 

BUENAU (R. von). — ^De omamentis et ho- 
noribus Angustamm. Plates. 4to. LapsisB, 1783. 

BUENTING (Heinbich).— De monetis et 

mensuris Sacree Scriptune. Das ist, ein eigentliche 
Ausrechnung vnnd Besdireibung aller Miintz nnd 
Masse, etc. 8to. Magdebuigk, 1583. 

BUENTING ; (HEDmiCH). — Beschreibung 
und Berechnimg aller Munzen/Maas* und Gewichte 
der Juden, Ghriechen, Eomer, etc. HerauQgegeben 
Ton Joh. Chr. HendeL Kebst einem AnliAXig der 
seit einigen Jahriiunderten gepragten Klippen oder 
Kothmiinzen (von J. P. C. Kiider). 8vo. Halle, 

BUERCK (August).— VoUfltandiffes Hand- 
. budi* fur JuweHere, Gold-, Silbtt^ tina Schmuck- 
arbeiter. Mit Tabellen und 24 Steintafeln nach 
den besten und neuesten fiianzosischen, englischen 
und deut9chen Schriften, mit Zurathung erprobter 
Kiinstler bearbeitet und herausgegeben. (Also under 


Books on Art(Suppkm^t). 


the title : Neuer Sdiauplats d«r Kim«te, etc Vol. 
63.) 8yo. Weimar, 1834. 

BUESCHING (Anton Feibdbrich).— Nach- 

richtes ron dem Znstande der WissenschafteD nlid 
Kmiflte in den K6niglich Danischen Beichen nnd 
Landern. S toIb. 8to. Kopenhagen nnd Leipzig^ 

BIJESCHING (Anton PRiiDBicm).— Abbil- 

dnng und Erlilnterang der Hocligrafl. Bestuchef- 
' fischen Schamniinzen ; pierausgegebm Ton A. F. B. 
Flates. 4to. Biimbnxg, 1765. 

BTJESCHING (Anton Fwedbich).— Ge- 

echichte and Grondsatxe der Steinschneidekunst. 
8to. Berlin, 1774. 

BUESCHING (JoHANN Gotlieb Gustay).— 

Bas Bild des Grottes Tyr, geftmden in Oberschlesien 
and Teiglichen mit zwei andem Bildem desselben 
Oottes, entdeckt am Rhein and in Mecklenborg. 1 
plate. Xiaige 8vo. Breelaa, 1819. 

Veisach einer Elnleitang in die G^eschichte der alt- 
deatsohen Banart. 870. Breslau, 1821. 
Another edition. Leipzig, 1823. 

BUESCHING (JoHANN Gotmeb Gustav).— 

Abries der deatecben Alterthomskande. Zor 
Grondlage yon Vorlesongen beetimmt. 1 map. 
' Large 8to: Weimai; 1824. 

BUESCHING (JoHANN Gotlieb Gustav).— 

Beechreibong der Borg Kinabezg im Schleeierthale. 
2 views and 3 gproand plans. 8vo. Breslan, 1827. 

BUESGEN (Febdinand).— DeGymnasuVi- 

trnviani Palaestra. Dissertatio philologica (inaoga- 
nlis) Qoam defendit 11 marti, 1863, F. B. 30 pp. 
8to. Bonn, 1863. 

BUETTNER (Dayid Sigismunb) . — Be- 

schreTbang des Leichen Brands and Todenkruge, in- 
Bonderheit derer, so Anno 1694, za Latherst&dt an- 
fern Qvemfiirth gefanden woraen. 6 platee and 
frontispiece, Boder del et sculpt. 8vo. Eisleben 

BUETTNER (P. von).— Licht- nnd Schat- 
tenlehre for 2jeichner and Maler. 8to. L^pzig, 

BUFFON (Geobob Loins Lbolibc, Comte 

de). — Histoire Natorelle, G^nirale et Pariicnliire, 
a^ec la description da Cabinet du Boy. 11 vols. 
Plates. 4to. Bins, 1750-1764. SX 

BUFFON (Gboboe Louis Leclbbc, Comte 

de). — Histoire natorelle des oiseaox. Coloored 
. plates bj Martinet 10 toU. Fol. Paris, 1771. 
Another edition with notes bj C. S. Sonneni. 
28 Tols. Coloored plates. 8ro. Paris, 1801-2. 

BUFFON (Geobob Louis Leclebc, Comte 

de). — (EoTres eompl. avee lea soppUmens par Co- 
9 Tok. Plates. 8to. Pans, 1844. 

BUGATI. — ^Memorie storice-csiticlie intomo 
le reliqoie ed il colto di S. Celso martire. 2 plates. 
4to. Milano, 1782. 

BUGGENHAGEN (— von). — Nachriolitb 

iiber die zo Clere gesammelten romisehen and va- 
terlandischen Alterthumer, 22 plates and 13 Tig- 
nettes. Large 8vo. Berlin, 1795. 


Small fol. London, 1856, etc. &K. 

BUILDING NEWS, The.— The Building 
News Sketch Book. Fol. London, 1871. " S.K. 

BUISSON (JiTLEs). — Du style dans les 
beaux-arts. Bemerctment de M. J. d., la en stance 
publiqoe, le 28 f^yrier, 1869. Academic des Jeoz 
floraux. 40 pp. 8vo. Tooloose, 1869, 

BULKLEY (J.).^A Treatise on Landscape 
P^ting in Oil. In a series of easy examples, 
rendered familiar to every capacity by an explana- 
tion of the method of mixing the colours to the va- 
rioiis tints ased for Landscapes. London, 1821. 

BULIFON (Antoinb). — Gompendio istorico 
degV incendi del monte Vesavio. Plata. 16mo. 
-Napoli, 1704, 

BULLAR (John). — ^A companion in a tour 

round Southampton: comprehending yarious par- 
Ucolars, ancient and modem, of the New Forest, 
Lymington, Christchorch, Ringwood, Bomsey, "Win- 
chester, Bishop's Waltham, Titchfield, Gpspprt, 
Portsmonth, etc., and various biographical sketcnes. 
By John Bullar. 4th edition, improTed and en^ 
Isj^ed. Map. Poet 8yo. Southampton, 1819. 

BULLEMONT (A. de).— Oataloraeraisonn^ 
des Peintores, Seolptures et Objets aArt qoi d^- 
raient rHdtel-de-Ville de Paris, ayant sa destmc- 
tion, par A. de Bullemont ; Eaox-fortes (2) par A. 
Branet-Bebaines. 8to. Paris, 1871. S.K. 

ifULLET (— , Sieur).— Traits du Ni- 
vellement, contenant la throne et la pratiqae de 
cet Art Ayec la description d'on Nireao noavelle- 
ment invents, par le Sieor B. Le tout enrichy de 
Hgoies. 12mo. Paris, 1869. S.E. 

BULLET (Pibbbe).— Verschyde Schoor- 
steen Mantels nieolyke geinventeert door Mr. BoUet. 
Fcp. fol. Amsterdam, n. d. S.K. 

BULLET (Pierbe).— Traits de Tusage du 

pantom^tre, instroment g^mitrique propre & prendre 
toutes sortes d'angles, mezurer les distances acces- 
sibles et inaccessibles, arpenter et diyiser toates 
sortes de figures, et nouyellement invent^ pav le 

sieor B F^tispiece and plate. 8to. Paris, 


BULLETIN des OommisBions royales d'Art 
et d'Arch^logie. 8yo. Bruxelles, 1862, etc B.K. 

BULLETIN Arch^ologique. Publi6 sous la 
direction de la Soci^t^ archtologique de T«m-et- 
Garonne. 8yo. Montaoban, 1869, etc 


sous les auspices de la Soci^ Pran9aise pour la 
conservBtion et la description des Monuments his- 
toriques, et dirig6 par M. de C«QjnoTi\« "Wv^ 
plates. 8vo. Caen, ISM, e^Ui. ^»^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


BULLIOT (J. G.) — Fonilles ;de Bibracte, 
1868-1869. 1 plate. 75 pp. 8yo.* Paris, 1870. 

BULLOCK (H. A.).— History of the Isle of 
Man. With plates. 8vo. LoDdon, 1816. 

BULLOCK (John). — The American cottage 

builder ; a series of designs, plans, and specifica- 
tions from 200 dollars to 20,000 for homes for the 
people. New edition revised. 22 plates and wood- 
cats. 12mo. New York, 1854. 

BULOS (M.). — Beaux- Arts. Perspective, 
Dessin, Peinture et Gravure, suiyi d'un Dictionaire 
des termes usit^ dans chacan de ces arts. Tradoit 
de TAnglais, sor la 10* edition de Smith. (James 

' Smith's Pkinorama of Science and Art) par M. Bnlos. 
3 plates. 12mo. Paris, 1825. S.E. 

BUNBURY (Charles J. F.).— Journal of 

a residence at the Cape of Qood Hope j with ex- 
cursions into the interior, and notes on the Natural 
' History and Native Tribes. Woodcuts. 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1848. 

BUNBURY (Henbt). See Gambado (G.). ' 

BUND (Ltjdwio).— Lieder der Heimath. 

Sammlung vorziiglicher Dichtungen im Bilder- 

schmucke dentscher Eunst, herausgegeben yon B. 

With woodcuts and illuminated initials. 4to. 

Diisseldorf, 1868. 
BUND (Ludwig). — Gedenkblatter an L. 

Hugo Becker, herausgegeben von L. B. Woodcuts. 

Large 4to. Diisseldorf, 1869. 

BUND (Ludwig). — Die Semisacnlar-Feier 
der Eoniglichen E!unst-Akademie su Diisseldorf in 
den Tagen des 22. 23. nnd 24. Juni 1869. 8to. 
Diisseldorf, 1870. 

BUND (Ludwig) and BRBIDENBACH.— 

Deutsches Kiinstleralbum ; mit Beitragen lebender 
Eiinstler und Dichter gesammelt von B. und B. 
With many illustrations, some coloured. Folio. 
Dnsseldorf, 1867. 

BUNO (Johann). — Memoriale LiBtitntionnm 
Juris, quod Librorum IV. titulos et singulos eomm 
paragraphos, itemque duorum ex Digestis copiosissi- 
morum titulorum de yerborum significatione, etc. 
Ezcogitayit et communis boni causa edidit J. B. 
With 5 folding plates. Post4to. Ratzeburgi, 1672. 


BUNSEN (Christian Cabl Josias, Baron). 

I^jypt's Place in Universal History. An Historical 
Investigation in five books. Translated from the 
German by Charles H. Cottrell, Esq. With ad- 
ditions by Samuel Birch. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 
1848-67. S.K. 

BUNYAN (John).— The Pilgrim's Progress 

from this world to that which is to come A new 

edition, embellished with 22 elegant plates, en- 
graved by eminent Artists. London, 1806. S.K 
The Pilgrim*s Progress : in two parts. By John 
Bunyau. With original notes by tne Bev. Thomas 
Scott The tenth edition, including the poetry 
hitherto omitted. Illustrated by Stothard. Crown 4 
8to. London, 1864. 8£. 


The Pilgrim's Progress, with memoir by the Rev. 
Wm. Landels, D.D. With 74 oil-coloured engra- 
vings. Fcap. 4to. London, 1869. 

Illustrations of the Pilgrim's Progress. See 
Conder, C. B. Pictorial Scenes, etc 4to. 1869. 

BUONRICCIO (Anoblico).— Le Pie, et 

christians Parafrasi sopra TEvangelio di San Matteo, 
et di San Giovanni, del R. Padre Don A. B., Vine- 
tiano. With woodcuts and initial letters. Post 
4to. Vinetia, 1568. S.£. 

BURBURE (L^ON de).— Toestand derbeel- 
dende Kunsten in Antwerpen omtrent, 1454. Post 
8vo. Antweipen, 1854. S.K. 

BURBURE (L^ON de).— Sor ranciennet^ 

de r Art T^rpographique en Belgique. Lettre de M. 
le Chevalier L. de o, adressee a M. Alvin. 8vo. 
(Anvers, 1860). S.K. 

BURBURE (L^ON de).— Notice but les 

auteurs de Tancien Jub^ de T^lise de Saint-Jean- 
Baptiste i Bourbourg. 8vo. Lille, 1864. S.K. 

BURBURE (Lf ON de).— Robert Peril, gra- 
veur du seizilme si^e ; sa vie et ses ouvrages. 
Chromo-lithographed portrait. 8vo. Bruzelles, 
1869. S.K. 

BURBURE (L^ON de). —Notice sur Michel 
Verswyvel. Post 8vo. Bruxelles, 1869. S.K. 


(p.). — Die Klosterkirche Klingenthal, in BaseL 
Plates. 4to. BAle, 1860. 

BURCKHARDT (Jakob) Die Kiiche za 

Ottmarsheim, im Elsass. 4to. BAle, 1844. 

BURCKHARDT (Jakob) andLtJBKB (Wil- 

helm). — Gheschichte der neneren Baukunst von J. B. 
und W. L. Mit zahlreichen Holzschnitt-IUus- 
trationen (voL iv. of Eugler^s Geschichte der Bau- 
kunst). 8vo. Stuttgart, 1867. 

BURCKHARDT (L. A.).— Notizen iiber 
Kunst nnd Eiinstler in BaseL 8vo. Basel, 1841. 


BAGH-<Gh.).— Die Dominikaner Klosterkirche in 
BaseL 16 pp. With 8 lithographic pUtes, and 1 
woodcut 4to. Basel, 1855. 


BACH (Ch.). — Der Kirchenschats des Munsters su 
BaseL With 6 photographs, and 7 woodcuts. 4to. 
Basel, 1862. 

BURESCH (E.) .— Ueberdie Beerfinnng von 
Chebiiuden. Ein Beitrag zurbiirgerlichen Bawinst. 
80 pp. Large 8vo. Hannover, 1867. 

BtlBGER (GknTFBiBD August). — Lenore, 

von G>. A. Biirger. Erfunden und geseichnet von 
J. Chr. Buhl. (Text in Oerman and English. 
With 12 Outlines.) Obi. foL Oassel, 1827. S.K. 

— ^Das Leben Jesu in Bildem geseichnet nach Meis- 
terwerken der alteren und neueren Zeit von L. 
Burger, in Htfls geschnitten von Professor F. Tin- 
sebmyin. Nebst Text, herausgegeben von Erd- 
mann Bejer. 4to. Berlin, 1854. 8.K. 


Books on Art {SuppUmmt). 

BUfiOBB (W.)- — litadw ear lee Pemtrea 
HoUuidaii et Flamanda. Qalotia d'AisDbeig t 
BraxellM, KTec Is CoUlogne oinnplet de la Col- 
lectioD, pai W. B. Post Sto. Fori*, Brnxellei 
(prmtai)etLeipiig, 18SB. 8JL 

BUBGEB (W.).— Mnfl4e Van der Hoop et 
mwfc de Bottodam. I2no. Vara, 1860. 

BtTROES fff.).— Salons de T. Tliorf, 
1844, 1845, 1840. 1847, 1S48, MM ODB pi«&ee par 
W. B. SmaU 8td. Paria, 1868. S.E. 

BURGER (W.)— SalonB de W. Bnrger 
isei k 1868 arec one ptifkee par T. Tbor& Por- 
tnit de W. Enrger, grari par EUmeng. 2 rols. 
Port Sm Parii, 1870. S.K. 

BUBGES(FRABCia)— SomeObaerrationflon 
tiia Uieand Original of llieiiobte Arte and Ii^ater; 
of Frintiiig. ero. Norwich, 1701. 

BURQES (Willum). — Arohiteotnral Draw- 
ingt. B7 W. B. 7S platea. BajtX fol. Loodon, 
1870. S.K. 

BUBOESS (JoHM Cibt).— Usefiil HintB on 
Drmving and Painting, intended to FacilitMa ths 
ImpMTBmMit of Yoimg Penoai. fi4 pp. London, 

BUBGESS (JoHH Cist). — An easy Intro- 

dnction to FenpeetiTs, for the oaa of 7oong per- 

Kina. With plate*. 8ro. London, 1831. S.K 

Another edition. — An Eai; Intzodoeldon to 

PenpectiTe Sixth edition, rerited with new 

plalea. Sto. London, 1836. B.U, 

BUBOESS (Nathin O.).— The Photograph 
JCamial, etc. 11th edition. 13mo. Maw York, 


BUBOESS (Thokas). — An Essay on the 
Studj of AntiqnitiM. Sod edition. Sro. Oxford. 
1782. S.K 

BUBOON (John Wiiliam).— On the Cur. 
rent Coini of Qreat Britain, coniidered aa worka 
of Bit. 13 pp. 8to. n. p. 1837. 

BUBGON (JoHM Wiluah).— letters from 
Borne to Friend* in England. Bf the Ber. 3. W. B. 
With woodcaU. Croirn Sto. LoodoD, 1862. S.IL 

BUBGON (Thohas).-— Oo a mode of ascer- 
taining the place* to which Ancient Bzitiih Coini 
Mong. 8to. London, 1838. 

BURGOTNE (Sm John, Bart.).— A Treatise 
on the Blaating and Qnar^ring of Stone, for bnild- 

Analyaea of 

wtoat; to vhieh ie added 
Bkiwigg np of Bridgea. A neweditjon, with index. 
lino. London (1868). S.E. 

BUBGUNDIA (Abtobidb a).— Mvndi Lapis 
I^dJTi, Rue TanitAa per Veiitate £ilsi accnaata et 
ptitits. Open D. Antonii a Borgmdia, Arcbi- 

Joan. Cnohbari, Antaetp : 1639. 

BURGUNDY (Dnkes oQ — Descriptioii dea 

Fit«l ralibriea a l'oc«aaion de la xeBUnraUon dea 

Statues dea Dnca de Boorgogne, replaces dans la 

facade dea Halles i Ypres, 18S4. Sto. Yprea, 

1854. aE. 

BURK (Somws Albbecht). — ^Versnch uber 

dieHaaee,Oewichte,3Iiinfen, welcbein den heilig«D 

SchriftBQ Torkomnen. 4to. Tiibingen, 1771. 

BURKE (Sir John Bkbbahd).— A Visitation 

of the aeata and arms of the noblemen aod gentlemen 

ofQteatBriUin and Ireland. B^Sir J. B.B.,niateT 

King of 'Aime. Tiewa of seats and pkt«s of arms, 

Bojial Bto. London, libi. S.K. 

BUBKE (Olitbb)— The Abbey of Ross, its 

history and detnili Second edition. (With illos- 

tmtions.) Bto. Dublin, 1869. B.M, 

BURKHABD (Job. vob).— Von der Ueber- 
einstimmnng der Werke der Dichter mit den 
Werken der Eiinate. 2 Theils. Large Bto. Wien, 
BURTiAMACCHI (PiciFico). — Vita del 
P. F. QiroUmo SaTOnarola, dell' Ordine de' Predi- 
catori, BCritta gii dal P. F. PadSco Burlamacchi 
Lnccheee, dello steeso Otdine; e familiare del 
medenmo riTednta poco dopo aggiunta dal P. F. 
Timotio Botonio del medeaimo Oidine. Bto. 
Loeea, 1761. S.E. 

BURMBSTBR (G.).— Anleitung znm Plan- 
Zeichnennach dec LennA'schen Methode. £in 
Leitfadeo mm Unterrichte in Oartnenchulen eowie 
rum SolbstuQtemcbto tUr junge Qiirtner. Nobrt 
eintnn Anhange mit den Hauptiwein rur Ana- 
ffihruDg Ton Gartenanlagen. Bearbeitet Ton O. 
Bormester, Hereogl. Bnun«cb«eigiBchet Hof- 
gjirtner. UitlOTaCehi. Post 8to. Brannsehweiii, 
1B6T. 3.K. 

BURMESTER (L.).— Theorie nnd Darsfcel- 
Inng del Belenditung geaetnnusig gestalt«tei 
Flacbeo, mit beaondarer Biickaicbt auf det Beddrf- 
niBse technischer Hochachulen. Text, 8to. Atlas 
of 14 pUtes, obi. fol. Leiprig, 1871. S.K. 

BURN (Robbbt) .^Bome aud the Campagna, 
an hietorical and topographical daacnption of the 
site, buildings, and neighboorbood of Ancient Borne. 
With 83 illustrations bj Jewltt, and 25 maps and 

Elans. B; B. B., U.A. 4to. Cambridge and 
ondan, 1871. s,K, 

BURN (BoBBHT ScoTT).-.The Handbook of 
Object Teaching, eonsiiting of S^says deecriptire of 
the Bciences, machines, and industrial proceesea 
iUnatrttted in the book of large sheet ^winga. 
By K. a. B., Ble, -Port 8to. Atlas of 40 ^tes. 
Iinp.foL Edinburgh and London, n.d. S.K. 

BURNELL (Geobgb B.). ~ Rudimentary 
Treatise on limes, cements, tnolteia, cowsslitB, 
inartici,plastaTing, ete. 61ii lAi^Lon. "flVCu. i^wn.- 
dicM. Pott 8*0. London, IWI. ^^' 

1 \\\ 


Universal CaicdogvM of 


BUENBT (John). — ^Notions Pratiques sur 

Tart de la Feintnre. Tradnites do TAnglais par 
P. G. Van Qeel. 25 plates, some coloni^. 4to 
Paris, 1885. S.K 

BURNETT (Gilbert Thomas).— An Ency- 
elopeedia of ttseftd and ornamental Plants, con- 
sisting of beautiM and accurate coloured figures of 

* * plants used in the Arts, in medicine, and for orna- 
ment. New edition. 2 vols. 260 coloured plates. 
4to. London, 1852. 

BURNEY (Charles). — The Historjr of 

, Music ^m the earliest ages, with a dissertation on 
the Music of the ancients. With plates by Bazto- 
looEi, from designs by Cipriani. 4 vols. 4to. 
(London), 1776. 

BURNIEB (A.). — ^Homographe, instrament 
simple et commode pour dessiner d'apr&s nature 
ayee prteision et c^Urit^. 8to. Paris, 1841. 

JBUBNIEB (Alpbonss). — Th6orie de la 
Ealmcation des ]Stoffes. Tom^ l**. Dispositions 
et Echantillons. Tome 2*. Etudes de ^abrique. 
Kotesy Observations et Dispositions. (Original 
Manuscript.) 2 toIs. Fol. 1839-40. , S.E. 

BTJBNIEB (EuoiiNE).— La Gharfcrense de 

Saint-Hu|[on en Sayoie. Par C. B., " M^moires de 

TAcad^mie Imp^riale des Sciences, Belles-Lettres 

et Arts de Sayoie." Vol. i. With 1 plate. 8to, 

. Chamb^ry, 1869. S.£. 

BURNS (Robert). — Poema, chiefly in the 

. Scottish (Ualect, by B. B. (WiUi poems in MS., 
portrait and plate). 2 toIs. d2mo. Edinbuz;^, 
1802. S!E. 

BURNS (Robbet).— The Poetical Works of 

Bobert Bums; with his life. Ornamented with 
eng^Tings on wood by Mr. Bewick, from original 
designs by Mr. Thurston. 2to1s. 12mo. Alnwick, 
1808. S.E. 

BURNS (Robert). — Sonjps, chiefly in the 

Scottish dialect. Poems, chie^ in the Scottish dia- 
lect. By B. B. 2 Tols. in 1. With 10 steel plates 
after T. Stothard, B.A., and R. Westall, RA., en- 
grayed by W. Finden. 12mo. London, 1824. S.E. 

BURNS (Robbet). — Lliistrated Songs of 
B. B. With a portrait after the original by 
Nasmyth. For the members of the Boyal Assoda- 
iion for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland. 
6 steel engrayings. FoL (Edinburgh), 1861. 

BURNS (Robbet).— Poems and Songs by 
Bobert Bums. With original illustrations by B. 
Herdman, Gourley Steell, Waller H. Paton, D. 0. 
Hill, Samuel Bough, John M Whirter, and other 
eminent Scottish artists. Engraved by B. Paterson. 
4to. Edinburgh, 1868. SJ£. 

BURNS (Robiet).— The Works of R. B., 
■ poetical and prose. The Household, Illustrated 

.edition arrsmged and edited by ** Gertrude'' 

. (i. e. Mrs. Jane CroBs Simpeon). 2 vols. 8vo. 

. Glasgow, 1870. BJi. 

BURON (L.). — La Bretagne Catholique. 
. Description histonque et pittoresque, prMd6e d une 

excundon daos le boeage Yend&en. > Yiea de Saints, 
pMezinages, leeendes, tndts historiquee, mceurs 
coutumes, aiieodotes et paysages. 8to. Paris, 1856. 

BURRITT (Blihu).— Walks in the Black 

Country and its Green Border-Land. 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1868. SJI. 

BURROUGHS (Francis). — A Poetical 

Epistle to Jamee Barry, Esq., tiontaining strictuns 
upon some of the^ worlis of that celebrated artist*. 
With an appendix. 8to. London, 1805. 8.K. 

SURSLiN (C.).— Oeoffraphieyon Grieohea- 

land. Vols. 1-2 (all puWshed). 12 lithographs. 
8vo. Leipzig, 1862-68. 

BURSIAN (0.). — Zwey Bronzestatuett^ 
aus Ayenches. 2 plates. 8yo. n. p., 1865. 

BURSIAN (0.).— Aventicnm. 2 pte. 6 

plates. 4to. Ziirich, 1867-68. 

BURSIAN (C.).— Mosaikbild von Orbe. 

Coloured plate. 4to. Zurich, 1868. 

BURSILL (H3NBT).— Hand Shadows to 

be thrown upon the Wall ; a sertee of no^-^a^ 
amusing'figures formed by the hand. IVom original 
designs by H. B. Fifth edition. 18 plates. Small 
4to. London, 1860. 

Second series. Third edition. Small 4to. 
London, 1860. S^ 

BURT (Isabella).- Historical Notices of 
Chelsea, Senongton, Fulham, and Hamn^ersmith. 
With some particulars of Old Families. Also an 
account of their Antiquities and present state. With 
woodcuts. Boyal 8to. Kensington, 1871. S.E[. 

BURTIUS (NicoLAus).— Bononia Illustrate. 
4to. Piato de Benedietis. Bononise, 1494. B.M. 

BURTON (Edwabd).— A descriptioti of tife 
Antiquities and other curiosities of Bome: from 
personal observation during a visit to Ital^ in Uie 
years 181 8-19. With illustrationB from ancient aoi 
modem writers. 2nd edition, with additions. 2v(^. 
Plates. 8yo. London, 1828. SJL 

BURTON (John Hill).— The Book-Hnntpr 
etc. By J. H. B. 2nd edition. 12mo. Edinbur^ 
1863. S^ 

BURTON (Richabd)h— The History of this 

Kingdom of Ireland ; being an account of aU die 
Battles, Sieiges, and other considerable Transactions, 
both Civil and Militai^, durinff die late Wars ther^ 
tall the entire reduction of uiat Country, by Uie 
victorious Arms of...... King William, etc, etc A 

new edition, with wood-cut portraits. 4to. West- 
minster, 1811. TSfDE 

BURTON (RiOHABi) F.). — The Lake 
Begions of Central Africa, etc 2 vols. With 12 
chromozylographs and 22 woodcuts. 8vo. London, 
1860. B.M. 

(Chablbs F. Ttbwhttt). — Unexplored Syria. Visits 
to the Ltbanus, the Tultd el Sa£&, the Anti-Libanm^a 
the Northern lAbanus, and the 'AlAh. With plates« 
2 vols. 8to. London, 1872. SJ[« 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


BCBTT(PHiLiFt>B). — Gfttalo^ede Tableaux 
et Dmb um de F^cola Ftnufaiw, priiidp«IeiiieDt dn 
XVlll' nMe. lirfa de eoUecbom d'ftmatoan et 
esposja BQ proflt da la Okum d« mm!Oiitb del 
AitktM, Pointna, Benlptann, Anhit«eti et Deuiiw- 
t«an. Sikl sditiOD wiUl RDppknNiiL Sto. Paris, 
1B«0. 8.E. 

BUHTY (PHnjn^). — L'Ezpoaitioii de la 
BmiM daa Amii da AiCa dn Dipaitaiiient ds U 
Lmre. Std. Fftfii, 1S61. 

STTB.TY (Feiilippb).— Notice dea 4tndea 
pnntM pM TUodore BonMna e^iosiefl an ceida 
dea Htt. Itmo. P&iia, 1S6T. 
,'BUBTT (Pbilipfe). — Lee^manx cloisoiin^B 

BUBTT (Phuippi).— Cheftd'oBorreoftho 
IndnabMl Arta, B<r FtdUppe Baity. Fottcry and 
yaiiaiii. i^aa», eund, imUI, gMdnnt&t' work, 
LnMlkn and UpMti?. lUiunWad. Sdiled ^ 
W. Ch^&n, 7.aA. 8ro. loaioa, 1860. SJf. 

BUBTY (Philippi).— PmU Hnet. Notice 

biognphigna at criliqiie, nu*u da Oatalogiia ^ mb 

OKini- .aoMtM ao pailia dau l«s nlona de 

rUBMaazfaatiqua. Wit^etdiedpoitnitofP. HusL 

.. «T0. Paris, ISTO. 

BlffiBT (0. A.).— A Odlection of Deeigns 
ftr aMdam BmbdliahmenUl ntibtbta to pwlonn, 
dining and diaving tdodu, folding doora, diimaaj- 
niaoM, Tuandaa, fnita, Ac, on 2B platM. ObL Ito. 
losdon, luL 8X 

BUSBY (C. A.)— Deeigna for yHIas and 
Ocamln Hoiuea, with plaxa and elaratioua to each. 
4to. Hew Yo^ 180S. 

BCSGH.— Einiga Bemerkangen uber das 

oaa aam im Jahn IMl Ton Dr. Botch. 8ro. 
Limbwqg, 1S41. RE. 

BUSCE j;0.).— Die Baustyle. With plates. 
BvD. Laipsitb 1S64. 

BGBCH (O.V— Die BanlQhnmg; tar Ban- 
ta chDiW iittaBaiiliaDdwerkef, mitlfcur.etc. Sroj 

9ITSCH (FtBDiNANs).— Das &eie Hand- 
wiflliHTi. naeh VotUgriilBtUrn. S Hafle. 7S 
mfc o gP ^M. LuKeaqQare Sro. Berlin, IBil. 

BIT8CH (MoKiTz). — ^Bilder aiu dam Orient, 
Haeh der Heinr gezeichnet tod A. Loffler and mil 
beaehnabendam Text bagleitat Ton M. B. Hie 33 
BtaUaticben. 41d. Trieat, 1864. B.U. 

L'Oriant pittoresqne. FablieatioD artjstique 
daaainfe d'&pia nature par A. Loffler et aowm- 
DMaia da teste daaeriptif dn Bi. M. B. FoL 
Tame, IMS. B.M 

BUSCH (KOBITZ).— 1« Or^ pittoreBque. 
ftUicalioD aitiatiqoe deaiinia d'aprta Datore par 
A. Utter et acocanFagnie da Iext0 dMcn'ptif du ^ 

Bart L Wit^ 2 platao. FoL 


Doetfiin U. B. 

Trierte, ISTO. 

BUSOH (Moam).— DieTilricei. BeiMband. 

bach <Bi Bnnelian, die ostara Donaa. Anatoliea, 

^rien, Paliistiaa, Bhodoa and Cjpien Ton Dr. 

UoriCi Boach. ^ edition, WiEli plate& Sro. 

Trieat. 1870. 

BUSCH (MoKiTz).— Beiflehandbnoli fur Ae- 

gjptea and die angradaandan, dam Paaohft tuitat- 

woifenen Uinder, Ton Bi. Horiti Boaeh. Snd 

edition. With platea. Small Sto. Trieat, 1870. 

BUSCH (WiLHELii).— Die Fromme H^ena 

T«n W. Bofeh. Eolaiduiitta Ton SUling. Sfo. 

Heidalbetg, 1872. aS. 

BUSCH (WiLHBLii).— Der beflige Antofiins 

Ton Padna. With eomie woodooti. Sto. Bt«r 

bnrg (1872). 

" USCH (Wa 

Boadi. woodoota. 4to. Hnnchan, n.d. 
BUSCHBACH — Sammlnng &pb«ep Mo- 
aaikmnater m Fenatera. S Hafta. 1 8 lithogr^ha. 
Folio. Uooatcr, 1U8. 
BUSH (J.). — HibeniiaCtiriosa; or, a Oeoeral 
View of the Manoera, Coatoma, Di^oaitiona, ale., 
of the Inhabitants of Ireland. Platea. 8to, 
Iiondon, 1784. 

BUSINOEB ( Josxph).— Oaleriedeslablennx 
da Font de la chapeUa k Lnoema, ripr^aacdant 
lea ^ipoqnes lea ptna minuuablei do lluatnin 
Snisse. 8to. Locetne, ISII." 

BUSS (B. W.).~TIiB AlmanodE of the 
Pine Aita fbr the year 1850, being the second after 
Biaaeztile, oi Leap Tear. l&io. London^ 1650. 

. aK. 

BUSSCEB (BKai tih did).— Histoire de 

Bonabmgga-Haringha en Flandie. (^uonnliUio- 

gia^ title and 28 plalM. 4to. Oand, 1888. 
BUS8CHEB ^DUORD dx). — fStnde des 

Etndea de M. le Baron de Baiffenbeig aor lea Loges 

bibliqaea de Baphail d'Urbin. Sro. Gand, I B48. 
BUSSCHER (Edmoitd de) Notice but 

I'abbaya de 8t.-Pierta i Qud. With platea. 8to. 

Gand, 1847. 
BUSSCHEB (EpHOKfi di) Album da 

oort^ biatariqne dee comtea de Flandra, defsinfa 

par De Tigne, aTea tazte hiatoriqoe et deacHplif 

par R de B. 81 platea. Large Sto. QmuI, 184S. 
BUSSCHEB (SDHOitD i>K).~Les rdnefl de 

I'abbaye d* Saint BaTOn, & Oand. Sid edition. 

10 lithogiapha. 8to. Oand, 1884. 
BUSSCHEB (Edhokd de).— Becherches 

Bar lea paintiea et Bcnlpt«arB i Cknd, an XVl* 

aiicle. luge Sto. Qand, 1866. 
BUSSE (QiOM).— Vednte pittoresohe di 

Tarie Parti d'ltalia. 18 platea, Boma, 1810-48. 
BUSSIEBES (Jeah do).— Bwi&c&lia^Ti^ 

Denaia, sire Domna Coninleiu, &caen\^ a^ 1. &» 

BoMiirer With platea. BiA. ■Logioai. VW^-- 


Universal Catalogue of 


BUSSLER (Robert). — Der Rafael-Saal. 

Veneichniss der im Koniglichen OrangeriehauBe zu 
Sans-Souci auf allerhochstexi Befehl au%e8tellteii 
Gopien nach GemiUden Ton Bafael Sanzio. 8to. 
Berlin. 1858. 

2nd edition, 1861. 

BUSSLER (Robbbt).— Die Alba-Madoima, 
ein achter Bafael in Serlin. Eunfltgeflchichtliche 
Notiz, etc. 8yo. Berlin, 1868. BJf. 

BUSSY (Charles de). — ^Encyclop^die popu- 

laire, r^stim^ des sciences et arts. 18mo. Paris, 

BUSTI (C). — Sopra alcnne opere di 
flcnltnra e di plastica di A, Canora. Foesie. 8to. 
Hilano, 1842. 

BUTLER (Alban).— The Lives of the Fa- 
thers, Martyrs, and other principal Saints. Com- 
piled from original monuments and other authentic 
records ; illustrated with the remarks of judicious 
modem critics and historians. 12 vols. 8to. Lon- 
don, 1812-56. S.K. 

BUTLER (Ben).— A Tale of Tories. By 
B. B. The illustrations by Seymour. 12mo. Lon- 
don, 1832. S.E. 

BUTLER (James) and HODGE (Henry).— 

The Architectural Scrap Book, containing sketches 
of picturesque and beautiful parts of buildings, 
EngUsh and Continental, by J. B. and H. H. 38 
lithographs. Obi. 4to. London, n.d. S.K. 

BUTLER (Samuel). — ^The OennineRemaiiis, 
in Verse and Prose, of Mr. Samuel Butler, author 
of Hudibras. Published from the original manu- 
scripts formerly in the possession of W. Longueville, 
Esq. ; with notes by B. Thyer. 2 vols. 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1759. S.K. 

BUTLER (Samuel).— Hndibrafl, in Three 
Parts ; written in the time of the late wars ; cor- 
rected and amended. With large annotations and 
a prefiice, by Zachaiy Grey, LL.D. Adorned with 
a new set of cuts, by William Hogarth. 3rd 
edition. 2 vols. 8to. London, 1772. S.K. 

Hudibras, ein satyrisches Gedicht wider die 
Schwexmer und Independenten zur Zeit Carls des 
Ersten, in neun Gesan^n. Aus dem Englischen 
nbersetzt. Mit histonschen Anmerkungen und 
Eupfem versehen. 8to. Hamburg nnd Leipzig, 
1765. S.K. 

BUTSCH (A. F.). WaflTenstiicke, Rustunffen, 
Kunstwerke und Gerathschaften des Mittelalters 
nnd der Renaissance. In einer Aoswahl der schon- 
sten Staeke aus der in den Baumlichkeiten des 

hist<»ischen Yereins fur Schwaben nnd Neubms 
aufgestellten Sammlnng des Particuliers J. M. 

Soyter Herausgegeben ron A f. B. With 

50 photographs. Fol. Augsburg, 1871. S.K. 

BUTTERFLIES.— British Bntterfliee, their 
distinctions, generic and specific, with lithographic 
illustrations of each genus (comprising 33 species). 
Drawn by the children of the institution for the 
Deaf and Dumb, Edgbaston. 18 lithographs. 
46 pp. 16mo. Birmingham, 1828. 

BUTTY.-r-Description de la statue ^qnestre, 

que la Compagnie des Lides Orientales de Danne- 
marc a consacr^ k la gloire de Fr^6ric V. Danish^ 
French, and German. Fol. Copenhagen, 1774. 


BUZONNlilRE (L. de).— Notice but qnatre 
colliers et plusieurs autres objets gallo-romaina 
trouY^ dans la commune de Saint-Viatre, par 
LdeB. 13 pp. 8to. Orleans, 1868. 

BYERN (B. VON).— Bilder aus Grieohen- 

land und der Levante Mit einem Vorworte Yon 

Professor Zeune. 8to. Berlin, 1833. B.M. 

BYRNE (Oliver).— Spon'a Dictionary of 

Engineering, civil, mechanical, military, and naval ; 
wi£b t>echnical terms in French, Carman, Italian, 
and Spanish. Edited by O. B. Parts i.-iii. Imp. 
8to. London, 1869-70. 8.K. 

BYRNE (Mrs. William Pitt).— Coeaa de 

Espana, Illustrative of Spain and the Spaniards 
as they are. By Mrs. W. P. Byrne. 2 vols. 30 
plates. 8vo. London (printed). New York» 

BYRNE (Mrs. Willum Pitt).— Pictures 
of Hungarian life. By the Author of '^ Flemisfa 
Interiors ** (Mrs. W. P. Byrne) . . • Illustrated by 
the author. 8vo. London, 1869. B.M. 

BYRON (Gboege Gordon Noel, Lord). — 

Childe Hfut>ld's Pilgrimage, a Romaunt^ bv Lord 
B. 62 steel engravings, including portrait, mmtis- 
pieoe, and vignette, by T. Phillips, H. Wairen, T. 
Creswick, Aubrey, CockereU, G. Hbwse, J. B. 
Aylmer, and E. and W. Finden. Boyal 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1841. 

BYRON (Gboege Gordon Noel, Lord). — 

The Prisoner of Chillon. Poem by Lord Byron. 
Illuminated by W. and G. Audsley. Chrome- 
lithographed by W. B. Tymms. 4to. London, 
1866. aK. 

BYSTERVELD (Henri de).- Album de 

ooiiRires historiques. With illustrations. 4 vols. 
Square 18mo. Paris, 1863-1866. 


Books on Art (Suj^lement). 

C— -■ An Anglo-Indian Domestic Sketch. 
A latter from mn titiil in India to his mother in 
Ei^^ad. Woodento in Text Ro;al Sro. Ctl- 
cnltfc IMO. 

Dranot, Ssllaa^Noa. S et 9, te Lnndi, 29 Arril 
1B72. (Witli K Notice of the CoUectioo, bj Tb^- 
^lile Qaiiti«r, and elertn photognphs.) Imp. 8to. 
F&cii, IB73. S.E. 

C (A, S.). — A Five- Tears' Cruise roand tlie 
WoTld(t86T to tS7I)' t>r HJI.H. tbelhikeof EdiD- 
biuRb, E.O., Cept&in of B.H.S. ' CHlatek.' A Qoide 
to the Works of Alt asd Sdeoee collected bj His 
BajnX BighneM, end lent fbr exhibitiou in the 
Stmth Eensingtoii Mnsenin, Febmaiy, 1872. Sro. 
Londcm, (1S73). 8.2. 

C. (B.). — Koiist nnd Leben. Sro. Leipzig, 
OieiMii (printed), 1869. B.M. 

C. (G.).— I Capi d'Aiie di Bramonte da 
Uftmio nel HilaotM ; memoiie storice-sitiRiche 
pnrC. C ISmo. Hilancs 1870. « 

C. (G.). — Intomo a Marco -Palmerzani da 
F^U e ad alcnni iDoi IKpinti. Uomorie di 0. C. 
Std. Forlj, 1844. Nat. Oal. 

C. (0. E. L.).— The Antdqnitaes of-Uar1-' 
btnouh College. A lecture deUvered in the Hall, 
on Buehaelmu-Day. 18SS, and printed at the re- 
qoMt of the School. 2nd edition. 8to. Harl- 
boron^, 18«e. 8.2. 

C. (H.). — Sotice hiatoriquo ot descriptive 
nir Vi^M mtoopolitaine de Ste. Oidle <rAlbi. 
With nates. Sto. Toolonse, 1841. 

C. (J.)- — y&vey e( ees enTirons. Pbtes. 
»n>. CUniTS, 1842. S.E. 

C (T.).— Sculpture and the Plastic Art 

Conipiled by the Author of the " History of tbe AH 
of Fainting." Post Sro. Boeton (U.S.), 1830. S.£. 

CABELLO Y ASO (Lcis).— El Arqnitocto, 
■n misioii, sn edoeaeion, sos conodmientos j eoss- 
iwiUEa. 4to. Madrid, 1889. 

CABINET. — The CaWnet; or, Monthly 
Beport of Polite Literature. S vols. With en- 
gnred portiait*. Sro. London, 1807-8. S.K. 

tnre : comprising a collection of designs for tbe 
neveet and most elsMiit stjlw of fanutare. 48 
plates. ObL 4to. (Philadelphia, 1868.) London, 

Le aciaiie e le arti iotto il pontoficsto di Pio IX., 

osaia taToltt in folio ordinario, rappresentMito la 
opere ionalzatesi in Roma a sermio della religione, 
delle ecienze, delle tuti et della pnbblica comodi^ 
sotto gli anapicii del sommo FonKOin Pio IX. 
Plates. Fol. Boms, 1863-67. 

CACIALU {(Jiobeppb;|.— Progetti di di- 
segni atchitettonid racodti, disegnati ed incisi da 
C. Chietid e T. Nnti. 96 plates. FoL Fireoze, 

CADET-DE-VAUX (Antoinb-Aliici8).— 

Memoirs sur la PHntnie an Lait ; par A.-A C.^ds- 

V.- 16pp. Bro. PariB,ThermidopanIX.(lB01). 


Kouvesn proc6di de Peintore, applicable i Tint^ 
rieor et il reit^riear des habitations : — belle, solide, 
dnrable et iconomiqne: — lettre i M. Bilangsr, 
architect* de 8. A, R. Monsienr ; psr A-A. ^det< 
de-Vanx. Btd. Paris, 1B14. 

CADIZ. — Eztracto de loa Dictimenes dados 

SF loB Haestroe consnltodoe eobre dndas qae se 
■ ofrecido en Cimientoe, Flonta 7 AUsdos de la 

IffleRia Cathedral, aae se ee\A fabricando en esta 

CSndad de C4dii. FoL Cadic,' (1730 ?). 
CADIZ.— Descriptioii de la nneva Ingleeia 

Cathednl de Cadiz. 4to. Cadiz, 1770. 
CADIZ. — Estfttutos Prorinaionales del Es- 

tudio de bellu Artes de In Ciudad de Cadic 4to. 

Cadis, 1TB6. 
CADOREN (GiirBBPPB).— Fac Simile dei 

CADORIN (LoDOTicoJ. — Studii t«orici e 
pratici di architettiua e di onato per la erenona 
piindp^emente delle bbbriche in terra cotta adat- 
tati SI bisogni del lecolo. With 28 plates. Lwa 
fol. Veneiia, D.d. S.K. 

CADOBIB (LoDOTico). — Vnova Enciclo* 
pedis aKistiea, orrnv Colleziona di disegni ori^- 
□ale, per L. C. Fol. Venena, 1867, etc 

CAEMMERER (J. G. J.).— VorlegeblattoP 
beim PUnieichnen, mit Text nnd Eapfam. 
Largs Bto. Oieesen, IBOS. 

CAEN (P.).— L'Ami des Arts, on I'Art dn 
trait 12 ^tes. I2Tno. Nancy, 184S. 

CAGNOLATI (Lodoyico). -^ RagguagUo 
della magniflca sacra pompa per la Bolemne in- 
coronadone dell' antica miiacotosa immagine della 
St— Terg. dettA delle Grame, dell' Atrio, segoita 
il di 24 Manio deU' aano 171) ti«\^ C^«m.'&»> 
tropolitana dl Ffliiua. Iftnp. tUi. 7Bmz*.,Vl1'>- 


Universal Catalogue of 


CAHIER (Auguste). — Fragments de Pein- 
tures do XlV*. si^le au Mns^ de Dooai. 20 pp. 
8yo. Douai, 1864. 

CAHIEB (Augustb). — Essai but les Musses 
de Douai, leurs origines, lenrs progr^, lean bien- 
fetitenrs, par A. C. Sto. Douai, 1870. 

CAHIEB (Chaeles). — Cinq plaones d'ivoire 
sculpU,repr^entantlamortde Jefiu Uhrist. Plates. 
. 4to. P'ans, n.d. 

CAHIEB (Csableb). — Si le christianisme a 
nni aux Sciences des !Bibliotli^Ties da moyen Age, 
de la calligraphie aa nioyen Age— des miniatures 
dumoyenlge. 8vo. taris, 1889. 

dAHIEB (CHABLEs).-<^Caract6ristiqae8 des 
Saints dans I'Art populaire, ^num^ries et ezpliqu^s 

fur le P. Ch. C, With woodcats. 2 toU. 4to. 
aris, 1867. S.K. 


. Jobbfh). — Essai de Classification des suites mon^- 
taires ByzanUnes. Text 8to. Plates 4to. Hets, 
1836. S.K. 

QAIGNART de SAULCT (Louis F^licibn 

. Josbfh).^ Essai de classification des monnaiee 
aatonomes de TEspagne. 12 plates and maps. 
Syo. MetE, 1840. 


Josbfh).— Becherches sur les monnaiee des dues 
h^rMitaires de Lorraine. With 36 plates. 4to. 
Hetz, 1841. 


/ Josbpk).— Analyse grammaticale du texte d^mo- 
tique du d^eret de Bosette. VoL i. part 1 (aU 
published). With 2 plates. 4to. Pans, 1845. 

CAIGNABT DE SAULCT (Louis Fj^licibn 

Joseph). — Becheiches sur Vicriture cun^iforme 
assyrlenne. Inscriptions de Van. With plate. 
4to. Paris, 1848. 


Joseph). — ^Voyage autour de la Mer Morte et dans 
les terres bibliques ezkut^ de d^cembre 1850 k 
aTTil 1851. 2 Tols. 8yo. Atlas 4to. Paris, 


Joseph). — Catalogue des collections dont se com- 
' pose le museum de raztillerie. 12mo. Paris, 
- 1855. 


Joseph). — ^Les Ezp^tions de C^sar en Grande- 
Bretagne. Large 8yo. Paris, 1860. ^ 


* Joseph). — Les campagnes de Jmes C^sar dans les 
Gaules ; Etudes d'arch^lpg^e militaire. 8to. Paris, 


Joseph). — Voyage en Terre Sainte. 2 toIs. Illus- 
trations. 8to. Paris, 1865. 


Joseph). — Numismatique des cheft gaulois men- 

tionn^ dans les Commentaires de C^sar. 4 plates. 
86 pp. 8to. P^uris, 1868. 


Joseph).!— Lettre k M. de Caumont sur Tare triom- 
phal d'Orange. 7 pp. 8yo. Caen, 1868. 

CADjHAVA (L.).— De tristibns Franci» 
libri quatuor ex Bibliothecse Lugdunensis codioe 
nunc primum in luoem editi cura et somptibos L. 
Cailhaya. Woodcuts. 4to. Lugduni, 1840. 

CAILLAU (A. B.). — ^Histoire critique et 
religieuse de Notre-Dame de Boc-Ama^umr. 7 
plates. 8to. Paris, 1884. 

CAILLBMEB (ExupfeREV— Etudes but les 
antiquity juridiques d'Athenes. 4* 6tude. Les 
Papyrus grecs du Louvre et de la Biblioth^ue im- 
p^riale. 5* itude. La restitution de la dot k 
Athines. 74 pp. 8to. Caen (printed) Paris, 


mond). — ^Premiire 4tude sur les \ antiquitfa de 
Ghamplien. 8vo. Paris, 1851. * 


xond). — ^Pierrefonds, Saint-Jean aux Bois, La 
Folie, Saint-Pierre en Chastres. Souvenirs histo- 
riques et avoh^logiques de la fbrftt de Compline; 
8vo. Paris, 1858. 

momd). — ^Le Mont Oannelon k ClaircHz, pr&B de 
Compi&gne, itnde d'areh^logie, de phOologie et 
dlustoire. Large 8vo. (Amiens) C(»npi(&gne, 1859. 


mohd). — Coup d'oeil g^n^ral sur les Catacombes de 
Boitie, et leu^ histoire jusqu'inos joura. 8to« 
Paris, 1862. 


xoin>)^— l^Stude de quelques inscriptions chr^ennes 
carthaginoises. 8to. Paris, 1863. 

moms). — ^Le mobilier d^ Catacombes de Borne. 8to. 
Paris, 1864. 

CAILLIfi (Bexi^) Jonmal d'nn voyage & 

Tambouctou et k Jenn^ dans TAfrique centiale, 
•oteMk d'observations faites chez les Maurei 
brakues, etc., pendant les ann^es 1823 k 1828. 3 
vols. Svo. Plates 4to. Paris, 1830. 

CAISE (Albbbt).— Histoire de JSaint-Val- 
. lier, de son abbaye, de ses sei^eurs et de see habi- 
tants. 6 plates. 18mo. LHle (printed), Paris, 

CAJOT (Joseph). — Les Antiqnit^s de Met^ 

12mo. Metz, 1760. 

CALABBELLA (Baroness de).— The Prism 
of Imagination. Borders in gold and colours, litho- 
graphoa by H. Warren. 8vo. London, 4 844. 

CALAME (Alexandre). — ^Les ombrages. 

Lithographs. Fol. Paris, n.d. 
CALAME (Albxandbb). — ^For^ts et Mon- 

tagnes. !&udes de paysage d'apr^ nature. 18 
liUiographs. Fol. Jraris, n.d^ 


Booh on Art (Suppiement). 


CALAHE (Alxxakobb).— CEJavreH de A. C, 
toUcaw^ wqoivHS, deauiu, tlaiea, etc., fae-nmile 
de oioqu* i'apiit ottan. U platM. FoL Kuu, 

g/tT.ARn (Ob. F.).— Histotra des Armes 

"'Mata-nm 0t iiteuaitt en It^ie. IBmo. Fans, 

CALARD (G&. F.).— Hiatoira des ArmeB 
ofiwBW at dtfonsiTM am tkpagne (ftrco Ik btte et 
tes mirqnw dM plni fbrnrnx anauTien dc ToUds 
Jgpnia 1* denzjima moitii da XVI* side jnsqn'aa 
JLVlII*, ncaaiUif pAr Son lUoiial Bodngoe* 
FajDmiuD). ISmo. Fuii, 1867. 

CAIiATEINA (DiBFOnco^.— Disoorso delle 

' HafB da baraii di Boma e edm Doeamenti. Con oti 
modo niqitiWe da bbricalc, i <B Iwgnarri Banis 
iMionB aleoiu, Flatei. 4h>, Bom«, lSt6. 

0AIX3AQNINI (Cslio). — De Taloram, bo 
TeosoBniin, et eakalomm lodii, ex more Tetenim, 
in gntUm H\H Gtregorii QTTsldi. Flatea. Large 
fcl Tanctiu, I7SB. 

CALDEBINI (GnaLnLUo).— Schiarimenti 

■dI l>pMgettop«rl&&ceUUddl>aomodiFireaze, 

- - ■•*■'" C. 4to. Parugia, 



CAIiDESI, BIiAjm)IlD and 00.— The 
Sojtl CoUactioa of FictoTM in the QtUety M 
BnckJngliaDi Palace. Photographed bj CaCieai, 
BUntbrd & Co. 40 photogisphi. Ito. London, 
1880. 3£. 

OAIiBNDAB, BTTSSIAN',— Twelve Plates 
of the Twalre Hontha, with flgni-ee of the Saints 
forncb day of thejaar.' The antanation in Siu- 
naa. Ona ^ta of tha Kramlin, Hokow, eugraTed 
br Patw van der Aa, of Lerden. ObL fol. n.p., 

- »A. afc 

CALBNDAB. — E711 newer Kalender toq 
allarley Aitznei diu«h die Sieben Planeten, EwSlff 
ZaidoD, and die XXXVl. Bildor des Himmeb, 
Hinpt inn Figwen. With plates. 4to. Stiau- 

CALENDAS.— The Calendar of Uie Anglican 
Oiiudi, Qloftnted with brief acconnta of (he Saints 
^10 baT* Qnnchea dedicated in theic namea, or 
iriioaa iaagM on matt fteqnentlT met with in 
Kigland ; the earlj Christian and MediKTal Sjm- 
bol* ; and an Indea of amblema. Kany wK>dcnte. 
8to. Otfotd and London, 1861. 

CAI^NDAB.— The Calendar of the Prayer- 
Book, illnstratad with an Appendix of the Chief 
Christian Emblems, from &' 
HonnmenU. 13mo. Oxford a: 

Asothai edition. 12mo. Oxford and London, 
IB«r. 8-K. 

CALL (Johanh tik). — AdmirandomiQ qnad- 
ntplex Speetacnlom ; delnctnm, pietnm et aeri in- 
d>sia par J. T, 0. 71 plate*. *to. Ameteidam, 

CALL (T. J.).— See Johnstos (J. W.) wad 
Call (T. J.).— DeeoiptiTe Anatomy of the HoiM, 
et«. Grown Sro. 1870. 

CALLAWAY (JoHs).— Takknn ITatianna.. 

wl: a Oiugaleaa Foam, ete. Translation..' 

lUnsbated with platea btnn Cingalese Designs, 
8to. London, ISIB, 

OALLCOTT (Maeu, Lady).— life of Nicho- 
las Poossin. 8to, London, 1B20. fl.ff. 

PALLET (F.) and LESUEUB (J.-B.-C). 
— Ajchitecnue Itallenne Sa^tantrionale, on :^difloH 
pnblicaetpaitiniliersdeTimnetde MElan. Heemia 
etdeasinfs porF.O&Uetet J.-S.-C. Letaenr. Folio. 
Pari*, I8fi6. B.K. 

PA LL ET (PiEBBi MoiBB). — LecosA de per- 
spediTe linUte i I'usags des Atablissaments d'in- 

CALLIA (August). — Emblemata Sacra, b 

libris Hoiis ezceipttt aiicli>ra A. C. Heidelbeis, 


CALLIAT fViCTOE) and lance (Adoiphi). 

.Enc^opidie d'Architectnre. Journal mensusl, 

iblii sons la direction de Tictor Oalliat et Adolphe 

wee. 12 Tola. 4to. Fkria, ISSl-.OS. &K. 

CALLINGHAM (Jaioib). — Sign Writmg 

and Qlasi Emboasing ; a complete practical iHns- 

tratad mannal of the art. By J. Callkigham. Sto. 

London, 1871. RJT. 

C ALLOT (JiCQUEs).— Croone der Triumph- 

waghen. 10 platea of trinm;^utlchuiota,engnTad 

by Clement de Jonghe after J. C. Obi 4to. n.p. 


OALLOT (Jaoquib).— Lee Miserea et kg 
Mal-benis de la Onere Mpmantaz par J. Callot, 
Noble Lonain, et mis en Ituniere par Israel son 
amy. 18 platea. Obi. 4I«. Paris, 1683. BJ^ 

OALLOT (JicquBe).— See Altotiti (G.). 
—Eseqoie ddla R Oat, a R. tfseBta di Varf^erita 
d' Anitria, etc. Fol. 1612. 

CALLOT (JacoUBS). See Buron (C). — 40 
Snilea complettaa, etc Fol. n.d. 

CALLOW (John).— I*ndflcape in Water 

C1B71)- fl-K. 

CALMELS (A.).— Etndeanr les beanz-arte : 
Da fart.— Dea arti micaaiqnea on indnatriela. — 
Dm arts lib^nx on bmin-aita. Conf^rance £iite 
i I'hdtal de rille de Cabors, le rendredi, 16 firriar, 
1867. 48 pp. 8to. Cahora, 1887. 

PALMELS (Edouard).— Code pdnal portn- 

Sis. De la Impression dee contrefaoms et antres 
lits en matiin de propria litt^ire, artdatiqae, 
indoBlrielle. Sto. Paris, 1862. 
CALMET ^AnacBTiH). — Bistoiro eccl^sia*. 
tiqne et dvile de Lorraine, qoi comfraui ce <if& 
s'eat paasd de plos mtmaratAe djuia Y Km^imVi^ ftn 


Universal Catalogtie of 


depuis Tentrie de Julee C6aar dana lea Oaules 
jasqtt*^ la mort de Charles V. Due de Lozraine, 
arriyie en 1690. 3 Tola. With 45 platea. FoL 
Nancy, 1728. 

CALORI CESIS (Fbedinakdo). — Delle 

Anni di Pietra e di aJcune preteae antichiti dei 
tempi preistorici. 12ino. Bologna, 1869. B.M. 

CALYABY. — Les colloques du Galvaire, ou 

Mutations snr la Passion ae J^ns-Chiist. Wood- 
cuts after the Petit Bernard. 12ino. Lyon, 1699. 

CALVARY (S.).— Mittheilungen aus dem 
Antiqnariate von 8. Calvary und Co., in Berlin. 
(In progress.) No 1. Oct.-Nov. 1868. 8to. 
Berlin, 1868. S.E. 

OALYI (GiBOLAMO LuiGi). — La fondazione 

del tempio della Certosa presso Payia, oyyero ap- 
pendice alia notizie di Bernardo da Venezia fra 
quelle de' principali architetti, scultori e pittori che 
fiorirono in Milano durante il governo dei Yisconti 
e degli Sfbrta. Memoria di G. C, letta il 27 feb- 
braio 1862. 16 pp. 8to. Milano, 1868. 

OALYI (Jacopo Alessandbo). — Lettere pii- 

toriche. 8to. PadoTa, 1838. 

CALYIS (LuDOVicus di). — Resolniao laby- 
rinthi monetamm, ponderum, et aliorumantiquomm. 
12mo. Bononiae, 1683. 

CALWEE.— Deatochland'8 Fold- nnd Gar- 
tengewachse. 824 coloured illustrationfl. 4to. 
Stuttgart, 1852. 

OAMBIAGI (GiiTAKo).— Descrizione dell' 
Imperial Giardino di Boboli a Firense. 8to. 
Firenze, 1757. 

CAMBON (Abmato).— Il61e de TArfc dn 
Bessin dans les Sociit^s. 22 pp. 8to. Mont- 
auban, 1870. 

-CAMBRIDGE. — The New Cambridge 
Guide ; or, a View of the Unirersity, Town, and 
County of Cambridge. The 6th edition, en- 
larged. With a conect plan of Cambridge and 
elegant engravings. 12mo. Cambridge, 1821. 

<;AMBBIDGE.— Hand-book of Ten Miles 
Bound Cambridge. 34 pp. 16mo. Cambridge, 

CAMBRIDGE. — The Cambridge Guide, 
including historical and architectural Notices of the 
Public Buildings, and a concise Account of the 
Customs and Ceremonies of the UniTersity. With 
a sketch of the places most worthy of remark in the 
County. A new edition, illustrated by engrarings 
from drawings by Mackenzie and Budge. 12mo. 
Cambridge, 1845. S.K 

CAMBRIDGE.— The RaUway Traveller's 
walk through Cambridge. A new edition, with 75 
illustrations. Post 8to. Cambridge, 1864. S.E. 

CAMBRY (Jacques deV — ^Voyage dans le 

Finistire, ou itat de ce di&partement en 1794 et 
1795. 3to1s. With plates. 8m Parii,anyiL 

CAMDEN (William). — Reges, Resine^ 

Nobiles, et alii in Eodesia CoUegiata B. Petri Weat- 
monasterii sepulti,Tsque ad annum repazatae salutis 
1600. 40 pp. Small 4to. Londini, 1600. 

CAMERARinS ( Joachiv) .— Symbolonim 

et Emblematum ex aquatilibus et reptilibos de- 
Bumptorum. Koribeigae, 1604. 
Other editions, 1605-1654 and 1668. 

C AMERIARUS (Joachim) .— S vmbolomm 

et emblematum centuriae tree : I. ex herbis et stir- 
pibus (1590). II. ex animalibus quadrupedibus 
(1595). in. ex Tolatilibus et insectis (1596). Ac- 
cessit norites Centuria IV. ex aquatilibus et repti- 
libus (1604), post Joaehimi obitum, a Ludovioo- 
Joachimo Cameraria J. C. ejus filio, cum figuris 
aeneis. With plates. 4to. Franoofurti, 1605. 

CAMESINA (Albebt). — Die bQdUchen 
Darstellungen der BibUa pavj>eram aus der dem 
14. Jahrhundert angehorigen Handschrift des Chor- 
hermstifts S. Florian in Oberoesterreich. Text by 
Dr. Gustav Heyder. 34 plates. Laige 8to. Wien, 

CAMINO and REGAMEY.^CoBtnmea sud- 
dois. With 20 oolonzed platee by QeoflOroy. 4to. 
Paris, n.d. 

CAMMERLOHER (AntohyonV— Beitrage 
zur Briickenbaukunde, ins besonaere kritischer 
Commentar cur Theorie der Brnckenbogen und 
Vorschlage su eisemen Briicken, etc., Ton G. Beich- 
enbach. 1 plate. Large 4to. Munehen, 1812. 

CAMMERLOHER (Afton von).— Brwei- 
terung und Berichtigung der Theorie des Ghebalks, 
mit einem Anhange anderer statischer Unter- 
suchungen. With figures. Large 8to. Miinehen, 

CAMPANARI (Secokdliko, Marchese). — 

Pitture delle grotte Tarquiniesi. 42 pp. 8to. Boma, 

CAMPAUX (ANTOims).— Dee Rapports de 
la Beaut^ Plastique et de la Beaut6 Monle. 8ro. 
Strasbourg, 1865. B.M. 

CAMPBELL (James). — Balmerino and its 

Abbey, a Parochial History, by J. Campbell, Itf.A., 
Minister of Balmerino. With an appendix of 
illustrative documents. Crown 8vo. Edinburgh, 
1867. SJL 

CAMPBELL (John).— The MiHtarv History 

of the late Prince Eugene of Savoy, and of the late 
John Duke of Marlboroagh, including a particular 
description of the severu Battles, Sieges, etc., in 
which either or both those Genends commanded. 
.... The whole illustrated with variety of copper 
plates of Battles, Sieges, Plans, etc, carefully en- 
graven by Claude Du Bose. 2 vols. Fol. London, 
1736-37. S.K. 

CAMPBELL (John Fbedebigk Yaxjqbas^ 

Earl Cawdob). See Cawdob (Eari of). 

CAMPBELL (Thomas).— Gertrude of Wyo- 
ming; a Penni^lvanian tale. And other poemt. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


By T. C. (Dnwingi in wpa). 4to. Loncloti, 

CAUFE (JoHAim Hiihricb). — J. H. Gampe's 
BobiDton Eniaoe. Naa beubeitet vod Jnliui 
HoffiDMui. UiC Fu)>«iiUl<lern BKh Aquarell^n 
roo W. Simmlra. Smftll 4ta. Stattgart, n.d. S.K. 

CAUFBGGI (BiDOuo).— La Italia Canso- 
lata. Epitalsmio par 1« Beali Noem d«l SerrmBs. 
Tittorio Anadso, Frenc. di !Kemoabi, con la ChriB- 
tivuM Madaoui CbriRtiui& di Ftuieia, del Sig. Cki. 
KdoUo Cwnpeggi. Engraved title-page, and Tood- 
cnt h«ad and tail pi«cea tbionghoitt. Post 8ro. 
Bolcgna, 1619. 8JK. 

CAMPEE (PsTKua). — Hederoeringen orer' 
d« «^ie om de Terechudene haiistogteo op onu 
wcseai te Terbeelden ; OTar de TerbMMDde oveT*«D- 
konut tonehen de Tterroetige dieren, TOgelen, tIb- 
aehsD en den menBcb ; en over bet gedtASte eehoon. 
II plates and portrait. 4to. Ulrecht, 1792. B.U. 

CAMPIGLIA (GiOTiinn DoMEinco).— E 
quinto libra del yoro Teatm delle Gtbriehe et ediflg 
&tte Ikre in Boma e fhori di Boma dal Papa 
Clemeote XIL Disegnate ed inlacliate in proapet' 
tiTk COD diiemone e enia di O. D. C. 80 platea. 
ObL foL Soma, 1739. 

CAMPIN (Frabcib).— The Practice of Hand- 
turning in Wood, Itotj, Shell, etc. With initme- 
tioM for Tnniiiu Ench Worki in Hetal ai ma; be 
Mqnircd in the Practice of Tnming in Wood, Ivoty, 
Mc Also an Appendix on Ornamental Turning. 
m vood engniin^ Small Bto. London, 1861. 
2nd edition. tNo. London, 1S88. 

CAMPIN (FRUicis).-~Practical ^atmctiona 
for Detailing Mocliineiy, eompriiing: Instractiona 
fbr the axecntion of Tariona WorkB in Iron, in the 
Ktting SEop, Ponnlry, and Boiler Yard. Arranged 
Bxprenlj for the nie of Dnnghtimen, Stndenta, 
and Foremen EnginMi*. B; F. Campin. With 
Dtunra^nui engtsnogB. Iflmo. London, (1871). S.K. 

CAMPEN" (F. W.).— The Acta 28 TictoriK, 
Cap. 3 and Cap. 6, eonfeming InTentiona and De- 
(igni, exhibited at the Dublin International Exhibi- 
tion, 1SS6, and IndoBtrial Exhibitioni generallj ; 
with Notea and CitationB of modem and m^ortant 
cases as to Exhibition, Fnblicalion, and Uaei. Also 
a Statement of some [sineipal points in the Law 
andPnctieaof Fatentf ; and as Appendix, contain- 
ing the Proristons of the AM CopjTi|^t Act, 1862, 
and the Merchandise Marks Act, )86S. 8to. swd. 
(London) 136fi. RE. 

CAMPION (G. 6.).— To the Master General 

of the Ordnance and the Ottam of the Bojal 

Aitiller;, these dz illnatrationa of the princi^ 
■tolDtions of the distingniiihed corps are in- 
scribed. (No. 1. Held Batteries taking up poeition. 
3. Biege Oatis. 3. Moitai Battery. 4. Sii^-eight 
poander in Quemate. 6. Hountain Bottei;. 6. 
Folding a BiTer). Cotonrsd plates. FoL London, 
Axlermann, n.d. P. C. lab. Aldershot. 

CAMPION (G. B.).— To the Master General 
of the Oidnanee and the OfBeenof the BoyaJ 

Horse Aitilleiy these six illostntions of the plin- ' 

cipal erolntiona are iaseribed. (L Marching 

order. II, Advancing at the gallop into action. 
UI. Haiti action fivnt. JV. Fire I (Bight flank 
thrown back for action). V. Limber np uid retire. 
VI. Dinnoont gnn and carriage). Ftd. London, 
Ackermann, n. d. F. C. Lib, Alderahot. 

CAMPOMAlfES (P. RoDErouBz).— Diserta- 
tiones hietoricSiS del Orden y Caballeria de loe 
Templarioa, per P. R, C. *to. Madrid, 1747. 

CAMPOMANES (P. Rodkiquez).— Anto- 
gnedad mantima de U. Bepablica de Cartago, etc., 
trsducldodel Grieqno iilloatrado per P.B.C. 4to. 
Madrid, 17S6. 

CAMPOBESE (PiBTRO).— Letters che ao- 
compagna nn prwetto di mansolso tempoianeo pel 
discoprimento nel Pantheon di Boma delle oaia di 
BafTaele Sanzio. (Biepoata di Fnnceaco Qasparoni 
srchitetio e cenoi storici descriUiTs dello Steaso. 
ISpp. Flats. Fol. Boma, 1837- 

CAMPOai (GicaiPPt, Marchese).— Notirie 
tnedite delle relamone tra il cardinale Hjpolito 
d' Eflte e BehTenoto Cellint, raccolte dal March. Q. 
C. I2pp. 4to. Modena, 1862. 

CAHPORI (GiUHBPPB, Marchese).— Kotizie 
inedite di Baffiwllo da Urbino. tratte da doenmenti 
dell' Archirio Palatino di Modena, per cura di 0-. C. 
FoL Modena, 1863. S.E. 

CAMPOBI (GiosBPPB, Marchese).— Raccolta 

CAMPOEI (GiCBEPPi, Marchess}. — Notizie, 

Btoriche e artistiche della Maiolica e della Por- 
cellana di Ferrara nei seeoli XV. e XVI. Con 
nna appendice di memorie e di docDDienti relatiri 
ad ftltre Maoi&ttnre di Maiolica dell' Italia Superior* 
e Madia. Per Q. Campori, Crown 8to. Modena, 
1871. S.K. 

CAMUS (Abuamd Gaston). — Notice d'lm 
LiTreimpnmiaBambeigan CIOCCCCLXII., laa 4 
rinslitnt Hatiooal, par (^mns. With S woodcut 
&e-BimiIe«. Boyal ita. Pans, an VII. (1 7SS-99). 

CAMUZAT ^icolas). — Promptnariam 
Sacramm antiqnitatam Tricsssina dioceais. Small 
8to. Angnsts Treeamm, 1610. 

CANANI (GruLio). — Deecrittione delle no- 
bilissima caratcata fatta dall' ill. et eccell. Senators 
di Boms i! ff Qinlio Ceesre Nigrelli, conte di 
Venaria e Fatritio ferrarese, con 1' occasione del poa* 
sesio preso di detta digniti. dedicata dall' abbute Q. 

■ C. «I1^ £^no. Card. PJo. l!pp. 4to. Roma, 1683, 
Anothar edition. Bpp. 4to. Ferrara, 1062. 

CANCAIiON(J.).—EB3aisar lesmonumeDte 
celtiqnes de la Crense, Sto. Anbnsson, 1842. 

CANCELLIERI (FaiKCEBoo, Abbate).— 
Deacriiione della Basilica Valicana, oon <iaa Mi^in- 
tecs dcgli antoii che oe ^Mnna, tnKiiibi. Ytmo. 
Boms, 1788. 


Universal Catalogue of 


OANGELLIEBI (Fbanoesco, Abbate).— Le 

setto cose ibtali di Boma antica : 

1. L'ago della madre degli DeL 

2. La quadriga di creta de* Vejenti. 
8. Le ceneri di Oieste. 

4. Lo Scettro di Priamo. 
6. U valo d'Uione. 

6. Qrh Andli. 

7. 11 Palladio. 

BluBtrate da T.. C. 12mo. Boma, 1812. 

CAIfCELLIERI (Frahcbbco, Abbate).— 

Pissertazione di F. C. intomo agli Vomini dotati di 

fill erydiu precoci 
' Traflcegliere e di notare ed il Givooo degH Soaechi. 
L2mo. Roma, 1816. S.£. 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Lettera di F. C. al S. D. Eoreff di Berlino sopra il. 
Tarantisono, V aria di Boma e della sua campagna, 
e di palazzi pontificii entro e fuori di Boma, con le 
notdne di Castel Oandolfb, e de* poesi circonvieini. 
8yo. Boma, 1817. 

CANOELLIERI (Fjbuujcbsco, Abbate).— 

Description des c^r^monies de la semaine sainte dans 
la diapeUe Pontificale, par I'abb^ F. 0. IVontia- 
piece and portrait. 12mo. Bome, 1818. 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Sopra due inscrizioni delle martiri Simplicia et Orsa. 
8yo. Boma, 1819. 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Intomo la tazza di porfido di Otricoli. 8to. Boma, 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Lettera di F. C. con la relazione di Francesco 
Valesio, sopra lo sooOTimento e la traslazione della 
colonna di Antonino Pio, e con yarie notizie intomo 
all' obelisco soWe innalcato in sua yece nella piazza 
di Monte Oitori6, ed alia colonna di cipollino giacente 
nel cortile della Curia Innocenziana inserita nel 
fascicoloV. delle effemeridi di Febbraio nel 1821. 
26 pp. Sto, Boma, 1821. 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Lettera dell' Ab. F. C. a Sebastiano Ciampi Can* 
a Varsavia, sopra le irae " FerisB Varsorienses,** e le 
spade da' piii eelebri sofieai e generali. 27 pp. 8yo. 
Boma, 1821. 

CANOELLIERI (Francisco, Abbate).— 

. Letter&dd S^ Ab. F. C. intonio la mazayiglk>sa taz«a 
di porfido esistente sopra il ffran mosaico trovato in 
Otncoli, nella Botonda del Museo Pio Clementino, 
regalata a Giulio 111. per la sua villa da Ascanio 
C^onna, con yarie notizie del medesimo. 9 pp. 8yo. 
Boma, 1821. 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Lettera liturgioo bibliografica del S. Ab. F. C. 
(intomo al breyiario dd Card. Quinones). 8 pp. 
8yo. Boma, 1823. 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Lettera del M. Si^. Abate F. C. al Sig' Canonico 
Domenico Moreni sopra la statua di Mos^ del Buo- 

nanoti, con la biblioteca Mosaico. -4to. Fironae, 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate). — 

Notizie sopra V online e V uso dell' anello pescatorio, 
e dei^li altri anefli ecdesiasUd, especialmente del 
Cardinalizio, che si consegna n^ oonaistoro segreto 
dopo la chiusura ed apertura della bocca..... j»coolta 
da F. C. 88 pp. Sro. Boma, 1828. * 

CANOELLIERI (Francesco, Abbate).— 

Bistampa di due lettere intoxtio ad un quadiodi 
Antigone dipinto dal Cay. QtirxB* Erra&te di Trapani 
del 8. Giuseppe Ant* Guattani al S. Ab. F. C. a di 
Odoardo Franceschi al 8. Aless. Teodori, oontacis 
posta del Teodori al FranceschL 24 pp. 8yo. Boma. 

CANORIN (FRANzLuD¥noYON).— Besobreib- 

ung der yonuglichsten Beigwerke in Hessen, in 
dem Waldekiscnen, an dam Haan, in dem Maos- 
feldischen, in Chursachsen, und in dem Saalfeld- 
ischen. Plates and maps. 4to. Frankfurt, 1767. 

CANORIN (Frahz Ludwio yon).- Erste 
Grunde der Bsrg und Salzwarkskunde. 12 TbeHe. 
With 548 plates. Laiga 8yo. Frankfiirt>«.*M., 

CANORIN (Franz Ludwio von). — Binzelne 

Bauschriften. 2 Theile. "Vnth 16 plates. Svo^ 
Fnuikfurt-a.-M, 1791. 

CANORIN (Franz LuDWta von).— Qnmd- 

lehren der b&^rlichen Baukunst With 30 plates. 
4to. Gotha, 1792. 

CANORIN (Franz Lui>¥no von).— Von der 

Ankge und dem Bau schoner und gesunder Baa- 
emhofe, etc. With 6 plates. Svo. Frankfurt- 
a.-M., 1792. 

CANORIN (Franz Ludwio von). — ^Von der 

Anlage und dem Bau neuer Stadta, ete. V^th 2 
plates. Svo. Frankfurt-a.-M, 1792. 

CANORIN (Franz Ludwio von).— Prak- 

tisobe Anweisung, wie Becken durch neue H&ng- 
und Spremffwerke su bauen, nebst Beschreibung 
. und Abbi^aung eines Exerderhauses. With* 12 
plates. Folio. Marburg, 1795. 

CANORIN (Franz Ludwio von).— Prak- 

tlBche Methode, Oelmuhlen nach neuer, jgana 
yerschiedener Art su bauen und anzulegen. With 
7 plates. 8yo. ICarburg, 1798. 

CANDGLLE (Augustin Ptramus de). — 

Plantarom succulentarum historia, ou histoire des 
plantes, grasses, ayec figures dessin^es par P. J. 
Bedout^. Not completed. Coloured plates. Laige 
ito. Farisiis, 1799-1880. 

CANDOLLE (Augustin Ptramus de). — 

Augustim-P;pami DecandoUe Astragalogia, nempe 
Astragali, Biserrulae et Ozytropidis, necnon Fhaeae, 
Colutae et Lessertiae, historia ioonibus illustrata. 60 
plates. FoL Parisiis, 1802. S.E. 

CANELLA SEOADES (Fermin). — Ee- 

sumen de las actas j tareas de la comision de mo- 
numentoB hiBt6rico6 y artisticos de la proyincia de 


Books on AH (Supplement). 


Orlido, dMde !• de Febmo d« 1808 . . . leido 

pan IB ioe*l SMMUrio allie. B. F. CuwUa S*e»dea. 

4to. OtMdo, 1871. 
CAKSTO (FBiM9Di8).— Une Yisite k Sainte- 

Mari« d'Ancti, on £tiid;e daoeripdTe d« eett« 
. f^hM^l., S2aM. Aneb, 1853. 
CAJffiTO CFBAS9018).— De I'teiailloriB an- 

dBima et modems at de qnelqosa £maiiz earojM dn 

nd-oaeat anz galeries da rbiitoin dn tnysiL (Ex- 

pondoD niuvtneUe de Porii, 18S7.) Bvo. Anch, 

CANflTO (Fmb^m).— 1*8 deni Donteam 

de files troov^ doni le djparteuieiit da Owa, en 

1869 et 1868. 1 plate. T pp. 8n. Aiwb. I8BS. 
CANSTO (RuiigoiB). — Calicefi ancienfi et 

modfAiee, matitrv, fbime, oraementetdon. 62 pp. 

Sto. Ancb, 1869. 
CAITINA (Ldioi). — Cenni storici e rioerche 

iepoogralcha ml tektei di Pompeo. 3 luge plaCea. 

4to. D-p. 1844. 

i, OMuinM in on brave diieono aopik la 

BoUa 4*00 di Cazlo quarto Impccadore oon la 

doiaitUoiie de' Ciicoli e SUti dell' Imperio. 4to. 

Venetia, 1SI3. 
CANISrUS (PiTEns). — Catechiamna Petri 

(Jlaiiieii Soc Jear Th. Dmch flgona fnigeiteUet. 

For dsa Butnnib Fedecboni. With woodenta. 

16mo. Aoppnig, 1618. 8.E. 

GAITS'. — ^Troupes FrancoiBea boob Louis 

xnn. en ISIS. (90 ctAounA pUtea deaigoed and 

engmred bj C. So title-page 01 text) 4to. (Pkns, 

181SJ. P. C. Lib. Aldenhot 

CANNEGIETEa (H.).— Eerato brief over 

b^ioDdera Kededandscbe OndHedan. Sto. Ainliem, 

CAKNIiGIETER CH.)-~De Gemma Ben- 

tinckiaiia. De Idde ad Famaeaiii inveuta. De 

da* Bnrorina. 8to. Tiqjeeti, ITSi. 
CASNON (Bichabd).— HiatOTical Hecords 

of the British Annj. Infoiitr;. CoIdstreaioB. 

let— 28rd B^ta. Slat, Hth, 36tli, 39th, 42Dd, 

46th, 62Dd, 63rA, Kth, Slat, 67tl], TOUi— 74eh, 

80tli— 88th— 92Dd. 48 fola. With eolmued Utho- 

ai»plii« illnitntieoi. Sto. London, 1888. 

CiJSnSON (BiOKiSD).— Historical Beoords 

at the Britiah Arm;. Caoalry. 1. life Onaida. 

2. Boval HotM QvBidaL S. lat DngnoD Onafda. 

4. 3iid DngooD Onarda. 6. Sid Dragoon Onaidt. 

8. 4li) Dragoon Onarda. 7. <>th Dragoon Ouardi. 

8. 6tb DrBgoon Qaarda. 0. 7th Dragoon Onaids. 

lat-17lh t^val^ Btgimentfl. Cape HounUd 

Kflra. 26 toIb. With colonred Utbographic illn- 

atnttoni. Sto. London, 1B17. 

P. C. Lib., Aldershutt. 
CAlTOBBIO(ChovunnBirnBTi.). — Memorie 

tignatidM di (loria a bdle aiti di OioTanni Battiata 

(£nnobio. 8to. aena«, 1B33. 

OANONGE (Jdlbb). — PradioT et A17 
Scheffer, Dotea, lOaTanin et docnmena d'art eon- 
temporain. Iflmo. Paiia, ISfiS. 

GAII^ONIGI (FiBDnusDO, Uaivheae). — 
Snlls Cattedrale di Femn, cenao atorioo e atndii 
d' Arte di F. C. oon litografia di (HoTanni I^ridor. 
4 [Jataa. 29 pp. Large fol. Venedo, 181S. 

CAJTONICI (Fbetibakdo, MarcheBo). — 
Propoata di un regolamento par nn' Aocadamia di 
bdle Arti, e Heatierj, di F. C. farrareae. 24 ^. 
8to. Fenara, 1849. 

CANOVA (Ahtokio, MarchsBe). — (54 
platea of CSanoTa'a Wotka, engraTed b; T. Pinili, 
P. Fontana, Bomeio, Anl Banao, Lai(^ Cnnego and 
otbera.) ObLatiaafoL n.p. n.d. S.E. 

CANOVA (Ajttosio, Marchese).— Le Scnl- 
ture e le Fittnre. Bto. Venexis, 179S. 

CANOTA (Ahtonio, Marcheee). — Monn- 
mentain Hariae Chiistinae, Archidocia AaBtrlae 
Opera A. CanoTa 1 805. Carmen J. M. a Birckan- 
atock. With 6 platea. Fol. Wien, ISIS. 

CASOVA (ANTOmo, MarcheHeV—Beoaeil 
de Statnea, Groapea, BnateB. HanaoUea, Colosaea, 
at Honnmena de tont genre exient^a par CanoTB. 
deiaioia et graTia sona I«a yeoi de rantenr k 
Rome. Portrait of CaooTa and 71 platea. Oii< 
ginal Italian edittou. ElephantfoL Soma (181 g. 

CAKOVA (AsTOHio, IbivbeBe).— Lettore 
fitmiliari inedite di A. C. e di CKannantonio Sdra. 
8to. Teneiia, 1815. 

CANOVA (AiTOxio, Marcheee). — Letters 
Tsrie anl raoniunento di A. C, in Veneiia, diiettt a 
Leopoldo QeognazB. Sfo. Fen«n, 1S69. 

CANOVA (Aktosio, Marchese). — Disoorso 
letto is occanone del 6^* anno che Canova poM 
la prima pieta del Tanpio di PoiaagiM. 7 pp. 
Bto. Fritre, 1869. 

CANSIOK (FsiDEEicK Teaoue).— A Odlec- 
tion of coriona and intereating Bpitapha, eopied 
from the Monnmenta of diitJDgniahed and noted 
Charactan in the ancient Chnrch and Bnrial 
Qnranda of St Pancraa, Uiddleaex, 2 rola. 
Crown Std. London, 1869-72. 8.E, 

CANTALTJPI (Aktonio).— Mannale deUe 
leggi, regolamenti e diacipline reladTi alia piofea- 
■Jonft ddl' ingegnen ed Arehitatto dtile. Bro. 
Milano, 1845. 

CANTALUPI (AifTOino). — Baooolta di 
tarole, formole ed iatmziDni pratiche per I'lngfgneM 
archit«tto e pel mMcanieo. 2nd edition. 4to. 
Milano, 1868. 

CANTALUPI (Antosio).— Trattato pra. 
ti«o di architettnia atradale. Con taTole indae. 
2 Tola, with 86 platea and enta in text. Bto. 
Hilano, 1869, etc 

CANTELTOS (Peteds JoskphusV — Oa 
romana repabtiea, «\tb 4e ib nffiton «, cwto ^**^ 
mBDOTDm ad esplicudoa Mn^om ■XL'oc^ma. ^^u^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


edition. Plates. 12nio. Lngdimi Bataroram, 

CANTERBURY. — Grand Panorama of 
Ganterbuij. Drawn ftom Nature and on Stone by 
G. F. Sargent. Folded 8to. London, 1847. B.M. 

CANTERBURY.— The Strangers' and Vi- 
sitors' Companion and Guide to Canterbury and 

Environs: being a concise. account of every 

place of note carefully compiled. By an inhabit- 
ant. With illustrations. Sto. Canterbury (1850). 


CANTERO (JusTO G.). — ^Los Ingenios. 
Coleccion de Vistas de los principales Ingenios de 
Azucar de la Isla de Cuba. Edicion de \v^o, £1 

tezto redactado por J.G.C Las Laminas 

dibigadas del natuial y lit<)grafiada8 por £. Laplante, 
etc Fol. Habana, 1857. B.M. 

CAPE TOWN.— The Cape Monthly Maea- 
sine, illustrated with photographs of distinguished 
men of Colonial notoriety, etc. 10 vols. Cape 
Town, 1867 to 1862. 

CAPELLA (Jacobus). — De ponderibns, 

nummis et mensuris libri V. I. De ponderibus et 
nummis ferreis, etc. IL De nummis aureis. III. 
De mensuris linearum, etc. IV. De mensuris 
capacitatis, etc. V. Miscellanea ad rem nummu- 
riam. 4to. Francofurti, 1606-7. 

CAPELLA (M. A.). — ^Divina proportione, 
opftra a tutti gr ingegni perspicaci e cunosi neces- 
aarie. Elaborate capitals in text and ornamental 
alphabets, &;c. Fol. Yenezia, 1509. 

CAPELLA (Maeziano). — ^De nuptiis Philo- 
logiae et Mercurii, libri II. ad haec de septem 
artibus liberalibus libri ejusdem singuli, etc. Fol. 
Basilae, 1532. 

CAPELLIS (Francisco Maria de). — Cir- 

culus aureus, seu breve compendium cserimoniarum, 
et rituum, quibus passim ad suas, et prozimi utili- 
tates Prebyteris uti contiget, &c a P. F. F. M. de 
C. a Bononia Ord. Min. Capucdnorum Concionat. 
7th edition. 24mo. Parma, Bononiae & Yenetiis, 

CAPILUPI (GiTJLio).— Fabrica et nso di 
alcuni strumenti horarii universal! ritrovati da G. 
C. gentilhuomo mantovana, con altre invenrioni in 
fiiimle materia. 9 plates. 4to. Boma, 1590. 


Discurso econ6mico-politico sobre la influencia de 
los gremios de artesanos, para la oonservaison de 
las artes, honor del oficio y de las costumbr^ popu- 
lares. 4to. Madrid, 1777. 

CAPON (William). — ^Notes and Remarks by 
- the late Mr. W. C. to accompany his plan of the 
ancient Palace of Westminster. One laige folding 
copperplate plan. FoL London, 1828. 

Soane Mus. 

€APPELLETTI (Giuseppb) . — L* Armenia. 
Opera di G. C, &c. Plates of costume, &c. 3 vols. 
8vo. Firenze, 1841. 

OAPPBLLI (Alfred).— Petit abp6g6 d'Ar- 

ch^logie, k Tusage de tons, omi de vignettes sur 
bois. 71 pp. 12mo. Paris, 1869. 

CAPPI (Albsbandro, Conte). — Prose ar- 
tistiche e letterarie del Conte A. C. In 2 parts. 
With portrait. Boyal 8vo. Rimini, 1840. S.K. 

CAPPONI (Giovanni Battista). — ^Memorie, 

imprese e ritratti degli accademid gelati di Bologna, 
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CAPSONI (SiBO Seveeino).— Origine e 
privilegii della Chiesa Pavese, sggiuntavi la aerie 
cronologica de* vescovi di ella, ragionamento apolo- 
getico del S. S. C. de' Predicatori, lettore de' Sacri 
canoni ecc 4to. Pavia, 1769. 

CAPSONI (SiEO Seveeino). — Memorie 

istoriche della KegialettA di Pavia e suo territorio 
antico e modemo, raccolte dal S. S. C, Storio- 
grafo della Provincia di Lombardia, dell' Oidine 
de' Predicatori. 3 vols. Plates. 4to. Pavia, 

CAPYCIO (Cajbtano Maeu).— De vetusto 

altaris p^o ecdesiae mcae Christianomm ex 
cimeliarchio dericorum Begularium Theatinorum 
domus St Apostolomm Neapolis, diatriba C. M. C. 
Phite. 4to. NeapoU, 1756. 

C ARAMUEL ( Aspasio) . — Joco serioram 
naturae, et artis, sive Magiae naturalis, Oenturiae 
tres, auctore A. C. accessit de prodigtosis crucibus. 
22 plates. 4to. (Herbipoli) 1666. 


Philip^us Prudens, Caroli V. imp. filius, Lusitanae, 
Algarbiae, Indiae, Brasiliae legitimus rex demon- 
stratus. Portraits. Fol. Antwerpiae, 1639. 

CABAVITA (D. Andeea).— I Codici e le 
Arti a Monte Cassino da D. A. C. 2 Vols. Post 
8vo. Monte Cassino, 1869-70. S.K. 

CARBONE (GiUNio).— Intorno la Lnita- 
zione della Natura. Trattato di G. C. 8vo. 
Firenze, 1842. 

CARCAN'O (Giulio).— Oriffine della greca 
architettura, della signora PetnSba N. N. 3 plates. 
8vo. Milano, 1818. 

CARCANO (GiULio).— PerrinauOTrazione 
del Busto di Felice Bellotti nel Palazzo di Brera in 
Milano il xv. di Settembre, 1860. Parole di G. C. 
11 pp. Boyal 8vo. Milano, 1860. S.K. 

CARD (Henbt). — A Dissertation on tlie 
subject of the H^efordshire Beacon. With plate 
and vignette. 18mo. London, 1822. 

CARDERERA (Valentin).— Informe sobre 
los retratoe de Cr'stobal Colon, su trage y escapa 
de aimas. Portrair. Fol. Madrid, 1861. 

CARDERERA (Valentin) . — Grabadores 

Espanolee. Manuel Salvador Carmona. Plates. 
Fol. Madrid, 1862. 

CARDERERA (Valentin). —See Mab- 

TiNBK (Jusepe).— Discursos pradicables, etc Imp. 


Books on Art (Supplejnent). 


CABDEVACQtTE (Adolphk BB).— L' Ab- 
ba;* da Mont Saiot-^, 1088-1702. 4tD. Airaa, 

CAKDBVACQUB (Adolphb db) and TEB- 

■ n).—L-A' ' - ~ ■ -• 

onqn«. u 

CABDEVACQTTE (Adolphb d«).— La Pr6- 
tM de OoiTS, ftudeiuie d^nduice d^ I'abbaje de 
Saint-Vust; par A. da C. 10 pp. ito. Ansa, 

CABDI (LnDOYico. a Ciqoli). — ProspettiTa 
nUicm oi LodoTico Caidi (HgoU Cbt. c i^ttors, 
oiTias in das libri eon le fignn in rasM^ inUgliate 
da «—«""> Caidi di lai fratoUo. FoL Fimue, 

CARDINALI (Cleusntb).— Didnsantichi 
marmj (Critti, lettsiadiC.O. al Conte Ceaare Borgia. 
II pp. Bra. Napoli, 1818. 

CARDINALI (Clemkntk). — iBcrLticmi 
antidie ioedite, necolU a pnbblicata da'C. C. 
39 pp. ita. Bologna, ISia. 

CAia>INALI (Clemxntb). — Intomo nn 
andeo mamo cristiaoo ; lett«ia di C. C. al ch* 8. 
Can, Francesco Leopoldo Beitoldi AiganCano. 
16 pp. ito. Bologna, 1819. 

CAimiKAIJ (Cuhstte). — Del JAuaeo 
Chiaiamonti deaoritto a illuatrato da F. A ViMonti 
a O. A. Goatlani. Edizione HHaiiMe. Articoli 
daa, eatistto dall' Bffsmeridi Lettaiarie di Soma. 
^igoed C. C. )'.«. C. Caidinali) No plates. 
8To.Bama, 1821. B.H. 

CABDIIfALI (Cleuinte). —iBCridoiii 
•DtdelwTeliUnw. PlatMandflgWM. Ito. fioma, 

CABDDTALI (Clehentx). — Di on mar- 
Boreo frammento da' fani d)Moperto in Otiia. S 
{ilatct. tU>. Telletii, 1828. 

CARDON (£tiiLE).— L'Art indaatriel en 
1868; toideaor I'eipoaidan dea baau-atte ^pli- 
q«ia 1 rindnatris. 8to. Faria, 1863. 

CASDONA (BALTiaAB). — 0«oinetria de- 
■eriptiT*, ccn apUeaeionea al dibiuo de progeetoa, 
Bombiai, etc With plates. 4to. Barcelona, 

CAEDUCCI (GiAMBiTTisTA).— Su le me- 
moiia e i monnmenti di Ascoii nel Pieeao. Diaeorso 
di Q. C. Kap and platea, 1 tma, Fermo, 1 SC3. 

CABEW (JoEH Edward).— Report of th« 
ptoeaedinga in the oonrt Ibr the relieT of insolTSOt 
dabtora, in the matter of John Edward Carew, an 
■naolTsnt debtor, on the oppoaition entored bf Sir 
Chatlei Mairik Barrel], Bart., and Colonel Qeorge 
Wyndlum, ezeealora of the 1^ Eari of Egmnont. 

Taken in shottliand bj Hr. Qeorge Chem. 

•td. Loadim, 1S4S. 8.K. 

CA^TT (Waiuu). — S^Uabns of Tariona 
' ' n tbe Kn« Arti, to be deliTeied b7-W. 

(Lgad«i)ikd. aK 

CARET (WiLLiiM).— Thonghta on the beat 

mods of checking the prejudicea against Britiab 
Workaof Art. 8vo. Tork, 1801. 

CAREY {William).— Variie. Historical 
Obaerrationa on Anti-Britiah and Anli-Contem- 
poranian Fnnndices. Important critical eoiaci* 
dences-of Lord Bnoa in 1820 ; of Thomas CampbcU 
in 1818, with William Carey in 1809 ; and of Sir 
Walter Scott in 1821, -with tbe same in 1805. 
ThoDgbta on the Shakespeare O^er;, and British 
Aitista, will] other Besultorj ^mye, including a 
Bredictive Annonncement of Cbantrey, the Sc^^ 
tor's present " eelebritj." Published in the ShoSud 
Iria in 1805, eta Svo. London, 1822. 

CAREY (William).— Syllabus of a conrao 
of six hiatorical lectures cm the progrew and ntibty 
of tbe Arte of Design, Sto. fflasgow, 1 828. 

CARET (William).— Fine Arta. Modem 
British SdiooL Lorenzo's Critical Letters (Second 
Series) on the First lixhibiHon of ths Worcestec 
Institctiao. 4ta. Worcester, 1834. 

Third Series. On the Second Eibibition of the 
Worcester Institution. 4to. Woiceeter, ISffi. 

CARIGATUBB morale, reli^nBe, Htt£iwre 
et sciniqne. (Edited by C. Philipon) Annis 1-6. 
Nof. 1830— Aug. 27, 1885. (Buppreased.) Fo). 
Paris, 1830-35. B.M. 

CARINA (Dino). — Le bxH e gli artigiani 
nella Bepubblica di Flrenze. Lettnm fatta oil' 
letiluto tecnioo di Firence pel prof. D. C. 48 pp. 
Small lOmo. Firense, 1868. 

CARINI (IsiDORo). — Sopra nn snggello 
■iciliano inedito del mnseo bntannico, pel sac. L C* 
20 pp. 8to. Palermo, 1869. 

CARINI (Ibidobo).— Snlle Scienze Occulfe 
nel Medio Ero. e sopiA nn Codice delta &miglia 
apaeiale. From the "BiTifta Simla." Febbraio 
1872. Sto. aE. 

CARINTEIA.— Bilder aas Kamten. Nach 
der Natur geteiehnet voa Al. Pemliart and mit 
besthreibendem Text begleitet Ton Taterlands- 
fivondeo. ObL 4to. Klagetifurt, 1863, etc BJf. 

CARIOIiA (Aktomio).— Ritrattl de Ser^ 
Principi d* Este Sig' di Ferrara, con 1' aggionta da 
loio fatti p|^ memorabili ridotti in sommario, dal 
S' A. C. With engrayed title-page and 13 [jatea. 
8maU4to. Fenan, 1641. BJL 

CARION (Joannes).— ChronicommlibeUiiS, 
in»-.;mm qoaaqae geatas, ab initio mandi, apto 
oidine com^ectena; ita nt annonun ratio, ac 
praecipuae neiiaitudines ; quae in regna,' in religi- 
onem, ft in aliaa rea magnaa inddnnt, qoim rec- 
tissimi cognoed ae obserrari queant. Joanne 
Carione aurthematiao aneton. Post Sto. Parisiia, 
1643, BJL. 

CABJj (H.).— Jfenesto Berliner Original- 
ZMchiMugen fQi Bau-Tiaehler, nnter BGtwiAnag 
namhafter KnnstlM; hnsiug"geben von B. C. 
l<-«' Heft. 34 UUn9««^u. QTiA. V<n. 'Sm^ga. 


Universal Catalogue vf. 


2nd edition. l*--6« Heft. 16 lithograplu. ObL 
: 4to, Berlin, 1846. 

CARLETON (Gborgii W.)— Our Artist in 
Onba. Fifty Swings on wood. Leaves firom the 
sketch-book of a traveller, during the winter of 

. 1864-5. 8T0. New York, 1866. B.M. 

CARLETON (GEOEaK W.).— Our Artist in 
Pern. Fifty drawings on wood. Leaves from the 
sketdi-book of a traveller, during the winter of 
1865-6. 8vo. New York, n.d. B.M. 

OAIILETTI (Frakoxsco). — Bagionamenti 
- 4i F. O. Fiorentino sopra le oose da lul vedute ne] 
snoi viagffi, si nell' Indie Oocidentali e Orientali 
oomed' fdtripaesi. 8vo. £lrenze, 1701* 

/CABLHIAN (J.). — ObservationB an sujet 
du lOcget de loi eonoemant les dassins et modMes de 
fiitbrique. 7 pp. 4t0b Paris, 1870. 

, CABIil (Qiusxppx). — Belazione delle feste, 

^eolle quail I'Em* Sig. Card* BentivogUo d'Aragona^ 
Ministro de S. M. Cattolica in Boma, ha solemniz- 
Bato i regii ^xmsali delli S.S. di Spaona e Portogallo, 
ildi 4 Luglio 1728. 7 pp. Fol. Konia, n.d. 

' OABUEB (J. J.). — Les Institutions sooiales 
4tndi^ dans les Edifices religieuz. 8vo. Paris, 
1860. I 

OABLSKIOLD (Pehe).— Svea Rikes Rid- 

derskaps och Adels Wapenbok, i koppar-stick. Pre- 
face in Swedish and French. 65 plates of arms, 
and index. FoL Stockholm, 1764. S.K. 

OARLSRUHE— Verzeichniss der Kunst- 
^ Q^genstande in der Grossherzoglichen Kunst- 
•~ halle zu Oarlsruhe. FSnfte rermehrte und ver* 

besserte Auflage. 3 plans. 8vo. Carlsruhe, 


OARLYLB (R.).— Six views of the rtdns 
of Fumess Abbey, by B. Carlyle, with a condensed 
history and description of the Monastezy. Imp. 
4to. liondon, 1885.: S.&. 

CARNELI. — Storia di vari costnmi sacri 
epro&ni. 2 vols. 8vo. Padova, 1750. 

GARNIVAL.— n Gameval Italiano Masche- 
rato, oye si veggono in flgura vane inventione di 

, capritii. (26 grotesque plates, shewing the disguises 
worn in the Carnival, engraved by F. Bert^O' 

:, avo. (Venice?) 1613. B.M. 

^ n Camevale Italiano Mascherato, ova si veggono 
in flgura varie inventione di capritii, etc. 24 plates. 
8vo. (Venice?) 1642. BJi. 


. (Qu^en Consort of Ge<»ge IV., King of Great Britain 
and Ireland). The public entry of the Queen into 
Jerosalem. Painted by Signer Carlonit etc. (Being 

. a description of the picture.) 8vo. London, 1820. 


OARDLUS (Sancto^Pattlo). ^Geographia 
saera^ «ve noUtia anti^ua Pioseesium omnium fatri- 
arehalinm, Metropolitioanun, et Episcopalium Vete- 
ris Ecdesiae. 10 plates. AmsteUedamii 1704. 

GARON.-^Monn$ies oommum^es d'Amiens. 
7 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

AuGUBfTm).— La I611e Jouraie, ou le Miniage de 
Figaro. 5 plates, drawn by Saint-Qnentin lad en< 
graved by Liinazd. 8vo. Paris, 1785. 


AvougnN). — Th^tre de B., pr6c^^ d'une notice 
par Saint-Mare G irardin. Gravures par T. Johanndt 
8vo. Pasis, 1861. B.M. 

CAROT (J.).— La M^thode dn grand papa; 
nouveau cours el^mentaire et pratique du dessin 
d'omement, par J. C. directeur d'une doole Biunid- 
psle de dessm de Paris. With 100 plates. '4to. 
Paris, 1869* 

OAROVE (Friedbich Wilhelm).— Skuizen 

zur Kultur- und Kunstgeschichte. 8vo. Lel^g; 

CAROVfi (Friedbich WaHELM). — ;Die 

Buchdruckerkunst in ihrer weltgeschichtUcheb Be- 
dei^ung. Motto, Das Word wvurde Druck und der 
Druek befi?eite den Geist. 8Vo. Siegen and Wies- 
baden, 1848. 

GARPAnI (Oitjsbppb).— Del Bella Ideale, e 

delle Opere di Tiziano. Lettere di G. C. Edirione 
seoonda, etc. 8vo. Padova, 1820. S.K. 

CARPELLINI (C. F.)— I>i GKacomo della 

Guercia, Scultore Senese, e della sua fonte nella 
PiazKa del Gampo in Siena, studio storico del Dott^ 
0. F. Carp^im. Seoonda edirione, con appsndioe 
di documenti enediti, pubblicata il di primo del 
1869. 8vo. Siena, 1869. S.K. 

1st edition. 8vo. Siena, 1868. 

CARPENTER (Edwabb).— The Reli^ons 
Influence of Art. 8vo. Cambridge, 1870. S.K. 

CARPENTER (Pebct).— Hog Huuting'i|i 

Lower Bengal, illustrated by P. C. 9 ChromOlitht>- 
graphs. Imp. fol. London, (1861). S.K. 

CARPENTER (William B,).— L^trodnp- 

tion to the study of the Foraminifera, by W. B. C. 
Assisted by WiUiam E. Parker and J. B. Jones. 
With 47 wood engravings and 22 lithographs. Fol. 
London, 1862. 

CARPENTER (Willum B.).— The Micro- 
scope and its Eevelations, by W. B. C. 

8rd edition, with 10 plates and 395 wood.^- 
gravings. Small 8vo. London, 1862. ^ 

CARPENTIN (Ad.)— Apercu snr rhistoire 

philosophique des monnaies royales de E^»nce. 8vo. 
ManeiUe, 1858. * 

CARPET (P. J.).— Tableaux d^coratifs, 

plafonds et panneaux, all^ries, groupes, attributs. 
In progress. FoL Liittich, 1870. 

CARR (M. W.). See Chambbbs (W.) and 
Goxj)iNoaAJC (J.), — ^Descriptive and historical 
papers relating to the Seven Pagodaa^ &c 9vo. 
1869. , ^ 

CARR (Ralph).— The Symbolism of the 
Sculptui^ Stones of Ea^item Scotland. An ec^lesi- 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


- - MtioftI syvteia of monogniDB and deeoratiTe cluwie- 
teE& 3m Edinbnigh (1 W). BM. 

CABBACCI (AjtraiBALB).— Livre de portrai- 
ton il'A. Cunche. 30 ^tes. ObL 8to. Paxis, 

CABBANZA (L. Alokso).— El ainstamiSto 

T propordon de las monedAs de oro, plata i cobie, 
i la ndnceion deetos metales a en debida estiina- 
aoa, son regaHa flingiilai* del Bei de Bspana, i de. 
las lodias nneatio Senor, que lo ea dal arO i ^ta 
dalorbe.'FoL Madrid, 1629. 3M. 

OABBfi (J. B. L.).^Panoplie au B^imion 
de tout ce qui a tiait i la Qnm% depoia Tongine 
de la Nation fran9a3fle JTiBqa'4 noe joon. Armes 
ofibnriTea et dM&udYea) de lliomme et dn dieval; 
Engine, machines de si^gee et de bataillee ; ome- 
ncni* a ^e i g aea, iaatranenfl do^mari^ue'; dtiela,*^ 
tOQfnoi^ ete. PrMdAe dHine conaomance asacte 

da mode mHitaire anden et actnel Qoaante et 

i|n gianda DeBsina^.^.^ar J. £1 L. 0. 2 rcJa. 4to. 
ChaaIon8-(nc) sto^JEKanie et 4 Paris, 1797. S.K. 

CABBEB (Lmai).— Ammaestramenti per 
la pittivza tratti da Tarii eoittotL 8to. Tenesia,- 
1889. S.M. 

OABBEZ (E., Abb6).~Le B^iable dn 
mafitre antel de V^glise de > atondot 18 pp. 
8T0. Troyea, 1886. 

OABBIEDO (JuiK B.).— Las Paladas Anti- 

gnas de DiCtla. (With iUnstiationB.) 4to. (lifeiaeo? 
1868.) BJL 

OAKBIEBB (M.).-*DaB etmpilische Mit- 

telalter in Diditong, Kimst tmd 'Wiaeenschaft. 
■ . JEBoy. 8fo. IiQ£|mg, 18I68* . 

OABBO (Aim)t!rB).-^Vo7ageoIiezles Oeltes, 
OQ de Paris an Mont Saint-Michal, par Camae, 
miri d'mi» nottee tm lea Mbnnments Gdltiques des 
envixons de Paris ; arac de nombraaz deesins Htho- 

.' graphic 27 plates. Boy. 8yo. Paris, 1867. 
Another edibon. 8ro. Paris, 1868. 

OABBO (AbtoihxX.— M^moire snr lesmo- 
' aaentsprimiti&ditsoeltiqaesetanticeltiqaes. Essai 

dTsBi^iication de leor origiae et de lear destination. 

9^^]ataB. 8vo. Meanx, 1868. 

OABBOLL (Lswis).— Through the Look- 
ing-Olass^ and what Alice found there. By L. 
Carroll. With 60 illustrations by John Tennlel. 
Fifteen^ nonaand. C^rofwn 8to.^- London, 1872. 


OAItSO (7. AO— Anwei^ng znr Kraist, 
Knpfergtidie an ilraniiniren. 8Va. Pima, 1803. 

dA!BSTEKS (AsHua. Jacob.) — Photogra- 

^en na«h denZeiohnungen im grosshenog^chen 
Museum zu Weimar herausg^ben Ton W. Ken^- 
Idtt. Grosse Ausgabe. 44 pnotogaiphfl. Folio. 
Lripaig, 1868; 

CABTABI (Mabio):— looneg Openrm Mi- 
aarioordifle CTm Ivlii Bosdi Hortini Sentantiis exr 
plieatiooibTS. Pars prior : Eomm qvse ad CorpTs 
pestinent. PUrs posterior: BommquseadAnimTm 

refarmlrr. 2 engraved titka and 16 plates* FcAL 
BonuB, ciOKOxoTi (1686). 8.K. 

CABTEB (Edmund).— The Histoir of the 

XJniTersity of Cambridge, from its Original, to the 
Year 1763, ete. 8yo. London, 1763. S.K. 

QABTEB (HEmsT).— SymboliBm, an A4- 
dress on use and abuse of $ymbols in Art- Worship. 
12mo. swd. London, 1870. 

UABTEB(John).— Piogrefls of Architeo^are 
taken £R»m eodsting zemaina in South Wa)ss. 
Plates. 4to. London^ 1830. 6.E. 

CABTEB (John).— .Two Leetnregon Taste, 

read before the Philesophical Society of Goldbester 
in the yean 1826 and 1887^ I2m0i OoldlaBt^, 
1884. S.K. 

CABTIEB (£!TnBNNB).— Snr lea mdiEiMies 
Oiartaines tepp^a juBqiiflaa 14* siidle. / WDh 
plates. 8to» Tours, 1888. 

CABTIEB (ETXiiiia).^i)ti SymboliBme 

ehrfttiendansrart. 8yo. Tours, 1847. ' 

CABTIEB (Stiennb). — Becherphes :il^ 
quelques monnaies historlques du XVI* si^e. 8to. 
f aris, 1861. 

CABTON (Ghablbs).— Les trois fibres iwi 

"Ejckf Jean Hemling^notes sur oes Artistes, n- 
eueilliM par I'Abb^ C. C. 2 plates. 8to. Bruges, 
^ 1848. 

CABTON (CsABLBs) Enlnnuneitrs et 

calligra^es de la Flandre. 8yo. Bmgefs, 184|9. 

CARTOONS.— SelectionB fix)m the rejeifted 
Cartoons, with descsriptiTa ietterpreas and eritiS^ 
remarks. Sttall fol.. London, 1848^ ^.K. 

CABTOVOHES de diferentes Innentions. 
Tres Utillee a plussieurs sortes de Person^es. 
With plates. Oblong 4toi Paris, ehe8>Fcaa9otfl 
I'Anglois, n.d. 

CABTWBIGHT. — Albanian and Grbek 
Costumes. Wlfli deae ripU ye'qootationa fr6ni "BfiSk, 
12 oolonifed pJates. Imp. fol. London, 1810. 

CABTWBIGHT (Jos.). — 7i6w8 in %o 

Ionian Islands. 12 ooloioed plat^ witii desenp- 
tire letter-press.' Atlas fol. (£ondon), n. d. S.K. 

CAEUS (Cabl GtJStAv). — Bnrfand xmd 
Schottiand im Jahre 1844. Von C. &. 0. Small 

. pen and ink sketches printed in text 8ro; Berlin, 

CABUS (Cabl Gustav).— ITeber alterid- 
chische Schadel aus GrSbem ton Cuma. Plate. 
4to. Bonn, 1867. 

CABUS (Cabl GTJSriv).— tberdie irpieShL 

gewordenen Abbildungen mehseMidi^r KopnbrAien, 
namehtUdi auf Hunsen, in Tersehiedenen ZeHen 
und Volkein. With 1 lithographic plate. - 19 pp. 
La^4to. Janai 1863. J 

CABUS (Carl GtJBTAvY.— Botrachtnngexi 
und Oedanken yht atserwahltNiBMs£^^»\ye^^ 

norCWlerie. Lbssa^^o* l>tw(^TiAW\. 



Universal Catalogue of 



Tratado das Cores, qne eonsta de ties partes analy- 
tica, synthetica, hermeneutiea ; offrecido aos ama- 
tores das scientas naturales, e aos dilectantes, e 
artistas, que comencao a occuparse em todo o genero 
di traTalhb colorido. 4to. Malta, 1787. 
CARVE (Thomas). — Itinerarium R. D. 
Thome Carve tipperariensis. Cam historia fact! 
Eutleri, Gordon!, Lesly ^ alionmL 12mo. Mo- 
gimtiae, 1639. 

CASALE (Antonio). — ^Nuova Gternsaleinine, 
delta la sacra Basilica di San Ste&no di Bologna, 
istoria et osservaaoni di Don A. C. 4to. 'Bologna, 

CASALONGA.— Palais de rBxposition tmi- 
verselle de 1867. 99 pp. 8vo. Saint-Nicolas, 

CASANO (Alessandro). — Del Sotterraneo 
della chiesa eattedrale di Palermo. Memoria del 
Canonico Alessandro Gasano. 8 plates. 4to. 
Palermo, 1849. S.K. 

CASANOVA (Joseph de).— Primera Parte 

del Arte de Escriyir todas Poxmas de Letras. 
With portrait and plates. PoL Madrid, 1650. 


OASATI (Paolo).— Pabrica, et iiso del 
Compasso di proportione dove insegna a^li Artefici 

il mododi fare in esso le necessarie divisioni 

opera utile non solo ai Geometri, Agrimensori, 
Architetti civile e militari, pittori, scultori, et a 
tutti quelli che usano del dissegno, ma anche ai 
bombudieri. Plates. 4to. Bologna, 1664. 

CASAZZA (Andrea). — Dell* origine, e del 

progress! degl! attuali giardini, discorso letto all' 
Istituto Agrario di Perrara da A. C. 19 pp. 8vo. 
Ferrara, 1853. 

CASAZZA (LuiGi). — ^Ricordanze storiclie 
sopra Castel Tedaldo. 11 pp. 8va Pexiara, 

CASELLI (Giuseppe). — ^Nuovo ritratto di 

Milano in riguardo alle Belle Arti, dell' Abbate G. 
C. Small 8vo. Milano, 1827. 
CASLON (H. W. and Co.).— Specimens of 
prii^ting types of the Caslon and Grlasgow Letter 
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Printing Types, by William Caslon, Letter Founder, 
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CASSAGNE (Armand).— Traits pratique 
de Perspective appliqu^au dessin artistique et in- 

dustriel Ouvrage £l&nentaire, etc 8vo. 

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and Memoirs of the Bishops of Sherbonme and 
. SaHsbuzy &om the year 705 to 1824. Plate. 8vo. 
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GASSEBURG (Gottfried Bernard). — 

Beschreibung der von Heinrich Lubeck gesammel- 
ten preussischen und polnischen Med^llen, wie 
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CASSEL.— Die Liscbrifb des Altars sa 
Athen. Eine wissenschaftliche Auslegung. Large 
8vo. Berlin, 1868. 

CASSEL (JoHANN Pmiiipp). — Sammlnng 

etlicher Jubelhochseit-Miinzen. Herausgegeben von 
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CASSEL (JoHANN Philipp).— Vollsiandigep 
Bremisches Miins-Cabinet. 2 parts. 8vo. Bremen, 

CASSEL (JoHANN Philipp). — ^Historisdie 

Nachricht von der St. Martinikirche, in Bremen. 
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CASSEL (JoHANN Philipp). — Historische 

Nachricht von der CoUegiatkirche des heiligen 
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CASSEL (JoHANN Philipp). — Nacbricbt von 
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CASSEL (P.y— Das alte Erfurter Rathbans 
und seine Bilder. With 2 lithographs, foL and 
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CASSELL (John).— Caasell's Penny Draw- 
ing-Coi^y Books. 12 nos. Oblong 4to. London, 
n.d. SJBi, 

CASSELL (John).— The illustrated Cir- 
culator, and Special Advertiser. 8va Ix>ndon, 
1851. S.E. 

CASSELL (JoHN)j— Cassell's Blnstrated 

Exhibitor; containing about three hundred illus- 
trations, with letter-press descriptions of all the 
pnncipaj objects in the International Exhibition of 
1862. 4to. London, 1862. B.M. 

CASSELL (John) .— Cassell's popnlar Draw- 
ing Copies. — Series A. Floral and Vegetable Forms, 
by Charles Ryan. In 12 parts.~Sari6B B. Model 
Drawing, by Charles Ryan. In 12 parts.— Series C. 
Landscape Drawing. In 1 2 parts.— ^ries D. Figure 
Drawing. In 12 pairts. Series E. — ^Animal Drawing. 
— In 12 parts. ObL 4to. London, n. d. 

CASSELL (John). — Ca^eU's TecHnical 

Educator, being the Technical Series of Caasell's 
New Popular Educator. With woodcuts. 4ta 
London (1870). S.K. 

CASSI. — ^Bernardo da Yenezia^ arcliitetio 
della CertosadiPavia. 7 pp. 870. Plrenxe, 1869. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


. CASSnr (Johb).— Ulnfltrations of tlie Birds 
of Cftlifoniu, Tbxm, Oregon, Biitish and BomUh 
AmBiica. Intended "to contain Description* wid 
FignrM of sU tforth American Biids not civen by 
(bimer American Antbon. and a Qeneral Sjuopais 
of North American Ormthologr. 50 lithographa 
in colonn. I^e 8to. Fhiladelphia, I8S2. 

CASSINI (GioviHin MjIEIa).— Collerione di 
Uigliori TUtntti « TeEt« lyUlnstri FarKniaggi 
d'ogni dasae esiaCenti in Boma dipiiiti dai celebri 
Fittori lUbela Suuia dlJrbino, Ginlio Pipi £o- 
maoo, Tioano Viccelli, e Onido Beni, diaegnate- ed 
iodae da sdelti Frofoosori in TftTole lA. Folio. 
Borne, ISOS. 

CASTALIA. — Ja&rboebje aan de &»aie 
letteren gavijd. 6 iteel engnfinga and engnred 
^tle. Bvo. Anutordam, 1869. 

CASTAlfEDA (T&usc. Xay.) and GALAN 
(Fbaitc. BoDiuQD^). — Belocion de Iob aolemnea 

- atomtoa, magni&ooa aiectnoeOB feat^oa 7 Bcdomv 
t^tt featiraa con qoe en la Imperial cindad de 
^ledo »B eelebrd la eolocacioa oe Chriita nen- 
' >, el dia de e de Jnnio, 17S2, i el nnero 
» Tmnspuante qne eo n primado Igleaia 
hiao labiar el Emin* Sesoi Don DiaS°^ de Aatwga 
Toledo, 1732. 

CASTANlE (F. M. db).— Guide pittoresqao 
illiutri de PongDe»-le«-Eanx et de h« ennram, etc. 
12II10. Paris, 18B8. BM. 

CASTELFBANCO (Asoelo).— Lb lettere, 
le Biti e la politica nei eecoli XVm e XIX, die- 
eono di A. C, letto alia SocietA di Minerra in 
Trieet«, nei cnmi 26 aprile e 3 maggio, 1868. 49 
pp. 8to. ^rence, I8S9. 

CASTELLANI (Acodbto). — Dell' oreficerift 
antica. XKacoreo di Angnato CaatelUui. Sto. 
Flrenie, 1S«2. 8.E. 

CASTELLANI (AuGnsTo). — Snll' indTili- 
nMsto pritnitiTo. Uemoria u Angosto Caatellam. 
Sro. ^nnie, I8M. BS. 

CASTELLAJn (Adqubto), — Dalle Gemme. 
Notirie taccolte. IGmo. Flranae, IS70. 

Engliah ttuularion :— Oemt. Ifotas and sztncta 

bj A. Caatellani. TntDslat«d from the Itolitui hy 

Mrs. Jcdin Brocden. Ctom Sro. London, 1871. 


CASTELIiAZZI (G.). — Coneidflnuiom ml 
Boanmento Hanin, par Or. C. 15 pp. Sro. Tene- 

CASTELIjO (Albesto da). — Boeario della 
glorioi* Tenine Haria, di nnoro ftampato con 
BQore e belu flgnra adonuto. Woodcnta. Sro. 

CASTBLLO (V.). — EH Siglo Tinfcoresco, 

mrio&o nnirerM. Fondado por Don T. 

CaataDo, dirigido por el miimo en la parte artiaiiea 
V tn b parte literaiia pes Don F. IfaTotro Yilki- 
lada V D. M. M. Bartol<Hn«. Vola. 1-3. (All 
pnUidied.) 6n. Hidiid, 1 840-47. 

CASTIGLIONE (V.).— Le pompo Tormeai 

nel ritomo di Carlo Bmannele U., dnca di SaToia, 

deacritte da V. Cutiglione. 4to. Torino, 1645. 
CASTIGMONI (B.).— Congettura che ana 

lettera crednta aia di Ba&ello di Urbino. Sto. 

Ilrenw, 1799. 
CASTIGLIONI (Caklo Otiavio, Conte).— 

M^oire giograplitqile et numianiatiqiie anr la 

partie orieutale da Barharie appeUe Ainkia par lea 

Arabw. 8to. Milan, 1S26. 
CASTIL-BLAZB (M.).— Dictionnaire de 

Hiuiqne modeme. Sto. Bnuellea, 1828. 8.K. 
CASTOR (A.).— Apparens i Vapenr em- 
' 'te aox TraTanx de 2<aTigBtioii et de Chemiua 


Fondationa dea Foots lor le Bhin i Eehl 
et BUT la Seine k Argenteoil. Far A. CaaCor. 
VricHis d'on Bapport tor lea travaus de Fondation 
du Pont du Bhin, pi^nt^ i la Soci^ d'Encon> 
lagament poor I'lndnBtrie Nati:male pat It. Bandt^ 
etc. Folio. Paria, 1862. 8.K. 

CASTBO (ViKCEKZO db). — L' Italia Monn- 
meotole, Ualleria delle principali Fabbridie un- 
tiche e modeme d' Italia. Dlutrata per cnra da] 
Frofeaaore Cav. V. de Caatio. Seconda edixione. 2 
Tola. Laige foL Milano, 1870' S.E. 

CASTRO E SOUZA (A. D. de). — Da- 
acrip^ dopaladoBeal oa Tilla de Cintia, oelo 
abude A. D. de Castro j Sonm, 4to, I^boa, 

CASTRO T OROZEO (Jozfi le).— Bellas 
Artea de Qranada. Memoria hiatorica. 12bk. 
Qranada, 1839. 

CASTRO T OROZEO (Jozfi dk).— Memo- 
ria de las actas J trabajoa de la Comision de 
monnmentoa hiatoricoa j artiaticoi de Qranada. 
4to. Qranada, 1868. 

CASTRO T SERRANO (Joz* de).— Es- 
pona en PhIi, cronlca de la expoaidon univeraal 
de 1867. lAige Bro. Paria. 1867. 

CASTRUCCI (G.).— TeBoro letterario di 
Ereolano oeeia la reale offidna dei pspiri ercolaneai. 
2Dd edition. 20 plates. 4to. Kapoli, 1855. 

CATALAN! (Luiai).— L% CMeaa di S. 
Angelo in Formi alls falde dH monte rifsts fuori 
la pA antics riceiche di D. C. IS pp. 1 Utbo* 
giaph. 8to. N^oU, 1844. 

GATALANI (Lutoi).— I I^lazzi di Napoli. 
Kcaiche deU' ardiitatto L. C. 49 pp. 4to. Na- 
poli, 184S. 

CATALDI (PreiEO AsTONio). — Due Lettioiii 

fiitte nell' Academia del Diaegno di Pemgia, 

etc 4to. Bologna, 1677. B.H. 

CATANEO GiEOLAMo).— Modo di formate 

marchiaie ; in modo di dialogo. Dv iimnQ &«!ia 
in luce per Qirolamo Catuwo 'Kcmxon. %ia^ 
4to. Brescia .1511. ^*- 


Universal CcHalogue <rf 


€ATANEO (QiBOL^o)«---J!irii6TD Eagiona- 
{I menta del &bncaze le^fortezze, A per pzfttica, come 

S»r theorica. Plates and figures in text. 4to. 
resda, 1571* 

CATANIA.— Del ginnaBio ed amfiteatro di 

Verona. Fol. Falenno, 1770. 

CATEL (Ldpwig).t— VoTschlfige zur Ver- 

besseruag der Schanspielhaoser. 4to. Berlin, 

CATEL /Ludwiq). — X^bex die zweckmassige 

- Oi^g^iisation des offentlichen Bauwesens in einem 

Staat und Uber die t^ahren Verhaltnisse der Bau- 

meister, Handworker tmd Handwerksziinfte zn 

. demselben. 8y(x Berlin, 1808. 

OATBL (LuDwiCh). — Darstellxing eines 

• Schauspielhauses in Ansicht, G-mndrifls, Umriss nnd 
■ Dnvchschnitten in 1 Knpferstiehe gegeben, nebst 

einer Abhandlnng nber Grondzuge der Theater- 

baukttnst. Large 8yo. Berlin, 1818. 

CATEL (Lttdwig). — ^Mnseum, begriindet, 
entworfen und dargesiellt nach seiner (Jrfonn. 
With 1 plate. Large 4to. Berlin, 1818. 

GATES (William L. B.).--A Dictionary of 
General Biography ; with a classified and Chrono- 
logical Index of the principal Niunes. Edited by 
W. L. R. Gates. Roy. 8yo. London, 1867. S.K 

et forme qui a este tenu au sacre et couronnement 
de nladame Catharine de Medicis, royne de France, 
faict en T^lise Sainct-Denys en France le x. juin 
1C.D.XLIX. 4to. Paris, n.d. - v' 

OATHBRINOT (Nicolas).— Les 6glises de 

Bourges. 4to. (Bourges, 1683.) 

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North Wales. 2 vols. With plates. 4to. (London, 
n.d.) S.K. 

GATHRALL (William).— The lUastrated 

Handbook to Worth Wales Edited by W. F; 

Peacock Illustrated with engrayings, and a 

map. Svo. Chester, London (printed, 1 868 ). 

CATLTN (George).— -OKee Pa : a religious 

ceremony and other customs- of the Mandans. 13 
coloured illustrations. Large Svo. n. p. 1867. 

CATNAGH (James).— 'The CatnachPreos.* 
A collection of the books and woodcuts oj^ J. €. 
(With his life, etc., conpled by C. Hindley. ) Svo. 
London (1869). B3£, 

CATS (Jacob).— Silenus Alcibkdes sive 
Proteus vitae humanae ideam, emblemate Irifainam 
yariato^ ocuUs subiiciens. Text in Latin, French,, 
and Dutch. With vignettes. 4to. Amsterdam, 

CATS (Jacob). — Monita amoria virginei 

sive ofticium puellarum emblemate expressum. 
Text in Latin, F^nch, and Dutch. With vignettes. 
4to. Amsterdam, 1622. 

CATS (Jacob).— 'Swerelts. Begin, Midden, 
Eynde, Beslooten in den Trou-Bing met den Proof- 

8f^9. fan den iMlyenv Pc^tcaifo and plaCeain Ug^ 
I2mo. AiBsterdam, I7S[7« 

OATT (Gbobqb R.).— The Pictorial ffigtery 

of ManchestOT. 40 pp. Woodcuts. Large 8vo. 
London (1849). 

CATTAN (OBoaisTOFE).— La (J6omance da 

sgr. Christofe Cattan Auec la Koue de Pytha- 
goras. Widi w6od<ttts. 4t«. Pteis, 1587. - ) 

English translation: — Gheoniaiiey^ whereunto is 
annexed the Wheele of Pythagoras. Black letter. 
With woodcuts. 4to. London, 1591. 

Another edition. 4ta London, 1608. 

GATTERMOLE (Gbobgb and Richaed).— 
The Great Civil War of Charles I. and the Par- 
liament. By Ae Bey. Rkshard Cattermole^ B.I). 
With highly-finished engrayings, from drawings, by 
G^rge Cattermole, Esq., under the superintendence 
of Mr. Charles Heath. 2 vols. Boy. 8vo. London, 
184d. [Heath*s Picturesque Annual, 1844-1845.] 


GATTERMOLE (Geobqe).— See Reynolds 

(P.M.).— The Keepsake for 1886: WithiUustoi- 
trations from drawings by G. 0. . 8yo. 1886. 

GAUBET. — li^ Temple de la ma^onnerie 
fran^aise ; par C. 36 pp. 18nio. Saint-Germain 
(printed). Paris, 1860. 

GAUER (Emil, Gaki„ and Robebt). — Canefc. 

Album ; Abbildungen der plastischen Weike vdn 
Emil, Carl, und Bobert Cauer. 4to. Cassel, 1868. 

GAUMONT (A. de),— Table g^n^rale axiar 
lytique et raisonnSe des Mati^res contenues dans le& 
Volumes du Bulletin MonumentaL Index to Vols. 
L to XXX. 3 voh». 8vo. Paris, 1846-68. SLK. 

GAUMONT (A. de).— Cours d'antiquit^s 
monumentales, profess^ 4 Caen par I'auteur. Text, 
6 vols. 8vo. Atlas obl.8vo. Pans, 1830 to 1841. 


GAUMONT (A. de). — Arcli6ologie des ^cole« 
pnmaires. 18mo.^ Caen, 1868. 

GAUMONT (A. de) .— Le Mur de Landunvm 
(c6te d'pr) oomparS aux murs de TOppidum d^u^ 
vert a Murseus (Lot), et au mur decouvert cette 
anq^ ail Mont Beuviay (Saone et Loire). \^th 
plates. 8vo. Caen, 1868. S.K. 

OlAUMONT. (Fb^di^eic).- Vie du peintre 
jean Holbein le Jeune. Traduit de TAllemand 
d' Abguste L^ifald. Portrait^ 12mo. BAle, 186r^ 

OAUSSB (EiaLE>.T^B^erohe8 aroli^o- 

logiques sur la ville d'Uz&s. M^moire. 50 pp. 

8yo^ . Nim^, 1867. j 

GAUSSIN (Nicolas).— De eymbolipa 

Aegyptioram sapientia, fai qua symbola, parabolae, 
historiae selectae, quae ad omneni emUemataxQ, 
aenigmatnm, hiero^yphicorum oognitionem yiask 
praestant. Woodcuts. 4to. PaTisiis, 1618, 

Other editions. 8vo. Coloniae 1623. 8yo. 
Parisiis, 1634. 

GAUSSIN (Nicolas). — Polyhistor sym- 
. bolicus. Electorum cfymbolioorum et Pacabolarom 


2joo^ on Art (Suppteaiffilt). 


Ubiis compIeetflDi 

LaOtm N. C. 4to. Fuuiis, 1S18 
CAUVIN (Thosus).— Do rAdnuniBtration 

MnbkilMle iota 1b Ptenate da M^ne. Boat Sro. 

leMuut, IMS. S.E. 

CAVALCA (Doirawico). — Librg duamato 

Specdiio di Oroee, notutineatie imprraBo e eon dtli- 
_ getia ttjm*U>, in ItBgni RorBtias ridotto, etc («iid 

boond witli it), li quatro libri di dubb^ Qionuuii 
' Ofltfloa Delia imitations di ChruAo, et«. I2iaa 

'-YiB«efi:i&, 1S40. an. 

CAVAIJEBI (Vbobpkeo).— Biblioteca com- 

Endioes ^egli nomiiii Qlnstri dsllo. Congr. Conoa, 
ff. del SM. SalVatore IMeTBHtai ndie SdeoM 
e'BdleAiti. 9*o. Velletri, 18S0. 
CAVALLAUI (SiTXBio). — Zur tiato- 
Tuchen £Dt^ckelnng del Kiiiute nach der Theiloiig 
deatomischeiiBaichB. QOpp. Sto. G<iUingeii,]847. 

CAyALLEBl (FESDBiSDo). — Sopm ' nn 

an^ca Oiaci F'litnn. eaistenU nel Uuseo dfiU' 
AciaJdeima Etnisca di C<TTtoDB, Tieotaosciata per la 
WuB P^nnia. 0«8«TTwd<»ii del Frofeaion F C. 
' 'Wkh 1 pbt^ Small 4to. OortoDa, 1853. S.E. 

CAVALIiERI (FraDDfANDo).— La tavola del 
Bin iMra. Rwigiie oppn di ItaKello, mtitnita ^ 
no RplmdoTo nella OaDeria della Pontifleiti Aen- 
&ni» Bomana delleSell« Aiti. DiebiiraDOiie del 
PrDfenore Car. Feidinando Caralleri. 34 pp. 8to. 
Bona, 1858/ KE. 

Vtin* BomM Mdifldonim iUnttrinm qoM rapei- 
nmt rdiqidae, nuoma cum diligmtia a Joaiuie 
Antooio Doeio atilo ferreo nt hedie eerniutiU' 
dMoiptae, Gt a Jo. RiptiBta de CaTaleiiii aeneil 
tatmln ineina nptaesentatae. Engnved title and 
"* -' — Oblong Sto. (BoiMe), 1M9. " " 

intiBtt £ 0. J. €. V> pp. 8to. Einnw, ISTO. 

OAVAHIOL (H.).— LeB Mbnnmente eo 
Cbald^ m Aiqvie at ft Habjlaae d'aprtt 1m ti- 
•antaadfaoaTMW* anlitotogiqiief axBc anif plsndiea 
htbe^aftdteB. Sml Sro, Fuia, ISTO. 8.K. 

CAVS (Misu Elisueth). — L' Aquarelle 

' taam ncnre mitlwde m<u appMndie I'hanQoaie d*i 
•volenn. Mo. Paru, ISfiS. 

CAYfi (Uibh fiusABSTH). — La Gonleni-. 

- Stdcdition. «W- Fuia, ISflS.i' 

CAVE (Masib IIti8ABBr^).-^B6ant6 p!w- 
■ tyw d> U foma. 33mo. XtUansetFanB, !S6B. 

CAVfi (Muix ^LiBifiXTH).— 'Drawing. wiUi- 
ont a Kartcr. The Curi method fox leamiog to 

dzurfram memorjr Tianalated from Uis fonitii 

Aria edition, reriwd by the author, fftewded 

'bf an Ifticle by !B. Dalacrolz from the " tUme iet 
j5»ai HoDdM," entitled " Dmrmg witbcmt a 
Haiter, by BUdame £;. CaT«.>) 8to. New York, 

0<Rnai] tmulatum. 8tci. W«iour, IfUl. 

CAVE (TViLLiiH).— ApoBtolici .- or, the EiaJ 
toi7 of the Litea, Acta, iWtb, aad Uutytdomi of 
diOBo who vera contemporar}' with, or immadiatelj 
succeeded the Apostles. As also the moat emiaenC, 
of the Primitive Fatham for the Fltet TbxM Hooj 
died Yeara. To which is added, a Chionoh^ of 
the Three Bret Age* of the Cborch. By W. Care, 
D.D. With platoL Polio. London, 1677. SX 

CAVE (William).— Ecolesiaatioi: or, tfie 
History of theLiveB, Aels, Death, and Wri tings' of 
the most eminent Psthen of the Church, that 

flonriflht in the Foorth Centnrr Together 

with an Introduction, containing an HiRtorical 
Account of the State of FBganism under the First 
Christian Emperonw. By W. Cave, D.D. WWi 
[Jatef. Folio. Z/>ndani„ l«8a. &^ 

CAVEDA (■ToBfi),^-Memoria8 para la Hia- 
toria de la Beal Acodemia de San Femando y^a 
laa Bellaa Artee eo Elspafia, deed* el advenimientg 
al bono de Felipe, t lusta nncotioa diaa. 2 roll. 
Boy. gvo. ISiipd, 1867-8. S.E. 

CAVEDONI (Celestino).— Sopra alcnna 
apecdu etiuadri. 8to, Hodeua, D.d. ^ 

CAVEDOOT (Celestdio). — Antdchiti 
Cmiiaite. 4to. Uo4eDa,it.d, , .^ 

OAVEDONI (Celbhtimo). — DictiaraEione 
di nn antieo intaglio in comicla lappreeentaote 
Hinerfa ^ea » aia lladiea. Sro. (Modena), n. d, 

OAVEDONI (Cblbbtdto).— Indicamone di 
un monnm«>to MMlccale nmuDO a Ramo dt Frelo. 
Bro. Uodena, n.d. 

OAVBDOlJl (Gsitiriso). — Intorno al 
monumento romaao d' IgeL Svo. Moduia, 1846. 

CAVBDONT (Celestdio).— L'era de' mar- 
tin o sia di Diocleziano illustrata col riscontro delle 
iecrixioiii. Sto. Vodena, 1848. 

CAVEDONI (Celestino). — Cenni crono- 

. logici intomo alia data precsaa delle principaH 

apolo^e, e dei Beseritti Imperiali di Trajano, e di 

Andnano, risguaidanti i Cristiani. 38 pp. Svu. 

Modena, I8SS. 

CAVEDONI (Ceibbtimo). — Oaaeirazioni 
sopra alcnue antiche monete Siantille. 43 pp. 
Bto, Modana, 1857. 

OAVEDONI (Cbibstimo).— Notdaia Arch- 
eologiea dalle 'antiche monete d'on risloiate in 
BaiKt T pp. Std. Bolegna, 1857. 

CAWDOE ([Baw, of). — Cottage Plana; 
Dedicated ta um lAndOwnera of Caimaithanshire 
and Pembrokeriiiie. 4lo. London, 1869. B.M. 

CAWSE fJomr).— An Introdnction to thi 
Art of Painting in Oil Colours. By J. C, Pupil 
of the late John Opie, S.A. >nth platea eiplana- 
torr of the differant Palleta used in the Ek^«u 
of Painting s Portiait oi lAadaea,-^ ^n^i^ %^a- 
London, 1B32. 
Sacond e^tioa. ftro. Ixn&oa, \%1A- "^^^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


CAWWOOD. —ThePleasant History of Caw- 
wood the Book. With woodcuts. 4to. London, 
Another edition. 4to. London, 1683. 

CAXTON (William).— Begin (fol. a 2 

recto) Theronimns de lande dei super ps&iterium 
(foL a 7 verso) (Inoipit liber hympnox vel solilo- 
quioz). (The Fsahns, with the sacred Canticles, 
Te Deum, Athanasian Creed, Ecclesiastical Hymns 
composed of passages of Scripture, a few Prayers, 
sad the Vespero ]k£)rtuorum.) 4to. (W. Caxton, 
Westminster, 1480.') B.L. 

Some small copper plates, probably by the Master 
of 1466, have been inserted on the margin and on 
•ereral of the initial letters. B.fif. 

CAYLUS (Annb-Claudb Philippe, Comte 

de). — OeuTres badines completes avec figures. 12 
Tols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1782. 

CAYLUS (Annb-Olaude Philippe, Comte 

de). — Auswahl antiker Q-emalde, mit Erlauterung 
beeleitet, von A. Bode. 3 pts. 23 coloured plates. 
Fol. Dess. 1798. 

CAYLUS (Anne-Olaudb Philippe, Comte 

de). — Sopra un' antica^'pietra incisa. 82 pp. 8yo. 
KapoU, 1828. 

CAYON (Jean).— Eglise de Samt-Nicolas- 

de*Port, en Lorraine. 1 plate. 8vo. Saint- 
Kicolas-de-Port, n.d. 

CAYON TJean). — ^Monuments anciens et 

modemes ae la ViUe de Nancy dessin^s d'apr^ 

le daguerr^type et d^rits par J. C. With 35 
lithographs. 8vo. Nancy, 1847* S.K. 

CAZAL (Bbn^-Marie). — ^Essai historiqne 
anecdotique sur le parapluie, TombreUe et la 
canne, et sur leur fabrication. Woodcuts. 12mo. 
Paris, 1844. 

CAZOTTE.— Le diable amoiirenx. Nouvelle 
espagnole. Curious engravings. 8yo. Naples 
(Paris), 1772. 

CEAN BERMUDEZ (J. A.). See Bbb- 

CECCARINI (G.). — Lettera di G. C, 
Scultore al Signor C. Vanelli di Carrara relativa al 
granito del isola del Giglio. 13pp. 8to. Roma, 

CECCHTN"! (PibbMama). — ^Discorsiintomo 
alle comedie, comedianti et spettatori di P. M. C. 
ferrarese. 87 pp. 4to. Vicenza, 1614. 
Another edition. 26 pp. 4to. Venetia, 1621. 

CECCHINI (PiBB Maeia).— Lettere fSacete 
e morali di P. M. C. nobile fenarese, tra Comici 
detto EriUdino. 4to. Venetia, 1622. 

CECCHINI (Pier Maeia).— Prutti delle 

modeme oomedie, et avisi a chi le recita, di P. M. C. 
42 pp. 4to. Padova, 1628. 

CECCO D'ASCOLI.— Lo lUuatro poeta 

Cecho Dasooli ; oon comento nouamente trouato et 
nobilmente historiato : reuisto et emendato da molta 
incorreetioneeztizpato : et dal antiquo buo yestigio 

exemplato. 68 woodcuts. 12mo. (?) Yenice, 

CECCONI (LuiGi). — Del Pavimento il 
Musaico nuTenuto nel Tempio della Portuna Pre- 
nestina, interpretazione dell'AvTocato L.C. 8yo. 
Borne, 1827-28. SJL 

CECIL. — Records of the chase and memoirs 
of celebrated sportsmen, illustrating some of the 
usages of olden times, and comparing them with 
prevailing customs, together with an introduction to 
most of the fashionable huhting countries, and 
comments. 2 steel engravings by E. Hacker after 
B. Herring. 20 pp. 12mo. London, 1854. 

CECIL. — Hanting tours descriptive of 
various fashionable countries and establishments, 
with anecdotes of hunters, of hounds and others 
connected with fox hunting. 2 col. lithographs. 
8vo. London, 1864. 

CECIL (Ret. Richard). — ^Memoirs of John 
Bacon, Esq., ILA. 8vo. London, 1801. S.K. 

CELESIA (Michelangelo). — Descrizione 

Btorico-critica delle Pitture di pregio esistente nel 
monastero di S. Martino delle S<^ di Palermo* 
8vo. Palermo, 1839. 

CELLARITJS (A.).— Architectura militaris, 
oder Vnderweisunff von der Fortification- oder 
Vestungsbau. Wiui many plates. Fol. Amster^ 
dam, 1645. 

CELLARIUS (Christoph.).— Notitiffi orbis 
antiqui, sive Geographia plenior, ab ortu rerauB 
publicarum ad Constantinorum tempora. Poitraits 
and maps. 2 vols. 4to. Cantobngiae, 1705. 

Other editions : — 

4to. Amstelodami, 1706. 

Editio altera cum anotationibus et observationibo» 
Conradi Schwartz. Portraits and maps. 2 vols. 
4to. Lipsiae, 1731-32. 

CELLARITJS (Cheistoph.).— C. C. Brevia- 

rium antiquitatum romanarum, accurante hie- 
ronymo Freyero. 8vo. Veronae, 1739. 

CELLARIUS (Chbistoph.). — Compendimn 
antiquitatum romanarum ; nunc ex manuscripto libro 
intcw^mm editum, et adnotationibus illustratom, a 
M. Jo. Em. Imman Walchio. 8vo. Halae Magde- 
buzgicae, 1748. 

CELLER (LuPOTic). — Lea Decors, les 
costumes et la mise en seine an XVII* si^e. 1 2mo. 
Paris, 1869. 

CELU TGaet.). — Calleria biblica, ossia col- 
lezione di 300 tavole incise a bulino rappresentaati 
i fatd ppncipali dell' antico e del nuovo testamento, 
oon spiegazione di dascuua tavola, dell' abate G-. C. 
87 numbers of 8 plates and 8 pp. text each. 4t(K 
Boma, 1867. 

CELUER (L.) Ant. Wattean, son enfonce, 
ses oontemporains ; G^rin, Alardin, Girardin, Mi- 
gnon, Vleughels, Dnmont, Pater, &c Plates. Svo. 
Valenciennes, 1867. B.M. 

CELLIER (L.).^Essai snr Tatelier mon6- 
taize do VatoDcittmefl et sur le monogramme do la 



Soo&B on Art (Supplement). 


monnuB dei comtM de Eusavlt. FUta. 32 pp. 

Bto. Vftlcmdaimea, IBSS, 
CELLIEB fL.).— Cfttalogae da M^daOlier 

de la Soditi Imp£ri&Ie d'.Afri(mltiira, SdenCM, M 

Aita de Valgiicwiuies. FrfeMi d'nne notlee sui 

I'atelier mountain de TalenciemiGfl. S6 pp. Bto. 

TalencieUDSs, 1860. 
CELLINI (BBirfBsnTo).—(Opere). Vitadi 

B.C., OrHlee e Senltore I^orentino Kritta da lui 

medenmo. GinifA rAutografo pabblicaM dal Taaai. 

Con dnqne t«To1e in rame. Trattieti a Disoorsi di 

B.C Con no* t&Tok in nine. 3 to1». t2tno. 

Upna, 1833-3fi. S.E. 

CEIiLINI (Bbntenttto).— Le Opera di Ben- 

Tnmto tV llin i anicchite di not« ed illnistmioni. 

Imp. 8to. FiicDM, 1S4S. S.E. 

CELLINI (Besvekcto).— MSmoires de Ben- 

Tennto Cellini, orfine et acnlpteur florantin, iciita 

par Inj-mbne et tndniU p«r Uopold UcI&ikU. 

limo. Parii. ISM. 
Second edition, nnder the title " Oennee Com- 

plitet.* 2 Tol«. I!mo. Paris, 1847. 
CELLINI (BKHntfiTTo). — I taittati del 

onfleeria e della lenltnia. Fubbl. da C. MiUnesi. 

Sn. Firanie, 1857. 

D. CJngoria Cronda ViUaamil. 4to. Htdrid. 

CELLINI (Bemtencto).— La vita, ecritta 
da Ini medetino, eorre^ta di note, e ridotta 
ad uao delle leuole pei euro di Domenico Carbons, 
con laogbi scelU dai tntUitl dell' oriflc«ris e dell* 
•cultnra. IBmo. Hilano, 1B71. 

CELLONESE (Axdbea). — Spaochio Him- 
botteo, Otero dMle Armi Qentilitie, etc. 4to. 
Hapob, 1G67. BJH. 

CELTES (CosttiD).— Opera Hrosvite (sen 
Bmritlue) illnitria Tii^Dii et monialiB Oennone 
p-nTe saxonica oris (opem), nnper a Canrado Celt* 
iDTentL With 8 voodenta bj A. Durer. Fol. 
Norimboigs, 1601. 

CEUTES (Conkad'). — Protncii: Qnataor 
lilai Amomm. Witu wood eDgravinge attribnted 
to Albe» Dfirra. <to. Noribe^gB, 1S02. 

CENAC - MONCAUT (JcsTiif Edouabd 
Hathikd). — Yojage anUologiiine et hiaUmqne 
dam Fanciea comu de Bigom. 1 3 platee. Sto. 
Taibea et Farii, 1858. 

MaTBizD). — Voyage arcfaiologiqiie et hiitt^qne 
^aui ranetea vicomti de Bwra. 8 plolM. ^o. 
Tarbea et Fsris, 1856. 

CBNAC - MONCAUT ( Jubtin EDociEn 
Mitamf). — Voyage archkilogiqae et hiiUMriqns 
dani lee aneieni cojotit d'A>tarae et de Faidiac ; 
■DPri d'mi Eeaai eu la langue et la litt^turs gaa- 
eoDiie^ Sto. Miiande st Pari*, 18S7, I 

CENAC MONCAUT (Jtwrn Edocied 

lltnamj). — Vojsge uehicdogiqite et hietoiiqne 

dane randen raysnrae de Svmm. 18mo. Tarbea 

et Paris, 18S7. 
CENERI (AsGELO Maria).— L'nao dello 

StramentoeeometricadettolA.TaToletta Pretoriaoa 

proposlo ed ampliato. '2ad edition. Plates. 4ta. 

Bologna, 1749. 
CEPOLLA (L.).— Sulla aimificazionB del 

(ora a Tolto nmaso. 4Co. Napdi, 1828. 
CERBONI (Fabio).— n Cimiterio di San 

Miniato tl Jlonte illnatnto da F. Cerbotii. Sro. 

Firenie, 1861. S.K. 

CEEOHIARI (GiuLio CKBAKK)._Bistretto 
etorico della CitU d' Imola (rietampato con cone- 
doni ed ag^onCe). 8to. Bologna, 1848. 

CEREMONIES.— CcreraonialeEpiscoporttm 
Clementie Papa VIIL et Innoceotii X inaau n«og- 
mtnm ; in quo Bitna celebiandi Miaaaa Veapera*, et 
alia Divina Offleia aliieqae Ecclesiaatictg Fnnctioaet, 
et actni, ab Archiepiscopie, Episoopif^ aliivqoa 
Pnelatia inferioribna obaeiTBndi, pneecribuntni, el& 
Ciun fignria norisque additionibus Secretorom et 
copioeo rerom notabiliam Indies Clementi XI. 
Pont. Opt. Max. Dicatnm. 4to. Bonue, 1718. 8.K. 

C£B£S (Ai<ii£).— Eecherches orch^ologi- 
qnei. Memoire lu i laSoei^U deaLettres, Science*, 
et Arte de I'ATeyron. 6 pp. 8to. Bodei, 1869. 

CERRONI (J. P.)— Catalogue d^taiU6 ds 
la pr^ienae collectioii d'estampea, reoueila, cabineta, 
gaferiea, ftc, de feu Mona. J. P. C. Bro. Vienna, 

CERTANI (QucoMo). — Maria Vermne 
corooata ; deecriiioDe e dichianuioDe della dirota 
Bolenmila (atta in Rc^oli 13 Maggio, 1674, com* 
poeta dall' Abbate O. 0. Plate*. FoL Btggio, 167S. 

CEBUTDS (BENEDtCTCB).— Mnflenm Cal- 
ceolarianom VeMoeee, a Benedieto Cerato inceptom, 
et ab Andrea Cbioeeo deecriptnm et p«rfe«tnDi. 4to. 
Verona, 1623. 

— Vida y Hechoa del logenioto Carallera Don 
Quixote, illuatzata am dibrentM eatampea por 
Henrico J ComelioVerdDBBen. 8th edition. 2 voU. 
With plates. Small 8to. £□ AmbeiM, 16B7. 
Othei editiont ; — 

Vida J Hechoa del Ingeoioeo Hidalgo Don Quizota 
de la Mancha. Compuesla pot H. de C. S. 70 
engnTinEB trom Vanderbank, etc., eogtaTed by 
Vao'der Qncht, and others. 4 rols. 4to. Londces, 

L'ing^noBo Cittadino Don Chisciotto della 
Uaucia open di Hichele di Cemotes BuTedra. 
Tndadone nnoTiNimo dall' originale Spagnob eolls 
vita dell' antora. flatea by NorellL 8 Tola. IJmo, 
Teueria, 1818. 

Hialoire de I'Adininble Don Quixote de la 
Hanehe. 4 vola. HatM bj H. Ckqm, «^q. 
Anuterdam, 1682. 
Histoice d« rAdmin^la Dou Q,>ui^dsAM ^ \^ 


Universal Catalogm of 


. Dd^nche, tradxiite de Tespaguol (par Filleaa de St. 
Martin). 6 toIb. Plates. 12mo. Paris, 1732. 

Don, Quixote made English, according to the 
hnmour of our modem language. With 9 copper- 
plates by J. Philips. Fol London, 1687. 

Don Quixote de la Mancha. Translated from the 
Spanish of M. de C. S., by Charles Jarvis. Care- 

• folly revised and correctea. Wood engravings by 
Johannot and others. 2 vols. Large 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1842. 


The Story of the Don, re*written for our Yomig 

Folks. By C. L. Mat^nx. With numerous illus- 

. trations. 4to. London, n.d. SJC. 

GERVETTI (G.).— Di alcani iUustri Ana- 
tomici Italiani del Decimo quinto Secolo indagini 
per servire alia Storia della Vicenze. Verona, 

CERVONI (Giovanni Da Colle). — De- 

.; scrizione delle pompe e feste fatte in Pisa per la 
^v yenuta della sereniss. madonna Cristina de Loreno, 
[ granduchessa di Toscana. 8vo. Firenze, 1589. 

€ESARE (Francesco de).— Le antichitA di 

Pesto. 10 plates. 4to. Napoli, 1834. 

GESARE (Francesco .,de).—Trattato ele- 

. mentare di Architettura Civile dell' Architetto F. 
"'deCesare.* 3 vols. 8vo. Napoli, 1827. S.K, 

CESENA (Am^d^e Gatet de). — ^Le nou- 

veau Paris ; guide de T^tranger, pratique, historique, 
'- descriptif el pittoresque ; accompagn6 d'un plan de 
Paris et de gravures dans le texte. 12mo. Paris, 

CESENA (AutDtE Gatet de). — Environs 

' de Paris ; guide pratique, historique, descriptif et 
pittoresque, aocompagn^ d'une carte, d*un grand 
nombre de plans et de plus de 80 gravures. 12mo. 
•Paris, 1864. 


Yolgarizzamento del libro de' oostumi e degli offizii 
de* nobili sopra il giuoco degli scaochL With the 
woodcuts from the edition of 1498. Boyal 8vo. 
Milano, 1829. 

rCEVA (Giovanni), — De Re Nnmaria quod 
' £eri potuit geometrice traetatioB, auctore G. C. 60 
.. pp. 4to. Mantuae, 1711. 

CHABANNES (C. de, Marquis).— On con- 
ducting air b^ forced ventilation, and regulating the 
] temperature in dwellings, with a description of the 
' application of the principles as established in Covent 
Grarden Theatre, and Lloyd's Subscription Booms ; 
and a short account of different patent apparatus 
for warming and cooling air and liquids. With 19 
copper-plate engravings. 8vo. London, 1818. 


Appendix to the above. With 7 copi)er-plates. 

8to. London, 1819. Soane Mus. 

,CHABAS (F.).— Voyage d'un flKyptien en 
r Syrie, etc. JEt^ponse k la critique de M. Brugsch. 
4to. Paris, 1868. 

CHABAS (F.).— fitades sur T Antiquity 

historique d*apr^ lea Sources ligyptiennes et lea 
Monuments reputes PrWstoriques. Par £"..0. 
Royal 8vo. Chalon-s.-S., Paris, 1872. SX 

CHABAS (FEAN901S JosEPti).— Traduction 
complete des Inscriptions Hi^roglyphiques de TOb^ 
lisque de Louqsor, Place de la Concorde 4 Paris. 
8vo. Paris, 1868. B.M. 

GHABAT (F.).— B&iunents de cli^xiins do 

fer, embarcad^res, plans de gares, stations, abris, 
maisons de garde, remises de locomotives, halles k 
marchandises, remises de voitures, ateliers, r^ervoirs, 
etc., accompagn^ d'un texte ezplicatif. With plates. 
Fol. iParis, 1860. 

CHABAT (Pierbe).— Frapnents d'Arohi- 

tecture,^Egypte, Gr^e, Bome, Moyen-Aee, Renais- 
sance, Age Modeme, etc. Avec noUces descriptrrea 
publics sous le patronage de FEcole Centrale et 
Sp^ciale d' Architecture poor servir aux ^tddes et 
aux exercises pr^paratoires de cette ^le par Pierre 
Chabat. Parts 1 to 63. With plates. Pol. Paris, 
1868. aK. 

CHABERT (F. M.).— La Cath^dralo do 

Metz. Histoire et description. 8vo. Metz, 1861. 

CHABOUILLET (Anatole).— La Giyp- 

tique au moyen-Age. With plates. 8vo. (Pans, 

CHABOUILLET (Anatole). — Catalogue 

raisonnd des cam^es et pierres graves de la Biblio- 
t^ue imp^ale, suivi de la description des autrea 
monuments exposes dans le cabinet des mMailles et 
antiques. 12ma Paris, 1868. SJ& 

CHAFFERS (William).— Marks and Mono- 
grams on Pottery and Porcelain of the Renaissance 
and Modem Periods ; with Historical notices of each 
Manufactory ; preceded by an Introductory Essay 
on the Vasa Fictilia of England, of the Romaoiy 
British and Mediaeval Eras ; by William Chafftrs. 
3rd edition, revised and considerably augmented. 
With 2,200 Potters' Marks and niustrations. Royal 
8vo. London, 1870. S.K. 

CHAFFERS (William). — The Keramic 

Gallery, comprising from Five to Six Hundred 
Illustrations of rare, curious, and choice examples 
of Pottery and Porcelain, from the earliest times U> 
the present. Selected by the Author from tlb^ 
British Museum, the South Kensington Museum, 
the Geological Museum, and various private CoU 
lections. With historical notices and descripticM^ 
Royal 8vo. London, 1871. StJL. 

CHAFFERS (Willlui) and BARBER 
(Faiblvss). — A series of Photographs of objects of 

. ArchsBological interest from the National ExhiU- 
tion Of Works of Art at Leeds, 1 868. Taken xaM 
the direction of the Council of the HuddersfieU 
Archaeological and Topographical Association. With 
Introductory Remarks and descriptions by William 
Cliaffers. Edited by Fairies^ Barber. Wi^\ri 
photographs. . 4to. London, 1869. _ 'dJEL. 

CHAFFERS (William). See Btrnxr (Philippe). 

— Chefb-d'ceuvre of the Indostrial Arts. 6va. 


Boohm Art (Svpplgmmt). 


OHAHjLOT (A.)-— Notions snr lea beaUz- 

txta, comprenuit tont ce qn'il set otila de t&Tob eot 

- 1« deaciB, la peintim, b Knlptimt la gnrare, 
"raiehhactiirB at U SMuqna. 13iiid. AngDon, 

CHATX. — Easai gar t& ohapitare de Baint- 

Otmain-LembKiii. 30 pp. 8to. Clannont-Fer- 

CHAIZ (A.).— De l'utiKt4 dVne 4coIe in- 

dDStrielle Bpikiole et pnttiijne pom Im OQTnen 

«Mni>tM. 8to. P»riB,_tSM. 
CHALCmrCS.— Chalcidii Viri Clariasmii 

Inenlenta Tinuei FLitoiiis trodoctto, et ejnadei 

SdainBa expluutio : anipicio kings Reneretidi 
mini JoiniR Iiothuingi, (iiidinalii : pn Nabien- 
■inm ^iwsopam in lucem edita>. Sm&ll fiit. (Parii), 
1S30. BJi. 

OHALCONDTLBS (LAOncna).— I/histoira 
de 1b decadence le rempue gree «t estAbluMment de 
calni dw Tares, d» U tndoction de B. ds Vigenere, 
boDTboQDoiB, BTec la continuation de la mean 
bistoire, arec plnsjeun descnptiuna et figuiee t 
-jpriteutAat lea acconitremeoa des officien de Tempi 
tore, etc., et des tableaux prophjtiqaes par Arthi 
' ThataaM, rienr d'Emlay. . I^ogfaved tiUe, with 
' laige plu of Comt«ntino|Je, uid 81 plaUa of co 
' tnoea. FoL Pana, 1632. 


- Btateal dea Tnres, oratanaot I'flutaim de Chalcon- 
OTle, tradvite par Slaiie de Yigenair^ avee let 
iUnitntiiHu da meame AntJiuii'. Bt continTie 

' JDsqies en I'an M.LC.xn. par ThomaB Artos ; et 
en cette ^tion, par le Sieor de HeierBj, jnsques en 
I'annAe 1681, etc. 2 toIa. With plate ■" ' 
Paris, 1682. 

CHALLAHEL (J. B. M. Aoodbtim) and 
TEBINT (W11.&MU1).— Lea Fnutfais aow la SJrto- 
tntioD. lUnalit (b Kinee, et ^pea daaainiB et 

Exit ani sder par uoa ptemien artistes, 8to. 
is, 1S43. 
CHALLE (Chablbb MicHai,-AHaE). — De< 
•eriptioi) da datafidqas et de la pompe fontbie pour 
.;,.,... EUaabetit Fanieie, Bebe d'&jnRM et des 
Indes; bita & Paris danal'EgliBe de Notre -Dame, 

-le 27 Novembce 1786 Sur lea deeseiaH dii Sieur 

U.-A. Challe La sculpture a £t^ eiicut^e par le 

Sieur Boceiardi. 12 pp. 3 plates. 4to. (Paris), 
J760. &K. 

CHALLE (Obarlis Uichel Ahoe).— ^De- 
aciiption du catafalque tt da c^notapbe eng^ daus 
r^gUae de Paris le 7 Septembre 1774,. poo^ Lonie 
XV., etc; 6 idatea. Ho. Paris, 1774. S.K.' 

CHALLE (Chablbb Micml Ahos). De- 

_. ani^oa da mansolie edgi daiig I'iglise de I'abhaia 
~deSamt-Denys,le 27jaillet 1774, pour lesobaeqmed 
da Louis XV. ni de France, etc 4 plates. 4to. 
FuTB. 177*. 
OHALLSS (BoBiBT de).— Les Dlnstresi 
frsDfaiMa, hiitoina Tiritablea (par Bobezt de / 

ChallcaL 3 tOm. Witb pUeea. I2niD. Farii. 

Other editions : — 

2 Tola With pUt«s. 12ino. Utrecht, 1737. 

2 Tols. With plates. I2mo. Amaterdam, 1750. 


L'Art dn Briqqeder. Texts at AtUa. StoIs. 8to. 

Parii, 1861. 8.K, 

OHALMEL.— Chalmel et see pandg^Tistea 

(par le Vkomte de Flangnr). Eorat 8to. 'Tom 

(188B). 8JK. 

CHALMERS CQbobob).— The LHe of Daniel 
De Foe. With portiait. 8to. London, 17SD. 


CHALMERS (Pbtek). — Historical and 

Statistical Aceoont of OaiifeTmliiie. 2 vols. STo. 
LoDdon, I844-«0. 

CHILON-SUB-SAOETB.— Descr4>tion See 

Titiaiu de l'h6pital de Chilon-s.-Sa&ne, 7 plalM. 
Large fol., and 20 pp 8vo. ChAbn-wu-Sa6iie, 1848. 

CHALON (Alfb«d).— The Ohadren of the' 
Nobility tnm drawings bj A. Ch. 4to. Londoc, 

OHALON (RiiNua Hcbbet Ohislaih). — 
Becherchea sui lea monnaiea de Wallinconit, en 
Cambraisis. With plains. 8to. Bnixelles, 184^ 

CHAIXjH (Rbuieb Hubbet GHlsuosJ.'i^ 
Becherchea but 1m monnute des comtesdeHamaat. 
WiUipUtaa. 2 vols. 4to. BroxeUee, l8i&-52. . 

CHALON (Bbnibb Hdbebt Gbislum).— 
Becherchea sar lea Monnaiea dea Comtea de Hunnr. 
With 22 plat«s. 4to. Bnizellefl, 1860. BM. 

CHALON (Bbnibr Hcbbet Ohisuis). — 

Plaque sipokrale de Jacob CaTalli, 1 384. Facsimile 
in lithograph. 4 pp. 8to. BraxeUea, 1881. - 

CHAM.— (i.e. AMBDEBDE NOE).— L^Art 
d'eoeisiieer at de maioir i volontA Bar Chan. 
SO hthographa. 4ta. Paria, n. d. S.E. 

CHAM.— (i.e. AMEDEE DE NOE).— lin- 
preasions de Vojage de Monmeor Boniface, ex- 
rifracttiore de la 4"" dn S"' de !a 10", par ChMn, 


r la t. 

etc. Le toat mili de boaaei, et colori de 
blena et de noira, etc. 30 platea. Obi. 8T0. facia, 
1844. EH. 

OHAM.— (i.e. AMEdEB DE NOE).— Cham 
aa SMota da 18AS, 66, 67, 88, 69, 70. EngiaTiBga. 
Paris, 1865-70. 

Original Drairings by Leonardo da Vinci ; eoniiit- 
ing of yarious dirivmAg of ain^e fignres, heads, 
CompiieitianB, horaefi and other »'mn*i« ; optietl, fWi 
apectire, gnOneij, hTdrBolies, meehanioa ; aM in 
^nrticniar of Tory accaiate delineationa, with a m»a> 
tpiritod pen, of a Tariety of •iiataiue>XvAv(M\'>& 
luB HmcKt'b CoU«ctioa. 'SoL. ^xra&w. W^ 



Universal Catalogue of 


CHAMBEBLAYNE (Edward). —Angliaa 

Notitia, or the Present State of England. . .* . .together 
with divers reflections upon the ^cient State there- 
of. With portraits and engraved frontispiece. 12ino. 
London, 1667. 

CHAMBERLAYNE (John).— Magna Bri- 

tannia Notitia ; or, the present state of Gt. Britain. 
Portrait, etc. 8vo. London, 1755. 

CHAMBERS (Geoeob F.).— A Handbook 

for Visitors to East*Bonme. (With illustrations.) 
8vo. London (printed), East-Bourne, 1868. BM, 

CHAMBERS (Robert). —CyclopcBdia of 

English literature, a history critical and biographi- 
cal of British authors, firom the earliest to the 
present times. Woodcuts. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 
Edinburgh, 1844. 

CHAMBERS (Robert). — ^Ancient domesiio 

architecture of Edinburgh ; Edinburgh castle as be- 
fore the siege of 1573. 16 woodcuts. 36 pp. 8to. 
Edinburgh and London, 1859. 

CHAJMBERS (Robert). — The Book of 
Days. A Miscellany of popular Antiquities in 
connection with the Calendar, including anecdote, 
biography, and history, curiosities of literature, and 
oddities of human life and character. Edited by 
R. Chambers. Numerous engravings. 2 vols. Imp. 
8vo. London and Edinburgh, 1864. S.K. 

CHAMBERS (Robert and Willum).— The 

Gazetteer of Scotland by B. and W. Ch. With steel 
engravings. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1832. 


(Thomas). — ^A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent 
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tinuing the Biographies to the present time. By 
the Kev. T. Thomson. 5 vols. Royal 8vo. Glas- 
gow, Edinburgh, and London. 1855. S.K. 


(J.). — Descriptive and historical Papers relating to 
the Seven Pagodas on the Coramandel Coast. By 

W. Chambers, J. Goldingham (and others) 

Edited by Captain M. W. Carr, etc. 8vo. Madras, 
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CHAMBERS (William).— A Hifltory of 
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8 Bl 

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Chambers' Information for the People. 2 vols. 
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Tille-sur-Sa6ne. 8vo. Lyon et Paris, 1845. 

CHAMBREZ (Ion.)— Beirachtongen iiber 
den Charakter der Gebaude und die darauf anzu- 

bringenden architektonischen Vezzierungen. 8vo. 
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ses contemporains, suite de gravures, etc., avec texte 
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CHAMOUIN.— CoUection de 28 vnes de 
Paris prises au daguerreotype. 28 steel plates. 
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CHAMOIINI. — ^Voyage pittoresque aux 
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CHAMPAGNAC (Jean Baptiste Joseph).— 

Le Q-^nie de la Fnuice k diverses ^poques. With 
engravings. 8vo. Paris, 1850. 


Le R^alisme ( . . de la R^lit^ dans TArt sur 

H. Oourtet, etc.). 18mo. Pans, 1857. 

— Grandes figures d*hier et d'aujourdliui. 12mo. 
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— ^Histoire des faiences patriotiques sous la Revolu- 
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— Histoire de Timagene populaire. With illustra- 
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Les Chats. Histoire — moeurs — observations — anec- 
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VioUet-Le-Buc, &c......Quatn&me Edition, consid^r- 

ablement augment^e. Po8t8vo. Paris, 1870. S.K. 
Earlier edition. With 52 illustrations. Post 8vo. 
Paris, 1869. 

CHAMPIER (Claude).— Le bafitiment des 

antiques erections des principales villes et citez 
assises es trois Ckiules, contenu en deux livres, avee 
un traict^ des fieuves et fontaines admirables estant 
en dites Gaules. 16mo. Lyon, 1557. 

CHAMPm.— Excursion h la Grande Char- 
treuse en montant par St. Laurent-du-Pont, visitant 
les bords du Gujer-Mort et descend^par le Sapey. 
Par Champin. liecueil de trente-six Vues, dessin^ 
d*apr^ nature. Lithographies par MM. Amout, 
Cuvillier, Hostein, Jacottet, Joly,'Sorrieu, Tirpenne. 
VUleneuve, et pricM^ d'une notice historique par 
M.C**». FoUo. Paris, 1838. 

CHAMPION (Paul).— See Julien (S.) and 
Chamfion(P.). — ^Industries, &c, del'Empire Chinois. 
Boyal 8vo. 1869. 


graphie des Classiques Latins d'apr^s les plus beaux 
manuscrits de la biblioth^ue royale de Paris Re* 
cueil de Fac-simile fidMement ex^ut^ sur les 
originaux et accompagn^s de notices historiques et 
descriptions par A. C. Small fol. ^aris, 1837. 


Books on Art (SuppleTnmt). 

at OurlM, dno d'Orlcani, Isut inflnence hit lea 
uta.l&littentoraetl'EBptitdelOTiriiicle. D'aprte 
Lv DoeomeDta oriKui>Q> ■t 1m FeiiitQiea dea mBnu- 
■criU, pu A. Cli. F. With plfttM. Sto. FariB, IS41. 

manta psliognpb'qDea Ml&tifa i I'HiBtoire dea 
Baam-Aita et d«a Bellaa-Lettrel pendant le Mojau 
Age, tir^ dea ArchirM dApAitemaatoIes d« Fnnee 
at dw BiblioUiiqiiea pobliquca pM M. Aimi Cboni- 
poUion-Figeae. Boy. Sto. Puia, 18flB. S.E. 

CHAMPONNOIS (P., the elder). — Col- 
lection de NouTMnx Farqneta ponr appkitementa, 
d'apria on rfBtime de eonatraction aimpliSi at 
nrteedoant. Onmgc ntile i ICU. lea Arcfiiteetea. 
£tmi«maQn, J^tna et Oarrien MeDnisiera-EbA- 
niaUs. Pu P. Chanipoatioia, alnj. 30 CJuomo- 
litlicgnpha. Ito. Paria, ISiG. 8.E. 

CHAMPS -ELTSEES. — ExpUcation dea 
oonwea de puntnre. scolpton. aichiteetar«, gnvnra 
at lit£cf;iBphip dea arUatea TiTuta, expoUe an 
palua dea Qiampa-EIjiiw. 13mo. Fiiria, 1867, etc 

CHAin)LEB (Samtjil).— The Hiatory of 

F antiqniuMl. 
Kinniment of a Knight Templar. Soma paKiralate 
napectingtheEospiulfotuidediniaei.etc. FUt«i. 
Ito. (London), ISIB. 
CHAHTKB (Ernzst).— 1*6 Palafittea, ou 
Conatnctione Laeaatrea da lac de Faladru (Station 
dea Oranda-Boaaanz) piia Voiron (laira). Pu M. 
£. Chantre. IS ptat«a. FoL Chambir;, 1871. 

CHAPHAIT (Jaues). — Examin&tioii Papere 
in ftactical Ommeb^, Mathematical Scalee, and 
PaHpMtire. Sto. Blough, n.d. 8.K. 

CHAPMAN {JuiiB). — Plane Practical 
Oaometry, for the nse of Aichitects, Enfpnean, and 
Dnnriittmen in geneisL FUtea. Small 4to. Bkmgh, 

i«M. si. 

CHAPMAN (Jambs). — On Matlieinati(»l 

the mHitan . . _^ _ . _ . 

4to. LoDdOQ, lasi. S.K 

CHAPMAN (J. G.).— The Elementa of Art : 
a maonal for the amatenx and b«u of atn^ fa 
tlie profearional artist. Sto. London, 1S4S. 

CHAPMAN (J. G.).— The Amateur's Draw- 
ing Hannal, and bMia of ttaij for the pH^aaaional 
aitiat : comprehending Elementair Drawing, Per- 

4to. London, ISfiS. 

CHAPMAN (J. G.).— The American Draw 

ing-Book : a "oniml for the amateni and beati^f 

' > for the profeaaional aitiat A neir edition, 

It reriaed and corrected bj the Author. With 
4to. Km York,- 1S70. a.E. 

CHAK^RON (T.).— Chamb^ i la fin da 

XIV' BiAle. Plan and map. 4to. I^d, 1803. 
OHAPTTS (EnaftHK). — Dieppe etses enviroiiA. 

13 plates and plan. lemo. Paria, ISfiS. 
CHAPUS (EroiNx).— De Paris & Dieppe. 

62 vigneUss and map. ISmo. Paria, tSSS. 

De Faiia aa Hbttc. 80 Tignettea, maps and 

plans. 16mo. Paris, I8fi6. 
De Paiit i Bouen et an Havre. Itininire d»- 

Bcriptif et hiatorique. 76 vignettee, map and plan. 

12ino. Paria, 1862. 
CHAPUY (NicoLis MiBiB Jobbph) and 

DEBOY (Adoubti).— Vnes de Nice et QtnM. 24 

plates. Hoe. 1-12; 49-60. Obi. folio. Ho titU- 

page. FariB, n.d. a.K. 

CHAPUT (NicoLiB Mabis Joseph) and 

LAUTEB9 (IPavl).— Lra Rivea de la SaAne. 37 

platea. Ito. Pana, 1S8S. 
CHABBONNEIi {'JiBAvR). — Origine et 

hiitmre abi^igia de I'igliae de Mende. Sto. Uende, 


lit edition (imonTmana), 8to. Mende, 1S58. 
CHAKDON (Henbi).— Amatenra d'art et 

coUectionnenra manMam dn XVII* aitde. Lea 

frima FrJart de ChanteloQ. Sto. Le Mane, 1867. 

Sto. lie Mana, 1B6S. a.K. 

GHARDON (Hbnbi),— Ktndes histonqnea 

snr la Sculpture dane le M^ine. Lb Saint Mutin 
du Chatran-du-Loir et d'Ecommor, I'Eercnla et 
I'Ant^ dn Chateau dn Lnde, par M. H. C. (Tioa. 
the "Bulletin de la Socik^ d'Agricoltun, Scienceg 
et Arte de la Saithe."} Sto. (Le Mona, 187^ 

CHABEAU (Piin.) and MuntEBS (G.).— 
Oiude de Bordeaux i la mer. DluatzaCiona ia E. 
Pigaoean ; graTurea de QotiiUaiid. Sra Bor- 
deaux, 186S. 

aehreibnng der IllnmiuatioD m Draeaden, bey dei 
koniglichen SicilianiBcheu in Vollmocht ToUiogenen 
Verm&hlung (of Charlaa, King of Naplea and SieUy, 
aftenrarda King of Spain), nebst andem dahin 
gebiingea VorateUungen una Terechiedauen Eapffisr- 
Btichen. 4Ui. DreBdeu, 1738. BJO, 

— L'oidre tenu etaarda a Lentree de tree hanlt et tr<fl 

donnanee dea ioustea et tonmoy, fuct a 

dn Lonrre. La deaiription dea arc* triumphsoB 

magmfloeneaa* &icta an icelle Tille ...... 

M.D. XXXIX. Bto. Faria, MJ). XXXIX. 

Xa magni&qne et trinmphante entree du tiM il- 
Inatfe et aacre Empecenr Charlea Cesar tonaionia 
Aogoata faicte en la ezeellente Tille et die de 
Faiia le ioui de L«n aa bonikB ertztAiM. Vto. "Ujim. 



Unwefsal CaMaffue^of 


dn Boy tk Lemperem ea la ville de, Fdictien, ou 11 
r^asa yeAant Despaigne, en fcance pou^ aUer en 
Flandros le neufiesme lour de Decembre Laa mil 

'dBQ cens XXXIX. 8yo. Paris, M.D. XXXIX. - 
Peinlidi Halssgericht. Bes Allerdnrchleaehtipte 

. , Xejaer Oaipls dees Eiialften, vnd dess Hejligen 

Bomischen Beichs peinlich Gerichtfi Ordnnng, anff 

* den Eeichsstagen %a Augspnig ynd Begenspnzg, in 
jaren dreissig vnd zwej Yod d^yssig gehalten aa€f- 
gericht ynd beschlossen. With woodcuts. Fcp. 
,i6L Franckfurt am Mayn, 1577* SJ£. 

1j& gloriosalEt Triompnale Entrata di Carlo V. 

Imp. [Aug. in. la Citta di Firenze, e il Bigni|ficato 
^J delli Aroii 1rnompha|li, & Statue sopra loro|post6, 
-^ con i loro|detti, & Ver|si latini. {At the end) Di 
' Fiorenza, k zzix. d' Apnle, icd.xxxyi. 7 leares, 

Vith the Imperial Arms on the title-page. Small 

* 4to. fi.d. 

\ Enferada de Oailoe V. «n Paris, el ano 1 540. 4to. 
Leon de Franda, 1864. 


' — ^Belatioii de la pompe fimebre fisiite k Nancy le 
dix-neuf Ayril mil sept cent. Auz Obseques de 
Tres^Haut, Tres-Poissant et Tres-Ezcellent Prince 
Charlea V da Nom, Doc de Lorraine et de Bar, 

; etc. 16mo. Nancy, 17^* 


J — Sensoit le denis dee histoires faitee en la citte 

. de Vienne le premier iour de Decembre Ian 

vM^CCCC. lUI. Xx et dix poor lentree et bienuenue 

du Boi Dauphin Charles viij nostre Sire. 8yo. 
' LionsurleBosnei n. d. ' " 

Prologue de lentree du roy (Charles Vni^ Faicte 

a Rouen en Jioble arroy De par la yille seullement 
^ Touchant aux seigneurs nullement que des histoires 

cy monstrees Et comment furent acoutrees. Fol. 

n.p., n. d. 
•' jLentree du roy nostre ^re (Charies VIII) a 
- Bbmme. 4to. ii«p., 1494. 


Brief discours de la Magnificence et ^tree du tares 

^hrestien Boy de France Charles IX. Faicte en ea 

' Tille de Tholose le deuxiesme iour de Fourier 

M.D. LXV. (Par D. du P.) 870. Paris, n. d. 

L'Entree, Sacre, et Couronnementdu Boy Charles 

* neufiesme, Faicte en la ville de Beims, le mercredy 
kiii iour de May 1061, Lequel fat reoeu en grand 
bonneur par Messieurs de la dicte Ville. 8to. 
Paris, 1661. 

.^j7 iiDiscoTTs de Tentrie de tres iUn^tre, tresjmissant, 
tree chrestien et tree yictorienz prince Charlee de 
Valois neuui.^me de ce noni roy de France en sa 
ti:es renomm^ et fameuae ville de Lyon, le troi- 
si^me iour de juin, M.D. LXITTT. 8to. Paris, 

... Narration de TEntree du Boy Charles IX, en la 
cit^ d'Auignon, et du bon reeueil que Meaiieura de 
la TiUe luy ont £uct Enaemfalela redt de Thono- 
rable present que Messieoza d'Auignon leirent an 
Boy, et de la docte harangue fucte par monneur 

X, TAssesseur. 8to. Auignoa, 1^4. 

Les triomphes, grans brayetez, et magnificence 

J- fftictes pour rentriedd»«.... Charles IX de oe nom, 

Boy;de Franeei en la viUie de7rroyea,......le jeudL 

viagt troiaiesme jour de mars ]t664l^^ua\tPaaquee, 
auec. Tordre garde et obseru^ par les habitans k son 
entree. 8to. Trojee, 1664^ 

La Description de Iptree du tres-cfareetien Boy 
Charles IX du nom, en sa ville de Tours. Par 
Jehaii Cloppel du Pont denatili. fifvo. Tours^ 

CHARLES (Leopold). — Histoire de 

r^lise de la Fert^ Bemaid. 1 Smo. Mamers, 18^. 

CHARLES (Leopold).— La Feirb^ Bernard 

son histoire, ses monupnents. 8yo. Le Mads^. 
Another edition : — ^Plates. ' 8ro. Mamers, 1 869. 

CHARLES (Leopold). — Queldnes mots sor 

les conditions et Tapprdiciatiou de la peinture sur 
verre k propos des vitraux neufe de Notre-Dame 
de Mamers. 8 pp. 8to. Mamer8» 1866. ^ 

CHARLES (Ll0POLi>).— Antiqilit^s d^eon^ 

yertes k Cormes (Sarthe). 8vo. Le Mans, 18$6, , 

CHARLES (Leopold).— H6tel de viUb 4e 

; LaFert6-Bemaid (Sarthe). With illustrations. ^9 
pp. 8yo. Caen, 1870. 

CHARLES (Richabd). — The Oabiifel? 

Maker: a Journal of Designs. For the use of 
Upholsterers, Cabinet Makers; Decorators, Ca^ee^, 
Gilders, and others. By B; Charles, and' Otlfer 
designers. 96 lithographed plates. Beyal 4«>. 
London, 1868. SJC. 

CHARLEVOIX (Piberb PRANgois Xatibr 

de). — ^Histoire et description ^drale de la NoureBe 
France. (Amerique Beptentnonale). 3 toIb. Maps 
by N. Belin. 4to. Paris, 1744. Soane Mus. 

CHARMA (A.). — FotdlleB pratiqu^ i 
Evrecy par la soci^t^ des antjquaires de Normandie, 
en 1867. Bapporteur, M. A Ch., secretaire. Plat^;^ 
28 pp. 8to. Caen, 1868. 

CHARNAY TAemand). — Le dessin ka, 
fusain, ses pro^dte. 8to. Paris, 1866. 

CHARNOCK (Richard Stephen).— Guide 

\ to the Tyrol : comprising pedestrian tours made in 

' l^^l, Styria, Carinthia, and Salzkammeiguti during 

' ih^ Bummers of 1862 and 1868. Together with a 

Skeleton Map of the Countiy. 12mo. London, 

.18^7. 8.K. 

I CHARPENTIER.— Reeueil de costumes de 

' - la^retagHe' et de quelques autres* dSpartementa d« 
; - la France. "Plates. 4to. nf.p. 1886. 

CHARRIN (P. J.).— See Adam (V.) and 

CHABBiif <P.J.). A ihonth of 1880, &c ' 0bl. 
' Pol. 1880-81. 

CHARTER-HOUSE.— Chronicles of Char- 
ter-House by a Carthusian. With 18 plates. 8to. 
London, 1847. ; , SJL 

CHARTON (Ch.). — Revue pttonwqii^ 
historique et statistique cles YosgM. Dessina de 
Bayignat, texte de Oi. CL 4tQ. £^Knu49 ^^l- 

CHARTRES.— Plan de la Orvpt on figlise 
Souterraine de Notre-Dame^ de dikrtMa* Kotee 


Booh m Art XSupptimenty 


eipliad*«e. 4 m., aad Flao. Sto. CbKtrm, 
, n.a. , Si. 

CHARYET (Clauds). — U&moinB poor 
aerm i lliialaiM de I'sbbaTS ic^a de Sdnt-Andi^ 
k-hut, de Tisime, jmbliii par P. AUnt. With 

CHABVET (Claudb). — Supplement h 
I'hiiUura de 1' ^gUaa de TieoDei par C. Cli. Cot- 
r«ctioiu et additiona. 31 pp. 4ta. Visime, 1869. 

GHABVET (L^on).— Easai d'ime mono- 

r.gni^e dM AsnoirieB do la rille de Lyon. Brot 
IjoD, IBeO. B.1I. 

CHABVET (Lfou).— L'Architectnro et la 
Utni^e. LeltreB i H.. Uorel de Vddna. Sro. 

. Ljon. 1S61. 

CHARYET (liios). — Beoherekes sor 

. I'abbaje d'Abondanee, . an ClutbUis. Witb plan. 

■ 6to. I^vn, 1684. 

CHABVBT (LSon).— LettTOB snr I'arehi- 

tectnie an XIX' micle. Bra Annecj, 1865. 
CHAEVET (L^on). — Biographies d'aichi- 
' tectes. Sibsrtien Serlio, 147S-IS54. Portrait. 

■ Sto. Ijon, 1B8B, 

CHABYET (L£on).— Biographies d'archi- 

tectee. Lee de Bojers de La Valfeniire. S plates. 
-8to. Ljcm, 1870. 

CHABVET (Lfios).— fitades snr les Beaiii- 
- .&rta. De i'eDseignemeat del beaoz-aMa an point 

de me de lear application i I'indiwtiie Ijoooaiis, 
" 8to. Lyon, 18T0. 

CHABVET (L£on).— Compi« rendn des 
" tnvHOx de la Sociiti acadimiqna d'Awhitwtiipe de 

Ljon, pendant les ann^ ISS9 et 1S70. Sro. 

Ljon, MJ>.CCC.LXXI. 
CELASE (TaoMAs). — Hellas; her mouameDts 

utd Ktnnj. Bto. Cambridge (US.), 1883. 


CHASLES (PHiLiBfeTK). — E^ToIution 

d'AngleterM. Cbailee L' as Coui, eon Peuple et 

•on Element, 1830 A 1880. Hiitoire anacdotique 

at pittoTeeqiu Far P. C, XVIII. OnnuM lor 

aeier, d'a^^ Van Djck, Babeaa et Cettennole. 

Bojal 8TO. Paris (1844). 3.K. 

CHASSAINO (JAcauGH).— Mes Gbassee an 
. .'liaii. Fre&ca dn OMiuBsadaDt P. Qamiei, deanoi 

da ICartinuB. ISmo. Paris, 1865. 
CmASSANQ (A.).— ]>a g^nie greo et d9 
, an affinitis ana le glnie &aii9ais. 30 pp. ~ 

CHASSANT (Alphonsb). — Hiatoire 
. ^tqnaa d'^Inaax, arac dea nates Bt dsa aot 

. Woodcota of coata of onns. ISmo. Evieoz, 1846. 
C&AS8IB0N (Chabias di).— Notes but le 
-'9&poo> b Chine et ri«de, 18SS-40. Manj eoloared 

pUtea. 8to. Paris, 1861, 
CS4&TSiU XSfnxrqn).—lm Cataoombei et 
■ i» ,^a6tj< ~ 

CHiTlLLON. — EtBdes acad^miijnea. 19 
^anehaa lidiogrsphiias d'aprte I'anliqne. SoL 

CHATEN" (G. Adolphe), — Anatomie com- 
pare dsB yMlUMX, oompranalit -. 1° lea planted 
aqnatiqiie* ; 2° leapUntet aMennee; S°leaplanieB 
Miaaites ; 4° tea pLantaa tenestrea. Piatea. 8to, 
Paris, 1306, etc 

CHATTO (William Andkew).— A third 
psa&ee, t, Trcatiae on irood enuring, hictof^, and 
practice, " pxposing the faUaoM contained id the 
ntM, teatonng the paWagMaappressed in tiha seoolid, 
and containing an aijconnt of Mr. J. Jackaon'a 
actoal share in liii comporition and illnatration of 
that work. In a latter to Stophan OUrei, by W. A. 
Ch., anthoT of the first seven ohaptara of the voH^ 
and tbe vri(«r of the whole as originallj printed. 
6to. London, 1839, 

CHATTCEB (Geoffebt),— The Canierbniy 
Tales of Chancer, in the Original, tioxa ihf mcrt 
aatheutjc Manuscripts; and as they aie tnn'a 
into Modem Language by Mr. Diyden, Mr. Pope, 
and other ominent hands, etc. (With portraits vid 
pUtet inserted.) Svo. London, 1737. ^Br 

CHAUDOIR (Stamiblab de, Bargn).— A- 
ea et su' lea mom " 

Sfl jna. 
81 plates. Bto. St. Potewborg, 1B39-37- 

CHATTMEIiEN' (Maeius). — Decamps, ea vie, 
son (Envre, ses imilateors. 44 pp. 8to. Mai- 
eeiUe, 1861. 

CHAUMETTE (Jean).— Sonvenire de vo^ 
ags, Du les Yacances en Auvergne. Itio^ire.da 
Puj-de-Dflme, reBfermant ITustoire, la deaaripyon 
dea prindpanx manumenta anciens et modeKaes, 
dee villes, boiirga, bameanx, sites et ch&teaui;;lea 
curiosity naturenei et lea ^T^ementa les^na 
inUtesaants de la provinee, pat I'abbi E. J. CTT*. 
lilnio. (Jlermont-FBiTand, 1867. ',. 

CHAUMONT.— Collection des macKiies Ite 
plus intiressantea et les pins utiles. With 50 
plates. Oblong 4eo. Paris, njL ^, 

CHATJMONT (C. de).— A]pM et Pyren6^. 
Descriptions et curioail^ de la Snisae, dela Saroie, 
de la Navarre, dn B£am, du Bigorre et du . Cfia* 
.minges. Plates. Large Sto. Limogea, ISSS. ^ 

(3HA.trM0NT (C. db).— Excursions snr m 
bordee dn Bhin, en Hollands, et en Belf^n^. X(^ 
seripcioiuj- BedUde 1858. Plat«B. IJoge 9i4. 
LImogas, I86S. ' 

CHAUMOHT (C. de).— Promenades OHF 
les bords duUfain. Mlmoires d'^lien en raeejieM. 
Kates. Laiga Bto. LimogM, ISfiB. 

CHAtTMONT (0. bi).— Voyage «n Hoi- 
lande et an Belgique, Correspon&ncee pariaenCM. 
Plates. Large Sn. linogea, ISCB. 

qHAUMOHT (0. »■).— Voi»«a «a B«&p 
w/pt ct d«ecriptia& An ua lavnv^&na. Y\kk«K. 


Universal Catalogue of 


CHAUMONT (C. dbV— ExcoPsionB en Hol- 
lander on Comment resprit, le coonr et Time 
gagnent en yoyage. Plates. Large Svo. LimogeSi 

zeichnen nnd Tusdien, mit 3 Uebnngsblattem und 
einem Anhange nber Planzeichnungen in Tusch- 
manier, nach Chanpin und nach Broecker. Plates 
in laige 4to. 40 pp. Large 8to. Berlin, 1863. 

CHAUSENGUE.— Les PjT^n6eB,ou Voyages 
pMestres dans toutes lea r^ons de ces montagnes, 

'f. depuis rOc^n jusqu'i la M^terran^. 6 pUtes. 
2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1840. 

Second edition. 2 yols. Plates. 8to, Agen, 
1854. B.M. 

CHAUSSARD (Pierre Jean Baptistb).— 

F6te8 et courtisanes de la Gr^, supplement anx 
voyages d'Anacharsis et Antenor. With plate. 4 
vols. 8 TO. Paris, 1801. 

€HAUTARD (Ch.).— Epitre famili^re h la 
Soci^t^ arch^logiqne, scientifiqne et litt^ire dn 
Venddmois, pour Tinauguratiofi dn Mns^. 10 pp. 
8yo. Vend6me, 1869. 

CHAUVIN.— Salon de 1824. Plates in out- 
line. 8vo. Paris, 1825. 

CHAVANT (Fleury).— La C16 du coloriste, 
on le melange des coulenrs, en trois tableaux, con- 
tenant 762 teintes que Von pent obtenir arec un 
petit nombrede couleurs naturelles,8oit 4 Taquarelle, 
la gouache on I'huile. 3 large folding plates. 4to. 
Paris, n. d. 

CHAZAL (Camille). — Modeles de dessin 

d*imitation a I'usage des lyc^s et des ^oles. 
Dessin^s et lithographies par M. Camille Cnazal, 
Professeur de dessin au Lyc^e Imperial Napoleon. 
Etudes d'architecture, d'omements et de figures 
choisies parmi des specimens de Tart dans les 
^poques egyptienne, assyrienne, grecque, romaine et 
de la renaissance. Folio. Paris, 1868, etc. S.K. 

CHECCACCI (GiROLAMo). — SnU' nltimo 

g'udezio del Concorso artistico per la fiiociata del 
aomo di Firenze. 8vo. Firenze, 1868. S.K. 

CHEDDAR.— Some Account of Cheddar, 
its Clifb and its Caves, chiefly compiled from 
printed and other Documents. 33*pp. 8vo. Bristol, 

CHEESMAN (Thomas).— Poteries en grfes 
pour bAtiments. Plate. 8 pp. 8vo. Nantes, 1870. 

CHELIDONIUS ( Benedictus ) . — Passio 

Jesu-Christi, Salvatoris Hundi, vario canninnm ge- 
nere descripta. 20 woodcuts. 4to. Oiaooviae, 1614. 

CHENAVARD (Am^).— Nonveau recueil 

de decorations int^rieures, contenant dee dessins de 
tapisaeries, tapis, meubles, bronzes, vases et autxee 
objets d'ameublement, la plupart ez^ut&s dans les 
manufactures royales. 42 plates. FoL Paris, 
CHENAVARD (Aktoinb M.").— Recuea de 
compositions execute ou projetdes but les dessins 
de A. H. C. With 51 plates. FoL Lyon, 1860. 

CHENAVARD ( Antoinb M. ). — Vuee 

dltalie, de Sicile et d'Istrie. WiUi 15 plates. 
ObL 4to. Lyon, 1861. 

CHENAVARD (Antoine M.).— -Composi- 

tions historiques, esquisses grecques et romaines. 
With 40 plates. Obi. 4to. f.yon, 1862. 

CHENAVARD (Antoine M.).— Fontaines, 

esquisses. 2 vols. 40 plates. 4to. Lyon, 1864. 

CHGNIER (— de).— Epitre h Voltaire; 
par M. de Ch^nier. 4to. Paris, 1806. SJL 


BUT Texposition des produits de I'industrie et dee 
arts qui a eu lieu k Douai en 1827. 180 pp. 8vo. 
Douai, 1827. 

CHENU (Jean Charles). — Illnstrations 

oonchyliologiquos, ou Description et fignres de toutes 
les coquilles connues vivantes et fossiles, cla8 s 6o8 
suivant le syst^e de Lamarck, modifi^ d'aprto les 
pro£^ de la science, et comprenant les genres 
nouveaux et les esp^ices r^mment d^uvertes. 
livraisons 1 k 85. Folio. Paris, 1842-1854. 

CHENU (Jean Charles). — Le9ons £16men» 

taires d'Histoire Naturelle, comprenant un aner^ 
Bur toute la 2kx>logie et un traite de Conchyliologio. 
With 12 coloured plates and woodcuts. 8vo. Ptois, 

CHEPSTOW.— The Stranger's Ulnstrated 

GKiide to Chepstow and its Neighbourhood, etc. 
12mo. London, Chepstow (printed), 1846. BJC. 

CHERBONNEAU (Auguste). — Constan- 

tine et ses antiquit^s. 8to. Constantine, 1853. 

CHERBONNEAU (AnousTE).— Album dn 

mus^e de Constantine, public sous les auspices de 
la Soci^t^ arch^logique. With 30 plates. 4to. 
Constantine et Paris, 1862 et 1863. 

CHEREST (Am^).— Notice biographique 
sur M. L^n de Bastard, par M. A. Ch^rest. With 
portrait. Koyal 8vo. Auxerre, 1861. SJL 

CHEREY (Pierre). — Les Architectes an 

xix* si^e. 8vo. Paris, 1863. 

CHERON (Elisabeth Sophie). — L'easay 

des Pseaumes et Cantiques mis en vers par Mile. 
* * *. With 24 illustrations by her brother, Louis 
Ch^n. 8vo. Paris, 1694. 

CHERON (Elisabeth Sophie). — Livre de 

principes k dessiner. 36 plates. Fol. Paris, 1706. 


parfute ou le concours des deux axes de la vision 
en un seul point de Tobjet Plates. Fd. Paris, 

CHERUBINI (Gabriello).— I Grue, pit- 
tori di Muoliche. Kotizie Biografiche artistiche di 
a. C. 2nd edition. 28 pp. 8vo. Terano, 1869. 

CHBRUEL (M.). See BiCH (A.).--The Ulna- 
trated Companion, &c. 

CHESNEAU (Ernest). — Peintore-Scnlp. 
tnre. Les nations rivalesdans rart--Anglete8x«, 
Belgique, Hollande, Bavito, Plrone, Etats du Koid. 


Boohs on Art {Supplement). 


Dtnenurk,- SoUa rt Nonr^, Snssia, Antiiche, 
Soius, EipBgtie,Portan1, Italia, EtAU-Uou d'Am^ 
riqaa, Fr&nee. L'Art J&poiuiii. De ricflnsnce dei 
Ezpontioiu iDtcmatioDftlM lor ravonit d« I'Ait. 
I^ EniMt Chenmn. Bto. Puii, ISSS. 8.K. 

CHESNEAU (Krnbst). — L'Art Japonais. 
Conf^iufi &ite i rUnion Ceotisle dea Beanx Arts 
■ppLqafai i I'lndiutna, Is Vendndi, 19 Finier, 
1S69. BofKl 8to. Paris, 1BS9. 8^. 

CHESNET (FBiHCiH Rawdom).— Narrative 
of tbs EaphiMM Expedition carried on by oider of 

the Brituh OaTgnuneat dnrine. I83S, 18S6, 

and 18S7. (With m&p and illnitntioni.) Sto. 
London, 1868. B.H. 

CHESTEK. — The Stranger's Compamon in 
Chastac. A new edilion. (With illoitntionB.) 
8T0. Chaater (1823). B.M. 

CHESTER — The Chester Gnide; or, a 
wklknnnd the wslU and throng the citj. Contun- 
ing ft daaoiption of tha Cutle, OUliadM, Chnnhee, 
aM pablie tmildinga ; with tkstchas of ita ancient 
and aeelaaiaatital laMaj. And an account of 
Ealmi Hall, tha aeat of the Maiqnia of WHtminitar. 
Woodenta, &c ISmo. Cbestar, 1836. S.K. 

CHESTER— A new iUaBtrated Ghiide to 

old Cheatar; or, a Blzangei'a Sambla thiongh 

ths Citj, ronnd tha Oitj Walla, and to !^ton 

Hall Second edition. IZmo, London, Oherter 

(printed), 18S6 ?) B.If. 

CHESTER (Hibbt).— Hints on the bnild- 
iog and management of Schoola. A Lecture deli- 
nred at Son£ Sanaington, Dacembai 12, 1869. 
8T0. London, 1880. aX. 

CHEVALIER. — Notice snr la Sainte- 
Eanme, aceompasnie ds Toee et de plana, at pnbliia 
parlae ninade M. Cheraliw, ra^CdqdipaTtemant 
dn Tar. 9 plataa. ^ pp. Fol. Faria, 1839. 

CHEVALIER (Abthub).— L'fitndiflnt pho- 
togispha. Traitt pTatiqnedaphotognphie, il'aaaK" 
dt« amateur*, aree lea prociiUa de MM. A. Ciri^e, 
E. Baoot, A. Cnrelier, L. Bobert. Dlnatiadona. 
12mo. Faria, 1807. 

CHEVALIER (Cabimib). — Un Tour en 
Soiaae ; hiatoire, aciencaa, monnmenta, payagea. 
IllaatiationB par Earl GiTardet Published midar 
IhepMudonTmeof JaeqaeaBuTainay. 2 rola. I2mo. 
Tcmra, ISflS. BJl. 

CHEVALIER (Curous).— Hietoire de Che- 
Doocean, tea aitiataa, aea fhaa, aea viciaaitadea 
d'apria laa archivaa du ch&tnn, etc. 8*0. ]>on, 
1S6B. B.M. 

CHEVALIER (Cabimik).— Promenadee pit- 
toreeqoea en Tmuaine, hiatoirea, l^endea, monu- 

manta, paTaagea. Qiamrea d'aprta K. Gim^ 

dat et Fiao^aia. Map and 180 woodenta. Ifge 
Bvo. Tonra, 1809. BM. 

CHEVALIER (Chulbb Lodib).— MSIan^ 
pbotogtaphiqaaa. OonpUneot dia nonnllea in* 
•Cnictttnumrl'naHedaawiunio^p*. WithplalM. 
Std. Fvia,184f. . 

CHEVALIER (Chaeles Louis).— Reoneil 

de m^oirea et procMea nouTeanx coDcemant la 

dbotographia ani plaqoaa mitalliqaea at anr papier. 

With 2 platea. 8to. Faria, 1847. 
CHEVALIER (Ghaklbh Louib).— Guide da 

photogiaphe. Sro. Faria, 18S4. 
CHEVALIER (Ohaeles Lonis).— Photo- 

Anpbie aor papier, verra et mjtol. QalTano-plastia. 
' Catalogue univeniel e^licatif et illuitii iat Bp< 

pareila perfactiDnn^. With 3 platea. Sto. Pan*. 


CHEVALIER {Chables Louis).- Photo- 
graphi a aur papier aac, ^aces albumin6ea, collodion, 
jJaquea mttalHauea. DiTBia proc4d*a. Deaoi^ 

^ tion d'nne nouTelle chambre obacure ^oor ouixet en 
plains Inmiire. Arantagaa de I'objeetif i reiTea 
combines. 1 plate. 76 pp. IBmo. Paris, 1SS7. 

CHEVALIER (Chislbs Lodih).- M^thodes 
l^otographiqnea perfecdonniee. Fapiv aec^ al- 
bnmine, collodion aee, collodion bunide ; opUqne 
pbotographiqne et BtMoBcope. Sto. Faria, 18SS. 

CHEVAIilEE (Jacqueb Louis Vwcbbt).— 
notice compl^entwre et description pratique Am 
procidia da dagnarriotTpe, avec I'additioa d'nn 
grand nombre de notea iniditea et la deacription dn 
nonreau piocMi poor fixer lea ipreavaa au chlomm 
d'or. Bto. Fana, 1B41. 

CHEVALIER (Michel).— Hiatoire et de- 
acriptiona daa roiea de oonunonication anx &ata- 
Unia et daa traTaox d'art qui en dependent. With 
fbl atlaa of 3fi platea. StoV 4to. Faria, 1840.4S. 

CHEVALIER (Michel).— Die Weltindn*. 
trie in der awaiten Halfte dea xis. Jahrhunderta. 
Ana dem Fnnaoaiachan Ton Horn. Bto. Stntt- 
gait, 1889. 

CHEVALIER (Pibeeb Michel Fram^oib). 
— £tadea aur la Bretagne. Michel Colnmb, 1e tail- 
lenr d'imagaa (^poque dee arte et de la dicadenM, 
1490} rignea de cWlea TUI. et de Lonia XII. 1 
plate. BtoIi. 8to. Faria, 1841. 

CHEVALIER (Pbteo). — Di alcnni prinoi- 
pali edifi^ e aituarioni della ProTincie venete. 
Flatea. 4ta Padora, 1828. BJC 

CHEVALIER (Pieteo). — Siti Storioi e 
Monumf ntali di Tenviadiaegni di Giovanni Piridor, 
not! di P. C. Lithographa. 8vo. Teneria, 1838. 

CHEVALIER (Ultbbe).— La Chapelle de 
Saiat-Uicbal de Bomana. 16 pp. Sto. Granobl^ 

M^moire aur I'art du hchographa. AmWoiationa 
k J apporter. 48 pp. Bra. Faria, 1829. 

CTH E v AIiLTER-B A L W E (E.) . — L'Lidnstria 
dentelliire at la prcget de loi aur lea deiains et mo- 
dilee de fiibriqus. IS pp. Sto. Le Fay, 1870. 

GHEVASSUS (Alphohse).— Le Chiide da 
joaillier et do bijootier, concemant Im ^wmna ^jt^ 
eieuaaa et flnea, aiw \ft ma^«a b\aa TwxnuiiS^n <l<- 


Universal Oktcdogiie of 



pLV — ^Tableau synoptiqne i TiiBage de MM. les 
joaillien, bijouliera et lapidaires, concernant les 
pierres pr^ieusee, potff left reconnattre, lea moyens 
j-j 40 1<»6 flippx^ei; U^T yaleur approadmatlTe, lenr in- 
fraction, etc 8vo. Vaiia, 1803. 

OHEVERBAU (EsHBarX— Une vocatioii 
.ud'flxtaflt^. JmitA de Tanglatf. 18mo, Beangenc^ 
-^^(pBnted) Paris, 1 867. 

CHBVIGirr Cde), — La science des person- 
i^es de la cpur, de I'^pie et de la robe. 4tli edition. 
"^^^'Vob. ~ Maps and plates. 12mo. Amsterdam, 
»f 171s. 
-1'' 6tli edition. 4 toIb. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1723. 

^JdHHVlliLARD (A.).— Le9ons nonvelles de 

jf epppective, par A. Chevillard. Text, 8vo. With 

* atlas of 32 plates, 4to. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

CHEyU/LIER (ANDEi). — L'Ongine de 
rimprixi^erie de Pa^is. Bisisertation historiqae, et 
critique. Divis^e en qiiatre parties. .....Par le 

Sieur A. C. 4to. Paris, 1694. SX 

CHEtTBLEtTL (Michel BugIne).— 1«. Ee- 

. .d^erches sur la Teinture ; 2^ J)e la nature et de la 

, course 4## taches qui se prodoisent sur les Moffes 

,, de laine pendant q^e I'oi^ fize« au moyen de la ya- 

peur les mati^res coiorantes et inductions relatiTee k 

k mati^re des 4tres viyants. 4to. Paris, 1836-37. 

CHBVRBUL (Michel EuoiNB).— Recher- 

< clito e(^)^mentales aur la painture k rhuile. Pre- 
. nuer (seiil) m^moire. 4t6. Paris, 1850. 

OHEVREUL rMioHBL EtroftNB).— Bxpoe* 

■' d*xm moyen de dMnir les oonleurs. Atlas. 14 

* coloured plates. 4to. Paris, 1861. 

CHE VRIER (Jules) .— Arch6ologie et pho- 
•^ tograpbie. Note k 'propos de J. Nicfiphore Inepce 

* et du d6p6t de ses instruments et de ses premieres 
6preuves dans le mus^ de ChAlon-sur-Sa6ne. 8to. 

* (SiAlon-8ur-Sa6ne, 1861. 

OHEYRIER (Jules).— Qufilquee mote k 

propes de Torganisation des musses dans la VUle de 
' Chalons-sur-S^ne. I^tatueset inscriptions antiques. 
8yo. CliAlon-sur-Sa6ne,'1864. 

OHEVRIEB (JutEs). — I^onilles de La 

' Grabge-Frangy, execut^es en novembre 1865. Note 
' arcb&logique. 3 plates. 20 pp. 4to. Cbalon- 
- 8u*-Sa6ne, 186^. • - > 

CHfiZf (WiLHELM tON).— Der Bhrenherold. 
Ei^ie Uebersicbt des Wissenswerthesten aus der 
V^ppenkunst Mit 64'Figiffentafeln und den 

^ Wappen des dsterreichiscben Kaiserhauses^ 8vo. 
Stut4;art, 1848. ' B.M. 

CHBZY (WiLHELM von).— Das Ritterthnm 
in Bild und Wort. With 17 steel plates and 2 litho- 
graphs. Large 8to. Stuttgiart, 1848. 

CHBZY (WiLHELM von) and SCHMfDT (K. 

L.). — Historisch-romantische Bilder-Gk&Uerie, mit 
erlkutemdem Text. With 75 steel engravings. 
Laige 870. Carlsruhe, n.d. 

CHIALLI (FoBTUNATO). — Lettera artistica 
di F. G. all' eminentissimo pnncipe sig. cardinale 
Gioaochino Peoci, arcirescovo di Perugia, sopra 

- i dipinti del cavalier prof. Annibale Angelini, catte- 
drante. 14 pp. 8vo. Peiil^a, 1869. B.M. 

OHTARI (Giovanni).— Statue di Firenze. 

Plates of the Sculpture in the Boboli Gardens, the 
Palazzo Pitti, and in Uie Palazzo Vecchio. 3 vols. 
4to. Firenze, n.d. 

CSI-OHTAMA (A).— Qnattro diacorri ^ 
' pittura, scultura e architettu^. 8vo. Venesda, 

CfimaWlTZ (B.).— Hondbok i Linearteok- 

ning. Med 20 tabeller ritmonster. Skrifb, piiik 
belont. 8vo. Stocldiolm, 1836. 

CHIFFLET (Jean Jacques).— De Portus 

Iccius lulii Csesaris demonstratus. 2nd edit^oii. 
Map. 4to. Antveipiae, Plantin, 1627. 

CJHIFFLET (Jean Jacques). — Gteminie 

matris sacronun titulus sepulcraLis. 4to. Antver- 
.pisB, 1634. 

GHIOOUESNEL.— Notice snr le Bas-Belief 

qui d^re le l^pan du Portail Sud de la Cath^ 
drale de Bayeoz, Lae k Tune de9 stances ozdinairte 
de la Soci6t^ des Antiquaires de Nozmandie par 
M. Chigouesnel. 8vo. Bayeux, 1868. S.K. 

CHILOOTT (I.).— Ck's degcriptive History 
of Bristol, ancient and modem, or a Guide to 
Bfisix)!, Clifton, and the Hotwells ; wiUi topogza-' 

- phical notices of the neighbouring villiges, etc. 
Maps, plates and woodcuts. 6th edition. 12mo. 
Bristol (1844). 

GHILDEEY (Joshua). — Bntannia Ba- 

ooniea: or the Katural Barities of England, Soot- 
land, and Wales, according as they are to be found in 
every Shire. Historically related according to the 
precepts of Lord Bacon 8vo. London, 1661. 

OHTMANI (Leopold).— Neue Bildergallerie 

uber Gegenst&nde der Nator, Volkar und Gewerb- 
knnd e. Mit 145 Bildem. Large 8m Wien, 1816. 
CHIMNEY-PIECES. — Designs for Chim- 
ney-Pieces, with Mouldings and Bases at large, oa 
24 plates. Folio. London, n.d. (1750 ?). 


CHIMNBYS.— A practical Treatise on 

Chimneys. Containing full directions for preyent- 
ing or rembying smoke in houses. lUuetiftted wif^ 
CQ^MTplates^ 12mo. Edinbuigh, 1776. S.K. 

GHIOCCO (Akdrba).— Discorso della na- 
■ ' tara delle Imprese, et del yero modo di formarle. 
35 pp; .4to. Yerona^lOOl. 

OHIODI (Salvatomb). — L'arte classica e 

r ^rte italiana, discorso reeitato a di 4 giugno 1868 
da S. 0. in occasione della distribuzione dei premii 
agli alunni del liceo ginnasiale di Cosensa. 24 pp. 
Syo. Cosenjsa, 1869. 

CHIRAC (A.).— Les theories de I'lnstitnt 
(section des beaux-arts) et le xiz* si^e. Sro, 
Paris, 1864. 


BfioH onArt, {Bu^Ummt). 


X3HIBAC (A.).-Tlietb:e8 d'tm Marseillaia 
•u tEzpMttiion wuTenallade 1867> i Puis. Onr- 
nge oni^ da grsTiiiw. ISmo. Puis, 1808. 

OHITTT (W.).— linear PerBpectiTe in 
Ibeo(7 and Pm^Im : being a eonideCe and com- 
induMAVS csplanatioB of the an'^act ; mth 16 
pktea u>d SO exetdsM, tpadoll; deiigned for 
priTsM itndj&ndBelf'teachiiig. Obi. Ito. Man- 
cbMtei (1872). S.K. 

CHIDSOLE (Adaho, Conto). — Itmerario 
d«lls Fftbm, ScnlCiLie ed Aichilcthire piA lare di 
nolU dtti d' Italit, stc Std. Vitenn, 17S2. BJtI. 

CHOCQUEEL (W.).— Ebbw but i'Histoire 
et 1& sitaatJoii aetoelle de I'iodiutria des TapiflBsrieB 
ct1^pia,pwU.W.C. lemo. Baria, ISSS. as. 

CHODOWECKI (Dabibl).— Veraeichiiiaa 
aaer SannlvneTOB Kapfentichea aiu ftUm Schnlen 
nnd TenduedeDen Ecbnndcnen Kapferwerken 

'^ biugfi AofewMtt Ton IX C. ito. Bvlin, 1782. 
CH0DOWIBCKT (GtonrEnD). — Bilder- 

~'.li»ilm\ii. .:*> Pl*Ua-- OUi 4|«. pnsdwi, 

mi/T aK. 

OBOIiBT. — LaBoclteDe. Notioe hiBtorique 
- ntr U EatUdnl« de U Boehene (par ChoM). With 

'pl«t^ Sto. lABochelle,lSe3. 
BH01CPB£.^I>M)tioimiire abrgg^ de la 

Able, poor riattUisenw dot p(iM««,dea tableaux et 

d«fl itotnes, dont lea iqjeta aint tuit de ThutotM 

poitique. 8ro. Paris, 18IS. 
CHOMSTMU (EO^-Dessm linfaira Trac£ 

atoatoi<t«« 1*" Padaa 1«— !>• tabtean. Folio. 

lATal, 186S. 
OHOTIN' (A. a.).— Esqaiflfl^ hiBtariqae et 
i moDiimentale deTauiuai et ^etaienTUOtia. 12mo. 

ToDTou, 1842. 
CHOULiNT (LcDwifll.— tJbor die Hand. 
,,aehiift«n i.t» UiMfaaaBi ; njit Alfbildi ~ 

'Dieaden, nA 
OHOCI^AKT (LDDmo).— trber die TheU- 

Aahne betnfamter EnutleE an auBtonuMheii A.bbil- 
' dnngM. IlKadn, lud. 

Nataixiaelii<^t" <u)^ uatiodiiattwi 
ii AbHMgntg iu duiatUcban Abondlaiida. 
' 1, isee. 

OHOUIiABT fLnDWio). — OrmliiMhe Incn. 
' uMfai Ht Ki^mgeacttielite nod Uadidn, etc., 
' neliat'Nachbiif^ en dca Verfcaaers Qw^cbte tmd 
,.9K>gz»pbie dai -vuUiwi^ea AbbfldaBgaa. $Tt> 
: If<pag,l858. 

0£EprEE {— Abbe).~Peintiix0 mwale de 

:' rBmnfiimaa aauit.jMD d'Aagezt. 23 pp. witb 

. ptatn. 8td.' A-agm, 18S9. 

OHBACAS (LcciNTOino). — Racctmto leto- 

rieo da tarremoti aentiti in Boma, « in pute dello 

Stato Eedaaiaatia}, e in altti Inoghi la fera de' 14 

di OeDn^o, ne la '—- **tp« da' 3 di Febbt^'o daS 

- AaolTOl. Batfli. 4to. Boma.lT01. 

OH...BG (M. VOH). — Dm Konigiejch 
Ba^ern in aeiBMi ahntfamnlidieit, gtaehicl^liclen, 
artutiachen nnd maleiiac' 

- — o— — der imd aonatigfl 
Bandankmala. Hit Text Ton U. T.Ch...ig. With 
DWnmnia engiaTi:^. 8to, Mnnchen, 1840. 

CHRIST.— The life of Chiise. Illustrated 
I7 choice paaaagra from 138 emineDI Brtliah and 
FoieigD DiTinM; and embaUiahsd with 70 wood 
engisTiiiga after celebrated Hasten. Small 4to. 
Ltrndon, n. d. S.K. 

CHRIST.— Thirty-eight Chinese woodcnta, 
. illustcUiTe of the Life of Christ, engrayed after 
Italian Original Drairings, with Test io Chinaaa, 
Small foL [Pelin, 18377) S.K. 

CHEIST.— Hiatoire de la Vie et Paasion de 
Nostre SauTanc J^oa Chriat. Arec lea fieurei^ et 
qoelqaes reflections sor lea principaux UTatires, 
Tirie de I'Eecritoie SainCe. Z parte in 1 toI. 131 
^t«e. Fcp. foL Paris, 1693. aK. 

CHRIST CW.).— arilrsffEarOeBohiahteder 
.AjDtikarwtmmJinefln ' WaStspa. i\a, Wif^iwii 

CHRIST <W.) and LAUTH (J.).— FiilireT 
dutch da« kenj^cha Antiquarinm in UoDdheu. 

16mo. UonqheD, 1870. . 

CHBISTUN (PiTVia). — L'Afrique Fi»n:. 
ouse, rSmpiN de ManK^ et lea IMserta de Sahara. 
Coaqiiitea, rictturea et dkooTertea de« Fraofaia, 
deptUB la priae d'AIgar jnaqu'i dos jonra, par P. 
Chrlatian. Vigna>t«a pax Pbilippo(«anz, T. Joban- 
not, 6. Bellatig^ Isabaj, B. I^m;, E. Qiraidet, 
Moiel-Eatic, C. Kanteoil, H. Baion, etc Platea, 
coloared woodcnta, and map. Imp. Sto. ISm 
(1846). a.K. 

CHRISTIAN (P.).— Lea PWrs da cieL 
^itioD illUstr£e par IS aqnarelleB composjes et 
desBJn^ par CI. Ciappori, imprimiea en lithochio- 
ndea par Eaugard'Uangd. I^rgB 8to. Paria, 1800. 

CHBISTIAmA.— Qiristiaiua med Omagn, 
Til Teiledning for Beisende. 2 mape. 24mo. 
Christiania, 1867. 

CHRISTIANSBORa.— MaJarier i den Icon- 
selige MalsriaamliDg pas ChrietiaDBborg. Parts i.- 
lu. (Photogtspha bj Bndtz Uuller & Co.) Fol. 
..n,p.- 1889. 

(TECRISTIE'S.— A Chat, about Christie's. 
■ From "london Society," July 1871- 8to. S:K. 

CHRJSTUOHE and knrtze Betracbtuug 
dM- h«iligitn yatt«r Ubaan. 13mo. S. Victor -W 
: Menta, IfiSO. StK. 

CB^Sl^IAS (HnBT).— Shores and IsUndy 
of tiia.MadttcnaDeaji, in^ndinga risitto theSeren 
Churchea of Aaia. Platea. 3 Tola. Svo. Lron- 
doD, 1S61. 


Universal Catalogue of 


berti et Isabellae, emulgataxn 14 Decembris 1616. 
In quo Interpretfttiones sen Declarotiones Begiae 

ejusdem Edicti, leges Bomanae Belgiique et 

alianun gentium mores confirmantur, coi&tantur, 
et illustrantur. Engrayed frontispiece, and numer- 
ous ooats of arms, together with 14 (should be 16) 
plates of heraldic genealogies, mostly coloured, and 
other illustrations. FoL Bruxellis, 1668. S.K. 

CHBISTYN (Jean Baptiste)— Histoire g6. 

nfcral e des Pais-Bas, oontenant la description des 
XVIL Provinces. !mition nouyelle (6th) oiyis^ en 
IV. Yolumes, et augment^ de plusieurs remarques 
curieuses, de nouvelles estampes, et des ^v&nemens 
les plus remarquables jusqu'4 I'an MDCCXLIII. 
Maps, and views of town^. 4 vols. 12mo.v Bms- 
sele, 1743. 8.K. 

CHRITEN (Th.).— Trait6 scientifiqtie de 
I'art du Lapidaire, contenant la thiorie et la pra- 
tique de cet art; les connaisances chimiques et 
miniralogiques necessaires aux lapidaires ; la taille 
de chaque pierre pr^euse, gemme, etc. With 
plates. 12mo. Paris, 1868. 

OHBONIGLES.— Das buoh der Croniken 
Tnnd ^eschichten mit figuren vnd pildnussen von 
Anbegmn der welt biss auff dise vnsere Zeiit 
Woo^ts. Small fol.. Augspurg, 1496. SJ^. 

CHRONICLES. — Olironica Darynn anffi 

Kiirtzest werden begriffen, die namhafitigsten ge- 
Bchichten, so sich vnter alte Keisem, von &t ^purt 
Christ], bis auff das Tausent, Fiinff hundert em vnd 
dreissigst jar verlauiSen haben, etc. With woodcut 
border on titlepage. Original stamped calf binding. 
16mo. WittemWg, 1584. S.E. 

CHRONIQUE DES ARTS, et de la Curio- 
sit^. (Supplement to "La Gazette des Beaux- ArtsJ|^ 
Fol. and 8vo. Paris, 1861, etc S.E!. 

CHURCH (AsTHUB Hebbbbt). — Cassell's 

Technical Manuals. Colour. By A. H. Church. 
(With woodcuts and coloured diagrams.) 12mo. 
tiondon, n. d. S.K. 

CHURCH (Abthub Hbbbebt). — Corimnm 
Museum. A Guide to the Museum of Boman re- 
mains at Cirencester 8vo. Cirencester, 1869. S.E. 

CHURCH (Abthttb Hebbebt).— *Catalogae 

of the Specimens of old English and other Pottery, 
in the collection of Arthur Herbert Church. 8vo. 
Cirencester, 1870. S.K. 

CHURCHILL (Chablbb). — Poema by 

Charles Churchill. With large corrections and ad- 
ditions. To which is added, Sie life of the author. 
Adorned with cuts. 6th edition. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 
London, 1767. SJC. 

CHURCHILL (Sir Winston).— Divi Bri- 

tannici : being a Bemark upon the Lives of all the 
Kings of this isle, from the Year of the World 2855, 
unto the Year of Grace 1660. With plates of Arms 
in the text FoL London, 1675. 8.K. 

CIABATTI (auiDO).— Progetto di riordina. 
mento delle oollezioni numismatiche in Italia, per 
TAb. G. C. 80 pp. 8vo. Firenie, 1869. 
' 144 

CIANTAR (Joannes Antonius). — ^De Anta- 

qua inscriptione nuper effossa in Melitae urbi 
notabili dissertatio. 4to. n. p. 1749. 

CIATTI (Felice). — Delle memorie annali, 
et istoriche delle cose di Perugia, distinte in tre 
parti, nelle quail si descrive con varia eruditione 
Perugia etrusca, romana, et augusta. 4to. Perugia, 

CEBRARIO (LuiGi).— DeU' uso della qualiti 
degli schioppi nell* anno 1347, con alcune notizie 
sidle valli di Lanzo, d' Ala, di Lemie, e d' Usseglio, 
del secolo XIV*. Della Storia di Geneva, e di alcuna 
fonti poco note della medesina memorie, etc. 58 pp» 
8to. Turino, 1844. 

CIBRARIO (Luioi). — Desciizione storica 
degli Ordini religiosi, compilata sulle opere di 
Bonanni, d'Helyot, dell' Ab. Tiron, etc With coloured 
plates. 2 vols. 8vo. Torino, 1845. 

CIBRARIO (LniGi). — Descrizione storica 
degli Ordini cavalleresci del Nobiluomo L. C. With 
coloured plates. 2 vols. 8vo. Torino, 1846. 

CIBRARIO (LuiGi), — Pr&is historiqiie 
• des Ordres religieux et militaires de S. Lazare etde 

S. Maurice .jmt le Gh. L. C. Traduit de ntaliaa 

par Humbert Ferrand. With 4 plates. Post 8vo. 
Ljon, 1860. 8.K. 

CICCIAPORCI (Antonio).— Degli Eirusclii 

Lettere di A. C. 8vo. ilrenxe, 1816. S.K. 

CICERI (EuQiJNE).— Les Pyr^n^es dea. 
singes d*aprte nature etlithographi^es par £. Ciceri. 
Tezte explicatif. Premiere Partie. Luchon et 
ses Environs. Deuzi&me Partie. Hautes et Basses- 
Pjrr^n^s. Obi. fol. Luchon, n. d. S.K. 

CICERI (EnG^NB).-^La Suisse et la Savoie 
(a series of tinted litho^phs), par E. Cioeri 
d'apr^ les vues photographic par Martens. FoL 
Paris, 1859, etc BJML 

CICERO (Marcus Tullius).— Des hoch. 

beriimpten Marci Tullii Ciceronis buchlein vo dem 
Alter, diirch herr Johan Neiiber, Caplan zH Schwart- 
eenberg vos d§ latein in Teutsch gebracht With 6 
woodcuts, and border round title-page. Small foL 
Augspurg, 1522. SJE. 

CICERO (Maecus Tuluus).— Officia. Bin 
Buch von den tugentsamen amptem vnd sugehorigoi 
eines wol vnd n^tlebenden Menschen, durch L von 
Schwartzenberg verteutscht, mit vil Figuren vnd 
Teutschen Beimen. Many woodcuts by Surgkmair 
and his pupils. FoL Augspurg (H. Steyner), 1582. 

CICERO (Mabgus Tullius).— Der teutsoh 

Cicero (In fine) G^edmgkt vnd vollendet in der Eay- 
seirlichen Statt Au^fspnxg, durch Heinrich Steyner, 
am iiii. tag Mart^, nach der geburt Christi Jera 
vnsers saligmachers, xdzxzv. 128 plates; some 
have the monogram of Hans SchaufeLoin, and sevo* 
ral are attributed to Hans Burgmair. FoL Augs* 
pui^, 1535. 

CICOONA (Emmanuslb Antonio).— Insori- 
lioni Veneaase, zteodlte ed illustcste. OoUe oor- 


Boohs on Art (Supplement). 


naioiu e ginnts. fl Toll. Iarg« fto. TeneiU, 
CIGOGNA (Emmamubl* Aktobio).— I Dne 
Onifpi di Porfido BoU' angolo del teioro della Bmi- 
Ikft (U S. Uarco in TencDs, MuninsU e dMcritti. 
I, IMi. BJf. 

chiaM di Santo Qiobbe in Vflneda, iUostnUi nei 
ntoi monmnanti. Ito. Veaeiio, 1860-61. 

CICOGNARA JLbopoldo, Coute').— Omag- 
gio dells ProtindB Venete kiln UaeitA di Carolina 
Anjputa, Impeiotiiai d' Anatiia. With 18 plalra. 
FoL VeDeas, 1818. S K 

CICOGNARA (Leopoldo, Conte) and 
DIEDO (Aktobio).— Diwwm Uui in oossioae 
dclla public apertnra tennta dolla R. Veneta Aci- 
demia di Belle Arti, eesendoei per la prima volta 
aoIeiui«meDte diltribuiti i Praiqi oile linMtlJTe daui 
de' gioTsni olunai in prsoenza delle pnmarie aato- 
liti naideiiti in quMbi comane. ltd. Veneas, 
1808. 3.E. 

CIEQA DE LEON (Pbdeo de).— Cronio* 
del gran Regno del Fam, oon la deMrinone di tutte 
le proriticie cottnmi, e Titi, eon le nQove citti Mi- 
eat« tadoUa nells itoliana (dalla lingoe spognola} 
per Agoadno CiaToUc 8to. Tennia, tfiSO. 

CIMA (Gidsepfe). — L'Addobbatore mo- 
demo, oaaia nwcolta di 300 tarole di oggeUi d'arti 
e manihttnra e di visa in aei parti : I.Tappecieri. 2. 
Ebaniati.etabbricatoridimobili. 3. Faltgnami. 4. 
Fabbri-Ferraj. 6. Fabbrieatori di coTozze, ed' oggetti 
di Selleria. S. Aivantieii, Bronidsti, Ceaellatori, 
Ottonaj. 4to. miano, n. d. 

CINNAMI (JoiSNiB).— De Rebus 

CIPELLI (Luioi).— D; ima Moneta Torca 

coniala nella laecs di Fanna, diaaertaiione. 8vo. 

Parma, 1888. B.H. 

CIPOLLA (Ajnotno). — Intomo alia facciata 

di S, H, del flora, per A. C. 22 pp. 16mo. 

Firtnia, 1B67. 
CIPRIANI (Giovanni BA-rasT*). — Monn- 

menti dcUa Orecia diifgnati ed inciai in 25 vednte. 

I^rge 4to. n, p. n. d. 

CIPRIANI (Giovanni Battista). — I cinqne 

(Kdini dell' Aichltettiira, illnatrali eridotti a metodo 

facile. iS copper platea. 4to. Roma, 1801. 

1 Soone Mm. 

CIPBIANI (Giovanni BATTiBTA).~SceIta 

di oraati anbclu e tnodertii. 28 plat«a. 4lo. 

Boma, 1801. S.K. 

CIPRIANI (Giovanni Bathsta).— Mincel- 

Iohm di ntile Fradniioni in Belle Arti ad in Sdenze. 

CompilaU da O. B. C Sueae. With pbtea. 4to. 

BoEU, I8«8. 8.E. 

CIPBIANI (Giovanni BAinaT*).— Taccnmo 
di Dieegni di ogoi Specie raccolti da G. B. CSpriani. 
fi2 plaUa. Small iUs. Roma, 1811. B.E. 

CtBOT DE LA VILLE (— Abb^J.— His- 
toire de I'abbaje eC eooip'^atjon de Notre-Dame da 
la Qrande^SanTc, ordre de Saint-Knot^ en GDienna. 
Platea. 2 voli. 8to. Bordeaux at Paris, 1844- 

CIROT DE LA VILLE (— Abbe).— On- 
gpnee chr&isuies de Bordeaux. Hiitoire el descrip- 
tioD de I'^lise de SaJDt-Seurin ; gnToreB sor cuivTa 
de MM. Jolea de Vemeilli, et boron de Marqaaacac. 
4to. Eordeanx, 1884-1886. 

CntOT DE LA VTLLE (— Abb4).— Notioe 
rar lea vitranx da Teliae de Soint-Sei^n. 51 pp. 
8to. Bordeanx, 1869, 

CITTADELLA (LuiGi Napoleonb).— Storia 

etria. Docnmenti ed illnaCra&oni riguardanti le 
lie Aiti in Ferraro. 4S pp. 8to. FerrMa. n.d. 

CITTADELLA (Loroi Napoleone).— Let 
tera d' na Ferrareae ' ad on nto eoQfittadino dimo- 
rsnte in Milono, (Id date 30 November, 1843. Soi 
restauri alia ftcciata dells Cattednde, fltmaU z.) 
Published anoajmonalj, 12 pp. Svo. Ferrara, 

CITTADELLA (Ldiqi Napolbone).— No. 
tide ml Palaizo dei Diamanti, ora Atenea Cine* 
Ferrareae. 38 pp. 8vo. Ferrara, 1843. 

CITTADELLA (Lmoi Napoleose).— Sopra 
on Dipiato di BenTennto Tisi da Qarotalo nel Refet- 
torio del MM. 00. di 8. Spirito, in Fenara. Parole 
di L. H. C. Ferrareae, 16 pp. Bologna, 1846. 

CITTADELLA (Lcioi Napoleone).— Storia 
patria. Salla Torre di lUsobello, in Ferrara. Litbo- 
grapUc plate by L. K. C. 8 pp. 8to. Fensro, 

CITTADELLA (LniGi Napoleone). — La 
riapertura del Museo Ferrareae. 8 pp. Svo. Fer- 
rara, 1853. 

CITTADELLA (Lmoi Napolsone). — Sal 
giodiiio in ortL 32 pp. 8va. Fnrora, 1853. 

CITTADELLA (Lmoi Napolbonb).— BeUe 
Arti. 3 pp. 8?o. Ferrara, 1854. 

CITTADELLA (Linoi Napolbonb).— Belle 
ArtL Scena de ^. Oiovanni e Paolo (m Venecia) 
nel dramma il Marin Faliero. 7 pp. 8to. Fer- 
rara, 1865. 

CITTADELLA (Ldioi Napoleone). — Fi- 
tratti di pinti od olio, ed eapoati nel CiTico Ateneo 
di Ferrara dol Fiorentino Bario Caatellini. 15 pp. 
8to. Fenaia, 1858. 

CITTADELLA (Luioi Napoleose).— Bon- 
deno e la ana Chieaa Ardpretale ; Ceuno Storico e 
deacrittiTO di L. N. C. 48 pp. 8vo. Femia, 1856. 

CITTADELLA (Luioi Napoleone).— Opero 
dl Scnltnra di Oniieppe Ferrari. Folio. Fennrs, 


Univ^sal Catalogue of 



Ch* S' Claetaho GaT. Oiordtni, Ispettore della B. 
Pmacoteca di Sdlogna. (Dated Ferraia, April 25, 
1802,), 14 pp. 8vo. Ferrtra, J862. 

CITTADBLLA (Lthgi Napolbonb).— (Let- 

tera) Al Ch« 8^ Michelangelo Ghialandi, Bologna. 
(Dated AuguBt 12, 1868.) 8to. Fenara, 1863. 

CITTADBLLA (Luiai Napolbonb).— No- 

tizie Patrie per la maggior parte inedite, ricavati da 
documenti ed iUiistrate da L. N. C. Large 8yo 
Ferrara, 1864. 

CITTADBLLA (Luigi Napoleone).— .Let- 

tera al S. Gaetano Davia, Scultore Ck)n8igliere del 
Momcipio, etc. (Dated December 1, 1866.) 4to. 
Ferrara, 1866. 

CITTADBLLA (Luigi Napoleone).— Rela- 

lione floUa Biblioteca Monicipale di Ferrara. 44 pp. 
4to. Ferrara, 1868. 

OITTADBLLA (Luigi Napolbone).— Let- 

tera al Car. Gaetano Giordani (snl lavori di 
•cnltora del Ferrarese Angelo Oonti). 3 pp. fol. 
Fenara, 1869. 

(JITTADELLA (Luigi Napoleone).— I due 

Doesi, Pittori Ferraresi del secolo XVI. Memorie 
di L. N. Cay. C. 35 pp. Boyal 8yo. Ferrara, 
1870. SJC. 

CIVBZZA (MabobIiLino da). — Delle rela- 

sioni deir Azcheologia oon le Belle Arti, discoriK) 
di M. da C. 28 pp. 8yo. Napoli, 1869. 

CIVIALE (A,). — ^M6thode8 photographiqueB 
perfectionndea. Papier sec-albnmtne, oollodion-see, 
c<dlodion-hiimide, par A 0., de Brebisson, etc 
OpUqne photographiqiie eC 8tir^copie,jDar Oharkw 
CneTalier. With illostratioiis. 8vo. raris, 1859. 

CIVIL ENGmBBRS.— Trans. 'Inst. Soc. 

Giy. Engrs. Pablishing Catalogue for 1839. Grand 
bazaar of Science, Great Bnasell Square. Important 
Addendum. New and original work on Architecture, 
Ciyil and Militaiy Engineering, Mechanics and the 
Fine Arts, &c [A burlesque on the members and 
Transactions of the Inftitntion, . by "Mr. WiU. 
Yamms.''] 8yo. swd n. p. n. d. S*K. 

CIVRY (Victor db)^ — Les Rtrines lar- 

raines ; chroniques monumentales. Plates. 2 yols 
8yo. Naney, 1846-1848. 

CLAMORINUS (B.). — Tliiirnierbuchlein 

darinnen sechs ynd dreyssig Thumier yon keyser 
Heinrich dem I bis t^uf kayser Mazimilianum d. I. 
80 ganz Ritterlich sind gemilten worden. Item yon 
sweyen Ritterspielen yon Fursten, Graifen ynd 
Herren gehalten. With woodcuts. 4to. Dresden, 

CLARAC (Chablbs Othon ¥B.ij>inic Jban- 

Baftistb, Cokts de). — Catalogue des Artistes de 
r Antiquity, jusqu'i la fin du VI* siide de notre ire. 
Eztrait du Manuel de rHistoixe de I'Axt ches les 
Anciens. 12mo. Paris, 1844. S.K. 

CLARK (John). — Blements of Drawing 
and Painting in Water Colours ; being Supplement 

to the Elemeats of Dncwing and Perspectiyey pub- 
lished in Chambers's Educational Course. A, new 
edition. By Jolm dark. Plates, wxmfi colouned. 
Post8vo. London, 1841. . SS., 

CLARK (John HkiYisiDE). — ^A Practical 
ElSsay on the Art of Coburing and Paii^ting Lstad- 
scapes in Water Colours, with ten illustratiye en- 
navings, by John Heayiside Clark. 2nd edition. 
Royal 4to. London, 1812. &E. 

CLARK (Mart Senior). — The Lost Legends 

of the Nursery Songs. By Mary Senior Clarke. 
Ulnstrated from the Author^s designs. Woodcats. 
Imp. 16mo. London, 1870. S.E. 

CLARKB (Adam).— A BibHoprapHcal Die- 
tionary, containing a chronological Account, alpha- 
betically arranged, of the most curious, scarce, use- 
ful and important books, in aU Departments of 
Literature, etc From the infkncy of printing to 
the beginning of the nineteenth century. With 
Biographical Anecdotes of the authors, printers and 
publishers, etc. To which is added, an Sssay on 
Bibliography, etc. 6 yols. 12mo. Liyerpool, Man- 
chester, London, 1802-^. B.K. 

CLARKE (Adam). — The BibUographical 

Miscellany ; or. Supplement to the Bibliographical 
Dictionary, etc 2 yols. I2mo. London, 1806. S.E. 

CLARKB (Charles). — Observations on the 
intended Tunnel beneath the Biytr Thamea by 
Ch. C. Plates. 25 pp. 4to. Grayesend, 1799. 

CLAREJS (Bdwabd). — Letters oonceming 

the Spanish Nation, written at Madrid during the 
years 1760 and 1761. 4to. London, V765. 

CLARKB (Henrt Obeen). — London in all 
its Gloiy; or, how to eigoy London during the 
Great Exhibition. 16mo. London, 1851. 
French translation. 16nio. London, 1851. S.K. 

CLARKB (Henet Geeen). — London as it 
is To-Day : Where to go, and what to see, during 
the Great Eadiibition. Illustrated with a map of 
London, and upwards of twd hundred Engrayings 
on Woodf by Prior, Shepherd, Delamotte, Gill^, 
Bissagar, ana other eminent Artists. 8yo. Lon- 
don, 1851. SJC. 

CLARKB (Henry Oreen). — London: 
What to see, and How to see it. With numerous 
Illustrations. 16mo. London, 1851. S.E: 

CLARKE (J. STiELraG).— The Habit and 

the Horse; a treatise on Female Equitation 

With illustrations from photographs by H. Watkins. 
4to. London, 1867. B.M. 

CLARKE (W.).— Pompeii : its past and 
present state. Public and Priyate Buildings, &c. 
Oompiled from^ Masois, the Museo Borbcnico, G^ll 
and bonaldscm, but chiefly from the MB. of W. C. 
2 yols. Woodcuts. 12mo. London (1851). 

The Guild Guide and Handbook of Preston, with a 
concise History of the Guilds; together with an 
Historical Account of the Borough ; also particulars 
of all the objects and places of interest in the town 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


ftod DUghbonrhood, and a fall Chrsnology of load 
enoti, bj S. C. )u>d J. D. Sto. PraMnn, 1S62. 

CIiASEN (LoEEMz). — DiisBeldorfer MonatB- 
hdU mit lUoatruiaitai] von CHmpbamen, L, Cla- 
Mn, Frohlieh, Hagen, and muj otlien, Bcdjgirt 
100 L. C. 4to. Dosuldorf, 164T. 

CLAtfDEL (J.),— Inlrodncfdon a 1& science 
de r Inginiew. .AJde-SUmoire dea Ii 
■ Aichitsctes, Blc Partie tbAorlquB, 5ar J, a 4" 
MitioD renu el coiuld^rablement ftiigmentie. t 
Puu>,18««. S 

PraCiqns de Teat de coutraire. UafOBneiie, 1 
naae H pUUnie. Ssd et^tioD. Sro. Pans, 18 

CIAUBET (A.).— BeohercIiOBsiirlatli^one 
deo princiniiz phinomiiiM ' ' ' <- ' > 

le procUi da dagueirtetjpe, 
Pam, ISfiO. 

CL&UDET (A.).— Do Stereoscope et de 
tee application k U pbotographie, par A. C, et 
deniien perfecUoimemenU apportes an daguerrio- 
tj^, par L. Oolaa. Svo. Paris, I85S. 

CLATJDET (A.).— Le stir&monoacope, 
DOiaTel iiutrameDt dont le principe eet ibndi aoi 1& 
dieotiTerte de la propiiiU inMraDte do. vsira djpoli 
de pi^Mitgi an teliaf rimage de la chamtoe obsenre. 
Svo. Paris, 18SS. 

CSiAUDIN (GoBTATi). — Para et I'Expo- 
dtioii tudTeraeUa. lima. Faiis, ISfl?- 

CIiAITDrUS (Mathiab). — Aainna onmia sua 
Mcom pOTtsnB, oder Siinutitlidje Wsrke des Wande- 
bBekerBothen. Nnmsnuu GngraTingfi by Chodo- 
■iecki. 7 Tola. Srti. Hambni^ aiid WandetMck, 
1T76, etc. 

CLAUSEL (AiniNDBs). — Le9onB|>mti<niea 
d'encanatiquB loatiie, on Eiposi des notiona oitea- 
nina pom pratiqoel ca prooMJ de peintnre. Bro. 
l^ea, IM3. 

CliAUSS (Cibl).— Die Meinerwerke der 
Dreadner Oalerie in Kupfer geetochen ron JuL 
Ernit, Th. lAsger, Q, Plansr, J. L. Baab, A. Bchnlt- 
bsiaa, Qud Andoen. Hit eriiatcmdnn Text 
TOD C. Cbtnas. Hannagagrinn tod Enut JiTnold. 
U plates. 4to. Dreadun, n. d. BM, 

CItAtJSS (Cabl).— Meiaterwer^ der Ge- 
malde-Oallene in Dreaden. 30 Blatter, uad den 

, OagiwJan in Enpfar nataehen. JUterUtiesdmB 
TaztTohCdaoM. UebntrageiiindieEngliachennd 
Fiaiuo«i«cbe Sprache. FoL Dreaden,a.d. [ISTIJ 

CLAUZADE (A.).— PenilleB d6 Voy«ge. 

Balnqne, HollaBda, OnMt da l'Allamagn«. Sto. 

Pa na,p.d . 
CLAVKTS (Ghubtophobdb).— Fahiioa et- 

aau lB«biimanli ad famologionun daearip(j< 

CLAXTON (Floexhoi).— The aaTcntuMB 
of a vooisn in search of her rights. B^ F. Clax- 
ton. Containing neartj on* hnn^«d original dmw- 

s b; the aothoi, which haTs been reprodaced in 
-simile by the GrapboQpe Frocess of eagruring. 
Obi. *to. London, n.d. [187!.] fl.K. 

CLAYTON (B.).— Coatnmes of the Vint 

or Orenadier Regiment of GnardB &t)ni ISSO. 12 
colonred lithog;i«phs, by B. 0, Obi fol. LondoB, 
Ackerman, 1S64. P. C. lib. iidenhot. 

CLEGHOBN (Hugh).— The Foresta and 
QanJens of Sonth India. With map, 13 litho^phs, 
and woodcnta in the text. Crown 8vo. Cmaon, 
1861. B.K. 

CLELASTD (Jahgs).— Description of the 
Banqael giren in honont of the Ri^t Hon. 8ii 
Kobert Peel, Bart., U.P., on his eledion as tori 

Hector of the UniTcnity of Qla^ow Containing 

al«o pictorial illiutratitins, plans, and scctiona ot tho 
Banqueting Kail and the Common Hall of the 
UnirersitT, 4to. Oksgow (1SS7). S.K. 

CLEMEN (B. £.).— MostBi^Zeichnimgen 
tn BlomeD^iten nnd Blnmeiipllitstc, in 44 Zeich- 
nnngen auf SO lithographirten Tafeln. Plated in 
fioj^ Sto. and large 4io. 16 pp. Boyal Sco. 
Qlogan, 1863. 

CLEMENCE (Adolphb).— Rovne de la 
Heli&re et ds la Bibliophilia. Bojal Sto. Paris, 
1SS9; &c. S.E. 

CLEMENS (Petrus JosEPHns).— De Homeri 
clipeo Achilteo. I plate. 30 pp. 8to. Bonnae, 

CLEMENT ' v., POPE.— Licipiunt consti- 
tntionea clemtis pape quinti una cum Bppaiata 
doniini ioannii andree. (pa the recto of eig. i. i, 
at bottom in * lineB). Opm Clemtin ar ere atqj 
idnatria Nicolai Jenson ^Uiti TenetiJB impreasna 
felicit ; ma en appatn dm Joinis Andree : p excel' 
lintissimQ inris ntrinaqj doetore dSi AJexidrii 
Ifeuii ins potiflcfi i patanio gymnaaio odinaria 
tegitem exactissima diligg^ emi&tii. H-cccclnri, 
Qothio letter. The imtiala flllad in br hand. Fol, 

CLEMENT v., POPE.— Indpiut costdes 
de. |ipe V. ca appaiatn dni Jo. an. (At the end). 

Anno dni TS. ecccc. Ixxri. iiii. Idus Septibris 

In nobili urbe Hagilcia Bheni Petrus Scbayjibr. 

Gothic letter, the initiala filled in, b; hand, in red 
and blna inks; the colophon with the ^^^ler'i 
liaA, printed in nd. I^ge foi Uognncia, 1476L. 


CLEMENT v., POPE.— Incipinnt ^o. Cle. 
eu qnibnadi tins allegst^btu oocunttib. not* 
digne. coUecte }f dnm Nicolans (oicnlaMomateaaem 
Abbal£ digniMunii. Nuc vero Archiepm Panoitai- 

tannm. (At the end] In inclita Ciuitate Colo- 

nien. om atq; Impendio Magietri TohanDis Koel- 
hoff. de Lubeck Ciuis sine In cole Cinitatie Colouien. 
Impreese atqj finite Anno Domini ]!lIilleaimo guad- 
ringenteaiino ■epCoagedmo aeptia. Gothic letter. 
4to. Colonic, 1477. S^ 

CLEMENT Vn., POPE. — Cwremoniale 
episcoporom, jnian Clemeatjs Vll. reformatnm. 
^teebjPrancetMVillamenSH foV. "BAma^VV^ia. 


Universal CaUdogue of 


Other editions :— 
Plates. 4to. 1606. 
Plates. Fol. Parisiis, 1633. 

CLEMENT XI., POPE (Giovanni Francesco 

AiBAm). — Clementis Undecimi Pontificis Maximi 
Orationes Consistoriales. With portrait, engraved 
title, TignetteSi and initial letters. FoL Borne, 
1722. S.K. 

CLEMENT (Chaeles).— G6ricault, 6tude 

biographique et critique, avec le catalogue raisonn^ 
de ToeuTre da maitre. 8vo. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

CLEMENT (Chaeles). — ^Michelangelo. Leo- 
nardo. Bafibel. Von Charles Clement. Deutsch 
bearbeitet mit Einleitung, Erganzungen and einem 
Anhang yon C. Claoss. Mit 40 Hokschnitten and 
jEwei lithographirten Tafeln. Boyal 8to. Lei^ig, 
1870. S-S- 

CLEMENT (Chablbb). — Prud'hon. Sa 

Vie, ses CEavres et sa Correspondance, par C. Cle- 
ment. Ouvrage orn^ de 30 gravores. Koyal 8to. 
Paris, 1872. S.K. 

CLEMENT (D.). — L*art de v6rifier les dates 

des faits historiqaes, des chartes etc. depnis la 
naissance de J^us-Christ Commence par D. M. 
F. d*Antine, D. Clement et D. Dorand ; continue et 
publii par D. F, CWment. 3 rob. Paris, 1783-7. 


CLEMENT (D.).— L'Art de verifier les dates 
des faits historiqaes, des inscriptions avant T^re 
Chr^tienne; par le moyen d*ane table cbrono- 
logiqae etc, mis en ordre par M. de Saint Allais. 
Fol. Paris, 1820. B.M. 

CLEMENT (F^Lix). — Les mnsiciens ck- 
Ubres depois le seiziime sikle jasqa'4 nos jours. 
Ouvrage ulostr^ de 44 portraits grayls k I'eaa-forte 
par Suksson, Deblois et Massard, et de 3 reprodac- 
tions h^liographiques d'anciennes gravnres par A. 
Durand. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

CLEMENT (Madame, formerly H^meey). — 

Histoire des ffttes civiles et religieoses des usages 
anciens et modemes de la Belgique M^ridionAle 
(les Flandres, le Hainaut, le Brabant, etc.) et d'un 
grand nombre de Tilles de France. Plates. 8to. 
Ayesnes, 1846. 

CLEMENT DE RIS (L. Comtb).— Mus6e 

du Louvre S^rie H. Notice des Faiences 

Fran^aises (Faiences dites de Henri II. — Faiences 
de Bernard Palissy. — Faiences diverses). Par L. 
CUment de Bis. 12mo. Paris, 1871. S.K. 

CLENNEL (L.). — See Rbcebations in Na- 
tural HiSTOBT. 8vo. 1815. 

CLEB (Albeet). — La com^die h, cheval, ou 
Manies et trayers du monde ^uestre, iUosti^e par 
Charlet, T. Johannot, Eug. Girard et A. Girouz. 
Woodcuts. 12mo. Paris, n.d. 

CLEBC. — ^M^moire snr Tabbaye de Mont- 
btoott et BUT les Carondelet, premiers restaurateurs 
de Tart en Franche-Comt^, arec an plan g^n^ral et 

Jlosieurs dessins de I'int^rieure du monument ; par 
L le prudent C. 62 pp. 4to. BeBan9on, 1868. 

CLEBG (L.). — Manuel de Botanique, ana- 
tomie, physiologie T^tale. 160 engrayinga by 
Acarie &iron. 4to. Paris, 1835. 

CLEBGET (Chaelbs-Eenest).— De rOme- 

mentation typographique. Essai sur Tart ome- 
mental applique k la decoration des liyres. French 
and German text. 8yo. Yienne (printed). Paris, 

CLEBOT. — Les m^dailles fi:*an9ai8es en 
1866. 7 pp. 8yo. Paris, 1868. 

CLEVE. — ^Nachrichien iiber die zu Cleve 
gesammelten, theils romischen theils yaterland- 
ischen Alterthiimer and andere daselbst rorhandene 
Denkwiirdigkeiten. 22 plates by F. J. Bousseao^ 
and 13 yignettes in text. 8yo. Berlin, 1795. 

CLEVELAND.— TheMetaUnrgicalLidustay 
of CleTeland. From the "Quarterly Journal of 
Science," No. 26, April 1870. PlStes. 14 pp. 
8vo. 1870. S.K. 

CLEVES(C. K, Abb£). — L'ExpoBition 
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antiquities of the Western parts of the State of 
New York. 8yo. Albany (U.S.), 1818. 

CLINTON (Geoege).— Memoirs of the 
Life and Writings of Lord Bjrron. With wood- 
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de Clisson, om^ de jolies yues de Clisson. Nouyelle 
^tion. 24mo. Nantes, n.d. S.K. 

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Persian Gulf and Black Sea. Bj R. Cliye, etc 
24 plates. Atlas fol. London, 1852. B.M. 

CLOCKMAKERS (Company op).— A Cata- 
logue of books in the Library of the Company of 
Clockmakers of the city of London. 27 pp. Boy. 
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CLOET (J.-J. de). — Chateaux et Monuments 
des Pays-Bas. 2 yols. with 205 plates. 4ta. 
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CLOQUET.— Ecole de la Miniature, ou I'Art 
d'apprendre sans maitre. Plates. 12mo. Paris; 

CLOQUET (— , Abb6).— Le Seul veritable 

tableau de Tlmmaculde Conception, ou Iconographie 
d^montxant que le plus beau priyil^e de la Vieige 
immacul^ est incompris des peintres, etc. Syo. 
Paris, 1863. 

CLOSE (Samuel P.).— Medi»val Architec 
ture of Ireland. Holy Cross Abbey, County Tip- 
perarr: a series of measured drawings of the 
church: with descriptiye letterpress. Pol. Belfiiat, 
1868. aK 

CLOSS (Adolf). — Alphabet von InitialeD 
im neugnechischen 8^1 aus dem Xylographiaehen 
Institut, yon Adolf Clossjn Stuttgart 8 lithogr. 


Bodies on Art (Supplement). 


pUtaa, some chromo-litho^., l>flaidM title. E 

oblong folio. Stuttgart (1S71). 

CLOSS (GtTBTiv).— Natur nnd Diohtmig. 

Dsaticlie LJedcTinitZeicluiQtigcn ronG. C. In Hole 

Cihnitten tod Goes und S.oS. Woodcnti. Fol. 
Ugut. ISU. 

CLimUS (AuGERins). — OpnactJadno sin- 
gnUii&. L De Haee MedicA (Cocco Maldiv^nsi) 
ID qao niedid, phjrgiei, hiitorici, politic!, ciitici, 
eimeitinm euiud iDTenienL II. De Hemerobia tire 
Iniecto Ephemero necnon de Terms nuiaU. Wood- 
cnta. 4to. Anuterdom, 1634. 

CLUVIER JoHUfs). — HiBtoriarnm totiuB 
onndi Epitome a prima renun migine usque ad 
aannm 1630. Portnita. Stb edition. iu>. Vn- 
tiaUTiae, 1673- 

CLDTTER (Philip).— Italia, Sicilia, Sw- 
dinia et Coraica antiqua, open T. Bimonia contracta. 
4to. Gnelfecbyti, 16S9. 

CLUVIER (Philip).— Introdnotdo in Uni- 

renam Oeographiam tarn Teterem qnam noram. 

46 maps, engraved b; J. Senes aod J. Stuit. 

Fiontiepiwe b; B. Lena. 4ta. ZiOitdon, ITU. 

Soane Mna. 

COATTI (Fbjuncesco).— BispoBta al parere 
pro veritate del celebre AreliiteLto ronuDO St Cle- 
m«it« Oriaodi. 14 pp. 4f>. FeiTara, 1762. 

COBBETT (R. S.)—MemorialB of Twicken- 
ham : parochial and topographical. Bj the 'Rev. 
B, 8. Cobbett, M.A, 8vo. Loddon, 1872. S.K. 

COCCHI (FiUHCESco).— Ledoni di Ptob- 

ettJTa pratirat, e regole abbreviatrici per disegnare 
aeane, itgoite da un facile metodo per la pros- 
pettira coUwaxione delle figure net qoadri di storia ; 
ineaae B pnbblicate da Lorenzo Bngei, pittore di 
dseoiuione. 2 pUt«a. Sto. Bolonia, 1861. 
"With Atlas oontainisg 2S plates. Obi. folio. 

COCHERIS (HiPPOLTTE).— Recueil de Do- 
enmenta graphiquea poar lervir k I'Histoire des 
Arts Indnttriels. Hitrons de Broderie et de 
Idngeris dn XVI* siicle. Beprodnits par le 
proeid^ Lefmon et Lonrdel et public d'apria les 
iditions conwrr^ k la Bibliothiqne Moxarine par 
H. C: Soiall Ito. Paris, 1S72. 8.E. 

COCHET (Jkan BfiKotT D^aiai).— Fonilles 
de yenTille-le-PoUet. Bapport adnssi 4 H. Is 
Frjfet de 1b Seiae Inf^tienre. Plate. 8to. Boood, 

COCHET (Jean Bimtr DesiEg).— Hiatoire 
de I'imprimerie 4 Dieppe. Sto. Dieppe, 1848. 

COCHET (Jejuj Bijioli D^siEi).— Etretot. 
Son pati, eon prieent, Mn aTenir. Archeolo^e. 
Hutoire. Uf^endea. Monomenta. Rochers. Baias 
demar. 4 lithographs and 28 platea. 8to. Dieppe 
et Paris. 1867- 

COCHET (Jeah BtsotT Dfismfi).— Notice 
■ST dee sipottoret romunes dn IV' et do V- siicle, 
tnmTtts i Tonrrille'la-BiTi^. With plaCet. Sro, 
BooKi, 1U3. J 

COCHET (Jean BfiuotT D^smS).— Arch&j- 
logie ganloise : Note snr nn biseelet en bionie 
tionvj k Candebec-lit-Etbeu^ en 186S. Rgnre*. 
7 pp. 8to. Bonen, 1867. 

COCHET (Jeah Bfojoti DieiEfi).— Arohfio- 
logiHchrkieDDe: Le tombeau de saiote Honorine, 
iOranlle, prts le Eane. IllnstiatioaH. 31 pp. 
8vo. Boneo, 1867. 

COCHET (Jbas BfiNOtT Dfisisfi).— Arch^ 
logie Chr^enoe. Note snr tiws Cenmeila de 
plomb tioDT^ i Dieppe en 1806. 8to. Booeo, 
1867. BJL 

COCHET (Jean BfiNolx Dearef).— Note anr 
dea fonillea aich^log^nes failea i Eiriconrt-en- 
Caoz (Seine-Iufirieore). It pp. 8to. Booen, 

COCHET (Jean Bfisolx Dfiantfi).— Notice 
anr dea antiqnil^ mdroringieuues dleonTertea sa 
1S6S i AreeneB, prM Qonrnaj-eD-Biaj. 24 pp. 
8to. Emiu^ 1869. 

COCHET ( Jeas BfiNotr DfisiRe).— Mfonoire 
sur les percaeils de Plomb dans rAntiquiCd et an 
HojeO'Age, par H. I'abbj Cocbet. Sto. Boaen, 
1870-71. S.K. 

COCHET (Jean B£noIt DiaiRf). — Lea 
Porches dss ^lises de la SeiDS-Infirienre, i. 


COCHIN (A.). — La mann&cture des glaces 
deSt.-OobaindelS65 4 1865. 8to. Puis, 185S. 

COCHIN (Augcbtin). — Paris et la Fianoe. 
Conf jrpnce faite an Cercle dea beaux-arts de Nantes, 
le 27 mai, 1870. 24 pp. 12mo. Nantes, 1870. 

COCHIN (CaABLE8 Nicolas) and BELLI. 
CARD (JiB6n Chakles). — Obserratioos anr lea 
AntiquiUs d'Uerculaoum ; avec quslques rMexiooa 
BUT la Peiuture et la Sculpture dee Anciens; et 
une courte description de dusieim Antiquitis dea 
enrirons de Naples. ParMM, C.etB. 3nd edition. 
With 41 plates. ISmo. Paiis, 17GT- S.E. 

COCHRANE (Aleiandee Baillie).— The 
Thames Embankment «Dd the New Law Coorta : 
a letter addressed to the Bight Hon. A. H. Larard. 
M.F. Sto. London, 18S9. B.U. 

COCHRANE (George). — Wanderings in 
Qreece. 2to1s. With plates. Sto. London. 1837. 


COCK (A.) — LevenBchetz van Pieter Christ- 
offel Wonder. Eene B^jdrage Tan de Nugedachtnis 
Tan inlen dien Eunstschildnr geirijd door A. C. 
Sto. Utrecht, 1SS2. 

COCK (HiEBONTMua). — ^Veelderloy niewe 

inrentien ran antjcksche Sepnltocen .leer b«- 

qvame tost beeltsuiders, ontTckaniders, schilden, 
etc. Alle ghedrockt b; my H. C, C. Flori*. tt^ 
Tent. 30 plates. Folio. (fcai'CTiw^l-i\M.1, 

COCKBTTKN (Htsm, "Ltna)).— C»J«io«a» 
of the library and Cimwlvw fornwi ^^ "^ 


Universal Catalogtie of 


sold bj auction ip Edinburgh* Plates. 8td. 
Edinburgh, 1854. 

COCKBURN (R.).— Dulwich Gallery, a 
series of 50 beautiMlj coloured plates £rom the 
most celebrated pictures in this remarkable collec- 
tion. Executed iTy B. C. Fol. London, n.d. 

CODINUS (Geoegius). — De officialibus 

palatii Constantinopolitani, et officiis magnae ec- 
desiae (greco e latino). Syo. Lugdunensem, 1588. 

CODINUS (Georgius).— De officiis et offi- 
cialibus magnae ecdesiae et aulae Constantinopoli- 
tanae : accesit Dissertio de imaginibus non manu- 
£M!ti8 (greco e latino). Fol* Parisiis, 1625. 

CODINTrS (Geoegius). — ^De antiquitatibtis 

Constantinopolitanis Edita in lucem opera et studio 
Petri lambecii Hamburgensis cum Latina yersione 
et animadTersionibus necessariis. Accedunt Man- 
uelis Chrysolorae Epistolae tres de comparatione 
Teteris et nouae Bomae. Et Imp. Leonis Gog- 
nonimae Sapientis Oracula. Cum Eiguris atque 
antiqua Graeca Pftraphrasi. Addita est etiam 
EzpUcatio Officiorum Sancto et Magno Ecdesiae 
iuxta eorum ordinem Interpretei Bernardo Medonio 
Tolosate. Fol. Parisiis, 1655. 


toire de I'em^ire d'Autriche depuis les temps les 
plus recul^ jusqu'au r^e de Ferdinand I. 6 
Yols. With po^raits, maps, and plans. 8ro. 
Vienne, 1844-46. 

COFFIN (Chaelbs Caeleton).— Our New 

Way round the World illustrated. 8yo. London, 

Cambridge (U. S., printed), 1869. B.M. 

CbFTINET (— Abb^).— Recherclies his- 
toriques et arch^logiques sur les enseignes ciYiles 
et religieuses du moyen Age. With 1 lithographed 
piate. 8yo. Tioyes, 1859. 

COGELERUS (Johannes).— Ima^mn ek- 

gantissimaram, quae multum lucis ad mtelligendos 
octrinse Chrjstianse locos adferre possnnt^ Collectse, 
partim ex prselectionibus Domini Philippi Melan- 
thonis, partim ex script! s Patrum. A. J. Cogelerus. 
Cimi Pneffatione D. Georgij Maioris. Woodcuts after 
Lucas Cranach. 6 Parts, in 1 yoI. 16mo. Vite- 
bezgse, 1668. S.E. 

COHAUSEN (August von).— Der Palast 

Kaiser Earl des Ghx)8sen in Ingelheim und die 
Bauten seiner Nachfolger daselbst. Woodcuts in 
text and 1 lithographic plate in large fol. Large 
4to. Mainz, 1852. 

(Forms Heft V. of ** Abbildungen Yon Mainzer 

COHAUSEN (August von).— Der alte 

Thurm zu Mettlach, eine Polygonalkirche nach dem 
Vorbilde des Aachener Mixnsters aus dem Ende des 
X. Jahrhunderts. Von A. Ton C. With 5 plates, 
and 16 woodcuts in the text. 4to. Ser]in, 1871. 


COHEN (Henei).— Description de M6dailles 
Grecques composant la collection de M. J. Gr^u 

dont la yente auz ench^res publiques auza 


lieu Ltmdi, 11 l^Yembre, 1867« et lea quatzo 

jours suiyants, etc. 8yo. Paris, 1867. B.M. 

COHEN (Henbi). — Guide de ramateur dQ> 

Livres i Vi^ettes du XVIII* siide, contenaat la 
description aun choix de pluB de 450 ouYrages, 
illustres par Boucher, Codiin, GxaYelot^ Eisflii, 
Moreau, Marillier, Monnet, Le Barbier, etc., ayee 
le detail du nombre de figures, yignettes et culs-de- 
lampe contenus dans chacun d'eux, et les noms de 
tons les artistes qui y out coop^r^ comme Dessina- 
teurs ou comme Grayeurs, par Henri Cohen. 8yo. 
i Paris, 1870, S.K. 

COHN (Tobias). — ^Die Moses-Grnppe v<Ma 

Kauch. Eine jii^schwissenschaftliche Kunststudie 

Mit dem Bilde der Moses -Gruppe. Syo. 

Leipzig, 1867. B.fiL 

COILA'S WHISPERS, by tlie Knight oi 

Morar ^i.e. Sir W. A, Fraser), in yerse. With 
illustrations b^ G. Cruikshank and G. DortS. 8yo. 
Edinbuigh (pnnted), London, 1869. B.M. 

COINS. — Ordonnantie Provisionnael olis 
Heeren des Conincx opt stuck ende Tolerantie 
yanden Piys ende loop yande gouden ende silyeren 
Munte, cours ende ganck heb^nde oyer al des C 
' Maiesteyts landen yan herwertsoyer. Woodcuts. 
Post Syo. Plantin, Antwerpen, 1575. (Imperfectw^ 
63 leayes, including title-page.) 

Also bound with it : — 
[Dongheyalueerde gouden ende silyeren munte y«zt di«* 
yeersche coninckrycken, hertoochdommen, graef- 
schappen, heerlycheden, landen ende steden, soo oude 
als meUwe die noyt in prente en zyn gheweest. 
Ende oock eenighe penninghen soo wel yan goudt 
als yan silyere ghemaeckt in de munte yan de 
landen yan herwaerts oyer, die welcke niet gh»- 
naempt oft ghestelt en zyn in de leste permissie.] 
Woodcuts. Small 8yo. Plantin, Antweipen, 1575. 
(No title-page. Leayes not paged, but signatures A2 
to Cc4 ; about 80 pages wanting. 1 74 leayes.) &X., 

COINS. — ^Manvael ofte Handtboeck^ Inhoa- 
dende die Weerde yanden Marck, Once, Engelsche, 
efi Aes, yan alle gheyalueerde ende ongheyidueerde 
Munte, diende den gheauthoriseerde Wissel-bancken 
ende Wisselaers deser Vereenichde Nederlantsche- 
Proyintien, Yoor Instructie op d'Ordonnantie yander 
Munte, yanden Jare 1610, etc. With woodcuts. 
Small 4to. S'Grayen-Haghe, 1610. aK 

COINS. — Edict du Roy portant nowelle 

&brication d'especes d^argent: augmentation du 

Marc d'aigent le Boy, et des Quarts aescu, Testons, 

et Francs aux coins et armes de sa -Maiest^ estaas- 

de leur juste poids : et continuation du cours des 

especes d'argent legeres auec le remede des grains, 

I jusques an dernier Mars prochain; et outre un 

I droit de Seigneuriage sur les ouurages d'Orfenrecie» 

et Tireurs d'or: Auec une nounelle eualuati<m. 

Ensemble TArreet de yerification en la Cour des 

Monnayes, du 18 Nouembre 1641, aux exceptions y 

' contenues. Woodcuts of coins. 12mo. Paiis^ 

■ 1641 8.K. 

COINS. — Abdrack von einem Scbreibea, 

' die deutsche und anderer Volker Miim-YerfiuMlfig 


Boohs on Art (Suppkniem). 


oad inHDdarlieit di* boeUbitl ; Brauiucliireigiidie 
Unnie betrdfeod. 4to. n. p. 17*S. 

COINB.— DeU' Oiigise del commercio dsUa 
nxnwta, e dell* ingtatiuiolie dalle Ztetht d' It^ a 
dfllla deetulMua dell' Imparo flno kI HOob XVll, 
4tii. Hkja, 1751. 

COINS. — Delle Oflflerraiiom Bopta on libro 
intitolata "DoU' origine del conmaicio deQa numcto, 
e dell' ietitiiiiQne delle 2^seclie dltklis," per qnuilo 
Bpmrtiene &lle Zecca FoDtifida, • Boffla. Libri 
III 4b>. Roma, 1752. 

COINS. — A abort accoont of Soottish 1110007 
mnd taeoK, with tablsa of thnr T>lae at diflbnat 
periods and the price of ununoditiaa, etc, togeUier 
with tabid of the rerannee of archbiahoprica, 
bishoprics, abbeja, nuntietTa, and at the refOTma- 
tioa. Teij DeGaga>7 for Uie andentandiiig of 
Scottish hii4oT7. IG pp. Sto. Edinbiu^h, 181T. 

COINS.— Tableao des Uonntties d'or et d'ar- 
gent dea prindpaoz EtaCada mandl, wmc leor Talem 
en francB, lenr poida, lent litre et dea inatmctioiis 
■DT le sjitime monitiuie, lea mannaies de compte 
et let) poida oaaeU de chaqne pa^i. Qnatriime 
idition. Karmmxii de deux Tanfa offlciels da 
prix des eapJeaa et dee matiires d'oi et d'argent ll 
tons lea titrea eocQm. IBmo. Faiii, n.d. (ISfiG^ 

COINTREAn (A. L,).— Dusertation sot le 
raae d'oi, tnniTi & Beimee le 26 Man, IT74. 2 
pUaa. 4to. Palis, 1S02. 

COITEB (VOLCHiBus). — Externaram et 

istcmarain principaJiom hnmani corporia paithim 
tabulae, atqne anutomicae, exerdtAtionea, obierra- 
tiones que Tariae, noris, diverais, ac artificioristimia 
tgnris lUnstratae. etc. Flatea. Fol. Norimbergiae, 

COLANGBLI (P. A.).— Vedate rollago di 
FndDo. Sto. Napoli, 1S07. 

COLCHESTER.— The Hiatory and De- 
amptioD of Colehestar (the Camolodimiun of the 
SritoDS, Bod the fint Soman Cotonj in Britain), 
with an acoooat of the antiqmtiea of that moat 
ancient Boroagh. 2 Tola. Flatee. Sto. Col- 
chester, 1803. S£. 

COLE (Benjajiih),— The Soldier's Pooket- 
Compftnicai, or the Manoal Sieiciae of onzBritjah 
Foot, aa now practised bj His U^jestj'B special 

Command To which is added a Short 

View of the Use of the Small Sword. "With 96 
plates. CiownSro. London, 1716. S.K. 

COLE {Henkt, C.B.) and SCOTT (Hesbt 
Y. D., C. B,). —Notes of Objects in Italy suitable for 
Rapiodnction bj Tarious methoda. (Bj Hemy 
Colo and Heiuy T. D. Scott, Lient-Ool., E.E^ 
Sto. 8wd. London, 18T0. S.E. 

COIlE (HiXET Haedt). — ninBtrationa of 
Ancient Buildings io EuWir. Prepared under 
the anthority of tbe Becrstaiy of State for India '~ 
" "" " " ' raphs, Plans, and Diawinf , 
e Qoremneat «f India. By 

H. H. C, linteiiaiit, ILE., etc. FoL London, 
1870. &K. 

COLE (Henbt Hasdt).— The Ardhitectnre 
□f AncieDt J>eUu, espeeiulj the Bnildibga uonnd 
the £ntb Hinar. By H. H. C„ Lieatenant, Bj;., 
etc FoL London, 1ST3. 8.E. 

COLE (John). — A]thorp, the seat of Earl 
Spencer, deacription of. With plate. 12mo, Lin- 
coln, 1818. 

COLE (Johh).— ffigtory of Northampton' 
anditsTieinita. 2nd edition. Sm. Svo. Northamp- 
ton, 1B21. 

COLE (Johm).— History and Antitinitiea of 
Welliogboroigh. Plates. Sto. Wellingbonnirii, 
Another edition. 12mo. NorthamptoQ, 1S37, 

COLE ( Johm).— Herveiana ; or. Graphic aod 
Ijterary Sketdua lUnstTatlTe of the Lfe and wtildl^ 
of the Bev. Jamea Eervey, U.A. InelndiDg a 
CollectiDn of Original Letters, in Thi«s Iw*,. 
Flatsa and funmile of US, 2 vols. 12iiiO. 
ScArborongfa, 1823. 

Another edition. Sto. Scaibonngb, ISiS. 

COLE (John).— The Scarborough HeposJ.' 
t«ry and Mirror of the Season ; consistiDg of bio- 
graphical, historical, and t<^ographical sul^'ecta 

Qnbellished witli Sse oopper-plates. VoL 14 

(Allpablishod.) Sto. Scarboroogh, 1831. 8.K. 

COLE (John).— The Scarborongh Collector 
atid Jonmol of the Olden l^me. WitbpUtea. Sro. 
Scarborongh, 182 8. 

COLE (John).— The Graphio Cabinet, cooi. 
eiating of Picturesqne Views of ol^scts of Antiqnity 
and Cnriosity in Northamptonshire. I2mo. Sorili- 
ampton, 1833. 

COLE (John). — Ancient Iron Cheei at 
Northampton. V^th plates. Sto. NorthainptMi^ 

COLE (JoB»). — Histoiy and Antiqnitiefi of 
Ei^m Ferrers, with corioos notes on.tlie monlhfl' 
and HietoricBl Notices of Buahden and Irthling- 
borongh. With frontispiece. 1 2ao. n. p. 1 838. 

COLEMAN (Charles).- The Mythology of 
the Hlndiu, etc., with an appendix. 40 ^na.. 
4to. London, 1832. 

COLEMAN (CHiBLia).— A aeries of aabjects 
and etched br 
C. Coleman. S3 saluectf on SO plates. Laig* fol. 
Borne, 1850. a£. 

COLEMAN (EoifUND T.).— fioenea ftomt^ 
Snow-Fields ; being illnstratJona of the Upper IM- 
World of Mont Blooey &om sketehea made on the- 
■pot in tbe Tears ISfiS, 18S6, 1857, 18S8 ; with hw- 
torical and deseriptive Bemarks, and a Comparicon 
of the Chamonix and St. (hmia Boute*. By E. 
T. C. The Views (11) lithographed and printed in 
eolonrs, by Vincrat Brooks. Imp, toL London. 
1SS9. %X.. 


Universal Catalogue of 


COLERIDGE (Samuel Taylor). — The 

Eime of the Ancient Mariner Illustrated by 

twentj-five poetic and dramatic scenes, designed 
and etched by D. Scott. Fol. Edinburgh, 1837. 


COLET (Mme. Louise). — P^lerinaee k 

Versailles et k Trianon. 24 vues photograpniques 
par Malet et Levasseur. Texte en vers par Mme. 
L. C. ObL 4to. Paris, 1861. 

COLIN (J.). — I. Inscription et M^dailles 
portant le nom de Togirix. II. Sur un sens du 
mot Honor dans la basse latinite, sur I'Adubia 
Vicvs et sur la l^ende Abinio fit. 7 pp. 8yo. 
Paris, 1868. 

COLINET (Ed.). — De la n^cessit* des 
^udes arch^logiques, par R Colinet. down 8vo. 
MaUnes, 1869. SJE. 

COLLAERT (Adbliln).— Virginia Mariae 
Vita. Title and 19 plates A. C. inv. sculp, et ez- 
cud. 12mo. Antyerpiae, n. d. 

COLLAERT (Adbdln). — Piscivm Vivae 
loones. In aes incisae et editae ab A. C. Obi. 4to. 
n. p.y n. d. 

COLLAERT (Adbian).— Vita Jesv Salva- 
toris yarijs iconibus ab A. C. expressa. Title and 
35 plates. 12mo. n.p., n.d. 

COLL AS (Achille).— The Authors of Eng. 
land. A series of medallion portraits of modem 
literary characters, engrared from the works of 
British Artists by A. C. With illustrative notices 
by Henry F. Chorley. 14 portraits. 4to. London, 
1888. S.K. 

COLLfi (Ch.).— La Partie de Chasse de 
Henri IV., Comedie en trois actes et en prose, 
avec quatre estampe^ en taille-douce, d'apres les 
desseins de M. Gravelot. Par ])£. C. 12mo. 
Paris, 1766. SJ:. 

COLLECTION choisie des meiUenres Es- 
tampes des Peintres et Graveurs les plus calibres. 
Large obi. fol. Paris, n.d. S.K. 

COLLECTION.— A curious collection of 
ancient paintings engraved from excellent drawings 
by one of the best hands at Bome. 54 plates. 
FoL London, 1741. 

COLLECTION. — Recueil des quelques 
pieces concemant les Arts. Extractes de plusieurs 
mercures de France. One plate. 12mo. Paris, 
1757. Soane Mus. 

COLLECTION de peintures antiques qui 
omoient les palais, thermes, mausolees, cham- 
bres sepulcrales des empereurs Tite, Ttajan, 
Adrian et Coustantin. 33 plates. Fol. Bome, 

COLLECTION.— Recueil de pieces int^res- 
aantes concemant les antiquity, les beaux-arts, les 
belles-lettres, et la philosopbie. 5 vols. 8vo. 
F^iris, An. IL (1793). Boane Mus. 

COLLECTION d'anciennes gravures sur 
bois provenant-du fonds de rimprimerie Heits, i 

Strasbourg. With 13 plates. Fol. Strasbourg, 

COLLECTION des livrets des anciennes 
expositions depuis 1673 jusqu'en 1800. 18mo. 
Paris, 1869-70. 

COLLECTS of the Church of England. 
With a coloured floral design to each collect. 
12mo. London, 1871. S.E. 

CQLLETET (Francois). — ^Description (par 

FraD9ois CoUetet), de tous les tableaux, peintures, 
dorures, brodures, reliefs, figures et autres enrichisse- 
ments qui seront expos^ k tous les arcs de triomphe, 
portes et portiques, pour Tentr^ triomphante de 
Leurs Majesty ; ensemble beaucoup d'autres par- 
ticularit^s dont on n'a point encore parU jusqu & 
pr^nt. 4to. Paris, 1660. 

COLLETET (FRANgois).— Abi-6ff6 des anti- 
' quit^s de la ville de Paris, contenant les choses lee 

plus remarquables tant anciennes que modemes. 

12mo. Pans, 1664. 

COLLIADO (LuiGi). — Prattica Manvale 

dell* Artiglieria. Opera historica, politica, e mili- 

tare, etc. (With 84 woodcuts.) 4to. Milano, 1641. 

Earlier edition : Pratica manuale di Artiglieria. 

With woodcuts. Fol. Venetia. 1686. SJK. 

COLLIGNON. — Vues pittoresques des 

Vosges. 6 Nos. complete. 24 lithographs. Large 
4to. Paris, 1837. 

COLLIN DE PLANCY (Jacques Allin 

Simon). — Voyage de Paul Blrenger dans Paris 
apr^s quarante-cinq ans d'absence, contenant la re- 
lation historique de ses courses dans tous les quar- 
tiers de cette grande Ville, ses observations sur les 
divers changements qui ont eu lieu pendant son 
absence et sur les ravages qui ont ^t^ exerc^s a la 
fin du XVIII* si^de dans les ^lises, les convents, 
les monuments publics, ^'ardins, places, quais, 
boulevards, ponts et bam^res de Paris. Plates. 
2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1818. 

COLLIN DE PLANCY (Jacques Allin 

Simon). — Physionomie de la soci^t^ en Europe 
depuis le 14* sikle ju8qu*4 nos jours. Quatorze 
tableaux par Madon. (With an explanatory intro- 
duction by J. A. S. Collin de Plancy.) Obi. foL 
Bruxelles (1835). B.M. 

COLLIN DE PLANCY (Jacques Allin 

Sqcon). — L^ndes des Artistes par C. d. P. With 
woodcuts. 8vo. Haag, 184g. 

COLLIN DE PLANCY (Jacques Allin 

Simon).— La Reine Berthe au grand pied, par Collin 
de Plancy. 12mo. Lithographs. Fol. La Haye, 


Artistes. Piice en quatre actes et en vers, par J. F. 
CoUin-HarleviUe. 8va Paris, 1797. S.K. 

COLLING (James K.).— Examples of Eng- 
lish Medieval Foliage, taken from Buildings of the 
12th to the 16th century; by J. K Colling. 4to. 
London, n.d, S.K. 



Boohs on Art {Sfupplement). 


COLLING (James K.).— Details of Gothic 

AxchitectiiTe. About 200 plates. 2 yoIb. Boy. 
4to. (London), 1862-53. 

COLLINS (W. H.).— Perspective ; or the 
Art of Drawing what one sees, en>lalned and 
adapted to the use of those sketching nom Nature. 
By lieTit.W. H. Collins, BJ). Small Syo. London, 
1872. S.K. 

COLLINS (W. Wilkie).— Rambles beyond 
Bailways ; or, notes in Cornwall taken afoot. With 
illustrations by Henry C. Brandling. 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1861. 

COLLINSON and LOCK,— Sketchea of 

Artistic Furniture. Manufiictured by C. and L. 
20 plates. Obi. 4to. London (1871). S.K. 

COIililSSON.— On the history of Christian 
Altars : a paper read before the Cambridge Camden 
Society, Not. 28, 1844. 8vo. London, 1847. 

COLLOMB (Edouabd). — ^Preuves de Texis- 
tence d'anciens fflaciers dans les yall^s des Yosges, 
du terrain erratique de cette oontr^. With plates, 
some coloured. 8vo. Straszbourg, 1847. 

COLLOT (J. P.).— Dissertation snr la de- 
scription des funlrailles d' Alexandre par Diodorede 
Sidle. With plates. Syo. Paris, 1861. 

COLLOT (Pieeee). — Pieces d' Architecture 
ok sont comprises plusieurs sortes de chemin^es, 
portee, tabernacles, et autres parties avec tons leurs 
omements et appartenances nouellement inuent^s 
nar P. C. 11 ^tes and frontispiece. Small fol. 
I^s, 1633. 

COLLOT (S.).— Notre Dame du Carmel et 
d*Orient. M^moire relatif & un projet d'^rection 
par sonscription publique d'une statue colossale de 
uTSainte Vierge sur la montagne du Carmel. 8vo. 
P^ris (printed), Bruzelles, 1866. B.M. 

COLHAN (Moegan). — The Genealogies of 

King James and Queen Anne, his wife, m>m the 
Conquest. With numerous woodcuts of arms, etc 
4to. (London) 1608. 

COLMAN (W.).— La Dance Machabre, or 
Death's Duell;by W. C. Plates. 12mo. Lon- 
don, 1633. 

COLMAB. — Guide, vue et carte des trois 
£pis pr^ Colmar (Haut-Bhin). 12mo. Colmar, n.d. 

COLOGNE. — Koln und seine Merkwiirdig- 
ketten fiir' den Alterthumsforscher und Kunstlie- 
benden. Plates. Small Sto. Eoln, 1818. 

COLOMBETTI.— Piccola guida tascabile 
aitistico-commerciale di Boma : nuovo Tade-mecum 
indispensabile per Tisitare I'Etema Citt^ ora capl- 
tale dltalia. Plan. 16mo. Torino, 1870. 

COLOUR COPY-BOOK. — Colorir - Ue- 

boBgdiefte. No. 1. Obi. 4to. Esslingen, n.d. S.K. 

C0L80N (AcmLLs). — Becherches sur les 
mnrniaJM qui ont eu cours en Boussillon. 4 plates. 
ffiQ». Bsr^gnan, 1853. 

C L S O N (Alexandre) . — M^daillon 

d'aigent de C^sar Constantin Callus, firapp^ k 
Lyon. 8to. Nyon, 1867. 

COLSON (Alexandre). — Notice sur nne 

m^daille romaine de grand bronze au revers de 
Junon Phallaphore. 8vo. Noyon, 1859. 

COLSON (Alexandre). — ^Notice snr les 

mbnnaies de Noyon. 3 plates. 16 pp. 8to. 
Noyon, 1860. 

COLSTON (Marianne).— Journal of a Tour 

in France, Switzerland, and Italy during the year 
1819, 20, and 21. Illustrated by fifty lithographic 
prints, f]x>m original drawings taken in Italy, the 
Alps, and the Pyrenees. Text 2 vols. 8to. Paris, 
Ph&tes. Fol. London, 1823. 

COLTBLLINI (Lodovico). — Congetture 
sopra I'inscrizione etrusca nelle torre di S. Manno. 
4 plates. 8to. Perugia, 1796. 

COLTON.— History of the Ivory CmciBx 

carved from a solid block of irory, by a Monk 

in the Convent of St. Nicolas, at Genoa, Italy. 
12mo. (New York, 1845.) BJi. 

COLUCCI (Giuseppe).— Sulle antiche citta 

Picene, Falera e Tignio. Con appendice. 2 vols. 
8vo. Fermo e Macerata, 1777-78. 

COLUCCI (Giuseppe). — Lettere Apolo- 

getiche in difeso di quanto si ^^etto nella IHsser- 
tazione XII. dell' AntichitA Picene suUa Confedera- 

sione de* Camerli Umbri col Popolo Romano 

ad un Amico. 12mo. Fermo, 1786. 

COLUMNA (Pabius). — Opusculum de pur- 
pura ab animali testaceo fuco, nunc itemm luci 
editum opera et studio Joh. Danielis Majoris, ci\]U8 
accesserunt annotationes quaedam. Plates. 4to. 
Eihae, 1675. 

COLVIN (Sidney).— Notes on the Exhibi- 
tions of the Bojal Academy and Old Water-Colour 
Society. Beprmted with corrections and additions 
from " The Globe." By Sidney Colvin. Post 8vo. 
London, 1869. 8.E. 

COLVIN (Sidney).— Paintinc at the Liter- 
national Exhibition. From the "Dark Blue 
Magaaine," July, 1871. 8vo. S.K. 

COLVIN (Sidney).— Children in Italian and 
English Design. By S. Colvin. With illustrations 
after Luca della Kobbia, Marc Antonio, Corregsio, 
Blake, Stothard, and Flaxman. Small 4to. Lon&n, 
1872. S.K. 

COLVIN (Sidney). — The Bethnal Green 
Museum. From the "Fortnightly Beview," Oct. 1, 
1872. 8vo. S.K. 

COMAEMOND (Ambeoise).— Dissertation 
sur trois fragments en bronze, trouv^ a Lyon, k 
diverses ipoques, et, en particulier, sur une portion 
de jambe de cheval, un pied dliomme en bronze, uo 
avant-bras de statue, et d*autres objets antiques 
d^couverts dans la tranche du quai Fulchiron, en 
mai 1840. 1 phite. 72 pp. 8vo. Lyon, 1840. 



Universal Catalogue of 


GOMARTIN rOcTAVi). — Recliercliea 
archi6ok>giquefl lur riclise et le Tillage de Ghroslsy 
(Seine et Oise), pr6cMS(« d'ane 6tade snr lliktoire 
et la M^poltare de aaint Eiigtee, martyr an Tillage 
de Deuil; ayec plana et photographies. 8to. 
Paris, 1865. 

COMENIUS (Johannes Amos) J. A. 0. 

Orbis sensnalimn Picti Pars Prima Hoc est : Om- 
nium principalium in Hundo Bemm, et in Tita 
actionnm, pictura, et nomendatora. Editio longe 

' anctior et emendatior, cum Titulomm juxta atque 
Vocabulomm Indice. Ber Sichtbaren Welt Erster 
Theil. Das ist: Aller Tomehmsten Wek-Dinge, 
und Menschlichen Handlungen, Abbildong und 

■ Benahmnmg. Aufii neue au^legt, an uuE^igen 
Orten, nebst einem Titel- una Worter-Begister yer- 
bessert ; auch mit gam neuen, schonem und deut- 
licham Figuren yersehen. 305 woodcuts, Abraham 
Yon Werf £ & J. Sporl so ; also J. N. W. 12mo. 
Nuremberg, (Part L) 1746 ; (Ptot U.) 1745. 

COMETTANT (Oscab).— La Musique, les 
Musiciens, et les Instruments de Musique chez les 
difi^rents ^uples du monde, ouvrage enrichi de 
textes musicaux omi de 150 dessins d'instruments 
rares et curieux. Archives com^ites de tons les 
documents qui se rattachent k TEzposition Inter- 
nationale de 1867. Oiganisation, execution, coff- 
oours, enseignement, oiganomphie, &c. Par 
Oscar Comettant. Imp. Svo. Paris, 1869. S.K. 

COMFORT (Gboegb F.).— Art Museums in 
America. (From ** Old and New " for April, 1870.) 
By G. F. C. 12 pp. Boy. 8to. Boston, 1870. 


COMPAGNONI (PoMPEo).— Memorie is- 
torico-critiche della Qhiesa e de* VescoTi di Osimo 
continuatae supptlita con note e dissertasioni da 
Filippb Vecchietti. Plates and woodcuts. 5 toIs. 
4to. Boma, 1782-4. 

COMPIflGNE.— Description on abr^g^ his- 
torique de Compile aTec, le guide de la for^ 
2nd edition. Witn map. I2mo. (Compile), 

COMPIHGNE. — ^Notice des peintures et 
sculptures des appartements et des jardins de Com- 
piigne. 8yo. raris, 1846. 

COMPTE-CALIX (F.).— Costiunes histori- 
ques firan^ais, dessins in^its grav^ par Bracque, 
etc. 15 coloured plates. Large 8to. Paris, 1864. 

COMTE (J. Achillb).— The Book of Birds 
edited and abridged from the Text of Bnffi>n by A. 
0. Illustrated by one hundred and fifty desSgns 
by Victor Adam. Translated fiK>m the original by 
]Eieijamin Clarke. Coloured plates. Imp. 8vo. 
« London, 1841. 

CONBROUSE (Guillaumb).— 920 mon6. 

taires m^royingiens. 27 plates. 4to. Paris, 1843. 

CONCINA (J. db).— H commercio de' 
Bomani in Aquilcja. Portrait and 6 plates. 4to. 
n.p. 1810. 

CONOESTA (J. db) .^Voyage dans la Dal- 
matie maritime. 2nd i£t. 8to. Yenise, 1831. 


OONDS (Hbvri db Boubbon, Prince de).^*-*^ 
Entrie du tr^hant, etc, Henry de Bourbon, Prince 
de Cond^, en la Tille de D^jon, 3"* de Septembira, 
1632. Plates. Small foL D^on, 1632. 

GONDfi (Louis db Boubbok, Prince dey — 

Description et interpretation dee portiques iuMn A 
Tentr^ de . . . Louis de Bourbon, prince de Condi 
en la Tille de I)\jon, le 6 mars 1648 ; aecom- 
^s des figures et arcs de triomphe (par Estiense 
IrochiUet). FoL D^on, 1650. 

CONDEB. (Claudb RBiaKiEB).— Pictorial 

Scenes from *' Pilgrim's Progress." Drftwn by 
Claude Beignier Conder. Chromolithograi^. 4to.^ 
London, 1869. SJBL 

CONDER (Francis Boubiuac).— the Alex- 
andra P&lace and Park, and the national importance 
of their completion and maintenance. By F. B. C. 
8to. London, 1871. S.K. 

CONESTABILE (Giovanni Carlo, CJonte). 

Sulla costruzione delle Salle dette dei CKganti, Me- 
moria di S. M. il Be Federioo VU. di Danimarea. 
Versione dal franeese, preeeduta da un diseorBo. 
8to. FirenjEe, 1860. 

CONEY (John).— Yorkshire Chnrcli AroM.' 
tecture of the Middle Ages. A series of etchings 
of Cathedrals, Churches, Hospitals, Monasteries, 
Friaries, and other Ecclesiastical edifices rfmainis^ 
in England. By J. C. The descriptiTe account^ 
each building by the Bev. J. A Gills. 

Part I. 12 plates. 

Part II. 16 plates. 

Chiefly drawn and engrayed by J. C. ; but seveod 
from drawings by Nicholson, engrayed by Byrne. 
FoL London, n. a. 

CONINCK (J. B. db).— Essai but Tliistoire 
des arts et aes sciences en Belgique. Large 8tb. 
Anyers, 1845. 

CONINGHAM rWlLLiAM).— Strictnres on 

the lUnutes of the Trustees of the National 'Gallezy. 
8ya Brighton, 1847. 

CONINGHAM (William).— Observaidons 

on the official report of Mr. Eastlake to the Trustees, 
of the National Challery. 8yo. Brighton, 1847. 

CONINGHAM (Willum).— Letters to the 

Editor of the *' Times " on the Frescoes in the 
House of Lords, and on the Academic plan of 
aoouB^ the National Pictures. [1849, 1850J 
8yo. London, 1850. S^ 

CONINGHAM (William). — An. Inquiry 
into the Establishment of the Boyal Academy of 
Arts. To which is prefixed a letter to the Earl of 
Bute, hj Bobert Strange, 1775. Edited by W. C 
8yo. London, 1850. 

Abstract of the Constitution and Laws of the 
Boyal Academy of Arts. With a preface by W. C. 
8yo. London, 1850. 

Laws relating to the Schools, the library, aad 
the Students. With preface by W. C. , 8yo. 
London, 1850. (The three bound m one yoL) BJL 

OONINGTON (John).— The Respective 
Effects of the Fine Arts and Mechanical Skill upon 



Books on Art {Supplement). 


KaliQiial Obaract^. An ossay xead in the theatre 
at Oxford, July 6, 1848. 48 pp. 8to. Qxfoxd, 

COlOnTBIA. — Portimts. Fifteen plates 
representing Bdyal Allianees. 4to. n. p., n. d. 

CONOLLY (John).— The Ethnological Ex- 
hibitione of London. Syo. 8wd. London, 1855. 

CONRAD (P. W.).— Reizen naar de Land- 
engte Tan Bvmz, lEgjpte, het Heilige Land door F. 
W. C president Tan de Internationale Commiflsie 
Toor de dooigiaTing der Landengte. With litho- 
graphs. Lazge 8to. St Hagr, 1859. 

CONRADI (C.).— Enfcwurfe zu Kirchen, 

. Schnl- nnd F&ngeb&uden nach den der Ansfiihrung 

zn Grande gelegten Banxeichnungen und Abrech- 

nnngen. Heransgegeben Ton C. C. Fol. Carlsrahe, 

1871. SJL 

COKSCIENCE (Hindbik). — Hoe men 
aehilder werde door H. C. Illastrafions. 2nd 
edition. 8to. Amsterdam, 1844. 

CONSTABLE (John).— English Landscape, 

from pictures painted by J. C, B.A. EngraTed 
by DaTid Lneas. 14 plates. Atlas foL London, 
n. d. S.K. 

CONSTABLE (John).— Varions subjects of 

landscape, characteristic of English scenery, from 

pictures painted by John Ck>n8table, B.A. En- 

' graTed l^ DaTid Lucas. 22 plates. ObL fol. 

London, 1880. S.K. 

CONSTANS (0.).— Caprices des Peintres 
de S&rree. WiUi 12 h'thogr. plates. Pol. S^Tres, 

CONSTRUCTION (La), Revue Hebdoma- 
daire des traTanx publics et particuliers guide 
Bp^al des constructeurs, entrepreneurs, architectes, 
.etc. Small fol. Paris, 1870, etc. 

CONSTRUKTIONEN aus dam Gebiete 

des Eisenbahn-Baues . . . Zusammengestelli und 
gezeichnet Ton den El^en des III. Curses der 
Orossberaogiieh Badischen Ingenieurschnle in 
Carlsrahe, 1862-63. 60 plates. ObL fol. Carls- 
mhe (1864). B.M. 

CONTA (Kael Fe. Ant. von).— Grund- 

linien d^r burgerlichen Baukunst Mit 4 Kupfer- 
tafdn. Laige 8to. Halle und Budolstadt 1806. 

CONTEMPORAINS.— Les Contemporains 
c^bres illustr^ 106 portraits. 106 Etudes, par 
IOC. M. CheTalier, 7r. i)ueaing, Simonin, A. Des- 
moulins, OctaTe Lacroiz, E. de La BMolliire, etc. 
V* aerie. 4to. Paris, 1869. 

CONTI (Giusbppb). — Storiadellavenerabile 
immaffine, e dell' Oratorio dell Croeifisso detto di 
Cas teT Ticchio nella Citt4 Sanuuniato. 8tO. Fivense, 

O&STY (HiNBT A. pb). — Londres en poche 
M am aavfaons, guide pratique illustr^. 5 plans. 
IMou^^ Buns, 1862. 

CONTY (Hbnet a. db) .—Paris en poohe, 

guide j^tique iUustr^ de rtoan^r dans Paris et 
ses euTirons. Plan 'de Paris, indicateur instantat^. 
ISn^o. Paris, 1863. ; j } 

CONTY (Bjinbt A. D£).-^Qtdnze jours en . 
Belgique, HoUande, et Prusse rh^ane, guide pri^-j 
tique et iUustr^. Atoc carte des chemins de fer. 
18mo. Paris, 1864. 

CONTY (Henby a. db). — Quinze jours sur 

les bords du Bhin, guide pratique et ^]lliurtv6. 
18mo. Paris, 1864. 

CONTY (Henbt a. deV — Quinze jours dans 
la Suisse du Nord et le grand-duchi de Bade. 
18mo. Paris, 1865. 

CONTY (Hbnet A. db). — Quinze jours dans 

la Suisse centrale, Oberlahd bemois. Carte des 
chemins de fer et graTuree in^tes. 18mo. Paris,^ 

CONTY (Henet a. db).— La Belgique en 
poche, guide pratique illustro. 18mo. Paris, 1865. 

CONTY (Henry A. db).— -Bruxelles en 

poche et ses euTirons. With plan. 18mo. Paris, 

CONZE (Alexander). — Reise auf der Insel 

Lesbos. Mit Anhang. 22 plates. 4to. HannoTer, 
1865. S.E. 

CONZE (Alexander).— Die Familie des 

Augustus, ein Belief in S. Vitale zu BaTenna. 2 
photographs. 4to. Halle, 1867. 

CONZE (Alexander). — Antike Satyrdar- 

stellungen und ihre Gegenbilder in der modemen 
Kunst. Woodcuts. 8to. Leipzig, 1867. 

CONZE (Alexandbr)^ — ^Beitrage zur Oe^^ 
schichte der Griechischen Plastik, Ton Alexander 
Oonze. Mit XI. Tafeln, meistens nach AlM^oBsen 
des archseolo^schen Museums der Konigl. tHiiTer-. 
sitiit Halle-Wittenberg, gezeichnet und Hthographirt^ 
Ton Hermann Schenck. Zweite Auflage. 1 1 btho- 
graphed plates. 4to. Halle, 1869. S.K. 

CONZE (Alexander). — ^Vorlegeblatter fur 
archaologische Uebungen. Folio. Wien, 1869. 

CONZE (Alexander). — Ueber die Bedefi-' 

tung der dassischen Archseologie. Eine Antritts- 
Torlesung gchalten an der UniTersitat zu Wien am 
15. April, 1869. Large 8to. Wien, 1869. 

CONZE (Alexander). — Zur G^hichte der 
Anfauge Griechischer kunst, Ton A. C, With 11 
plates. 8vo. Wien, 1870. S.K, 

CONZE (Alexander). — ^ITeber Griecbisohe 
Grabreliefs. Von A Conae. With 2 plates. Boyal 
8to. Wien, 1872. SJK. 

CONZE (Alexander) and MICHAELTS 

(Adolf).— -Rapporto d'un Tiaggio fatto nella Greda. 
5 plates. 8to. Roma, 1861. 

COOK (Andrew Gborob). — The New 

Builder^S Magazine, and complete Architectural 

Library Consisting of Designs in AMhiteetuze., 

in eTeiTs^le and taste... m. together vith the flaiif, 




Universal Catalogue of 


SecdDiu, and Elerationa, etc, EmbeUIahed with 
npwtrdi of 300 elegmt qoarto and {olio engraTiiw. 
ib>. London, n. d. S.K. 

COOK (Dutton).— Art in England, Notes 
and Studies. Fo« Sto. London, 1809. 

COOK (Euiea).— Poema Selected and 

edited W the Author. IlIoBtnted by J. Oilbett, J. 

Wolf, a. Wdr, J. D. WatBon, etc. EngTaved by 

the Brothers D&lziel. Withportnit. 4k>. Lod- 

' don, 18S1. S.K. 

COOK (Jameb). — A collection of forty-five 
engmrings bj C. Rgnatari, V. Allcfl's, and othew, 
illaitrating the Tojagee of Captain Cook and others 
to the South Sees, New ZeeJand, &C, indodilig 
poTtraitof Captain Coot. 4to. (Naples, 1800.?) 

COOKE. — ViewB in Rome and ita Vicinity. 
4B SDgTsvingg. Sojal Uo. (Loodon), 1S3S. 

COOKE (Edwakd William). — Entwicke- 
luDBigeechichte. Grotesque Animals, invented, 
drsTD, and dssCTibed by K W. Cooke, R.A., et«. 
(2* Autotype Platea.) *to. London, 1872. S.K. 

COOKE {Geohqb Alexasdee). — A Topo- 
gTA^ical and Statistical Desciiption of the County 
of Sent .... to irhich is prefixed a copious 
Travelling Quids, etc lUuBtratM with engniTings, 
and a map of the Connty. 12mo. London, o.d. 

COOKE (John Estes).— Wearing of the 
Gray, being personal portraits, sceaes, and adren- 
tnres of the War, by i. E. Cooke. With 8 portraiU, 
and 8 battle scenes from original designs. Soy. 8to. 
New York, 1867. 

COOKE (M. C.).— A Mannal of Botanic 
Terms. By M. C. Cooke. With iUustiations. 
16mo. London (1862), S.K. 

COOKE (M. C.).— A Mannal of Stractnral 
BoUuiy : for the use of classes, Bchoola, and priTate 
gtodenti^ by M. C, Cooke. With upnards of 200 
illnstTBtioUB by Ruffle. New edition. 16ma. London, 
(1870). S.K. 

COOKE (T.).— A Practical and Familiar 
View of the Science of Physiognomy, compiled chiefly 
from the papers-of the late Mr. T. Cooke, of Man- 
chester ; with a Memoir and observationi on the 
Tempenmeuti,' by the BliUr. 8 plates. Sto. 
London, 1819. 

COOKE (William).— A new piotnro of the 
Isle of Wight, illustrated with thirty-aJx plates of 
the moat beautiful and inCereeting views throughout 
the island, in imitation of the original sketches ; 
drawn and engraved by William Cooke. To which 
is prefixed an inlrodnetOT; account of the island, 
and a voyage round ita coast. 38 plates and m^. 
4to. London, 1808. S.K. 

COOKE (WiLLtiU Beknird).— Richmond 
and its vicinity. 4to. London, 1837. Wobum Lib. 

COOPEB (Abkahau). — ^ImpresHions of a 
•eriea of asunals, birda, etc, illnslrative of British 

Field Spoils, from a sst of silver buttons, drawn by 
A. Cooper, B.A., and engraved by John Scott. 
Plates. Bva London, 1821. SlE. 

COOPER (Chablzs Hekkt). — Annals of 
Cambridge. By C. H. Cooper. 3 vols. 8vo. 
Cambridge, I84S-1B. S.K. 

COPE (Chaeles West).— Six views of 
Bolton Abbey, and its environs ; diavm from naUira 
by C. W. C, and on stone by A. Aglio. FoL London, 

COPENHAGEN. — Ha&ia bodiema eller 
Udforlig Beskrivelse om de Eongelige ReaidwUa- 
Bg Hoved-Stad. Danish, French and Qennan text 
113 plates. 4to. £ial>enhan], 1748. 

COPENHAGEN,— Fondation for det kon- 
gelige Danske Skildre^Bildhugger-og Bygnings* 
Academie i Eiobenharn. Vignette eoppeiplata. 
12 pp. 4IO. (Kiiibenhavn, 1754.) 

COPENHAGEN.— Fra Kj*benhavn til Hel- 
ungor; ea Veileder paa denNordsJKlIandske jem- 
bane. (20 views with letterpress.) Obi ito. 
^obenbavn, 1864. BJU. 

COPENHAGEN.— Knnatforeningen i Kjo- 
benhavn. Dens Historie og Virksamhed fra dens 
Stiftelse til 1863. Udgivet a! Beetyrelsen. 8to. 
^jobeohavn, 1864. 

COPENHAGEN— Memoirea de la Soci^t* 
Eoyate des Antiqoairei du Nord. New Series. 3 
parte. 8vo. Copenhogne, 1S66-S8. S.K. 

COPENHAGEN. — Membres pr&ento an 

Congrb International d'Archiologie prihistoriqn* 

i Copenhagne, I8S9. ISpp. (Copenhagae, 1869^ 


COPENHAGEN. — Den Kongelige MynU 
c^ MedaillB-Samling. Oplysende BemEerkninger til 
de frsmlagte Uynter og Msdailler. Bvc ^obes- 
havn, 1869. 

COPHAM (Alfred).— FirBt Grade freehand 
dmwing. Twenty-four graduated oatline dnwioga. 
evo. London, 1370. BJL 

COPIA de los pareceres, y cenevTas de loa 
^verendissimoa Padres Maestfoe, y Senoree Catre- 
datjeoe (sic) de las insigues Vnivenidadw de Sala- 
manca y Alcali y de otrsB penonas doctas, Sobre 
el abvao de las flguras y pinturas lascinas y de«- 
houeatas ; en que se muestm que especado mortal 
pintarlaa, esculpiilas, y tenerlas patentes doadB 
seao vistat. ito. Madrid, por la vmda de Alouo 
Uartin, 1633. 

COPINGER (Waltek Aethub),— The Law 
of Copyright in Works of Literatoie and Art, in- 
cluding that of tbe Dram^ Mosic^ Engravinf, 

Sculpture, Punting, Photography together with 

International and Foreign Copyright, with tha 
Statutes relating thsrato, and references to the 
English and Amerises decisions. 8vo. Londoo, 
1870. BJf. 

GOPPfiE (Hesbi) .—World Piotarea in 
Capitals. By E. T. Potter. With a deacr^tira 


Books on Art (Suj^lement). 

Legsnd hj H. C. Hiolognpha. lU. Philadelphia, 
1869. B.M. 

COPPENS (A.).— Buinae BroxellenseB cra- 
delitolu Qallkae trut« monuinentam. 12 eolonMd 
platM. 4h>. Amatelodaini, 169S. 

COQUEEEL (A. L. C.)— Lettre k U. 
Charlea CoqiieTel, sot le sjatimt hUnigliphiqiu) de 
M. Champollioii, cODtid^ dam sea rapporU aTee 
rierHnre lainte. 48pp. 8to. Amitedom, 182S. 

COQUEBEL (Athanase).— IdbreB Stadea. 
Fftr A. C, All. Beligioi]. Criti<jiu. ffiitoira. Besni- 
AlU et Vojagta. 8Ta. Paris, ISaS. S.K, 

COQUBBEIi (AxHiiTAHB).— EembHmdt et 
riadiTidnalisme dans I'art. ConferenceB fsJtM k 
Amitfidam, Bottodani, etc. IZnio. Paiis, IS89. 

COBBET (V.).— Wotice archfologiqne snr 

lea moimaiei audsniMB at qnelqoes objeU MitiqnM 

Ironvja gar le >ol de Saint-Aiaoar et dsni sea en- 

TiroDB. S2pp. 12mo. LoDH-le-Satdmer, 1368. 
CORBIN-MANGOUX (Adeibit).— Des dif- 

tiieatB atjlea d'architectam et de la coasarrfttioii 

daa uiljqaitii da la vQle de BoaigM. 8vo. Parii, 

COBBLET (Juleb).— Description dea ^glisoe 

de Boje. 8tii. Amiena, 1844, 
COBBLET (JuLBs). — De ramenblement, dea 

^giise* BD Hoyen.lge. Sto. SaiDt-Qermain-eii- 

Lne. 1852. 
COBBLET (Jm-KB).— Notice hiatorique et 

litnrgiqne tnr 1m Clochea. Bto. Paris, 1BA7. 
COBBLET (JcxBs).— Eaaai historiane et 

litnigiqne anr Us dboirei et la Tittrvt de Feuchar- 

inie, 8*0. Paris, 1B58. 
COBBLET (JnLEs).— Le Lion et le bceuf 

KulpUa auz partails del iglises. Plates. Sro. 

Pans, 1862. 
COBBLET (JoiEs).— Le Mnsfe NapoWon 

A ArnienB. For I'Abbi J. Cirhlet. 8to. Anieof , 

COBBLET (Juleb).— Lea mannacritB k 

miniatuTea de la Bibliothiqne de Iaod par M. I'A. 

J. C 2 plates Ed. Fleory del. et sculp, aod initials 

in text. 22pp. 8to. Paris et Anas, 1861. 
COBBLET (Juleb).— Guide de I'fitranger 

so Hosie NapolioD. Paz M. I'Abbi J. Cbrhiet 

ISmo. Amisns, 1865. 
COBBLET (Juleb).— Expoflitbn de Pein. 

tnrea aodenne* an Hnaie NapolioD. Far.U.l'Abb« 

3. Corblet. 8to. Amieos, 1865. 
COBBLET (Jules). — Ezpoaition retrospec- 

tite de 1866 aa Musie Napolteu d'Aniens. Par 

I'Abbi J. Corblet. 8to. Airaa et Paris, IB66. 
COBBLET (Jules). — IToticQ snr nne in- 

Boiptioii dn XI* sitde, proveaant de I'abbaye de 

Cortae. 16pp. 8to. Anas, 1867. 
COBCIA (KicV— Imene e Fideo figiirati 

BopiB on TWO a Locri, memoria aicbeologiei di 

N. C. S8i^ 8T0. Hapoli, 1869. 

COBDE (L. T.).— Lea PierreB tombales da 

djoartemeot de I'Eure, recoeillies et dessin^ par 

L. T. C. 200 plates. 4to. Paris, 1869, etc. 
COBDBMOT (— , DE).— Traits dea eaiiitefl 

images. 12mo. Paris, 171^. 
OOBDEBO (GinLio).— Delia Zeoca e deUe 

Uouete degli antichi Suichesi della Toacana. 2ad. 

edition. Plates. 41o. ^sa, 1821. 
COBDEEO (QiuLio).— Becberche intomo 

ad alenne cose antiche dissoterrate in Toiiito. 4 

plates. 4ta. Torino, 1832. 
GOBDES.— NeneBte Zeichen-Schnle eddi 

Qebranch (BtStadt- nnd I^itd-Sehnlen, irie aneli nm 

Selbstnnterricht anveodbar. 2 Hefte, enthalteod 

24 Blatter BlumeD-Zeicluiungen. Obi. 4to. Berlin, 


SoDis GtrniLiDiiE Sank). — Thiorie circon^Mqae 
> deox genrea da beau, arec <uie application L 
hmtee tea mjtbolof^es et ans dnq beaox^Mta. Svo. 
Paris, 1812. 

COBMONTAIGNE (Louis de, Mar^ehal).— 
Architecture militaire, on I'art da fortiflar, qu en- 
seigne d'nne mani^ coiirte et iacile la construction 
de tontes sortes de fbrtiflcatiaas r^guliiree et irti- 
gnliiree, par H. ***. officier de distinction sous le 
rigne de Umis XIY. 2part8. 4lo. I^Haje,1741. 

COBMONTAIGKE (Louis de, Mir^chal) 

Memorial pour la defense dm places, &isaBt Boito an 
Memorial pour I'attaque. With plates. Bvo. Paris, 

COBMONTATGNE (Loois de, Marshal).- 
SUnorial poor la fartiJBcation permanente et paa- 
ngire; ouTTB^posthnine. With plates. Sto. ^ris, 

COBMONTAIGNE (Louia DE,Mar6chal) 

Manorial pour I'attaqiia des places, ouvisgepoat- 
hume. Wah 8 plates. 8to. Paris, 1809. 

COBNE (H.).— Des beaiix.-arts et de la 
Ltt^tuie an point de Toe de renseignement popn^ 
. laire. Sro. Dooai, 1B66. 

COBNEILLE (Pieerb).— Theatre de Pierre 
Comeille, ayee des Commentaires, etc Plates de- 
ngned bj H. Oiarelot, and angruTed bj C. Bsquoj, 
De Loiwoeil, J. I. Flipart, N. Le Hire, Lemperenr, 
and C. H. Watelet. 12 roU. 8to. (Paris) 1764. 

Thikre de P. C, avec de8 Commentaires (par 
Voltaire) et autrea Moiceauz int^reaeaos. Non- 
velle Mition, aagmentie. 8 vols. With plates. 4to. 
Qioire, 1774. 3.E; 

COBJfELItrS rPBTBE voh).— Ooethe'B 
Faust nacb Origioal-Zeiclumngeii, Photwr^hirt 
TOD Carl Abel. 12 photos, folio. Fiankfurt-a.- 
K, 1BB8. aE. 

COBNEB (FLAMmio) . — Notirie atoriche 
dalle Chieee e Honasten di Vaneiia, e di Torcello 
tratte dalle Chieee Teueiiane, B Torcellane iUnsti«t« 
daF. C. With plates. 4to. Padora, 1758. SX. 

COBNEB (SidnetJ.— Our Boral Chorchee, 
their histories, aKtuCactore, and antiquitiaf, b^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


Sidney Corner. With oolonred illastrations from 
paintingg by the author. Chzomo-lithographs. 4to. 
London, 1869. S^ 

CORNET Y MAS (Catbtano).— Trea dias 

en Montserrat. Goia hi8t6rioo y descriptiya de todd 
eoanto oontitne y enciecpa esta mentaia. With 67 
woodoatA and a plan of the Movntoin, 8to. Bar- 
celona, 1863. BJii. 

OORNBT Y MAS (CATETANo).-^Giiia del 

. viagaro en ManxMa y Cardova. DeecripciDn de todo 
lo mas notable en estas poblaeiones. With woodcnts. 
8yo. Beocelona, 1869. 

CORNILL (Adolph).— Johann David Pas- 
flavant. Ein LebensbUd yon Dr. A. C. 2 partfl. 
With portrait of FkuMarant and 1 plate. 4to. 
Franknirt-am-Maine, 1864-65. S.E. 

CORNILL (Otto) Jacob Heller und Alb- 

recht Dilrer. Ein Beitrag znr Sitten und Knnstge- 
Bchichte der alten Frankfurt am Main um 1500. — ^Zu 
Neujahrsblatt des Vereins fiir Geschichte und Alter- 
thumakunde zu Frankfort am Main fiir dad Jahr 
1871. Plates and woodcuts. 4to. Frankfurt a. M., 

CORNWALLIS (Ejnahan).— Two Journeys 
to Japan. 1856-7. By K. Comwallis. Illustrated 
by the Author. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859. S.K. 

4XmONATIONE di Codmo di Medici graii 
duca di Toicana fktta in Boma, con il viaggio e regia 
entrata in Boma. 4to. Fiorenza, 1569. 


Festeggiante nel Monte Pincio negli applausi alle 
glorie di LodoTioo il Orande, in oocasione della da 
Ini esdipata eresia, mediaate V Editto di Fontanablo, 
1685, etc. 5 large folding plates. Fol. Bctfna, 

CORONELLI (ViNCENZo Maria).— Atlante 

Veneto, nel quale si contiene la descrizione coro- 
graftca, storiea, sacra, profana^ e politica dell' 

Uniyerso opera e studio del P. Maestro C, 

Corografo dello Ser*. Bepub. e Professore di Geo- 
finfla nell' Univeraita ai Venezia ad ubo dell' 
Academia Cosmogiafica degli Argonanti. With 
maps and cuts. 2 yols. FoL Venetia, 1690. 

CORONELLI (VmoBNZO Maeia).— Epitome 

Ck>6mograflca per Tuso e fabbnca delle sfere, 

globi, planisferii, astrolabii, e tayole geografiche. 
Plates. Small 4to. Oolonia (Venetia), 1693. 

CORPUT (Abbaham van de). — ^Het Leven, 

ende Dood, yan den seer Beioemden D. Philips Me- 
lanchthon, etc. (With an engrayed Title-page, and 
9 Portraits of the Reformers!) 16mo. Te Amster- 
dam, 1662. S.K. 

CORRARD DE BREBAN.-- Recherchea 

sur r^tablissement et rezercice de Timprimerie A 
Troyes. 8yo. Paris, 1851. 

Troyens. Becherdies sur leur yie et leurs oeuyres 
ayec fac-simile. 8yo. Troyes, 1868. BM. 


OORRODI (August).— LandschaftKcheVor- 

laffen fUr Secnndar- und hohere Burgerschulen, ge- 
sekhnet und autographirt. 2 parts. 60 plates. 
OUong 4to. Winterthur, n. d. 

CORRY r Joseph) .^-Observations upon the 

Windwara Coast of Afiioa, the religion, characters 
customs, frc, of the Natiye0..«...made in the year, 
1806 and 1806. \^th plates. 4to. London, 

CORSI (Giov. ToM.).— La filosofia^ dal 

concetto in Opere d'Arte speeiahneUte di Saoro argo- 
mento. Considerato su yarii celebri dipinti di G. 
T. C. gi4 Ispettore deUa T. e d. Galloria Palatina. 
6 plates. Firence, 1851. 

CORSIGNANI (Pibtbo-Ahtonio).— Reegia 

Marsicana, oyyero memorie topographico-storii^e di 
yarie Golonie^ e CittA antachee moderne ; coUa d^- 
crifione delle loro Chiese, e Immagini miiaoolose, 
etc. 4to. Napoli, 1738. 

CORSINI (Edoaedo) .-Not© QraBcamm. 

Acoedunt dissertationes VI. in marmora qusdam. 
Fol. Florent., 1749. 

CORSINI (Edoaedo).— Spiegazione di due 

antichissime iscrizioni Greche indiriasata al Padze 
Anton Francesco Vezzosi. With plates. 8to. 
Boma, 1756. 

COIISSEN (H.)— Vorlegeblatter fur Ma- 
schinen-Constructionen. Znm Gebrauch in den tech- 
nischen Lehranstalten Preussens. 2 Hefte. 12 
lithographs and 4 pp. text. Large folio. Berlin, 

CORTE (Pranciscus de).— Syntagma de 

annulis, sive Tractatus Annularis de Annulorum 
origine, yirtute, et dignitati, Selectis Historiis, Theo- 
Pouticis Monitis, ae yariis discursibus illustratus. 
8yo. AntyerpuB. (1706). 

CORTES (Hesnando).— Cartas Ineditas. 
In " Antiquities of Mexico/* by Lord Kingsborough. 
Vol. yiii. SJL 

CORTES (Hernando).— Historia deNueva- 

Espana^ escrita por su Esdarecido Conquistador 
H. C, aumentada con otros documentos, y notas, 
por el Ilustrissimo Senor Don Francisco Antonio 
Lorenzano, Arzobispo de Mexico. With plates. 4to. 
En Mexico. 1770. S.K. 

CORTONA. — Saggi di dissertazioni accade- 
miche pubblicamente lette nella nobile Accademia 
Etrusca dell' Antichissima cittA di Cortona. 9 yols. 
Many plates. 4to. Boma, 1748-91. S.K. 

CORVAL (R. de).— Guide dans Paris aux 
monuments et curiosity, comprenant ritin^raire, la 
description, I'analyse et Thistoire de tons les monu- 
ments religeux, commimoratifs, etc. PlaQ. ISmq. 
Pans, 1867. 

OOSAOK (W.).— Lessings Laokoon. Fur 
den weiteren ^«is der Gebildeten bearbeitet und 
erl&utert Mit einer Abbildunj^ der Marmoraruppe 
und erlautemdem Namensyeraeichniss. Svo. Bexiin, 


Books on'Ari (Supplement). 



COSAS BE ESPAl^A ; or, Scraps from the. 

ForUWo of » TnraDw. lSmodeat« beloaging loi 
- Stiiling'B KAnub »f the Aztuts of Spain," ~ 

LcmdMt. 1M7. 
COSATTI (Luiq).— Biaeadom ■opnil 

■btenu dei tie BB. F. P. mutanalid (B. (f. Bos- 

oiTich, T. L«*eiiT,aiidF.jMqiuer)e8Q0t«rereeiicB 

il potimeoto e tiurduuiito dellK gran cupola di S. 

Retro (in Borne). 4to. Born*, 1713. B.M. 

C0SBN8.— The Eoonomy of Beanty ; in a 

Sarin o< FaUei tddressed to tlw I«dtM. 'Wldi 

platM. 4ta. London, ITTT. 
COSMO in.,DE'MEDICI,— ErcoIemTdje, 

ftstk t«stnU rawMuotkta in Uranie p«i le 

d«C.IILetHa^«ril«LaiMd'OTUvu. 13 p 

4to. Finnm, 1831. 
COSSACKS.— CharacteriBtio PortiaitB of 

Ikn Tariow Tribes of Coosscki atUched to the 

Allied Amiai in the Cunpaiga of 1S16. Taken 

troa lata at Paris, and accomMnied bf hiaharical 

J^itienlar*,. etc 53 pp., viUi litho^a^hic en- 

grannga. 4to. I/ondon, 1S20. 
COSSON" (— , AbW). — Notice aur ane 

moBaiqae decouTeite an Pi^Hant, contmone de. 

Bceanx (Lunt). i pistes. 15pp. Sro. Oclteos, 

COSTA (B. P. de).— Lake George; ita 

Seeneii and CbaracteristicE, with GlimpsM of the 

Olden Times. To vMch is added some accoont of 

l^oderoga, etc. With illnitrations. ISmo. Hew 


Lea Sipnltnres de Sunt Jean de BeUerllle (SsTcne). 

With platoa. Urge fol. Paris, I8S7. 
Another edition. Fbl. Gi«noble, iSes. 
COSTA DE UACEDO.— Sobre os rasos 

mnnfaiDoe. S ookmrad plates. '4to. losboa, 1B12. 
COSTB.— Bmbryogftiie compost. Cours 

snr le dlveloppement de lltomme et des snimanx 

tait an Musenm de lliistoiie aatarells ie Paris par 

raoteoT. TeztBm. Plates Ito. Puis, 1B37. 
COSTE. — Histoire g^n^rale et particaliere 

dn dJTBloppemenC dsa corps organises. Text Ito. 

Plates Pol. Paris, 184T--1BG3. 
COSTE (A.).— L'AJmce roioauie. fltadea 

archtologiqnes. 2 giaps. Bro. Unlhonss st 

Puis, IBGS. 
COSTE (A.).— Notice hiotoriqao et topo- 

graphiqne snr la ville de Tienx-Brisacb, area le 

Elan de la Wile de 1602. 3 plates. 8to, HqI- 
onse et Paris, 1860. 
COBTELLO (Dublit).— A Tonr through 
the Talln of Uie Heuse : with tb« !c«enda of the 
Walloon Countij and the Ardennes. Lithograph* 
■nd woodsnts. I2ao. London, ISM. 
COBTEUiO (DuTiLET). — Piedmont and 
IMjr from the Alps to the Tiber, illustrated ' 
___.._ . -^ \.i ...... ™.d ^ 



COSTBLLO (LoDiSA StuamV— The PallB, 
lAkai, and Mountains of Korth WUm. By Louisa 
Stuart Costello. With iUostiationB bj Thomas 
and Edward Qilks, bom. original shet^ies tQrJ). 
E. McEevan- With lithographs nad woadcnts. 
Small iU). London, IBlfi. 8.K. 

COSTELLO (LouiaA Sto4Bt).— A Tour to 
and from Venice, bj the Tandois and the l^roL 
With lithographs. Sto. London, 1S48. 

C08TEN0BLE (J. C.).— Ueber aJt« denf- 
Bche Arehitektnr nai deran Uispnug. B plates. 
Folio. HaUe, 1812. 

COSTENOBLE (J. C.I.— DerDomzuMag- 
debn^, ein Benkmal oftdentscher Baukonat, 3 
plates. Polio. Uagdebuzg, 181B. . 

COSTEB (J.)— GoscMedenis tou de Testing 
Luxemburg. Naar net Hoogdnitsch door W.' A. 
Altang Ton Oensan. Map. ^m. Ambsm, 1H9, 

COSTUME da moyen &ge, d'apr^a lea maca- 
scrits. lee peintures et les monameatBcontemporuns, 
fiiaiii dSlDO dissertation snr lea mcenre et Us 
nssgesdeoette tpoque. Witfa^atee. StoIs. lArge 
Sto. Bruxelles, 1847- 

COSTUMBS.— Lea Modes ParisienneB soita 
le IMrectoire. Dessins in6dits de Compte-Calix 
d'aprh Morcau. Lea tableam et lee estsmpee de 
r^i^ue. Coloured plates. 4bi. Paris, n. d. B.'SL 

COSTUMES.— (Albnin de Modes. A Col. 
lection of Coloured Plates horn Torions Preneh Books 
of FMhiwB, et«.) 6 ti^. Bojsl Bto. Paris, n.d. 


COSTUMES. — Costnmea of the Boyal Na-ry 
and Marines. IS oolonied plates. FoL London, 
n-d. , 8.K.' 

COSTUMES.— MisoelUiieoas Military Cos- 
bimei of the English Armj and Tolunleer forces 
from 1798-1828, ehtmol^eically anaiifrad. 23 
prints W Charles Tomkius, Bowluidson and others, 
some cotoured, sons plain. Polio, n. p., n. d. 

P. C. Lib. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES.— Pietnrefl of the Uniforma, 
Arms, and Equipments of the CaTslr; of Great 
Briloin, as it existed in 1742 and 174fi. Drawn 
np onder Uie direction of the Earl of Albemarle in 
1744. 30 coloured illnstratious of the Catalrj 
Beuiments, and 2 Bgnss of Bighlanders. 4to. n.pi, 
n. S. ^- C. Ub. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES.— The Cootnmea of the M«n- 
bers of the dyvernt; of Cunbtidfs. A sheet of 
coloiusd engnrings. London and Cambridge, n. d. 


COSTUMES. — Habits de direra nations de 
I'Enropr, Asie, Afriqoe st Amiriqne. With 186 
plates. ObL 4to. Anreis, 1683. 

COSTUMES. — Thirty-three engraTuigs of 
cifil, military, and religious costnms, ISth centnir, 
mounted in a T{4nme. Anonjnone. Small folio. 
n.d. [1600] T B£.. 


Universal Catalogue of 


COSTUMES.— Ordini del ConsigKo della 
Bepubblica di Lucca sopra gli abiti, e loro orna- 
mentL 4to. Lucca, 1621. 

COSTUMES.— AbbildungTindBesclireibung 

derer saemtlichen Schmeltz-Hutten-Beamten una 
Bedienten nach ihrem gewohnlichen Bang und 
Ordnung im behorigen Hiitten- Habit. 60 plates of 
oofltumee. Ist edition. 4to. Niimberg, 1721. 
Other edition (same plates) Niirnberg, 1788. 

COSTUMES.— Uniformes des armies fran- 
9ais6s, suivant los r^lementi du roL 198 coloured 
plates. Sm. 8vo. Nurembeig, 1750. 

COSTUMES. — Uniforms of the Infantry 
according to the King's Regulation of the 19th 
December, 1768. 70 figures of soldiers, represent- 
ing 70 regiments. Sm. 4to. n. p. 1768. 

P. C. Lib. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES.— Description de Tarm^e au- 
trichienne en 4 figures enti^res et 320 demi-figures, 
les tons sur deux grands tableaux, oolori^ Imp. 
fol. Erlangen(1770?). 

COSTUMES.— Costumes du tli6&tre na- 
tional roval de Berlin. 2 vols. 126 coloured plates. 
Large Svo. Berlin, 1806-8. 

COSTUMES.— Kostiime anf dem Konig- 
lichen National-Theater in Berlin. 172 coloured 
plates. 3 Tols. 4to. Berlin, 1805-1812. 

COSTUMES.— Uniforms of the Armies of 
Europe. Coloured illustrations. 8yo. London. T. 
Goddard (1811 ?) P. C. Lib. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES. — ^Picturesque representations 
of the Dress and Manners of the English. 60 
coloured aquatints. Svo. London, 1814. 

Soane Mus. 

COSTUMES.— Uniforms de Troupes Fran- 
9aises 180^1818. ' (About 230 coloured prints 
representing Napoleon, the staff officers, and one 
officer or soldier in the French service. No title- 
page or text.) 8to. Paris, 1815, etc. 

P. C. lib. Aldershot 

COSTUMES.— The Whole Art of Dress ! 
or, the Road to Elegance and Fashion, at the 
enormous saving of thirty per cent. ! ! ! Being a 
Treatise upon that essential and much-cultiyated 
requisite of the present day, Gentlemen's Costume 

By a Cayal^ officer. 6 plates. 12mo. London, 

1830. SSL 

COSTUMES Fran9ais depuis Clovis jusqu'i 
nos jours, extraits des Monumens les plus anthen- 
tiques de Sculpture et de Peinture, avec un Texte 
historique et descriptif. 4 vols. WiUi 640 coloured 
plates. Royal 8vo. Paris, 1836-39. S.K. 

COSTUMES.— A collection of 194 coloured 
engrayings of Costume from the Ladies* Fashion 
Books 1836 to 1846, mounted in a yolume. [No 
title page.] Roy. 8to. London and Pftris, 1836- 
1846. 8.K 

COSTUMES.— Die Uniformen der preus- 
sischen Garden, von ihrem Entstehen bis auf die 
neueste Zeit, nebst einer kurzen geflchichtlichen 

Darstellung ihrer Terschiedenen Eormationen, 1 704- 
183G. Coloured lithographs. 4to. Berli^, 1840. 

P. C. lib. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES.— Lbs Modes Parisiennes. Pre- 
miere Annee. Keepsake des Dames. With coloured 
plates. 4to. Paris, 1844. 8.K. 

COSTUMES.— Details of the Historical Bal 
Costum^ faven by Her Majesty the Queen, at Buck- 

- ingham Palace, June 6, 1846. Illustrated by 
numerous engravings. .4to. London, 1846. S.E. 

COSTUMES. — Galerie fran^ais des costumes 
du Si^e de Louis XIV. et Louis XV. Small 4to. 
Paris, 1849. 

COSTUMES.— Costumes of the Prussian 
Army under Frederick William IV., shewing the 
present dress and equipment. 33 coloured litho- 
graphs. No text. Folio. Berlin, 1864. 

P. G. lib. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES.— Costumes militaires de I'Em- 
pire Francais. 120 coloured plates. No title-page 
or text. Folio. Paris, 1866. P. C. lib. Aldershot. 

COSTUMES.— The Book of Historical Cos- 
tumes, drawn from the best specimens and the most 
authentic documents of each period. 4to. I^ondon 
(1868). B3L 

COTMAN (John Sell). — Liber studiorum. 

A Series of landscape studies and original composi- 
tions, several in the style of the old masters, con- 
sisting of forty-eight etchings. Fol. London, 

COTMAN (John Sell and M. E.).— Eight 

original Etchings, by the late J. S. G. ; also Ten 
Etchings, by M. E. C. Fol. Norwich, n.d. S.K. 

COTMAN (M. E.).— ElcTen Original Etch- 
ings by M. E. C. 8to. Norwich, 1832. 

COTTARD (L. M.).— Dictionnaire abreg6 
d'architecture pratique, a Tusage des ^les pri- 
maires sup^rieures et des classes d'adultes. 1 liUio- 
graph. 12mo. Paris et Strasbourg, 1837. 

COTTINGHAM (Lewis Nockalls).— The 

Smith's, Founder's, and Ornamental Metal Worker's 
Director. Comprising a variety of Designs in the 
Present Taste for Crates, Piers, Balcony Railings, 
Window Guards, Verandas, Balustrades, Vases, 
&c., &c., chiefly collected by L. N. C. 46 plates. 
Small foL London, n. d. 

COTTINGHAM (Lewis Nockalls).— Gre- 
cian and Boman Architecture. 24 plates. Large 
foL .London, 1824. 

COTTON (Richard W.).— A few words on 

Art-Education : addressed to the members of the 
Barnstaple Literary and Scientific Institution. 8yo. 
Barnstaple, 1854. S.BL 

COTTON (William).— Antiquities of Tad- 

nes, ComwalL Graphic and Historical Sketch. 
With numerous engravings. 4to. n. p. 1850. 

COTTRAU (Alpbbd).— Album des desdns 
d'ex^tion et des rn^tr^ de 36 ponts m^talliques 
du r^seau des chemins de for mtodionauz italiens. 


Booh on Art {Supplement). 


■t d'lm prqjet de pout ea ader ftveo a»,Tbe ceotiale 
At 120 mbata de porti«. 30 platca. Laige 
folio. Torino e Fbenie, 1868. 

COUCH (JosATHAS).— A History of the 
^■hea of Ue BritiBh Iilsndi. With 203 coloured 

, plates tvsm dnwings b; J. C. 4 mli. Sro, London, 

COUCH (Jonathan).— The History of Pol- 
perro. B fislung (own an ths soath cooat of Cora- 
wall; being ■ description of the place, its people, 
thni mBDoers, CDstDmB. modu of indnatry, etc. aj 
the late J. C. Wilh a short aecoont of the Life and 
Labours of tlie Anthor, and many addidona on the 
pii^nlar Antiquities of the District B; Thomas Q. 
CoQch. Sro. Traro, London, 1871. S.E. 

COUDEB (Aii^D^E). — L'Architoctnre et 
rinduMiie comme moyen do perfsction sociale. 
8plat«s. 4to. Paris, 1812. 

2iid ediUon, with 9 folding pUtea. Ito. Psria, 
1844. a.E. 

COUDEK (AMfiDftB).— Qtielqnes id4ee anr 
I'espocition nniversslk en France. 8^. Fttris, 

COUDRAY (L. D.)— Un coin de I'aiicien 
Dnnois, promenades ucbiologiqiiea, et antres, dans 
lea enTiroDs de Chiteaudnn. Ire partie. Sm. 
ChtUMdnn, 1869. 

COUET DE LORBT (Barok de).— Notes 
hictoriqnea anr quelqoes anciennea fiunilles messine* 
k I'occasioa d'on tablean attriboi k BembrandL 
23 pp. Btd. HeCs, IBSS. 

COUGNT ( — de).— Excnraion en Poitoa 
et en Tonralnp. Lettre Canmont. 8to. 
Caen, 1870. 

COUGNT (GcsTAVB de).— Notice arohfo- 
logiqne et historiqne lur Is chAtean de Chinou. 2 
pUtes. 8to. ChinoD, 1880. 

COULANQKS (F. de).— Mdmoire but Tile 
de Chio. Hap. 8to. Vaat, 18£7. 

COULON.— Le fidMe Gondactenr pour les 
VoTagss de France, d'Aagleterre, d'Allemagne et 

dTa^gne Farle Sienr C. 4 vols in 1. ISmo. 

Paris, 1864. 8.E. 

Die Bitter-Ordeo, 
ie die Olden adeliger 
Damen im EoniCTsiche Baiem, mit ihren Sazungen, 
geschicbUichen Bemerknngen nber ihr Entstehen 
vnd ihren dermaligenMitghedern, With Slooknmd 
illustrations. Bajal 8to. Uiinchen, 18S9. 

COULVIER (Gravieb) Rocherchea but 

les nitiorcB et sor les lois qni lea r^issent ; avee 
planches graTiea et lithognphiies. Sro. Paris, 

COURAJOD (Lodib).— Etudes iconogra- 
^liqiiM tot 1» topogra phie ecclUastiqne de la 
rtBDoe, anz XTII' et XVUI* mMm. Gives a 
detailed dewriplion of the celebrated oollection of 
engnrings known as the "HoaanieoiiQallicuiam." 
Luge foL Paris, 1869. 

COURDAVEAUX (Victoe). — Dn Bean 

dans la nature et dans I'art. Sto. Trojes et 
Paris, 1880. 
COURSON (A. DE).— La Bretagne du V 
au XII* siicle. With maps and iUnstmtions. Ito. 
Pbris, 1S8S. 

Chables). — tlofifi de Pierre Hignard, prononci 
dang la grand' sails de llifitel de rille de Troyes, 
ponr la distribution det prix de t'^le gratnite (Ab- 
mentAJre de dessin, la 2 septembre 1781. 8Ta 
Troyes, 1781. 

COURTET (J.).— Notices hiatoriqnefl et 
aidiiologitiDBs. Guide de I'itRUiger dona Angnon 
et see enTirons. ISmo.' Angnon, 18S7. 

COUSIN (Jean). — I,' Art da Desain de- 
montr^ d'une monieie daiie et precise par J. Consin. 
Seru, corrig^ et angmentie d'apr^ lee OuTragM de 
ce Uaitre et les meilleura ^tiona qni Bjent pam 
jusqu'icejour: parP. T.Le Ciere, etc. Engrared 
title, and 24 plates. Fol. Paris, n.d. SJ£. 

COUSIN (Jodhijoa), called JoiiKgDANST. — 
Atlas eomplet de cinlres et d'escaliers, i I'uaage det 
charpenttera. 30 platca and nomerons flgores. Fol. 
Agen, 184S. 

COUSIN (ViCTOs).— The Philosophy of the 

Beeutifid, from the French of V. Cousin, translated 

with notes snd an introduction by J. C. Daniel. 

12mo. Keir York, 1849. 

Earlier edition, lemo. London, 1848. B.H. 

COUSSEMAKER (E. de).— Hietoire de 

I'Harmonie an Hojen Age. 4to. Paris, 1863. 


C0U8SEMAKER (E. de)!- Vitraox peinta 
et incolor^ des ^lises de la Flandre maritime. 8to. 
Lille, 1860. 

COUSSEMAKER (E. de).— Notice enr 
I'abbaye de BaTenabeig (Eztrait dea annales da 
Comiti flamand de EHnee). Sto. Lille, 1862. 

COUSSEMAKER (—Li8tedeBceaiix 
relatifs a la Flandre maritime, par E. de Consse- 
maker. 2S pp. 8m. Lille, 1871. 

COUSSIN (J. A.).— Modeles d'architecture 
depnis I'origine de ceC ait jnsqu'i nos Jonra. 64 
plates. iV>. Paris, 1849. 

COUTURE (Thomas). —M^thode et entre- 
tjens d'atelier. 12mo. Paris, 1867. 

COUTT.— 1 M. de Canmont, Direotenr de 


COUVEZ (Aleusd&s). — La Science da 

Beau. £tnde par A. C. 30pp. 8td. Brnselles 



Elogios al Palocio raal del Bnen Betiro, escritos po 

algunoB ingeniot de Espana. Ifadrid, 1636. 


JJnioereaf Catalogue of 



COVELLI (Andria)j —^Teoria, oeiligrafia 

di A. C, Maestro di Calligrt^fia nelle Seuole magis- 
trali e tecniche, nell* istituto paten^o, e pubUcfrta 
, per cui^ di F. SCiuzaoQhelli. 18 pp. 8to. Ferrara, 

OOWIE (John). — Cowie's Bookbinder's 
Manual : ocmlainiiig a full deBcriptioii of Lather 
and Veliom BiDdinff; directions for gilding of paper 
and book-edges, and numerous rlduable recipes for 

sprinkling, colouring, and marbling; seventb 

edition. 12mo. London, n. d. S.K. 

fcOWLEY (Charles).— lUusiarated History 
ofXoweU. Revised edition. 12mo. Lowell (Bfass., 
printed), 1868. . BJii. 

COWPER (Wiilum).— Anatomia Corpo- 
rum humanorum oeptum et yiginti tabulis maaoma 
part^ ad naturalem ma^tudinem Bin|;ulari arti- 
ficio, nee minori elegantia ab excellentissimis, qui 
iiji Buropa sunt, artifidbus, ad vivum expreasis, 
atmie in ads incisis, illustra. Amplius explicata, 
mmtisque noyis anatomicis, inventis, medicis, chi- 
rurgicisque observationibus aucta a Ghilielmo C. 
AiM^dunt (0usdem introduotio in Oeconomiam Ani- 
malium, et nunc primum supplementum ad appen- 

. dicam latinitate donata, cmante GhUiebno Dtindass, 
Scoto M.D. banc novam et multo anctiorem edi- 
tionem una cum noTo indice eoque multo luculen- 
tiore, promulgate curavit Budoiphus Schomberg,. 
M.D. Woodcuts. Atlas fol. Ultrajecti, 1760. 

COWPER (William).— Poaos, of William 

Cowper, of the Inner Temple, Esq. Plates after 
Stotnard. Fcap. 8yo. London, 1798. 

COWPER (William).— Oowper illustrated 

by a Series of Views in or near the Park of 
Weston-Underwood, with descriptions and a brief 
■ketch of the Poet's life. 12 plates. 12mo. 1804. 

COWPER (William).— Poems HIus- 

. trated with engravings 'fh>m the designs of R. 
Westall (with a preface bj J. Newton). 2 vols. 8to. 
London, 1810. B.M. 

Poems With a bioffraphical and critical in- 

troducUon, by 8. Dale: and seyenty-fiye illus- 
trations from drawings by J. Gilbert. 2 vols. 8vo. 
London, 1859. B.M. 

COWPER (Willum).— The Task. Illns- 
strated by Birket Foster. Crown 8vo. London, 
1855. S.K. 

OOWTAN (Robeet). — Memories of the 
British Museum. By B. Cowtan. 8vo. London, 
1872. S.K. 

COX (David, Jun.).— [Six Views of Hamp- 

ton Court Palace. By David Cox, jun. No title 
or text.] Fol. n. p., n. d. S.K. 

COX (David). — {Progressive Lessons on 
Landscape, fbr Young Beginners. 24 plates. ObL 
fol. London, 1816. S.K. 

COX (Bdwabd Totoo).— The art of gar- 
nishing Churches at Christmas and other festivals, 
by Edward Young Cox, with photographs, Litho- 

0»phs, and wood ejBigiavin0i, illustmtiiig the' ori- 
ginal desigBi of sevcml tfchiteots, and nomeaous 
ancient examples. .: Bra. . liondoa, n. di SLK. 

COX (Obobob W.>— Talefl of Aiicient Greeea 

Post8vo. London, 1868. 8uK. 

COX (Gboege WO'and JONES (Ext^we 

HDrroK). — Popular Komances of the Middle Ages. 
Crown 8vo. London, 1871. SJC 

COX (James).— A descriptive Inventory of 
the several exquisite and maffniftcent Pieces of 

Mechanism and Jewellerv the collection of Mr. 

J. C, of the City of London, Xsweller, to dispose of 
his Museum by way of Lottery. With a portrait 
of George III. 4to. London, 1774. SJi. 

COX (Samkul S,).— Search for Wi^te? 

Sunbeams in the Biviera, Corsica, Algiers, and 

Spain With numerous illustrations. 8vo. New 

York, 1870.. B.M. 

COX (Thomas). — Ma^ia Britannia^, or, 

Topographical, Historical Eoclesiastieal, and Na- 
tural History of i>urham, with pedigrees of all the 
noble families and gentry, both ancient and modem, 
Biographical notices of eminent and learned |ai^ei^ 
to whom this County has given birth; also aii 
Alphabetical Table of the Towns, Villages, and 
Hamlets, with the several Hundreds and Deaneries 
in. which they stand, together with the value of the 
Churches in the King's Books, collected and cera- 
posed according to the beet relations extant. By 
the Bev. Thomas Cox. dm. 4to. In the Sav^, 
1720. 8.K. 

COZENS (Albxaitoer).— Essay to fiefccilitate 
the Inventing of Landscapes. 7 plates. 1759. 

CjDZENS (Alexander). — ^New method of 

assisting the Invention in drawing Original Com- 
positions of Landscapes. 1785. 

COZENS (Alexander). — Delineations of 

the 0-eneral Character, ramification, and foliage of 
*fore9t trees. 19 plates. 1786. 

COZZA (DoM. Gius.)— H Tusculano di M. 
Tullio Cicerone ; ricerche archeologiche di D. O. C. 
di Orottaferrata. 8vo. Boma, 1867. 

C^CE (J. D.).— On the Ornamental Fea- 
tures of Arabic Architecture in Egypt and Syria. — 
A paper read by J. D. Crace at the Itoyal Institute 
of British Architects, From the "Builder," Feb. 

12,1870. sj:. 

CRACE (J. D.).— On the Ornamental Pea- 

- tures of Arabic Architecture in Egypt and Syria. — 

A pamper read b^ J. D. Crace at the Koval Institute 

of British Architects. From the *' Building Keirs," 

February 4, 1870. S.K, 

CBACE (John Gregory)*— On Art Train- 

ing. An address delivered at a meeting of art 
workmen, February 15, 1870, by John G. Crace. 
8vo. London (1870). aSL 

CBAGGS (John).— A New Gnide to Hull : 

with a correct map. 8vo. Hull, 1834. 


Booh on Art (Supplement). 

CBAIO (W. M.).— Sporta of Love, in six 
Etebinm br W. BL C. Dedteated to tlie LmUm of 
the Bntiab Isles. With engrared Title. Ito. 
(LMdon, 1807.) SX 

CBJilK (Geobqb LiLLiz).— Tho New Zea- 
t&nden, caBtumiig a nsfntireof tfaefirstdiBConi^ 
of the Islvid and the adTentures of its early rial- 
ton ; with an iiLtereating scfQimt of ita praseDt in.- 
habitsots, &c It1aEtTat«d iriib cute. (Pnbliehed 
tuoajmotulj.) 12nio. London (1S80). 

CBALLE (AaiBTiDE). — D^coarertes arch£- 
ologiqnu. Sro. IJdge, 1858. , 

CRAMER (Disrai,). — Oetoglata Emblo- 
mata isonlia nora, e Sadie IJtcris petita, formandis 
ad renm pietatem aocommodata, et elsgantibDi 
plctare* Mn incirs repneaentata, ingenio Dn. 
SMUUtQiamMi. 80 plates, irith renea id Oenun, 
Franch, and Italian. I61110. Fnncofurli, 1630. 

CRAMER (JoHASN Akdb£). — Anleitong 
sum Fantteaea, nabit «inei ' aiuftihrlicheD Be- 
aehreibtuig Ton Te^hlnng dea Holies, Nutzang der 
Torfbrocha, etc Flstaa. Folio. "Rrannarbwaig, 

CRAKACH (LccAs).— Das New© Teeta- 
meut Dentzadi. (Traiulated bom the Oreek bv H. 
Lather.) t^M editioD, with 21 large vooooDt- 
jUnKiBtiDDS (o die BeralMion, by Locaa Oianadi. 
Folio. (Helchior Lotlheo) Wetttoberg (Saptamber, 
IS22). SM. 

CKANAGH (Ldcas). — See AoBicou (J. 
TOD Spnuabng). Wahrhaffta : Bildniss etlicher 
hoehloblicher Farsteti, etc. Mo. ' 1S62. 

CBAXACH (Lucis).— Imoae Cranaoli der 
AelCera, der Haler der SefoFmatJon, Fine biogra- 
phiache Skine znm Gedachtnisa der tierten Sscq- 
Inftrier aeiiHa Gebnrtq'ahna 1473. Atu den yof- 
handeneo Qoellen ztuammenseitallt Ton einem 
danklAian Enkel. 16mo. Witt«iib«tg, 1872. 

CRANSTON.— An account, with fllnstratiTe 
•ketchea, of Craniton'i pat«Dt bnildinga as applied 
to HortiealtaTe, 3rd edition. II UthagEBdiad 
plat«t. Folio. 'Binninghatn, 1369. ^E. 

CKAPELET (OxososB Adeibn). — Deapro- 
grta de rimpiimerie aa Fnnce et en Italia an XVle 
•iide. 8to. F&na, ISU. 

CR&PELET (Geoboeb Ad&ieh). — Stades 
nntiqBaa at.Jia&afres nr ]« ^rpd^^hle,. 8m 

CBASmS (L.) . — PaiBion-Spiegel, oder 
Foitrab mn Bnch dcu Lebcma (Lajdaa niid Ster- 
ben Christi). With li platn. 4to. Wiaii, 1671. 

CBAWFURD (John).— HiBtory <rf the In- 
dian AnhipelagOt the mMwan, arts, lu^oagea, 
rdigion, j^., of the inhabitant^. 8 vols., will) 
many platea. 8to. London, 1820. B.E. 

CBAWHALL (Joseph).— A coUeetion ofj 
Kght Harris OftrUddi for Sorth Country Anglera. 
Edited by J. C, and continned to this present jear. 
SO iroodeiils. Sro. Beweaatle-on-Tyna, 18S4. 

CBAYEN (A.).— Catalogne raisonnd de 
TanTie de fea 0. F. Schmidt, graTOor du Koi ds 
Fntaaa, 8to. Londraa, ITSS. 

CRELLK (A. L,),— Za der Knnat fenerfeat 
n banen. With lithogiaphia platea,. Laig* 
4to. Berlin, 1848. 

CaEMEB (R.).— Besprechnng des dnrch 
den Ehrenatiflahemi Dr. Boch, nber die Wieder- 

heratellung dea AKhener Unnsters ;g«halt«neB 

Vortraga Tom Standpunkta dea BaamaiBteia. litho- 
graphiE plate. SS pp. Large 8to. Aadien, 1868 

CRBMER (Robert) and BSSER (Ferdi. 

' Kum). — Dia Folytech&isehe Sehnle co Aachea. 
Sntworfen ron B. C. Anagefiihrt und hannigagc 
b«Q TOn F. E. With 11 ooppar platsi. Fol. Bei 
lin, IS7t, &E 

CRESCI (Gio. Frihcesco), — n perf^ 

scrittore, dove si Teggono i veri Caratteri, e le 

natural fonne di totte qaelle B^rta di lattnn, ebei 

Bcrlttore si appaitangmuV ; ' parte priud. 

rero serlttore si appaitangmio ; ' 
XL perhtto acrlttore, dove si 

e; parte leeonda. Witt 
idatca and voodcata. ObL tot Bouift, 1570. 

ORESCIMBBNI (Giotakni Mario).— Me- 
none isloricbe della miracoloaa immagine di S. U. 
dalle QiBsie ealiteQ(« in Boma Delia Chiesa di a. 
SalTBtOK in IaoiOj ed ora S. Uaria di Loreto, della 
Nazioiie Ficsna-iacoolte da &. U. C. Macaralesa, 
c&nonico di 3. M. in Coamedin con rimmag* di H. 
Tergina in trano, indaa in rune. 8to. Boms, 

CRESCIMBENI (Giotahsi Maeio).— Stato 
della S. Obissa Fa^e Lateranese uell' anno 1728. 
WithplatM. 4to. Botos, 1723. 

CRESSON (A. I).— PrincipeB de desein. 
2* paitie. Desaia gMmdtriqne, arec dea notions 
BUT lea prtgeadoDS et le dsiuin i me en g^niral. 
Omeroent, t4t«, awd&nis. Plates. tUt. Fans, 

CRESWELL (Rev. S. F.). — Collectionfl 
towards the History of Printing in Nottinghem- 
■hire ; with an index of persons and subjects. 4to. 
London, 1863. 

CRETJZER (FbisbrichJ.— Die hiatemohe 
Kunst der Oriechen io ihrer Ectstahung udd 
Fortbildung. Sro. Leipzig, 1803. 

CREUZER (Fbibdrich) Abriaa der 

rSmiscfaea AnUqnitiiten, sum (Jebralteh bei Volle- 
■nngeo, henusgageben Ton J. C. Bahr. 8vo. Darm- 
stadt, 1824. 

2nd edition. Darmstadt nnd Leiprig, 1829. 

CBEUZER (Fbiedbich). — Beitrae zn einer 
Qesehichte und Besehrelbnng det lutherischen 
PbirkiTche in Harbnig. 8td. Harbnrg, 1837. 

OREUZBR (Fsiedeich). — Ratalog einer 
PriTat-Antiken-Sammltmg, mit Nachwaisimgan. 
68 pp. 8to. LeipiigiindDaimiAMav^^^^- 


Universal Catalogue of 


CRICO (LoEENZo). — Indicazione delle pit- 
ture ed altri oggetti di belle arti degni d* osserva- 
£ione esistenti nella R. cittii di Treviso. 8vo. 
TreviBO, 1829. B.M. 

CRIGNELLE (Henri de).— Le Morvan: 
its wild sports, yineyards, and forests ; with legends, 
antiquities, rural and local sketches. Translated by 
Captain Jesse. 12mo. London, 1851. 

CRISP (Richaed). — Richmond and its In- 
habitants £rom the Olden Time. With Memoirs 
and Notes. Sy R. Crisp. With 7 woodcuts. 8vo. 
London, 1866. S.E. 

CRISPI (Joseph, Bishop of Lampsacns).— 

EzpUnatio Lapidis Inscripti fignrisqne exomati 
qnam J. C, Spisoopus liampsacenus, in Begia 
Studiorum Panormitana Universitate Litterarom 
GrsBcanun Professor lacubrayit With 2 plates. 
FoL Panormi, 1846. S.K. 

CRIVELLI (Giovanni). — Giovanni Braeg- 

hel, Pittor Fiammingo, o sue Lettere e Quadretti 
esistenti presso T Ambrosiana, per Giovanni Criyelli. 
8vo. Huano, 1868. S.E. 

CROECKER (J. M.).— Der wohl anfiih- 
rende Maler, welcher curieuse Liebhaber lehret, 
wie man sich znr Malerei subereiten (und) mit 
Olfarben umgeben solle. Woodcuts. Jena, 1743. 

CROFF (G. B.).— Oriflrinal designs for front 
entrance doors, both double and single. By G. B. 
CrofF, Archt Twenty-two plates. 4to. New 
York, n.d. 

CROFF (G. B.).— Model Suburban Archi- 
tecture, embodying dwellings of moderate cost 

and a variety of architectural features, interior 

and exterior, given to the larsest scale of any similar 
matter ever before published, £cc With 37 plates. 
4to. Troy, New York, 1870. 

CROKER (John Wilson).— A Letter on 

the fittest style and situation for the Wellington 
Testimonial, about to be erected in Dublin. With 
pliui. 8vo. London, 1815. 

CROKER (Thomas Crofton).— The Christ- 
mas-Box, or Annual Present for voung persons. 
Edited by T. C. C. Title and cuts m text. Small 
8to. London, 1829. 

CROEIER (Thomas Crofton). — A descrip- 
tion of Rosamond's Bower, Fulham the residence 

of T. C. C. (By himself.) With an inventory of 

the pictures, ^ 4to. (London), 1842-43. B.M. 

For private circulation, only 15 copies printed. 

CROKER (Thomas Crofton).— Fairy Le- 
gends and Traditions of the South of Ireland. By 
T. C. G. A new and complete edition, edited by 
Thomas Wright ; with a memoir of the author by 
his son, T. F. Dillon Croker. With woodcuts. Syo. 
London, 1862. 

C R O M E (John) . — Norfolk Picturesque 
Scenery, consisting of a series of 31 etchings. 
Imp. fol. Norwich, 1834. 

CROME (John).— Etchings of Views in 

Norfolk; with a biographical memoir by Dawaon 
Turner. 4to. Norwich, 1838. 

CROMER.— A Guide to Cromer and its 

^ Neighbourhood. By a Visitor. 3rd edition, care^ 

fully revised and corrected. 16mo. Norwich, 

London, n.d, S.K. 

CROMER (Martinus). — De origine et 

rebus gestis Polonorum libri zzx., accessit modo 
judicium Francisci RobertelU Utinensis, de authoK 
et libro. With portrait of the I^peror Sigismund. 
Fol. Basiliae, 1558. 

CROMPTON (Samuel).— Abstract of Dn 

Crompton's Essay on the Portraits of Sir Isaac 
Newton. 7 pp. 8to. Manchester, 1866. S.K. 

CROMWELL (Thomas Kitson).— Excur- 

sions through Ireland: comprising topographical 
and historical delineations of each Province. . . . 
Province of Leinster. Text, 2 vols, in 1. Plates* 
1 rol. All published. 12mo. London, 1820. 


CROS (Charles). — Solution g^nerale du 
probUme de la photographic des couleurs. 12 pp. 
8vo. Paris, 1869. 

CROS (J. P.).— Notice sur la Chapelle et le 
MausoUe de I'^j^rdque Guillaume Radulphe, situft k 
c6t6 de la Cathidrale St-Nazaire, etc. (With 2 
plates.) 4to. Carrasonne, 1840. B.M. 

CROSFIELD (Miss A.).— The History of 
Northallerton, in the county of York, etc. 8vo. 
Northallerton, 1791. 

CROSLANTD (Mrs. Newton) .— See Toulmw 

(Camilla). — Lays and Legends. 4to. 1852. 

de Carcassone. Plate. 8vo.' Paris, 1850. B.M. 

CROSNIER (— , Abb^). — Elements 

d'archeologie. Plates in outline. ISmo. Tours, 1845. 

CROSS (H.).— Cross's historical Hand- 
book to Malvern : containing a succinct history of 
the place ; notes on the geou^, botany, and topo- 
grapiiical beauties of the neighbourhood ; observa- 
tions on its church, climate, waters, &c. 12mo. 
Malvern, n.d. S.K. 


of Crosthwaite's Museum, Keswick, Cumberland, 

established in the year 1780 The whole is 

offered in one lot, and if not so disposed of, it will 
be sold by 'auction by Mr. C. P. Hardy. 8vo. 
Keswick, 1870. aK. 

CROUCH (Edmund A., F.L.S.).— An lUus- 

trated Intn)duction to Lamarck's Concbology. 
Plates. 4to. London, 1826. 

CROUZAS (J. P. DE).— Commentaire sur 
Tanalyse des infiniment petits. With plates. 4to. 
Paris, 1721. 



Books on Art (Supplement). 


(O, B.).— A Hirtoiy of Painting in North Italy, 
Venice, Padu», Vicsnra, TeronB, Ferram, Milan, 
Flinli, Brescic, fanu thp fbart«enth to the ititeentli 
centorj. Drawn up from freah mattriala after 
ncent resc^Khea in the aichivta of Italj ; and from 
fmonil inapecdon of the worlu of a^ ae^ttertA 
tlmagboBt Europe. B; J, A. C. and O. B. C. 
With iltoftraCiou. 2 Tola. 8ra. London, 1B7). 

(0. B.).— Italian Fainting (North Italy). From 
the " Qnarterlj Benvv." Jul; IBT2. Sto. 3.E. 

(O. B.>— Od tha Hiatory of Punting in Italy, etc. 
From the "Edinbnigb Beviev," Januaiy, W2. 
8to. SJ£. 

CEOWQUILL (Alfbbd) ^paeud. i.e. AirsED 
FoKSKsma). — > Abconlitica in Proae and Versp. 
With 13 coloured plataa by A. C. 8vo. London, 

CROWQUTLL (AtraBD) (p8end.i.e. Aj.tb.ev 
FoMBxam). — Pictures picked from the PJckvick 
Papen by A. C. 10 lithognphie pktM. No text. 
I^ige Sto. London, 1B3T. 

CBOY (AsdrA Bodolphe Cliude Francois 
Smioii, dit lUoDL db, Comte). — ,Loni» XI. et le 
Plcwit-Us-Tonn. With oumeroaa plates and auto- 
graphs. Large 8to. Touts, 1811. 

CBOY (Asdb£ Bodolfhe Cuude Fkanc^ois 
SmAoK, dit lUocx ni, Comte). — ConTersations fa- 
miliirta inr les arts, les|sciences et Iw mitien. 2nd 
edition. 12nu>. Limoges, 1861. 
8rd edition. 12mo. Limoges, I8SS. 

CROr (R. C. de).— Etudes statistiqaea, 
bistoriqnee et Kientiflques but le Dipartemeat 
dTndre et Loire (Anoienne Tounine). l6itio. 
^<m», Paris, 1838. 8.K. 

CROZET (P.).— Grenoble anden et mo- 
d«nie, publieaLion contenant la description de la 
Tills de Orenoble, de see motrnments. etc., termini 
par un plan de la ville et nue l^gende de see 
rats, et& 48 pp. 12mo. QreDoble, 1869. 

CBUCKSHAUKS (J.).— Designs for Eldo- 
lado Hetol and Wronght-iioa SasheB. 27 plates. 
4ta. London, n.d. Soane UoB. 

CEUDEN (RoBBET Peiecb).— The History 
of the Town of Qiavesend, in the Connty of Kent, 
«nd of the Fort of London. 9 plates and 31 wood- 
cnta. Boyol Sto. London, 1813. S.E. 

CBUIKSHANE (aEOBQE).— Mnnchanaen 
at WiJcheren : or, a Continuation of the renowned 
Baron's nrprising Travels, AdveDtores, Expedi- 
tions, and Exploits at Walcherec, the Dardanelles, 
TalaTcra, Cintis, etc, etc. , . . Written by 
fiimieir. With 3 etchings b; George Cnukshank, 
Snd adiUon. I2mo, London, 1811. S.&. 

CBtriKSHANK (Georoe).— The Magic 
I«iit«ni ; or Oreea Bag Pbt laid Open ; a Poem. 

. . . Bt a Wild Iiiah Woman. With 7 cuts b* 
a. Cruikshank. Sro. London, IB20. 8JL 

CRDIKSHANK (Gborqe).— A series of 
Caricatures illustratitig the Attorney -Genec&l'a 
Chaigea against Qneen Chroline. 31 plate*. FoL 
London, 1S21. 

CRUIKSHANK (Gbokox).— Six EtchingB 
by 0. C. to illustrate Lncien Qrerille. By a Cornet 
.in the Hon. East India Company's Serrice. 
Mounted. Folio. London, 1833. 8.E. 

CRUIKSHANK (Geoeoe).— The Tale Log- 
Plates by a. C. Jimo. London, 1847- 

CRUIKSHANK (GEOBaE).— Geoi^ Crnik- 
shant's Fair^ Librair. Cinderella and the Olaas 
Slipper. Edited and illustrated with ten sabjeets, 
designed and etched on steel by Oeorga Cruikshank. 
Post 4to. London, n.d. [1868]. S.K. 

CRUIKSHANK (Geobge).— Talpa, or the 
Chronicles of a Cl^ Farm : mi agricultural frag- 
ment, by C. Wren Hoekyns. With 24 woodents by 
O. C. 4th edition. Bto. LoodoD, 1SS7. 

CRUIKSHANK (Geoeob).— Our " Gutter 
Children." By Oeorge Cruikshank. [A fuUo sheet 
of letterpresB, with an iUoatration etched on glass 
by a. C] London, 18fi9. S.K. 

CRUIKSHANK (George).— George Crnik- 
sbank's Table-Book. Edited by Oilbert Abbott i 
Beckett. Ulostraled witb 12 steol plates, and 118 
engraTings on wood, by Oeorge Cruikshank. New 
edition. Imp. Bvo. London, 1869. > S.K. 

CRUIKSHANK (Gbobgb).— George Cniik- 
shaak's Omnibos. Illustrated with 100 engraTings 
on steel and wood. Edited by Laman Blaachi^ 
Kew edition. Royal Bto. London, 1869. S,K. 

CRUIKSHANK (Geokob). — Eighty-two 
lUoatntioiis on sleet stone, and wood. Br 0. C. 
With letteipress deacription. 4to. London [1870]. 

CRUIKSHANK (Geobqe).— The BrownieB' 
and other tales by J. H. Ewing. With llluattationa 
by O. C. Bto. London, 1870. BM. 

CRUIKSHANK (Geobqe).— See Anstbi 
(C). The New Bath Guide, See. With etehinga 
by Q. C. Bto. 1B32. 

CRtflKSHANK (J. R.).— Lesaona of Thrift, 

Subliehed for general benefit, by a Uember of the 
iTe-all-Clob. Coloured plates by J. B. Crmkshaak. 

Royal 8td. London, 1830. S.IL 

CRUIKSHANK (Bobbkt).— Points of 

Uisery. 20 plates by B. C. I^uge Bto. London, 

CRniKSHANK (Robeet).— Comic Album: 

a collection of hnmonrous talea, with anmeronB 

engraTJDga by B. C. 3 toIs. ISmo. London, 1830. 
CRUIKSHANK (Robebt). — Marg»te. 

9 plates by R. C. 13ma. London, 1831. 
CRUIKSHANK (Robeet). — The Hjgh- 

mctlled Racer. 10 plates by it. C. 12mo. Mn- 

don, 1831. 



Universal Catalogue of 


ORIJLL : (tfoDOOua). -^ The Antiquities of 

at Peter^s, or the Abbd^-Okiurch of Westmhufter : 
ooDtaining ell the ioBcnptionsr and roitaphs upon 
the tombs and grave-stones ; with the lives, 
marriages, and issues of the most eminent per- 
sons therein reposited ; and their coats of arms 
truly emblasoned. In 2 vols. Adorned with 
draughts of the tombs, curiously engraven. 3rd 
edition* (Plates.) 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1722. 


CRUSUS (M.).— TuTOo-GreecisD libri octo. 
* Woodcuts. Fol. BasilesB, 1584. 

CUBA. — ^Paseo pintoresco por la Isla de 

' Cuba. Publicada por los Empesarios de la Litografia 

del Gt)biemo J. Capitania General* Tom. 1. Svo. 

Habana, 1841. B.M. 

No more published, 

CUBISOL (Chables). — Notices abr6g6es 
Bur la *' B^gence de Tunis," par Charles Cubisol. 
1866. Lithographs. Fcp. fol. Paris, n.d. S.E. 

CUBITT (Jambs). — Church Desi^ for 
Congregations : its developments and possibilities. 
By J. C, Architect. With 19 plates. Svo. Lon- 
don, 1870. 8.K. 

OUCHERAT (FRANgois).— Olunv au XI* 
isi^e, son influence religieuse, inteilectuelle et 
politique. Svo. Paris, 1851. 

CUCHBRAT (Francois). — Triptiqne de 

Notre^Bame-Abbesse de Hiarcigny, peint sur bois 
- an XV* si^le par les moines artistes de Cluny. 
&ade. 14 pp. 870. Lyon, 1868. 

CUITT (George).— Twenty-fom- Etchings 
of select parts of Abbeys in Yorkshire, drawn and 
etched by George Cuitt. 1834. [Followed by 42 
Yiews in Chester, Abbeys, Welsh Castles, Sec, No 
text.] FoL London, 1884. S.K. 

CUMBERLAND (George).— Views in 

Spain and Portugal, taken during the campaigns of 
His Grace the Duke of Wellington. By G. Cum- 
berland. 12 plates without text, obi. foL (London, 

(JDMBERLAND'rRiCHARD).— An accurate 

and descriptive Catalogue of the several paintings 
in the King of Spain's Palace at IV(adnd; with 
Bomr account of tbe Pictures at the Buen-Itetiro. 
16mo. London, 1787. S.K 

qUMMING (Joseph George).— The Isle of 

Man ; its History, physical) eedesiastical, civil, and 
legendary. By the Kev. J. G. C. With maps and 
plates, ^vo. London, 1848. SJi. 

CUMMINGS (M, F;) and miller (CO.) 

Arc^iitecture. Designs for street ironts, suburban 
houses, &c. Fol. ^frpy, N.Y., l^aw York (printed), 
1868. BJtf. 

OUNHA (Jo&i Anastacio da). — Ensaios 

^ aobre os principios de Meehanioa ; obza posthuma 
' dada k luz por I). D. A. da S. C. possuidor do 
' lianuscripto authographo. 4to. Londres, 1807. 

CUNHA TABOADA (^OBt)^Befrfm ^ 

Arte da Pintura, con breves Sie^exo^ critieas sobro 
oscaracteres distintivos de suas Escolas, yidaa e 
euados de bcvlb mais celebxes Profesores. 8to. 
Lisboa, 1815. 

CUNIER (D, G. H.).— NiederbioniL dans 
la Basse MAJsaee. Description topographiqne, his- 
torique, et sanitaire. 12mo.^ Btras^uig, 1827. 

CUNNINGHAM (Alexander).— An Essay 

on the Allan Order of Architecture, as exhibited 
in the Temples of Kashmir. Plates. Svo. Cal- 
cutta, 1848. aK. 

CUNNINGHAM ( Alexandee).— The An- 

cient Geography of India. I. The Buddhist Period, 
including the campaigns of Alexander and the 
trayels of Hwen-Thsang. "With 13 maps. Boyal 
8yo. London, 1871. S.E. 

CUNNINGHAM (George Godfeby).— Lives 

of eminent and illustrious Englishmen, from Alfred 
the Great to the latest times, on an original plan. 
Edited by G. G. C. Illustrated by a series t>f finely 
executed portraits, selected ttOm tne most autbeatie 
sources, and engrayed by eminent attists. 8 yols. 
Boyal 8yo. London, 1836-^7. S.K. 

CUNNINGHAM (J.),— Desi^ for ferai 
cottages and steadings, with descnptioas, speoifiotf- 
tions, and estimates. With 6 plates. 8to. Edin- 
burgh, n.d. 

CUNTZ (C.).— Grandriss der Roniisehen 
Alterthiimer, in Beziehnng auf Sehaafs Enoyldg>> 
piidie. Syo. BnAinsdiweig, 1829. 

CUPS. — Cnps and their Customs. 8ro. 

London, 1863. iS.K. 

CURICKE (Reich.).— Freuden bezeu- 

gungen der Stadt Danzig Hber die hochst er- 
wiinschte Wahl und darauf erfolgte Kronung 
Augusti des Andem, etc. AUes in schonen Eupfem 
reprasentirt. 8to. Danzig, 1698. 

CURIO (J. C. D.). — Der Endzweck dei^ 
Kiinste. Small 8ro. Hamburg, 1774. 

CURIONI (Giovanni).— L'arte di febbri- 

care, ossia oorso complete di . istituzioni teDrico> 
pratiche per gli ingogneri, ardiitetti, periti in 
costruzione, periti misuratori, intraprenditori, capo^ 
mastri, e per quanti si troyano applicati all' esecu- 
zione ed alia soryeglianza di ooetruzioni ciyili; s^- 
dali, ed idrauliche, adomo di tayole illustinitiye per 
G. C. In progress. 8yo. Torino, 1869, etc. 

CURMER (Henri L^on).— La PK>pri6t4 

Utt^raire et artistique. 8yo. F&ris, 1862. 
CURMER (^BOTtr'^^ON).— Dresde, Paris, 

Rome, Montpellier, ponies religieuses et diyerses. 
Ayec 44 eaux-fortes. 8zd edition. 8yo. Lyon 
(printed). iWis, 1863. 
1st edition. -2 yols. 1861. 

CURTEN. — ^Essai^ sur les jardins, saivi du 
plan de la presqu' ile Parrache situ^ an midi 
yille de Lyon tzait^ en jardin pour accompagner 


Boohi on Art (St^lement). 


h paUis OTdonni pu maajetti dans cet em- 

plMement par C. Hate, 8to, Ljon, 1807. 
CURTI (PiEB-AvBROoio). — Pompei e le me 
roriae^ ToL i., iritli pUtM. 16ma, Mikno, 

CtrBTIS(JoHH).— E^rmlnsecta: being the 
Hfttond histoTj and flcoiioinr of the InBecta it^'miouA 
to the fleld crops of GFreat BriUiD and Irsland, and 
alio thoso Thich infeat tamo and annarieB ; with 

■■■sngBBsdons for their deatrnction. ft plates and 119 
wood eoraTingB. fioTal Sto, QlaBgow,I!diabiifsfa, 

■iS^Loidoa, I86a 

CUBTrUS (EEjrer).-^Tnscriptioiie8 Atticie 
~ iHipR itperUe. IS Bgaxtt in text. 8to. Barolini, 

CUBTIUS (Eenst).— PeloponneflOfl. Eine 

CUfiTlUS (Ernbt).— Znr GcBcbichto dea 

Wegtbanea Imj den Qriedien. *to. Berlia, 1806. 
CUETIUS (E^st). — ETeber die Beden. 

tai^ von uehaoIogiMhen Beiaeii for die Philologie. 

4h). Briii, 1S82. 

CURTI US (Eenbt).— Bede am JnbilKnin 
dsT K(enig1icb«n Kunstakadsmie za Diiiealdorf das 
!3 Jonios IS69 la dei TonhaUe gehalt«n tod B. C. 
27 pp. Sto. BerKn, rSBB. " ~ 

CUBTIU8 (Ejmax). — Ktmatmnseen ihre 
Qnacbichte and ihre Bestimnutng mit beaondorar 
BiickBidit auf daa konigliche Hnaaum za Berlin. 
Vortng gehalten im inMenscluiftlichen Vereine am 
26 Febraar TOO E. C. 30 pp. 8to. Berlin, 1870. 

CUBTIUS (Ebmht).— Die knieenden Pi- 
gnren der oltgriechisdieD Konit. 80. I^tnwnni 
ma WioekelniBmiA&at det ftichiiolagUdleii Owell. 
•ohatt za Berlin. Witb 1 lithoglBphio plate. <to, 

CXISACK (M.F.).— AHiatoryofthe King- 
doai gf Kenj. B; U. F. CnucL Srft iMtddn, 
1871. RK. 

CUSSAJfS (JOHH Edwih). — Hiktoiy of 
H«ttfoidahin: ewttaiulDganaewnntofthedeattats 
of th« Tuiou vuaon, pedicnea 6f hmiliea- con- 
Bcebd with the mdh^ ; antiqaitiwi local eurionu, 
tet. Jto. Cfaieflj compudd fiom original WWt , In tltg 
Boond OAoe, and Oitjih Htueom, fte. Htrti 
L and II. Fol. Hettlbid, 1870. " &E. 

CUSSFT. — L'lmprimerie' & I'ExpoMtion 
oniTeiaene de 1867. Conq>te rwdn i la Soaiti 
frst^nelle dea ptotea de Fm,.ati»ettti pai Vl. C, 
i^^ortanr. 47 pp. Sro. Pana, 1868. 

CUSTOS (Domihick). — Septem Chmtl 

Jean eflbidonea aangninia. 7 engiaTinga. 8to. 

n.p. IfiBT. B.M. 

GUSTOS. (DoMraiCK).—Atrinm beroicum, 
Csaaram, rwnm, aliommqne Hnmmatum ac pro* 
cemm. Witb portiajta. Fol. Aogtuln Tinds* 
lacomm, 1601. 

CUS WORTH (Chaelxs).— OuUfiiefli of 
Animala, on SB cards. IttawabyCCfoTBuniilea 
in llrat grade fmhand drawing. 16mo. London, 

. Snuinghan (printed), 1808. B.M. 

CUTTER, The, in Pive Leotuies npon tfee 

' Art and Practice of Cntting K^anda, AcqnaiatsQcea« 

Ud KelatioilB. With 11 coloured platM, dim alid 

'iatehed by J. A. Atkinson. l~2mo. LMidDn, 18<S. 

> S.K- 

CUTTS (EDWianL.).— SoeneBan^ChMao- 
iarB of the Middle Agea. Bg tlu BeT. E. L. Catta. 
WiClil82illiia(iationt. SmtJllto. London, 1873. 


ANirn). — Eeui anz la Qiogra^e min^loglq^e 
dee HnriroAi ds Paria, aTec nne Carte gk^ostiane 
et des CoapM de Tenain. 4to. Faria, 1811. S,K 

CUVIER (Geob6eb).— Lefl Oiaeani dictita 
et Sgur^ d'apria Is claaaificatioc de Qeoi^ Cnvier, 
miae an conrant dee .progrit de la acieiua. 7^ 

e' jiebat rnpriaentant, en 484 %urei, le» eap&oes 
ploa remaiqaableB eb lee caractiree geo&iqnM 
tiiia dn bee et d«8 pattea. I'eiU ezplicatit 8vo. 
Coibeil (priiflied}, Faria, 1870. ■ ■ ,. 

CXITP (Jacob). — Diverea Animalia Qiiadni< 
pedia ad TiTiuD dalineata a Jacobo Cnpio attune aeri 
inaculpta a R. Parajn iaxD vero in Incem ediia ^> 
Hioolanm Joannis Visacheram. 13 plat«t. Dblono 
foL (AmKUlodanti), anno 1641. S.K, 

CTTTPERS (M. Pbobpxh).— OmtKint onds 
giafbeuselEoaderAlphenMi Baarle-Naaiaa. Sparta. 
S plales. 8to. Arnhem, 1843. ' ' 

CTJZNEB (S.).— Handbook to Ilrtwms.Belt' 
wood. Containing the hiatorj' of Frooma and of ita 
magtiiflMntly restored dA Chnicb of Bt. John, San 
the time of St. Aldhelm to the t^ eaant 1 3. engMr- 
iogi. Std. FrocnnerSelvood, 1866. 
CTBDLZ (G.).— Hmdbnoh der Tttrain- 
Formenlehre, ant einMB A >'J'">g iiber SlentaaMr- 
Unterricht im Tanun-Zekhn«n nach plawHarhipi 
Untemchts-Mat^rial^. Mit 146 b den Tait Oe- 
drackton HoUiotuuU«a. Sojal Sto, Wien, 18«a< 
GZEBNT (Albbi).'-Diq Handschrifteii 4fir 
Stifblabliothek St Flarian, Oeordnet and b»- 
aefcrieben Ton A. C. Boyal Sro. IJtu, 1871. BS. 
CZBRWnrSKI. (A.)-.aMabichto dn TaiMS 
hnat. With U ilh>Btiati<iii& 8vo. .bipi^. 

Universal Catalogv£ of 



D. (A.). — J. S. Bmn, sctdptear-Btatuaire, 
aneien pensionnaire de Rome. Saint-Denis, I'Arc- 
de triomphe de TEtoile, le Palais de Justice de 

. ^uen. Xfotice historiqne par A. D. 8to. Evreuz; 
Paris, 1847. 

D. (E.). — Rouen. Revue moniimeiiiale, 
historique et critique, par £. D. 12mo. Rouen, 
1835. S.K. 

D. L. 0. See La Cobgnb ( — di, Abb6). 

D. (L. P.). — Blason des armoiries du 
' comt^ de Forez peintes dans le registre d*armes de 

Guillaume Revel ; pcurL. P. D. 8 pp. 8yo. Angers 

(printed), Paris, 1868. 

D. (S. X M.). — Coelnm Symbolicmn in qvo 
Sacra Elog^a quibns, velut firmamentnm stellis, est 
ezomata, symbolic^ depinffuntnr, ex Jtalico idiomate 
in Latinam lingram tranuata per S. 4 M. D. With 
60 plates of emblems. Small 4to. Gedani, 1698. 


DAFFNER (Franz).— Musterblatter znm 
Holzschneiden fur Gblanterie-Schreiner, auch zum 
G^brauche fiir Privaten- und Damen-Arbeiten. 
Fol. Wurzburg," 1860-63. 

DAFFNER (Maximilian). — Der Pisebau. 

£ine mit den neuesten Erfahrungen in der Schweiz 
bereicherte und durch Zeichnungen erlauterte 
grundliche Anleitung fur Jedermann, aus gewohn- 
ucher Erde sehr wohlfeile, dauerhafte, feuerfeste 
und warme Hauser zu erbauen. With 4 litho- 
' graphs. Large 8to. Scha£fhausen, 1843. 

2nd augmented edition. Lurge 8to. Schaff- 
hauBon, 1843. 

DAFFORNE (Jambs).— Pictures by Daniel 
Madise, R. A. With Descriptions and a Siographical 
Sketch of the Painter, by J. Dafifome. 12 plates. 

• 4to. London, n. d. S.E. 

DAFFORNE (James).— Leslie and Maclise. 

• The British School of Painting. Specimens of the 
Works of our most famous Artists. With biogra- 
phical and descriptive Notices bj J. Dafifome. (With 
20 plates.) Royal 4to. London, n. d. S.K. 

DAFFORNE (James).— Pictures by William 
Mulready, R.A. With Descriptiond and a Siogra- 
phical Sketch of the Painter, by J. Daffome. 

•Royal 4to. London, n.d. S.K. 

DAOLEY (Richabd). — A Compendium of 

• the Theory and Practice of Drawing and Painting. 

To which is added the practice of the pencu, 

chalk, tinted, and water-colour drawing, aj R. 
Dagley. With 19 plates.- 4to. London, 1819. S.K. 

DAGLY (G.). — Recueil des M^moires et 
des direrses ezp^ences, faites an siig'et de la 

conservation des Tableaux, par le Sr. D. 8ro. 
n.p., n.d. 

2nd edition, together with a <' Disoours sur Tin- 
corruptible." Svo. Berlin, 1706. 

DAGRON. — Traits de photographie micro- 
scopique. 12mo. Paris, 1863. 

DAGUERRE (Louis Jacques Mand^).— 

Nouveau moyen de preparer la oouche sensible des 
plaques destin^ k receToir les images photograph- 
iques. Lettre 4 M. Arago. Svo. Pans, 1844. 

teur Bequet, Srevet d'InTention, sans garantie du 
GouTemement Description de cet Appareil. Son 
emploi, substances chimiques 4 son usage, etc 
8to. Paris, 1845. S.E. 

DAHL (Johann Conead). — ^Die Buchdruck- 
erkunst, erfimden ron Johann Gutenberg, verbes- 
sert und zur Vollkommenheit gebracht dim^ Peter 
Schoffer Ton Gemsheim. Historisch-kritische 
Abhandlung von J. C. D. With portrait of Peter 
Schoffer. 8to. Mainz, 1832. 

DAHL (Johann Conrad). — Die Burgen 

Rheinstein und Reichenstein mit der Clemenzkirche 
am Rhein. Historische Schilderung. Lithographs. 
Syo. Mainz, 1832. 

DAHL (Johann Conrad). — Historiscb-sta- 

tisches Panorama des Rheinstroms von Bingen bis 
Coblentz, oder Boschreibung aller an und auf dem 
Rheine in dieser Strecke gelegenen Ritterburgen, 
Schlosser, Festungen, etc. 8vo. Heidelberg und 
Frankfurt, 1835. 

DAHLSTEIN (Augustin). — Casselische 

Nebenstunden. Geatzt von A. D. Cassel, 1754. 

DALBERG (Carl VON, Baron). -^Pericles, ou 
de Tinfluence des beaux arts sur la f61icit6 publique. 
12mo. Paris, 1807. 
Another edition. 4to. Parme, 1811. 

DALE (Antonius van). — ^Antonii van Dale 
Poliatri Harlemensis de oraculis Veterum £thni- 
corum dissertationes duae, quarum nunc prior agit 
de eorum origine atque auctoribus, secunda de ipso- 
rum duratione et interitu. Edition secunda pluri- 
mum adaucta; cui de novoacceduntdisertatiuncuUe. 
1. De statua.Simoni Mago, ut praetenditur, erecta : 
quA oocasione ag^tur de Chresto Suetonii. 2. De 
actis Pilati disscritur ; illaque occasione cur Augus- 
tus Caesar Dominus appeliari renuerit 3. Sche- 
diasma de Ck)n8ecrationiDus plusquam dimidia parte 
auctius. 2nd edition, with 7 plates. AmsteKbrn, 

DALIN (J.)— L'Efflise de Notre-Dame-de- 
Lorette A La Flocelli&e, diocise de Lu^on. 19 pp. 
8vo. Nantes, 1869. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 

Onnn (A. daU'). 

BALL' ONGARO (F.)- S™ Omqum) (F. datt'). 

PAIiTON (Hebmahn).— Hichel-Angelo nnd 
die Sixtinische Kapelle im VatUtao en Iwm. Vor- 
tng. 33 pp. IGmo. St. Petenbnig. n.d. 

DALTON (Hebuann). — Beisebilder ana dem 
Ori«Dt. 8to. St. PeUnbni^, 18T1. 

DAI/rON (HBEmsK). — Sohwind'B Sieben 

Baboti nnd die treae Schvestor. Voitng Kebaltea 

no H. D. Squn lemo. St Petonbnig, tSTa. 


D'ALTON (Johh).— The Hiatory of the 
CoiiBlj of Dablin. Sro. Dublin, 183 S. 

IVAI/rON (John).— The Hiatory of Drog- 
hedk, vitli it» eDviroiu; and an introdnctorj 
DumoiT of the Dablin and Drogheda Hailvar. 3j 
J, D'AII«n, £u. 2 toI«. Plat«g. Sto. Bnblin, 
1S44. S,K. 

D' ALTON (John).— The History of Ireland, 
from the euUeaf period to the jear I24S ; when tiie 
Annala of Bojle, wbich are aooptcd and embodied 
aa the nmciiiK text anthoritT, tenninate : with a 
briafeBMj on the Natira AsoaliBta, and other Boorcea 
f<tt ilhutiatiiig IieUnd, and fnll atatistital and hia- 
toriealKotieeioftheBaioDyof Boyle. 2to1b. Bco. 
Dublin, ISU. 8.E. 

(J. B.)— The kiatioT of Dnndolk and iU EnTironi 
aota the earliest Hiatonc Period to the present 
time, with Memoirs of ita Eminent Men. Plates 
and nape. Bto. Dundalk, 1861. 

DALTON (WtLLiAM Huoh).— The new and 
oompleta E^lish TraTsller; or, a new historicat 
■un-ej and modem deicriiAion of England and 
Walan. To vhich ia added an accniate descrip- 
tion of Scotland Aleo anewandaecnratesarrej 

and deaoiption of the Kingdom of Ireland. 

Written and compiled from the beat antboritiea by 
a Soeietr of Qentlemen. Seriiad, corrected, and 
impioTed by William Hugh Dalton. With platee 
and nape. Fol. London (I7S4). RE. 

DALT (C£sir). — Premiere CauBeide d'His- 
toire et d'Esttiatiqoe. Ce qne peat racconter one 
Grille de Per. I>e I'lnfiuenee des Fsnimea aor 
rAnhitectnre an xriii* siiele, etc. Sro. Pam, 
1801. BM. 

:s le r^e de Napolten m. d'apiis 

lea daenne de U. Qabriel Davioud, architecte, et 
•cna sa direction. Pabli&i aoua te patronage, et 
aTBC le conconn da la Tille de Paris par H. C^aar 
DeJy et M. Qabriel Daviond, With 64 pUtes. Fol. 
Pm, iUS. S,E. 

DALT (C£sA£). — Architectuie ftm^raire. 
Spjetmeni de tombeanz, mauoliea, chapellae, 
fiininina, ete., etc. In progreaa, FoL Paris, 

DALT (G^SAb). — Des droits et des deroin 

de I'arcMtscte enrisaeis comme conititnant le pro* 
giamme nioewajre de tont jooraal d'arcbiteetura. 
22 pp. 8ni. Paiia, 1870. 
DALT (C£us).— Fim^railleB de F41ix Du- 
ban lUdigi sur I'lntitatjon de la Comnusaion 

gnjtale de* Funiiailles et du Monument de Filiz 
iban, par C. Daly. Imp. Sto. Paris, 1871. 8.K. 

DALTELL (Sir John Gr&hah). — Some 
Account of an Ancient Manuscript of Martial's 
EpigrimB. niuitrated by an Engraving and occa- 
aional anecdotes of the manners of ths BoDums. 
78 pp. 8to. Edinburgh, 1811. 

DALTELL (Sir John Gbahui^.— Bare and 
remarkable animals of Scotland, with obterrotjona 
on their nature. With coloured plates. 2 Tola, 
<to. London, 1847- 

DALTELL (Sir John Gkjlhau). — Powers of 
creation diapUyed in the creation of obsarrationa 
on life amidst TBriooa forms. With 18 eoloored 
plates. 2 Tols. Ito. London, 1S61. 

DALZEL (Akchibald).— The History of 
Dahomy, an Inland Kingdom of Africa ; compiled 
from Autbentic Memoirs ; with an Introduction end 
Notes. By A. D. With map and 6 eugraTings by 
Chesham. 4to. London, 17B2. 

at Dome Enropa's School: showing bow the Oer- 
man Boy thrashed the French Boy ; and bow the 
Eogliah Boy looked on. With 33 illnstiations by 
Thomas Nast. 12mo. Saliabuiy, London (1871). 

DAMH0UDERE(J088EDb).— PraxiBBervm 

Criminalirm, Praetoribrs, PropntetoribTS, Conirli- 
bvs, ProconsrlibTS, Magietratibvs, reliqrUqTe id 
genvB Institiar^s, ae Omciar^s, in quucnnque Be- 
publica Forensem adminiBtratioDem ossumeatibaa, 
apprimi ttilis et neceesaria, cum nonnuUis Iconibua 
materiK subiects conuenientibns, etc With 73 
•woodcuts. 4to. AntverpiK, ISTO. 8.E. 

DAHITZ (Kabl von).— Die Moael mit ihren 

Tezte nebat einigen Zpisoden aus der 
W^t. 17pUt«». Hoyal 8to. Koln, 1838. 

DAMOISEAU (Louis).— Voyage en Syria 
et dans le d^rt. 8to. Paris, 1833. 

DANCE OF DEATH.- La grant Danse 
Macabre dea hommes et des femmes, byatori^ et 

augment^ de beaulx dits latin With woodcuts. 

4to. Troyes, IfiSl. 

DANCE OF DEATH.— La Dance des morts 
telle qu'on le Toit dipeinte dans la cilibra viUe ip 
Baele, qui repr^ute la Fragility de la vie haiWiA' 
comme dans ua miroir. Enrichie de tailles douces, 
&iteB apria I'original de la peinture ; et tiadnile dn 
I'aUemand en frsj^ms par les soins dea HMtiere de 
fen U. Mat4iliieu Mown. With plates. 4to. Bar- 


. \J^mper8aiC(xtul(^ue of 


. Doodendans, door J. Q. Schulte Jacobi. With 3 

platee. 8vo. Utrecht> 1849. S.K. 

DANCE OF DEATH.— Bilder des Todes, 

. Oder Todientanz far alio Stande. Erftinden and 

geEeiciinet von C. Merkel. In fiolz geschniUen 

von J. G. Flegel. With 26 woodcuts. 8to. 

Xieipzig» 1860. S.K. 

I3AKCE OF. DEATH.— H. Holbein's cele- 
: bratii^di J^w of Death iUastrated by a series of 
. ' photo-lithpgvitphio fac-similes from the copj of the 
first edition now in the British Museom. Accom- 
panied by explanatory descriptions, and a concise 
history of the origin and subsequent deyelopment 
^ ' of the stitgectL By H. N. Humphreys. 8to. London, 
^ 1868. B.M. 

Dance of death. — La Grant Dance 

.^ HacabrQ des Femmes, que composa Maistre Mar- 
^ fcial de Paris/ dit lyAuTcrgne. Public pour la 

Sremiire fois d*aprte le Manuscrit unique de la 
ibliothique Imp^ale, par^ P.-L. Miot-Frochot 
With 34 woodcut& Imp. 8to. Paris, 1869. S.K. 

DANOB OF DEATH.— Der Todten-Tantz, 
- wie derselbe in der weitberuhmten Btadt Basel, als 

ein Spiegel menschlicher Besch^fbnheit, ganz 
^ kunsthch mit lebendigen Farben eemahlet, nicht 

ohne niitzliche Verwunderong eu sehen ist. Origi- 

nal-Hokschnitte des seehi^hnten Jahrhunderts. 
JMit den deutschen Versen* 42 woodcuts. 8to. 

Leipzig (1870). S.K. 

DANCB:BRTS (Franz). — Zeiohenbuoh, 
oder Anweisung fUr Anfanger der Zeichnenkunst 
in 20 Kupfertafeln, alle Theile des menschlichen 

LL^oc^trs enthaltei^d. New. edition. Oblong 4to. 
Niimbeig, 1821. 

3rd edition. Oblong fol. Numbeig, 1832. 

DANCKBRTS (Justus).— Historiae Sacwe 

Veteri^ & NoVi Testamenti. Figures de la Bible. 

\ Bvbelsche Rguren Figures of the Bible. 

^ :„...Biblische Figuren, etc. With 165. plates. 
' 16mo. Amstelodami, 1689. S.K 

DANCOISNB (L.).— Essai snr la nmnisma- 
' tique de Tabbaye de Saint-Vaast. 4 plates. 39 pp. 
4to. Arras, 1869. 

DANFLOU (Alfbbd). — Lea Grands Cms 

Bordelais, Monographies et photographies de Cha- 
teaux et Vignobles. In progress. 4to. Bordeaux 
(1866, etc.). B.M. 

DANFRIE (Philippk).— Declaration de 

. l^jisage da graphometre. iuTent^ BOnueUement et 

mis en lumi^ par Ph. D., .taiUeur ^^eral des 
Monnoies de France. Woodcuts and figures. 4to. 

' Pkris,i5n. - i 

SiAinEL (Q.).— Histo^ de 2a Mlioe. 

Franooise et des Changemens qui s'y sont &it depuis 
rtouissement de la monarchie £ran9oise dans les 
GauleSj jii8qa*4 la fin da r^g&e de Louis le Grand. 
2 vols. Numerous woodcuttf^^of arms and ooktumes. 
4to. Paris, 1721. . .8X 

DANIEL (W.). — f A ft,mi3kr aJreatii© wn 

Perspective, designed for Ladies imj tho0e wlu> are 
unacqiiainted with the P^nd^es of Optios and 
Geometry, etc. By W. D. 2na edition, improved! 
12mo. London, 1810. -S.^ 

DANIELL (William) iand SMIRKE YEo- 

bibt). — The Adventure of Hunch-Back, and the 
Stories connected with it (from the ** Arabian Nightfc^ 
Entertainments'')^ with illustrative prints, engraved 
by W, D., from lectures painted by &, Smirke^ BJL 
Boyal4to. London, 1814. SJL 

DANIEL-TYSSEN (John Robert) .^Inyen- 

tories of the Gkxxis and Ornaments in the Churches 
of Surrey, in the xeign of £ing Edward the Sii^^ 
Reprinted fi^mi the Surrey Arehteological Collec- 
tions. Communicated by ^ohn Bob^ Daniel-Tysseo ] 
F.S.A. 8vo. London, 1869. S.K. 

DANIELETTI (D.).— Element! d'aidntet- 
tura civile. 18 plates. 8vo. Padova^ 1791. 

DANNENBERG (H.).— Pommems Miinze^ 

im Mittelalter. With 4 plates. 4to. Berlin, 1864. 

DANREITER (Fbanz Anton).— Les IVos- 

pects du Jardin de Mirabell i Sslsbourg. Les 
quatre Prospects du Chateau duSalsbourg. 1 9 plates. 
Obi. fol. ^ Augsbourg, n. d. S.E« 

DANSK PANTHEON. Et Portraitgal- 
leri for Samtiden. Udgivet af Em, Boerenbdto 1^ 
Comp. 4to. Ejobenhavn, 1842-^1861. 

DANTE ALIGHIERI.— Dante con IVspo- 

sitioni di Christoforo Landino, et d' Alessandro 

Vellutello. Sopra la sua Comedia. con Tavole, 

Aigomenti, & Allegorie; & riformatd, Hvedufo, ^ 
ridotto alia sua vera Lettura per Francesco Sansovino 
Fiorentino. With woodcuts. Small fdJo. Tenetia, 
1696. SJL 

DANTE ALIGfflERI.— Otto stampe ed un 
fac-shnile per abbellimento all' edizione dell^ Corn- 
media di Dante Allighieri illustrata da Ugo Foacolo. 
9 plates. 8vo. Londra, 1844. BJK, 

DANTE ALIGHIERI.— Dante, Translated 

into English Verse by J. C. Wright, M.A. 3^ en^ 
grsvings after designs by Flazman. 8rd edition. 
Fost 8to. London, 1854. 

DANTE ALIGHIERI.— Le Porgatoiife et Le 

Paradia de D. A., avec les dessins de G. i)oT^ 
Traductioii francaise de P. A. Korentino, aeeoin* 
pagn^e du teste Italien. Fol. Paris, 1868; B.lf. 

DANTTElt (Alphonsb).— Deflcriptipn monii- 
mentale et histc^ue de I'^lise de ^dtre-Damd de 
Ko^on, pr^c^^ d un Cou^ d'oeil sur rait chr^tien 
9XL moyen 4ge. 8vo. Pans, 1844. 

DANUBE.— ^Malerisclie Anaichten <ler Donau 
in Ungam von Theben bis Golumbacz, nebdt einiffen 

. tier interessantesten Gegenden dieses ^nigreidiiL) 
In 1 9 englisohen StahlsticfaeD mu^ ZeichBUBgaa von 
R. Alt, Thomas Ender und C. Elettew 8 pfakes in 
portfolio. 8vo. Pesth, n. d. 

n ,*► 


Books on An (Supplement). 


DAFPEK (OunBT).— Die nnbekaoto N«ae 

Welt, Oder BeBchreibang dra Welt-theik Amcriks, 
and das Snd-Isndec: Duionen Tom UIinjnuigB 

dsT AjDenker und SiuMnder and ran den gede&cjc- 

entworfenen AbbUduDgen geaeit. 16 maps. 38 large 

C' ' M, uid 70 amsll pUtes in text. Fol. Amstei- 
, 1673. 
DASCEL (Alfebd).— Le Ciboire d'AJpais. 

MoB^ dn LoQVie. 1 plate. Ito. Fu4a, JSM. S.E 
DARCEL (Alteed). — Beaux-Arts, Lea 

AnistM NornMadg an Stlon de IS61 (1863, etc). 

Sto. and 12mo. Bouen, IS61,etc B.M. 

DARCBL (Alfekd). — Vn Guide de I'ama- 

t«ai de bMBom et de porcelsinea. Large Sto. 

Pari*, 1S«4. 
PARCEL (ALfSED). — Notices des 4iiifiax et 

de rorAmrie. Mu^ du Mojen Age et de U 

Benaiuuee. 8«rie D. Sva P&rie, 1867. 
DARCEL (Alfxid). — Lea Merveillea^de 

I'Axt et d« riadnetxie. AntiqoiU, Uo;ea-A^, 

Benaissuce, Temps modarnee. Lea Arta indna- 

triclE i rEipoeitJon de I'Union Centiale en 1869. 

MM. Oirutofle. "Wifli -woodcuta and chromo-litho- 

gnphiL ito. Puis (1869). 8^. 

DABCEL (Alfbxd).— Tr^sordeHildeshdm. 

Notice pai A. D. Dinsnatlon, et prix dee piicei 
. d'orfiiTsri* eompOMnt la oollection et mTodaitea 
' 'eo fiK-«imile ^raniqne, pai MM. ChiuUifle et Cie. 

29 pp. Sto. Pans, 1870. S.K 

DABGET (Jbis Pisbri Jossra). — Nene 

BrfsdaDg metalleBe Qnanbdrncks ta maohen. Au5 

dam FraniosiaabeD, tod T. L. Klober. 2 platea. 

Sto. TGtnngen, 1806. 
DARCY (Hesbt). — Lea fontMnes pabliqneH 

tie la villf de Dijon. Siporition et application dee 

C'ndpei i Baivre et dee fonnnlos i emtJoyet AaiA 
qneations de discribntion d'ean, etc With Atlaa 
of 28 plat«t. Ito. Paiia, 1856. 
BMBtU d« CbalKai Maieona de Campagne, Jardini, 
. Fana, etc aiksilit par lea piimapaiLi arehitacta de 
Faria aoiu la diieetioa de loLD. et I. M . . (In pro- 
, greae.] With plafee. 4tu. Faci, 1970. 
DARES PHBTQinS. ■ See Dictib Caxtma. 

WaAaftigs Btatoti, fto. Small folio. 

DABET (PnBBB).— Tbe Doctrine of Moral- 
ly, 01 a Tiev of fiaman Life Monding (o the Stoic 

. noloeo^rBiaDpliiyd in oBcHiiadred and Three 
Coppar-Flatea doat bj the celebrated Moneieni 
Q««C-£i«n"*> to l^Q lata French Kin^. Wkh 
■a explaaation of each pla^ written origuiallj in 
French bj HoDnsor de Uomberrille, for the uw of 
tba «id Frince. IWielated into EngUcb by 
3, M. Gibbs. Fo^. London, 1721. 

PABJOU.— CoBtumes de la Bretagoe. 20 
eolonred lithograph*, 4t«. Forii, n.d. 

DARLET (Fhlix 0. 0.)— Oudidtea alsvad 

- irith pen and pencil, etc -Ito. New' YoA, Oun- 

bridge (C.S., printed), t86& RM. 

DARLET (Geobob). — The Geometrical 

Companion, in vfaich the elementf of AbUtact 

OeometiT ai« familiariaed, itloatrated, andmidared 

Post Sro. London, 1811. 

DARLY (MabtI. — Darlev'a Comio Prints of 
Charact^rB, CarliiatnrM, Macaronies, etc Dedi- 
cated to D. Oarrick, Esq. With 116 plal«B. Folia 
Londan, 1776. 

DARST (F.-J.). — Bfin^fices de rEglise 
d'Aniienai ou %tat gfai^ral daa biena, rereana ol 
fharges dn C\eigi da diociaa d'Amiena, an 1730; 
BTec das notea indiqnast I'ongine dea bima, la i4- 
partition dee dimea, etc Par P.-L Danj. 2 vola. 
4to. Amiens, 1869^71. 

Fonoing Vols. Vn. and VIII. of " M^moirea de 
la Sodjti dea Aniiqnairei de Picardie. Docnments 
inUita coBGarnaatla AoTince." Hg . 

DARWIN (EaiSMUs).— The Botamc Garden. 
A poem in two parts. Fait L containiog, lb 
Economy of Vegetation. Part II., Tha Lotcb Of 
the Flanta, with PhiloBophicsl notes. 8 plates by 
Blake aft<r Faaali. Sra edition. 4to. London, 
179S. . ;j. 

Earlier edition, with 20 platea. tto, I«ndon,178I. 

DAfiHWOOD (Gboeo* Hbhet).— Membr- 
anda accompanied with flgdrea of Hnral Faintii^, 
lately detected in the ehnich of Stow -BaTdoIph, 

DASHWOOD (J, B.).— The ThaiDM to the 

Solent by Cs,*al..and Sea; OTi tbe Log of, tha UnA 
boat " CSiprice^ With illustratioiui. 8tq. Ijooioo, 
1868. , BJM. 

DASSDOBF (Karl Wilhelm). — Be- 
schreibans der Toirn^lichiten UerkwiiidigkNteik d« 
ChurfuTBUicbeii Reaidenstadc Dresden und einiger 
^unliegenden Qegendeu. Plate and mac.' Bto, 
DreadeD, 17S2. 

DASSY (L. F.).— Tr^Bor da I'^glise abbatiale 
de Saint-Antdna en Dao^UBi. on la Vraili anr lee 
lUiqnea dn patriarche dea c^obites. - 1 j^ta-Aad 
designa in text, Sto. ^(^rs«lle, ISJSS. . il 

DAUBBKY (Ohahlm Oilbs Biidli).:— 
Oxfoid Botanic CHtdao ; or, a popnlar Otdde* to 
tha Botanic Garden of Oxford. 2nd edition...... 

With an Appendix, coBiainiDg aliatof theConntriea 
from whence the Plants ware obtained, and of thg 
pJDdpaj^ Collectors of tbe aame. By.C. Daqben; 
M.D., io. (WltL a plan of the garden and wood- 
cuts. Crown 8to. .(Oxford) 1853. SJE. 

PAUKAS (E.)^Le8 Chevanx dn Sahara 
et lea Ucenn do IMiart, par E. Damnu; oinkal 
de DirisioD, Sinatenr. Nonvdle Uitiont rsvnil at 
aogmenl^, arec de* OommaDtaires tor y£aiirAh4- 
el-Eadei^ Koyal 8ve. Paris, 186i^ BX. 

PAUMIBR (HiFPOLTTi). — Lea oent et tin 
Bobert MiMaira compoaja et deaaittia -qu ^'&,«u 


Universal CcUalogue of 


les id^ et les l^ndes de Ch. Fhilipon, tezte par 
Manrice Aloy et Louis Stuart. 2 vols. 101 Utho- 
. graphs. 4to. Paris, 1840. 

DAUMIER (Hippoltte).— N^m&is m6di. 
cale, recueil de satires per Fr. Fabre. 2 vols. 35 
vignettes. Large 8to. Paris, 1840. 

•DAUMIER (Hon.).— Les Boh6miens de 

' Paris. Plates. Fol. Paris, n. d. 

DAUMIER (Hon.).— Les Artastes. Plates. 

Fol. Paris, n. d. 

DAUMIER (Hon.). — Lea bona Bourgeois. 

Plates. Fol. Paris (1846). 

DAUMIER (Hon.).— Alannistesetalarm&. 

Plates. Fol. Paris (1848). 

DAUPHIN (HENRI).— H^lfene, type du 

bean dans Tart grec, ^ode mythologiqne et litt^ 
aire. 36 pp. 8vo. Amiens, 1870. 


DAUYERGNE (Anatole).— Compte rendu 

de Tezpoeition de Tindnstrie en 1844. Amenble- 
m ent. 8 vo. Paris, 1844. 

DAUVERGNE (Anatole).— La Connais- 

sance des styles de I'ornementation, k Tnsage de 
rindostrie. Plates. 8to. Pbris, 1846. 

DAUX (A). — Recherches snr I'origine et 

' Templacement des Emporia Ph^niciens dans le 

Zeugis et le Sysaciom (Afiique septentrionale), 

faites par ordre de I'Empereur par A. D. Imp. 8yo. 

Pans, 1869. S.K. 

DAV ANNE (Louis Alphonsb). — ^Annuaire 

photographiqne. 8to. Paris, 1866, etc. 

DAVENPORT (Richabd).— The Amateur's 
Perspective ; being an attempt to present the theory 
in the simplest form, etc 4to. London, 1828. 

DAVENPORT (S. TA— Explanatory cata- 
logue of Engravings, Prints, and Photographs, 
collected by S. T. Davenport, to illustrate his paper , 
on *' Prints and their Production," read before the 
Society of Arts on the 8th December, 1869, now 
exhibiting at the South Kensington Museum. 8vo. 
London, 1870. SJ^. 

DAVESIfiS DE PONTfiS (Lucien).— 

]^udes artistiques pendant un Voyage en Italic, 
suivies d'une Notice bipgraphique sur Manin, par L. 
Davei^de Pont^. Publiees pour la premiere fois 
d'apr^ les manuscrits de I'Auteur par P.-L. Jacob, 
BibUophile. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1871. S.K 

DAVEA (ViBoaio, Mabchese). — ^Memorie 

storico-artistiche intomo all' Area di San Domenico, 
* corredate di una appendice, e delle rdative tavole, 
disegnate da Luigi Masetti, ed intaffliate in rame 
da Ercole Dotti; compilate dal Marchese, VJ). 
8vQ. BologniB^ 1842. 


brteorvm Begis Potentissinii, Sanctissimi Prophetse, 
et Imperatoris fldelissimi. Vita et Res heroico 
Ausn laudabiliter gestte, Elegantissimis Iconibus 

depicts. 40 plates. Obbngl2mo. Heidelbuigze, 
1665. S.K. 

DAVID, called IjENGLET (Hilaibe).— 

Nouvelle M^thode de peinture k I'aquarelle et k 
I'huile appliqu^ unlquement aux portraits photo- 
graphic, petites dimensions et agrandis. 4th 
edition, 16 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

DAVID (Joannes). — Occasio arrepta neg- 

lecta, hvjvs commodfa ; iUivs incommoda. Auctore 
R. P. Joanne David, Societatis Jesv Sacerdote. 
With engraved title and 10 plates. Small 4to. 
Antverpis, exOfficina Plantiniana, 1605. S.K. 

DAVID (L. J.). — ^Notice snr le Murat de 

Louis David ; suivie de la liste de see tableaux, 
dressee par lui-m6me ; par L. J. D. 43 pp. 32 mo. 
Paris, 1868. 

DAVID (Pierre Jean) and VAUDOYER 
(Amtoikb Laubbmt Thomas^. La Statue et les 
Bas-reliefs du Monument ^g^ a la M^oire du 
G^n^ral Foy. Fol. Paris, 1831. Soane Mus. 

DAVID (Pierre-Jean). — Les m^daillons de 

David d* Angers r^unis et public par son fils. Re- 

Sroduction par la photographic de 478 m^daillons 
'apr&s les originaux. Fol. Paris, 1867. 

DAVIDSON (Alfred).— A History of the 

Holtes of Aston ; with a Description of the Family 
Mansion, Aston Hall, Warwickshire, by A. D. 5 
lithographs in colour, drawn by A. E. Everitt. 
Fol. Birmingham, 1854. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.). — Drawing for 

Bricklayers. Containing the Constructive Principles 
of Brickwork, and the Method of Drawing each 
Subject ; together with the Elements of FrMhand, 
Object, and Plan Drawing. With 2 double and 32 
single pages of Illustrations adapted for Architec- 
tural I^wins Copies, drawn on wood by the Author. 
Cassell's Technical Manuals. 16mo. London, n.d. 


DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— Gothic Stone- 

work. Containing the Histoiy and Principles of 
Church Architecture, and illustrations of the cha- 
racteristic features of each period, the arrangement 
of Ecclesiastical Edifices, and a Glossary of Terms. 
With 7 double and 18 single page plates, drawn on 
wood by the Author. Casseirs Teoinical Manuals. 
16mo. London, n. d. S.K. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— OrthograpMcand 
Isometrical Projeetioin : devdopmentof surfiaeeaand 
penetration of solids. 16mo. I^ndon, 1868. S.K. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— Biglit lines in 

'the right places ; or, the First Principles of Drawing 
and D^ign without instruments. 12mo. London, 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— The Elements of 

Building, Construction, and Architectural Drawing. 
With one hundred and thirty-three illustrations, 
drawn on wood by the author. (Cassell's Technical 
Manuals.) 12mo. London, 1869. S.E. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— Drawing for Car- 
penters and Joiners, containing a description of 



Books on Art (Supplement). 



the construction of the sntgect of each study, and 
the method of drawing it ; with elementary lessons 
in Freehand and Object Drawing. With 250 illus- 
trations and drawing copies. 12mo. London, 1870. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.). — Drawing for 

Stonemasons : containing a aescrintion of the con- 
struction of the subject of each study and the metliod 
of drawing it; with elementary lessons in Freehand 
and Object Drawing, and a concise history of the art 
of Masonry. With six double and twenty-five sin- 
sle pages of illustrations, adapted for drawing copies, 
drawn on wood by the Author. By £. A. Davidson. 
Cassell's Technical Manuals. 12mo. London, n.d. 
(1871). S.K. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— Model Drawing. 

Containing the elementary principles of Drawing 
from solid forms, the methoa of shading, and pat- 
terns for making Drawing Objects in Cardboard. 
With 20 single and 6 double-page plates. Cassell's 
Technical Series. 16mo. (London) 1871. S.K. 

DAVIDSON (Ellis A.).— Drawing for Ma- 

chinists and Engineers, etc. With 40 double and 6 
treble-page plates, containing above 200 illustrations 
adapted for drawing copies. Cassell's Technical 
Manuals. 16mo. London <uid Kew York (1871). 


DAVIDSON (Ellis A.). — Drawing for 

Cabinet-Makers. With 24 single and 5 double page 
plates of examples, adapted for Drawing Copies, 
drawn on wood by the Author. Cassell's Technical 
Manuals. 16mo. London (1872). S.K. 

DAVIDSON (George Henry). — The 

Thames and Thanet Guide and Kentish Tourist; 

oontainine the history and description of every 

place and every object of note between London 
Bridge and Samsgate Harbour. 3rd edition. Illus- 
trated with maps six lithographic views, and 

woodcuts. 12mo. London (1838?) B.M. 

DAVIDSON (James).— Notes on the An- 
tiquities of Devon, which date before the Norman 
Conquest. Plates. 12mo. London, 1833. 

DAVIDSON (J. W.).--A History of Lanark, 
and Guide to the Scenery, with List of Roads to the 
principal Towns. Woodcuts. 12mo. Lanark, 1828. 

DAVIES (Charles).— A Treatise of Shades 
and Shadows, and Linear Perspective. 2nd edition. 
21 plates. 8va New York, 1838. 

DAVIES (Edward).— The Mythology and 

Rites of the British Druids, ascertained by National 
Documents, etc. With an appendix containing 
mdent Poems and Extracts, with some remariLs on 
Ancient British Coins. 8vo. London, 1809. 

DAVTES (J.).— A Display of Heraldry, of 
most particular Coat Armours now at Use in the 
fix Counties of North Wales. 12mo. Salop, 1716. 

DAVIES (Owen W.).— An Historical and 
Architectural Guide to Peterborough Cathedral. 
ith edition. 61 pp^ ;l2mo. Peterborough, 1870. 

DAVIES (Robert).— Historical Notices of 
the Royal and Archiepiscopal Mints and Coinages 
at York. 8vo. York, 1864. B.M. 

DAVIES (Samuel).— Dover. With photo- 
graphic illustrations by R. Sedgfield. 4to. fiondon, 

1869. B.M. 

DA VILA. — Catalogue sjstematiqne et rai- 
sonn6 des curiosity de la Nature et de TArt, qui 
composent le cabinet de M. Davila. With plates. 3 
vols. 8vo. Paris, 1767. S.K. 

DAVTLLIER (Ch., Baron).— Le Cabinet du 
Due D*Aumont et les amateurs de son temps. 
Catalogue de sa vente avec les prix, les noms aes 
aoqu^reurs et 32 planches d'apres Gouthi^. Ac- 
compagn^ de notes, et d'une notice sur Pierre 
Gouthiere, sculpteur, ciseleur et doreur du Boi et 
sur les principaux ciseleurs du temps de Louis XVI. 
Par le Baron Ch. DaviUier. Documents inMits. 
8vo. Pans, 1870. S.k» 

DAVTLLIER (Ch., Baron).— La Fayence, 

Poeme de P. de Frasnay, suivi de Vasa Faventina, 
carmen (1735), avec une introduction sur Tusage et 
le prix des Faiences aux siides demiers. Post 8vo. 
Paris, 1870. aK; 

DAVILLIER (Ch., Baron).— Les Porce- 
laines de Sevres de Mme Du Barry d'apr^ les 
M^moires de la Manufacture Royale, notes et docu- 
ments inMits sur le prix des Porcelaines de Sevres 
an XVni\ si^e. Paris, 1870. S.K. 

DAVILLIER (Ch., Baton).— Une Vente 
d'Actrice sous Louis XVI. MUe. Laguerre, de 
rOp^ra, son inventaire meubles pr^eux, Porce 
laines de Sevres, cristal de roche, etc. Avec une 
introduction et des notes, par le Baron Ch. IK 
Portrait k Teau-forte par Gilbert. 8vo, Paris, 

1870. S.K. 

DAVIOUD (Gabriel). See Daly (C.) and 
Davioxtd (G.).— Les Th^tres de la Place du ChA- 
telet. Folio. 1865* 

DAVIS (Elus). — A short and popular 
Guide 'to the fine Pointing [of J. R Millais, Esq., 
B.A., of " Moses,*' and how it should be viewed. 
12mo. London (1871). S.K. 

DAVIS (Elias).- "The Penalty that FoUowa 
Intemperance and Sin." By Titian. A few words 
on the discovery of the above picture ; and also its 
relation to the "Bacchus and Ariadne'* of the 
National Gallery, by the same master. [By £. DJ 
Plate. 82 pp. 8vo. London, 1870. SJu 

DAVIS (Feedbbick).— The History'of Luton 
with its Hamlets, etc With 12 plates and map. 
8vo. Luton, 1855. S.&* 

DAVIS (Joseph Babnabd). — ThesanruB 

Craniorum, Catalogue of the Skulls of the various 
Baces of Man in the collection of J. B. D., M.D. 9 1 
woodcuts and 2 lithographs. 8vo. London, 1867. 

DAVIS (William). — A Journey round the 
^ Library of a Bibliomaniac; or, Cento of Notes uid 



. . Univereal Catahgue of 


KemiiiiBceiices coneeming rare, curious, and vala- 
able books. Small Syo. London, 1821. S.K. 

A Second Journey, etc Small Syo. London, 

DAVY (Heney).— A set of (10) EtoHnM 
J iUustratiYe of Becdes Church and other Suffolk 
Antiquities. Fol. n. p. 1818. 

DAVY (John). — An Accoimt of the Interior 
c of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants, with TraYels in 
that Island. 4to. London, 1821. 

DAVY DE CUSSE (L.). — Reoueil des 

signes sculpt^ sur les monuments mSgalithiques du 
iforbihan, reley^ et rMuits au pantographe. 1'*. 
livraison. 25 plates. 3 pp. 8yo. \^nnes, 1865. 

DAY (Heitrt N.).— The Science of iEsthe- 
tics ; or the nature, kinds^ laws, and uses of Beauty. 
WiA plates. Crown 8yo. New HaYen, Conn., 

_18T2l. S.K. 

fi^AT (John B.) and SON.~How a Picture 

is x<^oduced Fac-simile in Colour of the Original, 
. by means of Chromo-Lithography. 22 plates. 
. Large foL London, n. d. S.K. 

^^Y (St. John Vincent). — On some points 

* In certain theories concerning the purpose and 
' primal condition of the Ghreat Pyramid of Jeezeh. 

ij Mr. St. John Vincent Day, C.E. Read [before 

-' th# Philosophical Society of Glasgow] January 20, 

1868. With 11 lithographed plates. 8vo. Glasgow, 

1868. S.K. 

DAY (St. John Vincent). — ^Plates and notes 

relatins to some special features in structures called 
Pyramids. FoL Edinburgh, Glasgow (printed) 

1869. B.M. 

DAYES (Edwabd) .—Volunteer Uniforms. 
81 coloured prints. Drawn by E. D. EngraYed 
by C. H. Hodges. (No letter-press.) Small foL 
London, 1792-98. 

Although the name of Dayes is-on the first plate 
nearly all the others are by Sdi^IandttiD j 

P. C. Lib. Aldershot 

DAYES (Edwaed) and SCOTT (E.).~0o8. 

tnmes of the British foot-guards and in&ntry, 
. shewing the changes in the dress between the 

years 179^ and 1797. The first part drawn by E.D., 
' the second part drawn byE. S. 28 coloured mezzo- 

tinto engravings. (No letter-press.) Obi. fol. 

London, 1792-97. P. C Lib. Aldershot. 

DEAN (Willum). — ^An historical and de- 
.i script! ve account of Croome DAbitot with 

bic«ra]^hical nonces of the QoYentry Family; to 
' which IS annexed an HoHus Croomensis, and ob- 

serYations on the propagation ^Qf Exotics. With 

• plates. 8yo. Worcester, 1824. S.K. 

DEANS (Joseph).— Melbourne Church. 5 

plates by Gray. 8yo. London, 1343. 

DBBELLE TA.).— Albumd'Uriag© (Isere), 

Vues de retablissement thermal et de ses euYirons, 
dessine^s d'apr&s nature par A. D. Lithographi^es 
par Peroy, Jacottet et Benolt. Plgures par Bayot, 

aYec one carte, etc. FoL Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, 
Uriage[1850?]. BM. 


Fashion Book. Autumn, 1872. Debenham and 
Freebody, NoYelties, Oostumes, Mantles, Millineiy, 
etc 8yo. London, 1873. S.K. 

DEBET (M. H.).— Die Munsterkirclie zu 
Aachen und ihre Wiedcrherstellung. With 1 litho- 
graph iA folio. Laige 4to. Aachen, 1851. 

DEBIA (Pkospeb). — ^Souvenirs intimes sur 
L]gres. 86 pp. 8to. Montauban, 1868. 

DEBEBL (LuDOYicus). — Appendicula ad 
numos Augustorum, et Caesarum, ab urbibus GnuBce 
loquentibus casos, quos CL Vaillanthui ooUegerat) 
etc. 19 plates. 8yo. Vienna (1734.) 

DEBOMBOURG (Geoeois). — Coups de 

plume et coups de pioche k propos d'Alise. 8yo. 
Lyon, 1866. 

DEBONLIEZ (G.) and PINK (P.).— 

. NouYcau manuel complet du bronzage des metauj: 
et du pUtre, trait&nt des enduits et des peintures 
m^talliques. SuiYi de la peinture et du Yemissa^ 
des m^tauz et du bois; par MM. G. D. et F. F. 
OuYrage enrichis de nouYeaux proc^^ relatifs au 
bronzage, k la peinture et au Yemissage, traduits, 
mis en ordre et publics par M. F. Malepeyre, d*apr^ 
M. le docteur E. Winckler et autres pratieienA, 
(Manuds Itoret.) 18mo. Bar-sur-Seine (printed), 
P^s, 1870. BM, 

DE-BOSIS (P.).— Ancona descritta nella 
Storia e nei Monumenti per F. De-B., C. CiaYarini, 
C. Gariboldi, G. BeYilaoqua» M. MaronL With 2 
maps. Poet 8yo. Ancona, 1870. 8M. 

DEOAISNE.—See Anne of Brittany. Le 
LiYre d'heures, etc. 4to. 1859. 

DECAMPS.— See Mobeau (A.).— Decamps 

et son oeuYre, &c. 8yo. 1869. 

DEOANDOLLE.— See Candollb. 

(EDMOin>). — ^Les MerYeiUee du NouYeau Paris, etc. 
Plates. 8yo. Paris, 1867. B.M. 

DECHAMBRE (A.).— Caract^jres des 
figures d' Alexandre le Grand et de Z^non le Stoicien 
^air6 par la m^edne. 8yo. Paris, 1852. 

DECHAMPS (Victor) .^Du Progr^s des 
arts et de leur secularisation absolue k propos d'un 
congris artistique. 18mo. Toumai, 1864. 

DBCHARME (P.).— De Thebanis artiflci. 
' but. Thesim proponebat £aeultati litterarum pari- 
nensx P. D. 8yo. n.p. 1869. 

DBCHAZELLE (P. T.).— Honmmge rendu 
4 la m^moire de Jean-Jacques de Boissieu. 8yo. 
Lyon, 1810. "* 

DEOHAZELLE (P. T.). — Etudes sur 
rHistoire des Arts, ou tableau des progr^ et de la 
Statuaire et de la Peinture antiqnes au sein dea 
r^Yolutions qui ont agit^ la Gr^ et Tltalie. 
Tome I. Grece. Tome II. Italic. 2 yoIs. 8yo. 
Pans, 1834. S.K. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


D£CKERXPAUL).:--AiiuifTUirlicbe Anleitanf^ 
snr Oml-BAnkimflt. 3 Pftrte. 20 Bates. Fol. 
Nomberg, n. d. 8^. 

DEGEEB. (PAtTL). — ^Arcliitectiiratlieoretico- 

pnctica. Koj. fol. Leipzig, 1821-1822. 

DECOBATIVB DESIGN" selected by Sir 

Matthew Digby Wyatt, P.S.A., from the Gafiery of 
the Uffizi, Florence. Fhotog^phed by Adolphe 
Brttim, atid printed in Antotype. Series A. and B. 

2 Tols. Lazge obi. fol. Autotype Company. 
London, 1870. S.E. 

DECORATIVB PLATE, chiefly Portuguese, 
'Oerman, and Italian. With an introductory notioe. 
20 photographs. Large 4to. London, 1869. S.^. 

DECOBATOR, The.— An illustrated prac- 
tieal Tnaganne and adyertiser for the Furnishing 
Trades. 4to. London, 1864, etc. S.E. 

BECLfiVES (0. L, Abb^).— Notre-Dame 

de Bonne-Esp^rance, 4 plates. Laige 8 to. Toumai, 

DE COSTA (B. F.)--See Costa (B. F. de). 

DKCROIX rj. J. M.).— L'ami des arts, ou 
justification de plusieurs grands hommes. 12mo. 
Amsteidani [Lille), 1776. 

IpBBCKB (Ernst).— Beitrage zur Lubeck- 
ischen GescUchtskunde, gesammelt Ton Dr. £. D. 
4to Lubeck, 1835. 

DEECKB (WilHelm) . — T7eber Schifler^is 
Auffiissung des Kiinstlerberufs. 82 pp. 8to. 
Lubeek, 1862. 

DEFOE (Daniel).— A Tour through the 

whole Island of Great Britain, divided into Circuits 
or Journeys; giring a particular and direrting 
account of whaterer is curious and worth observa- 
tion. 3 volSf 8vo. London, 1724-25-27. 
Other editions '.— 

3 vols. 8to.' London, 1782. 

4 Tols. 12mo. London, 1742. 
4iM^ 12mo. . London, 1753. 
4 vols. 12mo. London, 1762. 
4 Tols. 12ma London, 1769. 
4 Tols. 12mo. London, 1778. 

DEFOB (Daniel).— History of the princi- 
pal diflcoreries and impiovements in the several 
Arts and Sciences. 8vo. London, 1727. 

DEFOE (Daniel).— The Life and Strange 
surprizing Adrentures of Bobinson Crusoe, of York, 
Xariner, Who lived eight and twenty years all 
alos* in an uninhabited isUmd on the Ooast of 
America, near the Mouth of the great River of 
OrooQoqiie; Imving beef) 4^t on shore \^ ship- 
wreck, wherein all t)ie men perished but mmseif. 
With an account how he was at last as stranf^ly 

' delivered by Pyzates. Written by himselfl t)e8igns 
bj Btothard, and life of Defoe by G.Chalmers. 
2 fols. 8to. London, 1796. 

A ttW edition, embellished with maps and en- 
gimvings. 8to. London, 1815. 

With, illustrations by CFrandviUe; Boyal 8va 
London, 1844. . "BM. 

Illustsated in oil colours by Thronfaeim. 12 
plates. 8vo. London (1864). B.M. 

PEFOS (Datid).— Belati<ni de ce qui B'est 
pass6 k Tentr^e de la reine en la viUe de La Bochelle, 
au mois de novembre mil six cent trente-deuz, par 

. B. Befos, 4to. La Bochelle, 1688. 

DEGEN (Ludwig). — Der Ban der Kran- 

kenhaitBer mit besonderer Beruchsichtigung der 
Ventilation Und Heiztng. With 10 lithog^^fe 
plates in folio, Boyal 8vo. Miinchen, 1862. 

DBHN-ROTFELSER (Hbinrich von);— 

Die Baukunst in der grossen Austellung nnd di9 
neueste Bauthatigkeit in P^aris. Beobachtungen, &c. 
8vo. Cassel, 1868. B.M. 

DBHN-ROTFELSBR (Hbinbioh von) and 

LOTZ (W11.HELM). — ^Die Baudenkmaler im Be|^er- 
> ungsbesirk Cassel beschrieben und in topographisch- 
al^iabetischer Beikenfolge susammengestellt. 8vo. 
Cassel, 1970. 

DEICKE (C. F. W.).— Me Blementarstufen 
des Zeichnen» in Verbindung mit den ELeioent^ 
der geometrischen Formenlehre; Znm allgraaeinen 
Schdgebrauch bearbeitet 2 Hefte. 36 Uth^- 
graphs. 4to. NorcUiausen (1856.) 

DEIK:ER(C.F.)— Waidmann'sHeil. Albim 
fiir Jager und Jagdliebbaber. Photo-lithographs. 
4to. Cassel, 1667. 

DGIKER (JO— Jagd^Bilder nach OriginAl- 
Gem&lden. Photographirt yon J. Schaefer. Fol. 
Frankfiu1>a.-M., 1867. 

DJiINHARDT.— Von den Idealen, mit be- 
sonderer Riicksicht auf die bildende Eunst und die 
Poesie. 4to. Bromberg, 1858. i 

DEININQEB (S.).— Musterzeichnunffen zu 
Schlosser-Arbeiten vom IS'-IO" Jahrhundert/ als 
Vorlsgen fur technische Schulen. ITnter Leitung 
J. C. Heideloff, herausgegeben von S. D. With 
plates. Lai^ square fol. Kumberg, 1828-29. 

DELABAR (O.). — Anleitung zum Linear- 
zelchnen mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung des ge- 
' werblichen und technischen Zeichnens. 1 und 2 
Theil. Das geometrische Linearzeichnen. Das 
projecktive Zeichnen. With 60 plates. Square 8V0. 
Freiburg, 1866-67. 

DELABAR (G.).— Die Polar- und Parallel- 
perspekiire, als Iiehrmittel fur Lehrer und Schiiler 

' an OberreaiBchulen, Industrie- und Gewerbschiden 
und andem mittlem und hohem gewerblichen und 
tedinisehen Lehranst^ten, sowie zum Selbststudium, 
yon G. D. With 82 lithographs, oontaining 225 
^gures, and 25 woodcuts in the text. Freibuiv im 
Breisgau, 1870. S.E. 

-DELABORDE (Henri, Vfcomte). — La 

Sculpture contemporaine en France. Charles Stmart. 
Large 8vo. Pans, 1860. 

DELABORDE (Hbkei, Vicomte) . — Dee 

opinions de M. Taine sur Tart italien. Boysl 8vo. 

Paris, 1866. 



Universal Catalogue of 


DELABORDE (Henei, Vicomte).— L'Art 
Italien et ses Nouyeauz Historiens, par H. D. From 
the "Beyne des Denx Mondes/' April 1, 1870. 
20 pp. BoyalSTO. 1870. S.K. 

DELABORDE (Henri, Vicomte).— Ingres 
Ba vie, 668 trayaux, sa docrme d'apris les notes ma- 
noscrites et les lettres du maitre par Le V** Henri 
Delaborde. Ouyrage ormk d'un portrait gray^ par 
Morse et da Fao-simile d'un antographe. 8yo. 
Paris, 1870. S.K. 

DELACOUR.— First Book of Ornaments. 
Dedicated to the Right Hon. the Lord Middlesex. 
7 Plates, Viyares sciup. 7 pp. Fol. n.p. 1741. 

DELACROIX (Emile).— Lnxenil. Antiqui- 
ty et thermes, par £. Delacroix. 40 pp. 16mo. 
Luxeuil, 1871< 

DELACROIX (Eugene).— Faast, Trag^die 

de GK>ethe. Traduite par Albert Stapfer et orn^ 
d*tui portrait de I'antenr et de 17 dessins ex6cut^ 
pieire par £. D. Fol. Paris, 1826. 

Another edition. With 18 lithographic plates by 
Ch. Motte. FoL Paris, 1828. 

DELAMOTTE (Philip Henbt).— The Sun- 
beam, a book of Phot^raphs from Nature. Edited 
bj Philip Delamotte, F.S.A. 4to. London, 1859. 


DELAMOTTE (Philip Henry).— A pro- 

gressiye Drawing-book for beginners. With 51 
lithographs. Poet 8yo. 4to. London, 1869. S.E. 

DELAMOTTE (Philip Henry).— The Art 

of Sketching from Nature. (With 24 chromo- 
lithographs by Vincent Brookes, after the Author 
and other Artists, and 24 woodcats). Boyal 4to. 
London. 1871. S.K. 

DELAMOTTE (William Alfred).— Original 

Views of Oxford, its Colleges, Chapels, and Gbtrdens. 
From drawings made expressly for this work by 
W. A. D. ; executed in lithography by William 
Gkurci, with Historical and Descnptiye iNotices by 
Charles Oilier. 26 plates. FoL London, 1843. 

DELAMOTTE (William Alfred). — An 

Historical Sketch of the Pnory and Boyal Hospital 
of St. Bartholomew. 6 plates and 24 woodcuts, 
drawn by Delamotte. Royal 4to. London, 1846. 

DELANDLSTE (Antoinb Francois). — Dis- 
sertation historique sur une Statue de Mars, trouy^e 
k Lyon. 8yo. (Lyon), 1780. 

DELANDINE (Antoinb Francois) .—L'En- 

fer des peuples anciens, on histoire des dieuz infer- 
naux ; de leur culte, de leurs teipples, de leurs noms, 
de leurs attributs, ayec la description des morceaux 
c^l^bres de peinture, grayure et sculpture des Artistes 
anciens et modemes qui ont repr^nt^ ces diyinit^. 
2 yols. 12mo. Paris, 1784. 

DELANDINE (Antoine Francois) .—Obser- 

yations sur une sepulture antique d^uyerte k Canon, 
en Normandie. 4to. Lyon, 1786. 

DELANDINE (Antoinb Francois). — Obser- 

yations sur une tombe d^couyerte a Villette en Dau- 
phini le 20 janyier 1787. 8ya Lyoo, 1787. 

DELANY (Mart Granville, Mrs.). See 

IiLAivoyEB (Right Hon. Lady). — The Autobiography, 
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DELAROCHE (Paul).— Historical lUnstra-' 

tions of P. Delaroche. Twelve Autotypes. "With 
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scriptions from Holinshed, Carlyle, Froude, Merle 
d*Aubign^, and other Writers. 8yo. London, 1873. 


DELAROCHE (Paul). See BASBHUson du 
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yers tableaux, marbres et objets de curioeit^ re- 
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appliqu^ A la menuiserie. M^tnode a I'aide de la- 
quelle on pent apprendre le trait sans maitre. 
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M^canique thtorique et appliqu^ Many hundred 
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Street, on the 18th of June, 1764. 2 plates by 
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selle. Qudques Notions sur TAbsolu en Science 
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nique des faits admirables de Maximilian I. durant 
son manage ayec Marie de Bouigoffne traduit da 
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DELEPIERRE (Joseph Octave). — Bssai 

historique et bibliographique sur les lUbuB. With 
woodcuts. 8yo. Lonores, 1870. £LK. 


Books on Art {SuppUment). 


DELEPIERRE (Joseph Octate).— Super- 

chjrien UcUmtivs, Futiche«, Sappoiitioiu d'Aat«nr, 
dans 1m LeUna et dans lea ArU. Small Ito. Lon- 
diM, 187S. S-K. 

DELESPIHE (PiEKBE-JoLBs).— Maroh^ des 
BUnev-HanteBui, Buivi dn tombsaii de Newton. 
Willi 16 platsi. FqI. Farie. 1834. 

DEIiESSEBT (Adolphe).— Bonveiurfi d'nn 
Tojagp dsQB llnde, tiicati d« 1834 i IB39. VTiOi 
pUMa. I«ige Std. Paris, 1843. 

DELESSERT CBenjamin). — Eecuea des 
Coqniliea diacrites pai I^marcl dane boo hietoire 
natnnlle dee animanz aaiu veiUbree, et noa encore 
Bsnitee. FoL I84I. 

DEIiESSEBT (E. de).— Six Bemames daiu 
riale de Budaigoe. l2tao. Forie, ISSS. 

DBLESTBB (J. B.).— Amraaire de 1» Pho- 
togimphie : immi dec procidji lee meiUenn ponr 
1* {daqiM uttalliqiie, le papiei tea et hmnide, U 

glac* albmuni« on eolkKUODsia par J. B. De- 

leatn. Denziiiiie Uition. Bra Paria, IBS8, etc. 

DELEUZK (J. P.V — Histoire et deBcrip- 
don dn Hna^Dm d'hiatoiTS natomlle. 2 Tola. 
With pUlea. Sro. Paris, 1823. 

Kigtiih transUtioii. HiHtoir and deacriptJoD of 
the rojal muaeDin of natural hiatoij of Paris. 
2 rob. With 17 plates. 8to. Pane, 1S23. 

TELFOBGE (H.).— Trait4 dea GonBtmc 
tiooa BiualeB eonCeoant Tnea, Plana, Coupes, EU- 
Tationa. IMtaila et Deris dee Bltiments de Ferme. 
33 ehramo-lithographed plstsi, vitb text. Atlaa 
fol. Ijige, 1867. S.K. 

TbeodoiU. Plate. 

1, 1849. 

DELOADO (A.). — InscripdoneB y &ntigue- 
dadeadelreinoTalenda. SSplatei. 4to. n.p. 1SS2. 

DELGADO (A.). — Catalogue deB moonaies 
et dea tnidaulea antiqnea, da mojei] 4ge et dea 
Lnnps modemae, en or, en argent et en bronie, 
composaat le eaijinet nanuomatiqne da fea H. Qua- 
taTe Daniel de Loricha. I plata. Sro. Hadrid, 

DELCM)VE (— , Abb4).— L'Abbaye dn Garf. 
Sro. Anim, ISST. 

DBLGOVE (E.).— Histoire de la ViUe de 

Oonlleiu^ par H. E. Delsore. 4to. Amieoa, ISSti. 

Formiiig Vol T. of " Hteioirea de la Soci«t« dea 

Antiqaairea de Kcardie. Soeinnenta inUit* con- 

cemaut ]a Prorin<!e." 8.E. 

DELORAS (AsTONio Altesi). — Compendio 
de patalegiada ecpanola. Platai, FoL thdrid, 

DflJCES.— Lee D^licea de la France, on 
Pee oi ption das Prorinces, Villea principalea, Mai- 
■ooa Bojalee, Chlt«anK rt antrca liaux remar- 
qublM de ce bean Bi^anme. Onrrage cnrienz ; 
cnridii ifns gnnd nombre de Figuree en toiUe 

donee ; et diriai en troia pMtiea. Bfapt and plana 
of eiliea, etc, 3toU. 12mo. Leide, 1738. S.K 

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rOrinne de pluaienn Manascrita de la Collection 
de M. Bartoia, par L. D. 8to. Pans, 1866. 

DBLISLE (Leopold). — Recherohea anr 
I'andanne biblioth^ae de Corbie. Sto. Paril, 

DELISLE (LfopOLD).— Histoire dn ch&toaa 
et dea sirea de St, SauTeor-le-Vicomte. 8to. Tb- 
lognas, 1867. 

DELISLE rL£oPOLi>). — Le Cabinet des 
Haonaerita de la Biblioth^na ImpfaWe. timiv 
BUT la formation de ce d£pAt, comprenant Tiliment 
d'une histoire de la CoUigiaphia, de la Hiniatare, 

' de la reliAre et da commerce da* lines i Parif, 
avant rinvention de Flmprimerie. 4to. Parie, 1 SflS. 

DELISLE (Leopold),— Inrentaire des Afa- 

DQscrita de 1 Abbay a de Saint-Tietor, comerrla i la 

Bi!lIioth^ne Imp^risJe, aona lea nmniroa 14232~ 

1517S dnfonda Latin, par L.S. 8vo. Faria, 1S69. 


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iquea. Tumulus, dolmena, meiUuTs et cromleclu. 
43 pp. Sto. Bannea, 1889. 

Hoael-I^DTama, oder malerischea Relief der Um- 

gbungen dat Moral niid deren Nebenthiler tob 
blenz bie Wasserbillis jenaeits Trier, ia 5 Blilt- 
t«m aaeh der Natnr ge«oicinot. — ^Haliof pittoreaqna 
dea Enrirons de la Moselle dapcis Coblence JDaqv'i 
Tiitee. Platra. Frankfort a. M. and Colti, nA. 

DELKESKAMP (Fbiedkich Wn.BEHi).— 
Maleriacher Beise-Atlsa deo Rheina Ton Basel 
bia itun Heare, nebet SnpplemenC'Blatt : Tbeils 
TOD Holland ond Belgien, und die Dampfaehiff- 
Verbindungen mit England enthaltend. Nach dec 
Natnr geceichaet, nut (ISO) Bondbildera (18) 
Stadtplanen nnd knreer ErUAning. Witli text ia 
4to. Frankfart>a,-]t[, 1844. 

DELL (J. H.) and PATEBSON (R.).— 
Natnre Pictnm. A aariea of thirty origiiuJ Ulns- 
tntioiia drawn on wood bj J. H. Del! and engiSTed 
bjr B. PatwBOD. FoL Londoa, 1871. 8JC 

DELOCHE (Majjuts). — Description dea 
monnaiea miioTingiannaa dn Ijmoniain, 8 plates. 
8to. Puis, 1883. 

DELOHBARDY,— Catalogue des monnaiefl 
&an;aiaea de la eollectJOD de H. Rignanlt, oompre- 
oant lea monnaiea Torales et nationales d'argent, 
de billon et de cdIttc, depnia Is XII' niclajvaqn'oa 
1848. Sto. Faria, 1S4B. 

DELOBMB (T. CV— Description dn Mpste 
deViBDne(Iaue), piecUiede recherchee hiatoriqnes 
snr le Temple d'Anguste et de liTia, par H. T. C. 
Delonne, et onie de nenf lithographiea. Std. 
Vienna. 1S41. aK. 


Univet^sal\Caialog%ie of ' 


^ la commission des beaux arts, dans sa stance dn 19 

• Aoi!it de la m^me ann^. 8to. Vienne (1842). 

DBLORMB (T; O.).— Eapport sur les fon- 
•' illes ex^nt^ dans les jardins de Thospice de 

Vienne, pendant les mois de^ Mai, Jnin, et Juillet, 
' 1838, la devant la commission des beaux arts de 

cette yiUe, le 5 Noyembre de la m^e ann^e. 8vo. 
' Vienne, 1842. 

PEW>BME (T. 0.).— iU^port sur le di- 

., placement du tombeau d'Etienne de Foisieu, lu de- 
vant la commission des Beaux-arts de Vienne (Is^) 
, le 8 Fevrier, 1843. 1 plate. 8vo. Vienne, 1844, 

JDELOET (J.).— Histoire de rhomme au 
^ Masque de fer, accompa^^ des pi^es authentiques 
et de facsimile. Fortrait. 8yo. Faris, 1825. 

DELPECH (F.).— (A CoUection of 113 

• coloured lithographs of French Historical Costumes. 
. FVom 1265-1810,)- Litbogn^ttd by F. Delpech. 

4to. Fai;is, n.d. S.K. 

DELPOI^^ (Joseph). — Essai sttr Torigine 
' des monuments cyclop^ns dans les Gaules. 45 pp. 
• ' 8to. Toulouse, 1 867. 

DELRIBU (Andb^). — La Vie d'artiste. 
2 vols. 8yo. Paris, 1843. 

PBLEIEU (Andb^). — ^Le Bhin, son cours, 

sesbords; Ugendes, moeurs, traditions, monuments, 
^ histoire du fleuve depuis sa source jus(^'4 son em- 
^.bouchure. With 40 designs. 12mo. Paris, 1846. 

DELSETTE {Qibsmu).— Cinqae Lettere 

' Bulla Raecolta di Maioliche dimnte delle Fabbriche 

•di Pesaro e della Prorincia Metaurense, di G. D. 

_Boyal 8vo. Bologna, 1845. S.E. 

DELVAU (Alfred). — ^Les dessoos de Paris. 

Ayec une eau-forte de L. Flameng. 12mo. Fans, 

. 1860. B.M. 

DELVAU (Axpeed).— Les Cytheres Pari- 

siennes ; histoire anecdotique des Bals de Paris. 
Avec 24 eaux-fbrtes et un frontispice de Filicien 
Bops et £mile Th6rond. 12mo. Paris, 1864. B.M. , 

^BELVAXT (Alfred). — ^Histoire anecdotiqne 

des Barriiree de Paris, par A. Delyau. Arec 10 

> eaoz-fortes par Emile Therond. 12mo. Fftris, 1865. 


DELVAU (Alfred).— Les Plaisirs de Paris. 

. Guide pratique et illusti^ par A. Delvau. Numeirous 
illustrations. 8to. Paris, 1867. B.M. 

J)ELVIGNB (Adolphe).— Les Oatacombee 

. Bomaines. OuTrage illustr^ d'un plan et d'une 

gravure. 12mo. Bruxelles, 1868. B.M. 

-DEMADRYL (N.).— Le Hvre d'or des con- 
temporains, on recueil de six sujets graves d'apris 

f les dessins de Madame Boulanger. Fol* Faris, 

DEMANET (ABMAND).—Gtiide pratique du 
constructeur ; ma9onnerie^ With atlas of 20 plates. 
12mo. Paris, 1864. 

DEMARBAIX (Adolphb).— Vues de Mons 
et des enyizonB, deesin^ et lithographic par 

Lheureux,^ avec dee notices historiques par A IX 
4to. Mons, 1826. 

DEMARNE.— Histoire Sacree de la Provi- 
dence et de la Conduite de Dieu sur les Hommes. 

Repr^sent^ en cinq cents Tableaux graT&s 

d'apr^s Baphael et autres grands Maltres, etc. 
3 vols. 4to. Faris, 1728. 8.K. 

DEMARQUETTE (A.).— Precis historique 
sur la maison dfi Hames, 963 k 1230. With 5 
plates. 8vo. Douai, 1856. 

DEMARSY (Arthur). — Sceaox des^v^ues 

de Noyon, communication faite au comit^ archeolo- 
gique de Noyon. 8vo. Noyon (printed) Faris, 

DEMARSY (Arthur).— De.rarcliitectttre 

militaire des Crois^ en Syrie. Compte rendu, 9b 
r£ssai sur la domination fran^aise en Syrie durknt 
. le moyen Age, de M. £. G. Bey ; par A. I). Hat^ 
11 {^ 8vo. Arras (printed) Faris, 1867. 

DEMARSY (Arthur). — Quelques Monu- 
ments ^ev^ en Thonneur dn Saint S^pulere de 
Notre^igneur Jesus- Christ. Far A.D. 16 ^. 

^ ]^yal 8vo. Arras, 1 869. S.K. 

DEMARSY (Arthur) .^Arinprial des 6v6- 

ques d' Amiens. 16 i^. 8vo. Angers, 1869. 

DEMARSY (Arthur).— L'Eglise des Cheva- 

liers de Saint-l^tienne a Fise. Far A. D. Extrait 
de la '' Bevue de I'Art Chretien. 7 pp. 8vo. Arras 
1870. S.K, 

DEMARTEAU (AM6DlSB).-^Huit jours a 
Vienne. Nouveau conducteur de I'^tranger dans 
cette capitale et ses environs, (^ntenant le De- 
scription des Palais, Monuments, Edifices, Mus^, 
etc. etc. 16mo. Vienne, 1846. 

DEMENTTEFF.— Istoria Rossii v Kartinah. 
(Histoire de la Bussie en tableaux.) With plates. 
FoL St. Petersburg, 1869-1871. 

DEMUU de OROUZniHAO (F.).— Le 

chAteau de Cr^vecoeur. 16mo. Caen, 1859. 
DEMIDOV (Anatol, Prince).— La Crim^ 

par le prince A. de D. ; illustr^ par Eaffet. 2nd 
edition. l2mo. Faris, 1855. 

DEMILO (DoMENico Andrea). — Ra^ona- 

menti intomo all' Arte delle Fittura. 12mo. M'apoli, 

DEMMIN ( Auguste) . —Les Pseudo-criti- 
ques de la ^ Gkizette das Beaux- Arts,** etc 8to. 
Faris, 2864. 

DEMMIN" Auguste). — Catalogiie parordre 

chronologique, ^thnologique et g^nerique de la Col- 
lection C^ramique de M. A. D. Woodcuts, in text 
8vo. F&ris, 1866. S.K. 

Another edition. 8vo. Faris, 1868. S.K. 

DEMMIN (Auguste). — EncyclopMie d'- 

Armurerie avec monogrammes. Ghude des Amateurs 
d'Armes et armures anciennes par orc^e chiono- 
ligique, depuis les temps les plus recuUs jusqu'iL nos 
jours. Far Auguste Bemniin. Ouvrage eontenant 
1,700 reproductions d'armes et d'armures, 200 

Books on Art (St^lement). 


. lauquM «t numogmomM fanaoiian et deux 
Ubki, doiit nne analTtiqne. Fott Stu Patii, 
1889. — 

1 8. Jahrfanndvt. Bia Hudboch doi Wafienkonde 
TOD Angiut Denunin. Mitdrcft 3,000 nioBtistiouen 
Post Svo. Leipzig, 1869. a.F 

E^liih traiuladoii : — Weapons of Wir, bring 
tdatoiT of Alma and Aimon)', from the earlieet 
periog to the pnsmt time. By Aiisasts Demmin. 
WJtli DMrl; 2,000 illmtistioni. Tiuulat«d hj 
C. C. Black, H.A, 'Woodcate. 8to. London, 
1870. S.K. 

DEMMIN (AmcBTx). — BDcyalopSdie des 
Soicncca, Lettna et A*t« «t Bavae pant^qne da la 
SoiBM, mJTie d'uu Quids artistique ariK cinqoante 
gTBTiiiea dans le taste. Par A. D. I'Fartie. Hib- 
toin, ngw, Iteendea et mceiin ; meueeB, lettna et 
utj, etc. II' Faitie. Guide artistiqne et arcbio- 
logiqoe, .on dsacriptjon de tontM lea Tillea, leion 
monmneDlt, bibliothiqnes, mimies, collections, etc., 
uad qne des eilea agrestes. Crown Sro. Paris, 
1872. 8.E. 

DEMMIN (Atocbtk). — Encyclop^e his- 
toriqna, aichiohigiqua, biognphiqso, chnnologiqnt, 
et ntonogrummalMne dea Beanz-Jjta Plaatiqneg. 
Arcliitectnre et Mosoiqne, Ciramiqne, Scolptnie, 
PuDtore et Oravure. Imp. Svo. Pons, 1873. 8.K. 

DEMOGET (A.).— Etude ■ur la ConBtrnc 
tiou ded Aabal&Mea temporaicea iniTi* d'nn Gatai 
mr I'application dea Banqaementa i Is constrnc- 
tion dea Hflpitam cirila permsnents, par A. Demo- 

rArec nn Appendice midieo-cbirargical, par 
L Broeaard. With woodcnta in text. BOTal 

Bto. Faria, 1871. BJC. 

DEMONT,— Traits des premiers ^^eiita 

d'architectnie, i I'liatiga dea onniara en bAtimenta, 

etc. 47pUtea. 4to. Paris, 1840. 
DEMONT. — NosTean truit^ de meuaiserie, 

on Vignole i I'naage dea 

toua loi CO- 

Paria, 1848. 

DEMONT.— Nonvean traiW de charpenie ; 
on Tignole i I'nsage des onmera charpentiers et de 
toqa Taa eoDstn)Ct«tm. With 38 plates. 4to. 
Paris, 1810. 

DEMONT.— Nonvewi truit^ de semirerie, 

(M Tignole i I'usags des ouTrien lemirier* et de 
tons lea coastraet«un, arec Is syatime com[Jetde la 
pote 6f» aonnettee. With 40 platea. LaiRa 4to. 
Fiaris, 18S1. 

DEMPP (Cabl WttHBLii).— MiiBtersamm- 
Inng fiiz Ha&er and Ofenbanar. Eine aowohl das 
loner* der Constnution nach den neaeateu nnd 

3iTobtfn Krfafarongen, als anch das Anaaere def* 
ben nach den Teiachiedenm Baiutylen daratel- 
lend« Swnmlnng Ton Zimmer- and Kochdfen, Spar- 
koehhenlan, etc. With 3S plaU*. luge 4to. 

With 40 platea. 

DEMFP (Oasl Wilhilh).— Cberaiolditiolis 
Dantellnng dei gesauuuten BaakiiiidA, mit aiiHin 
angeh&flgt«ii Kongefassten Qrandriase dec teehid- 
Bchen Chemie, etc With 4 lithogiaplig, large in. 
Hnnefam, 1836. 

DEMPP (Carl Wilhilk.) — Bandbach 
der theon^Bchen nod tvahtiachen Q«ometrie. Zn- 
nachat fnr Bau- nnd Werkmeister, Banparliere nnd 
fat Baawerklento einea jeden Bau&chee nbethaapL 
Mit 9 FignrentAfeln. I^ige Sro. Miiochen, 18i0. 

DEMPP (Carl Wilheui).— T»8<*enbnch 
fiii angehenda Uaurer-, Steiumeti- nnd Zimme> 
nudater. Mit 2 FigwenlAfelD. 12mo. Hanehts, 

DEMFP |;Casl Wilbelm).— Lehre vonden 
Banm*t«rial«n, nit Rocksicht anf ihi VaAanmen 
in del Natur. 8to, Hnnchen, 1842. B^M. 

DEMPP (CaelWilhelii).— Die biirgerlicho 

Baukuna^ mit stater BeDeHung anf das Oeaammte 
der Baofubmng nach der Eonigl, bayeracheD Bsn- 
ordnoDg dargeetellt. Nach EntviiTfen Ton F, E. 
^cbbeim nnd Andam, 26 lithographic platea 
Large 4ta. HnncheD, 1844. 

DEMPP (Gael WiLSBLii).~Mi]8t«r8amm- 
long fui Ham;«r. Eine Flansammlnng von ansga- 
fohrten bnr^rlichen und Uindlichen W^mnbiiadeD, 
mit Tonraghchet Riicksicht auf ihra gewerbliche nnd 
agrikole Einrichtung, dann F&rr- nnd Schulgebiia- 
d«D, HospitilleiTi, Kapellan, Kirchsn, Bran- nqd 
Bienneznen, ato. With 72 pLatea, 4to. Mdnchen, 

DEMPSET (GMaoK Dbtbdale).— Platea of 
Iron Bridgw tor Sailvajs and other Worics ; show- 
ing the Details of ConatnKtion aa adopted in the 
Application of Cast and Wronght Iron. Large obi. 
toL London, n.d. S.E. 

DEMPSET (QioiKiE DEtSDALE). — Eudi- 

plates. 8to. London, 18S7. 
DEMPSET (Gkoeoe Drtsdaie). — Budi- 

mentary Treatise on the Drainage of Towns and 
Bmldings ; aoggeative of Saaalory Begnlationa 
conducive to the health of an increaaiDg pofnlatioa 

Beriaed and peatly eil«iided : with Hotices of 

the Hetropolilan Drainage, Thames Bmbaukment, 
and Water Snpply Schemes. 4th edition. 12nio. 
London, 1887. S.E. 

DENAIN.— Ville de Denain. E^glement 
coocemant Tioole de deaain industriel. 16 pp. 
Bni. Anrin, 1861. 

DENFER (J.) aiid MULLER (Ehile),— 
Albnm de Semrerie par J. Deafer (et) E. Mnller, 
et contenant I'emploi de far dans la ma^nnerie et 
dans la charpente en bois, la charpente en fsi, lea 
faTTemsnla d^ menniieiiea en bcna, la menuiserie en 
fer, lea groasea fontes et articles divera de quin- 
caiUerie. 4to. Paria, 1872. B.E. 

DENGLEE(Lbopold).— Weg-Brucken-und 
Waaaerbaokuade fiir Land- nnd Fontwirthe, Q^Sa- 

I H 


Universal Catalogue of 


Oder Gewerkebesitzer, Gemeindebdamten, etc. With 
16 lithographs, and map, in folio. Koyal 8to. 
Stattgart, 1863. 

DENHOLM (Jambs).— A Tour to the prin- 
cipal Scotch and English Lakes. Small 8ro. Lon- 
don, 1804. 

DENIS (Jean Ferdinand). — ^Une f6te br6- 

silienne c^Ubr^e k Bouen en 1650, suivie d'nn frag- 
• ment du xrie Si^le ronlant snr la Th^ogonie des 
anciens peuples dn Br^il etdes ponies enlangue 
tnpique. 1 lu^e plate and 1 medallion. 8to. 
Paris, 1850-61. 

DENIZARD (Oh.).— La Le90ii de Dessin 

Historiqne des ^oles Frimaires, n'exifl;eant pas de 
notions premieres ni de professeur splcial. Kou- 
yeUe metbode de dessin k la plume, formant nn 
Coors historique des costumes et des usages reli- 
gieuz, civils, domestiques, et militaires des Grecs, 

des Komains et autres peuples. Bessin^ 

d'apr^ le gjrand ounrage de Cochin et mise en 

m^thode scolaire par Ch. Denizard, peintre d'histoire. 
ObL 8vo. Paris, 1869. S.K. 

DENMARK.— Billeder af beromte danske 
Mcend og Kvinder, der have levet i Tidsrummet fra 
Beformations Indforelse indtill Kong Frederik den 
VII.*8 Dod. Med text af P. Lithographji. 4to. 
i^'obenhavn, 1867. 
Each number contains 4 lithographed portraits. 

DENMARK.— Danske BiUeder, fra Land 
og So. Chromo-lithographs. Obi. fol. Kjoben- 
havn, 1868. 

DENNISON (J.).— Legends of Galloway, 

being a Series oi iSnditions illustratire of its an- 
cient History, Customs, Manners, and local Super- 
stitions. 8yo. n.p. 1825. 

DENON (ViVANT, Baron). — Notice des 
principaux Tableaux recueillis dans la Lombardie 

f&r les Commissaires du GouTemement fran9ais. 
aris, n.d. 

DENON rViVANT, Baron).- L'CEuvre ori- 
ffinale de Y. Denon. Collection de 301 Eaux-Fortes, 
dessin^ et graves par ce c^Ubre Artiste. B^ 
union, formant TAlbum le plus complet et le plus 
Tari6 pour T^tude de la Gravure k I'Eau-Forte, avec 
une Notice trts-d^taiU^ sur sa Vie intime, ses Be- 
lations et son QSuvre par M. Albert de la Fizeliftre. 
Fol. Paris, 1872. S.K. 

DENYS (— , Dr.).— M^moire sur le S^- 
pulcre de Saint-Mihiel et sur Bichier (Ldger ou 
Ligier), son auteur. .9 lithographic plates.^ 2 parts. 
8to. Orleans, 1847 and 1862. 

DENTS, SAINT.— Description historique 
de r^^lise Boyale de Saint-Denys. Engraved fron- 
tispiece. 12mo. n.p., n.d. Soane Mus. 

DENYS, SAINT.— Les Raret^s qui se voy- 
ent dans I'l^lise Bojale de St. Denjs, etc. 8to. 
Paris. 1716. 

D£S0N (HoBsm).— De Forganisation des 
mus^ nationauz. 8to. Paris, 1849. 

DEON (Horsin). — De la Conservation et 
de la restauration d^ tableaux. Elements de Tart 
du restaurateur; historique de la peinture, depuis 
sa renaissance jusqu'i nos jours ; classification de 
toutes les ^les ; recherches et notices sur quelques 
grands mattres. 12mo. Paris, 1861. 

DfiON (Hobsin). — ^Rapport sur Texposition 
universelle des beaux-arts, lu le 17 juin 1865, k 
I'assembUe g^n^rale annueUe de la Sod^t^ libre 
des beaux-arts. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

DEON (Horsin).— Catalogue des Tableaux 
Anciens des ^coles Espagnole, Flamande, Hollan- 
daise, et Italienne, £usant partie de la Chilerie de 
M. P. Munoz. 8to. (Paris, 1867.) B3L 

DEPARTAMENT Selskaho hoziaistva (De- 
partement d'&onomie rurale). Atlas Selskih pos- 
trock (Atlas des maisons de Tillage). With 149 
plates. Fol. St. Petersbourg, 1863. 

DEPERTHES (J. B.).— Opinion sur la 
destination qu'il conriendrait de donn^ an Museum 
pour favoriser Tencouragement des artistes et le 
perfectionnement des beaux-arts en France. 8to. 
Paris, 1816. 

DEPERTHES (J. B.^.— Throne du pay- 
sage, ou consid^tidns gen^iales sur les beautes de 
la nature que Tart pent imiter, et sur les mojens 
qu'il pent employer pour r^ussir dans cette imitation. 
8yo. Paris, 1818. 

DEPERTHES (J. B.).— Histoire de I'Art 

du Pajsage, depuis la Benaissance des Beaux Arts 
jusqu'au dix-huiti^me siicle, ou Becherches sur 
Tongine et les progr&s de ce genre de Peinture, 
et sur la vie, les ouvrages et le talent distinctif des 
principaux Pajsagistes des difil&rentes ^les ; par 
J. B. D. 8vo. Paris, 1822. S.K. 

DEPPING (George Bern).— Collection de 

Documents inedits sur Thistoire de France. 1** 
S4rie. Histoire Politiaue. B^glements sur les arts 
et metiers de Paris, reaig^s au xiii* si^e, et eonnus 
sous le nom du livre des Metiers d'Etienne Boi- 
leau; public pour la premiere fois en entier, 
d'aprb les Manuscrits de la BibBoth^ue du Boi, 
et aes archives du rovaume, avec des notes et une 
introduction. 4to. Paris, 1837. 

DfiPRET (Louis).— Lille. Notes historiques 
et contemporaines par L. D^ret. 12mo. Paris, 
LiUe, 1867. 8X 

DERBY EXHTBITION, 1870.— Midland 

Counties Exhibition, Brill Hall, Derby. Catalc«;ue 
of Works of Art and Industrial Products, liuj, 
1870. Published by the Executive Committee. 
8to. [Derby, 1870.] S.K. 

DERBY GALLERY: aCoUectioiiof Prints, 
20 in number, engrared by Hiunlet and W. Winst&n- 
ley, after paintings by the best masters at Knowsley, 
in the Co&ection of the Earl of Derby. Imp. foL 
London, 1729. SLK. 


Booh on Art (Supplement). 

DEBHAU (William). S«6 Aiak (E.).— In- 
MClDram AngliM NibUBlis hiitoria. ita. 17SI- 
8m Aixa (E.).— A N&tunl BMorj of Biida. 
4to. I7S& 

DERO-BECKER. — SonvenirB de 1» Ffite 
itoanie U 2S 3«ptembra 1848 parle Cercle Aztiatiqiie 

et LitUrBire aai ijrtistei ExposaiiU et >m 

Hembrea du Congr^ A^cole. Desaind* et litho- 
enfihiji par MM.SiUoin,FouTinoiB,Hiurt,LBiitan, 

Sttoobnnt, Scbohert, W.Le Boy, et publi^ par 

D. B. Fol. Bnizellee, 1810. BM. 

DEBODE (Victor).— Histoire de Lille et de 
U FUndre WaUonne. 3 foIb. With platei and 
vignettw. Sto. Lille, 1848. 

DERODE (Victok). — Histoire relif^se de 
la Flsndn Marilinia, «t en puticnlier de U Title de 
Dnnkerqne. btndes par Victor Deiode. 1858. Sto. 
Donkirk, 18£7. 

DERODE (Victob).— Histoire de Dnn- 
kMqne. 20 ptaie* and pbu. Laitts Sto. lille and 

DERODE (ViCTTOR).— Notice but I'^gliae 
Saint-Elm k Dnuktrqae. Sto. Donkerque and 
VtxH, 1857. 

DEROT. — L'ltalie, collection dee dtes lea 
T^m nnommia de ee paji. 84 lilbognphn. Fol. 
Farit, n.d. 

DEBOY.— Lea rives d 

la Seine, deaein^ 
No text. 39 plates. 

DEROT. See Chapitt and Dcbot.— Vnei de 
NiceetOtaea. Obi fol. n.d. 

DEROT AlfD BICHEBOrS (Abnaud).— 
KrimupTnngen an die Rhein Qegenden tod A. B. et 
D. Lithogiaplia. Sto. P^tudcfort, 1836. 

DERRICK (SiMUEL).— A collection of tra- 
Tela through rarioiu parte of the vorld. 2 Tola. 
I2ma. Lu»don, 1742. 

port* adieuJB an Hiniitre de rAgricnltura et 
lerce, du MM. D. et U. d'A., inr I'expo- 
.1 prodnita de rindDatrie autrichienne i 
TwnnesnlS4fi. Large 8to, Fari«, 1840. 

DBBT (A.). — Excarsion arch^ologiqae dans 
le dtpaitmeDt de I'Aiine. 13 pp. Sto: Lsqd, 

DEB AILIiEUBS.— Propoeition feit k Vsja- 
d^mie de Bonen, de 7 mjirs 18^8 (de Totcr una 
BonnDe poor danuadet i Court ud t&blean dntini i 
omfr la ooaTelle aalte de Mancea). With a latge 
oDtlina engisTitig of Conit^a Mark Anthony. 8to. 
Booen, 1828. 

DESAIX (— , CWn^ral).— Notice des dessins 
etnudUeexpoBJadanilagaleriada citorcD Lebmn, 
pour le ooneoiira d'on moDoaent ^eT^ par lona- 
mpticni i U gloire da giniral BesaLi. DeecHplJon 
of 118 projects for the monument. With portraiL 
8T0. ^nt, an U. (1801). 

DE 8AULCT (Louia FiLiciEM Josbph 
Cuavixr). Sea Cuokart di Sacix^ (L. F. J.) 

ComteJ. — Arch*ologie chrkienoe primitiTe. !>• 
noDTellea £tndea lur lea Catacombes romaion. 
Histoire, Peinturea, Sjmbolea, par le Comte J), de 
R., priddin d'ane lettre par M. le chsTDlier de 
Boasi. 8to. Paria, 1870. 

DESBOIS. — I^cenm PataTinnm aire Icones 
et TJtae ProfcssorumPataTii. With manjportraiU. 
4to. Padna, 1S62, 

DESBRIERES.— Nonveanx secrets des Arts 
et Mitien recneillia et mis en ordte. par U. Dei- 
briire*. 2 vola. 12tiio. Paris, 1819. Kat. Gal. 

DESCEMET. — M4moire but les fonaiea 
taiealiee i Santa Sabina (185fi-67). Flatea. 4to. 
Farii, 1863. 

DESCHAMPS {Bmile).— La simple Por- 

tructnra dn Manoir-Ba&Dehetne eoriebie de* 

btaaons de moult pontes fnn9ois, etc Sto. Paris, 
1841. B.H. 

DESCHAMPS DE PAS (Louis).— Sceanx 
des comtee d'Aitoia. 4 plates. Sto. Paria, ISfi7. 

DESCHAMPS DE PAS {Locis}.- Essai 
BOT iliistoire monilaire des comtes de Flaadie de la 
maisoEi de Boni^ogne et description de teori moii- 
naies d'or et d'argent. lOplatea. 8to. Paris, 1863. 

DESCHNER (Conkad). — 30 Wandtafeln. 
AnfkngfgToiide ita OrDamentenzeichnen. I^irge fol. 
Ueilbninn, 1863. 

DESCUDIER (Alfsed), called D'AIJNAT, 
~:k-as • 


DESCUBET (J. B. F,).— Tt^orie morale du 
Qtj&t, on le GoAt cousid^ dans ses lappoita aTsc 
la Nature, lea Beam-Aita, lea Bellea-Lattiea, et lea 
Bonnes Mcenrs. Sto. Bmxelles, 1 847. 

DESEIKE (Fruk^ois Jao<iubs). — Nouvean 
Tojragenr dltalie, eoatenant nne dewHption ezaeta 
de toutes lea proTineea, Tillea et lieu considiiables 
et dea yillea qui an dipandent. 2 tdIs. I2mo. 
Lyon, 160S. 

DESENEANS (Nobl).— A letter to Noel 
Desenfans, Esq., late CoDsul-Oeneral of Poland in 
Great Britain, occaaiooed by the aecood edition of 
his catalogue, and hia answer to irhat he temu 
" The complwnts of PaiDtera." By a Punter. 8to. 
London, 1802. S.K. 

DES ESSABTS (Axtred Stanislas Laho- 
loib). See LuaLOis dis EsaAsrs (Alfred Stanislas). 

DES GRANGES (Ch.).— Le VitraU d'Ap. 

- , . , la joger. 

CioTn Sto. Monlins (1871). S-K. 

DESIGNS for Silveramitlifl. A Series of 
24 Antotype Beproduetions of original deeigns for 
TBses, evers, aalTsrs, etc Seleete^from the Calla&- 
tion in the National Alt LibmT>^<:<'>>^'^™'^^''^"^ 


UniverscU CaMogue of 


Miiseain. Under the Sanction of Uie Science 4nd 
Art Depaitment For the Use of Schoohi of Ait 
and Amateun. < Imp. Svo. London, 1871. S.K. 

DBSJABDINS (Abel).— L© Momiment de 

Verciiig^toziz. SouTenir d'lm vienx Bouzguignon. 
20 pp. 8vo. Douai, 1869. 

DESJARDINS (G.).— fifcuded'art plastique. 
*« Alma Parens " (La Grande M^re» la grande mater- 
nity, la grandeur procr^triee). Gronpe Goloasal de 
SeuZpture de M. Anguate Lecheene (de Caen). 
Extrait d'un ouvrage inMit snr I'art. Syo. Paris, 

DESJAKOmS (GusTAYE Adolphb).— His- 

toire de la cath^drale de Beauyais. 2 plates. 4to. 
Lyon (printed), BeauYais, 1865. 

DESJARDINS (Tony). — Ifotice sur les 

antiquity dn village de Vieu en Val^Bomey (Ain). 
^ 36 pp. With 6 plates. 8vo. Lyon, 1870. 

DESLOGES.— Trait6 g^n^ral des peintiu^ 
■ yitrifiables sur poroelaine' dure, porcelame tendre, 
•' enr 6mail, miniature, ^mail genre limousin, fiaieBce 
. et snr verre, d'l^r&s lee m^odes les plus perfec- 

tionn^ et les plus rScentes. 2nd edition. 8to. 

Boubaix, (printed), Paris, 1866. 

DESLOGES. See TflivoT and I>i8LOOB8.— 
Manuel, etc. 8to. 1866. 

DESMARETS.— filoge historique de Callot 
. ! ^Yeiir Lorrain. 8yo. Nancy, 1828. 

DESMASURES (Jules). — La Marine k 

TExposition TJniverselle de 1867, par Jules Desma- 
. aures,. aveo une preface par M. G. De la Landelle, 
et nn appendice renfermant la liste des rtompens^s 
des classes 66 et 66bi8 et le programme de IHElx- 
position Maritime Internationale du Havre de 1868. 
^ Post 8vo. Paris, 1868. S.K. 

SESMAZE (CHABLB3).— La Sainte GhapeUe 
du Palais de Justice de Paris. Par 0. Desmaze. 
With 2 plates. 12mo. Paris, 1873. S.E. 

DES MfiLOIZES (Albebt).— Les monies 
en terre cuite des mMaillons de Jean-Baptiste Nini. 
6 plates drawn and lithographed by m!. A. des M. 

. representing 36 medallions by J. B. Nini. 19 pp. 
8vo. Bourges, 1869. 


— iitude philosophi^ue sur TAxchiteeture modeme, 4 

fropos de TExposition univeirselle de 1867. Sto. 
^aris, 1868 . BJi. 

DBSNOYERS (— , AbW).— Notice snr nne 

'ume fun^raire trouv^ dans la comnnme de Saint- 
- Jeaurde-Braye. Flatea. 18 pp. Svo. . OrUans, 1S67. 

SBSNOYERS ( Louis >. — Aventnres de 

Bbbrart-Bobert et de^Km ftdele oompagnon Touss^t 

Lavenette^ par L.. D. 9* Mitibn, illustr^e de magni- 

. fiques gravurea sur bois, dessin^ par M. Fr^diric 

de Courcy et gravies par Bisson. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

In progress. 

DESOR (E.).— Les PailafitteB, on Oonstmc- 
tions lacostres du laede NeufcfaibteL 95 engroringr 
in text 8Y0. Paris. 1865. 

DESPINE (Constant, the yoniiger). — 
Manuel topographique et ttMical de r^tranger aux 

£aux d'Aiz-en-Savoie^ par 0. Despine (fils) 

Nouvelle Mition, revue et augment^ d'lin prjds 
atatistique et historique sur la Savole. With 21 
plates. 8vo. Annea, 1842. S;K. 

DESPLAKQUE (A.). — H«cherolfeB sur 

Tabbaye de La Capelle en Calaisis. 58 pp. 8vo. 
Lille, 1869. 

DBSPGRTES (Claude FfiANgois).— RecneU 

des Vies des cinq premiers peintres du Boi. Parisj 

DESPORTES|( J. ) .—Le Lithograph.; Jonrnal 
des Artistes et des Impnmeurs, etc. Elates. Svo. 
Paris, 1840. : 

DESPORTES (N.}. — Bibliogmphie dn 

Maine, prMd^ de la description topographique du 
diocese du Mans, Sarthe, et Mayenne. 12mo. Le 
Mans, 1844. n 

DESSABLES.— Mannel dn Tonmenr, pn 
Traits comp)et et simplifli de cet Art, dfaprU les 
Benseignemens foumis par ^usieuzs Toume^irs ^e 
la Capitale; rMig6 par M. I). 4 engraved' plates. 
2 vols. 18mo. Paris, 1827. 

DESSEAUX (Joseph). — Nice et Savoie^ 

sites pittoresques, monuments, descriptions et his* 
t6ire des d^partements de la Savcne, de la Hante- 
Savoie et des Alpes-Maritimes (ancienne province de 
Nice), r^unis & 1^ France en 1860. DessiDs d^apiH 
nature par F^liz Benobt. Pol. JParis, 1863. 

DESSIN, Le, expliqn^ & tons, appliqte^' a 
rintelliffence de la nature et 4 1'^tude des Azu qtiS 
toutes deux, r^vMent A lliamine la conliaisaajDoe du 
beau! With plates. 8vo. Paris, n A ^'^ 

DESTOUCHES (Joseph Antoh yo«).— 

Die Haupt- imd Kesidenz-Stadt Miinchen und ihre 
Umgebungen. Ein Wegweiser, etc With 10 phit^ 
Svo. Miinchen, 1827. 

DESTOUCHES (Philippb N^bicault).— 
CEuvres de Monsieur Bestouches, de TAcadfimCi 
Prancoise. Nouvelle ^tion. Bevue, corri^e, 
consid^iablement augment^, et om^ de belles 
figures en Taille douoe. 4 vols. With portrait of 
Bestouches by) S. Fokke, and 20 copper-plate en- 
gravings. 24mo. Amsterdam and Leipsic, Vl^r\ 

DES VERGERS (Makib Joseph Adolphe 

Nobl). — Arable. Avec une carte de 1* Arabia etune 
note sur cette carte, par M. Jomaxd. With 44 plataSr 
Svo. Paris, 1847. "SSt 

DfiTHTER.— NonveEes d&onvertes arcli&). 
logiques faites k Constantinople. 4to. Constanti- 
nople, 1867. B.M. 

DEUTSCH (Maubice).— Mnlhonse dans la 
plus haute antiquity Appel anz phitcdogues M 
azch^logues de tous les peaples civilian. 20 pp. 
8vo. Nancy, 1867. 

DEUTSCHE Knnst in Bildnnd Lied. On- 
ginal-BeitrSge Deutseher Maler, Dichterimd Tpn- 
kiinstler. Herausgegeben yon Albert Traeger. I9th 

Books on Art (Si^lemmt). 


DKUTSCHE Smatamtasg ffir die bildende 

Knntlimddu k&natlnische&bandttQtgenmTt. 

Han; wooieatt, sod II litliognphf, pbotographi, 

and «UtiiiigB. FoL Imfog, IS&l. 

nunach^fordie Konstler mid Kmutfrnuida Dentsdi- 

luds, 1860. Sto. Sariin, 18S0. &E. 


ng, 1811, Me. ' a.K. 

DEUT8CHES EunBtler-Albnm. Mit Bei- 

tx«geii leb«iMler Kniullei and DichUr. IT. With 
' dtToiiio-littK)gia[ilu. 4to. DoBuldorf, 1B7). &K. 
DEnrSCHES Leben in Eampf nnd Sieg. 

With chrofflo-IithogTwh*. Boy&l 4to. Bremen, 

<1870}. S.K. 

DKDTSCHES Uobel-JoDni&l. Ori^kl- 
. ZeJdinoDgan modtnw Uibel ToOftiiidiga Uo- 

d«U«, QnudriH^ et£„ in liDimtlichen Aniichtan 

in natiirlicher Oroue. Herauigegaben Ton Cail 

HeUoJg. llo. Berlin, 1873. S.K. 

DBVAL8 (Jean Uesdii). — Monnmente 

hnUriqiiea de Hontsnban. !■* litie. 1 lithograph. 

Sto. Montanban, 1841. 
DEVALS (Jeas Ubsule).— NoticeauTl'Lafel 

da Tills de Montaabon. 20 pp. Bro. MoatAalwi], 

DETAAANNE (S. P.).— Pkstisolie Zink- 
■ - artriW 

n DBcliEDtwi 

ID and Modtilcn bvrblun. 

Ur BavMiaUr, Bildhaner nnd Zeiehner antrtt 
Zeit. Chromo-lithographe. Fol. BcrCn, 1847. 

DSVfiBIA (Achillk).— RecneildBportraita 
d'lctricca dss principaux ThWtrw da Parii, de««)0*8 
d'apria natnre et lithogiaphifa par H. Orevedon 
et A.D. Fol. Paris, 1333. 

DJSviSKiA (AoHiLLs).— Galerie historique 
dea FeDUOw, FortxaiCa dea cilihtiU* de tooalea 
getma et de t«nl«a lee ipoquea pai A. D. FoL 
fkni, 18SS. 

DEVEBIA (THfODtTLE).— La nonvelle table 
d'AbyAM cgoiparie anz autia* li«t«a icjale* de 
, rAndaniie EgTpU. Withnumaroiuwoodcnla. Spo. 
"Paria, isel. 

(Paui.). — La FuTTna de Keb-Qfd (ExeniplairB 
fai^nglTphiqna du lim dsa Hoitj) nptoimt, di- 
crit et miadi d'one Introdactian mjlholc^qne, 
MT T. QeTiria, Tradnetioit 4n tata, far 
F.Flai reL Obi. foL Parii, 1872. S^. 

DJfiVUlia (KiirBT).— Lea Artrates contem- 
pMtuu i Bordnnz en 1869. ISmo. Bofdeanz, 

DE VIONE (Fiux). ^ Tade-UecDm dn 

FfiatHy M BaenaQ d« Coatanea dn Uorea-Age, 

' poor aerrit t I'Hiatoirs d« la Balgiqna at Paja nr- 

DE VIGNE (Ffcix).— fl«BchiedemB der 
middrleeniraehe bonvknnda, harm oonpiong an 
ontwikkaling. Flatea. 4to. Qent, 1B44. 

DE VIGNB (FiLix).— Album dn Cort4g»: 
dee Comtat de Flandre. Penonnagea at Ooatamea 
deaainig par F, de Vigne, et Tazte hiatoiiqne et 
deodiptif par Edmond de Buaachei. Imp. Sro. 
Qand, 1852. aS. 

DE yiGNE (Ffiux).— Chara da Cortege 

Imp. 8to. Qand, 1868. B-K.^- 

DE VIGNE (F4IJX). — Une gourde en 
^ence da 16< aiide. Willi a plate. Bra. Oaod, 

DE VJGNE (PgLw). — Les Principos du 
deaain d'imitatiOQ d jrelopp^. 2ad edition. Oplatet 
Jjurgt Sto. Oand, 1S6I. < — 

DBVILLE (Jeas Achills). — laste dea 
peintitB Tfrriera de la CaChidrale da Bonen dreaUe 
d'apiis Ita comptee tnannunta de la fabriqnf i 
partii da I'annia 1384 juaqi^an commRKement-da 
XVIII* siicle. Sto. Banen,- IB31. 

DBVILLE (Jeam-Achille). — Histoire da 
(Mteaa et dea aire* de Tancarrille. Witli plated 
8to, Bouen, 1B>4. 

DEVILLEK.8 (Wopoid).— M^moire hi^ 
riqne et deaeriptiTe mz I'^^gliae de Saint^-Waadm, i 
Itona. Widi engisTinp. 4to. Uooa, 18ST. B.M. 

DEVILLERS ^LfopOLD).— loBcriptionfl 86- 
pnlcnlee dee jgliaaa, conTenta, boapicea et chapellea 
de In Yille de Hone, lecneilliea aur lea lieux et dana 
1m mannKTita. 4ta. Mona, 186S. 

DEVIT (V.^.— La anticbe lapide ramane 
della proTincia del Poleaina. Sto. Veneiia, 18S3. 

DBVOTlSSIiL® Meditationes de vita; 
beoeflciia et paaaif e aalnatoria Jean Chf i eti gntio- 
rnm actione. (In fine) &t offlcina eicwoitSl^ 
mttdiOriai H«dicineDoctoziB:acMiTctv;napg. 
38 voodcnta. Sto. Aognite Viudelicor, I63Q. 

DE VBIES (Jes.).— JetB over den invloed 
der KeAhenonniiig op de SchildeikaMt in oqf 
Taderland. 8to. (Anstaidam) 1848. BJU. 

DEWEBDECK (Gottpkied).— Knitter Be- 

' grieffainea Werkea SiJeaia noininaatiea geoaimt. 
SleaTae. 4I«. n.p., 1708. ^ 

DETBON (JiOQDiB). — Des uioiens bUi- 
menta de Niamea. 4to. Grenoble, 1868, 
2ad Edit. 4to. Nlmee, 1883. 

DBZOBBT (LociB Gbibiib) and BAGBJI. 
I^T (Th.).— DietionnaiTa giniral dea letlMa, dea 
beanx-arta, at daa adencea moioles at politlqiea. 
3<n)la. 4to. Paria, 1BB3. > 

DHETEL (P.). — L'Abbaye de Notre-Dainp 
4e L6ne et lea auccnnBlea d* I'ordre da Ctaaj, 
Etude blatDiiqae, d'apiia lea docamanta oti^iaua^ 
arec eazte tt plandoa Umk, ft^«. '^i»m,\%ftll>. 


Universal Catalogue of 


D'HEYLLI (Geobgbs). — Lea Tombes 

Boyales de Saint-Denis. Histoire et Nomenclature 
des Tombeanx. Extraction des Cercneils royanx en 
1793. Ce qn'ils contenaient Lea Prossienfl danfi 
la Baeilique en 1871. 12mo. Paris, 1872. S.E. 

DIALOGUES.— The Dialogues of Creatures 
moralysed, applyably and edificatyfly to euery meiy 
and iocunde Mater, of late tralaited out of Latyn 
into our Englysshe Tonffe, right profitable to the 
GonemannceofMan. And they be to sell vpo Powlys 
Chnrche Yard. With curious woodcuts. 4to. n.d. 
Reprint edited by J. Haslewood. 4to. London, 

DIAMILLA-MUELLER (Demetrio).— Me- 

morie numismatiche per I'anno 1847. 5 plates. 
4to. Boma, 1847. 

DIAZ Y PEREZ (Nicolas) .—Pintores Ex- 

tremenos, por D. N. Diaz y Perez. 7 parts (all 
published). 4to. Badajoz, 1866. 

DIBDIN rOHAELBs). — Observations on a 
tour throueh almost the whole of England and a 
considerable part of Scotland, in a series of letters 

by Mr. Dibdin. Aquatint plates. 2 rols. 4to. 

London, n. d. (1801.) S.E. 

DIBDIN (T. C.).— A Guide to Water Colour 
Painting, etc. 4 parts. Fol. London (18^9). B.M. 

DIBDIN (Thomas Erognall).— The History 

of Cheltenham and its Environs. With 2 plates. 
Boy. 8vo. Cheltenham, 1803. S.E. 

DIBDIN (Thomas Eeognall).— The Direc- 

tor ; a weekly literary journal ; containing I. Essays 
on subjects of literature, the fine arts and manners. 
II. Bibliographiana. Account of rare and curious 
books, and of the book sales in this country, from 
the close of the scTenteenth century. 111. Boyal 
Institution. Analyses of the lectures delivered 
weekly. IV. British Gallery. Description of the 
principsl pictures exhibited for sale, with the 
names of the purchasers. Plate. 2 vols, in 1. 8to. 
London, 1807. S.E. 

DIBDIN (Thomas Fbognall). — Bibliomania; 

or, Book-Madness : a bibliographical romance in Six 
Parts. 2nd edition. Woodcuts. 8vo. London, 
1811. S.K. 

DIBDIN (Thomas Fbognall).— The library 

Companion ; or, the young man's guide, and the old 
man's comfort, in Uie choice of a library. 8vo. 
London, 1824. S.K. 

DICCIONARIO de las nobles artes, contiene 
todos los terminos y frases facultativas de la 
pintura, escutura, arquitectura y grabado, etc 
Small 4to. Segovia, 1788. 

DICEY (Thomas). — ^An historical account 
of Guernsey. To which are added Eemarks on 
Jersey, and the other Islands belonging to the 
Crown of Great Britain on the French Coast. 12mo. 
London, 1761. 

DICKENS (Charles).— Pictures from Italy. 
By C. Dickens. The vignette illustrations on wood 
by Samuel Palmer. 12mo. London, 1846. SJC. 

DICEIENS (Charles).— Christmas Books. 

By Charles Dickens. With illustrations by Sir 
Edwin Landseer, R.A., Maclise, R.A., Stanfield, 
RA., F. Stone, Doyle, Leech, and Tenniel. Wood- 
cuts. 8vo. London, 1869. S.E. 

DICKES (WilliamV.— The Royal Academy 

Drawing Book. By W. D. Containing examples 
suited to the young student, selected from the works 
of Rafiaelle, M. Angelo, and others, or drawn from 
nature. Obi. 4to. London, n.d. S.E. 

DICKSEE (J. R.).— Perspective, Theoreti- 
cal and Practical. Specially designed for the us& 
of Schools. By J. II. Dicksee. Dlustrated with 
many woodcuts and 40 engraved plates. 3rd edit« 
8vo. London, 1871. S.K. 

DICKSON (Walter B.).— Poultnr, their 

breeding, rearing, diseases, and general manage- 
ment, j^ew edition ; incorporating the treatise of 
Bonington Moubray. With corrections and large 
additions, by Mrs. Loudon. With ilkuitrations by 
Harvey. 8vo. London, 1853. SJK^ 

DICTIONARY.—A new and universal dic- 
tionary of arts and sciences : containing not only 
an explanation of the various terms m^de use of in 
the several arts and sciences ; but also, whateTer 
else is requisite to render those branches of litera- 
ture themselves easy and familiar to the meanest 

capacities viz.. Agriculture, Algebra, &c. With 

an introductory preface, tracing the progress of 
literature from the earliest ages, and enumerating 
the various improvements made therein, at different 
periods of time. The whole being a complete body 
of arts and sciences, as they are at present culti- 
vated. Extracted from the best authors, transac- 
tions, memoirs, &c, in several languages. 107 
plates. 2 vols. Fol. London, n.d. 

DICTIONARY— The complete dictionary 
of arts and sciences, in which the whole circle of 
human learning is explained and the difiSculties 
attending the acquisition of every art, whether 
liberal or mechanical, are removed in the most easy 
and familiar manner. With plates. 8 vob. FoL 
London, 1766. 

DICTIONARY of poHte Hterature, or fabu- 
lous hist^ of the heathen gods, and illustrious 
heroes. With 25 plates s^ter designs by Bumey, 
and engraved titles. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 
1804. S.K. 

DICTIONARY. — ^A dictionary of musicians 
from the earliest ages to the present time. Com- 
prising the most important biogrM>hical contents of 
Gerber, Choron, and Fayolle, Count Orloff, Ihr. 
Bumey, Sir John Hawkins, etc., together with up- 
wards of a hundred original memoirs of the most 
eminent living musicians ; and a summaiy of the 
history of music 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1827. 

DICTIONARY.— Engineering Terms. Ger- 
man-English and English-German engineering 
terms. [Supplement to the Engineer, Jan. 29th« 
1869.] 8vo. Bwd. 1869. SJu 


Books on Art (SuppUment), 


DIGITS CRETENSIS.— Warhaffldge Hifl- 
Uni nnd be«ehr«bimg ran dem TroUmscheti Krieg, 
Dsd lentoraiig dec slot Troie. Doreh die lioch- 
geachti QMchichUdufiber Qictjn CreteQBem, nnd 
Darcm I^urgiiim. Enttich in (Mechischei Bpmch 
bcacluibt, dwnaeh iMein nn jetiund newlich doiclt 
UarcDin TaCiom, See. Aius oS Latein ini Teuuch 
rervandelt, totidsI* nie gneheD, mit durchauai 
ichoDenFignnngtideret. WoodcnU bj Scbauffelein, 
Boigknikir, Sx. Small folio. 2iid eaition. Augi- 
fwg, Haynrich SUjner, IMO. S.K. 

UmiEIB (E.).— La Catli^dralB de Coutances 
et les moiBM caltiqaea, Sfemoirs. 82 pp. 8to. 
Saint'U. 1870. 

DIDOT (Ambboibb Firmin). — Notes d'un 
Voytgt dun le Leraiit en 1616 et 1817. Witli 
plstca. 8to. Faiia, n.d. 

DIDOT (Ajcbboibb Fibmin). — Hiesel de 
Jaoqnea JoTJnal (JDvenel or JoaTousl) dea Uraina, 
tU£ i U Tills da Faria la 3 Mu, 1661. 8to. 
Farii, 1861. 

Dn)OT (Ahbboise FiBHiN).—EsBai typo- 
gTsphiqne et biEdiagr^thiqne lor I'hiatoire de la 
grarnra sot bou. Sto. Paris, 1863. S.K. 

DIDOT (Ahbeoibs Fibmin). — Stadea ear 
la Tib et lea TniTaiuc de Jean, Siie de JoinTille, 
par A. F. D. Fremiira partis, omiede six gTamrei 
en t^B-doQce. Accompa^ie d'nne notice ear lea 
MaiiDecriU da Sire ds JoinTille, par M. Paolin 
Farie. Poet 8ro. Faril, 1870. S^. 

8ec<mda partie. — Credo Be JoinTille. Fac-ffimUe 
d'nn Hanoicrit onique, piio&di d'nne Bisesitation 
par A. F. D, et mivi d'una traduction en Fcsn^iB 
modems par Is Cher&lier Artand de Mentor. Sqnare 
post 8T0. Paiie, 1870. aE. 

DIDOT (AuBKOiBE Fibkin). — fitnde snr 
Jean Caaaiii, enivie de Noticea tax Jean Leclecc et 
Piarre Woeiriot par A. F. Didot Bojal 8to. 
Parie, 1372. S.K. 

DIDROW (Apolphe NAPOLfiOH).— L'AMh6- 
ologie en Aiigleterre. 4to. Farie, 18S1. 

DIDBON (fiDOUAED).— Les Vitranx a I'Kx- 
podition uuTereelle de 1SS7. lt«. FariB, 1868. 

DIDHON (Edouabd).— Etude aar lea Images 
QnTTantea et la Vieige en Innre dn LoaTre. Far 
E. D. With e plaUe. 4to. Paris, IS70. 3.K. 

DIEBOLD (F.)._MiiBtersammIiin^ von 
Orabdenkmilem im altdetttachea, bizantiniachen 
nnd eriechiechen Stjle. Entworfen and nun Theil 
■of dem Hiincheaer Friedfaofe geaamffletL 2S 
woodcnts. 8to. Mtnchaii, 1BS2. 

DIEBOLD (F.).— Skizzenbnch fib- ScMoa- 
MT, Gnrtler, Sp&oglei', Hetall- and EiMnflSMeereJen. 
Ti^th«lt«iul eine- reiche Sammlong Ton Eiien- nnd 
MetaUdoTclibrncliea en Balken- nnd Brockenge- 
Uutdnv, Boaetten an Dnrchiichlen, f^ngittam an 
Fenitar mit SHmentbogen nnd an Sptabooen- 
butcr, etc. With 16 plstee. ita MiiD<±eD, 

DIEDIEK. — La m^chaiiiqne g^n^rale, con- 
tenant U atatiqoe, raJromitrie, ritjdioatatiqne et 
llijdraaliqne. Plates. 4to. Paris. 17il. 

DIEDO (Antonio).— See CicoonAEi (L.), e 
DiKDo (A.).— CiscoTsi letti, etc. ito. 1808. 

DIEFENBACH (Leonhabdt).— Klein- Kin- 
der-BUderbocli. Ein bnntes AUsrlei fur die ersten 
Kinde^ahre, Naeh ZeichnnDgen Ton L. DiefMibach 
(Chromo-lithogTaphs). 4to. Stuttgut, n.d. S-E. 

DIEFFENBACH (Johakn Phiupp).— Oe- 
•ehicbtedei Stadtond Buig Triedberg, in dei Wet- 
tersu. Witli 4 litltograpna. Large Svo. Darm- 
stadt, 1857. 

DIEKMANN (C. H.).— Praktische An- 
wwiong Eur freien Bandaeicluiung. Sto. Olden- 
bnrg, 1826. 

DIELMANN.— Les -Modes d^nia 1515 jas< 
qu'i 183i, on CoUeotion de aeize Coetumes Iw plna 
marqaans des denz Sexes. Desein^ d'apiie dea 
originaoz inlhentiqaee et lithographits. Ito, 
FrsDcCort-Bor-le-Mem, 1834. 

DIELMANN tod WEGEUN.-^Kissingen, 
£ocklet and Briickenan. Album in 24 Stahlsticheil 
nacb Original-Zeichnntigea, ron D. and W. Qbl. 
folio. Kissingen and Frankfurt-a.-M., 1846, 

DiteLMANN (J.).— Ansichten von Schwal. 
bach und Schlangenbad. !□ Stahktichen nach 
Zeichnongan Ton J. D, Oblong 8to. Frankfiut- 
am-Hain, n.d. S.E. 

DIETHELM (Johann Hkemanh). — Anti- 
quarioB der Nedcar-Main-Mosel- nnd Lahnatrome, 
Oder Ansfiihrlicbe BeachreibaDg dieeer Tier in di>n 

Bbetnatrom einfBllendeu FliisBBc mm Nutzen 

der fieieenden nnd Liebhabem (aic) sshenswardiget 

Alterthumer Von J. H. D. 2 Tole. Plates. 

8to. FnnkfOrt-am-Hain, 1781. 

DIETRICH. — Bapport snr les Antiqait^B 
troaTief anz enTirons de Colmar. 11 pp. 8to. 
Straabourg, 1SS9. 

DIETRICH {C. W. B.).— Anaichten aoB 
Sachsen'a Schweiz and Eneeliige, geatochen von A. 
Zingg. 4to. Dreeden and Hamburg, n.d. 

DIETRICH (D.).— Forst-Flora, oder Ab- 
bildnng and Beschieibncg der for den Fontmann 
Tiehtigen vildirachleaden Bitome and Stiincher 
aowie der nntilicheD nnd schadlichen Eriiater. 4tli 
editjon. 2 Tola. 216 colooied plates. 4to. 
Leipcig, 1806-67. 

DIETRICH (EwALD Christian Victobik), 
— Fohrer dnieh die eachaijchs Schweis and in du 
Bieaei^biige. With 32 lithogiapha. 16mo. 
Heiaaeo, 183fi. 

DIETRICH (EwALD Christian Victobdi). 
— Qaa Elbetlial Ton Leitmeriti, in Bohmen, bia 
Meiasen, in Sachaen. 3to. Frag, 1339. 

DIETRICH (Fbibdeich). — Der kteine 
Zuchner, Colonit nnd Hater als Hezennwister, 
oder die aiigenehinil« nnd griindlichata Balahmng, 
in wanigrawoehen die ■chanaUti XetSarasMkTnJi. 


Universal Catalogue of 


Gemalde in Wasser- und Oelfarben auf Papier, 
Seide, Sammet, etc., vezfertigen, Zeichnungen, 
Lithographien und Eupferaticlie auf letztere iiber- 
tzagen, und die hierzu passenden Farben selbst 
zubereiten zu lemen. Ein Beitrag zur Erweckune 
und Belebung des jugendlichen Geschmacks. With 

1 plate. 8to. Leipzig, 1850. 

DIETRICH (Fbibdeich). — ^Anweisung zur 
Olmalerei, zax Fresco- und Miniatur-Malerei. 
Kebst 40 Geheimnissen fiir Zeidmer, Maler und 
Lackirer, als: Ueber Farbenlebre und Harmonie 
der Farben, etc. 16mo. Qaedlinburg, 1871. S.K. 

DIETRICH (J.).— 34 entdeckte Geheim- 
. nisse fur 2jeichner, Maler und Lackirer. Aus den 
nachgelassenen Papieren eines Lehrers der Zeich- 
nen- und Malkunst bearbeitet. 8yo. Quedlinbuig, 
Other editions : — 
2nd. 8yo. Quedlinburg, 1850. 
8rd. 8to. Quedlinburg, 1852. 

DrETRlCHSON" (Lorentz Henrik Sege- 

lekb). — Skandinaviska Eonst-Expositionen i Stock- 
holm, 1866 Aftryck ur Ny Iltustrerad Tidning. 

8ro. Stockholm, 1866. B.M. 

DIETRICHSON (Lorentz Henrik Seqe- 

lexe). — Det Skonas Verld. Estetikens och konsthis- 
torieDS hufmdlaror, mod specielt afseende plden 
bildande konsten populart framstallda. 8to. Stock- 
holm, 1867, etc. B.M. 

DIETSCH (Jul. Erdm. Chrph.). — Die 

christlichen Weihestatten in und bei der Stadt Hof. 
Geschichtliche Darstellung der allda benfindlichen 
Kircben, Kapellen und Friedhofe. Wi^h 3 litho- 
graphs. 4to. Hof, 1856. 

DIETZ (Christun).— Leitfiaden zur Anfer- 

tigung yon 100 Terschiedenen Hafiier- (Topfeir-) 

, Glasuren. Zusammengestellt und herausgegeben in 

2 Theilen. With 5 lithographs. 4to. Miinchen, 

PIETZ (Rudolph). — Die Gewerbe im 

Grossherzogthum Baden. Ihre Statistik, ibre Pflese, 

Ihre Erzeugnisse. Im Auftrage des grossh. badi- 

schen Handelsministeriums bearbeit«t von Dr. 

• Budolph Dietz. 8vo. Earlsnihe, 1863. S.K. 

PIETZEL (C. F.).— Leifcfaden iur den Un- 
terricht im technischen Zeichnen an Beal-, 
Gewerbe-, Handworker- und Baugewerkenschulen. 
4 Hefte. 8^0. Leipzig, 1864. B.M. 

DIGHTON (R.).— -rA Volnine of Sketches 

Oaricatures, etched and coloured, of academic, jnili- 

tary, theatrical, and other celebrities, pubJdshed 

separately from 1793 to 1812. 72 plates. No title 

.page.) 4to. London, 1793-1§12. S.K. 

DIGOT (AuoudTH).— Notioe sur TegHae^e 
Saint-Nioolas-de-Port. 1 lithograph. 8yo. Kancy, 

DIGUET (C&ABLBs)r — lies Jolies Femmes 
de Parish par Cb. B. 20 ^aux-fKntit par Martial, 
ornementfl par Morin. 4to. Paris, 1870. 

DIJK (Jan van). — Kunst en historieknndige 
beschrijying oyerjalle de schilderejen op het Stadhuis 
te Amsterdam. 8to. Amsterdam, 1758. 

DUON. — Notice sur la ViUe de Dijon, ses 
environs et quelques autres yilles de lancienne 
Bourgogne, & I'usage des voyageurs qui visitent ces 
contx^, etc Plates. 8vo. Dijon, Paris, 1817. 


DIJON. — Gatalogtie historique et desoriptif 
dn mus^ de D^on. Peinturee, sculptures, dessins, 
antiquity. 18mo. Dijon, 1869. 

DILICHIUS (Wilhelm).— HessiscKe Chro- 
nica. 2 vols. Plates of tow^s and castles of 
Hesse. 4to. Cassel, 1605. 

2nd edition. Without plates. 4to. Cassel, 1606^ 
3rd edition. Plates. 4to. Cassel, 1617. 

DILICHIUS (Wilhelm).— Periboloeia oder 

Bericht von Vestungsgebewen. Plates. Pol. Frank* 
fort-s.-M., 1640. 

DILLON (Frank).— Sketches of tlie Island 
of Madeira. (With illustrative text.) FoL Lon- 
don, 1860. B.M. 

DILLON (Peter). — ^Narrative and success- 
ful result of a Voyage in the South Seas, performed 
by order of the Gbvemment of British India, to 
ascertain the actual fate of La Perouse's ezpeditt6n. 
2 vols. With folding plates and maps. 8yo. Lon- 
don, 1829. ^ 

DILLWYN (Lewis W.).— British Oonfervte ; 

t>r Coloured Figures and Descriptions of the British 
Plants referred by botanists to the genus Con- 
fervae. 4to. London, 1809. 

DILLWYN (Lewis W.).— Contributioiis 

towards a History of Swansea. By L. W. D. With 
1 plate and woodcuts in the text. 8yo. Swansea, 

1840. S.B:. 

DILTHEY (Karl).— Die Ludewigssaule als 
architektonisches Kunstwerk. Mit 1 Stahlstieh, 
die Napoleons-Alexanders- und Ludewigs-Saule 
darstellend Ton E. Eauch. 16 pp. Koyal 4to: 
Darmstadt, 1845. 

DILTHEY (Kael).— Orfeo in Tracii, ti^ 
di Museo di Napoli. With a map. 8to. Boma, 
1867. : 

DILTHEY (EjkRL).— Sapcofagi di Medea. 
69 pp. With 3 plates. 8yo. Koma, 1869. 

DINAUX (Arthur MARTiN).^Notice ^ 

Antoine Watteau de Yalencienne. With portrait. 
8vo. Valencienne, 1834. 

DINAUX (Arthur Martin). r-Icdnograpliie 
lilloisa. Orayeurs et amateurs d'estaivpeB deflim 
Pjgures. Svo. Valenciennes and Paris, 184i. 

DINGELSTEDT (Franz). — Secha Jalr- 
hundert aus Gutenberg's Leben. Kleine 0abe sum 
gtodsen Feste. Text toq D». "P, D., mit Rand- 
Eeiehnungen von Professor Friedrich Mulfor.' Holz- 
Bchnitte von Andrew Best und Ldloir in Ptaii^ und 
Prof. F. W. Oubit*. 47 pp. Fol. Casael, 4%40. 


Softt* on Art (S^Umimt). 


DIKGEI-STEDT(Franz) .— Jean Gatenberg, 
ftcmtw MaitN Tnprimetir; aea fiiita et diBoonn les 
pliu iignta d'adnuiBlJoa, et sa mort. Ce liaX 
Mile, icrit par F. D„ est id trndnit de rallemand 
on Awwais p&r QnstkTe B«Tilliod. With 6 etchiiies 
b7 A. Svidoa. SmoU foL Qtabve, 18S8. SX. 

DIN'GIiErT<TH0iii8).— History from Marble. 
Comtnled in tbe nign of Chulea II., b; Thomas 
Pingltj, QcuL FBDUd in photolitfao^aphy bj Vin- 
cent Btooka, from thp original in the poaoeHion of 
SiiThomuE.WiiiiiIiigtoD,But. Withaniutrodtte- 
tioQ mm! dcecripUTS tAble of contenli, bj John 
Oongh NicbolB. (Printed for the C&mden ^odetv.) 
2 tdU. SmaU ita. London, 1807-68. SX 

DIODATI (DoHBHico).— BloBtrazioiie delle 
monete cha li nomiuino nolle costilozione delle 
Due Sidl). Plate*. 4to. Nepali, 1783. 

DIODATI (0.).— Biblioteca Teatrale Ita- 
lians, ecella e diapoeta da 0. V. con flgore, ml 
iodrce. 12 Tola. Bto. Lnoca, 1TS2-176S. BJO. 

pIODORtJS SICULUS.— Diodori SioTli 
Hietorici chmBeimi, Bibliotbecn, seu mum anti- 
Qvuom turn &bnloflanun tnm Tenmun Mntoiiie. 

firiores libri eex. P(^o JloreDtino Interprete. 
Specimen of Binding.) Post 8to. Parieiii, 1531. 

■DIODORUS SIOtTLtJg. — Heydenweldt 

' md irer OSttet mpniDg. Diodori ant Sicilien 
■echa Biicher. Dictyi beeehreibnng Tom Troiuii- 
•ehen X^eg. Dorch Job. Hsiold beeehrieben rnd 

.^nns teotscb. ntaammen gapraehb, . Witk mui; 
woodcnti. Folio. Buel, 1551. 

DIOGENES LAERTroS. — Compendio 
delle Tite deFiloaofi antichi Qreci, et liAtini, et delle 
■eutenie, et detti loro notabili. Tratte da Laertio, 
A da altii gnm auttori. Nnonmente ridotte k pii 
nugatt lettione, et di bellkMime flgnre di Oioaefo 
SttlnAti (Qiuuppe Porta) adomat*. Open nti- 
' tiaiima ad ocni nato di p^«oae. Woodcuts, Small 
4U>. Venetaa, Q. Brognuolo, 1598. *" ^ 

DIOL (J. an). — Sonetti giocooi. With many 
fbldiog plates. Ato. Boma, 1749. 

DION (A. SB).— Lettra k M. de Canmont 
■or qn^nei CbiteaoK da xi* aiicle dee enTiroT ' 
E^ris. 22 pp. 6t6. Caen, 1867. 

DION (A. db).— Le CMtoaa de Montfort- 
I'Amanrj, Z ^atea. 12 pp. 8to. Bambonillet, 

11 ^. 6to. 
DIONISI (G.).— OsBerTaBiom BOpra ttn' 
Mge^ metiana ■coltnia ritronta dallA eattedrsl di 
:^KiB^ FlaiM and.-TOodcata. .8n. U-p. IlSt 
DIPFEL (JoBiFs).— Hondlmch der Aes- 
SuSk nnd der Oaadddbte der Uldenden Enn«t«, 
•^tfro. B^aubnig, 1B71. S£. 

SP|MCd8G (J0BH).^-^-8ome Acconnt of thA 
• VtiM'vl mnt OlemeBt Danes (Weetmineter), 

DIBCES (Hnrar).— Nature- Study, as ap- 
plicable to die p - - - " - - ■v.. 
Sefond edition, 
bnigh, 1870. 

DISDfiRI. — l&naat c^ratoin de photo- 
gnjdiie inr collodion inatoutejit, reafbrmant leq 
procid^ chimiqnea pone retirer I'aigeal qui m 
tnsnTe soit daju lea Tienx papiera, soit dana les 
easx d^ laTage, filtrea, riaidus, etc ProcMi pont 
furs Kin nitrate d'aigent et antrea pioduito. 8to. 
Paria, 1BS4. 

DISDElBI. — Benfleignemeata phDtogruJi> 
iquea inditpaaaablea & Ion*. Sto. Patja, 1 866. - 

DISDfiRI.— ApplJoatioD de la pbota^papbia 
i la reproduction dea qenTrea d'art, aichitaetnre, 
painton, Statnaiie, orf^Trerie, imaoi, iToiiea, opa- 
tnmea, h«tite eurioelt^. 8to. Paria, 186L. 

DITMAR (Thbodob JiCOB).— BeBchKribOM 
del alien AegTptans anagefeitigt Ton T. J. D. 
Bto. NSmbeig, 1 784. 

BITTES (FaiEDBiCH).— Das AeBthetdscbe. 
Leipzig, 18ol. 

DITTMAB8CH (C.).— Die nenesten Port- 
aeliritte auf dem Oebiete dei gmphiachen Ennate in 
Oeaterreich. Voinetragen am 28. Api^ 1 808. 1$ 
pp. With 4 woodenta, piinted in coloura. Imp. 
Sto. Wien, ISfiS. 

DITTMER (0. L.).— V<w8ohriftMi zum Sif 
tnatituuMichnen. Saeh dan Bealimmniigeii 6m 
EonigL BannoTai'achen Geoeral-Stabea geatoch^n. 
li platea. ObL Ito. HannoTei, 1B60. 

DITTMER (Hedtkich).— Aathentiaoho -and 
TollatiindigB Beadmibnng aller Feieriichksihin, 
welche in den HannoTriiehea Lejidea bei dar An- 
wcaenbeit Sr. EfinigL Mqj. Qaarg dee IV., im Oc< 
lober 1821,Teiautaltetvorden aind. Portntitana 
21 platea. tto. fiannorer, 1822. 

DIXON (E. S.).— The Dovecot and'ilhe 
Ariaiy; being skstchaa of the natural binbnj'.dt 
Pigeon* uti other domeMae biida in a captir»HtBCe, 

. with faints foi their maaagemeilt. Woodcota. 12mo. 
London, 1851. 

DIXON (Wjxluk Hepwortb). — Nwf 

Ameiica. With iUnatratioBS, &<im original pbo- 

togratJu. . Tiiiid edition. 8to. PhUaiUpbia. 
1B87. BJff. 

DIXON (Wnmit Hfipwoara). — Her MCF 
jeatT'a loww. 4 tdIi. 8to. London, 1889-71. 

DLABAC^ (QoTtraiBB JohAbb). — ^AUiand- 
Inng TT>n dm ScbtdLaalen'der Kiinste in BJibni'm 
4to. Png, 1797. 

DMITROVSKT (A.).— Kartini i« aviaafc- 
Bch^noT iatorii rethaga aviU. (Tabtaam; d« l^ik 
toife de I'anden TedUmenL) With plateifc WL 
St.'Peterabnfg, 18«6. - 



Universal Catalogue of 


DOBBEBT (Ed.). — Die Darstellimg des 
Abendmahlfl dtixch die bysantiiiiache Kunst, von Dr. 
£. Dobbert. From Zahn's ** Jahrbiicher f^ Eimst- 
wifisensGhaft." Boyal 8to. Leipsig, 1872. SJC. 

DOBELLI rP.).— Album aatistico delle &- 
miglie, con illustrazioiii morali e Btoriche per F. D. 
Prima serie, died gr&ndi inciaioiii disegnate da 
Talenti artisti. 20 pp. 4to. JUBano, 1868. 

DOBSON (Edwaed). — ^FonndationB and Con- 
crete Works : containixig a synopsis of the principal 
cases of foundation works, with the usual modes of 
treatment, and practical remarks on footing, 

' planking, sand, concrete, beton, pile-driTing, cais- 
sons, and oofferdiuns. By £. Dobson, G.E. New 
edition, revised by Qeorge Bodd, C.K Illustrated 
with woodcuts. Post 8to. liondon, 1867. S.K. 

DOBSON (Edwj^d) and TARN (E. Wtot- 

eam). — ^The Student's Guide to the Practice of 
Measuring and Valuing Artiflcers' Works: con* 
taining directions for talung dimensions, abstracting 

the same, and bringing the quantities into bill 

orifliinally edited by £. D.t Architect. New edition, 
wiui additions on Mensuration and Construction, 
etc. By E. W. T., MA., Architect With 9 pktes 
and 47 woodcuts. Hoyal 8yo. London, 1871. S.E. 

DOBSON (Mrs. Susannah) .--Life of Pe- 
trarch. 2 vols. 8 plates. 8to. London, 1797. 

DODD (Gbobob). — ^Days at the Factories; 

or, the Manu&cturing Industry of Great Britain 
described. Many woodcuts. 8yo. London, 1843. 

DODD (William). — Specimens of Early 
Wood Engraving, being impressions of woodcuts in 
the possession of the publisher. Many woodcuts. 
4to. Newcastle-on-l>ne, 1862. 

DODSLEY (Robert). — Select Fables of 

Esop and other fiibulists. hx three books. With 
169 woodcuts. 8ra London, 17^4. 

DODSLEY (Robert). — The Economy of 

Human Life, etc (Br R Dodsley. Illustrated 
with engrarings from T. Stothard.) 8to. London, 
17«6. B.M 

DOEBEL (E. Ch.).— Des Wagnergesellen 
£. Ch. D. Wanderungen im Morgenlande. Heraus- 
gM^eben yon Ludwig Stoich. Wiu steel engravings. 
4th edition. 2 toIs. Small 8to. Ootha, 1848. 

DOEBNER.— Articles from the Christlichetf 
Kunstblatt fur Kirche, Schule und Haus, Nos. 
10-12, 1866. **yischer's Shrine of S. Sebald at 
Nuremberg." 8to. Stntgart, 1866. S.K. 

DOELLE (Edmund). — Da? Zeidmen in der 
Hauptschule furj Lehrer, Lehramts-Eandidaten und 
Sdi^er gescbrieben und geseichnet. 62 plates. 
Large 8to. Pest, 1869. 

DOELLINGER (Ion.).— Die Bankonst nnd 
ihre Bedeutnng im Staate^ erliiotert durch die 
Natnr-Kunde. Sine Bede^ete. 4to. Munchen« 

DOEBING (Fbiedeich Wilhelu). — De 

Alatis imaginibus apod reteres. 4to. Qothe, 1786. 
JSS ' 

DOERING (Pribdrich Wilhelm). — De 

Coloribus Veterum, etc. 4to. Goth», 1788. B.M. 

DOGLIONI (Giovanni Nicol5).— L'Aimo 

dove si ha* perfetto, et pieno raguaglio, di quanto 
pu6 ciascun desiderare, si d'intomo alle cose del 
Mondo Celeste, et Elementare, come d'intomo a 
quelle de* tempi et del calendario. Seconda la nova 
jneforma Ghr^goriana. Woodcuts. 4to..yenetia, 1687. 

DOQNEE (EuoiNE M. 0.). — Histoire du 
Pont des Arches de li^. Plates. 8to. Li^e, 

DOGNEE (EuGiNB M. 0.).— Les Monu- 

ments l^yptiens. J&ude sur Tart antique. Small 
870. Li^e, 1861. 

DOGNEE (EuGiiNB M. 0.). — Visite anx 

nines de Pompei. 8to. Anyers, 1^62. 

DOGNEE (Eugene M. 0.}. — L'Art et 

rindustrie. ]£tude contemporaine. 8to. lAkge, 

DOGNEE (EuofeNB M. 0.).— Projet d'ome- 
mentation du Pont des Arches de Li^e. 8yo. 
Li^, 1863. 

DOGNEE (Eugene M. 0.). — Eros et H6- 

Une. Notice sur un Tase peint A omementa 
dor^s. Plate. 8to. Paris, 1864. 

DOGNEE rEuQ^NE M. 0.).— Les Symboles 

antiques. I/Oeuf. Illustrd d'une planche et de yig* 
nettes dans le tezte. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1865. 

DOGNEE (EudiNE M. 0.).— Pompei: Etade 
sur TArt Antique. 8yo. llftge, 1866. &JK. 

DOGNEE rEuGi)NE M. 0.). — Gonconrs et 
Exposition ae produits des arts industriels A Li^e. 
Plates. 8vo. Li^e, 1866. 

DOGNEE (Eugene M. 0.).— Les phali^res 

des guemers romains. Plates. 8to. Caen, 1867* 

DOGNEE (EuGiNB M. 0.).— Notice sur nne 
lampe A trois bees du Mus^ de Li^. 8to. Li^, 

DOGNEE (EuGiiNE M. 0.).— Les Arts In- 
dustriels A TEzposition Universelle de 1867, w 
M. Eug&ne M. O. Dogn^. 8yo. PAris, 1869. S.K. 

DOGNEE (EnoiiNE M. 0.). — L'arch^loRie 

prihistorique en Danemark. Bapport presente A 
M. le ministre de TintSrieur de J^lgique sur le 
Gongr&s international d*arch^lQgie prehistorique A 
Copenhagne en 1869. Plates. 8to'. Bruxelles, 

DOHME (R.).-*Die Eirohen des Cisterden- 
serordens in Deutschland waehrend des Mittel- 
alters. Von Dr. R Dohme. Mit Holachnitten. 
8?o. Leipsig, 1869. SJE. 

DOLBY (Anastatu). — Church Yestments: 
their origin, use, and ornament practicslly iUua- 
trated. With oolouzed frontispiece and 39 plates. 
Small 4to. London, 1868. 8JL 

DOLBY (EdwinThomas).— Dolby's Sketches 

in the Baltic 19 plates. Fol London, 1864. BJf. 


Books on Art (Supplement). 


DOLCE (LoDOvico). — Le Trasformationi 
(di Oridio) di L. D. In qvesta terza Impressione 
di niurao a& lui reuiste, et emendate. Con fa Tauola 
delle Fauole. With woodcuts. Small 4to. Venetia, 
1555. S.K. 

DOLCE (LoDOVico). — La Vita di Givseppe, 
in ottaya rima da M. L. D. With woodcuts. 
Small 4to. Vinegia, Giolito, 1561. S.E. 

DOLCE (LoDOVico). — Trattato delle (Jemme 
che produce la Natura, nel quale si discorre della 
qualita grandesza, bellezza e yirtii loro. 12mo. 
Yenetia, 1617. 

DOLDER (Heineich). — Die Fabrikation 
Ton Seidenstoffen im Eanton Ziirich. Mit Abbil- 
duneen, Rissen, Formularen, Mustem und Tabellen. 
With 29 lithographs. 4to. Ziirich, 1851. 

DOLL (M.). — ^Anleitang znm Zeichnen nnd 
Ausarbeiten geometrischer Plane und topographi- 
acher Xarten, bearbeitBt fur den Unterricht an 
teehnisehen Lehranstalten. Mit 14 Tafeln, wovon 
11 in Farbendruck. 9 pp. Large fol. CarUruhe, 

DOLLFUS (Enoel).— Eapport BUT I'Ecole 
de dessin, prraent^ au nom du Comit^ des Beaux- 
Arta, par M. Encel Dollfus. S^nce du 28 join 
1871. 8to. Mumouse, 1871. 

DOLLINGER ( C. ). — Architectonisclie 
Beise-Skizzen aus Deutschland, Frankreich und 
Italien, Ton C. D. Plates. FoL Stuttgart (1871, 
etc.) S.K. 

DOLOTOPF.— Houdogestv^noi i orcliitek. 
toumoi Albom. (Album artistique et architectural.) 
With plates. Fol. St. Petersburg, 1868-1872. 

DOMEIER (JoHANN Gabriel). — Die Ge- 

■ehichte der Churfiirstl. Braunschweig-Lunebur- 
gischen StadtHard^sen,undde8um1iegenden Amts 
dieses Namens, aus archiTischen Urkunden und 
andem Nachrichten Terfasset Ton J. G. D. 4to. 
HaUe, 1771. 
DOMENECH (Em.). — Manuscrit picto- 
graphique am&ricain. Plates. 8to. Paris, 1860. 

DOMENECH (Em.).— Seven Years' Resi- 
dence in the Ghreat Deserts of North America. 1 
map and 58 woodcuts. 2 vols. 8to. London, 1860. 


DOMENECH (Em.).— La V6pit6 snrle Livre 
des SanTages, par L'Abb^ Em. Domenech. With 
10 lithogr^hs. Imp. 8yo. Paris, 1861. 8.K. 

DOMENECH (Em.).— Voyage pittoresqne 
dans les grands dtezts du nouyeau monde. 40 
plates. I^rge 8to. Paris, 1861. 

DOMENICm (LuDOVico). — DiaJoghi di 
M. L. D., eire d* amore, della carte, della stampa, 
etc 12mo. Venegia, 1562. Soane Wu, 

DOMENICHINO TDomenico Zampiebi, 

called). — CoUesione deUe celebri Pitture, esistenti 
in 8. Andrea della Yalle, dipinte a fresco da Do- 
Zimpieri detto il Domeniduno. Pisegnata 

ed incise da Stanislas Morelli. Engraved title, 
with portrait of Domenichino, and 12 plates. FoL 
n.p., n.d. S.K. 

DOMENICHINO (Domenico Zampibei, 

called). See Raphabl Sanzio da Ubbino. — The 
Works of Baflbelle, Dominichini, etc. 5 vols. 
Imp. 4to. 1819. 

DOMINGUEZ (Faustino).— Discnrso que 
leyd el dia 29 de Settembre de 1850 en el acto de la 
instaladon de las c^tedras de'la Acad^mia de 
Bellas Artes de la Coruna. D. Faustino Domingnee. 
4to. La Coruna, Puga, 1860. 

DOMINICIS (G. de).— Sagffio su la Vita 

del Cavalier Don Giovanni Paesiello Da G. de D. 

With portrait. Text in Italian and Russian. 8vo. 
Mosca, 1818. S.E. 

DOMMARTIN (Piemin). — Porcelaines 
dures. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

DOMSCHKE (C). — Wepweiser fur den 

praktischen Unterricht im Freihandzeichnen. Zum 
Schulgebrauch und zum Selbstunterricht. Text, 
8vo. Plates, fol. Berlin, 1869. 

DONAIO (Valeeio).— Le feste et trionfi 

fiEitti nella . . . citt4 di Padoa nella venuta et 
passaggio di Henrico HI. . . . (de Valerio Donaio, 
1 agosto 1574). 4to. Padova, 1574. 4to. Ve- 
neris, 1574. 

DONALDSON (William).— Treatise on the 
Art of Constructing Oblique Arches. 8va London, 

DONALDSON (Willllm).— New Formnlas 
for the Loads and Deflections of Solid Beams and 
Girders. Royal 8ro. London, 1872. S.K. 

DONDI (Fe. So.). — Dne lettere sopra la 
fabrica della cattedrale di Padova. 2 plates. 4to. 
Padova, 1794.. 

DONLERY (John).— The Bise and Progress 
of the Ghraphic Arts, including notices of illumina- 
tion, chalcography, wood engraving and intaglio- 

graphj ; elucidating the new art of Ghromo-gljpho- 
tjrpe invented bjr J. D. 4to. New York, 1854. BM. 

DONNADIEU (A. L.).— Le Calcaire Ktho- 

Saphique de Montdardier. Avec planches. 8vo. 
ontpellier, 1868. B.]£. 

DONNDORFF (J. A.).— Gescliiclite der Er- 

findung in alien Theilen der Wissenschaften und 
Kiinste, in alphabetischer Ordnung. 6 vols. 8vo. 
Leiprig, 1817. 

DONNER (Otto).— Die erhaltenen antiken 
Wandmalereien in technischer Beriehunguntersucht 
nnd beurtheilt. With lithographs. 4to. Leiprig, 

DONOVAN (R). — Descriptive Excursions 

through South Wales and Monmouthshire, in the 
year 1804 and the four preceding summers. 2 vols. 
81 plates. 8vo. London, 1805. S.E. 

DONSmE.^A Guide to Donside. With a 
map. I6mo. Aberdeen, 1844. 8.K. 



Universal Gaialogue of 


DQPPELMAYR (Johann Gabriel).— An- 

■ weififimg Sonnenuhren zu beschreiben ttnd geo- 
• metriflch za Torfertigen, mit 20 Knpfertaf^. 
FoL J^iimbezg, 1719. 

DORAT (Olaudb Joseph). — Melanges. Par 

— Mr. D. With plates and vignettee after Eisen. 
12mo. (Paris, 1767.) S.K. 

DORAT (Olaudb Joseph). — ^Fables nou- 

relles. 108 illnstrations by Marillier. Sro. La 
Haye et Paris, 1773. B JJi. 

DORAY-DE-LONGBAIS. — Eloge histo- 

rique de M. Mengs, premier peintre da roy 
' d*£spagne, de Pologne, etc., avec un catalogue de 
ses principaux onyrages de peinture. 12mo. n.p. 

DORE (Paul Gustave) et DAVILLIER 

r (CsABUBs). — ^Voyage en ^spagne. Gravores sur 
bois d'apr^s les oessins de GuataTe Dor^ 4to. 
Paris, 1863-1870. 

bOR^ (Paul Gustave).^— Le Capitaine Fra- 
casse, par Th^phile Gantier. 60 plates. 8yo. 
' Paris, 1866. 

DORR (Paul Gustave). — Two Hundred 

Sketches, humorous and grotesque. Large 4to. 
London, 1867. S.E. 

bORE (Paul Gustave). — Les Fables de La 

Fontaine, illustr^ par P. G. D., de plus de 800 
dessins. Small fol. Paris, 1867> etc 

D0R£ (Paul Gustave).— Historical Car- 
toons ; or. Bough Pencillings of the World's His- 
tory, from the First to the Nineteenth Century. 
Oblong 4to. London, 1868. B.M. 

DORE (Paul Gustave). — ^Histoire g^gra- 

phique et statistique de TAllemagne, par V. A. 
Malte-Brun, illustr^ par G. D. 4to. Paris, 1868. 

DORE (Paul GustaveV — Enide, poeme 

d'Alfred Tennyson, traauit de TAnglais par 

. Frandsque Kichel, arec 9 miTures sur acier 

. d'apr^s lee dessins de Gustave Dor^. Fol. Paris, 


DORE (Paul Gustave). — Geoffrey the 

. Knight. A tale of Cluyaby of the days of King 
Arthur. With 20 full page engravings by Gustare 
Dord. Post 8vo. London (1869). 

JKJRE (Paul Gustave). — Vignette Catalogue 

of the Dor6 Gallery, and other Fine Art Volumes 
published by Cassell, Petter, and GhJpin. Svo. 
London, 1869. S.K. 

DORE (Paul Gustave). — ^Descriptive Cata- 
logue of Pictures by M. Gustave Doro. On exhi- 
bition at the Dor6 Gallery, 35, New Bond Street, 
London. Svo. London, 1869. S.K. 

DORE (Paul Gustave).— Article from the 

Gentleman's Magazine, No. 16, September, 1869, 
*' Gustave Dor^ at Home/' By Blanchard Jerrold. 


DORE (Paul Gustave).— The Dore Gallery, 
. containing 250 of the finest drawings of Gustave 

Dor6, selected from the Dori Bible, Milton's Para- 
dise Lost, Dante's Inferno . and Puxgatorio, etc 
With descriptive letter press and memoir by Ed- 
mund OUier. Imp. 4to. London, 1870. B.M. 

DORE (Paul Gustave). — Gustave Dor^ and 

his Works. From the ^St. James's Magazine,'' 
January 1872. 8ve. S.K. 

DORE (Paul Gustave) and JERROLD 

(Blancsabd). — ^London. Imp. Svo. London, 1872. 


DORE (Paul Gustave). See Daittb Au- 

OHiERi.— Le Purgatoire et le Paradis. Fol. 1868. 

DORLAN (A.). — Qaelques mots snr Tori- 
gine de I'imprimerie, ou B^sum^ des opinions qui en 
attribuent Vinvention 4 Jean Mentel, natif de 
Schlestadt. Svo. Schlestadt, 1840. 

DORLAN (A.).-Etndes snr TEglise pa- 
roissiale de Schlestadt. 4to. Schlestadt, 1860. 

DORN (Alexandeb). — Pflege nnd Fdixiemng 
des gewerblichen Fortschrittes duich die Begiening 
in Wiirttemberg, mit einer Kart. Svo. "Wlen, 

DORN (Joseph Fr.).— Praktisches Hand- 

buch fur Lackirer und Anstreicher, nebst einer An- 
weisung, wie man Farben und Lack bereiten, 
Farben mischen, Glaser und Oefen vergolden. Mar- 
mor, Kitten und Bilder reinigen solL Svo. Dresden, 

DOROW (WttHELM).- Die Knnst, Alter- 
thumer au&Ugraben und das G^fimdene zu reinigen 
und zu erhalten. Svo. Hamm, 1824. 

DOROW (Wilhelm). — Notizie intomo al- 

. cuni vasi Etruschi. Tradotte da L. CardinalL 

5 plates. Svo. Pesaro, 1828. S.K. 

DOROW (Wilhelm).— Altes Grab eines 

Heerfiihrers unter Attila entdeckt bei Merse- 

burg. . . . w .nach Original zeichnungen heraus- 

gegeben, etc. Fol. Halle, 1832. B.M. 

DORPAT. — ^Verhandlnngen der gelehrten 
Estnischen GeseUschaft zu Dorpat. Svo. Borpat, 
n.d. 8.K. 

DORREGARAY (Jos^ Gil^.— Mnseo Es- 

panol de Antiguedades, bajo la direccion del Dr. D. 
Juan Dios de la Bada y Delgado . . . con la cola- 
boracion de los primeros Escritores y Artistas de 
Espana. Editor, D. J. G. Dorregaray. Fol. Madrid, 
1871. . S.K. 

DORST (J. G. Leonhabd) and LEIPELT 

(Aitton). — ^Der Saganer Kreis, topographisch, his- 
torisch und artistisch, mit Biicksicht auf Ortssafen 
und sonst beziigliche Merkwurdigkeiten dargestSlt* 
und nebst einem Anhange der altesten und wichtig- 
sten Urkimden herausgegeben. l*-6* Lieferung. 
With 12 lithographs. 4to. Sagan, 1850-^2. 

DOSSO (GiovANin and Battista). See Crm.- 
DELLA. (L. N.) — I due Dossi pittori Feiraresi. 
Boyal Svo. 1870. 


Books on Art {Supplement). 


SOUAI. — Le MoB^e de Donai, depuis boh 
origine ^nsqu'i ■«■ deni«r« MercHM«m«Dta ; avec 

- one notiea tar 1a rie et 1m (bdttm de Ihiophile 
Bm, Btatiuirs donsisieD. 16mo. Dcnuu, 1SS7. 

DOUCE (Francis). — ^ninatrationB of Shak- 
■peare and of AncUat Itsaaen : viUi I^AwrUtioiu 
OD the dowot aiid Fools of Sbikmaat ; on the 
eollectioD of popular tkles entitled G-esta Bomaim- 

' mm ; aai od the EnslUh Morria Dttnee. The 
engniTingt on wood bj J. Beprymwi. 2 toIb. Bvo, 
■ London, 1807. 8X 

DOtlUT-d'ABCQ (LoDis Claudb ). — 

~< CompUe de rargenteiie des nuB d« Fnnca so 91U- 
Iriime Siicle, pabli'ia par Doolt d'Aroq. 4to. 
Farii, isai. 

DOUET-d'AECQ (Lodib CLiUDBj. — R©- 
ebeTthes historiqoea et critjqnes sdr U« a ndena 
ComtM ds Beaamont-aar-Oise, da XI* an Xlll ' 
SiMe, avDC nne Carte dn Comtj, par L. Donet- 

. d'Anq. *ta. Anient, 186S. 

Forming YoL lY. of " Minwiiea de la Societi dea 
Antiqnairea da Picardie. DocumeoU injdits MD- 
ceroant la FroTioce." S.K. 

DOUET-d'ARCQ (Lodib Claddb). — TJn 
traiti de blaaon dn XV* riide. 8vo. Parii, ISSS. 


'. AwT""", Marqnia of, aftenranls Duke of Ha- 
iniltan and Kandon). — Some brief Farticulan 
ngarding theArrivFilof the Harouti of DougUaand 
hi* iUaaCdaua Bride, Her mghn««a tiie Frinceaa 
Uarie of Baden, at EamilMa Palace, on Thundaj, 
September U, 1843. (With 6 lithographa, India 
proo&O FoL Priratei;r pnnted. Ologgoir, 1814. 

POUGLASS (John Sbolto) and JENNY 

St.— Die Bomer in Voxarlbeig Ton J. 3. Dou^taM. 
uliche TJeberreate von BriKantiain von S. Jenny. 
Boj^ Sto. Innsbruck, 1872. 8.K. 

(Las). — Pnbliiea ponr la premie foie d'apr^ lea 
MaonacritR de la Bibliolh^ue Koyale. Arec one 
Introduction par Louis BaCisaieF, et orn^ de k™~ 
runs pal SchaaL 4to. Mooline, 1838. 8.E. 

DOVEB.~Batelieller'B Descriptive Picture 
of Dover; or, the Visitoi'a Heir Uuide: being a 
condte outline of the hiatoF^, autiqnttJM, and pre- 
HDt atate of the Town and Castle. Embelliibed 
vith 26 iUmtrationB and 7 plane of the Oaatle, tee. 
Otli«ditloD. 16mo. DoT«r, n.d. B.E. 

DOVER.— A Guide to Dover, Ancient and 
Modem and the a^acent ViUagee. With map 

- and platM. Crown Svo. Dorer, n. d. B.K. 
DOVER.— A Gnide to Dover Caatle. For 

Viiitoia. Square 16nio. Dover, 1869. S.E, 

DOVER.— St. Mary'B Charch, Dover. With 
1 HeliotTpe, from a water-colour drawing b; 1. M. 
W. Tnmar. From the "St Janue's Uagaaine." 
Hot. 1871. tro. KK. 

DOWDBN (Edwaed).— Modem Art-Science 

and Art-Criticinn : an HiBtorical Sketch. F^m 
" Dark Blue Uagadns," Jane, ISTl. 8to. S£. 

DOWWMAN (JoHs). — A Catalorao of 
PortTWis and other pictures at Bnrleigh Court, to 
which ia added the " Index " of origin^ atndiea of 
portisita bj J. D. (with his temarks), in the pos- 
sesion of lUlph Neville Orenville, Esq. Privately 
printed. 8to. Taunton, 186S. 

DOYLE (Richakd), and ALLnfGHAM 

S'uxuif). — In Fairyland. A series of pictarM 
m the Elf-World, by Richaid Doyle. With a 

poem, by William Allingbam. 16 coloured plates. 

Royal 4to. London, 1870, S.K- 

DOZIO (D. G.).— Degli Bcritti e disegni di 

Leonardo da Tinci. Bvo. Milano, 1871. 
DRAGHI (FitiPPO).— L'aoBnnta, del PnJ- 

feesore Michelangelo Grigoletti. 11 pp. 8to. 

Basssnft, 1854. 
DEAGHI (FiLipPo).— CoHToe Dubi pittore 

di BCoria — Uemoris letta all' Ateoeo di Baauno II 

28 Uaggio, ISOfir dal Sodo CorriBpondenta F, D. 

IS pp. Svo. Baaaano, 18SS. 
DRAGHI (PiLiPPo).— n ProfcBBore Pietro 

Zandomeneghi scnltore — Memoria di F. D. 16 pp. 

Svo. BasBano, 1867. 
DRAPS.— MMoire but les ManufiiotnreB de 

Draps et autrea Etoffea de Laine. 8to. Yverdon, 

1764. 8.K. 

DRAUD (G. C.).— De clepaydrU Tetemm. 

68 pp. 4to. Gise, 1732- 
DRAWING.— A Drawing Book of Academy 

FigurcB. 7 Plates. Fcp. Id. (London, n. iX 

DRAWING.— The School of Art; or, most 
Compleat Drawii^-Book extant : eonaiating of an 
eitensiTe series of well-ehosen Examples, selected 
from the Designs of those eminent Masters Watteau, 
Boucher, Bouehardon, La Bran, Eisen, &c. &c. 
Eograred on 46 (60) folio copper plates ^bv 
Oabriel Smith), and performed in a method which 
Mipressn the manner of handling the chalk, and 
the management and harmony of its tinctE in real 
drawings. Folio. London, n. d. 8.K, 

DRAWING.— All Draughtsmen's AsBistant ; 
or, drawing made easy : wherein the principles of 
that art are rendered fiimiliar: in ten instructive 

lesBons with a suitable introduction on the 

utility of this noble art, and observations on design, 
as well in r^aid to theory as practice. By the 
author of the Artist's Assistant. Plates. 4ta. 
Londo^, 1777. S.K. 

DRAWING book : being atudiea of land- 
scape ; containing twenty specimens, hy J. Hoppoer, 
B.A.; W. Uwen, H.A. ; A. Callcot, A.; J. Gaina- 
borough; J. Owen; J. Tarley; T. Qirtin, &c., &c. 
OUong fol. London, 1823. S.E. 

DRAWING. — Every Yonth'e Drawing 
Book : containing the whole Art of Drawioc-, thj^ 


Universal Catalogue of 


principles of Perspective, with clear and ample in- 
Btmctions for portrait, flower, miniature, and land- 
scape painting in oil and water colours, etc. Illus- 
trated with above 60 engravings on wood and 
copper. Square 16mo. London, 1828. S.E. 

DRAWING. — La Clef du dessin, petit 
manuel pour apprende k dessiner sans mattre. 20 
plates with text. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

DREADNOUGHT (Deborah) pseud.— The 

Beauties of Bloomerism (in verse). Edited hj 

D. D. Illustrated with twelve coloured like- 
nesses from the designs of W. S. Beed. 8vo. 

London, 1852. B.M. 

DRECHSLER (Gustav).— Der Statik der 
Landbau, etc. 8vo. Gottingen, 1869. B.M. 

DREIHELLER;(T.).— Vorlagen fiir Maurer. 
Zum Gebrauch ' fur Sontags-Fortbildungs und 
(Jewerbe-Schulen. In progress. Plates. 4to. 
Langensalsa, 1869, etc. 

DREISTANDIGB Siimbnder m Frucht- 
bringen den Nutze, und beetehen der ergetzlichkeit, 
ausgefertiget durch den Geheimen. (Engraved 
Title, 3 Portraits, and 72 Plates.) Obi. 8vo. 
Braunschweig, 1643. S.K. 

DRENT WETT (Abraham) .— Unterschied- 

lich Augspurgische Gt>ldtechmidts Arbeit. Erster 
Theil. So audi zugleich 4. JahrsZeitenVorstellen. 
Inventiert u gezeichnet von A D. Mltdrn, Dar- 
selbst Verlegt von Jeremias Wolff. 7 plates. Fol. 
Augustas Yindelicorum. n. d. S.K. 

DRESDEN. — Ballet von Zusammenkunft 
und Wirckung derer VII. Planeten, auf Fhr. Churfl. 
Durchl. zu Sachsen grossem Theatro eehalten den 
3. Februarii, Anno 1678. With 11 folding plates. 
Fol. Dresden (1678). S.K. 

DRESDEN. — ^Beantwortung der Recenfiion 
des Kupferstichwerks der Bressdnischensic (sic) 
Bilder-GaUerie, welche im Vierten Bande der Bib- 
liothek der schonen Wissenschaften eingeriickt ist. 
Dresden, 1760. With two plates designed by 
Sandro Boticello, engraved by Baocio Baldini, copied 
by Michel Key 1. 8to. Leipzig, 1768. 

DRESDEN. — VerzeichnisB der alten und 
neuen Bildwerke der konigl. Antikensammlung zu 
Dresden. 3 plates. 16mo. Dresden, 1833. 

DRESELY (Ant.).— Album-Answahl von 
Original-Zeichnungen neuerer Kiinstler, auf Stein 
gezeichnet und herausgegeben von A. D. Fol. 
Miinchen, 1843. 

DRESEN (W.).--Doberaii nnd seine Urn- 
gebungen. Malerisch, geschichtlich und topogra- 
phisch geschildert. 8vo. Bostock, 1834. 

DRESS. See Costumes. 

DREVES (Fb.) and HAYNE (F. G.).— 

Botanisches Bilderbuch fur die Jugend und Freunde 
der Pflanzenkunde. Text in Gkrznan, French and 
English. With coloured plates. 4 vols. 4to. 
Leipzig, 1794-1801. 

DREYHAUPT (Johann Christoph von).— 

Pagus Neletici et Nodici, oder Ausfuhrliche diplo- 

matisch-historische Beschreibung des zum Her- 

zogthum Magdeburg gehorigen Saal — Kreyses 

mit Kupferstichen und Abrissen geziret. With 
plates and woodcuts. 2 vols. FoL Halle, 
Another edition. Fol. Halle, 1755. 

DRIVAL (E. van).— Du Symbolisme dans 
le culte et dans VArt. Discours de R^ption de 
M. VAhU van D., k 1' Academic d'Arras, le 22 AofLt 
30 pp. 8vo. Arras, 1862. 

DRIVAL (E. van).— Description de rEdise 
de Saint-Pierre, & Aire. 8vo. Arras, 1865. B.IC 

DRIVAL (E. van). — ^Une visite k Tancienne 
abbaye de Saint-Vaast Conference. 24 pp. 8vo. 
Arras, 1867. 

DRIVAL (E. van). — L'lconograpliie des 
anges. Plates. 45 pp. 8vo. Arras, 1867. 

DRIVAL (E. van).— L'Bxposition d'Arras. 
81 pp. 8vo. Arras, 1868. 

DRIVAL (E. van). — ^L'Art Chretien au con- 
grte de Malines, en 1867. 11 pp. 8vo. Arras 
(printed), Paris, 1869. 

DROUX (L.).— L'Espagne k TExposition 
universelle de 1867. 8vo. Paris^ 1868. 

DROUYN (L^o).— Croix de Procession, de 
Cimeti&res et de Carrefours, par L. D. 10 plates. 
Fol. Bordeaux, 1858. S.K. 

DROUYN (Lifio).— Saint- Jean-de-Blagnac, 
departement de la Gironde. r&ude historique et 
arch^ologique, suivie d'une g^n^logie de la &mille 
de Solminihac. 60 pp. 8vo. Bordeaux, 1868. 

DROYSEN (Ernst).— Der Tempel des hei- 
ligen Oral nach Albrecht von Scharnenberg Juen- 
gerer Titurel Str. 319-410 von E. Droysen. With 
1 plate. 8vo. Bromberg, 1872. S.K. 

DRUMMOND (Sir William).— Essay on a 
Punic Inscription found in the Island of Malta. 
Bojal 4to. London, 1811. 

DRYDEN (John).— Fables from Boccaccio 
and Chaucer. With woodcuts. 12mo. Chiswick, 
C. Whittingham, 1822. S.K. 

DUBARREAU (F.). — Guide pratique de 
r^tranger & Arcachon. Ouvrage illustri de 20 gra* 
vures sur bois d*apr&8 les photographies de M. Ter- 
pereau, et de la carte gj^n^rale d' Arcachon et de sea 
environs, etc. 8vo. l^rdeauz, 1864. 

DUBEUX (Louis) .—La Perse. With 2 maps 
and 86 plates. 8vo. Paris, 1841. S.K. 

DUBIEGKI (T.).— La Ville d'Ath, son an- 

tiquit^, son origins slave, ses 6poques remarquables, 
ses archives communales, ses monuments et Mifices 

Eublics, ses institutions de culte, d*instruction et de 
ienfaisance. Plates. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1847. 

DUBLIN. — Dublin : what's to be seen, and 
how to see it ; with Excursions to the Countij and 
Suburbs. With woodcuts. 16mo. Dablio,1864. SJL 

Books on Art (SupplemerU). 

Catalogn*. 1 872. Dublin EsMbilioD, of AKi, Ib- 
dutriM, »iid Maavbetiuw, ud Loui HnMom i4 
Worti of Art aid riltion, 8to. Dublin, 1873. 

DUBOIS (CHiBLlS Fs^S^Blc). — Planohw 
colonies des Oin«iii de I'Eaiopt et de Uotb oeofi, 
nite ftox OUeanz de UBalgiqaa at Unn otralt, aree 
planehM ecloriies. LiTTftuoni I i 83. 8to. Btoz- 
•Ilea, 18A9-1S63. 

DTI BOIS (L.). — Archivefl Annaelles de la 
TTomiiuidie, histoiiqaeB, moniimeDtMrefl, littiraina 
et atntiitiqaea, pnblUea par L. Da Bou. 3 toU. 
8to. Cseu, 1824-20. B.M. 

— Leu ADliqmUt de NaucUtel, oiiTTage posthnme. 
(Hoticn nr F. Da Boil de M4iit{>4rmix.) ltd. 
(Nimfchlul) 1892. B.M. 

DUBOUCEfi (Adetew), — lamoges. £co1gb 
gntnitca dM iMsnz-uta sppliqo^ i I'indiutne. 
15 pp. Bn>. Fkiu, 1849. 

DU BOULAY (EDiiONr).~Ent«iTement 
da tree-excellent, Irea-haat et tm-illiutre Friiuie 
Cltode de Lonama, Due de QnTM et d'Aam&le, 
Fur de Yaact, etc 3 coppeiplstse of amu of 
Lomine, eolooied.ttnd I9in>Meiit« of urn* in text, 
eolonred. I2mo. Fatia, 1620. Soane Mna. 

DUBEEUIL (JEUt).— La Perspective pra- 
tiqTe, DecesaureatoTapeintrea, giBTeTTa,8cvlplem, 
■leiiitedM, oifeTraa, btodem, tBtnatien, et &utrea 
qui ae mettent de daaaeigner. Pu an Religieaz da 
Is Comp^nie de Jean. 3 Tol*. With pl&tea. 
(Snd edhioD of T(^ I.) 4t«. Puis, 1061, 1647-49. 


DU BUISSON.— Le Tabjean de la Volapt^, 

oQ lea Qoktm Partiee da Joor. Poeme en vera 
librea, pu M. D. B. Withplateo. 8to. A. CjtliAre 
(Puia), au Temple dn PUub, 1T7I. SM. 

DUBY (Piebsb-Anchsb Tobiisen). — Becaeil 
gbeinl dm Pikea Obaidionale* et, d« Neoeaait^ 
gnviea dsna I'ordre chrODoIogiqne dea irtnemeDa : 
■Tec I'eiplkatioa, dBDa I'anlte slphab^qiie, dea 
Faita historiqaee qai ont donni Len i, lear fabrica- 
tion: i la anite oeaqoellea ee Uvarent ploiienra 
fittca corieDiee et int^resaantea, aona le titre de 
Bioiationa NnmiamadqQM. Far fen TobieHD 
Dnbj. 31 plate*. 4to. Paiia, 1786. 8.E. 

DUBY (Pikerb-Ahchkr ToBiBBmi). — Traiti 
dea Monnoiea dee Baiona, on r cp rieentation et ex- 

Elieation de Mates tea Uonnoies d'or d'aisent, de 
illon et de cnivre, qn'ont &it frapper le> FoaiM- 
senrs ile grandB flefs,PaJre, Briquet, Abbfa,Cb«pi- 
tm, Villea et antns Seigneora de France ; pom 
•errir de eompliment anx Honoineiui historiqnea de 
la France en gteiral et de ebaeone de see Pnmncea 
en puticnlier. Far fea H, I^erre-Ancbei TobieMD 
I>abT. 130 plates. 3 roll. 4to. Faria, 1790. 
DUC ttad DOUM&Y.— Rapport enr I'iflole. 
ment d» la SuBte-Chapelle. VTith i pUtea ito. 

DU CAMP (MixnnV— SonvenirB et pay- 
■ageid'Orient 8mK>ia.Eph^iIl'Sii^iB, Con(t&n> 
tinople, Sdo> Sro. Pana, 1848. 

DU GAMP (Munu). — Orient et Italia. 
SooTBoin de.TOfBgeaet delectnrea. 13mo. Paris, 

DU CASSE (Euunnii, Albeet).— M^ 
noiree et Coiraapondance politiqae «t mililsite dn 
Boi Joseph, pablifa, annotM et mia enoidre par A. 
Da Caaae. 8to. Parif, 1BS3, ete. 

Album DeatinadeM. Yang, gmi* par MK. 

Boaargne et I^laiue. 20 plates. Fol. Paris 
(186S, etc). 

DUCAT (A.).— Egljse de Saint-Paol k Bo- 
aan^in, notice hiatonqoe et nreh^logiqae. 20 pp. 
8Ta. BasanfOn, 1869. 

DUCHARTBE (P.).— Elements de Botan- 
iqae. With nnmeroiu woodeota in the text. 2 toU. 
Syo. (Faria) 1866. 

DUCHENB (Paul).— Arohaeolt^, on Da. 
BCriptioa de la t«ar Sainte-Magdeleine de la TiUe d» 
VeniBail, an dipartament de T'Euro. 31 pp. 8»0. 
L'Aigle, 1870. 

DUCHENNE (QmLLHiME Besjamm).— M4. 
casiame de la phjaioDonie hnmaine on analyse 
jlectro-phjsiologiqne de I'expTeastoD des paaeiona, 
applicable i 1* ^tiqne de« arte plastiqaes, par le 
Doctear D. (de Boologne). With albam of 84 pho- 
togropha and S c^tea conCainlog 144 pbotogTophed 
figures. 8Ta. Faris, 1862. 

DUCHESNE (Aotoihe Nicolas).— Sur les 
ilives ambidextiM et anr la D^eeariU d'en former 
dauB lea arte de I'icritaie et do desain et daoB les 
diffirenta metiers mfeaniqnea, par ua amateur. 
22 pp. B»o, (Paris), 1788. 

DUCHESNE (Jeas).— Descriptioii des Ob- 
jets d'Arta qoi compoaent le Cabinet de fen M. le 

Bamn Y. Denon Eatampea et Onnagea & 

Figaree. Par J. D. alnj. Bro. Faria, 1826. 8JK. 

DUCHESNE (Jean).— Mas^m ou XJolleo- 
tion de Tableaux de toatea lea Eeolea avec texte par 
Dacheane aini. 4to. Faria, 1S83. 

DUCHESNE (Jean).— Notice bistoriqneBM 
la vie et le« oavragea de J. D. alni (par M. Fsnlin 
Faria). Bro. Paris, IS36. 

DUCHESNE (Jean^.— Notice desEatampea 

aipos^ & la BibUothiqw Boyale Arec dea re- 

cberehea aor rorigine, laccroiaattnent «t ladisposi- 

tioQ uitho^ae an Cabinet dea Eatampes. Par D. 

aiai. Troiaiime edition. ISmo. Fari«, 1B4I. 


DUCKETT CWiLLiAii A,). — Ia Prance; 
Tuea de aas monnmenU et de ae* aitea lea plna re- 
marqaablea. Collection de gramre* lur acier aree 
texte eipUcatif et dewriplif, pax W. A. D. Noa. 1 
to 10. Platta. large Bra Danutadt, 186S. 

DU CLEUZIOU (HiNBi).— Salon de 1863. 
l" liTTaiaon. Lea Soldata. l3mo. Fuu, UA%. 


Universal GaUUogue of 


DU CLEUZIOU (Hbnbi).— De la Poteri6 
GhiOloiBe. j^tude sur la ColUction Oiiaryet, par H. 
da Cleuziou. Imp. 8vo. Pari^, 1872. S.K. 

DUCLOS. — ^Voyage en ItaHe, ,ou Considera- 
tions SOT ritalie ; par fett M. D. Sto. Lausaone, 

DUCOS DU HAUBON (Louis).— Lee Con- 

leuTB en pbotograpliie, solution du prpbl&me. 69 pp. 
' 8vo. Auch, 1869. 

DtrCOS DU HAURON (Louis)— Lee cou- 

letunt en photographie et en particolier lliWo- 
: chrdmie an cliari)on. TraiU contenant, dana lenr 
6tat le plus r^nt, les formules et la mise en pra- 
tique du fyst&me de 'photographie des oooleora, 
Dubli^ par I'auteur au mois de Mars, 1869. 8iro. 
Auch, 1870. 

PUCOrrRNEAU (Alexandre).— La Gui- 

enne historique et monumentale. Platea. 2 toIb. 
' 4to. Bordeaux et Paris, 1842-1845. 

DUCROT (A.).— La Peinture k Thnile et 
au pastel, apprises sans m^tre : nourelle m^thode 
^^mentaire et pratique: — accompagn^ d*^tudes 
ibauche^s et termin^es, boites de crayons pour le 
pastel, obi se trouyent tons les tons compost des 
modules d'^tudes. 8yo. Paris, 1858. 

DtlCUING (Fb.).— L'ann^e illustr6e. Suite 
de r£xposition Uniyerselle iUustr6e, 1868. B^dac- 
teur en chef fV. Ducoing. With 776 plates. PoL 
Faria, n.d. 

DUDIK (Bedeb). — Des Hohen Deutschen 
Bitterordens Mtuus-Sainmlang in Wien. Mit steter 
Biicksicht auf das Central-Ai^hir des Hohen Ordens 

gschiehtlich dargestellt nnd beschrieben Ton Dr. 
D. 21 plates and woodcut, bj Alb. Schindler. 
Large 4ta Wien, 1858. 

DUDIE (Bedeb).— Nenentdeckte Fresken 
aus dem lieben der heiL Apostel Ojrill und Method 
in Kom. With woodcuts and tinted lithographs. 
Large 4to. Wien, 1869. 

DUDLEY (J.). — ^Naology ; or, a treatise dm 
. the origin, progreM, and symbolical import of the 
sacred structures of the most eminent nationa and 
ages of the world. 8vo. London, 1846. 

PUEMICHEN (Johannes^. — Historische 

InschriftenaltaegyptischerDenlunaelerin 1863- 

1865 an Ort und Stelle gesammelt und mit erlau- 
temdem Text henrasgegeben. Plates. Fol. Leipzig, 
1S67. B JC. 

DUEMICHEN (Johannes). — Der aegyp- 

tiflche Felsentempel von Abu-Simbel und seine 
* Bildwerke und Lischriften. 43 pp. 8ro. Berlin, 

DUEMIGHEN (JoBANNEs).--Resnltate der 
auf Befehl Sr. Majest&t des Eonigs Wilhelm I. 
▼on Preussen im £k>mmer 1868 nach Aegypten 
entsendeten archaologisch-photographischenExpedi- 
tion. HerausegegebeuTon Dr. Johannes Diimidien. 
In progress. Part I. 67 platet. Small folio. 
Beriixi, 1869, etc. SE. 


DUBMICHBK (Iohaio^s). — Ueber di^7 

Tempel imd Giftber im^ aUen Aegypten nnd ilkre 
Bildwexke und InsefariJUn. Vnrlesung gehalten'in 
der kaiaerliehen UniYenilib m Strassburg, am 19 
l^orember 1872. Von Professor Dr. J. Duemichen. 
Imp. 8fp. Strassburg, 1872. .' 8.K;f 

DUEMMLER (Fbbdinand). — Bauwisaea- 

tehaftliche fiandbibliothek. 1^ Veneichniss aller 
altem.und neuarn Schziftea iiber die burgerliefae 
Wasser- und Stntssenbaukunst, etc Sto. Berlin, 
1820. I 

Supplement, from 1825-1827. 8Ta Berlin, njd. 

DUENTZER (Hbinbioh). — G. NehrHch's 
Zeichnungen nach Goethe's Faust Miterlautemdsn 
Worten von H. D. FoL Neuwied und Leipzig ; 
Coblenz (printed, 1 864). B JBl 

DUENTZER (Hbinbioh ). — Verzeiohniss 
der Romischen Alterthumer des Museums Wallraf- 
Bicharts in Koln. Aulgestellt Ton Prof. Dr. H. 
Duentser. 8yo. Eohi (1869). SJL~ 

DUERER (Albbecht).— Passio Ohristi ab 
Alberto Drrer Nvrenbyigensi efBgiata. J. A. Golon|, 
£xc A.B. Waesbergen excudit 34 copper-plates. 
Small 4to. n. p., n. d. SJ^ 

PUERER (Albbbcht). — ^fleyelationeBBanote 

Birgitte. (In fine) Beaelatbnes p. Anthoniil 

EoberippBT, cu8 Nurembui^n impre8Se,^nniunt anno 
dcnnim xocxx:c, zxc mensis septdbris. 1 8 large wood 
engravings by A. D. F<d. Niiremburg, 1500. 

DUERER (Albbeght).— Der Alton Feohter 

griindliche KunsL Mit sampt yerboigenen fieym- 
fichcyten Eampffens, Bingens, Werffens, etc. 
Figiirlich f&xgemalet, bissher nie an tag komen. 
Woodcuts. Fol. Frankfurt-am-Main, 1529-36. 

DUERER (Albbbcht). — Alberti Dvreri 

Noribeig. (German. Icones sacrss, in historiam 
salutis humane per redemptorem nostrum Jesym 
Christum Dei et Mariie fiHum instauratn, £^ 38 
woodcuts after Altdorfer. 4tQ. n. p. 1604. 

DUERER (Albbeoht).— The Artist's Mar- 
ried Life ; being that of Albert Dnrer. Translated 
from the German of Leopold Schefer, by Mrs. J. B. 
Stodart. With portrait. 16mo. London, 1848. 


DUERER (Albbecht). — Passio CJliriBtL 

Die Ideine -Passion. The little Passion of A. 

Diirer (cu varii ffeneris carminibus B. Cheli- 

donii) reproduced m fac-simile. Edited by W. O. 
Prime. 4to. New York, 1868. BJi. 

DUERER (Albbeoht).— Albrecbt Diirer's 
Handzeichnungen im Eoniglichen Museum su Bar* 
lin, Zum 400-jahrigen L^rer-Jubilaum heraus^ 
geben. In der Originalgrosse photolithographirt 
¥on Gebriider Bur(£ard, in Berlin. Mit emam 
VorwortTonDr. B. OrafStillfiried-Alcantara. Fol. 
Niimberg(1871). SE. 

DUERER (Albbeoht). — Trachten-Bilder 

. tt>n A. D. ana der Albertina. Sechs BlJitter in 

Farben-HoUschnitt, awpef^ihrt yon F. W. Bader, in 

Wien. (6 woodcuts, printed in ooloun, with 1 page 


Bd(^ on Art (SuppUment). 


of dMCriptJT* tost bj Dr. Ham XhaiuiagO 
Wien, 1871. 

DUEiUBR (Albbkcbt).— Albrecht Dnnm 
BAndiaiehnniigeD in det Kgai^eheo Bibliotlisk 
nreedsn. Mit siner Vomde Ton I^. A. Toa Ej 

Jteprodndrt tod F. L«vda. FoL Niimbsrg 

P871). a£. 

HXS^RSB. (Albbbcht). — Durar'B Bcdter- 

t AlbertiDa, anf Hotx photn- 

1 Dr. S. Homig. 6 platas, and 
2pp.t(lzt^ K<^4to. (Wien, 1872.) 
DUEBKR (AjaKEOBT).— l)nrer's Briafe, 
ItgcfauJicr Qnd lUiins nebit einem Aahauge tod 
Zoii^iiiften an wtd fSi Duiar, Uebanetzt lud mit 
Einldbuift AtuqarkuDgca, PanaotsTBixeiduiiw and 
Muor BoiMkaite Tersehen tph "Manx Thansiog. 
' (Fofmrng Tol. IIL of ■' QnellBiiJ<:lirift«n for Sunat- 
geacliichte mid KnnittMbiuk ^m Mitbelaltan nnd 
itr BeaaknM^, l»rHmmb«n ton & Eit«lbergei 
niD Edslbeig.") Sto. vnM,:)S73. S.K. 

DUMBER (Albbioht). Sm Hutor (Iba. 0.), 
— TluHisMKTaftlMldftof A. D.,&e. Ib^ Sto. 
raBQ-DTTEBINOSEmJ) (Otto ton),— Hod>- 
-■HbfaiKlt. Bianeli nnd Olsnbe der Hochzsit bei 
d«D duiatUehm Totkem Enrc^u. With 24 illoi- 
tMtiona by Albeit Kietaebmn and &antiapiMe, 
4to. Ldpdg, 1S71. BJL 

DUKR&IOH (FikcniAin)}.— Tenrain-ZeiDli- 
□nnga-SchaU in VoTUgebUUten, ncbtt einra An- 

Witb 16 litboenpha, and iroodcats in lexL 8to. 

Stattgart, 1S52. 
Cl^XTEGUU (Ldoas). — AjnpUssiiao hoe 

amoBtn et ^olehm oidins ponqn fimabrii Brox- 

mEi ft pklatra ad divas Oudnlae t«npliim protfeaiit 

on ns HitpanianiBi Kilippra OmoIo V. Bom. 

imp. paiSti maastiafimaa inata iohruM. 39 plates 

1ijl.aea« Dnetacnm. Obl.foL Hagae-Comit ISIS. 
DU FAUR DB PIBBAC (A.).— DicoaTerte 

'dn t<nnb«eamtiOTiQg;ien de 9t.-Af, Bndsn ricomta 

d^Mtetu. Orliana, 1S61. 
DIXFAT (Charles Jm-Gs).— Nobica sor la 

via at lat oarragaa de Wicar, pcintre dliiaUiiKh 

Vltliportnit. 8to. lille, 18*4. ' 
rUFAT (Chahlbs Jui^ib). -^ Notice 

booTte dana Im andesaes arthirM de FUmixǤ, 
ponr larTii k I'hlitoire da oetta jglise at k csUb du 
ament de Saint-Meolaa de Talentin. Bro. Bonifc, 

DUFAT (Ghablkb JoLia). — Obeerrotiotis 
BUT la eomspondHBce de Jdtan Fbntel, dit de 
Paris, aTM Moignerite d'Aatriche, wmoenMOt 
Vjgliae da Bnm. Sto. Bonrg, IS93. 

DUFAY (CHiBua Jdlbs).— Essai biopra- 
pluqoe anr Jaban Fan^ dit Jehan de ^oia, 
prantn et arckitecte Ijannaia. Sto. Lyon, ISB4. 

|DUFFAU. — Quids dn consiaTicteiir, oa 
Aneljae da prix das tcaTftox dlD bltimenta et osr- 
lagea d'art. Std. Soideanx and Paiia, 1B64. 

DDFFAtn) (P.). — Mesnrage dea Tofltos 
d'artte et en arc de doltra. Fonnulea nouTeHea 
diteiminant la sqffoce, etc. Sto. Pnii, 1SS6. 


DTTFOITR.— Abr^ historiqns daa sdenoea 
at dea b«aQz-aita, en ladn c( en banDai*, pu 
I'abbi*** Sto. Av^ea, Paria, I7SI. 

DtJFOTTR (Ch.).— MMaiDee et bijoBX an- 
tiqnw dicoiiTBttea . k Bedeuz. 8td. AmienA. 

DtTFRESNB (A.).— Notioe sup qcelqnea 
antiquity tioiiTiea luna randeniie proTince Leuke 
(Er^hi de Tool) dspoia 1832-1817. With plates. 
Sto. UetE, 1849. 

DUQANNB (AnacBTWB J. H.).— Art'a tnie 
Miaaion in America. 12nLo. New York, ISfiS. 

DUGAS-MON^EL.— Ea<^ hiatorique de 

DUGBANT.— TraiW de mimature, on nuu 

niSre de desaiiieF et de peindn le pajsaee, 12mo. 

Hete. 1739. 
DUGEANT. .- Lea flenrs d'apr^B nature. 

ISmo. Met£(17M). 
DUGIT (E.).— De Inatda Naio. Plates. 

Sto. Lutitia Padiioroia, 1S67. 
DCGOURG (J. D£uosth£n£).— Ambeaqnee 

inrenUa at gnTie pai J^. D. D. Sto. n. p. 1782. 
DtJGUfi (B.).— fitttde aai la aoience M6ro- 

gijphiqQa. Ire partie. 16 1^. Sto. Le Mana, 

t>UGTJERS (L.).- Recneil de DesainH de 

HaaUaa, FendnlHi et Candelabiea, oompOBie et 

azioiiMB pai Ii. D., k I'occaaion da rexpoaition 

Ebliqne del prodoiu de I'indnitne Fcanfsiae de 
a 1801. Splataq. Fol. Paria(180e). BX. 
DUHAJI (E. F.). — Deeoription de la 

dtapelle de Henri VIL, i Weatminater, auina 

d'una nodes hiatonqne anr lea monnmenta fluiibrea 

qu'eQe Mnferme. 8to. Paria, ISlfi. 
QUHAMEL. — G^metrie aoaterraine SiA- 

menCaiie tbiorique et pntiqaa. Plat«a. 4to. Parii, 

1787. ' 

Lovia). — Da TfMupoit, de la Oonaemttion et da la 

Ftnea daa Bcna ; on Ton ttonron 4wu»iw*^«ki> 


Universal Catalogue of 


tendrir les Bois, de leur donner diverses conrbures, 
■ortout pour la construction des Vaisseaux. Ou- 
Trage enrichi de Figuree en taille-douce. 4to. 
Paris. 1767. S.K. 


. — L'Art du Potier de Tezre. With 17 plates. Fol. 
(Paris) 1773. S.K. 

DU JARDIN (Edwabd).— Album da " Lion 
des Flandres, of de Leeuw van Vlaenderen, etc" 
(A novel by H. Conscience). 64 planches com- 
poses et grav^ par £. D. J. [With explanations 
in French, Flemish, German and English]. ObL fol. 
Antwerpen, 1851. B.M. 

DULAURENS (Aitoe^).— Historia Anato- 
mica hnmani corporis et singolarum eius partium 
etc. etc. Authore And. Laurentio (Anir^ Du- 
laurens). Plates by T. de Bry. Fol. Francoforti 
ad Moenum, 1600. S.E. 

DULCBIEN (H. W.).— A Handy History, 
of England. For the Young. By H. W. Dulcken. 
With upwards of 200 illustrations engraved by the 
Brothers DalzieL Small square 16mo. London, n.d. 


DULfiRY. — Rocliechouart. Histoire, 16- 
gendes, arch^logie. Lithograph. 8vo. Limoges, 

DULLER (EdwabdV — Giessen nnd seine 
Umgebungen, geschildert. Mil^ 6 Stahlstichen. 
Supplement zum malerischen und romantischen 
Beutschland. Boyal 8vo. Giessen, 1841. 
2nd edition. Royal 8vo. Giessen, 1844. 

DULLER (Edward V — ^Erzberzog Carl von 

Oesterreich. Geschildert von E. D. mit Ulustra- 
tionen von M. von Schwind, Nieder, J. N. P. Geiger, 
I'Allemand, Pettenkoffer, etc. etc With 160 illus- 
trations. 4 to. Wien and Peeth, 1847. 

DULWICH COLLEGE.— Catalogue of the 

Collection of Pictures bequeathed to Sulwich Col- 
lege by the late Sir Francis Bourgeois. 8vo. 
London, n. d. S.E. 

DUMAS rALBXANDEB).' — Crimes C61febres 
par A. D. Plates. 8 vols, in 4. Imp. 8vo. Paris, 
1839-40. S.E. 

DUMAS (Ernest). — Essai snr la febrication 
des monnaies. 8vo. Bouen, 18d6. 

DUMAS (J. B.)— Histoire de PAcad^mie 
royale des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Lyon. 
2 vols. 8vo. Lyon, 1840. 

DUMAST (P. G.).— Nancy. Histoire et 
tableau. 4 lithographic plates. 2nd edition. Large 
8vo. Nancy, 1847. 

DU MEjGE (Aleiandbe Louis Chables 

AKDBi). — Sur quelques monuments antiques d^- 
couverts a Nerac 3 plates. 63 pp. 4to. Toulouse, 

DU MtiGE (Alexandre Louis Chibles 

Akdb^). — Sur quelques monuments inMits re- 
pr^sentants Claude le Gothique, Nera Pivesuvia et 
les deux Treticos. 2 plates. 4to. Toulouse, 1834. 

DU MfiGE TAlexandbe Louis Charles 

AKDBi). — ]^tuae ihu les fresques de T^lise de 
Casaux de Larboust (Haute-Garonne), compart 
k ^uelques-unes de celles de T^lise de ^nte- 
C^ile d'Albi. 5 plates. 4to. Toidouse and Paris, 

DUMfiNHi (P.).— Nouveau Manuel complet 

de Peinture cTHistoire Naturelle par P. D. 

(Manuels-Boret). 18mo. Paris, 1859. S.E. 

DUMfiRHi (A. M. C.) and BIBRON (J.). 

— Erp^tologie g^^rale ou histoire naturelle com- 
plete des Reptiles. 9 vols, and 1 voL plates. 8vo. 
Paris, 1834. 

DU MfiRHi (Ed^lestand). — Melanges 
arch^logiques et litt^ires. 8vo. Paris, 1850. 

DU MERIL (Ed^lestand). — De Tnsage 
non-interrompu jusqu'i nos jours de Tablettes en 
cire. Plate. 58 pp. Paris, 1861. 

DU MERSAN (Th^ophile Marion).— See 

Mabiom du Mbbsan (Th^ophile). 

DUMESNIL (H.).— Le Salon de 1859. 

18mo. Paris, 1859. 

DU MONCEL (TmSoDORB, Vicomte). — 
Ath^nes Monumentale et Pittoresque. Collection 
compos^e de quatorze planches lithographic, d'on 
panorama de la ville, et d*un texte expUcatif, avec 
gravures sur bois. Obi. foL Paris, 1846. 8JC. 

DU MONCEL (Theodore, Vicomte).— 

Etude du dessin de pajsage d'apr^ nature. 2 
frontispieces and 41 liUiographs. Obi. 4to. Paris, 

DUMONT.— Etudes d'architectare de diflK. 
rents maitres italiens. FoL n.p.,n.d. 

DUMONT (Albert). — Rapport sur nn voy- 
age arch^logique en Thrace, par M. A. BumonL 
73 pp. 8vo. i^aris, 1871. 

DUMONT (Albert).— Inscriptionfl C^n^ 

miques d^ Gr^, par M. A. Dumont. Hoyal 8vo. 
Paris, 1872. 8.K. 

DUMONT (Charles Emmanuel).— Histoire 

des monast^res de T^tanche et de Benolte-Vau. 13 
lithographs. Large 8vo. Paris, 1853. 

DUMONT (Charles Emmanuel). — Nobi. 

liaire de Saint-Mihiel. Avec 165 ^cussons armo- 
n^ et 28 tableaux gtologiques. 2 vols. Laige 
8vo. Nancy et Paris, 1864. 

DUMONT (Ernest), et LEGER (Alfred). 

— Histoire ae la ville d'Haiffleur. With plates* 
8vo. Le Havre, 1868. 

DU MONT (J.).— Batailles gagn^es par le 
Prince Engine de Savoie, d^peintes et gravto en 
taille douce par Jean Huchten buig avec des enlico- 
tions histonques de J. Du Mont. Plates, rolio. 
La Haye, 1720. 

DUMONT and PATER Le roman comiqw 

de Scarron peint par D. et P. FoL Paris, n.d. 

DU MONT DE FLORGY (Baron).— Lee 

Antiquity de Borne, on Descriptioa Bommair* dw 

Books on Art (Supplement). 


DUNCAN (Jua8).— The Artist's Portfolio, 
conUiuuig elabonte angTBTingn of the priadpnl 
piDdadions of tlu difSnsnt Schools of PaiiitiDS, 
and the most ioterestitig mnuuns of Sculpture, wiUi 
hiatorical, deacriptiTe, kiid biographiml noticee, 
edited hj J. D. 3 roll. 4to. LoadoD, 1837. 

DUNCAN (William S.).—MntafipeotnM ; or, 

DUNCKEB (Alex.). — Die Undliclien 
WohiiBlap, SchlSner nnd Betideiwen der ritter- 
•diaftlichBa QmndbeBitBer lin dei prenuiBchen 
Honaichiev nebit den kooiglicben £^inilien-HaoB- 
FideieommiM - Scbatoll - Outem in n&tnrgetreaen 
kuutleiuch an^efuhrteD fuhigeD DantelluD- 
geu. Nebct iMf^itendem Text, Heniasgef;ebeii 
TOO A. Doneker, (In [cogieu, 213 parts luned.) 
Wtth efaromolitfaaeiaptai. ObL fol. Berlin, ISSS, 

DUMCOHBB (Johb). — An lustorical de- 
•eripttoo of the Mstropolitical Chni^ of ChrieC, 
OmUAarj; eonUiniiigaaaeooDDtofiUsiitiqaiti». 
and of Iti acddenU and imptoreuenlB, rince the 

I flnt Mtobliehmtat. With an En^h tnmilation 
of the radt^hi, and a wnth proapeet of the Cotbe- 
dnL lie 18 Bond edition, with a pn&ce eootoining 
obeamtioiii on the OotbiiT Archileetaie, and an 
Uatoricalaeoattntof the ArchbiBbopaofCaiitei'bniy, 
from Angiutiii to the meeent time. Together 
withandegrbjtheBer. J.D.,U.A. FIat«. Bto. 
Cantarbniy, 1781. BJL 

DUNDEE delineated; or,a HiatotrandPe- 
aeriptioii of that Town, iti InilitatiDnt, Uutofac- 
toraa, and ComnteiM. 12mo. DnndeB, 1B32. 

DIJNEB (N.) and others.— Swenaka Expe- 
ditioaer till Spetibergen oeh Jan Majen, atlSida 
under Irmt 1861 och 1864 af S. Dnnir, A. J. 
Malmgrm, A. E. Nradenaldold och A. QoenaentedL 
15 plaice and map. Bro, Stockholm, 18A8. 

DUNEEE (BiLTEA&u Anton).— PrincipM 
dn dMeein da* pajaageai avse planchsa pu 
Weibel. FoL Bam, 1793. 

DUNKEB (BiLTHABAR Ahton).— Yierzehn 
AoMii^teti im Obarlande, jeD««it« Thnn nwJUdt, 
But ihm knnen hiatoriBch-topogTadiiidien 
Beaehreibniigsn. (Text in 0«rmaii and French.) 
FoL Bern, )7H. 

DUNKEB (BiiTHiaiB Antok).— Abbildtm. 

DUNKIN (Alfked John).— A Report of 
tha ftoeaedingt of the Britiah ArchBological Asso- 
ciation at the Sth Qenenl Heetijig, held in "the 
faithhl dtj of Wometei," in the month of 

Angnit, 1848. llplatwaadwoodnte, 4tO.- I>on< 
don, 18fil. 

DUNKIN (AiniBD Jobs).— The " Arohao- 
logical Hine," or a Hagaiine for ererybody. Sm. 
I to 26, with 36 plates. Svo. (London, 1863.) 

DUNKIN (Alfkbd John). — Htmdred of 
Blaekhaath. Historf of the Connty of Kent, bT 
A. J. D. With porbiit and IB plates, eats, and 
plaas. 8ro. London, IBM. 

DUNKIN (Jobs). — The history and antiqui- 
ties of Dartford, with topogra^ical notices of the 
neighbonrbood. Plates. 8to. I«ndon, 1844. S.E. 

DUNRAVEN (Earl of).— Memorials of 
Adsre. 4to. London, 186-. 

DUXOD (F. J.)— Histoire de I'Eglifle, VUIb 
et Dioctse de Besan^n, etc. 3 role. 4to. Besaa- 
ton, 17 DO. 8.E. 

DUNST (J. M.)— TaBdienbnch der notfa- 
weod^sten ;Recepte fiir jeden lithagraphen and 
Steini&acker, etc Aof praktiscbe Erfohrong ge- 
grondet, gesammelt, herao^^egebea nnd den AnfKn- 
gem BO wie alien Collegsn dieeer Knnst gewidmet. 
8to. Bonn, 183S. 

DUP AIN-TRIBL. — Invitations fkmilifeMW 
fait«s an2 ilivcs de ce temps dans les beauz-arta 
par un ancien amateni. 8va. Farii, n. d. 

DUPABG (ABTBtJB).— Le Salon de 1869. 
22 pp. Sro. Paris, 1860. 
Le Salon de 18T0. 31 pp. Bro. Paris, 1870. 

DUFASQUIEB (Louis).- De I'raseuiae- 
ment da I'Art. Dieeonra la i I'Acadimie de I^oDi 
le 2fi aoflt 1846, par Lonis Dapasqnier, BrehileGteb 
8td. L;on, 1S4S. 

DUPASQUIEB (Loms).- Qaelqaea opi- 
de ]C Antonin Uonmartin snr I'wale U Uai- 

S plates. Sto. L^on, 1863. 
DUPASQUIEB (Louis).- Enseignement da 

DU PATS (A. J.).— CoUeotion . 

Chiidss diamant Borne tt «ea Enrirona. Descrip- 
tion hietoriqne et artistiqne, par A. J. Da P. Oon- 
tenant 1 grand plan da Borne, 14 aatree pUni, t 
cartee et 4S gnvarea. 18mo. E^ris, 1870. BJL. 

DU PBTBAT (AuonffTB). — Le Dix-nett- 
ritme Biide finiia-l-il, par aroir an atjle d'archi- 
tectnre qni Ini aoit propre? Bro. Caui et Paha, 

DU PETBAT (Ahgcbtb).- G4omitrie de- 
Bcriptire popnlaiie appliqnio ans Constmetiona 
gra^iqnea en gin&«I,* ramut«ctnre, an dMSio do 
■ BeifpeeliTe ■ ' '- -" '— ■— -■-- "-' 


Universal Catalogtie of 


DU PEYEAT (OtJiLLiTTitx).— Ld tableau de 

la calomnie depeinta an yive par Apelle, inlexpr^ti 
. ISmo. Paris, 16Q4. Cicogn 

DUPIN (Chables). — Q6om^tne et m6ca- 

xiique dee arts et metiers par Oh. D. 3 Vols. With 
plates. 870. Paris, 1842. 


FBAKgois Maris Bbhtbt). — Diotionnaire mui9ai8 
illustrS et Encydop^e uniyerselle, oayrage qui 

Kat tenir^ Heu de tous les vocabulaires et de tontes 
I encyclop^es. PublicatioD nouvelle, enrichie de 
20,000 figures giay^ sur cuiTre par les meilleurs 
•: artistes. 2 yols 4to. Paris, 1866-1864. 

DD PLAT (Anton Hkinrich). — Situations 

; ' Bfsae der neuerbaueten Chauss^en des Churfursten- 
thujns Braunschweig, Liineburg. Erster Theil: 
Die Chaass^e yon Hannover auf Hameln. Kebst 
einer Nachricht von den an dieser Koute belegenen 

' xnerkwiirdigen Orten. With plates and plans. Fol. 

^ (Hannover) 1780. SJK. 

JDUPLESSIS. — Memoires historiquea et 
azch^logiques. I. Les dvilisations de la Gaule 
au V* sikle. II. Des Menhirs, origine et but de 

J leor ^fication. lU. Les ^lesde la Gaule romaine 
et ses rh^teurs. 66 pp. 8vo. Metz, 1870. 

DUPLESSIS (Geobges).— Essai historiqne 
sur les ^tablissements litt^ires de la ville de Louai 

comprenant une notice sur la biblioth^ue pu- 

blique et les principales biblioth^ues particuli^res. 
■ 8vo. Bouai, 1842. 

DXJPLESSIS (Qeoeges). — Les gravenrs snr 

'' bois contemporains. 8va Paris, 1867. 

DUPLESSIS (Georges).— Le d^partement 

des estampes k la Biblioth^ue impiriale, son ori- 

f'lne et ses d^eloppements successifis. Large 8vo. 
aris, 1860. 

:DtJPLESSIS (Georges).— Histoire de la 

G-ravnre en France. Ouvrage couronn^ par Tlnsti- 

tut de France (Acad^mie des Beaux-Arts). 8to. 

J'- Paris, 1861. aK. 

DTJPLESSIS (Georges). — Michel de 

Marolles, abb^ de Villeloin, amateur d'estampes. 
• 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

J)UPLESSIS (Georges).— Le Cabinet du 

'* roi, collection d'estampes command^ par Louis 
^ XIV. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

DUPLESSIS (Georges).— Lea Merveilles 

de la Gravure, ^ar Georges Duplessis. Ouvrage 
illustr^ de 34 vignettes par P. Selfier. 12mo. 
Paris, 1869. S.K 

-n English Translatioxr.rr-Thd Wbsders of Engrav- 
ing. By G. J>, Illustrated with ten Beproductions 
in Autotype; and thirty-four Wood Engravings, 
byP. Sellier. 8vo. London, 1871. (1870.) S.K 

DUPONT (J.).— TraitfS de photographie ; 
Buivi de notions sur la galvanoplastie. 16mo. 
Paris, 1862. 

DUPONT rP.).— Eflsais pratiques d'im- 
prixDorie, prec^^ d'une notice hiitonque. Typo- 

graphie-lithographie. Paris (P. Diipont). 'With 
plates. FoL Paris, 1849. 

DUPONT (P.).— Chants et Chansons, aveo 
gravures d*aprte T. Johannot, Andrietu, et Nan- 
teuil. 3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1862-1864. 

DUPONT-DELPORTE (J. E.). — Lettros 

sur FEspagne. Climat, moeurs, coutumes, monu- 
ments, palais, ^lises, jardins publics, promenades, 
etc 8vo. Pans, 1869. 


artistes Beiges — ^Bevue oomparde de I'Ezposition 
des beaux-Arts en 1867. 

Peinture, Gravure, Sculpture, Architecture. 8vo. 
An vers, 1867. 


trois Statues de Jean d'Arc, etc. 12mOb Orleans 
(printed). Ploris, 1866. BM. 

DUPRAT. — ^Histoire de Fimprimerie imp^ 
riale de France, suivie des sp^mens des types 
Strangers et fran9ab de cet ^tablissement. Large 
8vo. Paris, 1861. 

DUPKE (A.). — Notice sur quelques peintres 
bl^is. 12 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1868. .jj^ 

DUPRfi (Giovanni).— EsposiziDne nniter- 

sale del 1867. Bella scultnra. Belaaione del pro! 
G. D. 16 pp. 8vo. Flrence, 1869. 

DUPUIS (A.). — Arbres d'oroement de 

pleine teire; par A. D. Ouvrage om^ de 40 
gravures. 18mo. Abbeville (printed). P^ris, 

DUPUIS (Alexandre). — De Tenadgnei^ent 
du dessin sous le point de vue indostriS. Plate. 
8vo. Paris, 1836. 

DUPUIS (Alexandre). — ^EnseignemenV du 
Dessin, M^thode A. Bupuis, approuv^ parlaCb- 
ci^ti desMdthodes, L'lnstitnt de France (Seation 

des Beaux-Arts) Le Oonseil royal da I-Uni- 

versit^ et par M. le Ministre de rinstructifn 

publique, pour les GoU^es royaux. 8vo. (PSBLris, 
1836.) S.K. 

DUPUIS (Antoine). — Lettres impartiales 
d'un amateur sur I'exposition de tableaux en 1814. 
8vo. Paris, 1814. 

DUPUIS (Antoine). — M^moire en fav^ir 

des artistes dont le jury des arts n*a pas admis les 
ouvrages pr^sent^s au salon d'exposition en 1817. 
8vo. Paris, I8I7. ' -' 

DUPUIS (Antoine). — Reflexions snr ties 

paysages exposes au salon de 1817* 48 pp. 8vo. 
Paris, 1817. 

DUPUIS (Antoine). — M. Rococo, ou le 

nouveau Salon d'exposition. 8vo. Paris, 1817.. 

DUPUIS (Carl).— Malerische Aussichten 

von den merkwibNligen Gegenden von Nlfeder- 
deutschland. With plates. Oblong fol. Tfaal-Ehren- 
breitstein, 1789. 

DUPUIS (Remt). — La tnomphante et so- 
lenaelle £ntz^ de Chftrles-Qnint en sa ville do 


Booka on Art (Supplement). 


Srag» U 18 •vril IfilS, dioite pw BN117 Sopaii. 

Woodnta. 4to. Bii«m, 1S60. 
.DDFDIT (J.).— TnutStfa^riqneetpiatiqiie 

de L> aoDOiiite «t de U dislribiitioD &t Eftu. 

Atlw of 4S p)At««. ito. P*rii, ISM. 
.DIJPUT (Ab.). — SonTdniw de Nioder- 

bKHu. WiEh nupL 8n». StiaalMBfg, 18M. 
JJDQUECJELLECV.)-— DeoaQTBrteBarchfe- 

logiqiua i Runu pendant I'ttKote 16*1. Sto. 

Bainu, 1848. 
DUQUENELLB (V.).— PHysiologie de I'an- 

tiqaaire. 16 pp. 8to. Reudb, 1819. 
DUQUBNELLE (V.). — Catalogue dea 

monnuM lomaiiiM dieoaT(irt«i k Sign; — I'Abbajre 

(AideouM). 3S pp. Bvo. Beima, ISSfi. 
-DUQUB8NE. — A Veyace to the Eaat 
-' Iiidita, 10(0-1 : being » fnu OMcription of the lale* 

of lUdiTMi, Cocoe, Andamant, and th« Isle of 
■'^i^acttmka. Wi£h cots. 8to. London, 1886. 
J4)OaA2fl> (Adri»().— Ntrtioe ear lee Coute- 

flera a I«i)gT«a sn Mojen-jga. 8td. Langna, 

.1870.: BX 

lOCTELAND (Auxib).— iDdicateor. Quatre 

f MDHmdMliiftoriqaeaitpitWiMqiwaduwIafiH^ 

I, 1851. 
DTTRAiro (AnonBTB).— Histoire de la ville 

de Clenaont-l'HJranlt et da aea enrirona, arec 

raMOtplansIithographijB, Sto. Uontpellier, 1S38. 
.'DURAND (Hippolttb).— Le Danube aUe- 

mand et I'AJiemagiie dn Bud. Vpvage dans la 
.^ FonC'Noire, la BaTiiie, rAnbiehe, b Bahtmg, la. 

Hopgrie, riaUi^ U Tinitia etl« TJto\. 32 plataa. 
'^ Lbj^Sto. Toma, 18^2.- 
■■DltEAiJD <PAtn).— Etade snr I'Btdauwia, 
z k . igrmlMle dn jogsmnit damier dana riconcgTaphia 
^.encqne chrjtiaan*. 30 lUiuintMmB. 87 pp. Sro. 

Gbartnt (print«d). Paria, 1868. 
Ji)UBAfiI> <PiDL).— Deux Leoturee de M. 
• . PaaiSniaBd anr I'aMon Hobl>J)tMi da Chartna 

dfamt «a 1868. 18 pp. Sro. Chartna, 1870. 
DmiAiro (P. J.).— Nstice snr I'^glise da 
~i Moti^-Dame-ds-DoiuU, ci-dennt Le Fleasia-Eg- 
'^ JSangaid, ville ancienne de I'ancien diocese de 
-°< Ualeiiz, etc, aa triple poiEt de rm de rhiatcirc, de 

rait at da la foi. Iflmo. Caan, 1 868. 
■ ErtmAND-BRAGeH (Jba'm BaptiSib 
-^'Sm^.— aunt'KliiDar^'Truialation da ceKueil 
J^'-4d I'empneiK NapoUon i bofd da la fHsate Is 
..^.iBe^la-Fobla. HUtoire at yrM.tqtt4ntmeB de Mia 

lea aitea de Ilia se rattocWt au lUnorial da 
. Sauite-Htiine et k i'eif^tiDB da S. A. B. Ugr- Ja 
' j)»hic* de' Jo&Tide, 8 nnuiWn; 80 pUl*B. Pol. 
;, hab. 1848-M. 

..l>UllANT (HbibiV — Expoaition tuuTera^e 
' ' ^'itfTfttiiet ^ itnivenirB. BeanX'Bita, peintiSv. 
'* '^jgp .' 9n. te BsTO. 1889. 
DTIBA2rr^(CM)roKE].— Hetb&rio Naoro di 

C.I>. .oneaon flgon eh« npprenotaiw)*7iTa 

^ante, che naacono in tntt* Eon^, e nail' India 

Qrientali ed Ocddentali. Manj wooikuta in text. 

4to. Tenetia, 1636. SoaaeUni, 

DTTRANVILIiE (Jobsph Moa Lbvailunt 

na). — Notica anr nne plena tmnnlaiTe de I' j^;liae da 

Baillenl-BQt-£aiilDe. Sro. Booeo, 1846. 

Di).~Dunital et aea momuMuta Mligimx. 8to. 

Bonen, IKSO. 

DUAAlfVILL£ (J<»ifh LioH LivAiLuirT 

ra). — Notice but le cUtean de BoaTienil oooatrnit i 

Bonen par ordie da mulippe-AagnBte. laige BrD> 

Ronen, 1862. 
DUBAKVILLE (JofiiPH htos Lbtjilluit 

Da). — La Barbocane ; framient d'lin mjajroin am 

leg fortiflcationa de la TiDe de Bonen. FUua. 

Sto. Boaea, 18S3. 
DUB^AU (Alexis). — SoboB bibliogni- 

phiqoes poui serrir L I'^nde de rhiatoire eC daTai- 

eh^Iogie, 1' Annie, 1863. ISmo. Fsna, 1866, 
DUBET (Cuuox) — .Histoire adminble.deB 

plantea et berbea esiMr?«illBblea et mincolenaea 

en natare, maonea d'anoonae-qiii aont n^s lop- 

phjta* ou plant'aiiinialea, avec leura partieiciR. 

8to. Paris, 160fi. 
DXTKET (Th£odo&£).— Lee Pemtres fmn- 

fttis en 1887. limo. Paris, 1867. BJL ■ 

DUBIEUX (A.).— I/Art momuneBtal k 

Cambrai Confbenca &ite par A. D.,U 2% f^nisi, 

1868. 3B pp. 8TD. Cambrai, 1867- 
DUBIEUX and BRUTELIJl.i-Iiiscrijstioitfl 

tomolaii^B ast^riaiiies & 1703 encore yrifff ''^ 

danaranoDdiaaenieatdeCafflbiai. Stdataa. Tfpp. 

evo. Cambraj, 1868. 
DUBOSOI. — Lee Sens, poeme en six cbanta, 

7 laige platea and 8 Tipiettea b; Eiaen and WiUe. 

Sro. Londna, 1766. 
2lid edition : — 

Same deeigna. Sto. LcHidrea, IT6T. 
DUBOUX (Jacques), — Essai bistoriqiie anr 

la S^nalorane de limogra, orai de gnnires, etc. 

4ta. Umogee, 1811. B.U. 

DURST (Em.)— DieMiiakeUelire iuAbbil. 

duDgen, cum Gebrauche bei FriiparirubungBn nnd 

VoriMniDgBD. G Liefenmgen. With 80 llUu^i^lu. 

4to. Tiibingsn, 1866. 
DUaUT (Albeet) and D'HENBIET 

(CkablAJ.-CIa Liberu de L'Baaeignement Snpi- 

rieuT en Pibdm. Par A Dniuf, 
L'Ait ConlempoTUD. M. &rje et son (Enrre. 

¥k Cd'Hanriet ' ■ 

Fn)Bitlie;"BavnadeeBeiixMondta," 1 FebrnsCT, 

1870. 41 pp. Boj. 8to. 1870. 8.K. * 

DUHUY (Victob). — Italie andeo&e, par 
. I>Bi^7, BLm, iMcaa et TanoskL 128 platea And 

7iiVLp*. 2 Tola. Fufs, I860 and ISeS. 
DUitUy (Victob). — Petite histoiw da 

lby»-Aag«.- Kew aditloO. 16nio. Psria, lUS. 


Universal Catalogue of 


DIJ SATX (A.). — La touche ziaifVe poor 
espouTer Umj et le flateur, inyent^ par Plutarqne 
tailliipar Ezasme et miae k Tuaage fran^is, par 
noble oomme £rire A. du 8. 4to. Paris, 1637. 
Bare and remarkable for ita typography, and 
borders in the style of Gheofficoy Toiy. 

DU SEIGNEUR ( J.).— Chemin de la Croix, 
illnstr^ de qnatone photographies d*aprks les bas- 
reliefs de J. Da Seigneur. 32mo. Paris, 1867. 

DUSEYEL (Htacinthe). — ^Monnments an- 
dens et modemes de la Tille d' Amiens, dessinte par 
Duthoit frires, et dtoits par H. D. 76 plates. 
4to. Amiens, 1831-1848. 

DUSEVEL (Htacinthi).— Notice historique 
et descriptiye sor T^lise cathMrale d' Amiens. 3* 
Hit, PJat«s. 8vo. Amiens, 1863. 

DUSEVEL (Htacinthb). — Souvenirs des 

▼illes de Pieardie Hontieail. Svo. Amiens, 


DUSEVEL (Htacinthb).— Hifltoire du 

tr^sor de I'abbaye de St.-Pierre de Corbie. New 

edition. 12mo. Amiens, 1861. 

DU SOMMEBABD (E.)— Paris Exhibition, 
1867. Jury Reports. Commission de THistoixe da 
Trarail. Kapport par M. £• da Sommecard. 8to. 
Paris, 1867. S.K. 

DUSSANCE (— , AbM)— Heures nouvelles 
paroissien complet, latin-£ran9ois, i I'asage de Paris 
et de Bome. 12 plates after Frederic Orarbeck. 
8yo. Paris, 1839. 

DUSSANCE (H.).— A new and complete 
treatise on the Arts of Tannins;, Coxnring, and 
Leathex^4ressiag ; comprising au the mseoveries 
and improrements made in France, Great IMtain, 
and the United States. Edited from notes and 
docoments of Messrs. Salleron, CtxoaTelle, Dnval, 
Bessables, Labarraqae, Pbyen, Beni, De Fontenelle, 
Malepeyre, etc. By Professor H. Dnssanca. With 
212 wood engraTings. Boy. 8to. Philadelphia, 
1865. 8.E. 

DUSSELDOBF. — Dusseldorfer Bilder- 
Mappe. Original-Zeichnangen ron A Banr, Hofto 
Be(^er, M. Ton Beckerath, C. Bertling; H. Brin»* 
mann, Professor W. Camphansen, C. Clasen, Th. 
Mintrop, Professor H. M&cke, A Korthen, C. 
Schlesinger, B. Vaatier, and A Ton WUle. 15 
woodcats. 4to. Berlin, n.d. 8.K. 

DUSSELDORF. — Proverbs and sayings, 

illustrated by Diisseldozf Artists. 21 tinted litho- 
graphs. (4to. Dusseldorf, 1846.) 8.K. 


dorfer Gallerie, eine historische Barstellang des 
TJrsnrang8....^.dieser OaUarie, etc Sra Possel- 
dorf. 1818. B.1I. 

DUTENS (Jos. Michel).— .Mdmoires but 
lea TnTaoz publics de I'Angletetre. With pUtas. 
4to. n.p. 1819. 

DUTENS (L.).— Addenda et Oomgenda k 
-' rOHTrage de M. L. Dotens, iatitiiU '*BcdieichM 

sor rOrigine dea IMcouvertes attributes auz Mo- 
demes." 4to. A Londres, 1805. Soane Mua. 

DUTHILLCBUL (H. R.).— Lefctre snr lea 
carreaux trouvte aux Chartifeuz de BouaL Les 
Montmorency k Douai. 8to. Lille (1847). 

DUTHILLGSUL (H. R.).— Monoffrapbie de 
r^lise de Notre-Dame de Douai. 8to. l>oaai, 1858. 

DUTILLEUX.— Cath^dnJe d' Amiens. Des- 
cription de la chapelle de Sainte-Th4odosie. 8to. 
Amiens, 1863. 

DUTUIT.— Union Centrale des Beaoz-Aris 
appliqute k Tlndastrie. Exposition du Palais de 
rindustrie. Soarenir de rEzposition de MB. 
(Extrait de sa Collection.) 34 plates. 4to. Paris, 
1869. S.K. 

DUVAL (Cabl}.— Die Eloster nnd Eloster- 
ruinen Deutschlands. With lithographs. 8?o. 
Nordhausen, 1844-46. 

DUVAL (Ojlbl).— Die Ber^esten Eiff- 

hansen and Bothenborg. Mit 4 Originalansichtea 
Ton C. and F. DuvaL 8to. Kordhausen, 1846. 

DUVAL (Chablis), KAUFMANN (A.), 

and BENAUD (Ep.).— Petits maisons de TUla et 
de cam^agne. Msiaons simples et maisons richea 
MpropriMs k toates les fortanes, priaanties en 
plana, coupes, Mirations, details de oonstmctiont 
details de derations int^enre et ext^eure etc 
gravto au trait d'apr&s les dessins originaux com- 
muniques par VO/L les architects ; contenant, en 
outre, des plans de jaidins et de decorations, comma 

SuTillons, gvottes, balanfoirea, etc With 60 plates. 
bL Paris, 1858. S.K. 


— -Le Salon de 1873; La Peinture. Fkam tha 
*' Beme des Beox Mondea," June, 1872. 

La Seulptoie. F^m tha ''Beroe dea Dsoz 
Mondea." July, 1872. Boyal 8to. SJL 

DU VEBNOIS.— Rechercbes snr les Car- 
roQsels anciana at modemes. Suivies d'un Prcgat 
de Jeoz iqoestna k I'lmitation des Toumoys de 
I'ancienne Cheralerie. Dans lequel on d4montra 
Tutilite qua la Noblesse retiraroit du retabliasamant 
da ces J auz, autrefoia T^cole de Tadreaae 81? de la 
Taleor. 16mo. (Paris) 1784. 8.K. 

DUVILLERS (F.).— Les Pares et Jardina. 
Par F. Dnrillera. Part L 40 plates with tail. 
FoL P isris, 1871. &K. 

DUVINAQE (H.).— Handboek Toor lande. 
lyka boawkondel 8to. BmaBel,1855. BJL 

DU VI VIER (J. H.).— Salon de 1869. In. 
discretions. 12mo. ^aris, 1859. 

DWIGHT (M. A.).— Lecture on Art. Litro- 
duetozy to a Ooune upon the Art of Deeign, 8to. 
Philadelphia, 1851. BJL 

DWNN (Lkwtb).— Heraldio Visitations of 

Wales and tha Marehea temp. Elinbeth and 
James I. By L. B. Edited by Sir Samuel Buah 
Heyrick. 2 Tola. Hates. Imp. 4to. LUodorei7« 


Books on Art {Supplement). 

DWORSKT (A.).— Bohmens koii%liche 
Kione, mnmt den nbrigen Boicha-IiuigoiNi m Bil- 
dera dkVMteUt und toUSit. With 7 eolwiMd 
plalML Large 8to. n.p. 1830. 

DTCE COLIiECTION. — Numerical list 
(fiv idatitiflcAtion otiljj of the Book^ Faintiiiga, 
Utawinse. EngravingB, and OlyeeU of Art, £»• 
qneathed to the 8. tiid A. Btpt. of tha CommiUee 
of Cotmdl on Ednettion, bj tha Ber. Alezandir 
DTce. Fol. London, 1SS9. ' S.K. 

DTCE COLLECTION.— A oatelogne of 
the Pftintbg*, Uinifttnn*. Drawingg, EngraTiDKS. 
Bintfi and MiicellaneoD* Objects bequMthcd to the 
Sonui Kennngtoa MnmuD by the Ber. Alszacdei 
Djea. B07. 8T0. LoDdon, 18Ti. S.K. 

DTCE (William) and WILSON (Chaelbs 
H.) — letter to Lord Meadowbwik (and othm) od 
the best nuau of amelioiating the ut* and mann- 
faetnrM of Scotland in point of tatfe, Sto. Edin- 
boigfa, 1S37. 

DTCEE (F. von).— Becneil b^raldiqae aveo 
da* notieec ginialogiqnee et historiqnet anr nn 

grand uombre de famillM nobles et patridennM de 
la ville et dn franconat de Bruges. 4S6 coats of 
anna. Imp. Sto. BrugM, 18S1. 

DTER {TsoMAfl Hbhbt).— The Buina of 
Pompei; a Series of £3ghteeD Phot^jgnphic Tiewg. 
With an Account of the Deatmction of the Ci^, 
and a Description of the most intwettiDg pjmn j nf 
4to. London, lSe7. 

DTEB (Thohib Hbhbt).-— The History of 
the EingB of Bone. With a preiatorj diMtrtatiim 
on its Bonrces and sTidence. Svo. Londcm, tS68. 


DTK (Jan tan). — Knnat en Hiatorio. 

kondige Beechirring eo Anneridngcn orer alle de 
Schildecjen op net Stadhnis te Anuterdam, met da 
korte I^eniDetchiyviiig van destelft Scbilden 
verrykt, door J. ran D. With I pUt«. Sto. Te 
Amsterdam, I7S0. 8.E. 

DZIEMBOWSKT (A. von).— MaleriBclio 
Wandernmen doich Sachaen and Bohmen, Ton A 
T. Di. Uit 8 koloriites Aiuickt^o. Sto. Dres- 
den, 1810. 


Univeraal Catai<tgw of 



s.y ./'c >u 


f . 

JB. <M.) — Here and There OVer the Water : 

beins Cullingfi in a Trip to tho Netherlands. (The 
Ei^ of JBe(ttle and MomiunentB — ^Waterloo, &c.) 

7 By Omnium Gathenun Drawn and written by 

M. E., Es^ En^ved by Geo. Hunt With 24 

' coloturd and 4 plain plates. 4to. London, 1825. 


EASTBOITRNE.— The New Guide to East- 
bourne and its Neighbourhood. With a map. 12mo. 
' Eastbourne (l8Yl). S.K. 

EASTLAKE (Sir Chabubs Lock). — Contri- 
butions to the Literature of the fine Arts. 52nd 

^ series. With a memoir compiled bv Lady Eastlake. 
8vo. London, 1870. S.K. 

EASTLAKE (Sir Chablbs Lock).— Sir 

Charles Eastlake and the En^sh School of Paint- 
ing. From the *' Quarterly Keview/' April 1870. 


EASTLAKE (Charlbs Lock).— A History 
of the Gothic ReTival. An attempt to show how 
the taste for Medieval Architecture, which lingered 
in England during the two last oenturies, has since 
been encouraged and developed. By C. L. EasUake. 
Plates. Post 4to. London, 1872. S.E. 

EASTLAKE and GIBSON. — From the 
*' Edinburgh KeTiew,'' April 1870. 26 pp. S.E. 

EASTLAKE (Lady).— Life of John Gibson, 
RA., Sculptor. Edited by Lady Eastlake. With 
portrait. 8yo. London, 1870. S.K. 

EASTWOOD (J.).— History of the Parish 
of Ecdesfield, Yorkshire. 8yo. London, 1862. 

EBEL (JoHANN Gottfeibd). — ^Anleitnne anf 
die niiitclichste und genussvollste Art in der S<mwei2 
Ku reisen. 4 Tols, with plates and maps, 8to. 
Zurich, 1791). 

French translation. Manuel du Voyageur en 
Suisse. 8 Yolfl. Maps and plates. 8yo. Zurich, 
1818. Soane Mus. 

EBEL (JoHANN Gk)TTFBiED). — Schildenuigen 
der GebirgsYolker der Schweis. 2 parts, with plates. 
Boyal 8to. Tiibingen, 1798-1802. 

EBELMANN (J. J.).— Architectnra, Lehr 
und Eunstblatt allerhand Portalen, Beisbetten und 
i^itaphien, etc. With 24 plates. Fol. CoUen, 1600. 

EBERENZ (Jh. Baft.).— Anweisong sm 

der biirgerlichen Baukunst. With plates. 8yo. 
Augsbuig, 1761. 

EBEBENZ rjH. Baft.).— Erste Grunde 

der Wasserbaukunst an reissenden Flussen. With 
plates. 8yo. Freibuig, 1767. 
New edition. 8to. Frankfiirt^ 1769. 

EBEKHABD. — Xithogn^hisoher Mosaik. 
Farben-Druek von #mem euudgen Btiin ffir das 
Colorit allez Steioabdzodoe, Tgn £. « 8fp. Leif^ 

1840. ; , . 

EBEEHAED and CO. — Zeichnungen yon 
Mobeln und Einrichtungen fur Garten und; Parice, 
ftus der Fabrik yon T. Eberhard.und Cow. in Statlgart. 
Eine Sammlung ausgefiihrter Vorlagen von schmied- 
eisemen Baloonen, Brncken, Gaitini- jnnd ^3hrab- 
ffelKndem, Gartenthoren, etc, fur Bafuuntemefamer, 
Gartenbesteer, Mechanikei*, etc. (Li pzogress.) 
With plates. Fol. Stuttgart, 1869, etc. 

EBERHAM) (E. E.).— Was ist ^duna;? 

Wer ist ein Gebildeter? Wie nimmt rii^ ifnsM 

' ZeitauaimLii^tedesBlldtuigndeala? SiPbv Lcipng, 

1864. B.M. 

EBEBHAED (Hbinbich Wilhblm).— 

Baumstudien zum Nachzeichnen fur Anianger, in 
• 12 Blattem. Boyal 8to. Mains, 1821. 

EBEEHAB.D (Heinrich Wilhblm).— tJber 

die Anwendung der chemischen Druckart aof 
Metallplatten, in 8 Probeblattem, die Terschiedeao 
Manieren enthaltend. 4to Mainz, 1821, 

EBEBHAED (Hbinbich Wilhblm).— Die 

Anwendung des Zinks statt der Stein- und Kupfiar- 
platten zu den vertieften Zeichnungsarten ; nebat 
einer Anweisung, Metallabgusse yon eriiaben- und 
tie%eatzter Steinzeichnung zu machen. Mit 10 
Probeblattem. Jjdige 8to. Darmstadt, 1822. 

EBEEHAED (Heinrich Wilhblm). — 

Grundziige der Perspective fur Schulen una sum 
Selbstunterricht, in 2 Abtheilungen, mit 24 Steia- 
tafeln. 4to. Wiesbaden, 1823. 

EBEEHAED (Hbinbich Wilhblm).— Prak- 

tischer Unterricht im Steindruck. 8to. Bum- 
Btadt, 1823. 

EBEEHAED (Hbinbich Wilhblm)^ and 

SCHAEFER (H.).— Museum Worsleyanum. Eine 
Sammlung yon Antiken, Basreliefs, Biisten, Stataea 
und Gemmen, nebst Ansichten aus der Leyante ; her- 
ausgegeben von H. W. Eberhard und H. Schaefer. 
Fobo. Darmstadt, 1826-29. 

EBEEHAED (Hbinbich WaHBLM).—Denk« 

maler deutscher Baukunst in Verbindung mit Wer- 
ken der Bildhauerkunst und Malerei des Orients, 
der Aegypter, Griechen, Bomer und des Mittelalters ; 
herausgegeben yon H. W. Eberhard. Consisting of 
4 woriLS, translated from the English. With plates 
in royal fol. Large 8yo. Darmstadt, 1826-32. 

EBEEHAED (Hbinwch Wilhblm).— Vot- 

legebl&tter fur angehende LandschaftsieichiMr. 
I'LieferoDg. Obi. 4to. Niimbeig, 1838. 

Books on Art {Supplement). 

EBEBHABD {HsnraicB Wnaxui) a^d 
olllmfl. — Qantchiuuli jtgdban Thiere. Nach dei 
Nanugveiehuetuni^gestaclien. I'liafmuig. (2 
platM.) Imp. folio. Lcugefsld, 1BS6. 

EBBBHABD (QBorBioH Whaelm}. — Vpr- 
tchnla im laDOuhaftnichDMi. 1* Li^arnng. (S 
phtM.) 4to. Langafeld, 1838. 

EBERHARD (Heikbioh Wileblu).— 
Lithognpbie. MoB(uk-Fu4«ii-Dnick 'tou einem 
oBiigBD Stein fiir dsa Colorit kUbt Bteinabdrucke. 
8to. Leipog. 1S40. 

EBBBHARD (Hbinbich Wilhslm).— Gal-